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Archives: May 13, 2006

EU carbon market has collapsed

Tel Aviv bombing victim dies of his wounds at Ichilov Hospital

Convergence to Palestinian dispossession

Catholic student magazine removes gay poem

NYT: Democrats See an Opening to Debate Security Issues

Latin America's oil rebels rebuff EU

David Blaine wishes he was this good (video)

Just cut hubby's hair, and trimmed

Tetris, anyone?

May I rant for a moment? GET OFF OF MY EDUCATION!

Fried rice or chow mein? What should I get?

Anybody know where this Museum Is?

I Shall Be Free #10...

What does your pet do, to show you that he/she loves you?

Need proofreading help before I submit this letter

If they launch attack on Iran, what will be public response be?


Get ready for that awful NSA push poll on Saturday's front pages

Whoopi is tap dancing on * 's head on HBO

New "We Believe" group to launch in Cleveland

National home builders cut and run from real estate bubble

bush, rove, et al fuel the hatred of government in general - shrink it??

I'm so steamed over this freeper madness I could spit. (gay adoption)

AT&T Actual Slogan

The PRIVACY AGREEMENT I signed when I contracted for phone service...

Current Qwest CEO is a ** committee appointee!

Gallup Poll Panel

Hey fellow DU'ers, I bought Citgo gas today for

Have a good weekend everybody!

i see dickie fell asleep again

Be happy ..... bush & company are going down. Grin and Bay Air it!

Dem leadership decision to take impeachment off the table...

Fucking Cheney sleeping on the job again.

Randi Rhodes on Larry King replay starting now - CNN n/t

"There is a nasty whiff of totalitarianism in Washington today..."


Bill Maher had a great show tonight.

Stay tuned--the phone number thing is just the first bit to come out.

Is it time for a couple of Big Republicans to walk over to the White House

Where are the poor in todays politics!!!!!!

Holy smokes! The wheels are coming off now!!!!!!


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: General Clark Takes Up the Cause

K-Rider: Government has long history of abusing personal information

LAT: U.S. Military Is Split on Insurgency Strategy


O'Brien questioned the patriotism of Vietnam vets protesting adm. policie

Exclusive Fitzgerald interview - under the radar?

Norman Horowitz (Huffington Post): McCarthyism and the NSA

Election 2006 State Legislature Races – An important Reminder to Democrats

Police Torture and Sexual Violence in Mexico

No shortage of evidence that Bush is slipping

USA Today editorial: NSA has your phone records

Who did you call today? The government may know .. answer to that question

Austin Bay: Dealing with Iran's unthinkable threats

New Newsweek poll: 53% DISAPPROVE of NSA phone call collecting

Six Degrees of Bacon (Maureen Dowd) - NY Times - 5/13/2006

This, on Slate, I found interesting.

Murtha predicts "40-50 seats swing to democrats

"No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices"

Blog entry from an Idaho Repub that may be waking up...

Kevin Barrett: Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

Bob Cesca (Huff Post): Truthout Reporting That Karl Rove Was Indicted

Spying on our own / Congress needs to stop Bush on phone surveillance

Confronting Empire, Passionately

Snow's first gaggle a 'mess'

WP: Guard Unit Established by U.S. Suspected in Death Squad Executions

Dave Neiwert (Orcinus): Deciderata (Bush parody version of Desiderata)

Ohio losing faith with President (BBC)

Rep. Cunningham's Plea Was Only the Start

A coming tsunami -- The Republicans' bankruptcy of ideas

Dick Cheney – CIA Leak-Gate investigator Fitzgerald files two Briefs With

Chávez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society

Larisa Alexandrovna (Huffington Post): Tomorrow is Zero Hour

posting this about dollar slide in economy forum for safe keeping

Peak oil & Sweden: what a small country can do

A Solution for ANWR

Hummer: RIP

Hydrogen is a fine fuel, but tough to get

Largest Hummer to Go the Way of the Dodo

Carnival Queen reveals naked truth about pulp pollution to politicians

Swedish study reports on actinide transmutation and nuclear fuel recycling

Why We Must Electrify Transportation

Major breakthrough with my RW DBF..........................

The Greening of Nuclear Power - Editorial - NY Times - 5/13/2006

National Academy of Engineering: Yucca could displace 1 trillion tons of

Where do you get your environmental news?

Ocean Buoy temperature sites document significant temperature rise in Gulf

High Commissioner concerned over situation in OPT {edit}

Gaza: Gunmen raze Morag hothouses

UA 93: FBI cordoned off area six miles from crash site

Kevin Barrett: Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

So we've never made the case...that somehow Osama bin Laden was di

On "Returning to Paper Ballots".

Update on David G. Mills' Tennessee Lawsuit on the Unconstitionality of Pa

Court of Appeals rules that Ohio lawsuit will be put on hold.

Voting should not require electricity.

Hey Elections, it's David Van Os on DU NOW. Texas Scty. of State Candidate

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturdays ERD deserves more than 14 votes

Republican wants Ballots recounted BY HAND?

On June 9, we need to all go to Madison

The Gazette printed my LTTE today

A supervisor told me that we'd never foresee a time that PCs would be

When I'm Texas Attorney General I won't stand for it

Your favorite chocolate?

Our phone calls not being tracked, spy agency says

Forest policies must now be vetted by U.S.

Is he a slumlord or ethical specialist?

AP and New York Times: U.N. Finds New Uranium Traces in Iran

600 Ugandans reportedly face abuse while working with US forces in Iraq

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

Putin calls USA 'a hungry wolf that eats and listens to no one'

Hate-crime motivation still in question

Minister beat girl with stick, cops say

Alabama candidate for AG disputes Holocaust, is coming to NJ

Spy Agency Watching Americans From Space

Social-service agency accused of intimidating pro-union employees

Fighting Between Iraqi Army Units Kills 2

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier (#2437)

Extension of Medicare drug program urged (Dems radio address)

Reuters: Bush Defends Scope of Domestic Spying

Utah raises bar on teen births: State plans to reduce rates 20% by 2015

Ex-WMD Inspector: Politics Quashed Facts

Iraqi Cartoonists Facing Death Threats

Iraqis deny US reports of army units clashing

Bush presses Senate to confirm Hayden for CIA

Flat funding hurts medical research

Ohio University suffers security breaches

Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping - NYTimes

High Court Faces Deadlines on Big Cases

Ex-Tyco Chief (Kozlowski) to Settle Tax Evasion Charges (paying $21.2 Mil)

Giant Wal-Mart to rural landowners: Sell or else (land will be taken away)

Rumsfeld adviser to join BofA

Maine filing seeks answers from Verizon

U.S. May Shift to Persian Gulf Air Bases

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

Majority in U.S. see Iran as a threat

Verizon Faces New $20B Suit over NSA Spying Complicity (a 2nd lawsuit)

Basra in crisis as governor implicates security chiefs in terror

"Hand-written notes by the Vice President surface in the Fitzgerald Probe"

Grief Compels Marine's Dad to Support War

Bennett's son, fellow counselor get jail time in camp hazing

My Karl Rove Prison Portrait....

Rival targets DeWine for taking funds from oil firms (Sherrod Brown)

Russia Will Produce and Deliver Nuclear Fuel to Iran

Thousands in South Korea urge US troops to leave

CIA Leak Court Filing Focuses on Cheney

In Kentucky Hills, a Homeland Security Bonanza

NSA phone tapping: want to make $1000 and send a message?

Revealed: The cash-for-fake-ID scandal at the heart of (UK) Government

GOP Is Not Law-and-Order Party On Immigration, Democrats Say

Weary Nigerians shrug off deadly pipeline blast

Newsweek - another drop for Bush: 35% approval- new low: 59% disapproval

Al Gore is on SNL tonight!

Iraq Insurgents Bomb Holy Shiite Shrine

Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping

Eruption of Volcano Imminent; Indonesian Government Orders Evacuation

NYT: Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping

A Fresh Focus on Cheney

Zimbabwe on edge as inflation hits 1,000%

British Inventor Unveils 8000 MPG Car

Total evacuation prepared as Indonesian volcano nears eruption

Son of Top Iraqi Judge Killed in Baghdad

McCain: 'Americans should argue about this war'

Sweden: Breaking Dependence on Oil is “A Matter of Political Will”

Havana's 148 Flags Prove Mightier Than the Billboard

Bolivia Turns to Other Suitors

Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress

GOP Wavers On Penalties In Medicare Drug Plan (undercutting Bush)

D-8 throws weight behind Iranian pursuit of nuclear energy

US mothers begin vigil at White House, protesting Iraq war

70 Hilton workers suspended (for wanting to unionize)

Experts say NSA database of phone records may be put to use as part of 'so

Russia and US trade angry words over Iran at UN dinner

Mexico City banks tell customers how to dress

How About A 250-MPG Car? (new $10M X-Prize contest to be unveiled)

Chavez to ignore Blair on UK trip

Newsweek Poll: Americans Wary of NSA Spying (53% against spying)

Motion filed to intervene in AT&T secrets case(seeks dismissal)

(Election phone-jammer) Tobin attorneys seek probation

Chavez Plans Cheap Oil for Europe's Poor

Report: Mentally ill troops forced into combat

U.S. House of Reps oks use of military for border security

Ted Kennedy's plane hit by lightning.

Lewinsky Case's Prosecutor Accused Of Stalking Woman

Global stock markets tumble as U.S. dollar shatters

Wal-Mart plans huge move into organic food

Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators

An unbelieveable opportunity

Sightings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (dial up warning)

Make magazine and 2600

new mapping website


I am only three posts from 3000, help me get there.....

What do you want to mess around with that river for? Because it's there.

gay time in the military? they can`t sell towels like this today

I'm happy...

Maybe I really do love myself

OSX: par and bin files = Help!

Jon Voigt does have a pretty mouth.

My neighbor wants a divorce....

Sopranoheads... help!

New Dodge Nitro Makes "Accidental" Debut

I don't believe all this Barry Bonds hype

Can't. Sleep. Anyone wanna talk?

Separated at birth?

So... what have we learned?

Any place i can get flowers sent to my mother tomorrow?

OMG there was just a huge clap of thunder that set off all the car alarms.

I took a Pregnancy Test yesterday

Sheriff Defends Shooting Ostrich

Happy birthday Cush & LynneSin!!

Counselors sentenced for summer camp hazing

Reagan a saint? Which reason?

LOL, my friend told me to stop using British slang!

Damn, MySpace is addictive

8:30 am. Minuteman Douchebag On CSPAN or...... RACHAEL RAY!!

some late night .... uh...early morning poetry

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

DUers who are awake - Obama on Conan

What do BIG TITS signify



In all seriousness, are these guys The Wiggles?

they are at times able to symbolize: abundance, fertility, intimacy,

Robert E. Howard would be a freeper today.

Gf dreamed last night that I was dating Paris Hilton

Robin Williams play "Spore" at E3

Maybe I really do hate myself.

What do BIG FEET signify

OJ Simpson sells white Bronco "getaway" car on his "prank" DVD, "Juiced"

my journal sucks and it's all because of YOU!


An urban myth comes true right before my eyes

when someone refers to themselves as "g-fresh"

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread Saturday 5/13/06

Is this unethical? (Mother's Day question)

Head's UP!!! Brady Bunch Marathon Today on TVLand!!!

Verizon always screwed up my bill.

My husband couldn't wait to give me

I dreamt I was pregnant..........

Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo?

Stupid Videos - Endless love bu$h & blair

Has anyone read "The Seven Daughters of Eve"?

Best. Protest. Sign. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you think are the three most "tramp-like" actresses ever?

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?

A few observations about the Brady Bunch marathon on TV Land now

Tonight I am going to PARTY!!!!!!!!!

One lime green strapless prom dress $150

HAPPY 56th birthday to STEVIE WONDER!

I'm gonna go get a sammich


Saturday, May 13. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Californians... who the heck you voting for for governor?

air conditioning-redneck style

Just Made The BIGGEST Platter Of Anti-Pasta EVAH!

Paraplegic Activist Leaps From Wheelchair, Runs From Police

Wow! I just made a righteous gumbo....

Look who is in 1st place in the NL West!

So, Will Pitt wrote this post... (Rove indicted)

Bob Seeger Like a Rock

Recipe For Absolute Failure

On the horns of a real dilemma

How would you approach a neighbor who has filed a complaint against you?

We need a KKarl Rove avatar

Wanna see REALLY dangerous bread...

I watched Team America again last night

MrScorpio's Top Ten Soundtrack Albums

Oog, I am hung

Is this a picture of Wonder Woman? Or Xena?!

So, how did this bumblebee...

OOOOO AHHHHHH, isn't that CUTE moments....

Weird computer problem

HELP! My address book for my e-mail has bit the dust. I can't use my

ID This Movie Quote!

Are you from Kansas? Living there now? Click Here...

Ha Ha! I just got out of the pool! I have a tan!!!!

Goodnight y'all

It's a miracle! LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A wheelchair-bound Los Angeles...

Congratulations Lefty48197!! 10,000 posts

All viewing this in Gen Discussion voted it Greatest Page, but that's few.


Broken rib

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?!


Breaking: Seal Indictment

This is my new favorite music video

I've lost my soul, guys! Anyone seen it lying around?

I am cold.


Recommend a decent scanner for a reasonable price.

THE EVOLUTION OF DANCE. You gotta watch this.

Which of these television shows get the best ratings?

Why I am SO damned TIRED?


Best P2P program?

Got wood?

"Hope I'm not eating rear end!"

I Hate Moving!!!! (a rant)

What I've been reading lately

Geez! Anyone else jonesing for Yahoo?

Can you flee my sight on your computer?


how do I tell how many posts I've done?

Men's Health magazine looks particularly interesting this issue

Jewish and/or Arab DUers: A question for you.

Baby ducks smashed on the road.

OMG!!! I just realized ...

How long are your arms?


Devils beat the 'Canes 5-1

That's neither here,nor there.

Goodnight My Friends....


Check out this review of Neil's Living With War

My "E" key isn't working.

Anybody can die at any time. Nothing in life is guaranteed.

MN Twins are makin a move...after a miserable start...

NBA playoffs. Spurs vs. Mavs tonite at 8:00. EST. Booyah!

How am I suppose to react to this?

What is something you do that you'd be hard-pressed to find others doing?

"There ain't no bugs on me"

Front page of DU has Truthout link : ROVE INDICTED

You have flies in your eyes.

Watch this, dammit!

Your thoughts (if any) on the Mamas And The Papas

"We are a very casual work environment, so the suit is not necessary!"

Sheboygan is in the news...

Thank god for that lockbox, eh?

Bob Seger Likes His Jock

OK, so DON'T tell me when I've screwed up :P~~~~

Pizza in the oven, beer open, Hyacinth on TV.

Are you a betting man,or woman?

How did you find MU?

the evolution of dance...the white boy can move!

My 36 C longs are starting to irritate me.

Soooo, what's everyone up to for the rest of the night?

Question about Dick Cheney

Hmmm I am a little perturbed by possible geekdom, do you do this?

Hmmm I am a little perturbed by possible freakdom, do you do this?

Post a picture of the cutest couple you know....

What will be the first name of the inmate who makes Rove his bitch?

Would you paint wood paneling?

My word it is nuts out in GD/GDP

Saturday, May 13. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I just ate a whole jar of applesauce.

Does your pet watch TV?

There are bugs on me!!!

Can you see my site on your computer?

Miles to go before I sleep- My MOM hits town tomorrow!

Which actor is the biggest ham?


You Lousy Canadians BETTER Have Decent Weather When I'm Up Next Week

Look who I found!

What is up with plus size clothing?

Feel free to join

I am declining a job interview because they want a credit check

How did you find DU?

Josh Lucas lists "Mosh" as one of his favorite songs

Any NONI juice drinkers here??

I went over to GD, but I got scared and came back.

Supportive words would be very much appreciated this evening.

Post a pic of the logo of your favourite radio station.

TURN ON SNL - Al Gore!

If you had to go "back to where you came from" where would you go?

First harvest from my garden

Our local PBS station is showing "The Lawrence Welk Show".

I need puppy help - HELP!!!!!

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?


Appreciation thread: anybody else miss liveoak/canofun?

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii?

OMG! LBN & GD: Rove indictment and NSA testimony imminent; Lounge:

Who is the best narrator?

Eagle chick cam!!

I'm done with high school...forever.

SCOOTER'S DIARY is now unveiled! Ask me anything.

It is TIME for the a Gino Vannelli appreciation thread! (pics)

Out yourself.

Salon: "Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism"

prosecutor- priest's murder of nun classic textbook satanic cult killing

Do you have any plans on 6-6-06 ?

Was Darwin on the wrong track?

Christianity Is Not Under Attack

FDA and pharma investors

Doctors puzzled over (very) bizarre infection surfacing in South Texas

Anti-Gay Governor Indicted On Cronyism Charges

Maverick -- or panderer?

Former ‘ex-gay’ couple to speak on movement

Ryan Francis (USC Point Guard) Shot Dead

FA Cup final day today

Did you know that Jimmy Carter feels

Is Shaquille O' Neal Really a Great Player

Special prayers and energy tonight.

Anyone have astrological information on Fitzgerald...?

"Becoming Masters" by Kryon - March 11, 2006

Energy in your living space & how do you feel about re-gifting...?

Sir! No Sir! Must-see Vietnam documentary

5/22 deadline in Iraq looming; Maliki now anticipates deadlock

Does anyone know what this $^%@# is talking about?

Jigsaw Puzzles for Kerrycrats

What was so funny?

Truthout reporting!

Kerry has initiated "Dissent" fever



Ahem. Can someone tell me what year it is?

JK co-sponsors Feingold Censure bill

Audio of AU speech!

An American Metaphor

School trip (lots of pics!)

For Crispi and all others: KEITH WILL BE ON MONDAY! For a short time!!!!

Emergency KOEB meeting 5/13/06 Sweet Words my Friends


VIDEO: Thank you Stephen Colbert at YOUTUBE

Think Progress: "$50 billion. Damages sought from Verizon for turning ...

Before bed, here's what I believe tonight:

Anti-Flag: Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime, with Jim McDermott


Mothers' Day is a phone company's busiest day of the year.

Common sense says its not limited to Phone records

Which companies "helped" the NSA? cnet article...


question here: * says he is ONLY monitoring calls "to and from al-qaeda"

West coast Obama love shout out!!!

Spreading the word in new territory

The pro-Porter Goss portion of the CIA media divulged the NSA scandal

Social Network Analysis, This is behind the NSA "TIA" data-mining

Ooops they forgot to ask...

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Frogmarched

Does anybody KNOW how Gore feels about NAFTA now?

Kids and dying

Kinky Friedman doesn't sound bad at all....

What Happens if the Republicans Come Out Ahead of Dems for Impeachment

Is the honeymoon over yet?

What CIA needs is new president

My decision to semi-retire from GD a month and a half ago....

I see the government is getting in front of the satellite spying

Iraqi police recruits strike Charlie's Angels pose (Units Kill Each Other)


heres a thought

GOOD RIDDANCE: the H1 Hummer to be discontinued

Merapi, Helena and USA. It is going to blow.

I saw Randi and Big Eddie on the Larry King Show. My post may irritate sum

Don't whine on Wed. then turn around and sit on Saturday, . . . CAPTION!!!

Abortion Truth - No One Likes It (stay with me on this)...

Popcorn, anyone ?

Anyone Heard Anything about Bob Woodruff lately?

Wall Street Won’t Let A ‘Puny Little Traitor…Take Down Our Market’

(VIDEO) Last New Rules of the season (Shrub gets it good!)

Please DU: Who was more honest President Bush or Clinton?

I don't like the idea of mobilizing national guard troops within America

Full Tanks Put Squeeze on Working Class

What time will Larry King re-broadcast be in NYC today? Anyone know?

News of the Weird: Hillary loves Rupert, McCain loves Falwell

Good News Post on Iraq #1

The Poway Taj Mahal -a peek at how Wilkes spent our money

Volcano in Indonesia is getting ready to Blow

GOP risking Latino voters

Why did Bush rescind Executive Order 13011

For now it is...NUKE 'EM

How Ex-Admin Insiders get info out and save their own behind....

Putin calls USA 'a hungry wolf that eats and listens to no one'

Hold the anchovies? Saturday's toon 5/13

Anyone watching MSNBC? Did they say they will release a new poll?

Get some perspective before trying to grasp the US/Russia reality

Grief Compels Marine's Dad to Support War

You Know Where This Is Going. The NSA ...

DetFP editorial one-liner and Mike Thompson toon -- Great pairing!

Way to sell your customers down the river Billy Boy

Finally, transcript of TURLEY's 5-10 guesting on Keith

As an AT&T customer I am pissed off....what can I do..?

How did WH keep so MANY press stories suppressed? Tapped reporters

I’m tired of being right

Since public call-outs are now acceptable on DU...

Market hits home: Down $280 before bed, woke up $296 more gone

Who were the two Republicans on Larry King last night?

NSA database, two opinions, two very different views of the world:

DU this poll please, needs a little help...

DU this poll

There seems to be antagonism between "print" reporters

Protest songs for a pre-teen. I'm putting together a list for my

What should we be investing in??? Re: Dollar falling. Help!

Motive for the NSA data mining....

Have the repubs given the next dem president unlimited powers?

Is Shrub's speech on Immigration a way to deflect from NSA Data Mining?

Katherine Harris to the finish line...?

A Challenge for Will Pitt re Rove Indictment coverage. $$$ for the DU

Recently fired Mary McCarthy had been investigating Foggo

ASSHAT response to my post on NSA @Cingular Forums...

Spy Agency Watching Americans From Space (Yahoo! link)

hey can you do me a favor, guys?

A Warrior Places Blame at the Top, sorry if dupe

Why don't we just hire more Border Agents to patrol the Mexican border?

Cnn trying up Medicare call-in line for drug sign up? They are trying for

CNN is comparing the "War on Terra" to World War II to paper

A user @ Howard Forums gathered Voter Restration links...

From The Freedom Toast to the DU

McCain will give speech today at Falwell's school

will he bomb Iran now that KKKarl is going down ?

DJ goes off on a racist, threatening rant and is arrested. (Hate Crime)

Rebuilding New Orleans - Visions of the Future

i don`t want to impeach bush,or indict rove,

WAPO/ABC poll qouted as fact on front page of local paper.

Christine Toddd Whitman is going to make a White House run methinks

Um...Uranium lost and found?

The wit and wisdom of Donald Rumsfeld. A look back at last throes.

Do you think Bush has collected a database of gun owners?

Question: What is a freeper?

Massive rock falls from Mount St. Helens

NSA Using Social Network Analysis (How do you know Kevin Bacon?)

Army concerned about HBO war film.


Video: Gingrich on NSA spying: Administration Can't Be Defended

Telco Liability: Falkenrath Gets It Wrong

High School Technology

Pentagon to track sexual assault responses

I have a new "HOO Cares!" Medicare comic posted!

Fox analyst celebrates Iran attack ...

Upset that you're phone company illegally gave your records to the Govt?

What is the connection between Qwest and the Carlyle Group?

The next time you hear the economy is "booming" refute with this

Power Under is the problem..

Halliburton Solves Global Warming (SurvivaBalls)

Bush faces protest over phone spying(1986 Stored Communications Act)

They Never Let Up ... Spin ... Spin .... Spin

The Marketing of "Cannabis Americana" (a truth telling)

what horror! 200 dead in gas pipeline explosion

Everybody knows about the Shadow Government, right?

How far does the snooping really go?

The stupid you will always have with you.

Which phone companies were sell outs?! List 'em!

I think DU and liberal blogs should join hands to write Congress about NSA

Criminal Charges Possible Against Former No. 3 at CIA?

Rudy G gets the Michael Moore Treatment

Newsweek Poll: Americans Wary of NSA Spying

Vital (Chesapeake) bay grass can't take heat (bay may die this yr.)

Newsweek Poll: Americans Wary of NSA Spying

How long before the economy goes belly under?

rove informs white house he will be indicted

Why no anthrax terrorist - even with all these nifty illegal methods?

Bush... will he do a "Bring it On!" per data-mining via a signing statement

The Next Step In The NSA Mess

Irony alert....

NSA, CIA, FBI, and now we learn of NGIA. How many spy agencies do we have?

cell phone calls not recorded per MacCafferty cnn now.

Write the phone companies that gave our phone call recordings to the NSA

McCain was a hit at Falwell's Liberty U

Fed's Data Compilers - ChoicePoint and Bank of America

Pakistan closes chapter on nuclear proliferation scandal

What have we come to in this day & age? A&E has a program on now

With your kind permission...a re-post

Anyone having trouble with Yahoo email today?

I canceled my phone service a week after SCOTUS selected Bu*h

Where does Opus Dei fit into the scheme of things?

Protest: A father, an immigrant and a son!

Is it true that the phone info was "SOLD" and not "GIVEN" to the govt?

(AP) "Is Bush Overreaching?"

Stop ATT From Taking Your Web

How shrubco is fulfilling prophecies past..... and how we are

The Immigration Debate in 2016 (funny)

Compare and Question

Larry Johnson: "Frog March at the White House?"

Remember When Telephone Records Were Considered Private?

Since it's been a while...

The Street: What a Week: Getting Late

Let's follow the Austalian model for electronic voting! Now!

The virus that destroyed Democracy.

NSA, Echelon and the reason why.

53% of Americans think the NSA’s surveillance program “goes too far"

Randi Rhodes appearance on CNN yesterday

Video of Randi Rhodes (very pissed off) on Larry King Live:

Have all of you seen 'People for the American Way's' NEW web site?

Non-Civil War News: Fighting Between Iraqi Army Units Kills 2

Billmon: Surveillance Polls Don't Matter

Fox News Racism At Its Best/John Gibson

Has America become the World's Worst Nightmare?

Poll: Bin Laden 'probably back home in US'

bush has made a damn stinking mess out of this beloved country and his

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

I have a problem with the current administration.

O'Reilly compares Al Franken to NYC DJ who threatened to do an R Kelley

Remeber Me/Whitewater

VIDEO: 90 seconds to rig election with Howard Dean (short, send around)

Class warfare: The rich win...

31 Days on CSPAN2 2pm Fords first month in office - Rummy, Bush etc

"Why do you keep mentioning impeachment?Has he done something impeachable?

Did anybody link Dan Froomkin's questions for Tony Snow? &! Hmm, you thinking what *I* am?!

TRUTHOUT: Bush to Pay for Nat'l Guard Troops at Border w/FEDERAL FUNDS -->

Karl's Dastardly Deeds

So LET Republicans tell voters we are going to impeach...

Looking For Comments On Working Assets Long Distance Provider

Shit. I just read the dollar took a huge tumble...

"Luke, I am your Father"

Bill Clinton drubs Bush in CNN comparison poll in virtually all categories

The stakes of the 2006 elections and "The Bush Endgame"

Dusty Abroad (Foggo's life long hooker habit)

Pres Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres Honor Tulane Graduates

Baghdad E.R

Caught in a Neighborhood Web (the other side of sex-offender registries)

How should we pay for the war in Iraq and protecting oil in general?

Tree-huggers, liberals & peaceniks are domestic terrorists.

What kind of name is Foggo, anyway?

Even IF most Americans agree with NSA spying:

I want one. 8000 miles to the gallon

I've begun a project RE: AT&T and friends

PHOTO: He wants us to make more........of THIS!?!?!?!?!

Goss: "I know it was you Foggo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart! "

Code Pink vigil at the White House today...

ROFL !!! - Unconstitutionally Creepy Too !!! (Caption This!!!)

Tin hat? An old post of mine (RE Verizon) now makes more sense

"It's not something you're going to cheer at the end"

They're digging themselves in deeper and deeper. It is their nature

Waiting for the official news release about Rove

Where are the Religious Righters now? It's a strange silence...

Delay, Libby, Dukster, and now Bush's brain, one more BIG one left

How I knew Karl Rove would be indicted this week:


Anyone heard Robertson, Falwell, Dobson, Hagee say anything about

Bushists claim Americans agree to be data-mined by signing telco contracts

Rove and Fitzgerald Play Monopoly

Deploying the Guard on the Mexican Border is Wrong!!!

I want to thank DU.

Mr. P*, do the names Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff, Ken Lay mean anything....

Will KKKarl smile in his mug shot?

Rove indicted.... and you already know this so whatever HAAHAHAHAH

Musical Montage for Karl's Frog March video: Suggestions?

Ottawa, provinces prepare for pandemic

I just canceled my Verizon cell phone and internet

Not sure how to answer this survey question from Common Cause

This is what we are headed for among other things

Draft Suozzi for Congress against Peter King

I think FOX News should publish Rove's phone and bank records

So the branch (Judiciary) they wanted to wreck is now their downfall

Man, both of these guys look "rode hard and put away wet" these days.

Keeping Track of ALL BushCo has done illegally ONE SOURCE SITE!

Bailout for GM??

McCain on dissent:

Bush- too CHEAP to hire more INS Agents & WAITED 5 years before acting!

We need a Truth Commission

Sorry, this is a dupe....

Cindy Sheehan: CANADA Slipping Into Bush-Like Militaristic Fascism -->

The America I remember wouldn't give up its freedoms while under threat...

Poll on Clinton vs Bush: You will like it.

US Moves in Secret to Quash Suit Against AT&T

My simple letter to Nancy Pelosi...

Larisa Alexandrovna: Tomorrow is Zero Hour

Anybody here ever listen to Bubba the Love Sponge ?

Duke rape: Accuser's Boyfriend is Single Source of DNA on Vaginal Swab

Got this from one of my groups "Spy Agency Watching Americans From Space"

Been saving this pic for the day KKKarl Rove got indicted!!!!!!

So if Rove is indicted for obstruction and perjury

Caption this picture.

"virtual memory low" message appeared on my computer earllier

Bush Speech vs. Rove Indictment... which would get more coverage?

CBS leads w/ spying; NBC with borders; ABC with semen at Duke

Is all the Immigration Buzz for Monday to distract from Rove???

911 Vendetta - video

POLL: Is Truthout Reliable And The Rove Story Trustworthy?

CNN hoes talking about Domestic spying: Suzann Malheaux/David Enswhore

The US dollar takes a pounding over deficit

I got this in my e-mail this morning

Hand-Written Notes By Cheney Disclosed In Fitzgerald Investigation...

So let's see, what on the Scandal Schedule this week?

Which came first? Scheduling the speech or finding out Rove was indicted?

Cherry rookie thinks he's got it all figured out

So is el pretzeldente really going to speak about immigration on Monday?


Can Fitzgerald be our next AG when we take the WH in 08?

Monday: Bush speech...Rove Indictment? My question:

I know it's the Red Cross and all, but jeez,

Hayden's wiretap actions "would've been guided" by top gov.attorneys

Please read: Searching for a kidney donor for her daughter

Do you think Rove will be indicted?


Women's clinic looking for stories about abortion--

Cheney pushed to widen eavesdropping

Post pictures that are popping into your mind the last few days

Three big cheers for PC Magazine!!

Gattaca Gattaca Gattaca Gattaca

Dick Cheney's Song of America

From this day forward, known only as.....

'The average American doesn't know who Karl Rove is, so this

What the Price of Gold is Telling Us

Such a complex development....

So where are the KKKarl cams?

Looking for news here in my "purple" state I turned on PBS...and

Will Pitt, have you spoken to Joe Wilson for a reaction?

In honor of Moms out there, Happy Mother's Day, 1968 version.

Will Bushenfurher in his speech Monday grant amnesty to the illegals ?

Who's Next? (After rove) . . . And In What Order?

Could we get a Survivalist Group?

Cindy Sheehan will be on with Laura Flanders - final hour

Does anyone find it strange that *

This is too cool...

ANIMATION: Dumbfuckistan: 2004, 2006, 2007 (map of Bush lovers)

At Falwell's University, McCain Defends Iraq War - NY Times

And now,.For something completely different. A trip to Delusionville, USA

Sunday Talk Shows

Suggestion to all activist.

NSA and Bush caught in a lie and a crime! Official denied spying Jan. 2006

NCLB punishes schools/states who don't meet standard...

$100 last month is $7 less this one; dollar's %7 decline...

Newsweek: A Fresh Focus on Cheney-Hand Written notes

E&P: Who Is Leslie Cauley, Who Broke 'USA Today' Bombshell on NSA?

My church also owns GE stock

Do you see any cyanosis in my lips?

One way to find out if Truthout is correct about Rove: Sunday will bring

Great photo! (Rove fake mugshot!)

Video - Cavuto: "Collecting our phone records is better than...

Video of Karl Rove meeting w/ Fitz ..... Breaking

EX-CIA man says Bush on wrong track

Never let them forget. "Iraq is the central front in the war on terror"

DU and the coming Rove Indictment.

Pastor charged after spanking girl for revealing sexual abuse

Poster on Huff Post says Rove's speech has been cancelled at the AEI

Has Rove cancelled his speaking engagement for Monday?

I'm sure it's been asked many times, but which Dem do you want for Pres?

Heads Up! QWEST Communications Connected to the Carlyle Group!

NSA phone tapping: want to make $1000 and send a message?

Another BBCA gem - The Thick of It - Terrific show

We need to have "Independence Day, the Sequel"

last time things were this bad for the pukes, 9-11 I guess

Millions of Americans calling Al-Queada on the phone...whatever

Need help with freeper - arguing about School of America

CNBC: Russert talking to reporters on Rove, immigration, etc.

In case you haven't seen this (from GD Politics and LBN)

Betcha the WH lets FUX break the Rove indictment story

(VIDEO) Randi Rhodes and the Chickenhawk

Repost: Pls. sign ACLU petition: "DON'T SPY ON ME" ~

Ooooooooo.... Pretty Colors!

Now they need to get W to lie under oath in a grand jury investigation

Cheney's thinking underlined in Exhibit A!

Anti-Bush sign lands a woman in mental ward

Where we do well, and where we need to improve (personal analysis of dems)

Bwahahaha, can't stop, laughing, side hurts... from... comedic barrage...

Screw it! I'm busting with optimism

'Will we come out of this?"-our country-the mess we are in. c-span now

Anyone want to give me their best bio on Jason Leopold?

Agents harmed by outing of Plame didn't have time to get affairs in order

Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress

LMAO, Funniest Freeper post of the day!

NY Daily News is trying to verify Leopold's story

Dem Leadership needs to deal with impeachment this way...

Elected Democrats are playing out of their league.

CDC issues new STD warning: Gonorrhea Lectim

Experts Debate Bush's Use of His Powers

If Rove is really indicted, do you think the MSM will shred his fat ass?

Stephen Colbert's Press Corps speech = Terry Gilliam's "Brazil".

Mothers camp out in war protest

What I find extra scary about the NSA data mining.

Either God is a Republican, or he tunes out Tim Russert....

Gallons and gallons of koolaid served - CNBC, Russert, etc

Sunday's TV News Shows (same old...same old)

Worst administration.

Gore on Saturday Night Live NOW

BREAKING: The Decider Finally Did Something Right!

New York Times: CIA Leak Court Filing Focuses on Cheney

"Sealed Indictment"

Mods: Start setting up the Rove indictment board! Incoming!!!!!

Anyone check freeperville on their reaction to their hero's indictment?

Bird flu hysteria to die out soon? Asian nations see bird flu waning

Keep sharing the Colbert...still number one viewed on Google video.

The Wash Post LIES AGAIN - claims the telcos aren't liable in NSA spying:

snl; AL GORE???????

Anybody notice among the credits on Neil Young's "Living With War" was

Mel Gibson's new movie "Apocalypse" is an attack on George Bush....

U.N. Inspector in Iraq Before War Felt "Complicit in Deceit."

Karl who? I think he supported Ann Richards. I may have met

What McCain said at Falwell's commencement makes no sense

If Rove has been indicted, how come not one word in the media


The Jack Bauer Administration?

Fitz to focus on Cheney next

Frank Rich: "Any Witch Hunt For Traitors Should Begin In White House"

I'm outing myself as being Pro-Choice

Report: Suicidal troops sent into combat

Grief Compels Marine's Dad to Support War (drinking the KoolAid)

An EMT friend just attended a special meeting for medical personnel

Do you think Karl Rove has been indicted?

A Sea of Pink... The White House Mother's Day Vigil.

Bird flu: Here is someone outside of the "terra terra terra" scope's view.

(Photo) Jeb's Big Brother is watching you!

Bob Cesca at Huffington Post: Truthout Reporting That Karl Rove Was ...


my Partner just came home laughing

Ted Kennedy's plane struck by lightnening - diverted to New Haven

Serious question: Are passports becoming imperative?

In praise of the Menschadictorian

Iraqi Army Units Fight Each Other in Friday Confrontation

WWTD on MTP? Re: fat Tim Russert?

Sensenbrenner proposes bill to report data breach security

Hey, Bro. It's Sissy & Cool Hand Luke.

bush speech pool poll....

To see Randi from last night


Verizon is full of Sh!t...

A Wiretapping Inconsistancy?!?!?!

Sibling Rivalry: 'Wash Post' and 'Newsweek' Polls Clash on NSA

"No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices"

The Rovian Two-Step and the Media Beehive

Junket Jeers (from MSNBC)

DU'ers are not being logical about this supposed Rove indictment

AL 08

can any "military" DUer identify this weapon ?

Peek into the Freeper mind tonight - my neighbor dropped by,

Why does the blood drain from their faces when "subpoena power"

From Pelosi Impeachment Is Good for Democrats ~

Federalization of the National Guard under DHS without an act of Congress?

I really wonder about something, and think it calls for study...

Bin Laden 'probably back home in US'

Fitzgerald Collecting Cheney's Smoking Guns

Wesley Clark: Full Congressional Investigation of phone spying "mandated"

The Hidden Cost of Illegal Immigration: ID THEFT -->

A plea to all the "mighty, mighty big, swinging dicks out there...

Cultural Question: How many of these are really "great books?"

Car crashes kill 400 times more people than international terrorism

Boycott Verizon and AT$T or cancel contracts./ service with

Republicans have owned the CIA and Intelligence for years...

The very real POWER of the NSA

Ok, I'm nervous. Why has there been no coverage of Rove indictment

Mood - Pissed. Rant mode - On.

Americablog is under attack, and needs help

A Fresh Focus On Cheney in Plame Case: Isikoff/Newsweek

Guess who just called me? Bell South, that's who.

WTF? You tell me.

WTF is up in Cleveland? Could it happen here?

How Reagan destroyed solar energy and boosted oil

Hope springs eternal.... Apparently many think Mary Cheney's a fraud...

"NO PLACE LIKE HOME" - A riotous animated editorial cartoon!!

Telcos Seek to Deceive Bloggers with Cartoon

A new DU'er Billboard You'll be Proud to See

Sign the Tits Not Trees petition

Complaint to Congress for US persecution for free speech of a Chinese

Just heard on radio: June issue of Reader's Digest--50 billion down a rat

If Rove's already been indicted, then why no MSM coverage?

OMG! Al Gore is doing the Saturday Night Live Opening!!!


Three cheers for Patrick Fitzgerald!

Help!!! I need an answer to a serious problem


CNN poll: Does it bother you if the U.S. government collects data

I am outing myself as no longer being "Pro-Choice"

Where's The NRA and The Gun Nuts on this NSA Spying?!?!

"Bush lied and a fish died..."

Buh-Bye Posse Comitatus? Bush Weighs Deploying US Guard to Border

DOJ Moves to Dismiss AT&T Class Action under Cover of Night

My big lottery win!!!

Gonzales at courthouse with Rove? on Friday?

"For every one that I kill, I create almost 10 more."

"Karl Rove Is Innocent Of All Charges And I Pardon Him."

Dems: How do you think you would describe yourself Politically, Currently

Let's not beat each other up over this Truthout/Rove Indictment thing.

Ben Stein is on Neil Cavuto's show demanding an increase in taxes...

Connect NSA Wiretapping dots -- Bolton used NSA to spy on Powell

Looking for a graphic.

Rove to make speech on economy Monday (UK Times Online)

The Price of Oil is Easily Explained

Feingold was right, again

How long before all DU's members are sharing prison cells?

Does Anyone Else Feel Like This Privacy Invasion Stuff is a lot worse

US dolllar drops, Iranian Oil Bourse, US Currency crash? and a solution..

When Larry King does another show with talkshow host...

Has Bush crossed the Rubicon?

Testing the temp at DU on Illegal Immigration.

ROVE TOONS! (just in time for his indictment)

The government confiscated guns in New Orleans from citizens.

Important: Film and Request, Thank You

First car purchase since 9/11,,,,boy have the rules changed

In the Heat of the Moment — Al Gore and his film

Is the US locked in to postmodernism?


Social-service agency accused of intimidating pro-union employees

Consider the Difference...

Never Underestimate a Marine to get the job done

So if Bush has broken over 750 laws

Liberals & corporations in bed together

Fox News Vid Clip: "Some puny, little traitor, some leaker..." (NSA)

White House Web Site: "President Bush's Tax Relief Benefits All Taxpayers"

The Saturday Cartoons

Is Andrew Card still on the WH payroll? See photo:

My latest cartoon... you caption it.

DUers in Alabama - Alert. Primary June 6. Vote against this moron.

Switch your LD and Cell Phone to Working Assets. (Anti-NSA Spying)

Katherine Harris gets challenged

I have a theory.

Tired... Lied To: For the whole thing!

GOP analyst predicts 30 seat gain for Dems in 06 election

Silent Protester at Rumsfeld Speech Comes Forward

Iraq War Costs Exceed Costs to Reduce Global Warming (among other things)

Read this and tell me if it strikes you as SATIRE or SERIOUS??

Former Senator Bob Graham last night said "People don't choose their Repre

How can it be both "Nothing New" and "Tipping Off the Terrorists"?

B*SH just dropped 4 more points in the new Newsweek poll

Havel: Neo-fascism threatens in post-communist world

Radical Religious Right are the abused, yet faithful co-dependents

something to remember in the border dispute - Fox is smirk's man

The Invasion of Afghanistan

Bush on a four legged stool....the speech on Monday....Immigration

ChoicePoint. WTF? And we thought Diebold was the evil!

Case for Impeachment: The Rude Pundit nails it (profanity warning)

Personal Responsibility, the RW and fear

McCain speaks at Falwell's school. Anyone know more?

Voter Discontent Threatens Pa. Incumbents

Food for thought?--Most people support "Final Solution"

Kentucky Apocalypse

The Queen of England is afraid

2008 GOP campaign slogan

Without Rove the Republicans are sure to lose by a landslide in November.

Dumping AT&T

LOL The NY POST front page picture of Bush today, they photoshoped it!

Winning VS Whining AND Getting DEMs Elected VS Getting USofA Back

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

The Power of One is to Do Something...Anything...a short film

Springtime, Saturday traffic, soccer fields, & the body politic - and God

Bush** will rise in the polls after his speech on Monday; National Guard

Help me out here. When I saw the dissillusioning push poll

Have y'all noticed "The American President" has been on cable

Someone`s brakes are going to fail going down the mountain.

Education law leaves children behind (AP/CNN) {all states will FAIL test}

Impeachment is the next logical step!

W's poll numbers are tanking weekly, so DUers .....

My problem with the DLC...


Guess Rove's indictment explains Bush's Prime Time Speech Monday

With all this news coming out with Chaney and Rove this question has

Clown to GOP: Nuking Iran is BAD for your health

Can an indictment be sealed?

Reuters photo: Duty-free Dick

Absentee voting in Alabama. Not for the faint of heart.

WJC beats GWB in poll

Freepers prefer Bush standing with Asian men over Big Dog doing the same

Lemon fish, two kinds of veggies, fresh fruit for Karl Fucking Rove.

"White House Denies Existence of Karl Rove" (Onion Flashback...)

Before I jump on the tinfoil express, opinions would be welcomed on...

If KKKarl resigns, I want the NSA to record the number of phone calls

Cheney To Visit San Diego, Repugs Worried about Busby

Anybody Have The Quotes Of * Saying That He Will Bring Back ......

How to spot Pubs trying to cash in on the DEM WAVE: HELP WANTED

Ken Mehlman: "Those stories did a number on my dating life for six months"

Bash Bill Nelson (Florida) if you want but...

Bush&Co Speech on Immigration a SHAM: His GOP Congress cut BP budget!

Since we KNOW Bush CANNOT function without instructions from Rove...

NEW Grand Theft Election: "Party Like Its 1984" Did NSA Spy on 60 Minutes?

Miami Herald: FL Democrats lick chops, see GOP weak

Fitzmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

Bush** will continue to FALL in the polls, no matter what PR

Proof Rove is going down!

Tribute to a U Maine Student who Died in Iraq

Making a Splash- Kennedy's book about his dog: "My Senator and Me"

Question about California's Primary

Aspens, Worms, and Weasels

McCain: What a phony. Please read the att'd article about his speech at

How Many More Dominoes After rOVER?

Americans Criticize Guantanamo Situation

Notify Senate Intelligence Comm. -- Oppose Hayden

Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping

You are truely a poet Sparkly

Al Gore cites success in Mexifornia

Only 30% of Americans Trust Bush on Iraq

An election is like driving a car

What can Bush* do?:

Du is on a one track mind thinggy tonight. I can't take it. Where is

Out with the Scott, In with the Snow - Pics

In case anyone needed any MORE verification they manipulated Iraq intel...

Rove Indicted

I was lucky to have the parents I had...religious but open-minded.

Kerry or Gore

Poll on Bush domestic spying.

Dan Walters: Fewer and fewer (CA) state Democrats

a question I would like answered about NSA spying.........

It is *not* about changing our positions. It *is* about framing them

Support DNC Party-Building!

John McCain preaches "RESPECT" at Liberty University...

Nancy Pelosi promised the corporate media Dems won't impeach? WTF?

CNN: Is disagreement about the war in Iraq helpful or harmful to...

Anyone else sick of seeing elder * & bubba joined at the hip?

Elizabeth Edwards' Fun Question: Unbelieveable but True

Kennedy Plane Diverted After Losing Power


In Offense of the Resident: A response to Bush apologists

Action Alert fron ACLU regarding phone companies' spying:

Fitz to introduce copy of Wilson article with handwritten notes by Cheney

Has Hillary gone NUTS over Iran?

Put a damper on Howard's junket

Will some kind DUer go over to FR and post the Rove indictment?

Ever wonder if most computer viruses/trojans/worms/etc are the

KOS Post article revisted: Hillary too much of a Clinton Democrat?

Attention DU carpenters: Rove will need a home office remodel.

To **all** DU mothers

Excellent Catch by the Daily Show Staff

'Twas the Night Before Fitzmas

Republicans Organizing Armed Militia on College Campus'

I think the dick, Cheney is sick. My opinion only based on experience.

I feel sorry for this country that so many people know so little about it,

Reclaiming Our Inner Truman: Two books just in time for the elections

Do you support keeping the books closed or open the books governance?

John Kerry Co-Sponsors Feingold Censure Bill

From Jim Robinson himself... here's what we are dealing with

Tim Russert just mentioned the Rove indictment

SHIELDS BOMBSHELL: "30 seat loss" says GOP Member"

Hillary has a 53% national approval rating?

Who would have been the better president Al Gore or John Kerry?

Congrats to TruthOut - Do you see now how the WH has control of ALL media?

"If George W. Bush's brother runs for U.S. president, I will..."

Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Won't Try To Impeach President