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Archives: May 11, 2006

Energy crisis? In Venezuela gas is cheaper than water - Reuters

Molly Ivins: A Capital Full of (Sycophantic) Shih Tzu Reporters

Former bow-tie clad tucker shocked, SHOCKED about NSA spy story:

WP: Army Using Policy to Deny Reserve Officer Resignations

What's with all the crazy posts tonight about Dems and the Dem party?

2006 Major League Baseball All Star Ballot.

Oog.... Pity me.

Update: Lounge mojo helped Jed

CalifoniaPeggy just said BASTARD...

"Jesus sets you free"

Kerry, Biden and others woo firefighters

GOP millionaire tax cuts pass the House 244-185 (H.R.4297)

Over 2000 rally for justice in Columbus

Wolf Like America

Here I go, feeling compelled into sticking up for Hillary again

Ex-NSA Chief Assails Bush's Warrantless Domestic Wiretaps

Rice Says US Will Wait `Couple of Weeks' for Iran Resolution - Last chance?

The decider!

U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says

When the person asked me why I was switching from AT&T to

The Problem with Deserting the Party

Any elected Democrat who doesn't agree with everything I think can

Officer in the Army Reserves? Want to resign? US says, "Cheney"

Caspian Sea and Iran?

New poster

Stars & Stripes letter: Bush’s decisions disastrous

Cindy Sheehan's New Book: Dear President Bush

Question, what's the statute of limitations on vote tampering?

Naming names in the Wilkes / MZM Scandals ...

who's that dumb ass * nominated Fed Appeals court judge, obvious he was

Exact words that Kerry and Edwards mentioned about Mary Cheney

Dean having a bad week-Rahm Emanuel clashed with Dean per WaPo

Now that Dems are poised to win '06, why so many "I AM LEAVING THE PARTY"

from FAIR: Media mishandle Rumsfeld-McGovern exchange

Bush faces an election disaster as voters turn Democrat

Juan Cole (Salon) - Saving Iraq: Mission impossible

What would a Democratic majority do in 2007?

ICANN chokes off .xxx porn registry

Bob Herbert tells Dems to grow a pair...

NSA Domestic Spying Program Also Developing Database of All Phone Calls Ma

Lawmaker Worried About Radioactive Fallout from Bomb Test in NV

US Military, Intel Officials raise concern about prep for Iran strike

Choicepoint: they're everywhere they want to be

"You preach against what Republicans stand for. What do YOU stand for?'

We're beatin em' boys

Peggy Noonan: Baseless Confidence (Repukes Need to Lose)

Shame On Them Is Right (Leahy claiming shame on NSA phone tap)

Regarding Flags, Heritage and Pride

Mary Cheney, Howard Dean, the personal and the political.

Time to Raise the Price of Gas

Robert Scheer: Hayden--the Spook in Your Phone

Editors of The Nation: Spymaster Disaster

A Stock Worth Spying On (making a killing on helping the NSA phone tap)

Snowjob in a flurried frenzy over news orgs (E&P)

Texas: 56 Immigrants Found Locked in Freezer Truck

John Nichols (The Nation): White House, NSA Block Investigation of Spying

Shotgun Wedding, by Chris Floyd

Zinni on Iraq: "We're not withdrawing"

The Hackocracy: Why our MBA president can't manage the government.

Report on NSA Brings Surveillance in Focus

Putin Proposes creation of ruble-denominated oil/gas exchange

DoD Hacker fears UFO cover-up (interv-BBC)

An Easy Call: Lying

Telecos Could be liable for Tens of Billions (thinkprog)

The Night of the Long Knives--Save the CIA!

Meet the Shock Troops of the Christian Youth

Tech Workers of the World, Unite

Frank Rich slams 'United 93' film as 'exploitative'

2006 Executive-Level Compensation Survey -It's good to be VP

Can't we all just get along-Nunavut's half polar bear/half grizzly hybrid

California Wants Biofuels Production to Be Within the State

Cascade Glacier Meltdown Stuns Scientists

The Wunderful news about Hurricane Season 2006

Brockton MA Becomes Home to First 100% Solar Condo Project in NE

Question for my Green friends.

Four Mass. congressmen back measure targeting Cape Cod wind farm

Wind Farm to Be Built Off Texas Coast

Oil Prices Up on Renewed Supply Concerns (Nigeria)

Haze & Air Pollution May Also Contribute To Arctic Warming - AFP

Indonesia Orders 17,000 To Evacuate Area Around Merapi - AFP

Quarter of primates face abyss (BBC) {apes, monkeys, lemurs}

Texas signs deal for planned wind farm off Padre Island

Canada's GHGs Up 35% Over 1992 - Let's Export Technology!!, Says Minister

Dead penguins found in Argentina (BBC)

Global Pulp Mill Industry Poised For Collapse - AFP

What Would Jesus Drive? (BBC)

Ohio EPA clears way for biofuels project

The journal Science on ethanol - Net Enrgy Balance is positive. Ho-hum


The Palestinian crisis

Hamas, Fatah prisoners agree to two-state solution in joint draft

Army levels a Palestinian house in Jerusalem

Hamas Stands By as Christians Suffer From Firebombs and Intimidation

Jewish groups fight over congress vote

'Jews are our enemy. I will pull the trigger whenever required'

Three children died due to medicine shortages in Gaza

Family of Briton shot dead by IDF demands soldier be put on trial

'Israel Lobby' bad for Israel, the U.S.

The great catastrophe

This clip definitely shows signs that explosives were used in WTC 2

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (Must read primer on the Iranian Bourse)

Have These PA Documents (re: Diebold) Been Seen/Posted Before?

Hats Off to Bucks County, PA! In levers they trust!

Have you seen Australia's open-source code voting machine system?

Poll: 2004 Election Was Stolen; according to viewers of all news except

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday May 11, 2006


The money pit: Diebold vs. America

The money pit: Diebold vs. America

CA: Sen. Bowen on Diebold TSx Security "Flaw" ~ 12 Counties' Votes at Risk

Harri Hursti Report II - Diebold touch-screens

The Women of Diebold

No `verify,' no trust

interesting Iowa thread GD

Question - Why did Vilsack offer Whirlpool $100 million plus

Hey, guys, look what I did last night

Remember how Tom Vilsack didn't want Mike Blouin using his

IC people...

CR Gazette - upgrades Loebsack in IA-02

Looking for some guidance on info for website design and website hosting.

Looking for good computer user group to post video editing question.

Any way to increase download/upload speed?

hey Austin DUers....

Kinky turns in nearly 170,000 signatures

DeLay's REAL letter of resignation

Finally! DeLay's resignation official June 9:

CD-22 Three way race - Steve Stockman is in

Will there be WiFi available at the State Convention in Ft. Worth?

Is it time for a US version of the European DOC/DOP program?

Any pineapple aficionados here?

Concrete Counter Tops? And Other "Designer" WTFs?

Since the Chimperor is now at 29% approval... Let's Party!

U.S. `gave up nothing' on softwood

Peacekeeping pledge broken

An e-mail I Received

Tories scrap Liberals' goal of 300,000 immigrants

Energy crisis? In Venezuela gas is cheaper than water - Reuters

dupe --- please delete

Justice Department Abruptly Ends Domestic Spying Probe

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon Weapons Buyer Backs Space Missile Plan

Iran Leader Calls Israel an 'Evil' Regime

NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls

Coin Dealer Asks to Change Guilty Pleas

Bush faces an election disaster as voters turn Democrat

GOP State Has Tough Job Ousting Democrat

Baghdad's Security Forces to Be Revamped

Noe (Coingate Dude from Ohio) Seeks To Change Plea...Plain Dealer

ElBaradei urges compromise in Iran nuclear row

Why hasn't the NSA phone call story made our home page?

U.S. jobless claims stay high (324,000)

US ready to back European diplomacy on Iran

Microsoft's $1.6 Million Man (Ralph Reed)

Casey maintains poll lead over Santorum

Buying Q-Tips to fight terror (Arizona)

ICANN chokes off .xxx porn registry

...Bush Aide Offered Abramoff Help

Dems: GOP hid donation

Al-Sistani orders mosques closed after killing of Sunni leader

Webb Gains Backing of Several Key Democrats

Colombia court eases abortion ban

so does this mean we effectively live in a dictatorship?

Bomb Described As 'Little Boom Thing'

Differences delay Iraq govt. announcement

CNN: Bush & Co to talk about USA Today's story on NSA's Phone Records

LAT: Army Rules (interrogations of terror suspects) Put on Hold

GAO: Few Troops Are Treated for Disorder (PTSD)

Rumsfeld says Russia, China policies worrying

Tom Cruise's approval rating still four points higher than Bush's

(Iran)President says his letter to President Bush was invitation to Islam

DU this CNN poll on NSA database

Brazil accepts Bolivian energy nationalization

Priest convicted of slaying nun

'Dozens dead' in Sri Lanka clash

US senators reach deal on immigration bill

Iran Says It's Ready to Negotiate

Ridder's $10M (golden) parachute

Heavyweight great Patterson dies

Iraq police won’t raid mosques unless US present

"the White House is in free-fall"...Rep. Harman (D)

Networks plan stakeout of Fitz court Friday; No formal sign of indictment

Bense Won't Challenge Harris

NYT: F.B.I.'s Focus on Public Corruption Includes 2,000 Investigations

Spitzer Settles With Universal Music (payola)

A Stock Worth Spying On (making a killing on helping the NSA phone tap)

Jordan plot suspects say they trained in Syria

US Army Troop Build up on Iraq-Iran Borders

Pipe-attack suspect struck by 2 fellow inmates

(Congressman Jerry) Lewis(R-CA) Surfaces in Probe of Cunningham

U.S. and Iraqi forces rescue group of Sunnis kidnapped by death squad

Congress Demands Phone Records Answers

Hey, Washington, DC is under a Tornado Watch!

NSA secret database report triggers fierce debate in Washington

Lawmakers inquire about minority kids uncounted under No Child Left Behind


Colombian-American singer Soraya dies

Britain Missed Chances at Foiling Bombings

NYT: A Rolling Stone Leaves Hospital After Surgery

New wars prompt new look at `war orphan' tuition waivers

WP,pg1: Democrats Are Fractured Over Strategy, Funds (Dean, Emanuel clash)

Canberra briefed in 2003 on Iraq oil carve-up plan ("blood for oil")

KY Republican Gov. Indicted

Abortion Ruling Polarizes Colombia

NSA Collected Phone Records in U.S., Lott Says

In Kentucky, Governor Is Indicted in Jobs Probe

Foreign Software a Spy Risk, Deputies Say

House Passes $513B Wartime Defense Bill

WP: The Case of Chief Justice Roberts's Missing Papers

Foreign oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria

Study: (California) is one of poorest in U.S.

Bush defends spying after NSA database report

Guardsmen defend their role in Iraq

Conyers, Harman introduce bill to kill NSA phone call database

E&P: Tony Snow Already Sparring With News Organizations

FDA OKs Pfizer Anti-Smoking Pill

Feds open investigation of House chairman; he denies wrongdoing

Bush meets Chinese activists on religious freedom

`War Orphan' Policies to Be Reviewed

Senate passes $70 billion tax cut package

UK: Court victory for Chagos families (Diego Garcia)

Report: Expanding DNA Searches to Relatives Could Solve More Crimes

Taliban regrouping in southern Afghanistan ("war is not yet won")

Dow Tumbles 130 Points in Afternoon Trade

Bill Would Give D.C. Vote in Congress

Venezuela Limits on Church Concerns Pope

China, Canada seek crude off Cuba, but not US

Rendell Has Eight-Point Edge in Pennsylvania

Tom DeLay to leave congress June 9th

(Bipartisan) Senators steam over new report of N-S-A phone calling...

Army Acts to Curb Abuses of Injured Recruits

WP: Path Clear for Harris in Senate Bid

Kinky delivers signatures to get on (TX gubernatorial) ballot.

Phoenix-Area Posse Nets Just 1 Arrest

Feds asks for 2 years for Tobin (NH phone jamming)

Pentagon Exploring Border Control Patrols

Lacrosse defense witness arrested

Three US soldiers killed southwest of Baghdad (#2432)

Venezuela Suggests Control of Oil Projects

Morales urges Latin American countries to kill FTA with U.S.

Ford Shareholders say no to discrimination

Governor Fletcher (R-KY) Indicted On Three Counts In Personnel Probe

(Rep. ) Lewis (R-CA, Approp Cmte CHAIR!) Surfaces in Probe of Cunningham

Afghan poppy farmers expect record opium crop and Taliban will reap reward

Defiant Morales says exploitation of Bolivia is over

Bush asked to intervene in cross battle (by San Diego mayor)

US in secret gun deal

DNA Match Found in Duke Lacrosse Case

Basics, Not Luxuries, Blamed for High Debt

(WSJ / Harris poll:) Bush's approval rating drops (29%)

WP: House Injects Prayer Into Defense Bill

DNA Tests Confirm Bear Was a Hybrid (Polar/Grizzly mix)

U.S. Revokes Visa of Peru Presidential Candidate

Controversial judicial nomination (WH aide Kavanaugh) moves to Sen. floor

Ages of the DU people in GD this eve?

Gimme a B (b) Gimme another B (b) Gimme ANOTHER B (b)

Sugar is sweet

Silliest names in the political news (e.g., Dusty Foggo, Scooter Libby)

I go home today!

I've Got a Big...........

Man, it's hard being THIS DAMN CHARMING

Are you kidding me?

You know what's really difficult to do?

I broke my computer tonight, and I'm crying

It must be hard being a kissass like HEyHEY!

IT must be hard being a smartass like Neoma!

It must be hard being an asshole like Hissyspit

Amusing article about calling up the popcorn and microwave companies

It must be hard being a mincer, like JVS!

How do thes journal things work anyway? I was gone when they started

Laydeeez 'n' gennulmun of th' Lounge — I give you *reyd reid reed*


Here, have fun with these :)

I won at cheese

I lost at life.

Betty Davis night TCM,

Okay ladies - and effeminate men of the lounge - now is your chance!

Real Ninjas

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Presenting a Paper on Newsblogging in Beirut next week and DU is in it

what are the top ten greatest garage band songs ever?

Unfortunate URLs

The Semester is Over- - Everything Except the Grading and Crying

Powerball is up to 100 Mil - What would you do with the money?

It must be hard

The only sympathy I want is an attractive female crawling in bed with me.

Boogers are polymers.

Should I invest in these?

Interesting stuff you bump into while on the internet

Feeding the Goat

The Freeway is Closed!!! The Freeway is Closed!!!

Why am I up?

Pink Bats

Funky word of the day! "Supplement"

With all the the hate, anger, and racisim abounding in our country...

Finally,a woman who knows her place!

Alligator Bites 74 Y.O. Woman - She Beats Gator Back With Garden Hose

"Amityville Horror" Homeowner Dies - George Lutz

Female Chat Names Generate More Threats

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

John Donne did the "Divine Poems", right?

Happy birthday ralps & HypnoToad!!

Sign you have spent too much time at a bar: You get mail there.

It must be hard being as cool as Girlincontempt

I have poo in my pocket

Need a chuckle? Check out Bush's "I am the Eggman"

9 Year Old Boy Scores Hole In One

Man loses at chess with a 54 pound carp

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread Thursday 5/11/06

I broke down crying at the computer tonight.

Any DU'rs have mental implants?

If you're smiling at me, I will understand

What is worse to hear "Let's just be friends" or "Let's go become hippies"

Words of wisdom at breakfast from Iniquitous Spawn.


There is something wrong with the fabric of the space/time whatever

Fuck bands who pirate their own music, name, and tshirts

Adding buddy error

Ashlee Simpson's New Nose

Sayings that get lost in translation

Thursday earworm. Annoying!

I dated a "deal or no deal" model once - she talked more then . . .

Which of these earworms is the worst?

Anyone else starting to hate the iPod commercials?

An error was encountered...please try again shortly.

Brand new PODCAST!!! Number 5

Alright yez bastards,

Computer sketches I'm working on

Like this wasn't foreseen!

For the ladies...Stun Gun Shoe Stops Sleazeballs

When it comes to credit cards, better safe than sorry.

Man Hurls Homemade Bomb At Girlfriend, Bomb Rolls Back Igniting His Shorts

DirecTV DVR TIVO quesstion

i was at home depot today getting some wire cut

If they can get you asking the wrong questions...

Tom Cruise's approval rating still four points higher than Bush's

I'm stuck going to Mary Kay party, tonight.

LOST WATERCOLOR discussion thread (COPYCAT)

Are you forced to be around toxic people everyday and feel resentful?

The drunken email is such a brilliant thing

Just a thank you to everyone who posts CNN, C-SPAN, etc.

I lost at chess.

Just had three of my pussies shaved- WOW!

myspace users: does that goddamn music player only work half the time

Regis Philbin's American Idol spinoff. Animals are welcome.

One of my childhood heroes Floyd Patterson dies.

DU Law Experts: Do you know what the Statute of Limitations is...

Any DU'rs have dental implants?

A question re: thank you after an interview...

Apart from dental, what implants do you have?

Did U know the square root of 69 is 8-something?

If you asked your boss, with no prejudice, if you had a future

Poll: How is your boss/supervisor dysfunctional?


Does your city have a weatherline forcast #?

Most irresponsible, but quite entertaining

hilarious Scotty/Rove drinking game video

Floyd Patterson, great boxer, has died.

Cool, Wonderful experiance at the Horse Track.

You're from out of town

GWB, Cheese, iPods and gone fishin'

happy S.H.I.T day !

Student Attacks Teacher In Spat Over Pot Leaf Necklace

Awesome pictures of Earth

I'm making a small concession to the heat wave

I have a question for all VIDEOGAME fans...!!!

heyHey (?) this is for you

Golf, dinner, drinks, sleep ;-) , wedding, drinks, dinner, drinks, buffet

Does anyone else see "NSA" and read it as "Nothingshocksmeanymore?"

I need help at chess.

What did one snowman say to the other?

Grrrrr!! I'm trying to order my mother a corsage for mother's day

Get mad!

Please post here if you work for the NSA. Thank you.

Good sources for music:


Someone almost hit on me on my way home.

Math problem for alarcojon

Friends don't let friends __________

What other aliases does DU's Big McLargehuge have?

I watched Jerry Springer for the first time in a long time

CATFIGHT!! Denise Richards and Heather Locklear

Fuck bands that don't make a decent t-shirt for themselves

A pox on you if you've ever cast a vote for American Idol

Fresh, homemade cinnamon raisin bread.

Ask and ye shall receive.....and receive and receive and receive!

What is the strangest thing you purchased from e-bay? (That you'll admit)

Do you have an nice personal story about a famous athlete or celebrity?

The worldcup mania is downright scary

Fred MacMurray

If the pukes retain control of Congress

The day you were both - was Mother Good insightful? Or high on dope?

And it's goodnight from me

Just had three of my dogs shaved- WOW!

Where did CaliforniaPeggy learn how to swear.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


My GREAT day..

Of all the times for my printer to run out of black ink

I have found what I want for Mother's Day!

GD is too fast for my little poem I wrote.. so here ya go

Hey Big Brother

Finally.... Big Ern is above the law!!!!!!

Who thinks California Peggy can kick some major ass if she wanted to?

I feel disappointed, cheated, and deeply unsatisfied.

Good morning everybody....War.

Good night everybody....Peace.

We've got terrorists out there trying to kill us....

Anyone Else Feeling Like They are on an Emotional Seesaw

It's finally raining.

Quitt'n time and I'm heading for a cold one. All of today's news

How Often Do You Change Your Oil (in your car)?

Congratulations to djeseru! 2000 posts!

in the past 2 months i've had----

Computer geeks I have a question

Any apple cider vinegar stories?


Is this thing on ebaumsworld real???

The things that keep us up at night....

Do you say "Have a good night" to your supervisor?

What is this facial hair called?

Seven baby chicks die during 'senior prank'

President Bush has done a really good thing!

Positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, tommorrow is my mom's birthday


So what are you getting/doing for Mom for Mother's Day

rate devilgrrl's drawing of Mr. & Mrs. Cleofus1

Happiness is an orange popsicle

I missed the final episode of Ed...did he marry Carol Vesse or WHAT?

Bernie Kosar fans. It looks like he is having some problems.

What are you getting Dubya for Mother's Day?

I have found an Irish Euro cent piece in my pocket.

My four month old laptop died last night

Leave CaliforniaPeggy alone campaign....

Question about storing water and germ stuff

I've heard the NSA is after CaliforniaPeggy.

I've heard "Light My Fire" is about California Peggy

The Office tonight (spoilers)

Who replaced our mid-May weather with March weather

I've heard KitchenWitch wishes she were

What was California Peggy like in High School?

Should I drive to the store and get ice cream?

Possibly the greatest batshit crazy ever delivered

Anyone watching E.R. tonight? (Spoilers)

How should i get my parents to drive me up and get me brownie mix?

I just IMed myself through the link in my profile.

My fiance and I are hangin', kickin' back, listenin' to some Manilow

Female DU: When you were 13-16, did the idea of a physical relationship

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

At last! The weekend! I can—oh, wait, I have no life anymore.

Why are people so difficult in GD?

More foster kitten photos!

Breaking: Teacher arrested

DU Moms: Do you know what you're getting for Mother's Day?

Where's Mike? It look like he was suppost to be live but when I listened

....Oh my.

What time will one of the PFEB call my house if Friday's Fitzmas?

Friday list thread

Mike and Maureen landed on Mars (crude, but funny)!!

Anyone watch Invasion last night?

The Moral of the Story (cute and funny)!!

G-Love and Special Sauce are coming to my town!

Did anyone else watch the season finale for "Desperate Housewives"????

All of this CaliforniaPeggy stuff is getting out of hand!

anyone in wisconsin----what is happening to the dells?-

What was Colbert talking about? 3 French horns & Cheney??

CSI: Am I the only one who hates Sarah?

I'm actually At Home. So I can hang out with you guys

Mods please make this thread interesting.

If it were up to employment specialists, no one would ever have a job

I have returned from Santa Barbara

Douchebags can be easily identified by their shit-eating grins and

When California Peggy says "My Dear" what is she really saying?

I never thought I would say this, but I am glad I have Qwest

Tornado Watch for MD, VA, S. PA, and N. NC until 11pm tonight.

The Moran of the Story (ugly and stupid)!!

Week old Budweiser tastes like a fire extinguisher.

If somebody who you didn't like died, how would you feel?

Thompson Twins!

Rant of the day --- screaming babies on red-eye flights

Mods please delete.

I think I must have more names

LOST watercoler discussion thread (SPOILERS)

Great ideas for movies!

I just found a "dime" sitting on the middle of the floor at my workspace

Who drinks pot liquor every day?

the NSA agent assigned to me


I've been living under a rock for the last 6 years.

NORTHZAX - and anyone who read my thread about my iPod...

Anyone else here use Body Mint? I've been using it for 5 years.

People who sew: Could someone recommend a first sewing machine

Man Catches 54 Pound Carp (eat your heart out Bush)

Who wants to fuck with the NSA??

My dog maimed my glasses... what do I do? HELP!

Kitten saga at Debi's house

If I put one finger over here while I touch there ~

America's Next Top Model

MUSIC PEOPLE! Where the fuck is the score for The Beatles "In My Life"

OMG, I can't believe people are still reading Hamlet

Does anyone use "Dear (____)" when beginning an e-mail?

Conversation stoppers

what does your ass do that makes you laugh your pet off?

Did anyone else watch the season finale of "My Name Is Earl"?

I need some songs to listen to to clean the house tomorrow,

Who makes cream cheese with pimento anymore?

Anyone ever get rid of squirrels in your attic?

Should I get a tattoo?

Create your own Law & Order Spinoff!

The (semi)Official Lounge Joke Exchange!

Why the hell can't people accept it? The Da Vinci Code is FICTION!!!!

I don't give a shit, but the media does. So what's the big American Idol

RANT: Artificial Co-Workers

Someone almost hit me on my way home.

Common things you've never done

So long for now... I'm off to Italy

what does your pet do that makes you laugh your ass off?

I won $1200 in home repair/remodeling today!!

I think I'm in love with a girl from a sub shop

I just want to all my very dear Lounge friends.......

Who uses the raised right arm salute?

Le temps que l'on prend pour dire "je t'aime",

A Smoke

UNcommon things that you HAVE done

Congratulations mdmc!! 10,000 posts

We want Moshiach NOW: The pros and cons

"You preach against what Republicans stand for. What do YOU stand for?"

The Good, The Bad, and The Faithful

Inhalers don’t prevent asthma in children

Blood glucose levels, alpha lipoic acid.....

Medicaid Changes Approved (Personal Responsibility Contracts)

Question about medical ethics / legality

Art therapy is gaining acceptance by nation's health care providers

(Weather) Satellite Program Over Budget, Delayed

New genus of African monkey found (BBC)

Comet break-up puts on sky show (BBC) {73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3}

Neptune's kidnap puzzle 'cracked' (BBC) {Triton "captured" from pair}

Tiny tags trace dragonfly paths (BBC) {RFID? they're tracking INSECTS!}

Plankton blooms linked to quakes (BBC) {earthquake prediction ??}

US Senators propose to make scientific research freely available.

Light's Most Exotic Trick Yet: So Fast it Goes ... Backwards?

Schools debate when to expose students to existence of gays

Dean Issues Gay Mea Culpa

Dean Issues Gay Mea Culpa

Go get him Martina!!

California Senate approves bill recognizing gays in textbooks

Your New, Innovative 2007 Dodge Homophoba!!

Ford Shareholders Overwhelmingly Vote For Gay Policy

Dean today issued the following statement:

Florida State Rep will fight partner benefits

MA Senate to delay gay nuptials vote

Palm Beach School District's uneven blocking of Web sites draws criticism

Hawaii Settles Gay Youth Lawsuit

Pope Declares War On Italy's Government Over Gay Unions

Spoiled Athletes and Owners

Floyd Patterson, great boxer, has died.

Aaron Rowland rocks. Broke his nose to save the game

Is Ruth Overrated?

Bush: The Final Straw

What a way to start the morning .... Imus talks about JK

More about Webb - Dem establishment endorses him as does Cleland.

Does Google have an antidemocratic bias?

I posted this in GD-P, I'm not asking for votes, I'm just asking

Weird positive (I think) Kerry/Bush exchange on MSNBC

ATTENTION please - dailykos diary - JK at American U - strong words

doh! TayTay beat me to it...delete n/t

I think today is a busy day for Sen. Kerry

GOP proposal strips state mandates on affordable health care by John Kerry

John Kerry posts on DKOS

Dupe deleted!

The Nation shows some love for Kerry (Say what?)

Some very nice speeches in the Senate this morning re: tax cuts

You have got to be kidding me!

JK on Stephanie Miller next week

We all know it's impossible to keep up with the Energizer Kerry, but

You good folks totally rock you know

2004 ELECTION STOLEN-Poll According To Viewers of All Networks Except Fox

I think Sen. Kerry picked up some good advice today!

John Kerry's Speech at American University: “Real Patriotism”

JK to speak at Emerson College Commencement

Hey, someone dedicated one for us!

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/11/06: Privacy? What Privacy?

KOEB Meeting -- 5/11/06: Big Brother Sucks Edition

Don't know if this is "Sweet" but get a load of the 70's hair!


Europe Agrees To Restart Talks With Iran

It's not the name leaking it's the PEERRRJURRRYYYY

Six Month Delay For UN peacekeepers In Darfur

It is NOT OK for the head of the Dem party to misrepresent the platform.

"I'm American" By Queensryche

Iraq is a huge protection racket. Hire us or something bad might happen

Gore / SNL Willy Wonka skit - How True!

My candidate for 2008

US Army hits "restructured" recruiting goal; Reserve and Guard both miss

Bernie just had fun with a freeper

Only FIVE MONTHS Until Elections!! Are We Ready?

Ted Nugent's "Surviving Nugent" Show...

June 5th -- key vote coming up on Federal Constitutional Amendment

A sudden, enormous reason for MEDIA/TELECOM DECONGLOMERATION:

World associating pandemic flu with global warming among other terms...

Stealing a nation

2008 election is set. It's Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton

NSA warrentless domestic wiretaps-leading story on msnbc just now-they

Quit telling angry people to shut up

Mary Cheney, Howard Dean, the personal and the political.

Imus and Doris Kearns Goodwin


Rove is trying to stuff the scandals down the memory hole

What is the Democratic Party's official position re gay marriage?

Washington Journal discussing the NSA phone database story

Photo offer sent to Mother/WTF

Who's missing from DU? Can we get in touch with them to make sure they're

"Jesus sets you free"

What's UP Moderators--You're Pulling Posts

cnn to have USAToday reporter on for discussion-coming up (NSA story)

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on The Weather Wars

Woman Reservist With PTSD Has To Go Back To Iraq For Round II...

Are there any class action lawyers here?

Zing! "Has there every been a time other than now when the

Here - USA Today - NSA secretly collecting phone records of millions

DLC = Democrats who Love Corporations (or Conservatives)

More are struggling to pay the mortgage

Why are we baiting Putin?

NSA and Qwest

RE: NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls

NEC profit drops, company sees rebound

Gun Control's Nazi Connection

I'm switching my long distance to Qwest and telling AT&T and them why

Did Grand Jury meet yesterday?

That's something you don't hear every day

BIO-FUEL..Stephanie Herseth..on Wash. Journal

Noe (Coingate/$ Laundering to B/C '04) asks to Change Plea

If Mother Theresa had put a band-aid on a republican

If Democrats win in 2006, brace for a heap of hearings....

C-Span Wash Journal 9:30 open phones on any subject

VIDEO: Repubs agree on more tax cuts despite skyrocketing debt.

Exporting Democracy, the Bush way....

Tom Cruise just barely more popular than President Bush

My NONANSWER from ATT re: NSA phone records collection

Pat Robertson calls NSA spying Big Brother

New comic on USA Today's article

New Army Interrogation Rules Delayed Over Torture Concerns

Are the House and Senate Intelligence Committees accomplices...?

"Quest" = "LONE HOLD-OUT" - Refused To Comply With NSA Program!

"I have been TOLD that Your Excellency follows the teachings of Jesus."

Coulter says, "I don't live in Palm Beach".

Bush Monitoring About 200 Million Americans' Calls - US population 300 mil

Turley/KO rerun on MSNBC now.

Oh boysie! 50 year mortgages!!

Jeb regarding Harris nomination: "Sure. If there's no one else filing"

Left turn on red

Dems need to squawk about Bush's NSA lie. Not the actual operation.

Does anyone have a link to the Senate hearing on the NSA program? CNN

Putin's Sabre-rattling....

GWB, Cheese, iPods and gone fishin'

CNN Now - 10:23 live - Discussion on NSA database Sen Cornyn

"He is here today because he was there when the Republicans needed him"

Just saw this over at Ebay

Now THIS guy is nuts-some good anti-****


"a freedom of killing. You cannot gain democracy through blood or killing"

100 'Caught Red-Handed' Press Events Nationwide Today at Noon

David "Pollyanna" Brooks: "Don't Worry, Be Happy"--Bob Herbert: Eff That!

Who is this David Ensor idiot on CNN?

Thursdays are Thirstdays without . . . . . . . . . . . . . .a CAPTION!!!!

Domestic spying inquiry killed - NSA Won't Grant Lawyers clearance

Louise Slaughter is trying to ajourn the House to stop a bill

Screw '08. Midterms are the prize right now.

'Da Vinci Code' Now a Tool toWin Christian Converts(via history discussion

Letter gets students personal explanation of land-sale proposal

US Army Troop Build up on Iraq-Iran Borders

IRAQ: Kurds look to Iran for electricity needs

As a political party, when you've lied your ass off....

House easily passes tax cut bill

An idea for another investigation when Democrats take over....

Judy Miller on Plame book: "...I'm in favor of large advances for writers"

So - Are Dems Going to Respond to NSA Wiretapping Travesty?

If the administration has nothing to hide, why fear investigations?

U.S. To Miss Deadline To Destroy Chemical Weapons

So, economy is on fire and you're wondering what to do with your millions?

Is there a site that has a list of all the REPUBLICAN scandals?

Bloggers Strike Back

I just found out the Venezuelan currency is pegged to the US$.

Spector Wants AT&T, Verizon & Bell South To Appear Before Judiciary Panel

Schumer is kicking a little Republican hiney on the floor re: Tax Cuts

OK, I have gone over the edge. Jerry Springer made me cry--

WH, Specter and Leahy reaction to new Nsa story from UsaToday:

If BushCo can collect our phone records

A message from Cindy for Mother's Day

So is Gen. Michael Hayden in or out?

House Dems put 2 motions to adjourn today. cspan. Upsetting the Repugs.

Where's the Beef? - Bob Herbert: Time for Democrats to "Mix it Up!"

Has * Made Incompetence OK? (F-ing Doctors!)

Everyone wave!!!

Did Iran Leader's letter to * lift passage from chick lit novel?

Murdoch buys Intermix Media ( for $580m

NSA spying and market research

Crawford and the Middle East

Bush to Make a Statement on NSA at Noon

O'Reilly now says "all the proceeds" from the cheap shit he flacks

Removing from Military Code: Tolerance for Religious Diversity-Slaughter

Bush vs. Nixon Polling Graphs

Woman, 34, charged with raping boy, 13

Assuming Chucklenuts says today....

Killing the CIA-In Goss, Bush Found Perfect Hatchet Man (Sid Blumenthal)

MySpace hijacks artists

Things we can infer or determiner JUST from the #s you dial

I'm going to have a stroke. I can't take many more NSA outrages.

I think it's time to consider a Class Action Lawsuit

Anyone have a picture (gif/jpg) of the Front Page of Today's USA Today?

Bush to give press conf. NOW--shortly per cnn

Interesting talking point

This NSA phone records thing...what about cell phones?

For a truly "living wage" what should the minimum wage be?


Time to consider a Class Action Lawsuit

Everybody Call your Congressperson and have them ask the NSA if .....

Help NSA

Somebody should ask Bush to resign.

MSM: "Bush Doesn't Confirm NSA Data Collection"

Excerpt: How Would a Patriot Act?

President on TV

Sen. Leahy: "It is our government, it's not one party's government."

Tony Snow

Federal Reserve: Biggest Scam Ever???

He's ready for his CAPTION, Mr. DeMille...

?'s Regarding Verizon (and The Other Nazi Phone Companies)

Do ya think that Russia and China are providing Iran with Satellite intel

Boxer Gets It.....But Yet She Doesn't.

Giuliani: The legacy of an a**hole

A rude theory on a winning strategy in 2008

Guessing Game: Who's Cunningham Trying to Protect with Silence?

Lack of warrant proves NSA domestic spy program illegal.

The Top 5 Scandals that threaten to take Bush down

Pretend The Giggling Murderer(*)Is Here OnDU,Post Something You Think He'd

* looks back at members of the media - pic>>>

macpaper eats nyt, wapo lunch

Bush gives 4 -point power presentaion on NSA then saunters off -no

Top five employers in the United States in 2005 and 1995.

CT: Bush at record low, Lieberman in pretty good shape

The Information Age, and you

Oh goody. More tax cuts for the rich.

NYT Editorial Page Sends Double Blast to GOP Profligates

Lou Dobbs to president: Do you take us for fools?

(Is anyone else having trouble getting in?). . . .eom

Bush on NSA phone snooping: "We will do so within the laws of our country"

the key point about NSA is that they just went and did it

Does US immigration policy contribute to Constitutional violations?

My 85 year old Dad saw the news about NSA

Floyd Patterson, great boxer, has died.

Here are the champions of the democratic party...

AOL Poll On NSA Domestic Phone Data Base ..... Please check this out!

Okay, I'm not a big CNN fan, but whoevers running that website sure...

Republican strategy for victory in November...

Simple question on domestic wiretapping for BushCo and their fans

It's IRRESPONSIBLE At This Point NOT to IMPEACH Bush. What Do You Think?

Conservative Darling, Michael Luttig, has angrily resigned

Great reframe of the "Anthem in English only" debate

Rep McDermott: "Washington, D.C., is fast becoming a cold, cold place ...

Cheney's "wild shot" at Putin part of escalating war for Central Asian oil

A senator should ask Hayden for assurances he isn't being spied on.

so does the breaking NSA story sink Haydens CIA nomination???

When Junior's approvals go to the teens, can we have a DU party...

Will the new NSA article get Bush's poll numbers into the twenties (20's)?

"Our efforts are focused on links to al Qaeda and their known affiliates.

This has NOTHING to do with terrorism and EVERYTHING to do with corporate

Question for people in the construction business.

Nixon had a 27 percent rating when he resigned

Breach of contract for wireless phone mining?

Check With QWEST To See If You Get Coverage HERE

Jack Cafferty's questions for Thursday - Check out the 4pm one

We have a new winner for stoopidest ever Freeper post....

Propaganda about military recruitment goals, Lies,damned lies, statistics

Hey, Democrats, the Truth Matters!

Tony Snow's first press conference ..... pix

CAPTION the would-be-warrior "president"...

Anyone know how the freepers are reacting to the latest NSA data mining?

Phone company advice needed.

Freep response to wiretapping from another forum

Is bush beginning to look more and more like George Burns?

Hayden's calls on Congress members were cancelled by the WH

If Al-Qaeda calls random americans, would the NSA and DHS execute the

Jan 2006 - EFF's Lawsuit Against AT&T - Illegal Domestic Spying

Sen. Fristian spewing about new "pro-growth tax policy"

Hillary Clinton gets accused of being in bed with Murdoch

*Update* on EFF's Class Action Suit filed in January against AT&T Spying!

If you would like to express your displeasure at NSA data-mining,

Man Denied Mother's Day Tote Bag Sues MLB Team

So AT&T Just told me

Did anyone see C-span today and the Repubicon...

Caption * making statement on intelligence activities - pic>>>

If your local paper is KnightRidder, please post today's editorial choices


Here's The Spin! Not eavesdropping, just collecting data...

CNN: Bush: We're not trolling your personal life

Fed Prosecutors Begin Investigation of House Appropriation Committee Chair

Occam's Razor - DEMS MUST assume they are being spyed on!

"We are at war with al Qaeda..."

A must watch short flash video ....

So who are you more afraid of?

When Liberals Attack

A question about the phone records

Guess bu$h's Favorite T.V. Show:

CNN: Bush & Co to talk about USA Today's story on NSA's Phone Records

Phone snooping's been going on since 2001. Have there been any arrests?

Chief Justice Roberts File VANISHED Before Nomination

One more fuckin question...All this snooping and no Terror Arrests?

Dear Caitlin Flanagan: where are you coming from?

Carter's CAFE Standards would have made us foreign oil independent by 1986

Sure, right after your daughters, Pickles!

Why did NSA spying details go public today??

Forbes>> Did The NSA Break The Law?

Polls show Bush losing conservative support

Perle said, at the end of Franken.....

Rep. Micah has Republican hair. Is that why he's a Republican?

Quote of the day...

Poll: 2004 Election Was Stolen; (All except Faux viewers agree)

Floyd Patterson: Dead, dead, dead

Can you smell the backlash?

USS Enterprise en route to Middle East

my email to Verizon, Verizon wireless & AT&T

If phone and wireless service weren't such a fucking monopoly

Looks Like AG Gonzales Lied To Congress About NSA Program

Now that we know for sure... Everyone wave to the nice NSA folks

Could it be that extending the tax cuts thus adding to the deficit

"The Marketplace Is A Difficult Place, A Place That Doesn't Have

Ok so here is how the data mining would work for the phone call Db

Richard Perle NEXT on Franken

Chomsky Attacks 'Terrorist State' US, Israel While Visiting Hezbollah

The forced response this morning looked familiar.

A note on the politics behnid phonegate

Bush says he is not a crook

so does this mean we effectively live in a dictatorship?

Kerry comes out swinging

Caption this Bush pic:

Thank you Qwest and I'm pleased that my DSL is in your hands.

Bill of Rights? What's that?

Gas Prices...

Al Franken & Richard Perle - anyone listening?

NSA Has Massive Database of Tens of Millions of American Phone Calls...

Should I Cancel AT&T?

Smart kid.

Trent Lott: 'Jeb Would Lose to Hillary'

A question that doesn't need shouting:


Lack of Choice in Health Care

AMERICAblog: Verizon Says Not One of the Companies Involved

Big Ed Schultz on a tear today ...

AP on the NSA Shit

So are Republicans ok with vast, unchecked wiretapping of Americans?

DU This Poll Regarding Database/Phone Calls

DU this CNN poll on NSA database

I can hear you now... thursday 5/11 toon

All I have to say is - Cash only Cellphones....

Interesting Conversation with Sprint/Nextel Supervisor ---

Jon Kyl: "This is nuts..We are in war..collect intelligence on the enemy"

Little Boots is playing dress-up again on my teevee. This time

Battle Cry for Theocracy!

I Know the Unemployment is not 4.7 %. Does anyone know what it is?

Democratic Leader Reid Says Hayden Must Come Clean On Phone Snoop

Bush : I am not a troller!

"Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism"

American Citizens are in the largest Spy Database Ever Assembled in World!

93-Year-Old Vet Ambushed, Beaten By Man With American Flag

Jack Cafferty's questions for Thursday - WOW! - NSA spying

Speculation that Friday may be the day on Red Rover.

Maya Angelou's Inaugural Poem... 20 January 1993

One stop shopping: Let your phone company know how you feel

Just filled out a Zogby poll, all about "A US Bird Flu Pandemic"

Rush re: Ahmadinejad letter:"liberal Hollywood Jewish people talking point

Aren't cemeteries private land?

White House: ``is not confirming or denying'' the report by USA Today

They can mine our calls, but we can't have info on Cheney's Energy Group?

Sinking the Ship of State.."The Little Captain Paces"

Ah Come-on DU - think of the GOOD side of this NSA Database...

TIME >> The Golf Junket that Haunts Abramoff and Friends

Exxon Mobil "front" groups

Conyers, Harman introduce bill to kill NSA phone call database

What Do They Mean When They Say Phone Records?

On Hunger and the Failings of Journalism

Intelligent Slashdot comment on NSA spying

'Congress Demands Phone Records Answers'

Fire Fighters Endorse Bob Casey for U.S. Senate (PA)

Next Generation Of Middle East Dictators and U.S. Puppets

Bay Area DU'ers...Action Alert (tell AT&T to shove it)

which DUer was just on the Guy James show?

Benburch calling benburch....

Just Canceled my verizon local phone service

Dammit. I want CNN to give Cafferty his own show.

NSA: We bought the data and used it for statistical analyses

Howard Dean. Who cares?

Can anyone confirm that this is the secret Iran letter to our President --

Cornyn (on Blitzer) is hinting that the NSA leak came from Congress

***New Howard Dean Statement on Gay Marriage***

TIA (aka Topsail) unveiled: the real scope of the NSA's domestic spying...

Molly Ivins----Developments in journalism's Internet frontier

Bush Regime Overreaching Undermines Our Security

Whenever I hear Richard Perle's name, I immediately think of this guy

Dean Misstates Party Platform on Gays

Congress Demands Phone Records Answers

What happened to..."Only calls coming in or going out of the US"

If you are having problems posting ...

The main categories of Freeper reaction to low Bush approval ratings

See, now that you've lied to us about checking out our phone conversations

Is it just me or is the DLC/Schumer strategy like Prevent Defense?

Imbecile president: photographic evidence

Dean vs Emmanuel and Schumer - What is going on?

Gold jumps to 26 year high

Reminder to Begala, Emanuel, Schumer and Chickenshit Dems

Now til November, remember these words...

200,000 AK 47's meant for Iraqi Police stolen and probably

This Time, It Really Is Orwellian

Regarding this whole Dean flap...

Three-level security flaws found in Diebold touch-screens

What It Costs to Live Well in America

Does anyone agree with Jerry Springer that Hillary would be unbeatable?

Is Dean raising as much money as McAuliffe?

Great witness for Hayden CIA confirmation: Sibel Edmonds

Can everyone who's had phone records compromised by NSA sue the gov't?

so bushco can see who I've been calling, but I can't see Abramoff's visits

They're talking about "1984" on CNN.....the reporter has a copy

Bill Diamond: "Eavesdropping... Explained"

'Why don't people see that the economy is doing well?'

What rollover minutes really means.

Turn on weather channel is that a Hurricane at Great Lakes

"I can hear you now" the NSA advertisement

Oooooohhhh...never mind BushCo spying on you...HOWARD DEAN! BOO!

A reminder about when the domestic wiretapping really began

Ex-Justice (O'Connor) Sidesteps Phone Data Questions

They don't keep a log of who goes in and out of the White House...

Which Words Cause The NSA Database To Monitor Conversations?

re: Conyers' bill - Am I missing something, or is it kind of silly?


Stand by...JC Watts is about to suck Bush's c*ck live on teevee!

New Republican campaign slogan

Bush/NSA Datamining violates SECTION #222 Telecommunications Act.

Cooling market squeezing Bay Area developers (some even walking away)


Guy James Show with a story you just won't believe today! Really!

A question about Telecom Companies

Head Exploder .... I just got a call from ATT mangement

Bush Turds of Wisdom on Randi Rhodes right now!

Fletcher, Cunningham, Abramoff, Delay, *, Cheney... what we really need,

Scientists call Diebold security flaw worst ever!

So, first thing this morning I call Verizon, wade through the

More schools face education law’s toughest penalty

Pat Roberts and Ron Wyden coming up on Lou Dobbs (NSA snooping)

With all the service sector jobs getting outsourced to places like

Laura looking more Stepfordish than usual

Bush Wants to Reassure Us Our Privacy is being Protected!

KY Republican Governor has been INDICTED!!!!

Do any of you remember what Dean did in Vermont

Is this the new Republican talking point?

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (Must read primer on the Iranian Bourse)

How the hell would you track terrorists by the phone #'s called?

NSA - Wiretapping and tomorrow's news

Ron Wyden, Dem Oregon on Dobbs now (NSA)

Life long Repuke will vote Democratic this Fall

Just as we suspected, we are ALL being surveilled!

The Democratic Party is the party of old ideas

Pledge to see an inconvenient truth(Al Gore's Climatecrisis movie)!

Tweety (to Tom WOLFE): "The kooky Left - they're against everything now."

So...what yer telling me is...

Need A Lift?

Obama Assails Bush; Murtha's Prediction

Breaking: KY Gov Fletcher (R) indicted on three counts

White House, NSA Block Investigation of Spying

Republican Kentucky Gov. Indicted by Grand Jury..another bites the dust!

Bush quote on wiretaps from 2004

So...when you look down at that tattoo they will put on your forearm

I am pissed at Lou Dobbs. He let Roberts off the hook and didn't

Networks plan stakeout of Fitz court Friday; No formal sign of indictment

Pat Roberts (KS-RW A-hole) Is A Lying POS

TOON: Telegraph Quotes Shakespeare! (Bush)

10s of millions of Americans are Al Qaida members.

A frightening idea re: the eavesdropping.

Middle Income earners would only save about $9.00 with tax cuts

Oh I See... It's Just A Data Base IN CASE They Need To Use It!!

*'s Nixon & Ford & Reagan WH retreads...time to invoke the name of Nixon

Mr. kt: * might as well have an asshole as a mouth.

Could the Democrats shut down the Senate over the tax cuts for the rich?

Chicago Tribune:This sounds like a vast and unchecked intrusion on privacy

DING DING. WHY the NSA really wants your phone records....

They are looking for the leakers people! I just realised that.

Qwest, the only phone company who didn't sell out America.

Dear al-Qaeda... call me sometime!

i know this is redudant and i know most don`t agree

Congressman asks President Bush to help save San Diego cross

Seems on 09/12/01 Rummie was very concerned

Qwest To The NSA: Put Up Or Shut Up

Now we know what that "network" is in the Verizon ads!

CNN: New Orleans evacuation plan not good enough

If you have a DSL contract with anyone, be careful when changing

Here is how to stop the corruption in Washington

Take control of conversations with freepers

NSA Database and No-Fly List. Connection?

Huffington: Colbert was "Dylan plugging in at Newport 1965"

Dubya today in Biloxi: Why no audience shots?

How do they know they are not spying on Innocent Citizens???

Leave a message for the NSA,

Data Mining

Should the word "FREE" be taken out of Free Republic?

IF this program was legitimate and if it was TRULY a national security

Al Gore. Ya gotta love him. I'm listening to Thom Hartmann filling

President's Travel Itinerary Found In The Trash.

a quick photoshop (re: NSA wiretapping)

word games. Are there shades of meaning between "lawful" and

the American Family Association cracks me up!!!!!!

A news report prompts a panic-button press conference from Bush

It's finally raining.

John Fund: B*sh would poll better if some major event happened.

Senator Pat Roberts is a complete tool.

Bond: "The more we talk about this in public, the more danger we

If all else fails, talk about the weather.

This Pres. is an insane dictator who must be impeached now. Period.

Dear Senator I am going to ask NSA for a copy of your calls.

The GOP Wants to give DC a voting Rep in the House

My fav headline of the day: "FEMA says it's ready for hurricanes"

"the White House is in free-fall"...Rep. Harman (D)

I bet Bush is using the NSA info to blackmail our Democratic candidates?

ok who leaked the NSA thing?

NSA Spying Is All About Politics & Has Nothing To Do With Terra

Thom Hartmann on the Majority Report tonite and tomorrow

Allegations of WWI Genocide Irk Turkey

LOL! Cable News is Awash in VERIZON "Feel Good" Ads.

My question has been answered, ignore this please.

Have a question...

Post here if you want to wave to the NSA guys.

A WTF moment.

Annotated Pants On Fire

Ha! Boycott your Phone Company? Unless it's "Quest "you are Clueless!

What is the difference between inflation & a gov't screwing up their

The man in charge of this program, Hayden, is demonstrably ignorant re 4th

Reality Check on Telecom-Data Providers

I want to see the records of all Congressional phone calls....

Saw sen Bond (R) defending da presmident and found this pic

Ray McGovern- retired CIA analyst to speak in Duluth, MN., Friday night.

Immigration/Permanent Residence Question: Please help

I was called today to participate in a 'conservative" survey...

Cheney, Rumsfeld, GHW Bush involved in cover-up of JFK assassination...

anybody watching Virginia Fox (R-NC) on cspan?

Zogby Poll: Bush Lied About Iraq, Has No Right to Attack Iran

?Why was Bush still flogging the "international" and Al Qaida connection

On CNN: Laura Bush is making more campaign


One of those stories no one could make up. But it happened last night.

George Bush's Punk Ass Crusade, powerful video, PLEASE watch

Could someone give the media an Econ-101 lesson?

Thom Hartmann on Discovery Channel at 9pm EDT (JFK Assassination}

Networks plan stakeout of Fitzgerald court Friday

Turley coming up on KO! If you missed him last night, this could be better

I think something is coming. All day long RW talk has been attack from

How does the domestic spying make you feel? cnn quick poll

President Bush Discusses NSA Surveillance Program (

Murtha Predicts U.S. Pullout From Iraq

So Vhy Do You Hate Amerika? Und Vhy Were You ...

What are the freepers saying?

President of the Corporate Interests and Most of North America!????

NSA - Illegal Spying Not Yet Revealed

CNN: Cafferty on the NSA Spying - we're in some serious trouble here..

Part D works if goal is to funnel $$$$$ to pharmaceutical companies.

So NSA wants to find "patterns" can we create some "patterns?"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's (R-Phx) New Xenophobic Adventure Fails! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Secret Service, Gestapo, automatic weapons, and chimp.

ATTN: DU attorneys: Can DU file a class action suit against NSA or

Turley: The Legislative, Judicial & Executive Branch of Govt. = chimpy!

I can see his nose hairs!!!!

"Everything that NSA does is lawful," Hayden insisted

Busby and Bilbray currently tied (in Cunningham's deep-red district!)

Why hasn't the NSA phone call story made our home page?

Another Feith based initiative.

Scarborough's jumping ship.

Senator Ted Stevens to file complaint against CNN reporter

Shareholders p.o.'d about not being told about eavesdropping...

Is there really water in the phones?

INVESTOR Relief ?!?!? - You Can Kiss This WORKING MAN'S Ass !!!

Obama mocks Bush's subliminal messages; Feingold, Kennedy responses

EU lawmaker says US pressured media not to report on our torture camps

Thom Hartmann on the JFK Assassination on Discovery Now

Shareholders will be bawling

Denver Homes piling up

Start shorting the telecom stocks--

I am considering a class action lawsuit against BellSouth

I have NEVER wished slow pain and suffering for ANYONE in my life before

Senator Kit Bond (R-Missouri): "It Is HIGHLY LIKELY We'll Be Attacked"

My radiator hose on my Jeep came off today while I was driving

I've had enough equivocations--Letter to Feinstein.

good news look here

canofun (txliveoak) has video posted of Turley from tonight's Countdown

Remember when we hated Jack Cafferty? What happened?

Bush - I have to believe the world revolves around me or

Is the "net neutrality" a gift to the telecoms for giving data to the NSA?

Scarborough has screwed the pooch

Former FCC Chair:"No one should imagine that what NSA has done, is normal"

When are the heavyweight Dems going to call this man out? (NSA crap)

If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Rush today says a stupid thing...

Here's a delicious thought

Hey, Washington, DC is under a Tornado Watch!

Reminder: SATURDAY is Stephen Colbert's BIRTHDAY

Hold On A Second, Just Maybe

So are my calls to my mother safe on Vonage?

"...we're not 'mining'..."

Is it getting harder for you to read DU?

KO is so pissed!

John Gibson (radio): Markos' book is about How Bush Lied

Anyone watching Keith? See the little blog about the American idol story

Any possible way that Hayden does not become Harriet Miers II?

Loved the ad for the Neil Young album on Olbermann, someone

My e-mail sig line seems better than ever today...

Do you think that BushCo has been eavesdropping on Fitz ?

my problem with Air America

just a little change of pace -----glen beck----

Wish I could live for the day when "KO" didn't have to do "Corporate Crap"

Serious question..Can the president just be arrested instead of impeached?

So, how is that restoring honor and dignity thing coming along, W?

Willkommen zum MotherLand

Ahhh....the Wisdom of Free Republic.

It's Official: Tom Delay's Resignation Letter - He's Out On June 9

Congressman Conyers Blog

This Goes A Long Way in Explaining What is Going On.

Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother!

My final thought of the night. If today was not the day the

All you lawyers: They violated your attorney-client confidentiality

Great White American Hunter KILLS First Known Grizzley/Polar Bear Hybrid.

Let's Impeach the President

What's with the 3 glasses in front of them? Cyanide, I hope.

As seen on Yahoo Finance messageboards: "Quest..the telco for Al-Qaeda!!"

US in secret gun deal

Figure-Drawing Stupidity Continues... ('Disciplinary' Hearing Being Held)

It's like being the coach of a team - the WORST thing about all of this...

Olberman!!! Now! Hayden's Toast! n/t has some great bumper stickers related to spying!

Now can we call them in fact, fascists and Nazis?

Polls we wish TO GOD the media would do....

It's old news, but is Qwest okay now?

Unpopular is NOT ENOUGH for me. I want them OUT!

Is looking at phone data a wise use?

I've got a new name for the King...

My Internet Connection dropped for a few minutes...

I learned something new tonight. Neil Bush/Hinckley connection?

If Nancy Pelosi knew about this eavesdropping on America...?

So when dose NSA start opening our letters?n/t

NSA scandal of the day will result in the following for the Bush Regime

Sessions and Cornyn are major league assholes....

Does Fornigate+NSA+TheRoveMile = Iran?

Popular opinion means something in a democracy.

Telcos Could Be Liable For Tens of Billions of Dollars

Remember when the Freeptards used to care about fascist US government?

Breaking: Teacher arrested

Total Information Awareness Under A New Name

Telcos Could Be Liable For Tens of Billions of Dollars For Illegally...

Telcos could be liable for tens of billions

America 1776 - 2000

HUD Secretary:"Get On 'The List" We'll Just Keep Giving You Tax Dollars

2004/5 - more than 1,060 govt employees convicted of corrupt activies

Question - I do NOT have t.v. - how is the MSM reacting to the NSA story

29% makes Bushitler happy

Are "they" going through the phone records of reporters?

Couldn't Resist Doing A Poll: How Low Will * Go ?

Coming soon to your state --- Thousands protest Puerto Rico's layoffs

Since the phone company conspired to deny me my

I never would've said it before today, but censure is now realisitic

I thought the purpose of Headline News was to get all the news in 30mins.

now might be a good time to remember Gnu Privacy Guard...

One Man, One Vote...One Machine, One Million Votes (Diebold security flaw)

NSA to Qwest: No court order needed, national security at stake

So okay, they've got all these lists of who called who and talked for

Dean correction?

Do red-staters seriously not care about the gov't spying on them?

DU Discussed NSA Spying On Americans Over A Year Ago

'Darko' Director Investigated Over 'Terrorism Links'

...All gone to look for America

Just fllipping the channels.....

The Mystery of the Missing Roberts Papers

WaPo: An Easy Call: Lying

Chimpy is playing with fire here

How STUPID is Wolf Blitzer?

Scientists Call Diebold Security Flaw 'Worst Ever'...

Phone data: A Machiavellian LIHOP?

Gelliebean's latest weekly pod-cast for 5-7-06

Here's the real deal on the party changes...a power shift away from DC.

Toddlers 'will learn nothing from TV'

Let's talk Rove

In case anyone missed it...

(FoxNews)Cavuto Says Let the NSA Spy or Face a Mushroom Cloud

You be the Decider ...

I am glad NSA overshadowed the immigration/border issue

Oops! Comcast provides its customer data to "NASA"!

Just changed five (5) phone lines to Qwest long-distance

WP: We Get the (American) Idols We Deserve


Pope Condemns Same-Sex Marriages, Describes Gay Love as `Weak'

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog (photo)

Newt says "I won't defend the indefensable"

Lou Dobbs - One Trick Pony

Anyone see Newt on Spinsanity and Colmes 2nite??

Dear NSA,

Could this NSA leak today be an inside shot at Hayden's nomination?

I want to be a Bush speech writer. Here is my writing sample.

Michael Moore - Roll the cameras out !!!

Video: Ben Veniste "Where is the Civil Liberties Board?"

An Easy Call: Lying (Wash Post)

Dolphins 'have their own names'

Fitz Grand Jury To Meet On Friday

"This floor has weakened dramatically -- and collapsed in places"

Justice Brandeis said it all


Inspector general to audit massive FAA outsourcing effort

? Has Tony Snow hosted any televised press conferences?

NSA Data-Mining: Threat to Liberty or Distraction from Patrick Kennedy?

As Violence Grows, Shiite Closes Town's Mosques

It's snowing in Wisconsin...tornadoes in TX and DC

We are almost out of time

You be the decider....last words of

"Would you support Gov Jeb Bush for president?"

Welcome To The Press Secretary's Position Mr. Snow!

A scary, scary thought regarding what happens if the dems take over

My AT&T Phonebill

Question about NSA data mining

Did they bribe the phone companies ?

Tucker Carlson's show teaser on MSNBC, "Looks like 'the Paranoids' might

Heres a message I just sent to AT&T Yahoo on their "abuse report"

How the mighty fall: Tucker Carlson is doing a segment on M.I.L.F.s...

Freeper reaction to NSA phone spying

Cafferty: We're in some serious trouble here, boys and girls

Has There Been A Comprehensive List Of Phone Companies?

Since Qwest is the only one, who held out to **

Russ Feingold On the Massive NSA Database of Americans’ Phone Calls

My response to Senator Kerry at DKos

Look what they're doing to Nightline. -- I REALLY miss Ted Koppel

Colbert: Cheney is the three french horns

Oh. My. God.


Politically, today has been like a bad acid trip.

Lily Tomlin's Ernestine comes to mind:

Is the Chimp the poster boy for schadenfreud? I'm not sure.


Follow the money

NYT: Army Acts to Curb Abuses of Injured Recruits

The Chimperor still losing ground - WSJ reports he's at 29 percent

We interrupt your regularly scheduled distraction

Why does everyone in the media.....

US Considers Strikes on Iran from Azeri Territory (Scott Ritter)

El Al Wants To Do Own Baggage Screening At Newark

MSNBC Live Vote: U.S. phone database OK?

What do you think caused the latest Bush drop in the polls?

America is America no more.

Sign Up - Call it was it is: The "BUSH REGIME" - spread the meme

Let me be the first to say if they succeed in ousting Dean...

Dear DU'ers of the early 21st century,

WHY can't the Democrats be the party that rejects lobbying?

Bush Says He's Not Trolling Thru Our Personal Lives

I'd hate to be THIS guy today.

Why am I required to live in a world of freepers?

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in, It's a Best of Malloy

Recent Cheney Poll #s?

If the economy is booming then why are...

Calling a spade a this bumper sticker too harsh?

Cell phone text message from the U.S. Navy (recruiting tool)

Madeleine Albright on The Colbert Report: "The Message Of Iraq..."

I have carried alot of water for Dean


Did the Russians Help to Put Bush-Cheney and the GOP Into Power?

WHOAH! Murtha predicts Dems to pick up 40-50 seats!

Does anyone here LIKE any Democrat besides Dennis Kucinich?

I think they are breaking the HIPPA law. As a doctor, I call

Bush Comic: Spys R Us.

What do you think of Thom Hartmann's book on the JFK assassination?

NIH Official Supports Culling Out the Elderly

NSA and political blackmail

Woman, 34, charged with raping boy, 13

2004 ELECTION STOLEN-Poll According To Viewers of All Networks Except Fox

TPM: Did Gonzales Mislead Congress about NSA Program?

Am I paranoid for thinking this?

This graph says it all!

That whole * NSA briefing was a total FUCK YOU AMERICANS!

My Dream Line Up For The Sunday Talk Shows:

PEOPLE!! you are missing some BIG news ........

PROTEST: Forward Your Phone Bills to the White House

Topsail unveiled: the real scope of the NSA's domestic spying program

"If you think Bush is Guilty of War Crimes, you are Delusional"


A Second Letter from Iran US Can't Afford to Ignore


Christian personal ads online. Only for whites?

I am not interested in "discussing" whether or not gay couples should be

Freepers just heard about the Harris 29% poll

Bush Administration Effort to Hide Truth About Industry Links to Gun Crime

This is TYRANNY and this is PERSONAL!

Dixie Chicks To Be On 60 Minutes This Sunday; Discuss Death Threats

JFK assassination documentary on Discovery Channel now

THIS WEEKEND in D.C.! Silent March/New Memorial to Iraq Civilians

Leaks? Why would Al-qaeda think we were NOT spying on their calls?

Pentagon: Treatment may prolong PTSS that "could disappear naturally"

Why are the markets tanking today?

DNA Sample May Link Alleged Rape Victim, Duke Lacrosse Player

Right Wingers, You have nothing to hide???? Think Again!!!

ER tonight was incredible!! (SPOILER AHEAD)

Free Republic has been appropriately renamed.

For the 1,000,000th time. Ross Perot gave us Clinton

Why is data-mining records of telephone calls unconstitutional?

Any other moderates been pushed to be more inclined towards impeachment?

Today's rape stories...

When Is Enough Really Enough? - By JOHN KERRY (At Kos)

DU - Help! - Stop Rove from getting the judge he wants: Kavanaugh!!

So I called Qwest to switch my phone service


Video: Scarborough - "You should be afraid. Very afraid."

Why is Mary Cheney suddenly being interviewed all over the place?

This AM, Rachel Maddow on AAR, examined the impending nursing shortage

Begala just eviscerated Dean on Blitzer

KO right now: "Note to the Bush Admin.: '1984' was not a HOW-TO MANUAL!"

Amazing tornado photos

Trashing Dean might be kind of "cute" here. But...let me tell you...

Newt on FOX is Drunk!

Did Sprint/Nextel participate in the NSA Datamining?

Where the hell is Malloy tonight???

Think the NSA database is no big deal? It's a political nightmare

S 1955 has failed!!!! Way to go people. Your voices were heard.

I am thinking about leaving BellSouth.

Well, we should all know that our e-mails are being mined also. n/t

So how do I get rid of SBC now AT&T?

Find the cheapest gas prices in your area.....

Al-Qaeda has won. <-Revelation of phone records and tyranny since 9/11

Can phone companies be sued for

Verizon Ethics Line: 800-856-1885

How do we treat unrepentant republicans

Kentucky Gov Ernie Fletcher (R) indicted.

I'll be representing PeaceTakesCourage at the CODEPINK Mother's Day vigil!

29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29%

Fear For Sale ~ Choicepoint Data Mining & The 2000 Election

First Lady Lunches Locally With Thornton Oil Family (Louisville, KY visit)

BREAKING: GOP Governor of KY Indicted!

I'm not doing anything wrong--let them listen

Democrats in the Beltway are Also 'out of touch'- they just don't get it

Bush Losing Core Supporters


What Bush really prays about these days

Telcos Could Be Liable For Billions-For Illegally Turning Over Ph Records

Have you ever been on the phone and had your call dropped

Seattle P-I columnist: 'George, your number is just about up'

Call you phone company and ask if your calls have been intercepted

I hang my head in utter frustration

I never put much stock in reincarnation, but after hearing Sen. Cornyn's

Exactly who would be the audience for Mary Cheney's book?

The Cheneys sure are a classy family

Feinstein: "We are on our way to a major constitutional confrontation"

Folks, SPRINT back-stabbed its customers too!

Sen Kerry hits Hayden nomination, unchecked NSA spying in AU speech today

Networks plan stakeout of Fitzgerald court Friday

Sustainable, Free-Range Farms and Other Tall Tales

The Red States: What Makes Us (Them) So Red? Any Ideas?

This is for the "blm is nuts" crowd - Does Robert Parry read blm, Octafish

Ruh-oh -- > Israel will hit Iran in the next few months: Israeli officia

One thing everyone here missed, I think. The Phone Corps SOLD YOUR DATA!

Are Dem Gays truely against Howard Dean or is it the "Log Cabin" Gays?

Let's really start fucking with the spooks!

Please contact your telecommunications provider regarding the NSA

Don't forget! The NSA spy "program" began BEFORE 9/11.

Greetings And God Bless.! My Name is Paul BEGALA

Alert: Judge Orders Anti-Bush Leafleter to PSYCH UNIT


What's so nutty about Almadinejad's letter?

Some Democratic Party Politician Just Said They Don't Support Legalizing

A new unit of measurement

All of the dem viewpoints that I disagree with are actually GOP


A lot of people have judged me tonight.

Putin looked into Cheney's soul and said "fuck this"...

Dim Son finally tells the truth about Medicaid....

A good email to pass around

The Case of John Roberts's Missing Papers

Bush can lead them to water but he can`t make them drink.

I would never vote for a pro gay Republican....

Which would you prefer?

Ready to choke on vomit? How about "President Jeb Bush?"

The Beast Never Sleeps - Jim Robinson has the vapors again ...

Getting Harder to Argue Against Impeachment

Tyranny, bush III

Please help me understand something odd about Santorum

And I still say you'll have to pry my Dem card out of my cold dead hands


Ohio primary aftermath for Dennis Kucinich

Presidential Lows-W has once again bettered his father

West Virginia Senate: Byrd (D) 57% Raese (R) 34%

Dayton Stands Alone Against Bush on Katrina Stonewall

Cindy Sheehan supports Al Gore for 2008

DU this poll: Do you care if the gov'nmt has your phone records?

Bush: Americans wonder whether the future's as good as they want it to be

Bumper sticker i saw today...

Yay! Bill Clinton's Coming to Assist McDermott


What is Bush's approval rating with conservatives

Despite *'s plummeting support, the tyranny grows worse


Will Jeb Bush enter the 2008 election?

How do we find out if we were caught in this net of phone call records?

I use mad link-fu skilz on con brother-in-law re: domestic wiretaps


Here's the Federal Code on Pen registers (tracking phones calling phones)

"Am I gonna lose the f------ leg?"

Is Karl Rove Seeking Friendly Judges for His Future Appeals?

Do you find it "interesting" that Carlyle Group was interested in Verizon?

Democratic Party bashing on DU

Some companies helped the NSA, but which?

Lieberman doesn't deserve the boot (?)

Freeps experience multiple orgasms over "Bush Tax Cut Victory"

Protesters Object to McCain as New School Commencement Speaker

NSA phone scandal: Paydirt!?

A scandal a week

Webb gains backing of key Democrats...

Will you still bash the Dem Party .......

Eddie Haskell, and how I learned everything about this GOP in kindergarten

The Bankruptcy of the Conservative Ideology...

Howard Dean is saving Dems

Salon War Room: Bush Official to Abramoff: 'You've Got A Friend In Me'

How to Frame Tapping to the RW: It's Just a Database to ID Gun Owners.

Party first loyalists: Not all Democrats are created equal.

Class Action Law Suit against AT&T, Verizon, Bell South?

did smirk give Goss an award yesterday?

NSA Wiretaps = Implementation of "Total Information Awarness"

Let's all quit AT&T & Verizon together!

Doug Feith to teach at Georgetown, not everyone is happy about it

I'm challenging Sen. Chuck Grassley to PROVE the stats he pushed

NSA wiretapping – the REAL problem and deflecting public focus

A little perspective on Howard Dean

Embracing idiocy

Feingold's censure --will Dems still need to stick their finger in the air

IMMEDIATE ACTION ALERT!! -- Senate Bill 1955

Please contact your telecommunications provider regarding the NSA "Giuliani Time" Docu Film Counters Propaganda & Mythology

Call your goddamn congressperson, dammit!

Need a Good Joke for a speech

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown

My LTTE (and letter to Congress-critters) about Net Neutrality:

Bush Comic: Spys R Us.

House Slashes Administration's Risky Nuclear Reprocessing Plan

My Friend Just told Me Bush Is the Best President We've Ever

Change phone service and support progressive causes at the same time

"If you have nothing to hide" - how to screw up a Freepers world

Has anyone noticed that when you spell check W,

US vs. Karl Rove

Is the NSA thing related to Project Eschalon/

DailyKos members respond to Kerry:

There Is Nothing Divine About a Bomb Test

"It's the largest database ever assembled in the world" - think about that

Enzi (S1955)and Durbin now on the floor(cloture motion )

Randi Rhodes focusing on the just-dropped NSA wiretap investigation

Rude Pundit on "Impeachment" -- a must read, funny insightful, dead on...

Harry Reid: What We Stand For

Kerry to Let it Rip Today on Hayden Nomination in Speech at American U

Steven Colbert rebroadcast on c-span 2 satellite radio

If you are voting in Boxer's PAC

I'm Truly, Truly Puzzled About the Republican Party

Franken interviews Richard Perle (MP3)

Roll call on the Tax Cut Conference bill happening now!!- HR 4297

SurveyUSA- Busby is tied with Bilbray!(CD50 special election)

Save time - Skip impeachment - Ask for the resignation of Bush and Hayden

Now The Enzi Bill will be debated for an 34 min, 17 minutes for each side

Next month when I go to pay bills, the telephone company is....


We are Paying the Phone Companies through NSA to Spy on US!

So you think it's just "DataMining" and no big deal....(NSA Spying)

E-mail from DNC -Cabinet Level Corruption

so this is what it takes for Dems to support Feingold?

Dean is wrong.

Roll Call Vote #118: Who voted for the Bush Tax Cuts, and who didn't

Email traffic information was also gathered by NSA -

DeLay's Letter of Resignation from Raw Story

Howard Dean fucked up, and for no good reason either...

Religious Freedom argument for Gay Marriage...

Russ Feingold on Massive NSA Database of Americans' Phone Calls

Clark in N.H. yesterday: "lack of vision at the top in this country."

A little lesson on real Christianity to the "Religious Right".

Telcos could be liable for tens of billions of dollars

Why They Die

final hour on the Enzi Lose your health care bill with final vote on cspan

Congress denies emergency contraception to women in the military


Who is getting more nervous about Bush doing something stupid?

EFF getting some love from Ch 11 news in San Francisco now!

A Bush Family Poll on AOL

Guiliani backs Blackwell in Ohio.

Mr. BowTie Tuck*r is going to give the other side.....

Republicans for Hillary

Is it time to start a new "Buy American" campaign?

"My candidate" took a crap today. "My candidate" got dissed today

Obama mocks Bush's `subliminal messages' of Iraq victory

I support HOWARD DEAN 100%

Grand jury indicts Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher

From Abu Ghraib to Fort Sill....

Caller on C-span said people are eating dogfood...

New Statement From Dean On CBN Quote

CNN, no longer TRYING to pretend that the tax cuts benefit "everyone"...

Pres Kennedy was PROUD to be a liberal - listen to his speech

DSCC chairman Schumer: If election today, Senate would be 50-50

Democrat would defeat Pombo in CA-11 if election were held today.

AL Sen. Sessions opposes extension of the Voting Rights Act

When are Hayden's confirmation hearings? I wanta get

Is anyone planning to sue? I have AT&T and I think I want to. Not

Il Dunce gave a commencement speech @ a community college

B*sh and his Congressional leaders are NOT Republicans...

Good Bye AT&T. Our business relationship is over

If al-Qaeda made tens of millions calls inside US we are in deep shit

With all the NSA stuff dominating the news cycle, this was forgotten

Dangerouser and Dangerouser

John Kerry's Speech at American University: “Real Patriotism”

Rep. Ross (R-Lakeland, FL) considers entering race for FL Senate

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher indicted!!!

So does this NSA thing push Bush into the 20s? I think maybe.

Congress urged to help make more 'sensitive' information public

Any lawyers in the house; can we start a Class Action or something?

Holy Yak Shit: Newt is handing Sean Hannity his ASS on FOX

Raw: "Concern that U.S. may be preparing for a military strike on Iran"

This was posted on BEWARE!!!

I was at the Emily's List luncheon today! Shook hands with Tammy Duckworth

Bush is so low, Rove is ordering attack on Iran. Don't ya think?

A Plame Flew Into * - Loaded With Fuel - A Fire Is Burning - People Are ..

Anybody got a link to Randi Rhodes on Lou Dobbs this past Tuesday?

Scare tactics to protect the police state

USA Today NSA Headline - Been Traveling And First Learned Of....

Dammit!! Dems are letting Libertarians like Scarborough Steal Our Message

Reuters photo: "Condi, I think I may need a bathroom break..."

Was the Kerry campaign part of the "tens of millions"?

Your phone records are *not* protected by 4th Amendment... so stop trippin

History Channel now showing.....

Any Word On The Fitz/Plame Investigation - Is Rove Going To Be....

Did Howard Dean Clarify/Apologize Today?

Calif. Senate proposes adding sexual orientation to textbooks

Is it **what** they did? . . . . . or **that** they did it?

Wow! Scarborough just said "you should be afraid, you should

Thank you for calling BUSHCO Customer Service.This call may be monitored

Scientists call Diebold security flaw worst ever!

How would you feel if heterosexuals were only 10% (or LESS) of America?

UNHAPPY Freepers: "Bush only cares about the needs of the Fortune 500"

there are between one and two billion Americans? who knew?

Just Curious - If We Were To Look At KKKarl's Bookshelf What.....

DOJ Quits probe. Famous Clown on Verge of Tears

Dems Win Would Move House Committees Far Left

This Has Me Very Upset!!!!

Gays and Lesbians Are 5-7% of the Voting Population

Which Group Of Voters Could We LEAST Afford To Lose?

35% in the polls, signed civil unions bill

Holy Moly! Francine is Running DEAD EVEN with Bilbray!

C&L Katherine Harris Vid Clip..."We've turned it around"

The voice of the voiceless

You are absolutely not going to believe this vid Bayer knowing spreads HIV

Gays leaving the party and getting Dean to step down

Katherine Harris supporter: "she's got spunk"

The Sources Said The NSA Made Clear That It Was Willing To Pay ....

Salazar laud's Qwest's refusal to cave to NSA

Remember this? Whistle-blower says AT&T gave spy agency access to network

ATTENTION: All sexually repressed Republicans ......

House Injects Prayer Into Defense Bill

Do you care if the government has your phone records?

Rove indictment tommorrow?

29 is NOT the bottom

Former Sect. of State Madeleine Albright on the Colbert Report tonight!

Raw Story has a NEW "developing hard" teaser on ROVE...reporters flocking.

DU this Poll!

Remember this?

Pls. sign petition from Democracy for America, RE: NSA /phone calls

72 members of Congress sue to stop illegal wiretapping


Rep Duncan Hunter loves the regular military the best

Desperation time for pubs; what to campaign on

Bigger plans"database of every call ever made within the nation's borders"

The fighting over Dean has to stop.

We've been turned into a country of Whiners. Duer's No exception

Howard Dean stole my wallet!

Inherent Power of the President

Bush approval rating 29%

Hey, BUSH-HATING is finally the "HIP"...

Begala...Dean has hired bunches of people to pick their noses...

The Nation on 'The New Kerry'

first president with MBA has proved inept as the federal government's CEO

My Letter Sent To The President: An Open Letter To President Bush

Is America waking up? - Hard-core conservatives fleeing Bush’s side

Moments ago, the U.S. Senate failed to pass S. 1955.

Howard Dean is a visionary...

Are charter schools part of a neocon plot?

The basis of state-initiated impeachment is the Jefferson Manual

My Challenge to DU: Find one campaign and volunteer to make a difference

Why Gay Marriage? Why Not Civil-Unions?

This is how the Nazis did it...

Terrific Stephen Colbert round up from HuffingtonPost. Must read.

"God" loses in Nebraska...

Economy: Retail Sales Lies