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Archives: April 15, 2006

Learning to Count: The Dead in Iraq (Truthout)

Black bear attacks family, kills girl

Sad, isn't it?

Rolling Stone: Abramoff, Diebold, Ney, HAVA: how they screwed elections

Mafia 'Boss of Bosses' Nabbed in Sicily

NYT: E - Mails Link Abramoff, Bush Official

Iraqis bust huge oil smuggling ring: Haul headed to Syria valued at $28 m

NYT:U.S. Program Is Directed at Altering Iran's Politics(Elizabeth Cheney)

WP: 2002 N.H. Scandal Shadows GOP Anew

under pressure

Holy SHIT!


Why don't they have an "I am going to get up a brazillion times"

ice, ice, baby

Happy Songkran!


Bigots decided not to protest gay prom in California. Nice!!

Help Un-Freep this poll.

US commander willing to apologize for damage to Babylon

Without Peace...

Innocent until PROVEN Guilty --Bonds

Which Progressive Talk show host should have a TV news show?

Milwaukee cops found not Guilty in beating

January speech by Joe Wilson....well worth a listen

Hey, why all the long faces? Oh yeah, that's reich...

The biggest news on DU tonight!

May all beings be at ease.

Politics 1 has interview with Gravel

The al Qaeda Myth (Truthout)

This president is running his own protection racket

Iraq War Now A Real Vietnam Mess Driven By Same Lies

Behind Death Squads

Leopold- Libby Filing: A Denial and a Mystery (Grossman GJ testimony)

The Real Death Tax (Counterpunch)

The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie

Flight Of The Investor Class (endangering the GOP's hold on power )

Ripples From Law Banning Abortion Spread Through South Dakota


Behind the Military Revolt (Sunday WP Op-Ed - Holbrooke)

Habib's torture film 'to aid other prisoners'


Analysis: Unity gov't no magic formula

RIMME THE CLOWN: All That Is Truthful In The World

The Bible...Written By, For, and About...Immigrants, Refugees, ...

Iran's Oil Bourse: A Threat to the U.S. Economy (WMD)

How a champion of liberty receded below the horizon

Matt Taibbi: Meet Mr. Republican: Jack Abramoff (Rolling Stone article)

The Left, Online and Outraged

I'll show you where to get the energy- you show me how.

Dozens of PA police block major Gaza road demanding salaries

Gaza under intense bombardment

Officials: Pollard-Barghouti release deal may be on horizon

Russia offers aid to Hamas

How Can You Or Anyone Use What You Know About 9-11 To Get More Truth?

Do your part to ensure a fair election!

Colorado Senate Passes National Popular Vote Bill

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 15

Wilms has called for a bit of a TRUCE on HR550. I am backing him up

Where we stand with e-voting

PA: Democrat's spokeperson says optical scan does not have a paper trail

Brad's take on Roll Stone Abramoff, Diebold, Ney, HAVA election story

Diebold Whistleblower/ Stephen Heller Fundraiser

Republicans flocking to HR550, but warn against improving it

Another little story about last Tuesday's * protest in DM...

Bonifaz worried about collecting enough signatures -- NEEDS HELP!

Gardner MA Tax Day Protest

Did the Staples ink ruin my printhead or am I just crazy?

Spaxe spyware is driving me crazy! Any help out there?

So my CD/DVD drive keeps disappearing

New PBS cooking show

Politicat's banana bread recipe

Is anyone having a big Easter fete this year?

Irradiated food

TRAGEDY for Toronto

Hey fellow igloo dwellers...

Chad-Sudan rift nears war

U.S. building massive embassy in Baghdad

Is This Humanity's First Planetary Emergency? (Mainstream Global Warming)

Judge Threatens to Bar Leak-Case Comments

NYT: Law to Segregate Omaha Schools Divides Nebraska

Military to Protect U.S. Aid Teams in Iraq

Shiites Discuss Plan to Replace Al-Jaafari

WP: Iraqi Cub Reporter Was Among Victims Of Contentious Raid

Pakistani troops kill attacker

CA Small Businesses Hard Hit by President's Budget Cuts

Anyone know if gay/lesbian parents at the White House now

Please look at this!

Bush earns $735,180 US, Cheneys take in millions

Candidate kicks off governor run by criticizing Napolitano's leadership

A general strike on May Day?

U.S. Firms Recruit Cheap Labor in Mexico

AP Shiites Propose Plan to Break Deadlock

Trial of Priest Accused in Nun's Murder Begins Monday

Milwaukee Expands School Voucher Program

Calif. Residents: No Sign of Terror Cell

Chad Threatens to Cut Off Oil Pipeline

Chad Threatens World Bank With Oil Cut Off

BBC: Berlusconi Refusing to Accepet Defeat -

Italian Canadian voters pivotal in electing Prodi

Al-Arian To Be Deported ( The Feds lose again

Bush Speaks out for Rumsfeld

Toronto 5 Ottawa 0

Student Can Recite Poem With Profanity

US investors turn their backs on Republicans, Pres Bush - poll

Iran's Oil Bourse: A Threat to the U.S. Economy (WMD)

US tourism industry on the decline

Lionel Richie electrifies Libyans - 20th Anniversary of US Raid

Medicaid Hurdle for Immigrants May Hurt Others (NYT)

Bodies of 2 children found in park lagoon (Missing Milwaukee boys)

Local GOP debt to Noe may hamstring party

Ahmadinejad declares Iran is now a powerful nation

Poll: Most Americans Say Tax System Unjust

Immigration Demonstrators March in Name of Dead Teen

LAT: Independent Ads Backers Tied To Arnold(Repug Group breaks law)

Democrats: Bush, GOP 'scapegoat' immigrants

Mollohan (D-WV) (smear) report linked to conservatives (Scaife)

NYC Cat Finally Free

Bush urges Congress to make tax cuts permanent

Afghan Forces Hit Taliban Hideout, Kill 41

GOP senator (Coburn - OK) expects seven lawmakers headed to prison

China construction industry booms

Ethnic Cleansing Grows In Iraq

3 degrees: Chief scientist warns bigger rise in world's temperature will p

Berlusconi's last stand dashed by vote error

From Vietnam to Iraq, pilot has a knack for close calls

County finally strikes deal for voting machines (Diebold. Leon Co. Fla.)

Six major powers to meet in Moscow on Iran nuclear crisis

(Shimon) Peres says Ahmadinejad to end up like Saddam

Tens of Thousands Take Part in Demo in Nepal

NYT: Pentagon Memo Aims to Counter Rumsfeld Critics

Colombians expand coca crops

Social Issues Top GOP Pre-Election Agenda

Aruba official says arrest made in Natalee Holloway case

U.S. looks for insiders to topple Iran government

Warming Arctic Is Taking a Toll

Blair refuses to back Iran strike

Opponents of immigration (republicans) plan their own rallies

Former officials warn against US attack on Iran (Richard Clarke)

US plots 'new liberation of Baghdad'

Opus Dei Asks for 'Da Vinci' Disclaimer

UK Independent: The joke's on Bush as Chavez strikes it even luckier

Busy McCain expresses views on Rumsfeld, immigration, Iraq war

WH changes Easter Egg Roll admit process; LGBT families 'moved to back'

Many Mexicans have jobs before crossing

Gov. Jeb Bush visits Florida troops in Iraq, Kuwait

Jesse Jackson offers aid to lacrosse accuser

Jury acquits officers in biracial beating case

Mexicans consider boycott of U.S. firms on May 1

New York, London, Paris, Munich,

Favorite Uncyclopedia article?

First she ************ and then ************ with *********** and *******.

Naked Raygun's cover of Stiff Little Fingers' "Suspect Device" ...

Cool; what's this cat have that I don't? (old story)

Old lady fined for walking too slow.

I have a crick in my back

Whitney Houston (The Serge Gainsbourg Remix)

Anybody watch "Reba"?

Change your pitch up...

This is cool - "Bald Eagle CAM" - real live eagle nest webcam...

Good night, Lounge!

Rain (Tom) Delay in LA (with eggs).

Bush Hits the sauce again

Hello from Oregon, everyone!

Bust a rhyme, DU!

Movie-Plot Threat Contest

Good Friday upgrade to GREAT Friday...

Debunk the "Donald Rumsfeld was giving the president his daily briefing

Debunk the "Darkside of the wizard of the moon's albatross's sister's.....

Is this an omen?

Never post in GD while you're high.

the spaceheater is burning my ass

Should I kill the Kudzu Thread by posting in it?

5 more questions

my ass is burning....

the spacebar is burning my ass

Libby did WHAT?????

People are funny (aka ridiculous)

My 5 yr old is sitting in a chair, reading Joe Queenan's "My Goodness!"

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Should the kudzu thread be cremated, buried or sent out to sea?

We watched Fantasia last night.

He took her ***** and slathered ******* all over her ******** before

Why must every generation think their folks are square?

O.K, who's kicked all the XemaSab threads in cruel revenge?

Katie Holmes giving birth! Exclusive photo!

Some of ya'll have a lot of time/patience

JeffersonGhost is a major turn on.

This little knick knack would look good in any decor

i just pulled into my driveway and there was a gang in my yard

Dramatically different system for recommended threads.

Am I evil?

Who is Big Jerr anyway? I tried to google;

Vera DeMilo ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Ed McMahon says I may owe HIM 10 million dollars?

You know what's really funny?

Words can't describe how much I HATE this fucking season!

When PROGMOM's Show is over...

My sideburns look like post-Civil War Rutherford B. Hayes sideburns.

Does anyone have this picture?

"Fibonacci Poems Multiply on the Web After Blog's Invitation"

Heart. attack. (compliments of JackMN)

If it's Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the label label label

'Member when you could make money doing gross stuff?

What's your favorite Subway sandwich?

So what do i do? It's 80 deg & the nutty homeless woman has her poor dog

The Lounge.

Anyone able to help with RAZR phone text msg with picture attached?

Trapped NYC cat rescued on 14th day of vigil ("Molly the Mouser")

Is beer an appropriate breakfast-time drink?

An insidious weapon's been unleased on the Arab world & no mention in LBN?

Cute joke...I just hope it's not prophetic.

I still haven't posted in the "kudzu thread." If you haven't either,

I have been gone from the lounge for several days. Please update me.

NOOOOO!!! My slinky is tangled!!!

I just sawed a Wild Turkey In Half, All Is Gory.

Amnicon Falls State Park, near Superior, Wis...WOW!

Who has a hot butt?

Happy Easter! (LINK BELOW) Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This is weird.

How old would you like to be?

500+ Posts - Happy Easter

Who do you think is the 1st actor credited in Caddy Shack?

Saturday earworm.

who ever thought juggling could go with the BEATLES!

My first thread open for hellos, goodbyes, and wtfs!

Random post.

Brokeback Mountain 2

Hokey-Pokey President

FReepers are the biggest losers ever. Check this out.

The War on Easter

Ticks . . . they're back

If The Easter Bunny Leaves Me Coal Again I'm Gonna Be PISSED

Tom Cruise running ‘seminars’ on birth for family

How do they do this?


Salsa Doritos are the most perfect snack. Yay or Nay?

Bush cartoon

How long do you steam asparagus?

If you could have sex with anybody, who would you choose?

Funny Easter song

We're having Chicken Fajitas and salad tonight!!!

THE DA VINCI CODE: Just how much of the background story

It's an easter miracle!

Actor who should read the Book-On-Tape of O'Reilly's Andrea Mackris letter

Vinyl is fun

Who's seen "Inside Man"? I just got back

***See Post #51*** I do listen...

"Aly, can I have a hashish?"

Student Loan Letter

Wanna see my WMD?

What kind of underwear are you wearing?

Boiling eggs: I HATE it when the shells crack during boiling, don't you?

Happy birthday wishes to.....

So let it be written......

In case I'm not around tomorrow: Happy Spring Holiday!

What's the best food to build muscle tone?

In 2 weeks I will be the proud owner of this car :

*sigh* On average, I make about 100 posts a day.

The Daily Show's Rob Corddry: "I had a jewel bag around my junk..."

Only enough petrol to make one run... where do I go for the weekend?

IKEA's new computer desk - The "Jerker"

Happy 48th Birthday, PEACE SYMBOL

I need to rip two new songs to my brand new Zen...

When your underwear starts showing holes, does that mean they're old?

The English language is confusing

Bush jumps Shark.

Married... with Children

So while the painters are upstairs...

Saturday night earworm...

If the Mods took 24 hours off and you could post ANYTHING...YOU...WANTED..

Is my wife the greatest, or what?

How much do you tip the pizza delivery person?

Chicago WYCC's PBS station is running a Mystery marathon this weekend

Heartwarming 'TOON for Easter...


Observers of Easter - Whatcha eatin' tomorrow?

Is an 'open relationship' a relationship at all?

I'm a free thinker! chicken!

What's that site where you give away/get stuff for free?

I love the hide thread feature

Sleep well,Good dreams my family....Me bed....

If light don't travel a straight line how do you measure it's speed?

hand tossed . . . deep dish . . .or . . .thin and crispy?

The Summer of George

having trouble with my browser...any help?

Need realistic suggestions for simple fun thing to do today with son

May I emotionally vomit on you?

Stylists needed! Everyone loving fashion front and center!

Funny biker story...

You know what DU needs? FANFIC! (Steph/Russ)

Have fun with george*... Check this out!!

My 2 Favorite Girls...Both equally spoiled.

Many types of mustard, many types of food

What's your idea of a good time?

I can't write for shit.

I curse you YvrGirl!!!

Fish head fish heads

I need a partner to read a nucleometer from the rear seat of an

Texas stops arresting drunks in bars

DS1 says I have 6 hours to live

Etiquette question: You offer to help out at a friend's wedding...

Anybody watch Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz fight? (Fight Spoiler)

Wouldn't it be great to date and massage the rapist?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/15/06)

Almost to 4,000 posts -- ask me anything!

4,000 POSTS!!!!!!!

Jane's Enchanted Evening

The Freeper-English Dictionary has been updated!

Wouldn't it be great to date a massage therapist?

There are six Heinekens in the fridge. Should I start hitting them?

Why do gay men feel they are entitled to hit on my husband in front of me?

Knock Knock

What in the hell happened to Paas' pink dye?

People with cell phones and cable internet... any problems w/no land line?

I want to marry Melissa Etheridge.

There are six hineys in the fridge should I start hitting them

What drives rich people to make more money?

Debunk the "Kiss Alive II" & "Darby O'Gill and The Little People" myth.

Debunk the "Dark Side of the Moon" & "Wizard of Oz" myth.

Garage Door causes arrest - WTF!

Any Other Gordon Lightfoot Fans Out There?


post here if you have never skied naked while eating nachos

I think I ate some BAD FISH

Cat in Germany saves baby's life

I just spent an ungodly amount of $$ to buy tickets to see Madonna


Am I evil?

Almost at 2000 posts in < 3 months! Ask me anything!

Have you seen "The assassination of Richard Nixon"?

Should I keep my cute little kayaker sig pic?

Hailstones from my front yard.

What on Earth is the song "Sister Christian" about?

We sold our house!

I don't smoke Pot

Nutritionists, food scientists - help.

**Hello From Washington, D.C.!!**

I'm totally fed up!

how big is laramn's head?

Rant..... When the teenagers come to my house to sleep over

It's pretty tragic

This cat is hard to ween from the bottle... (KITTY PICS!!!!!!)

What's the most classy, most sophisticated restaurant in your city??

Time Travel - a sobering consideration

I feel like Ruth on Six Feet Under.

Linsday Lohan confronts Jessica Simpson: "Say something, you coward!"

X-Men 3 photos. (Dial up warning!)

Annoying shit thread...

I just finished filling out a thirty three page tax return....

I Just Saw a Wild Turkey In All His Glory

If you could interview Jesus Christ, what would you ask him?

In search of a snarky bumpersticker . . .

If you could have sex with any HISTORICAL FIGURE, who would it be?


There are at least 10(ten) things I could/should be doing right now...

If this was the DU co-ed softball team....

Easter, 1916

Do you use a bed skirt?


When you know your partner loves you but Isn't in love with you

You missed Madalyn Murray O'Hair's b-day, ya buncha slacker atheists!

Church Rejects Transexual's Care

A HERETIC's Spring Equinox wish...............

A Word Or Two About Religion

Does Scott Adams have a legitimate point about religion here?

DATE TO SAVE: Dating to Save People from Hell

For DU member-- wildhorses--

Famous Atheists, Agnostics, Free-Thinkers and Diests

List of Biblical Contradictions

Fundie on a neutral board sent me link. Einstein was a Christian. "sigh"!

St. John's Wort And Echinacea Interfere With Some Drugs

Veggies may keep breast cancer from returning

Pope Uses Easter To Attack Gay Families

Minister who helped change views of homophobic Reggie White dies

Falwell: The Ignored And Discounted

No penalty for Catholic adoption agencies refusing gay applicants

Gay Foes Increase Pressure On Ford

Gay activists plan rally in Williamsburg

Toronto 5 Ottawa 0

NHL Playoffs...

After Death-What Do We Know, presented by Rhine Research Center

Does anyone know anything about Philip Savage?

Question about religious influence - Happiness immoral?

don't miss this graphic from a JK-friendly DUer

Another person (group) who missed

A bit of catnip

What's the significance?


Positive article about Kerry's smack down of Allard that needs some

Kerry Business Expo in Mass

By the end of this week, we may have 10 times more posts

Something on the wind?

Oops, posted in the wrong place

Why does this keep happening?

(wrong spot)

And now a weather report

Once again, the sun sets in Anchorage.

Cozumel met Wilma... (Lots of pictures)


COMMENT THREAD for the April photo contest. Theme: MAKING CONNECTIONS

Happy Easter & Rocking Passover & Bleever Pond Days

There's this...

Book review : A preordained catastrophe (Iraq)

Next Event?/ Just my two cents

New soup - W flavor.....

2,372 troops now dead in Iraq

Should Congress be called back for EMERGENCY SESSION?

UNbelievable -- Meanwhile, in Iraq....

An Easter greeting you won't soon forget

Good Friday upgrade to GREAT Friday...

My LTTE to the Louisville paper about funding the Baptist University

Thousands Enjoy Easter Respite on Skid Row

Only African American callers preferred on C-Span for next 25 minutes.

Tell me what you appreciate about Russ Feingold

Military Higher Up Suggest Troops ALREADY in Iran

A CAPTION a day keeps conservatives away!!!

firing Rumsfeld will demoralize the troops

If you could have sex with anybody, who would you choose?

Now with Brancacchio last night.

"We need history. It helps shape the future."

New Declaration of Independence

I wish someone would ask Ann Coulter a simple question

"High gas prices are caused by all them damn people going on vacation"

A Holiday Message

The movie American Dreamz out next week

Lady on Cspan just said she was going to leave Florida

News you report and opinion you "can" balance and be fair about

Take your message to the streets. A truck you EARNED!

What do you think is George W. Bush's greatest fear?

New medicare system-Death Sentence for some

Just imagine if other countries tried to disarm this dangerous US regime

Could It be possible that Cindy Sheehan's protest at the pig farm

You're doin' a helluva' job, Rummy.

Russia dominates computer-programming contest

Have a Wells Fargo bank account? They need not encrypt data.

Bodies found in area where two Milwaukee boys disappeared


The Bush regime lies when they claim sanctions won't hurt Iranian people

Bolten’s First Act As Chief of Staff Is To Defend Rumsfeld

Anybody got comic-making skills?

Sept. 11 attacks inspired soldier killed in Iraq

Democrats: Bush, GOP 'scapegoat' immigrants

Outsourcing strikes again - 200 losing jobs

Hmmm, telemarketers going after women now?

Free heroin quickly puts 7 users in hospital

Soldiers want Rumsfield gone but fear saying so...says military spouse

Question: Do Dems/Liberals rule the Spanish language radio market?

US stage mock Iran Invasion with our best pals (the brits)

US cattle markets shaken by suspect Canada mad cow

SoCal DUers: Meet Wes Clark and help unseat * shill David Dreier

Libya renews demand for US compensation

24 American casualties yesterday. Where's the US "media"?

Anyone know if gay/lesbian parents at the White House now


"The Al Qaeda MYTH": Uncannily convenient whenever there's trouble

The Left, Online and Outraged

Peres says Ahmadinejad to end up like Saddam

Tragedy strikes: re W's Presidential Library ;) hehehe

"Most Americans Still Say Tax System Unjust"

Just a reminder: May will see primaries in 10 states (links inside)

Unspeakable homophobe, Falwell spouts off again...

47 killed in attack on Taliban...I thought we defeated the Taliban?

Omaha, Neb. divides schools by race

WOW. It's Clinton's fault we have to nuke Iran. They never stop.

Why Are We Building An Embassy The Size Of The Vatican In Baghdad?

MSNBC: 2 Polls on Rummy and the Generals

I got interviewed for the evening news today

US blocks UN draft pressing Israel to end attacks

Levee decision angers southern Louisiana residents

Blogger makes the big time

Ken Mehlman Can't Hide From GOP Phone-Jamming Scandal...

Missionary Martyrs in Iraq

WTF/ Omaha Unreal

Bush porn - hubba hubba

A Word Or Two About Religion

No! No! No! You're Getting the Omaha School District Story All Wrong!


VIDEO - John Dean on Secrets, Leaks and the Path to Dictatorship

Don't miss 'Articles of Impeachment' today on Cspan2 at noon Eastern

The waning value of pie-eyed optimism and bullsh*t.

Dubya, Cheney, and Rummy are stranded on a desert island..

BUSH: Miers: “She'll Be Confirmed” “Brownie, You're Doing A Heck Of A Job"

A true blue liberal turned bigot

Kuwait in royal drugs bust

Repulsive "Wifely Expectation" marriage contract.

If Democrats sweep the 2006 elections will there still be a demand to

Generals Break With Tradition Over Rumsfeld


I Mexican can boycott and strike for citizenship, the rest of America

"The railroads went under because they did not understand they were...."

Lest We Forget.......

here's a joke to make you smile:

South Park not allowed to do muhammed did jesus instead

Group of students waving pro-choice signs in front of my church today.

The happy, chirpy birds of Iraq, brought to you by Fox News

SATURDAY TOON 4/15 -- White House Filter

Islamic Jihad promises aid to Iran if it is attacked

"One long sustained scream"

Is this the human/animal hybrid company from Shrub's SOTU address?

Blame it on Texas

US military weapons cost overruns in the billions: report

Population and the Environment - We DO have to choose.

There are no insurgents in Iraq

Berlusconi suffers new blow to election hopes

So, who do you think the Dem is that Bush has been talking to about Iran?

14 protesters arrested at camp casey

Hey, Howard Dean! Hey, Russ Feingold! Read this.....Dem slogan!

Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger - Privacy World

" I don't know who he is." E-Mails Link Abramoff, Bush Official

Declassified NIE Does Not Mention Uranium Procurement

You'll Notice Fundamentalists Rarely Talk About Divorce

John Casick, I would like to give him a standing

Bodies of Milwaukee boys found in lagoon.

Amazing refund... Anyone hear how much of a refund Chaney got?

The response to the "culture of life" argument is Depleted Uranium

Did Hell JUST Freeze over?

U.S Firms Recruit Cheap Labor From Mexico

GOP Senator: 7 Lawmakers HEADED TO PRISON After Corruption Probes!

Bakers Are Targets In Iraq: Over 70 Killed In The Last Few Weeks

Wolfowitz’s Brain Fart

Abortion question

U.S. to import 10,000 S. Koreans for nurses over five years

Ret. Gen. Myers: criticizing Rumsfeld inappropriate. Clark disagrees.

minimum wage and the CEO of Exxon

The ACLU defends the American flag! Take that, O'Reilly!

This is NOT an attack upon the Washington Post....


SHAME on those of you with you snide ass remarks about

The Life and Death of Marla Ruzicka, One Year Ago

I thought that this might bring a smile to some of us

Did DUKE CUNNINGHAM'S Seat go DEM last night?

The Case Against Coke

Fundie on a neutral board sent me link. Einstein was a Christian. "sigh"!

If US Senators are going to refuse to take our calls

West Wings Santos new VP.?

THE DA VINCI CODE: Just how much of the background story

FOX News talking about taking out Iran's nuclear program...

WP: Bush Ducking Out of Easter Egg Hunt

Memoirs of a Backwards 21-Year-Old Male

Co-Author of Donkey Cons is LYNNE VINCENT CHENEY!!!!

MUST SEE - Union of Concerned Scientists on Nuking Iran!

War with Iran? Just remember: "Democracies are Peaceful Countries."

U.S. arming of Iraqi police skates close to legal line


Phone # To Stop Tele-Marketers From Calling Your Cell Phone

If you oppose strikes on Iran, Bush & your Senators need to hear it.

Any anthropologist on DU?

Reid supports Impeachment . . . sort of

In Florida, Nelson Crushes Harris in Latest Poll

Iowa Mumps Epidemic Continues to Broaden

Impeachment of George W Bush

Corporations paying to smuggle Mexican workers into US

Military-style rule at Home Depot

Jaw dropping Iraq factoid: Iraqi soldiers can leave units AT WILL

What if you were sitting near this man on a plane?

Is anyone here friendly with John Trudell?

Need suggestions for Iran t-shirt

Permission to Speak Freely, Sir

How to talk to a right winger (if you must)

Glen Greenwald opens a can of WHOOP-ASS on the WaPo blog hitpiece!

And End To The Abortion Debate Is In Sight

The easiest, most effective way to fight the present regime...

Bonds threatens to quit if bone chips worsen

Chicago Trib: US Violating Laws In Arming of Iraqi Cops

Name Just 1 Thing This President Has Done For You!!

A free 30 GIG email box

I Need links to anti-war video something like "what does 2000 look like?"

Heartwarming 'TOON for Easter...

Bush Jumps Shark

Anyone else familiar with the cartoons of PJ Polyp?

Were you born a Democrat or did you become one?

I am lonely

Scout Troop Warned on Immigration Protest

New great find of a political artist.

How many of the over 2 million in the military are affected by 'stop loss'?

Wal-Mart takes shot at going gun-free

New FR Poll: Only 45% Of Freeptards Will For Sure Vote GOP

So what happened to the 'funddie' who shot her husband? n/t

So is Bush going to allow a swap for Pollard?

Those in the Media That Placed Their Bets on Bush

An Easter thought....

let's all's story of the week

a world without BUSHes is a world at peace.

Iran issues stark military warning to United States

A Bad Leak (NYT Editorial Board Bitch-slaps WaPo)

Who will be attending the antiwar protest in NYC on April 29th?

"LIVE" Video of Bald - Egle Nesting Cam!!!

Critics Question Exxon Executive Pay

Anybody read "Take it Back" by Carville and Begala?

Heard Amy Goodman spar with Bill Clinton? No, then see this now!

if you have access to link TV you MUST watch this show re: Max Cleland

Whose side are we on?

Blair refuses to back Iran strike - Scotsman

Cheerleaders told to cover up to discourage eating disorders

with king george nearly perpetually on vacation,

Christian legal theorist: Privacy laws and transparent govt are PERVERSE!

Pissed off Republicans registering as Democrats in my district.

Please help me find a quote

Sat nite Live!!!! Great opening skit!

Opus Dei Asks for 'Da Vinci' Disclaimer

Scariest and most disgusting coroner's report ever...

Might be a dumb question but.. did Rumsfeld ever serve in the military

SEATTLE GAS PRICES.....$3.00..$3.17 A Gal.

LGBT families 'moved from front of the line' at WH

Vista Virtualized through OSX to make it more secure and more

Paul Loeb posts at DFA tonight about the Seattle immigrant march. Amazing

US plots ‘new liberation of Baghdad’

Sunday's Doonesbury will be loaded with the latest Bushisms

Ben Harper video PILLORIES the regime (by indirection):

Guess who the FBI's #1 most wanted terrorist is.

A general strike on May Day?

Bruce Springsteen's new album: "We Shall Overcome..." April 25

Lyndon Johnson knew what nuclear war was all about.

A Freeper defends its Preznit



For Duer's.... a respite

So it shall be written; so it shall be done

Sunday Talk Shows(updated)

Did anybody see "NOW" tonight on PBS. It was very sick

How smart or dumb is the "average" Republican voter ?

What About Pakistan?

I have hope because I choose to.

Eddie died; was Medicare a part?

Fact is, our MSM sanitizes the Iraq news the rest of world sees daily.

Berlusconi ally sees election error - Silvio has won after all

Is Antonino Scalia insane? Or is he just a "conservative?"

like roses for helen, can we send flags to the 6 ret. generals?

Greatest martyr, ever, to you?

Does Dilbert's Scott Adams have a legitimate point about religion?

A song by Woody Guthrie, appropriate for Easter.

Learn more about how outsourcing impacts wages?...

Our Republican Media

it is way past time to return to the ideology and policies of FDR

Must hear interview from 1985 with Rev. William Sloane Coffin!

When I come back, in my next life, I'll be a man and use my penis for evil

How Much is Illegal Immigration Costing

Was that crazy story about rail containers being dumped in AZ true? Maybe!

Hilarious Bush impression


PNAC for Kids

Hey Admins...Can we have a pet freeper? You know some one

Wal-Mart to Stop Gun Sales at 1,000 Stores Hooray!

We blame America not for its idiots that support Bush, but because...

My Butt Hurts....

Could Iran be bluffing ?

I'm not really pro-choice

* were you born an asshole or did ya work at it yer whole life??? hehe

Whoa. . .now THIS is an amazing little GOP story. . .

Maureen Dowd:The Rummy Mutiny

CAMP CASEY EASTER REPORT: Sometimes you just need pictures...

Living wage: effects upon the economy ?

High gas prices curb demand

U.S. building massive embassy in Baghdad

Freeper email on Myspace:

NAFTA was really a swell idea ?

Rummy's War Room, Game at Huffington Post.


Most idiotic story on gas prices EVER on ABC.

Can we all agree to deporting at least the illegals now in jail for crimes

A Common DU Myth About The Media:

It's time to start the Revolution! Here's how it works:

The End Of The Internet As We Know It?

LISTEN... can you hear a distant Iranian war drum or THE SOUND OF SILENCE?

CAMP CASEY EASTER 2006: Good Friday, 4/14 (Dial-Up Warning)

Happy 48th Birthday, PEACE SYMBOL!

A play from the Kobe Bryant play book: vilify the victim in the press

$3.10 for unleaded regular seen in Eureka CA this afternoon....

Is anyone following the floods in Europe

Help: Gay People

Duke Rape Case: Facts and Theories

AOL caught red-handed censoring email destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!

"White House changes Easter Egg Roll admit process"...SURPRISE!

Calling DU legal...

Florida Senate: Nelson (D) 57% Harris (R) 27%

May Day, Memo Day, Mission Accomplished Day

The Saturday Cartoons

The Draft- Opinions?

Cheney and the Leak

Worst political quote of the week, NJ Edition

Red State town denies Marine Opportunity to attend Prom

Billions to train Iraqis unspent (as Rumsfeld complains of cut in funding)

A question regarding early team building toward 08 .......

H-1B Discussion Now on C-Span!

Grant citizenship to all H-1Bs and L-1s.

Bush/Rove reconquering Afghanistan!

Rasmussen: dems lead for MA Gov, but Mihos (I) takes about 20%

Bush created the immigration problem

What should we say about war with Iran?


Rasmussen: Beebe (D) 47%, Hutchinson (R) 36% for Arkansas Gov

After the Long Binge

Immigration Policy Solved

Easter special, the conscience of a Pastor

Who won the California (Busby?) election?

nyt: WH hoping Rummy debate will be between Generals (omit WH).

A writer for a mainstream, suburban paper gets it and says it!

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs, 2002, Key judgements ...

Ways Bush is similar to O.J.

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit....

Will anti-nuking Iran generals do more than resign or complain?

Rasmussen Poll: Bill Nelson (D-FL) @ 57%. Katherine Harris (R-FL) @ 27%.

Bush urges Congress to make tax cuts permanent -Reuters

The Latest Bush Strategy!

Larry Johnson; Rumsfeld's time has come to resign

RAW STORY used one of my questions for congress, but did they choose best?

Your Guesses for the RNC's campaign on domestic issues

Our BIG DIGS in the desert...

Will generals opposed to nuking Iran do more than resign?

Lamont/Lieberman Campaign Finances

Wilkerson Replay on C-Span now

Does it seem like we're in a weird twilight between Bush failure and

The Four Networks Theory of Power: A Theoretical Home for Power

Someone help me out here, RE: Moussaoui and Giuliani

God , Country Gospel & Politics! (what a combination)

The people of Iran are more friendly to America than rest of Middle East

US Defence [sic] secretary 'should go' (make it seven Generals)

where is a good breakdown of senate races shaping up for '06 ?

WaPo: Scalia's "playful, unvarnished thinking...healthy for the court"

The worst possible replacement for Rumsfeld

Yoo-hoo, Is Anyone Listening to Me? (Bush losing ground in polls)

African-Americans have a stake in supporting immigrant rights

Rasmussen: Montana, Burns bouncing back?

Immigation: Is the right wing getting a beating from both ends?


WP: Santorum Facing Multiple Obstacles In Reelection Bid

Iraq, Iran, North Korea and the "Axis of Evil"

E-Mails Tie Former GSA Official to Abramoff

The Media - Behind Closed Doors

House ethics panel stalled; what's up Doc (Hastings)?

Do we need a 'plan' .......... or a posture?

Bush's wayward march: An interview with author Kevin Phillips

JOE BAGEANT: Springtime in the Republic of Larry

Bush Radio: "Facts have proven Democrats wrong, 5.1 million times over"

Isn't it clear that Iran wants this war?

"Military operations underway in Iran already".

Ass kiss rodeo: LTE praising Tom Delay

White House Easter Egg Tickets Sold Out At 6AM?

For once, will the Democrats nip this crap in the bud?

NYT analysis: As Policy Decisions Loom, a Code of Silence is Broken

21st Century Democrats

Infact's General Electric Boycott

Have Democrats ever engaged in Atwater/Rove politics?

Video - George Bush Speach Misshap Compilation

Guaranteed Way to Lower Gas Prices!!!

Interlocking Directorates in the Corporate Community

And then there were eight....

Fox military analyst on "A campaign that will take Iran down very quickly"

Photos: Rev. Joseph Lowery and others with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

Senator expects seven lawmakers to go to

What are the top three most effective tools to effect government

Rita Cosby - is she a conservative?

Can Jon Kyl -Republican Senator from AZ, be unseated?

the bad things about rumselfd leaving the sec. def. post:

First Lady Pickles loses her "reluctance," campaigns for GOP with "gusto"

Jeb Bush surprises troops in Iraq

NYT: Ripples From Law Banning Abortion Spread Through South Dakota

How about Rummy HAS to resign because we LOST the war

The high road leads to the edge of the cliff ......

Will the 2008 Dem presidential nom field have a true secular candidate ?

Factual Back-Up For Fahrenheit 911: Section One

Report: Neil (Young) ready for War


If ALL Democrats hate Bush, then explain Norman Mineta!!

Why Help More Conservative Democrats

NYT Editorial: A Bad Leak (a reply to the WP's POS "A Good Leak")

What will happen if we bomb Iran?

This GENERAL Opposed the Iraq War Before it Started !!!! Loudly

NanceRants - and she is one PISSED-OFF citizen!

Who here still thinks Iran should have nuclear technology?

If you have 4 minutes and 34 seconds to spare can you view