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Archives: April 14, 2006

Mark Benjamin (Salon): No justice for all

JOSHUA FRANK: The Trouble with Big Greens -- Trapped Inside the Beltway

Imminent decline of the American empire?

wackos at News Max gleeful about coming attack on Iran!!!

Nuclear power is not energy solution, say MPs (UK)

UK sheep above radioactive safety limits due to Chernobyl

Brand nuke idea (Nuclear energy for oilsands production)

9/11 Hero's Family Gives 'United 93' Its Blessing

Full Moon Wishes: Prayers for Peace and Consciousness

Concerned about Iowa City after storm.

Waste in Katrina Response Is Cited

Florida councilman won't swear support for US (Reuters)

TSA officer charged in boy's kidnap attempt


An EGO check !

Okay, that's it

where DID he go?

Dog, whatta great day

there were 48 home runs today

How would Spiderman polish the back of Richard Armitage's head?

My wife is telling the story about when I killed the state bird of Montana

"Resurrection Sunday" or "The Passion of the Bunny"?

Can you believe that people ever had social lives without cell phones????

Save the Red Knot from extinction...

"Resurrection Sunday" or "The Passion of the Bunny"?

I was confronted about Kerry at a Seder tonight

"Resurrection Sunday" or "The Passion of the Bunny"?

What a difference a century makes

AT&T, Group Challenge U.S. Spy Program

Ok. This is not a thesis but a question. What sort of "Left" are you?

Bush Could Resign in 16 Days, US Newsmaker Says...

poll shows Americans divided about attacking Iran

And Lou Dobbs gets another chance to attack his second fav group to attack


Know your BFEE: Cheney & Halliburton Sold Iran Nuke Technology

First Democrat to Formally Announce Bid for the Presidency.

I Know There Is A Big Iranian Community In The Chicagoland Area......

2002 N.H. Scandal Shadows GOP Anew (Jam phone lines)

Funny PIctures of Bush Getting Stumped in Kansas

I've Heard Talk About * Possibly Pulling An October Surprise And....

Scalia not recusing himself from Cheney case"proudest thing"done on court

José Pertierra: The story that cries out to be told to the American people

Joseph Stiglitz (The Guardian): Development in defiance of Washington

Where Do We Meddle Next?

Net Losses (sweeping hundreds of millions of fish from the sea)


Libby Filing: A Denial and a Mystery

CNN Money: Why Global Warming is GOOD for Business

Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): The Generals Revolt

The Easy Button

ISP snooping gaining support

Greg Palast: Desert Rats Leave Sinking Ship

U.S. Building Largest Embassy (in human history) in Iraq

Bush – The Dynamics of a Failed Presidency

Another sad case of dominionist child abuse

Dead Cities, by Chris Floyd

Is This Humanity's First Planetary Emergency? (Mainstream Global Warming)

Rumsfeld: Captain Queeg, but without his marbles

The Case Against Coke

KBR Files Initial Public Offering

What is the cost of Liberty?

gold/silver bull different from the '71 - '81 bull???


One dead as Schwarzenegger sets emergency zones after storms

Global Dimming on Nova, April 18

Video proof of what we knew all along....

An interesting e-mail on using the power of the net to address

Arctic mission to spotlight polar bears (Reuters/CNN)

Heat's on as Spain battles desert spread

Severe weather nation

Fla. Python Owners Could Face Jail For Releasing Snakes Into Wild (AP/WKMG

Stark warning over climate change (BBC)

VRB Power Systems acquires capacity to produce utility scale power storage

Electric cars with lithium ion batteries.

does anyone here power their homes with solar?

The energy flow chart, in linkable form.

Japan to test hybrid diesel/fuel cell train.

Israel steps up threats to invade Gaza Strip

The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie

The last conquest of Jerusalem

Asking my MIHOPer friends: Why did they frame alQaeda & not Iraq?

Photos from Moussaoui trial

Angel is next- a clue 911 was a set up by a faction in the government

the answer to that question

I finally watched "Loose Change 2nd Ed."

Explosive: Is Zaquawi - all PsyOps-Deception? - CANNONFIRE blog

Green Primer on flight 93 debris?

Here's a TX county that has opted for paper.

Diebold says it will sell to Leon County (Ion Sancho)

Doesn't voting that is not verifiable and transparent violate due process?

Cinti. Enquirer started a Letters from the Editor blog, today's editorial

ahhhh the ERD has 50 votes, 4 star status, TOP OF THE GREATEST PAGE

ELection Reform News for Friday, 4-14-06. Ion Sancho Special Edition

I think Fridays ERD is not as good as thursdays ERD

ES&S iVotronic simulation for Ohio voter education SWITCHES VOTES!

Paper Ballots Now! Hand counts NOW! Democracy NOW! Impeachment NOW! nt

Electonic Voting - The Issue We Don't See

Another hero: Arkansas man confronts machine counting

Definitive Proof (no stats): Holt Paper Audits Will NEVER Stand

How to avoid using the machines

Fallon started an online fundraiser

Podcast Lt Gov Debate

TAX DAY EVENT~Central MA post office: 4/15/06

Copying programs to added hard drive?

For a Constitutional system of free public schools

Need some help from Austin people...

The red tide is ebbing even in Texas, people.

Ill be in Austin on the 17th

Feingold to Campaign for Texas Congressional Candidate

Anybody have a good recipe for Mahi-mahi?

I want a recipe for modeling clay.

Most bizarre recipe concept ever? Crown Roast of Hot Dogs

Brown Cupcake Cups

'Loose-lipped' MP's will be punished: PM

Iran's AIDS-prevention program among world's most progressive

Las Vegas (NV) Foreclosures Increase Significantly in the 1st Q of 2006

Large group of Iraqi police attacked

Spending Lags for Training of Iraqi Police

Car Bomb Explodes at Mosul Police Station

NY Times: “More Retired Generals Call for Rumsfeld's Resignation” 4.14.06

US military secrets on sale in Afghanistan mentions new 'torture' photos

British Convoy Attacked in Afghanistan

Anti-government white supremacist guilty

Canada supports sanctions against Iran in nuclear program continues

Shiites to Attend Iraq Parliament Session

N.Y. Times Leads Newspaper Shortfalls

Schwarzenegger comes out vs. preschool tax

Seven employees killed in Basra

Union: Delta, Pilots Reach Tentative Deal

More say U.S. focus should be home

North Sea oil hits record price

Ex-General: Rumsfeld Deserves Criticism (Batiste)

FL Rep. Dave Weldon linked to lobbyist by grant (Abramoff)

Walesa: U.S. must reclaim moral leadership

Military to Protect U.S. Aid Teams in Iraq

Dead Sea tourism hit by fears of nearing ecological disaster

Iraq abductors seek 12 million dollars for Germans

Sunni leaders say 90 abducted or slain in Iraq

Casey (Santorum opponent)raises $2.2 million in first three months of 2006

Calif. high court lets partner law stand

Intelligence Office Gives Progress Report

Tehran says in position of power in nuclear talks

US pressures Merkel to accept Guantanamo group

U.S. Building Largest Embassy (in human history) in Iraq

2 Explosions Reported in New Delhi

Bush, Blair silent on Italian vote

Seal hunt off Labrador could continue for days, say Fisheries officials

Iraq speeches have done little to buoy war support

Japan to test fuel cell powered train

N.H. Candidate Released From Hospital (Gary Dodds)

Japan to Test Fuel Cell-Powered Train

'Catch Immigrant' Game Raises Outcry at Penn State

Berlusconi without any chances

CNN just broke in, 22 Marines wounded, 2 killed in Iraq. Yester-

Top Iranian commander warns US against military attack

Libby Filing: A Denial and a Mystery

Chafee's Defections Loom Large in Senate Race

Suburban LA County (SB County) Pulls Manga Text from Libraries

Explosions destroy the Sharif Ridha shrine in Baquoba

Owens(R fundy idiot) sinks morning-after pill (with idiot "logic")

Oil Prices Rise Above $69 Per Barrel

Debate Revives as 9/11 Dust Is Called Fatal

Report: Criticism of FEMA's Katrina response deserved (CNN)

Texas halts arrests of drunks in bars

Cruise Ships to Start Docking in Brooklyn

Iraq's oil guardians ill-trained and sometimes treacherous

San Francisco startup offers homeless free voice mail

Bartenders' Makeup Stays On, Court Rules

Baghdad Morgue Overflowing Daily

Hearing for Muslim Barred by U.S (banned for opposing Iraq occupation?)

Trump calls Miss Iraq 'very brave'

Eight States Apply to Vote Early in 2008

Democrats eye big House gains

U.S. commander says he's willing to apologize for damage to ancient Babylo

Iraqi Infrastructure Attacks Down 60 Percent in Last Three Months

Ex-Foxborough priest indicted on decades-old rape charge

WP: For Iraqi Students, Hussein's Arrival Is End of History

U.S. bars Americans from doing business with Hamas-led Palestinian governm

MTA Legend Arthur Winston, 100, Dies After Brief Retirement(Disliked *)

ISP snooping gaining support

U.S. intelligence agencies say Iran is years away from building nukes

Mumps outbreak now in 8 states - Update

China fears drive big US arms projects

McDonald's accused of 'acting like th Taliban' (Fast Food Nation related)

E-Mails Cited in Lobbyist, Bush Aide Ties

Mrs. Bush Loses Her Reluctance to Campaign

No plan B - could the US ever learn to live with Iran in the nuclear club?

Cheney Authorized Leak Of CIA Report....Libby 'outed' Plame Same Day

Wal-Mart Drops Gun Sales in Some Stores

McCain confirms opposition to federal marriage amendment (uh-oh)

NYT: Protest Rallies End in Job Loss for Immigrants

US marines offer Babylon apology

At least 17 Iraqi police officers killed in ambush

Ga. Tech sued by conservative students

Democrats eye big House gains

Fetus Cannot Feel Pain, Expert Says

BBC: Prodi Looks set to be confirmed - Center Left Coalition beats *pal

Kerik aide gets boot -Bugs catch correction flack jawing about Bernie prob

Rumsfeld rejects calls to quit

Chad severs ties with Sudan

Bushes Pay $187, 768 in Taxes for 2005 (25%)

Britain took part in mock Iran invasion


CNN Breaking: 2 Marines Dead 22 Marines Wounded in Iraq

Appeals Court Slaps L.A. Over Arrests of Homeless

Tommy Franks: Iraq planning lasted 14 months(Jan 2002)

Report says Rumsfeld allowed Guantanamo abuse

Iranian president: 'Rotten' Israel will be annihilated by 'one storm'

NEWS ALERT: The body of missing Jamie Bolen, 10, has been found

GOP Spanish Language Ads Blame Dems for Bill to make aliens into felons

'War on tax' waged against costs of war

Mumps outbreak concerns health officials (Reuters)

Pope Uses Easter To Attack Gay Families

BREAKING:14 Arrests in Crawford TX, Cindy Sheehan to Appear LIVE on PBC!

Honda Eyes Production Cut as Accord Hybrid Sales Fall

Now they're after Barry Bonds for perjury

Some people are vote-happy...

Check this out, jack

Friday list thread

I have this CRAZY idea!


Samoa Joe is whipping ass right now

Tonite I howled at the full moon

RW sister sent me a funny email

Cheney to Bill Clinton:

Sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy...tired yet?

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms - Who is bringing the chips?

Joni Mitchell's producer, Henry Lewy, dead at age 79

Weird computer question

Prepare to die of cute!

good morning everyone

Happy EXTREMELY early Friday morning. everyone!

It's official: I am out of shape

Try using your turn signal, dumbass.

itunes help


What do you call it when you take a word like "God" and mix up

*FREE* golf today!!!

Hey - our fake president is a Guest Worker - his initials are GW!

Great earworm - Eric Burdon's Spill The Wine...

Friday earworm.

If you reply to this thread, I promise.....

"I can't get on your box."

RESERVOIR DOGS in 30 seconds - done by bunnies

The worst peice of exposition dialog in the history of television

When is a Friday NOT good?

What are two words that men go absolutely ga-ga over??

I am so bad

A very special goodnight.

Any Clintmax Morning Crew Members around? Need your help.

Metallica appeared WHERE??!!??


Hard Wired

Is your cat ultra psycho this full moon?

Okay, I couldn't be bothered to animate this... BUT if someone wants

"If you're coming for me, K Federline, I hit like a tsunami..."

Women and Men

A fascinating look at the year 2002, written in 1979.

Caption this (IMAGE WARNING)

~ Book Titles You'll Never See ~

Question about HD video cameras

Couple Charged in Sextuplet Hoax

Relevant today: Draft Dodger Rag (Pete Seeger)

So Good Friday didn't start out so good!! More doggie drama!

Happy happy joy joy Good Friday, everybody!!

Holy shit! Call Me Wesley is an AWESOME mod!

who likes crap music?

From the files of 'What Were They Thinking?!!'

Just watched "Constantine". Two hours I'd like to have back.

I just realized it isn't Saturday.

Hail the size of canned ham!

Every Friday is a "good" Friday

Body of woman, 40, lay unmissed in flat for more than two years

Things NOW! Stuff NOW! Who's barmy NOW?!

i wish i was on the beach somewhere tropical right now

Marianne Faithful sounds like Snoopy.

The guy from Green Day sounds like Jughead.

I finished the internet last night.

Non-Celebrity Confessional.........

I want to thank the Lounge for inspiring the title of my latest blog entry

Can you believe that people ever had so-called lives without cells?

CanuckAmok looks like Dagwood.

On this week's episode of the Sopranos...

Jesus---the original MIHOP. Sayyyyy, maybe * is following in His

I'm in's not quite the middle of April...

Do mirrors reflect our images?

Best concert movie ever?

Holy Friggin Charley Horse

It's Friday, ya bastards!

OMG You have to see this!

MADTv's take on My name is earl - "My name is Dubya"

Hissing Cockaroaches got NUTHIN on these

Paul McCarthy may yet have his revenge on Michael Jackson

Worst insult ever

OK Lounge, I need your help!

Question: (1980's)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/14/06)

My God, I cannot read DU anymore logged in as "JanMichael." I feel like

$14.50 for a bowl of Brunswick stew and 1/2 sammich!!!

Post your desktop

Anyone here ever host a site for

A song that says "Goodbye"

my dad has a way of making me feel like a total piece of shiite.

Anyone seen Golda's Balcony?

Is it wrong to giggle when someone says something is "hard work"?

Security Updates for Firefox, Opera Browsers

Strange PT Job of the Day - listed on Craigslist!

Republican in a hot air balloon

I'm so frustrated I can't find an old post!

Happy Easter!!!

A truly great American (Arthur Winston)

How about a homemade Rummy photo-toon!

Where in the world is LynnSinn???

It's Good Friday ya bastards!!!! Bounce your Boobies!!

Seriously, who would spend that kind of money on a birthday party

Knee surgery next Thursday

Cockroach As A Pet??? (Warning: Disturbing Photo)

Berled Crawfish, Potatoes and Corn on the Cob - Easter Dinner

Cute blonde pole-dancing! (NOT a Brazilian joke)

Be careful if you're switching cellphone providers & you call to Canada!

Looking for a counterpoint. Help.

It was raining hard in 'Frisco,

Any Golfers or Caddys out there?

Spoiler: "You did it! You blew it up! God Damn you all to hell!"

GAAAH! I just got a registration form from AARP!

Is my Peeps site newsworthy?

From Faint Meows, a Frenzy Grows

Dogs are wierd

Pink (the singer) is awesome

MMMMM Sonic Foot long cheese coney, and some tater tots...

I'm having an out-of-liquor experience.

Okay, I'm in Killington, VT! Where's the DUers around here?

I'm going to bed


Yes, I am a California Blue-state Latte Drinking Wine Sipping Liberal

"It looks after all as if you'll see Berlin before I do."

So, we just moved in yesterday, and my parents are coming for "Passover"

Would You Recommend You Home/Auto Insurance Company To Others?

Reuters: Pack of Rabid Dogs Attack and Kill Alligator

Does Supreme Court Justice Thomas still enjoy Long Dong Silver films?

Does water reflect our consciousness?

Hollywood film "Cliques" - Mamet, Christopher Guest films, etc

Dear Tech Support...

how tolerant are you about being lied to?

Has the word 'HERK' jumped the DU shark?

gotta share this joke just received in email...

You know what I bet's gross?

Any of you know anything about this thing? (computer crap)

Did the Brazilian joke ever make email rounds?

Drive by farting

Gave copies of my thesis to my committee today, and I already noticed...

I threw $40 in the garbage

Zooooooooooooooo o ooombieNixon!

Yo cat lovers...

Can anyone suggest a good MP3 splitter?


I need help- Can my wet cell phone be saved?

self delete.

Fark Photoshop Contest: UND Sioux Cheerleaders!!!

Crawford TX County Fair Kissing Booth where YOU would spend your dollar

Should I get a tattoo?

All right... this is killing me... someone help...

Should I get a Tatu?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Wanna know how kids lived before the X-Box?? Find out here:

Should *I* get a Lulu?

Should I get a Sabu?

I do NOT love my Cub.


Anyone watching NOW?

Good Friday stations of the cross on Western Avenue

OMG, carnation instant breakfast has 2x the protein of an egg!!

Best broadband service?

God is on my side....

Ladies: Who would you rather be involved with?

HELP! My cat is trapped in another dimension!

Dr Who fans. Sci Fi 9 PM EST New episode

I'm hungry, and I'm watching 'Top Chef' on Bravo and

Any Other DUers fans of Josh Ritter

5 really easy questions

A guy noticed my DU shirt at the mall tonight.

Who remembers the phrase, "What would Uncle Heshie say?"

Don't ask me anything!

The Easy Way....

Happy birthday wishes to....................

Boomers! "Thingmaker" vs "Vac-U-Form". Which was more dangerous?

Oooh- Another "Who Am I" game!

Do you audibly talk to yourself when you're alone?

So, we've been in the new apartment for 24 hours, and the birds and cat

Is this the most popular screensaver in the U.S.? (OPEN PLEASE)

Should *I* get a TaTu?

Video in bait car gets auto thieves

Who else wants to puke when you hear "You Sexy Thing"

Anybody have a "passion"? That is, a hobby that is all-consuming? If so

Pun thread on old DU Board

Take the Democratic loyalty test!

They would probably have beat her money out of her if given the chance

Two victims in SUV accident were hearing impaired

Do you celebrate Lester?

Happy Easter

I'm having pancakes, a G&T, and a cigar for dinner-ask me anything!

going to the Royals game tonight!

I need help with the name of a new Pearl Jam song, supposedly anti-Bush

anyone else see that bright thing in the sky over the Bay Area yesterday?

Just in time for Easter!

Women, which type of hairstyles do you like on men

An' da winna of the Oeditpus Rex 10,000th Post Pool is...

Molly the cat is stuck in the walls

So, monkey-boys adjusted gross income last year was $735,180

Rain delay in LA

Is Barry Manilow gay?

Political Haikus-can't use the word, "lie"

Favorite Easter Candy

I'm off to go smoke a couple last cigarettes in a bar.


Trapped NYC cat freed on 14th day of vigil

GAAAH! I just got a registration form from WKARP!

Drama on Y street!!!!!

The tree is in the green waste bin.

Take the Bush loyalty test !

Unbelievable. There is a link to my DU journal

Cindy Alexander LIVE video!!!

Could use some hugs, and sharing some smiles

I had popcorn and ice cream for dinner

Just A Quick Note To Let You Know... (Warning... Many Pics)

southlandshari needs an intervention

Can I borrow a feeling?

Best lyrics from the late 60's, early 70's....

Oh dear...I'm posting a cat thread.

Who speaks the truth?

Any spa/salon owners/employees? Software recommendations?

Even if you are a non-theist or an agnostic, do you still

Confess something gross.... me first

Everyone in my house is presently mad at me. Can I come live with you?

List your last five (mas o menos) purchases

What's up with Bono? What's up with that fist?

New Kelly Brook pic (dialup warning)

I see dead people.

Flea had surgery yesterday...she's doing fine. >>>pics

what body parts do you have pierced?


I finished the DiVinci Code last night

Can someone explain the appeal of Daniel Johnston?

Help me get to 3000 and I will proactively ignore you

Interesting Riddle: ( I worked out the answer)

Any comments, good or bad, about Northwest Airlines?

What is your genetic destiny?

bad math

Is there a girl/guy thing (depending on your gender) that you CAN'T do?

Resurrecting the classics: "Developers" by Steve Balmer

Guys: which hairstyle(s) do you like on women?

What song reminds you most of the Viet Nam War?

Ladies, if you think a guy likes you, please tell him if you have a BF

Movie spoiler thread!

I just got push-polled...

FIREFOX..browser conflict? You able to fix it? I did GoBack, fixed IE

Has Sniffa ever came back?

This is one of the worst nights I've ever had, and I've had some damn bad

Anyone going to read the Omnivore's Dilema?

There's a baby kitty in a nest on my back porch...

Ladies, can I share a story?

Just returned from Russia and the Baltics. Why didn't you warn me?

Anybody here ever been to their high school reunion?

Is there anyone at DU you *really* crush on?

Radio_Lady Reviews "The Wild," Disney's new animated movie...

Bush Plan B to the Iranian "Crisis"

Easter Challenge For Christians - Read Bible and Tell Us What Happened

Isn't the "Freedom of Religion" concept covered by "Freedom of Assembly?"

A blessed Good Friday to everyone

A gnostic blog!

Devotees Nailed To Cross In Phillipines

Nerve stimulation helps with leaky bladder

Fosamax can cause osteonecrosis (rotting jaw bone)

Mumps epidemic hits U.S.

Platinum Found in Women With Breast Implants

The selling of circumcision.

Mars Cameras Debut As NASA Craft Adjusts Orbit (JPL) {graphics}

I watched some more of the "DNA" series, "Pandora's Box" with my son.

African amphibians make extreme parental sacrifice:

Let Us Give Our Sister Plaid Adder Her Propers For A Job Beautifully Done.

Okay law types, why can't MA file fed suit under Full Faith and Credit

FIDE announces Topalov-Kramnik title match set for September in Elista

update on our OLD vet/kennel

Good news on Bailey.

Skin condition...or something worse?

Help! My Cat is.....

Something weird that's been happening to me.

The difference between thoughts and intentions

My buddy Carl Pwccaman's new Blog !

Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water

A warning to the seeker..

A dream

The Kennedy/Kerry model explained by

Good dkos post about Ilona (PTSD activist)

Joe Sestak (Kerry endorsee) will be interviewed on Bob Rovner show today

So I've decided that this is my new response

DKos diary on getting WA Sen to adopt the Kerry Iraq stance.

A must-read article

Comments on Kerry

Damn these stupid watermarks, but OH. MY. GOD.

Why is it so hard to say

Fun with Mittens: latest edition.

I don't understand the antipathy towards U2/Bono on DU

OK, the people in the lounge think I'm nuts.

Kerry video from Truthout!

Good blog post, but could use our comments.

Kerry article in Seattle paper today

Fun Diversion

Ahm, Sen. about that web site? Sigh. Another DKos post to consider


Finally got a DSLR!!!!

So... once upon a time there was a "Juxtaposition" post in the Lounge

Deer in my yard!

Harry Shearer on Rita Cosby!

Happy Good Friday .....

KOEB Meeting -- 04/14/06: Drippity, Drip, Drip, Drip Edition

Any KOEBers wanna show some love for the ideas in the Gettysburg Address?

JESUS IS WATCHING and the shortest Biblical sentence is JESUS WEPT

NEVER FORGET: White House misled US on 9/11 air safety

Does this sound familiar?

So, gay parents are lining up for the easter egg roll at the WH

2,369 troops now dead in Iraq

Are you listening to Bernie Ward? AT&T set up secret rooms

Is Fox beating the war drum?

More Americans feel US should mind its own business: poll

if you slowly turn up heat.... TOON for Friday 4/15

This is about as savage an attack as you could imagine....

Bush's "free Iraq": People changing their NAMES to survive

Berlusconi Lies About Election Fraud (what a surprise!)

Judge in CIA Leak Case Threatens Gag Order

An Interesting blog


No Skull and Bones 08. Na Na NA NAH hey hey.....

INDIANA????? Court OKs adoption by gay couple.

South Korea plans to export 10,000 nurses to U.S.

Oh hell, 10-year Treasury Notes up to 5%

Oh Christ, Talk About Fascist Friday On C-Spin! Listen to rove's Speech!

FBI shifting focus from (white-collar) crime to terror

It's news-dump day. Who will resign?

What is a progressive?

CAPTION the nostalgia

Fast food healthiest in Denmark, worst in US

What Does Your Shopping Support..?

Grappling with reactionaries in the break room.

Seymour Hersh publishes one-hundredth of what he knows

Why Isn't rove In Office?

MSNBC: Stolen military laptop has more torture photos...

What form do you use for the IGUANA TAX?

Who is watching Washington Journal

DUers who lurk in freeperville-a question-

Columnist David Ignatius suggests LIEBERBUSH for Defense Secretary!

Tax Deadline

Iran Bombing---Mexican Immigration

Chad breaks with Sudan

Schwarzenegger is ranked #46 according to latest SurveyUSA poll

Asking my MIHOPer friends: Why did they frame alQaeda & not Iraq?

Taxes ?/!&$+#...

Is Anyone Watching this "Journalist" on C-Span Shilling Her Iraq War Book?

Transcript: Gen. Batiste- Criticism of Rumsfeld -"This is about soldiers"

Could someone explain when this story changed ?

Term-limit pledges? Oh No! I wasn't talking about my term...

The phones on WJ are rigged!

Advice to the generals who are speaking up

the time has come to finally drop all pretense


The Beast movie released on 6/6/06

Nuke Iran?

CNN: 30 % of hiring managers expect to add positions

All the scandals have evaporated into an overload of nothingness?

Millers second source for Plame?

I'm convinced global warming has kicked into 6th gear.

Good Friday Feature: US Religion Density Maps

msnbc--Ret. Gen story now

Cheney's Bunker

Is there no "War On Easter"?

Question for Lampson followers/Texans

I wish people would educate themselves, re: the chain of command

Anytime any of my repukian acquaintances complain about ANYTHING,

Grand Jury Investigating Barry Bonds (for lying)


Is there any Proof or Links that Bush is a Rapturist?

Grammatical Question is today part of Fitzmas or Eastgerald?

More Retired Generals (6) Call for Rumsfeld's Resignation

The "drive-by" media...?

Camp Casey April 13, 2006, from proud2Blib

Get in the mood for the Easter bunny; pony up with a CAPTION!!!

Murtha: The war was mishandled, misrepresented, and mischaracterized.

What WAS he thinking? CAPTION the past.

Americans Wary of Action on Iran, Gloomy on Iraq, Poll Shows

The US Killed Children In Iraq From The Start of The War! *Graphic*

How Many Places Do You Go Where FOX Is On A TV?

George W. Bush has raised lying to an art form.

Nature provides a metaphor

"I've got political capital. And I plan to use it."

Why do all the * supporters on C-span have to denigrate liberals?

Every time I meet someone who is paid to do political work they annoy me.

I watched Karl Rove give a speech the other night

Have You Noticed? Clinton Didn't Cause Any Of This Shit!

I don't get it: one thing in which freepers and liberals agree....

MA DUers who is Christy Mihos?

US Secrets for Sale Outside Bagram Airbase

Coming home — disillusioned. US Marine Corps captain speaks out.

Do you know people that still believe that CNN is credible?

It's Easter Weekend: What Will You Say To Your Repuke Family Members?

"Discontent in Dubai " where strikes are illegal and immigrants exploited

ACLU says Patriot Act excludes Muslim scholar from U.S.

Anyone care to CAPTION these two?

Bush: Rumsfeld 'exactly what is needed'

Two more Gold Star moms speak out against the illegal Iraq war

Arrests in Crawford Happening Now

AP: Jailed Child's Family Getting $221,000

How the Media Uses Blacks to Chastize Blacks

German man sues the Easter Bunny

Debate Revives as 9/11 Dust Is Called Fatal FATAL

Guess what? ( ... drown govt. in the bathtub) Grover Norquist has won.

Two questions concerning Rita Cosby . . .

and now there are SIX generals.. a new one (Swannack)

Frist: "house democrats are to blame for felony provision" immigration

Reid & Pelosi Release Statement On "Mean-Spirited REPUB Immigration Bill

Omaha Schools Split Along Race Lines

USAT Survey: Americans want us to be more isolationist !

Tim Grieve (Salon's War Room) NAILS IT! re: antiwar converts

Milwaukee cops beating trial gone to jury....all white jury

Anyone have a link to that super-duper polling data I saw a while back?

Christian Group "alerts" 800,000 to boycott FORD over "pro-gay agenda"

Just Announced on MSNBC--- President's Statement

Cheney ==== $1,961,157 in 2005.

The Gay Marriage Fight - Terminology Matters

Berlusconi's power fades away - Quick get a stake in him

White House Whopper Becomes Instant Classic: by Molly Ivins

post about christian persecution w/ numbers

Cheney Cherry Picks Iraq Facts (DNC fact sheet on Cheney's Exuberance)

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

In 2005, Exxon CEO Raked in $190,000 Per Day

Florida Senate: Nelson (D) 57% Harris (R) 27%

Explosive: Is Zaquawi - all PsyOps-Deception? - CANNONFIRE blog

Billy Graham's wife put Franklin in the trunk of the car to punish him..

West Point Graduates Against The War

Some Lyrics on Democracy and Americanism

It's Friday of a holiday week. Where's the news dump?

It's Friday, ya bastards!

Which of CNN's 'unbiased' reporters/anchors is most pathetically partisan?

Does anyone remember a certain Newsweek about Bush?

Contractors who TORTURED in Abu Ghraib won't be prosecuted

Security Updates for Firefox, Opera Browsers

Bush is supposedly coming to CA next week.

Some Chinese prisoners were dissected live and without anesthetic

Bumper sticker idea

Caption this photo...too rich!

Help me out here...

College Republicans: "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game.

To ABC Nightline: You lie! You lie by omission, the DEADLIEST kind of lie!

Uh-oh.. Dish might be going up.. Tivo won a $74 Million suit

EXCLUSIVE(TPM): DHS Warns Companies Of Evil Terrorist "Flyer Distribution"

Something struck me yesterday

I'm glad Bush* is supporting Rumsfeld.

Barb. Starr on CNN dismissing the 6 generals as unimportant because

Where does the line for McCain's $50/hr. agricultural jobs in Yuma form?

Is there any "actual" News going on today? CNN is showing a crawfish boil.

It's no longer a "War on Terror"

Vice president reports gross income of $8.8 million

NH: Say No To PAC, Lobbyist Money

Rumsfeld Shrugs Off Calls for Resignation

The most important things to remember about Rummy and Bush

Messianinc Complex

Disgusting, RW propaganda bulletin from myspace....

Our enemy is NOT the Republicans but rather

CNN has decided to play "Missing White Girl Roulette" again.

Poll: Bush Ratings continue to drop, now at a 34% popularity

Is George W. Bush the, 'idiot son of an a--hole?'

Is it over yet?

Trust but Verify

I was listening to the Stephanie Miller Show this morning....

FCC: "uncostitutional and inconsistent"

Jesus image on Easter egg now for sale on EBay

I saw Regular Unleaded for $3.03 in South Texas yesterday

DEMAND Windfall Subsidy Profits Tax!

GWB says he listens to his generals on the ground. Yeah right!

Other people influence us and we don't even know it

Iran -- is it already happening? (Hullabaloo)

Giant Bush turd floating in the punch bowl, but the press keeps drinking

Throwing Rummy from the Train - By Larry Johnson

Cheney got $1.9 million dollar refund on his taxes

Anyone have the scoop on the Dove Foundation?

Foetuses 'cannot experience pain'

New - JASON LEOPOLD - Libby Filing: A Denial and A Mystery

Omaha Schools Split Along Race Lines


Neil Young Records "Impeach the President" Song

Now its clear Berlusconi failed to steal it, can I get a WOOT in here?

Couric's boyfriend a major Bush supporter & ex-fiance of Laura Ingraham

If a high ranking military official resigns in protest does he/she forfeit

What I don't get about the "Choose Life" Anti-Choice Plates...

BinVeniste on Hardball.

MI GOP says criminalize women who want to save their own lives (abortion)

I'm looking for a checkoff box on my tax forms

A thought on the generals calling for Rumsfeld's resignation.

The Easter Bunny Hates You

Dobbs now: Jr broke his Easter vacation to stand by his man.

Isn't it fun to hear the rightwing pundits picking on Bush and Rummy?

Cool, This is my 500th post!

Destruction caused at Babylon better than leaving it for looters - Marines

A major General has called for staying the course in Iraq.....

Whoa: Fight Outside My Apartment: Iraq War Vet Goes OFF on Somebody!

Time now for Head On with Bob Kincaid!

Get Secure, Encrypted Webmail and Support Electronic Frontier Foundation

New 50 state governors approval polls are out

The selling of circumcision.

While petitioning today a woman identified herself as a Bushit

Cheney tax refund

OK people I'm tired of this and I need help on how to respond.............

If Saddam was really as bad as they want us to believe...

Who is this uber-perky, over-the-top guy on The News Hour?

DU this poll

Most arrogant? Smirk or Rummy?

I wonder

Arkansas Retirement System Mistakenly Publishes Number for Foot Fetishists

Oprah: 30 million people working full time, living on poverty level wages

Air America is NOT the only Liberal/Progressive radio network!

Want to talk to the man who wants to replace Dennis Hastert? (IL-14)

Lmao@MIke Malloy's latest blog entry

TORTURE PICS & US MILITARY SECRETS 4 sale in Afghany Flea Market !!!

Where's your "W" sticker now?

The Pro-choicers Were Wrong Here.

"When the public's reaction to EVERYTHING the president says is negative..

US Embassy in Iraq to be biggest in the World

Paula Zahn and all the Non-News that you never wanted to hear.

Bush's America.

Just to keep the newsday real: Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

"[Olympia ]Snowe launches 'formidable' campaign "

I only wish KHEPHRA was alive to see these days of the House of


It's a madhouse! A madhouse!

I'm a bit confused here about the NIE..

Who would replace Rumsfeld?

Caption *

Health insurance?

Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President of the United States...

I found the perfect gift

A military divided.

Federal Grand Jury Investigating Bonds

Ann Coulter neglects to answer gender question on voter registration

RNC runs ads in Spanish against Harry Reid?

Keith O. on now-stories of Ret. Gen and Rummy

U.S. Buys Back Stolen Data by Afghan Base

The Big Questions nobody ask about electronic voting ...

If you support CHOICE

It's time to put things in perspective here.

What's the deal with Lynn Samuels?

Berlusconi refuses to concede defeat

Fundraising for Progressive Patriots Fund $3861.52

BIG DEAL.Betcha Dick Cheney Put That 8M$ in Charitable Remainder Trusts...

Funny PIctures of Bush Getting Stumped in Kansas

U.S. Building Its Largest Embassy in Iraq

AMT tax question

APOLOGIES to those of you listening to Head On. VERIZON SUCKS!!!

Interesting stuff at this site. More about the media and treatment of

tornado hits U of Iowa

Oceans No Longer Protect Us. And Neither Does FEMA.

Bill O'Rwell: we have never been at war with Easter

How does the death penalty for a wannabe suicide bomber make sense?


Anybody else having problems with getting scammed by the

Fighter vs. Interceptor and why I say wrong, BenBurch...

The Generals...I don't Remember Anything like this for VietNam.

Anyone have the political cartoon w/ * marching into quick sand?

Iraqi Prime Minister a Fan of Chomsky -- no wonder US wants him gone

Did anyone else see Katy Couric defend her precious george this morning?

So how many is this now for DHS/TSA?

Breaking: Ghosts of War Past, Present, Future visit Bush, Get Nowhere -

"Commander in Chief" groping for life (ABC series) SLIGHT SPOILERS

The disease of optimism

Cnn talking of Gen. and Rummy problem. now

I just finished watching this week's "NOW"

Stolen military data for sale in Afghanistan (update)

OH GOD! Rumor Kathrine Harris might quit and Jeb might run instead!

CNN poll: Should Rummy be replaced?

Hummers Suck - Video

Lionel just caled Tommy Franks "the biggest whore of them all"

Iran: Calculated Madness and Common Sense - Graphically Simplified

CNET: ISP snooping gaining support

Malloy reporting Rummy involved with GTMO torture.

I want this woman's sign, but I'm not up for the duty.

Cheney, Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz Flip/Flop On Iran: By Ed Haas

White guys behaving badly (Great punch to RW Talkers from AL newspaper)

Brave talk from the generals now, but.....

DC's WTTG Channel 5 to Become More Fox-like

in honor of $3 gasoline : SUVs MAKE YOU STUPID article

from the cathedral of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION in D.C. last night

Why are some drug stores putting condoms under lock and key?

Guardian: US/UK wargamed Iran invasion in 2004

Sign the bill to stop the NRA's maniac preemptive shooting law!

A Question on Cheney's 2005 TAXES.

Book: 10 Reasons Not To Join The Military

Iraq cleric prays for Bush to follow Sharon into coma

He Hears Voices, He Hears Voices (But Is He Really Listening?)

360 cnn 4 Gen. speak out in surport of Rummy. tune in

Peter Boyle on Mind of Mencia

What to do when you are in public where FOX news is on.

The coming Iran "incident"

DU this poll, Dems chances of taking Congress?

It's horrifying

Best Buy's 'Geek Squad' Accused Of Software Piracy

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play

How Does Mexico Treat Its Illegals?

Chimpy lectures China on economic responsibility...

Sex On Menu At Hooters? Trainer suggests Servers "Put Out"

Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated

Repukes are running attack ads every 15 mins slinging mud at FrancineBusby

Easter News Dump:Cheney 06 Tax Return Shows $8.8M Revenue $6.9 To Charity

Baghdad: Where no one is safe


The swift-boating of the generals have begun

Has anybody read the short story "Brokeback Mountain?"

What would a REAL president do?

The HUMAN COSTS of Bombing Iran-Over A Million Will Die!!!!!

Pearl Jam has a new anti-bush song out


as tears go by... when will they end

Effective ways to grind our side of the culture wars into fundy's face?

Fundie parent wants to ban books for all

Appears the Village Voice is going conservative/right wing. WTF?

The "Bush Crimes" are so just Dwarfs our ability to DEAL?

When looking at a post, do you read the article that it may be linked to?

THESE are the 'christians' who claim that they are being persecuted.

Got to see this picture

No more "Bow Tie Boy"? *ucker Carlson gives up bow ties!

What's your political fantasy?

Remember Artex, in "The Neverending Story"?

I am trying to keep my journal updated with relevant Iraq stories

Sprint unveils mobile child locator service

Anti-war protesters refusing to pay federal taxes

Coming home — disillusioned-- A Soldier's Story

How would YOU give away $7million?

U.S.: Rumsfeld Potentially Criminally Liable for Torture

I wonder what Agent Mike would do if we all started putting

Join the Dick Cheney fan club!

Iran: "You can start a war but it won't be you who finishes it,"

New Gas Boycott Idea

Mexican Restaurant torched in California

Fact: It's over for Bush and the Republicans

How US citizens Avoid Verbal Abuse While Traveling In Europe

A Strategy to Contain Nuclear Proliferation: Peace

Fred Phelps (insane) scheduled for the Mike Webb Show at 9PM Pacific


New code words for "outsourcing"

"Spaz" is not allowed? Is it just me, or is this just silly?

Does anyone know where I can see the video...

Grossman may well be Fitzgerald's star witness against Cheney & Bush

Another Hardball Incestuous Orgy

Ron Paul (R) Blasts War Against Iran and Defends "Her" Against Attack

Emails between GOP Lobbyist and Bush Aide Show Inappropriate Relationship

Two U.S. Marines killed, 22 wounded in Iraq

Can someone tell me why AlQaeda attacked us on 911?

Ok... you've got 1 hour to get your request in for delivery to Bill Maher.


That twit Joe Klein needs a smack up side the head

My dog bit George W. Bush

HOW WE GOT TO HERE -- > PNAC 101 - Rise Of The Neocons

Sick of Big Ed? Go to small eddie dot com!

Anti-War Music

Digby: "This makes Iran-Contra look like the Canuck letter."

George Bush was NOT A FIGHTER PILOT at all!

That Einstein Ret. Gen. Myers Said: "There will be no civil war in Iraq"!

WP: Nino bashes Clinton, of Bush v Gore says "Oh, God -- get over it!"

are you going to Scaborough Fair? Good bye my love

ALERT!.. News is canceled for the day... There has been a bear attack

Human x killed Human y

Will there be a mutiny in the military

we will be greeted with flowers, as liberators, in IRAqN

What happened to the "War on Easter" ?

Navajos Battle a Modern-Day Enemy: Meth

Hey! The ACLU is using "Anti-Choice" in it's Press Releases!!!

Holy Shit. Cheney made enough last year to GIVE AWAY nearly $7 MILLION!

Republicans Lie in Radio Ads

Texas DU'ers - get to Crawford - the pro-war people are showing up

In 2005, Exxon CEO Raked In 190K a Day

Kucinich Demands Answers From Administration About US Troops In Iran


DU is a major threat to the regime, how long can we last ?

RUMSFELD: "My pathway led by Confusion boats/ mutiny from stern to bow..."

"Can Laura Come?" GOP candidates treat George as campaign poison!

Hope? Is there ANY? I think not.

Three Run-Ins with Ultra Consrv. just last week.

Tell Democrats: Don't Get Fooled Again - True Majority Action (IRAN)

Ancient Coptic Scrolls Reveal the True Origins of the Easter Bunny

I need response help please! Titled "Immigration/Travel"

VIDEO: 14 arrests today at Camp Casey

"Sportsman For Bush"

Why Rumsfeld Should Not Resign - By Greg Palast

The Gettysburg Address

Sincere question about abortion

Can anybody recommend a definitive book on how the

Can YOU live on $5 .00 an hour???

The Iraq War - WWJD?

Book TV Schedule - April 15-17

can CNN get anything right? anything?

Marine Corps Captain: "I will never trust any of them again."

What, if anything, can the average citizen do to combat high gas prices?

I blame ALL the crap happening now on the College Republicans

All you need to know about today's "conservatives" - from their t-shirts

Delta and pilots union reach tentative agreement

Some great news from my union!

Texas GAS Prices--and a FLASHBACK to 2000

The DCCC has raised 12.4 it enough to win in November?

How many tears must go by?

Interesting Map of Iraq by the BBC

Reid Demands Senate Return to Immigration Issue

The Generals and the law....

Be Careful What You Wish for...Let's all laugh at Berlusconi together

Here's a poll I'd like to see

PA-07 candidate JOE SESTAK on WNWR today at 1:30 Eastern time

"the president who spread pulverized nuclear waste all around the world.

Message to the timid Democratic Congressional leadership...

The Generals - Stepping up, or protecting *?

New album from Neil Young, includes song called "Impeach the President."

The attack upon Conyers is an indicator of Republican strategy...

Philly Inquirer's Dick Polman - Consultants losing dems races

"The President looks forward to returning to Crawford whenever possible"

Dead Zone

NSA Internet Spying : Are we paranoid enough?

Homeland Security will review detention of Spanish Muslim woman (Florida)

FreePress: Fake News Invades California

A cautionary note to the peace loving Dems ........

more on Hitchins and Powell's "Bitch"

How to Lead a Nation 101, 287,...Bush is at the remedial Level

Has anyone heard anymore about the overdue report on the

Hate group numbers top 800 - advocate murder of immigrants, politicians

MSNBC poll: Will comments by former Generals adversely affect troop morale


Outmoded concept of ‘manliness’ sets stage for protection racket

What's Wrong With This Picture? Joe Klein Hasn't Been Fired Yet

Arrests: Crawford ,Texas - 16 people, including Daniel Ellsberg

Where is James Bond? Where is Superman? We need them! (for real)

South Park, Muhammed, and Jesus dumping on Bush & the flag

How do you know a conservative is about to lie?

House candidate pledges no PAC, lobbyist money

Rummy today: "if every time two or three people disagreed....

I think Democrats should lay it all on the line. No more dilly dallying.

Mr. Bush, Take Down This Wall

...and they dare to call themselves Christians...

What have the Dems accomplished?

DNC Press Release: You're Doing a Heckuva Job, Rummy!

Freeps wetting themselves over "Afghanistan Open Operation Mountain Lion"

Hillary has raised $20 million...

Russ Feingold on Stephanie Miller this show. Listen at link below.

LOL Front page of American Conservative Mag (sorry if dup)

And now: the latest spin on Medicare

"Rumsfeld depends on his commanders in the field."

Having fun with Republicans

Bushes refuse to check Presidential Election Campaign box

Fox News brings in lightweight light colonel to condemn Generals

Bush is STILL milking 911 for all it's worth. How low will Mr Shithead go?

DU this Poll RE: Rummy on CNN

(Bolded Below) is precisely the US interest in "hooking up" India

End the nuclear threat

What Fitzgerald asked Bush in their meeting on June 24, 2004.

International boycott campaign of USA / Boycott GE

Top secret classified Information (Do Not Read This)

Rasmussin: Nelson 57% Harris 27%

Rumsfeld: "Did I authorize putting a bra & underwear on this guy's head?"

Clinton gave Nuke Tech to Iran?

U.S. Building Massive Embassy in Baghdad

Politics1: Fmr. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-AK) to run for President (75 yrs old)

BAnk of New Zealand, Diebold ATMS being replaced, easy to hack with card

What does Hitchens know about Cheney daughter in M.E.?

The NSA's Big Brother Machine - The Narus 6400

Michael Kinsley: Where Do We Meddle Next?

Russia to sell 29 air defense systems to Iran

CNN Poll: Could you forgive someone who shot you?

Progressive Champion Jim McDermott needs our help.

Fair 'n' Balanced "Fox Fans" speak out: SHOULD Rumsferatu Resign?

Got a robo call about parental notice for abortions for minors here in Cal

Sign Petition to oppose pre-emptive attack on Iran!!

Tommy Franks and his own little military formation . . .

Penn State College Republicans Plan "Catch Immigrant" Game


Oy! The News Hour tonight (Fri).....

Will Rummy Resign?

I called all senate offices this week. Here is the report

Dean: We have rebuilt the primarily a grassroots organization.

(Bush) DOJ after Bonds for Perjury: How Many Say Race Still Isnt an Issue?

Gingrich: the status quo is working in Iraq and he's against withdrawal

What congressman/woman's awfulness is most underdiscussed?

ITs Friday, What time is it? Its TIME TO PROTEST the Iraqi WAR... pics

Not as Lame as You Think -- Dems Learn The Art of Opposition

Wash Post has an A1 story on Maryscott O'Connor of Daily Kos and My Left

I found this blast-from-the-past mildly hilarious (gallows humor, sure)

Ann "The Man" Coulter refuses to answer gender question!!!!!!!!

Students Still Sitting In at U of Virginia for Living Wage

Nunn Urges Congress to Set Conditions on U.S.-India Nuclear Pact

tommy franks really adjusting that halo on rummy on hardball!

CA Gov- Westly ahead of Angelides

Do You Trust Bush to Make the Right Decision on Iran?

Rummy must go

This was totally out of line for a Democrat to say right now. Baird, WA

So, who is going down next?

Is it self-delusion or do people really not see the lies ?

VT Republican candidate for Congress says: "IMPEACH BUSH"

What about Jack Reed '08?

We better realize, this kind of dirt is going on around the country!!

Harold Ford (D-Tenn) calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation...replaced by Powell

What would your personal reaction to a Nuclear bombing in Iran,

Is Delay being seriously considered for OMB Director??

You're doin a heck of a job, Rummy

Confirmation of Larisa Alexandrovna's scoop on Iran Military Ops!

Who would you nominate for the Democratic Tough Guys Corps?

Arrests in Crawford Happening Now

Another fake campaign photo (New Orleans Mayoral race)