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Archives: April 12, 2006

Democracy Be Damned - Republicans Need Another War (by Thom Hartmann)

The Religious Right's attempt to take over the Air Force Academy

Daniel Pipes and the unfolding civil war in Iraq

Iran Showdown Tests Power of "Israel Lobby

NY: State files voting plan with court

Mike Webb Hosts John Gideon - Now, 9:20PM PST

Rebecca Mercuri PHD, computerized voting.

A brief report from the Des Moines protest

China marks post-1949 first with Buddhist forum (Reuters)

Shadows fall on Schroeder over Gazprom

Democrats urge protesters to give GOP the boot

Blair accused of using RAF planes as private taxi service

U.S. parents sue soft drink companies over benzene in kids' drinks

Bush's childhood home opens to public

Help computer OE problem

Cute dog photo time!

What is the temperature where you're at now as opposed to later?


I guess they'll draft my kids and nuke um in IRAN, so I'm getting drunk

I rented King Kong. ***SPOILER***

OK, I really ought go to sleep. Good night!

Literariness Test: Lounge vs. GD


This is what happens when you post in GD

It is a fine line between "beans" and "bean soup."

So I decided to create a music video... an AMV to be precise

Cliches You Can Do Without

The next sh*tstorm

Gen. Gregory Newbold encourages active duty officers to speak out

Bush is about to "go Picrochole"

Dubya lines up a replacement for Rove

Ex-Bush aide denies calls on phone jamming

Keller Answers Question: Why did the NYT sit on the NSA story?

Democracy Be Damned - Republicans Need Another War (by Thom Hartmann)

Anyone Know How I Can Burn A Video From Google Videos?

Demographics on seniors

The grassroots stuff works, people. We have to work precinct!

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Now -- Tweety (Chris Mathews)... n/t

Democracy Be Damned - Republicans Need Another War - Thom Hartmann

A Long Way Up Shit Creek

I fear for Hispanic people...

Teen's death mourned (14, walkout activist, photo)

Does the immigration issue need a separate forum?

More BS on Valerie Wilson - Anyone heard THIS one?

Bausch & Lomb ReNu Recalled - I think I have this infection

Can anybody in San Diego report what the heck is up with election returns?

A brief report from an Iowa * protest today

PHOTO: The dinning table at the George W. Bush childhood home.

Immigrant Nation by Richard Rodriguez

Why can't the pro illegal immigration crowd understand this?

How Wal-Mart affects us

Immigrant Bill Fallout May Hurt House GOP

Misleading WaPo "headlie": Lacking Biolabs, Trailers Carried Case for War

Update-14yrold walkout activist who killed himself after school threatened

Gore Reborn?

The Human Costs of Bombing Iran

BBC: Bombs push Iraq towards the abyss

Robert Scheer (TruthDig): Now Powell Tells Us

Gene Lyons on Iran

An Iranian Missile Crisis? By David Ignatius

Sushi and the Reverend Moon

Lacking Biolabs, Trailers Carried Case for War

"Race, Class and Rape at Duke" by a visiting professor at Duke

The Rise of Fascism in America

Races Update:

WP Editorial: The Disappearing President

Baghdad: Where no one is safe (CNN reporter Cal Perry in Baghdad)

Historian: Iraq, Afghan Wars Parallel Philippine Invasion

"The Neocon Misunderstanding of Democracy and Why....

U.S. Congress mirrors the lives of immigrants

The Devil Inside (The Nation)

On the eve of destruction--Boiling Mad Blog

WaPo: When Animals Suffer, So Do We

Now Powell Tells Us (Nation)

The "Selective Leak" (Rolling Stone on phony "Zarqawi" letter)

Democrats Anonymous--A Recovery Group for the Disillusioned

Cheney's Resignation Is Imminent --The Ostroy Report

Who will march against Bush? (Geov Parrish)

Rove say Iran leader not rational

Immigration. I'm against it. Hugely.

Anti-War Protestors block doors to Military Recruiters

Income Gap More Like a Chasm (living wage law needed)

World Changing has a debate on Nuclear Energy.

NGOs Claim 57% Of Papua's Remaining Forests Slated For Clear-Cutting

Ah-nold Already Backing Away From Climate Plan - SF Chronicle

Oil Exploitation in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest - please help

Over 50% Of European Plant Species At Risk From Climate Breakdown

Hotspots Serve As Biological Refugee Camps In Wake Of Climate Displacement

2 Smithsonian Exhibits On Arctic Meltdown Will Open 4/15 - LA Times

Coroner - NYC Cop, 34, Died As Direct Result Of Ground Zero Air

Meet The Everglades' Newest Invasive Problem - Burmese Pythons

Iowa Farmers save 216 Million lbs of Nitrogen by reduced Fertilizer use

Mo. House passes ethanol fuel standard

North Dakota has wind resources of 4.32 exajoules.

Restoring wetlands key to curbing bird flu -report

Scientific Model Sees Up To 25% Of All Species Extinct By 2050 - MSNBC

Indian Zoo Confesses Black Bear Missing Since February 22nd - AFP

Field Of Nightmares - Great Interview With Elizabeth Kolbert

Ford says more ethanol pumps are needed

The travelling oasis of absurdity

"iWitness" a provocative look at war, human choice

IDF reports increase in number of would-be suicide bombers

UN ends unrestricted political contacts with Palestinians

Israel 'to step up Gaza shelling'

So OBVIOUS they planted Flight 93 debris it's laughable!

77's Washington DC flightpath.

Satam Al Suqami's passport and Florida ID

I attempted to "steady frame" this shaky video - what do you think?

Flight 93 recordings- why the english language?

United 93 CVR transcript

When things catch fire, an observation

Explosion holes

Any thought or evidence that Rudy was

Richard "shoebomber" Reid to be summoned by defense


"Staff will not have time to accommodate individual voter concerns".

Digitize my vote and ship it on a network. It's sooo convenient!

NEEDED: Internet Whistle Blowers Reward for VOTER FRAUD Crooks!

a little help?

EAC Commissioner Martinez Resigns & Advises Audits for all Elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday April 12

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against iVotronic in Allegheny Co. PA (Pittsburgh)

Update from Alaska...

New Election Reform group on Gather

S. 450: Count Every Vote Act of 2005

Holt's response to Bev Harris

100 of us get shipwrecked on an island,

Iowa-related item in Environment/Energy forum

Upcoming events in CR

We have bus space available for NYC march April 29

Cindy Sheehan to Speak at Tent State University at UMass

A Students Plea - 2nd Annual Wellstone Dinner w/ Al Franken

Hey Minnesotans! Look how they are treating our returning Marines

DU button on google toolbar?

Feingold, Sheehan, Hightower and Van Os in Austin next week

Road Keel -Austin

Anybody from Burleson?- morbid billboard

Does anyone have the exact address for were the convention...

Advice on Houston rush hour traffic and toll roads

FIGHTING DEM VET Ted Ankrum Declared Winner

Why Alvarado Won

Clam fritters

Godfrey drops out

McGuinty assailed by premiers over equalization

The secret plot to destroy the Liberals

Teen's death mourned (14, walkout activist)

Gingrich at USD: Scale back to small force in Iraq

Australian Prime Minister John Howard says he will testify at oil-for-food

American students favor Iraq troop reduction (Reuters)

E-mails show Abramoff used donations to spur GOP help

Gunmen Kill 3 Iraqi Government Employees

Report: Women Of Color Get Smaller Tax Breaks

Afghan refugees asked to return to place of origin

U.S. House Race in Southern California to Be Decided in Runoff

Report: U.S. intel knew Bush 'WMDs found' claim probably untrue

Berlsuconi REFUSES TO CONCEDE: "Nobody now can they they won"

Iran Showdown Tests Power of "Israel Lobby

World Bank Chief Outlines a War on Fraud

Russia prepares lunar program to recover energy resources

Paper: Bush touted WMD find despite conflicting evidence

Allawi warns against Iraq civil war

Italy Won't Send U.S. Extradition Request (22 CIA agents)


San Diego Union Tribune: U.S. citizen kidnapped in Tijuana

US's Rice says time for 'strong steps' over Iran

(Rep. Bernard) Sanders: Bush censure appropriate, impeachment hopeless

Dems Target GOP Phone-Jamming Scheme

Bush Statement on Iraq WMD Later Debunked (WH response to report)

BBC: Bombs push Iraq towards the abyss

Eye Fungus a Mystery to Bausch & Lomb

Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave campus job fair UCSC

Feb trade deficit narrows to $65.7 bln

A Speech on the Economy, for 2006 or 2008?

State audits Pinellas elections (Florida)

Indonesia Muslim hardliners attack Playboy building

Rice speaks-the Iran "prep" talk

Skilling Says He, Lay Never Broke The Law

Howard Dean: Bush should declassify entire bio-weapon lab report

Security Council will consider 'strong steps' against Iran

CNN/Reuters: Harvard telescope looking for aliens

White House hotly denies report on Iraq WMD

Six insurgents killed in Afghanistan as troops launch new operation

No quick action on Iran seen in divided UN council


Prodi to reinforce alliance between "strong Europe", U.S

Condisleezy - "'We can't let this continue'"

Texas Judge Orders Medication for Inmate (so inmate can die)

A car bomb explodes at a Shia mosque killing at least 20 people

Over 20 dead in Iraq mosque car bombing

(Mass.) Governor likely to veto health fee

20 Killed in Car Bombing at Iraq Mosque

Iraq’s oil output shrinks as fuel shortages mount

Rove says Iran leader not rational

Democrat ahead in special election in California stronghold

Feds investigating Cleveland Catholic Diocese financial officers.

SANTA CRUZ Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave campus job fair

ATF rids University of Georgia of ninja threat

Former DeLay aide paid thinktank to advance lobbying efforts

British soldiers ordered to Iraq (150 Fusiliers from Cyprus)

Priest's trial in death of nun will include talk of rituals, cults

Flight 93 cockpit struggle to be played in 9/11 trial


Prodi confirms withdrawal from Iraq

WP/AP: Government Spending Hits Record in March

MSM is after Conyers aggressively now: Congressman accused of using staff

A Call to Shed `Poison Pill' Immigration Rule

Oil prices still near record as demand holds steady

AP Report Raises New Questions on Bush, WMDs (has Scotty comments)

When is terror not terror?

Flaherty (Dem) wins Habay's (R) seat in special election

Report Raises New Questions on Bush, WMDs

Symposium Asks if Americans Watching Iraq ("Long War" propaganda)

Budget deficit $85.47 bln, record for March

POLL: Is George W. Bush the worst U.S. president in 100 years?

Giuliani: World economy can survive another Sept. 11-like attack

Cincinnati activist shot outside city hall (Reuters)

Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away

Chirac congratulates Prodi on election win

U.S. military continues to take the heat in Iraq (33 died in April)

Russia, EU back U.S. against Iran

NYT: Deaths of U.S. Soldiers Climb Again in Iraq (more than March total)

Scalia says he's proud he didn't recuse himself in Cheney case

Iraqi forces find Iranian arms cache

Nine poultry farmers commit suicide in flu-hit India

Iraqi interior minister admits 'death squads' exist

US secrets for sale outside Bagram airbase

Iraq protest officer says US behaved 'like Nazis' (UK / RAF)

British 'hacker' fears Guantanamo (BBC)

Italy election fraudulent - Berlusconi

WP,pg1: Rumsfeld Rebuked By Retired Generals

(Bolivia's President) Morales Thanks Cuba for Cooperation (op Miracle, ed)

NYT: Bush Panel Considers Revamping College Aid and Accrediting

Terror law an affront to justice - judge (UK)

Hicks allowed home if released (from GTMO)

Snow says let's debate U.S. economic policy course (wrong course)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 12 April

WP: Smithsonian's American History Museum to Close for Nearly Two Years

Venezuela observes coup anniversary

14 indicted in human smuggling ring on U.S.-Canada border

(Haitian president-elect) René Preval on working visit to Cuba

US, Peru sign free trade deal

Halutz: A nuclear Iran is a threat to the free world

Children get taste of their parents' military life (Before big deployment)

FEMA says flood-damaged New Orleans homes should be raised

US like Nazis: British Iraq refusnik

Al-Qaida No. 2 praises Al-Zarqawi, calls on Muslims to support insurgents

"We're helpless," says Iraqi surgeon ("They use cluster bombs")

Prosecutors Drop Appeal in (Patriot Act) Librarian Case

Texas Judge Orders Medication for Inmate

William Sloane Coffin, Famed Peace Activist, Dead at 81

Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days, U.S. Says

Duke Lacrosse Supporters Hire Clinton Lawyer (Bob Bennett) for PR Effort

Transcript: Flight 93 cockpit tape (BBC)

Incumbent Bolten may pick an outsider for OMB (TOM DELAY)

Iraq: France Backs Idea Of Southern Federation, Says Ambassador

More Sensitive Data Turns Up at Afghan Bazaar

Congressman accused of using staff to baby-sit (Conyers)

Paleontologists Find Species With Links to 'Lucy Skeleton'* evolution

(Another) Retired US Iraq general demands Rumsfeld resign (John Batiste)

Newly Crowned Miss Iraq Fears for Her Life

Rove says Iran leader not rational

Americans will buy SUVs even if gas hits four dollars a gallon: Ford

Judge calls BCCI case a 'farce'

'Nation' columnist: Powell fingers Cheney

CNN: Queen at Harry's army graduation: Prince could be deployed to Iraq...

Terror watch list trips up Marines' homecoming

Variety: McDonald's readies battle plan for "Fast Food Nation" film

CNN/AP: Seal hunters expected to kill 234,000 Wednesday

Poll: Sinking Perceptions Of Islam




Ya got me, Kitchenwitch...

Sweet dreams, DU...


Not lacking.

So, what is American National Dress?

So.....I've been away ALL evening.....and nobody noticed, I guess.......

Did anyone ever notice?

Embarrassing baseball fans

Just had this e-mail exchange

It's not that I'm old, it's just

First thing that comes to mind?

Of these instruments, and only these instruments, which is your favorite?

Official be nice to (edited out) threat!

Superfluous thread!

Could someone explain "Reverse Mortgages" to me

College is expensive, yes??

The Universe Is A Trip

Have you ever recognised different types of trees from quite a long way

First we had the Chevy commercials.. Someone took it up a notch

My one year DU anniversary is coming up

It's only rock n roll

have you ever received a tv station from a really long way away?

Lots of cute critters and one bizarre lookin' one . . .

NEW STD FOUND BY CDC....(joke alert)

You know, now that Heidi is a mod I should be able to .....

Straight Men....what mens' cologne turns you on?

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!!!!

How to practice for your mammogram at home.

Fly lesbian enriched uranium FLY!

This weekend, my mommy's going to see me for the first time since...


Hey, Elad, is it possible to extend the recommendation period...

i'm tired of wlking into a room

Naughty naughty doggie

Worst. Movie. Reviewer. Stupidity. Ever.

I apologise to the lounge

Friggin great-Been vested for 4 months but retirement has me at 4 years

The DEVIL you say! Who's the Best Film Satan?

Limp Bizkit singer starts MySpace feud

this is really funny stuff from TLC "the learning channel"

Four days off for Easter!

Q: how can I block specific URLs on my PC?

Why Moses is a bad kids name...nothin but trouble...

most annoying AI pop wannabe

Speaking of cologne & perfume. PLEASE SHOWER!

Winner of the Democratic Warrior Brazilian Joke Contest!

It's my iPod's birthday!! So here is my top 25 after one year:

When Bush leaves - what keyboard keys will the staff steal?

Anyone watch the *NEW* Ten Commandments?

From an e-mail I received, RE: gas prices:

Midnight Movies (Part III) - Reefer Madness

A hug for billyskank...

DU button on google tool bar

Since I've been wearing rayban aviators and not smiling, strangers seem to

First person to post his/her picture gets photoshopped

The Clash's album, "London Calling" is the greatest album ever!

Question for TurboTax Users (Mortgage Interest Write-Off)

John Madden: Why reporters should just paraphrase, Exhibit "A"

sorry to take up postspace and go all-caps but I just gotta holler:

What's the absolute worst junk food you eat?

Vanna White is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Discuss.

My Spacers who also use Firefox/Mozilla, question for ya:

Any Dayna Kurtz fans?

I think this Dell laptop is giving me carpal tunnel syndrome

raise your hand if you think jukes needs a beating...

Mastercard has a "Make Your own Commercial" on the web!!

What's your favorite Easter candy?

And now, a RANT about my supervisor.

Britney visited by Child Welfare officials

Illegal Aliens Paint Saucers Red, White, and Blue

It was the third of September.

I don't feel well, and I want to go to sleep.

My company net filter just blocked CafePress as PORN ?!?!

*THE* official "Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll" thread 4/12/06

whats for lunch everyone?

Why are there gravelly-clawed miniature gerbils crawling in my throat?

I FUCKING HATE Going To The FUCKING Post Office.

The Iraqi Horror Picture Show (jpg)

Thanks guys for helping me yesterday.

This IS the lounge....So, what's your sign?

YES!! my suit (for Easter services) is ready at the cleaners

Huge Killer Pythons in Florida Everglades?

There were days

Special High Intensity Training: S.H.I.T.

Why does my 30-something academic advisor type like a teenybopper?

Hey, lounge!!!!

The window is closed....

Say nothing.

download some emoticons -- free

Speaking of cologne & perfume. PLEASE DON'T overdo it!

Skank your billy if you need a hand raising a beat

Jim Jarmusch movies--why don't I love them?

*THE* official American Idol-'Who's going?' thread 4/12/06

I actually overheard this at work yesterday.

Highway pegs!

Who says liberals are at war with the Easter bunny?

Update on the Eurasian Eagle Owl:

Peep Show

How long until someone goes insane and kills me?

Cheapest, easiest way to rip an audio stream/save it to my HD, anyone?

I'm just going to go in a corner and cry now . . . :(

Led Zepplin fans -

My neighbor celebrated spring by blowing all his leaves into my yard.


Boy did I screw up.

Has anyone else noticed this?

here's a picture of goodgirl and me on a billboard in NYC...>>>

Happy Birthday(s), David Letterman and Herbie Hancock!

How old were you???

When the aliens do come to Earth, who will they visit first?


Have You Seen That Funny Video Of The Old Man Who Sneezes?

A sign you're spending too much time on DU:

There's Pooh on the sidewalk

What is the approximate elevation of your area?


Sperm Donor Sued For Child Support

Britney's statue is plagiarized; amazing similarity--and you won't believe

So I'm eating my Apple Dapples and had a thought:

Has anybody ever read "A Course In Miracles" ?

Can you help me? I'm looking for finks.

Robert Smith is singing at Wrigley Field today

I like to add cinnamon to my ground beef, before stewing it.

ATF Agents Detain Student Leaving 'Pirate vs. Ninja' Event: ATF Ninja-Hunt

List something lukewarm about yourself.

Crazy sports stat of the day

Okay, cuteness overload . . .


Nicollette Sheridan's ex-fiance...this guy just fuckin' REEKS of CLASS.

Now I feel like an idiot!

I just signed the lease to my new apartment! Ask me Anything..

Vote for the MANliest Man! (spoiler: Brokeback men beating John Wayne!!!)

American Idol to perform songs from Bob Dylan!

OMG, what the hell happened?!

Jessica Simpson to cover "Tangled up in Blue"

Bizarre question: can Vicodin give you hives like poison oak?

What the web used to look like:

I don't know about Aladdin, but this thread contains a subliminal message

Easter -- should I break the news to my 12-year-old?

New Brazilian joke

I really don't like coloring Easter Eggs.

I'm so depressed!

Newsflash: It is STILL raining!!

Has 'Married... With Children' affected your ability to parent?

My Dog Gave Me an Extra Gray Hair Today.

It's Passover and I am at home with a

Gray skies are gonna clear up,

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/12/06)

Emotional Affairs?

I wish there were a way for me to broadcast my itunes collection....


You're The TV Critic

Can you say "Fuck" on TV now...

Can you help me? I'm looking for kinks.

Can you help me? I'm looking for drinks.

If I said I was going to sleep and wouldn't wake up

NYC - I'm coming for a visit, tomorrow!

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

Liberal Women are HOT

Liberal ovens are HOT

If I were single, I would.........

Do You Know Any Adults Who Talk To Themselves?

I went to put chili on my mac 'n cheese tonight, and couldn't. I just

AAAAAgh! I just sat through the Queen medley on American Idol...

I'm too tired to think of anything witty to say.

Hey, SHINE! Still with us?

Check out this music video --- "Sing" by The Dresden Dolls

Push the envelope in this thread!

Bono or bonobo?

Tucker's ditched the bow-tie; now, about his pretty, pretty hair...

Who got voted out on American Idol tonight?

Man Denies Masturbation Charge Claiming He Doesn't Even HAVE A Penis

talk like freepers!!!

I am a lazy heathen...I'm going to hell

NOTHING beats this stuff after a few too many......NOTHING!!!!!!

My poem: Blind

I saw this bumper sticker on the way to work and I want it!

Take THAT, Family Guy!

A message to George from Johnny

Did anyone watch the Hallmark version of "The Ten Commandments"?

Is there a website where I can search for OLD cars for sale? By "old"

I had a naughty dream about Alton Brown last night!

You're gonna kiss me

Tough shit, I say.

Group Mastication thread

Walking to and from work rules!

Hot Damn, get the popcorn!

I masticated in public today. Ask me anything.

LOST question.

You're gonna miss me

I wonder if Pink has gotten any fallout yet for "Dear Mr. President"

Bono or Beano?

Oh Jeebus - "new" stuff from Flight 93 on the local news

just got first digital camera, took the first photos of me in a decade.

Lots and lots of Sirens...

Can you paint "Fuck" on your aeroplanes now, or is it "obscene"?

This is my tribute to DemoTex and Mrs. Dr. DemoTex because

You're(1) gonna(2) miss(3) me(4)

Any significance to a Masonic baseball cap left under a table?

It's my Friday!! YAY Party!

Oh man, Dr. Drew has jumped the shark

Neighbors and their dogs - a rant

Do you know the rain to San Jose?

WHO on DU should have a crush on YOU?

No one from GD will EVER find me here!

Attack of the abstract blimps!

How do I get a screen shot?

Group Matriculation thread

I like to add cinnamon to my ground coffee, before brewing it.

Photo of Back Bay before Katrina

June Pointer died!

What is your guilty pleasure food?

A note to all the American Idol watchers

Travolta: No autism treatment for 14 Y.O. son (involves psychiatric care)

"I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't/You Can't Make Your Heart...."

i am NO ONE's

I want violin music. Any genre. Any mood. Anything.

If you're wondering why your tech support calls are taking a little longer

*** ANIMATION: The Time is Now! ***

I need to vent or rant

You know what's a funny animal? The clam.

Help!!! All I smell is CHOCOLATE!!!!


Will anyone miss me?

Apparently Nobody would Miss Me, If I went away.

Why is a photobucket image being shown as hosted by democraticunderground?

TV Trivia time!!!

Who isn't in on the pool yet?

OH MATCOM!!!!! Someone doesn't like BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!

Dang, Her hair smelled like strawberries!!!!!!

Who's More Talented: Prince or David Bowie?

Who would you want to see eaten by dogs on national TV?

Did anyone miss me????

Post a one liner

why would someone joke that they thought my black cat was Silas

What's for dinn-ah?

Uncle Zomby's 3 Wishes Thread

Does anyone know of sentences/phrases that sound dirty but aren't?


never mind

Which of these e-mail habits annoy you the most?

Next "American Idol" theme week!

When you see "DSM"

Two new sketches: kagehime

Can you help me? I'm looking for links.

We're thinking of moving to Vancouver. Talk me out of it.

What are you afraid of?

What a fucking day yesterday!

I masticated in front of my children today!

so point me to some intriguing journals

Who's more talented: Edgard Varèse, or Billy Joel?

The Top 40 ALL-TIME Conservative Pop Music

Save Your Pre-1982 Pennies (95% copper & worth more than face value)

Official be nice to billyskank thread!

Tonight marks the passing of an era


Write a HAIKU about the KUDZU thread

How old are you???

Did the sasquatch actually accomplish anything in the end?

I think billyskank needs to give me a beating.

Oh the humanity!!

Interesting personality test

"Congress shall make no law..."

So if all nuns are married to Jesus, doesn't that make them polygamists?

Which Christian Denominations Are The Least Gay-Friendly?

Comparison of Schiz. Drugs Often Favors Firm Funding Study

The legal lock on stem cells-2 patents cover key research -stop science

Balloon fix could mean end to sinus misery

Drug studies skewed toward study sponsors

Fast Food in Decline

Fossil connects human evolution dots (AP/CNN)

African fish leaps for land bugs (BBC)

"Cosmos" observation

Russia prepares lunar program to recover energy resources

Does this qualify me for the biggest nerd ever?

Are Uranus puns still funny?

Should kids of LGBT parents be "showcased"?

Straight men who say things like

I Donate Once A Year To HRC... My Annual Membership Donation Of $35.00

'Open season' on gay employees

A very strong letter written by the mother of a gay boy in Vermont

Two New Yorkers attacked in St. Maarten

Perfect Drift Begins '06 Season at Keeneland

Tell me about your second dog.

Have you guys seen "The Coolest Dog EVER?"

Surviving pet advice...

The Festival of Easter (full moon)

Ah HA HA HA HA HA! (FreeWillAstrology again.)

Burning all those candles for Love has totally backfired on me.

please post comments on "A Course In Miracles" here

Something Sylvia Browne said today.

Walking and Talking with John Kerry, About the Blogosphere

One more question

More Ammunition Against Klein

Kerry Iraq comments recorded on the web

Opps. Dupe. Sorry about that.

My son just got his learner's permit.

WeL, or anyone...

*GASP* Well, I never!!

Good news and pathetic news

What's JK up to today?

Kerry Greases the Skids for 2008 [USNWR]

Kerry campaigns for Cantwell in WA

Sometimes I think DU is filled with strange people

While on the subject of Energy.......

Red sun at night

Can you find the connections


a juxtaposition

I'm new here

Hey, here's the best cover/description yet of Keith's upcoming book

New blog: looks like Gogi hasn't seen Baseball Preview Part 5 yet...

KOEB Meeting -- 4/12/06: More * Lies Edition

vote up this yahoo story Re:bush and WMD

Who else is staying up late to follow the CA-50 special election results?

Bernie Ward talking Iran and Israel (WHAT?)-- streaming

Registrar files list 240-year-old voter

Police Report filed against the Chimp denied

Need help

anyone remember this? . . .

Unite for Peace

Do you get worked up over pro-Bush crap on non-political boards??

Breaking : Prodi interviewed on Europe 1 (Radio)

Three US marine officers relieved of command

If anyone is wondering what Sean Hannity is doing right now...

'Rational Americans' Must Restrain Bush From 'Insanity'(Pakistan)

Little Man ---pix--->>>

I just heard Thom Hartman say

2,361 troops now dead in Iraq - Stats the GOP want hidden

Looking for article on hate crimes laws

PHOTO: Run for your lives, it's the Iraq Drone! It could spread anthrax!

Has anyone tried filling a police report against the Chimporer?

Iran/Iraq or Alternative Energy

Will Russia move to deter the US from using nuclear weapons

Q: Did Saddam Hussein develop and maintain mobile weapons labs?

Nuclear attack on Iran is "certain"

Armageddon outa here! Paging Thomas Jefferson.

MAUREEN DOWD: Wag the Camel

Bush's October surprise - it's coming

Heads Up! Joseph Cirincione on C-Span! Talking Iran....

Taxes, Abortion, Gun Control, Religion, etc...

washington journal time-"Should Rumsfeld Resign-repubs only"

Talk about misplaced priorities...

Here Are Your Fake Mobile Weapons Labs ---pix-->>>

This George Is No Washington!

Special election PA: 1st time in more than 40 years district rep. is Dem

Lawmaker upset by silence on another Dubai deal!!

Another bad week for jr... and its only Wed am

Would a nuclear attack on Iran make Bush more or less popular

Caption the Bad Guys

A Heckuva Job: Hurricane-Ravaged Louisiana Parish Considers Hiring Brownie

Wesley Clark Favors A Massive Strike On Iranian Targets

Prince Charles has "one up" on Georgie boy!

Hate group numbers top 800

Powell: Iraq nuclear threat "all Cheney" - knew "no Niger connection"

After 40 years, Dems take State House seat (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

How to win in 2006:

He can defend our country, but can't escort his girlfriend to her prom

UK Govt hints at appeal in Hicks case

Heads up - AF getting ready for big deployment out of MacDill

Caption - Bush Gone Wild

US action on Iran likely in November

June 8, 2003; Saddam's trucks were for balloons, not germs

What ever happened to smiting?

Raising a glass to the new Moderators!

Mo. Couple's Sextuplet Tale a Hoax

Policeman's death linked to post-9/11 work


Stop the Demonstrations! GOP to Drop Felony to Misdemeanor For Immigrants.

GWB and Hitler, not equating them but...

How many of these "illegal immigrants" are Catholic and ANTI-CHOICE?

US threatening Russia with economic retaliation: report

DU for teenagers?

Help finding a story - Pentagon tells State dept to hire private security

Toxic Chinese mercury pollution travelling to US!

British Officer compares U.S. To Nazi Germany

Cafferty was pointing out to Wolfie how that Bush seems to go off

Josh Marshal has it right...

How's Bush Doing On Vacation Time These Days?

Bush information leak reeks of Watergate, from John Conyers' blog:

Iraqi minister admits ‘death squads’ exist - Operated by security firms

Wow, it's true - Curious George is President

If our president was insane or unfit for office, whose job would it be

Has any US cable or network news reported Berlusconi lost the election?

Can the immigrant movement sweep the Republicans out?

Congress could double number of H2-B temporary visas, extend time limit

I am biased. I am against the death penalty

Are we going to get the day off of having the blivet on stage a flailing

The immigration protests really pissed off the GOP

The Leaker in Chief? Newsweek 4/17-Michael Isikoff

Would would have happened if "Reverend' Moon did a mass suicide, and

In Wal Mart's America

Health care, I wonder when…..

You people are nuts, Bush IS a diplomat!

Seymour Hersh is on Democracy Now today; worth a listen if

Spain indicts 29, sees no al-Qaida connection

From an e-mail I received, RE: gas prices:

CSPAN2, Byron Dorgan, discussing waste water troops are

Comparison of Schizophrenia Drugs Often Favors Firm Funding Study

Sen. Reid: Bush Must Disclose Role in Leak of Intelligence Information

Here's an idea! Let's sell the Iraqi security job to Dubai.

Foreign Companies Reduce Local Workforces: America Is a Distant Memory

US Like Nazis: British Iraq Refusnik

NEW: White House Made False Statement on Iraq WMD: WHEN DO WE IMPEACH! -->

Oh Good God ---pix---->>>

What the MSM (and some DUers) Don't Get about Illegal Immigration.

Rubber stamp Republicans..

British Air Force Dr. On Trial For Refusing To Go To War: "US Like Nazis"

Chrertoff on cspan on Nat. Security. talking of passports (biometric)

‘No-fly’ list delays Marine's Iraq homecoming

Shocker: Judith Miller questioned 'biolab trailers' in 2003

The disgusting hypocrisy of the Religious Right over immigration.

Iranian diplomat claims Iran *could* build a warhead in 2 years

Homebound Marine was on 'no fly list' - Detained As Possible Terrorist!

LOL: "Presidential poll numbers are down around his IQ"--Imus

BUSHIT. (If DU had a theme song, this would be it.)

Today is the day in 1945 that Roosevelt died

Administration Accused of 'Nuclear Saber Rattling' on Iran

Bin Laden Offered Sex In Exchange For Peace

Why Do You Hate Bush's Freedom to Hate Your Freedom?

Eighth Grader Commits Suicide After Being Threatened by School Official

Does anyone have a link to a video of Khomeini's funeral?

WINNER: Oh Fa Chrissake Award 04/12/06

Howard Fineman >> Iran again holds hostages — Bush and the GOP

Howie Kurtz is a freakin idiot

Whats up with the Iranian Oil Bourse?

I've got a simple but very serious question about idiot boy.............

Sign the Petition: Don't Nuke Iran


I see a wily CAPTION in your future!!!!

Scotty demands an apology from WP for "irresponsible" Iraq trailers report

(once again) WMD info distorted? Pffft, small potatoes to this crowd

Prince Harry graduates; may go to Afghanistan. Are u listening, Bush twins

In Attics and Rubble, More Bodies and Questions (you know where)

Everyone is overweight except me, most Americans say in poll

McCain gets "testy and arrogant"


OH my God--man arrested in our town for political bumperstickers?

Has Iraq been liberated?

PHOTO: Pat Robertson and nude Britney Spears statue

Libby Shocker: Bush OK'd Ozone Layer Leak

Iran shows how we have "Screwed the Pooch" in the use of power

cpan--WH press conference starting now

Now Powell Tells Us - Bush Took 'Misleading' Cheney Advice - Robert Sheer

Since when did "Customs and Immigration" become

Bush and the Trailers - Scotty Responds

It's official, we're spending more on gas than groceries

Rice speaks-the Iran "prep" talk

Fitzgerald Retreats on a Claim Critics Had Used Against Bush

Anybody Else's Gas Go Up Overnite?

Autopsy Links Cop's Death To 9/11 Dust

*PAY INTERNET * while surfing? kill internet ? R's Passed this Bill,

C-span said it would have a WH briefing in about 15 minutes

Ashcroft speech having difficulties selling tickets,organizer is perplexed


URGENT RE: Clark Mountain Burro Herd Mojave National Preserve.

Howard Dean: Is the president dishonest or just incompetent?

Bush hides from yet another question-putz!1

Hawaii Governor Says Six Weeks of Rain Will Cost $50 Million (plus)

Be prepared for "it's time to stop the name-calling" crap from the right

La de da-- 35 US Soldiers dead so far in April, La de da, La de da...

Post Quietly Alters Story on Cheney Boos

Immigration issues are just a diversion by Republicans

Another day, another War- where is the international outcry?

Josh Marshall: Tell us more about the declassification procces Scotty!

"Peace through strength".

WI--Sen. Kolh (D) may be in trouble IF Tommy Thompson decides to run

What job would Bush be suited for in the real world?

The president wasn't at liberty to tell the public that he was lying


We have learned that Bush is considering dropping NUCLEAR BOMBS on Iran

MSNBC Poll: Iran nuclear threat: How should it be handled?

Rasmussen is Nuts

Two Funerals or a Fundraiser. Life is Hard Work For the Chimp.

RajKumar and the Unforseen Consequences of Outsourcing

Supposed to be a rally against ill. immigration and I've got a sign and

Excellent collection of classic Bush speechifying moments

Four retired Generals call for Rummy's resignation.

I just can't handle Bush STARTING ANOTHER WAR!

Iran in context

Quick!!! Somebody call O'Reilly!

McClellan: "I hope that ABC would apologize" for no WMDs

Does anyone have words of comfort regarding Bush and Iran?

DU this Poll: Should Rummy resign?

I'm confused: Just what is Scott McClellan so highly miffed

*GASP* Shock & Horror! Bush touted WMD find despite conflicting evidence

(VIDEO) Watch Scotty tap-dance - literally!

Let's look at OUR intelligence - re: Iran.

Just breaking CNN another Iraq Mosque (Baquba) bombed

LTTE on immigration - big business bottom line

White House Reporter after briefing speculates: Israel will bomb Iran

Colin Powell Admits Knowing WH claims of WMD was Bullshit!!

Send self destructing "comment" email to your favorite Right Winger (Free)

Three U.S. soldiers among 12 dead in Iraq (Tal Afar)

Pennsylvania Offers Small Wind Power Systems Free of Charge

I had a terrible dream last night

What the hell are all you for Military Recruiters waiting for?

Thom Hartmann playing FDR speech from 30's saying democracy

Powell "Never Believed" Iraq/Niger Connection - Robert Scheer

Republican meltdown

Archives Kept a Secrecy Secret

Another bush LIE comes to light. But we already knew this.

Bloomberg's "Iran Nuke" scare headline: let them hear about it.

The Parallels between the Cuban Missle Crisis and Iran

WRONG WAY PUBS, they don't even Add Right..a Rant from the Pond

Cows and politics

California district 50 sent a message to the repugs last night.

Freefall ????

For historic context: Kennedy's Cuba Crisis Speech

Bolten- Considering Picking Tom Delay to Direct OMB?

Bush: "Admit it...Iran is ugly and it NEEDS plastic surgical bombing..."

Reid Spokesman: White House Not Credible on Immigration

Condisleezy - "'We can't let this continue'"

Leaker-in-Chief (cartoon)


You'll have to trust me on this this. You won't regret it.

A Street Corner in Ramadi

15,000 Said Ill From 9/11 Pollution

Seriously though: if we attack Iran... who is outta here? and where to?

Support the Troops -

CNN - Libby filing papers today

OMG I'm a Republican!!

Iranian Nuclear Claims Mean Little - Link

Author:'Bush On The Couch'=GW V. Destructive Man-Needs To Be Removed

Problems mount from 9/11 fallout (BBC)

Video- Interview with Cecelia Fire Thunder- Lakota President

The youngest Pointer Sister has died

Conservative Blogger Defends Videogames

Has * ever actually said anything indicating that he wants the End Times?

If you missed the ACLU's town hall forum on presidential spying, a link:

I wonder - is there any way to save the lives about to be lost in Iran?

OK, Now I'M SCARED-Bloomberg: "Iran Could Produce Bomb in 16 Days"

It's Not About Iran's Nukes - It's About the Oil Bourse & Fall of Dollar->

Majority of Americans oppose illegals

Top Reasons You Wouldn't Want a Mobile Biological Weapons Lab-Juan Cole

CAMP CASEY EASTER REVIVAL (Cindy Sheehan returns to Crawford)

Surprise! Surprise! Macho Bush will not be out saber rattled.

On Diversity day, Ky gov Fletcher (R) removes protection for

Why do media refer to * as "Rancher", "Businessman"

David Ensor: how much is he paid by BushCo?

Is Iran a Threat

There's some hope for bush, but then he'd have to rely

Giving unconditional respect because of Title and Position.

Past failures = future performance. Bush is incapable of succeeding


Here is the state of our "union"

LOL Freepers Raise $ 60K in TWELVE DAYS! WOOHOO USA! USA!

It's. Not. Over. Yet.

Listeining to Shuster on Cheney being set up to

Hawk-Tied Democrats

D. Brock on Franken just quoted a DU'er

Teach your kids to hate liberals!

Air Raid Sirens

I wish Randi wouldn't play the moran*

Anyone watching hardball?

The Bush media machine has started on Fitzgerald

Cafferty's 7pm question .....

Hillary & party leadership "Duck & Cover" strategy. David Corn...

A retired Methodist missionary versus the IRS

Some Carl Sagan quotes for today. Please add on

Right-Wing Radio Host Advocates Murdering Border Crossers

Question: Have the news 'anchors' on cable channels...

Put the Dixie Chicks video in the top 20

Tucker decides the George Will look is hurting his chances with the ladies

This explains the immigration feud

I remember when finding the "bio weaons lab" trailers were announced...

Fond memories.... Zell asking Tweety to Duel.

"Hi" How ya doin'? Ask America a question.

Hitchens raving about Wilson/Niger on Tweety....very end of show

Wha wha WHAAAAAA? "Why didn't the generals speak up sooner?"


"Hard to cross, but harder to see your children have little to eat"


So if all nuns are married to Jesus, doesn't that make them polygamists?


DU sushi lovers, you MAY be supporting the Moonies. . .seriously!

trailers, trailers, trailers, trailers, trailers, trailers, trailers....

Can Bush invade and maintain Iran without a draft?

Since it's not yet sundown, Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends.

Conservatives wants Catholics to become HERETICS!

White House DEMANDS Media Apologize For Telling The Truth

Is Joe Wilson on Randi's show now?

Did anyone watch Faux & gfriends today? One of my students was on it

US death toll in Iraq 35 and the month is not even half over

Framing. Is it possible to substitute 'people' for 'left;?

The TRUE definitions of freedom - please pass along to everybody.

Why don't the post counts of some ever increment?

Two squirrels died within an hour at my mother's

When did we close our borders

Quaker Statement against Paying for War ( & link to Peace Tax Fund Bill)

Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave campus job fair

Mea Culpa

Not so famous Republican/"Christian" hypocrite

For DUers who lived through the Cuban Missle Crisis

Gen Zinni on Lou Dobbs now.

This was sent to me a fellow Democrat...

Who saw the "Tankman" on PBS last nIght?

Today's Rush Limbaugh radio rant about the need for more H-1B visas

Did anyone see this pic in today's WaPo?

1961: Soviets win space race (BBC) {Gagarin flight 45th anniversary}

Mallard Fillmore: Worst. Lying .Comic. Ever.

White House defends Bush's post-invasion WMD claims

Libby makes new filing

April 12th 2006 in Iraq

DU this poll (aid to university if it bans gay students)

VIDEO!!!!*******Rubber Stamp Congress: Specter gets a Visit

Is Pentagon Creating a Secret Police Force?

Have you Heard the SPIN? Be careful or it might Getcha!

Generals on Hardball in Denial about Iran Strike.

Prodi dismisses vote challenge, tells Berlusconi to 'go home'

Oh screw it, let's just annex Mexico and Central America

they had better get those borders sealed

Why we should stay in Iraq, by USMC Cpl. Snody

Can the retiring generals be reinstated by the next president?

I love the way Lou Dobbs demeans John Fund

Retired US Iraq general demands Rumsfeld resign

Only Crazy F@ckers Would Call Their NukeBomb Simulation "DIVINE"

A portion of the Bible scrub must have missed

I'm gonna puke. We don't get the tapes, we get CNN actresses

2364 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Duck ?

Hitchens on Tweety now....6:46PM, CDT...calls Powell a bitch!

has cafferty read the replies to the 7 pm question?

Stupid email

Scotty: Media should apologize

You can't eat gold


Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Analysis: Italy-U.S. Ties Likely to Change 1000th post...bush's crimes

Joe Wilson next on Randi 5:31 EST nt

LameDuckism and Iran

Keith: the emperor has no clothes

If bush is going to bring on the last days, I am going shopping!

HEADS UP: Iraq war documentary *filmed by US soldiers* coming soon

"he's been reassigned..."

So OBVIOUS they planted Flight 93 debris it's laughable!


Gay/lesbian parents plan to attend WH Easter Egg Roll

D Gergen Is the Prez a Lame Duck? "I Think you can hear the Quacking Now!"

Iran again holds hostages — Bush and the GOP (Howard Fineman)

Gipson-ABC has apologized to WH for saying Bush knew biolabs were

Who is the Grim Reaper ?

Write your own "Priceless Ad" for Mastercard!!

State Department attacks "Economic Hit Man"

Nuke the Easter Bunny!

The War on Easter??? How come my unit wasn't called up?

What is Hitchens whining about on Hardball?

What does BushCo have to do to attack Iran?

How Soon do You Expect American Society to Collapse

O’Reilly: Easter Bunny Under Attack!!!!

Is the Limbaugh Doctor Shopping case resolved?

2365 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I have come up with a brilliant idea to fight crime...

Sound familiar?

Will Freeperville ever pop like a zit?

KO talking of labs scandel

Israel wants the US to take care of Iran.

It's caption the silly looking pResident time again!

Is there going to be another Fitzgerald filing today?

So what's up with Conyers scandal? Has he been swiftboated?

Not much - Looks like Fibby and Fitz will NOT be in court next Tuesday???

Heads up DUers. South Park Part 2 of Muhammed cartoon on 10pm est, NOW!

Maybe the reason nothing sticks to this admin is because there's too many

We need to demand that our representatives in Congress MAKE

They are killing 100,000 cows TODAY!

Libby Lawyers makes new filing

WMDS Based on Intelligence known to be false!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE have been killed in Darfur...

A Bit Disturbing (A Review of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich)

George Bush breaks another record!

Don't forget folks.

Mike Malloy truthseeker thread for 4/12/2006

A preordained catastrophe - Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion...

God's a little pissed off. (pic)

Is this true?

What exactly is our diplomatic status with Iran?

Another retired general calls for Rumsfeld to resign (a must read!)

Every goddamn thread that I have tried to post on has been locked.

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) interview of Seymour Hersch

Sensing change, migrants rush to the border

Heh, heh, heh.

I wish to object to the way DemoTex is being treated

Dumbest. O'Reilly Clip. Ever

Folks! Bush said on TV that even if he had known there were no WMDS

Taking bets: How long before his pant's actually catch on fire?

When things catch fire, an observation

Juan Cole: Iran Can Now Make glowing Mickey Mouse Watches

Is it possible for Congress to remove 'The Football' from shrubya?

Please DU this poll. . .

OMG...scotty mcduck song on malloy is awesome

I'm lost...what do I watch at 11:00 when TDS is a rerun?

His presidency was built on secrecy and, we now know, on lies. (Salon)

Arianna disappointed me tonight

UPDATE: White House Demands Apology for 'Labs' Scoop

At Least He's Aging Rapidly ---pix--->>>

My experience

Saw the preview for the Flight 93 movie...really seems too soon...

There was a real gem in the gaggle today

GOP files lawsuit against a DFA group in WA and Darcy Burner...

Before DU (my 1000th post)

Felon Colson: abortion "the root of the" illegal immigration "problem"

I need GD's help. I posted a suggestion in GDP that we should take to

Organizing the youth voters--READ this

White Supremacist Sarin Trial

*****HELP SOS******

Re-post: War Gaming Iran - No Successful Military Outcome

The DU Libby Lottery

Another disservice from the * Administration

Cincinnati's answer to a civil rights leader: Shoot him!

Bush caught in flat-out, bald-faced lie

The cockpit recording of flight 93

Sad news at work

How about this idea for a gas war?

Help!!!! I'm having an existential crisis!

Brownie will NOT be consultant in New Orleans

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in, Sorry I'm late you all

Tom Cruise coming up on CNN - he will (glibly) talk about psychiatry

Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days, U.S. Says

What do the Freepers Think About Nuking Iran?


Is DHS Monitoring DailyKos?

Ann Coulter: Brown is the new Black---Most Recommended on Yahoo News

There's these two guys on trial. Ever heard of 'em?

So there you have it folks! It's a Wrap! Civilisation is DEAD.

Feingold, Sheehan, Hightower and Van Os in Austin next week

Newsweek on Pentagon's attempt to create: America’s Secret Police?

OO OO QUICK! Call the Justice Dept. I have information regarding a CRIME

I went to my first ever Democratic party meeting tonight.

A completely misleading fabrication by a Bush hack reporter

CIA paper that supported bush and the mobile bio lab story ... funny!

A question about polygamy

So play this out with me... VERY important question here....

Scalia on Cheney Case - "proudest thing" he's done on the court.

Grandma to McCain: "You have no excuse"


We've lost a TRUE HERO!!!!! I'm so sad! RIP, Rev. Sloane Coffin.

Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer!

Larisa Alexandrovna-Part II-Brewster Jennings, Edmonds, 911 Cover-up &More

10 pounds o' crap in a 5 pound bag

Is this Massachusetts Health Bill a good thing or a bad thing?

Drug firms 'inventing diseases'

Conrad Burns and Liz Dole in Billings tomorrow - Signage Help!

Berlusconi needs to shut up and get over it. He lost.

MSM is after Conyers aggressively now: Congressman accused of using staff

How much do you think the cost of fuel is the reason for * high negatives?

Boy, I Sure Hope That When *I* Get Outsourced, *I* Can Go Pick Lettuce


The Christian Coalition of AL... HELP! THEY LIE!

The Rebuking and Scorning of Cynthia McKinney

Wal-Mart Sues Seller Of "Wal-Ocaust" T-Shirt

Must see AOL Poll On The Shrub!

White House angrily denies report on Iraqi WMD

Anyone heard of M2000 or Stephen Xirinachs

It's seven minutes to midnight

Dems win special election in GOP district (first time in 40-plus years)

When will the bUShists invade Iran?

POLL: Is George W. Bush the worst U.S. president in 100 years?

DU archive thread, May 03: "Bush: 'We Found' Banned Weapons"

Tax proposal. Overtime (over 40 hours) wages made non-taxable.

OMFG. American Schools In Crisis

Eat Sushi? You are likely supporting Sun Myung Moon and all he stands for

(PNAC) "Cabal" Blocked 2003 Nuclear Talks with Iran

Who will the next Bush president be?

Daniel Ellsberg: Bush will use next 9-11 to impose martial law

Another update about the Scalia incident

Divine Strake was a simulation of a nuclear bomb, they lied again!

A queasy thought about the high stakes poker game with Iran

How many gallons of gas do you use a week?

What Game Were They At? 'Wash Post' Deaf to Boos for Cheney

House Subcommittee Voted To Kill Internet (From meme at Daily Kos)

They are killing 234,000 baby seals TODAY

You kids today don't know nothin'


The roses for Helen is not over... more press tomorrow.

My mother: "I can tell you've been reading left-wing sites."

Scotty LIES in Press Conference (Again) about Iran's NPT Compliance

If you don't think it's moral to eat meat, don't eat it.

Congratulations to all of us here at DU

Howard Dean DOES NOT GET IT. This is a problem!

Dear Mr. President Video ... by Steph Miller's friends

Carnegie Endowment for Peace - Oopsy on C-Span

Want Democracy?!? Paper ballots and HAND COUNTS Now!!! nt

MSNBC poll: Vote for impeachment!

DEAN is a big part of the electronic voting solution (re: Garybeck's post)

Iran Can Now Make Glowing Mickey Mouse Watches

Part 2 of the South Park take on the Muhammad Cartoons coming up

Question about Flight 93 on 9/11. . .

On Fox, Coulter plugged 6-6-6 release of new book attacking liberals as

We stand on the evening of the US invasion of Iran. Powerless.

How high must gas prices go before people take to the streets.

What size are other countries' nukes?

For all who are concerned - "Divine Strake" has been delayed --

Cindy Sheehan to Speak at Tent State University at UMass

This needs to be said - Liberal Men are HOT

New Bill in Oklahoma Would Give Companies Great Power Over You Online

Rappin' Rap - a black musician speaks out

VIDEO: ABC on Bush lying about mobile bioweapons labs in Iraq

Overheard at the pharmacy today:

spilling the beans

OK. People. Please, Iran is NOT GOING TO NUKE US in 16 days.

You've gotta love California!!!

There is NO "pro ILLEGAL immigration crowd" here.

Italy Won't Send U.S. Extradition Request For CIA Agents


MOGAMBO GURU: "Run For Your Lives. It's Inflation!"

An Inconvenient Truth ;Our would be President; Al Gore

*** ANIMATION: The Time is Now! ***


FAIR ACTION ALERT: Globalization vs. Growth

pentagon spying on civilians at UCSC documents on line

We cant afford another "squeaker" election. I want a Gore/Kerry ticket.

International Criminal Courts Indictments Against Blair-Bush

A question for President Bush

CA-50 Results -- as of 04-12-06 at: 00:04:21

Fighting Dem Vet Ted Ankrum Wins Run Off!!

I don't understand this Head line....

Pay to Play Politics in Florida: "Florida GOP rakes in Cash for Fall Vote"

Florida District 5: Healthcare Guy vs. Rubber Stamp

Michael Brown last night

bush lied??? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!

Perfect cartoon

Climate Change: Arnold Uncapped

UFW signed nationwide union contract covering guest workers

William Jefferson Clinton

Are Democrats too harsh on Bush and Cheney ?

UFW, labor recruiter reach agreement

superb BBC Podcasts on Geopolitics,...


so Busby is winning

Uranium from Africa: Patrick Fitzgerald's correction

"I didn't need Wilson to tell me that there wasn't a Niger connection"

Giuliani gets worked over in a documentary — and it couldn't happen to a

Bob Burnett, HuffPo: "George Bush - Failed Christian, Failed CEO"

wow check out this guy !!!

Help Jeff Latas choose an Ad.

The solution is Give Illegals work permits - Don't give them citizenship

Kaloogian declares victory in posters all over San Diego (pix)

Woman who sues to be able to discriminate has done it before

A White Ex-Cop Speaks Out About a Georgia Congresswoman.

29 SOA Watch activists report to federal prisons today

Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over

Immigration issue shows failure "business first" approach

Dean and Pelosi respond to Post article on Bush's leak

It's always "White House Defends Bush" instead of "Bush Deceives America".

More emerges on Florida document shredding (FL Gov Jeb Bush)

World court marks 60th birthday (BBC)

Newsweek: "Creating new jobs might end up hurting productivity growth"

Incredible letter from my stupid narrow minded state legislators.

CodePink plans Ashcroft protest-Wed 4/12 - Vancouver, WA

PHOTO: Osama Finger...but with a drugged monkey instead of Osama.

As bad as things are, they can always be worse...

How Democrats can use "culture of corruption" to cripple GOP

Feds investigating Cleveland Catholic Diocese financial officers.

All of a sudden,

Rawstory front page:

Wes Clark "[Bush's] so-called war on terrorism"

Call Congress - DEMAND a resolution requiring * to seek approval for Iran

MoveOn: Don't Nuke Iran

Incroyable! Pix of 4/10 Paris Demonstration CPE - 1 Million Protesters

CO Republicans "Shocked at Anti-American" Demonstrations (immigrants)

Who will be around to care who marries who, if we are ALL atomic dust????

Bio-Lab WMD Lie is Just One of 237 Documented WMD Lies

Imagine, two little piles of dust side by side and underneath it

So..which Bush media Whore apologized

Scotty McClellan sure got up on the wrong side of the bed today. He

Headlines show how perverse DeLay and GOP have become

Democrats eye big House gains

Bill Sexual Harassment O'Reilly: "Anti-Bush Press Puts Us All In Danger"

"{T}here must be no criticism of the President..."

Nation: Dean: No Dem Position on Gitmo

Ethics truce?

Friends in the Know.

If Bush attacks Iran soon, how will the new war affect the election?

Has bringing up immigration bill been a political success for GOP?

College Sophmore Expelled for Being Gay

You may want to just hold your noses, but please vote for him anyway

Why Bush Won't Nuke Iran

Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days, U.S. Says

"Iran Nuke in 16 Days" official is a documented BushBot

Democrats Take Lead Over Republicans Amid Bush Woes, Poll Shows

Mark Fiore -- Special Agent Bush ( with Fritz and others :)

letterman tearing the chimp a new one

I want to go to war with Iran and I can't, all because of Bush.

LETTER TO HILLARY: What do immigration and terrorism have in common?

MAD worked during the Cold War, could it work Iran vs. Israel ?

Just Curious - Do Any Of The Tapes Being Played At The Zacharis....

Is it OK for two families to control the presidency for 28 years?

Whoever Dems pick in 2008, He/she must be member of Trilat Comm.

Retired Generals, Including Zinni are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation..

Hey lurking up:


The bill Congress WILL pass on immigration - today's cartoon

Anybody here remember Dennis Kucinich?



He was IN JAIL on 9/11 for crying out loud!!!

Antonin Scalia shares the "proudest thing he's done on the bench"

Sorry, Union, but your time has passed

Best solution to prevent illegal immigration?

Thank You GOP For Handing us a Huge Victory for the Working Class People!

A law that increases border security and punishes employers who exploit

Reservist on way home from Iraq on"no-fly" list as a possible terrorist

Generals keep piling on

Who will march against Bush? (Geov Parrish)

'Coming Home - Disillusioned' - "I thought we'd prove anti-war protestors

Senate GOP Majority Killed Most Democratic Bills in New Year

I Need a Good Article on Specter's Magic Bullet Theory

zulchzulu says "Let's march on July 4th: America to the Rescue!"

Howard faces Iraq probe grilling (BBC) {Australian PM/oil-for-food probe}

So .... you wanna get rid of the more odious DINOs ....... ?

Powell speaks:he and Dept.'s experts never believed Iraq imminent threat

What's the best discussion board for talking to righties and others?

listen/watch Seymour Hersh's interview on Iran -- REALLY scary stuff!!!

has anyone ever called a GOP pol a corporate tool to their face?

Universal Health Care in Massachusetts?

Josh Bolten considering Tom Delay to replace him at OMB