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Archives: April 11, 2006

The Real 'Obscenities' in the Media (MEL SEESHOLTZ)

The Air Force Soars to the Right (GENE C. GERARD)

America's Brutal Tactics (John Chuckman,

All the President's Leaks

Crosspost: Most Americans now say they may buy hybrids

We got flashies, we got flashies!

Physicist says heat substance felled WTC

Maryland at election refrom crossroads.

Last I checked, we're all on the same side.

Survey: Disabled Prefer Absentee Ballots

No discussion here about the DM corruption and scandal?

Reverse displays

NYT: Italian National Election Remains Too Close to Call

Italy's centre-left confident of Senate victory

WaPo: Poll Finds Bush Job Rating at New Low

You can see the lights of my city from 25 miles away.


Smell like "outside"?


Vira kissed me.

I just watched Howl's Moving Castle again

I'm a freak.

I'm bored

I was going to tell you all something

Resurrecting the classics: "The SCUM Manifesto" by Valerie Solanas

Is it just me?

I'm 22 1/2 and have no idea what i'm doing anymore...and i'm scared *less

Last time I ever go in to GD

Common food combinations that you like.

Today I was thinking about the fact that I am probably 2/3 of the way ...

I had my house professionally cleaned today - WOW! I like this...

Was it ever explained how Harry's name got in the Goblet of Fire?

I think I might be losing my touch

Question for fans of the film "Chinatown" (contains plot spoiler)

How Evil Are You?

Last minute diversion takes Mars rover to safety

(MTV's gay cable channel) Logo rejects pro-gay church ad

Solar Return Charts

2nd post - Kerry Talks to High School Students on Immigration

Energy Indepence 2nd Edition

Another plan for good being blasted by NIMBYs

Stolen Liberty University Exam Questions Show Up On Internet

Are most illegal Immigrants catholic/christian?

After today, where will Bush have his next town hall meeting?

WHY is no one talking about Brewster Jennings?

The Long-Distance Journey of a Fast-Food Order

Can a sitting president be indicted for obstruction of justice?

"Fiscal Apocalypse Now" (Prof. J. Bradford Delong)

Taking a "Good Leak"

Larry Johnson: An Updated Plamegate Timeline

How Mexico treats its "foreigners"


Vice President Gore: "An Inconvenient Truth" -- link to trailer

We got flashies, we got flashies!

Take heart fellow DUers

Fitzgerald to reveal more "clues"...

Jim Dean speaks more about his support of Ned Lamont...

National Review columnist: Bush is incompetent and inept

Time to pass the hat for Dr. Ford Bell (running for US senate, MN)

When we take back Congress, we need a new Sedition Act.

Arianna Huffington: George Bush: Mastermind???

LAT: Iraqi Institutions Drifting in a Postelection Limbo

Iraq After 3 Years of U.S. 'Democracy' Iraqis dying by the 100's every wk

BushWatch: "Let's don't play games"--The Next Hurrah

(Reuters) Immigration marches put charge in Hispanic power

Why we must name an airport after Blair (and put Dubya on Rushmore)

The Abu Ghraib files

Going Nuclear Over Leaks

Molly Ivins: The Daily Drip of Special Favors for Special Interests

In Attics and Rubble, More Bodies and Questions

Can You Say 'Bienvenidos'?

Arianna Huffington: George Bush: Mastermind???

America’s "noble" cause:...

Ahmadinejad & Bush : Birds of a Feather After All That Jazz

NYT: Rating Jeffrey Skilling's Court Debut

Khalilzad and Casey: A path to success in Iraq

Robert Dreyfus: Hawk-Tied Democrats (Iran crisis)

IRAQ: Doctors, NGOs warn of high infant mortality in Basra

Blind Man's Bluff

American Spectator: Bullish on Baghdad

Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer ! - September 11th, 2001

Bernard Weiner: "Anti-Semitism & the New 'Jews' "

Why Saddam is Laughing All the Way to the Gallows

America's war on the web

Bush neo-con zealots blocked talks with Iran in 2003: Two articles

Sensenbrenner Is a Great Organizer (irony alert) Matthew Rothschild

concerned about Opus Dei??? check out this site

John Nichols (The Nation): Bush's Crumbling "Coalition" in Iraq

Council on Foreign Relations told of U.S. plans for Iran Strike

Katrina vanden Heuvel: It's the Cover-Up

A town without law, much less order (Baqouba, Diyala province, Iraq)

Harris' Senate Campaign Marked by Turmoil

The Hope of the Web (NYRB review of "Crashing The Gate")

Wolcott: The Curse of Terri (Schiavo)

Fuel grade - not weapons grade

Carter called key Baptist leaders together...SoBapts refuse to attend

Bush Visits His Shrink, Session #2

This Ain't 1864, Bush Ain't Lincoln, We Ain't Winnin'

(Katherine) Harris' Senate Campaign Marked by Turmoil

Glance at nuclear weapons countries

Is Iran next? The calculus of military strike

Mutually Assured Dementia ...... billmon

Native American Memorial to be closed by Army Corp because of budget cuts

Clinton-Gore Era Returns at Fundraiser

Newspeak and the Corruption of Politics

Are we on the verge if a disaster? Gold at $600 and Oil

Help with buying stocks, please

Median CEO pay at 8.4 million in 2005

1 (or 2) Gallon 500

Pissed-off Farmers Attack Four Filthy Factories In Fujian Province, PRC

Undersea Microbes Active But Living On The Slow Side

Iran Has Enriched Uranium for First Time

Diversity of species faces 'catastrophe' from climate change

Energy secretary's visit to state sparks criticism

Ocean Food Chains "Shattering" Under Impacts Of Acidification, Warming

Report: OPEC production fell in March

Increased Rainfall & Melting Swell Size Of Tibetan Lakes - Xinhua

Big Oil Makes Push in On-Campus Recruiting

Amur Tiger Making Tentative Comeback In Inland Siberia - AFP

14 Whooping Cranes Spend Nights In Chicago-Area Park - ENN

Bausch & Lomb Stock Hit by Fungus Outbreak

Plants May Be Far Less Capable Of Absorbing Excess CO2 Than Thought

The 7,000km journey that links Amazon destruction to fast food

Nuclear plant evacuated as forest fire approaches in northeastern Spain

50,000 years ago

Big blast, big mistake

Arctic Floodplains May Play Key Role In Rapid Methane Releases

Life's a bleach and then you die

Europe should push U.S. to more fully fund the Global Environment Facility

Potential nuke dump site flooded (Australia)

All 3 reactors at nuclear power plant out of service for repairs

Thud! Long-Island-Sized Iceberg Smashes Into Antarctic Glacier


Did GW really stop in 1998?

Growing corn for ethanol is hard on the environment.

China builds rare-dolphin reserve (BBC)

Nation taking harder look at nuclear leaks

Olmert: No ties with Hamas-led Authority

Palestinian president takes control of Gaza border

15 killed as Israel takes revenge for rockets fired from Gaza

The Irony of Great Power Politics - Haaretz - 4/12/2006

Cat answers critics with global ad push. Caterpillar PR campaign

Evidence hijackers in US when they shouldn't have been

MIHOP refuted by PhD friend of mine

The Lost Cities on Mars

Ed Schultz full of shit about Flight 77 and the Pentagon Crash

Who else wants to know more about the 9-11 hijackers?

flying debris or "high powered lasers?" please tell me !!

Great read - Morgan Reynolds: What if we win the 9/11 infor war?

where's the airplane??

Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer ! - September 11th, 2001

MSNBC Poll: Courtroom 9/11 tapes: Should they have been made public?

Is Bush an alien ?

NH Phone Jamming Points to White House

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News.4.10.06 From Italy to New Hampshire

Maryland: Senate Democrats Defeat Verifiable Elections

Key provisions of the Voting Rights Act expire next year

Mark C Miller on CSPAN2 BookTV 4-09-06 VIDEO LINKS!

HR550 conflict in Florida?

"Centre-left claims Italy victory"

Feingold coming to Iowa!!!

Major Solar VAR opens office in Brockton.

Candidate Otto finds $12 million error in Dept of Ed fiscal report

Difference between XPS 400 and E510 chassis

What would stop a 'visited link' on a webpage from changing its color?..

I was going to run Ad-Aware for my weekly check

Vundo? All of a sudden have this virus....any help out there to get rid

Boot Camp (WinApple) Reporting Crashes

DVD Copy programs

Boast: My precinct went 50-0 for Radnofsky!

Radnofsky Election Night Party in Houston Tuesday Night

Immigration questions

Borris is winning by 200+ votes!

Dallas County DUers - where can I get names and addresses of pct. voters?

Early returns here

Question about who is eligible to vote in the runoff

A fundraiser for BAND's candidate: Sherrie Matula

Radnofsky left off ballot in Maverick County

Have you voted in the run off yet? Only 10 people

Why wasn't bush booed at the baseball game? Here is the answer

Helping NOLA evacuees vote.

Went to vote in the run-off and there's nothing happening at

Voting Technology Violates Texas Constitution - by David Van Os

Need a volunteer to join me for voter registration tomorrow at U of H's

More NASA endorsements. This time it's Kay Bailey Cheerleader Hutchinson.

Kudos for LauraPackYourBags

Magic Pan Seafood Crepe recipe

Martha helps to color eggs!

Crab Cakes, California Lavender Pasta Salad and Lavender Scones

Frozen vegetable ravioli, boxed tomato/red pepper soup, gorgonzola cheese,

Arar inquiry report delayed again

Grits need ‘grassroots’

Tories manoeuvre to limit media questions

Well, HOLY SHIT, the BC Libs are adopting the 62 recommendations

All Hail Canada, The Warrior Nation!

The Long-Distance Journey of a Fast-Food Order

Paul Hackett interviewed Russ Feingold

The Long War - BBC report on changing US Military Strategy

Oil to flow from Iraqi Kurdistan( Norwegian energy company)

Bomb attack on bus kills three people in Baghdad

(Reuters) Immigration marches put charge in Hispanic power

NYT: With One Filing, Prosecutor Puts Bush in Spotlight

29 Indicted Over Madrid Terror Bombings

In Attics and Rubble, More Bodies and Questions

Ahmadinejad: Tomorrow night, Iranians would be delighted hearing good news

Shi'ite Alliance party ready to nominate Iraq PM (drop Jaafari)

Oil tops $69 amid Iran tensions

Six Afghan students die in rocket strike: police

They will begin "preparing" us for a permanent state of war

Mannequins, fake funerals, booby-trapped bodies evolves in Ramadi

GOP prepares tax attack on 2 Democrats in Ohio

Iraq to boycott Arab meeting over Mubarak comments

D12 rapper Proof killed in shooting at afterhours nightclub

Bush, Justice Dept. Among Muzzle Winners

Newt Gingrich said US must leave Iraq!!! I see pigs flying outside my

WashTime: President's 'tin ear' draws bipartisan criticism on Hill

VA Gov. Kaine Urges Voters to Reject Amendment (banning same-sex marriage)

Sky News: Prodi Claims Italy Victory

Italy's 'top Mafia boss' is arrested

Conyers' vision for immigrant plan doesn't include amnesty


Bush wiretapping 'wins' anti-First Amendment award

Pakistan Blast Kills 32

Explosion Reported at Park in Karachi

Pakistan a very peaceful country, claims its PM

NYT/Reuters: US Urges China to Clean Up Environment

Iraqi politician warns of 'river of blood'

CNN LBN: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran will "soon join the club

NYT/Reuters: China Censors Focus in on Television Dramas, News

Riyadh seeks Russian help to prevent US strike on Iran

Sen. Clinton hosts Casey fund-raiser

Graham Accepts 2006 George Bush Award

(AP) N.Y. Conservatives Move to Pre-Empt GOP

We'll build a wave Baghdad - Exclusive Scots in 'fun' project

At UD, Bolton calls U.N. 'troubled institution'(new challenges)

MSRNC: (updated 1205pm) Iran will soon join"nuke technology club"

Inter-American Body Praises Peru's General Elections

In End Run Around Legal Challenge, CA Gives Out Stem Cell Research Grants

Reporter asks THE question: Why should we believe anything you're saying

(Hillary) Clinton Describes `Troubling Issues' in Economy

Iran: We'll join the nuclear club soon

TIME: Hillary Calls Bush's Intel Leak Nixonesque

Air Force Chief Predicts Long Iraq Mission

One year later, no sign of hostage Ake (Jeffrey Ake taken hostage in Iraq)

Billboard Radio Monitor: Arizona Talker Under The Gun

Tampa VA Hospital Faces Investigation

EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter's Felonious Florida Voter Registration Application

Report: OPEC production fell in March (Production has peaked?)

Sen. Allen Launches Va. Re-Election Drive

State Senator Gary Siplin Facing Criminal Charges (video jumping a fence)

SF Chron: Air Force One data removed from Web

Vioxx Plaintiff Gets $9M; Merck to Appeal

Unrelenting Violence Drains Iraq Blood Supply ("mandatory" donations)

Abortion pill cleared (Mifeprex or Mifepristone)

(Katherine) Harris' Senate Campaign Marked by Turmoil

N.Y. Conservatives Move to Pre-Empt GOP

U.S. Reports Death of 5 Soldiers in Iraq

E-Mails Show Abramoff's Donation Leverage

GAO: Alaska Contracts Ripe for Abuse

Cheney says terrorists still threaten U.S.

Protests Will Go On Without President, Press (The Crawford Peace House)

Democrats press Bush for Medicare reimbursement

Teacher who showed students offensive Bush video is candidate for office

'Chicago Tribune' Demands Cheney Answer Questions on CIA Leak

Deal with US on stem cell research (Australian Stem Cell Centre)

A town without law, much less order (Baqouba, Diyala province, Iraq)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 11 April

US to deploy RPG-busting 'force field'

NASA wants to crash into moon (Finally.....A Moon Base?)

Beaumont police arrest perverts in the park

Group: 1 in 3 Perry appointees donated to campaigns

Gas Costs Expected to Be High This Summer

McCain Backs Immigration Opponent in Ohio

McCain to stump for Blackwell in Cleveland

Marines Ban Polyester Clothing In Iraq (burn danger)

Pentagon admits to surveillance of gay groups, releases documents

U.S. court sets $10 million bail for alleged Israeli drug kingpin

U.S. denounces Iran nuclear announcement

Harris' Senate Campaign Marked by Turmoil

No glitches reported in district voting (CA-50 Congressional Primary)

Doctor cites Nuremberg in Iraq case (Australia)

Global warming may bring mass species loss

The Hill: Norquist seeks trademark on ‘K Street Project’ name

NYT/AP: Merrill and Goldman Workers Charged in Insider Trading Scheme

Bishops say No to replacing Trident (UK)

Top officer defends Rumsfeld from ex-generals (Gen. Pete Pace)

Haiti launches judicial corruption inquiry

AP: GOP Chiefs (Hastert, Frist) Don't Want Immigrants Charged (as felons)

Police: Arson At Mexican Restaurant May Be Hate Crime

Cheers, boos as Cheney opens game (Nationals home opener)

Farmworkers' Union Set to Announce First Natl. Contract for Guest Workers

Muhammad Ali sells rights to name

Iran Has Enriched Uranium for First Time

With .1 percent of the votes tallied (4 out of 445 precincts)

WP: Comparison of Psychiatric Drugs Often Favors Firm Paying for Study

Ohio Gov. Taft could be disbarred

Reid's image takes a hit

(Michigan) Governor's race a dead heat

Company Finds Clinton Useful, and Vice Versa

Lobbyists' Prosecutors Pointing to Spy Case (AIPAC)

Iran's Economy Could Withstand US Military Strike--RIA Novosti

AP (Nat) Archives OK'd Removing Records, Kept Quiet

Native Americans Want 'Bunker Buster' Test Stopped

NBC: Al-Qaida sleeper cell in California! Maybe not ...

AT&T asks judge to order documents alleging wiretaps returned

E&P: Scoop for Sioux Falls Paper: Newt Gingrich Wants U.S. Out of Iraq

A Heckuva Job: Hurricane-Ravaged Louisiana Parish Considers Hiring Brownie

American students favor Iraq troop reduction (3/5 students)

E-Mails Show Abramoff's Donation Leverage

Pentagon restructures software radio program ($30 billion)

Prewar intelligence probe (Phase II) grinds to end as parties accuse

Congress drops felony provision from immigration bill

Gallup: Most Americans Critical of President in CIA Leak Case

Rumsfeld won't speculate on Iran plans (not engage in "fantasy land")

Democrats Forget Their Differences, for One Night

NYT/AP: Former Texas Governor (Richards) Expects Recovery

Company Finds Clinton Useful, and Vice Versa

Councilman refuses oath over Iraq war

Bilbray, Busby lead in 50th District balloting

IRS seeks PayPal account information ("to trace offshore money")

Catholic bishops take lead in rallies showing nat’l immigrant support

Bombs Leave 4 U.S. Troops Dead in Iraq

Bush's approval ratings hit all-time low in California (32% approval)

Berlusconi recount call after cliffhanger

Basra child mortality 'is rising'

(Sen. Ted) Stevens: Gas prices going "up and up," more exploration needed

Venezuela to buy Spanish military boats, planes

Autopsy links cop's death to post-9/11 work

Hicks in solitary confinement: lawyer

Cuba Signs Agreement to Buy (Russian) Aircraft

AARP opposes Enzi’s new healthcare bill , From The Hill just now

DEA Agent Who Shot Self In Foot Sues U.S

WP: Lacking Biolabs, Trailers Carried Case for War

Edwards to decide soon on '08 White House bid

Student expelled from (Baptist) University of Cumberlands for being gay

Federal legislation would give gay couples equality in Social Security

(Australian FM) Downer memory fails 21 times (AWB kickbacks)

Lawyers Seek Leak Sources in Anthrax Suit

Lawmaker upset by silence on another Dubai deal

US rule demands proof of citizenship for healthcare

US-led forces must stay 3-5 more years: Iraqi general

Has the BrazilianJoke been seen on the rest of the internet


I really should go to sleep. Good night.

Finals approach quickly, who's buried under mountains of work?

Your mother was a hamster......

The Colbert Report is the best show in TV

Does anyone else just find only buying music on iTunes just weird?

I dropped my first 'F' word tonight.

"When the Children Cry" -White Lion

Babies on a Plane!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!!!

Question on the movie "Serenity"

Busy rushings

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!!!!

Who could play Bill Clinton in a movie? Hillary?

Man Ownes 82,792 Baseball Caps

Heavy metal... done with guitars, or large cats?

The battle of the N's

Babies in restaurants!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!!

Why do my kids have to come sit by me, pass gas, and leave?

Would a discussion about nudism be a sex thread?

good joke

So my class was cancelled

I haven't had breakfast yet.. What should I have?

McDonald's will make you fat. They serve Big Macs.

AbFab Divas Reteam For New Comedy

I know, enough of katie, but look at this........plastic surgery??

Tits on Parade

Breastfeeding in public

Vito Spatafore - who would have thunk it!! (The Sopranos - **Spoilers**)

Is there anything better than McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal?

Good morning, judge. What may be my fine?

Is 'kid music' really better for kids than grown-up music?

Nixonian vs Nixonesque -- Are they the same?

Me and matcom have started a new buisness venture: TeenSlap

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. a tuesday funny

Two Charged With Filing Fake Obituary To Get Out Of Work

Semi-boneless ham? Huh?

Who could play Bill Clinton in a movie? Or Hillary?

I have to go back to hospital!`

I finally saw Brokeback Mountain, and I must say . . .

Well known Detroit Rapper killed this AM. D12 member Proof...

Teen Made 1,000 Bogus 911 Calls

Does anyone listen to David Lee Roth's morning radio show?

How much can one person take?

my dog loves snowballs (a late night gallery find)

Caltech Goes Low Tech to Get Its Cannon Back (from MIT)

Poor Tommy, poor poor Tommy.

the lounge is too series today!!! whats the deal?!?!

Anyone else get really upset reading the politics forums? It is as

Is it me or are the moderators being very ambitious lately?

I am back from GD - all I can say is

Happy birthday Arkana!

"Finally you can see what you are tweezing" (SPAM)

Yeah! 3 more years of 24

Good night DU! (Name a good book)

Parents of the Lounge: when the Lounge was a baby...

this guy is just too adorable. I have to post him for anyone in

Website hosting downtime.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

African Jungle?

Did many searching hippies/60's children turn to Scientology?

Malaysian man gets $218 trillion phone bill

dolo amber has a job interview today!

Parents of the Lounge: when your kids were babies...

Now this is a the mirror I need!

I am such a moran

Do we need to sink yet another West Wing Spoiler thread?

Worst toy ever?

Will the saga continue? Or will hedges finally get his shoes tied?

You know what really pisses me off? (RANT)

My chomitz!

Any Other DU'ers Who Work Second Shift or Choice?

"One time, I was tripping at Summerfest and couldn't find my way out."

DUers: please help! I need your advice.


So, my family is suing my grandpa's nursing home & they want to settle

Antique question: when were screw-on caps invented?

Need a laugh?

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend,

BigMcLargehuge: Toshiro Mifune is an effete, bookish, wimp.

Pinball Georgie.

We had our auction! Thanks to all who helped and

Next time a group of proselatizing Christians show up at my door

Hey, can someone give me hand?

So Gwynneth Paltrow has a baby Apple and a baby Moses!

I have no one on ignore. Ask me anything.

It's time to 'fess up: your most humiliating secret celebrity crush

GD is drinking the Kool aid

I think I may be the most hard hearted person I know -- ask me anything!

I so want to do this...

Are Jack Russell terriers super hyper?

Okay, I wanna know WHO BOOKMARKED THIS PICTURE!?!?!?!

Look at this list of movies Robert Deniro has made.....

Do Jack Russell terriers actually accomplish anything in the end?

Post a Picture of Your Little Ones!!

How low are private helicopters allowed to fly over populated areas in

Damn, this is pretty cool.

American Idol playlist for tonight **spoilers**

DU genealogists! Tell me about the Scottish "clearances"

Define the following:

Did the Hippos actually accomplish anything in the end?

I buy pretzels just for the salt & throw them away after picking at them.

So, I wrote a thank you note to Billy Jack today.

Just saw the Vault commercial...

Do any of you watch "Campus Ladies" on the Oxegan channel?



Everything is right with the lounge again

Do you like the song at the end of the AT&T commercials?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/11/06)

Sometimes I Instantly Dislike Someone Just Because Of Their FIRST NAME...

Spacely Sprockets v. Cogswell Cogs

Re: Online 'debates'--Never mudwrestle with a pig. You get muddy.

arwalden, it's overcast. Can you activate your climate control machine?

Advice wanted: Selling on Ebay

Okay, who was it that had Droopy Dog with the "I'm Happy" sign in their

Anybody else watch the Laurel and Hardy movie marathon on TCM last night?

That Red Sox game today was such a wild ride!

Beaten do death.... Which is the most tiresome?

37 years ago at this hour I was on my way to knee-walking,

HEY, kids! Tom Cruise can get YOU off of heroin in 3 days! Count 'em! 3!

I'm Ba-ack! Ask me anything!

$1,000.00 Mint Julep.

I just signed up for a Drawing Class - ask me anything.

would the REAL BigJerr please stand up?!!!!

It's time to 'fess up: your secret celebrity crush for BigJerr.


Billy Jack/ Jimmy Mack earworm. Make it stop!

This one has my vote for best impeachment date...

Video: Snake Regurgitates Entire Hippo! Frikkin Awesome!

ANOTHER semi-OFFICIAL "I am not BigJerr!" thread.

My dad's surgery is over.....he's doing fine.

Someone Hug Me... I Got Banned From

3-D picture of my baby

One last reminder that the Brazlian Joke Contest at DemocraticWarrior is

I am no where near as cool as BigJerr because he is the coolest!

All praise BigJerr at DemocraticWarrior!

I am not BigJerr, but I play him on TV

RX - The Party Party

Is it really in the Bible? (Take the test)

See y'all in the mornin

PROJECT X UPDATE FROM BIGJERR! The yak is eating the hay!

Woman, 82, Gets Ticket for Slow Crossing

My favorite controversial topic is:

I killed a thread with my picture....

April 29th in NYC ?

MiniKiss vs. Tiny Kiss: Battle of the all-dwarf tribute bands

What was your favourite thing about visiting GRANDMA's house?

OMG! I think I'm going to cry!!!

Let's do and say we didn't...

What's for supper?

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America - Elvis tonight

You know what I hate?

If You Could,

Are there other sites besides

Original or Director's Cut? Bladerunner

Who could Bill Clinton play in a movie? Or Hilary?

Nevermind...forgot this is a "closed place."

Damn, I missed something good.

Have you seen that new show on HBO, "Big Love," about the polygamist

ten kopecks.

BTW, Happy Flunk Day!

Midnight Movies (Part II) Easy Rider - How many times?

I have a question...

My upstairs neighbor's insane mother is visiting and pounding on my doors

The Dodge "silly little fairy" ad...

good thing i have appointments tomorrow

My Stomach does my lower back

My neighbor is a blithering idiot.

Puppy lovers, I'm warning you. Please don't look...

How Good are You at your Job?

The Peeps have lost their minds.....

Minnesota Twins

Anyone watch House 2-night?

I have no idea who BigJerr is, and am not saying good night...

Let's just do it!

Does anyone else ever have a day

now here's a solution to the gas crisis

My French kitchen (notice the inward-opening casement windows)

List something uncool about BigJerr

DU needs these smilies:

Regarding Your Job...

let's not and say we did...

Planning to see Disney's "The Wild"? Maybe you want to rethink it.

Just got back from playing two hours of basketball. Ask me anything.

wife 1.0

WTF...The 10 Commandments Pre-Empt Boston Legal...

Forum Capability Suggestion (For Admins)

I just lost my. Totally.

Bancwest is a "blue" bank! Is this an oxymoron?


You people suck.

Great Googlymoogly

Hugh Hefner turns 80

All my friends have passed the bar. I don't wanna be the last one!

I'm livin' it. But I ain't lovin' it.

What Is This, The Red State Version of 'The Ten Commandments' ?

I just posted in GD.

I just rented A History of Violence

Songs that make you feel like kickin ass & takin names

I'm buying a house tomorrow!

You know....

He's rude and obnoxious but Simon is the best judge on AI

Original vs. Director's Cut/DVD version: Star Wars

Mike Hunt

I just lost my mind. Totally.

Clint Oris

Meet The Mets, Greet The Mets, Step Right Up And Get Beat By The Mets...

Lounge Challenge: Write the opening scene of a film about BigJerr.

The semi-OFFICIAL "I am not BigJerr!" thread.

What was you favorite job?

Why is Billyskank saying 'good night'? It's afternoon

let bush be bush toon -- worth the click

Speaking of South Park...

Omg American Idol is having a Queen Night. *spoilers*

Raise your hand if you think billyskank needs a beating

let's do it in the road & say we actually planned it that way...

Just got through watching "Friday Night Lights"

Our puppies' mommy pukes up her meal onto the floor for the puppies to eat

Questions about relationships.

I have to be honest

BigMcLargehuge is the funniest guy ever.


I'm tired of walking into a room and being the smartest person there

If you missed the Blondie/Doors "Rapture Riders" mashup...

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich - tell me how you make yours

OMG -- Pickler ROCKED Bohemian Rhapsody!!!

Limerick exercise

1996 a survey.

Straight Men....what ladies perfume turns you on?

Do you star in your own dreams?

What was the last album you bought based solely on the cover?

PhDs out there: How long did it take you?

Movies that were better than the book


What, exactly, *was* Leo Sayer?

Help Grannie

"VIDEO: Paris Hilton sings to Hugh Hefner" My EARS! My beautiful EARS!

Anyone Watching the 10 Commandments?

How do I get the lettering on the internet smaller?

Currently listening to 80's music...having flashbacks ( sort-of )....

"Blaine's Destiny," Episode Two: ( Major dial-up warning)

Post a photo you're sure SOMEONE on DU will find offensive . . .

List something about you that's considered cool

The freeps have lost there minds......

Post a photo of someone on DU you're sure to find offensive!

Worst "Love Boat" Guest Star Ever

If the :rofl: smiley were lying in a pool of blood

I have the biggest one in town. Do you want to see it?

The END of the Crazy Frog.

Gwyneth Paltrow named her son MOSES? Seriously, what do you think?

What Do You Have Stockpiled... You Know... Just For "Emergencies"?

For the first time ever.... Ohio Joes Picture thread

Resurrecting the Classics: "The Abolition of Work" by Bob Black (1985)

VERMONT (and area) DUers: Come see me play this weekend!

72 degrees in Michigan - ask me anything

What CD Are you listening to right now?

List something Uncool about yourself

I think we should drop the F-bomb on Iran.

Babies in restaurants!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!!!

Won't somebody help this poor thread????

Lounge Challenge: Write the opening scene of a film about the impeachment


So .... Who's going to be the thread killer here?

The internet is for corn

Well, I have had enough!

My Baby Has A Brain!

I just lost my beard. Totally.

Do You Remember That Picture Of The Rabbit With A Pancake On Its Head?

You descend the stairs south into a 30x30 room

Are you BigJerr?

What should I start a flame war about?

Anyone want to discuss "The Sopranos"?

Did the Hippies actually accomplish anything in the end?

Word of the day: Rim Flooding

Question about Moses, a brutal god and punishment

Is fighting our animal instincts, and losing the battle, the basis of SIN?

Church Program Won't Care for Woman Who Once Was a Man

Conference on Spiritual Activism - co-sponsored by PDA

Neuroscientist Finds Possible Explanation of Near-Death Experiences

Question for Christians

Very absurd doctrine --> Very zealous devotion. Why?

Vitamin K deficiency linked to osteoarthritis

High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer

Help Wanted

A poll about Asperger's Syndrome

Brain's Darwin Machine

ESA Space Probe Goes Into Orbit Around Venus

Venus Express website?

Telescope looks to go to the edge (BBC) {Swift gamma-ray telescope}

nucleic acids less stable than thought, has implications for life's origin

New telescope scans the sky for alien life

We 55 respectfully disagree

Reaction grows to gay student's expulsion

Straight queerspawn: Allies?

Church program won't care for woman who once was a man

Ford Supports Same-Sex 'Marriage' Movement

DU this poll (aid to university if it bans gay students)

NY Rep Introduces Federal Legislation Giving Gays Social Security Rights

Legislator says school shouldn't get funds

HLS (Harvard Law School) Holds Conference on Gay Activism

(Duke lacrosse) Player in tussle in D.C. (gay bashing charges)

Hate-mongering a Family Value!

NHL: Ovechkin the 6th Rookie to hit 100 points (also gets a pie)

Obsessive groomer cat?

An interesting website

If you have a moment, I could use some positive energy.

Nam Vets in DU

Washington Whispers

Sy Hersh on WBUR live right now.

Got a question for John Kerry?

Fictional Presidents, Candidates, and Honor shared by Kerry

Question concerning the Iraq resolution?

Kerry's Painful 2004 Leason: Ignore the Pundits - Huffington Post

GD is FULL of trolls today

Hey There KerryCrats!

Oh, thank GOD.

This place has gone over the bend

Team work by the two Senators from Mass

Whaaaat? There is a thread here that is locked?

Is Kerry a New Englander?

Anyone good at photoshop? Because THIS:

Anyone have sub to National Journal--curious about link to Dem Daily


I've whittled my Kerry '06 Birthday Party Outfit down to 3 options.

Kerry Answers Questions From the MSM That You Will Not See in the MSM

Something interesting to note about the Feingold v. Kerry crap we get

Pat Robertson claims God told him to ask about a woman's sex life!

Part 4 NL East Blog up!

Countdown Newletter -- 04/11/06: Dirty Tricks?

KOEB 4/11/06 Jamming the Lines Edition

New Baghdad Sculpture Holds Little Meaning

Berlusconi is biscotti. No, wait -- the new Bush v. Gore.


Native Americans Want 'Bunker Buster' Test Stopped

A matter of balance

It's starting to look like Berlusconi really has lost...

Simple and effective way to help NOLA evacuees vote.


why we went to war in Iraq


The Greatest Danger...

I've got some "wild speculation" for you, RIGHT HERE, Mr. Bush...

Borders keep us in: am I being paranoid here?

It's Time For Coalition Building...

Cheney was shot accidentally

Paul Hackett interviewed Russ Feingold

Sleep in the ignorance ...

Feds will NOT be releasing Abu Ghraib pics as ordered by court but,

The Lost Cities on Mars

I feel really "dirty" but I did a good thing tonight.

Drugs companies 'inventing diseases to boost their profits'

(PHOTO) A call to serve your country

I just don't like the Young Republicans. At least the Hitler Youth

Did Bush Know More About Case Than He Let On Before 04 Election? EJ Dionne

NYT: A plan to discredit, punish & seek revenge against Mr. Wilson

Iran: expect "good nuclear news" on Tuesday night!!

I just heard a radio commercial advocating tax fraud!

POLL: Bush job rating at new low

Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House [good read]

Bhopal gas victims on hunger strike for justice


I'm so stunned lately, I no longer know what to scandal fatigue

Is this bush?

Tweety "Considering a US Senate Run In Pennsylvania?"

Leftist surges, and Peru's rich are scared

Petals for Peace to Mike Rogers' Lansing, Michigan Office

Remember the WHIG group? Now we have ISOG - Led by Liz Cheney.


Locking up condoms

Catch me up, please. What started this whole "immigration crisis"?

A Day Without Mexicans - film to rent.

Sending good thoughts to CA-50 and Francine Busby today

Condi Rice - 'Searching for attackers lurking in the night'...

How does a man get "discredited" because his wife works at the CIA?

President Bush as hypocrite-in-chief

Wow, the noise machine is on full blast

Did Bush* declassify Brewster Jennings and Valorie Plame and has all the

Send PINK's new CD to Laura Bush campaign

ACLU: US authenticates Abu Ghraib images

Saw a great bumper sticker this morning

I know, enough of katie, but look at this........plastic surgery??

sometimes i really hate CNN...alot.

Right-Wing Radio Host Advocates Murdering Border Crossers


I would bet to this day Bush* has not read the Hart-Rudman Report on terro

Prodi claims victory, but Berlusconi’s allies aren’t done fighting

At yesterdays questions and lies the prez was acting like a brat who was

Para espanol, oprima el dos

I love immigrants

How's this for one HELLUVA coincidence???

Dallas had half a million marchers in a city of 1.2 million yesterday

You can almost see that vacant look come over him

Romano Prodi will be the next Prime Minister of Italy

Challenger Wins by Tiny Margin in Italy

TV Newser: $13 Million Through 2011 For Matt Lauer

Iran producing atomic fuel, Rafsanjani says

Thuggie Priests in India arrested for cannalbalism of a child's corpse

Conservative Chicago Trib demands Cheney answers; WP declares "good leak"

Lincoln quote about presidents and war; guess he was un-patriotic too Columnist does a good debunking of the 'war on Christians'

Bush job rating at new low, poll finds

"Mr. Safety" strikes deer, dies.

Answering reader questions online, NYT editor Keller ducks Iraq query

Sy Hersh on Diane Rheam show RIGHT NOW ! ! !

Mapes: LIMBOsevic is "a much married, obese, drug addict" - Haha

Is this "nuke Iran" thing a ploy to sell us another war?


The second the mushroom cloud rises...we rise and head for DC.

Do people know that Bush is planning to nuke Iran?

Okay, So Let's Get This Straight-A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS

The Statue Of Liberty No Longer A Symbol

My email to Margaret Carlson, about the complicity of the MSM

ok, now I am really starting to worry...

Bush's self-justification rare

60% and Counting......Sooooo

LAT: Midland restores Bush homestead, and will open it to visitors

Does anyone have a chart of illegal immigration since NAFTA

"Bizarro Tweety" was a guest on Leno last night

You know what the cover story for Time magazine is this week?

Hammer time for The Bugman

brace yourselves– Iran has enriched uranium according to Rafsanjani.

Was Sy Hersch used by Administration for propaganda purposes??

I just had a crazy thought on the nuke Iran saga

Six in Ten Americans Critical of Bush on Leaks

Senator Judd Gregg compares Sy Hersh with Donald Duck

Creationism 'no place in schools' (BBC)

Cockamamie? Blowing Cheney's Cover - by Ray McGovern

"Miss Iraq" had to retire her crown due to death threats

assuming that iran IS a nuclear threat and that war is justified,

A conversation my husband and I had (and lost) about war with Iran...

Is George W. Bush the worst president in 100 years?

Can Bush bomb Iran w/out another authorization for use of force?

55 Years ago today

Let's just let Walmart print it's own money....

OMG! Old Woman gets $114 ticket for crossing street TOO SLOW!

Experts: Further surge in gas prices expected, gas to top $3 per gallon

Friday Morning at the Doom Room (we are not prepared)

Psychic Sensitives...

Last week, my college had Scott Ritter. This week, Ray McGovern

bushco@32% / CA........sinking fast

Just say no to hugs!!!

I’m sure glad I’ll never need an OBGYN

Police Hunt 4 Women In Beating Death Of Bingo Winner

Democrats registering immigrants in Atlanta!!!

This letter was so good I had to share!

Overheard in Arkansas Kroger.

Is it possible Bush is trying to get Cheney off the hook ??

Huffpo: "We're hearing that Chris Matthews thinking about US senate run

Here's a simple poll question I'd like to see...

Oklahoma paper expresses disappointment in Bewsh!

Hackers Leave Muslim Threats On Battleship's Web Site

My bet is that Repubs will find a "compromise" on immigration as soon...

Group buys rights to Muhammad Ali's image

Father of Public Opinion, Daniel Yankelovich on with Al Franken

So how many millions of hardcore supporters

Why do people here think that Bush is going to nuke Iran? Do you guys

Interesting poll at on Jeff Skilling

Chicago Trib: Answers, Mr. Cheney

FREEPER FREAKOUT!! First Lady Invites Gays to White House Easter Egg Roll!

I got a free Jesus DVD in the mail!

The Republican prayer:

Alert & pass it on...

Frist's Southern Hospitality

Jesus is a liberal.

Why The Rich Need To Pay More Taxes

Crude Awakening

My DINO senator answered me on Censure and here's my reply.

Do illegal Immigrants Vote?

CAPTION the two cheats...

Tonight on Countdown with KO: Dirty Tricks?

electronic vote is a gift to organized crime

Iraq's Beauty Queen Resigns After Four Days

A declaration.....

This is kind of scary

Bush's California Approval Is Lowest Since Nixon, Poll Says

Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies

One thing I see coming

What I Learned at Hacker Camp

Gallup poll 37% & 63% say Bush acted illegally/unethically

Whoever posted Newt Gingrich now wants out of Iraq - please repost

The Human Costs of Bombing Iran - The Progressive

I went to gas up yesterday.. $2.89.9 for regular! $3.05.9 for premium!

This is frightening

PEEK-A-BOO!!! It's time to CAPTION

O'Leilly has to keep his poll responses secret so he can fix them!

Interesting that people are all wound-up over Immigration....

9/11 - The smoking gun

Next time a group of proselatizing Christians show up at my door

Democrats have a plan, Republicans don’t have a clue.

Easter is this weekend.

Downing Street Memo: The Evidence We Need To End the Bush Presidency -->

Looking Through Peak Oil Lenses

Objective journalism just now on CNN

People of Faith to Demonstrate Against Torture at Vice President Cheney's

Patriotism vs. Nationalism vs. Jingoism. Let me say first that I am a

Your vision of the future?

Surely The Republicans Have One Success…..

Looks like Berlusconi is going to stay on as the dictator of Italy

VIDEO: Cheney BOOED LOUDLY, Throws Out First Pitch

9/11 Images Introduced In Moussaoui Trial

Cheney booed loudly, throws out first pitch

I applaud Steve Gilliard's take on the Duke lacrosse rape case

Could there possibly be a 'military coup' in this nation's future?

Most those students you seen walking out of class are future voters


We (you, me & all Democrats in this country) are royally fucking ourselves

Homeland security?! OH CRACKER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Energy Secretary Quietly Dismantles Independent Science Advisory Board

Developing....Iraq Phase II Inquiry wrapping up...Committee will eye Iran

What do Repub candidates/strategists think of the 'immigration genie' they

PHASE II grinds to end / parties accuse each other of delay - Raw Story

More immigrants are getting their citizenship lately. So they can vote

Charlie Cook suggests that Bush & Republican disapproval may have hardened

So what if I want to move to Canada? Do I sneak in?

All the factual info I could find about the Duke "rape" incident....

"Wild Speculation"

Isn't This Sweet? Ma Barker Bush Has A Clone!

Without Makeup, Time Russert Looks Like Grandpa Al Lewis

Lieberman Considers All Options

Pentagon admits spying on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' protests

Caption this.....

A sliver of sanity: Cesar Chavez was against illegal immigration

CAPTION for your health...

17 Minute Call to WH on Day of 2002 Phone Jamming Crime

Global Warming Research Compendium?

Prediction: Osama will be found in the next 2 - 3 months

Would you vote for Hillary if she was the democratic nom?

"Shiite husband who divorced his Sunni wife in part because of...sectarian

For those of you who forget or neglect your state forums,

It-Depends..... tuesday 4/11 toon

simplistic question: why do people assume all marchers are illegal

Seymour Hersh

Great chart from BartCop

U.S. Military: Taliban 'Hard to Combat'

Nuclear Experts on DU! What does this mean?

Ron Reagan Jr. Guest-Hosting on KIRO Radio

Attack Iran? Yes He Would

How many non-white Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

News from Afghanistan, April 11, 2006


Proposed guest worker program with Mexico.

Does the Fatherland Security Terror Threat Level will go below Elevated?

Prodi Wins

GOSSIP/HYPOCRISY: Richard Mellon Scaife

Just got back from Russia and the Baltics So what did I miss??

"TheTeachings of Jon".. Don't miss this documentary

Report Card on the PUBs and their Picks for Presidents, etc...

Is Berlusconi mad?

Company sells race-specific vitamins

Yesterday at work a Republican put down her party big time

Will Pakistan negotate with the Taliban? Make nuclear pact with China?

Most Dems Don't Get It - This Admin Does Anything it Wants...

No more Rita Cosby in prime time!!

Warning. Self destruct sequence initiated. 10...9...8...

7/7 London bombing: complete U-turn: no al Qaeda link

little red wagon from Bush's childhood home

Is a military draft in our near future?

Democracy Be Damned-Repubs NEED Another War-Just Like They NEEDED Iraq

US Air Force chief doesn't deny Iran attack plan,just won't give specifics

Because I think we need a reminder

E-Mails Show Abramoff's Donation Leverage

William F. Buckley to Katherine Harris: QUIT!!!

Why doesn't shrubco just recycle the pre Iraqnam propaganda for Iran.


EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter's Felonious Florida Voter Registration Application

How come the human shield trick didn't work for Darth Cheney?

Bush's childhood home in Midland dedicated

wolfies show banner: "IRAN'S NUCLEAR BOMBSHELL"!

Abortion pill cleared

(Pics) Missouri protesters made presence known, as * arrived this morning

More Women in Politics: have Less Conflict..

Abramoff team threatened GOP: Comply, or lose donations

Clintons trying to position Hillary as the American Maggie Thatcher?

What if a president ORDERED gas prices to be lowered

Barbara Boxer will be on Hardball tonight

Thank God for Wally O'Dell--and Sequoia & ES&S too!

there are laws penalizing cos that hire illegals....just not enforced

Rumsfeld to Reporter: “I Have a Real Daytime Job”

63% of Americans believe Bush did something either illegal (21%)

Chrysler official blames gasoline prices on greed

Brit Hume: American Bigot

Call "The Guy James Show" today!! 3 to 5pm

Is it a sign of shame, or he just can't walk straight?

Where do your tax dollars go?

Kerry's Painful 2004 Leason: Ignore the Pundits - Huffington Post

OK, so we've left current illegal immigrants alone, what next?

My Response to a Discussion on Illegal Immigration (to some Bush Fans)

What's the story with these guys and their backdrops?

watch Senator Boxer on Hardball -5pm ET and rebroadcast later

Participate in Live Online ACLU Town Hall Meeting -- (!!!!)

We need to clean our own house so

WHEEEE!! Gas up to $2.86 in Louisville. Up $1/gal in LESS THAN 2 Months.

War on Easter?

There were 31 US Military Fatalities in March, 32 already for April

Just a reminder that The Brazilian Joke Contest at DemocraticWarrior

If Bush wanted us to "see the truth" why not just have a press conference?

Overpopulation? Who needs immigrants for that?

The Earth is Closing in on Us (Iraq - very touching article)

Nuking Iran (bad cop)--conventional attack (good cop) . Is this so the....

Reporter asks THE question: Why should we believe anything you're saying

Remember those days not so long ago when all we got was "GET OVER IT"

Ask Questions to a Reagan Official on Civil Liberties LIVE TONIGHT


Caption: "Are they saying 'boo' or 'boo-urns'?

Since Invasion: Basra child mortality 'is rising'

Did Bush tell Fitz ALL the truth he knew, or same thing he was telling us?

Honestly, is there *any* other reason for the talk of attacking Iran?


How can you make it through a Tuesday without a CAPTION???

2360 Reasons why the DSM is Important

If you were a dumb fucking inept illiterate moron

Never Underestimate The Power Of Fear

I'm sick of this. Immigration is not a priority issue

BushCo has spent the last 5 Easters @ "the ranch", not this year....

Don't you GET it! We HAVE to nuke Iran.

Iran plans second satellite launch

City will bill organizers for cost of Monday's march

Bush's presidency has failed because. . . You decide.

WH Egg Roll set for Apr 17.....will gay families be allowed to take part??

DNC: Show Me The Money; Bush's Hapless Medicare Tour

Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan - Consider the risks.....

Do we have immigration problem?

Would the general public really support Bush if he attacked Iran?

"Crier Wire" with Catherine Crier is on the very end of her Court TV

McCain Blasts 527's, Then Starts a 527 flip... flop.

My letter to Time

Needed: A worldwide pact regarding mutual assured destruction (MADD).

Anybody know what voter turnout looks like in Calf. today?

Why does rap music take all the blame for the downfall of out times?

Bush to Free Spy Jonathan Pollard This Week? What the...?

Which would be quicker to restore the world's faith in this country???

ACLU Town hall tonight.

I need you help-job related


Rummy on msnbc--Iran has enriched uranium

anyone know if there is live blogging on the Busby vote?

IRS asks PayPal for help finding taxpayers hiding income offshore

Will President Chuckle-nuts finish his term or be impeached?

Hitchens - Essential Reading on Niger/Wilson/Plame

Abramoff, Scanlon, and the New Hampshire Phone Jamming

It's true! Doggoned if they ain't takin' them low-payin' jobs

Is it at all possible....?

Administration's Nuclear Saber Rattling on Iran Threatens Global Security

Marines under attack (video)

If you stack 2,360 dead soldiers end to end,

Lou Dobbs is beating Faux's Britt Hume in Key Demo

Why NO REPUBLICAN Will Probably EVER Get My Vote AGAIN:

Just got an email -- Barbara Boxer will be on with Tweety

FYI: Jason Leopold is on now: link to stream below

I admit to being a bit confused

The two most disgusting things I've seen on a car EVER!!!

Any scientific folks that can explain 'bunker buster' technology?

Political online Nightschool

Caption this * pic...

What scares me the most about the possibility of attacking Iran

Nazi Runs as Republican in Montana State Race

rephrase: MIGRANT WORKERS? Are they bad people too?

"Every Juan Go Home""Speak English or get the f**k out of my country"

Lou Dobbs will have on a panel of radio hosts, subject: economy&high gas

Iran has just thrown a monkey-wrench into BushCo’s plans…

A Prescient Vision from Randy Newman, 1972

Breaking News: Counter-Immigration Protest in San Diego...

Is "People For The American Way" (PFAW) A Good Organization To Donate To?

WP, Achenblog: DeLay, Bush, O.J., and Michiko Kakutani

USA Today … running Union-bashing ads.

Iran wants peace it does not want war

Bush: 'No war plans on my desk' for Iraq....Remember that?

Instead of keeping an eye on Iran and N. Korea,

If your family cheked with these people when they immigrated - check in

Anyone have the poop on the Hillary blurb at Raw Story?

To those who say illegal immigrants are taking union jobs

If You Could,

CNN Poll: Is Bush indifferent to interests and needs of middle class?

So why isn't the USA offshoring to Iran or North Korea yet?

To the RNC- Sincerely, Governor Howard Dean, MD

Cover of the Japanese Newsweek..America Is Dead

This is when I think DU is at it's best.

I just have to share this with everybody......

The face of fear and desperation

A plea to Patrick Fitzgerald

Prodi plans for power as Italy vote dispute rages(hanging chads)

Press Release: Hastert and Frist Joint Statement on Border Security Bill

MiniKiss vs. Tiny Kiss: Battle of the all-dwarf tribute bands

lots more immigrants here than most realize - marches show the numbers

Smemes Lies and Video

Pete Hamill predicted the Iraq war in January 2001...scary.

Wild speculation......No plans on his desk...

Edwards at Las Vegas union meeting -AP

Sey Hersh on AAR NOW !!! nt

Bushbots LIVE! -- yes, even here in San Francisco!

Shouldn't sending more water to Mexico be part of the immigration debate?

Ron Paul : 'Iran, The Next Neocon Target'

Dots - Tin Hats - Nukes: time to leave the planet

What if,...all those promises,...were broken?

Could/Would you stay in the US if we nuked another country?

ok what can possibly be done to prevent this Iran disaster???

A 'Correction' by Patrick Fitzgerald?? - What does this mean?

cheap shill Milbank says WH has no involvement in New Hampshire

Of our '04 ticket Kerry and Edwards which one do you hope...

PBS Jim Leher just showed many dead soldiers. It is regular feature

Dear Agent Mike

where's the airplane??

Latest Rob Rogers toon

Freeptard doesn't believe in science, what should I do?

Mr. 19% Booed Loudly At Today's Washington Nationals Game

A plausible scenario of how the next year will go. IWR Part II, anyone?

11 days into April, 33 U.S. troops killed in Iraq

"did someone tell Bush that wmd are on the moon? K. Olberman now poll."should the president have disclosed his role earlier

"Let Us Do An Easy Exercise In Racial Purity."

David Shuster is ROASTING Bush on his greatest "strength"

How many were on the Mall yesterday?

Why "abstinence only" makes sense

Strange thing happened

Freepers At Each Other's Throats Over Katherine "Cruella" Harris!

ACLU's second Town Hall on NSA spying on now...

Quick question about the recent immigration protest

Wal-Mart resists pressure from AFA over Brokeback Mountain

Is there such of a thing as guilty until proven innocent...

Deadline Set for Phasing Out Men in Lingerie steps...

'Top Mafia boss' caught in Italy

Melman's version of WH involvement in phone jamming

Republicans CAN NOT WIN on immigration...

is W touring nursing homes?? DU thread on MO + 1 on IA...they slower

what about the illegals hired as nannies, etc by repub cabinet,, congress,

'I held the bone in my hand. It was all I had left of my beautiful son'

Cheney like *, had injured US servicemen accompany him at Natl. opener...

????compare US helps Iran 2004 after earthquake, now wants to nuke it

Help!! I removed the audio drivers, so now I can't hear Cheney

Wooohoooo! I'm BACK! 3 days ofline. What did I miss?


Folks - MoveOn may save our asses this November

Situation in Iraq could not be worse, "The Country Will Not Survive"!

Leaker in Chief doing what he does best

Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House - ABC news

Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House...

Has it occurred to ** that Ahmadinejad would not be Pres in Iran

Ahh.. photoshop, you gotta love it.. (* pic)

ACLU Town Hall Meeting with Gary Hart (live stream and send questions now!

How to make the next anti-Bush/anti-war march UN-IGNORABLE!

AP: What Went Wrong with the Italian Polls?

Does evil lunacy affect the distance between a person's eyes?

If I could by Ray Charles...

Holy Moly! Look at this poll for Bush!

Why is the GOP so scared of Hillary Clinton?

Tomorrow is the Second Day of Fitzmas!

The Spin: FDR vs. blivet


How long before Bush supporters become a new branch of Christianity?

Can anyone see Hillary taking #2 on the ticket?

"Wild speculation" Scotty? Rummy?

Talk about heads exploding! Check this indepth analysis on the US economy

List me the populists who have won

The Bible said it's OK to beat my daughter...sadly, Florida again.

Who else wants to know more about the 9-11 hijackers?

WTF...The 10 Commandments Pre-Empt Boston Legal...

Muhammad Ali sells rights to name

Didn't anyone see the Oprah show today

With .1 percent of the votes tallied (4 out of 445 precincts)

Remember...Thursday Night...Commander and Chief...ABCTV

Seattle gas price flashback - Nov. 12, 2001

Anyone Watching the 10 Commandments?

Hugh Hefner turns 80

Great deal! $33,000 Chevy Tahoes! Who is the market for

POLL--------Do you own a bomb shelter?

Rumsfeld Rejects Calls To Resign !!! - Plus... 'Caption This' Bonus !!!

DU this poll, you'll crack up! From a faux news guy, John Gibson

Won't be fooled again By the who..

Caption Ted Stevens

And now we're supposed to believe Bush about Iran?

MSM going after Seymour Hersh now?

To those critical of media coverage of anti-war vs. immigration rallies

Girls Gone Bad: Statistics Distort the Truth

WTF! History being re-classified!

Aren't immigrants from Latin America more likely to be Republican?

If Bu$h declared Martial Law in this country.....

Is Cheney throwing out the first pitch at the Nats-Mets Opening Day game?

Adopt a Donkey!

How does W react when he hears of dead women and children in Iraq?

How are you affected by the $2.50+ gas prices?

Funniest News Item of the day: Dancers with Uranium Vials

The Jungle, Upton Sinclair, and Immigration

Another conservative is abandoning the Republicans

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Anyone remember this?


"Gentle Christians are COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET in Charlotte!"

"Speed recruiting" in India: Tech workers making 1/7 of U.S. counterparts

Faces of America: A Historical Perspective (Pic heavy: dial up warning)

Harman on Iran intel: "I don't buy it. I think it's thin."

George Bush is a Baby Killer

How George Bush got to be president.

Are you sorry you voted for President Bush?

Well, I've found another reason to despise the anti-immigrant folks

WELL DUH! Comparison of Psychiatric Drugs Often Favors Firm Paying ..

A DU or not to DU.

Could the world-wide conservative movement be ending?

Is Bush seriously considering using nuclear weapons against Iran?

Busby Watchers - Link to Official Results

Who the hell is this Gibson guy on Fox?

CA-50 Congressional Election results (live thread)

POPPY BUSH who happens to think that his DUMP ON THE WORLD is the

Bush*Co's best and worst liars

Paul Krugman doesn't buy the "oil bourse" war rational re: Iran

Yet another Freeper Meth trip

USS George Washington carrier group heads to Caribbean

Al-Qaida Pirates. The war on Terra continues on the high seas, Matey.

Circa 2217, archaeologists unearth "Prosperity Banners" from dying America

WP:Prosecutor in CIA Leak Case Corrects Part of Court Filing

5 more dead in Iraq today.

If moron* "nukes'em till they glow" in Iran, won't that iradiate...

I went to Duke, please think before you post generalizations.

The Face of a Madman


The Rush To Nuclear War With Iran: A TIME-LINE

With no Unitarian chuch near, I go to a Presbyterian--and I'm ashamed

A realistic appraisal of the Iran situation, complete with nuance

I need a list of corrupt Republicans and their crimes

Tx repukes: Marches won't have impact on Senate discussions

Even higher gas prices = Bush's days are numbered? Or my wishful thinking?

Dean writes RNC chair on White House role in phone-jamming

Natalie, the lead singer, is in a white dress...trying to wipe oil off her

Gas prices have increased 84.2% under Bush!

Is anyone else hoping Saddam pulls an OJ?

Admin Made SECRET AGREEMENT To HIDE Reclassification Program From Public!

Bush: "Nuking Iran. It's just WILD SPECULATION. Wild speculation!!!!"

Question: why has gas in Europe always been more expensive?

March will cost a minimum of $50K (UPDATE from earlier today)

Why are Hispanics the fastest growing segment of the GOP?

a friendly reminder: welcome the new members...

When Abortion Is Illegal, As National Policy...

Drug firms 'inventing diseases' (BBC)

Breaking: Pentagon to test bunker busters on the sewers of Hamtramck, MI -

Lest we forget... "Give me your tired, your poor,

I am tired of the prejudice against atheists - so I am becoming a

Seattle ranks as nation's best-educated big city

President of Iran is a nut job

Colin Powell shoots the breeze & avoids tough questions.

Cheney smacked-down with a chorus of BOOs (throwing first pitch)

It's all about history.... geography...

Face it. We (America) are the world's crazy neighbor now.

The Disappearence of Big Fish (no more tuna?)

"I love George Bush, but I would hate him if he bombed my country."

FRONTLINE: The Tank Man (Who stared down the Chinese Tanks) on Now!

Is it a slur to use the word 'spastic'?

WaPo-"Iraqi Biolab Trailers"-MORE LIES & COVERUP -Revealed in Secret Reprt

What Game Were They At? 'Wash Post' Deaf to Boos for Cheney

Did anyone see Richard Perle on "The Lehrer Newshour" last night

Sy Hersch on Ed Schultz Now!!! 3:37 p.m. discussing Iran

Should African Americans form a Defense League against Hate Groups?

It's going to take the military themselves to put a stop to the madness

Free copies of DVD "God Who Wasn't There" for War on Easter operatives

DC tide turning towards Kerry withdrawal plan - even Newt Gingrich

Captions on George W. Bush's childhood home.....

Is Your Entire Country On Crack?

Update concerning the Scalia incedent....

In the "post 9/11 world". does the kkk have a right to exist?

Dear Mr. President,

Hitchens pretending Not to Know How Uranium Mining Works

42 Percent - of your taxes go to military spending

Two Minutes With Michael Savage

Boy's 911 calls put trouble in spotlight

Why we should allow immigration

Murtha: Congress considering strategic, surgical nuclear attack on Iran

Trouble in Freeperland...

DU this Poll regarding a true US Patriot...

Is "Taking My Country Back" available on CD?

It just occurred to me that * is not taking any religious instruction

DU this poll please; "Should Congress consider impeaching President Bush?"

Ladies and gentlemen---our esteemed pResident now hides behind bulldozers!

A Solution to the Problem of Mexican Immigration: The Annexation of Mexico

All the President's Lies

This Immigration Issue Is Making Some Here Bat-shit Crazy

Warning: The tapes of the 9-11 calls on 9/11 are VERY disturbing.

TOONS! TOONS! TOONS! and a few Easter eggs

Dear President * & Veep, Read This Gallup Poll And Weep!

How the Neo-Cons keep us in a state of constant war ***photo heavy***

Religions of Mass Destruction

Legal Citizens are Hard Workers Too.

KERRY & FEINGOLD WANT TO END THE WAR: will you sign the petition?

Why is Iran a threat? Seriously.

Why would Cheney want to out Plame and Brewster Jennings?

If you can't win honestly...change the rules... Italy is trying to copy *

Prediction: 10 Days from Now We Will Wake Up and Hear We're At War w/Iran

why should I believe ANYTHING about the President of Iran???

A Message from Dennis Kucinich . . .

EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter's Felonious Florida Voter Registration Application

Gas is $3.25 in Hawai'i now - boy are WE GETTING SCREWED!

msnbc top story: White House witheld report debunking bio lab claim

Impeach or don't impeach?

The Nationals are lucky Cheny only throws a ball...

DUers supporting illegal immigrants are falling for the trap

Microsoft patches three 'critical' flaws

Halliburton giving US troops in Iraq treated SEWAGE for water

Can we get to $4000 for Feingold? Now at $3719.44 in contributions

Smear Seymour S'more

The "Catholic bashing" on one of the immigration threads...

How Crazy Are They?

Thesis: the far left is as batshit crazy as the far right

Libs, Dems & Progressives: Stress, Anxiety, Depression meds.

The Beloved Cynthia McKinney

I'd like you to try something for me, my dear GDer's:

One World: How will it be done?

Citizenship proof required for healthcare...slipped into Deficit bill.

Nationalism Sucks.

Had a Talk with my hillbilly yard-man and I was schocked - They hear!

Next time you see statistics you think are bogus, think of this book!

Tuesday night Treat - let bush be bush cartoon

About the new Dixie Chicks video

I'd like to talk to DU about offshoring and outsourcing

Should Democrats use the "Politics of Personal Destruction" as the

Everyone call Rep. Tancredo (R-CO) and thank him......

He Didn't Read It

Dammit, Rove!

At least a scandal a month

NEW Grand Theft: Pat Buchanan & the SOUTHERN STRATEGY:Nixonians 10

Schwarzenegger signs legislation paying off his "special election"

new Field poll - Californians Increasingly Negative about Bush, Congress..

MSNBC Front Page: "Falling Support...Hits New Low...Can He Lead The Way?"

Difference between the partys?

Why did Judith Miller go to jail?

New ClarkCast available -- Global Warming

Heads up. . .Hersh coming up on this radio show

Keep talking, George W. Bush . . . the more people really find out

Carefully, skillfully crafted, deviously effective messaging

Breaking Record, Democrats to Run in up to 431 Districts

WP gets this one right: Ban Snooping, Not Speech

Bush's October surprise -- it's coming

Disturbing Explanations

Why is Iran a threat? Seriously.

Fitz: "It is hard to disprove White House efforts to 'punish' Wilson"

Dean is Mum, but Brother Backs a Lieberman Rival

Demographic breakdown of * ratings?

C&L Vid Clip: Bush transformation into Captain Queeg ALMOST complete...

O.K., I'm making the Call! This bomb Iran thing's a Bush/Iran plot to...

Why don't US parties have opposition 'leaders'

What's unusual about these fotos of * leaving the WH today?

'Regular' Joe Scarborough sure has his finger on the pulse of America

First house race of '06 today. Help Busby win.

Anyone watching the Iranian Parliament??? (CNN)

DU as barometer ........

Just noticed: Bush use of "legal proceedings" vs "criminal investigation".

What came of Paula Zahn's smear of Conyers last night?

No War With Iran .... call your senators & reps ... fire up the e mails


63% of Americans: Leaker Bush did something either illegal or unethical

WashPost's Chris Cillizza; "Watching Al Gore"

Was it really declassified to leak portions of the NIE? Fitz doesn't think

Hypothetical: If Bush's "leak" had not been traced back to him..

For those wanting to watch Rumsfeld press conference....


Arlen Specter gets a visit from "The Rubber Stamp" brigade!

God, please bring down Berlisconi

Is 'My Space' being Napstered?

Californians: Bush overall approval and Republican disapproval at 32%

There were several great questions at Rummy/Pace press conference

You know, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman could play a convincing Karl Rove

A mothers message to the world. Please do not judge all of us

Pre-emptive strike. Hasn't bush** and/or his crazy talk about nuking

A Message from Dennis Kucinich . . .

How about some God damn Freedom for me and my family and all

Immigration works in the Republican's favor...

"Good old Crafty Kerry"

Gallup: Most Americans Critical of President in CIA Leak Case

Call to Action for May 1st Nationwide Immigrant General Strike

Questions about Bush's NIE leak

Look, everyone has predjudices. Fear brings them out. Rove

Are You At A Loss For Words?

Another reason to stop illegal immigration: Health risks

Why Bush Failed in Iraq

Explain this sentence to me, please.

Bush Executive Order

Anti-war ballot item quashed in Elgin, Illinois.

If You Are In CA Congressional District 50 Don't Forget To Vote Today!!

This is truly a grand moment for Bush.....He has really worked hard on

"GOP Heads: Don't Treat Illegals As Felons"


Is Chris Matthews running for Senate in Pennsylvania??

Ed Schultz full of shit about Flight 77 and the Pentagon Crash

How the Rs will campaign on health care "reform"--don't let it happen!

Joe Klein, Time's "most liberal" reporter, claims Democrats "hate America"

India-US Civilian Nuke Agreement

Howard sends Ken a letter about NH phone jamming.

For hardcore political junkies, here's a piece on Al Gore you may like.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Bush on leak:"we've got to be careful making public statements about it"

Uh guys, isn't there's a special election tonight?

Nuking Iran


Trading With the "Enemy": Halliburton & GE Make Millions Trading With Iran

Bush and Justice Department among winners of '06 Jefferson Muzzle awards

here is a funny screen saver, * falls flat on his face

A thought on small business health care coverage

Photos: Poppy, Bar, & Pickles dedicate Junior's "childhood Texas home"

Brown nearly out of money in Senate primary (RI)

So. rummy says that an attack on Iran exists in "Fantasy Land."

Should Ed Schultz's covering up on Flight 77 on 911 be moved to 911 forum?

Media: Impeachment wont happen, not enough Am. people support it!

Ya Know, For a Dem board, there sure are a lot of Xenophobes Posting...

illegal immigration email/chain letter and my response

CBS poll shows improvement in Bush's numbers!

The Democratic Party is struggling to rediscover its soul

Richard Mellon Scaife having women troubles!!

The Global Elite: Who are they?- A Must Read to be informed

Kerry Breaks Ranks

Screaming Lawyers: "Vaginal and Anal Penetration" ... but semen is

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Just Doesn't Get It.

Cheney booed throwing out first pitch at baseball game

Newt Gingrich said US must leave Iraq!!! I see pigs flying outside my

Jack Murtha comments from NY Town Hall meeting yesterday

Fox's Brit Hume: Immigrants rally marchers "a repellent spectacle"

WH e-mails missing in CIA name case;Relevance to Rove’s involvement

DIVERSITY DAY IN KENTUCKY! (except for you homosexuals)

Dick Cheney Is Throwing Out The First Pitch At The Mets-Nationals Game

What would YOU pay to Humilliate the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert?

More Pentagon skulduggery. Military spying on gay groups.

Why is the CA-50 election an open primary?

Election Results LIVE (FRANCINE!)

Should US Citizens Who Do NOT Vote Lose Their Citizenship?

What will it take for Keith Olberman

Michigan governor's race a dead heat (WTF?)

What do people think about the prospect of Lieberman "Nadering" the dems

John Kerry Answers Questions From the MSM That You Will Not See in the MSM

Say the 06 House flips blue but Dems' 08 presidential field bottlenecks.

Kyl:Bush admin. innocently asking"How do we get the full story out there?"

Generals finally speaking up; where were they when needed?

just made public: *claimed for months WMD found, even after knowing untrue

phone-jamming schemers to keep NH Dems from voting had contact with WH

is the Democratic Party fully engaged on the IRAN issue???

John Kerry Talks Immigration in L.A.

Will it be Kerry vs. Romney in 2008?

Kennedy gave a barn-burner at the immigration rally yesterday

TIME ragazine: Libruls hate America

Is Bush a target in Fitz's investigation?

Bush, the End Times and you