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Archives: March 5, 2006

America Anesthetized

Trust Me? Yeah, Right

"Setting the Record Straight," --WH fights back on Katrina tape

Disgraced Ex-Rep. Ill-Served by Brashness

Intell told WH in late 2003 of deep local roots--WH ignorned.

The McCain Amendment: Expected Exception

Don't wait for God. We will judge you

Audre (article on Audre Lorde for Women's Month

Sports therapy ( :cry:

Newsweek: Love in a Time of Madness (strains in Iraq's mixed marriages)

Bush Flummoxes Kafka, Orwell (Robert Parry)

Bush visit stirs unrest

Twilight's Last Gleaming

U.S. Marines Wall in Iraqi City With Sand

Orange County Register's Shelton: And the OSCARs goes to..

Iraq: Preparing For The Worst

Our Financial Failings:Family Savings Look Scary Across the Board

The lie of the storm

An Energy Pearl Harbor? - Washington Post 3/6/06

Whitehouse Letter: Bush finds more respect in India than at home

Bishops' gay ban may cost millions--Private donors wary of adoption policy

The lie of the storm (re: Katrina from Boston Globe)

Hartford Courant -- Northeast section: Can Lamont Get Tough?

Army dishonors war hero

Voices from Guantanamo

Watchdog to audit U.S. war spending

South Dakota slaps up its women

The Woman Who Put Iraq on the Map

To Democrats Hungry for Senate, a Pennsylvania Seat Looks Ripe

Guantanamo Inmates Despair of Ever Leaving

NYT editorial: Iran's Best Friend (George W Bush)

Iran, Terror and Bush Fascism

Through the lens of New Orleans, America lost its super power

?!?!?!? MO passes resolution to create an Official State Religion

Dubai and the Straits of Hormuz

ann coulter on the oscars

"An America I Remember"...Nostalgia for Post WWII Babies/and Newbies

I love you, Walter!!!!!

Robert Fisk: Somebody is Trying to Provoke a Civil War in Iraq

George Will's latest column disses John Edwards for '1930's paradigm'

Serious Water Quality Problems Hurting Iowa Fishing/Tourism -Imagine That!

Power plant worker killed in fire.

Stephanie sez: "There Is Only ONE Issue That's Going to Matter in 2008!"

Land Sale Plan Tilted in Northwest's Favor

Arizona Snowpack Statewide "Off The Bottom Of The Charts"

'Smart Growth' Is a Matter of Opinion in Fairfax County

reformulated gasoline oxygen requirement, ends May 6th

No new laws seen for mines (mercury emissions)

Heavy price for gold

Forecaster Warns 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Rival 2005

Congo's 'hippie chimp' at risk of extinction

Olmert: Islamic leadership using church attack for political gain

Ilan Pappe: On Norman Finkelstein's Beyond Chutzpah

Pro-Israel Lobbying Group Roiled by Prosecution of Two Ex-Officials

MK Geraldo Rivera?

Gazan Christians have faith in their relations with Hamas

MI5 feared attacks by Jewish terrorists

Accusations of anti-semitic chic are poisonous intellectual thuggery

Israel 'to make more withdrawals'

Industrial Rock Group, Ministry, Using Audio Clips From Loose Change

Summer 2001: FBI Knew Skyscrapers Blueprints Sent to ME Countries

The pernicious impact of moneybags Jimmy Walter

DU this poll on HAVA/electronic voting & leave comments...

Vote-PAD Demo Well Received in Humboldt

Vermont: front page story on electronic voting

Alex Bennett thinks the country is exaggerating over Diebold

California and Die Bold?

Voting machine support costly - Elections boards and counties stunned by $

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/08/06 - OSCAR NIGHT!

The fix is already in for 2008: Moscow Times

Researching Russ Baker who wrote on

5.4 million Americans disenfranchised. The Monitor - top of the hour.

GA: Senate to vote on paper trail for ballot machines

Florida newspaper finds thousands of mysterious entries in voter database

DFA training in Quad Cities in April

DMR: Iowa's poor water quality clouds fishing, tourism

CR couple featured on Wife Swap Monday night

Anyone in the Twin Cities area want to adopt my cat?

Caucus Question

This LTTE in today's Strib should make the antigay marriage crowd nuts

Hall of Famer Puckett suffers stroke

AVG Display quirk.

need to edit photos but don't want to spend the money on photoshop

MS wireless mouse problem

Texas League of Women Voters against VVPAT

I need some legal advise. Can anyone help me?

DVO - Filibuster for Independence pics (dialup warning)

Our county will use eSlate election system as part of our options

Texas candidate, 95, targets GOP congressman

I'm making potato-leek soup tonite.

I'm making Slow-cooked Scandinavian Pot Roast for tonight's dinner. (Easy)

Any pickapepper fans out there?

Anyone got some good mushroom recipes?

An appliance out of exile

Gray salt: any users out there?

Zacarias Moussaoui fights for his life

US pumps cash into prisons as Iraq crumbles (NZ Herald)

Disgraced Ex-Rep. Ill-Served by Brashness

Bush visit stirs unrest

AP: 'Brokeback' Named Best Independent Film

Md. Lawmakers Sharpen Pencils For Ehrlich Budget

GOP Delegates in Kaine's Bull's-Eye

AP: Thousands of Federal Cases Kept Secret

(Reuters) US military in Iraq denies troop withdrawal plan

Gunmen kill 3 in Iraq mosque attack

White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks

AP: Indonesians Demand U.S. Pullout From Iraq

Violence Hinders Formation of Iraqi Gov't

No Iraq Trip for Legislator Who Opposed Deal on Ports

AP: Thousands of Federal Cases Kept Secret

Commanders Recast Old Militias of Colombia as Syndicates for Drugs and Ext

1:15 pm EST - CLG's M. Rectenwald to debate Horowitz - MSNBC

Sports therapy ( :cry:

China pledges help for rural poor

U.S. attorney removes self from case

New Orleans' Mayor Campaigns--in Houston, TX.

Insurgent sniper shoots dead US soldier north of Baghdad

OPEC Unlikely to Curtail Production

Okinawans Rally in Opposition to US Military Bases

Protesters mass to try to force out Thai PM

White House trains efforts on media leaks

email from Louisiana

Where's the list of the missing?

GOP Lawmakers Vow to Change Ports Process

To Democrats Hungry for Senate, a Pennsylvania Seat Looks Ripe

US warns Iran of consequences of nuclear ambitions

Fire at Power Plant . . . [3 men rescued, 1 missing]

Guantanamo Inmates Despair of Ever Leaving

Pace Denies Iraq Pullout Plan

"Dog's death sparks debate over trapping's place in suburbia"

Enron trial's star witness to take stage

1,840 still listed as missing after Katrina

(Palm Beach) Poll workers to verify voting machine information

Bishops' gay ban may cost millions--Private donors wary of adoption policy

CIA releases and later reclassifies much of former officer's book, ..

Himalayan melting risk surveyed

Bird Flu Kills Chinese Man, Virus Spreads In Europe

Haiti's new leader fears mentor's return

U.S. Marines Wall in Iraqi City With Sand

Industry caused the flu; why blame wild birds?

Gunmen Attack 3 Mosques In Iraq

Clooney Wins Supporting Actor Oscar

Russia, U.S. going in opposite directions, says report

Expert on Iraq: 'We're In a Civil War'

Some economists say personal savings rate declining; others question how i

Australian PM ready to re-examine uranium policy for India

Report: Gay Prevention Programs Harm Teens

Archbishop fears Church 'rupture' (gay rights)

Iran Defiant As IAEA Prepares to Meet

Iranian in US campus 'car attack'

Watchdog to audit U.S. war spending

Harris Cancels Election Trips ( yes that Harris...

Anglican leader criticises Guantanamo, terrorism

Thousands of Federal Cases Kept Secret

Mississippi Lawmakers Jump into the National Fray.

Nepal Rights Commission Wants Facts from Govt on Disappearances

"Crash" a surprise winner for best picture

Amnesty says Iraq abuses continue

Insider dealings at OH. Bureau of Workers' Comp probed("kickback list")

Army of recruiters invades city highs (Large HS with So-So Students)

New Book Examines Legal Questions of Preemptive War

Nato may help US airstrikes on Iran

Budgets Imperil Environmental Satellites

Iran and Qaeda benefit from US in Iraq: congressman (Murtha)

Musharraf says Afghanistan undermining Pakistan

Women to own half of stock by 2010

Bush to Propose Line - Item Veto Legislation (President Hillary will love

London is world's cocaine capital

Tens of thousands rally in Pakistan against Mohammad Cartoons

Developing feud could split Ohio GOP's harmony

Trojan Horse developers indicted

Iraq's Besieged Sunnis Now Looking to U.S.

Hamas Rejects Support of al-Zawahri

Iran issues new nuclear warning

World in Peril, Chomsky Tells Overflow Crowd

Venezuelans prepare for invasion

Report: U.S.-Russia Relations Impaired

Hundreds Flee Northwestern Pakistan Unrest

Where's the list of the missing? No registry, no comfort for Katrina fams.

Priests Purify Shrine After Bush Visit

President Bush losing support among Hoosiers (Indianapolis Star)

Bolton warns Iran of "painful consequences"

Dubai CEO says port deal will succeed despite US opposition

Ministers back 'terminator' GM crops

U.S. alleges Iran has a nuke blueprint

Kerry: U.S. must 'end the empire of oil' to win war on terror

Suit airs Able Danger claims

I just spent hours downloading FlashPro8 and now I can't install it!

Check this science forum post: "Rotation of Earth . . .

Did anyone listen to my show today?

Freeps Ahoy!!!!

Just checking in- I jinxed myself...

Do freepers have their own version of the lounge?

Milk meets coffee

My cat can eat a whole watermelon

Could "God hates Fags" be a British Anti-Smoking campaign?

Time to go out to the bars...

Less than sucessful, but classically attractive actors/actresses

Personification photography

Go see this movie!!

Anybody else curse IMDB for wasting your life?

Is "nads kicking" a crime worthy of being thrown in jail for?

Today. I am 3 decades old.

I am the luckiest woman in the universe

Dear Oeditpus,

Is calling someone names on the 'net a form of "bullying"?

Good night, everyone!

Good night/morning you bastards.........

I Just Watched the Movie RENT

Will we hear a bunch of Bush/Cheney bashing tomorrow at the Oscars?


I'm haulin' my loopy butt off to bed

hell with it, I'm not going to ride my bike....

Nutirtious beer?

its been awhile...

I'm making a turkey dinner today


Email humor about American executives

Gentleman's Agreement on Fox Movie Channel

What is your favorite movie theme?

"Wimpy" starring Tony Perkins; directed by Afred Hitchcock

All right, break, I'm taking a Lizard from DU...soon.

Don't hunt peeps!

patriot act / sesame street lament....

Is "titty twisting" a crime worthy of being thrown in jail for?

Help! Does anyone have a Tempur-Pedic bed, or know

Have y'all seen this?

AP: 'Brokeback' Named Best Independent Film

Something I wrote for my comp class

Just watched Lust for Life

if you haven't seen this already


HURRA TORPEDO, total eclipse of the heart...

Black. White. Who's going to watch this?

Separated at birth?

should I find a new apartment?

I should investigate before asking ... (ignore)

I got a job!!!

My allergy sucks! I can't eat watermelons!

I'm already tired about all this Oscar hype.

Let`s Play ..Name Songs Movies TV shows about Sports.

1982 commerical - Get Ayds to help you lose weight ROFL!!!

My kids are super sick :( (can i get some postive thoughts)

T-Shirts for your Mental Disorder


'Gimme A Break' - hot or not?

Hoping For Warmer Weather I Give You: MATCOM'S SUNDAY GOLF QUIPS!

Mr Guns' Norris joke

Haven't seen Madea's Family Reunion??

Man in the moon joke

Help me complete my Oscar-themed buffet!

Razzie Results (Press Release)

Grapes of Wrath is on Fox Movie Channel

Anyone with a Nano iPod, help, I have a question.


You are invited to a Titty Twister party

What should my sign for the anti-war rally say?

I learned a new trick - Dial-up warning - Slide Show

OMFG! DS1 !!! Post your opinions of him here!

Who else likes the wasabi buzz?

Something beautiful.

I was honored at a chili cookoff last night!

Name A Movie Title That's Only ONE LETTER Long ...

Freestylin' Against Fascism!

I am too drunk...Goodnight people.Stay gold.

It's a blizzard outside!

Favorite Home Run Hitter without 500 HR's or more?

What are you listening to?

Now that my grocery store carries my favorite candy, what should I do?

Name a movie title that includes a fraction (spelled out or not)

Bill O'Reilly threatened to have Fox security call the 5-0 on a caller...

One of my favourite Bollywood dance sequences.

The Lounge's favorite painter featured in GD:

Oh no they locked my boat thread

Is there a place like photobucket

Sometimes it's the simple things in life

Your CAT is in my tree.

Name your favorite XTC song

I'm going to start the evening off with a Manhattan!

Name This Movie

I hate faux Christians

Attention NYC DU'ers!!! Cindy Alexander in NYC!!!

VIDEO TOON: house of cosbys (funny shit)

The best picture of 2005 was "Sin City"

My shower drain is clogged! And I've tried everything!!!!

Condiments should ENHANCE a sandwich, not DROWN out the taste

Favorite Home Run Hitler Part I

New Exercise Routine

Just seven minutes from now, the TV Guide channel begins coverage

Am I too harsh?

I'd like to thank the Academy

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/5/06)

Won't do any good, but I had to write back.

And the envelope please . . .

Do you think that fundies will be at the Oscars protesting "gay themes"...

Should I buy some snakes on a plane with my food stamps?

"V-Dub, representing Deutschland."

People like to argue

How do I?

Hey lookit that... MY D.U. odometer just rolled over 1000.....

I just stole a homeless guy's foodstamps, bought a Kinkade with them,

I cannot stand damned dirty apes

New Alarm clock for those who have a hard time waking up...

What does Oscar night and Baseball have in common?

Kirby Puckett has had a stroke

Does it matter where it comes out of, honey?

What Is Your "Pet" Movie At The Oscars Tonight?

Damn Oscars! No Simpsons tonight!

So, how did John do or am I early asking? I don't have a tv handy.

Should I buy a Lamprey with my food stamps?

I just ate 10 mini-chocolate cream puffs!

I cannot stand damned nosy people

So, I quit smoking 2 weeks ago....

Oscar night Cleavage Watch.

Imagine if "The Shining" were a light-hearted family comedy (trailer):

Just a heads up about the sonic Jr Banana Split

My Movie Pet Peeve rant

I should just stay out of movie theaters

Post a Photo of you Soldier thread!

OK I admit I had serious doubts about any soup called


I had a shitty day. I'm ready for my second Martini in ten minutes. And...

Favorite Home Run Hitter? Part II

Should I buy the DU Lounge with my food stamps?

Bucket of warm gorilla piss: Exciting or no?

Have you ever had times you kick yourself for not having your camera?

is that Jeff Gannon sitting next to George Clooney at the Oscars?

Okay, I couldn't reisist. I checked in. Saw Spielberg.

James Risen's book

I'm going snowboarding for the first time tomorrow

Attn tinfoil hatters: important info! Your lives may be in peril!

Advice needed: Should I bump this thread for my 7000th post?

George Clooney: "I don't like Ang Lee; and I think he's a communist."

Oscar observations

Nobody should have to eat Hamburger Helper alone.

I think Dolly being that skinny makes her look older.

Goodnight everyone....Stay gold.

Who else has Dolly on mute?

I'm laughing my ass off at the Oscar introduction

My dog fetches the paper.

Favorite Home Run Hitter? Part I


Best baseball club name EVarrr

M*A*S*H the movie is starting now on AMC.

WTF are they playing MUSIC for during their acceptance speeches?

Anyone know how to watch Oscars on the net?

Dolly just rocked the house!

Anyone like to watch Overhauling?

Great Quote from Jon Stewart at the Oscars

Magic: The Gathering pro tour 2006 live coverage.

DAMMIT! I'm trying to watch these "Oscar Awards" and the Commercials

Watching HGTV while the Oscars are on.

Anyone have a video clip of Jon Stewarts opening at the Oscars?

Star Trek Generations - some thoughts


We need a Brazillion Duers more.

I was on food stamps

Bumper snicker I saw yesterday in Berkeley........

Who was the LEAD actor, if any, in Syriana?


thanks for the web page :)

Who won what in the Oscars so far.

What color are your walls?

Jo Lo has had some SERIOUS facial plastic surgery

Piranha Thread...The Official One

Piranha Thread ... The UNofficial One. nt

So what movie are you watching tonite?

Re-enact a Hollywood movie using smileys!

"Brokeback Mountain" score = Frank Zappa's "Strictly Genteel"?

Paranoid Oscars question:

"I'm proud to be out of touch" ...[we] gave an Oscar to a black woman

Just watched "The Graduate"

Clooney Wins Supporting Actor Oscar

Are Dolly Madison's breasts real?

Ya think Bushie-Boy is watching the Awards?

Stupid parent question - about summer camps

Jake Gyllenhaal, GET A SHAVE!

Should I buy a Lexus with my food stamps?

Was Revenge of the Sith nominated for anything

Who is that woman who was in the clip

Backstage at the Oscars: Best Supporting Actor

Bwahahaha! at least 10 moved Oscar threads in GD now.

Nobody wants/invited Matt PUDGE to the Oscars????????????

There must have been only four good songs this year.....

where can I find dolly pardon "travellin thru" lyrics?

George CLOONEY!!!!!!!!!! ConGRATS FOREVER!!!!!!!! n/t

Just tuned in to Oscars(West Coast time)--did I miss any awards?

Mr. DTBK has coined a new and disgusting insult

Girl Scout Thin Mints are Evil!

Ideas for some new tunes?

Barney Marathon on TV Land now


Don't ya love discovering a new side of an old friend?

oscar prediction: ...pimp

Are Dolly's breasts real?

So sweet that Morgan Freeman gave Rachel Weisz...

I like Salma Hayek's dress

Ziyi Zhang kicks ass

Thinking of the Oscars, I was wondering who would win "Best DU Poster"

Bjork couldn't come tonight...

Who dressed Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

Martin Scorsese: Zero Oscars. 3-6 Mafia: One.

Look at these neat pins I made!

& I'm doing in the Lounge----- what? Exactly? Where's my CatWoman? n/t

Oscar Dresses: Best, worst, did nothing for them but O.K.--- Discuss

"Martin Scorsese, zero Oscars. Tree-six Mafia, one."

I knocked out 2 guys and almost a 3rd when he got me with an upper cut.

How can we get threads moved from the Lounge to GD?

Reese Witherspoon is the new Sally Field

REEESSSEEE!!!!!!! n/t

Why do people sometimes present *opinions* as *facts*?

Leasing question

I've got a fever...

Yes!!! (Oscar Spoiler)


My wife thinks George Clooney will win another Oscar tonight

Crash just won best orginal screen play

My husband and I made a Thai feast tonight!

Brokeback Mountain won best writing of already written material

I am so bummed out right now.

Did they just bleep "It's hard out here for a pimp"?


Thank you Academy!

hear that sound? freepers heads exploding. CONGRATS ANG LEE!!


Okay here we go, Best Picture:

Thanks to all the Lounge regulars who graciously hosted us

Ang Lee

I did not know that Dan Futterman was also a writer

Academy Awards, USA: 2006

A memory of Oscar night... Do you have your hat ready?

The fundies will be happy, at least.

How come cults and sci-fi writings get turned into religions?

The best movies this year based on wins are:

Those who don't care about the Oscars, check in here

I got just about everyfreakingthing in the Oscar Poll except: BESTPICTURE


Academy Awards montage "by any means necessary" sign

Hey, if Charlize gets tired, she can always rest her head on her PILLOW

(VIDEO) Brokeback: The Sequel

Ugh, John Revolting.

Tonight, in honor of Oscarfest, I watched "The Devil's Rejects"


What the holy fong just happened on the Oscars?!?

Silly but for real query: why is going sans underwear called

The only reason I am watching the Oscars is Jon Stewart

Oscar Thread ...... can this one be the offcial one?

Jon Stewart

Past Best Picture Winners

Grade Jon Stewart right wingers bash Hollywood.....


I've seen Crash and I've seen Brokeback Mountain - we all won tonight!

Diana Ossana just plagiarized a quote.

Oh damn damn damn

Looks Like The "MSM's" Spin About Hollywood Being "Out Of Touch" Did The

Home made Reuben sandwiches & cole slaw for dinner

Do Androids Dance Like Electric Sheep?

OK, what the hell is "Crash" about?

Upon St. Crispin's Day!!!!

I want an Oscar gift bag - they get 100,000 dollars worth of GIFTS

Clooney's talking politics on the post Oscar show

Why do sci fi movies never get any respect?

MUNICH gets a donut

Now that the 2006 Academy Awards are over, what do you think?

Sums up my day..

Jon Stewart is on fire at the Oscars...

Kava kava and valerian, here I come!

Annie Hall beat Star Wars for best picture in 1977

Name a movie title that's more than TEN words long!

seriously, was this not a great year for movies?

Just out of curiosity, is Ang Lee a hetero dude? Since two of his movies

Post a pic of your kid thread

NOW this is a JOY!

Am I a DINO for liking Crash better than Brokeback?

Oscar Thread 2


I hate Woody Allen.

Oscar night question - Why is there so little talent on the right?

Just watched a Hillary Duff movie

slowly my painting progresses

Could someone tell me...WHAT TIME IS IT in Wa State??!

I have a nightmare...

Superman Returns: Pics and a link to the teaser (dial up warning)

Phillip Seymour HOFFMAN!!!!!!! n/t

I gotta go. I don't give a rat's ass about the Oscars.


I'm leaving for a while, ..

How would you feel if you received a happy birthday call from someone ...

Hi, I'm naked! Haha!

A few pictures of the big night

The Official Oscar Fashion Thread

Oscars: When Things Don't Go Your Way...

Oooga Chaka Oooga Chaka

So, will Jon Stewart be asked to host next year?

Abs exercises

I love Jon Stewart, but his Oscar hosting was a BIG YAWN.

Anyone seen a ghost lately?

Should I buy Girl Scout Cookies with my food stamps?

Who Is Your Favorite Artist?

Readers, scholars, and others: the Complete New Yorker on DVD 1/2 price

When is Rap Music (or is it now called Hip Hop?) going to die?

Somebody Has To Say This: CRASH SUCKED

WOTC files lawsuit for breach of contract.

People who refuse to broaden their tastes musically

BBC version of Narnia - any good?

Ok. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Oscar?

"Crash" a surprise winner for best picture

time to un-pimp ze otto...

Judy Dench put my eye out in a bar fight


Let's could talk about rifles, cannons, tanks, and Blow Guns!

No rememerance of Don Knotts at the Oscars

George Clooney! YES! (Moderator, read before you move to Lounge, please)

I've re-written my resume and applied for two more jobs....

Okay, I think I can provide some needed perspective on Titty Twisters

"Agnes, that's not what I meant when I said, 'Get a life!"

"Baddest pitcher in MLB history?

Attn. Rabrrrrrr: "Dark Portrait of a 'Painter of Light'"

Pardon me, good sir, my opinion of rap music is that it is crap

Hey, "Wallace and Gromit" took best animated feature!!

Good Night and Good Luck gets a donut

Who deserved an Oscar most but never received one?

Husband just bought an MP3 digital player -- so what's the difference

Question: Who painted...

My tinfoil hat comment of the night.

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life

Travolta's hair is fake.

Just a Thank you to everybody for being......

Welcome to Bush's Amerikkka

Reese witherspoon?

Any MySpacers here?

Post your oscar pool score here.

I think my dogs are lesbian. What to do?

Who/What Are the Worst Oscar Winners Ever?

Anybody awake who doesn't want to talk about titties?

Right I'm going to bed

The Book of Bart (about biblical errors)

Local Dallas columnist examines fundie home school materials.

Shoppers Balance Beliefs, Business

The Wittenburg Door.

Restraining good arm aids stroke recovery

Americans and ignorance of science

Quantum computer gives results without running

10 earthquakes in the last 24 hours worldwide...

Teen: School failed to ensure safety

'Gay' penguins book frozen out in Missouri libraries

Park board plans new vote on Gay Games

Senator caught in marriage fight

Kirby Puckett suffers stroke, undergoes surgery

Team USA-Iverson not Invited

Linares R10: Topalov continues comeback, moves to one point off lead

Any Tar Heels in the house?

New protocols for pet vaccinations

Sterling is pulling out his fur!

some thoughts on reincarnation

Gentle lessons that the Universe has taught us.

Free online book: Astral Projection

Political astrology websites

Cleland backs Kerry for 2008

Oregon's "Fighting Dem"


Kerry : Liberal?

The bash/bash strategy and

John Kerry Delivers Keynote Lecture at Ireland’s University of Ulster

Quick, did you guys know we had a Dem message for '06?

Reprocessing some stuff

Don't forget your Countdown anniversary cards next month!

I admit, I had to look up the "Ted Baxter" reference, however

Lounge Post about Keith in cahoots with Falafel Bill for ratings boost

The #1 "Christian" porn site

Disturbing post on Craig's List-Denver

So We Can't Speak Ill of Jeff Gannon now?

Sunday Talk Shows

access to records being restricted at fed + state levels...genealogy

Daschel is on cspan2. DID you hear what he JUST said???

Kissinger/Nixon + MyLai records replayed as W/Cheney/Rumsfeld AbuG


I have a RBTIMM for AIDG

just for fun

Check in here if you are sending contributions to candidates who are

The Razzies have been announced!

Okay, I think I can provide some needed perspective on Titty Twisters

LIVE liberal radio in a major market NOW - Nate Clay - streaming

"Scapegoats and Shunning - Sexual Fascism in Progressive America"

Stalin was an atheitst,

Hitler was an atheist too.,

The best picture of 2005 was "Sin City"

Hindu priests purify Gandhi memorial after visit by Bush sniffer-dogs

Rates of hearing loss climbing for troops

Just heard Fox report on the Brits pulling out of Irag early 2007

I Have a Nightmare...

Mother Goose and Grimm on a cowboy movie :)

FREEPER FORUM -debate about Scott Ritter

"I wish Jimmy Carter could be president again."

Fed courts doube secrecy last few years-mostly drug-some terrorism

Verbal Assault = Just Fine .. Guess What? It's Not (Titty Twister Story)

Newsweek on current real estate market: "A home as a shelter, not an ATM"

Over 5,000 defendants’ cases kept secret in US despite US Constitution

TPM: "Doesn't this break military regulations...?"

The lie of the storm-GLOBE EDITORIAL

Is Crooks and Liars being upgraded?

Philippines files sedition charges against publisher, two columnists

Thousands of Indonesian Muslims rally demanding US pull out of Iraq, etc.

Has Anyone Heard How Bob Woodruff is Doing?


Stars & Stripes letter: In support of Sheehan

Iran's Best Friend (NYT EDIT)

USA Purchases 500,000 Tons Of Canadian Wheat For Occupied Iraq

That young man who recorded his college teacher's Bush/Hitler discussion..

Venezuela aims for biggest military reserve in Americas

abc TV now port issue, collins and duncan

Anyone else catch Chris Wallace's Freudian Slip??

President Determined to Drive Approval Rating Down to Zero

Howard Kurtz Preview on CNN

2,300 - how many more, george?

GENERAL CLARK to be on ABC in about 2 minutes about Iraqi civil war @ Bush

Cheney's daughter to lead propaganda war to topple Iran government

TO anybody who thinks that 'titty twisting' is A-OK with them, read this:

Penguins get march order (Missouri Family Values!)

A simple observation about why Hillary will not be a successful candidate.

guests once again run roughshod over the truth on MTP thanks to

I've had enough of Howard Kurtz passing himself off as the potentate...

Free Blogads On World News Trust

What should be the new axis of evil

My heart breaks every Sunday

Call them COWARDS!

GU Breach Found Almost Three Weeks Ago

Clark on Steponopili now

"The Global Class War" by Jeff Faux

If I knew at 08:31 AM on Aug 29, 2005 that the levees were going to breach

The Windsors Have Returned from Their Grand Tour of the Colonies -pix->

Who is this Bush shill from the examiner?

c-span live - aipac meeting - bolton to speak

New Quinnipiac Poll: 36 percent approve of Bush's performance

Couple investigated by Homeland Security for paying credit card bill

Watchdog: What Ever Happened to Civil Liberties Board? (Isokoff/Newsweek)

VIDEO -Clark on the Dubai Ports -Selected bits from This Week

A Declaration of Independence-These are our grievances:

pResidential Dignitude: The Bright Side !

I have a strategy for the dems - it is called courage & common sense

Sorry kids, the Bush regime killed your chance for a nuke-free world

The worm might have finally turned

AP: Thousands of Federal Cases Kept Secret

They're loving John Bolton on Cspan.... he's a hero, a martyr for

1:15 pm EST - CLG's M. Rectenwald to debate Horowitz - MSNBC

CEO of Dubai firm on CNN with Blitzer (11:07 a.m.)

Florida teens caught on security cameras deny beating homeless man to death

VIDEO- Leno on Bush and Lent

CSpan2 Booknotes, 9am EST: Jeff Faux on Global Trade (must see tee vee!)

Heck of a job, Mr. President (The Seattle Times)

On Conviction to your Beliefs

It was a dumb war – conceived in ignorance, prosecuted in deceit

San Fran based Church of Reality to challenge SD abortion law...

A Sunday morning giggle for you...

PALESTINIANS Poll warned U.S. of Hamas clout-Contradicts Bush Statements

Bill Kristol: Republicans will lose the House! (Today's Fox News Sunday)

Lindsay Graham "Under Their Theory-No Role For Congress or Courts"

VIDEO- Craig Ferguson (Late Late Show) on Bush and Indian Jobs

The interview with Gen Pace with Timmy Russert is making me crazy.

Psycho "Don't call me Francis" Fukuyama on C-SPAN2 now

Kristol: Conservatives Believe The Bush Administration Is Incompetent

I hope Crooks and Liars just forgot to check their web page before going

Seeing Baghdad, Thinking Saigon

vote's poll Re: Most important story this week in D.C.


I don't mean this in any kind of mean-spirited way, but I've often

Murtha said on FTN that only Iran, Al-qaeda and China want us in Iraq

We should be discussing World Court - not impeachment.

Rep.Murtha on Face The Nation Now!

The VRWC was exposed back in the 80's. Look at the Apartheid Regime.

So when will bush's approval #s hit into the 20s?

VIDEO- Duncan Hunter on Bush and the Dubai Ports

VIDEO- Leno on the Dubai Ports Deal

We rule the world - Judge and Jury

So just why is marijuana illegal? Didn't God make it?

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

‘I weep at the thought of the suffering with which we Iraqis are living’

The U.S. Debt To the Penny

Edwards coming up on Meet the Press N/T

Rethug newspaper idiot Bill Sammon on Steph...

Tom DeLay for (R) President 2008 !

HIllary in 2008 - JibJab type funny toon

Wesley Clark disappointing on This Week- excuses for Dubai

Bush: "India and Pakistan are two different countries...

NASA & USAF Caught Monitoring USAF Vet/Activist Bruce Gagnon

Riddle me this. What do Blitzer and Rita Cosby have in common?

What will we miss most if India and China go to war?

Westinghouse Workers Have the Highest Levels of PCBs Ever Recorded

Wolf Blitzer, he's just soooooooo librul...

Lott Breaks Deadlock Between Frist, Reid

Priests Purify Shrine After Bush Visit

Ex-CIA Worker Sues Over Book Deletions

Two republican hacks on tonight's Oscars:

The Democrats should hold Bush to the "spread democracy" thing-

I Now Know Why Oil Prices Keep Going Up

they really are insane - they want to program & control sharks

Gas prices in my metro-Atlanta town have risen $.05 in 24 hours WTF

60 minutes

FOX "News" is absolutely shameless in their propaganda for Bush

Acronym for India:

We MUST unseat Sensenbrenner in Wisconsin...

2.8 million homeless

Headline in newspaper "Local GOP sees fewer members, lack of candidates"

Press Had Better Hope We Win War-If We Don't People WILL Blame The Media!

How we duped the West, by Iran's nuclear negotiator

RNC chair preps cases heard by court with 7 of 9 GOP appointed members

After watching Russert on Meet the Press this morning.

What The Hell Happened With Dr. Vendyl Jones?? (re:Ark Of The Covenant)

Ya know - I'm part Cherokee so I got to thinkin that possibly I could

Study says scholastic gains can be fleeting

Have you called your rep?

'Puke Platform 2008--Any guesses?

EU starts globalization fund to support outsourcing-hit workers

Look, Up in the White House...It's Splatman

I'm thinking of vacationing in Iraq this year

VIDEO- Mushareff Gets Hackles Up about Pak Not Being a Democracy

Student who recorded teacher bashing Bush, bashes Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Curious: how's Pepper-Man (Whittington) doing?

It's time to get going on helping Democrats win in November.

Our Financial Failings - Family Savings Look Scary Across the Board

I'm DONE! (or, y'all better help me out.)

Why did UAE support "war on terrorism ??

The Pursuit of Democracy By Michael Kinsley

I want my country back!!!!!

Archbishop of Canterbury attacks Cuba prison camp

Terrorist education time

Ortega may be on his way back in Nicaragua. Now what?

The MEaTrix...a funny cartoon with a serious message,starring

Bush Goal: The New State-Controlled Press: CRACKDOWN in Progress -->

Bruce Bartlett on CSPAN2 now 3pm

Gergen: Bush worst than Nixon on Secrecy

"Once there was one Saddam, now there are millions"

DOJ Purges Anti-UAE Information From Website

The Merchants of Cool:

Helen Thomas and Ari Fleischer, 3 yrs ago today

Who will the Neocons want to to put in office in 2008?


Bolton can't wait for Iran to suffer 'painful consequences'.

My encounter with a Diebold machine

Iraq and the right: mother of all flip-flops coming

AMT could trip up 21 million next year

Is Karl Rove still in legal jeopardy regarding Plamegate?

The Telegraph (UK) - '10,000 would die' in A-plant attack on Iran

Priests Purify Shrine After Bush Visit

Freepers support higher taxes. Earth shakes.

Gotta love those Sunday Doonesburys

'Abritrary' Detention Fueling 'Dire' Situation in Iraq

General's Assessment of Iraq Questioned

I met Gore Vidal and Scott Ritter tonight: True US PATRIOTS!

Don't wait for God. Bush and Blair will judge you

I could use some help preparing a speech.

OMG! Please tell me all 17yo kids don't think like this or we're screwed!

The freepers are going on a Caribbean cruise........

Famous Cricketeer Detained in his home while Bush plays Cricket/Pakistan

Bill Maher Interview with Michael Brown

Faux Noose Spin of the Day


My Neighbors Hate My Newest B-Sticker...

Classic Anti-Bush Videos On Youtube

on CSPAN2 4pm Retaking our Country Back from the Religious Right

Twilight's last gleaming. Attention must be paid. Democracy is dying.

"Contemplating the Ifs...."(new article by Larry Johnson and Patrick Lang)

Osama bin Bullshit

George Clooney: "I don't like Ang Lee; and I think he's a communist."

GOP Favorite Faces DWI Counts (twice within 48 hours)

Expert on Iraq: Army Maj. Gen. William L. Nash-"WE'RE IN A CIVIL WAR"

Can anyone name one revelation of classified info that hurt the US?

Scott McClellan Speaks for the American People

More illegalities from Bushco!

Caesareans are for everyone?

Paper says Helmut Kohl agrees with Ahmadinejad on Holocaust

What are YOU doing in 2006?

Eerily Quiet On The Rightwing "Blogosphere" Front

In a few hours I'll be interviewing John Armor, (R) cong. candidate.

Pat Tillman Case: How the Press Was Spun

Guantanamo Inmates Despair of Ever Leaving

MLB Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett has stroke at 44.

Every time a SD RePUKE knocks up a woman an angel gets its wings

I have taken heat for anti-Bush stickers on my truck at work

cnn showing dog teams going into New Orleans looking for the missing.

On Laura Flanders tonight they will have Walter Mosley.

St. Pete Times: If judges won't stand up to Bush, who will?

In a Funk...

I was interviewed by a reporter today!!

Church of Reality takes on South Dakota on Abortion

Study of 6 States Using Parental Notification-Little Drop Off In Abortions

Food Stamp story - Should I be Pissed?

"Dog's death sparks debate over trapping's place in suburbia"

ILWU hosts Iraqi oil & dockworkers photo exhibition

email from Louisiana

Anyone listening to 60 Minutes tonight?

You mean to tell me that all I have to do to get a new car is to go on

Great comic novels? Political or social criticism themes?

I think the IRS has some marching orders: Look for money!

Halliburton story -- should I be pissed?

Which Republican Is Most Vulnerable In Your State?

Anyone have a link to DU Poster who found article trashing Tomas Kincaid?

Francine Busby just had a great ad on during the Oscars.

Rush Limbaugh made for TV?

Anyone know how to watch Oscars on the net?

DanCa's $475/Mo challenge thread made me think back to GHWB's

A FIRST: Democratic Senator Calls For Withdrawal From Iraq

DAMMIT! I'm trying to watch these "Oscar Awards" and the Commercials

The hell with impeachment - it is time for another American Revolution

Anyone have a video clip of Jon Stewarts opening at the Oscars?

Scientist Calls For Warnings, Tax On Soda

Why I am skeptical of the food stamp/Lexus story

I have an idea - (slapping forehead) - could this work??

Vets! Tricare users: start of price increases...

I think the lady with the food stamps stole the lexus!

O.K., I'm Gonna Get It . . . I Hate Myself . . .

Why I'm very skeptical of the food stamp/Lexus story.

an alternative view of food stamps. Can you dig it???

Just tuned in to Oscars(West Coast time)--did I miss any awards?

What's Behind Those Bad Poll Numbers - INCOMPETENCE! (WaPo)

Two REAL food stamp stories..

Jon Stewart is on fire at the Oscars...

Listening to Mark Levine. Dems have no voice because they


Paranoid Oscars question:

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

George CLOONEY!!!!!!!!!! ConGRATS FOREVER!!!!!!!! n/t

"I'm proud to be out of touch" ...[we] gave an Oscar to a black woman


A collection of photos from this past week. - lots of pics >>>

A memory of Oscar night... Do you have your hat ready?

Nobody wants/invited Matt PUDGE to the Oscars????????????

Who is that woman who was in the clip

Ok. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Oscar?

I want an Oscar gift bag - they get 100,000 dollars worth of GIFTS

Oscar night question - Why is there so little talent on the right?

Did they just bleep "It's hard out here for a pimp"?

So, will Jon Stewart be asked to host next year?


The only reason I am watching the Oscars is Jon Stewart

When is Rap Music (or is it now called Hip Hop?) going to die?

Why I think the food stamp Lexus story is a steaming pile of crap

Hero's death (Tillman) turns into a murder investigation

ok we had our Welfare FICTION - NOW REALITY

Need Oscar party recipes? The George W. Bush **COOKBOOK**

here`s riverbends oscars picks--a must read !

2300 103 103 2506 2.32 1081

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I really think he's a great actor! nt

MURTHA TRANSCRIPT: Only Ones Who Want Us In Iraq Are Iran, alQueda & China

Kerry: U.S. must 'end the empire of oil' to win war on terror

I'm an FDR Democrat and damn proud of it!

Where are we now?

The MEATRIX .a funny toon with a serious message, please view

Japan May Hire Controversial Firm to Dismantle Camp in Iraq (Guess who?!)

$475 a month challenge

Somebody Has To Say This: CRASH SUCKED

UAE and Iraq

I love Jon Stewart, but his Oscar hosting was a BIG YAWN.

DUer Health Insurance Quiz:

Pulp Fiction, but with Bush and Powell

The similar LIES of thugs and light workers

Why aren't fundies more concerned about the environment?

Helen Thomas coming to Lexington Ky -April 28 th

Hypothetical Question: Assuming a Dem is elected in '08

Recruiters aim at elementary kids...

It appears that the USA is operating Death Camps in Iraq

Ohio company's voting machines lead election issues in Maryland

Poll: Southerners Starting to 'Get It' (Now it's Dems over Repubs)

Guardian: Everything is on table, Iran warned (Bolton)

bolton tries to change the world & ends up being "odd news"...

Washington splits over best policy to halt Iran's nuclear plan

Thanks CBP and DOS for once again protecting us from terrorists artists

Iraq's Crisis of Scarred Psyches

A "BrokeBack" Backlash? The Political Fallout from The Oscars

Rights Group Says Iraq Torture Continues

Ok, Maybe I judged ol' deadeye dick too harshly...

Why is there such anger when a Dem gets challenged?

"The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" release date 3/28/06

Dance George Dance!

Did Duke Cunningham really earn his medals in Vietnam?

Eric Margolis: The Bull in the Mideast China Shop


Religiophobia: lets talk about it

Do DUers go to movies (in theatres/theaters)?

Attention Viet Nam Vets (or not)

You think you are witty? Funny as hell? Mad at the Credit Card Co.'s?

Maymont Bears Laid to Rest with 500 Looking On.

I don't think we are going to be able to sneak up on Chavez

Read this if you want hearings to investigate wiretapping

How come DU doesn't have a cruise?

Q: Didn't the army do most of what KBR does on its -own- previously?

"The duty of art"... WTF?

DELAY: "I'm like a cemetery — I'll take anything!"

Best $20.06 you could spend. Saving Impeach Bush Billboard in RI

I should not be the only one to boo Bush in Disney's Hall of Presidents

New Orleans, Race, and Politics (the Economist)

Three years. It's been almost THREE YEARS, people.

VIDEO- Robert Reich on Protectionism- dropped something interesting

CIA training camp "The Farm"

India nuke deal : US breaks international law

Bigotry! Bush Says India Can Have Nukes But Pakistan Can't (Newsweek)

SCOOP: US computer infrastructure compromised by terrorist-owned company

Have a Coke

Dark Portrait of "Painter of Light" - Thomas Kincade in his true glory

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 5)

Why did Bush condemn anti-Arab profiling prior to 9/11?

that is it. i have had it.

Republicans aren't religious

Epidemic of Republicans misusing active duty military for campaigns

Priests Purify Shrine After Bush Visit

Right-winger is losing it, completely.

100 Iraqi Shia tortured and beheaded south of Baghdad

a freepers response to "hollywood and awards" hehe

The Politics of Shoe Leather (for everyone feeling down or overwhelmed)

Thomas Kincade - Painter of light - is DARKSIDED?

One people, one religion, dammit! The American taliban in Missouri.

Hey, is this a new match for Bush or Chimp?

SSRIs: Wonder drugs From Hell

D.U. -- Kicking Ass and Taking Names

In all of my 56 (and counting) years on this planet, I have never felt

Back from a Sci Fin Con

It’s happened! Cleland Speaks about Election Fruad in GA 2002!!!

Dick Cheney wants Americans to save more money!

>Illegal Wiretaps-Illegal Torture-Lied Us Into War-Flouts the Rule of Law<

Are you involved with the DU Folding @ Home Project?

Ain't no other way around it...MONEY TALKS...and how can WE Compete?

The Marc Emery story on 60 minutes is pissing me off!

Fantastic article here: read it, pass it on to Islam-paranoid friends

Jesus Plus Nothing: Xtian Neocons in US Gov (Fellowship Foundation)

"We're putting the band back together" AT&T(SBC) and Bell South

I lost my temper and sent a vicious email. WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!

Sundance Video MUST SEE China to US: HA HA HA America *kick*

Kansas op ed says do not have sex for pleasure.

To all those who think nothing should be done about illegal immigration...

So does reading Ayn Rand automatically turn you into a dick?

The US's nuclear cave-in - US/India deal violates US and international law

George W. Bush Lied About WMD and MUST Be Impeached!!

Outrage of the Week (toon)

Morans in History

White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks - Reporters Could Be Prosecuted

Why do "we" continue to let the Iran/Contra criminals run this country?

60 Minutes tonight-3 intriguing stories:

Moussaoui defense "What knowledge government had before 9/11" ABLE DANGER

Here's How the Port Deal Can Help Dems Win in November

If you're feeling discouraged in light of events around you...

NWA, Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement

Ports debate: When 'port security' targets workers

Protesting is picking up some, not everyone is tolerant

Unreal . . . shall I wonder who the buyers are?

Even Bush's #'s at Rasmussen nosediving (49 to 41 in 2 weeks)

ABC (Australia): Improve Bush's approval ratings? Have "A new crisis."

PEACE IS NOT JUST FOR WOMEN... Vote this up if you oppose war

Port Deal To Close Before 45 day Investigation Completed

White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks

Santorum, quip on Casey " have to put sentences together."

PEACE IS NOT JUST FOR WOMEN... sign petition to oppose war

Newsweek: Watchdog: What Ever Happened to the Civil Liberties Board?

Why is the port issue still a big deal?

Idiot Son's approval rating at 37% in Repub Indiana...

Twilight In America

Despite setbacks, GOP courts success

OMG! Have you all seen this?

a followup email to my Rep after a town hall meeting yesterday

80% of military contracts go to foreign companies. Way to go *.

Harris Cancels Election Trips - Is she about to drop out of race?

what does the law say on this voting question?:

I don't want Bush to be the focus for Democrats


Run, but you can't hide from Bush War on Terra: sell an apple, go to Gitmo

What If They Held An Election, And Nobody Came?

1:15 pm EST - CLG's M. Rectenwald to debate Horowitz - MSNBC

Did you see the Hardball promo about electing the next president?

Fighting Dems SPOTLIGHT ON NEW YORK: Live blogging now!

Fighting Dems SPOTLIGHT ON ARIZONA: Live blogging!

Outrage: Should a UAE Firm Run U.S. Ports? (Poll by Newsmax)

Memo to Reporters Covering Port Controversy; Media Matters Presents Media

excellent blog here on corporate corruption!

GOP lawmakers vow to change ports review

Don't forget! DNC: Port Deal to Close BEFORE 45-Day Investigation Complete

Excellent video on Democrats with backbone

"Dubai Ports Deal: The Dark Underbelly Revealed", Eric Massa

American Government refresher course, or why I gotta see the forest past

Who's the father-bashing "political daughter?"

Bill of RIghts Trading Cards

Dubai funds Neil Bush's company

"Presidential Prayer Team" takes a not-so-subtle slap at New Orleans

IWR vote . . .not only a mistake but a blatant abuse of power

Time: Iranian Bombshell? US readying new intelligence briefing for UN

If this headline in the AP is not in other news lists,

He's Battered, but His Agenda Isn't Beaten (the media loves Bush)

Michael Lerner on CSpan2 Now, discussing progressive spirituality

Bush must be held accountable for violating the IWR

Republican Congressman Predicts Bush Impeachment

Everybody needs to be much , much more aggressive for the truth...

Did Woodward Tape CIA Name Leaker - The Latest Twists in PlameGate & Libby

(Jack) Carter: UAE deal "tertiary" to general GOP neglect of port security

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag): Impeach * NOW! / New album "For Blood and Empire"

DFA Tennessee presents policy proposals to Gov. Bredesen.

Gen. Pace's Assessment On Iraq Questioned By Murtha!

What's going on at the Star Tribune re. Keillor's "Impeach Bush" piece?

Dick Cheney is more popular than Paris Hilton!

AP: Vermont city to elect its next mayor – immediately

Do you think each Dem who voted yes should say they were wrong, as JE did?

The Nuts and Bolts of Terrorism

Bush May Face Fight in Congress Over Nuclear Accord With India

Centcom's "concerned trolls" least they are letting us know ...

Need help with newsletter - please add to Bush's 'achievement' list

Rove, Moore to speak locally {Bowling Green, OH, 3/11} (Toledo Free Press)

Wes Clark up 10:14 a.m. Mods, please combine with

General Wesley Clark....on "This Week" Today!

San Diego Union Tribune: Seekers of Cunningham seat shun GOP's record

Primary for DeLay's Seat Is Shaping Up as Referendum on the Incumbent

I like twins!

Pork rinds, cigs and six-packs: corruption in Virginia's backwoods

"Mikey's Mission"-- A "Reagan Republican" takes on the Air Force Academy

H.Con.Res. 348: Bring Our Troops Home from Iraq

S.D. bill appears to make fertility treatment a crime

so let's talk about third party voters

If the GOP nominates Dan Quayle for the WH in 2008, we're sunk.

Back from a sci fi con

Kristol: Conservatives Believe The Bush Administration Is Incompetent

Tell me 2004 wasn't fixed, HA!

Save the BE PATRIOTIC IMPEACH BUSH Billboard in RI!!!


A Hillary 2008 nomination will not work.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Iraq War ...

CRASH beats out BROKEBACK, that's political

Ned Lamont; quit while your behind


John Kerry's Speech in Ireland Today: “Security in a Dangerous World”

The RoadMap to Impeachment: "Violence" is The Answer

Does anybody agree with Dems who voted to renew the PATRIOT ACT?

Public prefers Democrats.

Moscow Times: The fix is already in for 2008