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Archives: March 4, 2006

Americablog: What Al Gore's been up to

KR: Ethnic hatred in Iraq has become entrenched, political solutions elus

Halimi died because he was Jewish

Party Hacks (California Goes Diebold)

The Clintons, the Doles and the Dubai port deal: political duplicity and..

Oops, we helped ruin the planet

Spies and Lies: The Case for Impeaching Bush


Great Op-ed outlining the frightening silencing of Govt employees


Anti-war Stance Is Right, Not Left

The Right to Ridicule (Ronald Dworkin)

On liberal media denial ....of two stolen elections

Bush and the bomb (Indian agreement 'disasterous' for proliferation)

WONKETTE: Marines blocked from her site & political emails

The Health Care Crisis and What to Do About It (Krugman & Wells, NYRB)

The Bush administration and the global decline of American capitalism

Like drunks on thier last binge, consumption is UP in California, again.

Congressional hearing might meet at proposed dump site

Line Leak Spills Oil At Prudhoe Bay - Size Of Spill Unreported - Reuters

Ground-Based Astronomy Will Likely End By 2050 Due To Pollution, Climate

Natasha Walter (The Guardian): Can environmental ethics save the planet?

(NM-D) Governor signs solar tax credit, education bills

Russia challenged by nuclear woes

Biologist works hard to duplicate Mother Nature's work (Atlantic salmon)

The Anatomy of the Plug-In Hybrid—Part 1: What the Heck is it?

Renewable energies to transform farmers into ‘energy moguls’

DOE - US Can Quadruple Oil Reserves - Just Inject More CO2!!

*Experimental* Solar Arrays (at U Toledo)

Japanese Make Gasoline From Cattle Dung

A new dawn

Rickman Slams 'Censorship' of Play about US Gaza Activist

Despite pressure, Hamas leader says Israel has 'no right to exist'

Hamas blames 'hate culture' for Church attack

On new tape, Bin Laden's No. 2 congratulates Hamas

Despite pressure, Hamas leader says Israel has 'no right to exist'

Church attack motivated by 'economic distress'

Amazing news-lines from Russian Newspaper Pravda Ru.....

Thousands Protest After Attack On Christian Shrine In Israel

Marzel to beauty queen: Don't marry a goy

Is the UAE Blackmailing Bush Over 9/11?

Dennis Kucinich States That Bush Administration Let 9/11 Happen

Loose Change: BS

Die bold in California

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 4

Quick question - who commissioned the Berkeley study?

AP picks up Sancho story today ! This is MSM reporting, guys! Don't faint.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News ...Sunday, March 5th

What are the ripple effects of the Husti Hack?

"Definitive Proof" of Election Fraud?

Does anyone know anything about a "Jim Dickson" -- any info. would be

Gov. Jeb Bush, S.o.S. Sue Cobb threaten Leon Co. election takeover!

New Blackwell Directive Raises Concern

A Broader Perspective on Our Fight For Elections

Information Request

Harkin calls for troop pullout

District and State Convention Delegates; Check In Here.


Does this interface description mean this pc has a modem?

Well, well, those mythical "Bell attack ad" mailers finally show up.

Bennett's Victory Party

If re-elected, DeLay “will do exactly what he’s been doing for 20 years”

Are you doing an Oscars party?

Minute steaks question

I just made a tub of garlic butter--yum

Anyone here brew their own beers (or make their own wine)?

I roasted a pork tenderloin tonight for supper

I have 3 or 4 cube steaks thawing - what to do with them?

What are the herbs you most like to grow and why?

Liberal leadership speculation

Just visited the updated Prime Minister website

Medical experts fear for future of CMA journal

Canadian soldier in Afghanistan wounded in ax attack.

After critical article, conservative nonprofit accuses Raw Story of violat

U.S. Isolated in Opposing Plan for a New U.N. Rights Council

US inquiry into music downloading

Iran 11th-hour nuclear talks fail

EU may allow Iran to enrich uranium

Party Hacks (California Goes Diebold)

Bush visit 'prompts Imran Khan's house arrest'

Brazil follows own path on AIDS

KR: Ethnic hatred in Iraq has become entrenched, political solutions elus

US signals abandonment of nuclear disarmament

U2's Bono pays homage to 'new Argentina'

Officials Say Port Company Faces More Intensive Review (NYT)

GOP: Politics Blocking Survey of Spy Units

Joseph Wilson makes N.M. visit, backs Madrid (Dem.Patricia Madrid)

Air America Appears To Lose Flagship Station

Oops, we helped ruin the planet

Baghdad market blast kills seven

Pentagon Releases Names of Gitmo Inmates (not in full)

India courts more US investment

Detentions to stifle Bush protests

(CA) Governor skips fight event; Planned mixed martial arts appearance...

WP: Administration Revives Dispute Over Eavesdropping Authority

Shia-Sunni tensions are growing in the U.S.

Guatemala to open police archive to probe abuses

Arab League to open office in Iraq

Hopes dim for cutting U.S. forces in Iraq

Condoleezza displeaza Spike ("Condi, stop smoking that crack!")

Death row inmates may see a ray of hope: Ruling could save 40 condemned to

Man dies of suspected bird flu in Guangzhou

Indonesian boy dies of bird flu, local test finds

PREDATOR SPY PLANES: Aircraft in high demand

China 'to dwarf G7 states by 2050'

Documents Reveal the Stories of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Army suspends 14 California recruiters pending investigation

Ex-Creed Frontman, Scott Stapp, Sued Over Stripper Sex Tape

A criminal probe is being opened into the death of former NFL star Pat Til

Promised tests remain undone for many FDA-approved drugs

CNN: Army to open criminal probe of Tillman death

US to present Iran with 30-day ultimatum

Bush Plan Would Raise Deficit by $1.2 Trillion, Budget Office Says (NYT)

AP: Adelphia founder's son sentenced

DOJ chief: 7 more in media watched (Philippines)

Talabani says he has assurances U.S. forces to stay as long as needed

Michigan soldier wounded in November blast in Iraq dies

"When Bush comes to Shove Resist" --- Pakistani Protest Sign

AUDIO/PODCAST- Bill Frist Threatens to Kill NSA Spying Oversight Hearing

Lawdragon Web site will lift veil on judges (Way Kewl!)

Army to open criminal probe of Tillman death

Kuwait signs economic, technical agreement with Cuba

Kurd president denounces Shi'ite premier as block to unity

Chilean president praises Chavez, rejects “leftist wave”

Army To Launch Criminal Investigation Into Pat Tillman's Death

Democrats Want Immediate Vote on Port Deal

Deadly blasts in Iraq shatter curfew calm

Iraqi interior minister plans to dissolve militias

WP: U.S. Seeks Deadline in Dispute With Iran

Libel suit against RNC by WV progressive populist begins

(Charlotte) Pritt's libel case begins 8 years later

Voting machine security alert sent - Florida!

Warmest winter ever in Tibet

Parents Complain About Book's Undertones (fundies gone crazy again

Zawahri urges attacks over cartoons

Tina Priest's Death In Iraq Under Investigation

UK, US to withdraw Iraq forces by early '07: papers

PM attacked on Iraq 'God' remarks

Cdn. soldier injured in axe attack in Afghanistan

US nuclear plant leaks fuel health concerns

Army to open criminal probe of Tillman death

Bush Tries His Hand at Cricket (oh, jeez)

Dubai & Dubya in dash for lifeboat (Urged to partner with US Firm)

Texas Town's Police Dept. Shut Down

Details of Some Guantanamo Hearings

Los Angeles to seize some 30 small businesses in Hollywood through eminent

Abizaid says Iraq can expect more bombings like Samarra attack

No Iraq Trip for Legislator Who Opposed Deal on Ports(Peter King)

Pak millionaire held in Guantanamo says bin Laden described himself as ‘pr

AP clarifies story about Katrina, Bush (Breach vs. Overrun)

E-mails undermine Reed claim (Ralph's political career closer to ending?)

China to Increase Military Budget to $35B

Bush (taxcut) Plan Would Raise Deficit by $1.2Trillion, Budget Office Says

Zimbabwe 'running out of wheat'

Harris Requested Funds At Behest of Contractor

Canadian oil flowing into United States

IRS to auction Cunningham cache March 23

AP: Many Defendants' Cases Kept Secret (Indicator of our rights?)

Many companies plan more outsourcing

U.S.-Pakistan nuclear deal not possible: Rice

Buffett blasts excessive executive pay

Bush U-turn on Iranian pipeline

WP: White House Seeks to Plug Leaks

UNC Official: Man in US attack sought to avenge Muslims

(Senator Tom) Harkin calls for troop pullout in Iraq

US writer Norman Mailer wins top France prize

Cigar Lovers Descend On Cuba

I saw an unusual Xian bumper sticker today, please help me ID it:

Most passionate singer?

I saw 40 robins today. Does that mean it's Spring yet?

This video remix of Bush was just too funny not to post

funny cats

Happy birthday to ... hiccup!

Has anyone here listened to Lena horn?

Does anyone listen to the Gallactica podcasts with Ron Moore?

Dean Stockwell on Battlestar tonight!

need a movie spoiler: "Before and After." Streep, Neeson.

Are you two handed or one?


Word Association

I've got an idea! Let's all howl! aaaaaaa OOOOO!

Why do girls insist on giving ZombieNixon bad advice?


You know whats annoying?

Why is XemaSab ignoring me!

Night darlin's!


It's long past my bedtime

For My 500th Post

This cat is going to get cancer.

A question about "Jarhead" with Jake Gyllenhall & Jaime Fox

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

There is NOTHING more enjoyable than this!

We need more european DUers!

The sun shining brightly off my door woke me up, and I saw Ra

Lifelong actor throwdown: Jeff Bridges or Kurt Russell?

Fuck YOU Bush! FAIR Trade? FAIR??

Is there a creature more beautiful than CNN's Betty Nguyen?

The pic O'Lielly doesn't want you to see

Queen Victoria on the greatest threat facing our kids today (not)

PARODY: Dick Cheney goes Baby Seal Hunting

Not so famous but historic 70's british rockers - Mott the Hoople

I need some help indentifying a tune.

Tonight @ 6PM-8PM ET a rebroadcast of MrScorpio's HOTTEST SOUNDS

What hobbies do you have or have you had?

I need some help indentifying a tube.

Oh Help!!! I'm Laughing so hard that it HURTS!!!

Late last night a woman told me I was worse than a woman!

What would you make for Brokeback Mountain food for an Oscar Party

My little brother just got in a fistfight outside my apartment building...


Look at my butt!

Worst t-shirt ever:


Posty a pic of the avatar you like best!

We've secretly replaced the president with an idiot. Can you tell?

Copycatting thread title subject lines

Titling copycat subject lines


There is NO in crowd

Why do girls insist on having totally random conversations? (semi-rant)

Am I evil for doing this?

Okay, DU science folk, help me understand this phenomena with

Thank you, Coast 101.3 FM

Don Knott's tribute marathon on TVLand all weekend

Recommendations for adult acne treatment?

My S.O. seems to have developed an interest in Hispanic culture

How long from when you get up, 'til you're out the door in the morning?

Is anyone familiar with the Peebles chain of department stores?

My cat is Stoned. Seriously.

From the WTF File: Travolta to Star in Hairspray Movie

Help - I want to buy an iPod for walking/jogging. What kind should

To Wong Foo VS. Jeffrey-which?

I'm watching the end of "Rudy" and I'm crying like a baby

Live Simpsons

I'm making truffles.

DU thread etiquette question.

Going out to dinner at La Shish.. anyone familiar with it?

Big or little?

juniors solution?

Do Canadians have a distinct accent?


The Ring Two--watch it or skip it?

I watch Lesbian Porn.....

Anyone Have a Good Chilli Recipe?

Indisputable proof that dogs can read...

BREAKING; SCOTUS RULES 5-4 VOTE death penalty for wet willies

I watch Lebanese Porn.....

I hate DVDs that keep playing the same little ditty at the main menu

america zoo ~ buffalo...

thanks to you who helped me to decide which photo to use

Drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama!

Humming pipes?

"My boobs hurt."

LynntheDem came through town this morning on her way north

Queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen!

You do NOT want to mess with these bad-ass women.

Answer for the lounge

Laws of the Natural Universe...

what do you feed a cat with bad allergies


Bush does Hokey-Pokey in Islamabad.

Mermaid sushi

Khashka is a dirty slandering toe-rag.

What color will the "Remember Critical Thinking" bumper magnet be?

Has anyone else noticed? Khashka has been out and about today!

Post a Neat picture of your self

Hey, guys. I found the top of a fire hydrant outside. What should I do?

Test, using my own webspace for image hosting...

OK, fess up: What Internet Scam Have You Fallen For?

How many people here own a business?

Abandoned thread

When was the last time you fake laughed?

Question for the Lounge


Any Speedster replica owners amongst the DU community? n-t

Some guy in a highspeed chase stops to get a haircut.

Did gas prices go up 10 cents in the last 24 hours?

OFFICE SUPPLIERS love shopping for me

I'm making peanut butter cookies, who wants some?

What's the coolest thing you've learned this week?

Are there any bookstores that allow you to search their real inventory?

What's the best cocktail of neuroses?

DUMB computer question :can I put DDR400 ram in a MB that wants DDR266?

Just got this in my email (funny)...

Mental Patient

Terrance Howard to play

Does a no pets policy usually mean no dogs and cats?

Should I subscribe to Newsweek?

I've discovered my inner DIVA.

Here's what I don't understand about email spam

Does anyone used at home or work

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/4/06)

One of my favorite movies was on today -- A River Runs Through It

My dog ripped the F _rom the keyboard!

Bruce Springsteen produces Peter Seeger Tribute Album

What features would you have in and around a totally un-PC house?


Post your lies about XemaSab here!

I'm tempted to post a naked SEMI picture

"Ace Of Spades"- Motorhead

What do you think of "EFT"? (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Real Life Simpsons Intro:

Would You Go Through Your SO's Email?


Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk!

My parents got a puppy.

Dog home alone

Classic Locks

There's an Andy Griffith marathon on right now

Name this quote

I love shopping for OFFICE SUPPLIES

Did guys wear BOXERS in the 80s?

Don't look here, I'm serious. Dont.

List 3 random traits of your pets

Need some help here. Back in the 1980's there was a white


Do you surf the net more on week days than on weekends?

Ex-Creed Frontman, Scott Stapp, Sued Over Stripper Sex Tape

A classic comment IMHO

Please remind me to never go in to GD...

121 posts from 14,000 - aask me anything

Does anyone play Call of Duty or other multiplayer shooters? I need help.


I just did Barbara Boxer

H2 illegally parked in a handicap space

Johnny Cash 1969 San Quentin Special is on CMT...

I'm tempted to post a semi-NAKED picture, with whipped cream.

Anyone else have this problem?

Attention all Family Guy Aficionados!!

Does anyone have a good recipe for cheese dip?

Favorite Steely Dan Album

Right, I'm going out for dinner tonight. Meanwhile, ponder this question:

Damn, I Just Went Over 4,000 Posts & Didn't Catch It!

My son ripped the damned R off my keyboard!

UK Travelers/Residents: Difference between B&Bs and Guest Houses?

Odd fact about Oscar-nominated movies

progmom on the air - 12-2pm - post jazz requests here

Betcha Can't Kiss Me

Jackson 5 Drummer Slain

UNC will win this

Moby - Say It's All Mine

Recommend some massage gizmos for me.

My roommates are evil. Give me a quick virtual sympathy hug.

My grocery store has redecorated... they also now sell something new:

So what are your plans this fine Saturday

weird question about western NC weather....

I think I just may watch American Inventor....

Not just spruced up - I've COMPLETELY demodeled the Lounge...

Chemists create synthetic SeX.

Going to

Why are my ears burning?

What do women really think about men who carry condoms with them

Houston, we have a problem....

Help me an' my parental units celebrate our new car!!!

What a cool song

*sigh* Nothing is holding my interest today...

BLECH on psychotic conservatives -------------

Just so you know, Dave Chappelle is the shit. Block Party

I love!!

My nine yr old daughter just took a note out to our dead kitty's grave

We don't need no stinking...

UNC beats DOOK

Best. Love. Song. Ever.

A poem for all the goddess's of DU!

When doing dioramas, do you make them look realistic?

just for fun

Congratulations Droopy!! 10,000 posts

love... going to bed

carnivore, vegetarian, or?

How do I get rug burns off of a cat?

Which film do you think will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

Punk Rock Kitties


I'm sorry fellow Du'ers, you'll have to go on the rest of the

Have you ever worn a tinfoil hat?

I'm tempted to post a semi-NAKED picture

Dubya uses Tennis Ball to play Cricket

Is there any other way to connect with a guy besides small talk?

I'm looking for help in finding

OK! New tonight....dial-up warning...The beach at sunset........

All right, Zorak, I'm taking a brak from DU...soon.

We need to spruce up this Lounge with new furniture and stuff......


All of DU roll call sound off now!

Styx, Styx, Styx, Styx, Styx, Styx, Styx!

Not just spruced up - I've COMPLETELY remodeled the Lounge...

LOL-The mural in a men's restroom-designed by women

Least passionate singer?

Post all the things you hate about Khashka

Less that classically attractive but successful actresses

Need A Good Anti-Virus Program Other Than Norton and Mcafee


Ladies how much does the size of a man's boat.

All right, Lizards, I'm taking a break from DU...soon.

If you want to laugh your butt off, you gotta hear this.

What were Overlooked/Non-Nominated Stuff for Oscars

I'm thinking I may need to leave DU for a while.

I just started to read "The DaVinci Code"

What end of the bee does the honey come out of?

Replace a word in a song title with "kudzu"

Would it KILL you to use the goddamn spell-checker?

I'm starting a picture thread

Pure, self-indulgent brag about me

We need MORE Brazilian DUers

Who should play Batman for "Dark Knight Returns"?

see you tomorrow night

For any of you who are interested...

Ooooh Look at all the pretty flowers & plants

Redding, California...BEST BAGEL...EVER! Thanks, XemaSab!

Couple college kids pulled a dandy joke on Fred Phelps.

Who is your favorite Batman?

What Would You Do - Take The Quiz...


How do I get cat puke stains out of a rug?

Contest: Best Election Fraud Jokes

The #1 "Christian" porn site

Okay, I'm going out to buy lots of chocolate now!

Post an insinuation about me here.

Name A Movie Title That's Only ONE WORD Long...

Post here & I will give you a compliment.

"How William Shatner Changed the World"

*warning* 5:26 is one of the loneliest times in The Lounge.

Name you weakness, or fetish if you prefer...

I'm tempted to post a very-NAKED picture

Time for little T.J. to get some beauty sleep....

Trent Reznor vs George Bush.

It has to be done....

Goodnight you all!

I am frightened. I worked on a Sunday and I understand there's this book

Another Name for Christians .......

Fires spark Alabama congregations' resolve (March 4 All Things Considered)

Most tolerant religious sects???

Left tries to regain religion, Democrats seek to offset GOP sway

Arguing with your partner can harden your heart!

FDA finds benzene in sodas (again).

Pump iron to stop middle-age spread

Drug companies drop the ball on safety studies

Bright Lights, Big Cancer

Would you like to visit Titan? ( LARGE MPEG: 83 MB)

Asteroid mission canceled in latest NASA setback (CNN/AP)

Giant squid grabs London audience (BBC)

More than just a game: Carolina vs. Duke (D vs. R)

Young calls Wonderlic reports 'disrespectful'...

Fountain of Youth

Where do pets come from?

psychic prediction registry- Interesting read!

I am so conflicted

Jupiter got a new redspot!

A site that has an intensive list of military blogs

this guy has a great video

A good one

Wash. Whispers - Kerry and Cleland have plan to help 70 Iraq Wars vets win

The ladies over at We Love John Kerry

Kerry and Casey

Cegelis - Duckworth crazy making

It's beginning

US Leaders Greeted during Visits to Pakistan

Help me understand zoom magnification.

Iditarod sled dog race ceremonial start

Tuesday is the first anniversary of the KOEB!

I've missed the show ALL WEEK!

m & m's introduced in new flavors!

Ever had one of those days?

Does O'Reilly Ever Get Calls About the Sexual Harassment Case Against Him?

How long before Lou Dobbs suggests dumping pig parts and blood

Hey, Shrill Willie O'Reilly--I have your phone number AND your address!

'Virtual' visits for children of divorce pushed in several states

Saw movie "Lord of War" tonight-purported to be about Victor Bout

ahem...Secretery Chertoff...might wanna send yer resume on over>>>>

Fake diploma could land you in jail, also to Orally lie or in writing

who do you think they're spying on NOW?

Electrolux workers share their thoughts on the plant's last day

Cheney shirt

"leave no child behind" education reports

An old one but a good one (video of bush walking into locked door)

Don't use the word "conservative". Shrubco has not conserved anything.

Most tolerant religious sects???

The real state of the union address...

Bush sends Osama a message ?

Look on the Research Forum

Has Yahoo started their multi lane Hwy?

What does "freedom of speech" actually mean?

Maron's On:

Democrats very conscious not to fall for Repub trap on national security

"You wanna say somethin' to that?"

Why are certain seemingly innocuous threads locked?

What's the read on Dana Priest ?

Where is the news dump? Is anybody else thirsty for news?

California still taking the lead on SINGLE-PAYER, UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE

Watching the TV show "Numbers."

The Patriot Act Democrats

Oh Mi Gawd

While in Pakistan, will Bush give A. Q. Khan the Medal of Freedom?

Survey: Most California small businesses don't offer health insurance

From the transcript of an interview with Kuwaiti detainee at Gitmo

Rothmann on teacher with war crimes debate -- streaming now

PR Disaster Of Pakistan Trip=Decisive Reflection of Bush Failure-Juan Cole

Bush does the Hokey-Pokey in Pakistan

Bush administration - video outtakes (Toles)

National Guard Spying Nationwide?

Caption the Dictators

Is Bush going to the UAE on this trip?

State bill proposes Christianity be Missouri’s official religion

Dubai & Dubya in dash for lifeboat-Bush Urges Port Co To Get U.S. Partner!

So we are going to have Harassment classes at work

Barbra Streisand: The Importance of Balanced Power in Congress

Lead GOP Opponent To White House Ports Deal Punished

Bush and the politics of pettiness...

"CHARGE!!!!" -- Saturday 3/4/06 toon

Some priceless photos of Bush in India

Washington Journal- Grading your State on mental health services

Scum-sucking traitors to their country

Iraq Abuses As Bad Now As Under Sadaam

Vid: "You need not react that way"..Limbaugh loses audience control, 1990

1st time reader of The Blog Box--GREAT!

Israel's Arrow 2 can block 'any Iranian missile'

Bush photo op in India ---> TOON

i heard we are going to build a Fast Breeder Reactor for India and they dont

Air America Appears To Lose Flagship Station

Saw "North Country" last night

Blackmail-how much of a part do you think it plays in politics?

Senator Edwards to Appear on Meet the Press

Senator Edwards will appear on Meet the Press

Support Rep. Conyers' H.RES.635 (*'s intent to go to war...)

c-span washington journal - it's a bash bush party

Cretinous woman on British TV going on about "liberal Hollywood"...

Senator Edwards will appear on Meet the Press on Sunday

LAT: Firebrand Named to Top L.A. County Labor Post

Buzzflash: CNN Finally Gets It: Bush's "So-Called War on Terror"

Why can't the democrats stop Blackwell?

Top CIA OFFICIAL Under Investigation In Cunningham Bribery Case

This is interesting - Indian PM Singh's daughter works for the ACLU!

Rasmussen (right-wing pollster) has * approval at 41% today.

Doesn't Look Like "Conservatives" Will Be Citing The Rasmussen Poll Today

Former NARAL president Kate Michelman may run against Santorum.

S. Dakota Slaps Up Its Women (Mark Morford article, SF Chron)

Blue Cross profit rises (triples!)

Is Bush Cheney Impeachment What Democrats Want?

Caption this handy piece of pic:

Bush giving away the farm again - this time in Pakistan.

I'm Takin My Country Back

My visit to hell. Well, actually the forum. It's astounding.

DU the Oscar poll for Stewart

"The Earth Is Melting At Both Ends"

When is C-SPAN going to admit they just can't find any * supporters?

At what point do GOP Congressional folks

"We don't want Bush or Khomeini-type fundamentalism in our politics,"

US House used for fascist Berlusconi campaign backdrop

R. Emmett Tyrell Jr: Wanker or just retarded?

DU frivolous Oscar poll! Which one!?!

Liberals = God haters, local LTTE pretend to be a Pharisee contest

What would happen if Bush just disolved congress?

Hunger Study 2006 (America's Second Harvest Network)

fear lives at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont: "Lets rock the boat"

Poll: Do You Live In a Democracy?

What's the Matter with Vermiont? ...A Crisis or a Scam? (NYT article)

Bush's Pakistan "Arab world" speech - is just a regurgitated Iraq speech

Caption *

juniors solution?

Best guesstimate on what chimpy's REAL poll numbers are>>Poll

who is your favorite Republican?

What's Bolton been up to? Check out this UN-related blog!

Let me remind you.............

Video source..... link... list....

Martha Quinn on global warming (bad humor alert)

And the party continues...(photos)

Jupiter got a new redspot..

Making Every Vote Count (Gov. Bill Richardson)

How many are still waiting for FEMA trailers & why is Texas still hording?

This JFK quote sounds like it was written about 04' election.

Inflamer vs Uniter. US leaders on recent visits to Pakistan.

Catch a meme

An ACLU survey for you to check

Spike Lee to Condi, "Stop smoking that crack!"

What is going to happen to the defense contractors who bribed Cunningham?

CNN Calls War on Terror "So-Called" On Home Page

Gay state senator from central Mn. will be in thick of amendment fracas...

A very very cool demo of interactive touchscreen technology

CNN: Story on Shortage of Truckers

NORM: Nugent sticks to his gun on VH1 set

Religious Surveys for Elected Officials???

Are those who display the Confederate flag traitors?

Cafferty: In the Money discussing Jon Stewart

Victim refuses to watch video of her rape, judge threatens to charge her

Are those who display the Gadsden flag traitors?

Question on Catholic Town - Ave Maria outside Naples, Fl

Which film do you think will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

Peter King's opposition to Duubai deal has him grounded!

If Democrats = PROgressive, Then repugs = REgressive, Right?

You guys need to relax - the Abortion bans are illegal.

free refrigeration underground..

LA DUer alert :Scott Ritter and Gore Vidal in LA- TODAY

Would you like to visit Titan? ( LARGE MPEG: 83 MB)

State Dept Intel Tracked Rising Popularity of Hamas (yet Condi surprized)

Bush called war criminal (and much more) on MSNBC

Oh and FYI

My LTTE hit the local fishwrap today

Why Don't Repugs Have An OBVIOUS 2008 Prez Candidate, And We "Do"?

Homeland Security + $1 Million Ferraris + California Dreamin' = WTF?

"Koyaanisqatsi " -- I saw this movie early this morning...

Bolton: India, Pak. nukes legitimate because they never signed NNP Treaty

Boycotts, Bribery, AAR and Extortion. I have a legal question.


Bush Sells off USA/ "Foreign Central Banks" Ownership of our US Bonds"

CNN "On the Money" about health care. A must read (really)

How Self-Sufficient Are You?

The cost of bottled water.

Bush and the bomb

?? didn't a WP report an emailer to mailer's employer?? Media Whores

So we finally find out why the Chief of the Capitol police resigned.

Just came across this interesting film - Equilibrium on FX, on now

Despite pressure, Hamas leader says Israel has 'no right to exist'

Airplane maintenance: Don't know if this is for real,

Looks like somebody wants to Inspire some home grown Terrorist

I'm not sure I can vote for Hillary Clinton.

Millions protest Bush in New Dehi

If AAR does go bankrupt, blame the management

It's ok! It's alright! Everything's just fine! No civil war, folks!

'green revolution' effects similar to causes of 'bird flu' spread???

St. Pete Times: Democrats want immediate vote on port deal

Is the UAE still using children as CAMEL JOCKEYS?

Bush and Musharraf intend to fight terror despite "slippages".

Simple Question (maybe)...

Need Book Recommendation for Topic Iran/Contra

Vermont enduring shortage of youth

Shrub has the gall to lecture Musharraf about democracy after

Two great links

VIDEO- Dobbs on Bush's Jobs in the 21st Century comment (compilation)

AUDIO/PODCAST- Bill Frist Threatens to Kill Spy Hearing

Giant squid grabs London audience (BBC)

OMG1111 "The Homos are gonna take over, spread aids all over the place,

Bush plays cricket, as Pakistani cricket star Imran Khan is under arrest

Gentle Advice to George Bush from Indian PM Singh

FDA finds benzene in soft drinks

Richard Perle - in his own words (Motherjones 2004)

Oh dear. Looks like Blair is like Hitchens, a former Trotskyist...

Bush & Revisionist history

Doesen't matter to the machines..

CNN: Criminal probe being opened in Pat Tillman's death.

O.K., Can Somebody Tell Me What's Up With AAR?

Dennis Kucinich on House Floor: They let 9/11 happen

And you thought Bush looked stupid? Look again.

Did you hear about the Bush connection to "Trainspotting'' sequel?

Home Invading Ninja Intruder was Ex-CFO of Indian Casino-Shot by Ex-Boss

AUDIO/PODCAST- Bill Frist Threatens to Kill NSA Spying Oversight Hearing

CNN: Bush is doing a press conference LIVE in Pakistan

What is this about John Conyers staff accusing him of inproprieties?

I hate peanuts!

I'm sorry fellow Du'ers, you'll have to go on the rest of the

Here comes FCC restrictions on cable/sat

The 23rd Qualm

Could a Democratic Win in '06 Set Us Up for Defeat in '08 ?

I hate Peanuts!

Republicans don't like to be called suckers

Need HELP... Re: Peter Hoagland... Where Is He??

The Reason Little King George Was A Cheerleader ---pix--->>>

Have you read Ted Baiamonte lately? (The real-life Bob Boudelang)

I hereby nominate John McCain for (R) 2008 ! Lets roll with it !

Is there a resource that tells about non-fatal casualties

March 20th is the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

Reflections from the Gulf Coast - House Democrats

Fuax News- Latest talking points

VIDEO- Dobbs -An Administration of False Choices

I am frightened. I worked on a Sunday and I understand there's this book

Eeby Geeby Gooby Threads...

The Angry White Male, revisited

Rush gets his ass kicked (Great Video!)

Life under Bushco and Republican corruption sucks, but...

What would everyone be saying if Paul was protesting outside a meat plant?

Innocent question I am afraid to ask but what the hell is Eeby geeby Gooby

George Clooney fans!!

MSNBC calls Brokeback Mountain "BROADBACK" on homepage

Eby geeby gooby

Even Jerry Fartwell has become a politician

The 14 Characteristics of Fascism:

We need to plan something special for May 1st!

Eeby Geeby Gooby Ruby.

Google: Prescott Bush

Are Friday's News dumps of more significance than Thursday's?

One last Mardi Gras post: Just a photo which says it all:

That's My Bush! Coming to DVD!!!!!

Flashback: the Salvador Option

Battle for Freedom inside America

Subject: NYSun attacks Carter and raptureready posters cheer

GA Tort Reform has bizarre consequenes

Africa given free journal access (BBC) {Science/Chemistry}

So a little counter with a fundie freeper today

The A/P Report

Jerry Falwell Has Something He Would Like To Clear Up

AP: Lethal 'Flying Gunships' Used In Vietnam Secretly Moved to Iraqi Base

Iranian in NC tries to "avenge the deaths" of muslims around the world

"Port Security" - HA!! What a joke.

Something fishy is going on with Progressive talk shows getting shut down

In video, Ayman al-Zawahri says West glorifies homosexuality

Bush's Widening War - Vietnam's 'Flying Gunships' Deployed Back to Iraq


When does the time come to form Left wing-Militia groups?

Lion finally sleeps

Death rules the delta in battle to control oil

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm

PHOTO: "Cricket is FABULOUS!"

Who wins the Political Academy of Shame Awards this year?

Can someone please explain this to me?

Song for the times.....

This message thread made me laugh so hard, I thought it was DU in 2001

And, *the center of the universe* Oscar Award goes to . . .

Dont just take a stand...ACT!!!

Holy Shit! Carl Sagan's Cosmos on DSC tonight 10 EST.

Powerful Video

I'm looking for help in finding

Another Name for Christians .......

Patch for Depression is OK'D

Yes I Live In A "Red State" And Yes, It Sucks.

Amy Goodman in Charlottesville, VA 3/24

Saturday night live - starts with India trip

The Red State/Blue State Meme

"Bush" on SNL talking about his trip to India.

Stop the Seal Hunt - Humane Society

Huey Freeman for President

WH Trains Efforts on Media Leaks-Sources, Reporters Could be Prosecuted

At Miami art show-Punching bags of Castro and Bush. Bush got punched more!

Dean: they lied about the drug bill, lied about Iraq...MSNBC video.

More than just a game: Carolina vs. Duke (D vs. R)

Backpedalling pieces of SHIT!!!!

What do Joran van der Sloot and Michael Brown have in common...?

RIP Harry Brown

Action Alert - Get C-Span to air Impeachment Forum

Question - how can we logistically pull troops out?

RFID tags may become "The Mark of the Beast" ....

Lynch Hummer St. Louis, Missouri

IRAQ: What you haven't heard

The Gitmo Transcripts

as we approach 3,000 KIA

Great abortion/ stem cell argument for pro-lifers.

Wal-Mart Decides to Carry Plan B Pill

PROOF - The very first thing Matt Drudge wrote on the Internet(s)

What kind of world do you want?

There's A Difference B/W Your Personal View Of Abortion AND Women's Rights

Sweden's First Case of Mad Cow Confirmed

DASCHLE:Bush Advisers "Feared They Didn't Have The Authority To..."

Yahoo!'s Dirty Little Human Rights Secret (Amnesty International)

Divine intervention-* hit by cricket pitch

What do you know about this new movie "A Scanner, Darkly?"

Will Dubya Pose for Photos Goofing With a Cricket Bat?

Frist threatens Reid: No intelligence oversight of Bush or else.

What minimum level of energy consumption do you think is achievable?

Was the teacher (Bennsih) teaching World or Human Geography?

Check CNN's homepage NOW.

need a Laugh?-read these Amazon reviews of * books

New inquiry may expose events that led to Pat Tillman’s death

"I am a Conservative"

Scum sucking traitors to their country

How will destroying America resolve the energy crises? (an inane rambling)

Civil war is good, neocon Pipes says. (Goal was always to destroy Iraq!)

At Early Joint Chiefs Mtg on Iraq, Cheney dozed, Bush ate all the candy

God bless the DU. I am glad I found this place.

"When Bush comes to Shove Resist" --- Pakistani Protest Sign

Are Bill O'Reilly's Followers Behind The Hacking Of Progressive Forums?

In pictures: Anti-Bush rallies in India

Battery Breakthroughs on horizon

Bush says the way to counter outsourcing is education


Why did traditional Christians not speak out against Bush Christians?

Disgusted and outraged. Help me "get over it"

Bush takes a swing at cricket

Condoleezza displeaza Spike ("Condi, stop smoking that crack!")

US pumps cash into prisons as Iraq crumbles (NZ Herald)

I feel so sorry for the Tillman Family.

Patient: #43 - Name: George W. Bush

America's Working Class Is Being Discarded

Mutiny in the ranks - Sen. Lindsey Graham

Bush hit by ball in Pakistani criquet photo op

Over 7,000 Killed by Iraq Death Squads

Has there ever been a President at 2% approval - help me write error list

Helen Thomas mentions PNAC in her last Op-Ed >>>

Bush plays cricket - HILARIOUS PIX!

How much energy would we save if we closed stores couple nights a week?

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 4)

cegelis/duckworth- the big difference on the war.

More self suffieciency links

No Wiccan Symbol Allowed for Fallen National Guardsman

Remember this and embrace it: We are ALL Liberals!

AWESOME LTTE>>>MUST ReAd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone help me to understand how it is I'm supposed to be angry about

How is the Plan B pill, "abortion?"

Two Funerals In Two Weeks

Bill Frist- Freakazoid Dr. Mengele of the Animal Kingdom Fascist

Something fishy is going on with Progressive talk shows getting shut down

Francis Fukuyama on Weekends w/ Connie and Maury (MSNBC) now

Colbert Report - John Gibson Alan Parrot (VIDEO)

Ohio couples forced to divorce - to afford health care

* and his outsourcing- is-good -for-the-people speech in India

What's your favorite name for *?

Males repulsed or disgusted by homosexuality

Does a corrupt and reactionary bipartisan oligarchy run the USA?

Norman Blake's "Don't be afraid of the neocons"

A Very Late "Thank You" to our friends @ DU from our family

BBC Documentary About Psychology & Politics

Such a handsome man..No wonder Matthews swoons over him

GLBALIZATION: Are Americans Finally Ready To Discuss It??

Bush values life Poster -warning, not for faint of heart-

Parents Complain About Book's Undertones (True story of 2 male penguins)

Art Buchwald is dying.

I aim to misbehave

PHOTO: Little Lord Pissypants is REALLY getting into this!

Here we go. The battle begins.

Mark My Words: There Is Only ONE Issue That's Going to Matter in 2008! >>>

FRIST THREATENS REID In Friday Letter: If I Cant Win, I'll Cheat...

The Global Poultry Industry is the Root of the Bird Flu Crisis

Please John Conyers: Impeach Bush NOW by Bob Fertik ACTION>>>>

Keep the pressure on H.R. Bill 4167 "National Unity for Food Act"

"A Recent Surge In Violence..."

Workers at Royal Oak Ford dealership vote YES for UAW

Bush's fundraising visit costs county money. Should DeWine reimburse

Potentially dumb question about New Orleans

Thank you, U.S. District Judge Larry Alan Burns

RE Harris bribe scandal, please forgive me if....

Bush Outsources U.S. Nucular Weapons to India..... story at 11. n/t

Bush on Pakistan & War on Terra: "Mushie, you're doin' a HECK of a job"

Life Lessons from Condi: Never underestimate the depth of corruption...

Gov. Jeb Bush, SoS Sue Cobb threaten Leon Co. elections takeover!

I now agree with Lieberman (re: scrub)

Please John Conyers: Impeach Bush Now

Hastert wants Duke-Stir "thinking long and hard about how he broke trust"

Free "Be Patriotic Impeach Bush" Bumper Stickers -- well.....

So who will be the next scrub crony that will be doing a 'heckuva job'?

Fitzgerald's Investigation(s)

"The Leakers", starring:

I need help formulating a LTTE response to Kevin Brady

Robert Fisk: US Trying to Drive Iraq to Civil War

From my blog

Bush's photo op at Shannon Troops transport Hub

CD From Minnesota GOP Also Gathers Data

when i was a child, i believed everyone told the truth

"Poverty politics and the war in Iraq": NAACP's White Female President

Bush Plan Would Raise Deficit by $1.2 Trillion, Budget Office Says

Dems. criticize ports deal (radio address by Dem for Cunningham's seat)

Screen capture: Looks like the "Morans" guy got a spell-checker job at Fox

Give a clear concise 7-second sound bite to convince

Bush Radio: "Ultimately, the best way to create jobs for Americans is..."

No Iraq Trip for Legislator Who Opposed Deal on Ports

24 candidates running for Mayor of New Orleans

California and Die Bold,

WSJ: New Definition Of a 'Child' Causes Outcry (tax, not abortion topic)

Two Million for Roe: Join the Roe Call Now

pretending to be a Dem., D. Karl Inderfurth opined on Wash. Journal

Falwell: Abortion-Rights Group Funds Evangelical Climate Effort

Just got back from Lamont for Senate Strategy Session!

I was thinking, the worst sort of Dum Di Dum Dum* that posts on DU

FLASHBACK: 30 September 2004, Bush-Kerry Debate #1

I found the perfect term to describe the Bush Administration!!

I apologize to anyone that I upset with my now locked thread

AFP Bush Photo...Complete this sentence: "I pledge allegiance to..."

Middle East oil exporting countries held $121.1 billion in US securities

Christian Coalition liar Ralph Reed caught in another lie

NYT: To Democrats Hungry for Senate, a Pennsylvania Seat Looks Ripe

Do You Have Zone Alarm? I Do! Ck. This Out From Cannonfire.....

Lott Breaks Deadlock Between Frist, Reid

Sunday's TV News Shows (Clark, Colbert, Murtha, Edwards, zzzzz)

Reagan’s Campaign Manager: Team Bush Is ‘Incompetent’ (Ed Rollins)

Scientists blast NASA budget cuts (CNN/Reuters)

Survey questions (Kentucky) politicians on Jesus



Azmi and the FBI

Borrowing The "Brilliant !" Theme...


Spies and Lies: The Case for Impeaching Bush

Ok they're telling Abizaid "US forces “are ready to stay as long as we

Hey Mann, You Want India Mango?

Amazing news-lines from Russian Newspaper Pravda Ru.....

"Bush divides his allies in the war against terror "

Bush gets beaned playing cricket in Pakistan

Photo: Idiot-In-Chief. The reason why the world wishes for our death.

Can Someone help me understand some of the finer points of this article

More unanswered questions from the Cunningham affair

Tom Friedman Becomes America's Chief Revisionist Historian

Please, give me some fair warning here..........

Is this a celebration, a protest, or are they giving us the bird?

Spike Lee To Condi: "Stop Smoking That Crack."

A story from Tennessee and some advice for future canidates

Taft + Wilson + Kennedy + Nixon = Bush 43 (wingnut math)

Lockheed Martin/ F-16/ UAE/ we sell UAE advanced jets

Democratic Senators actually Represent more of us.

Bush tells Musharraf that HE must improve HIS intelligence;what about ours

Santorum: "it's not easy being me"

Best group shot EVER of Bush supporters

Gore in West Palm Beach with Florida Democrats March 12.

Darth Ch*ney--the next generation

OMFG! WOW! MSNBC says Bush is "On The Hunt" for Terra! WOW! OMFG! WOW!

Army to open criminal probe of Tillman death

Our National's something to think about...

In Pakistan, Bush Tries Hand at Cricket

Would you support Patrick Leahy for Prez?

C-Span, Dachele smoking Buchanan now. n/t

CNN Finally Gets It: Bush's "So-Called War on Terror"

Why do dem leaders try to distance themselves from the base?

"Jesus H. Christ in an Uncle Sam suit..."

Heritage Foundation on why UAE's tie to 9/11 doesn't matter

DU this: Poll on High School students trying Bush on war crimes

For John Kerry Supporting the Fighting Dems, Feels Like 1972 Again

Wingnuts Petitioning NBC To Fire David Gregory: Maybe

Frist threatens to re-structure Intel Committee to block NSA hearings.

Single Payer System

John Edwards on "Road to the White House" tomorrow night!

Bill O'Reilly Contact Information!

O'Reilly / Oberman

There is a TON of misinformation about Duckworth v. Cegelis re: Iraq

Support Rep. Conyers' H.RES.635 (*'s intent to go to war...)

Do you get the sense they are trying to force Hillary on us?

White House wants U.S. partner in ports deal (GUESS WHO?)

Holy Cripes! Vindication for Brownie?

Ohio Race Will Be Key: Buckeye Bake-Off

Dean is doing what he said he would even though the DC people

your choice for president of America

Catholic hierarchy should be ashamed of itself, re: Kerry, re: everything

The Smoking Gun: NSA Warrantless Wiretapping, they knew it was illegal!

Cegelis vs. the Machine - By Cindy Sheehan

H.R. 752, S.B. 873

White House target journalists for prosecution as spies

Is Roe v. Wade Doomed?

The US's nuclear cave-in-- Indian nuke deal

When a Landslide is Really Just the Ground Giving Way Underneath You

Let me tell you another tale of the DCCC in Florida.

Did Bush say $85 Billion for the Gulf Coast? Because this report says...