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Archives: March 26, 2006

The power of a woman

War May Hurt GOP in Heartland

NYT- Bound, Blindfolded and Dead: The Face of Revenge in Baghdad

women "go missing" by the millions

Propaganda? Nah, Here's the Scoop Say the Guys Who Planted Stories in Iraq

NYT- Redirecting Bullets in Baghdad

LAT; Fear Casts a Shadow on 'Free City' Touted by Bush

Why Can't Democrats Win?

Iraqis killed by US troops ‘on rampage’

The dangers of religious fervor in politics

Why we can no longer afford George W. Bush--Lewis H. Lapham,

How President Bush has unified Latin America

Evangelical Christians have no interest in the U.S. becoming isolationist.

Women struggling with cuts to family planning clinics

Former DeLay Aide Enriched By Nonprofit ...tied to Abramoff

Retraining Laid-Off Workers, but for What?

Citizen Anschutz and the movies

STOLEN VALOR: Acts of Dishonor

Chernobyl deaths could number 500,000

Ancient Rift Brings Fear on Streets of Baghdad

The Value of Leadership (Feingold)

Americans (press) bemused by youth protests in France over labour law

Feingold Should Broaden His Censure Rationale

Democratizing the World 1 Torture Victim at a Time (by Jason Miller)

No One’s Laughing at This Deja Vu All over Again (Sister Joan Chittister

this is weird "Messy daughter fights back by humiliating dad "

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): Three years after 'mission accomplished

War without end - Damaged soldiers start their agonizing recoveries

America's Born-again Apartheid

A reliable prophet of doom

Sectarian strife embroils US

The oil in your oatmeal

(American Conservative - 3/27 cover) Hillary the Hawk

Newsweek: Bush's 'Model Iraqi City' In Peril

Brook in NYT "GWB is Lincoln"

War Hawks Show Callous Disregard For Working-Class Troops (Cynthia Tucker)

White House Letter: Changing of the guard - in the East Wing

Rick Jacobs (HuffPost): Al Gore -- The American Soul (LA speech report)

Embarrassing and dangerous

-War Without End-SFGate-1/4 part series-Damaged soldiers start their agoni

"Notes for Converts" by Jane Smiley (on "newly-minted * dissenters)

Time Magazine (Sunday): Republicans on the Run

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 238

War Without End ....."his legs felt as if they were on fire"

Tight Squeeze: Life Inside FEMA Trailer (AP)

In Dark Times, Blame the Jews

Growth Wanes; Fed Nears Last Rate Boost: U.S. Economy Preview

Passamaquoddy collecting wind, tidal energy data (Maine)

Burning Issue - NY factory wants to burn tires, polluting VT

Yucca Mountain Quality Assurance documents may havae been falsified

{British} Wind power 'ahead of predictions' (BBC)

UN accused of ignoring 500,000 Chernobyl deaths

Chernobyl blast may have killed 1000 British babies

What They Don't Want You To Know About The Coming Oil Crisis

Left out and hurt

Populist Bids Israeli Voters Back to Labor

Hamas: We won't arrest Palestinians who attack Israel

Most Israelis, Palestinians want peace talks

Only a fully functioning Karni Crossing can avert looming humanitarian ...

Despite terror warnings, Israel to open Karni

Interesting Times: Irshad and Wafa

One Racist Nation. By Gideon Levy

Settlers suspected of attacking sleeping Palestinian family

I just got on progressive talk radio to talk about NY Mag 9/11 truth!

Any Thoughts on the...

Revisiting "Boom boom boom..."...

Real Science vs. Pseudoscience, 9/11 WTC Collapses Style

I'm amazed

More election shenanigans in Sunshine State

More election shenanigans in Sunshine State

"We are at a pivitol moment in our democracy..." Kevin Shelley

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, March 26

No More Voting: A Reform Proposal

A Zealous Soldier in Election Reform Battles

Sancho, Brad Friedman, Harri Hursti - listen online

Did The NSA Help Bush Hack The Vote?

What the h*ll is wrong in Ohio? How can this be?

The daily thread is just sitting there. Vote 'er up, y'all!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/27/2006 - Ian Sancho-WashPost

Election Whistle-Blower Stymied by Vendors (From the Washington Post!)

Meet Blackwell's Democratic opponent

Miami Herald: Here's a Reporter Who Really GETS IT 3-26-06

SD 41 Convention report

DVD decoder?

One more CSS question; why does my menu work behind tables?

Two people on this board have a birthday today!

General Wes Clark and Nick Lampson in joint podcast

Is there a schedule of the events yet for the Convention?

Live Blogging by Texan BUSHwhackers

Should county/senatorial conventions endorse Democratic candidates?

Hey...caption this photo of Tom Delay:

Anybody bbq'ing today ?

Pineapple Black Bean Enchiladas (meatless recipe)

so how bad am I gonna rock my kitchen/cooking world when I move

What's the best way to eat caviar?

Cooking question re: vinegar storage

Pizza Perfection question...

Turner slams Tory spending

Layton demands debate over Afghanistan mission

There's a reason for the "tense" U.S.A - Canada relationship.

Hamas: We won't arrest Palestinians who attack Israel

AP Immigration March Draws 500,000 in L.A.

NYT- Plan Is Floated to Open Choice of Premier to Iraqi Parliament

Nigeria OKs Handover of Liberian Warlord

Retraining Laid-Off Workers, but for What?

Federal Agencies to Probe Safety at O'Hare

Iraqis killed by US troops ‘on rampage’

Bombing in Southeast Iraq Kills Student (& woman killed in Karradah)

-War Without End-SFGate-1/4 part series-Damaged soldiers start their agoni

Tight Squeeze: Life Inside FEMA Trailer (AP)

NYT- U.S. and Russia Divided on Wording of U.N. Statement on Iran

U.N. Envoy Asks Arabs to Help End Deadlock

Mortars Fired Near Shiite Cleric's Home

Cheney's contribution to American culture

D'Amato Is Now Prophet of Doom for G.O.P. Candidates

No sign of progress in Iraq government talks

Rice Speaks of Possible Troop Drawdown

Afghan Court Drops Case Against Christian

Iraqi police major held for death squad role

CNN: Alabama church destroyed by suspicious blaze

India tempts US with $6bn aircraft deal

US attack Baghdad mosque -18 dead

Venezuela sees tourist surge

Iraqi authorities warn of exploding candy distributed by gunmen in Baghdad

LAT -War May Hurt GOP in Heartland

Newsweek: US High Court Judge reportedly slams detainee rights

'I have 600 suicide bombers waiting for your soldiers'

Rice Accepts DJ's Apology for Racial Slur

CNN: Form letters tell 9/11 families of 911 calls

U.S. Will Ask Russia About Iraq Intel

'Beheaded bodies' found in Iraq

FEMA's generator reimbursements flowed to wealthier pockets

Homeland security group to meet away from public eye

Writer jailed for defaming Kurdish leader in Iraq

French Unions Vow to Hold Major Strike

US high court judge said to slam detainee rights (Reuters)

Campaign Says (Katherine) Harris Won't Turn To Inheritance

European Group to Help Afghan Poppy Farmers Sue Britain

Venezuela aims for major petrochemical expansion

Brattleboro (Vermont) joins impeachment call

Elections Official's Demand For Valid Vote Draws Fire

US troops arrest Iraq forces

Kennedy, Reed won't rule out censure

Hamas Asks Summit for Palestinian Aid

Blackwell has 11-point lead with 5 weeks left (in Ohio R. primary)

AP Feingold's Censure Resolution May Pay Off (50% Dems approve)

Navy Ship Collides With Tanker in Gulf

Putin 'copied uni thesis' (Brookings Inst says he plagerized)

U.S. Forces Arrest 40 Policemen in Raid

Rice Talks of Conditional U.S. Drawdown

Iraq Reporters Hit Back at Claims They Are Biased on War

Top traders made more than $1 bln in '05: magazine

Blogger up for non-fiction award (Riverbend)

Ohio Toledo Blade: Lawyers who gave to GOP got state work

LAT/AP: Some Marines Declining Extra Body Armor

Afghan Court Drops Case Against Christian

Lieberman says Bush wiretapping 'outside the law'

Anti-Americanism madness, says Blair

Republicans behind '06 election polls (TIME Poll > 50% Dems - 41% Repub)

US forces kill 18 Iraqis in Baghdad,

Late arrival for HD-DVD

WP: Iraqi Doctor Admits to Killings

NYT: Security in Baghdad deteriorating by the hour, unclear who's in charg

Domestic violence law excludes some(Bad Headline -please read)

Riot police, activists clash in Belarus protests

Communists boiled babies: Berlusconi

Yushchenko's party 3rd as Orange Revolution fractures

Gas tax on miles, not gallons, tested

Racer (Dana) dies after horrific IndyCar crash

Women struggling with cuts to clinics

Saddam planned to deploy 'camels of mass destruction' -Freeper translation

Canada hunters start killing seals, tempers flare

NYT: Bush Was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says

US high court judge said to slam detainee rights (Scalia)

AP: Arab-American pulled from N.J. ballot ticket

Be worried, be very worried (Global Warming cover story - Time)

Spurlock Speech Causes Stir at Pa. School

Blair knows when he is going but date is secret

My mom and I watched 'Crash' for the first time tonight.

Update: Buck Owens went out with his BOOTS on. I am PROUD of this man.

This is for all the UNC basketball fans

Alex Jones

Anyone miss me?

Yowza! Etta James on Austin City Limits!

I used to sell " No Soliciting" Signs door to door...

So. What does everyone think about immigration?

Taco Bell after midnight = MMMMMMMMMMMMM

"Marines ain't so tough..."

Nice Train photo I found on Weatherunderground's Wunderphotos.

I saw a anybody but bush sticker today

Presidential History thread! Woo hoo!

Can I alert on Skinner's front page sex thread?

My little expose/rant in GD

Rick Rubin Overproduces!

I don't think this country could handle a single president...

Hey cool! My "anxiety" is working again!

Airwick vs Glade. those smelly electrical air fresheners?

Anyone have any experience with natural remedies and hypothyroidism?

'Monty Python's Flying Circus' is returning to PBS

The Cold Wax story---not for sissies.

Who "owns" the internet?

The Star Wars Sixology - in what order should people watch it?

Can't come to D.C. for the National Cherry Blossom Festival?

A Car question for everyone...

Newspaper coverage: No arrests in Saugerties shooting; victim improving.

Rollacoasta. Uh huh. Of Love. Say what?

Stereolab still "rocks"...

Feel-good video of the day: "Ferret bites owner in the crotch"

Okay...Absolute Mandrin and Boylan orange creme soda

You know what I could go for right now?

Awesome! Try this demo of animated text to speech technology!

Update - Lizziegrace's Interview


Robb's thoughts on the Lounge, Sunday morn'...

Video: Dude with joint behind his ear tells cop "I haven't smoked any pot"

I'm beating a con for breakfast

Lounge New Rules

I'm buttering a scone for breakfast.

Bears & Colbert

Once upon a time you dressed so fine

Flora Bush: The Third Bush Twin

favorite steve guttenberg film?

Just watched documentary "Live Forever" -John Dower

Erotica For Optometrists

Why don't humans mutate?

Just finished watching "The Joy Luck Club"

Any FREE antivirus programs?!

A good article on Stanford Women's basketball victory yesterday, including

WHat's your favourite Richard Fleischer film?

Rule Breaking Kitty Thread

I'm headed to the store. What should I make for dinner tonight?

HOLY SHIT! It ain't perfect but BLOODY HELL, I DID IT!

Rewrite A Complimentary Phrase or Song -So It's An Insult

I've always wanted a TARDIS...

Tackiest bumper sticker ever? Here's my nomination:

To all D.U. Mothers.

I've traveled round this country

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/26/06)

Random question: Anyone know how many Russians

Rate this picture from a well known FOX cartoon!!

GMU beats #1 seed U Conn!

Good Sunday afternoon, my Little Sugar Britches!

kitty pictures??? well you haven`t seen kittys till you seen this site

I'm here and that means one thing

I really wish deleted posts remained in our 'My Posts' list

Wizard of Oz sound bytes

ESPN is showing the "performances" of the Skating winners

George Mason wins in OVERTIME!!!! By 2!

What was the lowest-seeded team ever to play in/win the Final Four?

this ones for people who watch fishing shows...

so is anyone watching UConn and George Mason

the greatest feel good story of all time (warning: you will cry)

My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks

Sean Penn owns an Ann Coulter doll. Admits to torturing the doll

I have figured out what right-wingers run on (other than coffee)

Ann Coulter walks into a psychiatrist's office without pants

whoops. i mistook misogyny for racism

I just got addicted to someone's ignore list!

I just got added to someone's ignore list!

What? Free views of a 'NAKED' mime! Near the Vatican! (PHOTOS)

What will happen on the Josh and Donna show tonight?

Happy birthday wishes to.......

Morgan Spurlock. Free speech hero, an asshole, or both?

Lord of War was NOT the movie I was expecting. In fact I recommend it

Reward now up to $24,000 in last year's duck massacre (Campbell CA)

Will Region 2 DVDs play on American players?

You're not like the others, you like the same things I do;

It's Kitty Pic Time!!!!!!

I know it's late/early, but here are some flower for my loungers!

My cat just ate some Gourmet Cesar dog food

I feel like crap.

Dr. Who is better than Dr. Pepper!

What I thought the "DU Lounge" was going to be like, at first

Damn, it's $1200 to fly to Rio de Janiero

Oops, I got caught indulging in my DU addiction...again.

Time for Florida/Villanova Thread

Doktor Avalanche is better than Dr. Pepper.

Dr. Spock is better than Mr. Spock.

Love Like Blood is better than Doctor Feelgood.

Doctor Octopus is better than Doctor No.

Doctor, is there nothing I can take?

Dr. Kevorkian is better than Dr. Seuss

AMC Re-Runs Bond "Goldfinger" ...heh..heh. Right on Cue for Condi Rice

I hate it when people rev their engines really loudly

Doctor Doctor, can't you see I'm burning burning?

No #1 Seeds in Final Four for first time since 1980

Scotland lags Europe in IQ league

Post a pic of something/someplace, you've always wanted to see...

Atrios was just on the West Wing

Aww, and I looked forward to rooting for the underdog, too.

ack! i just reached the 700 club..didn't realize i'd been around that long

Post a British actor who played a butler.

"I ain't too proud to" thread:

How much money was spent on sets in Star Wars III anyway?

Do you and your husband or SO decorate your home together?

Hot off the press: UK lesbian jailed for burning lover.

"Family Guy" thread (new ep)

Here at McLargehuge Landscaping.... (Dial up beware)

Damn. Had to medicate the fish.

I know there are a lot of animal lovers in the lounge

Please do my poll! Quickly! Need help before 9:00 PM!

Help! Did you post a Cherokee proverb about wolves here a while ago?

I Won the DU Tournament Pick 'Em!!!

Apathy is well and doing fine in my legislative districit.. woohoo

********** FUTURAMA TO RETURN TO TV **********

Windows 2003 Server problem - anyone got any ideas?

Michelle Wie golfs with role model Condoleezza Rice

Anyone know where I can find a rectangular rug for a good price?

Good Morning Sweethearts

post your Favorite musical

British actor who is beyond hot!!!!

I really miss pre pay-tv late night television

I guess I should go to bed. I really miss the Lounge since I can't

Why baby, why baby, why baby, why?

"It can't even come up with new diarrhea jokes."

Guess what? We still manufacture toys here in America!

LOL... EarlG has outdone himself

Sunday night redneck humor...

2005 Civic EX Coupe 5-spd vs. 1997 Maxima GXE Auto?

Asking for suggestions on how to deal this friend.

**WOOT! I Listened to AJA 3 Times in a Row Tonight!!**

Grey's Anatomy is too sad tonight.

Best reason to watch "Big Love" on HBO: Harry Dean Stanton


If you're lurking, chime in here!!

Too much death... :(

Pics from Day 1 of Lawnapalooza (dial up beware)

Post a British actor who played A. Hitler.

If You *Had* To Choose One...

? anyone see the movie "Walk on Water"

I've injured myself with food twice tonight.

Any one use Net2Phone via Yahoo! Messenger to make calls via computer?

Where is my friend KitchenWitch? I miss her threads tonight!

"Sopranos" fans: predictions for tonight?

They have Spring Break now.

Do British people have a better sense of humor than us Yanks?

Dr. Thunder is better than Dr. Pepper!

I just saw 8 BELOW>>>.............

GMU Nails Connecticut in Overtime -- Final Four Baby, Just Win

Can I get a hug for having the flu for over a week?

Can I get some good vibes?

I've always wanted a TURDUS...

OK, is the Khan guy "Jengis" or Gengis"?

Macadamia Nut Liqueur

I love Joaquin Phoenix.

The very simple "straight or gay" test...

My 2nd princess cake..

Helicopter game

My horse is really pissed off

why fucking bother?

Why are people so ignorant?

Erm... will someone please give me $1495.99?

600 !!!!!!!

if you are a fan of some star . . . an odd question about photos . . .

Oasis on every radio and television across America...

Tony Soprano LIVES/DIES! •••SPOILERS•••

Griff is Back! My son's dog was hit by a car last week...

Pick the most bothersome, irksome, irritating thing of those listed.

Predictions for the baseball season

General Hospital Viewers Poll on Noah Drake's Fate

Pronunciation pet peeves!


Laura Bush, Condi, and Katherine Harris were at my play this weekend

We need a baby picture thread!

A man who knows how to cook in the kitchen can cook in bed, too.

This is my 7000th post

Boomers, of these "Live" albums, whats your favorite?

Went to open houses.Wonder why people buy subdivision houses

School Cafeteria Nostalgia

Anyone in your "real life" who you wish you could put on your Ignore list?

We looted my grandparent's house this weekend.

Who *really* fathered the Bush Twins?


Roach Broach? (pics at link)

CSI is the stupidest show. EVER.

So I just got a job offer...WHY, Lord???! WHY ME????!!!

What do you think of Alton Brown??

The Ultimate L.A. Movie?

I just received the news that I am descended from the aristocracy

I'm having coffee and donuts. What are you having?

Late to the flamewar party, but I finally saw 'Crash.' (spoilers, sorta)

Finally watched "Crash" last night.


City Spellings/Pronunciations that do not make sense:

Some underrated Guitarists. At least in my opinion.

Primate1 is:

Top 50 Countries With Highest Proportion of Atheists

new simpsons on NOW (FOX 8pm est! Sunday!)

What is the WORST traffic jam you have ever been in??

Goodnight lounge!

Lerk's theory of creation....

If you *had* to choose one

All Hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster

What if God thinks you're an asshole?

Star Trek & The Five Lights

Many Kids Don't Adhere to Sleep Apnea Therapy

The Role Of Evolutionary Genomics In The Development Of Autism

Why random drug testing doesn't reduce student drug use.

Science Journal: Scientists back work on diabetes cure

Does Mozart Help Newborn Babies?

Hospitals Accused of 'Dumping' Homeless on LA Skid Row

Earth's first ice age caused by the oxygenation of the atmosphere

Behavioral Studies Show Ultraviolet Contributes To Marsupial Color Vision

Has anyone seen the documentary "Paragraph 175"?

Tumbling coach banned from high school for appearing in gay porn

Mitchtv issues Fatwa against Ali al Sistani

Ohio Anti-Gay Amendment Ties Prosecutor's Hands In Domestic Violence Cases

I wonder how long it will take FOX Security to contact me

WB Show Censors Gay Kiss, Airs it Online

Add Annie Duke to your list of Democrats

GMU v UConn 69-65 3 min. remaining

IRL rookie Paul Dana dies after horrific crash

Does anyone else find the Final Four hilarious?

Maine in the Frozen Four. Fill the steins...

Raise your hand if your brackets are officially screwed.

First time since 1985 -- no #1 seeds in the Final Four.

GMU Rules - Final Four - Nice Guys, Clean Program Finishing First

Innoculated our dogs against rattlesnake venom

I still have a Chihuahua who likes to eat poop. Anyone have any

Does anyone have recipes for homemade dog biscuits?

Saturn in the seventh

Selma to Montgomery and more

Bush or How Not to Offend the Rapture crowd

Meant to post this earlier

Video Time!

Kennedy on FTN

This is a busy hearings week.

Not too late to save ANWR

(Impatiently) Waiting for Spring (bit of a dialup frukker)

A few random snapshots with the new camera (11 images)

I figured out how to take good dog photos

"I'll be traveling tomorrow."

Didn't KO do a story on election fraud after the '04 elections?


Ciao Friends...

This for all the UNC basketball fans

Wiley's "Non Sequitur:" The Ele Chronicles Continues

"Why We Fight"

Kevin Phillips, author of Theocracy in America, is on the Tim Russert

Flashback: Bush's pick to Head Dept. of Homeland Security

Lest we forget...

Todd Gitlin article on Chris "Tweety" Matthews (The Harder He Blows)

and the 'optimistic' news from Iraqi from your liberal press.

What're you bastards listening to, anyways?

Selma to Montgomery and more

Please post the good news on W's Iraqi war...

Weekend impeachment update

question re: war crime tribunals

The Immigration Debate: GOP Commits Suicide

War May Hurt GOP in Heartland (LA Times)

SD Choice cartoon with Phone numbers for Bill Napoli Work and Home

YES! . . . John Hall is running for Congress in my district . . .

I think everybody should send Sensenbrenner a kotex.

Senator Byrd's wife passes away.

Job of our 'leaders': Managing image or managing reality?

All this talk about immigration, but what about emigration of OUR jobs???

* wants to eliminate funding for all Urban Indian Health Programs.

Baby boomers will need to be culled

Any Thoughts on the...

Bob Boudelang Lives!

On Wage-Slavery in America

Someone help me pls. How do we win if we impeach and get Dicky?

War is a racket! A scam...

Iraq propaganda? Nah, here's the scoop, say guys who planted stories . . .

So just for grins, I googled "CESSPOOL", and came up with

Dallas Morning News debate on Iraq starts with my LTTE..

Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (Two died Friday) 2, 322

Today's tributes to Erma Byrd, wife of Sen. Robert Byrd

CSPAN, More on Delay Abramoff..... n/t

Fund Raising from a distance??? NEW TOON 3/26

Doonesbury today -IMHO one of the better ones.... Added Opus too :)


Amy Goodman on Wash. Journal now, 6:40amCT. nt

One Morning in Haditha,, Long article, sad beyond

Report: Afghan Convert Says He's Ready to Die

So, it takes an immigration bill to mobilize 500,000 protesters?

I think Bush/Rove pushed Specter to have hearings on censure

Turns out mouse balls

No Spoilers - The Inside Man w/Denzel Washington & Jodie Foster

Disabled? soldier denied postal position.... someone should go

How did Charlie sheen become the poster boy for the 9/11 conspiracy?

Caller on cspan just said Bush and Cheney should be strung up on

All Hail Osama bin Goodman!

Who *really* fathered the Bush Twins?

Three Years In Iraq (With Music & Tears)

Video Journey: Bill O'Reilly's 8 Worst Controversies

Common Cause, League of Women Voters Decry FBI "Intimidation"

so I was walking out of 'v for vendetta' last night and heard some

How many DUers protest on the Iraq War anniversary?

The Good News From Iraq = We can't hear it—the bombs are too loud...

Bushism of the Day, "And so I'm for medical liability...

Size of L.A. March Surprises Authorities

WB Show Censors Gay Kiss, Airs it Online

Deb Howell - WaPo's Iraqi coverage.

Lonestar Iconoclast: Have DU Will Travel

Bush's 2007 budget zeros out $33 million that goes to urban Indian health

If 4 or 5 car bombs were going off in America every day what would...

Flawed response to Exxon spill exposed (no help came...)

NEWSWEEK: Congressman Tancredo on Illegal Aliens: They Are 'A Scourge

Maryland teen collects hundreds of prom dresses for New Orleans school

Amy Goodman, Washington Journal paraphrase, 'It is a small wonder...

This election year, I fear

Why Is Michael Steele a Republican Candidate? Rove & Cheney.

immigration: hey repukes...americans will work...for money...

MTP: Rice spinning why it's okay we went to Iraq... it's mind-dazzling

Message: I Hear, The president tries to prove he gets it...

Writer jailed for defaming Kurdish leader in Iraq

VIDEO- Rice on Nafi Sabri-Tim: What about WMD as the rationale?

GOP'ers Lament: (Hard To Be A Republican)

Cheney's contribution to American culture

Saddam planned to use CMDs Camels of Mass Destruction

Let's help the Rethugs repeal presidential term limits.

R. Emmet Tyrrell the pin-striped liar

WP: From a Conservative, a Lack Of Compassion for Ralph Reed

Had enough? Want to start rebuilding America instead of Iraq? Vote Dem

San Antonio-area school board reverses book ban (handmaid's tale)

VIDEO- Rice on MTP: "No One Could Have Known the Iraq Numbers"

VIDEO- Rice on MTP- Russert: Why Should We Trust Your Judgement?

Newsflash! Pat Robertson is a putz!

Kindasleazy Lies spewing tired old talking points on Meet The Press

How I know that the war on Gay Marriage is bullshit

Tulsa World, anyone?

Let history judge: A comparison between John Adams and George Bush.

I have been saying this every since ray-gun became the preznit

St. Katherine's kampaign is in evangelical meltdown

On Videos from CanOFun and people taking them without asking

Can Global Warming be a winning issue?

BUSH Is Stumped About His NASTY SLUMP....

Colbert & Bears

If you can't beat Zarqawi, declare war on Helen Thomas

Bush's No Child Left Behind Forcing Schools To Cut Subjects Beyond Reading

Could someone please explain the immigration issue?

What exactly is Arabic? Who is Arabic, which countries in the ME

3 LTTE's today - Look past the MEDIA's obsession with Iraq blood.

Time poll: 85% of Americans believe in global warming

CNN/Late Edition Poll- How big of a threat is Iran to the United States?

Moussaoui May Help His Own Case

Rep. James Sensenbrenner heir to the Kotex fortune?????

This is what we created in Iraq.......

How should Democrats deal with the immigration issue?

The Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independance, and the

War without end - Damaged soldiers start their agonizing recoveries

There are times when I realize I am *NOT* a native San Franciscan...

ABC This Week: George Will in steadfast denial of global warming

Medical Marijuana Issue Returns to Court

Erma and I are complete and whole, a total that is more than the sum of it

Does anybody know.....Who is organizing these protests?...

The draconian and inhumane immigration bill ( HR 4437)

Bush Launches Massive Shock & Awe Offensive... Against U.S. Media.

In defense of moderate isolationism

Great post from C&L re: Where's the good news from Iraq?

U.S. arrests Iraqis with secret jail

Caption this photo...

On CSPAN2 - Breaking the Spell 12:45pm eastern

Russia’s Putin Accused of Plagiarism

Jesus drives a pick-up

If Midterms Were Held TODAY-Repubs Would LOSE House (TIME)

Saddam planned to deploy 'camels of mass destruction'

Help this tribe preserve sacred gardens by supporting art!

The climate is crashing, and global warming is to blame--Time cover story

Radioactive Tank No. 9 Comes Limping Home

Howie Kurtz giving Lara Logan the Fauxnews update, trying to cast...

Halliburton is backlogged with applicants for Iraq.

Minimum and Maximum Compensation--A Modest Proposal

A question for those who served during Vietnam.

Anybody Up For a Graphic Designer Job in Iraq? -->

Can you imagine the worldwide celebration on January 20, 2009?

VIDEO- Rice on Afghan Human Rights-Worst Argument Ever

Chernobyl deaths could number 500,000

Laura Bush & Chapaquedik, where can I get the detailed stories

VIDEO-Rice/Russert- Are we in the last throes of the insurgency?

MFing dumb as dirt freepers provide RECORD LAUGHS

Re: Russia gave data to Iraqis? I remember now...!

WSJ: Older Drivers Fight To Stay on the Road

Race relations are fucked up in my neighborhood :(

How to come here legally...

Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs

Che Rides Again (On a Mountain Bike)

"The Conintern...Republican thought police"

Nickname suggestion: Laura '8 days' Ingraham

"Would you support unrestricted Wire Tapping if John Kerry had won?"

Russia-backed opposition leads in Ukraine - exit polls

What about all the Iraqis that were NOT beheaded?

Supreme Court ruling on late-term abortions may trigger more limits

Help. Any sites that show distribution of meth scourge to red states?

I want my (pre-Bush II) country back.

Anybody see David Horowitz's crazy rant/appearance at Duke on cspan?

Hey, hey, hey-Con-day, HOW MANY KIDS DID YOU KILL TODAY?

Has a wish for rich life passed our ability to pay for it?

Tancredo: ‘Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know the First Thing About the Bible’

"I am" - Using Google Groups to see who identifies with what party

VIDEO-Rice on MTP- Iraqi Invasion justification # 2463- Tim Smackdown

600,000 porch rockers sold at Walmart RECALLED!

More GOOD NEWS from Iraq ... Iraqi Police Find 30 Bodies, Most Beheaded

Bono guitar strikes wrong note in Bolivia (Some strange instruments)

Lieberman says Bush wiretapping 'outside the law'

Is reverse racism raising it's ugly head in the immigration debate?

Bush Regime On The Ground In Iraq

Bush plans for lafe after the White House?

Conditions on the Ground in Iraq (March 2006)

"Uh, um.....I,, uh......."

Tapes of 911 calls prior to the collapse of the twin towers are to

Harris screws up again today (check the photo of Moxie and Spunk!!)

Natnl Review Rhine River Cruise!! with Cal Thomas, aSwiftBoatlier, etc

Things that make you go hmmm from my DH: If ignorance is bliss...

Markos of Daily Kos on "Reliable Sources"Crooks and Liars :

DNC: Checks & balances in the face of an executive branch drunk with power

Damning proof there will be no economic crash.

Who do you think votes? Illegal immigrants or pissed off Americans?

Retired Marine, & lifelong Dem shocks me yesterday by declaring he is

Lara Logan,outraged over "negative Iraq War Coverage" charges

Bob Novak: Abramoff tells pals he has no dirt on DeLay

Credit Cards keep the masses quiet?

Replay of Phillips and Norquist interview on now on CSPAN 2

Writer jailed in Iraq for defaming Kurdish leader (WTF?)

Good Night and Good Luck - Dual Post / Poll and/or bump the review.

new slogan idea...Neo con...Neo more! Vote democrat! wadday think?

Wonderful AAR Show on Now! State of Belief on African American Church

"My goal wasn't to make a ton of money. It was to build good computers."

Some Marines Declining Extra Body Armor

Democratizing the World: One Torture Victim at a Time

AOL Poll: & Article on Condasleezy & Troop Levels

VIDEO- Pat Roberts on Bush's Domestic Spying Pgm - Count the Lies

Oil revenue main source of Iraqi reconstruction:

OK, WHY does Bush and his ilk want the US to become a 3rd world...

"With every form of perversion and immorality, Vermont leads the way."

An op-ed about young black men makes the NYT most-emailed list

Nationwide, the unemployment rate for veterans 20 to 24 years old was 16%

up on CSPAN2 - The 1600 Killers: A Wake-Up Call for Congress 7pm

Surveillance video (what do you think?)

Last company fined for hiring illegal immigrants?

Amid confusion, Iraq Shi'ites accuse U.S. troops (Reuters)

VIDEO- Zero Level 1 Battallions Operating in Iraq

Is America finally waking? Are we ever going to hold BushCo. accountable?

Cheap labor and the hidden American labor force.

Transgender Repub runs against Roy Blunt

Air America is BACK in Phoenix!!!!

As GM Goes So Goes the Country

Iraq reporters hit back at Bush (Lara Logan and others)

I have made a great still video vietnam/iraq for a tech class but I can't

Some excellent polls to take here

"I'd say that zero percent of Bush's talk about Tall Afar is true,"

Natural Gas drilling...what are the ups/downs/things to looks for?

Go to Crooks and Liars website and checkout Lara Logan video

The Sensenbrenner fortune

We need another Tuna under the Bed thread - 6 weeks worth.

"If the GOP can pry black Democrats' votes away this November, it's over."

Armed Forces Recruits

Attention, Young Republicans!

Abramoff Probe Widens to Murder (Why doesn't this surprise me?)

Here is a personel Dilema for me

American "Enterprise Zones!" How could we do it? To be Self Sustaining?

Blogger posts rare Monty Python clip (downloadable)

Real Science vs. Pseudoscience

White House Fun (Bad words on the WH web site from FTS blog)

Priest releases (SLANDEROUS) "open letter" to Michael Schiavo

All Things By Bruce Burch Radio Program At 10pm EST....

On Hardball, 10 of 12 journalists though McCain was not too far right for

Feingold fans: Chat going on at

Are you familiar with the Quiver Movement.

Anti-abortionists turn sights on schools and hospitals in US-style campaig

Scalia: U.S. Detainees Have No Rights

When freepers start saying Bush is tough on terror, hit em with this

Comparing Civil Liberties during Jap. Internment camps to after Sept. 11


Understanding Republican health care reform

What is the point of voting

Pardon me but FUCK THIS IDEA: Gas tax on miles, not gallons, tested

VIDEO- Cook - "Minority Parties Don't Have to be Responsible (MTP)"

Vague Law and Hard Lobbying Add Up to Billions for Big Oil

Saddam's Mass Graves: How many bodies did we really find?

30 Beheaded Bodies Found; Iraqi Death Squads Blamed

Charlie Cook, political analyst, made amazing statement on 'This Week'...

Pursuing Healthier Bacon Through Biotech

WOW! ... Jack Cafferty's SUV rant from CNN's "On the Money" -- transcript

How many people are there in the US who realize how bad things are?

Vets veer left over war: Paper boycotted (VFP boycotts Boston Globe)

More Air America programming PRE-EMPTED tonight by KQKE San Francisco

If you had to choose

Gary Webb conspiracy ?

Bring the Sixties Out of the Closet

Paging Dr. Moreau... Paging Dr. Moreau

My e-mail from Helen Thomas

Does * think the world is coming to an end?

How can I edit my journal?

ON C-SPAN 2 NOW - David Horowitz (Marxist turmed Neocon) ..Speaking @ Duke

VIDEO- The Daily Show Rambling Man- Sunday Funny on This Week

An older bumper sticker made my day

Administration tells Congress (again) - We won't abide by your "laws"

Michael Schaivo interviewed on Dateline tonight 7 EST

Lets feed the fundie freeper paranoia. Bush = Antichrist how?

Script for house to house canvassing?

People are going BATSHIT crazy of immigration here...


The Autobiography of Medgar Evers

From a personal conversation with a Tibetan Buddhist Monk: Bush is just

What do you think of the Democratic Leadership's stance on immigration?

Anyone know the origins of moonbat?

Why we're liberals

'bout time for another 'who's been suicided??' thread??

* Pat Tillman TOON *

Another Great Sunday Doonesbury: Dick Cheney

Anybody watch The Big Love tonight ??

Biggest corporate food scams in the world!! Yeah, it's me again.

Sunstein tells WashPo *** Bush can kill Americans ***

They threw a black body bag on the ground and said: ‘This is for your son’

TIME: If midterms today, it's privately agreed GOP would lose the House

How many people in Congress realize how bad things are?

Helen Thomas responded re: this

Is the media biased against the New York Knicks?

What tips Independents over the edge?

I wish I could do graphics because I would like to do a bumper sticker

Nude Britany Spears statue giving life

West Wing tonight, with Jon Bon Jovi

End of science curricula = end of US technologic supremacy.

Conservative Group Sues Libraries for Blocking Its Website

Mortar Attack Hits al-Sadr Compound...

how do I 'colorize' my journal?? is there one place where all

Just what we need! Another conservative asshole with a talk show!

I'm a global warming ignoramus--enlighten me, please!

Ted Rall Says Lawsuit Against Coulter Now Possible

"The question isn’t ’should the president be censured?"

Good candidate v. GOP Cong.Missy Hart in SW Pennsylvania

Do you think large protests work?

My Letter to the Editor

No joke: Heard second-hand of ex-soldier saying U.S. near civil war

The Founders Never Imagined a Bush Administration-Gary Hart, Joyce Appleby

'So much left to do' - Story and Photos by TIPPER GORE

VIDEO-Condi in 2001 versus 2006

OK, time to take off the blinders(impact of uncontrolled immigration)

I set out to understand our problems, here are my conclusions

Repost of "Time For Plain Talk About The Bush Administration".

The reason for the "tense" U.S.A - Canada relationship.

I didn't see cops in riot gear, but then these protests weren't anti-war

ABC World News Tonight .......'Vivi, the missing dog'

What is sexism?

What are the chances of humans being smuggled in through those ports?

Dumbfounded by this right wing logic

66 days until hurricane season starts, how bad will it be??

Common Cause, League of Women Voters Decry FBI "Intimidation"

Irrefutable Photo Evidence of Utah Voting Machine Flaws

Walking to New Orleans: After the March

Kevin Philips' said E.J. Dionne says that McCain/Jeb Bush could be Ticket

a video I did for a beginning tech class Iraq/Vietnam...have speakers on

The rich life?


Bush does not equal Hitler: The 17 Points

the good news from HELL is totally ignored by the MSM


What I find totally depressing about recent polls...

Pat Boone questions your patriotism.

My FIRST ACTION as Dem President would be to DISBAND THINK TANKS!

So at hubby's conservative evangelical church today...

"It's not the responsibility of the government to take care of us"

Project X update - A must Read!!!!

03/26/06 - Iraqis find 30 bodies, most beheaded

Not Ready to Make Nice. Dixie Chicks.

Holy Crap "Defense Of Marriage Act"Overturns Domestic Violence Laws!

Four-Letter Film Headed to Theaters

"I'm really sick of the Democratic party."

Condi on Meet The Press

If Jews have a right to return do Mexicans have one also...

Laura Logan of CBS is on CNN now SMACKING DOWN this administration

Good news in Iraqi schools? Teacher beheaded in front of kids.

Westwing introduces Atrios and surfs for polling

2005: Dean: GOP to Scapegoat Immigrants in Next Election

Smoking in private clubs can be banned, too

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 21)

Incompetent Design

"Everyone has a Right to Their Own Opinion, However......

Video of the Carlyle Group - DOWNLOADABLE! Burn it to DVD & hold viewings!

To all you people of Irish descent

A little DU unity. HR4437 poll.

What is wrong with this man?

Kotex, pissed, batshit, POS, balls, hoementum, pissed, ass

Who hires illegal immigrants?

My senator is more outta touch with reality than yours!

If there's "good news" in Iraq, why isn't Fox reporting it?

The immigration crisis in the US is Montezuma's Revenge on the White Man

Detainees Have NO Rights—Scalia Speaks His Mind

DU meet-up thread for NYC Iraqi War protest April 29th

Know your BFEE: The Stench of Moussaoui Permeates the Octopus

Unclaimed Territory (Greenwald) - on BushCo's power seize

84% agree with Charlie Sheen - DU this poll

YES! . . . John Hall is running for Congress in my district . . .

who loves Barbara Bush More?

Brattleboro (VT) approves resolution seeking Bush's impeachment

AFP on the new wave of anti-Bush books from "irate conservatives"

What if God thinks you're an asshole?

a very simple question re: Al Gore and Iraq ...

LTTE to both my Senators

WP: MoveOn to Stoke House Races

Ohio GOP Racing Storm Clouds

Massachusetts Only - Deval Patrick on Ch. 7 (11:30 am est)

Lerk's Law of Relative Extremism

Group sues to block budget law that never passed House

Tom "Tower of Babel" Tancredo issues fatwa and says "So be it"...

Battle for Bagdad has started....

Time Magazine (Sunday): Republicans on the Run

Ex-Erie Mayor Acquitted in Corruption Case

we now have a King not a pResident grrrrrrrrrr

Republicans are pretending to be concerned about immigration...

Repubs will use the immigration debate to hold onto Congress

You Watch --- Before Nov '06 We Will See A Drawdown Of Troops.....

Ukraine election - So much for "cleaner" orange revolution



If 500,000 people can get together and protest their immigration

DU this! Should Congress abandon making it a crime: helping illegals

30 Iraqi decapitated bodies found N. of Baghdad


There needs to be an "I'm Spartacus" moment

Desperately seeking "It's hard to understand what a trillion is. I don't

Even the RNC is having trouble finding good news in Iraq.

Latest Ohio Primary Poll


this weeks the iraqi blogger report

Time's new global warming cover story

Anyone know where to find out how many cops have been taken

Russia Intel "Discovery"-- and war against Iran

The Case Against 'Technicality' Dismissal of Charges Against Amiri

I fear Senator Byrd will not be long left on this earth. HE was a great hu

Bush* abmn. offers a NEW JUSTIFICATION for the Invasion of Iraq!

Condi to "reveal plan to win back supporters & quash Iraq violence"

'Compassionate' Conservatism and Immigration

Yet another reason why religion needs to be kept out of politics.


The Myth of Retraining and Re-education

Saddam didn't fly one of the PLANES, but it's HIS fault...right, Condi?

It shouldn't take a draft

The more the RW screams against Mexicans...

Conservatives' new books have Bush in crosshairs

A real good op-ed about the christian fundie-repuke alliance.

GMU Nails Connecticut in Overtime -- Final Four Baby, Just Win

"Family of Six Wiped Out in Late Night House Fire" (A balanced report)

Bush bumbling all over map, see

There is a hearing Tuesday on NSA & FISA

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Election Projection" Haiti to Ohio

Vote Democratic '06: Protect Our Ports And Borders

Okay Dems - Show Me The Beef !

Better late than never ...just watched "Good Night & Good Luck"

Few Democrats will support Feingold on his censure motion...

U.S. can't afford more free trade

Campaign philosophy question:

The "Hammer" loses another weapon

Dixie Chicks: Not Ready To Make Nice

Gingrich to Dems - Your slogan for 2006: "Had enough?"

"Bush Jokes Are No Longer Funny"

Help needed- number of bad republican charities

So how do we frame the fact we have to raise taxes to pay for things.

Sensenbrenner, Little Lord Kotex?

Biden for prez

Support or Oppose Draft Poll with Age demographics

Someone mentioned Sen. Byrd - Something that really pisses me off...

Go to Crooks and Liars site and check out Lara Logan video clip

Will we get our country back electorally, or some other way?

REALLY forceful 'TOON from Tom the Dancing Bug

my first VIDEO Vietnam/Iraq...for a tech class>>>>check it OUT

Ancient oracle graphically predicts outcome of current US policy

Does anybody know much about when Bush I attacked Panama?

Need help with WMD argument against a freeper

My Sensenbrenner E-Mail Project

California 1994: Leg. Demonizes Mexican Labor While Press Pushes NAFTA

Should gay men and lesbians be drafted right along side.................

For those of you fighting to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, a question.

Worse than Dubai - CHINA:Guardian of US PORT Nuclear Security

So...what are you doing for 2006?

Cuba wants to donate baseball winnings to Katrina victims

What is Mexico's position on illegal immigration?

Things that SHOULD make Republican voters go 'Hmmmmm' ...

House Race Polls???

Duckworth, Scott attend DuPage County Unity Breakfast, Cegelis does not

How do you REALLY feel about torture?