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Archives: March 18, 2006

Ya gotta read Maureen Dowd: "Valley of the Rolls"

Taliban video flaunts hangings, beheadings

U.S. nuclear support for India - Double Standard By George McGovern

US spends its way to 28 Eiffel towers: made out of pure gold

An Insider's Guide to the Neo-Con World

(Bowles:) Re “historical curiosity” or the semiotics of a war crime

New from Riverbend

On the Ground in Iraq ... The roots of sectarian violence

Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion ..... MSNBC

Pentagon hired contractor to advise on collecting information on churches,

Predictions of a better Middle East have evaporated 3 years after invasion

The Israel Lobby (John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt )

Impeachment? Hell no, impalement

The Stuff That Happened

NY Daily News: (NY) GOP tax cuts are plane unfair

Juan Cole: Fishing for a Pretext to Squeeze Iran

Censure of Bush appropriate (by Russ Feingold)

AP: Abortion Ban May Affect S.D.Tourism

Katrina, The gift that keeps on giving

Moral Imperative (Universal Health Care-Now) - New Republic

Where Did All the Children Go? ( Costs Drive Out Middle-Class Families)

ANALYSIS: Talks With Iran Could Help Bush

The star-spangled fantasyland of the fake and home of the bogus

My Other Car is a Plane (Dan Neil, LA Times) - Great SUV slam...

UK Observer: This ID project is even more sinister than we first thought

Tom Harkin: Why I Fully Support Bush Censure

"American Theocracy" by Kevin Phillips -- NYT book review

George Will: Bleakness in Baghdad

Railroads play coal catch-up

Court blocks EPA from easing pollution rules (CNN/AP)

Trading the Hummer for a Honda

"Latin America and Asia are at last breaking free of Washington's grip"

Louisiana Faces an Exodus From the Coast

The world and Devils Hole Tin

The Japanese are signing up with Acta to build fuel cells using

FirstEnergy to buy 250 megawatts of energy from W.Va. wind farms

Ethanol & Fuel Cells: Converging Paths of Opportunity

ComEd saves $200,000 a year with biodiesel fuel

The coming Natural gas problem..

How many MPG does your car get?

Researchers find wolverines

The roots of jihad

Israeli forces arrest three Palestinian MPs

Hamas completes formation of Palestinian cabinet

Israel's colonisation of Palestine blocking peace, says Jimmy Carter

Four-Letter Word (Avnery)

Play about Rachel Corrie shut down /NYTheater Neo-Cons? (The Nation)

Harvard study: AIPAC makes US act against own interests

Border Policemen shoot dead 10-year-old Palestinian near Jenin

Democrats: "Negotiating" away our 1st Amendment rights ....

Reference to BOMB BLASTS in "mainstream" 9/11 film?

Awesome Links

Semi-Controlled Demolition.....

Would you like "Conspiracy Theorists" to just go away?

Is Another 9/11 in the Works?

Hard Evidence For Controlled Demolition

Interesting blog re: recent e-voting problems in Tarrant county

Humboldt Registrar To Recommend Vote-PAD, Forego Diebold Purchase

Government is broken: Time to reboot

My LTTE insinuating that there was fraud in the 2004 presidential election

Sat. ERD has 11 recommends @ 5;45pm-- 40+ articles. WTF

2 Arizona Counties to Audit Elections, But the Results Won't Count

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 18

Loebsack not on primary ballot?

Attended the vigil in Davenport today.

Bring the Troops Home Rally- March 18- Boston

Say NO to three years of war today! , anyone know what this is?

Avatar help, please. I've tried,

Question about cell phone/internet

Printer port trouble

Window in focus changing without clicking.

Bush ratings by region in Texas

WestHoustonDem made the news today! Channel 2 had a great

iPods ROCK!

Vote fraud training called legit

Dallas Peace Center anti-war rally and march on Sunday, March 19

Sen. John Edwards speaking in Dallas, April 18

sympathy here

Corn muffins

Corporate Totalitarianism: The Move Away From Democracy in Canada

Three Israelis in hospital with suspected bird flu


330 MPG! Aptera Hybrid Promises Amazing Mileage for Less Than $20,000

Roadside Bomb Kills 9 Afghan Policemen

Bombs, Bullets Greet Shiites on Pilgrimage

Afghan bandits kill 22 in Iran (linked to US and UK agencies)

Accounting error raises GM's loss

Arrests in Iraq reporter killings

Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion

Halliburton moves annual meeting to Okla. town

5 Ambushed, Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

Pakistani convicted in San Diego of illegally exporting aircraft parts

(MZM) Business in (Cunningham) bribery scandal tracked (anti-war)activists

Convoy duty is still task of U.S.: Iraqis not trained for dangerous role

NYT- FEMA Will Try to Recoup Millions Distributed for Hurricane Relief

Bush urges Iraqis to form govt quickly

We warned of prison attack, says Israel (Guardian)

German on trial over Libya arms (BBC)

IRS reports audits up 21 percent

CNNMoney: Toyota tops hottest cars in America (Prius at top)

NYT/AP: McCain Taps Former Bush Political Director

GAO singles out 2 subcontractors on the system

Libby Defense May Highlight Infighting in WH

Government holds smallpox drill at White House complex

Iraq: Deal On New Prime Minister, Says Reports

(IL) GOP hoping to overcome big obstacles

Report: Deadly strain of bird flu virus confirmed in Israel

Britain May Push for New Talks With Iran

(Russian Fed. Rep.:) Attack on Iraq, US' biggest mistake

Iran links Britain to shooting of 21 officials (also cited US)

Iraqi defense minister denies arresting killers of female journalist

WP: House GOP Leader Well Traveled (Private trips = 1/2 year)

Before and After Abu Ghraib, a U.S. Unit Abused Detainees

Private Plane Crashes Off Course in W.Va

Rifle Range Gets the Boot From Mont. Park

Lawmakers blast Emirates over jailing gays

Democratic prospects in Senate looking up

Doctor: Boot Camp Teen Likely Suffocated

Pa. candidate complains about inability to advertise

Global protests mark third anniversary of Iraq war

Wisconsin Voters Prepare to Weigh In On the War in Iraq

Two US soldiers killed and one wounded in Iraq

Sinn Fein’s Adams delayed in U.S. air screening (name of terror list)

NYT/Reuters: Armitage May Come Under Scrutiny in CIA Leak Trial

Libby Trial May Be Embarrassment for Bush

Actor cast as whistle-blower and thief in Diebold case

Court blocks EPA from easing rules on air pollution

Dividing the Nation -new Newsweek Poll - 36% approval; public anger rising

Suit claims report was altered Engineering firm sued for downplaying wind

Anti-war rally at Trafalgar Square

NYT/AP: Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government

Russia rejects plans to fast-track a report on Iran's N-program

200K Said Killed in Algeria Insurgency

2318 have now died

U.S. Navy battles pirates off Somalia coast

More Corporations Stiffing Govt on Fines

Bush: 'Fighting and Sacrifice' Needed (WashPost 3/18/06)

IL-Gov: Oberweis proposed game of chance to challenge Topinka

US presidential hopeful taps Bush adviser for help on possible 2008 run

USN & W Report: The Letter of the Law (warrantless physical searches?)

Bush: 'Fighting and Sacrifice' Needed

Advance Workers for Bush Impersonated (Fox)Reporters (& Secret Service)

Tearful Martin Sabo (D) announces retirement from Congress

Grenade Blast Cripples Iraq Vet's Memory

U.S. Wants Fewer Troops in Line of Fire

Amount of Unpaid Federal Fines Up Sharply

Libby Defense May Highlight Infighting

Smallpox Drill Held at White House Complex

Feinstein cites Bush Iraq 'incompetence'

NYT: Milosevic Rites Draw a Throng in Serb Capital

Many Naval Academy Charges Dismissed

Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches

NYT: Major Changes Raise Concerns on Pension Bill (would WEAKEN system)

Confusion over health insurance leaves children suffering

Trading the Hummer for a Honda (large SUVs becoming less "cool")

Gerry Adams Detained at D.C. Airport

Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion

Thousands in Europe protest Iraq war, but few in US (AFP)

Nuclear safety left hanging as crane dangled fuel rods (gulp!)

Labor Demonstration Turns Violent in Paris

Retired Autoworkers Face Off in Health Benefits Dispute

Costly New Problems for Bush's Medicare Drug Program

Mo. Drama Teacher Resigns Over Play Flap

U.S. threatens to ban Venezuelan oil: Venezuela's vice president

Bush: Violence Creating Urgency in Iraq (radio address)

Afghan Man Faces Execution After Converting to Christianity

US News: The Letter of the Law (physical searches)

Oleg Cassini, the Designer Who Dressed Jacqueline Kennedy, Dies

'NYT' Sunday Bombshell: Secret U.S. Torture Site in Iraq

8 clergymen are dismissed by the Vatican (Boston - Sex Abuse of Children)

Global Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary

NYT/Reuters: Cuban Women March for Release of Dissidents

Nonprofit Hospitals Face Scrutiny Over Practices

Smoking Ban Moves Outdoors

Bush's Nephew - Reporting From IRAQ!!! (funny)

The Chieftains -- WOW!

How about something to go with that Guinness?

Ever bought something on Ebay for $5.99 and then find out shipping

"Computer says No..."


Why not am I a Democrat?

Ever used a joke in "General Discussion".......

I have much love for the Lounge tonight!

When trolling conservative sites, how do you prevent giving yourself away?

You know what? I was just going to ask what happened to the kudzu thread

Frankenstein vs the Wolf Man in 15 minutes on AMC

What are your favorite gladiator movies?

It's funny. You wait days for a KitchenWitch thread

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

How many people are on your ignore list?

What is Rush Limbaugh's DU handle ?

Good night, all!

People who don't have journals yet

Post a picture of the band that you are listening to...

Has anyone met someone at a DU meetup who later turned out a Troll?


Moose Lands In Front Seat Of Car

DUers, I must - out of respect - come clean to you. For I must confess...

Ever play soccer with your cat?

Pregnant Teen Waitress Gets $1,000 Tip

People who don't have urinals yet

Story Time!

Name a place you would like to visit.

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Merry St Patrick's Day folks

Have you ever been afraid to go to sleep?

What the hell was that on NBC's today just now?

Hitchhiker Forced To Eat Pizza, Drink Wine At Knifepoint

Who else has their pet in their lap now?

Who's all hungover today?

Hey! One of you feminists go get me a beer.

I was shaved....

Congratulations, lionesspriyanka, on becoming a citizen!!!

15 days until i go on vacation

Happy Birthday, Kimmy!

Hey you sexy things!

Spaghetti sauce on the stove

Tuna with cranberries...rockin'!!!

iPod Nano..or PSP?

Stewart and Colbert clips for those who need visual stimulation

"I'd love to give you a reference but I could lose my job." WTF?

I just cleared my voice mail. I had unheard messages from NOVEMBER

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/18/06)

Has anyone ever actually *flipped* a flapjack?

Which is the funniest word to replace in a movie title?


They just banned sex in Colorado

Note to service companies, hire people who will leave contact info.

I just received an email with no header at all, except "30"

I'm not an expert who understands CSS, but

***Public Service Announcement***

What tricks do you use to remember the names of people?

Video my son did--just for a Saturday laugh!!!! Dial-up warning

Sasha Cohen may turn to acting career

Replace one word in any food product title with "testicle"

An early birthday present for me if you all chip in...

Wow!!! Found a new source of Albums - WHAT A FIND TODAY!!!

Cat people:"meow, asshole"

progmom on the air - post your JAZZ requests here

Damn uppity women who like to have their way with men, check in here!

Dogs of Peace

Did anybody see "V" last night?

Fight Over Marijuana Candy - Bitter fight over sweet pot treats...

Hung out to dry.....

Lieberman and censure

Is it farther to New York, or by bus

So how did I get on your ignore list?

What songs remind you of a porn soundtrack? (don't worry, we won't tell)

Steal this Thread

Absolute Best Internet Radio "Radio Paradise" - Listener Supported

Can that which staineth maketh clean? Freaked out by Shout...

Pretty cool video game emulator site

Power outage only on one side of my room!

What's wrong with the smilies?

Waiter? My date is ice cold.

What do you know now, that you wish you had known half your life ago?

Why do people pour milk on cereal?

White lies to friends?

Something weird I've just realized, most all of my "smart posts"*

BREAKING: US declares war on PIRATES!!!!!!

i am going to have a cup of latte and a slice of swiss cheese (maybe two)

Help out a fellow DUer

Help if you have any knowledge of the post office, PLEASE!!

Parents you'd like to smack.

Anyone else hung over today?

What time zone is Detroit in?

AND FOR MY 1000TH POST..........(drum roll).........

Congratulations dolo amber!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Cleita!! 20,000 posts

Has any celebrity ever made a more embarassing appearance in an ad?

Congratulations NVMojo!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations ProfessorGAC!! 15,000 posts

I still think Greatest votes in the Lounge should do -something-

I used to know every Jimmy Page solo by heart

Fair warning - I might be disgustingly giddy and blissful in my posts

Please educate me...

After all these years I passed 6000 posts & didn't know it

Congratulations Wilms!! 10,000 posts

I just figured out what I've been missing all day

Goodnight everyone!

Richmond, VA ladies of DU: Can you recommend a hair salon?

Skeletal remains were discovered near my house this week

Okay, I give up on anyone ever reading my journal...

Cheaper to fly or drive than to go by train

How William Shatner Changed the World


How can I huff dried latex paint?

When did bridal showers turn into an extortion racket?

I'm watching two baseball teams wearing red, white and blue.

Anyone else notice that the DU rules are constantly ignored here?

Why do YOU hate America?

I want sushi

free form madness

Stories From the Road- Adolph

The contest can stop now. The best DU Journal has been found.

Damnit. The truck battery is dead, the car is leaking something, and the

I make a point to shake out my keyboard every now and then...

V for Vendetta - A goddamn good film

Congratulations havocmom!! 15,000 posts

Computer geeks: the Mouse Problem

My neighbor is having a concert in his backyard. Shoot me, please.

Today I participated in the Fish Cheer. Ask me anything.

Congratulations DoYouEverWonder!! 25,000 posts

Congratulations salin!! 35,000 posts

Anybody else have to get B12 shots?

Fashion Designer Cassini Dies at 92

wisdom teeth?

billyskank? Tombstone? What?

Before there was electricity in our house

Does Vicodin make anybody else kinda squishy?

What is the best place to book a flight: WI to Phoenix

My next snooty poseur tourist NYC trip is starting to fill out

Could you manage being owned by this cat?

Will I like Sixth Sense?

So, have you customized your DU Journal yet?

I just made Ersatz Hot and Sour Soup, and it turned out pretty

How can I thin dried latex paint?

My father was the spitting image of his father....

In honor of St. Patty's Day, I'm Irish! Really! (Large pic)

Just Heard On The News: Terrell Owens Going To The COWBOYS

Anyone know how to get my ipod to show up in My Computer?

I got an iPod shuffle for my birthday and

You want some FREE bumper stickers and plate frames???

Fuckin' SWEET

Wonderful, dark rainy day here in north Texas

What song did you lose your ...

Show something you've made!

Brokeback Mountain spoof

Just saw "A Very Long Engagement"

Are these still available?

Anybody else do their fake Irish/St Paddy's day dinner today?

suppose the Romans had used, say Guillotines instead of

Movie suggestion please

So did anybody like the new Dr who last night?

I'm thinking of hiring this new cleaning service. This is for the ladies.

Ever play bottlecap soccer with your cat?

It's pho tonite!

Free stuff from ronnykmarshall

"Go Gonzaga! Beat St. John's!" This graffiti adorned a bridge in D.C.,

Post your NCAA bracket progress so far.

Pick a word from another language that sounds like a word in English,

My local paper is being freeper. DU votes needed. (cross post)

Is SNL a re-run tonight???

How many DUers are on your "ignore list"?

Follow this advice

Post a picture of the first album you ever bought here

Judge Halts Notorious B.I.G. Album Sales

So WE don't forget

My head is sore from beating it against the wall in frustration

How come some stores don't carry all the peep colors?

Richard Belzer just devoured that FLA rep's lunch

Anyone know where I can find the very best interest rate?

Need phone/wireless help

I'm just going to say it, Montana is going to upset Boston College...

Congratulations MrsGrumpy!! 35,000 posts

Go to user profiles and type "right" in the search box.

I have free HBO for a week!!!!!!!!!!111

Imagine you're at a friend's house, at a party...

shit. I got a little buzzed and sent a link of my journal to my parents...


DUers not going out tonight - check in!!

Paging Oeditpus Rex:

Skies clear where you are? Auroral actvity sorta high right now

Why is Crazy Guggenheim so crazy?

My wife is laughing at me. Make her stop.

Milestone! 4,000 posts soon.

Congratulations GoddessOfGuinness!! 20,000 posts

Need help identifying a drug.

Help settle a bet for me

Watching Legends of the Fall...

Oh Fuck, Karl Rove is Norwegian-American

My husband had his first protest today!

Digitized phonograph recordings from the early 1900's. *awesome!* site

Creative Challenge Mission Statements

DUers at work tonight — check in!

University of Washington Huskies -- SPOILER!

Let's get small, I'm into bread. I love money, I love everything about...

Here's what I did today:

Here is the BIGGEST HUG I can muster up for DUer posting twin..

Dedicate a song to a DUer!

Whew!!! billyskank is back.


This is pitiful...

Happy belated birthday/anniversary wishes to.....


Loneliness is

All you Lizards know I'm miserable at work-do you mind if I rant? (Long)

What would you advice please.

Congratulations RadicalActivist!! 10,000 posts

FINALLY! No More GEICO Commercials

Wow, I hardly recognize anyone. Is BlondieK143 still on the lam?

This morning at 6:37 mountain time, my youngest son

Star Trek "20 questions" thread

Best Celebrity Deathmatch Ever! Beavis vs. Butthead!

What Kind Of Mailbox Do You Have At Home?

Avatar help, please

billyskank appreciation thread!

Can you tickle yourself?


Why I hate The Gap (or, Fun with Spontaneously Assless Jeans at the Mall)

I"m proud of this one - what do you think?

Any ideas on how to

Today I went to a book signing.....with my old friend John Morgan Wilson..

Anyone remember the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour?

Congratulations, lionesspriyanka, on becoming a citizen!!!

Dinner is served!

Thanks to DU I now no longer know how Moron (or moran) is really spelled..

Post a picture of Main Street

Fweeper asks "Who will strike it rich with Conservative Humor?"

Just spend five hours on the phone with an Irish guy...Does it

Give a hug to a DUer post!

In honor of this place that has indulged me for 35,000 posts

Stupidest conversational sayings

Best comic book movie?

Anyone want to buy a $25,000 Matchbox car on Ebay? (joke on friends)

HELP! Printer port trouble...

Your preference -- Milk or Dark Chocolate?

Kid pulled a knife on me today. He now wishes he hadn't.

Joan_Alpern ~

Does it freak you out when people "cellphone talk" with bluetooth headsets

Damn uppity women who won't be bullied, check in here!

Meet the Hardball Hotshots


Woman to Wed 'Boys Don't Cry' Inmate

I know that we're a half hour from tip, but- "LET'S GO Lady Tar Heels!!!"

I accidentally had Skinner on ignore!

OMG! Can it be?? A Brazillian Joke competition!!! This is HUGH!

Is there a woman sexier than Salma Hayek?

""My country, right or wrong," is a thing that no patriot...

CAPTION the College GOP Loudmouth

i am an AMERICAN today!!!

State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It

For my 12,000th post, I have a number of hugs to give out:

Post Your Favorite 3 Political Movies (No Documentaries) Only 3 please...

Don't we all... (pic)


What song would you want to be played at your funeral?

Money Pit

Links to my video taken during & after Hurricane Katrina:

Crappy mood. Going on a couple of weeks. Seeking remedies.

Whatcha wearin, DU?

When Good Atheists Go Bad

Adam and Eve: What's So Bad About It??

The Steep Price of Grace

Here is a thread on Churches assisting Katrina survivors in The Gulf Coast

PLACEBO - Mind-Body Medicine

"Study links vaccines containing mercury with autism"

Scientists make 'bionic' muscles

Crazy idea: Let's invade a State

DUer Plaid Adder's series on Katrina continues:MCC

Reminder: DU Fantasy Baseball draft tonite

I think I know what seeds are

Rahman vs Toney: Heavyweight Boxing

Cowboys sign Terrell Owens

Oooooo, Let the Eagles soar....

Europe's top football teams in plot to go it alone

RogueValley - How is Andrew?

Chakra test, Acupressure techniques, Energy Exercises, and more!

A Continent Splits Apart (Horn of Africa)

Solar Eclipse New Moon (in Aries) on Wed. March 28 at 5:15am.

prenatal eclipses

I have thought long and hard about posting this dream.....

2012 - A Question for the Astrologers

Grenade Blast Cripples Iraq Vet's Memory

Think Tanks and Democratic versus Republican Ideas

Inane Liberal Blog of the Week

Bad news (?) for VA Kerrycrats?

Kerry took right stand from the start - LTTE in the AJC

Editorial in Post-Gazette Today

Russ Feingold on Charlie Rose tonight, 11:30pmCT PBS. Wow.

True patriot has an epiphany.

Does John McCain Have Alzheimer's?

Especially for sandnsea (and anyone else from Oregon)

I'm watching the Senate debate the line item veto

Don't know if any of you ever saw this...

Lamer and lamer - Kerry healey's jokes for St Pat's day breakfast

Check out this pic.

Why is Kerry off FDL's Lion list?

DU Photojournalism day?

My protest photos are posted here

Which Screen Resoltution do you use?

* is coming to town. Should I leave?

OK, I got a weird phone call tonight.

About "Operation Swarmer"

Dem leadership...listen to Alec Baldwin

America needs to be the good guys we thought we were


Why can't we all just get along?

330 MPG! Aptera Hybrid Promises Amazing Mileage for Less Than $20,000

Is this ethical in any way at all? Gen. Myers, ret. - Northrup Grumman

Welcome to the start of year four in Iraq.

What happened to the story about the car that crashed into the...

Iraq on Friday

Repost: Crow is best served up "sauteed"..Twas 3 yrs. ago

Rollins Wanted Harris to Quit...

Rapture does not constitute an exit policy

Who where those guys???

Why the ignorant are blissful Inept individuals ooze confidence,

Am I doing something wrong?

French draft law threatens iPod's future

Secret Service Posed as Fox News Reporters

Do you really think Republicans are happier than Democrats?

My favorite QUOTE for the day... God I love it.

The Iraq War was won on November 2, 2004

This is bull shit - NBC is blaming Ethanol on the recent rise in gas price

Operation Schawarma

Caption the Chimperor Pic --->

GOP ABUSE - new toon 3/18

Calling the Drama Police! Drama Police!

Ever get an Amber alert over your cable?

US government gets higher spending limit on their credit card

21 airports nationwide don’t detect bomb-making materials

The star-spangled fantasyland of the fake and home of the bogus

Prophetic Book: One Dimensional Man, by Herbert Marcuse

US "biggest ever" operation in Iraq mostly staged

'Choose Life' plate upheld as free speech-'Pro Choice' denied

Did the Freepers send a delegation to Milosevic's funeral?

While telling Iran not to make Nukes, U.S. still develops more

What Steps Are You Taking to Better Our World?

The press is AWOL again. Haven't heard much about this I bet

LIVE liberal streaming radio from Chicago -- 10am-2pm -- Whatta lineup!

Am I the next Jack Abramoff? In which I discover that any idiot, even...

Did anyone watch "NOW" on Pbs last night? Is it back to an hour?

Who were these guys? (Secret Service posing as FOX Reporters)

Three Years of War With No Checks, No Balances...

Play about Rachel Corrie shut down /NYTheater Neo-Cons? (The Nation)

Maury/Connie slipped out of "news" into The Newlywed Game

Libby Defense May Highlight Infighting

Bitter fight over sweet pot treats...

LAT: GOP Spenders Think Voters Dismiss Deficits

Anyone just feeling generally pissed off and vindicated and empowered?

Economy question - why is a good economy based on people

Sharon to be transferred

I've Been Placing Spader's Speech On The Board Since Tuesday Nite

"No Warrant. No Problem. Bush breaking into homes.

Some DU help please; 3 years ago a repub who works for the pentagon ...

...the court said that "only in a Humpty-Dumpty world" could the law...

McCain Taps Former Bush Political Director

Republicans for Impeachment

Many Utilities Collect for Taxes They Never Pay

MSNBC Poll: Should Congress authorize drilling in ANWR?

I Wonder What Kind Of Message I'm Sending To The Troops (Onion)

WhiteHouse Advance Men Impersonated Fox News jouranalists & Secret Service

Riverbend posts again, 18 March 2006: "Three years ..."

Vote fraud training called legit (Tx. cops making it easy to rig)

Pregnant Teen Waitress Gets $1,000 Tip

AOL poll on anti-war demonstrations.

Navy Warships Repel Pirates!

Pirate Attack!

BushCo's war on science

Greek general strike shuts down country Why not in America?

(VIDEO) Get your New Rules, fresh from the oven!

A. Heather Coyne: Senior Officer @US Institute of "PEACE?" C-SPAN

Juan Cole: Fishing for a Pretext in Iran

I'll be at San Francisco Anti-war rally. Help me post pics real time.

check out the poll on Real Time with Bill Maher's website

Best argument for LIHOP from Kevin Phillips,

Before and After Abu Ghraib, a U.S. Unit Abused Detainees

Votes for peace New voting block discovered

Was/is a war with Iraq a winnable war?

"Gawker" Russert sighting: "kept getting up to get beer"

A local Baptist church has a row of flags, I'd guess at least 30,

Presenting "The World's Number ONE Terrorist"!

Finally, God DOESN'T get the credit!

C-Span 2 right now--anyone have a link to what they are discussing?

0% Abortion Rate In Gay Relationships

Duke's pal was hired to advise on collecting info on churches, mosques...

an interesting Conviction tonight

"Annoy a Liberal"

Post your Newspaper's editorial on Censure here:

My 91 year old father-in-law is a Republican...

Bush on the insurgency... in stages

Why send jobs overseas is good for the economy. Trade deficit is good too.

This was Sent to me by... My Republican In-Laws??!!

Poll: Needs Some DU Help

Of course: Adams detained at airport

So what's up with gas prices?

Those who know rabid neocons PLEASE help with future counter points.......

State Dept. 2005 Human Rights Violations: Jordan, Egypt, UAE

Check this out! A visual of where taxes go - will make ya sick

30 more Yellowstone bison sent to slaughter

A Continent Splits Apart (really! Horn of Africa)

We need to contact the ACLU (Physical Searches)

Mary Landrieu (D) voted for artic drilling

Can you believe this?

Focus on the Family being attacked by both Left and Right

"Libby trial may embarrass Bush by focusing on manipulation of intel"

Irreversible Iranians...

The Next Time He's Wrong: Will the President Push The Button?

Some inspiration for a Saturday morning

Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?

Oil Companies Complain About Proposed Oil Tax Changes (Awwwww)

NPR Poll: Any chance we can hide this from Karl?

Small but good peace rally - Nashua NH.

War in Iraq + Civilians fighting Civilians = CIVIL WAR.(bloodshed warning)

Teacher Resigns Over School Play Flap - smoking/drinking/kissing

Major Mobilization Set for April 29th

Sophie Scholl - I saw the movie last night.

Now THIS is a protest!!

Fox News on the Paris protests

Illegal immigrants benefits in hands of voters

New Nixon law introduced by Republicans: what the President does is legal.

why is April 1 important for new medicare drug plan?? what effect will

NYT Admits Incorrectly ID'ing Hooded Man From Abu Ghraib Prison

If you had a grand to invest today to gamble on high risk stocks, which

Caught on film: Bush participation in recent drug buy

American kids getting high on prescription drugs

Bush Using Straw - Man Arguments in Speeches

Is Another 9/11 in the Works?

Dick Cheney/Mr. Potter Separated at birth?

FBI Spied on PA Peace Group Because of Antiwar Views

Russians on Iran: "In such a pace we'll start bombing in June."

PHOTO Exclusive - Air Force Waaaa??

Is it just me? or Do some CNN anchors seem to disapprove of Global Warming

John Bolton as King Kong

Artist, propagandist graphic experts. Help needed (Text to path)

Do you think...

Reprogramming the Infinite Loop

Fayetteville NC Anti-war

Creditors Hit Reservist Hard Despite Federal Laws

Mar. 23rd, Screening of Voices of Dissent: Activism & American Democracy

Dem theme for November

Must-see video: Walkin' to New Orleans.

Just came back from JFK Library

picky, picky I know.....but this really drives me nuts

How bad does it have to get before Bush is fired! He works for us!

It's Caption * Time boys and girls!

Russ Feingold on Charlie Rose tonight, 11:30pmCT PBS. Wow.

any scientologists out there? what's going on with tom cruise?

CNN: Political Play of the Week

What is it that you DON'T get?

Question about casualty figures

Bush's new name...

How many DUers are on your "ignore list"?

The word "Gulf" has become a surrogate for death & disaster.

CNN poll: Will Iraq succeed in forming a democratic, national government?

If Only Clinton Had ......

Two new bumper stickers for my car today.

Chirac calls for urgent talks after Paris violence

you want Georgie to lead a happy life?

Bush advance staff impersonated reporters

Newsweek Poll: Chimp approval @36%

Early in Nazi History...

This article made front page on Pravda Russian paper

Whatever happened to this story?

Bush approval map - I'm bookmarking this one.

David Horsey: Time For A New Old Leader in Iraq

Taxpayers dollars for Iraq..follow this money trail its appalling

Do you think we need to have a general strike if Bush invades Iran?

Armitage may come under scrutiny in CIA leak trial

"I really do believe this man will go down as the worst president...

Leonard Cohen - Democracy

Just saw V for Vendetta ... No Spoilers....

US 2006 National Security Strategy (Iraq WMDs-Venezuela bad)

Bad Journalism

Russ Feingold on Charlie Rose - VIDEO

how can we keep our criminals in jail? we've got the guy in

** Murtha on MTP tomorrow

an very UNpopular president, saddled with a very UNpopular war

Operation Smarmy a bust, so * to launch Operation Sulky

Any DC people actually canceled their Wash. Post subscription?

Goal: 'In God We Trust' in City Hall

Talked w/a DOD guy today: "media is the enemy of the state" he said.

Not much media coverage on the War Protests

MSM - NBC actually covered the Anti-War Protests across the

Pipeline blast hits oil supplies in Nigeria

Republican men on South Dakota's choice to prohibit choice

who was been boycotting Florida since the 2000 selection?

Wiretapping UN diplomats.

Want to make history? Get famous? Start, kick SD's ASS

Iron Mountain extends Symphony Services software outsourcing contract


CIA Witness List: Potential witnesses( Libby)

The White House is "tired"....they do need some new blood.

You know, of course, why Bush & Co. "anticipate" every political move?

Are Bush Administration figures high on more than life? (Ambien)

Visa warns software may store customer data (Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax)

Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion

burning question...

Amount of Unpaid Federal Fines Up Sharply

VIDEO- PM Ahern (Ireland) on Rendition/Gitmo After meeting with Bush

Free stuff from ronnykmarshall

On NPR today: Liberals not reproducing?

The Dems platform and talking points should include:

Real Time with Bill Maher last night was a keeper.

USNWR: The Letter of the Law (physical searches)

One of the "insurgent" groups in Iraq publishes a monthly magazine. WTF?

Interesting article in US NEWS: American companies less American

Mike WALLACE sez he was the house wingnut at CBS (on w/G.E.RUSSERT)

In honor of hockey moms,NHLers will use pink sticks this week end.

Is it just me, or is breaking the law becoming government standard...

MarkInSanFran: Juan Cole Debunks Negroponte's Fake Doc Dump

Lend this poll a hand..."most important story in Washington"

i went to one of the local flea markets today--asked every vendor who was

Look at this racist freeper post.

Catalyst for the war against Iran; " a Pearl Harbor type event"...

Fox News hack...... interpreted: "You are making a good point that

How were the protests in London, Madrid and Paris?

Libby Trial May Be Embarrassment for Bush

So was this "Air Assault" photo op strictly to generate "white propaganda"

Jay Leno's take on Censure

Jim Dean,DFA: Hold the president responsible for dishonoring our country.


Current account deficit - what does it mean?

JSwift offers A Modest Proposal so bushco won't need to pay for

What is the personal background of Michael Bates, Chicago

Bush and port/homeland/border security

Freepers: "'s time for ALL conservatives, Christian or not, to say.."

42% approve of censure?

Another great quote (source not confirmed)

CNN's "We Were Warned" coming up on CNN, FYI.

The Beginning of the End of the Petrodollar

So-I guess the housing boom is over in Texas

I'm having a little too much fun here.

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

France's global warning

Why are we fighting so hard to prevent others from having nukes?

Remember, the Illinois primaries are on Tuesday! (listings inside)

Brokeback Mountain spoof

Texas radio ad: "Mr. Cheney, you car is SHOT!"

Be afraid. Be very afraid....

Does anyone else feel like we're still in the minority?


Listen up Libtards! I just died laughing at this one...

Connecticut apology........

Bush says his party can see into the future

High crimes, or a tokin’ figure?

Rice sees no reason for 'excluding' Russia from G8 - More Putin ass kissing

"God sent an angel to speak to the mother of his only son...

I think I'm going to hurl.

"I'm not serving in Iraq because I prefer to serve here at home."

'Choose Life' Plates Allowed in Tenn.

Arab countries “have seen nothing from America except its soldiers.”

Let's talk about *'s DISAPPROVAL rating, not *'s "approval rating".

"Do you agree with_insert random name_?": Progressives need

Libby Defense May Highlight Infighting

Is it POSSIBLE that the anti-war movement won?

Computer Seized After Student Posts Anti-Bush Song

The Great White Hype

Muslims removed from plane because flight attendant was uncomfortable

My Ltte was published in ft Worth star-Telegram today

Terrorism: Can't it be effectively fought within constitutional limits ?

Sunday Talk Shows

Chimp and his handlers think they can intimidate China

This guy should be hidden away like Boo Radley, the Man in the Iron Mask,

shit. I got a little buzzed and sent a link of my journal to my parents...

Sending my teen to "boot camp" gives them permission to hit/kick him?

I have 1000 posts and I owe everyone at DU a HUGE thank you for...........

!?!?! MO bans contraceptive funding for low-income women !?!?!?!?

Post from GD:P-re:war in Iraq-your input needed


Bizarre WalMart factoid...

FAQ's about FISA here, may be of value to some here

Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government

#1 way to drive traffic to your DU Journal or blog: New content.

Maybe somebody can tell me how many Iraqis died in our Civil War.

I think I have a sure fire elephant killer.

A Cat Named Elvis

WMD in Syria?

Iraq occupation: Three years on and still they're lying to us

2317 Reasons why the DSM is Important

You really should see this Bush approval rating map

Who wants to hold a fund-raiser party for me? Hello? Anyone?

Question for DUers who follow Hollywood celebrity stuff:

WBC - Cuba 3 Dominican Republic 1

Anyone have stories about bush's social security drug plan?

Return the House of Representatives to the People

What do you all think of this?

Is anyone else pissed off with NPR' daily "Pro-War MInute?"

re: $9 trillion dollar debt, righties are pushing this false argument...

"The nerve he (Feingold) tapped is way beyond political squabbling. ...

2318 have now died

Name the most extreme right wing looneytoon media person?

Do you personally know anyone who is wrong as often as Bush?

"Things going VERY WELL in Iraq": Death squads, ethnic cleansing

Newsweek: Dividing the Nation

Call me naive, or whatever, but I was totally shocked today...

HERE IT COMES! Setting up the Iran attack

In Honor of Eliza on AAR

Have you seen the smog in Beijing, China?

You don't french kiss when you have a freedom tongue

What happened to my patience?

I yelled at a recruiter today

Ok...all you Gates addicts....time to kick the habit.

France changes labor laws and folks riot big time. Bush turns the US...

You call this guy a leader? (pics) I'm calling him a DRUNK.

Gov't says Small pox "ir-radiated" according to CNN

"A man dressed as President George W. Bush " - protest pics -->>

Our Saturday Protesters in Arvada...

Excellent Arizona action today! STOP THE WAR OF LIES BASTARDS!

WP column, by Donald Rumsfeld: "What We've Gained In 3 Years in Iraq"

Senator Feingold's views on impeachment: in his own words.

Saw something very depressing today...

I stood on the corner this noontime

Back to the Boston Legal Board

Small town provokes big outrage

The Bush Family Arrest and Detention Survival Guide

Check in here if you're going to a Peace Rally this weekend!


Today's reminder: The Guy James Show returns on March 20th, 3 PM Eastern I've got a "BLOG" but how do I get folks to come to it?

How mindful are you of your consumption/disposal habits?

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 13)

latest amounts in Alaska "greatest" oil spill 265,000 gallons.

The Libby Case: Yesterday's Hearing ....

Pre-emptive arrests in NYC...what a joke.

So is Ted Kennedy behind Feingold's resolution or not?

Nearly 10,000 anti-war protesters gather in S.F. (a couple of pics)

Kansas Blues pictures at the Peace March!

Favorite Ayn Rand quote?

Does John McCain Have Alzheimer's?

PIcs from Todays Anti-War March in Hollywood

Let's hear it for all those who took to the streets today to protest!

Ramsey Clark hails Milosevic at his burial : DUers keep away from him

‘Impeach Bush’ chorus grows - Times Online - UK

PHOTOS - Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg Rally & Protest Pics Thread

20 Things You Need To Believe To Be A Republican …

Nader's Essay on Dean and the DNC

Nader, you need to look in the mirror. Pure is as pure accepts funding.

"Liberal Hexum" new org. created by Nick Hexum from 311 (needs donations)

Watergate quote: "he would be there and we could have him assassinated.'

****Some Photoshop Funnys****Check Them Out!!!

A Day in the Life of President George W. Bush

V for Vendetta thoughts (some spoilers)

I have a gift for those of you who may not know about something.

Smoking Ban Moves Outdoors

My local paper has a poll being freeped. We've come a long way.. help!

Guess what? If we go into Iran, Iraq w/be "disappeared" like Afghanistan

How do we get the democrats to start making some noise?

They published my LTTE in The Miami Herald (My third since December!)

Britain breaks with the US over Iran

Senator Feingold gives NYTimes a piece of his mind....

V for Vendetta Report: Dallas, Tx

Fool Republicans

A question about memory cards in voting machines

Looking forward - how do we fix ourselves?

Government spying at DU? I'm starting to wonder....

Intelligence Summit

Redneck Patriotism, It ain't just for Rednecks anymore.

Why I (heart) DU ...... Great Posts such as:

A Central Florida Peace March/Rally

Most Disgusting (And Revealing) Freeper Thread Ever.

The Whole World Hates George Bush --->>>

Questions reporters should be asking W?

"Red Dawn" (movie) a tool to argue against the "evil-ness" of insurgency?

Planting for Peace! Please help this idea grow!!

Counter Recruitment photo

Why is this administration continuing on the wrong path in Iraq?

Operation Swarmer was a total photo op.

Du Military folks-why would a unit suddenly deploy to Egypt?


Walking to New Orleans, Day 6

Social Security approved my sister for help with her Part D prescriptions!

Do you know anyone who has had an abortion?

Stop Buying the "Incompetent" Propaganda. They Are Laughing All The Way

View the entire South Park "Scientology" episode here:

NanceRants - Late Night Edition (March 18, '06)

Despite icy cold and bitter winds, Alaska peace patriots

Called My Democratic Senator Today And Asked If He Approves Of *'s...

"Good night and good luck"

U.S. better make nice with Iran, because,

Juan Cole: Fishing for a Pretext to Squeeze Iran

Show 'em or Fold 'em - What would YOU do?

See, the reason we're in I... is to protect us boys in I...(Herblock TOON)

"Trust Me. I know what I'm doing."

Janice Rogers Brown sides with Clinton apptd judges against

Food for thought...

On warrant less searches....

"Rallies Mark Third Anniversary of Iraq War" (rallies??)

Recent Kucinich speech

Parade chairman compares Irish gays to Nazis, Klansmen, hookers

Operation Smarmy (I Mean Swarmer)....... Pierce Bush's Today Show stump speech on Dubai Ports Deal

What I'll do to win

LOL. Catch the beginning of MSNBC's Maury & Connie this weekend if you

Bush Radio: "Slowly but surely our (Iraq) strategy is getting results"

"update on operation 'slaughter iraqis"

City Club of Cleveland to host * Monday

He knows people hate him...

EPA's "Looser Emissions Standards Rejected" by DC Appeals Court panel.

Not Only Gas - But Virtually Everything We Buy Has Gone Up In....

Internet Bill Could Hurt Democratic Underground

"We're all neo-cons now."--Chris Matthews, 4/9/03

A random thought on Katherine Harris....

Conyers: New York Times ... Shills Again

There are leaders and there are followers....

Potential 2008 Candidates Campaign in N.H.

Gutierrez(D-IL) to Tancredo R-CO): "You racist! You bigot!"

10/28/03: Bush responds to press re: "Mission Accomplished" banner

"Bush won't seek payback for ports backlash" - you've gotta be kidding me!

Farenheit See I Told You So (Sequel).......

I truly think they're getting ready to appoint Jeb in 2008, how do

Afghan man faces execution for conversion. Freeper heads explode.

Protests all over the world,but...

Chimp-Monster at 40% (new low) in Repuke Leaning Poll

Wyden Statement on the Feingold Censure Resolution

Whatcha gonna do, take away my birthday?

We cannot afford the Republicans...

Republicans and a “Return to Normalcy”

High oil prices mean TONS OF CASH for Terrorists and Oil Men

Democratic Victory in '06 will Not Result in Impeachment in '07/08..

Question about Post-Jeb Florida

"Compassionate Conservative" Is A Bust - How About "Vigilant Progressive?"

Here we go, folks -- "McCain Taps Former Bush Political Director "

Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches

WHY don't people connect $2.69 a gallon with Bush/Cheney being oil men?

I Had To Laugh and Shake My Head...

French stand up for themselves

Why Are Feingold Supporters IGNORING Feingold's Remarks

email myth about dems and social security that I received

Anyone watching C-Span Brian's old Interview with Sandra Mackey?/Iraq

Delay's defeated Repug primary opponents won't support him

GO to MSNBC'S front page NOW! Lead Story: Global Iraq War Protests!

Did Orrin Hatch clorox his press releases? No Claude Allen?

For the prayerful and not so prayerful.

Whaddaya think of my response

Has "Salon" gotten ANY coverage for the : Abu Ghraib Photo's.... ???

CIA witness list for Libby case:

CT Republican Shays and John McCain Rally behind Joementum???

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows (Murtha, Durbin, Jack Reed)

Why are Democrats afraid to vote against funding of this illegal war ?

"You can't be as tired as we are of you."

Russ Feingold on Charlie Rose last night. Excellent interview. Link.

Newsweek: Poppy, Carter & Nixon "plunged" lower than Junior in the polls

Advance Workers for Bush Impersonated Reporters

Google bush fun

Sistani wants gays killed in "most severe way"

Iraq-Three Years Later.

Portfolio for War

Iyad Allawi; Iraq is in the grip of a civil war.

2 Dems are running against Feinstein!

Sometimes you wonder if Bush is the Woodshed and his base

Democrats have lost? (Not really a stolen election thread)

taking city council to task for repuke arrogance

How Do We Counter Conservative Bashing of Liberal Talk Radio?

Tancredo, colleague tussle in ugly spat

The GUILLOTINE for adult bookstore owners or...

A Pop Quiz

Need factoid for peace rally sign: Iraq War $100,000 a min, $? a day

Meme Chat: Are Bush's Remaining Supporters "Dead-Enders?"

Great book review of Kevin Phillip's latest

London chants: "George Bush we know you, your father was a killer too"

Q: How many bushies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Randi Takes Cheap Shot at El Rusho

Democrats Must Decide Whether They'd Rather Play Principals Or Win

My 13 yr old neice protests the war and makes the news!

PIctures from Todays Anti-War March in Hollywood

Francine Busby In Congressional Election: Three Weeks From Tuesday

CBS NEWS POLL: "Iraq, three years later; Was it worth it?" (DU it)

Emboldened Democrats court party's left wing (Boston Globe)

Susan Sarandon; "Hillary has greatly disappointed me"

Newsweek Poll: Little Lord Fuckstick scores a whoppin' 36%

3rd anniversery Iraq war protest pics from NJ

Photo: Today's Times Square War Protests...Bush as King-slash-AntiChrist

please make a contribution to the candidate of your choice

A Russ poll to DU - a really weird one

Who said Inflation is under control??????

Leahy/Kennedy resolution declares Bush did not have authorization

TED KENNEDY Has The Audacity To Claim He Supports American Workers

Pictures from Iraq go to the Rally and march ... on a cross

Quick question censure, impeachment.

New Senator Scores Finished - Is your Dem Senator a DINO?

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out what's going on??

Can a recently divorced, still unmarried candidate win the presidency?

Protest Photos, Covington, LA 3/18/6

Please DU this poll about Iraq.

Poor Judith Miller's new alibi, the blogs done her in

Will censure issue help or hurt us in November?

Seattle protest pictures (Dialup warning!)

Good Lord! Check out these photos of the Pittsburgh Peace Parade

Freakin 2.40 a gallon!

V for Vendetta... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Americans are... overt, tub-thumping, FDR progressives..."

Why bother censuring Bush if we can wait a few months & impeach him?

The Democrats will push for Congressional oversight

The lying, rat bastard made a promise and he broke it.

HAs Russ shown DEMs running against Repub incumbants, how to win?

My Guess is 2008 Will Come Down to Hillary, Warner, or Edwards