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Archives: March 1, 2006

Mark W. Bradley: The Declaration of Dependence

The Onion--Democrats Vow Not to Give Up Hopelessness

NYT: "I terrified my interrogation subjects"

Environment May Be a Tipping Point in Several Senate Races

Iraq's worst week -- and Bush's (Juan Cole -role of the clergy)

MOGAMBO GURU: "We Are Getting To The Tyranny Part Right About Now"

How Low Can He Go?--Froomkin--WaPo

When Politics Defeats Science

Gene Lyons on Bush’s fabled intuition

See the world as conservatives see it -- with all new --RED STATE SPEX!

Alaska cuts off its nose to save its oil

Gitmo article

Scott Ritters Latest "Iraq: A Solution To Nothing "

Nothing to worry about here, folks...

EDITORIAL CARTOONS: Doo-bi, Doo-bi, Doo...Port Security and the Dubai Deal

308,000 cancelled Oh. voter registrations put Bush back in White House?

Saving capitalism’s good name

Tom DeLay fights for his political life in Texas

No turning back for Drake (VA-02) on Bush

UK Judge to Rule on Ports Deal, NY Times 3/1/2006, 12:01PM ET

Report: Afghan Opium Stymies U.S. Efforts

Ex-FEMA Chief Says Bush Was Overconfident

Long Arm of Law Reaching Up U.S. Women's Skirts

Tajikistan moving ahead with demolition of only shul

What to Do When the Emperor Has No Clothes - Garrison Keillor

A Message Crushed Again

Where was the business media? (Dubai Ports World)

The House's Catholic Democrats Detail Role Religion Plays

Andrew Young pimpin' for Wal*Mart with Pat Boone

NYT climbs on the Peak Oil bandwagon

Dubious Dubai Deal -- Robert Scheer

James Wolcott: Permanent War for Permanent Fuckwits

Let me just say re Katrina and NOLA: Anderson Cooper "gets it".

The Cost of Survival - Manipulating the Numbers to Save the Union

Neptune And The New Fed Chairman

Top 10 cars named -- and none are American

(AZ) Utilities required to use more solar, wind power by 2025 (new RPS)

Owens Corning Announces Breakthrough Single-End Roving for Wind Energy

Polluting Portugal Mounts Giant Wind Power Tender

N-Deal will help launch thorium reactors (India)

Canada's Weirdly Warm Winter Fuels Mountain Pine Beetle Explosion

Papua New Guinea Forests "In Grave Danger" From Massive Illegal Logging

Altai Region (Central Asia) Warming Far Faster Than Projected

Pending IPCC Report - No More Doubt On Climate Breakdown - BBC

Toshiba Abandons Plan For Large Coal-Fired Power Plant In Japan - AFP

Cook Inlet (AK) Beluga Numbers Collapsing- ENN

Chikungunya Virus Confirmed In France - At Least 30 Cases - AFP

Cellulosic Ethanol... interesting..

Fuel Cell cars based on ethanol will bring fuel cell technology sooner.


Ethanol Powered Fuel Cells - bringing fuel cell technology closer

Global Warming skeptic

Old Mines May Be a Place to Dispose of Ash

Your Thoughts On Energy?

Divers Work the Gulf Floor to Undo What Hurricanes Did

Climate Change: Thawing ice and _______? Money - Doomsday on Energy Independence

Why peak oil is probably about now

North Slope Surface Melting Fast - Rapid Methane Release Part Of Process

Resolving the energy crisis: nuclear or photovoltaics? (Nature Materials)

Palestinians Are Being Robbed by Israel- Amira Hass

Israelis ask Oscars to drop suicide bomb film

The cemetery has no sanctity

Senators question Dubai firm's stance on Israel boycott (Kerry & Boxer)

Israel to open Karni crossing to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza

Must-see interview with Winfield

Who the %@#K is Safer Without Saddam?

It has all been LIHOP/MIHOP

Gatekeepers of the Left.

Interview with Rummy

Study on cell phone use on airliners in flight ...

The no-plane theory for 9/11-- why it may not be as crazy as you think

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Watershed Campaign Spending Limits Case

The voting machine fix II


repost from need on talking points.

about those "conditions" under which CA certified Deibold

NM Gets Paper Ballots!....on Paper, Anyway.

Keep an Eye on Pennsylvania - The Feds are trying to Ban Paper Ballots..

Feds Sue New York Over Voting Rights (sic) Reform


demodonkey & attorney on Pittsburgh TV; Lawsuit to State Supreme Court

Daily Election News Thread...Wednesday March 1

"2006: Do you know how your vote will be counted?" Great article

Legally, what is a ballot? And would a Missourian say "Show Me"?

Is Ion Sancho getting Shelleyed? "Leon Co. commissioners seething"

Did 308,000 cancelled Ohio voter registrations put Bush back in the White

I want to let you know

WOW! ** CA's Sen Bowen Rips rethug SoS over Diebold Certification ** (3/1)

Lakoff speaking in Ames on Sunday

Iowa Push-Polling controversy continues nationally

The Students for a Democratic Society is reactivated

"Kennedy questions Whalen's credentials"

Help bring AAR to eastern Iowa.

Seven Arrested at White House for War Protest (includes Iowans)

What Does Everyone Think About the Touch Play Controversy?

Chet Culver's Website

OK, this is starting to lean me toward Culver.

LTTE about Leach in Muscatine paper

Andy McGuire not only contributed to republicans she voted for them too

Massachusetts gets a C- for mental health care system

Rep. Meehan town hall meeting on * domestic spying prgm - Wayland, 3/4

Mihos To Run For Governor As Independent

Give MN Citizens in Defense of Marriage your 2 cents worth

Sen. Dayton votes FOR Patriot Act renewal -- here's his statement..

DVD burner thinks all blank disks are CD's

Can too much protection slow a computer down?

Does a Pop and a Puff of Smoke = a blown motherboard?

Dallas, March 19th: Rally to Stop the War

Voter machines in Texas Question

If I lived in CD10, I would still vote for Ankrum, but....................

So, is anyone in Austin voting for Sid Smith?

DeLay's Texas Voting Map Raises Partisanship Issue at Top Court

Bus trip to the State Convention

Katy Hubener lost - District 106 has been screwed over

Can anyone explain that crazy Joe Nixon/Dan Patrick pukeoff in Houston?

Capn' Crunch Chicken with Creole Mustard Sauce

am I the only person who DOESN'T use food for comfort

Almost time for PEEPS!!!! 46 days until Easter.

Boiled Flamingo, anyone?

Canadians Too Thick to Support Afghanistan Mission

Ralph does it again

Emerson's words do not match his (in)actions.

Cdn Univ Prof's open letter urges NDP & left-leaning Libs form coalition

McGuinty slams Alberta plan

Kirpans!! Let the Games Begin...

Australia: We Knew of Iraq, U.N. Concerns(Kickbacks)

GOP unease spreads to security issues

After Iraq, Many Soldiers Seek Counseling (over 1/3)

Salvadorans Protest Trade Deal With U.S.

Italy's Prodi Calls Guantanamo a 'Wound'

US not certain North Korea has nuclear weapons

Venezuela kicks off space effort

Russia, Iran make new bid to break impasse

Police seized in Jordan jail riot

Baghdad car bomb kills 2, wounds 10 - police (Wednesday)

Israel denies role in stalled release (US Govt blames Israel

Customs Releases Seized Prescription Medicines From Canada

Noe wants 10 county judges off coin case

Majority of NOLA Residents Approve of Mayor's Response to Katrina

Bush told of Iraq civil war fears in '03

Philippines media tells Arroyo: "Hands off"

Vermont Campaign Limits Get Cool Reception at Court

In Medicare Maze, Some Find They're Tangled in Two Drug Plans

Iraqi PM insists Turkey visit 'legal' (Jaafari vs Talabani)

China dumps toxic waste in the world's seas

Philippine standoff ends peacefully

Gonzales Seeks to Clarify Testimony on Spying (more classified programs?)

Al Qaeda chief in S. Arabia among dead

At 95, Mr. Smith is trying to get to Washington

At Least 30 Killed in New Iraq Violence

Spy Chief: Iraq May Spark Regional Battle

Bush Says Osama bin Laden Will Be Brought to Justice

House pulls Patriot Act compromise vote; Delays until Tuesday- Rawstory!!

Law Fulfills a Promise to Protect (Great) Lake Waters (Mich)

Beijing Starts Campaign to End Spitting (clean up image for '08 Olympics)

Crossing party lines makes targets of some incumbents

Unintended Pregnancy Linked to State Funding Cuts

NYT: Republicans Seek to Bridge Differences on Surveillance

(Baghdad) Morgue pressed to stay quiet

The day storm hit, Bush was worried about levees (gap in concern, action)

Prosecutors: Cunningham Bullied Officials

U.S. slams door on Canadian medicine

Mob violence after bomb kills UK troops

Tens of thousands of Indians protest Bush visit

Khatami attacks Ahmadinejad over Holocaust

Testimony Links Skilling, Lay To Alleged Effort to Hide Losses

Spying program illegal, Senate committee told

Jordan 'thwarts al-Qaeda attack'

Campus riled by student panel discussing Muhammad cartoons

Governor (Pataki) Was Sicker Than the Public Knew

Women sat no to war

CNNHN: Lionel Tate pleads guilty, 10-30 yr agreed-to sentence

Bush visit to India centers on nuclear pact

Tom DeLay fights for his political life in Texas

HRW: Trial of Former Afghan Intelligence Chief Flawed

Judge won't order ports investigation

Military mulls whether Iraq troop cut possible

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 1 March

U.S. informant in terror probes disappears

Senators question Dubai firm's stance on Israel boycott (Kerry & Boxer)

Justices sound skeptical about tax-incentives case

Justices hear Texas redistricting arguments

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

Group sues over Abramoff White House visits

New town to be squeaky clean: no porn and no birth control --AP

Blair pushes for Guantanamo's closure

Cartoonist Helps Launch 'Scooter' Libby Parody Site

U.S. SUPREME COURT: Price suit against joint ventures dismissed

Bush, an Opponent of Raising Taxes, Proposes $47 Bln in Fees

Thailand suspends US free trade talks due to poll

Pakistan forces hit militants on Afghan border

BBC: Lib Dems set for leadership count

San Francisco supervisors call for impeachment of President Bush

Lawmaker: Port deal never probed for terror ties

Supreme Court Weighs Texas Political Map

Bush to Visit Afghanistan on Wednesday

Supreme Court rules in printer ink case

Mock funeral held for Bush in Hyderabad

NYT: U.S. Easing Fines for Mine Owners on Safety Flaws

Barroso knocks economic nationalism

Berwick PA Nuclear Plant? anyone know?

DeLay's Texas Voting Map Raises Partisanship Issue at Top Court

What to Do When the Emperor Has No Clothes - Garrison Keillor

Republicans tout high-tech agenda (i.e. more tax cuts/less regulation)

Bolivia and Peru grow more coca, says US

Americans’ answer to what are your rights? ’D’oh’

Shays says he intends to vote for Lieberman

Mubarak Warns U.S. Not to Attack Iran

Writers issue cartoon row warning

Iranian Shah's son warns against military strike; opposes sanctions

(National Guard) Recruiter Gets In Hot Water Over Craigslist Ad

Berlin File Says Germany's Spies Aided U.S. in Iraq

Guatemalan Police Files May Reveal Secrets

US officials make amends for 122-year-old lynching

S.F. supervisors ask lawmakers to impeach Bush (SF Chronicle)

Santorum no longer in forefront of efforts to revamp lobbying

Lawmaker: Port deal never probed for terror ties (Peter King-R)

Prosecutors seek more records on DeLay's 2000 trip with Abramoff

Tens of Thousands Protest Bush India Visit

US government long-term promises top $46 trillion

U.S. Easing Fines for Mine Owners on Safety Flaws

Dems Call Ports Acquisition a 'Backroom Deal'

NYT: Doubts Back Home Fuel G.O.P. Worries Over Ports Deal

Study: In-flight cell calls pose risk to planes

UN wants to create new human rights body despite US opposition

Pentagon dismisses US troop poll (72% of troops want Iraq pull out)

Did you give up legal rights?

(MS) House commmittee OKs abortion ban (Political ploy by Democrat?)

N.J. Officer Back From Iraq Found Dead (Hazmat team called)

Health-care workers could face fines of up to $100,000

Saudi Group Alleges NSA Eavesdropping

Move to oust Iraq PM al-Jaafari

U.S. back taxes enough to erase deficit

(Delhi) Zoo closed during Bush's India visit

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-FEMA Chief Says Tapes 'Speak For Themselves'

NYT- US Sues, Citing New York Delay on Vote system(HAVA)

Bush Confident Bin Laden Will Be Captured

Harry Belafonte: Bush kept him from Coretta Scott King's funeral

Alito thanks Christian right leader for supporting nomination

CNN: Despite polls, Bush says he has 'capital' (WTF???)

TV ads push Iraq War support

Lawmakers still angered, but growing resigned over ports deal

Pirro Attacks a Web Site as a Threat to Youths

Saddam asks: ‘Where is the crime?’

AP - Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina

Draft the Donald! Campaign Effort Begins (Trump for President 2008)

Senate Advances Patriot Act Renewal

Study: Few Americans Know First Amendment

U.S. Reviewing 2nd Dubai Firm

Breaking on Blast heard near U.S. consulate in Karachi, Reuters

Former Conyers aides press ethics complaints

Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal

Mayor Ray Nagin's Response to AP Bush/Katrina Tape (Video)

Bird flu likely in US flocks soon: Health Secretary

Error May Have Cost U.S. $7B in Royalties

NYT: Prisons Often Shackle Pregnant Inmates in Labor

Old McDonald had a farm.

I was sure I'd have new email in my inbox. -Sure- of it

Why is the Daily Show on break?

Big hitter the Lama--

Alright, Comedy Central just totally pissed me off, environmentally

Cuban National Baseball Team

I need a hug--I just had a major fight with my 9 year old.

Party in the Wyoming Forum!

Skinner is such a drive-by poster!


Skinner loves me!

Christ at the keyboard!

Idaho anyone?

I have been very very bad!

Our tour of the state forums is about to come to an end

Ginger likes ZombieNixon, but he doesn't like Ginger.

ARGH! I hate it when people...

I say goodnight lounge!

All right, I guess I'm going to sleep.

Only. In. Japan.

Words that make you laugh (because they sound funny)

Become Republican

Boondocks comic strip going on hiatus in March!

At the end of Febuary, winter finally arrives

African Clawed Frog During Sex

I have a rant! (kind of long)

Simpsons 'trump' First Amendment

Dreamy little video

anyone else find themselves allergic to different types of alcohol?

It took me 20 hours to fix my computer

Of all the wonderful things to happen - a star!

Remember when you could turn on the teevee this time o' night

Who Should I Set My Daughter Up With?

Feels empty in here without a Clintmax good morning thread!

Being Sick Is Getting Really Old (A Whine; Get Your Own Cheese)

Paula Abdul Is One Sexy, HOT Mamma!



Can you suggest me a good movie to rent?

Wednesday earworm. Very annoying.

Is having a cut-off time for phone calls at night old-fashioned?

Cute alert!!!!

anyone know what a "playdate" is? I think it has to do with children maybe

Guitarists, smarists.... name this DRUMMER!

Curly top!

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!


Barry Bonds — out of the closet

I just met my new intern!!

My family tree is full of nuts! HELP!

"Don't get in my Kool-Aid"

Karzai: "I like a man who looks me in the eye when I talk to him."

What are you giving up for Lent?

Do you think a post about dirty limericks would get locked?

Anyone ever wonder why is Harry Belefonte's voice so shot?

It's March! Do you feel better?

Pizza time.

I wanna be loved by you, just you and nobody else but you

Vulnerability statistics for Mac and Windows (George Ou, ZDNet)

Who watched "Scrubs" last night?

Uh's another one of those "milestone" posts thread!!!

This Thread May Be Monitored For Quality Assurance, Or Recorded...

OK I have to ask. How come my smilies aren't animated?

Happy divorcaversary, eyesroll!!!

"What do you want me to do?"

Some New Steven Wright

"Psycho Path" named craziest US street name

As I sit here reading, listening to the owl outside the window

Anyone have a bathroom scale that measures BMI?

Prends moi

This is what marriage is really all about!!

Bridges of Madison County....what would you do?

I'm being robbed of Winter!

"President Bush is doing the best job he can!"

It's my half-birthday. Ask me anything.

Does anybody have advertising on their car?

Flash: "the Guantanamo Bay Song" ahhh if only!!!

Congratulations spanone!! 10,000 posts

Happy birthday Divameow77!!

"Which exit do I take?"

"Lost" is *NEW* tonight

(this song rocks) The second plane hit at 9:02/Saw it live on the hotel TV

Olly olly oxen free

Has anyone not done their taxes yet?

How ~*FUN*~ is Mardi Gras??? I ask you

You're on Death Row. Order your last meal.

Human history. . . . .1,000 years old?

For $529 you, too, can register for the July California Bar Exam!

Women, have you ever heard of Mooncups for dealing with monthly cycles?

billy idol: new wave elvis or dork

What is "varsity"?

Noam Crispin Garafalo poops on George W. Bush action figure

I never want to hear anything by Phil Collins or Genesis ever again

Glitter Could Face Seven Years in Jail

Anyone read "Freedomland" ? The movie that

anyone else see a 1 and 2 at the top of the page

whats with the 1 and 2 above and below the DU logo?

Found this question on the US Citizenship civics test

Is there no escape?

Find Something Close To You That Was Made In China

Best Alfred Hitchcock movie?

Best celebrity appearance by a beard.

barry manilow: great songwriter or cheesy joe montana lookalike?

What is "R"

Rabbits thrown from car, survive

Shout out and lots of hugs to skygazer...You were on my mind

DU did not die on Dec.5th.

It's definitely going to get cold and snowy in Colorado now...

So are we living in Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"?

WTF is wrong with the Inbox?

Which is the best new cell phone for the price?

Terrance Howard, could he be the underdog for Best Actor Oscar?

Name another freakin' guitarist who looks old.

from the 'beating a dead horse' dept.

Phase III Go Ahead.

Anyone ever stay in a capsule hotel?

To be or not to be?

Ah shucks, fellas.... I gotta go grease Wheezer...........

HILARIOUS Bush impression

Hey, here is a pic. from

Tim Burton fans: Anyone prefer "Corpse Bride" to "Nightmare?"

So are we living in Terry Gilliam's "brassiere"?

Anyone else hate the "barking dog" commercial on AAR?

You'd think with my 3rd child I'd known better..


You're on Death Row. Order your method of execution.

Write Your Own Medical News Story!

Are there blacks in Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"?

from the 'eating a dead horse' dept.

Bush: No Civil War in Iraq

Mind of Mencia? Who is this racist ignorant fuck?

Why do girls only go to the gym...

Hoo Boy! I'm going to ORLANDO

I was watching soccer game take place in a German snow storm

Dick Cheney hunting game.

Vermont is the

Psssst. . . .hey, UFO fans. check THIS out.

Ok ok so Bush has some Brazilians bomb the Canary Islands

Is there a prohibition or taboo against a DUer scrapping a username and

What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?

Is anyone else getting a LOT of unusual bugs today?

Dentist appointment in two hours. Hug me liberally.

MORE bad Bond news: Daniel Craig can't drive a stick (Aston Martin DB5)

There are random numbers in the upper-left corner of my DU window

Only 1 month to go and me and the fam are EXPATS!

Has DU gone a little buggy for everyone?

Donate to the Scooter Libby Defense Fund

Are your cars heavy enough to run over Jesus?

HAPPY Birthday Miss Frodo!

My cats want to tell you about Jesus.

The Prez's seal is being changed to that of a condom.

Check out the link I just added to my sig line

Caption this photo

I confess: I am addicted to Dihydrogen Monoxide

Breaking News

Are your cats old enough to learn about Jesus?

Delete. Forget it. Didn't work. Stupid poll software.

I confess: I am addicted to Dihydrogen Sulfide

Smoke two joints

OK, I'm in love with Norwegian black metal.

Why does everyone here want to sedate me?

chemistry question about oxidation and reduction...

so explain to me why my version of reality is superior to yours

We like March -- his shoes are Purple.

OK, I'm in love with a big blue frog.

Goodnight good people...Stay gold.

Why does everyone here date me?

Very Important Posting Protocol Question

Help the Leftists Defeat the Right!!!

I wish my Inbox had subfolder capabilities

Which DU Lounge Lizard Is Most Likely To Hold High Office

Celebrated my 25 wedding anniversary last night!


In and Out... What would you do?

HELP!! I'm stuck in the Peoria airport, and all they have on is Fox News

Hmmm... Is it the Apocalypse??

HELP - Any DU lawyers out there? Advice for a friend needed.


I am bored, ask ME anything!

goddamn ratfink punk kid bastard!

Whoa, big earthquake in S.F. Bay Area. (not that big as it turns out)

Possible fund raising idea for DU?- a DU cookbook

OMG.. Someone killed a brunette woman in NYC..Does Rita know this yet?

No woman, no cry

The Trading Spouses Fundie Christian Lady is anti-Bush!

Any good sushi places in or around Toronto?


Now I bring you a song of great emotional import

Post your funny one-liner jokes here!!!

" I hear ya" is the nice way of saying "I'm disregarding everything u say"

Hehe...The Roof Is on Fire

Are there good herbal remedies for muscle relaxants?

I got my hands on Star Wars Episode IV - the original cut, ask me anything

Did you ever stick a wad of gum somewhere other than in the garbage?

How old is your place of residence?

Can someone help me quick with an Outlook question?

What question do you absolutely hate?

I really must stop torturing ZombieNixon.

Ever had a phone interview for a job?

Jessica Alba threatens to sue Playboy for putting her on the cover

hey san francisco DUers....let's see a show of hands.....

anyone ever have more Recs than Replies to a post?

Sorry y'all, but you're wrong. The UAE truly is good for us.

How come when i wake up, my teeth ache and feel pliable?

should I do my taxes tonite?

Seriously, guess THIS guitarist.

O’NATURALS IS FRANCHISING! First ever Organic Fast Food Chain!

Please write/email Russ Feingold (here) a big Thank you for work on PA.

What Would Jobs Do? You HAVE to see some of these iSomething pics

My cats get the crazies every night

Olbermans worse person in the world

Can the English language survive after Bush? Great "Bu$hisms".

Mar 01 1970......sleet, snow, wind, ice, pneumonia & my wedding

Are there any "Get Fuzzy" Cartoon Fans here in the Lounge?

If anyone sees my eyeslght, can they return it to me.

I still had until 8 or 9 o'clock to talk Jimmy out of killing Morrie,

Should I have chosen 'HypnoToad' as my pseudonym?

Oh, for the love of PETE!

Show us a label of an everyday product that's still obscene.

Last night I got a job offer at my favorite jazz bar

Holy Ghost Enema... Rabid Fundie Alert...

Gawd, Yall!

Clooney on Baba Wawa tonight

Bad poetry thread

wow-check this car out-0-60 in 4 and 50 mpg on bean oil

What Air Force cadets do when no one is watching

I have discovered the goodness of Syrah and chocolate

Can I be done being a grown-up now, please?

Tuesday was big-boned.

Right, Lounge, my birthday's in less than a week. What're you getting me?

Stupidest Advice Ever

Appropriate age for an adult to NO LONGER WEAR Underoos?

If it wasn't illegal, I'd shove about five commuters a day down....

I came across this old poem ...

For the love of Pete!

Okay, fess up - SOMEONE has to like the song "My Humps"

What's on God's iPod?

What's for dinner?

What's on the devil's ipod?

You see, it seems that there is a rumor spreading around.

OK, I'm at 4690 posts. My birthday is next week.

Pentagon mulling 'stealth sharks' to patrol the seas: New Scientist

Does anybody know what Allenberg is eating for dinner?

38 hours till my root canal

Best celebrity appearance by a moustache.

Pet Peeves:

We're going to crash!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/1/06)

Freakin', frickin' or friggin'?

Anybody want to have some fun? LOL.

I'm home! Did you miss me?!

It is 35 days until Bert Blyleven's birthday

I should not be here, sitting on this chair.

Heads up...George Clooney is coming up on Barbara Walter's show

How Long Ago Was The Last Wedding You Attended?

Why does everyone here sate me?

I'm installing SimCity 4 Deluxe right now, but I'm a linux user. Ask how!

What are the greatest "greatest hits" Rock n' Roll albums?


I'm eating cereal for dinner.

jesus christ Colbert's writer's are off the hook

Dear everyone...please don't hate me

Daddy is a perfect shit.

I just watched The Salton Sea last night for the first time...

New Bill Hicks recording surfaces!

Something amazingly good happened today!

My New Favorite Joke (don't read if you're a redneck)

the cars: rockers or posers?

Why does everyone here love me?

Name some absolutely first-rate movies everyone should own

Pictures of cat ass

Does CG use a macro to type in the popcorn smiley?

What's your signature or favorite dish to make?

Why does everyone here hate me?

Wisconsin State Assembly Passes "Marriage" bill

Congratulations MaddyMcCall!! 25,000 posts

Which Animal Has The Cutest Babies? (Post A Photo!!)

How many do you think have -you- on ignore?

Today...My Baby Girl turned 16...

Prayers, vibes, good thoughts, etc. for Cathyclysmic's sister.

I am posting a thread...

FSU BEATS DUKE!!!!! Sorry Blue Devils.

I'm getting sick of filling out resumés...

Please-good thoughts for job interview.

I have now fucking seen EVERYTHING while driving!

I feel like a new woman!

Do you think its rude for someone to pee while they're on the phone

Good night, Lounge.


If you wanted to be another nationality...What would it be.

Nomination for fugliest/lamest automobile of the last 5 years...

Gee, I hope my wife doesn't find this article...

so explain to me why your version of reality is superior to mine

Greatest slow dance song ever?

Congratulations RevCheesehead!! 20,000 posts

Back away slowly, and let him have the chair

Yes, I'm watching American Idol. Shut up.

In So Cal in the spring -the bears come out

What do you listen to during your morning commute to school/work

Woman Faces Jail If She Doesn't Watch Video Of Her Being Gang-Raped

I had the weirdest dream about a DUer last night

Name this doggie

How can kids eat this nuke&puke crap?

It's Lent! Did you give up anything?

St. Louis locals - need help

Ok DU Friends, Need Your Help Again! Re:Provigil/Modafinil

WOW it sure is SUNNY in this state!

What would you do if the passion was dead in your marriage?

they opened a new IKEA nearby, cool stuff resonable prices...

I may have fractured my wrist


Stereolab shows in California.

Good evening Lounge lozenges!

Does anyone have fond memories of Howard Johnson's?

remember when Wendy's had tasty burgers?

What's the deal with the Marc Maron show anyway?

Please, please assure me I have died and gone to hell!

Picture time!!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Why are you a Democrat

Cat and Mouse

Divorce: Today is my last day in my House.

two phone calls, two emails to a prof. no response yet...

I've been noticing a lot of elder bashing lately.

Cats love milk



Cthulhu fhtagn, Cthulhu fhtagn

Let's sing opera!

OMG Best Joke Ever!!!!!!

On Becoming a Bigot.

"You Might Be Evangelical If..."

Sister Helen Prejean BBC Hardtalk interview (video)

Some freeper got ALL of us, Lol:

Study challenges benefits of low-sodium diets

Acupressure better than PT for low back pain

Gulf War Veteran Gets Placebos Instead of Real Medicine

Women, have you ever heard of Mooncups for dealing with monthly cycles?

Universal Stem Cell Principles Proposed

Consensus grows on climate change

RAW IMAGES!!! Heavenly bodies!! Click here!! (Cassini flyby of Titan)

Volcano is on the rise at Yellowstone park

Michelle Williams snubbed by alma mater

Hard To Tell GOP From Democrats On Social Issues

Church Forbidden From Hanging Pro-Gay Marriage Banner

Radical Islam - It's All The Fault of Women and Gays

A new twist on the gay adoption issue.

Gay Texan asks campaign 'redemption'

Wisconsin To Vote On Gay Marriage In November

Maryland GOP Reintroduces Anti-Gay Amendment

Relationship Advise

Florida Bill To Repeal Gay Adoption Ban Gains Support

Tampa Area School Board Tightens Rules In Gay Club Dispute

Boxing: Lacy vs Calzaghe (March 4)

enjoy it while it lasts, Pirates fans!

Soccer: US-Poland friendly

So Prince comes up and sits with me..

cat people ... a question for you, please

unrelated questions: Merrick cat food and Cats adopting other kittens

Dealing with grief/loss

Why does everything I do spiritually backfire on me personally?

Any ideas how to bring out a person's inner creative forces?

Hello All, I suppose this must be the week for saying goodbye

Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008

Kerry-related blog posts



Yowza! JK is supporting MY Congressional candidate!!!!!!!

Kerry on Katrina news

Question concerning the PATRIOT Act votes

Kerry calls for the creation of an independent IG to investigate ethics

Photos from yesterday's Dubai hearings

JK post at dailykos!!!!!

New Kerry Email & Previous Problems Receiving Emails

Kerry Catholics??

Kerry must be doing good things - Anti Kerry posts are up on GD

Situation VERY bad in Iraq - 1300 dead since Shrine bombing

Would anyone be able to help me evaluate an ebay camera...?

Just a stump

Good news is no news.

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/01/06: Bush & Bin Laden

KOEB has a mission statement?


Two Blogs in two days???

Here's an interesting revelation about Nancy Grace

OK, pardon me while I get a little angry (not about Keith but...)

I always admired Ernie Banks, until I found out he was a Bush supporter

Going to the NYC protest in April?

KOEB - 3/1/06 - I drove my Chevy to the Levee edition

The right is pro torture...

Pickles episode at 8 p.m., EST. Barney, Andy, "Kerosene Cucumbers"

Steve Benson's view...

2296 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Faux doesn't trust the Poll's


I just thought I'd post this list from 2003 that lives on my desktop, lest

Fundies, The people don't want you involved in the abortion issue!

Thank you, Rev. Jimmy Shelbourn of Beatrice, NE

I've been thinking about the fundies, and how they claim to be

Jeb Bush asked to explain post-Katrina cruise ship deal

VIDEO- Ferguson with Bush Impersonator- On New Orleans

VIDEO-Letterman Jokes about Bush Feb 28 06

Info about Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini after the Islamic Revolution

Is all the security required to keep Bush alive on foreign trips worth it?

Miss "Morning Sedition"? The new Marc Maron show is just starting!

Chaos In Iraq

soldier who warned of lack of armor returns home...

The right loves

Justice, Speech, Perception, Society

New name for Chris Matthews' show?

Largest Global Poll on Iraq results.

US seeks funds to build prisons in Iraq

Anyone see "This Divided State"?

D'oh! More know Simpsons than Constitution 1st Amendment Rights

Bushco shared classified info on the UAE with WSJ's John Fund?

The War on Academic Freedom...

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken Is #37)

Sociology 101: Renting vs. Owning

3/1/06 Toon -- special for PA voters

bush* & Bin-laden

As I sit here reading, listening to the owl outside the window

Victim's husband kills masked attacker - Dirty Harry lives

The problem with the Government's redo of their websites...


Washington Journal Time

Man tried to plant bombs and have Muslims blamed for them

Baghdad Morgues Under Pressure NOT to Investigate #s of Execution&Torture


So which is it, Mr. President?

Faux employees makes donations to Santorum

Study: One in 1,000 Know First Amendment

Carlos the Jackal Back in French Court

What is Halliburton doing with all the war profiteering money?

What someone should do to Fred Phelps

Abramoff pushed plan to drill for oil in Israel

Could this really be the end for little britches, hiddy ho waterboard boy,

The Bushman cometh-India awaits the visit with baited breath

* visits Afghanistan this morning and made a little speech....

Americans that were overseas and were spied upon were US Military

RFID "SpyChips" author on DemocracyNow! this morning

In Medicare Maze, Some Find They're Tangled in Two Drug Plans

Did Bush trade our ports for Bin Laden?

Iraq, Iran, and the Draft... Places or People

Negroponte on larger Shiite-Sunni Conflict....Sadly : Spot On

I see Bush is uniting another country together: India

Creator of Air America Radio RUNS FOR CONGRESS!

Matthews: "People don't like Bush" (video)

WJ - C-Span: Texas Redistricting and the Supreme Court

Bush looking Nixonian (pollkatz)

A Common Cause by Cindy Sheehan and Sam Bostaph

The I Hate Bush Fan Club (Google)

Roe: Which Is Worse, Death By A Thousand Cuts Or

VIDEO- Craig Ferguson and Bush Impersonator on Katrina

My Cabal News habits are changing...

Democrats who abandon the USA for foreign shores?

Robert Fisk is on Aussie TV right now and he says something's weird.

Bush in India: Steve Bell cartoon, excellent Arundhati Roy column

Very tired.

The hypocrisy and stupidity of our foreign policy:

So, bring Gonzales back to explain his lies and swear him in this time

If abortion is illegal, jury nullification should be used.

Did you hear Tweety last night,bemoaning the fact that maybe folks

Make them join al-Qaeda then bust them. Job security . . .

FUNNY: Hume criticizes Reid for terminology Fox used a dozen times! (video

Study: America more familiar with cartoon family than First Amendment


Mahatma Bush

Listen up! About NSA/Spying-Republicans have a CRAZY idea they're pushing

Heads up Stephanie Miller fans

Serious Question! I'm looking for a good progressive website...

Passing the hat for Libby: The Tucker Connection

delete - dupe

Did Osama bin Laden help to re-elect George W. Bush? (DU this POLL)

The welcoming committee greets Bush in India.

Amendment IX prevents the banning of gay marriage, doesnt it?

Bush to visit Islamabad, Pakistan ??

Happy Birthday Peace Corps.....


Arundhati Roy - No Welcome Mat For Bush In India

D’oh!! More Americans know Simpsons than Constitution

A third-grader's view of our 43 (42 actually) Presidents

Now I can undertand news stories asking for help finding a killer . . .

2006 Isla Vista Peace Festival on March 11th

U.S. estimates were off a bit. Looks like over 1,300 Iraqis died last week

Caption the Chimp! (photo)

VIDEO!! Russ Feingold Statement on Patriot Act vote.

"Is this what you really wanted?"

Anti-choicers are ridiculous

I'm watching C-Span and I'm listening to the kool-aid drinkers call in

Amendment XXIV makes voter ID cards illegal, doesn't it?

msnbc: "Bush's popularity falling"

Yesterday: Bush "Bin Laden Helped Me", Today: Bush "he will be caught"

We can kill people trying to overthrow Iraqi government but Saddam

About Burlesconi....

Time to Grow Up and Join the Democratic Party (A slogan idea?)

Bush: "We Will Find Osama Bin Laden and Bring Him to Justice" - BULLS**T!

Love American Style

new link provided with update on RS article

To everyone in foreign countries who protests when Bush comes to visit

Raw Story reporting: "House pulls Patriot Act from consideration"

The Guardian's Cartoon of the India visit...

Oh those Indian love Bush's Photo :)

Now you can buy a Dick Cheney action figure complete with shotgun

Dear President Bush,

Do you want the government telling you how to live your life?

Bush is such an ignorant embarrassment. Why doesn't he stay home?

Today's Fighting Dem: Hastert challenger John Laesch (IL-14)

The only way to lose this fight is to quit--and quitting isn't an option *

News fantasy land

Al Gore Speaks/ and a question...

Question about

bush Photo-Op FLOP! Not One Marine Smile............

How Important Is The Abortion Issue To You?

Serious Question: What is a "conservative democrat"?

Bumiller to remove lips from Bush's ass, place them on Condi's for a year

Don't want a sonogram? Stay out of Mississippi!

Bush says his presidency will be viewed as an "agent for peace"

Tens of Thousands Protest Bush India Visit

So, late last night I tuned in to CSPAN for "Live" remarks from...

A stewpot of corruption

Did anyone else notice Tweety sucking up to Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Boy George, Pickles & The Third Wheel In Kabul ---pix->>>

Presenting the (Ned) LamontBlog


Homeland Security -Budget hearing--Cheroff in hot seat, cspan now.

How much chaos can Americans stand? (3 Asia Times articles)


I saw a post earlier about Extreme Court ruling on protesters

Negroponte: "things are moving in a positive direction in Iraq overall."

Nancy Grace's "creation myth" of beau's murder contradicted by the record

OTM: WSJ reporter on covering Iraq (great read)

Is it just me or is Freeper infiltration up today?

House back on CSPAN1


The final Death Knell of a free press

Is there anywhere on the planet where Bush is welcome?

I think most people missed this picture yesterday>>>>It is great!!

A Third of U.S. Soldiers From Iraq War Seek Mental Health Care

Democratic Underground report just cited on INN news.

It will be mutton biryani for Bush .....

Al Green makes me sick-can he suck up to Sensenbrenner any more

VIDEO- McDermott on Health Care (Bush's Health Savings Acct)

Daily Dissent Closing Its Doors

George W. Bush's legacy!

Snake-charmers scout Mughal fort for cobras ahead of Bush visit

Can't Soros or another rich Dem just buy out Diebold?

That guy Cheney shot is reported to be back in ICU?????

DU this poll re: Disaster Preparedness

VIDEO- Stupak on the Ports -DEMS SPEAKING OUT

*:"You're equally American if you don't believe in an Almighty."

Coast Guard Asked For 5 Billion Got 46 Million

holy jeebus, anyone see the protestors in India on cnn?

Anyone listening to AAR? Who was that annoying memory expert?

Who is this boring guy on Air America now

Iraq: A Solution to Nothing-by Scott Ritter

Geico's Two Americas: white-collar and blue-collar

Health Care: I just turned 50, but when I was a kid, the dr. visited

WHEN and WHERE did bush say he "had no idea where OBL was"

anyone else totally enjoying Sam Seder subbing on the Franken show?

I just got home from Iraq....

Fox cherry-picks a poll, then doesn't stop there...

Wow! Marcy Kaptur just called out the Poppy & the Carlyle group

Reid - New Mexico (Red State) Daschle - South Dakota (Red State)

VIDEO- Carolyn Maloney on the Seaports (Hearing) Mar 1 06

VIDEO- Barney Frank on the Seaports Hearing Mar 1 06

Women say no to war

Anyone see CNN's Cover of the 100,000 protestors

Bush on the polls: "When you do hard things, it creates consternation."

CSPAN--TUNE IN! Dems giving press conference

The Unexpected Stop In Afghanistan - Why Bush Had To Surprise Karzai

George Bush's homage to Gandhi "trivial", say descendants >>>

Bring it On: Shiite Cleric handcuffed, blindfolded and shot in the head

Did anyone notice the MSNBC camera zoom yesterday?

Wow, 66%.

In 2000, when those Brownshirts "shut down" Palm Beach recount (pic)

Kerry calls for the creation of an independent IG to investigate ethics

Help! I need the pic of Katrina - Black looters/White finders...

As Christians await the Rapture

What are those numbers at the top-left corner of my browser?

Mohammed cartoons inflame U.S. campus

Take Your Mind off *'s Terrible Poll Numbers

Barney Frank just gave Lou Dobbs some great sound bites for tonight's show

Complete Update from Rawstory on Patriot Act -Sensenbrenner backs OUT!!!

NBC Spin: Zarqawi maybe behind mosque bombing, possibly against UBL orders

chimp wants to raise taxes (er, uh, government fees) by $47 billion.

have there been any ANTI-PORT guests on ANY tv news talk show?

First Amendment: The right to own a pet?


"...not unlike a demented energizer bunny..."

Senate is back on the floor. Voting on FISA notices


Bush: "On the hunt" for bin-Laden in Afghanistan

Do you automatically recommend a thread...?

Bush just dropped "...... the evil doers." line again on the news.

Will we have to build the "abortion underground train"

Save Your Vision Week, 2006: A Presidential Proclamation

What was with "The Sad Little Pony"

Trent Lott To Bush: "OK, Big Boy, I'll Just Vote To Override Your Veto"...

Which 2 Disney movies were named after *?

Mike Malloy filling in for Randi Rhodes for 3 days

Judge Won't Order Ports Investigation

Impeach Bush (By Garrison Keillor)

US Marines Have Blocked Access to Wonkette & Other Anti-BushSites In Iraq!

Caption Laura

Today's Onion on the Democrats in Congress

What happened in Clay County, FL, on Election Day, 2004

How much chaos can Americans stand?

Francis Fukuyama is on the advisory committee of the Libby Defense Trust!

The growing middle class of India has more people that the entire USA.

FYI: Hillary to be on Ed Schultz today--up after break

Zarqawi was against the September 11th attacks

Who's the real prez: "Mubarak warns Cheney to listen for once on Iran" ?

Conyers accused of ethics violations.

other * pics to caption

100,000 protestors gretted Shrub in New Deli!

Of the 130,000 troops serving in Iraq,

Jim McDermott just gave the best

Peter King says there was not only not a thorough investigation of UAE,

Heads up!! Dean's on CNN right now!! n/t

This may seem very dumb to everyone, but I have a question about torture.

"Free Muslims Coalition" It's pro-modernity, pro-equality, anti-violence.

Fox News: “Iraq Civil War: Made Up By The Media?”

The Death of the Internet.

Breaking News

Office of Antiboycott Compliance

Port management companies

VIDEO- Marci Kaptur on the UAE Ports Deal

A recent issue of Spiegel explains the view of many ...

Interesting end to AP story ~ Google advertising:

Is it common to refer to "terrorists" as folks?

Greatest. Headline. Ever.

Republicans in the House slamming the UAE ports deal-Duncan (TN)

It's not Big Brother, it's Soma !

A 'Telling' Question For Democrats

Anyone notice the Afghan President looks like chief priest in Stargate?

Is Rolling Stone a FAR LEFT magazine?

Now the stupid CNN poll of the day - Is US better prepared after Katrina

I'm Heartily Sick Of The War On Terror (a small rant)

Anyone got the debunking points on the Enron email that's going

Larry Flynt

VIDEO- Jim McDermott on the Iraq War - March 1 06

The End of Blogosphere?

More Americans Kidnapped along U.S.-Mexico Border than Iraq?

Rubber Stamp Republicans : Pass this site along!

Truthout: Details Emerge In Latest Plame Emails

A Republican reads a real letter from a constituent on the House floor.

If all the corruption was exposed, would any repuke be left standing?

"US leader crashed by trying to pedal,wave, and speak at the same time"

If It's Repugnant, The Despicable Pentagon Will Think It Up

Did DU just slow down big-time?

When the Enablng Act (PATRIOT) Passes, who will lead "Horst Wessel Lied"?

We've identified the problem

Trent Lott To Bush: “OK, Big Boy, I'll Just Vote To Override Your Veto”...

Want to know the problem with the abortion debate?

Anybody have a pic of the Empire State Bldg. lit up in Mardi Gras colors?

Should I put a NEW Kerry-Edwards sticker on my now-repaired bumper?

Matthews sounds as if he's gotten his marching orders and a good spanking

Bush's bravado in Afghanistan

The Real Reason for Nuking Iran

Homeless George looking for a handout (pic)

Does Citibank fund oppression of women? Headquarters in SOUTH DAKOTA

hannity is railing on the kool-aide drinking repukes

Best thing for dems: Port deal goes through?

It's the "Little" Things..

Bush told levies may break, four days later he says no one expected it

What does a trip to India cost the taxpayers?


CBS prioritizes: 1 m 39 sec for Iraq; 1 m 56 sec for Anna Nicole

DUers, will you join me in this Activist action right now?

Bush didn't ask a single question in Aug. 29 Katrina briefing

Caption this photo

VIDEO- Part of the Dem Press Conf on Ethics Today

can someone tell me what Russ Fiengold is doing on the Senate floor?

Buzzflash and I created "The Libby Defense Fund" parody site now online!

Why is our military so misinformed????

Tell us your fantasy of how this will all end

Was "Brownie" the fall guy? Sure looks like usual suspect at fault - W.

Bwahahaha! Tweety's showing the video of dimson, RE: Katrina!

States Lead Lobbying Reform (congress was all huff and no puff)

Will the AP KATRINA tapes be to Bush what June 23 tapes were for Nixon?

Which liberal blogs to recommend? Taking survey now --

Anyone hearing this story on CNN. Peter King

VIDEO -Tweety on the Bush Katrina Conference AP Tapes

So, what does "I take full responsiblity" mean?

O’NATURALS IS FRANCHISING! First ever Organic Fast Food Chain!

Dumbo: "I think the U.S. is better prepared than woefully unprepared."

Amereica no longer owns itself. Scary Statistics

A Letter From The Troops

Bush: "Prepared, but preoccupied"

VIDEO- Lou Dobbs on Bush Katrina AP Tapes

Are they psychotic, thieving tugs because

Hewlett-Packard to get $47 Million in Gateway patent settlement

So what's the deal about NO investigation prior to the ports deal?

GOP United In Covering For President, Just Not Sure How To Do It

New 'Office of Iranian Affairs' Outlined in State Dept. Cable

(TOON) Steve Bell on Bush's visit to India

Howard Dean to be on Situation Room at 7:00 tonight.

Hannity is on our side in the Dubai debacle.

Have you ever attended a Democratic National Convention...?

Lawmaker: Port deal never probed for terror ties

George Makes His Childhood Friends Call Him "Mr. President"

Dean up on Wolfe NOW! n/t

Caption hastert and dick

A tuft of Andrea Mitchell's bangs is stuck to the tip of her eyelash and

VIDEO- Corrine Brown on Port Security

Bolton at UN tries to push IAEA report aside that doesn't convict Iran

Watch your debit cards...more info has been stolen

South Dakota and Abortion

free music - "sorry everybody" volume 1 compilation cd is available

When Bush Lies............

Wolf will show levee video now on cnn.

It's GREAT ....I can finally watch Tee Vee Once Again! Dobbs/Matthews!

30something Dems time on CSPAN now

I am so excited about meeting Captain Hamad!

Dean: "The American people deserve a different kind of leadership"

So a Federal Judge who was appointed by Bush doesn't have to...

*conservation alert* - comment period open for Bush giveaway

Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North

RW taught us "Slime & Bigotry Works." Now we join to kick the DP Arabs.

So does anyone think georgie might apply for Indian citizenship?

O'Reilly: "[T]he homies" in New Orleans aren't "going to get the [reconstr

Jesus Land, Under Construction

The Utter Temptation of Being Always Right

Bush announces North Korea to handle US radioactive waste!

I'm so F&%#ing confused

The Democrat who tried to kill rock and roll

"Listen to my advice for once," Mubarak tells Cheney. Don't feed terror


Dean Calls Lieberman An Outlier! LOL

So now Bush says its important to capture Bin Laden. Anybody got the

Matthews: "People don't like the president"

REPOST: Climate 'makes oil profit vanish' (BBC)

Wow. "Only * could take a disaster of biblical proportions and make

Let's not make this fuzzy: Rep. Katherine Harris lied (Sarasota H. Trib)

Katrina tape - the final nail?

Why does US media call it New Delhi, and foreign press call it Delhi?

Modern liberals don’t care about low-income kids

1, 632 DAYS since 9/11 - BIN LADEN still FREE - Bush's 4+ YEAR old pledge

Bush has no trump cards left.

DOJ Sues New York State Over Voting Rights

Must see Berstein on BBC Hardtalk

How a bill becomes law....

Newsweek: Who Knew What?

Is Gee Du(m)b trying to get impeached?

Takebackthemedia mentioned in E&P for creation of Libby Defense Fund site

I am watching for Brian Williams coverage of this Katrina bombshell

Fox News: Iraq Civil War “Made Up By The Media?”

Kerry on the Katrina Revelations:"Where Exactly Does The Buck Stop in WH?"

Keith O. "Worst Person in the World"

Fox News: Iraq Civil War “Made Up By The Media?”

Fun Abortion Litmus Test

So, bu$h Gets Patriot Act Renewal & Port Deal, Even With His POlls In The

Does Bush WANT to destroy the world?

keith olberman NOW--'caught on tape" levee and Bush.

Fatal raid led to indictments, but all acquitted - Dec. 4, 1969

Bush's free falling poll numbers (graph)

The Al-Qaida threat has been overblown

A thought on the polling of soldiers who want to get out of Iraq

I nominate liveoaktx as DUer of the year!

See if you follow my crazy theory... (about new anti-abortion bill frenzy)

Vera Drake: Women's Health and Class

SUPPORT THE TROOPS (Poll: They want to come home)

I'm with Keith -- I think CBS' lawsuit against Howard Stern is crap

~ Comparing President Bush to OJ Simpson ~

Port Deal to Close Tomorrow......that's right

End social domination

Clooney on Baba Wawa NOW!

Maybe Brownie did do a "heckofa job"

You've gotta give it to Dean...he has 5 Minutes with Interruptions with

West Wing Alumni coming back for final episodes!!

Presidential Visits to India: Then and Now

Good grief..can't Bush say ANYTHING without stammering and stuttering??

Bush to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi during India visit:

Did anyone else hear the call to Ed Schultz today about the connection

How exactly did AP obtain the video of Bush being warned of Katrina?

Why the touchy-feely PR on Condi?

Tweety's affect is peculiar by any standard

New Catholic town may keep birth control out - Jews too I wonder?

We are blue. They are red. It has not always been that way.

Call him Mr. President

Bush is in India now, What parts of Ameica will he give away?

is it just that we are democrats or is it that the democrats in congress

If there is a terrorist attack in the US because of the ports deal, can...

2,290 Funerals Held- George W. Bush Attended Exactly ZERO

China's secret execution rate revealed

Imagine It Now."No One Could Have Imagined That UAE Port Security Would

Anderson Cooper reporting what an asshole Bush is

A prediction before I check Free Republic about the Katrina tape

Bush warantless wiretaps conversations between lawyers and client...

Is there a DP/UAE - USS Cole bombing link?

Bush* pisses on miners graves.He has eased fines for safety flaws.


How Santorum got $8.5M for his charity's biggest donor

Protest This Month: MediaChannel/UFPJ Call For National Media Action !!!

Democrats Vow Not to Give Up Hopelessness

USA PATRIOT - Feingold reads constitution on Senate floor

Happy Birthday Harry Belafonte

And now, for a word from Bush's "base"

Russ Feingold is the leader of the Democratic Party!

Lawmakers still angered, but resigned to Bush victory on Ports

A picture is worth a thousand words - check out this photo

Bush could eat babies on live TV and his supporters wouldn't care

DHS said Katrina tape was given to Congress "months ago"

Bob Ney is handing out golf tees!

Raw Story doesn't mention my creation of whole website, ridiculous

Boondocks to go on a 6-month hiatus

OK, I admit it - I'm a little bit in love with Russ Feingold.

NYT:The Dubai Ports Deal

Tin foil hat moment... Dubai promised Bush OBL for easy access

Lou Dobbs tonight said he is not a Democrat or a liberal.

check out the front page above the fold in the Arizona Republic

Why is it that most state populations fighting to ban abortions are the

So Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush are sitting around...

Bad Santa playing in the background... Bush makes him look good.

N.Orleans mayor "shocked" by pre-Katrina Bush video

Get Your... Free... Politcal Song,... Right (er, I mean ) Left Here !!!

Most Hated Man in the World: Zogby Poll

Congressman Conyers:Patriot Act Passes Senate and Bush Flees 34% Approval

When the storm came rushing in by Stephan Smith

Bush in Afghanistan. Have they caught Bin Laden?

Just wanted to share my classroom experience this evening.

Researching WHO wiretapped MLK. Was it RFK, Hoover or Clinton?

Flawed protection: Armored vehicle

Bush "fell off bike while waving" according to new police documents...

I started out laughing at Lou Dobbs show but I'm a little depressed now

I think Brownie timed the release to coincide with Mardi Gras

dupe - delete

Bill O'Reilly at 26 .... warning clicking on the enclosed link could be...

Writers slam Islamic 'totalitarianism'

Question: Why is the conflict between Iraqis called Sectarian rather than

Has the tide turned? Or... is the media FINALLY reporting

Something old, something new

Young Bill. (O'Lielly) For those with a strong Stomach. (dial up warning

DHS saying Congress had transcripts (not video) 'months ago"

Japanese automakers sweep U.S. rivals

Oh Lord - Bolton is encouraging countries to pull out of non-proliferation

Letterman: Condi rice is on tv doing her workout. The Republican workout

Nothing funnier than freepers talking about who gets to go to heaven

House GOP could see 10-15 more retirements (Great News for Dems)

DU this UAE port poll in this RED region paper!

"These people wouldn't know an ethics issue if it shot them in the face"

TALKERS magazine Top 250 out (including the "Heavy Hundred")

Saddam Responsible For 150 Deaths

Carlson just said it was Brownie gave the tape info to AP

The averagepay for coastguard reserves?

Berwick PA Nuclear Plant? anyone know?

Rephrase: Why is it those that oppose abortion are arguments to encourage

Looks like Lou Dobbs is gonna trash the Clinton Admin for selling out

My column about the "five freedoms" story


Activist Killed, Woman Arrested for DUI after Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash

Arianna Huffington is the guest on The Colbert Report tonight!!!!!

Are you excited about our new health plan, Medical Saving Accounts?


India has 70 "top" doctors on call for *'s visit...

Are You Open To/Do You Plan To... Openly Protest This Government In 2006 ?

Freeper Wants To Stone Adulterers To Death

New town to be squeaky clean: no porn and no birth control --AP

Has the lying sexist pig Nancy Grace addressed the story on her show?

A must-read column by Thom Hartmann

<<< AP Has Tapes of Bush's Pre-Katrina Video-Conference >>>

Is the government spying on you? Find out!

Indians chant "death to Bush" during der Fuhrers visit to India

Andy, Opie, Gomer talking about Don Knotts on CNN right now ....

If shrub is impeached, there's no one better down the line!

Fresh Face Presidential Poll '08

Women say no to war

If only 9/11 hadn't happened...

Need answer quick!!!!!!

Bush pressured King family to disinvite Belafonte

Pics: Flipflop Frist Flips on Ports Deal

Support (Dem) Iraq war veterans running for Congress: I gave $90

The Most Dangerous Days

Dear Congress, you made a Promise when you took office

Need A Ho to go? ***** Take a walk on the weird side!

3rd Grade Politics: "Ahhhh! I Hate Bush"! Reply: "He Brought Us Freedom"!

So I'm sitting there, watching the coverage of the Katrina disaster....

So, did Bush visit with Osama bin Laden while in Afghanistan and/or

Any idea why the GPO only sells this at the physical store?

Lou Dobbs Poll: Make foreign gov't ownership of US infrastrucure illegal?

A little tin foil

I am the smartest person in the US (and maybe so are you)


wow-"So you'd like to... " Impeach King George !!! "which DUer did this?

Bush is confident.

Keith is so sweet!

Let's Revisit the PNAC "Statement of Principals" - June 3, 1997...

Attention Marc Maron fans... call to action..

Time to play..... Is the CHIMP DRUNK or just DUMB?!?! Take a look-->

The Vice-President Shot a Guy in the Face and Nobody Even Cares

Woman has kids taken away , case worker was having affair w/her Xhusband

Life Finds a Way- Colors of Mardi Gras (Pics)

There is a War in Iraq- Words, Stories, Pictures- No More War

James Dobson gets a thank you letter....from Supreme Court Justice Alito

"Where do we get such men?"

SMOKING GUN: ThinkProgress reporting Al Queda infiltrated UAE in 2002

DAMNING Bush/Katrina Video LINK HERE------------------->

Bush and UAE: partners in the drug trade

Why do Republicans hate women?

The Kennedys. MLK. Wellstone.

Put real security above corruption - MoveOn ACTION on PORTS DEAL - DU IT!

Do we have only 4 brave souls in the Senate?

For my money, Glenn Greenwald is the best blogger out there right now.

From: Cindy Sheehan; Please help get this info out there!

I'm doing a research paper on Watergate and need info

Colbert Report is a DO NOT MISS tonight!!!!

So if I'm correct - EC is just a high concentrate of Birth Control Pills

Eavesdropping May Go Beyond NSA

Bush lied to us about Katrina and the video proves it!

ever since a DUer compared Rita Cosby to a Blow-up doll

"The Great American Eagle Tragedy" - Earth Opera is now SO RELEVANT!

9/11: No one could have imagined/Katrina:I don't think anybody anticipated

What is Keith Olbermann smoking ?

Church of the Subgenius - a threat to children?

Bernie Sanders - UAE ties with OBL

VIDEO- Cynthia McKinney on Halliburton vs Katrina spending

Bye bye, "Boondocks"

Remember the first time you saw The O'Reilly Factor?


Other than potato chips, what is still made in America?

VIDEO- Dobbs/Bernie Sanders Slams Reps of Ports Companies about UAE

Something to remember. They are representatives, not "leaders".

Air America Phoenix is no more ! Nation's fifth largest city is without

Keep an Eye on Pennsylvania - The Feds are trying to Ban Paper Ballots..

Got brutally rejected from Jury Duty today

Timing of video - Mardi Gras - INTERESTING.

Keith Olbermann: Nancy Grace the worst person in the world!

Let's hear it for HissySpit!

Why. Do. You. People. Watch. These. Television. Assheads??!!

What if Brownie alerted AP to the existence if the tapes?

If you were face to face with Bush would you call him "Mr. President"?

This might be a great letter to print and give out to our own officials. >

So....who leaked the Bush Video to Matthews? The one about Katrina

"Who cares, a flooded NO is a good thing."

A couple of Republicans in the making? (WARNING: this is heartbreaking)

Sun Aug-28-05 10:49 PM OMG, I've never read a Hurricane Advisory like this

40 Days In 40 Ways: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina

So what do we [Americans] do better than any one else???

Gorbachev, almost 75, sounds off on U.S

Carnival of the Liberals #7: The Video Edition!

My Boss is a Goddamn Rightard

Nationalizing 2006: Bush as Nero

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World- Nancy Grace

World News Trust Is Offering Free Blogads

Vote Up NORML video at Current TV

Boy, 12, Sticks Gum on $1.5M Painting


Jack Cafferty just read my email on the air! Was anyone watching?

My conversation with a freeper today:

What George Did After Getting Briefed on Katrina ---PIX--->>>

Let's talk about the 2006 Primary Campaigns here on Democratic Underground

SF Supervisors Vote To Impeach Bush

Abortion: Always Make Them Think It Through

If we could mobilize protest like in India, we could disassemble DC.

Fighting Democrats (Posted At Kos) By John Kerry

Wow! Repugs Eat their OWN.......have you seen a Democrat on Cable

So what are we going to do about stupidity in America?

The Scooter Libby Defense Fund web site - from DU's own Symbolman??!

If Abortion is overturned

People are finally ready to listen. But are we ready to say something?

Distressed at the irreverent slang used to describe Muslims on DU

Basically, they’re scared….

TOONS: On the waterfront edition

DUers...have we been neo-CONNED??? (commondreams)

"The Guy James Show" returns on March 20th---New schedule!!

Condoleezza Rice Grants Visa To Hardcore Taliban Supporter to Attend Yale

Iraqi Women Make Rare Trip to the US for International Women's Day


AK Steel locks out union workers (nearly 3000 workers involved)

Talkin 'bout Jim

MSNBC: "GOP Revolt...unease spreads to security issues"

Is Lincoln Chafee toast?

RawStory: Fair and slanted: Fox executives funnel cash to Santorum, GOP

Aide left (Katherine) Harris to work for MZM

Shipping ports? Corruption? Cheney's got a gun? LOOK! BIN LADEN!

Buzzflash and I created "The Libby Defense Fund" parody site now online!

OK, DUers, what's the RW spin on W's disastrous India trip?

"Things looking better and better for the Dems in 06"

MAthews on Today-~"15 years ago the Republican experts warned us.."

The costs of war - when is enough enough?

Scooter Libby's Memory-Loss Expert (MSNBC)

Noe sues to disqualify judges from criminal case (despises Dems)

Negroponte: "Implications for the Middle East and, indeed, the world"

"The US is not cut and run" WTF does that mean?

Gary Hart on CBC (Canada) Radio

Republicans are FOR incompetence. Democrats are against it.

On Imus Wednesday Morning....

Impeachment Talk

CQ: House: Dems Get an Early Start on 'Red to Blue' Initiative

The House's Catholic Democrats Detail Role Religion Plays

Some claim it’s taking forever to wake up Middle America…….

Now I've heard everything: Andrea Mitchell

Something that deeply worries me (or am I just paranoid?)

Rep. Meehan (D-MA) to hold town hall meeting on domestic spying

New word: Profiteth - when discussing disgusting corporate behaviour

$3,624,535.32 = Why we need campaign finance reform.

Why isn't there more of a clamor for Public Campaign Financing?

Iraq pushes Bush support to all time low

CNN: Bush buoyant despite poll gloom...says he has ample CAPITAL! Bwahaha!

"These people wouldn't know an ethics issue if ..."

I can be a better president.....

Ok What the Heck is Going On In Congress on UN-Patriot Act Today?

List those who have publicly called for Bush's impeachment here

Common Cause Prez on C-Span3 NOW -

Question for Freepers: Is Oh-So-Brave-Bush going to visit Iraq next???

Crossing party lines makes targets of some incumbents

New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller to write Condi bio

Congress to Dept. Homeland Security: Get back to Political Pimping

Did Smirk ever hear of the inevitable Civil War in Iraq?

Mississippi DUrs will someone fill the MS-01, MS-03 holes? Deadline today!

Markos from Daily Kos coming up on Air America

Bush: "If I worried about polls, I wouldn't be doing my job,"

Your president sucks and you're a dumbass for voting for him!!!!

US Fatalities drop for the fifth month in a row

How will the Supreme Court rule on the redistricting in Texas ?

Gregg Takes Lead In Attacking Bush's Homeland Security Budget

"Civil liberties do not mean much when you are dead,"

Federal Judge Nixes N.J. Lawsuit Against Ports Deal

CT House repug minority leader won't seek re-election

Bumiller of NYT Writing Condi Bio, Will Take Leave

Mississippi about to ban abortion

Jeb Bush trying to sell part of Ocala National Forest for education.

U.S. Senate Approves Changes in Patriot Act Extension

ILWU Longshoreman testimony to Senate (port security)

Another future "Republican"...

Comic: Flip Flop Frist Flips on Ports Deal

8 months to the 06 elections. What about the voting machines?

Much respect to Senator Feingold!

Why is Novakula in such a big hurry?


OMFG! Videotapes of Chimpy pre-Katrina getting warnings...

Bush Lied When Saying No One Anticipated Levees Breach

Lou Dobbs Poll on port security...

AP Photo: Bush and some heavily sedated woman holding flowers in India

Karzai: Bush is a "great friend, supporter, a man who helped us liberate"

Byrd, Feingold, Harkin, Jeffords: The 4 Patriot Act "nay" votes

At 95, Mr. Smith trying to get to Washington

Well I've done it. I'm on the ballot for committeeman.

Is this crap true?!!

Hotline: Coffee Talk With Ken (Mehlman) And Howard (Dean).

DeLay fights for his political life in Texas

Crooks & Liars: Vid Clip of the Bush Katrina Early Warning Video

GOPer Dick Morris sees Hillary winning '08

Looks like Delay's re-map of Texas may hold. SCOTUS influence

Only Muslims and Communists protesting Bush in India???

Video Footage Shows Bush, Chertoff Were Warned of Katrina's Potential Imp

My letter to the DNC

Anyone else find the name "Dubai Ports World" kind of

Bush video handed out to media the day it was shot. And the lazy or

'Misspoke' .... ? 'MISSPOKE'???????

Question for DU women under age 40

Tucker Carlson's daddy on Scooter defense fund advisory committee

NEED A LITTLE HELP Bush poll numbers

Koh (Dean Yale Law School): Spy programs are illegal

Congress Bill Takes Rights To Know What's In Your Food

Kate O'Bieren is on Tweety, she looks worried and weary

"You old commander in chief decided to stop by for a visit."

Dean : "Letting go of central control"gives activists "real power".

Time for a boycott? Port deal

now DU this msnbc poll re: Katrina

Okay. I not buying that the media never viewed the Bush tape until now

Scenes in India, then and now

Alito has sent a THANK YOU NOTE to James Dobson..(!).

Flaming Nostrils of Justice gets hers! Hahahahahahahahahaha

Is Russ Feingold filibustering? He is on C-Span2 reading....

The West Leans Left (The Nation Takes Notice Of Schweitzer)

Poor Scooter Libby needs your money for his defense

Fourth Indictment Expected In (NH) Phone-Jamming Case

OK, Bill Moyers...How would YOU suggest we inform Bush he's NOT our King?

Ever notice those Pubs never talk/think/implement GOOD PROJECTS?

Lieberman: Our Troops Must Stay

Gonzales may be conceding NSA surveillance is beyond Bush's acknowledgment

I dont usually do these - but Caption this - its NOT photoshopped

Wireside with Mary Matalin

I'm Pissed - What Will It Take???

Even With The Knowledge That * Knew About The Potential Of....

DU THIS POLL!! MSNBC Academy Awards/Political Poll

Has anyone here ever served as a poll worker?

Bush to MegaNarcoState: "You are inspiring others!"

American fatalities resulting from...

Wednesday's cartoon - Mostly True Newspaper!

I experienced a bit of cognitive dissonance while driving .......

Hoover's Southern Strategy in 1928

From PFAW: Want to know if the government is spying on you?

Can Bush now formally be charged with some form of homicide?

France-- see, I told you so!

I'm going to hear John Bolton speak in a few hours

If Cheney retires after '06, who would Bush choose to replace him?

Brown looks like a scape goat to me after that tape.

Cases For Impeachment?...Or Trial For Treason?

Sheriff faces federal charges for seizing ice trucks after Katrina

U.S. Reviewing 2nd Dubai Firm (components for military aircraft)

Portgate Talking Point: If you are for Dubai World deal, then you are...

What denotes a Civil War?

Report Blames Flu on Industrial Poultry Farms Not Backyard Birds

One thing that really upsets me about Lieberman ....

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally organizers are watching the S.D. abortion bill...

MediaBusters "exposes" Junior's 34% (claim: 409 Dems, 272 Repubs polled)

"Election 2006: Do you know how your vote will be counted?" Great article!

Libby Legal Defense Trust- Committee Members- WOW!

Stop freaking about Kerry endorsing Duckworth

Feingold reads the consitution on the Senate floor

John Kerry on the New Katrina Revelations and Video

Two Million for Roe: Join the Roe Call Now

Congress to pass law not letting us know what is in food - really

Shays Spills GOP Secret: Party's plan to endorse Lieberman

Need talking points from DUers educated on electronic voting

Duckworth supporters JOHN KERRY is on board. . .

A simple yet powerful action: OPERATION EMPTY CHAIR, MARCH 19, 2006

"Tens of thousands of Indians waving flags, chanting Death to Bush"

Letter from publisher of Lone Star Iconoclast - They need our help!

Bush's 8/6 Mentality -- from terrorism to hurricanes

All of the people, who say that Senator Lieberman ISN'T a Democrat

Time to Grow Up and Join the Democratic Party (A slogan idea?) (A theme?)