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Archives: February 23, 2006

PINR: "Economic Brief: U.S. Ports Deal, Italian Banking Sector"

Reid: Bush trying to hurt programs that help people:HLS chief resig sought

Big Problem, Dubai Deal or Not -looks at what this deal has put up front

Sects and Violence (WH has refused to recognize the centries old conflic

What Was and Never Shall Be

Attack deepens Iraq's divide ... Excellent article

Molly Ivins: It's the Corporation, Stupid (on UAE ports deal)

USA Today-- Great rant on No Child Left Behind

Dubai and The Bush Dynasty Deal with the Devil

The Houses of Bush, Sabah, and Maktoum

Britain - Shamed by appalling human rights abuses

The Memo

Dick Cheney: West's 'Most Terrifying and Repulsive' Politician

Arizona Republic: Voters deserve a mulligan (AZ's Republican Treasurer)

The bloody day: shrine bombing aftermath

Sarah Vowell, "Pessimism Deficit"

Former congressmen press changes in presidential elections

Juan Cole blogs on Iraq sectarian flare up

A Failure of the Press

Wolf talking of Senate Port briefing cnn

Juan Gonzales (NY Daily News): Big Oil fan after little man

Urgent: Big Oil vs. Wind Energy

U.S. Ports

A War of Words:'Declare' vs. 'Make' and Its Allies(option of following law

Companies Given Free Ride on Pollution Violations with Voluntary EPA Prog.

Iran & China aim to sign Multibillion deal/Yadavaran oil field

Was a terrorist among us? (Independent Collegian, Toledo)

Mysteries of Venezuela Revealed

Weighing the Potential Backlash (Independent Collegian, Toledo)

Less (and More) Than It Seems- WTO vs. Europe

NYT MoDo: GOP to Bush: You're nuts!

Dick Morris: Look out, here comes Al (The Hill)

Gaffney as Paul Revere!?! It gets curiouser & curiouser...

Bush did-not-know strategy on ports puzzles some

Just Testing: Is the U.S. Government making anthrax bombs in Utah?

Hunger is becoming more chronic

RUMSFELD OP-ED: Arab press immature, more propaganda organs needed

Reid held up TVA brd appts because all 6 were Repubs!!

Great Ed. by Bob Shrum Re: Ports Deal, how really weird it has become...

George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism "the spirit of antichrist"

In Defense of Free Thought

Lou Dobbs/Vid/Bush Family Ties to UAE

9/11 And The Sport of God (Bill Moyers)

The Guardian : On the road to the Rubicon

BuzzFlash Reader Contribution--You Know You Are Still A Republican If...

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Bush Critics You Should Trust

Average weekly earnings fell by 0.4% last yr after deflation by the CPI-W

Onatrio Confronting Mass Extinctions, Minimal Protection - Star

Awwww!! NASA PR Hack George Deutsch Steps Down

Resounding Yawns As Norton Pimps Bush Renewable "Plan"

Enviros ought to yank Joe Lieberman's endorsements, too

Red Tides, Domoic Acid, Coral Diseases - Human Pressure Crushing Sea Life

Greenland Will Limit Subsistence Polar Bear Hunting - ENN

EU Rejects UK Plan To Raise Carbon Emissions Through Trading Plan

Greenland's greenhouse

No Deepwater Sharks In Survey - No Backup For Collapsing Populations

Melting Yukon Icefield Reveals Canada's Oldest Footwear - AFP

Company proposes bigger LNG terminal for Maine

A cartoon

An analysis of Salton Sea algal biodiesel and/or methane.

Californians Set to Battle over Energy Tax Plan

Gas Pipeline from Alaska Won't Eliminate Long-Term Supply Challenge

Today they announced the earliest-ever fire restrictions for AZ.

Chimp's Own Lead Energy Analyst Says Bush ME Oil Goals Impossible - WP

Wind & hydro together.

Carlyle (Group) eyes renewable energy, predicts IPOs

"My Name Is Randy, And I'm Addicted To Oil."

Honda To Roll Out Low-Cost Hybrid Car In 2007-08 - Reuters

Hamas and Us, The New Republic (Post date:2/23/06, edition 3/3/06)

Not a flame - but why should the Arab world recognize Israel?

Israeli Army Murders Eight West Bank Palestinians

An open apology to Steven Spielberg

Israeli Army Kills Top Militant

Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons

Intel gets green light for 605 million dollars chip plant in Vietnam

Intel to open technology centre in Gaza

Dr. David Ray Griffin on Air America

Manipulation of Pictures and Videos of the Second Hit

What about this shit?

"You want the truth ? You cant handle the Truth!"

Why there were bombs planted at the WTC towers--

A Coverup Under Two Presidents: The Unsolved Mystery of Oklahoma City

Friends at DU I need your help - re 9/11 MIHOP or LIHOP

Why there were NO BOMBS planted at the WTC.

Not Even Bombs Can Do This-Logic And Reason Shall Prevail

No Fires At Impact Zone (from No Bombs thread)

Why there were NO BOMBS planted at the WTC. (Second Revision)

John Doe II's amazing encyclopedia of the hijackers and their doubles

Improved method of voting

How many states beside Oregon are voter intent states by law?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 2/23/06

Electoral Reform Press Conference Today

Watchdog Group Questions 2004 Fla. Vote (+)

Nov. 2, 2004: Wiretapped?

We can't see as votes get counted in a black box

CA: Bowen Cites Illegalities of Diebold Certification & Calls for Reversal

We Need Help in Confirming Election Fraud in Cleveland 2004

Why renew Voting Rights Act? Ala. town provides answer

Daily Thread Editors Threaten to Strike - Cite Low Recommendations

Have countie$ con$idered the total long term co$t$ of e-voting?

From The National Journal - Congressional race rankings

Fallon to push for universal health care - DMR

We need to compile a list of the awful stuff

Heads up, Iowa Clarkies...

Is anyone running against Tom Latham (4th dist.)?

DELEGATES - refuse to sign any document to expand the candidate pool!

Sarah Janacek supports feminism!

Michele Bachmann: armed and dangerous

Were not going to win in Texas in '06 aren't we?

Is Hector De Pena really a Republican?

Richard Morrison is mad as hell...

Republican running campaign ads on local AAR

Risotto add-in suggestions...

Pot roast in the oven for tonight

Eggs; when scrambling, making a fritatta, etc., do you

Y'ever try this ..... ?

My probe thermometer has gone bonkers.

What's your favorite comfort food (either to cook or to eat)?

Canada's military priorities: more troops, closer relations with U.S.

Harper nominates Rothstein as SCC justice

Memos Detail 74 CIA Landings in Canada

NATO General: Foreign Troops To Remain in Afghanistan For “Years and Years

WMTV: Senator Kohl Against US Port Deal

Bush urges India to complete nuclear deal

Crunch time for Serbia in hunt for Mladic

AP: Northwest lawmakers attack ports deal

Iraq erupts in violence after shrine bombing

Iran accepts the challenge and prepares for possible attack

Today and tomorrow and the next day Cindy Sheehan is being beaten up by F

Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Hits Mozambique

Probe Sought in German Role in Iraq War (helping US/CIA?)

U.S funding of opposition is psyops to undermine Iran’s nuclear diplomacy

New Information Emerges About Terrorism Suspects

Marines arrested in military gear thefts from Camp Pendleton

Hunger is becoming more chronic

THE ENRON TRIAL: Unruffled, ex-exec says she followed company lin

Israel fears harm to ties with Jordan due to comments by IDF commander

Deal on ports approved without Bush's knowledge

Agent Orange Lawsuit Brought to U.N.

Ecuador Oil Workers Escape Pumping Station

Five states silent on CIA flights

Man Says A-L-L-A-H in Name Blocked E-Mail

Convictions for Diana paparazzi

Iran blames US, Israel for shrine blast

Marcos wealth may now be worth US$100B

Teen Arrested After Posting

The Times Herald: Weldon aims to sink port deal

US Supreme Court backs hallucinogenic tea

Nevada delegation united in opposition (ports)

Documents Reveal White House Deal on Ports

Iraq struggles to contain sectarian violence

Attack deepens Iraq's divide

38 Dead in Moscow Roof Collapse

Iraq vet accused of stabbing wife 71 times

CNN News Alert, UAE Ports Deal

WaPo: White House Issues Its Own Katrina Report

Three Iraqi Journalists Found Killed

47 workers killed at checkpoint near Baghdad

Artist tells of work on state time for Republican candidates

Reuters: Baghdad toll at 53 as sectarian attacks go on

Dozens of bodies discovered in Baghdad

Al Arabiya says 3 TV crew members killed in Iraq

Company develops shocking shotgun shell

Bush urges calm amid sectarian violence in Iraq

Lawyers say security worries impaired Libby's memory

Former Bush advisor defends White House spying powers (AFP)

Boston Globe: Abramoff ties to Russians probed

Iraq forces on alert as killings mount

Rice Makes Surprise Visit to Lebanon

Treasury-led committee cleared Dubai ports deal

U.S. Chamber endorses DeLay

Abramoff ties to Russians probed

Sadr orders militia to protect Iraqi Sunni mosques

Cheney Witness Accounts Statements differ on whether alcohol was consumed

A Coverup Under Two Presidents: The Unsolved Mystery of Oklahoma City

Rice met with Arab refusal to isolate Hamas

Arab Company, White House Had Secret Deal

China Claims 400M Mobile Phone Users

Venezuela Oil Offer Puts Heat On Rell (Cheap heating oil from Chavez)

Intel gets green light for 605 mln dlrs chip plant in Vietnam

Sheehan to protest at U.S. posts in Germany in March

China sending official to Iran for nuclear talks

Iraq Vet Accused of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

Rice to soothe ports row on UAE visit

'Big Brother' watching e-mail, computer data: US report

Roadside bomb kills four U.S. soldiers in Iraq

(Democratic) Senators Voice Concern Over Ports Deal

World science body slams tougher U.S. visa rules

Iraq coverage is 'catastrophe' for reporters, says media federation

Bush: "No need to worry about port security " (CNN)

Shooting at Roseburg High School injures one

Port Authority: We're suing to stop sale to Dubai firm

Bill would bar doctors from asking about guns

Roadside bomb kills three U.S. soldiers in Iraq (total to 7 for Wed)

Watchdog Group Questions 2004 Fla. Vote

Affidavits Detail Cheney Hunter Shooting

Baghdad curfew to stem violence

Bush 'willing to accept' delay in Dubai deal

Treasury's Snow says staff handled Dubai ports deal

Bush officials brief lawmakers on Dubai port deal (only 1 Repug came)

Bodies burnt in open after Nigeria riots kill 138

Poll Shows Growing Concern Over Threat From Terrorists

Guantanamo must close, says US ally Berlusconi

CNN: Arab TV journalists killed in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 23 February

Santorum Defends Use Of Exclusive Mortgage Lender, Donor

Bush says Dubai ports deal not a security threat

To Combat Hunger More in US Turn to Soup Kitchens (25Million)

Over 120 shot dead in Iraq sectarian bloodshed (AFP)

Hope dwindling for miners trapped in Mexico

Debt, lower wages clip net worth growth

Mentally ill facing snarls in (Medicare) Rx plan

Another School Shooting in Rural Oregon

US threats over rights body

Reid calls for congressional probe of domestic spying by Bush administrati

Myrick blasts ports deal; Dole 'concerned'

Libby's Lawyers: Fitzgerald not properly appointed

Food Bank Network Served Over 25M in '05

Germany admits its spies helped US in Iraq War

Delay Possible on Ports; Dems (Reid) Want Probe

Ally in ports deal is valued by U.S. military

Milan CIA prosecutor aims to end probe in March

Iraq Vet Accused of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

UAE Company *AGREES* to Delay Ports Takeover (AP)

(Harman) Dem: Wiretap inquiry a ruse to aid (Heather) Wilson (re-election)

US marines probe tensions among Iran’s ethnic minorities ("early stages"?)

Contractor to Plead Guilty in Bribe Scheme

(al Qaeda) Iraq militants blame govt, Iran for shrine attack

BBC News: White House admits Katrina flaws (WH report)

Kerry: Democrats relevant on war

Senator questions FDA-approved blood study

Blair faces torrent of criticism on human rights

Federal government agrees to stop funding abstinence-only program

Mo. funeral-protest bill sent to governor

US military denies Iraq on brink of civil war

Taoiseach (Irish PM) demands Camp X-ray closure

AP Pentagon Told to Release Gitmo Transcripts

Civilian contractors: Invisible casualties of Iraq

Violence Strains U.S. Strategy and Imperils Pullout Plans

CNN: Two arrested in huge England heist

UAE gave $1 million to Bush library

Memos Detail 74 CIA Landings in Canada

Foes and even friends in Mideast say 'America is to blame'

Scientists Promote Benefits of Black Magic Soil (Global Warming)

White House sits out Iran nuclear talks

Iraq kickbacks 'known' to US, UK(P&O statement)

U.S. residents unhappy with world status

Poll: Clinton to run in 2008, but won't win

Port Authority: We're suing to stop sale to Dubai firm

USA Today: Sept. 11 report ties bin Laden to UAE

Ohio House Candidate(Democrat) Fails to Qualify

Pentagon: Ports uproar may pose security risk

DOD secretly continued intel program (TIA "data mining" program)

Wal-Mart to Offer Improved Health Benefits

AFP-Documents show FBI questioned Guantanamo interrogation tactics-ACLU

Kaptur Wants Investigation of Possible Conflict of Interest in Ports Deal

Republicans Rally to Support (Tom) DeLay

Dubai wants IT business as well as U.S. ports

Average American Family Income Declines

Judge releases Prince Charles’s diaries

UAE Company Agrees to Delay Ports Takeover

New Orleans' Uninsured Get Primitive Care

BBC News: Costa Rica completes vote recount (still no official winner)

Arroyo orders emergency rule in Philippines

Libby's lawyers want charges dismissed

iTunes: One billion songs sold

Iran least popular country in U.S.

Mexico leftist holds lead in new presidential poll

CNN: Sunni party quits Iraq government talks after mosque bombing

UAE Gave $100 Million for Katrina Relief

Shoot to hurt, pol urges cops (Shoot to Wound - NY State)

Village Voice: [UAE] Ports: All 'Bout a Dealer Named Bout

Bush insists outsourcing to India has its benefits

Israel claims al Qaeda plans mega-attack

One of those "It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

You want to see mastication?

Mucilage. What's it good for?

Anyone here download the billionth song from iTunes?

Let's see who remembers him...

Awww... Kitty!

What's the name of the male DUer with the nice ass?

Makes Facts Based on Decisions

Nice ass...


16 year old son thinks Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" is better than NIN

Which decade was better for music? The 1420's or the 1980'?

I'm ranting in GD ........... Press scum.

Question of the Night : Will Crazy Guggenheim ever run out of popcorn ?

Basic DU Posting Question #2 -- Smilies

It's a quiet thread.

Porn Free Google Image Words

Grumble grumble grumble

Excuse me, I have to go scream for a while now

I got to do some work for my Dad.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out friday.

This Music Video will cure ANYTHING that ails you

AMerican Idol -->Maxim--> Fear Factor SYNERGY!!

Willy (Hog) Hangs Out With Nicole (Antelope) At Zoo (PIC)

Late Night Lyrics

Awwwww --hog and bongo are bestest friends

Nothing says "SPRINGTIME" like protesting in NYC in April

Just goes to show ya- there's a market for EVERYTHING (pic)

I have to write 12, count 'em, 12 essays today

Finally - new rotation for Wolfgang's Vault and what a list of great songs

Funny cat pic site.

Politically correct (humor)

Back in high school, did you ever know someone who

Stop Cuts for Tigers, Rhinos, etc.

Grrrrr....Irritation...Be a good mom, MrsGrumpy.

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Anyone feel like gloating about Bush's port debacle? Here is your chance.

O'Jays, Bee Gees, or B.J. Thomas?

So, I'm watching some old guy raid my recycle bin

Protest signs

Where have all the cowgirls gone?

Dan Savage: the sex act formerly known as the "pearl necklace"

"You must choose". For Err.


Paging Ass-Kicked-Bob


Quick car question

Thank goodness we don't have THIS commercial in the US

Forrest sings the praises of Elvis movies

Too funny.... new T-shirt (but I don't know where to buy it)


Did You Know That There's A Guy Named "Hugh Moran"...

Last Chance Black History Thread #7 (Reminder of a REAL administration)

"Bye Bye Birdie" is on TCM now

my new version of "Scarborough Faire"

Interesting photos of the start of an atomic blast.

Where is a nice golf course in the Scottsdale/Phoneix area?

What Would Make You More Self-Conscious?

List the rock concert ticket stubs you still have.

Don't take those you love for granted

***CAPTION*** Bush getting oral favors!

I bought running shoes on credit while investing in pasta - Colbert

Rant: the failure of birders to report sightings in a timely manner

I'm Confuzzeled?

Hey - can somebody get me a picture of the cover of the WP Pedophilia

Hunting lawyers!

I just got done viewing the Kid Rock sex tape...and I must say

Caption this photo.

List your favorite names for *!

How do I handle salary negotations?

My son is funny!

MUST-SEE Video, "Hello, My Name Is Danny"...

Gomer Pyle, Denver Pyle or Artimus Pyle?

an oldie, but a goodie. I forgot how cool this was...

Since we're talking tattoos...

Sometimes I just want to answer lounge questions with "your mom."


What the hell is Death Cab for Cutie

Nobody has told us how to spell moran lately

If the gas gauge says E.

Lieutenant X wants to teach you top secret hand to hand combat methods

Any one Listen To Stephanie Miller's show this morning?

Ever wonder how far you can push it past empty before you run out of gas?

Thursday earworm. Very annoying.

BREAKING: matcom stars in latest Kid Rock sex video!

Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages

Would you take career advice from Brian Dunkelman (?)

Pop-up or hard-sided camping trailer?

Can anyone recommend a good website or program for doing floor plans?


Outlook Express help

Thin Mints cookies. Food of the Gods.

How the hell did we wind up like this?

Hey shutup!

I Think My Neighbor's BIG Dog Is The One Leaving BIG POOPS In My Yard...

Who here isn't a Liberal?

Who here is a Nickelback fan?

Squeech music live in Boston

I think I should give up eating meat but I don't know if I can

Should Daniel Craig be the next bond?

I think I should give up eating laundry markers, but I don't know if I can

People I never want to see naked.

OK.... This is wierd....

I just bought a new quilt for my bed

Anyone ever do buisness with Butterfly Photo?

And so I wake in the morning

What the fuck is MacArthur park about?

Hugh Grant kicks paparazzo's ass, calls him "feline-inspired epithet"

Happy Birthday Johnny Winter

Just escaped the 700 Club.

Kid Rock blocks the sale of his homemade sex videotape

Wednesday's child is full of woe.

Monty Python's Personal Best

StopTheMorans' terrya's arwalden's "Lesbian" thread...[blah] 10 replies?

If World War Three starts in Kashmir with a confrontation between India

"He took his shirt off."

A rare opportunity to see me be civil to an idiot.

Terrya's arwalden's "Lesbian" thread...when will it garner 100 replies?

I am the acme of evolution [1000 Replies]

Strippers Go To Court To Fight 'No Fondling' Law

Man's Neighbor Slammed Door - Man Killed Her For Doing It

Best flight broker? Orbitz, Travelocity, etc?

Do you care if your country wins any Olympic medals?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/23/06)

NRPS 2006 Tour:

West Virginia Woman Told to Stop Rescuing Opossums

Dear People Who Listed Your House (with pictures) on

How come when a skater puts her foot over top her head it is

80 yr old drives 9 miles wrong way on interstate

Watch Out !!!

so who else hasnt watched more than 30 seconds of the olympics?

What's Your Favorite DEAD Food?

FCC Reportedly Will Ban Another Four-Letter Word

I'm sorry folks. I just don't have enough popcorn to go around tonight

Has anyone here had a Bummer?

Reaching young girls with a positive message about beef...

Ah! A cup of coffee and two cups of tea in me

Are you a true liberal gentleman or a so-called one? Can app to chicks too

Does anyone here own a Mummer?

Company develops shocking shotgun shell

Are you a true liberal lady or a so-called one? Can apply to guys too.

I had a weird question asked at a job interview today.

That Rick Moranis country album is funny as shit

Does anybody here own a Hammer?

What if your spouse/significant other/partner watched or read porn?

What's your favorite HEAD food?

Anyone know a REALLY good guitar tab site?

Has anybody here had a Hummer?

I'll tell ya who's glad they don't serve beans at the Olympic village

Are there Blimps floating around your city? Like ALL THE TIME?

Sign up here for Halliburton Hotel roommates

Big Pic: Caption this stunt

I am the MASTER! Fortune Cookie Say "DS1 IS LAST DRAGON"

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds TONITE, 23 Feb 11PM ET/4 DILLA!

Can any of you help me with this RETORT from freeper?

I have to admit I am a bit......

Are you a true liberal boy or a so-called one? Can apply to gals too.

Thunder & Lightning Snowstorm...

Fuck it,I wish you all a very good Goodnight.

Sasha Cohen in the 2024 Olympics

I am still in Parent Teacher Conferences

Am I still alive?

Time to REP your Desktop! Post 'em if you got 'em!

Anyone here own a humidor?

Iranian Policewomen

Anyone familiar with the music of Natacha Atlas?

I have a DU related injury.


Could MATCOM refrain from sexual innuendo for 24 hours?

Tavernertot born on Tuesday!

Dancing with the Stars: the band stinks!

Help me plan my summer vacation!!!

A question for cat experts...

Oh my goodness...

Question for Atkins Diet Followers

Either you're with us or you're against us!

Illustration showing the injuries to Harry Whittington

POLL: Daily Show or Colbert Report?

OMG - these have to be the stupidest guys ever.


Reasons Neverwinter Nights is better than the Dragonlance Computer Games..

Check out this comic strip by a new DUer, it had me in tears laughing

How Did A Freeper get my cell phone number?

A poll inspired by MATCOM

I need an opinion? Splish splash?

'Fiddler on the Roof' in Japanese (video)

Your hyphen for the day "canker-blossom"

Does anyone else here think that Scott Hamilton sounds like he

Ick! I love this song - something must be very wrong with me

Anybody out there with a BlueStar range or cook-top? Salamander?

Kirkland Garlic Marinated Whole Mushrooms from CostCo.

Internship in Bremerton, WA....Looking for info of area

People who make me sick, make me sick.

How do you find value of a stock certificate from 1906?

I just faced a ten-point deer.


Extreme Steam - One of my favorite sites. Thought I would share!

Refitting my canoe for rowing

Thank you loungers! I love you!

This is my song for today .What is yours?

Does anyone here feel sorry for those who have lost...

Bush is really saving us

Girl jumping through basketball hoop

I say this a lot:

Mmmm Mmmm

Post here and I'll insult you, Shakespearean style.

I just defenestrated an anvil from 72 floors up, so...

Am I the only one who thinks the Olympic medalists are wearing CDs?

How do know she/he is the one?

Did you ever get a feeling....

I just faced a lifelong fear...

sufjan stevens anyone?

Night all!

Who Remembers Jacko?

Anyone got $8400 you can give me?

Post here and I'll randomly lock another thread.

The World According to America

I'm throwing up in the name of God....

Lego "Brokeback Mountain"

DUer who reps the UNDEAD the illest!

Someone keeps leaving fundie magazines in my dorm's lounge area...

Question about United Church of Christ...

Today's Black History Month Thread #8 in GD: Please read!

What if I told you that one of my friends posted as me for the last 2 hrs?

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds TONITE, 23 Feb 11PM ET/4 DILLA!

What was your most popular thread?


Does anyone here own a Hymnal?

Do you Know What Your First Word

OK, I have to post this since it applies to so many of you


What's Your Favorite RED Food?

Willie Nelson does reggae

I think I should give up eating veggies but I don't know if I can

Question for DU parents re: a sick cat, and a three-year-old's reaction

"Welcome to my secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain..."

I feel a bit guilty for insulting people so post here...

Did any of you ever get around to watchin "Bleak House" on PBS?

My work schedule officially SUCKS!

So, where do YOU stand?

Does anybody here own a Hummer?

Who has the best legs in showbiz?


Does anyone here have experience with stuttering?

THE Olympics animation you've gotta see

bigwillq laudatory thread

Dr Fate to butcher: "I'll have several pounds of your finest meats, Sir!"

Weird dreams you've had about other DUers

WTH - must be time for a M.A.T.C.O.M. thread

Dear West Coast: Please share some of your awesome restaurants with us.

Am I the only one here who hates airplane travel?

Has anyone here ever been in the slammer?

Damn! I hit 4,000 posts and didn't even realize it!

Alcohol sucks

Agg! Annoyed DUer here!

Good Night

I have got a cold. damn.

I live in Texas, but I hate it.

Ancient Beaver Disproves Theory of Evolution

British comedy

Dickens sucks!

Any celebrity "close encounters" (even 2nd hand?)

I'm addicted to overpriced skin care

****SPOILER**** Figure skating free skate

evening earworm

How Far Could You Get In Life With A Fake College Degree?

I have yet to see an unattractive female figure skater.....

How do you choose a money market fund?

Time for the proper use of Their, There, and They're thread to return

What's a good Mardi Gras Costume?

One, two, three, four, time for a Cuteness War!

1970s music or 1980s music? Which decade was better?

Any "Majority Report" fans around?

who do you wish would leak a sex tape?

I just bought this CD and I think all of you should too

Why does it take so long to get a diagnosis for a disease like cancer?

"Men have much 'dirtier' minds than women, in general,"

Did you grow up with Top 40 radio? Do you remember

My quotidian "Lock" made it in.

Your friends here at DU have launched our new online literary magazine!

Do You Know Any Fake Celebrities? (Ordinary People Who Have Famous Names?)

Are you truly a liberal gentleman? Can apply to ladies too!

Could Michelle Kwan Have Won?

Sasha Cohen

i need good vibes-- i have a clinical physiology exam tomorrow

Lower-back tattoos with hip-hugger pants and a too-short shirt

Fuck Dickens!

Are many married men hesitant to go to a masseuse?

So, I'm watching American Idol this season.

Popcorn or woohoo?

Is you is, or is you not, my constituency?

Politically Incorrect Illustrated Alphabet

Goodnight lounge

Vatican to Muslims: practice what you preach

The prejudice of many people on the Left...

What are the differences between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity?

non-sectarian Bible study?

Sweaty Cotton Socks Worst for Blisters

The rest of my life: Heath care and social safety net

Grapefruit Appears To Lower Cholesterol, Fight Heart Disease

Study: Supplements Fail to Ease Arthritis

Acceleration setback inertia

NASA: The Blue Marble: Next Generation

Fossil Overturns Ideas of Jurassic Mammals

Ohio state Senator satirizing Republicans and proposed adoption ban

Australian Cabinet Minister Suggests Gays Lucky Not To Be Arrested

Canadian Supreme Court Nominee Ruled Against Same-Sex Partner Benefits

UCLA Gay Think-Tank Honors $10 Million Donor

HHS Under Fire For Removing Gay Advice Section From Web Site

Agonizing Wait For Washington Gay Marriage Decision

Football question -- what is "tendering" a player?

women's Long Program ****SPOILER CITY, BABY****

FIDE chess champ Topalov having rough time in Linares Tournament

Questions about Glucosamine for dogs

I need some help preparing my case please...

Have you had you dose of 'Daily Kitten' today?

Problem with vet office -- re: getting copies of pet records

With whom can you discuss spirituality?

New here....seeking help - SSRI Withdrawal

Quick request for positive energy.

I,m worried about the give-away plans our great leader has proposed

I just realized that "My Posts" showed no posts in the Kerry forum

Here's a bit of fluff for you folks from MA!

A whopping freudian slip

You'll love this

Please see this (very Kerry-related)

Kerry Sticker on Wallet--Banned by Bush, Running for Congress

I need some help trying to understand how top officials could not

KarenDC (we know her) is live blogging on DKOS

Honorable mention of Kerry in regards to the Dubai deal.

Kerry: Democrats relevant on war (Kerry team player again)

a bit on single women voters

Florida Election machine problems in '04

MA/.NH people tickets for 3/11 dinner with JK in Nashua

Oregon Dunes

Countdown Newsletter: 2/23/06 -- Ports: Next Phase of the Battle

So where are the KOEBers?

Just read a funny ap story about the ugly Olympic skating costumes...

Damn my brother hijacked the tv, I can't watch Keith

KOEb 2/23/06 Bush folds?????

Iraq Freedom Congress statement on the bombing of holy sites

Several days ago, CBC had a small piece on Dubai

Anyone watching Richard Dreyfuss on C-SPAN2?

Have you seen this?

Slate’s John Dickerson on “Bush critics you can trust”

Has all the secrecy come back to bite them on the ass?

Special services use LSD to supervise possibilities of human brain

Iraq now in civil war Nightline

5 damn years all I hear is how w* is protecting me/us, but today I learn

Why there were NO BOMBS planted at the WTC.

Feb. 12 article says "Dubai royal family is backing the deal" on ports

Dubai Port smeared the other bidder , also bought Carlyle/CSX in 04

Sometimes I just want to sit back and watch 'em sweat...

Bloomberg: Dubai Harbored Hijackers? Big Deal, Bush Says

Does anyone know anything about Lady Bird Johnson's supposive ties to...

Oh my God, Leno is incredible

Iran accepts the challenge and prepares for possible attack

Did John McCain claim to have "gaydar" ?

Please contact DINO Who supported the SD Abortion Ban

Russian missile cruiser Moskva - on a NATO exercise stopped in Syria

Baghdad toll at 47 as sectarian attacks go on

John Edwards in Dubai last year ...Entreprenuership

Have you lost respect for the SCOTUS???

News Hounds: Even Sean Hannity Agrees UAE Port Deal Is A Bad Idea

UAE : horrendous record of child slavery

Dubai investments with BinLadin Construction: King Abdullah City

Booosh Thinks He's King of The World, Not Just President of America

When will Bush flip flop on the ports deal?

About blogging

President George Bush praises the UAE for progress in religious freedom

Unsolicited Advice...

Coast to Coast TONITE: All port discussion, inc. Corsi, Jones, etc.

The Right Brothers - Talking points disguised as music

TPM: Holes in the Dubai Ports World agreement

The World According to America

UAE: "Dubai's brushes with terror"

"Christian Defense" miffed that Bush commented on mosque, not Alabama

Iraq cancels leave for all police, army personnel

PNACer Perle on the port thing:

Man Says A-L-L-A-H in Name Blocked E-Mail

Congressman Conyers: What's More Important than National Security?

(AAR) Mike Malloy interviews author of "THE NEW PEARL HARBOR" - > mp3

Larry Johnson: "Don't Do Dubai Dubya"

LOL on Wash Journal: Repug mentions "secret agreement"!

Obscure US intelligence agency assessed ports deal

Fran Townsend--on cnn talking of WH Report to Katrina

Want to exploit freep types anger/confusion per the port deal?

All that talk about gun rights and we suck in the Olympics.

Interesting Dubai story in MOJO, 7/05: Sinister Paradise

DHS Plans Broad Info Grab (Return of Total Information Awareness Program)

It's hard to say "Daddy is gone"

We must not let the R's steal the opposition to the UAE port deal!

WH had secret deal with Dubai company, given preferential treatment

WJ CSPAN--Politicians pandering on ports issue?

Breaking....Clinton shot Whittington (cartoon)

Treasury Dept made decision that there was no security risks. on cnn

Remember John Kerry's 'crazy' ideas regarding Port Security?

Torture Jobs on Craigslist

CSPAN guest Al Jazeera correspondent: anti-ports deal view is anti-Arab.

Stephen Canner, former CIFIUS Chair on Washington Journal now.

So what did * and crew gain from this secret deal over the ports?

Has the gauntlet been thrown down?

WJ: Hotline Poll...Democrats With Big Gains

Why there were NO BOMBS planted at the WTC. (Second Revision)

Bush vs. Constitution

So, Did Rummy Lie When He Said "He Had Just Learned About Port Deal"?

NPR reported that more than 100 Sunni mosques have been destroyed

Local Dubai port rife with smuggling and corruption

I wonder how many Rethugs would be screaming about the port deal

Paul Craig Roberts on the Iranian Oil Bourse

GOP: Criminal Intent

Barring the Hand of Providence, 695 days remaining of BUSH II

Is the U.S. Government making anthrax bombs in Utah?

And look Who Is Rising Out of the Turmoil - Sadr.

Let's get rid of the dead weight or irrelevant or wrong "facts" Port Redux

A Movement Against Wal Mart (Black Commentator)

Go Over to Iraq Daily News - things look really bad in Iraq

The SECOND most important thing in Richmond Va. *today*

Gallup: Americans say Iran is our greatest enemy

I'm deeply despondent about the possibility of hurting the UAE's feelings

DoD Drafts (Another) New Disaster Response Plan. It's called CONPLAN

Called my Senators about the Port deal...

Is a call for revolution realistic, or just a temper tantrum?

Editor of Toledo Blade in on the SPAN right now

Is Al Qaida winning?

Bush caught self-loathing

The Bush Code: Loyalty Uber Alles

'Dozens Slain in Iraq Sectarian Violence'... Mission Accomplished??

OK- Give me a time line. How can this whole fiasco be part of a..

Riverbend's comments on the Iraq mess....

* SOTU: US addicted to oil. Next day: Ooops, he didn't mean it.

What can we do to ensure Diebold machines are not used..

Size vs. Competence in Government

Let's Just Call the Whole Thing Off

Where are the U.S. troops?

My LTTE to the NY Times re: the UAE ports deal

Dubai deal compromises our ports, but ensures US access to the UAE ports

Revolution? Please. It's already happened.

Dear Mr. President, about that port deal...

Caption this * and Dick pic...

Homeland Security Democrat Thompson calls for GAO inquiry

Why has ANY foreign company EVER had control of our ports?!?!

(AUDIO) Ciro Rodriguez on Majority Report (TX-28)

What is the average discount that Chavez is giving us?

Given Bush's actions while in office, does Bush lack loyalty to the US?

No racism intended here, I'm sure.

Anyone listening to Stephanie Miller today?

Whence the Democratic Party?

Best thing about port story: Bush can't hide behind fake TERRA! warnings

What a Deal!

Laugh your ass off on Schwarzenegger Street.

"This Airport Owned and Operated by U.S. Citizens"

The Appearance of Checks and Balances

Is there a good name for women who are anti-choice?

Russian connection-Another Subpoena Issued in Abramoff Scandal!

If there is no GWOT (as per P. Adder), what are the Bushies warring on?

VIDEO- Bush on Outsourcing to India from speech yesterday

Maybe the Neocons can hire Saddam Hussein to run Iraq?


As expected, the wh version of Katrina indicts no one.

Bush sez: "Don't Worry, Be...Obedient"

Katrina report(White House) recommends clearer Pentagon role

Homeland Security Democrat calls for GAO inquiry into port deal

The Great Divide – on the Right (or When Assholes Collide)

My newspaper column on the ports debacle.... published today

Richard Perle on Port Deal: "I think it's a bit of a joke"


"strange developments in foreign policy" anyone?

Townsend on CNN; MAJOR * apologist, trying to explain

Name any accomplishment in the Bush Presidency.

Average American Family Income Declines

We've heard about security concerns, how about discussing "rewarding" UAE?

AFL-CIO take on the ports deal

My LTTE to the Washington Times

Lou Dobbs poll from yesterday still posted - Still 99% less confident

Bob Dole has been hired by Dubai Ports World to shepherd the deal through.

cspan caller--Indiana proposal to sell toll roads to Argentia or other

Documents Show Secret Deal on Ports Sale!

Anybody got that WP Article on Republican Pedophilia

With Bush, it's all about money, business, and making deals....

Forget The Ports For A Minute. The Civil War

Deal wouldn't go forward if concerned about security

VIDEOS- Opening Statements of Byrd,Clinton,Kennedy, Levin at Ports Hearing

Iraq blog:"120 mosques have been blown up, set ablaze..."

Married people: Has ANYONE ever asked to see your marriage license?

What can we do about South Dakota? (Boycott?)

Anyone watching Warner's hearings on UAE Ports issue? I had to turn

US troops participating in the Iraqi chaos

That Dubai Co. bought a HUGE stake in Carlyle Group last year.

Ask supporters of this port deal this,...

My new bumper sticker! "Dems have sex, republicans lie" :)

A thought: When was the last time the American people were this united...

Arianna to Dems: Start pummeling, before the GOP beats you to the punch

Are we ready for a female President in our country?

So, let's see. GWB didn't KNOW about Cheney's heart attack during the

Libby Says 'Superiors' Authorized Leaks

UNBELIEVABLE! US Gen: "We are not seeing death on the streets." 130 dead!

HowAbout another Bush Coast2Coast Tour

I'm getting pretty TIRED of Bush screwing up everything he touches. eom.

Students signing on for suicide - a course on how to do it?

The Rethugs miss the Cold War...

Bush: "Everything changed after Brokeback Mountain"

So, will the port deal be the news to overshadow the civil war that

Bolton, Bush and Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress

Media CASUALLY reporting CIVIL WAR in Iraq...

Seven U.S. soldiers killed in two attacks today

7 more US soldiers

'Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned' ---pix--->>>

Senate Armed services Hearing on Port Issue starting now.

7 more dead GI's for nothing. Except to enrich the defense industry.

U.S. to cede control of Army to Charles Taylor...

Tampa port may soon be added to that list

So the Deputies are all sent to the hearing (ports) so their bosses

VIDEO- Levin's 1st up Tear into Bums- 9/11 Commish/Khan/Raise your Hand

Demand an Investigation

VIDEO- Kimmit (Port Hearing)-45 Day Investigation-"Discretionary"

Are we trying to make Arabs hate us?

Interesting editorial from Yahoo news' Bill Press.

Why is Bush pushing Liquefied Natural Gas? That's no energy solution.

We can give the ports to the UAE.

Boy, Senator Warner isn't letting anyone talk to the press without...

A Simple Solution...

Wanna Buy a Port? Welcome to American capitalism (American Prospect)

Boy Oh Boy is the GOP and Bush in Trouble

Yes, there is a difference between us and UAE on slavery.

Bush to give ports to Halliburton?

Wow - CNN - Storm over the Ports

Rove says UAE recognizes Israel on Hannity& Colmes

Iraq Vet Accused of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

Did Bush* give the finger to Protestors today? You be the judge - PHOTO

VIDEO- Levin Smacks Back on the 45 day Discretionary Law "Interpretation"

Freeper Personality Tests

Chart showing Change in Media Family Income .... this are really looking

VIDEO- Warner Tries to Suck Up on "Interpretation" of the 45 Day Law

I wonder what warner is going to buy with his UAE check?

We tried to tell them...

It took me awhile to understand the mentality of those people who adore


OMG: Homeland Security bursts into library. . . .announces

Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk...

Who gets credit

The secret panel CFIUS only had ONE meeting before giving our ports to UAE

So we have a pResident that would rather offend us than a foreign country?

VIDEO- Kennedy Round 1 Ports Hearing ... Ooops, I mean "Briefing"

Remember the huge Republican outcry about China owning Unocal?

MSNBC: Curling vs. Imus? There are those that think

STUPID - Homeland Security just now said airports and ports are...

Delay Letter:"Absolutely Untrue" That Abramoff was "A Close Friend"


WHY???? Why Is the Media Running W/ The Port Deal????

Finally! A defense of Bush that rings true.

Americans work more, seem to accomplish less

What's happening in coverage of the CFIUS briefing on cable news

VIDEO- Clinton-Kimmitt-When DOES it go to a 45 day investigation?

thread # 2 on Senate Hearing of port issue

Totally blown away - you should listen to this phone call from a

God forbid, if a WMD ever made its way through one of those ports...

Hard hitting analysis from the Christian Broadcasting Network...

"1984": Doublespeak Quiz

VIDEO- Clinton Ports- How many Meetings CFIS? ..... ONE!!!!!

Brother: Bob Woodruff's Progress Slow (Still under sedation)

when hot button issues occur--Rummy will get briefed says Barbara

Oh boy here we go again. Supreme Court re-opens Colorado redistricting

CNN - What's your take on the Katrina report?

Restrictions on funeral protesters advance in House

Anyone have a copy of the Will Ferrel skit?

Katrina Lessons Learned - Learned Nothing from 9-11

The BFEE's actions leave me no other conclusion

Jesse Jackson Jr. Speech

On the phony "racism" accusation (Dubai/ports)

Book Titles we'll probably see soon

Help Please - How many repugs have spoken against port deal so far?

Excerpt of FDR speech Thom Hartmann played on his show

On lefty fears port deal dust up helps repubs in 06' elections.

The Bush Admin is trying to put a total press blackout on the ports issue!

MSNBC Poll: Port Operations - Should the plan be abandoned

"Scary Movie 4" pokes fun at real life events

So what WILL be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Kerry:"Management of Ports Is Door You Walk Through To Get to All ?s"

Mr Rove It's the PSYCHOLOGY of terrorist-linked UAE guarding our ports

VIDEO- Clinton- Ports-Post 9/11 World-Brilliant move

Finger-Lickin' Bad

Sounds like Schwarzenegger has regained momentum

PortGate: About That Secret Port Deal and More

US Relationship with UAE seems shrouded in secrecy....some facts:

Why doesn't the Liberal Media report GOOD things about Iraq's Civil War?

Bush wants to make this a Republican vs Democratic issue...

Who, in their right mind, WANTS to be Prez in 08????

DeLay says “Absolutely Untrue” That Abramoff Was “A Close Friend”

Fill up ur tanks, gas prices going up.

The SD Abortion Ban And Democratic Politicians.

Senator Challenges Ports Deal Procedure (snips from today)

"If you want the law changed, come to Congress and change it but don't ign

The UAE are talking to the CIA -- about deal to sell the Federal Reserve?

Great GOP economic policy news - Average American Family Income Declines

Iraq's "Dick Cheney": The rise of Sadr goes ignored in US

What the *##@ DOES Booosh know?

Not that it will do any good, but I just called my Congresscritters

Sen Levin: Bush Admin Ignoring the Law On Port Deal

UAE Worked Closely with Saddam (20 Front Companies per the CIA)

I feel very sad for the Iraqi people right now, because I remember this...

Easy Dem Talking Point: If Bush DIDN'T Know about the Port Deal

Why I think the Port Issue isn't racist

Suspect In USS Cole Bombing claimed Co-Conspirator from inside the UAE

A Fabric of Illegality (THE NATION)

Proposal Would Give Foreign Investors More Say in U.S. Airlines

I'd Say By the Many Idiotic Attempts by Freeps Recently

Reaping What He Sows

Rove's Brilliant Strategy

Ports deal a trade off for UAE stepping stone to Iran?

Anthrax scare

Please DU this poll: "Fair and Balanced"

The next time ya' think Tweety is fair, remember this...

Its not racism, its anti-globalization, vis a vis the port deal.

What if the UAE Royalty were blond, blue eyed white guys?

Matthews Does it Again: Democrats are Weak on National Security

Prediction: Dems and Repubs Will Turn & HAIL Port Deal

what is the price of gas in your area?

Snow begs Bush to block bill which would curb oil industry tax break

"This deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about the security"

Bush: Longing for day's gone by

How do you avoid or ban "recorded" political phone calls?

Shizam....Is the Wiretapping issue is GONE...dead....deceased....

Americans are insane. Who designed these Gitmo tortures? Freaks.

CNN Poll: Are you worried about U.S. security?

so when do we hear Osama's spooky voice on tape again?

Bush bro in Dubai 02 telling them to lobby US/visited on BinLadin Const. $

Repubs who criticize Clinton's Relationship with UAE have a PRE-9/11 View

Today's bumpersticker mantra

If Teachers Were Congressmen

Have you read this yet? YOU SHOULD! Highly recommended!

Fill in the blank

Ann Coulter and the Port Deal

The "king" doesn't care... NEW TOON 2/23/06

Scotty's up and lying.

Ordering Pizza...the near future

Cultural Stewardship: Ohio's Patriot Pastors ...

Yet another strange Zogby Poll.

VIDEO- Mark Kimmitt on the Long War -Did you REALLY think it would end?

$1.6 billion for propaganda and recruitment

Does anyone have video copies of the debates?

"Iraqi mother, her face covered by the blood of her two .. sons" *caution*

That picure of Cheney and Bush as Gilligan and Skipper?

Able Danger and the two Attas

Within hours, we had left our home to find refuge.Things will get very bad

I really think we should do the "Murtha Plan" NOW...

PLEASE, can we bring this term back into fashion for 06?

Sometimes I get the feeling that the Bush Admin is the Reagan Admin

Christianity is under attack!

The death of privacy and the imprisoning of the middle class

Big Surprise:Tweetys Statement about ports and Bush

Rove relents on ports, says Bush will do as he's told

FAQs on Iraq

Has anyone considered the UAE port deal is a smokescreen?

I just got XM radio and Barbara Boxer is on Ed Schultz!

The only "EXPERT" who matters in the PORTS FIASCO....

US airline attacks foreign move (foreign investors greater say )

"... he's just handed them the Mother of All National Security Cudgels."

VIDEO- Protesters in Indiana

I may get flamed for this but..

A Ray of Hope in a Weary World

Check out this exchange on Fark, regarding civil war in Iraq.

Why the Port Deal is a Political Bombshell

Where are the two Bobs - Woodruff and Woodward?

Unfortunately, soon flu hysteria will overtake politics

You have to laugh.

Serious question: Could Bush be a double agent for a ME country?

James A. Baker Key to Dubai Ports Mess

Molly Ivins: "George Bush, Protector of Arab Rights?"

Sept. 11 Report Ties Bin Laden to UAE (Yahoo)

How long before we really find out why jr is pushing so hard on this UAE

You can watch Canadian 24 hr news at this link

All US kids under 5 should get flu shot, panel says

Sunni party quits Iraq government talks after mosque bombing

The perfect gift for the Republican in your life.

I have now changed my mind about the UAE deal

Abrams Report to discuss SD Abortion Ban on MSNBC

Rumsfield deputy England "questioning port deal gives aid and comfort"

Richard Perle coming up on Hardball, msnbc

Q: Are UK citizens upset that their ports are also affected?

"My government"? Who the hell does Bush think he is? This is insane!!!

campaign of deceipt and deception Lou going already

Dear Fred Phelps,

I think Bush gets too much credit sometimes...

Wal-Mart to open more in-store health clinics

The Main Difference Between the USA and the UAE

"We don't negotiate with terrorists."

Harper's: The Case for Impeachment

Registering as "decline to state?"

Roadside bombs kill 7 US soldiers in Iraq : no headlines

Why aren't more people outraged? (SD Abortion Ban)

MRI: The Ultimate Lie Detector? (What questions would you ask...)

We need Port Reform

Medicine Needs Evolution-From This Weeks Science

Main Sponsor of South Dakota Abortion Bill is a Democrat ??

Vet Has Kerry Sticker on Wallet--Banned by Bush, Running for Congress

I am totally, completely SICK of Bush and the whole bike he rode in on!!!

TIA Lives On-Counter-terror Prog-Halted 2 yrs Ago by Lawmakers--Continues

Watchdog Group Questions 2004 Fla. Vote

Flashback:"Bush did NOT know there was difference between Sunni & Shiite"

They burned down the dojo!

Too Late George --->>>

We have a Reservest at work who just recently got back form Iraq...

List all of the Republican "racists" here!!

I think we should turn over control of our ports to the North Koreans

An Oliphant 'toon>>>>>>>>>

"Support The UEA" Ribbons

CNN Poll: Bush administration puts commercial above national interests?

Libby's New Defense:Fitzgerald's Appointment = Unconstitutional!

Hey dubya! America has drawn a line and you will not...

Can We Please Stop Referring To IT As the MSM?

The "Democrats are racist" meme has invaded the blogosphere

Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight

Woodward: Cheney could be '08 nominee

Breaking on CNN: Bush says "people don't need to worry about security

Isn't Coulter supposed to be going to jail for vote fraud?

Tonight on Coast to Coast: David Ray Griffin et al on 911

Are the Doles (Bob & Libby) wealthy?

Why are we selling our roads to Spanish/Australian corporations?

CNN and MSNBC Generals implying Bush taking "training wheels off Iraq

Port debacle reminds me of Papa Bush's decision to let Saddam live

S.D. grand jury indicts Earth Liberation Front leader

So, Is Iraq Still There This Morning?

When do the next polls come out?

Civil War in Iraq - do you suppose it's going to cost us extra?

A quote from CNN's resident spin meister General David Grange

He's Still In Office

......meanwhile in Baghdad....Civil War?

Dobbs is going for the jugular straight off!

Vatican to Muslims: practice what you preach

We're Only At War with POOR Muslims!

Do the citizens of South Dakota care?

So, foreign countries are sending us spent nuclear fuel....

You Know You Are Still a Republican If ...

Who is most likely to be W's "Monica?"

I predicted 2 years ago on DU that abortion would be under attack in 2006.

A DAY OF PAIN .... 140 Killed, 7 US soldiers, 100+ Mosques Attacked

Don't use Dubya anymore - use Dubai-ya

It's a small world, after all

CNN is saying that any further events in Iraq...

All I can say is, 'Nothing better happen to Lou Dobbs'!

Russian arms merchant funnels money, guns, and dope through the UAE

PBS gave good overview of Senaate briefing on ports--now discussion.

Friggin' JOHN YOO on C-SPAN Now (EST)... n/t

Gen Clark words on the UAE Port issue and the Civil

Was it Mark Luther that was allowed to walk all over Al Franken today?

Libby says Fitzgerald Appointment Unconstitutional

Unbelievable! What Bush needs for a 4-hr stop in Hyderabad

The Arguments for War in Iraq

Clark on Fox 9:55 a.m. EST tomorrow; should be interesting.

Arianna Huffington: "Civil War in Iraq: Murtha Told Us So"


Jack Murtha:"We've Lost the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People"

What we can thank Bush for in the future. Not in any order.

Clark 12/11/05: "We have a four month window in Iraq"

Cannot Believe What Tony Blankley Said On Hardball --- --

Bush: "If you don't support the UAE deal, you don't support the troops..."

LIMBOsevic came out FOR the ports deal today - will the Dittoheads follow?

My gut tells me that the next 9/11 may have been prevented

Uranium & Niger Forgeries:Look who Burba & Martino Talked about

Iraq is falling apart. Do you know where the President is?

People who make me sick, make me sick.

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds TONITE, 23 Feb 11PM ET/4 DILLA!

Guess who is coming to my town????

Fundamentalists. That is what they are. (per my father and me)

Lou Dobbs sucks. Al Franken sucks.

How many here think tweety blows his nose, or picks his boogers?

I believe that Capitol Hill Blue is used here at DU to make DU look bad.

Be scared, Be scared, Be scared, Be scared

Grapefruit Appears To Lower Cholesterol, Fight Heart Disease

Delay possible in ports deal, Democrats want new probe

How An Effort To Ban Abuse & Torture Was Thwarted

Gaging the public on my mother-in law re: bu$h

How About Another Bush Approval POLL

Great Rant at AmericaBlog.Com: Re: Gordon England

Gordon England - Yes, he was a recess appointment

Is Lou Dobbs determined to bring down the House of *?

WOW!! The mainstream media is using the term "Civil War"

Matt Lauer/Today Show already pumping UAE port sale

Calm my fears

Jesse is on TVNL Radio.... 9 pm ET


Bill Maher's Friday night line-up.

Is it really fair to the other competitors to

Breaking in Phoenix: man holding hostages/upset about family & employment

"The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned"

Submission by Theo Van Gogh

For me, it's all about Bush's failure to solve 9/11 & get Osama Bin Laden

Reid calls for congressional probe of domestic spying by Bush administrati

South Dakota abortion law : Boycott Sturgis

Mr. President, are We at War or Not

They wont admit Bush screwed the pooch

Okay...tell me...why is Lou Dobbs the only Truth Teller..allowed on Cable?

caption this pic (borrowed from FR "Day in the Life" thread)

Saudis refuse to withhold Hamas aid

Tweety's brother is running for GOP Lt Gov here in PA

Hundreds of FEMA trailers are ready to roll

How did the Democratic party get my e-mail address?

I need the author of the ".......if you have too much education , you

Homophobes also make me sick

W: "Civil War in Iraq? Ya Need Jeff Davis & Abe Lincoln Fer A Civil War...

I need help for getting rid of unwanted calls.

I thought Jon Stewart was supposed to be on Larry King tonight?

Shrine Attack Deals Blow to Anti-US Unity--A Times (Iran twist)

FYI: David Swanson ( on Rense 7pm pst

What do you know --for sure-- about the Middle East. The need to get out.

Fiore animated cartoon---In great form as always

Was anyone surprised that Hannity supports the port deal?

State Sen Scott Brown (R-Ma.) Dad of American Idol Finalist

Friends at DU I need your help - re 9/11 MIHOP or LIHOP

Fossil Overturns Ideas of Jurassic Mammals

How Al Qaeda can use UAE ports to attack the U.S.

Ilinois Governor Confused by 'Daily Show' Bit

Anti choice people make me sick

Anti-Gun people make me sick.

So has anyone said yet they wish they'd voted for Kerry?

Dems - if Shrub had captured bin Laden, we'd feel better about ports deal

What is it about the UAE port deal that furthers your MIHOP view?

Randi needs to get her facts straight...CSX not owned by Carlyle

You Know You Are Still a Republican If ...

People Power in the USA

Where is the good news from Iraq?

Check out this new pic of Bush from his National Guard days.

Mount Flushmore: The Antidote to the Freeper Prayer Picture

Did Pickles get in vitro fertilization? I read she went to doc for "help"

The equivalent to 200 slaves.

Cheney's Coup (by Sidney Blumenthal) & How VP & Minions Led Us Into War

Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Tracked Through UAE Port

The Ports: Another "4 Legs Good; 2 Legs Better" moment 4 G. Orwell's Pigs

Extreme Steam - One of my favorite sites. Thought I would share!

(TOON) Steve Bell: "Such is the end of Empire"

What's the latest on the PORTS story?

Bush Backs Off UAE Port Deal ~

Dubai said statement wrong from press more later

freerepublic speaks re: ports fiasco

"Now that the USA has collapsed due to excessive military spending...

George Bush is a Prop

Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons

Shocking info about the attack on the the Al-Askariyah Shrine

So is the United States not allowed to have any national security?

Anderson Cooper just reported that Dubai Ports World

Liberalism the true 'mental disorder'

I've never been to South Dakota...

RE: Ports deal. Here are the official GOP talking points

Do republican's get it now?

I get kinda ticked when I hear W. compared to other presidents.

The right wing movement needs to be destroyed

Was this posted here? Bush nominated DPW official

Did anyone notice Bush released the Katrina Report today??

Why do fundie christians hate America so much?

Hate to say this,but I predict a Khe Sahn or Dien Bien Phu type of

Judge Orders Pentagon Told to Release Gitmo Transcripts

Should we go ahead with the Deal? DU this poll

Damnit -- Free people are free to have a CIVIL WAR

Bush is too uninformed about what's going on in the government to...

Does anyone have links to the number of deaths from Gulf War Syndrome?

Colbert is hot tonight! The Pharm rip is great.

Unbelievably stupid comment from WH regarding latest Iraq violence:

Is America becoming a meaner place?

11 men in UAE JAILED 6 years for being gay, forced hormone injections

Iraq Mosque Attack: People are arrested - but NO ONE will say who.

"Implausible deniability"--much needed new terminology

Today and tomorrow and the next day Cindy Sheehan is being beaten up by F

New Facts About WAL-MART

BUSH:Deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about security for USA

Congressman Conyers:13 Judiciary Committee Members Join Me

You're all on crack ,

Conservatives happier says George Will...

Now THIS is a neat idea!

VIDEO: Protesters gather at Bethel College ( WNDU-TV South Bend)

I think only those senators/reps from states with ports affected....

New information on the Mosque bombing: The People Arrested


The Assertion The Dubai Co. Would Not Be In Charge Of Security Is FALSE!

OMIGAWD!! Dubai: "Visit the USA: Streamlined Visa Processing"

today was AWESOME!!! (and sad...

GREAT response to the Right's UAE race card spin:

Rachel Maddow Appreciation Thread

Vatican to Muslims - practise what you preach

Marines poking around Iraq minorities, looking for chaos in prep for Iran

Criminalizing abortion without exception is obscene, cruel, and immoral...

KGB In The Post Office.

I want to thank the Bush Administration and its war on Terror.

American Companies Should Handle American Ports

All Holloway all the time. A rant.

More than 400 Gitmo prisoners- -Only 10 have been formally charged

I wonder if the GOP would be making hay of this if the Dem's had done it?

Last week's New Rules transcript

Heard In A Grocery Store Earlier This Evening

Chromium Evidence Buried, Report Says

Protesters greet Bush in northern Indiana (AP/Chicago Sun-Times)

The White House trying to get rid of Fitzgerald?

IMPEACH ---pix--->>>

REMINDER: David Ray Griffin et all will be on Coast to Coast

If "They" are so dumb, what does that make us?

OK - Where did the train thread go?

"happy to be there"

WHAM! DP World & Bush Administration HAD SECRET AGREEMENT!!


HUNDREDS of Protestors v. the Chimp in Indiana -Today - PHOTOS

Does anyone think Saddam may be 'restored to power'? If Iraq

Daily Meme: "This is what happens when you don't know what you're doing"

Did we do this? DID WE BOMB THAT MOSQUE?

An EFFECTIVE Democratic party would demand NATIONALIZATION of the Ports.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Roll Call

""HALLIBURTON!" CHIRPED THE employee who answered the telephone in Tehran.

HISTORY LESSON as music video

An Open Letter to Those With the “W” Stickers

Puke Meltdown: "DeLay Says Bush Making Mistake on Port"

NEVER underestimate the will and the ability of the autistic kid.

So Bev is making news down in South Florida.

Disturbing increase in home invasions.....

The bad-mouthing of Senator Byrd...

Autistic HS kid shoots 6 3-point shots @ last game of year...

Is Target still on the Boycott list?

View From a Park Bench

Excuse me? You want me to believe you when you say that you've confirmed


Randi talking about now- 3:09PM EST

The Democrat's way of life can be summed up with one phrase.

Iran: U.S., Israel Destroyed Iraqi Shrine

Halliburton is connected to Dubai based subsidiary PORTS for cheney

What new name should Dubai Ports World be called now?

Do you feel it's "Arab Bashing" to oppose UAE's Control of 6 Ports in USA?

Black History Month Thread #8: "Did You Know?" (Abortion)

Birch Bayh-Washington Journal now--campaign for nat'l popular vote

Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer

Wouldn't bombing any mosque be considered sacreligious no matter what sect

About that recent listing of 'worst presidential mistakes' which...

Anyone who punches a time clock or wears a nametag at work...

I am,...seriously torn about how I feel about my country, my people.


Your friends here at DU have launched our new online literary magazine!

February has been a Very Successful Month for the Bush Administration

Two weeks with apolitical Republican in-laws is enough to make you cry.

A Marine Friend of mine was killed...

Stop the Arab Bashing and Look at the Politics of the Port Deal

"DUBAI DUBYA"... Pass it on! Please recommend so it catches on.

Bands Saying NO to Hummer Commercials

U.S. at war with Iran by year's end

2nd Draft: The Constitution is the REAL Contract with America

VIDEO- Bush- Don't Worry... Trust *MY* Government

Is Joementum LIEberman OK with the Dubai deal?

How should I carry petitions this year? (A Green Party / Hillary thread)

Oh Man... Have I Got A Song For You !!!

We are fast reaching the "Tipping Point" and I don't mean POLITICAL.


If Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, what options do...

(VIDEO) God-warrior lady goes postal on Bushco

Actor Tries To Trademark 'N' word

it's time for Islam to check itself - 'Iraqis in fear after bomb sparks...

The Cognitive Dissonance is FINALLY Making People's Heads Explode


This flap over the ports is pretty simple to understand.

Why South Dakota won't allow abortion in cases of incest

Remember Kerry letter to Snow? Chris Dodd sends letter reSnow to Bush.

when is the last time America had five years as bad as 2001-2005?

Call James Zogby's call in show (Link TV) tomorrow on Dubai ports issue...

What is the Freest, Most Democratic Nation on Earth Today?

Marty Kaplan: "It's not a Freudian slip; it's an Orwellian siren, an

Freeper Picture (you should be near a toilet)

Marvin Bush and Kuwait Co. ran WTC and Dulles airport before 911.

Harken, Bush and Bahrain entangled.

Who is actually RUNNING this country?

Arab Company, White House Had Secret Deal

The criminally insane fascist fantasies of John Yoo

WONDERFUL Video Tribute To Barry Cowsill (Katrina Victim)

I'm done..

This report made my skin crawl... 4 men indicted for stealing BODY PARTS!

What will be foreseeable consequences of the end of legal abortion?

have you ever used a racial slur?

Katrina Aftermath Recommendation: Major Military Involvement

It appears the newly formed U.S. Detention camps are for real.

The Forgotten Child Abuse - Fundamentalist Parents of Gay Teenagers

Schlosser jury: 'We are deadlocked' (mom who cut baby's arms off)


John Kerry: a trippy late night story

Why do people think * is Christian?

Cleveland Audit Reveals Vote Count Discrepancy in Bush’s Favor–Need Help!

If the Prez is unfit...then you must Evict!...

Print ad for Nov elections...

I know I'm dense BUT please explain

Remember how much a threat Al Gore was to our national security...

New Ammunition in the Port Sale Argument. It's Not About Racism!

FreeRepublic does not like Free Speech

Problem with nationalizing ports

State Audit: The Infamous Tom Noe Owes Ohio $13.5 Million

God Is Calling

Compare & Contrast: They Are Such Liars!!! RE: Port Committee

Could Bush be thinking this?

Rice: can't have one foot in terrorism and one foot in politics? oh, yeah?

UCLA: Dean brings fresh appeal

Its starting to happen, South Dakota bans all abortions

George Dubai Bush

The "Macho" Party

Mr. Conyers' take on the ports issue:

Great letter in NY Times

Iraq mosque meltdown: soldiers, journalists, civilians, children attacked

Great post and comments.

"I can't remember all the times I commit treason on a given day."

We've been fighting in Iraq...

Congressional candidate put on no-fly list

AOL Poll: Two-thirds rate Bush 'poor'

We Can't Even find a proper opponent for Ney: Ohio Democrats Shying Away

LOU DOBBS-let us now praise Lou Dobbs for the UAE port story

Arab company & White house had secret deal by Yahoo (i knew it!)

Hammer this home to rightwing "values" crowd

BREAKING NEWS..Bush says "people don't need to worry about security"

Late term abortion poll

Reid held up 6 TVA appts because they were all Repubs!!

Bob Dole consults for Dubai company

Why Bush will NOT get his veto overridden...

Repubs running for re-election - are they pro or con the port sale?

"...don't need to worry about security."

This week's "Does W suck?" poll

All we need to point out about UAE

House leaders query Citgo on (Venezuelan) oil discounts for needy (O&GJ)

How many US troops are presently in U.A.E.?

"Lukewarm support from McCain" and "an unprecedented Republican revolt"

Takeover of Ports by UAE does not bode well for US workers

Bush, Rumsfeld, Snow Each Claim They Knew Nothing About Port Transfer

The best Democratic strategy for this sham ports "deal"?

Carlyle/Kjellandar and the teachers (Carlyle running away)

Perception is Reality

Who would have thought there would be civil war in Iraq?

The White House Katrina report and its recommendations

Photo: Bush channels the late Frank Sinatra while exiting Air Force One

Frank Zappa and Bush's assurance that he's "scrutinized" the Dubai deal

"UAE are our ally in the war on terra" =

How many leaders of UAE that met with Osama are still in power??

Poll: UAE Dubai Port deal (Austin, Tx)

Iraq civil war = a good thing! Don't you GET it?


Pics: Bush, Indiana, today: another GOP fundraiser on the taxpayers' dime

For those who dig blogs...

Broken down nicely here

JOSHUA FRANK: Democrat’s Pull Out -- Another Election Year Stunt

RW Christian conservative to run as Democrat...voted for Kerry

Jesse Jackson Jr. Speech

Important reminder to all humanity and the universe!!!

My letter to my congressman.

As sure as the sun rises in the East, Rummy DENIES involvement!

Bill O'Lielly: U.S. should leave Iraq "as fast as humanly possible"


did any repubs attend today's hearing on the ports deal?

Bradblog: Video-Big Money Ties Between Bush Friends & Family,

How many of Shrub's friends are going to profit from the port sale?

Yes it was and yes they did

Confused About The UAE Ports Scandal?

Kristen Breitweiser:Coming to a Port Near You-where Dubya stands for Dubai

Abramoff Scandal Just Another Enron? (The public is getting played?)

Any Dems Supporting Ports Sale?

Ports to UAE? Then what about Saudi Arabia and Iran?! cartoon

The Rich, Religious, Gun-Toting Racist Party... I Mean, the GOP.

What if the Bin Laden Company bought our ports.

In Ohio, Another Loss For "Intelligent Design" Proponents

The president will look like a grown-up if he sticks to his guns.

Sometimes things are just as they seem...

Are the Repugs hiding today?--where are they?

Iraq is in a Civil War!!!!!!! Shout it from the rooftops!

What would Dub's nickname for himself be?

Whats in a name (or e-mail address)?

Port Deal - Bush as Bill Buckner fielding round balls or Tommy Lasorda..

WA Sen. Murray calls on Bush for details -- or halt to sale

Fox News Conspiracy Theory: Russia Moved Saddam’s WMD To Syria

Your either for the UAE or...

The Cheney Shooting Soundtrack

OH BOY!! Coming Up On Lou Dobbs... More

Gwen Awful (Sic) dodges question about Media Matters Study of Network

"The Friends & Family Plan"...C&L Clip: Lou Dobbs on Bush UAE Cronyism

Perhaps an even bigger Freudian slip re Ports of Orwellian proportions...

Media Matters Study of Sunday Talk Shows reveals Conservative Bias

Bring the troops home and place some of them on port security duty.

Will Congress overide a presidential Veto?

Check out this Norquist quote from 1997:

DU Lou Dobbs poll!!!

What I don't get about Dubai & ports..... Clinton tried to use the

If/When Democrats control the Congress again, what are the Top 3 agenda

Delay possible in ports deal, Democrats want new probe

Rush *officially* weighs in on the UAE deal

Dobbs scores a 98%AGAIN! ..yet I wait for him to "turn" like Tweety .

Um, if Sunnis and Shia start killing each other

Have any of the other countries who will hand over their contracts to UAE

Why are conservatives posting this 'toon?

Moderators, I think we will need a separate CIVIL WAR section.

Attention pro-choice people--DU this article!

Just remember Jebbie is looking for a JOB in Jan 2007... UAE may



Politics aside, we can't win on DubaiPort

So.. is it just an innocent business deal or a National Security issue?

North Korea Buys Port of SF and SEATTLE along with China

MSNBC: Dubai’s brushes with groups tied to terrorism

WTF...Time says Bush is taking "a principled stand" on the port issue?

DNC: DeWine Ducks Bush, But Takes Campaign Cash

Dem. Rep. Harman: Bush sets up Repubs to take credit for (fake) progress

The USSR and Int'l Law

"bush is for it (sale to UAE) so you are against it"

it is Santorum’s Virginia home that raises the hardest questions

How can I respond to this freepy e-mail?

Irena or Sasha.............I'm wating in suspense.............


Richard Perle on Tweety.

Photo: "I pledge to learn a lesson from this, Stretch"...

Why isTerry McAuliffe appearing on Cable News Shows ?

so now a republican(Libby)claims CONSTITUTIONAL rights violated

Why we can't back out of the Ports Deal....US Navy Docking Rights in UAE

RNC release omits ALL Republican comments from WSJ Ports article

Diebold: has Built-In Wireless Infrared Data Transfer Ports - why?

Dubai calculates that some $300 billion has moved from Iran to Dubai

Abramoff ties to Russians probed

"Bush jeopardized his strongest issue in the polls" with Ports Deal

Irrelevant Bush? McCain gets 20% of Dems vs. Hillary? ARG poll results

Iraq awash in violence; Bush denounces violence as a political act

Bought "All the President's Men" DVD this week.

Abortion clinic regulation bill rejected (in VA)

Incomes are down and we aren't saving anything

Folks, this port controversy is likely a ploy.

Cheney shooting accounts consistent

NJ , Port Auth. owners to sue Bush admin for data on Port Newark deal

African American History Month Is All About George W. Bush:

Why doesn't the U.S. just have a going out of business sale?

View Tammy Duckworth's new ad here

Remember Rendition?

OK, Why the hell is Madeline Albright lobbying for the port deal.

Nationalizing our ports: My analysis as a longshoreman

Was there any mention of the South Dakota law on the news last night?

So what is the status of the port of New Orleans which is being leased?

*** College fund for Karl Christian Rove ***

Call your senators and congressmen before the Dem's. cave on thisUAE

The right wing movement needs to be destroyed

The Houses of Bush, Sabah, and Maktoum - for real

Iraqi Civil War is On the Way.

Halliburton is connected to DUBAI --The port deal is for Cheney

Tell your Senators and Rep to nationalize our ports.

The American Media 101 (The media as GOP shill)

Lott: "Commerce Committee in the Dark" (port deal)

Karl Rove Flop Sweat Alert: "UAE gave $100 million for Katrina relief"

My Analysis Of Why bush Invaded Iraq, And Why he Doesn't Want Civil War

Senate Democrat chastises Bush on al Qaeda speech (security risk)

Ex-White House aide (Libby) wants charges thrown out

You silly people - the port deal is the Clinton's fault!

Another WTF Moment, brought to you by the morons who elected Bush.

Kicking George Will's Ass Makes Me SOOOO Happy!!!!

Why the UAE controlled Co. and DIEBOLD are related

Quickie BFEE Irony/Parallel in light of Portgate

Feds threaten action in Westmoreland [Pennsylvania] vote machine case

When would you support military action overseas?

Maybe Harriet Miers should run the ports.

The IRAQ War is SOOO Great!!!!!

What are you doing for the third anniversary of the occupation?

Former Sen. Birch Bayh Joins Coalition to Abolish Electoral College

DU this poll

Bush Freudian slip: He just doesn't care about our security. He said it!!!

Screen Shot: Fox News wouldn't understand irony if it bit them on the ASS.

John Edwards New Blog !

America for Sale: The Cost of Republican Corruption

Bigotry aimed at our enemies only hurts our friends...

McCain: I trust the president of the United States

Anyone carry petitions for ballot access?