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Archives: February 2, 2006

Native American Media: Tribes' greed led them into Abramoff scandal

Riverbend on the Iraqi elections

A column for your enjoyment

St. Jack and the Bullies in the Pulpit

Lexington Herald-Leader--Stop suppressing science

MOGAMBO GURU: Godzilla Rises Up Out Of The Ocean, Shooting Laser Beams...

How the subject of animal hybrids made it into the SOTU speech: (toon)

DALE ALLEN PFEIFFER: ExxonMobile: the Shame, the Ideal & the Practical

To spread democracy abroad, respect the law at home

Molly is my hero...

Standing for rights, not on the right

Molly Ivins: Bush vs. Reality

Delusion and Illusion Worthy of Dickens (Dowd)

Bush's War on T-Shirts

NYT: Evangelical Filmmakers Criticized for Hiring Gay Actor

Mark Morford's "The Real State of the Union"

Iraq, Niger, And The CIA (Juicy)

Smothering the King Legacy with Kind Words

National Journal- Iraq, Niger, And The CIA

LTTE, need feedback on connection w health care cost and life...

Abramoff and gaming Indians: Just the tip of the iceberg

OK for bush/cheney to be the Leak-ers, not the Leaked-ons

Abramoff's Evangelical Soldiers ... Reed, Falwell, Robertson, Dobson

The Idea of a Local Economy

Stealing from the future (or how to destroy the planet in seven easy steps

A Must-Watch- Bush on Global Warming. LOL!

Christian Coalition Urges the U.S. House to Pass Bartlett's 'Holly's Law'

It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 'President has lost Americans' confidence'

Racism Doesn't Exist Anymore

Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran

Big Oil Screws America Into the Ground

A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court?

This isn't an article but check it out, a real interesting site

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Pestilent Presidency

WP: City Fears for Its Soul-New Orleans Worries That Its Unique Culture

The March of the Straw Soldiers (NYT editorial re: spying))

Joint Chiefs Fire at Toles Cartoon on Strained Army

How can you make ethanol from wood?

Bush defends Exxon's huge oil profits

Climate Experts Predict La Nina Phenomenon

Black-Footed Ferrets Breeding, Expanding Across Historic Range

Punxsutawney Groundhog Sees His Shadow

Arizona's Wildfire Season Forecast Looking Grim

WOOOO!! Hybrid Yukon, Tahoe Coming Late in 2007!! USA! USA! USA!

Warmth Reigns Across Canada - In Winnipeg, Warmest January Since 1873

Place your bets. First hurricane.

Milwaukee- 42 Straight Winter Days w. High Temps Above 30F

90% Of Arctic Permafrost Will Go By 2100 - New Scientist

Pregnant Seals Swarm Canadian Islands - No Ice To Give Birth On

A Sideways Energy Policy

Sea Warming Hits Japan's Fisheries

Study - Whales May Pick Mates Based On Songs - AFP

Yet Another Bush SOTU Blank Spot - Zero Mention Of Climate

Warmest January On Record For Minnesota

LAT)Many ways, no will (a basket of new technologies -all veto'd by GOP

Chimp's Advisors Now "Clarifying" His Remarks About ME Oil "Addiction"

Canada Now Likely To Withdraw From Kyoto Protocol

Report Suggests Cancer in Tasmanian Devils

Bush Energy Proposals, Speech Underwhelming To Observers - IPS

Bush LAYING OFF renewable energy researchers!?!

Bush Energy "Plan" Draws Skepticism - a.k.a. "When AEI Attacks!"


GM cotton crops perform poorly in India

First Test Drive Of Hybrid Camry - LA Times

Did you guys ever see the air car on BBC?

3rd generation Prius... 2008

Can we talk about alternative fuels? NNadir has some good points

Ethanol vs. gasoline study.. ethanol looks pretty good..

Why Hamas Won.

High Court: State must explain why it won't move fence in Bil'in

The End of a Political Fiction? -- On Hamas Win in Palestine

De-Demonize Hamas, Support Democracy

Jihad Against Danish Newspaper

Parents wonder how the IDF shot their 9-year-old daughter

Anyone Hear About This On Stephanie Miller

Anyone Hear About This On Stephanie Miller

Questions remain from 9/11 report, professor says

Scholars for 9/11 Truth: The Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

Anyone Hear About This On Stephanie Miller

Miami Herald columnist: We are avoiding hard questions about 9/11

Professor Steven Jones: "9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions"

Miami Herald picks up scolars doubts

9/11: March For Truth NYC '06

The biggest distraction: The shootdown of Flight 93

Diebold plan to cut costs boosts shares

CA: Most e-vote systems should be up to snuff by June (Diebold on hold)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 2/2/06

AZ: FBI seizes ballots in close '04 legislative race

EAC website is down. Did anyone save a copy of


Supreme Court to reconsider campaign spending limits

Front page of the Gazette yesterday "Warmest January ever"

A fellow Democrat just emailed this to me - IRONY

Bill requiring financial transparency from religious mega-groups fails

Kudos * protesters you were seen!

Wetterling is running for the 6th Congressional District House Seat!

10 years ago today, the coldest day in MN history.

Is there a free LINK TO kARMA sUTRA WORM blocker????

Bushitler does Dallas

Draft Maxey website now up

TX-28: Cuellar sat on Republican side of aisle at SOTU

Katy Huebner endorsed by Texas State Teachers Association-PAC

Help put Democracy for Houston on top!

New DVO "Fight'em til hell freezes over "merchandise

Cuellar gets hammered on dKos for being faux Democrat

i have been so "domestic" all day but didn't put a thought to dinner

We had a 10 minute dinner tonight......Yummy!

I'm 'on notice' ...... and made my mea culpas ..........

Have you ever been to a famous chefs restaurant?

Canada Out of Kyoto/Restrictions on Softwood lumber gone.

Who thinks Bob Rae would make an excellent Liberal leader?

Former U.S. Official in Iraq to Plead Guilty to Corruption

Alito Splits With Conservatives on Inmate (Pro Life, indeed???)

WaPo: Bush Agenda Not As Far-Reaching, Goals More Limited in Time of War

Deutsche Bank downgrades Israel as political uncertainties intensify

New bird flu scare in north Iraq

Iran's leader hits back at US for 'bloody hands'

Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran

Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Afghanistan

Bush Keeps Privacy Posts Vacant

Bush speech short of Gulf Coast hopes

Rep. Lewis’s (R) use of military aide may break the rules

'St. Jack' and the Bullies in the Pulpit

BBC: US firms must go green, says Gore

Tornadoes Blow Through New Orleans

Protest calls for boycott of businesses (in Costa Mesa, CA)

Suspected Mosque Vandal Arrested

War and economy top litany of complaints (SOTU Heartland reaction)

Two car bombs kill 12 in Baghdad

US Congress scraps cotton subsidy

Blair: I have failed to change attitudes to the EU

NYT: Budget Measure Increases College Loans and Rates

Explosion rocks Baghdad's Sadr City (US Helicopter fires missle)

Al-Qaida Figthing in Afghan Insurgency (coming from Iraq)

Bush arrives in Twin Cities; protesters gather in Maplewood

Bolivia lifts exporter gas prices in nationalisation step

On day before decision, Boehner rounds up votes

strib: Bush arrives in Twin Cities; protesters gather in Maplewood

Iran's leader hits back at US for 'bloody hands'

U.S., Europe Gather Support for Iran Move

After a second video is released, efforts to free Jill Carroll continue...

Breaking News from The Hill: Voting Irregularities, House Leader Election

NYT: Rare Scandal Accord in Spokane Diocese ("nonfinancial concessions")

Shell posts record $23B profit

CNN/ Boehner elected House majority leader

NYT: Haiti to Stop Polling, Shut Schools to Secure Vote

CIA Chief Says Wiretap Disclosure Damaging (Goss)

Questions remain from 9/11 report, professor says

Bush told Blair we're going to war, (1/31/2003) memo reveals

Do-Over on First Ballot (ReThugs have more votes than people)

Severe thunderstorm hits New Orleans

Court says woman imprisoned for 12 years committed no crime

Sunnis offer peace deal

Solicitor Giese decides to become a Democrat [SC]

Nun killed in Brazil to receive posthumous degree

Bush to Request $120B More for War Funding

Robertson Explains On-Air Statements

Bush Urges Confidence in His Leadership (actual headline)

Iraq, Niger, And The CIA (Juicy)

Bush doesn’t see Rice running for president

WP: Evangelicals Will Not Take Stand on Global Warming

Reservist, 32, sues Army to leave service

Impeachment Of George W. Bush Can Begin In the State Legislatures

Al Qaeda still plots attacks on U.S.-intelligence chief (Negroponte)

"Canadian diplomat says soldiers fired on her SUV without warning;

Audit Finds Accounting Flaws at VA (Admn falsely claimed savings 1.3 bil )

Fitzgerald Hints White House Records Lost

Arizona Legislature (Rep) Take Governor (Dem) to Court To Settle Dispute

U.S. drops trade law Canada opposes - (so-called Byrd amendment)

Lag in Forming Iraq Government Troublesome

CNN/Reuters: State seeks to block 'No Child Left Behind': CT rebels

Patent office to re-examine JPEG patent

Gore Helps DSCC Raise Money

What Every American Jew Should Know About John Boehner

NYT: Medicare Drug Spending Expected to Be Well Below Estimates

High-security centre to house terror suspects (Canada)

NYT: Behind Bush's New Stress on Science, Lobbying by Republican Execs

Bono challenges Washington to tithe one per cent of the budget to the poor

Liberian president fires entire ministry

NYT/AP: Witness: Skilling Misled Wall St. Analysts

Gunmen shut EU Gaza office over cartoons (CNN not showing out of respect)

(Mayor Bloomberg's) Companion Suggests 'Machinations' Cost Her a Job

U.S. officials to meet with Cubans over oil

King to lie in repose in Georgia Capitol

Insurgent attacks kill five US troops in Iraq

Canberra knew of Saddam kickbacks

Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment Work

CNN Breaking: 1st Ballot for Majority Ldr invalidated -- irregularities

Evangelical Filmmakers Criticized for Hiring Gay Actor

Democrat: White House built 'wall' around spy program (Rockefeller

Insurgent attacks kill four US troops in Iraq

Panel Leaders Flunk U.S. Ocean Policies

Bush to request $70B more for war funding

NYT: Democrats Call for Special Prosecutor in (Abramoff) Lobbying Case

Promise kept: Chile Cabinet is half women

U.S. can’t afford tax cuts any longer, Voinovich says

Fitzgerald: Relevant leak-case 2003 WH emails are missing

LAT/AP: Bush to Request $439.3B Defense Budget

LAT: Mortar Attack Sets Off Iraqi Oil Plant Inferno

Bush Advisors Clarify His Statements On Mideast Oil

Venezuela to Expel U.S. Naval Attache

Anonymous Katrina Victims Buried in Mississippi

Boy Says Perfect Day Involves Violence Against Bush (SS investigating)

Tsunami Impact: For Thousands, Life is Unbelievably Grim

Terror threat 'greater than ever' (Rumsfeld)

Boehner named Majority Leader

Man, 18, sought in gay bar attack

Joint Chiefs Fire At Toles Cartoon On Strained Army

Andrea Yates Leaves Jail for Hospital

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 2 February

Rep. Bartlett Wins Support to Ban Abortion Pill

WP: Amazon and Oil Prices Knock Down the Markets

BBC Update: US official admits Iraq aid theft

Congress Extends Patriot Act Five Weeks

Canadian border worries American officials

Abramoff case, spying loom over Gonzales

Court filings shed more light on CIA leak investigation (3rd reporter)

Westerners flee Gaza, West Bank

NYT: (NYC) Police Officers Sue Over Police Surveillance of Their Protests

Nazi items in home of alleged gay bar attacker

Medicaid cuts to affect 13 million

NYT: King Funeral Has Surprise in Site Choice (megachurch, not Ebenezer)

CNN/Reuters: Bolton presides over empty U.N. room

Bush calls for lifting cap on special H-1B visas (high-tech workers)

Bush told Blair we're going to war, memo reveals

Rumsfeld says Chavez rise 'worrisome' (compares Chavez to Hitler)

Feds turn eye to healthy marriages

Congressman subpoenaed for 9/11 trial

French editor is sacked over Mohammad cartoon

In Turkish Movie, Americans Kill Innocents

US Senate Candidate Sheeler (D - RI) - 'Impeach Bush!'

How do you usually connect to the internet?

I want some Lounge Stature

Zeedonk- Zebra-Donkey hybrid

Is 'Lost' just another repeat tonight?

Hey!!! Wanna see a video I did grip and lighting for?

I wish I were floating in my swimming pool, beneath the stars

Do you ever feel like you're little more than an afterthought?

I can't stand politics right now so I'm listening to Poco

Anybody seen KitchenWitch tonight?


Speaking of puppy love - share your stories!

While I think it is the barfiness. Poutine is OK. WTF.really (look inside)

what a week. I think I have man-opause

Good God, Cheer up! What's with all this melancholy introspection tonight?

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Groundhog Day!

If you were to go to a Twins game, which opponent would you prefer

give me some kudos! I lost 160 pounds of ugly fat!

Why can't I get just one fuck?

You breaka DU, I breaka your face

Do you use google video

If the Groundhog sees it's shadow then how many more years

Cindy Sheehan vs. Bono

For Oeditpus Rex ...

Who broke it?

Cool Picture of my Web Page Hosting Service Support. :)

Who is jacking up right now?

I love you

Farrah is 59!

Rich Lowry is a fucking idiot

So Lost was on repeat AGAIN last night

This year, both Groundhog Day and the SOTU fall in the same week...

Who is here

Is anyone else still encountering errors periodically?

Pagans please:

PU this Dole


Now it is time to discuss Platypuses

Is it just me, or is DU moving slow as molasses today?

I had a strangely depressing dream last night


Cover versions you wish could've happened, but won't?

Observation: Having soul" & having a good sense of humor are very related.

"In the Garden of Allah"

How can I capture pencil drawings to my computer?

Thursday earworm. A rare twofer, in honor of the new

Can I sue my boss for damage to my liver because he drives me to drink?

Rerun of the Oprah visit on Letterman tonight.

Dear Dog...NOT THE B JOKE....

Voted best joke in Australia 2006

Voted Best Joke in England 2006

so my only class was canceled today and it's officially the weekend

Somebody please reboot my brain

yipee! My daughter is featured article in the Living Section

The Puppy Bowl!

"I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing..."

thought y'all might like this

If the president isn't obliged to obey the law, why should I be?

My friend got a puppy!

What did they call Tiny Tim when he turned 18?

My best childhood friend would have been 46 today

Long-time rightwing jarhead friend of mine admits he's gone anti-Shrub

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone!

I'm off to grab a burger while Skinner updates DU!

please, please help me anyone! I'll buy ya a star!

Ah room-zoom-zoom, Ah room-zoom-zoom, Gilley gilley gilley gilley

Groundhog Day consensus:

Music Trivia: What are the top 5 bestselling Soundtracks of all time?

Who wants to play "Questions"?

Ending of "40-year-old Virgin" Please explain it to me

Ashleigh Banfield is on Court TV

The lion will lay with the lamb...

TOM CRUISE is so...

Two of the BEST Black History Month shows ever....PBS and BET

Ahh, the stirrings of puppy love, in action tonight

I had to call Mr. Hitler was your day?

Hey!! We're back on line!!!!

I think my wife might be seeing someone else - her name is 'Mrs. R'

So, I refinished GOPisEvil yesterday. Wanna see?

Death to Mr. Right!

You must have a hole in your head

About 6 of us are going to see Morris Day and the time!!

IE7 bugs abound (shocked, I tells ya, shocked)

Why Oh Why Must Canada Be So Cold?

I know NONE of you have heard this Boehner joke yet!!!!

Jennifer Aniston owns movie rights to discredited "Million Little Pieces"

Speed Buggy or Speed Racer?


I need to send an e-Birthday card to someone. Most are very lame.

Recommendations for non-AAA roadside assistance?

Holy SHIT!!

A movie about two cowboys....FUNNY.

Band you'd love to see in concert even if you'd be ashamed to post it here

This Boehner reminds me of someone

What's the origin of the "Three R's" crap?

Can someone help me identify where a certain phrase comes from?

Which brings us to tonight's word...

Ever wanted to vomit because of doctor visit reports in the office?

Won't you let me take you on a Tom Cruise?

John Prine in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans-Europe Express

Anyone here have a Palm device? A question.

Thread titles in GD you just can't stay out of . . .

If you're fed up with the Democratic Party...

Anyone else familiar with Atlantis Angeles

The GDs are nothing but Boehner jokes right now.

Can someone explain the following to me?

If I see one more thread throwing a tantrum about direct translation

I'm watching "Cellular" on cable. Quite possibly the dumbest movie ever.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Need help transferring pics to CD/DVD

An early contender for Quote of the Year

On yonder hill there stands a maiden

I'm listening to "With Au Jus"

After watching this Colbert / David Cross video,

What's your Rap Star Name

Goodnight everyone!

DAMN! Actually WORKING At Work Is HARD!

What color is your antimacassar?

Praise be to the Goddess - I'm posting from my new Sony Computer

What did you do during the DU upgrade when it was off-line? (humor)

I say now........who do ya luv???

I'm listening to "With Teeth"

Neil Young or Devo?

I just ordered "The Power of Nightmares"

Are You Ready For A "Little Added Touch" To Your Home's Interior?

Don't EVER take a Baptist fishing.

Gambling pill?

Post here if your parents were alive during the 'Great Flood'.

I'm reading "Without Feathers"

"[Blank] giveth, and [Blank] taketh away."

I just got offered a job

Hi, I just came into the lounge the last few days,

Who would invent this, and more importantly - WHY?

L.L. Bean toll-free number redirects customers to a phone sex line

Official Repub majority leader pun thread

Kids gone ALL wrong....>>>cute overload warning.

A Pillow of Winds..... Pink Floyd appreciation thread....

No one ever PM's me

I'm close to 3000 posts Ask me anything*

Phone call for Mike Rotch!

No One Ever PMS's Me

Michael Shiavo to do interview next on Olberman

Ain't no more Telegrams.

Just in case anyone needs a laugh

Krazy Kat pics...

I have a sinus infection and am supposed to fly next week

Faxing via vonage (or other VOIP service)?

It weren't god who made honky-tonk angels

Ladies: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find this picture

Whose mom is older than their dad?

Woohoo! Yippeeeee! Wooohooo!

I saw "Murkan Eye-DULL" last night for the first time...

Home improvement question...any contractors on?

Do you have a friend always wanting you to post silly things

Post here & I'll describe a wet dream I had about you.

Now all M.A.T.C.O.M. members are gainfully employed.

Crazy Cats (video)

Is your cat right-handed or left-handed?

Saved: dog hanging from leash caught in elevator

Fishin' Poles? We don't need no stinkin' fishin' poles

Man Who Killed Mom To Be Released - He Ate Her Eyes Out

Name the point when "The Sopranos" jumped the shark

What are you NOT doing *right now*?

Here's a treat for you Survivor fans

Has anyone here ever been kicked out of a restaurant for sharing...

Okay... Today officially sucks

Just have to share,

You know what I'm sick and tired of?

Cookie poll

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/2/06)

Hey, did you guys get the memo?

Brokeback to the Future

Logic of Wire tapping (OK, maybe not!)

take back Senate t shirt

Okay, Okay... I have an Idea... Let's swap lives

Sopranos fans--It's official.....

Fascism Anyone?

kid needs math help - I'm clueless

How do you all handle saboteurs at work?

Things that come in threes

Should I change my computers date to 02/06 to avoid the bug?

Time for something light - Survivor on CBS in 5 minutes.

What type of Animal-Human Hybrid would you be?

Tony Bush

Is GWuBby more or less polite than other names for W?

My next CD/mp3 purchase: Optiganally Yours.

Anyone use Rhapsody?

Movie gonna come out: "Man Of The Year"

A donkey.

Stop the War on Candlemas!

Museum will have Abbie’s trash, Rubin’s road kill

"ROAAWWWWLLLL", Translation: "I will eat your soul."

What's gray and comes in quarts?

What The Hell Is Switch-Grass???

Guys: Gym locker room etiquette question (poll form)

Yes Merh - I got your email

Who's better, Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert?

Rebroacast tonight Of My Radio Show

A fun little text-based game!

! daerht sdrawkcab epyT

Kylie Minogue's Cancer Is In Full Remission

Video essay: the Amen break and copyright law.

What is this about the Kama Sutra email virus?

Favorite SciFi

SF DU folks - best time to spend a few days there?


In honor of my 1,000th favorite quotations...enjoy!!!

I don't like to complain, but boy, this really fucking hurts. A lot.

Hey- Ian Curtis is in a new band called She Wants Revenge!

"You Make Me Feel Brand New"- The Stylistics

I changed a tire for an elderly gentleman in the pouring rain today...

Grey vs. Gray

Girl scores 113 - ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN - points (team wins 137-32)

Nadler on Colbert Report! nt

Oh, ferfuxakes.

What should I throw at my roleplaying game group tonight?

DU this poll (Colbert)

STOP IT!! You guys....I'm trying to get some work done here.

Do you have an ex whom you will always hate a little bit?

DU this poll

Okay, I cannot stop laughing!

What ever happened to Arwalden?

Any Battlestar Galactica fans around?

After 3 month of unemployment I got a job today!

Am I the only Box of Frogs fan?

Scotch and cigar time.

I wanna see Ritchie Blackmore beat Billy Joel to death with a broken strat

Name the point when DU "jumped the snark"

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora file for divorce

He steals from the poor and gives to the rich

Is Lewis Black off the Daily Show forever?


Unseemly jesters check in. Volunteer to be spocksmen.

Things from the past I REALLY miss.

If I see 'Reichwing' one more time, I'm going to blow a fuse

I fell in love with Leslie Caron tonight. Again.

Is Britney Spears pregnant again?

If the Seahawks can neutralize the Steelers fierce power rush & blitzes...

Any Firefighters?

Do you have an ex with whom you will alway be a little bit in love?

I have THE stupidest guy friend. *Funny story alert*

Name the point when DU "jumped the shark"

tommy the cat is my name and I say unto thee...

How do you like your bass?

Life is moving forward


merh - can you email your porn to MrsGrumpy please

Tell me if this lacks class or not....

The HORRORS. No Picture Thread on First Page in the Lounge.

actually, merh, can you email your porn to... uh .... me.

evening earworm

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the worst places on earth.

Ladies: What shade of toenail polish do you wear?

Billy Jack or Billy Joel?

I got $90 of Borders gift cards...any book recommendations?


Come see me play in Ocean City, MD this Friday, Feb. 3!!!

Anyone around here familiar with Finnish real estate prices?

Is this cannibalism?

Allentown by Billy Joel....And We're Waiting here in Allentown.

Any Rockhhounds going to the Tucson show?

I used to think Lazy Town was the freakiest kids show on TV...

Make your own * speech.

Mini Minnesota Meet-Up-w/pic

my... my husband tells me you're in SNARKS

so they came to me & said "we want to make a SNARK picture"

In relationships, and their associated problems,

interviewing mr chomsky tomorrow - any advice?

"The Daily Show"......isn't as funny lately.

What the fuck happened?

Junk Mail From FEMA

Pick a DUer to be LOCKED in an elevator with

Porn at work is BAD- My company made sure everyone knows.

Single Again

And I was worried about DU censorship

What's your favorite song right now?

Favorite Tetris piece?

This guy shut down the Ghostbusters:

Smileys DU needs...

"I'm blessed"

If we had a party in NYC would anyone even come

Boy George Pleads Innocent! (This guy should go to jail for life!)

Before & After (photos -- dial up warning)

Woo Hoo! I am going to be the proud owner of a brand new

Post here if your parents were alive during the 'Great Depression'

What are you going to do while DU is down?

A guy sticks his head into a barber shop and asks...

I am singing with no teeth.

if you are alone & drop food on the floor , do you pick it up & eat it?

Yes Virginia - There is a Santa Claus

You will all hate me because of the earworm I'm about to give you!!!

Dick Armey, Tom De Lay and now a middle aged Boner

Take a DU''ers name, and guess at why they have it!

Why do married/partnered people flirt?

Free Air America podcasts to end on Feb

If you could take a sightseeing trip cross country ~ would you?

Do you ever wish religion just didn't exist?

Why no updates to the Bible?

Bomb threat because Prophet portrayed wearing a bomb-shaped turban

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Venus Just After Sunset (dial up warning!)

Man attacks with hatchet, gun in Mass. gay bar

Frank Blasts Condi's UN Gay Position

Swedish Gov't Helpless To Stop Anti-Gay Web Site

State 'abstinence' head faces an ethics probe

Unhealthy obsession

Soldier’s widow testifies on measure

Mass House fails to pass financial transparency for religious mega-groups

Police Investigate Shooting At Gay Bar As Possible Hate Crime

ACLU Defends Anti-gay Minister Latham arrested for asking for gay sex

Good news in Canada

Britain In Grip Of Homophobic Crime Wave

Money Flows To Bigoted Churches

Florida Gay Marriage Foes Come Up Short

Berlin to Build Memorial to Gays Persecuted by Nazis

McNabb speaks on Owens.....

Girl scores 113 Points in High School Game

I'm leaving for Pittsburgh in an hour

I know some people are skeptical about Sylvia Browne on

I need some help with sending love and light

Speak to me of a Neptune square Uranus transit.

anyone seen Corey Baker around ?

So, waht else happened last week. Bills filed.

Statement from John Kerry on Hate Crime Committed in New Bedford, MA

Comm Comm Hearing 2/7/06 Net Neutrality

Another letter to the WH

If you're interested in a children's book

Does anyone have a take on this? Primary challenger against Lieberman

Another (sigh) 2008 poll

Please see this.

That's it!! I've HAD it with the Kossaks!!

Boxer, Lautenberg, Kerry call for full disclosure of WH & Abramoff

Has Sen. Kerry released anything regarding gov't spying yet? nt

Alito vote, closet liberal or hype?

Group Card for John Kerry

KOEB 2/2/06 The "SOTU" Address "I didn't mean it" program

OK, so Keith's a maverick. But which one?

Sudden death tie run-off!

Combined tie results so far


Good news that got lost in all the talk about the SOTU...

God, I wish the Democrats Knew…

New Strategy for our Dem the OPPOSITE of

Did Sheehan's ordeal see the light of day in...

Cindy Sheehan, what really happened in her own words..

Building the Beloved Community

Human-animal hybrids scare me

Juan Cole on the Middle East comments from Shrubya's SOTU

Tomorrow is National Call Kerry and Kennedy Day

FASCISM 101 from Randi Rhodes show

I can't stand politics right now so I'm listening to Poco

ACLU seeks Pentagon peace activist surveillance info

Cindy Sheehan's T-shirt said "Support Our Troops," too...

Is Cindy still doing her law suit or is that now canceled?

Is There Any Real Interest In The DC Protest Saturday?

Any vets on tonight? And why Cindy doesn't need her friends piling on

On the Medicaid Cuts passed tonight, not one Dem voted 4 them!

No polls for Bush's State of the Union yet?

Bush, Cheney and Rove are at your mercy,

Bush on Jawboning 2000/ OPEC 2005: (compare/contrast)

God damnit I found it! May I present... human... animal... HYBRID!!!

OMG! AFA heads explode as Britney Spears appears on "Will and Grace"!!

Right now, there are already Health Care Savings Accounts, aren't there?

whores Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer to replace Woodruff

Day two, the SOTU promises, or, how quickly they forget

Wes Clark--Listening to a rebroadcast of a speech on CSPAN now

Obsequious Joe, first to stand and ovate Bush on Iraq at SOTU

Israeli troops attack Amona. Picture of the year?

ABC's conservative front page

Gunman opens fire in gay bar, New Bedford, Massachusetts

Bush Flip Flops AGAIN! Admin says he was only kidding about oil addiction

Flamey McGassy

CORRUPT-LICANS!* ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *Let's rename them!

My old brain is befuddled: the "purple finger" thing...was it at a SOTU

How things work: The "get Cindy" media campaign

Want to track perps from the Culture of Corruption? Trial dates, etc.

Well, Alito played the "secret moderate" today... my jaw dropped

President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

(TOON) Steve Bell: State Of The Union 2006

A question for EVERYONE!

Reading Between the Lines on the DC Police Apology to Sheehan

George Never Once Used the Word "Katrina" in SOTU >>>

Durbin said: Help Children--Grassley said: Feed the Fat-cats

One of the Schmidt's Broom Riding Brigade

About Opec's statement and Bush clarification

Remember This!!

After all he has done for Bush in the fight against terrorism

A column on my website. opinions?

Check out this thread from Monday.

Justice Alito casts his first vote

The Cindy Sheehan debacle NEEDS to be exposed in the mainstream...

I've had to go to "upload.democraticunderground"

US intelligence director John Negroponte to deliver threat assessment!

Lungren, Repub on cspan saying Jr has the authority to snoop.

Please read... a suggestion about echo-chambers and changing gears

Anyone know a link to corporate contributions?

Pentagon seeks to curb China's military might!!

If only the Gopher King could be more like the Groundhog King

I forgot Cindy was going to be on the Today Show and G'mornin Murka - has

Who knows anything about a tornado in New Orleans?

Bush the zombie =====>pic

Iraqis Have Another Deadly Day, Courtesy of US Forces....

How I Came To Embrace Peasantry And Love The Man/Monkey Hybrid

House Passes Bill To cut Health Care for Poor & Elderly & Tuition Cuts

La. renews call for 'fair share' of offshore oil royalties - Bush:Huh?

Got an LTTE published!

Former CIA Director Woolsey Named Chairman of SuperCom's Advisory Board

Stephanie Miller will have Cindy on this morning

1. The Republicans lied to win support for invading Iraq.

In for a penny, in for a pound

Rasmussen: Bush's Post Fib-Fest Approval Edges Lower

Danny Schecter, media complicity in Iraq war...

Buyer's remorse (for your captioning)...

Keep getting error message this morning.

No George, You're Still Not Cool ---pix--->>>

Senator Pat (Roberts) of Kansas Sure Scared the Crap Out of Me

Riverbend today - the danger of mixing politics and religion ...

Heads up! Cindy Sheehan coming up on Stephanie Miller! n/t

Cindy Sheehan on Bill O'Reilly

Turning Up the Heat on Intelligence Officials About Spying *on c-span now*

Here are the nuclear plans the CIA gave to Iran

With a Slim Margin--the Republicans Are Moving Far-Right

Fox News Cartoon

Did you know that * did not say "Katrina" once in the SOTU?

I'm panicked about the Karma Sutra virus!

Imagine if this was the response to the SOTU-SNAFU, by our NEXT President:

Bush hiding documents from Katrina, Abramoff, Plame, & Illegal Wiretapping

Why is it if our Health Care System is so damn good

George Bush, give me back my son.

Title IX Anniversary Examines Progress, Disparities in Girls' Athletics

the bushmilhousegang and open pit mining

How should democrats in the Senate handle the Hillman

Senate Democrats are Fighting Against $70 billion Tax Cuts for Fat Cats

Besides the obvious, you know what really sucked about the SOTU?

Super bowl Homeland Security sweep. Sign of things to come?

Halliburton Patents Sun

Rich Lowry thinks Dems were for Clinton's free trade initiatives.

" army of straw men and a fleet of red herrings."

Need a mass call in to Senators office to demand subpeona of White House

Baldwin: "..Chicken-bleep Democrats in the Senate."

Negroponte is about to go to sleep giving his opening statement

Guys, please stop saying that the T-shirt thing was a plant/made up

Guys, I'm sooooo sick of this t-shirt thing.

LAY OFF that RePUKE Congressman's wife

Matthews Says 'Gung Ho' 'Neo-Cons' Wanted To Invade Iraq, Middle East

U.S. sides with Iran, Sudan to bar gay groups from UN

MSNBC: Oil Tanker Runs Aground in Alaska, Hit By Melted Ice Shelf

Look out world... It's Flamey McGassy!! (HUMOR)

Let us pray.

bu$h claims that we are a hopeful nation--naw, we´re a fearful nation.

Anyone know how to get online a copy of Hill &Bill's Health care plan?

Glad Tidings from Fitz!

Doc urges warning on park noise

Here's yer Super Bowl ad (*)

One more subtle little way Bush has changed my life for the worse-

A fun little text-based game!

Abramoff's "clients" vs "associates"

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

Why Oh Why Must Canada Be So Cold?

Public Corruption - FBI's Top Criminal Priority

Buckaroo Bushai on live WHAT the fuck IS he talking about

Tears-Bring them home now

Negroponte and his confirmation to any role...

CIA, FBI and Nat. Intel (Negroponte)--holding hearing on threats now on

YOU ALL HAVE TO WATCH THIS. Posting on my blog now!!!

Bush's Health Insurance...more money out of pocket for patients...

Indian Ocean island epidemic hits 50,000 (and growing)

Could someone explain this animal human hybrid crapola to me

Political Photograph of the Year - "Vulnerable" (pic of Tom Delay)

Caption this * pic...

Medicaid and Medicare, student loans, food stamps cut to fund Bush wars

*:"the Abramoff scandal has sent a terrible signal to the American people"

OMG! I Just Remembered Bev Young Visited Ben At Bethesda. She Is A SLAG!

Q: Anyone have a list of Repub quotes condemning NSA spying?

Maybe we should be pursuing atheism?

yipee! My daughter is featured article in the Living Section

Rumsfeld speech at National Press Club interrupted by protester.

Great LTTE re: Book of Daniel's cancellation

So who is actually responsible for picking the SOTU rebuttal person?

Bush counts on the cowardice, disarray and complicity of the Democrats?

Find out about any city.. example shown Panama, OK. (those poor people)

I just punked Bill Donahue's Catholic League and Catholic Answers.

Yeah!! The forum is back up!! N/T

No geeks please, we're a modelling agency

GOP has a Boehner

Why shouldn't Cindy attack Dems who also support the war?

Bush's Traveling Roadshow Speech Was Just Like Groundhog Day

NASCAR Publicist accused of sex crime

I hope that Delay is seething today....

FBI Investigates AIPAC Effort to Skew NYT Iran Coverage

Yikes ! These spooks in CIA, FBI, and NSA are scary !

We are our brothers' keepers. This is where we need to draw a

My letter to the editor on the State of the Union;

The whole point of Sheehan vs Young

PHOTO: Poll #'s in the toilet, George & Laura introduce softshoe routine

Did Bush make a Presidential Record for breaking a promise?

!!!!!!!!Radio, TV Stations Could Be Seized in Emergency (Physically)

Great meme: Free Market Utopians

Did American RW'ers Conspire to help Harper

Dems Sarcastic Standing Ovation is on ThinkProgress...

VIDEO - Rockeller/Chamblis/Feingold on Who Leaked?

I'm not addicted to oil you ass!

Boehner: Big Tobacco’s Personal Western Union

was the system down? i couldn't get in for about an hour.

Welcome to Berlusconi's "Operation Truth"

Blunt loses House leader bid on 2nd ballot to Boehner

Did anyone else have problems w/DU this AM, long BEFORE the server

Massey Energy Thumbs Nose At WV Governor

So the Rethugs had more votes than voters

We're living in a time of inconvenience

Would Americans ‘get it’ if Bush and Chaney were Chinese?

Only 29 Percent Of American Idol Viewers Stayed Tuned For SOTU

Now we know the real reason they want to build a wall along the borders

Have we had our Goldwater moment? (a pointless rambling monologue)

Time to find out when your state Caucuses are....

RawStory: THIRD Time reporter cited in leak inquiry findings...


2248 Reasons why the DSM is Important


Did Bush ask Roberts to have hearing ahead of Specter....?

bohner just elected new house majority leader

Bush has been given a statue! ------> pic

So who thinks there'll be another "terror attack" before November?

Another HILARIOUS pic...

What happened to our Reps./ Reasonable thinking is "fringe" in America.

Boehner sounds like Jimmy Stewart. nt.

Got a Poll from the Democrats Yesterday

VIDEO-Pat Roberts Being an Ass to Carl Levin during hearing

Professor Steven Jones: "9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions"

Administration backs off Bush's vow to reduce Mideast oil imports

Quakers, Vegans and 1/2 Bears! Oh my! Quakers, Vegans and 1/2 Bears

GOP symbol updated

Has FISA ever declared that Bush's spying program is legal?

Quick: Write an reply to caffertyfile ---on the air now (CIA docs missing

civil disobedience and/or civil inconvenience

GOP gets a rise out of Boehner

Philip Morris loses again

Nice Rock, Pickles ---pix->>>

Why was Denny Hasterts "Bonnie Walsh" served with a criminal subpoena?

Smirky tries to use a Post-It (photos)

Reply from CNN got automatically filtered into my "JUNK" file!

to all those who are fed-up with the democratic party...

Photo of Young with T-shirt on in the congress

Why Do People Put Important Things in E-Mail?

A conservative response to the truth about thier bias against minorities

Another slam against Bushco's effect on America on Gilmore Girls last

Al Gore: Please Give to the DSCC email

MI needs HELP!!!! DeVos a repub candidate for governor

Mountain battalion company taking casualties in Iraq

BONER will help paint DeLay as the extremist rePUKE he is

40 Billion in social cuts and were talking about the GOP vote

That Bastard: Rumsfeld, Of Course

Ten Things Every American Jew Should Know About John Boehner

Take heart in the War on Terror.

the 214-216 vote talley on the spending cuts-

Lessons From A Little Night Demonstration. Did I go too far?

Social Security can NEVER be privatized

Village Voice: "John Boner: Yet Another Lobbying *Slut*?"

Britney Spears on "Will and Grace" gives AFA latest chance to be outraged

"Fixing" Social Security...

Man, the Senate must be lost in the Quorum Triangle.

VIDEO- Rumsfeld compares Chavez to Hitler

Is Boehner a Boner?

VIDEO- Rumsfeld on why the Military needs to spy on potential threats

Boehner and Noe

Are we a nation of laws or men ?

Bolton: "I brought the gavel down at 10. I was the only one in the room,"

Week 2--Has Katie Couric gotten back to us yet?

Just have to share,

Last night I flipped a wing nut relative

There is a Silver-Lining on the Republican's Majority Leader Action

Jimmy Carter on Larry King last night was asked about abortion

WTF will * be able to draw SS when he leaves office if he ever does

Compare and contrast

BWAHAHA! Cons Panties In a Bunch on Yahoo over Alito becoming a Souter!

View of War...and the necessity for war

Are Bush and Chaney planning on leaving the country after they leave....

Do you ever wish religion just didn't exist?

Bush never sees the big picture.

Response from congressman Dan Boren

Did anyone see Bush and Feinstein after the State of the Union?

Plea by felon in charge of Iraq reconstruction: bribery, greed, theft, sex

George Bush speechwriter.

Kempthorne's cash..(republicans are getting restless)

Mark Fiore on Global Warming, by Flamey McGassey:

VIDEO- Wyden on the "Trust Me" Oversight of NSA- hearing today

Shout out to PBS and BET for their Black History programming.

Seventh grade student investigated for violent essay

Tell the MSM to STOP talking about DeLay's replacement and talk about

I'll never watch "Today" again because of Katie's Kerry-bashing!

What news organization still claims that Iraq was responsible for 9/11?

Fitzgerald Hints White House Records Lost

If the Dems can't go after the Rethugs for signing that budget cutting bil

HR683-Creepy bill creeping through congress limits artistic expression

Manufacturer of "The Sims, Madden NFL"...31% profit drop, 100s of job cuts

A Man With A Mission: Bono Pushes U.S. to Increase Aid to Poor

volume glitch on SOTU; Bush trying to sound like Iran instead of Iraq?

DeLay is Radioactive……

Faithful Ohio (aka Leap of Faith)

50,000 troops forced to serve under stop-loss policy

VIDEO- Ron Reagan, Jr, Dinh about Goss Spy comment today

record warm winter

Don't you wish people on the Left would stop dividing the Left?

Please watch for my letter to Jack

OK they're going after cartoonists now

Republican T-Shirt Woman was a Plant

Is there a log/list of tombstoned usernames?

Lock up the cats - Frist is coming to New Hampshire!

Larry Johnson: "He is doing to the Army what Katrina did to New Orleans."

This may help to explain the sudden influx of anti-Sheehan sentiments

Shouldn't they be interviewing Frist for this puppy-heroin story?

Take this survey on media bias

FALWELLs a POS! Gambling & Defiling Environment are AGAINST GOD's WILL!

Tweety: "Is oil the latest enemy Bush has concocted?"

White House to request $120 billion more for wars

Coulter, Hannity, Falwell, Carr, Savage, Robertson, Dobson...J'ACCUSE!!

******The White House memo******

Is it true or false that a person was kicked out of a Clinton SOTU?

DeLay's replacement has 14 former staffers working as lobbyists.

Another *shrub* rant...

Time for something light - Survivor on CBS in 5 minutes.

Impeachment Of George W. Bush Can Begin In the State Legislatures

People, we need to be on the streets before this Patriot Act

Fill 'Er Up With Fear....* the Failed Oilman talks about Failed Oil

HALLIBURTON: Sorry about your kids!

A tale of two Moms

Rangel, "I think it shatters the myth of white supremacy"

Real men of Genius: Mr. National Security Agency Eavesdropper (parody ad)

Attempting to Defraud the Nation Into War: Conyers' blog, 2/2:

What topic do you refrain from reading and/or posting on this forum?

I'm 3 posts away from a 1,000

British Memo: Bush Made Up His Mind On Iraq Two Months Before Invasion

You have the right....

Execrable Dobbs fill in bimette gangs up on Toles with knotheaded general

More $ for alternative fuels research? Great, since he JUST CUT the $


Republicans try to steal their own election. Maybe Diebold was counting

Craig Crawford just called Bush a LIAR!!!!

Blair's whips fooled by "West Wing" plot

CNN Has PUPPIES!!!! And Wolfie is an IDIOT!

VIDEO- Countdown covers the UK Bush/Blair Memo of 2003

Pre-1776 Mentality by Russ Feingold

I believe they are cutting programs to get higher enlistment.

Gay Actor in Missionary Role Stirs Flap

the CORRECT pronounciation of "boehner" is "BONER"

"Yesterday's peacock is today's feather duster"

Woohooo! Bob Kincaid read my email on the air!

VIDEO- Rumsfeld Protested today during speech as a war criminal

NYT-Energy Dept w/Begin to Lay of Renewable Energy Researchers

How long will it be before someone makes Coulter's Nazi view reality?

Fourteen Defining Characters of Fascism

Do we have an impeachment research group? And, if not let's start one!

Jesse (TvNewsLIES) on Revere Radio - 9pm. ET!

O'Lie lly get Worse person again. te he (Keith Olberman)

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy

Hey, fellow DUers...can I get a witness?

You know what I'm sick and tired of?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World Feb 2 06

Anyone watching KO

My book came out this week.

Whackos upset over the Toles "battle hardened" toon

Who is the League of Conservative Voters?

Interesting. Bernie Sanders

Cindy speaks for Cindy

Michael Schiavo is on Olbermann

Kickback Mountain

Here's the ONLY important point on the other woman ejected from SOTU

YES, we make a difference when we work together.

Santoriam compared someone/something to Hitler--anyone know

Question: Why isn't Saddam being tried in an international world court?

Refineries cut production to protect gasoline profits

Which SOTU speech was this pic from?

Yeah-KO covering the UK Bush/Blair memo!

Our latest installment of DINO-huntin: Henry Cuellar (TX-28)

Another top 10: Things LIEBERMAN would never say

DiFi on CNN doing an excellent job on the wiretapping story

Republican Insanity !

***Father Loses Home and Business for Teaching His Children to Work

Where have I seen these before????????

Senate still in session tonight

I'll draw a picture of whatever/whoever I want and don't care who it......

Bush asks for $70 BILLION for Iraq, only $18 billion for hurricane relief

I never viewed Cindy Sheehan as a leader.

Channel 4 News tonight reveals White House memo

We are gonna win this, you know.

How come we keep hearing about Iran, when

Bush said "You are equally American if you're a Hebrew"

Did Anyone Hear BBC—USA ranking on wealth distribution?

I got a call from the DCCC today.

The problem is that we all aren't all wearing shirts just like Cindy's.

I just heard that Fiengold voted NO to the extension PA--did I hear

in support of T Toles

What does world events of today

What republicans want

My 7th grader is studying the stock market and the Depression.

Raw Story - Treatment of NASA whistle-blowers under scrutiny: Developing...

a sutton impact cartoon that sure seems to describe both parties pretty

US media at 'all-time low'

"THE FROZEN REPUBLIC"...... anyone read it?

Did you hear.... Venezuela is joining forces with Iran and N. Korea..

Bush/GOP Supporters Defined in One Cartoon


How is freerepublic responding to Mrs. King's death?

Anyone reading "Rogue State"....

Alito Makes Surprise Ruling in Lethal Injection Case

Looking to buy stamps and help a great cause-carrie underwood kisses

Can someone explain the oil bourse issue in simple terms?

Critical security flaws fixed in Firefox update

New Sheehan strip: Wear the proper attire for the sake of Freedom!

Bush moves to change National Anthem to this!

Iran 'has negative role in world'

Leaked memo details Iraq war talks - Bush/Blair ITN

I just saw Jeff Gannon walking out of the Repuke HML selection session

Iraq War Sign Next to Army Office Removed

OMG! THE DAILY SHOW: Robert O'Harrow's book: "No Place To Hide"

Tell me again (photo)

More nuke plants coming to Florida soon if Jeb gets his way

Themes for November... thoughts?

God and du help me, I have to go to my first Iraq soldier funeral

From Bobby Eberle and Jeff Gannon: Saddam sent WMDs to Syria

Carter: Give Hamas a chance

Drug Smuggling Puppies

The "Feingold Standard": votes NO on extending the Patriot Act

Roberts v. Alito... Were We Betting On The Wrong Horse ???

"The Power of Nightmares"- I just ordered it

VIDEO-Craig Crawford calls Bush a Liar

Do you realize what they're trying to do with the Patriot Act?

"Barbara Bush slated to lead US delegation to Winter Olympics"

Jeb Bush doesn't speak for me

What Every American Should Know About John Boehner

"Do Dems Have a Death-Wish?" . . .

How Many Here Know the Words, Works and Wisdom of Wendell Berry?

Homeland Security Seizing Medications From Elderly

Secret Service Investigates Violent Essay By Seventh Grader

Phelps to protest at Coretta Scott King's funeral?

Dailykos diary on what Abramoff is really covering up

If you were rich....

Regarding the missing White House e-mails...

Official "Apologize to Cindy Sheehan" thread... entries here.

Please DU this poll: should Wal-Mart be forced

Okay - who saw Tony Blankley on Tweety Last Night?????

bushieboy learned a new word: statutory.

"Song parody that ends the war." ?

A First-hand Account of Our “War on Terrorism” by a U.S. Army Chaplain

**Iraq, Niger Forgeries, And The CIA - Plamegate people this is for you!**

Boenher Has Ties To Abramoff

Take the 2008 Dem Straw Poll

Deep Down Americans Are Just Afraid Of Being Killed...

Huffington Post / A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court?

FireDogLake On Hadley & Missing Emails

Bush to Request $439.3B Defense Budget

Hilarious or poor taste? You make the call.

The RW is after Cartoonist Tom Toles) is there a Defense Site for Support?

Dear DUers: Will you please go here and find Iraq the Musical

I'm posting this one for Tom Toles!

New Flash Animation from

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Need suggestions for my Real Men of Genius parody campaign

I think we should have a Purple Heart band aid day and mail off

Jeb is busy at the shredder...Abramoff connection?

Whats your understanding of U.N Agenda 21/Sustainable Development?

"Frodo failed. Bush has the Ring."

"In public life as in kindergarten, the all-important word is no."

Senate is currently voting on 70 BILLION dollar TAX CUT BILL.

Public School Halts Reading Of Lord's Prayer

My 2 year old just became politically aware!

WANTED The Right to Just Say "No"

BONER handed out checks from Tobacco Lobby on House Floor!

Human-Animal Hybrid...Bush is going to Attack the X-Men?

Kama Sutra Worm on the way....protect yourself`

So Bill O'Reilly tonight defines my sensitivities. Thanks, Bill!

Jumpin' ship

Jeb shredding state records? (related to gambling/Abramoff)

TOONS: Goodbye Coretta Scott King

ok this is funny

Assholeism Level UP, Peterism UP, Arrogant Self Centeredness UP

Group condemns Coulter for hate speech

What *really* happened with the first Majority Leader Ballot

Dutch version of our "60 Minutes" PNAC - VIDEO>>>> (not carlyle group)

Tell me ...who are these people in bush's audiences...

From Sen. Feingold; spying hearings start next week

No global warming? Fine with me. I'll take 1 of the warmest Jan.....EVER

An Obvious Distinction: Cindy Sheehan is a white woman from California

Just how dumb are Americans, anyway?

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Not Fit to Live! - Ann Coulter's Gospel of Life'


'Marlboro Man' Turns Against War He Symbolised

D.U. Help! Bush Spied Before 9-11

ABC won't air video footage of injured anchor Bob Woodruff

Fake bugler played at my grandfather's funeral yesterday "Wes Clark Raised The Bar"

My Reply to Joe "Cave In Now" Lieberman's email

George Bush, give me back my son.

Howard Dean called Boehner's election a sign of hypocrisy.

Instead of a new "fat-pill", why not just legislation to cut out the

WP Toles: Bush = LUNATIC ------------ WOW!!!!!!!!

Great John Adams quote:

Gore Helps DSCC Raise Money

Bushitler does Dallas

If you're fed up with the Democratic Party, GET OFF YOUR ASS.

LBJ did not need to be sworn in after Kennedy's assassination.


Statement from John Kerry on Hate Crime Committed in New Bedford, MA

OMG! I Just Remembered Bev Young Visited Ben At Bethesda.

Who here listens to Hannity?

Why is the White House stonewalling on the Katrina investigation?

Jusge REFUSES Christine Todd Whitman immunity re: 9/11!!!

(?) Does anyone know exactly how unemployment rates are figured?

Fine, leave the US if you want...

Letting our fellow Americans die on their roofs and in their attics

Feingold on DKOS: "Bush has Pre-1776 mentality" GREAT!

Republican Chickenhawk Bob Beauprez Desecrates Military Uniform

In support of the brilliant Tom Toles: Post your favorite TT cartoon here!

The End of the Internet? IMPORTANT

Fuck you limbaugh you gass bag...John Spencer was a great man

looks like Boeing is sending their Aircraft assembly to china, 20% of the

Besides oil, what industry does the Middle East have?

Is it Fascism yet?

I'm torn about the Muhammed cartoon controversy, how about you?

Email Tucker Carlson !!

I have a really good feeling those missing emails will come through for us

Hysterectomy: An 8 BILLION dollar a year "industry"

Sheehan just called Feinstein a War Monger on Stephanie Miller

On Cindy Sheehan, Durkheim's "Disorganized Dust of Individuals," and

Have you seen these caricatures that are causing the uproar in the ME?

Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran

Spread the Word PROTECT SEALS from heartless killers

Two Amazingly Damning Stories Re: Bush/Cheney Today (Impeach Already!)

Portland DU MeetUp - Saturday February 4th - 4pm - Goose Hollow Inn Pub

Has television replaced politics?

Damn. Now Jon Stewart is ragging on Cindi

Parents unveil the dark side of

Am going to D.C. on a trip with my daughters school, ideas for a T-shirt?

Link to video of Jeff Gannon attending the HML closed door vote today

“Cheney, Libby Knew Niger Yellow-Cake Allegations Were Bogus...”

Jeb's Illegally Shredding Casino Records. Hmmm.

Sorry I have been gone

According to RaisingKaine, James Webb is NOT running against Sen. Allen

IRAN/IRAQ? IRAQ/IRAN? What's the difference?

Ben Nelson of Nebraska Scores Well with Freepers, more RW than Chafee

Spectacular Rove-Free Collision of History On The Front Page

Why the bastards can't really win in the long run...

Conservatives eat their own: "Time to Target RINOs for Defeat" (Chafee)

How come someDem Senators seem to be more afraid of what the pukes think,

Should the Democratic Party hire out some planes and bomb Iran?

Spying, Al Quaeda and WMD

Background on the human-animal nonsense

Well, even the Senior Editor Ryan Lizza of the New Republic on

Did Bush boast more about success in Iraq because...

Easiest excuse for not doing anything right (not Right) when Bush makes

E-mails disappear from white house

Hey Bob Byrd I havent had my coffee yet

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: The Souffle of the Union

The Media Won't Say It

I've got questions

Bus. Week: SOTU "studded with points that are dear to Corporate America"

A simple poll - please vote

The other tee-shirt....

Quick question for current discussion at work... Who picks SOTU rebuttal

"Replicans" -- another way to refer to them.

Did you know there was no spying prior to 9-11?

Ned Lamont --- Challenging Lieberman for Senate seat --- needs help.

What's this? Death Squads says Iran has no nukes nor material for them?

Well this should cheer us up after loosing Alito battle

The Impeachment T-Shirt Plan

Happy Groundhog Day!

Jeb Bush shredding documents related to Abramoff

Smoking gun wiretap quote from Bush....Newsweek Mag..

Roll Call: GOP Leadership Election Update: Do-Over on First Ballot

Budget Bill - You Don’t Really Need Those Entitlements… Do You?

It's Groundhog Day!! Thursday's cartoon

Saudi Arabia, Qatar to Fund Palestinians (What will Bush do?)

Why Beltway Dems Get Their Asses Kicked - Part 2 - The Blogger's View

Oreo cookies everyone. Really cute.

Cong. Bob Beauprez (R-Chickenhawk) - Pulling a Bush McFlightsuit

Henry Cuellar (DINO-TX) on the receiving end of some SOTU Bush lovin'... defines Boehner

WP: I Went on National TV and All Anyone Saw Was My Eyebrows

SOTU photo, vid: Lieberman's the first one to leap to his feet in applause

LMAO! Caption this one.

Something I'd like to say to the '06 candidates.

They've got a Boehner!!!

Sudden realization: It's all a tragic misunderstanding

WP,pg1: Republicans Were Masters In the Race to Paint Alito

What a picture of George. I hadn't seen this one before. Naughty, not nice

Boehner must be better at stealing elections then Blunt

Anyone Hear About This On Stephanie Miller

"It is hurting our ability to achieve our mission"

Brokeback Boehner - two men in a cloakroom


George Bush: "military action would follow anyway"

DNC gives 3 times more to state parties than RNC...good explanation here.

?Anybody got a link to the roll-call vote on our Reverse Robin

Former U.S. official admits to kickbacks in Iraq (your tax dollars stolen)

Faux Down 23% in Key Demo(25-54) from '04 for SOTU and Analysis

Minority Lawmakers Unite after Katrina

End of the Spear, controversy over gay actor

White House backs off oil goals already! (That didn't take long!)

I support all Dems, but I support Biden the least

Bush Admin Backs Off Vow to Break “Addiction to Oil”

Republican Media Full of Bullshit

At It Again

Judge Slams Ex-EPA Chief Over Sept. 11

thoughts on Shrub's call for less partisan atmosphere in the SoTU

The criminals wish to hide behind "closed sessions"...

"We need new energy sources" So sez Don Evans, standing up for

The 'crowds' memes

America's Arcane Origins

Just had lunch with a republican clients... For what it's worth....

Great - now we're bribing corps to keep them from killing miners.

US, Iran work together to ban gay groups from U.N.

Afghanistan gets more bilateral aid from Canada than any other country,

CNN covered Boehner ascension without noting PAC check distribution

WSJ: Tracking Vandals, Wikipedia Finds Some on Capitol Hill

Okay, where is the definitive "Bush-ism"...

Cindy Sheehan DiFi, the Democratic Party

The Dutch voted "YES" on sending 1400 troops to Afghanistan

Alito breaks with conservatives...already

If the Democrats could choose only one issue to run with...?

Why is Bayh repeating Republican talking points?

I was gone for a couple of hours...Why is the Senate STILL in session?

How do we fight what happened in Ohio?

"Michael added...until last year, he was a Republican"

O'Donnell turns missing Plame email story into a Clinton attack

New democratic campaign slogan....

"With all this gerrymandering"... "the public doesn't get to vote..

Let's list the SOTU bold-face LIES! Here's One! $28 million CUT at NREL!

$70 Billion dollars

An excerpt from

The strongest weapon that Bush has is division...

Pukes Can't Give Up the Perks

Minority Lawmakers Unite After Katrina

Budget Cuts approved - All Dems vote against it. Don't forget it.

Bush Admin coverups rampant at NASA, too - more misadministration.

You know what really pisses me off about the GOP leadership race?

Who's Henry Cuellar and why did he sit with the pukes in the SOTU?

Letter to *

Why do Americans rate Bush HIGH on security when

The End is Near

Line Item Veto

What should be DU battle Priorities for the rest of 06

Louisiana governor defends decision not to federalize Guard units

Top 10 Lessons Learned From The Alito Fight - or - (Why the DC Dems

Clark: we've been "kicking in the door and roughing up the women" in Iraq

un-freakin-believable! repubs only allowing 10-min debate on...

Drug companies run America and pocket taxpayer $$$$

Please help with a research request

Senate Passes $70 Billion Tax Bill (Crap!)

Mike Malloy on Live Video....

Tom DeLay Broke?

Perhaps next GOP - Abramoff scandal scapegoating: on Lou Dobb

What Do We Stand For, In Broad Themes?

Is it too late to get tickets for the DC demonstration Saturday?

WP's Dan Froomkin: WH Briefing - What the President Meant to Say

WSJ OP-ED: A Woman (Katherine Harris) Scorned

Reagan the Anti-Christ?

36 Senators Urge Gonzales To Appoint Special Counsel to Lead Abramoff Case

Who are these "Christians" that support Bush?

Media largely ignored Fitzgerald revelation White House may have destroyed

Do you believe there will be a Presidential election in 2008

Ed Schultz is Kicking Ass today- Fighting for Vets, the Working Class

Bush's base has arisen in anger over TWO parts of SOTU already

Happy, Prosperous Morons

The Army is making it easier for conservatives to join

Are you currently being seduced with the idea of leaving the US?

Randi Rhodes leading up to LIHOP?

Okay, so I'm a journalist (MSM) reporting on *'s poll numbers.....

Remember the Iron Eyes Cody anti-pollution ad? We need

Bush stole another Democrat idea and is running away with it...

Bush Administration, In Flip-Flop, Not Helping Katrina Investigation

Francine Busby gaining momentum!

Just Curious: Wy Do You Think Gore Picked LIEberman In 2000?

Political party Affiliation

How many idiots can fit in a single country?

Rightie brother-in-law says he'll vote Democratic

Republicans finally get behind Harris (The Hill)

The DNC just called. I think I'm off their Christmas card list.

Feb. 4th-- World cant Wait-- DC protest- R- U- Going?- I am

Nothing will change unless we get Congress back.

I need examples of people wearing badges, symbols, etc in the Capital.

California Democrats have been found their Senate candidate

Senators Boxer, Kerry and Lautenberg push WH for Abramoff disclosure

Can this country ever split up? Blue and Red States type areas? Many have

Does DU even care about working students, the poor and elderly?

Please call this number to express your outrage over gay marriage!

DLC - Corporate Moles Destroying Our Party

When is it enough?

Team B.....Interesting

It's all about General Wesley Clark in '08

Socialized National Health Care DOESN'T WORK!*

It Is the Total Information Awareness program

Elect John Conyers Judicial Committee Chair this November