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Archives: February 19, 2006

Baghdad Embassy Bonanza: Kuwait Company's Secret Contract & Low-Wage Labor

China's Cyberdissidents and the Yahoos at Yahoo

WP: Hunting for Camaraderie With Shotguns and Friends

Free Speech - China & US

LAT: Industries Get Quiet Protection From Lawsuits(Gift from GOP)

A choice between torture, trial

Calculated Outrage:Cheney as toast: Democrats burning down the house.

Newsweek: ‘He Lost Control of His Emotions’ (Hunters on Cheney)

WWIII or Bust: Implications of a US Attack on Iran

TIME: Inside The Shooting At The Ranch

Colombia Activist Flays US Rice

Pattern of Corruption (LTTE in Roy Blunt's District)

Flamethrowers- Chris Floyd

The Second Founding of Bolivia

LAT: Advise & Assent (The Senate Cover-up Committee)

Playing raw, hardball politics in Baghdad

Newsweek:Cheney's Secret World Behind The Shooting Furor(Anthrax exposure?

Photo: Are George and Laura having a tiff?

Weathering the Globalization Storm

Wolcott: Mary Quite Contrary (Matalin on Meet the Press)

Poisonous politics damage America's democracy

Center for Public Integrity has a good Lobby-Watch site


The Pessimism Deficit -- NYT OpEd/Sarah Vowell

Sent this letter to the editor, need feedback

Roberts' credibility is on the line

Why I Published Those Cartoons

The Case for Fewer but Stronger Currencies (Dollarization)

Rice Empties Both Barrels on Venezuela's Chavez


Bad guys in sergeant's sights were never safe

Congress Has Yet to Kick the Habit (Smoking Legal in Congress Bldgs)

TIME: Has the Meltdown Begun?

CONSERVATISM AS PSYCHOPATHOLOGY (yes, the Neocons are crazy people).

Islamic truths

NewsMax: Brit Hume: Bush Will Reverse Ports Decision

Sex Rituals of Abu Ghraib

"Dems Need a Newt of Their Own" (A Dem Party Without Revolutionaries)

Michael Crichton Wins Journalism Award From Petroleum Association

Chevron Tacitly Admitting Peak Oil, Diversifying Energy Research - BBC

EPA Unveils New Emissions Reduction Plan - It's Voluntary, Of Course - ENN

$25K Tax Deduction For Hummers, Excursions, Still In Place - AP

Slippery Rock, Pine look windward (PV and wind)

British gov't decision to sell Westinghouse Nuclear unit is questioned.

DHS Command Center Katrina Response - Watch TV, Go Home - NYT

Maine dam case reaches top court

Xerox PARC Takes on Clean, Green Technology

Humpback, Minke, Fin, Gray Whales Turning Up Dead In Mexico - NYT

After Kyoto: Japanese firms rush to cash in on gas emission reductions

As Climate Breakdown Accelerates, UK Government Wanks Away - Guardian

All Five Great Lakes Ice-Free So Far This Winter - NYT

Ex-Portuguese Prime Minister presses argues for nuke power consideration.

Seasonally Ice-Free Arctic Basin Now Possible Within 15 Years - CBC

Has the Meltdown Begun?

Renewables vs. nuclear: surveys offer contrasting picture (EU poll)

Damn dams...

65 Mexican coal miners trapped in mine.

The Palestinian Peace Movement

Olmert: Palestinian Authority is now "Terrorist Authority"

Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs claims Ma'aleh Adumim stabbing

Palestine Without Illusions

Governments trying to bring British (Gaza) Gas back to Israel

Secret democracy elevated Hamas Underground campaign unified voters

US holds secret talks to weaken Hamas

Hamas and Abbas Clash Over Path for Palestinians

BBC: Israel rules out talks with Hamas

WP: Don't Punish the Palestinians (Jimmy Carter op-ed)

Israel to withold $50 million monthly tax collections


rise and fall of WTC

LOL! History Channel and Discovery MIHOP perception management?!?

Is the TRUTH of 9/11 beginning to emerge? Two new HUGE current events:

The Illuminati & 9/11 - TVNL RADIO - 2/20 Noon ET

Question: WTC7--who were the forty or so companies/people

the planes dismantled the two towers& ended and disrupted many lives.

For your Sunday education

argument against explosion/implosion of WTC

Unheeded Warnings & The Incompetent bush admin

Who was primarily responsible for the attack?

About the daily thread today

Federal judge throws out OH recount lawsuit

TX: Dozens of Counties Could be Forced to Temporarily Abandon e-Vote

Election Reform Fraud & Related Events for Sunday, Feb., 19th, 2006

California "Disclosed Source Code" Voting Bill Submitted

"Ken Blackwell leads GOP hopes"

5 Phone Calls and/or Emails to Save California

U.S. Senate Candidate in MD Charges Electoral Failures, Misinformation by

Now the Onus is on Counties and Diebold to Risk Multi-Million $ Lawsuits

Diebold in CA: Who's Responsible? Huge legal and financial risks...

Blackwell watch

Anti-gay pagent in Worcester

Amy Klobuchar is exactly the kind of candidate that AFSCME should oppose

Any Mick Sterling fans out in DU Land???

Handles and threads

Gilmore and I are coming to Texas for St Patrick's Day.

Democratic Campaign rally Saturday Feb 25 in Houston

TDP Road Trip w/Donna Howard Weds., 2/22, Austin

Who's gonna be at the Campaign Kickoff Party

KLTV/AP: Bell returns to politics with statewide run for governor

Do we want a DU table at the rally this weekend?

Bell quote

Compare: Propositions on the Texas DEM and REP primary ballots

if it's Sunday, it must be baking day

Does anyone have a recipe for gyro sauce ?

Question about dessert/salad forks.

Emerson to apologize to constituents

Federal Vioxx jury says Merck not liable in death

Publisher sues over removal from Ala. City Council meeting

Bolivia's Morales goes back to his musical roots

10-year jail term sought for former US congressman

US Study identifies key factors driving offfshoring of corporate R&D; Indi

WP: Hunting for Camaraderie With Shotguns and Friends

BBC: Israel rules out talks with Hamas

Bush to Expand U.S. Nuclear Power, Prevent Weapon Proliferation

Newsweek: Communications: FEMA—Trouble on 'Mt. Weather'

Propaganda Effort in Iraq a Mistake, Rumsfeld Says

WP: Rove and the New Tory Delegation Melt the Ice

Threat to switch off Amsterdam's red lights

Thousands in Northeast Still Without Power

Newsweek:Cheney's Secret World Behind The Shooting Furor(Anthrax exposure?

Jean Schmidt's opponent McEwen wins GOP straw poll

Chertoff says Dubai port deal includes safeguards

10 missing U.S. soldiers dead in Africa

Mexico leftist takes message to conservative north

Rice Empties Both Barrels on Venezuela's Chavez

Harvard board said to weigh Summers's fate

TIME: Inside The Shooting At The Ranch

NewsMax: Brit Hume: Bush Will Reverse Ports Decision

Chertoff says Dubai port deal includes safeguards (Reuters)

Sacramento Bee: Doolittle lauded Abramoff client

FL Senator Bill Nelson calls for probe of seized meds

Jaafari is unlikely to retain post of Iraqi PM

Aristide return to Haiti possible - S.Africa's Mbeki

Lobbying Scandal Casts Doubt on Montana Senator's Chances

Report: Pentagon warned on torture, abuse (2 yrs. before Abu G. scandal)

Has the Meltdown Begun?

Two U.S. Ships, Hundreds of Marines Join Relief Effort in Philippines

Al-Sadr 'rejects' Iraqi constitution

(BIll) Clinton Jabs White House's 'Penchant For Secrecy'

Iraqi Political Parties Hit Big Obstacles

KLTV/AP: Bell returns to politics with statewide run for governor

The Case for Fewer but Stronger Currencies (Dollarization)

Germans Win Bobsled Gold Despite Whispers of Cheating

Army reservists deployed to Guantanamo Bay (to spread propaganda about it)

Three British Soldiers Arrested in Iraqi Town Basra

Bush Sells Port of Miami to Dubai

Aspire Visa [Credit Card] Execs Are Biggest Ralph Reed Funders

IHT/ New York Times: Lawmakers Increase Criticism of Dubai Deal for Ports

Bad guys in sergeant's sights were never safe

Israel to withold $50 million monthly tax collections

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

Nigeria set for oil hostage talks (3 Americans among those held hostage)

NYT: Pentagon Lawyer Broke Ranks on Detainees

Industries Get Quiet Protection From Lawsuits

China, EU to create cleaner coal power

Blast at presidential palace( Philippine)

Schumer Urges Bush to Block Ports Deal

Senate candidate's son booked for drugs

U.S. Military: 'Copter Crashes Kill 10 (Djibouti crash)

Al-Sadr's rising power in Iraq is growing concern for Shiites, U.S.

AP Wire: Report: Pentagon Warned on Torture, Abuse

Arnold has $120 million goal for re-election campaign

(UK) Campaigners ask courts to rule Iraq war a 'crime of aggression'

Explosion traps 66 miners in Mexico, injures 12

State Lawmakers Outraged At 'Reckless' Port Deal

Senator Lieberman Says U.S. Should `Dissolve' Embattled FEMA

Injured US soldier, widow win $102.6 million judgment for Afghanistan atta

Anchorage Daily News: Blog hints at Abramoff, Young link

US barbarism just like Saddam: Bin Laden

Cartoon row: Attack on US embassy in Indonesia

Russian nuclear proposal interests Iran, foreign minister says

Chavez tells Rice: ‘Don’t mess with me, girl’

Frist: No New Spy Legislation Needed

WP: Irish Immigration Slips Into Reverse

Newsweek: The Back-Channel Chatter After Katrina (emails show WH in chaos)

Lawmakers want homeland security 'boondoggles' exposed

Colombia Activist Flays US Rice

CNN/AP--Congressman: Port deal lacks sufficient security

Chertoff defends review of ports takeover by Arab company

Some raising red flag over use of gas to keep meat in the pink(2002 FDA)

Mary Matalin:First Cheney Statement for Press Did Not Admit He Was Shooter

Study Finds Hounds Heal Hearts

White House defends ports takeover stance

Poll: Americans more ready for woman president

Bin Laden vows never to be captured alive

Teens at Risk on Web Sites, Experts Say {MySpace}

German alarm over bird flu spread

Indian minister said offering $10m for beheading cartoonist

Rights Group Asks Government to Postpone New Orleans Elections

NYT: Bush's Chat With Novelist Alarms Environmentalists (Michael Crichton)

On tape, Hussein talks of WMDs (but Iraq had none;some reports misleading)

France arrests gang suspected in killing of Parisian Jew

Motorcycle Club Blocks Protesters (Phelps)

I have a new dog!

Ann Coulter = Deadhead?!

Who is the bigger imbecile?

Have you ever had a person tell you that you have to listen to

Oh gods I feel sick

anyone watching the Daytona 500 tomorrow?

One time I was looking forward to

Damn you lounge! I have to go to bed.

Anyone see the Fogerty Austin City Limits show?

I'm going to post in GD now - someone cover me, okay?

I've gotta ask...

So whatcha watchin' tomorrow?

A Real Gem from GD-prepare to ROFLMAO

Things you'll never see in the Winter Olympics

Did your brother/sister date a horrible person?

Why didn't you reply to my PM?

Song question for old geezers

First I was afraid

i missed the du meetup in nyc

Goodnight, my darlin' Lounge Lizards!

Does this look like what I think it looks like?

U.S. Navy Releases Al Qaeda Terrorist!!!

It looks like one of my geckos is preggers...

The server's giving me too much grief!

62 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Millionairre Powerball Millionaire trying to score again

No peeking, you naughty boys!

Getting ready to take the two-year old

Next time you make coffee...

So, what's Wittington been up to since he got out of the hospital?

Is it wrong to mix vanilla flavored vitamix mix into coffee?

Nick Lachey "reserving the right to seek spousal support" from Jessica

I woke up and it was DAYLIGHT

I've gone up a cup size

Proof there really is a war on Christmas - pictures!

I woke up 20 minutes ago with an 18lb cat on my head

Holy sh*t. I found a tape of my dad reading from my old poetry ms.

Finally Proof of why Bush HAD to invade Iraq...

It's high time I posted a clean thread...

That time of the year is approaching fast...

Paging Clintmax!

Worst drink to have in the wee hours of the morning?

Would you play an updated "Duck Hunt" game.... "Quail Hunt"?

All I learned in french...

The standard question: If you won $365 million...

I'm hosting a Fried Chicken dinner for a dozen people today.

Jurassic Park last night on Bravo

I spent over 24 hours without power in a 35 degree house...

Photoshoppers- help needed. Please put word balloon in this pic for me...

I'm hosting a Fried People dinner for a dozen chickens today.

I think the "Snakes on A Plane" movie title has been changed.

New U.S. Special Forces Announced

"Matrix" style ping pong game (link to .wmv video)

It's 52 degrees in my apartment.

A big Shout-Out to all who posted their desert pics!

Has anyone reported back from last nights party in NY?

Some DUers got together last night

Best wishes and good luck to DTBK on her bar exam this Tuesday.

I am totally obsessed with curling....

Insult the President

OK, Help me relocate...Where is warm, cheap real estate, liberal?

If you could shake hands with any one person in the world

What I need is a love slave who

Happy Birthday to Mr. Bullwinkle925!!!

I've had a couple libations, ask me anything..

I just noticed the hearts are gone

Joey Cheek is all class...

This is my post #5,001!!!

Songs that remind you of an ax

is this STUPID race EVER GOING TO START??!?!?!?!

Yahoo or MSN

Post here and I will send you an incoherent PM

Do you think Nate Robinson should have won the dunk contest?

I hope Tucson has a curling club...

Medicare people - any suggestions on the best prescription

Comic book forum, or geek forum?

Lets Play Scrabble

I need some synergism. Anyone wanna help me?

What is the most erotic sense?

Listen up kids...

What's your smiley style?

Just found my 1960 Kennedy campaign button.

Would you go to the corner store in your slippers?

GAY DUers - Why do you flirt with the opposite sex?

Happy Birthday to Mr. Bullwinkle925 and Smokey Robinson!!

Post a picture of a desert you like. Here's mine!

Best movie version - Of Mice and Men

Do you use a toaster oven for more than toast?

online password - am I going crazy or what?

Pete Fenson just hit a big shot to go up 6 to 1....

Scary Movie 4 - Trailer

Idiotic bumper sticker

I've gone up a cup size

My pregnant wife is barefoot, in the kitchen cooking

So, how's the weather where YOU are?

Director T Rajeevnath wants Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa in new biopic

Post here and I will send you a concupiscent PM


Just got asked the Dumbest. Survey. Question. Ever.

Anyone familiar with Astoria, Queens (NYC)?

Any other fans of "Sell This House" on A&E?


What a doll! (dialup warning)

Remind me to never ever watch Discovery Health again, okay?

Dedicated online gamer

Somebody please direct me to the vegetarian forum again

Can anyone explain Freepers' love affair with the Caps Lock key?

I love my new sig line!

CBC Canada has exciting Olympic speed skating & NBC has NASCAR


"Pinky & the Brain / Animaniacs" on DVD! (finally)

Just purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

The Boomer Quiz

Dish Network Or DirectTV? Help Me Decide:

Pulp Dicktion

To those of you subsiding on Ramen and Mac&cheese just to get by.

Goodnight DU!

AUGHH! I can't come up with a subject for my speech for class.

: D: :D :D :D :D

These are the tries that time men's soles.

One of my uncles has a strange policy on who he votes for

Who has to work tomorrow?

At work tomorrow, I'll hand in my resignation.


Bill Cowsill has died

Is tomorrow a stat holiday?

If there was a Picture thread of nothing but CLEAVAGE

I hope both U.S. Hockey teams lose

Dont be a Menace in SouthCentral while drinking your juice in the Hood.

I just saw THAT Colin Farrell video...

The 500 was cool but neither of my guys won.

I think I figured out why I got such good tips at work today........

Parents who signed the request for the military not to contact their kids

The DU women ZombieNixon thinks are beautiful appreciation thread!

Michael Rennie was ill

Webmasters - which site do you use for your site * domain name?

4000 posts, and I finally got my first taste of GD flamefesting!

Thank you to everyone who gave me words of comfort last night ...

Just so's you know: Copycat threads? WHOOSH! >

How long should I keep old paystubs?

underrated movies of 2005- your picks

The $124.46 million lump sum or 30 years of $6.5 million installments?

Just finished watching Friday's Bill Maher

The Lounge looks like a GOP convention. Discuss.

How old is the oldest naturual mother who you have known?

Do you eat pasta right out of the box?

The Ken Berry appreciation thread.

good song- patriot act.

What was your parents' nonsensical nickname for you?

One of the funniest movies of all time is coming up at 9:00..

"Viewer Discretion Advised"

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her ....."

OMG! The lounge has gone perverted!

Chaney Plays Folsom mp3

LA Times readers: Nini's uncle featured in Sports section!

Nothing Fucked Up About Tonight. NO WAY!

WAAH! The US Women's Curling team is not in medal contention

Post a picture of yourself wearing slippers!


I was just called a stupid dyke on the phone by my uncle.

songs that remind you of an axe

I just posted this in GD.


The minstrel of the dawn is here

move your mouse

***THIS IS HUGH!!**** GD says a Bill was introduced to repeal

Parents of teenagers - a question

Is it really so hard to let go of your children?

Hottie Alert. "O Brother Where Art Though?" on TBS

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/19/06)

I hope both Canadian Hockey teams lose

figure skating could have a MUCH broader appeal to male audiences-

I admit it - I am the Unseemly Jester

Just for tonight - I am chosing to rise above my normal inner nature

I won Powerball.

does anyone know: are the nbc olympic broadcasts done in

Is Zone Alarm sufficient firewall for trying out free wireless LAN

Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?


Just for tonight - I am choosing to sink below my normal inner nature

Double murder today - in our apartment complex

I just got back for the UWSP Black Student Union's Soul Food Dinner!

My speech update: this will be the best one EVER...

Spontaneous Orgasims....

Do you feel like a cannibal when you eat M&Ms?

I'm lounge-stalking KitchenWitch.

I want to be Dairy Queened!

Spontaneous combustion.

ESPN just reported that Barry Bonds said 06 is his last season.

You know what DU needs?

Hootie alert!

Do you still have a home phone- a poll.

4 members of my son's hoops team have been DQ'd

Can you imagine how Johnny Carson would have handled Fuddgate?

"Error.....You are trying to send a message to yourself."

How do you figure out today's buyout value for a note that matures in

Has DU changed your mind on any issues?

I just saw the movie "Lord of War"

Post A Pic Of A DESSERT You Like

Plasma or HDTV? Which is better?

Come ON, damnit! Snow!!!

"Current TV" video on preachers at Mardi Gras.

BioWillie gets pumped

Fuck fuck fuck goddamn fuck


Cindy in The Woodlands, Texas

The impact of sig lines.

Jeezus! I'm moving to California in a week!


Good news - college kids raise $4.2 mill for pediatric cancer

Barry Bonds should be exiled from baseball like Pete Rose

So, if wine freezes would the sugars precipitate separate from the water?

Did anyone e-file their taxes this year? How long did your refund take?

How many bottles of wine before you're drunk?

Someone in Nebraska won Powerball? NEBRASKA?????


I looked outside and saw KANSAS !!! (pics)

Hot DAMN Mimi Rogers is HAWT!

Dad sues to prevent son's circumcision

Why would anyone bring a 6 month old baby to a movie?

DU has so many beautiful male members

Happy President Select Weekend!

I'm the people who run my hometown...ask me anything!

DU has so many beautiful women members

What is the appeal of NASCAR? Is it a sport?

Any married folk have mother-in-law horror stories?

If you could snog any one person in the world

The inside dirt on MrsGrumpy:

Sasha Cohen or Sacha Baron Cohen?

So I'm addicted to

Just Plain Depressing...

Have you kept your New Year's Resolution?

Shout out to all the DUers who came to the NYC meetup last night

I need hairdresser help!!

Double Standards

Green hair is awesome

Opening Your Own Bookstore / Music Business - Ideas?

My baby just turned 8 years old today! How did that happen already?

Time for first name thread.

Post a pic of yourself looking like something the fucking cat dragged in.

I popped the question

Bake a Potato in the Microwave, but Be Careful

This is my post #4,001!!!

Spontaneous organisms

The Afterlife: Forever is a VERY long time

"I believe God wants you dead".

Is "Born-Again" The Same Thing As "Being Saved"?

"Dark horse puts faith at forefront"

Christian love sure isn't what it used to be

DNA tests contradict Mormon scripture.

You think there's no such thing as a progressive religious theology?

DU Pagans/Goddess worshippers, I have a request.

How can the afterlife be a happy place?

Earth...home...and heaven or hell?

Dalai Llama speaks

After the Fall: Why America Needs a Spiritual Left

DNA tests contradict Mormon scripture.

America's Moral Decline and the Rise of False Christianity

The Fish symbol.

Studies find dental amalgam has significant developmental effect on kids

From the Far East, a lesson in how to beat bird flu

Astronomer announces shortlist of stellar candidates for habitable worlds

NBC's profile of Johnny Weir titled, "He's Here, He's Weir"!

Anti-gay "Mr. Hetero" pagent in Worcester, Ma.

Love Isn't Just For Breeders

No DNC surplus funds for LGBT groups

Identity politics as therapy

Texas candidate admits history as escort

"Brokeback Mountain" star of UK film awards

All Politics is Loco: A new threat, a new low

Judge OKs gay foster parent

Anybody know of a boys-only alternative to the BSA?

AFA boycotts raise group’s profile

Dean’s Kiss and Make-Up

'to love.... fearlessly, and inclusively is to obey the will of Christ'

Eva Longeria

Bonds to retire at end of season, report says

Ice Dancing *********SPOILER**************

What price an Olympic gold?

Germans Win Bobsled Gold Despite Whispers of Cheating

Isn't it great! Duke will be #1 in tomorrow's basketball polls!

Former boxer indicted in death of man found in trash bin

McEnroe one win from unlikely doubles title

Not so expensive doggy steps for your pet to use inside your house

Introducing our new puppy Bella

My old cat died last night.

DU pet people: I need your help. My cat is very ill; my vet is clueless.

We just got a new kitty from a rescue and she has FLEAS

Quest For Gobal Healing

Why do I smell breakfast?

I've begun remembering my past lives

Stephen Karcher, Total I Ching interview on Visionary Activist, KPFA

Matthew Special Edition Message Feb 18

Questions to ask yourself during periods of world-weariness or

Hunting Crashers Video

WaPo linked to both DU and DD

how do I put someone on ignore?

SFRC hearing being re-aired on C-Span NOW n/t

This is my favorite song

Lying editorial tries to tie Dems to Abramoff (including Kerry)

What Could Have Been and What Should Have Been

Did you see this?

Federal judge throws out OH election lawsuit

Ocean Sunrise

Just because Valentines Day is past

More snow pics

Some photos the wife took tonight:

Check out TVNewser for some interesting stories...

NBC has been showing a commercial during the Olympics...

Only 7 states approve of Bush

Arab Takeover of US Ports Seen as Security 'Insanity'

First case of bird flu found in India, France...

I was just thinking about this tonight. Clinton valued human life MUCH

The voice from Craig's List

Democracy, Easily Melted

Paperless Money & Votes - Unverifiable (identity theft either way?)

DNA tests contradict Mormon scripture.

Olmert: Palestinian Authority is now "Terrorist Authority"

News & Observer: $1 trillion lost in the fine print


US Study identifies key factors driving offfshoring of corporate R&D; Indi

Should we organize a "DU Meetup" ??

simone weil on security as a need of the soul

Lobbying Scandal's Impact Is Tested Under a Big Sky - (Abramoff)

The 18 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

Duke Cunningham should be executed

A very belated thanks...

"Bush and Blair have brilliantly done Bin Laden's work for him"

Saying NOPE to GOP

A little video preview for you

Fuck CNN's Poll I think they missed a few.

"A lot a dead Hadjis, Dude"

Should Fitrakis (Green) Be On The Ballot For Ohio Governor?

A fun piece about Fayetteville's Worst Criminal

Iran/Venezuela Declares Economic War On US

Fiction Writer advises Bush on Global Warming

The Click That Broke a Government's Grip

another toon special for PA voters... 2/19

On C-SPAN2 NOW (EST) Author - Jeffrey Hart...

Cartoon controversy? Its the murdering and torturing Muslims controversy

The Imperial (Vice) Presidency-By Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)

In defense of Al Gore's speech in Saudi Arabia.......

Dick Cheney approval rating 29% (Time Poll)

Dear Joementum, when I cared what you had to say,

Bush Never Picked Up Phone To Call Cheney, To Console Or Offer Counsel...

Time Magazine: Cheney at 29% Approval, 41% Disapproval --->>>

For a story w/no 'legs', RE: Cheney SHOOTING SOMEONE IN

"whaddya gonna do, shoot me?"

Newsweek Cover: Shot Heard Round the World (Cheney Shooting)

The shroud of disdain between Dowd and Matalin was visible...

Finally Proof of why Bush HAD to invade Iraq...

'First, do no harm': Can doctors ethically assist at executions?

Mardi Gras is launched,ready to party New Orleans ?

Military vehicles, and lives, take a beating in Iraq

They win

Globalization: When The Bounty Isn't Shared (BusinessWeek)

Is this Catfight Sunday?

Anyone else see Frist on Face the Nation?

Taxpayers pick up much of the cost of Cheney's hunting hobby (WaPo)

Turning vital strategic infrastructure over to sworn enemies just to

Why Congress Has No Spine-by DemHillStaffer

You think there's no such thing as a progressive religious theology?

Is this America's New Constitution?

Barbara Boxer KICKING BUTT on Face the Nation!!

the bush crime gang are the terrorists

Cheney Needs To Kill To Relax

2 years and almost 3,000 posts later, I finally figured out how to use

Miami Firm Sues to Block Foreign Port Takeover

Anyone wtaching Rabbi Michael Lerner on the span?

Seized Letter Proves British Authorities Aware of CIA Flights

Did Clinton really give secret technology to the Chinese?

Clinton stained a blue dress - Bush stains a country's reputation.

This is how much America cares about its soldiers...

Senator Lieberman Says U.S. Should `Dissolve' Embattled FEMA

VIDEO- Bill Clinton Snip about Cheney Hunting Accident

VIDEO- Chertoff on Port Security (Dubai-UAE)

Chertoff defends review of ports takeover

The Ukraine as the Legal Precendent to GET KERRY INTO OFFICE

Deborah Howell, WP: Milbank's Olberman appearance was "a mistake"

Mary Matalin is a lying, scheming, Republican whore.

Frist on Face the Nation...

Cokie Roberts doesn't heart Katrina VandenHeuval

Did ya see the Washington Post has DU in it's WHO'S BLOGGING?

Alcohol should be banned

Warning: Mary Matalin defending her lover on MTP...Dick Cheney

Hunting Crashers - Video- friggin hilarious

Fighter pilots in the news

Taking names of those treasonous sobs who support the sale of the ports

Pat Robertson doing a "heck of a job"

VIDEO- Leno Joke on Cheney Hunting

Bush has gutted Constitution, Bill of Rights, Geneva Conv & Media Ignores

VIDEO- Lieberman Waffles on Port Security (Dubai- UAE)

VIDEO-Two Jimmy Kimmel Jokes on Cheney Hunting

*UPDATE* - Security Officers who visited library get reassigned

Have you read James Risen's State of War?

Let me tell you exactly what "Civil Rights" I have lost

LOL- Reddhead at Firedoglake calls Bush-- Junior Soprano.


Media Matters: RW bias Sunday talk. Mildly improved on MTP today

For your Sunday education

Chertoff talking about the Port deal ABC

Voodoo priests may catch bird flu

"Why shouldn't I work for the NSA..?"

Capitalism As A Tool Of Communism


Bush plan may sell 3,000 acres on Flathead national forest

Guantanamo------United Nations says 'SHUT IT DOWN' Now

Katrina: Where was the President?

Daily Kos has got a page up re Chertoff and sale of port operations

How we view 'leaders' who're "gun-happy" ....

chronology of disappearing government information

Totally stupid CNN poll - worst presidential blunder

Sunday Morning Shows

CommonDream - What It Means To Be A Republican

I propose that we use the Pat Robertson Strategy

37 Million Poor Hidden HERE in the Land of Plenty

Has anyone seen a cost estimate on the new permanent US bases

admin, everyone, a bumpersticker that HAS to get made!

women at work

Dilbert today...

"Greenhouse gases are being released 30 times faster. . "

Bottom line on the UAE and the ports

Washington, D.C. Hosting Bird Flu Summit for Businesses

New U.S. Special Forces Announced

NBC: War is Great! You should try some!

Two days of brainwashing...a.k.a. a trip to my parent's house

Matalin STFU

"Pallywood": Palestinian canard re violence at an Israeli checkpoint.

Why don't we just sell the operations at our country's

not just legal, but mandatory

Can anyone explain Freepers' love affair with the Caps Lock key?

Radio Survey

Pork earmarks in the budget - on PBS's NOW - on "now" nt

Russian Government says no to Brokeback Mountain

37 million poor hidden in the land of plenty

Support the Evan Byah Spinal Implant Fund...

DU this poll; MSNBC 81% saying NO to wiretapping

VIDEO- 3 Diplomats Weigh in on whether Gitmo Bay should be closed

Who's the guy in the WH Press corp that always seems to pose the...


Lieberman is on This Week SUPPORTING the sale of the ports

Saw this bumper sticker at the grocery store today

UAE, CNN and NYT. Luckily there's DU.

VIDEO- Boxer on Medicare

San Diego new home median prices down 19.5% in January

VIDEO- Lieberman on This Week Trashing FEMA

Anyone here about the guy trying to jump the fence at the WH? nt

Photo: Are George and Laura having a tiff?

'Jawbreaker' coming up on bookTV C-Span2

Cheney's Victim Sings "All Shot Up"


Lets Play Scrabble

DU Pagans/Goddess worshippers, I have a request.

I need a transcript of Chertoff's statements today on 'This Week'

Unreleased e-mails show admin in chaos in wake of Katrina

Iran will consider Russian proposal -AP (huh? CNN"s wolf says rejected )

USDA Releases Report on Japan Veal Export (we sent bad batch)

MSNBC poll: 65% say the Cheney shooting investigation should be dropped.

Question about FEMA

Black History Month: Fort Mose: The first sanctioned African-American

Hunting question

Dick Cheney accidentally goes for the biathlon gold

Chertoff puts me to sleep...

Japan to offer US loan for troop exit

Threat to switch off Amsterdam's red lights

Question about the Abu Graib photos that weren't initially released.

Sweet energy deals - Legal Heist

New York and New Jersey, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Miami


what happens when a senator is mentally incompetent?

So-the Port decision is a done deal already?

VIDEO: "The American people will not vote for a party seen as timid"...

Bryant Gumbel and 9/11

Cheesy SoCal Burg Calls for Boycott of 'Whacked Out' San Francisco

Can you imagine if we had given control of ports to a German company

Arab Muslims = Terrorists; All Others = Ordinary Criminals

Two mistakes: Homeland Security Dept., Rumsfeld's Iraq ...ANDREW GREELEY!

Bill Clinton Survey >> "Who's he to talk? Remember Monica Lewinsky?"

shooting put to the theme song of The Beverly Hillbillies

Do we know enough about how Dubai will finance the takeover of the ports?

(VIDEO) New Rule: Pray For Rain

If they really wanted to put Clinton on the top 10 blunder list

Is That the Fox Watching the Hen House?

Jerome Armstrong on people powered politics - interesting read

Does anybody know if Sibel Edmonds implicated the United Arab

So, if wine freezes would the sugars precipitate separate from the water?

Just saw Chertoff on Cnn. He has some new makeup on.

Exclusive:Cheney Shooting Photo Reveals Secret Weapon

Marx was wrong

Fweepers Explain Why Dubya Never Stands Behind Any Of Their "Evidence"

Frat Accused In Alleged Goat Sex Hazing Incident

Who is Edward Ted H. Bilkey, the Dubai shill who'll lobby for the ports?

Oh My! A Bush Effigy in a Gitmo Jumpsuit in Pakistan.

VIDEO: Brokeback to the Future (funny)


how many DUIs between W and Cheney??? I remember reading 5

Scientists warn of potential flooding disasters

Are you running for local elected office in 2006/2007?

Think: Why do we wait for DC rallies to act as our collective voice?

Neoconservatism has evolved into something I no longer support-(by NeoCon)

VIDEO: The Empire Brokeback


Jared Diamond on today's Monitor radio - top of the hour

UN/US may FINALLY be going into Darfur?

E&P: Bob Dylan Tied to Cheney Shooting!

Most People Bush Claims To Have Medicare Drug Benefit Already Had Coverage

DFA - a plan to take back our country in 2006

Does anyone agree with me that the U.S. started to be sold out from

Jeff Jacoby: The Flames of Hate in Alabama

Hi everyone. Update from DC. Hasterat says no.

Feel Like Tearing Up an Ignoramus in Print?

FOX & CNN are Off The Air--What's Going On?

Are the port deals just a red herring?

From "The Greatest Sedition is Silence," by William Rivers Pitt, page 122.

Video: Why We Fight.......a must see

Washington Post: Disclosure in the Information Age

Alberto J. Mora

Condolence thread for the 10 marines killed in the Gulf of Aden

Does this make you want to HURL? [WARNING: EXPLICIT IDIOCY]

(VIDEO) Lady MacCheney vs. Gregory and Dowd

Don’t forget Rep. Bill Thomas had an affair with Steelman, lobbyist.


KOS: (2004) our embassy in Abu Dhabi was shutdown to a terrorist threat

Dad sues to prevent son's circumcision

I'm sorry, but Mary Matalin looks like a hag on crack

Does anyone chat in the political rooms in yahoo?

Privacy Amendment to the Constitution

Luckovich carTOON

Iraq withdrawal, Murtha bill, question when we succeed in '06

Remember when Rove, et al tried to ridicule Kerry's hunting attire?

"Cheney, now more than ever, is on the top of Fitzgerald's hit parade"

ALL drunks questioned by police say they had "One Beer"

The Fish symbol.

What percent of public has to disagree with War before pols listen?

NYT Business: "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and more on the way

Prayer to St Peter

Nothing like a little despotism in the good old "land of the free"

Chertoff Defends Dubai Port Deal

UAE offered asylum to Hussein

Anyone old enough to remember the appeal of Ross Perot?

Bush Sells Port of Miami to Dubai

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

Divine Providence? (Plantations)

MySpace: Murdoch's big hope, parents' nightmare

Was that another Andy Rooney slam on Bush?

Mom Charged With Letting Man Have Sex With Daughter, faces 12 yrs jail

Double murder today - in our apartment complex

"You only shoot, the one's you love......"

Why do people keep referring to Cheney as a hunter?

Bauer Slams Gore for 'Vitriolic' Anti-American Speech in Saudi Arabia

What's become of the DU Activists Forum?

Bin Laden vows never to be captured alive

Matt PUDGE: The House that CLINTON built

Wow, great LTTE in my semi-conservative hometown newspaper

Venezuela to be our next Iraq?

Al-Falafel News and the Dubai Buy.

DUer in the News

Will the 'pukes get away with selling our ports to the UAE, just like...

Clinton weighs in on Cheney mishap

When snowballs are outlawed

August 29, 2005...

Caption this photo

Went to Democratic rally in Northeast Texas yesterday

Comic: Bush Tries His Hand At Winter Sports

You must see this take on Cheney's shooting accident

Russert/MSNBC : Give us a break with MATLIN

Cheney shot all of us before 9-11, got a free ride;

FAUX: Intelligence Summit Saddam tapes prove Saddam had wmd! NOT true!


Did Feinstein ever release Gorelick's letter?

Is the Bush family the most traitorous clan in American History ?

About that 365 mil powerball last night.

Bush Is Selling Our Border Security To Terrorists

US Military Outsources Command Structure

The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason CSPAN2 now

NYT: Facing Pressure, White House Seeks Approval for Spying

Chavez: We will Cut off Oil to US if it 'Crosses the Line'

Do you remember what Zell Miller said at the RNC about Kerry outsourcing

Does anyone understand desiderata?

ABC News: A Surge in Whistle-Blowing -- and Reprisals

Congressman Conyers:Taking Back the Congress, Tim Mahoney

solar power breakthu reported - more facts needed

DU This Poll: Is VP Cheney an Asset or a Liability?

Is DU loading funny for anyone else?

Does Anyone Understand Derrida?

"It is a Society Heading Towards Animal Farm" Archbishop of York

Removed Fox News from my television

Uninsured emergency

Interesting GOP English/Spanish online voting form discrepancies

what bush is really doing

Caption Buckshot Cheney.....

Could the escalating outsourcing of American jobs and the sale of ports...

“If you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about”

What do you think of Tony Blair ??

Report: Pentagon Warned on Torture, Abuse (WaPo)

Tax Breaks Given on Gas-Guzzling SUVs

abramoff, norquist, college repubicans, Moonies, GHW Bush

It's obvious that everyone here needs to be sent to re-education camps...

What specific politicians are behind the UAE control of US ports?

First Cheney Statement Didn't Admit He Was Shooter...

It's a "Win/Win" situation for them

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe (WaPo)

US Judge to rule on male genital mutilation

Bayh saying cheney event not important-lets move on. Fox news Sunday

Republicans appear to be doing everything in their power to stop.....

"90% obviously innocent" U.S. Interrogator in Iraq

Where are the NRA types?

Headline SHOULD read: ANGER Escalates on Foreign Control of Ports

Al Gore's Presentation On Global Warming

The astonishing 35-page Duke Cunningham Sentencing Recommendation

The stench of craftiness (UAE Ports Controversy)

Please post candidate websites you like!

Mainstream Arguments for Impeachment

Bush Funeralgate Scandal: Katrina, Whittington, Gonzales: CORRUPTION

Global Warming/Environmental issues will be the BIG issue in Election 08

Why I'm Not Enthusiastic About Impeachment

Is the name 'Global Warming ' holding us back?

Calif. Woman, 62, Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Former Reagan NSA Director - Calls For Immediate Withdrawal From Iraq

A MUST!!!......DU this Poll.....

A Proposal for a Winning Ticket

Kerry is commencement speaker at Ohio college Bush tried to disenfranchise

latest from Halliburton prison camps...pick a date..3/11 is taken

Brokeback Just Took Best Picture At British Academy Awards

Why Cheney's hunting accident matters - By Stan Goff

Members of CFIUS-approved the Port Sale

Excerpts from the Republican-English Dictionary

An AMAZING Director has set his sights on Guantanamo

In The Land of the Plenty.....Plenty Who Have Not

Pot Should Be Legalized

How about a freeper thread?

Arianna: The Mary Matalin Horror Show

Ariana Nails the Coming Cheney Scandal..."Bada Bing" Ranch....

What do you think of

School Board wants to cut program over fear it may be "anti-American"

"Thank God for George W. Bush."

They just did a "Fly over" at the Daytona 500 with two F22A jets! WTF?

Jane Hamsher Explains the WIDER IMPORTANCE of the Cheney Shooting Story

Anybody have info on alternatives to Boy Scouts?

Shrub raiding federal pension fund to balance tax breaks for wealthy

If one of the six ports were to be attacked before '08

Patriots at Work

The Secret Aristocracy Emerges from Its Gilded Bunkers

This is what my friends died for?

question about the Duggar family & 17 children.....does the Duggar family.

Where would DU be today if Admins had permitted freepers to post?

What Could Have Been and What Should Have Been -- Re-cast Your Vote [POLL]

Shani Davis - first black athlete to win individual gold at winter sport

FRONTLINE - The Insurgency - Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 9pm on PBS

None of the 9/11 Commission staffers "believed Cheney's version of events"

The Times of London has an amazing editorial today

In case you didn't know the connection between the UAE and 9/11

60 MINUTES: If you missed the show ,please read

Halliburton's Worst Nightmare - revealed on TODAY

Isn't this a great idea?

Ban "Canned Hunting"!

Is this the 1st time the MSM hints that Cheney may be cheating on his wife

"Why We Fight" >> A must see !!


When you follow the money, the ports sale makes sense.

HELL YES we knew; Rep Ron Paul-REPUBLICAN-knew. And said so.

A Pictoral Homage to the TRUE Daughters of the Revolution

How many countries allow their citizens to walk around with handguns?

ABLE DANGER and the 9/11 Whitewash.

Cheney's Got a Gun (Song and Video)

Cheney Advisor Won't Say If "A Beer" Is "Literally One Beer"

Rhode Island to start Impeachment of Bush?

Cheney "had to have a way to relieve himself"...Taxpayers foot the bill

We've got to take down the Republicans, but first

The Gasbag Gap OR "If It's Sunday, It's Conservative"

Anyone know any site that takes suggestion for editorial cartoons?

Newsweek: The Shot Heard Round the World(Cover Story)

Missile defence too costly for Canada, says U.S. expert

McCain woos Bush loyalists in quest for the presidency

In Montana, a test case for control of the Senate

Steele Campaign Seen in Disarray

Is this shill on C-span insulting our intellignce?

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter: The Imperial (Vice) Presidency

Question? True that SS blocked Cheney investigation?

Which number do you find more credible?

My ranting on the wiretap investigation stoppage

Are you running for elected office in 2006?

Has any Democrat talked about the Cheney shooting?

Why don't Repubs address Gore's comments rather than personally attack?

Does Ned Lamont have any chance of ousting Lieberman

Chertoff Defends Review of Ports Takeover

Bill Frist is a lying sack of Crap!

Something just hit me about Nov elections.(why Dems let spying go)..

good article on russ feingold in february vogue

Since FISA doesn't slow or stop...

Brit Hume's answers if Democrats had shot someone in the face

Bush's gansterism is followed by sociopaths.

(Katherine) Harris Donates Cash From Firm Tied To Scandal

MSNBC Poll says no to more wiretapping...Vote!...

Dana Milbank bashes Dems for bashing Dems -- is he right?

What are you doing for the 2006 elections?

If these historical Dems were running in '08, who would you support?

Petition for special prosecutor -- spying

Time Mag: Bush had to lean on Cheney to get him to talk (Raw Story)

Hey, Scott McClellan! Cheney's LAUGHING at you for handling his mess.

How should Democrats define the political "reality"?

Don't forget to buy BLUE!

One Party Rule is the LEgislature - courtesy of Republican Rules Commitee

Backlash! Backlash! Squawk! Impeachment Backlash!

Blogger’s FOIA request reveals new insight into Iraq War.

A bribery kingpin who was calling all the shots

Reappearance of OBL in the media

Karl Rove's latest target: Dana Milbank and his over-the-line orange hat

DU this staffer on ports sale to UAE company

Three Days of the Condor

Matalin-Opponents used Cheney's Personal Problem for Politicical Gain.

Conscript the entire Admin. into the VOLKSGRENADIERS. I am sure the Army.

A question about Senator Clinton (D-NY)

Comic: Bush Tries His Hand At Winter Sports

Weekend Review - the last 6 cartoons

March 19th / 3rd year protests?

"The people should not be afraid of their Government.....

Shocked to hear that WorldNet Daily lies!

Just think....Five years ago we were predicted to have $5 trillion surplus

"Obnoxious press prima donnas made people feel sorry for the W.H."

Hey, 'murcan people. Here's a new OBL tape to take your mind off Cheney.

Could this be the plan for the November 2006 elections?

Parents who signed the request for the military not to contact their kids

Why are the wingnuts so obsessed that we nominate Hillary?

Blog hints at Abramoff, Young link (R-Alaska exposed by a blogger?)

Hughes is in the Middle East selling America's image

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

In Which City Should the DNC Convention Be Held?

The goddam Democratic Nat'l Convention should be in Ohio. Done.

The ''Duke Cunningham Act"

Just read George Orwell's "1984"

"Will the Constitution of the United States survive? "

MSM Study; and it doesn't include Faux

Fighting Diebold-Ground zero is California-Action alert

Republican Congressman bombarded with spying questions from constituents

about a dozen veterans seeking office; all but one of them Democrats

dnc? dlc? dccc?

Katrina vanden Heuvel seems like a big threat to Cokie Roberts

RANDI'S RANT: Hackett, DeWine, NSA & Dirty Deals

Pic of the Beauty Cheney was hunting with!

New White House talking point: Media is in a "Parallel Universe"

The Cheney Shooting meme

Melhman calls on Bush and Repubs to fix the mess they created (satire?)

GOP asks for church directories

Please sign petition and forward it on - Need Bush Cabinet Investigation!

I was talking to Cindy Sheehan and Sean Penn the Other Day

US Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) Connected to Money Laundering!!!

And the top 10 worst presidential blunders are...(CNN/AP)

GOP Requests Church Directories in NC (from yesterday's news)

Want Blue to Win in 2006 - What are YOU doing about it?

A question about the ports.

The polls are not asking about illegal domestic spying.

CIA - the science of torture and mass persuasion

Bush administration caught lying again in new FOIA request!

Stem-cell research splits US Republicans