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Archives: February 18, 2006

Why Did They Stay?

Forbidden Freedom: Slavery in Southwest Florida

Conservative Nonsense in the War on Drugs

TIME: The Myth of the Hunt: How the media has misfired…

Body Parts Snatching Case Reverberates

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

Melting Down But Still in Charge

Mainstream Media never disclosed who the Armstrongs are

The Real Pat Roberts Returns--does turnabout

Greenwald-"The Long Hard Slog"

Founding Fathers, Baseball, Apple Pie, and Impeachment

The Masters of Black Mountain - Nice piece and a nice nod to the big tent.

Identity crisis

Phyllis Schlafly's 50-Year Rt-Wing Crusade

Bush's Chat With Novelist Alarms Environmentalists

Hunting for A Straight Shooter (MoDo on DeadEye Dick)

Conservatives Endorse Fuhrer Principle :Our leader über alles- Roberts

The Lone Patriot Russ Feingold

37 million poor hidden in the land of plenty

AP Lists Top 10 Presidential Blunders... Where's Bush???????

America's Moral Decline and the Rise of False Christianity

"The End of the Western World we have known since 1945"

Complex mix behind Hackett's withdrawal

Any Changes In Indian Energy Policy "Highly Unlikely" - AFP

NE Ohio's Amphibians Dying From High Levels Of Copper In Water

Save the very rich, squeeze the Pacific NW

Global Warming "Doesn't Fit Republican Belief Structure" - Lewis Lapham

$6 Billion Mackenzie Pipeline Plan Faces Threats From Melting Permafrost

Bush Presses for Nuclear Energy Expansion (details and comments)

Nigeria Suspends 380,000 bpd Oil Exports After Attack

I can dream...can't I?

Transmission and Distribution Losses in the US Estimated at 7.2% in 1995

DOE: Suspect Yucca Mountain work is sound, but will be redone

Rolling Blackouts In Denver - Natural Gas Shortage

NOAA Now Backtracking On Water Temp/Hurricane/Climate Breakdown Links

Waterworld: how life on Earth will look 1,000 years from now

Government figures show Britain will fail to meet its Kyoto obligations

The great tsunami, the giant wave that will change our lifestyles forever

Russia says Israeli attempts to isolate Hamas unconstructive

Russia to Seek Israeli Consent Before Selling Arms to Palestine

45-year-old man stabbed by Palestinians in Ma'aleh Adumim

Israelis shoot unarmed Palestinian

Cash Flow to Hamas Is More Restricted, Deeper Underground

Fatah-Hamas power struggle looms

Palestinians to give back US aid

Turkey scolds Israel after uproar over visit of Hamas chief

‘Hamas will fail like Arafat’

Hamas forms government, rejects peace talks

Maxim Does 9/11 Truth

March for 9/11 Truth" in New York City at Ground Zero

Presidents' Day "March for 9/11 Truth," NYC Ground Zero, 2/20/06

US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign

Reuters, June 12, 2001: "Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil Predicted"

Challenge to 9/11 truth movement from new website i found

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

A link between Bush's friend and "911" insider trading?

Please Post Your Best Evidence Here...

Can someone please fact check this LTTE (CA/Diebold)

Pittsburgh's Perfect! They investigate e-votin' vendors on the Tee Vee!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 18

CA Acid Heads Certify Diebold (Berkely) :)

Why is Mcpherson Certifying the TSx and Why Does Bowen Say He Can?

Do we need to Swiftboat McPherson? We need a plan

Despite Illegalities, Diebold Election Machines Certified In CA

Calif. Senator Bowen on Diebold Re-Certification.

I made this logo for the DAILY thread-- what do you think?

New poll numbers

We're interning for John Kerry, but we've got no furniture! Bostonians?

Photo of todays vigil- my Ode to Dead Eye

someone sent me a Valentine

So what airlines are you flying?

I can't get into Microsoft explorer anymore. M/E came with my

Anyone willing to help a beginner w/ cut/copy/paste?

Virus Problem

I just bought a USB 007 storage device

Minor irritation - my old norton antivirus program keeps disabling

should I buy this laptop for $600?

Parental controls

Next problem: can't get videos to load fully or play

Two computers, one DSL modem how do I get them both online?

Kinky's ballot drive is funded by Perry supporters -- YOU CAN HELP

Scott Ritter in Austin Saturday 2/25

Breaking: Code Pink's Diane Wilson released from Jail

Houston eyes cameras at apartment complexes

Do any DUers live in The Woodlands near Houston?

Vanity non-cooking thread

I ended up with half an elk and had about 10 pounds turned into

My Flu-Buster Chicken soup recipe...

Oh my. What else am I missing out on?

Ciabatta - Ecumenist

As the center-left fights, the right organizes

A Not So Proud Olympic Moment

New Tory environment minister heads UN body overseeing treaty

US lags in propaganda war: Rumsfeld

White House to help protect GOP-drawn Texas map

Retirement age 'will rise to 85'

Italy says sex crimes against non virgins warrant lesser

2-17-06: BREAKING: Calif. Sec. State certifies entire Diebold product line

Berlusconi courts Mussolini party

Iranian foreign minister demands immediate withdrawal of U.S., British tro

Counting the cost of bird flu

FBI probes anti-Muslim flyer in Los Angeles

Groundwater Toxin Found at Additional D.C. Sites

Sex Services in Prostitution Probes Banned

White House to help protect GOP-drawn Texas map

School bus drivers join war on terror

Hearing set on whether to toss DeLay charge

GM's Russian operation may collapse

Lawmakers vote to put levees in La.'s care

Roadside Bombs Kill U.S. Soldier, 9 Iraqis

Huckabee slams ethics complaint process

2 Marine Corps copters crash off Djibouti coast

Gallup: More Republicans Than Democrats Own Guns, and Use Them in Hunting

Man pleads guilty, fabricated terror tips

GOP senator has concerns about wiretaps (Sen. Roberts!)

AP: Red Light District Plans Open House

Justices to Rehear Speech Case From October

Why Did They Stay?


Iran hails IAEA chief's suggestion on enrichment

NYT: Senate Chairman Splits With Bush on Spy Program (Pat Roberts)

Complex mix behind Hackett's withdrawal

Democrats Slam New Medicare Drug Plan

US Military Adding New Construction at Guantanamo

Military:Troops Accounted for After Crash

India seeking 'closer Iran ties'

Iranian Oil Bourse? could lead to...?

Dems must wait for (Diebold) election files (Alaska)

County wants talk with Chertoff

Balt Sun: Voting machine maker says new system doable by fall

Iraq oil sector lost over USD 6 bln. in 2005 -- official

Bush defends Indo-US nuke deal

"The End of the Western World we have known since 1945"

Fire Destroys Warehouse Housing Christian Business

talian Minister Resigns After Libyan Protests Over T-Shirt Bloomberg -

Rockefeller Questions NSA's Authority (Sen. Roberts nixed his proposal)

Navy's Plans for Sonar Facility Challenged

US to aid Syrian democracy groups

Errors cost thousands of South Florida residents Medicare coverage

Toll rises to about 1,800 in Philippine mudslide-UPDATE

Nigerian Militants Kidnap Nine Foreign Oil Workers

Senior Anglican links US to Orwell over Guantanamo (AFP)

Google rips Bush administration's search request

US handling of UN reform angers developing nations

Bush, Officials Tout Energy Initiatives (marked as 'Energy Week")

37 million poor hidden in the land of plenty

U.S. church alliance denounces Iraq war

Democrats slam new Medicare drug plan

Fascist death threat of US gov't to a racial minority rights complainant

Pelosi Wants Ethics Probe of Deficit Bill

Chavez threatens to cut off oil to US if it goes too far

Tax Breaks Given on Gas-Guzzling SUVs

US holds secret talks to weaken Hamas

Rolling Blackouts In Denver - Natural Gas Shortage

US holds secret talks to weaken Hamas

U.S. Church Alliance Denounces Iraq War

Blast at US Philippines army base

North County Times: Feds seek 10-year prison term for Cunningham

Blast near US Philippines army base

EV World: Bush Calls for More Nuclear Power Plants and Plug-In Hybrid Cars

Cancer-stricken gay rights activist dies

Firm Sues to Block Foreign Port Takeover

DeLay ad challenges anti-Bush billionaire

Rice warns Iran, Mideast states not to finance Hamas-led PA

WP: Promise to Shore Up Ethics Loses Speed

Family Want Boot Camp Guards Prosecuted (Florida Juvenile Abuse)

Poll reveals 40pc of Muslims want sharia law in UK

Pat Robertson Accused of Damaging Movement He Helped Create

In N.C., GOP Requests Church Directories

Fugitive Brothers Caught After 15 Years (Aryan terrorists?)

Seattle tells GOP thanks but no thanks

Mardi Gras Crowds Small But Celebratory

Bush Adds Appointee to NASA Press Office

Second Virus Attacks Mac OS X

AP: "VP Accident Tale Filled With Discrepancies"

Bombers Warn U.S. Against Iran Attacks

Houston eyes cameras at apartment complexes (and private homes)

NYT: At a Scientific Gathering, U.S. Policies Are Lamented

New Clerk for Alito Has a Long Paper Trail

U.S. church alliance denounces Iraq war

Recruiting Hispanics for Kentucky Coal Mines Raises Debate

Nigeria cartoon protests kill 16

US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign

Iranian ayatollah: Use of nuclear arms sometimes permissible

U.S. Company Plans $265M Spaceport in UAE (here's why port deal?)

Bill would stop sale of port operations to Arabs

NYT: Drug Plan's Start May Imperil G.O.P.'s Grip on Older Voters

America not interested in dominating Iraq: Clinton

Bush Presses for Nuclear Energy Expansion

Sheriff Defends Stripping Tactics To Quell Riots

Fear Escalates on Foreign Control of Ports

Killer H5N1 virus spreads

UK Radiation Jump Blamed on Iraq Shells

Low-key oath for Hamas MPs

We can't name or call out other DUers but...

Slow motion walk away guy.....

Attention Roger Waters fans

Has this happened to anyone who has traveled overseas lately?

News items from 100...50...25 years ago

I had falafel for the first time tonight.

COLD!!! I just tried to take my ex-dog for a walk

It is SO cold in my apartment!

I think we're at a Yellow Alert

Anyone know where I can find screenplays...

Speaking of two men I hoped would never make a sex tape...

I want your opinion on SKELETON

The MSM said the FSM took the DSM

Here's Ptah's Friday tune:

ciao -

Retail therapy: the cause of, and solution to, all life's problems...

The best thing about Winter is

They Live

oh-blah dee oh-blah dah...

Quote from Randi Rhodes this evening

Hey man. Like what if Crazy Gugg' had 31 votes for his GD post. Wouldn't

Maybe we should send this to dick, the 'small' vp

Hey man. Like what if everything was colored purple and green. Wouldn't

if Tou Pak Shakur's sister married Deepak Chopra...

You know you've spent too much time in the lounge when...

What happend to Alarcojon and other Lounge mathematicians?

Tonight, my fortune cookie told me, "You are politically independent."

I falafel for the first time tonight.

weekend! (so happy i had to share)

Bird's Head Found In Can Of Pinto Beans

Saturday earworm.

I have a friend I've known since...

Are the Danish cartoons that started all this rioting -- on the Internet?

Here's a fun game for the pacifist in all of us!

I wouldn't survive where some of youse folks live

Let's pick the DU theme for the day

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!


Can anybody educate me about Gaia?


girls embarrassed or shy to eat in front of boys ?

It's not that cold...

I have TWO whole days OFF

Bad thing about living in California

:[ ]:

Songs that remind you of an ax

That Toyota kayaking ad makes me think of eyepaddle!

Why do I have a donor star?

"He's going down on everything"

*** OLYMPICS SPLOILER *** Mens Super G

Anyone participating in the Great Backyard Birdcount? 2/17-20

My local rock station is playing Nirvana's "About A Girl".

Scott Stapp, Kid Rock's Too Candid Camera

Paging Will Pitt!! In honor of yer mom's b-day...

Are down comforters machine washable?

Aquaspawn has arrived.........

"The Matrix" was an overhyped one-trick pony.

Amsterdam Red Light District Plans Open House

#11 out of 463 on the political parody charts (soundclick)

It was a whim. I was a lemmings. Ate my first Mickey D burger in 5 yrs &

Willie Nelson Plays Long Set for Soldiers

My cat of 18 years just had to be put down

I want to post my pic, but don't know how..

Wooden Ships- Airplane or CSN

'Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood

Flame me if you must, but ice-dancing is super lame!

Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Nose & Swallows It


"Evil Breed"...Richard Grieco, Jenna Jameson, and a hungry, horny monster

I'm getting my picture taken today!

DU THIS POLL - Freepers suck, because

Katrina/Rita Photos


I think I'm going to the tropics today

So, Dude, we did some cave paintings last night...

Denver to set TWO COLD records

Why do fools fall in love?

What's an "ignoranus"? New words to enjoy.

Saturday Art from Ohio: an homage to Turd Blossom Karl Rove

Hey! Let Me Outta Here!!

What Types of People Seem Most Predispositioned to Progressivism?

Maury and Connie are on on MSNBC now

Who's the red-haired woman on Trading Spaces?

Bartok's Roumanian Xmas Carols?

Weekly World News: Evil American-Hating Mole People Found In Wyoming

My Wife of 9 years just had to be put down

Proof that DU beats all competition

Anybody use herbal remedy for high blood pressure?

I saw an Orange woman yesterday at the store!

Have you seen the "Color Me Mine" rap?

The winter olympics reminds me of this picture taken

LOL! This is wrong!

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Housecleaning Obsessions?

Well, it's 10 above... I'm going out.

MySpace is EVIL!

260 degrees in West Michigan - ask me anything

Do you kiss your putz?

Had forgotten that I heard Donald Rumsfeld speak in 1964...

The Gore-Lieberman 2000 yarmulke

The biathlon is on right now.


Video for "Cheney's Got a Gun"

Airline on A & E

Vietnam man handles three decades without sleep

married man handles three decades without sex

I think I will feel like crap soon

Anyone else live with chronic financial stress?

I have a question about Myspace

should I buy this laptop for $600?

Aerosmith parody, "Cheney's Got A Gun"

That's it. I'm taking the rest of the weekend off.

I'm sick and fucking tired of this shit. I have fucking had it. (RANT)

Cat owners, does this work on all cats?

US Troops In Iraq Apologize To * For Getting Wounded


Olympic Question (not Bryant Gumbel related!)

Question about rechargable batteries

That's what I get for stereotyping.

keeping the adults (ahem) in charge.

Holy Jayhawks! Kansas Basketball is on fire.

I got a new camera!

Has anyone tried drinking water to remedy dehydration?

Here's today's Black History Month Thread #3:

Oscars Host Stewart Prepares for Big Stage

Forensic Files

If Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra got married. Opra's name would be

Major set back in our campiagn tonight... I could whine...

Does anyone else here know who Tralala is?

Goodnight everyone!

Reno 911: Miami... THE MOVIE??? Oh Good Lord!

Who's going out for drinks tonight with me, the LionessP, Patsy Stone...

Good morning. I feel like shit.

My friend wants to evict his son from his house!!

Favorite quote? Any quote will do n/t

Ever get caught dancing by yourself?

Anyone here ever hear of "Free Speech TV?" (FSTV)

Why are these birds a threat to men in orange vest and caps?

Anyone buy a Powerball Tix?

Which Olympic Games Are Better? Winter Or Summer?

All Dark-Sided people out of the lounge NOW!!!!

I can't stop watching curling and teasing.

What subject have you always wanted to learn more about

Over two weeks ago, I had 998 posts. Today I post my 1,000th.


Anyone else having a hard time getting motivated today?

God I love GarageBand.

SOOOO, I Flirted With This 'Skirt' YVRGirl But She Hasn't Ritten Me Back

Katie and Tom break up


Hey! MrG took fourth place out of 120 last night at the poker tourney!!!

How do I convince my G.P. that my problems are not anxiety?

It took me all morning, but I finally have my pic posted...

Where is mopaul? I expected lots of posts during Quailgate.

Hey Brits: Do convenience stores in your area have "Spend a penny" cups?

Dose anyone know anything about caning?




How NOT to FLIRT online by yvr girl


I just got this and wanted to share it with my DU family, ROFLMFAO!

All the news Faux deems important! (pic)

If Avian Flu is a concern.....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/18/06)

Willie Nelson records a cover of a song about gay cowboys

I'm done!!! I'm done!!! Yay!!! I'm done!!!

Do convenience stores/liquor stores in your area have "Take a penny" cups?

purr! If you are out is your daughter doing?

I'm taking my boys to Denny's tonight.

Is anyone else amused by the "Ginger Snaps" films.

I just watched "Dick" -- hysterically funny movie

The One-Hit Wonder show is on VH-1.

Do they test curlers for blood doping at the Olympics?

I don't have any voicemails!

Do you know anyone this freakin' stupid?

Am I losing my mind?


Unclear on the concept (pic)

Use the word Brazillion in a sentence.

OMG!!!!! Threads with "OMG" in the title automatically garner

Hmmm. Another forum board I go to is asking for new contact information.

Anyone else recently get a RIM job?

Wilson Pickett is dead and Cheney gets a pass for shooting people?

Storm cuts power to NE - if you are a DU'er without power post here

Holy shit, this is funny

Too bad all the Loungers can't huddle together for warmth tonight, eh?

The Prophetess needs surgery

PHOTOS: "I'm sorry I upset you, Baby Jane"

There is a spy here...

Woman's Arm Severed In Car Accident (with cell phone intact)

2D Katamari Damacy

ok, somebody help me out. hardball, hackett. where's the post

What Was The LAST Good James Bond Movie?

How many calories were in your din-din tonite?

O E oo ah ah Ting Tang Wallawalla Bing Bang........

Do You Kiss Your Pets?

WHOOPDEE-DOO!!! It is now a toasty -3 outside!!!

OK. cat lovers, here is a barking cat. Really cute.

Well that was nasty

I dare you to kill this thread.

You can't swim? Hell, the FALL will probably kill you!

Is There Anybody Out There

Now that I want to go to bed...MrG is snoring, Fat Cat wants to play...and

I bought a brand new set of knives today. Ask me anything!

lets have a contest for the best "unintentional Annoyance Disclamer"...

Do you miss sadistically burning ants with a magnifying glass...

Post a pic of a food you like

Have you ever had a great first date become a one night stand?

Persian food ROCKS

Happy Festival of Denyatorio!!!

Under the Milky Way Tonight....

Pick your favorite: Entertainment Weekly's 10 Essential Glam-Rock Albums

Do guys have, "Look at my package" pants?

Because of the extremely cold weather, I must ask this:

DAMN! They Just Don't Make Them Like Racquel Anymore

Substitute One Word In Any Movie Title With "Gay Man"....

What does GOD say? n/t

My head hurts, my nose is all stuffy and then runny and my stomach

Funny email I received:

Ok... my cat and I just jumped out of our skin

Do you answer your PM's? ? ? ? ? ?

You wanna see the absolute worst sig line in history?? (GRAPHIC)

Ugliest Web Site Thread: Here's my choice for this evening.

I can't stop watching curling.

As a species, we're f*cking lunatics. Discuss.

Phoenix, Arizona: A brief description

How cold is it where you live right now? (degrees Fahrenheit)

Does your Walmart Have Yellow Tag Specials?

I'm catching a cold and my neighbor has chickens

She looks guilty doesn't she?

The more exclamation points you use, the more seriously we take your posts

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

And gas is back up. We went from 1.89 yesterday to

Fun with science: 12 degrees, a bottle of water, a van with W04 stickers..

A question about Pesto sauce? Do you just use it alone?

Cat talk!

Anyone know of a truly effective way to stop junk mail?

Lovin Spoonful, Mamas and the Papas, Stone Ponies...

Oy, sisters.

What do you guys think of people who marry for money?

Have I said today how much I hate "these people"?

My SO left me tonight to go on a date...:D

What kind of unique or obscure foods come from your area??

If you could pick a new family....?

I married a passive-aggressive @#$#

97 new smilies.. (borrow any you like)


it is cold! and I am making homemade vegetable soup for supper

I'm watching "The Ladykillers"

okay folks - tell me which movies lift your spirits or make you smile

Why do people eat oysters?

Why are fraternities and sororities still so racially segregated?

Eastern NC BBQ vs. Western NC BBQ

Question: When your boss talks to you like you are a 5 year old,

Can cats have asthma?

Did You Buy A Powerball Ticket?

I am considering forming the International Curling Cable Network (ICCN)

English to esperanto dictionary.

Who here has a choice of cable television companies?

Songs you have to hear more than once..... When you play them..

OK got my wisdom teeth out. IT WAS A DISASTER. Started @ one

SPOILERS: I hope Rush Limbaugh watched the 1000m Mens Speed Skating final.

I Aced My Theater Admin Test @ 100%...

I am ethically and morally opposed to state lotteries, but tonight

LOL...A Press release from Wal-Mart > Bentonville, AR

*SPOILER* Wmns Snowboardcross: Anybody else pissed at Costas?

songs that remind you of an ex

For khashka ...

Question about the movie "Brokeback Mountain". Need some help.

WOXY Fans The 'future' of The Future of Rock and Roll is in your hands.

Today is Satchmo's Birthday.

You get 3 choices and 3 choices only. List the 3 compositions that most

OMG! This is my 4,950th post! I should reach 5,000 this weekend!

My queendom for no windchill factor!

Has anyone asked their public library how they comply (or if they do)

Now I've seen everything

Does tequila make your clothes fall off?

This may make you feel old.

I love it when a plan comes together

I am a single girl now . My boyfriend broke up with me over the phone ...

My latest cake :)

Someone wanted to pay for their edible undies with food stamps

Substitute One Word In Any Movie Title With "Lesbian"....

Who's going to be the last person to post in this thread?

Studying the Bible on the train

Somebody has WAYYYYYY too much time on his hands

Beautiful Sinner - The strange career of Mary Magdalene

The Three Fish - a poem by Rumi

the best medicine

Anyone Have Expeirience Treating Vitiligo (Spots of No Skin Pigment)?

A thought about Bush's speech about HSAs at Wendy's HQ -

Sleeping on it best for complex decisions

Oklahoma City Libraries To Move Books On Gay Families

Brokeback Mountain Will Top 70 MIL This Weekend

Lesbian Cop In Benefits Battle Dies

Alaska Moves On Gay Benefits Ban Amendment

How gay-friendly is Columbus, OH

Utah School Anti-Gay Club Bill Advances

School Anti-Harassment Training Upheld

Boarders Unite! Jacobellis Gets Support

Hitched to Miller, U.S. Ski Effort Veers Off Course

Men's Super G Results ******SPOILER********

Birthday boy (kitty) in the lounge

My cat is super finicky

Help - I clicked on a really bad link at a "funny video" site...

Unbelievable, a barking cat.

The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing

Seeking advice

Show about Edgar Cayce coming on tonight at 10pm Eastern

nothing's retrograde is it? I'm thinking of making a computer purchase

I have something I need to ask help with....(long post)

I'm a little scared right now

Top 10 Out–of–Print Books (and why the

In the mood . .

Next stops

Salvador-- over at Dkos

An answer from JK on that burning question that comes up here from time

OT but Hey Blue, your Homer

Anchorage at night and some fireworks

Stretch Refuses to Apologize for Being a Journalist!

Movie about the EDVs in NYC ........

Next week's Maher: Gary Hart and RW whore Heather Wilson (R-NM)

Caller on Malloy now sounds like Truman Capote

Listen to DN! today to put Abu Ghraib & Gitmo in context

Compassionate Conservative

Local radio ad (for Kia dealership) makes fun of spying issue...

Jeb has huge pep rally to defend his voucher program...manipulative sob.

60's: Who connected people and how can we do it? We have

Any DUers on the No-Fly list?

Timely new T-Shirt!

UAE, Palestine governments to set up joint investment firm

Poll: Most think GOP, Democrats lack vision

Counting the cost of bird flu

GENERAL STRIKE - First Monday In March

Wash. Journal caller: "If Osama called, would he call...

Early morning or late night post

A link between Bush's friend and "911" insider trading?

(VIDEO) Watch Ciro Rodriguez's new ad ( shows Bush-Cuellar picture)

Illegal logging may have contributed to Philippines disaster

Houston's police chief wants surveillance cameras in apartment buildings

A very few people deserve no sympathy....

A ratcheting up of fear and foreboding in op. eds.

Focus on the Family softens it's Anti-Gay stance (Just a little bit)

NEW TOON 2/18 -- Special for PA Voters

Matthew 25: Jesus Will Send Right-Wing Pseudo-Christians to Hell

The discussion on Washington Journal is breaking my heart

President Darth Cheney and little georgie W fraWd to sell our security to

Has this happened to anyone who has traveled overseas lately?

Iran sets terms for UN nuclear checks (from Al Jazeera)

anyone here know why Bob Woodward pronounces Reporter as Ra- porter?

Watching Woodward and Bernstein on Larry King taping.

Rumsfeld's Roadmap to Propaganda...

All the President's Men

Home Going Celebration for "Grandpa Al Lewis"

Strange "racial protest" t-shirt

msnbc doing great storybook telling of corruption in WH

AP: Cheney's accident TALE filled with DISCREPANCIES

It’s like having root-canal performed through my eyeball

MSNBC was reporting 2 US choppers down earlier

Demand Mainstream Coverage Of DIEBOLD in California!

VERIZON rant!!! They are the pits and a monopoly.

Hey Nighthawks, I'm back, aquaspawn is here.....

VIDEO- Helen Thomas Said Bush has Religious Office in the White House

What did curt weldon say at the start of the hearings...

Chavez threatens to cut off oil to US

Would I ever love it if the Democrats could, when in control, pass as much

Does That Pissy Little Fucker Curt Weldon Have Plans For The White House?

Can Jeb Bush Be Recalled?

Republican Sues Bush

The GOP piefight: Bush spying on Republicans; faces lawsuit

Shooting foiled attack-Whittington May Be an al Queda Lieutenant

Nothing in this administration...

Another dot - but I don't know what it's connected to.

What "Ownership society" looks like

Looking for a good article that explains racism

Presidents' Day "March for 9/11 Truth," NYC Ground Zero, 2/20/06

Studying the Bible on the train

have you seen the asshole short film strip?

US Co. Plans $265 Spaceport in United Arab Emirates

Great older audio available for free. Kitty Keller on GWB, interviewed

OK, Did anybody see Rumsfeld on Charlie Rose last night?

Rummy LIED about propaganda

A translation of Administration comments with regard to UAE port control

White House Aims to Protect New Texas Map

DOJ to Sen. Ethics Cm'tee: Avoid Abramoff invest'gns because of 'concerns'

Michael Moore wants your health care horror stories

MORE Evidence that Iraq War Plan Started on 9/11 (TWN)

Should Gay Folks Support An Anti-Gay Marriage Democrat?

Democrats Slam New Medicare Drug Plan

Quit Gitmo? Not only won't they leave but they've started adding on

Iraq War Propelled Iran To Apex Of Middle East Power...

Beautiful Sinner - The strange career of Mary Magdalene

Dancing Blair

PETITION: Increase access to contraception; reduce need for abortion

We need a fact based alternative to Fox News or we're boned!

Retirement age 'will rise to 85'

Grandpa Al Lewis' Home Going Celebration being streamed right now.

Founding Fathers, Baseball, Apple Pie, and Impeachment

do all or some of the bushmilhousegang members own homes/prop.

Drug Plan's Start May Imperil G.O.P.'s Grip on Older Voters

How many drinks did Cheney have?

Insult The President dot com

Kennedy Had Chappaquiddick, Cheney Has Kingsville

"Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"

You provide the caption.....

What should the Democratic Party Platform be?

2002: James Baker's granddaughter died in a hot tub accident; her mother

High court judge yesterday delivered a stinging attack on America

Nigerian Oil Situation Heats Up

VIDEO- Waxman/Provance- Instructions at Abu Ghraib (Whistleblowers)

I can understand now why Whittington apologized to Cheney

Anyone Seen The Following Poll Question: "Do You Believe The VP's..."

Roberts Splits with Bu$h on Spy Program

Freeper joking about voting twice

Douglas Feith...

So a partisan, an ideologue and a comic walked into a NASA space lab...

Caption *

I have been listening to whistle-blowers testimony on cpan. their stories

VIDEO- Waxman/Provance-About Children at Abu Ghraib

The Mindset of a Republican

NYT NSA source, Tice...The SWIFTBOATING has started! KKKROVE hit-piece

VIDEO- Kucinich-Tice Exchange from Whistleblower Hearing -Other programs

The tipping point is different for each individual. What is yours?

If you'll permit one last post about the cartoon dustup

New Faux News slogan.. "Fox News- we guard the chicken coop 24/7"

AAR down?


A message to those "freepers" that might stagger in this morning...

State Dept. argues Abu Ghraib torture docs not "urgently needed"

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

My LTTE re: Port Security being turned over to Dubai.

Is that Keiser guy running against Sherrod Brown really a Democrat?

Huffington Post / "Conservatism" or Psychopathology?

The Legacy of DeadEye Dick (cartoon)

VIDEO- Waxman/Provance-Investigation at Abu Ghraib thwarted

AP: Red Light District Plans Open House

Reep Congressman's "BRIBE MENU" (Not kidding)

School Bus Drivers Join the Terror Watch

Ugly people commit more crime says two economists

Prosecutors' Sentencing Recommendation:Rep. Duke Cunningham


Anyone see the Bill Maher show last night?

A Must Read! Why wasn't Cheney's Black Hawk used to Airlift Wittington?

List of Media that reported - Whittington says Cheney shot me on FRIDAY

CNN "Dead Wrong" intelligence documentary on right now (3PM EST/Noon PST)

ACLU National Town Meeting webcast on Monday

Cheney Shot Me T-shirt...

Australian Dateline TV - ABU Ghraib - The Sequel - On Today 6PM

Speaker "Great War for Civilization" on NOW - Robert Fisk -

AP: VP Accident Tale Filled With Discrepancies

Bill Maher: Whore or Comic? Poll (Somewhere in between?)

Pat Robertson accused of damaging movement he helped create

US Military Adding New Construction at Guantanamo!

Please help with Chertoff quote ... People of NO made bad decisions

Apple's poetic warning Limerick inside Intel machines asks that system b

Mixed Stormwater and Sewage Overflows Not Tracked, Groups Warn

MSNBC - 3 Americans taken Hostage from Nigerian Oil Barge

Federal Vioxx jury says Merck not liable in death

How gay-friendly is Columbus, OH

What does Katherine Armstrong look like?

"See... New Orleans is FINE! They're having Marti Gras there right now!!"

The NSA Spying Program No One Is Talking About

Activists Take Aim at Payday Lenders

Rummy is has gone off the deep end - completely >

Check out this billboard in New Jersey!

I thought this sounded odd the first time I read it--

Is There a Cronyism Link with the Dubai Port Deal and the Bush Administrat

Tinfoil for the day - Cyril Wecht indicted

VIDEO- CIA didn't come to Whistleblowers conference- Letter

Prove to me this is NOT going to happen:

Well At Least the Department of Homeland Security is (Dys)Functional.

Two key pieces of info. Cheney's doctor's letter, circa 2000 (allergic to

So we want to occupy Iran so we can have their oil too

Islam’s Financial Power

Rape in Italy ruled more acceptable when done on non-virgins

I just sent drudge a link about google

It's on! NYC gathering tonight! Hope to see you there.....

Michael Moore should forget all else and do a doc. on DIEBOLD

Parliament’s failed us, so let’s challenge Blair’s police state ourselves

Blue Dress. Orange Vest. You spray, you pay!

Hillary is a Piker.

Original Operation Name

Tony Auth knocks it out of the park

A new Texas bumper sticker:

Non Sequitur: Using NSA spying to deal with telemarketers

Invasion of the Computer Snatchers

How threatened is your future because of uncontrollable property taxes?

Laura Flanders and that guy on with her....are doing it again.

More on Radio Shack, store closings, new plans, etc (Your take on it?)

Man being sued by city for speaking out against city council members.

"U.S. Church Alliance Denounces Iraq War"

Hahahahahah! It is to laugh!

Wilson Pickett is dead and Cheney gets a pass for shooting people?

John Edwards: The New Two Americas

Docu Drama "The Road to Guantanamo" Challenges Our Gulag!

Pat Robertson Accused of Damaging Movement

dupe; please delete

Would Cheney have the gall to sue Whittington for emotional damage?

Is Barney Fife in charge of protecting us from "terrorists"?

Has Lynn come out yet?

I'm catching a cold and my neighbor has chickens

What was the name of the house valuation site... Zillions or something

Health Saving Accounts: Families cough up 10.5K, Singles 5.25K...

Those who give up Liberty to "feel" safe are Cowards

Regarding Rush Limbaugh, the famous oxy-moran & butt-trumpet

The Paranoid US of A

Could they come in the night?

Whittington???? Whittington?????apologizes????

Bush Sees Need to Expand Role of NATO in Sudan...

Demand Mainstream Coverage of ABLE DANGER.

For my 1000th post all I can say is...

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

Wyoming to kill grizzly bears once they are delisted

Oh come FUCKING ONNNNNNN! Give Up Being Liberal???

Bush left off list of worst Presidential blunders. Clinton makes #10

Sunday Talk Shows

This *-lovin' family has a cut-out pic of soldier in family pic. Weird.

Mad Cow News will depose under oath an associate of Atta's in Florida

GOP cons may have convention in St. Louis.

Question. Why do some diable their profile?

"Sorry We Missed Church" Great, great, read....

Pat Robertson Accused of Damaging Movement

"Bush is so dumb..." finish the sentence

UAE takes stake in Time Warner, hires Carl Icahn

PHOTOS: "I'm sorry I upset you, Baby Jane"

New Iran strategy--Didn't see ya over there--sorry about the nuke.

Clark, Clark or Clark?

Nigeria oil 'total war' warning

"Cheney's Choice of FOX as Messenger Is an Issue in Its Own Right"

I was wrong, it IS OK to frame it as an "apology"

US demands release of abducted Nigeria oil workers...

I'm perplexed. My city has added an option to its utility bill

What did the country think of Neoconservative views Pre 911

I have never been so angry and depressed

Sunday Morning Talking Heads...

Google rejects Justice Dept. bid for search info

Karenna and Tipper Gore on CSPAN2 11pm

On Hunting Accident Report Cheney Checked "No" to "Under the influence.."

Should wounded Iraq war vets apologize to Bush for getting wounded?

Christian Denfense Coalition "troubled" that * has not addressed fires

Can you go 24 hours without breaking the law?

Whittington Apologizes TO Cheney for Being Shot in the Face-Un**believable

who would YOU apologize to for getting shot in the face?

15, 17, 43, 44, 48 & 29

See Oprah on Friday? How in debt are you?

Black History Month Thread #3: "Did You Know?" (Fort Pillow Massacre)

David Gregory: Why the Cheney Story Matters

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

The population of New Orleans proper was 484,674 in 2000 census.

Quitting Gitmo? Nope. - - New Wings And New Spin

Has that cur, ann coulter commented on the port...

We are the richest country in the world. We could have:

Zero Proof * is a MK Ultra Victim

"Bush's Sudan Policy Encourages War, Hinders Peace..."

Stan Goff: Let's ridicule the Dick. It's a form of resistance.

My opinion on voting Democratic this election.

Unembedded Photojournalists on the War in Iraq on CSPAN2 now

Order, peace elusive in Iraqi city of Samarra

Anybody have good links for boycotting media?

Two Words

Please tell me why every other thread is not about the sale of the ports?

Our (disappearing?) civil rights: a question for everyone!

GOLDEN LINING re: Diebold Certification in California >>>>>>

How does 9/11 constitute an "act of war"?

The President and Vice President of the USA are DRUNKS!!

Is Bush setting us up for another 9-11?


"I'm Honest; I'm a Democrat"

Hackett campaign staff critical of his performance

Please DU this Gitmo poll

Citgo, Buy-cotts, Etc ...

Do you support a la carte cable TV?

Real Estate Predictions for 2006 City by City. Expect a big drop!

Bush Caught in LIE: Says He WOULD Wiretap Domestically?

Sometimes good guys finish 1st (and 2nd) *possible Olympic spoiler*

Science invents invisible buildings!!!!

Question for the Women of DU

the nation wants to heal, mr. bush, but you won't let it.

The Difference ONE Person Can Make

Just In Case You Missed Last Nights Post

Amsterdam red-light district hosts open house

Freeper Friend's Son Headed For Iraq

Bulldog Meets the Reverend Moon: The Birth of an ERW Media Empire


When Cheney shot his buddy, Teresa Kerry should have immediately said:

Fascist death threat of US gov't to a racial minority rights complainant

Yucca nuclear report's facts faked - Bush Energy Dept. says it's 'sound'

Surprisingly, some DUers have never heard of Downing Street Memos

Too angry to type this coherently, so I'll just link my thread

Galileo was one of history’s greatest weasel butts.

What do you think of Porno on cell phones?

The whole frigging world is crazy.

Libertarian = Embarrassed Republican

Today it must be really hard to defend supporting Bush/Cheney

Right Wing Humor: It's Funny When People Die

A site you don't want to miss. n/t

Video of 14-year-old getting beaten in Fla. boot camp before dying

Photo of todays vigil- my Ode to Dead Eye

Du this fun photoshop contest

Finally!! MSM coverage of e-voting!!

I am concerned, and I hope without warrant... where is Mexicopat?

Lance Armstrong vs. Sheryl Crow: George W. Bush to Blame?

You've just 'accidentally' shot your, do you:

Speaking to Jingo-Man - poem by Larisa Alexandrovna

Anyone Know How to Alert Cindy Sheehan to Possible Disrupter in her Camp?

yeeeeehaw! i made michell malkins blog!

Wikipedia on "DU this poll" - Undue Influence or Voter Awareness

Ever heard of the "Enabling Law"? You should know about it.

My head just exploded...Brown shirts are in full force

Iranian Oil Bourse? could lead to...?

Extry! Extry! Read All About It! Libby Admits Treason!!!

House bill to repeal the 22nd amendment. Link

Alert to all of DU: Diebold/Bush junta to rig elections in California

Both Cheney and Rove Owe Their Positions to the Armstrong Family

It is to laugh. The poor Repuglican Party can't find a city to hold

The Road to Guantanamo

How Are people Going to Live?

2-17-06: BREAKING: Calif. Sec. State certifies entire Diebold product line

Democrats should put Telephone Companies on notice....

Chad Hedrick is an ass

Fla. Parents Sue McDonald's, Claiming Fries Made Daughter Ill

Abu Ghraib - The Sequel - Starts in 10 Minutes -This is it Folks -New Pics

Do you believe corporations are people?

So freepers, if you are lurking here and checking out DU because...

Bryant Gumbel "Olympics like GOP convention"

Scalia Isn’t a Strict Constructionist–He’s Just a Hypocrite and a Disgrace

Apple Computer helping us get the NASCAR fans!

R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N Now!!! Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!!

Bush has Handed Us an Issue That can Create a 2006 Dem. Landslide

So how long before Bush launches strikes against Iran?

"The Guy James Show" is returning very soon!! Please keep kicked!

In light of the sale of 6 US ports to the United Arab Emirates, PNAC VIDEO

House Repubs block housing bill after (Don) Powell urged unity (Louisiana)

Bush Administration Joins Texas to Defend Tom DeLay's Redistricting Map

Hillary as boogeywoman

MoveOn Against Illegal Wiretapping

Who Are You Working For In '06 And How Are They Doing?

An idea for GOTV for November ?

White House Aims to Protect New Texas Map (SCOTUS protects Bush/DeLay/GOP)

GOP Requests Church Directories

House Dems demand ethics probe into budget-bill typo

Bloggers dub the bug-eyed freep guy behind Whittington in vid "Freak Boy"

(VA-Sen) Harris Miller Interview

AP: "VP Accident Tale Filled With Discrepancies"

Mary Todd Lincoln apologizes

You know the 35-40% who still adore Bush would have been

Tough Tampa questions for Bush: "We're blessed to have you as President"

Photos of a dazed Junior comin' home from his Jebby "Victory 06" visit

Miklaszewski reports McClellan's dubious Gitmo defense without challenge

Shooting victim apologizes to vice president

Cheney Should Resign

Medicare drug plan attacked in Democrats' broadcast (NM AG for Congress)

Mr President -Tell us the trruth


Evaluating Cheney's Claim Of Unilateral Authority to Declassify Info.

Local Dems not as eager to fight Ney (Why?)

I listened to Michael Savage yesterday...

Anyone seen the documentary "Control Room" @ media coverage of Iraq War?

"Current TV" cartoon about Cheney hunting accident

Any word on when the Katrina victims will apologize to the Bush for

Arabs get spaceport tourism deal, we get Arabs policing our water ports

Hamas takes over Palestinian parliament

So if we really want to get the "NASCAR Dads"....

VP Accident Tale Filled With Discrepancies

DUers go to Yahoo News search for Whittington in news photos & rate them

Hilarious comments on Cheney hunting accident, Aired by mistake KGO Pete

The "free press" is dead.

Hackett withdrawal helps DeWine (what side is our leadership on)

HUME: And you — and I take it, you missed the bird.

It always is telling (in poles like this),.... where most of the....

PLEASE write in to support David Gregory.

Complex mix behind Hackett's withdrawal,was ill at ease with process

NYT article analyzes the Palestinian election

Bill Maher

No longer any doubt. There ARE some Republicans who favor dictatorship.

2006 campaign slogan - "America isn't for sale - Vote Democratic"

I was just thinking about what Cheney said.

PHOTOS - Uncensored Photos of Whittington's Wounds Baffle Experts

GOP targeting churches...again

"Why I am a Democrat" by Gov. Mark Warner, Spring 2003

Who will buy outsourced products from offshored "U.S." global corporations

Do The Military Take An Oath To Support & Defend the Costitution

Weekend News! Mostly True Edition! cartoon

Bush unpopular across the entire country (50-state polling chart)

They have stolen our dreams...

Any ballistic experiments about shot Pattern????

Niger Uranium Rumors Wouldn't Die

Florida Mainstream Democrats (Nelson) target rural voters

Francine Busby's Special Election To Congress Is In Seven Weeks

PATRIOT Act movement in the Senate

So, was Whittington bribed, blackmailed or does he just love Dick?

Junior is very busy trying to get rid of the new Palestinian "democracy"..

Just saw my first " Condi 08 " bumper sticker

Clark on Fox today: "We're doing a lot of great things in this war"

Iraq Vet Takes on Politics:Tammy Duckworth

Fucking LIARS

If Clark were in congress

People-Powered Politics...Crashing the Gate...Jerome talks at DFA

DU please, With Presidents Day: which 1st lady do you like the most?

shooting is private, a BJ is a matter of public interest?

Stupid CNN Poll

If I was a candidate for Congress

Poor people do not need tricky equations to let them know if they are poor

More Support for Impeachment Inquiry

Required Reading for Bush Supporters:

The MOST Orwellian headline YET!!!!

Docu-Drama about 4 Pakistani men detained at guantanamo premiers at Berlin

37 million poor hidden in the land of plenty

Pics from World Cant Wait protest Feb. 4th, '06

Minimum Wage vs Competitive Wage? Playing Devils Advocate.

If these thugs were around when Nixon was president, would

richest country in world has minimum wage leaving families in poverty

Cheney's Got a Gun animation

Kucinich: House Bill Undermines Efforts For Peaceful Resolution To Iran

Bush quote on Katharine Armstrong- Aug 22,2005 NYTimes

Is there a draft Clark for 2008 campaign going on yet?

Clark just wiped the floor with that FAUX "anchor" on Studio B


Any links to transcript of Dean speech re Hackett?

WAPO: The Party (Dems) Can't Have a Revolution Without the Revolutionaries

IMO things are getting BETTER for liberals and progresives, not worse

We are past the point of partisan solutions to our nation's problems!

Russ Feingold or Wes Clark

Jews- the 2% Solution

Howard Dean:skulduggery in Washington did in Hackett

What should be the DU Message in 2006 Congressional Races?