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Archives: February 13, 2006

The sad thing is, with that "liberal spin" poll I posted earlier

Tension Increases in Haiti as Front-Runner's Lead Drops

Fascinating FISA thread on Free Republic from 2000-2001

"the same administration that went ballistic at the leak of its spying pro

Iraq War Infomercial

You can be a better conservative

Required Reading for All Bush Supporters

Exposing the Security Facade


A Sheep-Like Nation is Allowing Bush to Erode Our Liberties and Well-Bein

BBC: No surprises in the war on terror

White House Letter: Criticism of Bush leaves conservative in the cold

My letter in Chicago Suntimes today

The Kingness of Mad George - Common Place Jan 2006

A Letter to the American Left: by Bernard-Henri Levy

Who Will Blow the Whistle Before we Attack Iran? (RMcGovern)

What has happened to America's Jesus?

Inside the Global Dominance Group (counterpunch)

The New Geopolitics of Empire

Reuben Navarette Jr's "Why I Still Support Bush"....Still ?

British Troops Beat Up Barefoot Iraqi Teens: The Axis of Child Abusers


Non-Proliferation Treaty and Iran: The Insane Application of an Agreement

"Markets do not automatically deliver rescue remedies on demand."

Indian Villages For Sale

VP Cheney, You're Lucky Those Reporters Aren't Hunters

The Bush Inquisition - Whistleblowers and Witch Hunters

Torture in Iraq: Britain's Shattered Morals

NYT Op-Ed: Left Behind (or how Congress kept the War Widow Tax)

War with Iran on the worst terms

The Economist: Is it time to rally the wagons 'round fortress America?

Rumsfeld and Cheney Revive Their 70's Terror Playbook

Why is an economy with 2.5%-3% growth so important?

Joint Venture for Renewable Energy in New England (biomass)

Antarctic Krill Populations Down 80% Since The 1970s

Hybrid School Bus Minimizes Emissions and Costs

Gray Whale Return Numbers Down In Mexico - Temps May Play Role - Reuters

Wetlands Down 80% In Northern China's Largest River Basin - Xinhua

Pressure Builds On Aus. Climate Researchers Who Disagree With Government

Bush Plan Would Double Annual Cut In WA, OR, CA Forests

Crowd Speaks Out Against Efforts To Limit Lake County (FL) Development

3 Top CSIRO Scientists Claim Censorship, Stifling At Hands Of Government

Two Runners In Critical After HK Officials OK Marathon Despite High Smog

WH Task Force Advises More Weatherization $ - Bush Budget Cuts It By 1/3

Blizzard of 2006: One for the record books

Everest, Tibet Largely Snow-Free Since December

According to Jeff Masters, the Noreaster, defied models to predict it.

Can you help save the Buffalo River?

The Arctic Great Game Begins

"Clear Cut" -The Story of Philomath, Oregon

Bird Friendly Coffee Seeks Place in American Market

Quick and Easy Math: Doubling Time and the Rule of 72

If conventional economics can't take climate change seriously

Rising Sun at Honda

Small turbines could blow back into fashion across the U.S.

 A status report on renewable energy worldwide (Global 2004)

Pacific Lumber Offers To Sell 60,000 Acres Of Forest Land - LA Times

Cantarell Output May Fall 6% In 2006 - Water Cut Rising Fast - Forbes

Speak Up for Idaho’s Wolves/ Please Take Action

By 2025, we're going to be back in the Stone Age.

Bugs Could Be Key to Kicking Oil Addiction

Iran, nukes and Israel

Hamas should respect PNA commitments: Erekat

Aoun Hezbollah alliance shakes Lebanon politics

Hamas: We'll end violence if Israel withdraws

Hamas shows it is willing to talk

Palestinian parliament strengthens Abbas

Israel 'has annexed Jordan Valley and shut out Palestinians' (Independent)

Iran, nukes and Israel - part II

Reason #1054 Why the Official 9/11 Story Makes No Sense

Another look at American Airlines Flight 77 and the Pentagon

For those who claim Prof. Jones failed to present a scientific explanation

Let me feed the skeptics for a change-charcoal theory of WTC molten steel

Silverstein's lame excuse for saying, "Pull it."_Re: collapse of WTC #7...

911:Cookies, Gatorade, and waiting for Building 7!

Tom Noe charged with theft and money laundering (RICO type charges) +

Jim Lampley, conspiracy theorist, is on national TV right now!

Jim Lampley says read Brad and Conyers to prevent more election theft!

Mark Crispin Miller connects the dots on election problems

Brad Blog: Clint Curtis Eyeing Run for Congress Against Tom Feeney

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News February 14 ,2006 Thanks!!! auto;)

vote early w/diebold? you are the candidate. what

Thanks for the heart whoever gave it to me!

IMPORTANT: The Effects of PURGES in Franklin Co., Ohio:

Front page of today's DMR: ex-health director admits addiction

LTTE on Leach in the Burlington Hawkeye

What You Can Do To Ensure Reliable Elections in Iowa? (

Movie "End of Suburbia" showing in Ames

I gave my heart(s) to Iowa!

Breaking News: Deval Patrick Sometimes Pays Gas Bill Three Days Late

Kerry to attend DFL Campaign Kick Off 2006 2/23

I couldn't donate enough to give Valentines to everyone I wanted to

Otto for Auditor (Do we have a shot?)

Chris Bell or Bob Gammage?

Would your newspaper endorse a weaker Dem candidate to help a GOP candide?

Right-wing Cheney apologists

Vote for Donna Howard tomorrow and give the GOP a valentine's

Long time Houstonians will get the double meaning of this!


Agonist Radio tonight (Jane Hamsher is guest)

What are the hearts all about?!

Mock fried rice..

Silicone cookware

Clam sauce over linguini: can I get some input?

I have some clams in the shell and some shrimp

A good deal on a wok?

Yixing teapot

Calgary magazine to reprint cartoons

Choosing between being right, and defeating the right

A Proud Olympic Moment...11-0

Bad choice of words, Mr. Emerson.

Inco takeover faces foreign hurdles

LAT: Report: U.S. Is Abusing Captives

Berlusconi says 'I am like Jesus'

'Attack on Iranian nuke sites would kill thousands, spark war'

UN inquiry demands immediate closure of Guantanamo

Iran’s Leader, Ahmadinejad, Calls on Nations to “Remove Israel”

Vanstone rejects exploitation claims (Halliburton in Australia)

Haiti poll marred by ballot fraud protests (and another related vote fraud

'10,000 would die' in A-plant attack on Iran (TELEGRAPH UK)

Torture in Iraq: Britain's Shattered Morals

Nepal's king faces exile or execution: Maoist chief

(anti-immigration) Finnish Web site publishes Prophet cartoons

AP: My Lai Figure Gen. Koster Dies at 86

Saddam Hussein Forced To Attend Trial

Greensboro phone book lists Edwards as senator

Dean calls for Cheney to resign

French PM visits Moscow as Iranian crisis worsens

(Sen. Mel) Martinez regrets his role in Schiavo case

Noe indicted in coin scandal

First arrest in Iraq 'abuse' probe (UK)

UN report on Iraq weapons must go to Security Council - Lavrov (Russia)

China's trade surplus jumps sharply in January (AFP)

Al Franken for Senator

(UN) Peacekeepers Fire on Haiti Protesters

NYT: Democrat Questions Cheney's Role in Leak

Chertoff Defends DHS‘s Dual Role

"Dick Cheney bags a lawyer on a shooting trip"

Asad-Sadr talks discussed opening Syrian embassy in Iraq

Judge Blocks Handover of Citizen to Iraq

Saddam aides defy Iraqi tribunal (refuse to testify)

Clerical Error Jeopardizes "Deficit-Reduction" Law

Special Operations to become three-star command

Bush Knew Saturday About Hunting Accident

British imam praises London Tube bombers

Blair Wins ID Card Vote

Pakistanis rampage over cartoons

Chertoff to Unveil Sweeping FEMA Reforms

Stock Market Watch, Monday 13, February

`Mistake` captives languish at Guantanamo

Hunter Shot by Cheney in Stable Condition

BREAKING: Gunman Opens Fire at Ft. Hood

Charges Filed Against Coin Dealer In Corruption Scandal (Ohio Tom Noe)

Iraqis Remain Starved of Electricity

Weld, in Tier, says he was born to be (NY) governor

Syria to restore diplomatic ties with Iraq after new gov't

(Sen. Kit ) Bond: Attention is hurting surveillance effort

Rumsfeld Says N. Africa No Terror Haven

All those Dem's running for congress and Tweety could only interview 1 dem

MSNBC LBN: Judge won't make FEMA keep paying for Katrina hotels

WTO Rules U.S. Tax Breaks Illegal; EU to Retaliate (Update4)

Poll: Americans nervous about Iran (Gallup - * approval @ 39%)

Iran demands apology for German soccer cartoon

Former congressional candidate Taff (R-KS) gets 15-month prison term

Final deadline for German hostages in Iraq

Washington Reporters Press for Answers on Cheney's Misfire

Iran row: Germany debates military option

Hunting Mishap Victim an Eminent Domain Crusader

Sealing Industry Future On Thin Ice

White House Sees Slow Fall for Home Sales

Likely Challenger Lashes Out at Clinton (NY Senate)

White House Strongly Defends Katrina Role

EU lawmakers outline plans to probe "CIA camps"

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

U.N.: U.S. tortures Guantanamo detainees

Gov. Bush to Cheney: Don't shoot!

Crist sees a fluster over two donations

LUKoil plans major purchases in US, Europe--(RIA Novosti)

Teachers to protest ABC's John Stossel - hatchet job on education system

ABC NEWS: (Mods, story contains fresh info on Dick's lawyer hunt)

Syria Picks Euros Over Dollars--

Bush group sees faster US growth


UPDATE: Ken Starr Withdraws Death Row Case Papers (Cheney-like "OOPS!")

Several hurt in Turkey shop blast (Kurds)

How it happened?

Egypt's Leader Moves to Delay Local Elections (extremists gaining power)

Thousands Would Die If U.S. Attacks Iran

Ohio Expected to Rein In Class Linked to Intelligent Design

Israel Lobbies Against "Palestine" Tag At Oscars

BBC: "Butcher of Genoa" dies aged 97

FLPrisoners Claim Corrections Officers Sprayed Them with Burning Chemicals

'Bosom Buddies' Sought in Alabama Church Arsons

Five Agencies Review Libby Case Evidence

Demonstrators Urge Halt To Anti-Gay-Marriage Bills

Pakistan Quake Victims in Cuba

Iran Holocaust cartoon contest kicks off

Sheriff's department didn't investigate Cheney incident until next day

White House Under Fire for Cheney Shooting Announcement

Dean Says Cheney May Have Broken the Law ( Plame Leak )

Abuse video fuels Arab fury at West

Rules of Medicare Drug Plans Slow Access to Benefits

US urges Haitians to accept election results

U.S. Says Companies Abroad Must Follow U.S. Cuba Restrictions

Largest Lawyer Group Denouces Bush Surveillance

Ga. Woman Who Married Teenager Gives Birth

Five years on, Milosevic is still in the dock

Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove

U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster


Bush Admin. spent over $1.6 Billion on advertising and P.R. since 2003

Cheney's companion at fault in shooting, White House says

Experts question Chertoff's plan to fix FEMA (some calls for resignation)

Deadly Haiti clash: U.N. peacekeepers fire on protesters. Details soon.

Four U.S. troops killed in Afghan blast-U.S. army

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

Common Cause To Alert Donors, Reveal List (FL Redistricting Initiative)

U.S. Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies

Cheney Violates Cardinal Rule of Hunting

American Skier Kildow Suffers (gruesome) Crash in Training (NYT)

Popular Ohio Democrat(Paul Hackett) pulls out of race....-NYT

Storm Victims Leave Hotels for Sofas, Cars (Katrina evacuees)

Ted Rall Says He Might Sue Ann Coulter for Holocaust Cartoon Remark

Iran demands apology for German soccer cartoon

US group implants electronic tags in workers

RawStory: Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say

Some 40 U.S. Missionaries Leave Venezuela

Muslim institute dares Iranian leader to visit Auschwitz

self delete

At the risk of sounding redundant...

Anything on Cheney shooting his hunting bud on The Daily Show?


Nevermind, the right button showed up

Heads up: the Marguerite Perrin ep of "Trading Spouses" is being rerun

The one reason to watch 'The War At Home'

"The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart." -Tin Man.

What's Arsenio Hall doing nowadays?

Hello DU. I am new to posting here and wanted to thank you all!!

Any video out there of an anti-bush/admin chant?

I got a heart! Thank you!

Hearts for all!!

another thank you

It's Love, Love Love!

Presidential (Mis)Speak...Monday, February 13,2006...

Oooh I can't wait to find out what the #1 best chick flick will be!

To whomever gave me their Valentine Heart, thank you very much.

I got a valentine heart?!?!?

Damn, I forgot who I gave my hearts too.....

For your convenience - I'm sure you can figure out what it lists :)

I hate it when I eat popcorn...

did anyone else watch the Olympic neocon biathlon?

my diarrhea has mild kitties

OMG, someone gave me a heart.

Hey. Someone give Leftstreet a heart. Please?

Every Accidentally post under a DU friend/sponsor's ID?

If you could choose any other DUer to handle, who would it be?

In case you are heartless or heartbroken..Have-a-heart

Who wants an egg salad sandwich??

The donation meter is boring.

Can you give yourself a heart?

I gave a valentine heart to Grovelbot

Paradise waits

*THE* best liberal comic strip ever!

Okay whoever you are, thanks for the heart!

Check out this graphic I found:

It's 4am - and what am I doing? CLEANING

Will we ever find out who our Secret Admirers are?

Thank you to the person who gave me a heart. I feel like the

Tired of the UAE Bashing?: Here are some cool and interesting things

i have a heart!

Why is my radio news getting interrupted by missing children reports

Thanks to everyone who gave me a heart!

Hey! I am lagging behind!

I have a heart! Could it be from Kate Winslet???

Okay, who's the wise guy who gave me a heart?

Ice dancing judge pulled

Is it a bad time to tell you all I'm addicted to Deltoids?

Dunkin' Donuts Workers Arrested For Urinating, Spitting In Coffee

XX for the person(s) who gave me their hearts

XXX for the person(s) who gave me their hearts!

Potential Grovelbot replacements

If you could choose any other DU handle, what would it be?

Hello Heidi!

am i the only one who sees the problem and the solution?

*breaking news* ABC, NBC news - Cheney never shot the lawyer......

Well dang! I don't know what to say!

Thanks for the heart, stranger!

I got a valentine heart! I have a secret admirer!

I got a free babysitter for Valentine's Day!

Thanks to whomever gave me a heart!!

I can't find a physician to help me and I have insurance...

If you don't give me hearts, I'll have Cheney shoot you.

I am giving hearts to all of our trolls!

Can one stop oneself from getting damned hearts?

I went hunting this weekend and all I got was this massive head wound

Should I mention

Note to self: Never go hunting with Dick Cheney!

I dont know who sent

I would rather give a heart

Somebody loves me. I wonder who?

Can we please cool it with the Dick Cheney hunting accident thread in GD

OMG, I am so touched. I have one of those heart things!!!

I wish I could stay awake for late-night TV tonight

An excellent site for your view of the heavens

I love DU so much that I contributed to the 1st Quarter Fundraiser!

Do the Freepers have anything equivalent to the Lounge?

Want to see progress?

I just got a heart!

Thanks Secret Admirer

My funny Valentine... (Post a funny story)

I got an iPod... suggestions?

Anyone ever ride a Zamboni?

Hey! Who gave me a heart? I am deeply touched.

Use "..or I'll shoot you in the face" in a sentence/movie title/song lyric


"Quail Season!" "Lawyer Season!" "Quail Season!" "Lawyer Season! FIRE!"

Why can't we donate to give out hickies?

A big shout out to the anonymous person who gave me a heart!

Can someone post the Dick-Cheney-as-Elmer-Fudd cartoon?

Used cars: What's your opinion of Audi?

Alright, who gave me this heart?

Little Dickie took his gun,

For some reason today, I'm reminded of Janis Ian . . . . .

My heart is deeply touched...

thanks for the heart...

Pity post: my roommate's boyfriend has arrived.

AP: Records Show that Sen. Reid (D, NV) Has Often Hunted Quail

OMG! Watch out! That's not really Cupid....

I'd like to thank Viggo Mortensen for my heart.

I could while away the hours

To Whom It May Concern..Thank you for the Heart.....

Who will amass the most hearts?

One of our US women downhill skiers just crashed & was taken to hospital.

Sorry I've been gone for two days, I was shot by Dick Cheney......

Would a 3X fit Dick Cheney?

Wow! How did I get these hearts?

Tomorrow, will you have a heart on?

Come on, someone has to do it! "Cheney's got a gun!" instead of

Trolling for hearts

Should I give "Name Removed" a heart?

I only give home made valentines.......

I ate Valentine's Day

Monday earworm. For all the grumps, and those wondering...

Friend of mine was shot in Afghanistan, Dick Cheney no where near by

im going to Wendys for lunch

When a man's an empty kettle

Thanks for the hearts!

AL Central - Least to the Beast...

someone was very kind. thank you.

Bell South are hustlers. They noted my account of a credit adjustment

Half-a-dozen threads asking WHY there are so many Cheney 'hunting' threads

Dog Show is on Tonight and Tomorrow

Global Warming Calls Falwell "Junk People"

okay who dunnit who gimme the heart?

Ok...who gave me the heart...

More minor mysteries of life:

Until general morale has improved, Comrades...

Top Ten Reasons Dick Cheney shot his companion this weekend

Question from a Photobucket Newbie

Place your best guess as to who will get the most DU Valentine Hearts.

For the next fund drive: Your Ideas

I need a bucket full of bricks for my office.

Bang bang,he shot me down. Bang bang,I hit the ground.

Fallout from Cheney Shooting Scandal:

Play The Dick Cheney Quail Hunt Game...


That's it.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like;

aaa AAAA aaaaaaaaa AH!

Ah cut & paste

New music was uploaded to Wolfgang's Vault

How's it going in New York< So who's got pictures?

Anyone following Funky Winkerbean - great comic arc about the war!!

The latest: Fuddgate.

The Vice Prez has got a Gun! To the tune of J.Brown's The Homecoming Queen

Odd Facts. (is kind of long.)

why did cheney shoot whatsisface?

Aww...sweet kid story...followed by :scared: ... disturbing kid story

Has anyone just gotten an error while posting?

I don't have any hearts. But I WAS head cheerleader in high school. There! division 2006 season

Hey long time vegetarians, I have a question...

Just want to say thank you

Who needs farts? I've got these:

Possible movie remake? "Bush Cassidy and the StunnedDunce Kid"

Anyone seen the movie "Wedding Crashers"?

Copycat from GD. New names for Dick Cheney since the shooting accident.

Anyone have problems with

I heard a rumor....

So, Wikipedia's down ATM.

I didn't expect to have any hearts

At War With The Mystics

This is one of those days I hope the menu is accurate....

Question for geeks: Can computer speakers pick up other things?

Who needs hearts? I've got these:

Popularity contest is over.

Heart, heart, heart.

Cops Find Naked Family In Car

I'll give this to the person with the most hearts

One more reason to love the Big Dog!

a non-heart related thread

Quayle vs. Quail: Who wins in a Dick Cheney shoot-out?

Snowy River ( Pic-heavy)

Whoever gave me the heart, thank-you.

Will those of us with no hearts feel rejected?

Stop making fun of our Vice President. This is actually a sad situation.


Ain't too proud to beg, sweet darlin'

Orwell was right!

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say!

I made the most amazing smoked pork loin last night

I sent everyone on DU a PM that said I DON'T WANT ANY HEARTS!

In the words of Andre 3000

For Valentine's Day: Some puppy love. (Warning: contains cuteness.)

Who plays bass for Queen now?

My kids' school principal called me this morning at 6 am.

Wow. There's nothing in life like waiting for an 80 MB file to download

OH! I thought you said "SAKRETE Admirer!" Well, that changes things.

How the Wackos used to feel about FISA

Okay, time for lunch.

What is the DU heart thing? Thanks, Lori n/t

Humorous video: Worst Job Ever

I love Austin!

Queen Victoria tells it like it is.

My shirtless pic thread.

Conservative Film Buffs not keen on the new Che Guevera movie

DU truckers: What is the best way to make an emergency stop?

The little red heart gave me an unexpected feeling of glee...

The bad news is I'm out $160 tonight

Somebody PLEASE make me this tee shirt!!!

I have an idea for the next DU fundraiser

Official Hearts-for-tjwmason thread

Blizzard apologizes to New York

Enough with Hearts. Who wants Valentines day Kisses?

Cheney Fudd

Guacamole-flavored Doritos w/ thin slices of mild cheddar cheese

Out Sick

Screw it. I'm making brownies.

Thanks to the "secret admirer" for the Valentine Heart!

Given how insane this place has gone over hearts

I too have to say thank you

Blizzard apologizes to GLBT guilds!

Someone gave me a heart

The Republican Party - Weak on Lawyers

They want to give me a party because I'm retiring.....

Transportation Sec'y Norm Mineta chides Britney Spears as "irresponsible"

Thank you for my heart! I didn't think I'd get anything for Valentines Day

Thank You for the Valentines

Thank You for the heart.

My thoughts on the hearts

Thank you for the heart, secret admirer

Thanks for the heart!

Care for some pepper?

Photo: Tommy Lee gets his ass kicked by Eminem's posse for mouthing off

A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich...

Who deserves the most farts?

Night Hawks...

May all the Love you send out be returned to you, a thousand-fold.

Ever notice how you get a heart on the day you really need it the most?

YAY! One of my favorite Du'ers is back!!!

Fess up

Yay! I got a heart and I didn't even have to whine! Woo hoo!

britney spears attending mardi gras

Letters to God


I've got two hearts! I'm a Time Lord!

DU Women. Help a Gay Out

If you like YTMNDs...

My Second Interview is Today!

Neo- Liberian

What do you get when you combine a dick and a gun?

I have a Secret Admirer!! OMG, I (heart) you right back!

I hate Valentine's Day

E-filed my taxes last night!!!

Dirty Little Secret was a song in a movie

Y'know, one thing about the hearts...

Is google not working for anyone else?

My Olympic Opinion

I think we need a witty thread

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy...

So I shaved with FIVE blades today! Yep... suckered by newtech.

It's gonna be sudden

Attention, please! All residents of Richmond and surrounding counties...

In the attics of my life

Goodnight lounge!

So, I log on and I have some hearts!!

So I was shaved by FIVE babes today!

C'mere, woman. Gimme some of that good lovin'.

Chocolate dipped strawberry question

Anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? ** SPOILER ***

Anonymously post to anonymously thank your anonymous heart donor.

Did XM radio drop Air America?

I'm baking bread. Ask me anything.

Valentine's Day poll

I've got a heart. I love you.

Weirdest nightmare last night

Thank you so much for my hearts

How can one feel so much love, at the same time as one feels

Are there any famous DUers?

Here's to the St. Valentine's day haters!

The DOWN side of having your own office

BREAKING: Chertoff has SHAVED.

I'm a proud member of the American Bar Association

How's it going in New York, and the rest of the Northeast?

Heart Haiku

Everyone who has a hart on

Christian Teens Plan 'Day Of Purity' For Valentines Day

Do Dick and Dubya ever hunt at Crawford?

What Olympic events would Bush and Cheney medal in?

Another tragic cat story...

Happy Birthday Peter Tork!!!

Can nobody answer this question for me regarding hunting?

LAST WORDS From Cheney BEFORE Pulling That Trigger

Show me the WUV! Donate!

Somebody gave me a Valentine heart! :))))))))

Well thank you to whomever gave me a heart.

Hey, to the person who...

Thank you to whoever is my Valentine!

Thank you, Secret Admirer!

I have one last heart.

Oh wow. I just woke up from a nap...

Happy Birthday RetroLounge!

Duck, duck, duck,

oops - i didn't know the hearts were secret.....

Format Change in Cincinnati

Why are people so cutthroat in retail?

Valentines Day Special for DU men: I will marry you

So after a day of bitching here's my requests about the hearts

I have a seceret admirer.

Who is this "Secret Admirer" person sending messages to my inbox?

Imagine what the press would do if Clinton accidentally sprayed a friend

Aw, shucks. Thanks.

My " Secret Admirer" sent me a valentine on my Birthday

I think David Gregory is kind of sexy.

Clinton Was Impeached for Blowing His Load All Over Monica's Dress,But

big thank you to my secret valentine... I appreciate the donation to DU!

Nothing says "LOVE" like matching nose jobs...a "special kind of bond"

Cheney's got a gun

My 1000th post and it's my birthday

I just slept from 7am to 6pm.

Home, Home on the Range - Where the Deer and the Antelope Play......

Thank you for the Heart (whoever you are)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/13/06)

Will my two valentines fight for my love?

Happy birthday(s) to Henry Rollins and Peter Gabriel...

OK, I'll ask the stupid question tha nobody has asked...

Thank you for the Valentine thread.

TSA wants my fingerprints

Post here if you've ever left an incoherent, nonsensical phone message

DU is almost 1/3 of the way to the pledge drive goal.

Chop chop, step it up now, come on...

Fuck hearts, I want some damn Tylenol

I think we need a kitty thread...

To the anonymous person who gave me a heart . . .

Guys!! Forget Valentines Day....

Whoever gave me hearts

Is this heart thing driving anyone else nuts??

Whoa, I just read the fine print re: DU hearts.... you at least have to go

Biscuits and Gravy!

Cheney was too busy giving CPR, to talk to local


Holy Crap! I almost forgot!!!

OMG! Look at the forecast for Orlando tonight!!

Kenny Chesney: No Keg, No Charity Concert

My cat just broke a hot tin roof.

Lesson of the Heart

Whoever it was that gave me the "secret admirer" Valentine Heart....

I just found out my brother-in-law died last night

What's the funniest argument between a couple you have ever seen?

to my "secret admirer"

I just finished helping my 3rd grader with her class Valentine's Day cards

I am no longer single!

Take care everybody....

Bluegrass fans: Yonder Mountain String Band

Joe Lieberman is a ....

My daughter doesn't know what it means for networks to "sign off"

Wow!!! - PBS just jumped the shark...

Check out this cartoon! Curtesy Cat Woman!!

xxqqqzme has more than 5,600 posts, but no heart. *sigh* Can you help?

anyone here hear any good hunting jokes lately

Help!! (stupid cache) When you click on this link do you see a

Two hearts I have, and I'm wondering why. . .

IPod playlist question -- HELP!

Two years ago today, we lost our friend John

Someone gave me a heart and I would just like to say that, "I am

Is there a 'RW relative support' thread/forum?

Cheney's Got A Gun (A Song In Pictures)

Do not tell us to stop telling people to stop talking about Cheney!

Happy Valentine's Day DU!

I think they are putting crack in the Orangemint Orbit gum.

What does your v-day card look like?

xmas74 is a naughty girl!

failed visual joke post.

Jessica Simpson Focused

This is so much fun!!

I can't stand this Secret Admirer business.

I just got back from the doctor---Have you ever heard of this?

"Everyone Says I Love You"

Tomorrow is my twin grandsons birthday

My sister sent me this and I don't know if i should be pissed or hurt

New songs on Cheney's ipod.

Help. The dog dislikes my husband, and nipped at him last night...

Whoever anonymously gave me a star is...

Long time DUers...Remember the "Grassy Knoll Societies?"

2 days after Scooter said Cheney told him to leak Plame's name,

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

What music have you started out the week listening to?

Ya think for St. Paddy's day Skinner can provide us with George Clooney?

What DVD set should I watch next?

Can you imagine Dick Cheney in a hunters safety course?

Some one gave me a star nd some hearts? Thank you!

(GASP!) *GRIN* Joooooyy!

We're more than halfway there, so I guess no need for GrovelBot.

Dr. Phil warning

HEY!! Daily Show ISN'T a repeat

I confess........I gave myself 2 accident

How many U.S. Olympians you figure are * supporters?

Gauchos/split skirts are back in style? WTF?

No he didn't... !?!?!

Very Down Right Now...Job Threatened

Am I the only one immune to GD?

Just a quick "Thank You" for the hearts..I'm Touched.

so with all the $ from this heart fundraiser, can we get GD some therapy?

Really milking it. (puppy pic)

So just curious if I went hunting with one of you and shot you in the face

To whomever gave me their Valentine Heart, thank you very much.

Hey guys, the daily show is NEW and cheney jokes are on now.

Anyone here sell stuff on E-Bay?

Cover art for David Gilmour's "On An Island" solo CD (coming March 7th)

I Dig Chicks!

WOW! Just saw Sigur Ros live

DAMMIT!!! The Daily Show is a re-run from last Wednesday!

OK, since you Heart Givers are anonymous, you leave me NO choice.

Back from my daughter's wedding!!

I had an extraordinary week last week

Waffle Woman?!?

Bill Clinton is responsible for Dick Cheney's "hunting accident" --

Meet Cheney's new hunting accident advisor:

BEST Daily Show EVER!!!

need Valentine's help - any Jazz music lovers out there???

sadistic inlaws

GD is all Cheney hunting and the lounge is all hearts

I've been up since midnight, and I just put in a 13 hour day

Idaho Wolves need your help...

My Jayhawks are on fire!

Anyone like the Cardigans? Check out Paper Moon from Winnipeg.

Are You A Hick?

Olympics SPOILER alert. Ice Skating.

"Wife Swap" script editor needed

EXCLUSIVE! Picture of Cheney drinking before hunting trip!

ZombyCupid's Valentine LOOOOOVE Thread

Where should I move?

My husband and I are going on a romantic lawyer-hunting trip this weekend.

NYC Area DUers - this weekend (weather providing) is the Meetup

Name your 5 favorite country artists..I'll give you a HEART if I like 'em

To all my valentines. Thank you.

Did anyone see Oprah today?

Serious question here.

I just have the biggest smile on my face and break out in guffaws

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

NY Team confirms UCLA tabletop fusion

Yes, it's RetroLounge's birthday--Spank him here!

February 13th Birthday boys & girls please check in!

Wow, it's "count the iPods" at the Olympics this year

who the hell gave me this valentine??

"odd" couples

Happy Birthday, Henry Rollins!

Can I get a hug?

California Peggy is missing; so is Sugar Smack, and RevCheese, as

Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States,

Anyone following Westminster?

Post here if you need a star.

I creeped over the 3000-post mark without noticing... 3060 right

Chin whiskers--my mother never warned me about them.

Admit it. You like to see figure skaters bust their asses.

David Letterman,"Good news...We have finally located WMD's...

Goddamnit! My rabbit just died.

OK, everybody! Today I have news from my husband...He has a blog!

DU Women. Help a Guy Out

2 Years of looking for solid employment

Yoooo gotta have heaaaaarrrrt,

Have you guys checked in with the Mars rovers lately?

Is anyone else here afraid of the dentist?

You know what I realised today?

There's a reason I haven't been on DU in the last two or few days

You know what.... Figure Skating would be a whole lot more

So this heart thingie is basically a popularity contest


It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Congrats to gold medalist Joey Cheek...who...upon retirement from

Jokes based on old Nintendo games are funny. -nt-

Do you think I could bribe Skinner into telling me who gave me hearts?

In 4th Grade, I went to the store with my Dad and picked out Valentine

I have a meeting in a garage in Chicago tomorrow...

Am I the only one who cringes when

Soap Operas are...

Things among the devil's spawn... Do you know any?


Somebody give me a damned valentine! NOW!

Neo- Liberarian

This is a thread to thank your heart givers ...

Strange dog behavior, should she go to the vet?

HEY! Which one of you freaks gave me a heart????!!!

Valentine thread

Man, they ARE LOVING the Cheney hunting accident on the daily show

Why couldn't it have been Dick Button?

Pairs Figure Skating ***spoilers***

Is anyone watching Westminster Kennel Club??

Are there any infamous DUers?

My cat broke a glass loaf pan

Go ahead then, force your morality on me.

Am I the only one who thinks the "hunting accident" was intentional?

Happy Valentine's Day SOteric! (Greenwich Mean Time :P )

My First Post

Stars upon thars.

Is it brown-nosing to give a heart to Skinner?

Middle school aged daughters?

this made me laugh , DU. (banned poster has valentines!)

For everyone on DU who doesn't have a heart

To all the wonderful, funny, brilliant people (i.e everyone) in the lounge

What's the BEST THING that's happened to YOU....

To whomever is my Valentine, thank you! I'm honored! Shocked, but honored.

The Oklahoma St. cheerleaders' skirts are REALLY short

You know, most people really are too ignorant for their own good

*******MILESTONES******* 2/13/06

tell us about where you live

Love is many things ~

i'm such a cranky guy -- and people gave me hearts!


Tell DU 5 Things...

So do you remember who the person was who first welcomed you

Philly folks! I'm playing in Upper Darby this Saturday night (Feb. 18)!

Olympics Request

Wingnuts admit to organizing to destroy mainline Christianity

New Hampshire Bishop, Gene Robinson, enters alcohol treatment center

The Liberal Christian Network needs .. well.. a staff of volunteers :^)

Speak Up for Idaho’s Wolves/ Please Take Action

I'm mad as hell!!

Nanoparticles Pair Up to Fight Disease

State Board Could Vote Again On Science Curriculum (Ohio)

Campaign Seeks To Dispel Image Of Minorities As Anti-Gay

Any of my gay friends here been to Budapest????

Frist plans June vote on gay marriage

Campaign Seeks To Dispel Image Of Minorities As Anti-Gay

you all woulda been proud of me today

Report: Discharging Gays From Military Cost Taxpayers $363.8 Million

Falwell speaks at E. Texas church

Czech Gay Partner Bill Prelude To Bitter Election Campaign

Florida Mulls Allowing Gays To Adopt

Proud to be Liberal

How many DU Cubs fans are out here?

Kentucky Derby Trail: Seeing Through the Slop

Oklahoma State Coach Sutton Takes Leave

Anyone else watching the Olympic Curling?

My pick for winning the second oldest sporting event in the US>>>

* SPOILER ALERT * Some Olympics News If You Want to Read It

Randle El tells Peters congregation Bible is the 'game plan of life'

Olympics Request

Was that the sloppiest Pro Bowl ever played?

Greyhound rescue org needs some help

This is what happens to 'dead' mice

Help. The dog dislikes my husband, and nipped at him last night...

Update on my foster baby...

Our Rescue just got some bad news about one of our dogs, need info:

a fun contract and some other assorted blatherings

A big THANK YOU to whoever gave me a heart on Sunday.

I was asked by a long standing member of this esteemed

Sacred Sites Reflect Star Map and Home of the Builders.

Feeling out of's about y'all?

Cheney's chart data

Left Behind: Fight the Widow's Tax!

Blizzard night something interesting to ponder

If anyone needs a good laugh

Now 'this' would be a payback!

Just a little tribute.

AP and misleading titles - Kennedy, Kerry flew private jets

Dr. Phil test. What would JK score?

Senators (Kerry) call on Rice to address 'oil addiction'

We're at 71,000 posts

Limbaugh brings up Kerry to suggest Democrats have problems when hunting

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day

Thank you for the stars.

Mass folks here (and NH folks too!)

Sh*t worth reading

Pre-emptive post: SFRC committee hearing tomorrow

Alright! Which one of you is my secret admirer?

Another IWR question

Just a note to say"Happy Valentine's Day Kerrycrats!

One more question about Dick's "accident".

Check out my World Can't Wait slideshow

Valentine's Day comes to Gull Bay

Hey! Is this one of you?

KOEB 2/13/06: "AWINNN BUHHH!" Edition

You won't see this part of what Stretch did today, but...

I'm calling bs on the hunting story

Saw a new Countdown ad today

Yes, you can leave stuff to Rover, but not via a will

thanks for the hearts, my dear DU friends! Whoever you are!

If you want to cheer up!

So this should shut up any more talk of Avian flu from the

I want to be a part of the evil Democratic empire!

Now I lay me down to sleep....

Bob Cesca: EXCLUSIVE: First Photo of Cheney Shooting Victim

another thank you

I was just walking down the hall...

Here in Rochester New Hampshire....

The Photogenic Dick & The Unfortunate Mr. Whittington --pix->>>

Iran, nukes and Israel

To whomever gave me their Valentine Heart, thank you very much.

Bush Anonymous

Karl Rove, Bill Clements, Armstrong Ranch and Harry Whittington

John Bolton and Kenneth Timmerman Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Activist hires wildlife biologist to protect cougars

Donate, if you can, just to say thanks

4 hearts. THANK YOU DU!

Sites that reference Danish cartoon being hacked

Christine Craft is interviewing Pete McCloskey on KGO radio

idea for a plank in the Democratic platform . . .

So. What did Harry Whittington know???

How does shooting someone compare with a blow job?

If you're bored tonight, read the Cheney headlines.

My two cents

sprayed - the RW buzzword

Next Cheney Excuse - Terrorist Sun Obscured his Victim

"An excellent shot, Cheney is modest even in sport. "

Imagine if Hillary Clinton wounded someone while hunting

and if this had happened on an inner city street corner????????

PHOTO: "Only Intensive care?? Hmmph!"

Cheney needs a new hunting partner next week.

Saddam : "Down with Bush"....

Peter Benchley, Author of 'Jaws,' Dies at 65

Thanks to whomever gave me the hearts!

Imus discussing this now

It was those pesky Killer Quails....they are to blame by flyin too close

Al Gore never shot anyone!

"Crazed" Dick Cheney in Stand-off with Police after Shooting Man

BradBlog: Ranch Owner Hired Cheney and was on Reagan FISA Board

legal repercussions for cheney's shooting?

Shays on cnn talking of Congressional Katrina Report.

Trivia question: List the presidential/executive branch accidents:

At Churches Nationwide, Good Words for Evolution

Quick question about Jimmy Carter...

Corpus Christi Blues Big ups to J. Cash

Lessee, on NPR's Morning Edition...

Funny photo from huffington...

Did Cheney shoot lawyer to distract from his role in leak?

Why Won't Katherine Armstrong Identify 'The Third Hunter'?

"Go Cheney Yourself!"

The Armstrong Ranch and Armstrong, Texas

*breaking news* ABC, NBC news - Cheney never shot the lawyer......

okay, what kind of buisiness deal btw Cheney and Whittington?

OK, how the hell do I make a "heart" donation?

"Spy Effort No Longer Secret"

who was the third unnamed gunman?

Ranch owner says people get shot on her ranch "from time to time"

Too bad Chevy Chase isn't around to do Dick Cheney

Bush Media Machine Up to Old Tricks

cheney spotted slinking back to the White House.....

Did Cheney need to sober up...thus the delay in reporting the shooting?

What we have here is a basic communication breakdown

Cheney Human Hunting -past accusation- "Trance Formation"

At least we know Cheney wasn't involved in the JFK assassination

cheney's Victim "Had A GREAT Night"!! cheney back in his bunker!

Dems that enjoy hunting - Kerry, Dean - who else?

i have three stars i would like to buy for people

Meme O' the Day: "cabal of cronies"

Do you need licenses to hunt on private property? Is this hunting season?

Lynn Cheney & Whittington Affair!

Nurse Investigated for 'Sedition' After Writing Letter to Editor

AP: "Bush-Abramoff Photo Authentic" --->>>

Murtha on npr in morning

How much is a hunting trip with Cheney worth Now?

If Cheney Wants to Shoot a Gun

Cheney to Abramoff: "Hey, wanna go on a hunting trip?"

A few Cheney front pages including "Dead Eye Dick" headline

So, when does Rep Burton start shooting pumpkins in his backyard?

"Bush received poor and incomplete counsel about the crisis" Katrina Rep.

Jill Carroll Petition Headed For 300 ! ! !

U.N. says Guantanamo prison is illegal

Dem's are holding a mine safety hearing---on cspan right now.

Why does Iran keep making these idiotic statements?

Another canary in the Republican's coal mine?

Today's poll at

Further Debunking of the Library Tower "Plot"

Can't wait for Franken's take on Cheney - Stephanie

Greensboro phone book lists Edwards as senator

Where were the hunting dogs?

So here's how it went down, folks:

Hey! Who gave me a heart? I am deeply touched.

Backup story in case Harry Whittington died from Chaney shot...

I don't get it

Who is tired of the Cheney threads already?

Al Franken PAC hints at Senate bid: Developing...

Impeach, Remove, Indict, Arrest, Try, Convict, Execute.

"Quail Season!" "Lawyer Season!" "Quail Season!" "Lawyer Season! FIRE!"

C-Span 2 - Senate hearings on Katrina disaster. Another day,

EYAH!!! Local RW fucktard retaliates for Cheney nudge with Clinton slur.

NRA Revokes Cheney's Membership - Cites "Incompetence"

anyone up for Stephanie Miller today?

Did Cheney Have A Mini-Stroke/Heart Attack, or Was He Drunk?

CNN Cheney informed of shooting by Andy Card

Was Cheney tested for alcohol?

Anyone watching the Democratic heaings on Mine Safety?

Is Hunting Accident an impeachable offense?

Before Cheney SHOT a hunter, he committed TREASON. Don't forget.

UN Report: US Is Torturing Prisoners

"Buy us Back Chirac" - Mardi Gras season is on in the Big Easy

what's with the uproar about cheney shooting his hunting buddy?

Re: Bush-Abramoff pix--if I were Rove, what I would do is...

Please answer DU Heart Questions for the uninformed!

Since this is DU, shouldn't we all be giving "bleeding-hearts?"

Demand that the WH denounce the Yoo Doctrine

Place your best guess as to who will get the most DU Valentine Hearts.


Al Franken - Cheney will be our special guest. And guess what? He's

Can we get a CHENEY HUNTING forum?

Gasp! Gasp !.... can't oxygen...

Austin American-Statesman: Most hunting accidents easily preventable...

Background/History of Armstrong Ranch

Today, the whole world is wondering why Dick Cheney doesn't...

The repukes and the concept of civil war...

My first civics lesson. 1974 or 5 age 7 or 8 years.

Get Well Soon lala_rawraw!

Is the "domestic spying" still going on today ?

I'm inviting you all

Progress made on key Iraq War measure

Top 9 Reasons Dick Cheney Shot His Hunting Partner

OK people, what's with all the Cheney threads?

"Democrats seek to capitalize on the scandal"

The * Administartions Top Ten Reasons Why Cheney Shot his Friend

Thousands Would Die in US Strikes on Iran, Says Study

Bush Admin. spent over $1.6 Billion on advertising and P.R. since 2003

Dead Eye Dick

Funeralgate? Can someone explain for me

So When is "Dick" going to hold a news conference?

What a difference a headline can make! (Gore's Speech)

VIDEO: British troops beating defensless Iraqi teenagers

2 Years of looking for solid employment

Remember 9/11, When IRAN expressed sympathy for the USA?

Shooting a lawyer? So what? "Hunting" farm-raised birds? That's sick!

Nice commentary by Peter Stern in the Lone Star Iconoclast

Anyone have a link showing Lindsey Kildow's downhill crash in Torino?

Vice Presidential Personal Responsibility Pop Quiz

"Shotgun" Cheney's motto: shoot first, then CYA

Mike Malloy's monday blog: Has he mentioned yet tonight...?

Why the Cheney story is important.

I think the 3rd "unnamed" hunter is Tom DeLay..that's why the WH won't say

The BIGGEST story you will hear this year. Read it, and vote it up.

To all the hunters here. 28 gauge for quail? Couldn't you just ...

How much compensation will Cheney have to make?

Ask any hunter...the "line of fire" excuse is 100% nonsense says Scotty McClellan's press briefing today

If the Vp can cover up shooting a man, what can't he cover up.

What BIG political stories were in the news when you first found DU?

Upset by all the Cheney hunting threads?

Juan Cole's Excellent Plamegate Timeline

Why Did Cheney Wait A Day To Report His Gun Fuck Up?

Rupert Murdoch's pornography profiteering


How's that Democratic message playing?

If your friend shot you, then tried to cover it up and blame you...

DUers--DO You Really Want to See Any More Cheney Hunting Posts???

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Give a Republican a Gun

puzzled about Mardi Gras

Raw Story: Plame vs. Cheney's Accident

Cheney shooting site: GOP crony, subsidy recipient...thick as thieves....

Cheney is told joke - misinterprets it as political advice - shoots lawyer

Valerie Plame Leak Sabotaged America's Iran-Watching Intell (TWN)

Remember when Kerry went hunting?

Folks we have a vice president who has been arrested multiple times. . .

Thom Hartmann: Something stinks re Cheney shooting -- streaming

Imagine if the lawyer had shot Cheney instead

"Dick Cheney bags a lawyer on a shooting trip"

Riverbend's back. Her Aunt's house was raided.

Dick Cheney's 2nd Amendment Credo:

Ken Mehlman wants your thoughts!

replay of scotty on c-span 1:40pm est

Dick Cheney Quail Hunt Game

Some one gave me a star nd some hearts? Thank you!

Thank you for the Valentine thread.

Why is Mr. Whitington in the ICU?

Hedge Funds Betting on Weather?! WTF? Enron-style trading expands??

Criticism of Bush leaves conservative in the cold

Do you know of people who are loyal to Bush rather than the US

Cheneyquiddic !!

Doesn't the Cheney incident remind you of that part in Wedding Crashers

What would the response have been if a Dem had shot someone?

Cheney Hunt Club paraphernalia available at

March 20, 2006

Snotty Scotty BBQ, Yosemite Dick edition!

Is Harry Whittington still in ICU this morning?

When Dick Cheney goes hunting, does he remove his bullet-proof vest?

Let's not be too critical of Cheney on this hunting story. We need to...

Helen Thomas on Bill Maher

Why I subscribe to the Nation.

Hunter's Safety course

I didn't know Cheney belongs to a militia,

When I first met my husband, 25 years ago he was in the

At what time was law enforcement notified re: dead eye dick? anyone know?

George Honors Scientists ---pix->>>

Didn't you just know it would happen?

my bet on the cheney shoot-at-em is that they put old lady ARMSTRONG up to

Bush Knew SATURDAY About Hunting Accident

I know what happened!! He was toking grass thru the gun barrel!

anything to previous this previous Cheney accident?

Question about donations

The Republican Party - Weak on Lawyers

Has anyone offered to pay for a Cheney gun safety class?

I can't wait for the late night talk shows today.

MSNBC just mentioned the shooting incident

Great blog post!

They Didn't Tell George That Cheney Was the Shooter! --->>>

This shooting incident did not involve a blow job and

From the funny headline dpt: Man shot by Cheney listed as ‘very stable’

Grassley on Senate floor whining about "persecuting a few millionaires"

Press briefing on CNN NOW 12:33PM est. n/t

Senator Dodd on CSpan right now pushing a bill that will give

Can anyone list the differences between Iraq and Germany/Japan?

Can the right wing use old wedge issues in this election?

My Last hunting trip.

She actually said this re:Hunting incident

How far away was whittington when Cheney's shot him? 30 yards?

Old Cheney\Scalia Duck Hunting Animation Here:

"When did the president know the vice president had shot somebody?"

Does anyone have a Honeywell or HMS Security system?

Gore Decries Treatment of Arabs Post 9-11

From another forum: Republican Politician Hunters In Canned Hunts

What I learned from Scotty's press briefing today:

Positioning-Reps versus Dems on the spy program-Reps against Dems For?

WHERE's THE POLICE REPORT? Aren't shootings reported?

Caption this * pic...

Lights Out Chicago --Lights Out: 30-Day Electricity Fast Begins

Who has investigative jurisdiction re: dead eye Dick? Why did the S.S. not

Gee, the NRA's awfully quiet after Dick shot a dude in the face, huh?

ATTN Reporters > You need to interview the ranch COOKS and DISHWASHERS

Clerical Error Jeopardizes "Deficit-Reduction" Law

What if a freeper compared this to Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne?

24 hours to clean the mess.

Chertoff "rejects criticism"...

Just donated to DU and it feels good...I would need no other

Did Vice Presisdent Cheney shoot the guy on purpose?

THIS JUST IN: Cheney Shooting a Complete PR Ploy

"80 year old Whittington wandered into Cheney's line of fire" AP Radio on

not getting too far ahead i hope but: HAD THEY BEEN DRINKING?

Active-duty military personnel can't sue for malpractice

McClellan Says Police Investigation of Cheney Shooting Over

britney spears attending mardi gras

My 1000th post and it's my birthday

McClellan: Bush Told About Texas Shooting Saturday--But Not Cheney's Role

Best 2 lines from Cheney Debacle....

Wh press conf. on NOW central time--lots of talk of hunter trip

Time Line - Cheney Shooting Spree

Pamela Willeford and Dick Cheney

Top twelve points about Cheney's "accident"...(humor)

Care for some pepper?

Your head asplode.

The next time a Neo Con Whore brings up the Chappaquidick coverup...

Poor Mr. Whittington! "His face looks like chicken pox, kind of " >>>

NBC Puts On 2-Week Commercial for US Power

BW: The Top Ten Hybrid Myths

Pico Drilling Company - Pamela Willeford

I confess........I gave myself 2 accident

Whittington not such a "good friend" of Cheney's? Check this out!

DUers: Do You Think The Cheney Thing Is A Diversion From Something?

Thanks to the "secret admirer" for the Valentine Heart!

Dick Cheney aka "Mr. Pump & Circumstance"

This Ole Dog wonders how Cheney feels about shooting

Is there a better satellite mapping tool than Google Maps?

Hmmm....Shot at 30 feet....

George W Bush & Republicans believe DEMOCRACY is TOO WEAK

Pix of Ambassador Pamela Willeford--The Third Cheney Hunting Partner

RANDI lovers, she's great today, tune in!

A challenge to all the DU women over 50.

Buxh is using illegal wiretaps to protect his right wing policies

Thank you Thank you for my hearts! Whoever you are, I am

VIDEO- WhiteHousePB-When did the President Find Out Cheney Shot Someone?

THINK FIRST, SHOOT SECOND. That guy took a full blast to the face. Period

.CNN claims Cheney's was a shot heard round the world!

Caption * at the National Medals for Science and Technology Awards...

What if Clinton or Gore had accidentally shot someone in the face?

Cheney Alert (Satire)

Local Station ABC Affiliate says Wittington won't be out of hospital today

I still want to know what Cheney's hunting liscense situation is..

Just incase anyone brings up Carter and surveillance again...

Gallup has Bush back down to 39%. Haa Ha

Let's make some movies about bushy boy and crew - go here:

How much would you be willing to donate to the Republican party for

Does anyone else wonder about the morality of zoos?

Thanks for the Heart...

Hunter's elbow shot after being mistaken for squirrel

Go if you dare, but it is a good read

So how serious can you be about protecting the American

Hey Randi should Browie's Theme be the the Fall Guy Theme? What are the

"Old Gutshot" — Cheney hunting ad (TOON)

60 Minutes transcript: BILLIONS wasted and unaccounted for in Iraq

CNN- Whittington "stable". Somehow I doubt he is sitting up and..

It's official. Republicans are above the law

Pastor airs problem with (could it be

Quail Hunting Veterans for Truth

Typical left wing media

oh NO President Bush just came back from HUNTING with Cheney today! Satire

My RW collegue: "This only endears Cheney to the common man"

Here is Dick showing up for work this morning... please caption

Wow, secret admirers, at my - ahem - age! Thanks to all who

Suddenly I'm glad Cheney got those deferments

If your were President (or Vice) during war, would you take vacations?

biggest assumption on my part. that there were even BIRDS

Cheney cheated on wife, got drunk, nearly killed a man,& covered-up crime

Randi is replaying Brown's 'tweaking' & 'balls to the walls' comments

which is worse:(A) Leaking classified information or (B)Shooting a friend?

Is Senator Pat Roberts on Alzheimer's Meds??

Cheney is going senile

Fossett, Rutan, Branson, and others...

Police shoot hundreds of crows

Move On needs to start making some "inoculation" ads

I'm convinced that Cheney will not serve out his term


If an accidental shooting happens at your home, are the police

Isn't It About Time DICK Gave a Press Conference? --->>>


Congress approves $2.75 Billion to NRA for gun safety research.

Was Cheney Drunk? That would explain a lot.

My turn to thank the secret admirers for the hearts

3 years into Iraq War Progress Chart

what if whittington had "accidentally" shot cheney?

PHOTO: "Now take a pitcher of me fixin' my tie! Heh heh heh! Heh heh heh!"

OMG! Big Brother will be watching!!

(VIDEO) Bill Maher's 3-month catchup

So Tweety goes with the lie that Cheney was worried about the man's health

If Your AVERAGE JOE Shot Someone While Hunting, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN???

National Weather Service to offer early retirement to 1,000

Assault and Peppered at Armstrong Ranch - A Vice Presidency in Crisis

The SOTU can be summed up in one sentence.

Clarification on Cheney's Shotgun Size: SMALL but Effective

Chertoff rides in to save the day?

MSNBC top story : "Fallout over Cheney shooting accident"

I can't WAIT for TDS tonight!!

LIBrul blogs are having a "field day".. Conservative blogs

* SPOILER ALERT * Some Olympics News If You Want to Read It

AP Reporting (on Yahoo) that * KNEW on Sat. Night!

60 Minutes last night - $8.8 billion lost in Iraq - did anyone watch?

Are troops being brainwashed before going or while in Iraq?

STOP talking about Cheney!

For Whitehouse staff - a fashion accessory MUST!

Paston thinks anti-Christians buring down churches.

Cheney's Shooting - A Double Irony

Franken: Cheney Shot Whittington 'Just to Watch Him Die'

Question about Casey in PA.

How Dick Cheney "hunts"

Caution Head Exploding quotes.

The guy Cheney shot was involved in Funeralgate (gravedumping by Bush pal)

Since Cheney is a Federal Employee

What happens to the game these great hunters kill?

Will O'Lielly put Whittington "On notice" tonight?

Nice aim, Deadeye. How about a little bit of that sharpshooting in Iraq?

Video and transcript of Dean putting up with Miles O'Brien's spin this AM

Five Deferments

Hunters Saying Story Doesn't Make Sense

TWO different headlines in DALLAS MORNING NEWS today

"War is delightful to those who have not experienced it"

Anything new on Plamegate/leakgate/liargate?

*Save public access television! DEADLINE for comments end of today (Mon.)

Tweety: Andrea Mitchell looks like she got a shotgun-facial...

Cindy basher here--need some responses

What we need to do with Cheney....

Rove Threatens Anti-Wiretapping Republicans

Wipe your iPod before selling it, RIAA warns

The Party of Personal Responsibility

New CNN poll...bush back down to 39 %.

All those Dem's running for congress and Tweety could only interview 1 dem

Bush and Crossbones

Kos: Tax Cuts Raise Revenue COMPLETELY DEBUNKED

Dick Cheney did "what he was supposed to do"...

How do you think W's supporters will react if he is impeached?

There's saying "fuck off," then there's telling them to REALLY F-off

Less than a month before Cuellar v Rodriguez (TX-28)

Farker finds Freepers faint for FISA

Widespread street violence in Haiti (over the election)

Cheney's Hunting Accident: Proof he is a COWARD

Lots of posters today urging people to back off the Cheney shooting story.

Is Cheney's misfire an omen that Iran would be a big mistake?

At great Horsey Cartoon about Cheney

Bush's approval rating drops to 39% - CNN/USA/Gallop

How to be a rock star, virtually

FWIW, I'm really PROUD OF my fellow DUer's today!!!

Pssssst... NOT a Cheney thread!

"Homeland Security" is full of it

Cheney's Top 10 reasons for shooting Whittington.

Detention Camp Jitters

People who keep listening to BushCo & the media (MSM) Don't understand...

I'm not sure this Cheney stuff is all bad. CNN is draggin' Scottie thru

Katrina Report, Plame was working on Iran, Noe indicted in coin scandal

Randi has an excellent 911 discussion - NOW

"Duck" Cheney

It was Whittington's fault...according to the "news". nt

Alan Simpson (former senator) just made a fool of himself on Tweety.

I may have stumbled across one of Dick Cheney's undisclosed locations...

Dear Miss Manners,

Okay...a little equal time for the Shrub's Hunting Story

Remember how The Great Hunter mocked Kerry?

Cheney is clearly out of control

so, isn't cheney UNFIT for office, if he needs a f/t TEAM?

Anybody want to clue in Reuters about the "unidentified" third hunter?


What was Lou Dobbs talking about with references to coincidences?

Our school reinstated the pledge today

Lou Dobbs Thinks "Communist China" Is The OFFICIAL Name Of The Country

Injury statistics per sport, per 100,000 participants.

Google ITT,Dulles brothers, Bush and Nazi

The poor sucker portion of the Republican base is not going to

torture prosecution falters

This is SO pre-Sept. 11

Texas Parks and Wildlife-No Stamp? Class C misdemeanor

My hearts

All These Cheney Threads Are Ludicrous! Can We PLEASE Stop Them Already??

I just saw a Condi bumper sticker.

"Shoots, Hides and Leaves"

The obvious reason why Cheney shot the guy--he was drunk...

Let's DU the Situation Room-re: VP's actions

Can we not all

VIDEO- Ron Reagan Jr Comments on Cheney Shooting (Was he Drinking?)

Talking Point: / Framing: Cheney shot the Funeralgate lawyer

Caption Dead eye Dick..

Not requred to report? Then where does TX get these stats on accidents? >>

VIDEO- Alan Simpson- It's Different on a Ranch when you Shoot Somebody

lou dobbs, tonight Poll.

HOLY JUMPING MONKEYS! DU is at the fundraising halfway mark!

Tell me what you think about this...

Tonight on PBS, a must-see program (again).

WH took 6 days to report Marvin Bush's maid crushed to death in driveway

Is Virginia turning on Cheney? Assembly considers ALCOHOL-FREE hunting.

Corpus Christi reporter on The News Hour (PBS) said the Swiss

Whittington to be moved out of intensive care

Major Lefty Blog Finally Asks....The Other Women in Hunting Party

Do we know for sure that Whittington, the shooting victim, is "down" with

It's always someone else's fault when these WH fools hurt others

Bush Learned Within Three Hours That Cheney Shot Hunter???

What's a little COLLATERAL DAMAGE........

America's masterplan is to force GM food on the world

Come on DU...Cheney only shot someone...

DUers will no doubt be SHOCKED that Hardball had 2 R vs. 1 D Iraqi Vet

Media Matters slaps Bumiller on FTN, pushed Dean to criticize Hillary

Can Someone Reconstruct the Incident for Me?

i talked to two conservative hunters today.

"I'll calm down when I feel like calming down"

VIDEO- How Press Heard of this (Internet posting by Corpus Christi newsp)

Imagine the headline if Bush ate a baby on national TV

Someone explain the "Holden Gets a Pony" reference to me

David Gregory up on Hardball; looks like a live show so far. nt

How many times have you said 'If Clinton had done this...."

"The Global Dominance Group: 9/11 Pre-Warnings & Election Irregularities"

So, what do your bird hunting, gun owning acquaintances, shrub voters or

Chickenhawk Cheney too cowardly to pick up a gun in Vietnam, unlike Kerry

"Valentine's Day & Constitutional Challenge of Divorce"

Guns Don't Shoot People -- :)

And in the Top Ten Most Emailed Photos on Yahoo?? DeadEye Dick!

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

canofun a/v?

Humor warning: "Bushcronium"

Cheney Shoots Lawyer vs. Cheney Botches National Security...(plame)?

Abbi Tatton is my new hero :MAJOR sarcasm:

Alan Simpson: Cheney's an expert shot & hunter... sic. If you don't know

Question: Isn't it up to police to deem whether a shooting is accidental?

(Iraqi) Contractor Fraud Trial To Begin Tomorrow (WPost)

Cheney and his handlers must have expected the Whittingtons to cover it up

Newshour Has the Corpus Christi Reporter! n/t

Hey, It's not like Cheney shot somebody or something.

Just above the law ...they.

Paul Hackett: Bring them home

AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION Tells Bush STOP Spying Without Warrant


The Smoking Gun - Cheney gets a citation

Caption Condi

Quailgate: Ron Reagan on hairball: "They tried to miss the sunday pundits

Dana Milbank is full of jokes. . .

If you're a hunter and some drunk dude doesn't follow protocol

New Democratic voters could very well be Republicans who

McGovern, Sept 1970.

I had a friend in college that would bird hunt

Tweety has 3 Iraq vets running for office: 2 repugs 1 Dem

Cheney shot a man.

WOW-DU-we're halfway there in 24 hrs-

Coward buffoon geezer Cheney was trying so hard to have balls

This Hiram guy on Hardball doesn't stand a chance against Byrd!

Examine the Greek myth of King Croesus with * right now.

'10,000 would die' in A-plant attack on Iran

I say give Cheney a bigger gun and lots of republican hunting partners..

Wouldn't it be safer to hunt quail with a little butterfly net?

Now I Know Who Shot.....

Cheney will be issued a warning citation for not having a valid

For Future Reference, Mr. Cheney —

Milbank in an orange vest on KO is hilarious

Paul Begala: VP Cheney, You're Lucky Those Reporters Aren't Hunters

Don't hospital personnel report, er, shootings to the police?

Who hunts by car?

Anyone listening to Lieberman's quotes on Majority Report?

PHOTO: Even the quail agrees.


Report: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Cost $363M

Heavy Fuel Oil Spills Off New York Harbor

Will DeadEye Dick be KO's "Worst Person in the World"?

I REJECT the constant use of the phrase "I reject" by this administration.

Oh, Stop the "Stop Cheney Posts" pleas......SNL Skit predictions?

Dick's Press People COACHED the Ranch Owner on Her Statements >>>

for Valentine's Day: A Fun Contract and some other stuff

Brazil just weeks away from producing large amounts of enriched uranium

Cheney violated hunting rule, experts say

Fitz shakes hands with Judy Miller

Freeper calls into Howard Stern (audio) mind numbing stupidity

Okay friends, lets remember what has been released this week

I just shot

Thanks for the heart, to whoever you are

Dick Cheney:Because someone Had to shoot the guy...

Apparently, "not boy" parts are a source of shame according to a Utah

Anyone notice the sign at the "ranch" entrance? I have no hardware to

CNN - The shot heard round the world.

The heart give away is really working.

I got a heart!!!

Rita is doing Dick- this is not a sex thread nt

Let me see if I got this right, a Swiss Miss, a shotgun, a couple

BWHAHA ! Latest Repig Spin on Cheney ! You won't believe it.

Snifff. snffff...thank you for the heart...

Thanks for the heart

According to the STAR magazine...

Even Rita Cosby is reporting on the Cheney incident

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World Feb 13

We know all about the shooting but do we know about the rest...

Blush...I got a heart. Thanks to whomever graced me with the honor. n/t

KO Opens with Cheney Story! He's going to have fun with this..

Dean equated Cheney with Burr Sunday, BEFORE FUDDGATE!

VIDEO- Milbank Quips on Cheney-Selected

Why the hell does the VP need an ambulance with him

Can you imagine if a DEMOCRATIC V.P. shot someone?

how can I get a sweet heart?

Texas Parks & Wildlife: Primary Cause of Hunting Accidents

Nurse Investigated for Sedition-After Writing anti-Bush Letter to Editor

AP: So Dick "Apparently" Breaks KEY Hunting Rules

It's about the coverup,stupid.....

Thanks so much for the heart!!! This place is great! n/t

VIDEO- Duck Cheney (simulation)

Whittington was Cheney's TARGET. Connect the dots...


A heartfelt Thank You for the heart !!! n/t

Whoever gave me a heart, FUCK OFF!

Would You Rather Go Hunting With Cheney or For A Car Ride With Ted Kennedy


Incident at the Armstrong Ranch... Ambrose Bierce couldn't have come up

In honor of "The Meth Epidemic" on PBS, here is...

State Dept. blasts UN report on Guantanamo (shoots the messenger)

Hunters FYI: Don't shoot things wearing bright orange vests and caps. n/t

Left Behind: Congress takes a sneaky bite out of war widows' benefits

Is anyone else disturbed

Move to lounge

Thank you to the nice person who gave me a heart!

Are there FEMA hearings again tomorrow?

It's raining hearts! Thanks. Make sure everyone gets one. Enough

Tonight: You've Gotta Have Heart, All You Really Need Is Heart. . .

It was the victim's fault! The Bush Admin cannot commit a sin or

Info on the Armstrong Ranch...(cue "Dallas" theme :)

Jack Chick's take on war in Iraq

So they ARE ABOVE THE LAW. No police report on Cheney incident.

I'm not a hunter, but I'm curious. Do hunters actually eat ..

Wow - I got a valentine!

serious question here...if the secret service witnesses a crime by

VIDEO: Caller-Times photographer and avid shooter George Gongora simulates

white house sees slow down in housing market.

Democrats have pre-9/11 political tactics

a BIG Thank You to those who gave me their hearts!!

My heart belongs to you - Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

I got a heart!! I got a heart!! I GOT A HEART!!!

White House says "Cheney properly licensed"....

So what would happen to you or I

Is "Wait Till You Graduate" an achievable goal?

Cheney is running the country & he is a fucking idiot...Impeach Now!

Fascinating FISA thread on Free Republic from 2000-2001

Cheney has Georgie right where he wants him (cartoon)

All your hearts do belong to us! *bink* *tink* *kronk*

My Relatives In TEX. Uncle Told Me There's Two Ways of Hunting Down There

Republican senator says he was mistaken on Schiavo debate

Thank you for my hearts and for supporting DU!!!!

Thank you so much for my valentine, whoever you are.

NYT: "So Long, Dalai Lama" - Google demonstrates NEW WORLD CENSORSHIP

I donated! nt

Jimmy Carter couldn't ride his motorcycle when he was Pres.

Re: Cheny incident! Sometimes when u want to know why something happened,

Is it true that the guy who Cheney shot was not only a senior citizen, but

Hey, Kids: Spying Is Fun! Toys 'R' Us Approach to Spying

Embryonic stem cell segment on 60 Minutes

Thank you to the very nice DUer who gave me a heart.

A Valentine For the 'Prosecutie' ~ from The Guardian ~

Bush's oil giveaway to obscenely cash-rich oil companies (NYT)

Late Night Comics Target Cheney

Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove

Thank you for my heart secret admirer--you made my day bright--

Thanks to those who gave me hearts.

Stephen Cobert's 80's music video

ok...thanks for my hearts!

Thank you for the valentine! Whoever you are, it made me smile. n/t

A comment from Harry Whittington's coming any minute now, right? RIGHT????

T-1 for Daily Show!

NORTHWEST AIRLINES refuses to honor prize tickets for gay couple

Be sure to watch Frontline tomorrow

THANK YOU for the Valentine!

Self delete - dupe

A Nation of Laws, NOT OF MEN.

Ron Regan brings up the drinking question on Hardball.

I think the Daily Show will be a can't-miss event tonight.

So, who was boinking whom on the "hunting" trip? Will Lynn

21 Minutes till Jon Stewart and The Daily Show

"Man's Face Intercepts Presidential Bullet"

I LOVE to Hunt but Cheney is a killer, not a hunter

Someone needs to make an orange camouflage t-shirt that says:

Guns don't kill people, Dick Cheney does.

NYT Reveals Change in U.S. Government!

Idea for graphic designer, regarding Cheney incident

Fuzzy Math


Aren't there ANY NFL players or coaches who are Democrats?

Just a technical note about shotshells.

Who's selling the "Guns Don't Kill People, Cheney Does" bumper stickers?

I want to see all Democrats tomorrow in bright orange safety gear

Client's rewards keep D.C. lobbyists thriving

Tim Grieve: WH would probably RATHER focus on Dead Eye Dick this week

The Secret Cause of Flame Wars

My husband and I are going on a romantic lawyer-hunting trip this weekend.

Truthout: The Next War - Crossing the Rubicon

Thanks for my Hearts....whoever those admirers are....

Bill Maher on the Cheney incident:

A rather bizarre poll regarding the shooting.

Hey when Cheney is thrown out of office does he get to keep the ambulance?

Dick is a Killer . . . The Song!

hehe check it out... online cheney hunting game. try it out!!!!!

TalkLeft Scientific Analysis: Cheney Shot Whittington at Point-Blank Range

DNC has full video and transcript of FTN interview. Bumiller insulting.

A new documentary reveals why Dick shot Harry...

Is Anybody Else Following The Arcobatological Scato-illlogic...

Has anyone said what Cheney plans on doing with the 70 birds he shot?

I read my email today, oh boy.

Going out on a limb here.

My Texas friend tells me Texans don't really hunt for real

They finally fixed the code on the posts

Time Warner Cable now charging specifically for foreign news channels

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Cheney was the guest of a Lobbyist during his trip...

Why does it matter if Cheny accidentaly shot some while hunting?

US & Israel Discussing Ways to Destabilize Palestinian Government

If I may get serious for a moment...

Were they preparing to cover it up if Cheney's victim died?

Republicans' Report on Katrina Assails Response

In the midst of all this trouble & strife, Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

CLAUDINE LONGET is on the phone...

May I get mushy in DU for a moment

Thank you very much for the hearts...

My RW neighbor just said that Whittington is being punished from God

NEW Daily Show starting!

The Wack-Pack

Six more weeks....say bye-bye to M3...(bit of a reminder)

RawStory: Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say

S Clemons: "If Cheney & Co. outed one of the key intelligence operations

CIA chief sacked for opposing torture

Tom Noe charged with theft and money laundering (RICO type charges)

NYT-reporting Hackett is dropping out of Ohio Sen race & perhaps politics

Haliburton's profits up 292.9% since start of war.

In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites a Culture War

Able Danger Hearing - Feb.13th

DU this MSNBC poll: re: Cheney shooting

Um...stop telling people to stop talking about Cheney

A message for Paul Hackett

Who needs to feel a little love?

In 2000, Freepers were OUTRAGED over the secrecy of the FISA courts

AFA Update--Email explaining why they sent out "offensive" vid clip

Press Sec. Blames Whittington for getting shot!

is there some site where i can view the Daily Show online?

Today's Most Brain Dead Letter To The Editor

Brain Injury Epidemic for Troops in Iraq

thank you for the heart!!

Cheney Got A Gun (Audio)

Good news about Ann Coulter!

Turn on Countdown!!!!!

How many trailers are sinking in the mud, at what cost per month, and how

Hey Y'ALL! I'm coming up behind ya, so don't shoot!

A little Irony - Internet Privatization

Well If Dick Can Shoot at Lawyers

Daou: A tsunami of scandals. No wonder the left is angry!

Cheney Shooting ...... Does it pass the smell test?

Cheney shoot-victim Whittington replaced Funeralgate whistleblower in '99

Turn on Letterman

I'm thinking some really fucking nasty thoughts about Schumer and Reid

Kos: Hackett may drop out of Senate race

The Liberal Christian Network needs some help.

A Conversation on Poverty and Segregation

"National Security: The Attack on the Constitution" -- important.

Chad Hedrick, Olympic speedskater: "We're Bush people"

When will libertarians figure it out?

It's not Global Warming

Brian Williams leading with the Cheney cover-up.

Hannity, "This was not a shotgun blast, these were bird pellets"

Smoking Gun has First Cheney Accident Report

i definitely and positively have to clean-up the "french" in my posts.

FWIW, I'm really disappointed in my fellow DUer's today!!!

Kerry letter guides Rice to make "addicted to oil" a priority goal

I am getting personally involved in my state's party.

"Nuking the Economy" - by Paul Craig Roberts (!)

Still nothing from the wackos at the NRA...MOSES? WHERE ARE YOU???

In your face politics: the pushing of the proverbial envelope by BushCo

Looking for an Article on US Debt to China

A simple explanation for the time delay

WOW! David Gregory v. McClellan go at it off camera. . .Tribune reports!

If Cheney had a DU name so you could donate and give him a heart...

TX Authorities Complaining SS Barred Them From Speaking To Cheney

It's Happening People! The US IS about to become a Dictatorship!

* and Kofi Annan today - pics...

What Did Cheney say after he fired the gun into the face of another Human?

Interesting, relevent , REVEALING point TDS just made

Okay, Why Would Minor Injuries Be Helicoptered To A Regional Trauma Site?

Who goes quail-hunting at 5:30 pm?

Losing Focus: How DUers get attracted to a shiny toy and can't let go

How Many "Thanks for the Heart" posts do we need???

CNN: "Many of the pellets will be left inside Whittington's body"

Character Issues & Collateral Damage

Committee to End Sports Hunting

I bet Deadeye Dick thought he could hide the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Iran demands apology for German soccer cartoon

where can I find more info on HR 4694? Who supports this bill?

What did Cheney say to Scooter after Scooter squealed?

Noe indicted in coin scandal-53 felony counts-possible sentence175 yrs

Dick's reason for not disclosing....I kid you not 9/11

Angry White House Lashes Out At Katrina Critics

Barbara Bush praises parties at Rental Show. "The linen! The glasses!"


Crazy coot Alan Simpson explains it all for you.

Must Read Post: Bush's followers are not conservatives. They're cultists.

East Coast Blizzard Category 4 (NESIS):

Five Govt. Agencies Looking To See If They Can Censor Libby Case Evidence

GREAT! United Arab Emirates firm to operate 6 US ports!!!!

The Irony, The Symbolism, Is Quite Frankly ASTONISHING!!

Meet Cheney's Swiss Miss

Cheneyquiddic or Fuddgate--which term for this incident...?

A few things I've noticed about the shooting accident

Melanie said it well....

So the White house is defending Bush- re Katrina

Why does it say "not under influence of alcohol" on hunting report?

Best line I've heard in a long time - and from a Democrat !

Before everyone loses their mind about Paul Hackett's withdrawal...

VIDEO- The Daily Show-Cheney ....; SHOT

Fox News: Dick Cheney guns down terrorist

Wonder why schools are so expensive?

My biggest fear: If Clinton made oral sex "OK" for teens

Anti Cheney shooting posts: You are way out of the DU mainstream.

Could we list all the new names for Cheney...?

Late Night Comedians' Cheney Jokes...........list 'em here!

VIDEO-Cheney Shooting with White House clips as handled by KO

Call for volunteers for a Katrina project

According to Anderson Cooper... we are now going to destroy

Democratic Party? Fuck you bastards. You went too far. (Paul Hackett)

How it happened?

The UN Says The USA is Using Torture At Guantanamo And Should Be Shut Down

Disappointed in the Democratic Party, re: Paul Hackett


Stop the nonsense...Cheney was not drinking

Dana Milbank dressed in hunting gear

Bush budget cuts study to "improve the health and well-being of children"

Could This Be The Same Wittington Cheney Shot.....

Headline News just had the Abramoff/Bush photo on the tube!

Howard Dean will be on CNN after the 7:40 am commercial break. ON NOW 7:42

Priceless!!! Jim and Sarah Brady on Cheney Shooting---ROFLMAO

Guerrilla Warfare in Washington

Cheney should have been hunting in Florida

Instead Of Patriotic Songs to Introduce Dick Cheney...

Why aren't the House and Senate in today ??

Need a basic fact--how many Democrats are in the House and how

East Coast Blizzard Category 4 (NESIS):

Kim Eisler On "Jack Knows George" - "There was a good Jack and a bad Jack"

And Chertie, you're doin' a HECK of a job overhaulin' FEMA. HECK of a job.

So Meet The Press confirmed something in my mind...

Coal mine hearing now C-span NOW!!!

Frist to reintroduce repeal of "death tax" in May and a federal marriage

hehehe so is this attempted murder?

Another Cheney Comic from H.L.

Does FISA only apply during peacetime?

Dems should not agree with letting FISA courts oversee spying?

Feingold vs Warner on the issues

A radical idea to rescue Social Security

Bush Admin spent over $1.6 Billion on advertising and P.R. since 2003- GAO do you think this shooting will affect the administration?

Enough of Cheney already! This is really important news; we must act now!

When Should the Dems Put Out The Agenda?

Who is *our* Bush?

Treason during time of war = Death Penalty?

Conservative Idiots Post

Reuben Navarette still supports Bush. Why ?

Lights Out Chicago --Lights Out: 30-Day Electricity Fast Begins

If Whittington had shot Cheney under the same circumstances.

Chertoff's plan to improve FEMA

L'euphémisme du jour .............

If Bush really is a puppet, and the water starts boiling, do you think

Hey Georgie...Be vewy vewy quiet...Im hunting lawyers...

VP Cheney's private war against man/bird hybrids exposed

Another lame diversionary tactic that they COULD try to play down Fuddgate

Top twelve points about Dick Cheney's "accident"... (humor)

For all those delighting in the Cheney shooting incident

Cookies!! A return of a favorite cartoon.

Was bush on drugs when he flew for TANG?

One more post on the Cheney shooting "Guns and Poses"

What was the Secret Service thinking?

Wanted: A few good Taliban recruits

What are you doing for the midterms?

new name for Cheney!

I'd like to know what Bush** did to stop UBL before 9/11, wouldn't you?

ROFL - Excellent headline

If I had shot a repug lawyer, I'd get my @$$ sued! Let's see

Bush fundraiser Noe Indicted on 53 Felony Counts

When President Hillary Clinton spies on American Citizens

As his budget cuts science funding, Bush awards "Nat'l Medal of Science"

Was it Poppy Bush who was there with Cheney?

World's Smallest Political Quiz

my good friend is running for city counsil....

New CNN poll puts Dubya below 40% again

HEy, Cheney was just the victim of a Neo-con practical joke!

Three more lawmakers linked to Abramoff

I'm looking for Coretta Scott King's speech...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it true that when ever...

Ed Schultz talking about midwestheroes spots now

Calling Pat Robertson?

I "heart" John Conyers! From his blog yesterday!

I feel MUCH BETTER after hearing Frances Fragos Townsend's 2 cents worth

Ciro Rodriquez says thanks DFA....tells of all the support rolling in.

CAPTION Bush "listening" to Kofi Annan. I'm thinking "Janet Parshall."

Condi speak

Cheney hunting game

Press briefing was great today...Scott got

Subject: Enough of Cheney already! We must act on this now!

Big Government Republicans

New ABC TV series "A House Divided" - - about the second Civil war


Pukes concerned about FISA court..under Clinton

Katherine Armstrong isnt just some

I love Janeane's point about freepers...

What are Bush's poll numbers. I heard the end of CNN saying something

Agonist Radio tonight (Jane Hamsher is guest)

Hastert suddenly donates Abramoff funds

AGAIN with the crying!!!

Hillary's angry? Wow, check out her GOP opponent, John Spencer!!

Cheney Shooting - Press - Spying on Amanpour - What should be done...

Be vewwy vewwy quiet.

The VP shot a man, it went unreported for 24 hrs, the media

Deadeye Dick and friends

Well, the freep-holes found MSNBC's Machine Gun Cheney poll...

Governor Schweitzer Likes Guns Too

CNN says "smoking gun website" has Cheney police report..

Okay for chickens, but not for politics....Free Range Republicans

'Swift-boat' pros in demand in D.C. (Variety)

Thom Hartmann: Rumsfeld and Cheney Revive Their 70's Terror Playbook

It`s Cheney`s friends fault

CNN's leaked Cheney obit mock-up honors his "Life as Queen Consort"

Cheney's big mistake - dissing the press. It's all about them, you know

Scott Stapp (Creed) marries Miss New York, gets arrested for intoxication

New CNN/Gallop Poll - Bush at 39% Approval.

Hilary Clinton is angry but Cheney isnt?

Do you want to "kick" the media?! - US Senate Candidate Sheeler Asks

Bush as President

I'm SICK of this!

GOP fundraiser charged in Ohio coin scandal-CNN

Pre-1776 Mentality

Ron Reagan: Why wasn't the police allowed to interview...was

Last time Cheney made the news while hunting

UN report calls for closure of Guantánamo

If Cheney is forced to resign

Now It's The WH Press Corp That's The Problem......

WHY on earth is this not a headline?

Vice President's Don't Shoot People - - - - Guns Do!!!!!! n/t

How Ironic - With All The Crap This Administration And Cheney.....

Apparently Whittington is some kind of big-time real estate developer.

Bush administration spent 1.6 billion on public relations: report

Questions Surround Cheney Accidently Shooting Friend

I need a graphic artist for a t-shirt logo DeadAimDick

Hey guys, This Mark Warner, he's nice but he's freaking BORING AS HELL

Smoking Gun has Cheney's "Hunting Accident & Incident Report Form"

Sen. George Allen (R.-Va.) conservatice pick for '08

The 3-Pronged Draft

I don't think anything will change in the US until

Phony ranch, canned hunts, careless shooting, womanizing

Food for thought: Will we see another war resolution in October (Iran)?

From Wes Clark; "End the Widow's Tax"

Cheney shoots someone and Fox News reports this:

Kerry to put Condi on the Hot Seat tomorrow over Oil Addiction

Okay, we all know the "Hitler" rule (whomever it's named after)

HERE IT IS! SD House Approves Abortion Ban

Paul Hackett not only drops Senate race.. but politics all together?

Wow... D-Casey is killing R-Santorum in the PA polls !!

Wow. Do you know what the real VP scandal is today on Faux?

Al Franken for Senator

Nixon: 18 Missing Minutes - Cheney: 18 Missing Hours - Why The Gap?

How serious are you taking this Cheney shooting?

Condi Rice is beautiful........

Dem election strategy: The Hill - "Democrats add a new C to corruption"

Fitzgerald again seeks names of NY Times sources

Cheney Drinking While Using a Gun?

This is how Abramoff laundered the ILLEGAL money he gave to the GOP.

Where the HELL is the outrage? Cheney shoots a man

The Hill:House Democrats favor new budget vote(budget-reconciliation bill)

DU Blog Blitz Challenge: Conguer the GOP and their Media Machine

Dems Okay with Domestic Spying /will let Courts Settle FISA violations?

So, whose reaction are you dying to hear over Fuddgate?

MT-Sen Rasmussen Poll - Sen. Burns (R) sliding down fast vs. Morrison

My brother's answer to complaints about a liberal media...short and sweet

DINO's Serve A Valuable Purpose

Abramoff wasn't just some guy in the room photo'd w/Bush: Rove knows him

McCain's Straight Talk America

GOP Backer Faces Ohio Corruption Charges (Noe, 53 charges)

Kos says Hackett might be dropping out

If you don't help Democrats you are part of the problem

This is why the 2% of blacks who support Bush are confused

Message to online bloggers/activists today from DNC Chair Gov. Howard Dean

Former Va. governor (Mark Warner) turns heads in N.H.

Why no riots in the US

Monopolization of the economy and politics. The issue we keep ignoring

Presenting Lynn Swann

Why do Democratic senators want more failed drug war?