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Archives: February 10, 2006

Driving Toward Middle East Nukes in Our S.U.V.'s-Thomas Friedman, NY Times

Hyde says Torture inquires pose danger to country-squashed them.

Dwight D. EisenHower's Farewell Address January 17th 1961

The President, the Stripper and the Attorney General

Iraq town seems helpless against deadly bird flu

MANUEL VALENZUELA: Bolivarian Revolution -- A Movement of Hope & Threat

Ridge backs U.S. wiretaps but advises amending law(blah,blah,blah)

WH Briefing: Reporters Wonder About Timing/LA Plot(E&P)

The Permanent Energy Crisis

Looking for Veterans (re: fraudulent public relations campaign)

Jose Bove's Not Welcome in Bush's USA

The Believer (New Yorker on Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson)

WP: Two Immigrants, Two Standards

"This is not a cartoon war"

San Diego Union Tribune: recruiting Hispanics?

Mr. Chertoff's charmed life

WP/Milbank: Bob Barr, Bane of the Right?

From Republic to Tyranny

The White Noise of Scandal: Rude Pundit (Warning)

A Letter to the American Left

When the Oil Runs Out

No to war, No to the Mullahs

Charges of Brutal Hazing Put Russian Military on Defensive

Republican Chief Outlines 2006 Strategy

WP's Colbert King: A Fitting Funeral for Mrs. King

John Dean (Findlaw): Cheney & The Fight Over "Inherent" Presidential Power

Loose Lips Sink Spies by Porter Goss, in the NYTimes today.

White House Knew of Levee's Failure on Night of Storm - NY Times 2/10/06

The Vanishing Future - Paul Krugman, New York Times. 2/10/06

Four Presidents and a Funeral (PEGGY NOONAN)

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this...

Climate 'warmest for millennium'

Explorer Steger Meets Steelworkers To Talk Renewables, Arctic Meltdown

US Utilities Expect Carbon Taxes, Emissions Rules - Reuters

Israel Now Subject To Year-Round Dust Storms - J. Post

PNG Foreign Minister Slams US, Australia For Climate Stance

H5 N1 Now Confirmed In Greece - Reuters

Sperm Whales Use Boat Engines As Cues To Dine On Longline Bait

Federal Judge "Shocked" By Whitman, EPA Statemets On 9/11 Air Quality

Global warming underestimated?

Climate 'warmest for millennium'

Black Diamonds movie documents "mountain top removal" coal mining

Desert will soon radiate with hope for future (more solar for NV)

After an eternal winter spring, New Jersey to have major snows tonight.

Energy fee boost makes sparks fly (Maine)

20 Cattle Unable To Walk Processed By Packers Anyway - Asahi Shinbun

Solar Energy Kit Gives Prius 10% Better Mileage

Poor Indian women are becoming successful farmers

Bush Even Cuts "Clean Coal" Funding - Western Senators Pissed

Cadmium - It's What's For Dinner For French Livestock - Reuters

5 MW Wind Turbines Headed Onshore and Off

Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

Palestinian militants ransack former Gush Katif greenhouses

Anglicans Vote to Divest From Concerns in Israel-Occupied Areas

Brothers in arms - Israel's secret pact with Pretoria

Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

NYC 9/11 Event: FREE VIEWING of Loose Change 2

What you mean you weren't invited?

2.3 Trillion missing on 9/10/2001, anyone have a link please?

Please don't respond to any "concrete core" posts unless

Dr. Steven Jones Utah Seminar - Video Download

9/11, was it all set up? An US led NWO? Incredible 10MB download/film

What would be the public response if MIHOP was proven?

Help! My county votes Monday on switch to MicroVote Infinity

What should Dem Govs ask Bush.?Let's ask Govs about Election Reform!

Human Relations Comm. of Palo Alto Unanimously Adopts Voter Confidence Res

State (Alaska) to turn over voting files from 2004 to Democrats

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related news for Friday, Feb. 10th, 2006

Any digital video "geeks" out there?

Voters seek to ensure machines have paper trail

How many stolen elections would it take?

More research on voting machine allocation in Franklin County, Ohio

What I think the Hursti Hack means….

Iowa Legislative News

Nussle is against earmarks....except for when he's for them!

Email from Linn County Dems

Act Now For Paper Ballots in Iowa (

Iowa DU Gathering?

Isabel Bloom Moving Production to China!

Disconnecting crime in Boston

Peter White for 10th Congressional District of Mass-Quincy south to Cape

Did anyone see that pro-bush ad that tried to tie Saddam to

yay, another Marriage ammendment rally

Any digital video gurus out there?

Have decided to build a box instead of buying ready built.

project/info tracking - online accessible?

Borris Miles Worries Growing...

Greg Abbott and his fake voter fraud article

James Leininger--Financing the District 7 Challenge to Tommy Merrit

A Valentine's gift for a hardworking lady....

DFA supports Ciro Rodriguez

Fresh mozzarella question

I just had the best dinner

I've been lurking here for awhile...

Could I please get some feedback on this cookbook idea?

I'm in heaven... blood oranges....

I've plugged my car's block heater in twice this winter.

Cons Promise to Enact NDP Justice Policy

New parliamentary secretary to Francophonie can't speak French

Harper, Cellucci bid farewell to Hamm as N.S. Tories pick new leader

NDP wants inquiry into Emerson's floor-crossing

Peter MacKay's pathetic defense of Emerson.....LOL

CPC MP Garth Turner slamming Harper on blog

WTO to force Frankenfoods on EU

Israel 'may rue Saddam overthrow' (BBC)

Lib Dem hopefuls clash over Iraq

100's of Radio Stations in Payola Probe

Two men arrested for murder of Curious George co-writer

This is pathetic

[AP] Libby: White House 'Superiors' OK'd Leaks

Bush details plot against L.A. high-rise

BREAKING: Bush KNEW about the Levee Breaks the morning they broke!

Liberal Dems take safe Labour seat

Iraq's Shiite alliance confirmed as election winners

Ex-president Preval takes lead in Haitian election

Times Picayune:Senators to confront former FEMA chief today

State files theft charge against former lawmaker

Ex-president Preval takes lead in Haitian election

Weldon rival exits race

CBS News/AP: Former Conn. Governor Released From Prison

Duke Energy Workers Sue Over Cash Balance Conversion

World is warmer than it has been for 1200 years

Nigeria plans huge bird flu cull

U.S. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High

Abramoff Team and Reid's Office Had Frequent Contact, Records Show

Two U.S. Marines killed in Iraqi bomb blast ( #2267 )

Iraq town seems helpless against deadly bird flu

CNN--Ex-CIA official: Bush administration misused Iraq intelligence

LAT: Plot Disclosure's Timing Questioned

W.House knew of flooding night of Katrina: documents

Activist French Farmer Jose Bove Denied Entry to US

Iraq election results confirmed

Keep redistricting off ballot, lawmakers argue (Repugs flip flop in Fl

Can someone post the WP article about Bush's ties to Abramhoff?

Rowland finishing prison sentence

Two CHP Officers Fired For Shooting Alligator

Libby: "Superiors" (Cheney?) authorized leak of classified info

Key Democratic and G.O.P. Senators Are in Accord on Extending Patriot Act

Assemblyman, Running for Attorney General, Attacks Pirro's Record on Sex O

Russia: Heavy Fighting Reported In Russia's Southern Stavropol Krai

SD House Approves Abortion Ban

Photo With Bush Helps Congressman's (Cuellar) Rival

DeLay mails 8-page letter to rally his GOP troops

Sunni tribes in Anbar agree to combat foreign fighters

Protesters say police invading privacy - Greensboro Seven

Oops! - Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still On

Indiana on track for 'God' license plates

Another ally for Russia and Chinia

Russia-Hamas talks anger Israel


Human skull found at Lauderdale airport was to be used in Voodoo rite

Solitaire Game Gets NYC Worker Fired (By Bloomberg)

Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt (First find since Tutankhamun) | BBC

Reid-Abramoff ties reported on CNN

Sunni Mosque Bombing in Iraq Kills Eight

Republican Chief Outlines 2006 Strategy

AP: Gov Jeb Bush Ousts Prisons Chief Amid Investigation

Pollard appeals to Supreme Court

Ex-CIA Official: Bush Admin 'Cherry Picked' Iraq Intelligence

Ex-FEMA Chief Blames Homeland Security (Brownie)

Coral Gables Hostage Situation

Syrian Charged With Masterminding Bombings

Jill Carroll's kidnappers set 'final deadline'

New deadline issued for Carroll's life

New Yorkers visit storm-damaged New Orleans to promote tourism

Cheney Says NSA Spying Should Be an Election Issue

Rumsfeld slams Iran, Syria, warns Russia on arms sales to Teheran

Americans say president shouldn't lift rights (to fight terrorism) -poll

Celebrations as ex-president of Haiti heads for election victory

Ethics scandal looms over Republicans' meeting

Reuters: LA Plotters Held In Malaysia - Quotes WH and RW ThinkTank Expert

State AG questions undercover investigation of peace group (Peace Fresno)

Stock Market Watch, Friday 10, February

BusinessWeek/AP: US trade deficit hits all-time high

General faults U.S. on Iraqi military

Latest Bush administration leak comes from ... Bush

AP: 21 hurt as van crashes during Border Patrol chase in Otay Mesa

Protests over Mohammad cartoons reach Venezuela

Turin Games Kick Off With Surreal Ceremony

NYT: Republicans on Hill Add Voices to Dissent Over Eavesdropping

EXCLUSIVE: Conyers Letter to Bush/Cheney About 'Authorized' Leaks!

DNC: Americans Lose Faith in President Bush

Lobbyist Confirms Talks With Reids Office (contacts were incidental)

NYT: Ex-FEMA Leader Says Bush Aides Knew of Floods

Bottled water, a natural resource taxing the world's ecosystem

Man Dies After Insurance Co. Refuses To Cover Treatment

Bush's Job Approval Stuck Near Bottom

Florida Airports Step Up Security After Threat

AP: Howard Dean: Bush administration "more corrupt" than Nixon's

Worst Cities for Traffic

Church juice was poisoned, police say(Connecticut )

Three More Lawmakers Tied to Lobbyist(LaTourette-OH, Young-Alaska, Capito-

On Hold: Historic Value Halts Demolition (Biloxi Sun-Herald/Katrina)

Iran plant 'has restarted its nuclear bomb-making equipment'

U.S. Concludes 'Cyber Storm' Mock Attacks

SD House Approves Abortion Ban

on the AP: Two Former Aides to Ohio Governor Charged

BBC: Whale meat 'made into dog food'

EX-FEMA boss says he was made a scapegoat

Some Doubt Seriousness Of Terror Scheme Described By Bush

Skinhead Violence on the Rise (Anti-Defamation League)

Cuba Demands Justice (re: US sponsored anti Cuba terra)

GOP chairman questions Democrats' ability to protect Americans

Dad Slams Attack On Bush At King Rite

Bush administration moves to sell national forest land

Soldier's wife holds fundraisers for body armor for troops

"North By Northwest" coming on TCM.

WHy is HEath a lead and Jake Gyllenhaal a supporting actor?

Night Gallery.

I want to inquire about a few ex-DUer's. Who do I PM?

How do you jump a shark?

Why would anyone jump a shark?

Without a Trace tonight

Damn, I accidentally had a FOUR hour nap

Time for a fart thread - here's mine

Take look at these sites. They have a farting Bush at one of them.

Let's laugh at the Bushies!

Salman Rushdie's Wife is STUNNING

I'm heading downtown to do my show at 2am. Listen online if you like.

Do you have to wear a Badger at work?

What fond food memories do you have (mrs grass soup, PBJ, etc)?

So, I just threw a ballpoint pen on the floor, and my 3 cats have....

16 year old Mom proudly shows off her 2 day old baby

Do you know what's weird?


I got my ACLU membership card in the mail!

Anyone else see the 911 abuse story on GMA today?

Anyone knows who invented the H.323 VoIP protocol?

ever think you are just a wee bit smarter than every other human being

Just got organized. Can't find anything.

What was the first slow dance at your senior prom?

My wife and I are going to see Rick Springfield tonight!

Time Waster Of The Day: POLL: Should Barbie & Ken reunite or move on?

Bambi is a BOY deer!

Why do Fundies celebrate Birthday's like the rest of us?

I know the bride to be on Regis & Kelly.

If you are someone who lurked at DU, what made you wait to start posting?

Homestar Runner podcasts! Yay!

Atheist Quotes:

I'm the beneficiary in someone's will!

Leno quote about the Sheryl Crow/Armstrong breakup...

Buongiorno, DU!

Bob Mould remade Hüsker Dü's "New Day Rising" - tell me I'm wrong.

USAToday's Sudoku is kicking my ass today...

Anyone heard the group Trespassers William?

I'm playing sick today. What should I do?

Ban your favorite post here

I, too, foiled a plot in 2002.

Okay, I'll say it. Nick Lachey seems like a really nice guy.

It's my 2 year anniversary on DU!

NBC Nightly News and Colbert Report The Word

Should I spend $3.99 to watch "Dark Water" on PPV today?

Top Ten signs your kitty is a genius!

You Never Call: By SexyBabe4U746210

HI! Smile it is Friday!!!!!

I am in an office which smells of rich mahogany...ask me anything!

Am I the only SF/Fantasy fan who didn't care for "The Matrix?"

Some amazing photos from world press photo 2006

Panda fans! It's jungle gym time!

Top o'the morning to ya, DU!

It's time to post a pun!

You're in Hell and you're forced to watch one of these channels 24x7

Did anyone here post at Sorry Everybody?

Woman Delivers Baby In Toilet

Our 9 y/o daughter dreamt that a boy was leering at her (at the mall) so

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

Frickin' jerks are taking over the building today! (Swears inside!)

James Carville is really funny.

The (UK) Sun seeing Hitler again. But what is it?

Silence of the Lamb fans: check out "Silence! The Musical"

What are these smilies for?

I just ate a PACZKI! .... what filling do YOU like?

Bollywood is remaking "Fight Club"...

Have you noticed that "popcorn" is an anagram for "cop porn"?

Yum! Marzipan babies. Bite-size!

Is Britney Spears' offspring aging gracefully? YOU be the judge! (pic)

Whatever you have in your mind - forget it;

Denver is a winter wonderland....FINALLY!

List plots you've foiled in 2002 in this thread

Newspaper Apologizes For "Meth Made Easy" Story

A package I recently ordered has fell through a dimensional wormhole!

Teacher Convicted In 'Mock Hanging' Of Second Grader

I think I want breakfast for supper....

I wanted a valentine or some heart stuff for my avatar.....

Why are some posts simply deleted? Is DU puritanical???

Who is MAILER DAEMON and why do they keep emailing me??

Is Madonna aging gracefully? You be the judge:

Who would win: Cow vs. Squirrel

Is Keith Richards aging gracefully? You be the judge:

Is Ann Coulter aging gracefully? You be the judge:

I'm planning a GREAT terrorist plot. Wanna help?

Is Babs aging gracefully? You be the judge:

I think we need to have a serious discussion about bel canto singing,

Check out my George Bush cartoon!

Favorite Peter Gabriel song

The True Face of Satan

Dr. J's "The Layup" Is Best NBA Move Ever

I know I have no room to judge... but I'm sorry, Nick Lachey's butt ugly

PLEASE, help DU this CNN poll, quick!

Common dreams

How much is a soul worth?

weirdest dream ever--bush 41 molests my mom!

Good idea!

Am I the only SF/Fantasy fan who didn't care for "The Matrix?"

the sick thread

Major Storm Set for the Weekend

Couple Claims Jesus Appeared On Pancake

Too damned funny!

ANOTHER huge ****ing tree just fell in our yard! Ask me anything...

It's the tenth of January

the opening ceremonies are just too weird



I think my van is on the outs

"Oh shit!!!" heard on NPR All Things Considered.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!!!

My favorite quote Re: The Book of Daniel

I am in love with an outfit.

What is your favorite song?

We're getting a new kitty tonight!

Happy birthday to my late great mom

I think we need to have a silly discussion

Any Other Pink Panther Fans?

I Love The Winter Olympics -


Why are they calling it "Torino?"

Anyone here ever have real Moonshine?

My seven year old is home with a cough. He insists it's whooping cough

This is IT FOLKS - My 5000th POST (took me three years)

I have the house all to myself tonight

Well a US soldier boy on leave in West Berlin ...

Friday afternoon "bask in the awesomeness of Iron Maiden" thread

any red meat fans?

I have a ticket to a pancake breakfast being held tomorrow.

Do you work with some really strange and I mean STRANGE people?

Is Macauley Calkin aging gracefully? You be the judge.

Let us now praise: Leon Russell

.sorry self-deleted post

We should get down on our knees to Sylvan N. Goldman.

Article on what makes a hit song

Who else thinks that Texasgal is just a "made" up DU'er?

Woman gets eight months for felony DUI manslaughter

Who else thinks that Valentines day is just a "made" up holiday?


Cher told me to tell you NC DUer's

Did Cheryl break up with Lance because he's pals with Chimpy?

Boom chacka lacka lacka lacka.......

My first gig in a while and I just don't want to play

Diet breakthrough

I call on the Loungers--fun websites at which you waste valuable time?

Songs you wish had never been covered by anyone

I cannot believe my good fortune today! I had a good experience....

Microsoft Vista. Who's gonna get it when it comes out?

Proper grammar that makes you sound dumb.

Anyone here ever have a real Shoe Shine?

I hate FedEx :(

I had a collapsed lung for two days!

My computer's power supply fan keeps kicking on

Why would my car's clock keep losing time?

Happy Birthday to me

Torino Olympics opening ceremonies are live on CBC/CBC Newsworld

PC Gamers - what's as good as Myst?

Woman who weighs 37 pounds gives birth to healthy baby

Is Wilford Brimley aging gracefully? You be the judge:

tonight I'm going to a movie all by myself, but which one?

1000 of the best and funniest bush photos

A friend of mine is being stalked

It's Universal Monster night on AMC

Nifty website with instructions for Pet CPR & other emergencies.

Solitaire Game Gets NYC Worker Fired (By Bloomberg)


So now that I have discovered bookmarking, I am


Programmers that makes you sound dumb.

Are the internets slow for anyone else tonight?

Black history month dinner

My 'friend' said he'd call to arrange a time for dinner tonight.

Why do fathers walk around in their underwear?

Useless lounge personal info collection data feelgood thread(there's math)

SciFi Friday or Olympics Opening Ceremony?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/10/06)

It's Friday. You hate Bush. Time to EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!

Do you have to wear a badger at work?

MY GOD did you see that look of Laura Bush at the Olympics

Lildreamer's 12-step plan for wasting your day.

I Ache For You

ZombieNixon's 3-Step Guide to Combatting Depression:

What the hell is wrong with the Academy?

Hockey??? At Lambeau Field???

I have now seen it all!

Yesterday there was a 5.2 Earthquake off the Louisiana coast.....

"Draws", or "Drawers"?

Say something!

Is there a song about two people that you have been

Rush farts in elevator, nearly kills asthmaticeog

New Drink Dr. Fred

cheap drugstore floozie that you still love, or use?


Can you believe the USA didn`t make this list ?

Sand Game

Is anyone Chinese? I have a question.

Do you know what a 'Country Sneeze' is?

WOW! I just customized my Google News page

Here Comes the Snow!!!!

Are other markets being "treated" to the "war propaganda" ad?

Anyone have the XM MyFi portable radio?

Here Comes the Snow!!!! (NC mountains)

Rush farts in elevator, nearly kills asthmatic exec

Did anybody else see the

Question about ABC and the war in Iraq...

Snow coming to Nashville- people getting stupid-RANT!

Any guesses on who is gonna light the flame at the Olympics?

baby unblock isn't even born yet and is already sucking his thumb (pic)

Anyone listening to Brian Williams's insipid commentary...

Who likes "The Fall Guy"?

DU chefs... when will my iron skillet be seasoned enough not to stick?

I never see "the man in the moon"

Worst Cover of a Lousy Song

Why is everyone misspelling 'Toronto'?

Kitty CRACK!!

BREAKING NEWS: Presidential Library Flooded!

Feel-good Hit of the Summer

What fun, to be drunk, and watching truly great film.

Battlestar Galactic question - spoiler alert

Yoko "oh no"

Unlucky at the dentist's

Ok Let me be the first ...."BARF"

Have you ever eaten D'Angelo?

"Denny Crane."

Offer on the mountain house today. Here is my counter .. is it wise?

Much needed information or ham handed propaganda?

Name 3 things dumber than "myspace".


So what's the Weather Report?

Battlestar is upon us

Oh, shit, am I in trouble. Big snow is coming and we are out of __________

Just finished a Sylvia Plath biography. (SPOILERS!)

Who likes "Fallout Boy"?

I'm watching Boondock Saints


Exceptionally clever reference in a film review (Dana Stevens, NYT)

"Circling the Drain" is a new one on me (warning: insensitive)

I'm off to Kinko's- anybody need anything?

I have made my move!

I'm making 8th graders listen to Philip Glass' "Knee Play 1"!

Update on the Prophetess

what is your favorite meal?

What the hell is this Bank of America "Keep the Change" program - dumb!!

Local Bands you loved in High School

Why does my computer make so much noise?

Whoever suggested roasting mini-marshmallows over a candle...

Muslim Radicals are Intimidating the Western Press !

Any DU'ers survived cancer?

Help me plan my itinerary from Chicago to LA!

Suppose I asked you an inane question about a hypothetical situation

Has anyone tried Starbucks coffee liqueur?

2 hour Arrested Development finale just started

I HATE the rofl smiley

The first ever feline olympics are now started - what event will your cat

How Matcom warms up before he rides his bike

Cheap drugstore perfume that you either used to love, or still do:

What do you LOVE about your city/town?

Is this THE BEST EVER or what...

Winter is finally coming to Connecticut! (And how.)

Is pre-emptive swiftboating of Dem candidates happening in your area?

Future DUer (with pic)

Gonna take a day off and go to the movies.

Have you ever eaten a tangelo?

My Dad died almost two years ago and I still see him

Confessions of an EHM

Richard Nixon's Social Security number was 567-68-0515.

I saw The Pink Panther tonight - loved it! Funnier than hell!

Amazing videos! Sand animation, this is neat stuff!

I'm the last person in the country to see "Walk the Line"

Classic Rock music fans - Have you been to Wolfgang's Vault yet??

Lost: Sawyer

A's a good'un!

If your parent(s) are still living, how often do you call or visit?


Who has seen "Capote" ? No spoilers please!

Damn. DU isn't the same without TallahassieGrannie

Anyone watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics? SPOILERS

Current and former Wellbutrin users.....Please check in!

Leo : Sayer

We need to counterstrike Rabrrrrrr! Lets get a plan, and do it!

How the hell do you dope for SKELETON?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread ARCHIVE

Laugh & poke fun if you must... but GH has me in tears



I'm off to Wal-Mart - anybody need anything?

Time for an art thread - Here's mine

Post a Valentine for Agent Mike!

What's your favorite TV vehicle?

Friday Night At The Chinese Buffet

Where's khashka?

Presidential MISSpeak, Friday, Feb 10th...a good one!

Who remembers the Skeezicks? **Dial Up Warning**

Is there actual physical, scientific proof that Jesus did exist.

Megachurches Doubled In 5 Years, Survey Says

Book of Mormon - what do you make of this?

Can my Christian friends help me with this car fish question

Atheist Quotes:

thread withdrawn

Ibn Warraq on the cartoons.

Are there any "good" Christians around?

Really cool video about JESUS. (wink wink)

Coenzyme Q10 and statin drugs

Soy and cruciferous vegetables enhance DNA repair

Tomb discovered in the Valley of the Kings

Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt

Papyrus Reveals Ancient Stories

Researchers 'rewrite the book' in quantum statistical physics

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! 197 years old and still evolving.

View this movie: one orbit around Titan, moon of Saturn

Pope says science no threat to faith

Is Precession of the Equinoxes caused by our Sun having a twin?

HRC: Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment

WorldNet Daily and Article 8 chime-in on Robida slaying

A pre election reminder from the past - from Hannity of all places

Did I hear right? A hockey player was kicked out of the Olympics

Here's your photographic evidence, folks.

Cat adopts motherless puppies -If this doesn't make you smile-nothing will

Kitten update & question

Se our Doggies' photo gallery

I need some help with book recommendations, please

Decided to finally make my jump into the deep end of the pool

President George W. Bush would seem allied to dread events

Landrieu, Kerry Call for Local Contracts in Katrina, Rita Rebuilding

Commentary equates BSH cutting military funding and swiftboating


John Kerry Calls on President to Fully Fund Disaster Loan Program

Has John Kerry made any statements about the Danish cartoons?

Please see

Doesn't it bother anyone that Congressional authority is being

I know someone has already posted this here,

Latest Kerry email (just came in)

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - We did it.

Can someone post back to this troll?

Letter to Senator Kerry thanking him for co-sponsoring S.1915

DCCC e-mail survey

Make it stop!!!! Another pickle my pixels thread

A trip to the zoo...

Requesting your opinion:

(OT rant) I have HAD IT with computers!

Friday Night KOEB 2-10-06

Oh, crap -- the weather in NY from next Friday-Sunday

Delete dupe

Attn: Agent Mike

College Students: One way to spend spring break

McCain Just Referenced this Cartoon on Letterman - Re: Katrina Response...

Bush to Rove: "How do we get a Hurricane to hit NYC?"

(TOON) Steve Bell on the alleged Al-Qaida LA plot

Ohio DFA candidate forum...I love these forums. Good speakers.

Blair's clock is ticking on fight for US deal with Rolls-Royce

What I find amazing

Brownies Appointment On Capitol Hill

The first sign you might be looking at bull &^%#!

Mexico Vows to Prosecute U.S. Hotel

Hotel closure after Mexico-US row

The Weekly Dog and Pony Standard -- Always Good For A Laugh


Taliban offers reward for killing of cartoonist - suicide recruits up

The Daily Show did a piece on Pharmacist refusing Morning after pill

Can I get a few *heys* and a *kick* plus a *recommendation* or two?

Libby story is top story on all news sites....except for msnbc and Fox.

"I would discourage you from suggesting otherwise." --Socky

McCain on Letterman

Have you all seen this....

....And the president strummed away.....

WH denied Brownie executive privilege

A reminder from Fema & Brown: Don't Respond unless...

FDA warns parents about contaminated teething rings

The basic infrastructure should be owned by the people that use it.

If you really want to puke, read this....good grief!

Scotty switches words - new excuse for not commenting

The Wimpy Empty Suits Undermining Dems on National Security (DLC's Bayh)

Have the Klu Klux Klan been quiet a while?

Abu Ghraib photos- current action? Help!

Our dead troops now at 2,265 in Iraq

Doc: Birth Defects Up in Polygamous Area

This is pathetic

Denmark and Jyllands-Posten: The background to a provocation

cartoon : Steve Bell on LA tower plot

NYT Downplays Cheney-Libby Leak Story

"Mah job is to...."

NEW TOON - 2/10 Boehner trips....

Is Brownee gonna be on C-Span?

WOOHOO! The war in Iraq is over!

Excellent comments on Bush: "Why can't he say something HUMAN?"

Bush Waged Iraq War by "Cherry Picking" Evidence-Former CIA official

Bush budget cuts and terminations...dismal look into the future..

Think US Athletes will get booed as they enter the stadium?

Bush's crisis

BREAKING: Bush KNEW about the Levee Breaks the morning they broke!

Specter: "I'm going to put everybody under oath when we have testimony"

Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

Today's Top Stories!!!

DU this poll

GMA: Lead Story: "Is the White House Playing Politics With the War

one more day with bush sitting in the white house.

(VIDEO) Colbert on Science (Nails Alberto)

Sen. Dodd on funreal: "Statements made that shouldn't have been made"

The MahaBlog blogger on CSPAN WJ now.

Libby keeping options open on fingering Cheney, waiting for highest bid

Wolcott Slams the "Geezer in the Bubble" (Imus)

LA skyscraper plot never got beyond talk: analysts

WorldNutDaily Columnist Issues Death Threat Against Cartoonist

the dangers of low expectations

Who would have known? The 'christian' Right and the Environment

State joins 3 others in lawsuit against Bush land policy

Looking at

The 2006 Election is Bush's Referendum

DeLay denies friendship with Abramhoff !

Anyone watching delroy murDICK on CSPAN?

Letter from Ramsey Clark: Impeachment Means the People Have the Power

Will Brownie hearing be televised?

It wasn't a "failed attempt." It was a "called off" plot. They are good

11 AM ET Today: ThinkProgress Radio

Can secular societies have warm, fuzzy relations w/theocratic gov'ts/laws

cReep at NASA Lies on Resume, Gets Caught, Blames DEMOCRATS

privatization = patronage


Look at all these recent headlines

So, what groups get off their asses and actually vote this year?

"brownie" poll

Bush: "I did not have relations with that man...Mr. Abramoff."

Artist takes down lake peace symbol

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake Thread

Are We Witnessing the Unraveling of the Bush Cabal?

Patrick Rhode on the Katrina Panel Was a TV Anchor before FEMA job!

5 years ago: Submarine Joyriding Oilmen Sink Ehime Maru, Killing 9

Article States Canada Has Only 8 Years of Natural Gas Reserves Remaining

Happy Birthday to me

Just over an hour till Brownie rats everyone out

Does anyone else really think Brown's ratting anyone out?

"Those who can make you believe absurdities"

Ever look at Fred Phelps in a different way?

Is Brownie Under

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 2

Be Careful Dems. Brown could be a set up. n/t

Did you know you can burn down a car dealership on Saturday

Matalin, did you hear this bitch

Follow the bouncing ball..right down the sewer grate

Couple Claims Jesus Appeared On Pancake

Now there is news in the cartoon business

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 3

Discussion on marijuana possession taking place in Iowa City now

Brownie to sing today

Stars & Stripes letter: "Right to wear T-shirt"

Brown Sends Clear Signal to Bush Administration

Videos Broadcast Fashion-I've updated the list of videos and

Some common sense talk about the Bird Flu...

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 4

A Question about New Orleans

BA getting desperate. Exhibit A :

"It was Balls to the Wall..." Brownie on BA's urgent response.

Iraq Constitution may lead to legalized abortion? (24 yr old * appointee)

Bush's Presidency Just Exoploded

Harold Ford on Imus

F&^k Bush

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 5

NYT is now reporting ABRAMOFF email BUSH CONNECTION

Priest shot by Muslim cartoon protester

Letter to local fish wrap

OpEdNews: Cheney Spearheaded Effort to Discredit Wilson

Is it true????

The media pushed "Clinton Fatigue" 24/7 Now, what about "Bush Fatigue"?

Can You Think of One Thing This Adm. was Truthful About?

Laura Ingraham guesses Iraqi soldier's religion (and guesses wrong)

Jose Bove refused entry to US.

"Cutting taxes actually increases revenue"

The Nation: Burt Bacharach: Hero of Our Times

the whores are SERIOUSLY threatened by the applause Lowery got

They just throw this crap out and see what sticks

CA State Senator wants to proclaim Zinfandel as the official state wine!

Is it my diseased imagination or...

Can somebody sum up the Brownie hearing?

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 6

PLEASE, help DU this CNN poll, quick!

OBIT: Samuel Koster, General Charged in My Lai Killings

In light of "Brownie"'s performance today on Capitol Hill. . .

Cheney Aide: Black leaders "enslave" African-Americans

Homepage is a sight for sore eyes today...

Is this Brownie hearing pure theatre?


Bernie Sanders on Thomm Hartmann now!

'"is the lid about to blow off on the cia leak probe?" - cnn noon

the Vice President's Vindictive Spirit

Sometimes I think this place is really out of touch

Constitutional amendment needed to limit president's pardoning power.

Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Malkin...

MSNBC Poll: Michael Brown's Katrina Story: Do you believe him?

The hits keep coming for shrub

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 7

Iowa sheriff goes sane,Gov. goes insane...

My CSK Funeral LTTE - feedback wanted

Italian Judge Tosses Case of Atheist Vs. Priest (Jeebus didn't exist)

Can anyone help with verifying this???

Can someone post the WP article about Bush's ties to Abramhoff?

Some people here seem to not grasp this concept... HUMAN RIGHTS

Lessons for the NSA and CIA from the NKVD: Intelligence Not.

When Did "Welfare Reform 2" Happen?

Boy, the Katrina hearings make clear why the feds couldn't act...

A nation blind to their disgrace

JASON MILLER: Shed Your Addiction -- Beyond Mere Survival in the Dystopia

When I think about the last two presidential elections,

Help EFF Sue AT&T and Stop the NSA's Illegal Domestic Spying Program

A fun graphic: Georgie falling over bubbles, kinda like his poll numbers

We are now seeing the effects of destabilization here in the USA.

HAAA! Local news in Tx subtly smearing Bush* Admin

Who leaked Brownie's letter to the press and why?

AP left out key facts in report linking Reid, Abramoff

Al Qaeda and the "Strategy of Tension"

"Victory means exit strategy...

In the end, winning is the only safety.

Not a good 24 hours for BushCo first Libby and now Brown

Agree or disagree: Bloomberg fires NYC employee for playing Solitaire

Where is Georgie's Oliver North?

Clinton was lambasted during his tenure over the trade deficit...

Stephanie Miller On Now

We need to give props to Rawstory on tying Cheney to the leaking of Plame

DU a poll;

What's Wrong With S. Dakota: Stupidity

VA Nurse Investigated for “Sedition” for Criticizing Bush

Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Television, The Drug Of The Nation

Angry Dems - the "new" myth

Brian Lamb managed to avoid reality for 1 hr. today on Wash. Journal

Ex-CIA official: Bush administration misused Iraq intelligence

Sen Bayh: "So today, I say to Mr. Rove and his fellow partisan strategists

So, how did "Brownie" do?

CSPAN re-running DUer MAHABLOG's interview from this morning

After the Hearings: Does anyone actually still think Bush & Chertoff...

Ha! CNN 3-Way Poll On Brownie Has Opposite Effect

McCain Was For Public Financing Before He Was Against It ...... Flip-Flop

Request: Link to PDF file --Fitz's letter to Libby lawyer?

Okay, I have about 10 minutes to eat lunch in and I missed

Is that Ashleigh Banfield on Court TV right now?

It's Friday ya bastards!

Salon: Scandal Fatigue, Catnip, and the 'Angry' Left

Cindy Sheehan

My Dad died almost two years ago and I still see him

Happy birthday to my late great mom

What ever happened to Bob Boudalang?

The Death of Tolerance

Some ass called into Washington Journal this morning

FAIR Alert: NBC Distorts Its Polling on Warrantless Wiretaps

The Crypt Keeper must be PISSED!

"Bush is just human, like the rest of us"

The Politics of Lies ....

"Ivanov Says Russia Against Confrontation With Iran" - scary

what has our Country become????

Let's Play Connect the Dots With the Cartoon Controversy

Why do people assume you 'follow' a religion because you know about it?

Ahhhh. Now I see why Anderson Cooper replaced Aaron Brown...

Brownie again on CSPAN1 now.

Z104 changes tune on kissing contest at mall to ALL

So, I've got an idea for a television "show" called "The Hot Seat."

Headlines of note today: Just thought we'd see how the major news sources

Did Jesus exist? Case dismissed

Is there actual physical, scientific proof that Jesus did exist.

the ME point man just debunked Congress report who said that Intell

My Essay about our World

Anyone want to see how Jon Kyl (R-AZ) treats people who disagree with him


Who Gives a Damn What Bill O'Reilly Says, Anyway?

Court TV is showing trial of Dems that slashed tires before election.

"Football Betting for Dummies"

Republicans can't be trusted with your money.

Good idea!

Exclusive Interview: Murray Waas on How Cheney "Authorized" Libby to Leak

ATTENTION: LA skyscraper plot never got beyond TALK: analysts

Sen. Norm Coleman and Mary Matalin

Democrats Favored in Congressional Race

Friend Sent Me This e-mail - Neal Boortz, Muslim Outrage! Help

Boner coming up on CNN

Comment from Boehner, can anybody explain this to me?

I'm wondering about Libby's defense will prosecute married people

Are the cartoons the straw on the camel's back?

Would FoxNews bother you so much...

What is the toll free number that one can use for calling Senators

It's a Land Slide! - Vote for West Wing President

Cell (as in terrorist) based church planting???WTF?

Official Homeland Security Committee Brownie Bake – Thread 8

Ha! Sweet little zinger on ESPN just now.

Any DU'ers survived cancer?

So who here goes through Coventry for insurance?

Feingold is great!

They Were Afraid to Tell Bush He Would Have to Cut His Vacation Short >>>

My LTTE on the unwarranted domestic spying:

Does DU do alot of boycotting?

Privacy watchdog group: Google Desktop Huge Security Risk

CNN just ran a brief piece implicating Harry Reid with Abramoff.

Suuuuuuuuuure he didn't MEAN for the mikes to be on.

Are THESE the bush-Abramoff photos? *pics*

Now they're calling the budget "The Deficit Reduction Act."

Vonnegut's Blues For America

DU this 'Bush/Katrina' poll!!

?? Prince Harry to be posted to Iraq??.....I missed this if posted before

AP: Gov't Budget Surplus Hits $21B for Jan.

O'Reilly continues to voice his "outrage" over Mrs. King's funeral

Bush Hates Constitution

Dick Cheney implicated in the Plame case back in 2003 by poster "ByeDick"

Will Cheney be impeached or resign?

Why Are Progressive Dems Being so Regressive?

Follow the Olympics on CBC

VIDEO- Karzai's Priorities when Asked What Bush Can Do for Him

Is the bush cabal doing a "wag the dog" thing with this LA terror threat?

'Bullied' Mice Show Genetic Changes In Brains (depression?)

Iran Warmonger Newt Gingrich: " Iran can not be trusted with their oil"!

Whale meat 'made into dog food'

It's "hard work," motherfucker...

Libby set out to give Judy Miller info. good report on cnn now.

Looks like George Washington, aka Barbara Bush

VIDEO- Muslim Heads of Country talk about democratic Hamas election

Please Democrats, stop saying your party is weak on defense

Will Bush get a poll boost from the Olympics?

(Hillary) Clinton Accuses Bush of Playing the Fear Card

Bush called it the "Liberty Tower" and everyone is covering for him....

Dean Calls on Republicans to Denounce Minutemen and Anti-Immigrant rally.

AP wtfpwns Bush on "Foiling" the "LA Terrorist Attack"

Poetic justice: Options on Lay and Skilling doing time

my gawd, abc just showed US being shot/killed (snippers) now

Another ally for Russia and Chinia

The Environment: "..the most troubling budget we've seen from this WH"

VIDEO- Mushariff Explains Why He Can Have Nukes but Iran Can't

Warmest period for the northern hemisphere since at least 800AD

You have to see this thread if you want to know about Katrina victims.

"I dissent"- a new Prisoner graphic all for youse!

The violence over the cartoons is the Islamic Boston Tea Party

Are we the only country in the world....

"If it weren't for lobbyists.............

Did Anyone Watch ColbertLast Night?

VIDEOS- Number of Snippets from Brownie Hearing this morning

Please Make This DU Pledge

Dobbs, Tweety follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Political whodunit takes an eerie twist

DNC gives 1st annual "Brownie" award to George Deutsch

Submission for Iran's Holocaust cartoon contest

Winter Olympics, powerful Italian message

"... is he (Blair) about to collude in one more crime before he goes?"

WOO HOO! Can't WAIT to conceive my BIOTECH BABY!..NC TeeVee!

VIDEO- Matthews and Sauber on the CIA Leak-Cheney

Lesbian Lip Lock; the doublespeak of FOX News Channel!

Q: is there a complete transcript of Rev Lowrey's Eulogy at CSK's Funeral

BRAD BLOG Covers CPAC Day 1 + 'Hitler Youth' Greet the ImpeachMobile!

If Haliburton had been in Charge of the Marshall Plan $

Classroom cupcakes face expulsion

My RE-thug Sister-in Law Works For FEMA

Dear Leader's Daily Thought is nominated for a Koufax Award

Read about Bush's idea of security and NSA spying

fixing the intel-to go to war. Bob Shrum on Hardball. This is dsm stuff

WTO to force Frankenfoods on EU

Ann Coulter on "Ragheads" and killing Bill Clinton

crap! Lou Dobbs Gives Honor Roll to Three US Papers Printing Muslim toons

Does Bush ignore global warming because it doesn't really affect the US?

VIDEO- Schuster on the Bush/Abramoff Photos

Heh! MSNBC must make a lot of money from showing perverts

tweety showed the move on .org ad.

Bigger asshole than Blitzer on Situation Room.

I get so tired of the Righties on Huffington!

VIDEO- Cheney Cherry-Picked Intel according to ex-CIA guy Pillar


Is the House of Cards about to fall?

So a man walks onto a plane

Southern Poverty Law Center takes note of Dobbs' Anti-Immigration Stance

KO on now-telling us the real news of the day!

John Conyers' Blog, Friday, Feb. 10th-* stories percolating:

Web campaign: Define Democrats in ten words or less

South Dakota ready to ban abortion...

Are we at war or something?

Dean in Boston today says Bush administration more corrupt than Nixon's.

Joe (WHPIMP) DiGenova on CNN now.

Al Gore in Manila: "Earth is now at risk — let's save it."

The Asbestos Alliance and Asbestos Working Group

MUST SEE picture....this is too funny!!

"Who's the Stanka?" LOL!! Love this segment on the Bush/Abramoff photos

CBS leads off tonight with $$ gone missing in Iraq!

"Maybe even the MSM's lizard brains are getting wise to the White House's

this is whathappened again

The Hammer and the Ass in chief Party ON!

Newsweek: The Shoe (Bomb) on the Other Foot

I need a really high resolution version of that snarling crashcart pic

Cheney's in charge of classifying documents, Libby's story is meaningless

VIDEO - "Peaceful Countries" - inspired by the words of George W. Bush

Attention DU IT Professionals!

"Three More Lawmakers Tied to Lobbyist"

OK bush bots, now is the time to THINK...

How sexist is this?

May just be some bullshittin going on here, funny joke I want to share.

Misvalued house causes Indiana budget woes

Got vote in this poll......Abramoff more believable than Bush...LOL

Do you think Clear Channel is pissed at AAR?

They're even fighting about Bush on Ebay

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World

O'Reilly tonight: It's France's fault that we went to war in Iraq.

IWT alive and kicking!!!

Lordie, is BushCo going to block Toyota hybrids now?

PermaWar repels, protects, and is all yours - for a price

Maryland repuke:Stem cell studies simliar to Nazi research and slavery

Football and pizza point to US staying for long haul in Iraq

Does Bab's Junior Shop With Aunt Condi for Shoes?

Did Star Trek predict the future again? (Another detention camp thread)

new repuke talking point?

Calif. AG questions undercover investigation of peace group (Fresno)

MAJORITY REPORT ALERT...........Sam Is Back!!!!!!!!!!

Am I being too giddy today?


Sam Donaldson at conservative conference honoring traitor Bob Novak CSPAN

What is the evidence that cable news viewership is lower than network?

What a fair panel on Hardball Hotshots....

da Bugman gets a cold reception at Reagan dinner {Novak being honored}

You CANNOT MISS CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday! "Billions Wasted In Iraq?"

Now, will we look for the dead from Katrina?

Did anyone else hear what Ed Rollins just said on Dobbs?

Bush's crimes are far worse than anything Nixon ever did

Gif File of the year

Is there anything we the people could do to

KOlberman to talk about Liberty Tower--oops Library Tower

Irate car buyer kills himself on plane

Libby: White House 'Superiors' OK'd Leaks

* Bush accidentally makes incriminating remarks about Spy Program *

Been away all day; I see it's biz as usual.

In what month does your state hold primaries for Congress?

What should I do about this?

A question for everyone: WHAT'S NEXT?

The UN Oil-for-Food Program: Who Is Guilty?

"ABA President Urges Bush to Obey Spy Laws"

Crooks and Liars:Norm Coleman gets humiliated again

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Divided States of America

Navy Veteran of the sinking of the Indianapolis battle ship . . . .

VIDEO- Must See- KO on the Bush/Abr. Photos-with Schuster comments

What is the saddest thing you have ever heard a RW'er say?

"Cheney Says NSA Spying Should Be an Election Issue" EVOTING MUST GO!!!!

This photo of Pickles is worth a thousand words

Here Comes the Snow!!!!

George W. Bush's Ode to America.

Here Comes the Snow!!!! (NC mountains)

Pastor: "Believers are God's authorized representatives on earth."

G'Nite mates - I'm heading for a parallel universe

NCLB isn't bad enough! Bush adds MORE? MUST READ!!!

Poll on banning GLBT adoptions/foster parenting in Ohio - get clicking!

So Brownie was put under oath

Anyone see this movie "But I'm a Cheerleader"?

Ohhh I feel...woozy... dizzy... everything's spinning... going dark...

Caption this photo of rummy and friends

"Fox Trashes Evangelical Christians...Who Believe in Global Warming"

Woman Puts 'Offender' Sign on Wrong House

Last Night, Stephen Colbert NAILED Pro-War Liberals to the Toilet

VIDEO- Olbermann on the Brownie Hearings

Name That Hurricane

Some Interesting Stories on Radio Havana Cuba

The new Zogby poll?

A little levity- have you visited The Colbert Nation website?

Imposter: Reaganites catching on to what Bush is

Ok Let me be the first ...."BARF"

Catch 22. To drug your kids or not to drug your kids.

Party of Liars

CONTEXT for CARTOONS: Danish anti-racism laws; official Muslim persecution

Scandals - great LTTE

Is the *ush administration ever going to actually do anything about..

US Military is just trying to make bush look bad! DISGRUNTLED WORKERS!

Juan Cole's Brief History of a Criminal Enterprise (with pictures)

Anyone have photo of Sophia Loren, Isabel Allende, and Susan Sarandon...

If/When Cheney resigns - who will Bush name as VP?

time to ask this,,regarding my reply to threads...

Police blotter: Patriot Act e-mail spying approved

Did We Just Lose The Malloy Stream

"Health fears for victims of Ground Zero's deadly dust "

Sensenbrenner schedules Mardi Gras theme fundraiser

Another scared Republican

Anybody see the BS ad for the Iraq war during the olympics?

This is the hardest question I ever had to answer....

Has Brownie gotten closer to redemption in the last 48 hours.

I really hope (barring some new candidate) that it's Gore in '08/MANDATE!

How Iran can avoid war

French Farmer-Activist Denied Entry to USA for 'Speaking Out'

Anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.. WTF???

DNow Interview: Waas-How Cheney Authorized Libby to Leak Classified Info!

Does anyone know when the "Opening Show of Olympics" starts????

Kick for an archived thread on the lost billions in Iraq.

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Friday Wind Down

We need a thread on police state scenarios

Snotty Scotty, Lewis Libby, and the Leaking of Classified Information

Fweepers Hate Peggy Noonan

PHOTOS: We have NOT forgotten, Mr. President (GRAPHIC)

Just broke on AP: Capito linked to Abramoff!!!

So, I'm going to my first local Dem party caucuses mtg tomorrow...

Michael Crichton Wins Journalism Award From Petroleum Association

NYT: WH knew early about levee breaks - and BUSH POWER GRAB ALERT!

how corrupt is frist and hastert? just read this...

PIC: Laura at the Olympics with Mrs. Blair and Boozin'Babs

Ann Coulter at CPAC on "Ragheads" and Assassinating Bill Clinton

Holy Crap. Put on CBS right now: Billions of US $$ scattered in Iraq

Rev. Lowery DOES NOT back down from Hannity

Raise taxes on the Super-wealthy! (wealth-redistribution if you want)

What is a moonbat?

37-Pound Woman Gives Birth

The Bush Budget: Just The Facts; from Kucinich

Why does anyone listen to Rush or Coulter? I mean really?

Petition for the Release of Jill Carroll

OK, the MSM has now told us cheney outed Plame

The republican rats are leaping off the sides of the SS *Adminstration

Four Presidents and a Funeral (PEGGY NOONAN)

LAT: "The Land of 10,770 Empty FEMA Trailers" & Katrina housing EXPLAINED

If I were a woman ...

Reid-Abramoff ties reported on CNN

A point about the NSA spying - talking in code..

Sean Hannity to offer his endorsement to Lieberman

N.J. Foster Mom Who Starved Sons Sentenced

Hope this pic works.....If so, arrrghhgh, My Eyes, My Eyes!

Bizarro World - Peggy Noonan calls CSK funeral "Wonderful"

Unbelievable new spin on Katrina

Given the intractability on both sides, what do you think are good...

Did Keith Olbermann chicken out?

Watching the opening of the Olymics and I could have sworn I heard

ABA Poll: Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights


Wow, Bush and Cheney don't inspire much loyalty, do they?

Brown said the Army and civilians couldn't get to the Conv Ctr....REALLY??

One Child at a time.

Is there any way we can stop war on IraN?

Is George W. Bush the Worst U.S. President Ever?

Delphi bankruptcy: TV rptr digs deep, rips management -- video

I live in the United States of Ironica.

U.S. v. CHENEY: The Plamegate Indictment

We need an Andrew Jackson to take care of the World Bank and WTO

You know what? I think this is it. I think ** is done-for

F* the MSM------call to action------MSM Boycott------email this please!

If we are to believe that the majority of Muslims condemn the violent

Great stuff from George Clooney

'LA plot foiled!!!!'......they really think we're stupid

Now Iraqi women can be STONED to DEATH for adultery! Thank BUSH!

Bush/Abramoff Photos- Met Bush "almost a dozen" times

FEMA is pulling long term recovery personnel from Louisiana

"The Rights of the Born"

another day in paradise-riverbend`s home gets raided

You know, I think the Olympics has "jumped the shark"

Do cat parasites cause schizophrenia?

Hardball is really good today

40% of the world's population "lives" on $2 or LESS a day.

Why do most folks on DU assume the US is the only one who would...

Compilation of Katrina, Fema Threads

Molly Ivins: "The perennial suckers who fell for Bush's SOTU address"

olympics open ceremony is great but bob and whats his name are

MUST READ: Unholy Trinity: Katrina, Allbaugh and Brown

Reid or DNC should sue the AP for libel

What cities does Air America need to expand to?

Bush Admin: Diabetes Research Not Necessary

George Bush & Katrina >

For all the Gore fans

Man Dies After Insurance Co. Refuses To Cover Treatment

VIDEO- Dan Abrams Closing Argument on Whistleblowers-(Slams Goss)

Why Did Brownie Say He Called Bush in Crawford When Bush Was in San Diego?

My Poll about Polls: The Truthiness of Polls

Iraqis could solve their problems within 6 months

In God We Trust on license plates? Next move to rally fundies?

McGruff the Crime Dog gets it!

Astrologically speaking, Dubya brings horror in his wake.

New episodes of Mike Malloy reads George Orwell's 1984 posted!

The President Who Cried Wolf

MSNBC Analyst: Bush Politicizing Terror Threats to Manipulate Public

Nurse Charged with 'Sedition' for Criticizing bush

We Have Hope, My friend from Texas, RED as they come, is disgusted with W

New CNN host Beck rants: Jimmy Carter biggest "waste of skin"

(FIORE) Toon Trouble

I have a favor to ask DU'ers. . .

WE ARE NOT AT WAR. Stop allowing Bush and Congress to promote the lies.

Anti-Meth Measure Part of Patriot Act Deal

To all those who think this fight is useless...

Would you want your daughter to marry an ex-gay man?

25 quotes of Mahatma Gandhi


We haven't beaten the far right, but we can still hurt their movement!

ARGH!!!!!!!!! A rant from a military family member.

'Throttling' Angers Netflix Heavy Renters

Dear President Bush: I am praying for you… again

Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights:ABA Poll


An Interview with Retired CIA Agent Robert Baer

Lieberman accepted Hannity's endorsement today

MEDIA ACTION! AP left out key facts in report linking Reid, Abramoff

Help DU this: Our President loves old fashioned game of bait and switch.

The ultimate magnetic ribbon

Well, what do you know, the sky IS falling.

Is today not the best news day in a long time?

VIDEO - "Peaceful Countries" - inspired by the words of George W. Bush

Perhaps a regime change is in order

Israeli Security Chief: - "I'm not sure we won't miss Saddam"

9/11, was it all set up? An US led NWO? Incredible 10MB download/film

I called my NJ senators about * hiding SS privitization in the budget

Will Collins call a FEMA expert to testify?

C-Span: Repugs to release Saddam tapes tying him to Al Qaeda on Feb 17th

House election predictions on puts us down by 5 seats

Proposed: A DU Daily "Talking Points" Rebuttal Forum

Michael Moore: "Bush knew N.O. levee broke before honky-tonk photo-op"

Meirs message to Brownie....

NY Mayor Bloomberg turns into a Democrat!

Mike Brown booted up to Norm Coleman (R - Bush & Co.)!

ESPN2 calls Bush a liar

A re-visit to McCain's "angry" letter to Obama...

"The Dept of Homeland Security is a Political Police Force"

The Decade of Denial

Carter Center project map media's influence on Peru elections

Red Flag: Rove's Blackmail and how it relates to corporate funded DLC

Let's Show The Righties How To REALLY Support The Troops

Journalistic Misconduct

Notice the movement? Up? Moving on up?

Are you sick and tired of this too?

one of the ways of getting rid of voters

"O'Lielly"? Should it not be "O'Lilly".

Some Doubt Seriousness Of Terror Scheme Described By Bush

Joe Biden on Franken- quite good. Check it out.

Did anyone see an interview this morning on cnn...

Senator Slocumb (D), says he's ready to work with Bush in bi-partisan way

Oooh. Brownie's "slamming." Heck of a slam, Brownie. HECK of a slam.

I heard the Repugs are ANGRY, they can't win

our Natl. Renewable Energy Lab laid off 32 people due to budget cut

Radical Christians voting GOP may be joined by average Christians

Its tough being "topped" by Brownie!!

DLC Defenders: Where Are You Now? Are You Helping to Fight Back?

Where In The World Is Tom DeLay? (Hint: The Last Place He Should Be)

Dems in best financial position since 1994 - (Huff Post title)

Patience? How Long Will THAT Take?


future of GOP lies in Fl. murder trial - (Abramoff)

Why does everyone say "I take the President at his word"???

Terror expert: Bush L.A. story "more in the realm of an idle daydream?"

Disturbing video

Eavesdropping on Bush’s Eavesdropping Conversation

look, the dems didn't lose - all this talk about why the dems can't win is


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Survey

James Leininger--Financing Right Wingnuts in Texas

Joe Wilson on Ed Schultz now.

JOE WILSON.........Cheney Should Resign.....

DC DICK should resign

Where Has Paul Pillar Been & Exactly Who Is He???

Support Ciro Rodriguez and dump a DINO

Wait just one dog gone minute, buckaroo. The intelligence was cooked?

Do we keep calling Congress re: NSA Wiretapping?

No "Bounce for Bush" after SOTU...

OKAY....I'm gonna say it..... I don't believe that there was EVER....

Police blotter: Patriot Act e-mail spying approved

Pentagon shares some lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina

Bush Reassures GOP Lawmakers at Weekend Retreat (FEAR and Economy)

Party Cannibals

Real Election Reform

McClellan: NO Comment on ongoing investigations (except DeLay's)

"It's Syria's and Iran's fault!!" - Rice & Rasmussen

Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

DU - Please read this regarding Carl Sheeler (D - RI)

John Kerry Calls on President to Fully Fund Disaster Loan Program

Prediction: Cheney WILL resign:

Randi's Rant: Delay (Please Tell Me You're Paying Attention Today)

Coretta King funeral (shortened) then "Salute to Congress Dinner" !!

Audit Finds FEMA Wasted Millions

LOL: Top 10 priorities for a GOP Congress in 2006

Help Sen Feingold defeat Patriot Act

WP: Email Letters To Froomkin Ask All The Right Questions

MD Lt Gov Michael Steele compares stem cell research to the holocaust....

Bush administration moves to sell national forest land

Media cite flawed AP report to promote unestablished Reid/Abramoff link


So if we have Hillary we get Bill, Right.

Alert: MSM Characterizing HRC as "Shrill" - What is that Message Really ?

I was gonna post about the bronze bust of Bush in the National Guard,

What d' ya think JFK Jr. & "George" mag would be doing re. election fraud?

Do We Have To Arrest Bush & Company Ourselves?

Malloy About to Talk about Brownie and NOLO

Did they raise a terror alert in LA at the time?

We haven't beaten the radical right, but we can still HURT their movement!

Malaysian pulled out of L.A. plot after 9/11, officials say

That's it? Adjourned? No more FEMA hearings??????

GOP has a 2006 strategy

12 B2 bombers in an airraid aimed at crippling key Iranian nuke facilities

I don't think that we should abolish lobbyists (if it is even possible)

The White House Tech who left Junior's mic open

DHS to take control of safe deposit boxes in crisis

Riddle me this. What is the difference between.....

I'm gonna tell my Dad cause you're MEAN!

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