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Archives: January 27, 2006

Sin and absolution in Washington

Thomas Friedman, are you listening? FML - Huffington Post

Fever Dream, by Chris Floyd

WHERE TEEN DRINKING LED: Criminals? Or just having some fun?

U.S. Revises Terrorist, WMDs Watch Lists--222-p. list of blocked persons

Peak America – Is Our Time Up?

Want To Remain A Constitutional Democracy?

Editorial: The situation in Iraq is truly quite bleak

DU this poll...only 1228 votes. We can shift this easy...

How do you like your democracy now, Mr. Bush? ..... Juan Cole

An AIM Activist's View of Jack Abramoff (ROBERT ROBIDEAU)

Bush's Iran Plan Echoes Kerry, Baffles Friends

Senator Ted Stevens' Empire of Corruption - (Revealing)

Media ignored Delay's $25 million RICO suit brought by Dems in 2000

Prosecutor Will Step Down From Lobbyist Case

Killing in the Name of Democracy

A poem of regret!

Bush overreaches presidential prerogative :HELEN THOMAS

A More Muscular USAID Attached to State Dept. & Pentagon (growwl)

Health Care Confidential - Paul Krugman - NYTimes 1/27/06

The Unseen War in Iraq

A Letter From Prison - Diane Wilson Reports from Texas County Jail

Update 2: Pastor Urges Microsoft Stock Buy-And-Dump -

Pentagon Seeks Power Over Elections in Arizona


Because of GOP, threat of impeachment can’t check Bush’s power

Can someone please go to bradblog and get this very important

57% Americans favor military action in Iran:

America under Bush is looks like the post-fall-of-Rome Dark Ages:

Using Our Fear (WP Op-Ed)

DU this poll. Only 1541 votes we can shift it.

WP: U.S. Policy Is Big Loser in Palestinian Elections

2005 Banned books-updated list

Freep: Democrats Attempt Coercion Of Judge Alito To Alter Future Decisions

Impeach or Indict Bush and Cheney

NSA Director Hayden Lied To Congress And Broke The Law

To ‘take back’ Congress, take a page from Karl Rove

President Jonah by Gore Vidal

Abramoff latest in long list of theives of Native American resources

Mini-Bubble in Market Debt (Crosscurrents)

CBO widens budget deficit view (incl war,etc 2006 @ 437 vs 2005 @ 318)

Propping up the stock market?

U.S. Economy Grew at 1.1% Annual Rate in 4th Quarter (Bloomberg)

Sir Crispin Ticknell - Humanity Faces Stark Choices, Sweeping Changes

If someone offered you investment dollars to use in solar R&D,

Article by Harvard Law grad says Alito may dismantle env. protections.

Indonesia's Borneo Plantations Will Supposedly Produce Biofuel

Northernmost US Tropical Reef Bleached By Temps, Pounded By Storm

As Rebuilding Sputters, LA Residents Suddenly See Honest Politics Matters

Zero Progress On Snowmobile Emissions Since 2001 In Yellowstone

Larry Craig Cuts Salmon SurveyTeam From Dams - Sportsmen Outraged

Repsol - Spanish Oil Company - Cuts Reserves 25% - Trading Suspended

RFK Jr. RIPS Bush Administration, Corpo-Media Whores In Presentation

At Least 60 More Dead Overnight In Eastern European Icebox - AFP

If someone offered you investment dollars to use for Solar R&D,

Calif. Assembly Passes Hemp-Farming Bill

Arctic Ocean Ice Crashes on Alaska Shores

Researcher: Pollution Limits Sun in China

Cheap oil - Overall gasoline consumption up in California, again

Transport Experts Have Seen The Future, And It's Got Pedals

City pays big for bottled water: S.F. spends half a million a year

Report sparks fears over lead in US drinking water

Shooting of wolves in Alaska to be resumed...

1 In 10 Canadian Kids Now Has Asthma - Incidence Up 400% In 20 Years

GM has more than 1.5 million FlexFuel Vehicles on the road today in all 50

Ethanol naysayers losing ground

Does Hamas still want you dead?

The Flame Wars – What Kinda Nation is This?

Quartet: Hamas must accept Israel's right to exist, disarm

Saudis: U.S. paved way for Hamas victory

Israel Regrouping After Surprise Hamas Win

Palestinian economics min. tells world to give Hamas chance-Haaretz

Reject Bush and Ahmadinejad: Rebuttals to an (Islamic) Republican

Euphoria turns to shock as Palestinians ask 'What Now'

Thousands take to streets after Hamas victory: Fatah demand Abbas resign

Hamas stands its ground as West demands change

EDITORIAL: Hamas’ victory offers new prospects of peace

Hamas deputy leader says resistance to 'occupation' will continue-Haaretz

Bush warns US may cut aid to Palestinians

Question re- the Palestinian elections & exit polls --

Quesiton on Kerry/Ohio

Cuyahoga County,Ohio-Leaders split over electronic voting

More on PA and Paper Ballots

International Surveillance + 24% Disenfranchisement of Military Vote

Election Reform & Related news for Friday, 1-27-06

Mark Crispin Miller!!!

The government spied on me because I was protesting the stolen election

So, is anyone DOING anything to prevent/reduce future exit poll rigging?

Concern re- exit polls in the U.S. --

Dianne supports Alito. Won't filibuster.

1/27 - Dianne WILL Fillibuster

TJ Cox 19th CD activities (get rid of Radanovich)

Phone Harkin

Lectures at ISU this spring

My letter to MS-NBC today

What Happened To Wendy Wilde

dumb computer question . . .

OK folks, I've decided to have a Super Bowl party again.

Barton's ugly mug

Drug Reform Resolutions for the Texas Democratic Party Platform

The campaign manager for David Van Os for TX Attorney General

Will Juan Garcia run against Cornyn in 2008

Texans: Improve air quality by reporting smoking cars!

Some fun Texas facts.

Congratulations! Karen Felthauser named to DFA-List!

Nick Lampson to be interviewed by Chris Matthews on Hardball

Dallas--blog the Dallas Morning News!

Molly Ivins was on Washington Journal This Morning

Molly Ivins facing third round of cancer

Protest Paul Bremer @ TCU @ 5:30 pm Today

Texas' Washington lobby firm held DeLay fundraiser - BUSTED

On the Sifting of Things

The finished cupcake cake (semi-large photo warning)

What to do with a daikon raddish?

Expired Flour... what will happen if I use it?

Harper's approach different in every way

Ill. Truck Crash Kills Six People (Trucks kill 13 in two days)

Nikkei ends at new five-year high, Sony surges

PM quits, says Hamas must form governmemt

Traci Bingham

German hostages in 'video plea'

Mexican official responds to inquiry demand

Scrutiny on surveillance issue backed (Hagel Ne-R joins Dems)

In Africa, Islam and Christianity are Growing- and blending

Dems Want Independent Corruption Probe

Democrats Split Over Filibuster On Alito (WP)

Former German President Johannes Rau Dies

(Texas)State funds for lobbyist face an audit

Taiwan's 60,000 Betel-Nut Beauties Thwart Effort to Curb Cancer

Two charges dropped in sex assault case against local Republican official

Poll: Public Worried About Federal Deficit (Bush 37% favorable)

Massachusetts Universal Health Care Plan Attacked by Companies

Study Finds Rich-Poor Income Gap Growing

WHERE TEEN DRINKING LED: Criminals? Or just having some fun?

Governor set to introduce large tax cuts (Jebbie and guess who gets most $

Austria May Pay Record for Klimt Work Seized by Nazis

Basra Leader Calls for Detainees' Release

EU inquiry may call Cheney

US, Iraq leaders reach out to Sunnis to counter Iran ..... (Juan Cole too)

Bush: No state plan, no more cash (La. Recovery)

NYT: Bush and China Endorse Russia's Nuclear Plan for Iran

NYT: Prosecutor Will Step Down From Lobbyist Case

Republican ad accuses Sen. Reid of holding up Patriot Act

CBO widens budget deficit view (incl war,etc 2006 @ 437 vs 2005 @ 318)

LAT: Medicare Drug Plan Leaves Out Supplies (to administer medications)

Breaking: Frist to push federal gay marriage ban in '06

NATO treads cautiously into Afghan quagmire

LAT: New Bird Flu Vaccine Is 100 Percent Effective in Animal Tests

Democrats in 2 Southern States Push Bills on Bible Study(shed secular imag

Reporters' Info Sought - Plame case (WaPo)

(Tom) DeLay appearance cost Fox $14,000


Murtha says Iraq is now a 'civil war'

Philip Morris to Stop Supplying Dealers

Scandal derails junket to Houston

Halliburton to spin off KBR

DJ Mocks Muslim Stampede

Iraqi electoral lists unite to create new, more powerful platform

ˇˇToday Show Protest!!

Republicans Clear the Way for Alito Vote

Afghan leader: foreign troops may be needed 10 years

US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

Coulter Jokes About Poisoning Justice (Stevens)

Magnitude 7.7 earthquake reported in eastern Indonesia


Growth pace weakest in three years

Democrats in 2 Southern States Push Bills on Bible Study


Prosecutor Will Step Down from (Abramoff) Lobbyist Case

ABC: GDP Nosedive Could Handcuff Bush (no "good economy" to spin at SOTU)

Washington State House, Senate Pass Gay Rights Bill

Bush to discuss nuclear energy in State of Union

China bank in $3.8B deal with U.S. firms (Carlyle Group)

Report: Budget deficit will turn to surplus if Bush's tax cuts expire

Bolivia's Morales takes pay cut

Saudis recall ambassador over newspaper cartoons

Senators Pitch Limiting Judges' Free Trips

GIs from celebrated unit in gay porn?

Sago survivor stood for the first time since the accident (kisses wife)

US Senate passes resolution condemning Iran (Reuters)

Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic

UPDATE: Venezuela insists US Embassy behind spy plot (Reuters)

BREAKING: Pryor will vote 'no' on Alito

Sen. Clinton to support Alito filibuster, press secretary says

NYT: Democrats Outline Agenda, Mostly Sparing the Specifics

WP: Episcopalians Weigh Sainthood for Thurgood Marshall

Senator Feinstein to Vote No on Cloture for the Nomination of Judge Samuel

Alito filibuster? ‘Not likely,’ Democrat says (Biden)

AFP:US propaganda aimed at foreigners reaches US public: Pentagon document

UN nuclear chief calls on U.S. to provide Iran with reactors

Governors trying to provide health insurance

American muckraker Sinclair's integrity challenged

Bayh: $9M+ In His Campaign Account

Thousands apply for jobs at new Wal-Mart (25K apply for 325 jobs)

Fox poll: Bush approval "holding steady" at 41%.

Bid For New Judge In 9/11 Hijacker Associate Case Is Rejected

Exclusive: Senator says Frist will try to bring federal gay marriage ban..

(CBS) Poll: Bush's Approval Remains Low (at 42%)

White House blocks "green" farm payments-Senators (Reuters)

LAT (poll): Bush's Ratings Sink, but Trust Remains (worst #s ever)

Bush Calls Hillary Clinton 'Formidable'

US reporter attacks Russian professor during press conference in Moscow

CNN: New caution for pilots landing on wet runways (thrust reversers)

MEPs aspire to Cheney and Rumsfeld hearings in CIA probe

WA passes gay rights bill

US Senate unanimously passes resolution condemning Iran

Reid admits Democrats can't block Alito

U.S. Refuses Conference Contact With Iran

Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in 3 Years

WP: Most Want Bush to Disclose Abramoff Links (76% want info released)

U.S. fails to carry out most Iraq water projects (60% not done)

USAToday: State of the Union? Not so good, most say

Mondo Washington: The Bush-Abramoff Photo Scrub

New Bolivian Leader Cuts Salary in Half

Getting the kids used to the cashless society (credit card for children)

Iran terms Russian proposal insufficient

WP/AP: Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in 3 Years

Threat to jail US officials over spying(Venezuela)

Pa. Families Latest to Get Venezuelan Oil

WP: Majority Believe White House Should Release Abramoff Records (76%)

Washington senate passes gay rights vote

US neglects region for Iraq: McCain

NYT: Outfitting Spies With New Tool: Moral Compass

Chirac tricked by Canadian hoax (BBC News)

NYT-(Hillman)Prosecutor Will Step Down From Lobbyist Case

Ariz. Court Orders Lawmaker Out of Office (Republican)

WP: 2003 Draft Legislation Covered Eavesdropping: Bush claims undermined?

Norton Posed for Photo With Abramoff

NYT Sat. edition- Legal scholars still question Bush spy program

NYT: Study Says 80% of New Orleans Blacks May Not Return

Bolivia leader halves his own pay

Calif. Assembly Passes Hemp-Farming Bill

Two FEMA Employees Charged in Bribe Scheme

CNN: Another body swells Katrina death toll

New Canadian PM rebuffs US envoy (LOL he has a Mandate

Drugmakers to Cut Off Some Free Prescriptions(say new Medicare will cover)

CNN: FDA approves inhaled insulin for diabetics

Bush Support Weak as Americans Favor New Direction, Poll Finds

Chevron's 4Q Profit Soars to Record High ($4.14 billion)

Car firms 'blocking green fuel' (BBC News)

U.S. GDP slows to 1.1% rate in fourth quarter

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 27 January

U.S. tells India to back off Syria oil deal

57% Back a Hit on Iran if Defiance Persists

Pregnant mom of 14 arrested; 3 kids found in abandoned house

Proposed Pentagon Cuts to Face Opposition

Diana Inquiry More Complex Than Expected

Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic

Coulter Jokes About Poisoning Justice (Stevens)

Hundreds Show Solidarity (NYU grad employee strike)

Feingold Asks For Briefing On Spying Program

Army investigates allegations involving gay porn Web site

Iraqis protest against anti-Islamic Danish cartoons

I can't get on Google or Yahoo.

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" with live audience...


Valium, Xanax, Ambien...?


My new theme song We can't make it here by James Mcmurtry.

So apparently I owe $300 to the state of NJ

WaPo: Sly Stone May Emerge To Perform At Grammies

This is weird.

I was somehow absent on the day when "K &R" was invented.

Something for the Steeler fans.

Mozart schmozart BRIDGET FONDA is 42 today!!!

Any Rosacea sufferers here?


Phoenix flips car, walks away

Lizards. If you haven't, please go to GD: Alito and sign the one

The Christian way of sports

feel like a zombie today...

Cool they jumped a VW van.

Study Says Trout Are Dumber Than Goldfish

Incantation Heard In A Dream Wins Tokyo Man A Harem of 10

You know what I noticed the other day?

Dysfunctional Family Circus

Ah Friday Battlestar Galactica Night.

If someone offered you investment dollars to use in solar R&D,

$100 food, commute, and incidentals budget, for 2 people, for next 2 weeks

My Fellow DUers

DU douchebags -- check in

NPR just doesn't outdo the classic oldies station. Damn it.

Smile and say "Freeze" Pic

do you love actors, singers, etc because they say something liberal

And now, a picture...

ooooooh! Spiders

Today is Fun at Work Day

Ever heard of a Golden Birthday??

I was watching "The Daily Show" last night, when I realized

Do you eat cereal at night?

to you tv execs/actors out there.

The grandfather of those poor 7 children in Florida had a heart attack

Family Cat Starts House Fire

* thinks Texas IS the whole country

Bizarre but strangely compelling

Yay! I'm going to volunteer at Heifer International!!

What's THIS?

Ok, I'm taking bets: What time will DU end up at Level #3 today?

An opportunity to utterly destroy documents -- what should I pick?

Friday earworm.

Police Handcuff Mom Who Double Parked In Front Of School

Leslie Gore/Kate Bush '08

Back at level one?? Has Osama retracted his statement? Been

For my 7000th post...what is your favorite computer game?

Jellyfish Take On U.S. Warship (USS Ronald Reagan)

On this day in television....

Chicken Parmesan. I am 44 years old and I have the Chicken Parmesan...

I didn't have to scare the hell out of a teacher today...

Something amusing from yesterday

This should keep everybody occupied :)

Man Escapes Jail But Falls Down Hill


City Paper: An Urban Naturalist's Guide To Crap

In honor of MissHoneychurch, myself, and that guy named Mozart....

Any Megan Slankard fans here?

"Paid Vacation" by the Circle Jerks

Chicken Pox. I am 26 years old and I have the Chicken Pox...

next: if a person walks into a wal*mart & buys markers, poster board, food

Most likely place to find God:

101 days without rain. Ask me anything!

It is a good thing my eyes are held in by my optic nerve

Is being honest...

Naughty dreams about obscure celebrities

You believe someone wanted to sell me "Brokeback Mountain?"

Night y'all!

Traci Bingham

Oh I fucked up big time

I'm drunk on Bailey's in the garage for the night

Bailey is in the garage for the night

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 250 years old!


Thanks for being such a great friend.

Thank goodness my government is protecting me from the *gasp* VEGANS!!!

Replace the word "Girl" in a song title with the word "Squirrel"


Senor Wences

Drive yourself crazy

You bastard ..........

Have you ever eaten really good roadkill?



Drive your thunderballs crazy!

Oops! I just got a lecture from a cop!

Wonder where I can get a milkshake at 1:20 in the morning...

I have recieved my summons to be God

Thanks KW!

ENCEPHALITIS experts: I have a question!

I wanna buy this house, who wants to move in with me? . . . .

Are fumes from a leaking fridge toxic?

Okay, WTF?! Major "Flightplan" plot flaw (spoilers)

Thailand's scorpion queen to wed centipede lover

Products With New Names:

Is there a way to Prepay for a Netflix account?

Any suggestions for a Sunday in Manhatten?

Name some DU smileys

Be not afraid, the Canuck Air Force is defending our Superbowl

I Rented "Flightplan" last night... (**WARNING: SPOILERS!!**)

Russian Inventor Patents Invisibility Cloak

Preschooler quote of the day!

Trent Reznor?

My letter

Any lawyers here who've done indigent defense work?

How will Matcom's new job effect M.A.T.C.O.M.

My LTTE about the Florida father beating up the teacher.

Should Ford workers buy Ford cars?

I have an initial meeting with an H.R. rep about a job. What's on my face?

Got my bloodwork back and...

Women Regret Saying Yes To Door-to-Door Tattoo Salesman

I can't BELIEVE I fell for a spam email

Any lawyers here who've done indignant defense work?


Is Judge Judy a Democrat?

comments on my job interview thank you letter please?

GD: Alito A.K.A. The Reactor Room

Abbott and Costello version 2006

I had NO idea Bush* was a programmer

What does this mean? (computer message)

Happy 250th birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


"Alien" Embryo Removed From 35-Year-Old Man's Back


Almost as bad as office popcorn.....


Ever heard of a Golden Shower?

What's up wit th speling defiencies om DU toady?

Yay! D.U. is finally moving again!

It's Friday, ya bastards

Teacher Resigns After Showing '40 Year Old Virgin' Movie To Spanish Class

Quiz 1: People * Doesn't Know

is it me or is DU as slow as anything right now?

Join the Army, get money for college

Sign this if you haven't. Well, if you want to Re: filibuster

All Hail The Queen


Why did my friend call me at 9 this morning?

I must protest.

I'm seriously considering becoming a lawyer-Any advice?

Will watching the Dick van Dyke Show make me a lesbian?

If I wait until Brokeback Mountain comes out on DVD, will the effect


I love people

Hot damn . . . a possibility of Sly Stone appearing at the Grammys

T-Wolves or Celtics Fans Check In HERE!!!!


My cousin died of a heart attack at age 52.

HEY DS1!!!

Hey Kick-Ass-Bob! A Question

A weird thing happened when I tried do go to the DU and Rawstory today.

If this day becomes any slower it's gonna be yesterday

Leaving The Crock Pot On For The Cat - Does it work?

James Lipton recites K-Fed's 'PopoZăo' on Conan

Old joke, part one.

Russell Crowe fans, - Good News!

If I saw Brokeback Mtn. with a gay man,

OK, I get it... I wasn't made for forum posting

Dumbf$^k Mountain

How many posts would a woodchuck post if a woodchuck could post posts?

Yet another question for the old hands:


What the hell are you reading this for?

A man's life

Dear Lounge. From now until doomsday, I will

A World Made for Women

What was your favorite toy as a child?

Tell us something you KNOW you shouldn't do, but do anyway...


How else can I be an attention whore?

3 Weeks of Exorcising and I've barely impped Rove

A Brief History of Western Civilization (pic):

For Funky Friday put your hands in the air for George Clinton & Parliament

Bye y'all!! See ya next week!!

Do you use Q-tips?

Etiquette question - massage today

Whew! Worn Out From All That GD: Alito Posting!

I just broke the vacuum cleaner. As if my day wasn't already evil!

3 weeks of exercising and I've barely improved.


Why does my husband call me to ask what's for supper?


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/27/06)

Mimi Rogers is... . ......... 50 today

Hello you all. See you all week.

Birthday of the day: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Is Alito a kind of cheese? I don't get out much .........

Town renames itself 'Steeler' until Super Bowl

A REAL treat for Steelers fans (Dial-up warning)

My pet peeve of the day. Hint: it involves spelling

Anton LeVey or Aleister Crowley?

I have a sneaking suspicion this guy won't be getting Al Roker's job...

Goodnight y'all!

My new favourite Beer Advertisement

Vid Clip: A&E's James Lipton recites Kevin Federline's "PopoZao"...

From David Cross- An Open Letter to Larry the Cable Guy

saga of knuckledragger continues

My newest cat pissed on the rug today

AAR Streamers: What the hell is this music between segments?!

Yes, yes, we got the funk. Come and sing along to this hip hop song

Who wants a dog pic?

I don't want to know where K-Fed goes in MY city.

what are good substitutes for mouse pads?

What type of music?

In heaven, there will be cereal.

Famous people who think I might be gay

Michelle Kwan headed to Turin

"Can Jessica Simpson's taste in men could get worse? Buckle the fuck up."

Most obnoxious tabloid word or phrase

Food network to have "Butter free" shows all weekend (no butter)

Cashed Out 10% of my Portfolio today

And the sexiest athlete today is...........

Strange news: Adult Diaper Sales Soar in China (NOW YOU'VE SEEN IT)

will seeing the International Male catalog turn me gay?

Bill Fucking Gates. How can ONE man be so Yin AND Yang?

Air America Orlando?

Does anyone have Logitech z-540 speakers?

i have these two munchkins...

Fun with the International Male Catalog

Hey, all you violin or classical music fans.

Filibuster drinking games..

*discontented sigh*

Mmmmm....Belgian Chocolates

Holy crap! It's not a full moon tonight, is it?

Famous people who I think might be gay

"Well you can't turn him into a company man

Ever seen a 20 Mule Team Hummer?

Thank you from Mr. Malmsteen

Smilies that should be retired permanently.

Fun with the International Harvester Catalog

Omg! "Two homes are about to be blessed!" (dial-up warning)

In case anyone is thinking of invading us....


i was reeallly kinda hoping drinks would be 'on the house'...

Who and what do you LOVE?

If you're left-handed check in here

What do your dogs feet smell like?

The Greatest Thing about the Led Zeppelin Live DVD

anyone drive a honda element?

Desperate Need: Legionaire wearing BS protectors in his ears:

If you could belong to one of the pre-Columbus Native American

So, who wants my fairy cakes?

A different and unique kind of beauty (puppy pic)

If Pope Dope is right about love, aka doing things for others and all that

I nominate weeble_wobble for cutest screen name..

Must be fans of Red Green. (pic)

Major philosophical differences in a relationship.

If you want to be my hero

Can someone please go to bradblog and get this very important

The wonders of Make Up

Dear motorist, your vehicle is illegally parked

Please send me anti-Bush, anti-Repuke jokes and Emails

Crappy wingnut bands, You gotta see these! These aren't fake.

I'm more SERIOUS than ih8thegop

I'm watching the widescreen DVD of "Catch 22"

Smileys we should never ever use.

Movie recommendation for the weekend: "Hoodwinked".

Will Lolita turn me into some weird French pervert?

Oh my word, this is almost orgasmic! (not a sex thread. really.)

Battle of the Bands: James Brown vs. David Bowie

So. What are your Social Security numbers?

Saddest movie ever?

Now...This pic illustrates what happens when you stay in bed too long...

Post a picture of someone with "vulpine good looks"

2 pounds away from 199 I lost 33 lbs :O)

Top 50 worst songs ever.

I don't even know what to say about was just on the local news.

Bewitched season 2

Terra Terra TERRA BAL!!

I Went to See "Cheaper by the Dozen". Now, I'm Gay.

The Worst Movie That Your Favorite Actor/Actress/Director Made

>>>>> FUK!

Too much fluoride in the water... it's not toxic chemicals:

Favorite spice?????

Kid who wore Broncos jersey to school - an update

I'm watching The Nelsons!

cat fight

Coupla cute Japanese cars in Kumamoto

What is a good picture upload site??

is the NSA watching shareaza?

what does everyone think of my pennies?

I know a little about OBEY. Tell me something that I don't know

favorite spice girl????

Any other fans of "The Animals" round this joint?

DUers have no morsels!


Favorite early memory of childhood...

Do fish eat vegetarians?

Favorite B List cartoon character!

So what does the Lounge think of Austin Powers?



cool kaleidoscope toy

What are your irrational fears?

rate this angina...

If I go see the movie "A river Runs Through it". will I

CROSS YOUR FINGERS! I found a house!! (4 Pix)

For panda goodness, check in here

My neighbor's son got beat up on his front lawn this PM

Enjoying Lyrics Thread Every Day

Trustafarians. Do you know what they are?

Pure flaky goodness!

First I was afraid,

If you want to be my lover,

Oh, shoot me now.


Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

50 degrees Fahrenheit in January

I just re-dyed my hair

Wanna see the new heavyweight champ? It ain't the little one

Wow, I saw Fireteam pushups in the Annapolis trailer. Finally.

Anybody remember the "couple's" name from the anti Hillary Health Care


You know...."The Cat People of DU" has a nice ring to it....

So really, why ARE you farting around in the Lounge...

Favorite Mozart composition?

It's an eastern Mediterranean feast!

I'm watching "Back To The Future"



Association thread (not free)

Complete the Phrase....

I think I've flirted too much. Let's talk about MATH.

Who and what do you HATE?

House of the Rising Sun (katrina edit) ver. 1

Watch out, I am feeling snarky!

how come when i google "horny girls" i get this pic...

Leaving the TV on for the cat: does it work?

RANT: the word is "HUGE!!!!", not "HUGH!!!111"

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away will 2 apples a day keep 2 doctors

So what does the Lounge think of nuclear power?

DUers have no morels!

Should we start telling DUers when their posts are boring or lame?

Battlestar Galactica is starting a few

It's time for the healing to start NOW.

"Become a Republican"

Funny Street Sign (PICS)

Chicago, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


Say something nice about the Catholic Church....

My GAWD I want a golden shower!

where be southlandshari at?

A question to all you grad students current and former.

We want to buy our first house soon...

I think I'm allergic to marijuana smoke....

The chocolate ration has now been decreased to 25 grams per week!

Songs you like from "1-hit wonders" that aren't their "1 hit"

Ever google your user name?

rate this mangina.

It places the lotion in the basket

Naughty dreams about other DUers.

this has been a miserable fucking day

I need info from the cat people of DU

Do Vegetarians eat fish?

Thank you, from Mr. Marmelstein

How many kittens would Dubya have to kill before losing support?

Why are you farting around in the lounge, when...

Me. me. Me. Me. me. Me. Me.

I know a little about men. Tell me something I DON'T know about men.

I know a little about cats. Tell me something I DON'T know about cats.

Another Neighbor Rant

Francis of Assisi vs. Chief Illiniwek

Scariest movies ever

Post a Picture of HypnoToad!



Do you read GD: Alito as God Damn Alito?

State of the Union (setlist)

Nothing really matters anymore

Let's be serious and post like it's GD.


What is a "True Christian"?

Catholic Church Stance on Coca-Cola Zero?

Italy judge considers Jesus case

Eustachian tube drainage...

Medicare Drug Plan Leaves Out Supplies

One of the strangest satellites is about to go into orbit

Tomorrow is the 20th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

I saw John Nash today.

Russia plans to put a mine on the Moon to help boost energy supply

United Nations: U.S. Aligned With Iran in Anti-Gay Vote

Bill To Negate Indiana Gay Rights Ordinances Dies

California Assembly Votes To Limit 'Gay Panic' Defense

How many think Bush HAS seen "Brokeback" and just can't talk about it?

Hello, I'm sorry to "intrude" but I have a matter that I need help with...

Gay Rights Bill Passes Washington Senate

(State)Minister resigns after row with bishop

Stonewall Democrats Launch New Georgia Organization

Here Is The Big Gay Agenda

Lesbian Senator Barbara Mikulski is silent

Congratulations Amelie Mauresmo for winning the Australian Open

Frist, GOP plan to resurrect gay marriage ban as election year ploy

Maryland Democratic Leader -- You and I are "idiots"

Byron Scott sucks

Lest we forget: MICHIGAN 72, MICHIGAN STATE 67!!!

Boxing: Friday Night Fights (1-27)

Any thoughts on the Isiah Thomas sex harrassment lawsuit?

$7,100.00 Hotdog and going up

My 67 year old mother just told me

A REAL treat for Steelers fans (Dial-up warning)

Our dog Buddy, with the kids.

our foster greyhound may be getting adopted

Opinions please

I need suggestions, my neighbors abandoned their dog and cats

Another one...

I think I need some light

In case you did not see it, CNN poll

Ok, gloating was fun. But now, ***group hug***!!!

They should sell the filibuster on Monday as a sign of protest

Anybody has an account on bluemassgroup.

Coming home

Everyone see this?

Anybody else nervous about how this might turn out?

New kos diary about JK's petition

JK is going to have to do this alone - fuck Harry Reid


Hey EuropegrlforJFK

OK - globalvillage, who do I send $$$ for Fallen Heroes paver?

Text of JK's floor speech from today

Ed Schultz was front and center for JK today

Kerry Video Up

JK on the floor speaking NOW

Kerry's speech will be re-broadcasted now on cspan 2

What a whorish story this is

Walter Shapiro's view on the filibuster

Tag team senators!

Robert Parry: When Republicans Loved a Filibuster

Senators Pitch Limiting Judges' Free Trips (Leahy, Kerry, Feingold)

Good media list

Debunking the media stories/spin

scr EEEEE AAAAAAAAA mmmmmmmmmm.......

Oh TayTay, and Constitutional Scholars

tweety NOW!

Sadly,some Democrats and blogs are killing Kerry

Aw - you need to check this out

Kerry likes to pull a Columbo.

* steals JK's ideas on Iran

Kerry Performs Temporal Miracle

Help.This is really tough for me.

JK on C-SPAN 2 within the hour?

Filibuster - Who is for and against

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Results

Is anybody else having problems

Costco has a $25 instant rebate on memory cards

How I spent my evening (long post -- mostly words)

Macro lens question

Infrared film for heat loss measurements on a home

KOEB 1/27/06 Happy Birthday Keith

Happy Birthday, Keith!!

Enjoy KO's birthday party tonight

Santorum blows his stack at reporter in public today

Force Frist to go nuclear

Would The Non-Filibusterists Here PLEASE Explain Their Strategy ???

Call Obama!

Short, sweet, and to the point---blog on Alito

When we realize the WAR in IRAQ is what we should filibuster and not Alito

DU CNN's poll.

It's not about winning, it's about principle.

Democrats have a case, probably won't make it

Can't our senators say we MADE them filibuster?

Attn Senate Dems: Repubs will screw you over no matter how you vote!

Male Teen cites own "poor work habits" in School Discrimination Lawsuit

Need Alito FAQ Sheet

Call List of Democratic Senators Up For Reelection This Year

For the Filibuster, they should read "It Can't Happen Here"

Kerry's email says he and KENNEDY are leading the filibuster.

Can't Sign Kerry Petition: Is His Petition Site Getting Hacked?

Life Time Appointment, maybe not....

Contact Byrd, Johnson, and Ben Nelson!


Write to Sen Mary Landrieu (D-La) on fillibuster support

Support a filibuster -from Kerry (sign his petition)

Why are we letting the Rs keep saying "litmus test".

Is anybody listening to Ray Taliaferro (sp) on KGO now?

ON his site Russ Feingold says:

Playing the Hand That's Dealt You: Advice on the Filibuster

We have to at least delay the vote on Alito until after the SOTU

WATCH THE YOUNG TURKS FILIBUSTER!! Click on the image of the TV set below.

FILIBUSTER: Support Kerry and Kennedy

Make the consequences of no filibuster go BEYOND the Senate

Well, ya know... maybe Alito won't be so bad. Maybe it'll all be fine.

Please DU this Alito poll again, freeped!


But Alito answered 650 questions....

In the long view....Alito is small change, relatively speaking.

Let's let them know that no money for Dems who don't filibuster.

Please DU this AOL Poll! It needs lots of help!

3 dem senators to cross the line and vote for Alito

Filibuster Math

Proof read and critique this letter to Sen. Byrd, please

Alito and a right wing court will save America (fight progressive!)

CBS announced that Biden would vote for cloture.


Alito is a "nightmare"

Actually, you know, they don't have to filibuster.

Senators: If you will not vote NO for cloture then vote Yes for Alito.

Key Democrats Try to Mount Filibuster Against Alito


Would ya'll be happy waiting until after TSOTU to confirm?

New Yorkers do your thing!!!!!!

A CONSERVATIVE blog thinks the filibuster WISE- even if a certain loss:

I am MORE angry at the average voter than Bush


So now Kerry's a crazy partisan opportunist - They said that during BCCI

When Republicans Loved a Filibuster

Catholic group on Kerry Filibuster: 'Completely Out of Touch'

You don't honestly think Kerry would announce a filibuster without...

To my two Democratic Senators: I've got your back

Senators Can Now Safely Vote Against Cloture: A Cynics Eye View

To My Democratic Senators: I've got your back

One of the most exciting elections happening this year


To Dem Hill Staffers.....

Has anyone been watching the M$M this morning....

44 Senate Democrats represent 50.73% of Americans.

Jeffords says he'll vote no on Alito


Why No Filibuster? A Possible Explanation

Senator Graham as * shill (more danger if Alito is confirmed)

Ain't it convenient . . .

Dems who will vote "No" but not support filibuster are beyond contempt

North Dakota Democrats expected to ensure Alito's confirmation (Raw Story)


a PDA'er dedicated to blocking Alito....

I will never support anyone who does not fillibuster a judge who profits

Fox just said that Reid would support a filly if the opportunity presents

I don't care if they lose - just fight !

MSNBC saying 6 Dems kill fillibuster (Biden, Akaka, and Dorgan are

Don't vote for cloture until NSA hearings are over. This should have....

2004 Senate retirments and narrow defeats contribute to Alito probability

On argument against filibustering Alito


Has anyone been watching the M$M this morning....

when 11 Democrats broke with their party ........Bush Senior's nominee


Filibuster Naysayers-Football fans: Remember Buffalo!

Dupe: See DeminDistresss's thread!

I upset people with the Reid post - HERE IS MY CASE

Why the Smart Money is Always Wrong

Senate Phone Number?

If a dem senator can not support the filibuster ..... abstain from voting


Memo to the gentleman from Alabama


Hillary Clinton is supporting the fillibuster of Alito! I just got off the

Those against filibuster - Get with the PROGRAM!

This is how serious THEY take us!!!

It's The PRIMARIES People!

Phone Number for Sen Dorgan -- Please call him to change his mind

Dayton to vote against Alito (undecided on filibuster)

Please read my email and give advice before I send it off

"Wake up call" for candidates in WV, NE, LA, CA

The Moderate Voice supports the Filibuster...

Can Byrd be made to change his mind on Alito? He's contradicting himself

Suggestion -- Maybe we should all ration our use of DU right now

Beware Democrats: Iraq War Vote Deja Vu !!!

Kent Conrad (D-ND) & Byron Dorgan (D-ND): Enjoy your legacies.

RNC Response to Sen. Harry Reid's Flip Flop on the Davos Dems Filibuster

The Rude One nails it once agan....

Does Kerry have to come back to vote? Will he?

Coulter Jokes Justice Should Be Poisoned

Have tried to call DC

Let's Face It, Most Of The Democratic Leadership Wants Alito In Power

Phone calls are not enough. We need to be going to their local offices.

I say dems keep on talking, the constrast between you all

This isn't just about filibuster either

Olympia Snowe (R) is not on record yet

Have we tried to influence Byrd by influencing Rockefeller?

Hillary Will Support Filibuster >>>

AP Press Bias - Wording is EVERYTHING.

Reid admits Democrats can't block Alito (will support filibuster)

Senator Hillary Clinton's message on why a No vote

Repugs do not need "Nuclear Option".

Senator Dodd is in support of the filibuster!

Heads up! Kerry up on C-Span2 (1:30 pm, Fri.).....n/t

Who's being partisan? Demand a nominee who HASN'T worked in a GOP WH!

and we lose another one?!!!?!!!?!!!?!! Akaka says he will not filibuster

Just thinking out loud...


The Alito 48

It is easy to support a filibuster you know is not going to happen.


Now is the time. FAX them all. My FAX...

REP. Harold Ford (D-TN) urges senators to allow vote

A list of Senators supporting and opposing the filibuster...

Senator Kerry is on CSPAN right now.

I'm ready to open a vein...more democrats come out against filibuster

Kerry laying out why Alito is WRONG right now on the Senate floor

To Snotty Scotty McClellan: Karma's a BITCH

Republicans Clear the Way for Alito Vote (ABC news)


Phone Harkin (x-post from Iowa)

Harold Ford just issued a statement against filibuster

Anyone watching the online Young Turks filibuster?

I am suspicious of posts that attack those who are filibustering, and not

so that explains why Clinton came out for the filibuster...

The Alito nomination has shown a need for us to mobilize locally.


Post Alito, what can be done?

CNN mediawhore keeps playing Sessions' personal attack at Kerry for

Bush, Graham, and Alito - part 2


Everyone calling check in here!


Should we march?


I feel sick to my stomach

Begging Dem anti-filibuster Senators to visit soldiers on Monday-GOP needs

California contact numbers in one handy place :-)

Let's call/email Sirius and tell them to run the Young Turks Filibuster

Florida DUers please call Senator Nelson about the filibuster

MSNBC editorializes that Kerry, Kennedy, Reid will "go down in flames."

An over-the-top speculation?

***Pryor Also Says ‘No’ To Alito***


Senator Chaffee has not made up his mind

This is deja vu from Dec.'04 trying to get no votes on Ohio's electors....

So Called Liberal Rags

Here Comes the Fat Lady: Two more Democrats are expected to back Alito,

How many on here are constituents of the "yes" votes on Alito?

DUers with Republican Senators - CALL Democratic Senators in 'red' states!

VA Duers, call Sen Warner 202 224-2023, ask him to change his mind

Could stopping Alito be the tipping point?

Sen. Nelson:"The votes aren't there, it would be an exercise in futility"

15 of the 22 Democrats who supported Roberts say no to Alito (good tally)

Millions of $s have been spent and still are being spent to tell us that


Head On - Right Into the DLC

Reid supports filibuster now gets swift boated by bizarre Catholic group

Dodd to Support Alito Filibuster

Support a filibuster TODAY--will email your Senators

Filibuster: Go here to EFax Senators free

I Just Called Senator Harry Reid's Ofc to Register My Vote of Conscience

Butterflies in my stomach - Arkansas Senators.

Can a Mod please remove this thread (Folks, the filibuster is dead )'s after 5PM in D.C. now, but some offices are still answering.

Allen: "My reaction is make my day."

Kennedy: "It's an uphill climb at the current time, but it's achievable."

Folks, the D.C. Senate offices are STILL OPEN

How has your state/local Democratic party helped in opposing Alito?

Filibustering Alito For Reasons Other Than Alito (Rude Pundit)

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Day 3 – Thread 1

Well after all my damn phone calls and faxes, LIEberman is opposing


Does Frist Have Enough Votes To Force Cloture? He Needs 60

Change of Heart - Feinstein to Support Filibuster

Feinstein, Dodd coming around -- a good talking point!


Where does Jim Jeffords stand?

Why DIDN'T they go to the FISA court?

Would NYT "Senators in Need of Spine" in full-page WP ad convince pundits

I'm concerned -- PLEASE READ.

any updates on Chafee or Landrieu?

Hey George, can you hear it? That incessant ringing?

There need to be consequences for their defections

Well OVER a QUARTER MILLION Faxes Sent Since Last Night to Oppose Alito!

You know, we'll have to forgive them ...

No need to vote on Alito! Wolf Blitzer just swore him in!!

How many votes do we have so far in favor of filibuster?

Folks, the filibuster is dead

Reid has given up on the filibuster, but will vote for it regardless

A Poem for fighting Alito ...... Grin by Robert Service

The National Ledger: Harry Reid Will Support Alito Filibuster

Do we have a comprehensive list of who is voting 'yes' or 'no' on cloture?

Did I just hear that Lautenberg (NJ) is still in play on Alito?

Kos: Bill Nelson needs to hear from Floridians. Florida DUers, call him!!

Reid to support fillibuser, just heard on Randi


WTF is up with Conrad and Dorgan? What's in the water in ND?

From AP - Mark Dayton saying No on Alito, ??? on Filibuster

Email response I recieved from Senator Boxer, CA


Democrats "Squabble" Over Alito Filibuster...Don't you love the media?

Why this Filibuster might just happen...

Keep the Pressure Up, DU... We're changing minds!!!

A MORE Principle-Driven fight for Kerry than Saving the Court???

Meet The Mess This Sunday: Cat Killer Show

Just E-mailed my Senator Nelson Fla

took about 20 minutes of redialing to get thru to Warner's office today!

KENNEDY AT KOS:Thank You for Helping To Stop Alito! Asking for Updates!!!

If you're from Colorado CALL SALAZAR - he may be rethinking filibuster.

Are the freepers working as hard as we are?

Kerry has my vote if he wants to run - Did you hear him on the

What if we get answering machines?

Sam Seder is saying Feinstein will vote no on cloture


What does Jeffords have to lose?

What's the Dems best move POLITICALLY re: Scalito?

Feminist Majority Urges NO VOTE

O.K. Troops, What's The Plan For This Weekend?

Joe Lockhart just kicked a little RNC talking point ass on Wolfie

Feinstein's and Boxer's Washington phone lines are busy.

Don't forget: Many Senator's DC Offices Are Open Until 6 pm !!

I hate the goddamn media

Did Hagel vote for Alito? Also, whazzup w/Chafee? nt

UPDATE:on those committed to Stand Strong and filibuster the Alito nominat

Scotty's statement

Alert - Tweety bird is going to have George Allen on in a few.

WHY are we having all these post about support of a filibuster?

Kerry's speech being replayed on Cspan 2 in a few minutes

Updated list according to

I want to apologize if I offended or upset anyone

Lets face reality here


remind Sen Biden what he said in Nov 2005:

Sen. Conrad on Ed Schultz telling everyone how great Alito is.

I just called every Dem's DC office, plus some locals,

When Republicans Loved a Filibuster

What would Tweety and Scotty have said about Rosa Parks

the headlines shift....

No matter what happens we should all feel good

Speech video on Kerry Senate Site

Quick faxes to Senators at work today....

Enough about Byrd. What about Rockefeller?.......

Bayh, Salazar and BOTH Nelson's are taking tallies!!! Call! Call! Call!

is Feingold supporting filibuster

Please contact your friends and relatives in FL IMMEDIATELY!

Let them know they're setting up camp with a REAL LOSER!

omfg - Sen Conrad says he might vote in FAVOR of Alito

CNN claims John Kerry and "elitist" for calling for Filibuster overseas...

Kerry calling for a filibuster from Switzerland isn't helping - IT HURTS.

Salazars office is taking a poll, call now!

Dem Senators better have a GOOD reason for voting yes on cloture!

I'm curious, can a supreme court justice be impeached?

Sen Feinstein now supporting filibuster....

et tu, KO?

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ... Could the media be more slanted??

Remind Sen. Nelson that Many Many of us spend Vacation $$ in his state,

Re: Kerry & Davos; weren't there any Republicans at the conference?

Ok, help! I'm going to fax this to all dems..pls critique this letter

Best Online Petition I've Seen

WA state Senators

There is no shame in saying no.

Chaffee (R) - has he decided yet?

FILIBUSTER ALITO!” /please fill out

It's NOT just that the Administration is under investigation.....

An executive branch absolutely corrupted with power

"Remotely related " trivia Question:

Real Time Phone Lines: Message Room or Mailbox Full

President Kerry - CSPAN2 NOW!!


Has anyone heard anything more on Senator Byrd?

The unbelievable hypocrisy of MSM Davos claim: the Hypocrite McCain

Dem Senators Who Say They Won't Support a Fillibuster (WHAT'S IT MEAN???)


Article says Alito may dismantle environmental protections!!!!

Replay of today's Senate session: C-Span2 now (see Kerry's speech)

Sen. Murray (D-WA) Now Says She'll Nix Alito. Here's Why:

What blocking Alito means to me.

DU this poll:


John Kerry on the Alito Nomination: The Time To Stand Is Now (Speech Text)

For My Fellow DUers

Alito and mine safety - Listen up Byrd and WV constituents!

Bloomberg article (3rd Update 16:03 EST) on filibuster says

Sorry Senator Byrd. You sure picked the wrong day. Up yours!!

Spineless Dems? What about spineless Republicans?

Anybody catch the "All Things Considered" hatchet job on Kerry

Scotty, the RNC, even crazy Les can laugh it up...But This Is Not Funny!

RNC response to Feinstein "flip flop"

Who's on board for a filibuster? So far I've got Kennedy, Kerry, Wyden,

MLK: Letter from a Birmingham Jail - I thought of the Alito vote

I'm so glad for Kerry and Kennedy. which six dems are voting Nazi?

We Have to Try

Tell Your Senators: Either Vote Against Cloture Or ABSTAIN

A NOTE for John Kerry!


All the Senators' lines are busy!

Voters in 2006 more likely to vote for someone who opposes Bush

How to Stop Alito - a Seven Step Program!!

Nuremberg trials for ‘feminist abortionists',

IOf we lose, it is time for a Constitutional Amendment on Privacy

What's stupider than the RNC criticizing Kerry for commenting from Davos?

Landrieu, Pryor, Biden, Conrad and Ken Salazar - any news?

Gang of Fourteen.

He's a liar. He's creepy. He's anti-democracy. What's to think about?

It. Is. Not. Over. Until. They. Vote.

Hey Senate Geniuses--Here's how you do it!!! Get it right, Damn It!

"Over? Did you say Over? NOTHING is OVER until we decide it's over"

Buzzflash: OBAMA OPPOSES FILIBUSTER according to knowledgable source:

New York Times: Senator Kerry -- "Well, what's the future?"

Thank You John Kerry and all - Inspiration for the weary - pix heavy

Dem Senators represent 30 more million people than Rs.

Use the filibuster to lay out *'s lies. (Thanks Randi)

Sen. Landrieu will vote for cloture

Official Senate Debate – Alito Nomination – Day 3 – Thread 2

CHANGED HEADLINE of Cindy Sheehan/Feinstein email


Call, Fax, or E-Mail Senator Mark Pryor Please


Kick "em OUT

John Kerry is one of 'em who talks like he has guts...

3 POWER Moves You Can Make in Less Than 5-Minutes To Oppose Alito!

Why we must force a filibuster vote even if we can't guarantee success

URGENT!!!! Just got off the phone with Bill Nelson's (FL) office:

Are votes actually swinging in our direction?




Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) plans to vote taking TALLY!

What's the political risk to a dem Senator who supports a filibuster?


Does anyone else get the feeling this is all a big act?

Why the Filibuster is a Bad Idea.

Biden undecided on filibuster. Just talked to staff, very nice. Got

Wear black after Alito is confirmed.

WAPO article, "Blogs Attack From Left ," calls us "fiery liberal"

Kerry is taking a huge leap OUT of "politics as usual"!!!

Site monitoring filibuster votes, updating in real time...

Union action needed to get Byrd to filibuster Alito!

Hundreds Show Solidarity (NYU grad employee strike)

I thought this about White Rose is worth posting here

Is Florida a contributory negligence jurisdiction?

More on Kerry Backing Filibuster!!!!

Where's the sound on AAR?

Don't give up on America (United States):

I oppose the Iraq War, but I don't oppose Islamic democracy

Bush, Burns or Burns

Dem Senators call for "special counsel" to investigate corruption

Now I know who to support in 2008

Yet MORE cronyism in the WH

Exactly why I have problems with Begala and Carville: Putting down Dems

The US puts anti-Zarqawi Psi-Ops Posters around Baghdad

W's war vs environment...makes protest impossible re one action in 2003

So, who did Bush send to Davos THIS year?

Looking for certain quote by "brownie" re: ice for beers?

Why doesn't everybody just stand up and yell "Bush is an idiot!!"?

This look familiar?

Al Gore is in a movie being shown at the Sundance Festival

What horrible abuses from the past do you suspect Republicans want...

Family politics

NEW TV ad proposing Halliburton asbestos immunity uses WWII veterans

All of the above, DU and the Internet.

O. X. Y. M. O. R. A. N.

How will we find each other for Support/ Encouragement if shutdown

'Dictator': The Roman origins of the term, and why Bush fits it perfectly

JMO, but...

Abramoff: Look at the Shiny Ornament! (Slate)

Should Your Kids Drink The Water? Bush's EPA Doesn't Know

Faux's Fred Barnes,NPR,now-1-800-433-8850 (

White Rose Funding Drive in progress.

Thomas Jefferson WHERE ARE YOU?

CNN throws farewell party for Novak

Majorities Disapprove of Bush on Ethics (76%!)

Propping up the stock market?

WP: Contradictions, mixed messages muddle govt. rationale for spying


Uniformity in terms of laws passed across 50 states,does it make sence?

What do people mean when they say, "We weren't in Iraq when 9/11 happened"

My LTTE made a Repub mad! Help me respond to his rant!

Court date set for Google lawsuit

So what happened between Jerry Springer and Oprah?

Jackass Michael Brown on C-SPAN3 right now

Speech Protesters Granted Spot: Capitol Area Allowed for State of Union

Chris Matthews doesn't know crap about latinos

Any (computer) page loading problems out there? I'm having a

No more money from me to the Democrat Party or its

LAT op-ed: Witch hunt at UCLA (a targeted professor speaks)

Just hang on - reality is coming around the corner...

DU this stupid CNN poll

State of the Union preview

2006.....The Year of Impeachments......

Arianna: Russert on journalistic ethics like Abramoff on lobbying reform

When guns are outlawed, only GOP lawmakers will have "accidents"

ABC Poll: Majorities Disapprove of Bush on Ethics

JAWS/Abramoff - "Just Keep Kicking" ***PhotoShop***

Al Gore, the movie, a festival hit

Abramoff Photos Why???????

Swedish Royals shamed by Amazon rainforest logging links

Anybody see the Today Show and how they handled the Katie/ Howard Dean

CNN POLL:Most Americans: Bush Is A Failure -- And A Liar

An author lies, every station talks about it--for HOURS

I know BUSH's "secrect" tactics regarding Wiretapping

Why Isn't Olbermann A "Hardball Hotshot"?

HARRIS POLL - ONLY 32% Believe State of the Country Is Good

Halliburton Profit Tops $1B, Helped By Tax-related Gain

self delete

Iraqi Shiites becoming Republicans...

My son's elementary class held a mock congressional hearing

Study: New Orleans could lose 80 percent of black population

I got a really cool e-mail from Paul Hackett today

Another Modest Proposal

I want to show you something...

Moderate Republicans came out of the closet to support Molly Ivins today..

LOL "Amurka don't fund terrorist guvments 'cept for Pakistan,

Did anyone just here the racist freeper on Stephanie Miller's show?

A Modest Proposal

That train wreck of a press conference yesterday was to test drive

1975 Senate investigation of FBI and CIA activities begins

former pakistan p.m. bhutto on c-span. (n/t)

Chief prosecutor in Abramoff case quits

American Indians and the Abramoff Scandal

Be Your Own Media-Portugal to hold 1st-ever cell phone movie competition

Enron collapse. Why hasnt someone taken out Ken Lay?

SURVEY USA - January MAP - Almost Monochromatic Blue!!!

So the MSM never reported on these Iranian plane crashes.

(CBS/NYT POLL) "Bush's approval rating is stuck at a dismal 42 percent"

So what's up with the Plame investigation?

Musharraf: US could pay Pakistan to not do oil deal w/ Iran

Tribal donations before and after Abramoff

rep. john dingell speaking on healthcare on c-span2. (n/t)

"The People"--to whom is this president speaking?? Excerpts from speeches

Is there a Stephanie Miller thread today?

How do you like your democracy now, Mr. Bush? Juan Cole

Iraqi Shiites becoming Republicans...

New York Times full page ad sent out today!!

Falwell: Evolution Revolution

Just in case anyone forgot...They Rule...

Chief prosecutor in Abramoff case quits

Reminder: Molly Ivins to be on Wash. Journal this a.m at 8:15 ET t

CBS New Promotion -- CBS SCARES!

If you could only use one word to describe Bush, what would it be?

International Surveillance and the 24% Disenfranchisement of Military Vote

Cillizza: Abramoff Scandals Put a Few "Safe" House Seats in Play

We Need To Get Oprah To Interview * ......

Shouldn't a Hamas leader be seated next to Laura this SOTU?

US Fails To Carry Out Most Iraq Water Projects Despite Billions Allocated

Sibel Edmonds: Domestic Spying Hurts Our National Security

Democracy is on the March in the Middle East

Bush snubs Helen Thomas (again)

Bush is a clear and present danger

Remember when Bush said he'd go after countries that harbor terrorists?

The right wing will save us if we fight progressively!

WHY do the whack jobs want to control women? I'm sick of it.


Nader on the passing of his activist mother, Rose Bouziane Nader

maybe the public should just watch A&E Classroom

"If the President wants a change in the FISA law, we will warmly receive

Is Mayor Bloomberg a domestic terrorist? "... declared war on poverty..."

Poll: 76% of Americans want Bush to release list of Abramoff meetings

Anybody Home (days of condo flipping is over in Tampa

Falwell: Evolution Revolution

George's Fictional History of His Fictional "Surveillance Program" >>>

Murtha Says Iraq Is Now a 'Civil War'

Google to meet with China AND United States' governments

Must see - New Music Video Features "Eyes Wide Open" Boots.

The Great Rupture is Upon Us!

Where in the world is Barbara Kay Olson?

A roundup of the polls from the last couple of days shows that

Things To Be Positive About

Notorious Oligarch Berezovsky Reveals Plans for Coup in Russia

Hamas Win a Bombshell

Ask CNN to site their source for Bill Bennett's statement that President

In New Orleans yesterday:

A song dedicated to the wonderful Republikans that rule our mighty nation.

Just stole my neighbors car

My email to the Today Show

well, no one can say the Palestinians don't have spine

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing on now! (it's now 12:54 est)

Is anybody planning on reading this book?

My response to a "support the troops" email from repub & reply!

The "framing" of the Domestic Spying issue

Message for Freepers - Why Spying on Americans is a Bad Idea

DU is moving like Molasses this morning. S L O W.

To all my Latino peeps - Tweety thinks you would make good republicans.

Exclusive: Senator says Frist will try to bring federal gay marriage ban..

"The world has changed since 1775. King George can not be trusted

Full page NYT ad to Impeach Bush!

Does anyone else think that Falwell *commissioned* that brit poll?

Can WH be subpeonaed to release photos?

What was the sentence that Begala gave Colbert to read

Killing in the Name of Democracy

Furious protesters demand Abbas quit

Hamas just won an ELECTION...Now what Bush??

Calif. declares secondhand smoke a pollutant!!!

So Google has to coughup its secrets, but Diebold code is "proprietary"

To the lurking Michelle Malkin - get a job!

Scary! - Did anyone else know about this?

Anyone watching the Gaza Fatah election protest on CNN?

I can't speak for Howard Dean but we should have all-out assault on media

Are we in a Constitutional Crisis?

I was just wondering why we are not talking more about the Chris

Texas Health Care by the Numbers

Idea on how to stop Gay marriage bans

Quick question: where is Majority Report archives?

Problem with Democrat reliance on Special Prosecutors....

Great quote read on cspan this AM!

Warning: Repukes have a new tactic that is working very well

"BUSH Keeps Fear Alive-Because It Has Been So Useful"(WaPo Edit)

Will Bush Get A Third Term?

DeLay appearance cost Fox $14,000

We are going to need a 60's redux.

DU this Lou Dobbs Poll

World-Can't-Wait protests during S.O.T.U speech. Who's going?

Democrats vs Republicans - Which Party Best Represents YOU ?

Agent Mike must be working overtime today!

Bush the Flip Flopper

Hey Rush, I know you watch this site. In case no one else asks you today:

Have you heard this?

BREAKING: Colbert To Head WHCA Dinner

Russert, Lauer continue to mischaracterize Abramoff donations on "Today"

"If the West does not adapt, it will die"

Molly Ivans on cspan 2 right now. Lovely lady

Molly Ivins on WJ NOW CSPAN

“See they hate our freedoms, that’s why we’re at war, our freedoms…he-he”

Suppose Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Have you heard this?

JAWS/Abramoff - "Just Keep Kicking" ***PhotoShop***

Majority (76%) Believe White House Should Release Abramoff Records - WaPo

Huge! Full Page Impeachment Ad in New York Times Today !

WHY WE FIGHT-Images of a Failed Presidency (A Photo Essay)

If your suntan oil can change the sex of fish, what can it do to you?

Misunderestimating the President (Cartoon exhibit)

Admin strategy on domestic spying = seek domestic grant of power like IWR

I'm scared....

Abramoff photos? "Conservatives should be proud of their president

Randi Rhodes is on

Deficit Reduction? Scratch That From List of Bush's "Accomplishments"

The Huston Plan, The Rex 84 Plans, and the Current Bush Plan

No booze or jokes for Googlers in China

Horse Porn Sex Cany Teen

PA Zogby poll on Casey and Pennachio...brought interesting results.

can someone explain "evolving standards.."

The 'Fuck You' clause in the US Constitution

Bush Leaving Cities at Risk, Reid Charges

Horse Sex Porn Candy Teens

Heard a Quote while watching Molly Ivins

Let's all take-over a town in a swing-state! Gulf City, Florida anyone?

Imagine that! .... all that domestic spying to learn....

Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh - Why is DU running so SLOW today-rhetorical question


Morales to Petition Governor for Clemency (Ken Starr Representing him)

A Simple Explanation on The State of The Economy

Randi's going a bit overboard about Oprah...

My email to the Today Show

Chris Matthews, Abramoff, and DeLay

maybe things have to get REALLY bad before they get good.

They're Pinky and The Brain

"It's the PENTAGON....STUPID!"

GOP Hack Tim Russert

Gov Jeb Bush pushing massive property tax cuts (<$100 vs millions)

Principal Hailed As Hero For Taking Down Gunman

Bush *shrugged*

Why Aren't We Mad Enough Yet?

(MT-Sen) Tester web ad about Burns' lying TV ad (Abramoff)

Clinton minister faces sexual charges against 12- year- old

Party Whip?

Who's going to laugh at Ann Coulter's newest joke?

Ann Coulter needs some cyanide in her cereal

Horse Sex Porn Candy Teens! - Inside!

No need to vote on Alito! Wolf Blitzer just swore him in!!

I don't get it

Serious question about Charles Krauthamer....

Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic

Bumper Sticker I saw this morning--on a BMW...

(Laguna Beach) City's border breached by Minutemen

Halliburton Gets $385M Contract for Detention Facilities INSIDE the U.S.

Coulter Jokes About Poisoning Justice

bush's name is MUD in New Orleans

No nuclear war will ever happen, sorry to disappoint everybody.

The Abramoff investigator's nomination was done in **June 2005**

Were Pro-Hamas Voters All Men?

Smirk explains the new drug program

Hannity: "... Hitler, who will be with us in the next half hour"

Target...fires pharmacist for not dispensing birth control...

Frist and his ilk put Gay marriage before other priorities

If not Impeachment, how do the dems think will they be able to do their

I'm looking for SOTU Bingo cards - have people coming over for a fun

(E)lito is a Woman Hating Freak

Republican Leaders of the Senate Vow to Support Assisted Suicide…

Punch Chicken Hawk Sean Hannity at this site

SONG: Will brokeback mountain turn me gay?

GOP to force Federal Marriage Amendment vote in 2006

Mr Hannity?

So did Sean Hannity say anything in response to DU Love letter?

Kia Ora From New Zealand Mr Hannity

80% approval as first lady?? BFD.

Alan Berg

The 2006 State of the Union - a Preview - Video!

religopolitics??? GREAT letter >>>> read on

Take Back Your Privacy

I think we should give enlisted men shares in Halliburton.

Look at the banner headline over at the Huffington Post

CNN commentator calls for poisoning of US Supreme Court justice

Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic

Rumsfeld's Roadmap to Propaganda

Why do all of the news media whore for *?

IMPEACHMENT Billboard To Drive Around D.C.

California House passes hemp bill

Yahoo/China is bad? think is gone

HAMAS win is the trend not a surprise-ME Faithbased voting

State of the Union? It sucks, Mr. Bush: USA Today:

Halliburton Hits Record High, How Much Are Cheney 's Stock Options Worth?

In case they spin this as Democratic corruption (Meehan staff Wikipedia)

Independent Council Ltte

Do you think there is any link between gas prices and Chevron's 4+ Billion

Hardball....getting even worse

DU This Poll! (Bush's Middle East Policy)

Lobbyists Block Global Fight Against AIDS

Siddown, shaddap, and stop that thinking!

Rev.. Rev Revo

Who can get ahold of Randi and tell her that Ben Nelson isn't a done deal?

Sorry, took the third pic down.

OK I've really had it

Bush spying on Americans-Let Freedom Ring

Must see -- New Music Video Features "Eyes Wide Open" Boots.

Bush Abramoff pics

Why Murkins don't mind more war in the Middle East


My hypothesis re: Tweety

China's trade surplus bigger than Japan's for 1st time

Please DU this MSNBC poll on detaining the wives of suspected

Got Health Insurance Through Work? Not For Long

Why are RWers allowed to broadcast hate speech and death threats?

The World has Changed Since September 9/11

The Rapture comes to Sarasota

Bob Schieffer (CBS) just blew a great opportunity.

Write your Congressmen - form made easy

Bush's "STRONG" U.S. economy grows at slowest pace in 3 years

Is you gas utility charging you for your gas and for someone else's too?

Arrogance Of Power = rove...the one dirty trick pony...

DU this Poll....Rovian 2006 Tactics in Va....Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

Quiz #1: People Bush* doesn't know.

Bush's salmon recovery plan: "Catch fewer fish. Heh! Heh-heh!"

Sam on AAR is on fire tonight

Fingerprint Technology Gaining Ground in School Food Service

Caption Dick and Rice ---pix->>>

Tired of how national polls are worded? Let's write our own.

God's Senator -Who would Jesus vote for? Meet Sam Brownback

Sunday talk interviews for this week....out early...Line-up

What was this week's most important story in Washington? (poll)

Rumsfeld's Roadmap to Propaganda

Janet Reno belts out "Respect" at Miami fundraiser

GOP Lawmakers Float Ethics Probe of Murtha

The next move, post Alito. (PLEASE READ)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ====> pic

Who will tell the people

One down and some more to go--my first feed back to the media

In our frenzy, the real issue that we may be missing

Lynne "Troll" Cheney, 05/20/05: "If you want to have a Bush dynasty..."

Olbermann is for the working man. Matthews is for the fascists.

Bush's Thursday Press Conference and deja vu - today's cartoon

Anybody remember the "couple's" name from the anti Hillary Health Care

Sibel Edmonds - Domestic Spying Hurts Our National Security

E-mail from my ex concerning Ollie North and Osama.

The Myth of the Moderate Republican

Heads up, media watchers! Missing blonde

READ THIS (IMPORTANT) "When Republicans Loved Filibusters"

Madness Of King George, the founders speak from the beyond...

We need a better word for right-winger

US Senate unanimously passes resolution condemning Iran

Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in - any of you use broadband?

I am f'n sick of one person calling another person a repuke

Another RW chain letter...and my response

Steve Colbert To Head White House Correspondants Assoc. Dinner

An author lies, every station talks about it--for HOURS

Bush Pulls A Nixon

I have a question about the INS

Halliburton swings to $1.1 billion profit, cites 2005 as company's best

Hardball Hot Shots

Bush Abramoff photos, WHERE ARE THEY!!!

Video of World Social Forum


Dems Don’t Know Jack-NEW Non-Partisan Reseach:ABRAMOFF=REPUB SCANDAL!

The 2006 George W. Bush Dead Kitten Survey

What happened that shrub is suddenly giving "press conferences" and

Bush Joke

Does the press corps really have to laugh at Chimpy's many, unfunny jokes?

Bush on CBS News tonight

Q Do you meet with lobbyists? Bush: 'I try not to.'

S.O.T.U.: Bush "not interested in bipartisan support for anything"

Dean says Indiana ready to turn blue, calls GOP a party of "selfishness."

US watches China's rising star with anxiety

AOL Poll : page of questions on * and other subjects

Students Leaving Politics Out of Economics: freakonomics now mainstream

Seventh Installment of Mike Malloy reads George Orwell's 1984 posted.

Where are the celebrations from neo-con America (the Palestinian election)

Ann Coulter's a silly girl for suggesting that we poison a Chief Justice.

A controversial candidate like Hillary Clinton will not be able to win '08

say what you will about matthews...

CSpan—Bob Ney Crowd Chanting “2 more years”

Ok, I Cry Uncle - but 2 Can and Must Play The Game

Senators' Wealth...a request...

WP: White House Briefing - Froomkin: An Unhappy Union

US military in Iraq detains wives to leverage husband's capture

Brand New Fox Reality Show! Wow!

Ralph Nader: The Movie

GOP poll: Voters See Abramoff Scandal as Republican by FIFTEEN to ONE

Democracy in Mideast just gave U.S. Hamas. What Now for Bush and his ideas

Transcript of CBS Interview

Crappy Wingnut Musicians, You gotta see these!

Bush Plays Down Bailout Prospects For GM and Ford

John McCain can't Unload His $3,750,000 Mansion in Phoenix.....

Molly Ivins facing third round of cancer

BLOGGERS BEWARE---Pentagon's "Information Operations Roadmap"

Has anyone reported mangy Ann Coulter to the FBI?

US to import chicken from China??

Are you ready to be bugged and tortured by George W. Bush?

Friday Mike Malloy Truthseekers check in

Post Your Predictions For The State Of The Union Address Here



Holy crap! For a quick vivid view of Chinese web censorship...

In 1870 Chinese made up 1/3 of Idaho's population.

Sydney (Oz) news: Condy needs more time in her trainers, less in the boots

Gates gives $600m more to stop TB

Stephanie Miller reading a post from DU!

Concerns Regarding DUing a Poll--"Resistant" Polls Bothering Me

Are you going to participate in the '06 elections?

Study: New Orleans could lose 80 percent of black population

Breaking: Frist to push federal gay marriage ban in '06

Army seized wives to `leverage' surrender of Iraqi insurgents.

Wholesome Swimwear for Modest Women ! Finally!

WaPo: 2003 Daft Legislation Covered Eavesdropping-Undermines Bush Claims

Mom and baby killed

General Motors manufactures cars. And homelessness.

Iraqis protest against anti-Islamic Danish cartoons

RE: DeLay: In the interest of fairness, I feel compelled to share this:

US reporter attacks Russian professor during press conference in Moscow

NYT: Health Savings Accounts Attract Wall St. (centerpiece of health plan)

Who has dirt on Sean Hannity? Share, please

AOL poll on State of The Union

My call for an Independent Counsel LTTE

Zogby: Pennacchio better against Santorum than Casey is

Self delete... Ancient history. Well you can read it, but it is from 2002.

A roundup of the POLLS of the last couple of days shows

Should Reid be replaced as Minority Leader?

Tweety's new segment: Hardball Hotshots or Fascist Fridays?

Where's what you would call a Liberal site, but not Far Left?

FEB 4th-- are you getting ready to go March on DC on FEB 4th

How many Reich-Wing talking heads will you help again today?

Dana Millbank.... friend or foe?

"I'm Still Free..." pic I have not seen before. Says a lot.

Andy Griffith playing Bill O'Reilly?!

We have a fun week - Alito, State of the Union, Enron trial, nuke drill

Lauer:‘Technically Speaking,’ It ‘May Be’ That Abramoff Gave Only to Repub

Bumper stickers galore.

A question for the teachers on the board.

The Media is all a twitter about Oprah-Hamas terror org. wins in Palestine

Eisenhower's Farewell Address (More Relevant Than Ever)

From the blog of Jack Kenny, creator of Book of Daniel

Chris Matthews Tied to Jack Abramoff

Even Bush is pushing for Hillary

What would you do if another Great Depression hit?

Rep. Hinchey (D., NY) in The Nation on media consolidation

Islam 101

1st foreign family bank enters China

Not Allowing an Iraqi Woman to Breastfeed her Baby for 2 Days is Torture.

Didn't SCOTT McCLENNAN look stupid today (trying to ridicule KERRY)

Why is Saying McCain's Adopted Daughter is Black Considered a "Slime"?

Harper's U.S. neocon booster changes his story

Wishing Randi Rhodes a "Happy Birthday"

Bush to Triple Cost of Military Health Insurance Program

Ed Schultz Needs to Go

"Alito Media Mess", and the problem with Dems and the media

BUSH: 'L'etat, C'est Moi' (I Am The State) by HELEN THOMAS

According to Olberman, Democrats can't do any thing right

Tomorrow is the 20th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

SOTU Speech preview

Unprecedented Union Busting Tactics at NYU: DUer loses everything.

possible stupid question about the whole Google thing...

Recieved another pre-opened, sorted, letter today:

American muckraker Sinclair's integrity challenged

Bush's 2006 State of the Union (paraody)

Spying on VEGANS?!!! Are you freaking KIDDING me?

Ten Reasons Why the U.S. Must Leave Iraq (NOW)

Give a minute for a child's health

About Ann's little joke...

Abramoff Has PIX of WH Meeting with Himself, Bush & Mariana Islands Rep >>

*** Friday TOONs: Hamas ***

new Zogby poll

Super Bowl ,Super Security,is this way over the top?

No Nursing With 'Distracting' Breasts At YMCA Pool

Dennis J. Kucinich: The Truth About the State of our Union

Iraq War vet and Congressional canidate Andrew Duck on wire taps....

ˇˇToday Show Protest!!

DU's Folding @ Home Project - STATUS UPDATE

So what do you think of Cindy Sheehan now that she is

Wow!! An Arrianna Huffington/Tim Russert brawl!!

Brad Blog: Eminen's " 'Mosh' Before Bush's SOTU"

To the Lurking Sean Hannity - We at DU have some words for you.

Where's a cabal of billionaires to BUY KnightRidder - the best newsgroup

Mr. Speaker, I come tonight to report on the state of the union.

Ready for $262/barrel oil?

i'm in phoenix, arizona. right now i'm having rain gutters installed

BOOK TV Schedule January 28-30

OK. I think I had a FBI/CIA visitation at my mountain house today.

Coulter Jokes Justice Should Be Poisoned

TPM: Non-partisan research firm: Abramoff didn't steer tribal $ to Dems

Bin Laden tapes - Works of Fiction

Sinking ECONOMY vs. NeoCon-Artist Spin

ACLU Releases Government Photos (vegan rally)

White Rose Funding Drive in progress.