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Archives: January 22, 2006

GOD BLESS CANADA! (It's Bush clone Stephen Harper's tagline)

Osama propels book onto best-seller list

Alito Filibuster: It Only Takes One

Hillary can run, but she can’t hide from Bill

‘Blue’ states stake own energy stance ( Responding to voters)

WP: The (RNC/DNC) Wallet-to-Wallet Chasm

Maureeen Dowd: Googling Past The Graveyard - link to complete piece and...

(assistant to Rove,Bush&Abramoff) Ralston leaving her White House job

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse: Krassimir Petrov

LAT: Medicare Drug Program May Harm, Not Help, GOP

"Fixed" Intelligence from Feith's "Gestapo Office," the CIA and the Bush

Why America Has to Be Fat (Its good for the economy)

Have you guys read- Abramoff

Spying on innocent Americans unlawful

How real is the Iran nuclear threat to the United States? (Ed Haas)

McCain: Bush Does Not Have “The Legal Authority " Warrantless taps

Constitutional contest (Houston Chronicle)

Karl's DeLay Is A Good Thing

The 'just war' test: U.S. actions in Iraq fail to qualify ...

A very good article by Tom Porteous 'Reading Iran'

In Iran, Power Written in Stone

How to alert the author of Top 10 Idiots of a factual error?

Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets

Medford, Oregon editorial board opposes Alito confirmation

Diego Garcia: Paradise Cleansed- John Pilger

Bush's NSA Hubris

Yeah , we all know he's crackers,

It's Easy to Be Hard and Hard to Be Smart(TIME,Joe Klein on Paul Hackett)

Latin America Shifts Left: It's the Economy

The Nation: Does the President Really Know Best?

"The Lessons of the Roman Empire for America Today"

Hating the Bomb NYTimes David Brooks

The Republicans' Poison Pill

Schieffer: Kerry and Bin Laden Expressed “Almost The Same” Sentiments

Truthiness 101: From Frey to Alito NYTimes Select - Frank Rich

The Few, the Proud, the Abused--Fight to Survive Soldier's Blog

Novak Says Dems Maybe "Trapped into a Filibuster they do not want to wage"

How we CAN get corporations out of our government?

We're right in the middle of the biggest money grab in world history

Environmental sloop Clearwater undergoing restoration

Possible sabatoge in natural gas explosion cutting off Georgia.

Are "green builders" hypocrites?

'Blue' States Tackling Energy On Their Own...

42 solar powered streetlights in my town. 3 work on any given day.

PR campaign against Mercury Warnings

America will hit 300 million people this fall....Is this REALLY good?

I have just recieved my plug in watt meter. Gonna put it to the test.

Turn Manure Into A Cash Cow, Of Sorts...

A New Gust Of Wind Projects In U.S.

Dental amalgam fillings are one of largest sources of atmospheric emission

Lest we forget (Cheney Energy Task Force and 2005 Energy Bill)

Palestine: Women United by Courage

Selective morality

Israel assassinated Arafat, says Syrian President

Barghuthi courts Hamas in unity call

Israel breaks up West Bank barrier protest

Al Qaeda disputes FBI account of 9/11 pilots' skills

what are these flahses coming from the Pentagon after

U.S. OK'd plan to topple the Taliban and expel Osama on September 10, 2001

Flight 93: Plane Swap over Pennsylvania

Video: Pastor Says Allegations Over Political Activity Baseless

trying to "catapult my message" on Abolishing the Electoral College

Tonight's election fraud news thread will be slightly delayed;)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, Jan 22

Diebold's Letter To Pennsylvania: A Rebuttal

is there a site that has links to all VVPB law passed so far?

Why would McCain endorse Blackwell unless perhaps he understands

Goodbye Terry Gross, we never knew ye—on liberal media denial

Who's read "Votescam" by the Collier brothers?

Stop the Lies, Fight the Fix: Don't Let Them Hide the Bodies

Diebold software files have company in double bind with state, feds

Internet conspiracy theorists, take a bow. The Great WahPoo Acknowledges U

Did NSA help Bush hack the vote?

Diebold fate hangs on whether its voting software can be fixed By Ian Hoff

How Diebold and Dr. Shamos Made Diebold "Okay" for Pennsylvania

SF GATE: Arnold hires Rove protege to run re-election campaign

LA Times Sunday paper readers...are your comics missing?

CA College Democrats vs. CA College Republican sites see a difference?

Recall Effort for Smoke and Mirrors Arnold

Any GOOD Fibromyalgia docs in Cedar Falls/Waterloo area?

Beer, LibFlicks, and Pizza

Bell Proposes Series of Debates with Klobuchar

Amazon Sharing Cookies?

E-mail Bounced question

Computer start up problem

I just got ripped off by Microsoft's paid support group

Protest SOTU 1/31; "World Can't Wait"

Keep Austin Blue with Bob Gammage and Donna Howard

Any Houston folks want to join us and visit w/ Kay Bailey on Wed?

Read this if you've ever protested Halliburton in Houston:


David Murff is in the Band of Brothers

Hey guys, looks like our neighbors have a hell of a candidate...

Extremely stupid LTTE in the Urinal-Sentinel...

Any suggestions for cooking a fresh grouper fillet?

well I tried Asian cooking again tonight

It's fake cochinita pibil tonite.

Cuban Pork Sandwiches

Assuming it's a PC victory...

Would you vote for Belinda Stronach ?

If the Conservatives win, will the left unite?

Last CPAC/SES poll (Jan 22, 2004)

self delete due to lack of interest!!!

Final Strategic Council poll, Jan 22

Harper calls Jack Laytons campaign "honorable".

The barbarians are at the gates!

If the election was fought on theme songs...

Fake e-mail could mislead voters

Now that Frank Mckenna is with the Caryle Group, this is must see TV.

Layton criticizes Tory policies

Strategic Council poll, Jan 21

Less Berlin and more Bangkok for US envoys

Troops Return From Iraq With Money to Burn

Tehran plans nuclear weapon test by March

Sleaze probe into nuclear lobbying at Holyrood (UK)

Privatised nuclear clean-up ‘will cause accidents’ (UK)

Pakistan's Push in Border Areas Said to Falter (militants gain strength)

George (Clooney), you don't know Jack, says Abramoff's father

Baltimore Sun: Ney shown to have long history of accepting gifts

Blair warned on 'rush for nuclear'

Iraq ministry expects US to free Iraqi women

British gas prices expected to rise

Suicide car bomb kills two Marines in Iraq

College Aid Plan Widens U.S. Role in High Schools (link to standands)

Turbulent few days for UK Liberals

Parents Campaign to Take Back Kids' Summers (even "Red" states)

Why America Has to Be Fat (Its good for the economy)

Red Cross Helicopter Missing; 7 on Board (Pakistan)

U.S. Funds Enter Fray In Palestinian Election- Invisible Conduit for Bush

WP: The (RNC/DNC) Wallet-to-Wallet Chasm

Iraq poll result gives US new headache

LAT: Medicare Drug Program May Harm, Not Help, GOP

Iraqi police say US soldiers kill three civilians

'NY Times' Frank Rich Taking Book Leave

College aid plan widens government role in schools

Gov't Seeking to Deport Chinese Scolar

CIA Role a Mystery at Army Court-Martial

Mercado: The killings in Mexico (Philippines)

Gas blasts hit Caucasus supplies

Iraqi military officials say Zarqawi near Baghdad

U.S. encourages regime change in Syria

US officer guilty of Iraqi death

Halliburton Cited in Iraq Contamination

Israel assassinated Arafat, says Syrian President

It's Not Shaping Up To Be A Party For Lieberman

Italy wants CIA agents questioned over Milan kidnap

CBS/AP: Lawmakers Say Will Press Bush on Spying

EU governments complicit in shady CIA activities – investigator

Radical Iraqi Shiite Moqtada Sadr visits Iran

Kidnapped Iraqi police volunteers massacred

U.S. Navy Seizes Pirate Ship Off Somalia

States Step Up Abortion Fight (bans to force more conservative SC on Roe)

Report: Barnes & Thornburg lobbyist linked to Abramoff has quit

'Blue' states saving energy on their own

WP,pg1: 'Blue' States Tackling Energy On Their Own: Rules Fall Short

WP: Kama Sutra Worm Gets Nasty

TheTyee: Canada Poised to Kill Kyoto

Judge lifts ban on waste wells (in an urban area) -- GHWB appointee

U.S. Military Releases Freelance Cameraman

Bid to review eavesdropping laws

"Saddam lawyers seek to try Bush, Blair"

Revised anti-DeLay ad airs today on 2 Houston stations

Russia blamed for 'gas sabotage'

Kerry says he won't vote for Alito

AP--Report: Barnes & Thornburg lobbyist linked to Abramoff has quit

US spending millions to boost democracy in Iran

23 Iraqi police volunteers found dead

Schwarzenegger's 'free ride' from conservatives might be finished

Officials to be interviewed by committee probing CIA prisons

Steelers Super Bowl Bound!

Seahawks Super Bowl Bound!

US troops kill 3 Iraqi soldiers north of Baghdad

Administration attacked after 'scary' bin Laden threat

Minnesota Zoo's baby dolphin dies in accident....

Smoking Gun? Is This a Bush Transition Team Photo with Abramoff?

CNN/Reuters: Sundance documentaries explore immigration (and win fans)

Inspectors test Alberta cow for BSE

Miami Herald: S. Florida pleas spur a wider inquiry

Venezuela plans foreign bond issue, debt buybacks

WP: Professionals Fleeing Iraq As Violence, Threats Persist (Iraq)

Sympathy for al-Qaida Surges in Pakistan (air strike)

NYT: Patients Needing Care Overwhelm New Orleans's Hospital System

Israel braces for Hamas dominating elections

Terri Schiavo’s widower re-marries

Lawmakers say they will press Bush on spying

WP: Former Abu Ghraib Guard Calls Top Brass Culpable for Abuse

Poll: Most Find Medicare Program Puzzling

Iraqi police find bullet-riddled bodies of 23 men ( IP Academy rejects)

CIA runs detention center in Afghanistan

Ex-Abu Ghraib general among anti-war speakers

Iraqi Cleric: Militia Would Defend Iran

White House seen to use wiretaps as campaign asset

US to press Pakistan to step up efforts to find bin Laden

Georgian leader attacks Russia after gas blasts

U.S. Still Short in Iran Security Council Push ("pushing since 2004)

Some day laborers report being abused and cheated in their pay

Senators urge vigilance after new bin Laden tape surfaces

Bush nominee broke law (federal judge - violated conflict of interest)

Bolivia's first Indian president vows deep reform

McCain: U.S. Can't Be Held Hostage for Oil

Oil Transport Stopped as Iraq Did Not Pay Its Debt--Zaman Online, Turkey

Oil Rises for a Third Day as Cold Weather Increases Europe Heating Demand

Saudi king (Abdullah) in China for oil talks

Juveniles' DNA recording defended (BBC)

Newsweek: The Other Big Brother

Mystery firm linked to US lobbyist scandal

Kerry says he will vote against Alito

Source : Ralston leaving her White House job (former *, Rove, & Jack asst)

Bush making health-care proposals a priority in 2006

(AP) Bush Doesn't Remember Abramoff Meetings (WH responds to TIME)

Russian TV alleges UK espionage

Canada's Liberals closing the gap on conservatives.

Sex-slave horror prompts new scrutiny

Pat Robertson cancels speech to National Religious Broadcasters

WP,pg1: Politics Alleged In (DOJ Civil Rts Div.) Voting Cases (big story)

U.S. Funds Enter Fray In Palestinian Elections (using UStaxpayers' money?)

NYT: As States Curb Homemade Meth, a More Potent Variety Emerges

As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights

Thousands rally against U.S. in Pakistan

No ‘Brokeback Mountain’ for overseas troops

US Assures Pak Not to Strike Iran--The Nation, Pakistan

Halliburton cited in Iraq contamination

ABC: John Kerry Bashes Bush Wiretaps, Talks of 2008

Schiavo's Sister: U.S. Doesn't Value Life

TIME: When George Met Jack

McCain slips into poll position over Clinton

Pakistan PM: CIA attack reports 'bizarre'

NYT: Study Shows Only Six Nations Achieved Environmental Goals

Castro expresses concern about Iranian nuclear dispute

Watch C-Span2 now: Sam Harris, author of "The End of Faith"

Urine Hell: Gonorrhea.

You know, I love Green Day as much as the next, maybe more so....

I am listening to This American Live, anybody else listen to this radio

OK. You're in Hell. What copycat will you post?

Have you ever seen the documentary movie Hell House?

Ok. I'm a snowball in hell.

A round of applause for Mrs R from all the moms here, if you please.

Awwww, God has just told me that he loves me


Question for tech-savvy DU'ers

Your in Hell: What service will you provide me to keep me happy

OK you're in Hell. What state are you in? (No peeking, the answer is here)

Why are you all going to Hell?

Who's set on going to Limbo?

Sorry for another post...but with Valentine's Day around the corner...

EVERYONE!!!! FLick your bic lighters....

If DU is five years old today you know what that fucking means


I'm drunk - ask me anything

OK. So you're a southerner in Hell. What do you do?

OK. You're in HELL. Who would you have to room with?

Hey GOPisEvil!! Dust off that lawnmower, darlin'!

to the DU'ers who are getting colder and it's starting to show--this

I'm drunk - have you figured that out yet?

You're in Heaven: Who is your the person assigned for all your needs?

Drunk and/or Insomniac roll call

Naomi Klein is hot and she is on FSTV right now talking...

Lenny Bruce got his thread locked!

So. Who would be the best Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2004?

Dr Pepper chugging contest.

OK. You're in Hell. Hot enough for ya?

Well I thought I was going to sleep tonight.

For Sunday morning music, I chose Steve Reich's Tehillim and Desert Music

I posted something dirty: I feel so serious!

look i'm e.e. cummings

Oh good God damn!

So I got a puppy today

SEVERE: My intolerant bull's shit is RED

My daughter is 2 days older than the DU!!!!

if i can feel the brocaded wealth of the far east...

Why is 'Curious George' being made into a movie?

Just Got Back From Mass

Photogroup January contest: Close up (macro) Pornography #2 (I must be a real dumb-ass)

Reality Television Hurts America

I'm forming a legion for when we get to Hell. Who wants to join?

I'm a good man. Why aren't I married?

How are you all doing on your New Year's Resolutions?

NORTH TEXAS HAS RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!

Buddy I haven't seen in 16 years just sent a photo. I take it it would be

Excuse me...where are the feet eaters on DU?

USC Cheerleader Throughout History Photoshop (link)

why are all the bad women either single or straight?

Our crocus have come up!?

So I just got back from Wal Mart

Would someone tell George Clooney to PLEASE stop calling me at all

Help Grannie understand

Five Hundred Dolla!!!

two stunningly gorgeous women - me and my sis

Cold beans and rice and a can of coke kured my hangover!

Someday I would like to have a chat with Lynn Sin

Are you ready for some football?

System of a Down

why do all the georgeous bi-sexual super models only want me for my body?

Woohoo! Don't mention the war!

Celebs whose names sound like porn star names.

Excuse me... where are the feet beaters on DU?

Excuse me.....where are the flying purple people-eaters on DU?

What has your time at DU cost you?

Do you ever get together with other DUers?

Don't you love it when a sale ends? The clerks forget to remove the signs,

Randy Sunday Afternoon

I spent the night surrounded by lesbians and playing musical bingo!

OK. You're in Hell. What's on tap?

We saw Woody Allen's "Match Point" today. Ask us anything...



I have bedroom bugs

Its RAINING in Fort Worth!!!

He died because he was afraid to go to the hospital with just medicare.

Anoyne else feel detached, moody, and like sulking right now?

New Jill Sobule song is a must-listen!


Twenty-five years ago today I lost the one person I love the most in life

Forum rooms you are 'banning' yourself from?

Thank you Shrub and other Right Wing Assholes

The lyrics or the music?

Sunday earworm.

Discovered by Free Republic

Why are all the good married lesbians women?

I hereby nominate Heidi to be our candidate for.........


I have been over in GD and found this, The Lounge hasn't changed much

Any Ben Harper fans out there? (great NFL info inside, btw)

Why do dogs people-ear their books?

OK So Where Do the Good Men Hang Out?

i'm doing nothing in particular...ask me nothing...

Freesound Google Map - really cool

Southeast Radar 2100 miles for all you Texans

Is today the last football day before the Super Bowl?

So last night, we had a little 'get together' for my daughter's friends

must i swallow this?

AFC Championship Game Thread

My first paper for Comm 305 topic is...(It is a hum-dingier)

Excuse me...where are the beet eaters on DU?

"West Wing" is ending.

Does Direct-TV carry XM Radio's "Air America" programing?

My Dad flew with Jimmy Carter to Germany...

I'm making soup - ask me anything.

Ugliest NFL uniforms

See the sunset in Aruba & add your favorite webcam, here:

Hold The Button!

Go Browns!!

5,000 posts! - gonna call it a day - y'all take care now . . .

"One flaw in women" -- sent to me by an email pal!

Best Star Trek character that never was?

4 minutes until the REAL game starts

I'm making soap, ask me anything!

DEVO - pre-teen style

Worst ad slogan ever?

The moment that Nirvana became the band Dave Grohl used to be in...

Best insult?

I'm gonna get takeout from this new mexican restaurant tonight


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/22/06)

"It must have flew!" Who said this in what movie?

Did the Strokes' second song on SNL last night suck, too?

Harbor Seals of Southern CA. Dial-up warning.

why aren't there more eskimos in

West Wing's getting the axe.

Best city in America to live in?

Alcohol quiz!

OK. You're in Heaven. What's on tap?

I just fucking love Ashlee Simpson.

Sharing my new favorite software toy....

Anybody ever buy fresh seafood on-line from

Our new study area

I think we just saw our son in the crowd in Seattle..

Attention, spudboys and spudgirls!

Buh-Bye Denver Broncos

You know what they say about martinis!

What should I do today? I hate football (and I'm in Seattle).

Conference Championships: Who are rooting for?


My new favorite drink. Tequila and Diet caffeine free Pepsi

Anybody find they are getting re-billed for invoices already paid?

Wow, Seattle's defense has done a great job so far

Have you watched the football games today?

GUERRILLA GOURMET - neat idea...

My dog just ate some chocolate

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

NFC Championship Game Thread

Wow. Miller really thinks its consumers are morons

New word----"Clirty"

I loved MUNICH........Far better than

All this talk about Brangelina is going to give me brangina!

heehee, punny pics...

Boy it's lonely here today. Is everyone where they should be?

Best James Bond that never was?

My new favorite dish: Tequila Mockingbird

"Young Chuck Norris"

The STEELERS are going to the SUPERBOWL!

Just So YOU Know...FYI: For the first time in a long time...

TV shows you want to get on DVD

SO they teach new medications in medical classes now????

I'm drinking Champagne...ask me anything...

Anyone wanna help me pump up my post count? *g*



How much income do you bring in in a year?

I am teaching dolo amber to play bass.

Ben Stein is an ass

NBC is canceling "ER"

I'm about to post something slightly risque on my blog tomorrow.

And we can pass in the songbooks on this one!!

Woohooo. I met Griffin Bell this week...

What should I do with the money earned on EBAY???

What was your last major DU post count milestone?

Downtown Denver is like a morgue

Am I the only one NOT watching football, today?

'KAZUKO' A love story

An acquaintance just died today....

"Ted Kennedy's Secret Son!" "Hillary's Lesbian Loves!"

God's Desperate Housewife has jumped the Shark.

"We have gifts for all V.D. situations"

Congrats to the Seahawks

God Desperate Housewife's has jumped the Shark.

NFC Championship Game Thread #2

Who's on first?

I need a thingy to unzip a Mac (.stix) file to a PC

Both of my preferred professional sports teams WON!!

Congrats to the 2005-06 NFL Champion Pittsburgh Steelers

If I make myself deaf with my kids ipod tonight, will bushit just go away?


dolo amber has gone to the dogs!

I used to have a lap, now I just have a torso

Hey, My show on!

Woo Hoo! We just re-entered the TV Age!

How long ago was your most recent sexual encounter?

The movie "Seven" (possible spoiler)

Myron Cope!!!!!

Give me pointers on how to lose those last 20 lbs.

How long was your last sexual encounter?

Was I rude? (roommate-boyfriend conflict)

What music have you listened to this weekend?

Randy Sunday Afternoon

D'ya ever feel like your wearing a bat, but you're not?

Football offseason approaches.

Steelers Super Bowl Bound!

Tracking my Apple shipment...

Whoa...a post "locked thread" post.

Hot liquid hell - Wonder Bread is introducing 2 "whole wheat" versions

A young Powdered Toast Man (pic)

One of our cats is begging for the candy Orange Slices.

D'ya ever feel like your wearing a hat, but you're not?

Hey, Freeper football fans...

Gene splicing: I wonder what a Katherine Harris/Ann Coulter baby

What should I have to drink?

D'ya ever feel like your wearing protection, but you're not?

Chief Seattle vs. William Pitt

A question about dogs nail care...

Priorities are important to young ladies, dammit! (pic)

What is the number one thing that gets you off..


the musical "Hair" - Brilliant or Indecent Hippie Crap?

Vehicle registration suspended for 1 parking ticket

what's the point?

I have been waiting for this day for 30 years

D'ya ever feel like your wearing a bra, but you're not?

Hey, People!

Is Star Trek dead?


Satellite alternatives, besides Dish and DirectTV?

___________ is/are smarter than Terry Bradshaw.

You ever feel like wearing clothing, but you're not?

Seahawks Super Bowl Bound!

Just in: Steve Smith has ascended to Heaven and will catch passes at God's

What happens to those Championship t-shirts and caps

If you believe in prayer, please say one for your Canadian neighbours.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

While digesting Reader's Digest

Wal-Mart Refund

Should I stay on my exercise and diet plan?

What country do you live in?

How seriously do you take a big loss in football?

Who Loves Their Job?

Pack your bags Seahawks fans, YOU'RE GOING TO DETROIT!

Your Political Compass

Hey evl

Anyone want to know why Carolina lost the game?

Yeah the Seahawks cheated.

Introducing myself officially to y'all

Everybody knows it's going to be a Jake-Jake Super Bowl

Just finished surgical removal of a

NBC is canceling "Will and Grace"

reverse lookup of cell phone numbers-

My resume shot (a little bush league attention Whorin') (dial-up warning)

Ranty Sunday Afternoon

OK. You're in Hell. What are you forced to eat?

Movies you would like to see brought out on DVD

Since it's been a while, new pics of Quinn and Althea

Yeah the Steelers Cheated.

AFC Championship Game Thread 2

The Perfect Storm

For the women here who just got divorced-

The weirdest or dumbest thing you believed when you were a kid is... n/t

A review of Goddess of Guiness' musical performance last night

Help me understand something

Congratulations to the Steelers

Breakdown of today's Denver vs Pittsburgh AFC confrence title game

I just fucking love Ashlee Simpson.

I give up. I am now watching the game.

Well I hope Jerome Bettis is happy with the deal he made w/the Devil

Movie question: "Hoodwinked" (sports/Lakers trivia)

Worst thing ever - shaving

Post a cute pic of your pets! "Larry's new pillow" is my latest.

Now for the REALLY important voting issues

Ok. Your in Hell. What grammatical errors do you see frequently repeated?

There will be NO living with Zomby, er, "Mr. Woof" now

In your face and out of here!

what was the first movie you remember seeing?

Excuse me...where are the meat eaters on DU?

new paintings...for sale...

Ahhh California living....

Where's everyone from?

The Canadian E-Day worker checklist!

why are all the good women either married or lesbians?

Superbowl Party/DU meetup at Beast Man's!!!

"High School Musical" on Disney

I posted something serious: I feel so dirty!

evening earworm

Best TV comedy show of all time?

OK, You're in Heaven. Who's on top?

Which is your most acute sense?

proper usage of the *F* word

Classic Sex Symbols (pic heavy)

Reading only part of the Bible

Why is Pat Robertson's God such a jerk?

How mobiles really affect your brain

Berman's PR campaign against Mercury Warnings

WorldChanging: Lovelock, Sterling and Choosing to Survive

PBS: Scientific American Frontiers - The Wonder Pill

Google subpeona to find gay porn links will prop up Concerned

Phelps' gay/funeral antics getting him banned in states

How do we make our issues matter?

Who will be the Super Bowl Champion?

The Pittsburgh Steelers Are the 2005-06 NFL Champions

Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl!

anyone else watching kobe just go off?!!

Another Sunday of football, and again I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!

timber84...let us pray!

Congratulations to the Steelers and the Seahawks!!!

What The Heck.....Seattle Seahawks Win The National Conf...

Seahawks 17...Carolina Kitty Kats.....ZERO

Did you hear what Bradshaw just said?

ESPN: Coco Crisp is going to Boston

Seattle Seahawks are kicking butt!!!!

Mets Trade Kris Benson

weekend checklist

That's the Jake Plummer we know and love!

What teams are going to the Super Bowl?

I Don't Understand The Offensive Interference Call In the NBA

LeBron's mom charged with drunken driving

Murphee is taking to her new diet....

Question about anxiety medication for cats (re: travel)

If anyone here is open to doing my chart--

HaHa HaHa Ha, RNC, HaHaHaHa

Does anyone have video of JK "This Week" appearance?

My Seahawks WON!!!!

Video copies available: 1991 speech, This Week

I feel a sin coming on...

Accckkk! JK was on campus today and I missed it!

Have you all seen this?

Sen Kerry on Mine Safety.

The RNC’s in a Tizzy over John Kerry’s “This Week” Interview (TRANSCRIPT)

John Kerry on "This Week"


What time is Snuffy on in your market?

I'm going back to Boston


I'm stumped. Befuddled. Critique this photo. Lay it on me....

Missed the macro contest, but here's a geek challenge...

Inspired by the macro photo contest. Here are 5 pix of mine

I stuck a wide angle Kodak 7590 lens on a Sony DSC-H1

Rita Cosby Held Hostage!

Looking for Keith's blog or transcript.....

"I love you...You look beautiful, honey. I love you too...Love you t--"

Bin Laden Tape Used for Political Gain

Springer Fan Left Kids Home Alone For Show

Now SNL is satirizing the NSA spying.

Mike Malloy reading 1984 on AAR

Springer Fan Left Kids Home Alone For Show

Nate Clay linking Bush to mine tragedies -- live stream

Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape

I Am F*cked >>>

Which horrendous potential disaster should we worry about tonight?

Question about Tora Bora

Federal Judge Strikes Down Daytona Beach Nudity Law

? for you Military guys..

EU govts. have 'collaborated, tolerated or looked away' from CIA crimes

Remember when Americans were happy & optimistic?

Cheney called Rumfeld's private spy unit 'vital'. Snooping on us, 'vital'

From Daily Kos: Rachel Maddow outs Ken Mehlman on MSNBC

It is time to revisit "War is a Racket" and General Smedley Butler.

I've been away for too long. What happened to the 9/11 discussion

CSPAN2: Sam Harris: The End of Faith: Religion, Terror & The Future of

Your Choice...

I want Hackett to run in 08'!

I want the first Lady to come over to my place and comfort me

McCain for Pres in '08???...

whoo hoo! 3rd ltte published in a week!

Do right wingers even know what a blog is?

Osama got bush's scandals off the front page very nicely

another lying pos caller on wj -

Troops Return From Iraq With Money to Burn

'Blue' States Tackling Energy On Their Own

Mining regulations - prediction

Welshofer convicted of "negligent" homicide.

Do You Want Hillary To Be The Candidate in '08

DU owned Washington Journal today !

Anyone Remember When JFK Was Thought to be Un-electable...

George Bush is not a failure.

WJ up next . Iranian Hostage

US National Budget Simulation

Obama questions Tim whether TV networks would be willing to provide free

Senator Clinton, you need some new advisors.

DU WJ Callers! Whooohoo!

Snopes on Bush's "language"

Republican PAC sends out fake Sex Offender Notice to WA State Voters

Can the * administration get any worse?

Pro war veteran Mark Seavey on CNN. GOP plant?

Let's open that can of worms

Justice David Souter, I love how you vote BUT it is time for you to hire a

US Releases Iraqi Journalist from Prison after EIGHT Months and NO Charges

Activists target Justice Souter for eminent domain ruling

Howie Kurtz still trying to Swiftboat John Murtha...

Republicans say voting machines are safe, they also say America is safe

Protect Our Civil Liberties

the bush administration is getting to be more paranoid and more repressive

The left and right wings of the world

Check in please.

Osama 'plug' boosts anti-US book

Is There,,Could There,,Should There,,be stuff so "Super Secret" that

'Wash Post' Ombud Vows to Stay on Job Despite Uproar

Canada will no longer be a safe haven after tomorrow's

I have just been "I can't hear you! lalalalal!"ed ala randi rhodes!

All this talk about Shrub meeting Abramoff, does this count?

Damn I hate Liberman... What a damn shill

Who in the Fuck Cares What the Freepers Think?

Never Mind the Truth by Eric Alterman

Hitler wanted a bit of the Vatican in Berlin

On hold for Washington Journal on C-SPAN. I'll give DU a shout-out!

Time has 5 photographs that might make Bush unhappily remember

My Google Bomb worked!

Judge: Daytona anti-nudity laws violate Constitution

Watch McLaughlin Group! Al Gore speech, impeachment talk >>>

Sunday public lands news

Euwwww. Ann Coulter pinup posters on sale for under 5 bucks:

Environmental sloop Clearwater undergoing restoration (cross post) . . .

ABE-ramoff or ABB-ramoff-- which is it?

Last night ABC shows Enemy of the State; CBS pulls Sum of All Fears

*** Sunday TOONs: Osama ***

When's Osama's next speech? I've run out of Liberal Talking Points

Cindy Sheehan:"MATRIOTISM"

MSNBC scrubs transcripts again

Everytime I turn on the tv, the repubs are blaming the dems

Wow. Top "intelligence" analyst s didn't even know if OBL was still alive

Look at This NEW LIE David Brooks is Trying to Peddle >>>

More chicanery by insurance companies - Medical Malpractice

Ok here it is...poll

Kudos to Chuck Schumer!

McCain-Bush DOESN'T Have Legal Authority To Engage In Warrantless Wiretaps

Howell / media pay attention to what they want, that's clear

If only OBL would join PETA or the Quakers...

LOL, so, it's the "Constitutional Trigger" now?!?

WAPO: It's not a bipartisan scandal; it's a Republican scandal !!

Kansas gov. wants Natl. Guard equipment back from Iraq

Senator Kerry does a WONDERFUL job on This Week

SADDAM Copying BUSH's Talking Points? (Glenn Greenwald)

Rallies Mark 33rd Roe V. Wade Anniversary

Will someone please teach me how to embed a link in a word?

We must keep stopping Alito at the top of all pages!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE CONTACT CNN to object to Glenn Beck & others being given air time.

I thought the mild winter temperatures was supposed to LOWER oil prices.

first Katrina Fed mess up--on Med. Drug messup--Incompetant Adm.

Researchers Help needed against friend of Hastert

6 female Iraqi, "detainees" to be released.

What is the status of Rove in the Plame investigation?

ugly words come out of Miss Nevada's mouth, then she whines

MEME for Dems: you cannot serve two masters, corporations and people

CNN is still sick with Fox envy - and it's only getting worse

''US forces began shooting randomly. Civilians were in the car,'' he said.

VIDEO- Schumer- Rove is putting politics above the good of the country

LOL Reeplovers Newsmax top 3 headlines today, in order:

Army General warns information critical as 'firepower' in 'long war'

Attn: NE DUers!! Ernie Chambers on Mother Jones Radio!!!

US troops crush taxi

Terrorism Infomercial on CNN

David Sirota with Bob McChesney for the hour - Sun 2pm ET - stream link

GEE! I just got another communication from Saxby Chambliss!

McCain: U.S. Can't Be Held Hostage for Oil, calls Chavez a wacko

NBC SCRUBBS Maddow comment about Mehlman being gay!

Saw Brokeback Mt. last night (WOW!):My take on its central theme

Question: What Is The Date The Constitution Written?

Walmart movie.

Thousands rally against U.S. airstrike in 2nd week of Pakistan protests

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land...

5 years after 9/11why are we STILL being threatened by OBL?

I found a link to the first DU home page (back in 2001)

CBS's Bob Schieffer is latest "journalist"

MSNBC doesn't want you to know that Osama sounds like Mehlman

Alito Filibuster: It Only Takes One- By Robert Parry

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Stopping Alito! Just a click away...

"What Molly Says" (Digby)

May 14th to be last episode of West Wing

RNC Response to John Kerry's Appearance Today On ABC's This Week

Oh Canada, don't turn RED!!!

I have to admit, I got bored and went fishing for some freepers;

Another p.o.s. floats to the surface: Marc Moran-O, swiftbotter of MURTHA

We have been driven to near-total cynicism (CNN poll on mine safety).

Has anyone figured out WHY nobody bothered to look at oil replacements?

If we are in "The End Times", wouldn't that make Bush the Anti-Christ?

Wasn't Bush A History Major (BA)?

Local church reminded parishoners of Roe v. Wade.

Kerry:OBL going to die of kidney failure before he's killed by Rove & ...

Iraqi Ministry Wants to Release Women Prisoners. The US Says NO!

"The president is a madman"

A poll that needs a little du love

VIDEO-Enemy of the State-Selected bits from movie

The sad state of affairs in the U.S. Is it Monica Lewinsky's fault?

"Sail on, sail on, O Ship of State

So McCain's the Puke Choice for '08?

CIA Role a Mystery at Army Court-Martial

CIA Role a Mystery at Army Court-Martial

We Need a Research Forum on McCain

Is the idea to LOSE the war on terror until America is transformed?

Schneider of CNN is right. Alito IS in... all the way up to his eyeballs

Abramoff's LISTS directing tribes' contributions -- where are they?

Do * and the neocons see themselves as Alexander?

Laura Bush's iPOD...

West Wing's been cancelled--dammit!!!

Public Relations Blitz coming from White House: Spinning Wiretaps.

U.S. encourages regime change in Syria

Saw Tim Russert on CNBC last night with Ms. Schmit from the WP, GREAT!

Colin Powell's Big War Lie about UN Resolution 1441

Leahy on Alito on Air America's "State of Belief" at 5pm today + Hackett

MORE "Reed Is Toast" from the Texas Observer

Self-delete - dupe

I can't believe how people on DU complain about James Carville so much

This is not a war on terrorism, it's a war on people.

Newsweek: The Trouble with Boys

Google ImpeachPAC!

New measure in Homeland Security

RW rant in my local college newspaper:

Their goal - END employer paid health care. Please Read.

Help, please! I want link to Gore's speech online - video if possible...

Anyone catch Ariana Huffington make the Murtha-swiftboater look silly

Russert Plays the Race Card With Obama

Open Letter to Chris Matthews (on Michael Moore's website)

Haliburton: Untreated water at U.S. base in Iraq

Let Bin Laden Stay Free, Says Ex-executive director.of C.I.A

No Joke: Bush Proclaims Today "National Sanctity of Human Life Day"

Would you support "Dick Cheney Anti-Corruption Bill" ?

I have just been hired by Homeland Security to SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!

Our leaders are we have to lead

Okay, enough is enough. Who is messing with my support list?


Do you support the St. Patrick's Four?

Voinvich Accepts Dems Apology For Tying Him to Noe

So I have seen posts tonight regarding returning Servicemen...

Is Rove going to skate on Plame treason?

MTP Carville just said Reid committed a "crime" by attacking Repukes

I disagree on WP ombudsman Howell

Who's lovin' Harry Belafonte with me tonight?

"The Other Big Brother" Pentagon Has Own Domestic Spy Program-NEWSWEEK

Why are we afraid and what are we afraid of? "We the People"? n/t

Please Google ImpeachPAC today

Dem Connections W/ Abramoff?

McLaughlin Group(MSM): IMPEACHMENT major topic. GORE covered.

Does anybody know what it's called when someone repeatedly..

When George Met Jack-TIME Confirms Photos

Maureen Dowd

Bill Hicks addressing congress

Does anyone know how many anti choice groups Abarmoff

CIA orders censoring of Nostradamus book predicting Bush 2008 assasination

TX Katrina emails: Perry worried re: image; Delay: "protect Houston"

Hearing criticism abroad....

Challenge to sanctity of life freaks cmon down to my house

WILL PITT. WHy why WHY have you fallen into the Liberal trap of

Al-Sadr vows to defend Iran

Mining accident talking point from Fox.....

Freesound Google Map - really cool

Pakistan PM: CIA attack reports 'bizarre': No Evidence of al Qaeda

Out of the mouths of babes...

If they need a reason for filibuster--we've got it--USE IT!

New bumpersticker idea OBL is Anti Abortion

What do OBL, Tupac and Biggie have in common?

My words on McCain

John Kerry on This Week (ABC)

Chris Matthews said the magic words ....

Terri Schiavo's former husband has married his longtime girlfriend

First Energy to pay $28 million fine for lying & almost blowing up Ohio

This has gone too far, they must all find themselves on notice.

I Just Saw "Fun With Dick And Jane", Jim Carey Version

Muqtada al-Sadr---says he would help to defend IRAN if it is attacked

"Billy Jack" Tom Laughlin wants to impeach Bush.

Al Gore: The Man Who Should Be President

Let's make a game out of a broken-down America, hot damn!!

The Osama Bin Laden story for children.

Don't Think of an Elephant: Lakoff on CSPAN2 Now

Power of Protest. Get your pro-life on.

Newsmax advertising on Yahoo??

healthy forests = A) rain& sunshine B) dozers & helicopters

Photo: Store owner gets Bush God armor wrong, The new fashion plate

New pro-Dem ad series

Fox news correspondent must own stock in Yahoo. Why you may ask?

A little sweet music to our ears....

Live Blogging from the Bush Crimes Commission

Saddam lawyers seek to try Bush, Blair

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

Christian Science Monitor: Triumph of the Redistributionist Left

Karl Rove wants to keep us in fear like some over the top Hermann Goering

NORAD exercise over DC tonight

Daily Kos: 33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Embracing the Infidel on CSPAN2 now....

UH OH! Bush is brushing up on Chairman Mao. We're in for it, now!

Matthews Feels Your Heat, Says He Was “Misunderstood”

Question: When did the USA jump the shark?

Seahawks 17...Carolina Kitty Kats.....ZERO

Seattle Seahawks are kicking butt!!!!

Show Me the Jack and George Photos

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Abramoff RW mouth pieces question

Went to the local Barnes & Noble to buy Mark Crispin Miller's

Does anyone have the media links on the mining deregulations

Enemy Of The State Scared The Crapola Out Of Me.....

Gay Hating Action Alert: Tell NBC not to cave to the bigoted AFA

Anyone plan on attending or hosting a SOTU house party?

Halliburton denies contamination of supply to American soliders

globilization and terrorism (video) 100 minutes

Saddam lawyers seek to try Bush, Blair

Iran Warns Israel About Attack - destination chaos...

did you guys know there are a bunch of DUer blogs listed in the Research

The Goon Show of Bush and Bin Laden

Rachel Maddow: Osama "sounds like Ken Mehlman... only less gay"

British Spies KNEW & Had Investigated Bombers-1 Yr BEFORE Attacks

Ok. Post some Republican "babes" here. (GRAPHICS & PUKE BUCKET ALERT! )

Why do people tell stories about what Democrats say?

Here's my message to DNC regarding 06 elections

The mercenaries who converted the Vatican

Read This Article: How Free Flow Of Internet Info Could Be Squelched

Hollywood and the CIA et al

Truly Tacky Story: Standing on our street corner with my Friends,

Bush SOTU Health Care Distraction Tracks Abramoff Agenda

Is it just me, or does is feel like there's a link between Illegal Spying

Is anyone else watching Tom Brokow's "To War and Back"

So tell me, what will stop the shrub from saying

BREAKING: Osama says he's gonna go to Iowa, Missouri

The world now thinks the US is a ridiculous and "silly" country

When White America Wants Answers, Tim Russert Coughs Up the Questions

George Bush 41 with Prime Minister of Japan

(VIDEO) Lewis Black, rant machine

I cant wait to "HANG" it

Berman's PR campaign against Mercury Warnings

The Tale of Indian Jack and the Bushman...

My neighbor sent me an attachment of a commercial to be aired

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

FOX: Fed. regulations prevented mine rescue

Re: Alito. Whom besides my own senators should I contact?

The Specter Hearings...

A letter to my Senator regarding the Alito Nomination

Dear Gov. Dean -- Bush’s Illegitimate Presidency

White House seen to use wiretaps as campaign asset

Has anything actually ever happened after one of these "bin laden" tapes?

Psychological profile" Cronyism, Insecurity, MASSIVE Corruption,...etc..

The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet

Moscow names British 'spies' in NGO row

When did Matt PUDGE's bureauCRAT parents die and teach * EVERYTHING?

ABC tv news slams bush re palestinie elections...way to go ABC

From Germany: A New Sense of Justice

Has anyone seen the Fred and Ethel Mertz drug plan commericial?

I am so angry at the neo-con assholes today it is hard to express

Delete Alito and the Urinary Executive

DUE TO PRES EXEC ORDERS: Add This To Your Email Signature

Jury Duty......How many DU'ers have SERVED in the last two years?

Is it possible to survive in US on a primary school education?

Why I love Moby...(I bet HE's on the NSA's (s)hit list too)

Did White House request for Google records seem a little unusual ??


I wonder what John is up to at

More hard hitting journalism from 60 Minutes: Video Gaming Pros

Sure, there's been no more terror attacks--but how about 9/11/2001.

Smoking Gun? Is This a Bush Transition Team Photo with Abramoff?

Drown him out! Locations for World Can't Wait Rallies, 1/31.

Dan Rather: 3 people sitting in a room shouting at each other

Interesting story about Day Laborers...

If you believe in prayer, please say one for your Canadian neighbours.

A very moving commercial to be aired on superbowl sunday

Testing broadcast on CanOFun

Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape

Cindy Sheenan and Hugo Chavez to address 6th World Social Forum

NYT: Odds are Bush, Rove will succeed in making illegal spying an asset

C.I.A. confirms voice on tape is bush:

Would it work if our representatives took this type of a stand?

Impeachment? Filibuster? Monitor radio coming up

Why can't bush just admit that he's met Abramoff? Why would it

FBI tying Environmentalism to "Terrorism"

Is it time for some propaganda leaflets?

Press Shut Out on Cheney's Mideast Trip

Pakistan PM: CIA attack reports 'bizarre'

Miss Nevada's mom FURIOUS that judges put daughter on the spot!

Dear Gov. Dean -- Urge a Boycott of SOTU

did anyone see this? . . . Florida county e-voting system deal nixed

Kids Survive Alleged 5-Year Imprisonment

As a Democrat, I request the White House cease and desist from...

Did Abramoff Sleep at The White House or Camp David?

troops return home with $ to burn

The US Park Police is trying to restrict State of the Union protests

Michael Moore, my photo contribution

A very good editorial in the Toledo Blade today...

Why did Bush hire Death Squads Negroponte to Spy On US ?

WH responds to the Time/Washingtonian revelation re: Bush & Abramoff pics

Jeb Bush speech to FL GOP banned to reporters; 4 forcibly ejected

A can of Lysol is 5.99 @ my grocery store now. WTF....

My post to a moderate republican blog.

In college I couldn't balance my checkbook but I could talk at length on..

I'm a leftwing nut job!!

DU Birthday mentioned on C-SPAN

if you were the neocons, what would you be doing right now?

Two polls at AOL, one needs your help.

Wonder why this sounds familar?

Question: I was noticing that DU has 83,529 registered DUers, does

For everyone who missed DU getting plugged over and over on WJ this AM...

NSA monologue from GOOD WILL HUNTING

Are DUers starting to believe Capitol Hill Blue now?

Senate Caucus Room being used to promote Schindlers' cause

What's *your* idea of supporting our troops?

Top Senate Dem Apologizes To GOP - dems leaders please...

Is your firewall spying on you?

Kyle you warmonger, how can you say you are prolife when you want war!

Brainless starey eyed repooplikens are still at it!

Air America welcomes El Paso, TX !!!!!!!! or El Paso, TX welcomes AAR!!

Should someone in D.C. deliver a copy of Will Pitt's memo...

Why not stage a series of national strikes?

Deborah Howell: The Firestorm Over My Column

I Hope SCOTUS Does Overturn Roe

The Neocon - Think Tank - Bush & Co. Foreign Policy Connection

What is the Right Wing's Number One Nightmare?

following the border issue? another great article from Leo Banks

Abramoff's `Equal Money' Went Mostly to Republicans

Carville/Matalin freakshow on MTP now

Will Pitt... from your keyboard to God's ears

A message on the Democrats' message to Carville and other pundits

I've been banned from the Hannity forum!!!!!

I agree with Belafonte, but Russert has no f'ing business . . .

So, who is the source of the Bush & Abramoff pics?

Abramoff Visited the Ranch " at least four occasions in 2003 and 2004"

Ralph Reed is GOING DOWN with Ab'hoff's Ship...YAY!

Will Pitt's letter to Congressional Dems now posted at Truthout.

My Lai Massacre Hero Buried

stopping these fuckers is going to take a lot more than impeaching bush

Osama Tape Fake.

Discovered by Free Republic

"God Bless Canada" on Fwee Wepubwik (Didn't they get the memo?)

What the Post Deleted

What is sacred to Republicans? (A rant.)

PHOTO: Store owner dresses Bush in the "full armor of God"

NY Sun. PM West Wing Spoiler Thread: Avert your eyes.

anti-choice sign today: "Peace Begins in the Womb"!

How to Foil Search Engine Snoops

Parents Campaign to Take Back Kids' Summers (even "Red" states)

Someone should tell Pickles that peacemaking is a real choice

I caught Peter L. Bergen on CSPAN2 earlier today.

What is John Aravosis doing to Chris Matthews????

SNL doing election fraud now!! :-)

Alito is Bork in Dork clothing

NBC Cancels 'West Wing' After 7 Seasons

'Hitler? He was good in parts': Observer's David Irivng prison interview

Iran Contra revisited

NYT op-ed: U.S. evangelicals made "Faustian bargain for access and power"

HuffingtonPost(lala_rawraw)>> Bush's Colon - Or the Neutering of Karl Rove

Kucinich to introduce plan to help NOLA, create jobs rebuilding America

Democrats: Stand Up and Walk Out (rough)

What do you think of Russ Feingold?

A little too late for LBN: Clooney's jab irks father of Abramoff

CBS reporting on Canadas HUGE oil reserves

Jim McDermott needs our help - his letter;

HA HA HA AMERICA (short film)

What are we hoping to accomplish with fillibustering Alito?

Tucker Carlson: Osama gets his talking points from NY Times

GOP lobbying reform Bushit..I have an idea

Bush Seeks to Squelch SOTU Protest on Jan 31

Here's why Bush returned $6K to Abramoff and kept the remaining $94K

The government knew they had us

I'm coming up on CSPAN Cincy caller!

OPUS by Berkeley Breathed -- Meets a Repug Senator :) :) :)

The exploding debt of America

Blackwell (OH) leads anti-choice march in Cincinnati

States Step Up Fight on Abortion (Los Angeles Times)

On Jan. 22, 1973,

I want Hackett to run in 08'

2008 GOP Dream Team?

Electronic Voting Machines Receive Scrutiny As Elections Near

Kerry Kicking Ass on This Week (ABC)

Novak Says Dem Trapped into a Filibuster they May Not Want

Dems lack outrage over NSA spying--I think they knew to an extent.

How we CAN get corporations out of our government?

Time: "The President's memory may soon be unhappily refreshed"

Democrats Unplugged

Senate candidate Bell takes on DSCC for "Soul of the Party"

Poll at Kos: How do you feel about D. Howell (WaPo Ombuds)?

Nice Newsweek pic of Rumsfeld touring the KGB Museum. Doing research?

i got a letter from "big dog" yesterday. he wrote a beautiful

Obama is excellent on Russert this morning.

The Imperial Executive

K Street retrospect - by Santorum

Georgian leader accuses Russia over gas pipeline blasts

Here comes the ERA again!

Is there a leader who could unite the leftist and centrist Dems

My letter to Deborah Howell

Jack A and the Dems - here's how we present it

Our Finest Hour

Self Delete Duplicate posting

WP: RNC has biggest cash-on-hand lead over DNC in more than a decade

Bush: "If Osama's alive, we'll get him. If he's not alive, we got him."

Diebold software files have company in double bind with state, feds

Ford Bell: Progressive Responds to Schumer's "You don't Matter" Message

PNAC and follow the money (these threads and info tie it together)

Bwahaha! Freep blogger thinks Rove's "taking our temperature a bit"

.Congressional Ballot: Dems 46% GOP 35%

The Huff Post front page will make you throw up a little. She's Baaacck...

As Bush rests at Camp David, thousands of angry Pakistanis burn his effigy

If we are a nation of Laws and I believe most here on DU want that then

I only caught the end of Tweety's show on NBC this morning

Racist language in constitution again before Legislature (AL)

A progressive candidate DUers would love...

Edwards takes view of poverty to Fayetteville State

Thank God for Patrick Leahy.! He just gave a long speech on why

Now that Lieberman's got an opponent, I say DiFi next!

Thanks DUers !

RW pundit poll, "would you still support Bush if he killed kittens?"....

Will Iraq cost the Reps control in 2008? Perhaps we should stay there.

30 years too late

Report: Untreated water at U.S. base in Iraq

The Cup O' Joe Radio Show #113: Buyer Be Damned

McCain endorsed Blackwell for OH Governor?

Who is your favorite Dem 06 candidate and why?

Whose Responsibility ? The Democrats or The Media ?

Does Rumsfeld Remember His Own Vietnam Lessons for Iraq?

Privacy, Medicare on minds of citizens at Feingold session

Will we see Bush and Abramoff as much as we saw Clinton and Lewinsky?

International Law

before I put my foot in my mouth(about Alito), I need some info

How many deaths is W responsible for?

Media coverage of Kerry on This Week (Rove lied, other quotes)

Osama and many Arabs are hoping George Bush and the Repubs win...

New Improved Freedom, brought to you by Bush!

A scary picture: The Supreme Court without O'Connor

Is there a compilation of all VVPB state laws?

In Controlled Test, Results Are Manipulated in Florida System

FOX: Fed. regulations prevented mine rescue

U.S. funding Palestinian elections

Was tonight's West Wing a veiled slap at Bush and Katrina?

Lookin' for happy times again

We must keep the coming elections focused on some simple truths

Howard Dean: "We fully stand by Al's speech. He is a great American, `

If you use Yahoo: STOP NOW!!!

YouKnowWho doesn't break the law, does he?

Delete Elito and the Urinary Executive

Lieberman to run in November even if defeated in Democratic primary!

Alcoholic blackout? Bush "doesn't remember" meeting Abramoff.

Sadam Lawyers Seek To try Bush, Blair

Did Al Gore ever say "Bush should be impeached for spying on terrorists"?

The Span is about blogs and the Witch was on it :)

Free advice for Democrats from Mary Matalin on MTP this morning

How can the reality be so differently interpreted?

WA State GOP executes sick political stunt

Halliburton delivered contaminated water to troops, covered it up

Bush administration spies on anti-Halliburton activists

Leading expert predicts "Neptune Factor" can disrupt Rep. powers

Whare are my Democratic PRIMAL SCREAMERS!!??

George knows Jack (Abramoff that is!) New photos according to Time Magazin

Americans are embarrassed by Bush so they pretend he isn't there

Molly Ivins on patriotic bullies: "Piss on them elegantly, as Murtha did"

President Frist...Snowball's Chance In Hell?

YAY!!!(?) My county picked ES&S over Diebold!!!!!

She's Baacckk...WARNING: SCARY PICTURE!!!! Look at your own risk!

Possible Rovian trick regarding Bush/Abramoff photos

Why aren't Dems raising cash on-line?

Why so many US citizens conveniently pretend to be ignorant about Bush?

To all who insist on repeating that our Senators don't have the guts

True colors of some show when Dean goes to MO and Ohio to speak.

George Allen in '08! Sweet Nectar of Liberty!!

It's Not Shaping Up To Be A Party For Lieberman

Why Didn't the Buses Come?

Time to start doing some spying of our own

Abolish the Electoral College System if You Want Your Vote to Count

NYT: Hilllary Clinton Fires. GW Bush Replies. Guess Why.

Being a Democrat ain`t for sissies.

The Republican's Poison Pill

Democrats: Get Up and Walk Out by Will Rivers Pitt

Hackett: Trailblazing a New Democratic Paradigm

Kerry Calls for Indepen Counsel to Investigate Bush Warrentless Wiretaps

The RNC’s in a Tizzy over John Kerry’s “This Week” Interview (Transcript)

Some facts about Nader funding in 04 that bother me.

Pick Up Your Phones Now! Leave Messages on Alito for Senators

Great anti-Alito petition sites for DEFEAT ALITO WEEK:

Question....Your kids say pledge in school?

Compassionate Conservatism? There really IS such a thing.

Obama letting Russert repeat talking points and not challenging

Democratic Congressman William Jefferson to be indicted?

Are the Democrats Hopeless and Hapless OR is it a lack of reporting

As One Canadian Goes to Vote.

SIGN ON TO WILL PITT'S LATEST: "Get Up and Walk Out." Read it here:

Patriot Act creates a "Praetorian Guard"?!

TruthIsAll-Autorank Why Kerry Won! Why it Matters.