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Archives: January 15, 2006

The drone, the CIA and a botched attempt

U.S. curtailed on reforming Iran

Bush's Tide Not Ebbing Soon

'Galloway can no longer count on the indulgence of polite society'

"Face it ... "

Is Roe v. Wade already collapsing? By Ellen Goodman

Scheer: Shame On The Once Young Republicans

White House Letter: How Bush tries shaping new laws to his liking

please delete

WP: The Gap in Intelligence Oversight, by Nancy Pelosi

When Talk of Guns and Butter Includes Lives Lost (Uchitelle, NYT)

Murk of our own making in Iran

How the republicans manipulated an article about Alito and his agenda

Wisconsin (Repug)-Cult of corruption-Steve Foti has agreed to plead guilty

Filibuster Bush, Impeach Alito

How the mean streets of New York were tamed

WSJ thinks there is a "Constitutional Right to Influence Politicians"

Shooting down Cunningham's legend

Alito May Quickly Affect Laws

Blame Rummy for a war plan that went wrong

Confirm Samuel Alito (Washington Post) - Most Idiotic Editorial Ever

How Abramoff Funded The Anti-Gay Agenda

Former CAP official - "didn't help Alito" (now Weekly Standard publisher)

Arctic meltdown speeding up

Critics Underwhelmed By US-Australian Climate "Action" Summit

Australian Govt. To Slash, Then Eliminate Solar Power Rebates

Warming Sign, Extreme Weather Accelerating Across India - Times Of India

Atmospheric CO2 Rise In 2005 Nearing 2X Historic Average - Now 2.2 PPM

What A Difference A Degree Makes - SF Chronicle

NFS Proposes ORV Restrictions In Ocala National Forest (FL)

UN launches International Year of Deserts and Desertification

This gem from the 88 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in Alberta:

Desalination cost reaches all time record low of 53 cents per cubic meter.

NASA Kills $100 M Deep-Space Climate Satellite - 1/1000 Cost Of ISS

Palestinians at war as blood feuds follow Israeli pullout

EU welcomes decision to allow PA vote in e. J'lem

Iran to host debate on Holocaust

A Call (to American Jews) to Bring the Settlers Home to Israel

Gaza's Turmoil in Context

A thirst for vengeance

Here come the true settlers

Sept. 11 workers die of health problems; direct link to ground zero unclea

flight 77's tail section

CA State Senator Debra Bowen Sunday, January 15, 10:35AM PST Listen OnLine

County sells off freedom

Paperless voting opens door for election stealing

Recommend the SUNDAY DAILY THREAD- please

Broward Election Reform Coalition Meeting - Clint Curtis Keynote Speaker

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 01/15/06

Wanna Get Fired Up On This Sunday Morning?

The best tribute we can pay to Martin Luther King is to...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News January 16, 2006


Slashing Away Denial, Revealing The Ongoing Theft: Miller on US Elections

Another Miami news editorial nixes the voting machines.

Accessible Voting Without Computers - Ellen Theisen's Vote-PAD

What my daughter did at the LA Auto Show, LOL

Will some REAL Democrat please challenge Feinstein!

North Shore Comcast customers

Firefox v Opera web graphics

Text problem in Firefox

Need to buy a new desktop soon....

Hand-code or no-skillz product?

Analysis: Ney unlikely to go quietly

I'm completely ignorant of the politics of my own state...

Recommendation for Texas Dem Party Grassroots Training

Second Worst Texas Congressman

A new revolution

Just remember,

Chicken Paprikash Tonight! Any great recipes?

Estimated Prophet's Mulligatawny Recipe

Why is it so difficult to get sweetbreads? I ask at our Price

How do I cook frozen lobster tails?

An economy vacumn food sealer. Worth it?

Is anyone here cooking fully local, fully organic?

Whatcha making for Sunday Dinner?

How to store a half a can of tomato paste?

Dealing with mangos

Listen to me very carefully......... Cons are winning.

Woohoo! Tomorrow night I'm going to Heddy Vrs Svend!

WooHoo! Stephen Harpers "independent economist" just dropped a bomb!!

New government won't scrap pipeline fund: Imperial

Canadian killed in Afghanistan

Probe of 'CIA flights' finds no laws broken

Integrity, Honesty, Transparency

Fear Overshadows Eid Festival

NYT: Glum Democrats Can't See Halting Bush on Courts

Condom key chains in U.S. spark religious furore

New Zogby Poll: Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping

please delete dupe, 1st posting wouldn't post to main page n/t

Dems Ready Proposal on Code of Conduct

From Venezuela to Warwick: low-cost oil comes to R.I.

The Independent: Blair gives green light to spy MP's phones

US military frees two Reuters journalists in Iraq

Rapper Eminem and ex-wife remarry

Bush's Tide Not Ebbing Soon

Alito May Quickly Affect Laws

How the mean streets of New York were tamed

Taleban defector Khaksar killed

NYT: NASA Mission to Explore Solar System's Edge

Lebanon in political crisis

Leicester soldier killed by sniper fire in Iraq

Zawahri missed dinner that prompted U.S. strike

Fla. University Finds $275,000 in Office

LAT: U.S. Faults Saudi Efforts on Terrorism

Gov.'s Top Aides' Pay Bolstered by Donors

US intelligence shakeup prompts concerns

Pak(istan) Calls US Airstrike An Intelligence Failure

WP/AP: Italians Rally for Abortion Rights, Gay Unions

Specter skeptical of domestic spy program

Ariel Sharon to have tracheotomy

Senators Support Penalties Against Iran

Feinstein Warns Against Alito Filibuster

More enlisted personnel leaving armed services

US first lady irked by criticism of Bush AIDS plan

Senators Defend Airstrikes in Pakistan

Blunt says he has GOP votes to take DeLay's post

US military releases 500 prisoners

'Marshall Plan' for Iraq Fades

Northwest, ground workers agree on concessions

Halonen wins first round of Finnish presidential vote

Jack Abramoff's $10,000 Question

Government urged to ban Galloway's Big Brother charity

Chile likely to elect first female president

Lobbying: The Web Widens

NYTs: Senators Voice Support for Sanctions Against Iran (grrr)

DeLay loosing support on his own district

Why are these frogs croaking ? (Time)

Stardust capsule returns to Earth

Carlyle 'given sweetener' in Qinetiq deal

US senators: Iran strike an option

McCain: Oil Prices Can't Stop U.S. From Pressing Iran

Five Danes guilty of Iraq abuse

Iraq: IFJ Calls US to Explain Raid on Journalist

House debates cutting off all alcohol from lobbyists to legislators

Speedboat attack on Nigeria rig

U.S. VP Cheney leaves for Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Stakes raised in whaling clash

Fla. Teens Surrender in Homeless Beatings

FT: Dirty laundry in Capitol corridors of power (staffers' involvements)

Bomb Hits Canadian Convoy in Afghanistan

Economist says Tories gave him incomplete platform

Analysts: Growing Deficit Hobbles Economy

Rep. Ney to Temporarily Cede Panel Chair

2,000 More M.P.'s Will Help Train the Iraqi Police

WP: Senate Democrats Emphasizing Ethics, Not Alito

Bin Laden could be dead: terrorism expert

Florida teens surrender in homeless beatings (baseball bats)

NYT: President Tells Insurers to Aid New Drug Plan (Medicare emergency)

Ethics Committees Won't Commit to Action

NASA's New Horizons Pluto Probe Ready for Launch

Cronkite: Time for U.S. to leave Iraq

Bush below 40% - Zogby

Chavez attacks US attempt to block warplanes deal

Chile gets first woman president

(Virginia Gov. Mark) Warner says Bush withheld facts (re: wiretapping)

Anti-war activists take Pelosi to task (SF Town Hall Meeting on Sat)

Laura Bush Defends Domestic Spying Program

WP: In Ga., Abramoff Scandal Threatens a Political Ascendancy

Amazing Rescue! Car Condensation Keeps Trapped Woman Alive

Sheesh. SNL is horrible.

Damn it !!! Shelley Winters has died.

My 5-year-old grandson asked me if he could rent my house after

amateur footage of a good street fight.... not for the squeamish.

Did you ever stuff your bra with sockpuppets?

Pat Robertson appreciation thread

I think Phil Simms is gay

Mike Brady appreciation thread

History buffs, I have a question...

Hillary Duff's, I have a question...

official "Steelers Fans Who Are Happy the Patriots Lost" thread.

Any loungers play chess?

Kitten and tabby cat fighting...This is funny.....

Kitty therapists! Help! (Cat fights in my house tonight!)

I just got back from my friends dorm after the game... GO BRONCOS!!!

Ok, so I was at a holiday party tonight...............

Congrats, Seahawks fans!

A nice Russian actress - - - Irina Apeksimova

Road Trip: Day 3. KitchenWitch and the Hummer.

You know how Sean Lennon was looking for a girlfriend... (oh boy!)

Urban Ninja

Do you have the text of Brecht's poem with singing about the darkness?

I saw my favorite sports writer today

'Crazy Guggenheim is going'...

I vote to bring back Crazy Guggenheim!

Well. It looks like I'm leaving DU. Yup. I was the first one voted off.

tonites challenge

U2... Bono, with Mary J. Blige, "One".... really.. really a phenomenal

NDSU absolutely CRUSHES SDSU tonight in hoops, 86-56!!

a little something for Crazy...

I hate when drunk people get laid and I'm not getting any...

I hate when I get laid and people aren't getting drunk.

I hate when people get paid and I'm not getting paid...

Yesterday's mail brought the most beautiful New Year's card

Did I just kill the lounge?


I saw it! Did you???

XemaSab and I saw a woman with no lips.

Bon Jovi concert tonight!

Saturday's college basketball scores


Kill this Thread!

I hate when people get laid and I'm not getting laid...

Mmmm curry for breakfast!

Dewars - at least one thing will go smoothly today

J & B Scotch - the antidote to roadrage!

Why are you drinking Martini & Rossi? ' Cause it's Tuesday!

For A Few Dollars More

Just out of curiosity..whatever happened to cold fusion?

Bumfuck just DEMOLISHED West Bumfuck in Women's Field Hockey!

Do you Accept Udo Dirkschneider as your personal lord and savior?

I hate when I'm getting laid and the person I'm with isn't

Ok who's having what for breakfast

I could just be hysterically exhausted...

Johnnie Walker-It'll fuck your shit up!

Is the fucking sock puppet still here?

I'm awake! Ask me anything!

I'd say today, it's not to early for a yellow breakfast drink.


I just got an email requesting an autographed photo of

Rude Dinosaur in a court of law. Funny Stuff!

What compels these f*cks to mow their lawn at 8:30am on Sundays?????

Feels Like Spring Here

Is there a limit to how many locked threads a person can be

missing link: George W. is really Freddy Kruger

Football! Go Colts!

Come on everybody Let's Polka!

Shameless plug for Catch-22. If you haven't read it, please do!

What's the purpose of the box springs under a mattress?

Condom key chains in U.S. spark religious furore

There are two Americas...and one of them is SEVERELY F'ED UP!

Ok. Do you want me to stay?

Happy 65th birthday, Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

I hate when people get made and I'm not getting made

Apparently there were some problems this weekend.

YOU'D BETTER DO SOMETHING..... or make your saving throw....

Oh, My God! Call Me Wesley, You Get in Here RIGHT Now!

I'm kinda pissed at my dad

I made a breakfast bake. Yum!

Annoying neighbor. (updated with some more info on the offender!)

"You Must Be a Donor to Post Polls"

Free graphic for Meat eating, gun toting liberal Dems

Who would be voted out of the lounge first if we were on Survivor?

Sunday earworm. For ForrestGump.

Yikes ~ He was driving while he was catching a nap!

WoooHoooo just picked up the Planet of the Apes boxed set DVDs

I don't understand the wind chill and heat index

If you're in the west and it's not raining, NASA has entertainment planned

Any other salary comparison tools besides

I just got a new tattoo

New batch of "Superman Returns" pics


Hey - freeps - go fuck yourself

4:30am Pacific Time: anyone else feel that?!

wow. that is the last time I spend a Friday Night watching TV with my wife

One more "Love Monkey" ad and I'm gonna hurl.

How Crazy is your Rat?

I love New England, but the weather sure is schizophrenic!

Have you tried pushing the shiny red button yet?

How Lazy Is Your Cat?

How Hazy is your Bat?

* mutter, mutter, sputter *

Lousy drunkards...

Denver Broncos win the Punt Pass and Kick competition

Kiss Off

Would you rather research porn or watch it? Discuss.

Pitt is doing the same thing that the Redskins did, backing off the QB

So, how will Carolina/Chicago top THIS?!

Do they not teach you how to hold footballs in Indiana?

Give me help here fellow DUers!


Terrible weather and dogs

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/15/06)

WOW. What a Game, Man! But, I Just Have to Do This....

I could've sworn I saw Archie Manning in an officals uniform

Isn't this sweet? Eminem and Ex-Wife Kim Mathers Remarry

WTF? Leonard Nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. (link to video)

How many Bush voters does it take to make non microwave popcorn?

She's not a CHRISTIAN!!! These are the people who voted for Bush.

Ahh, the Red, White and Blue. Never fails to bring a tear to my eye

my mom, dad, and me...the day I was born...

Does Faux Spurts have a policy requiring its announcers

Shelf Life/Expiration Dates

Sugar me!

Interesting movie in 2007?

Stars are shiny

Ever Been Checked Out By

anyone's fan...its time to start drinking...

Sniffa....the college years...

Official "not watching grown men play a childish game of football" thread.


Radical Activist vs The Chicago Bears in a knitting contest

I didn't buy "Bewitched" season two today. Ask me anything!


3 years and FINALLY 400 posts - ask me anything

I just hit 16,000 posts!! Thank you all!!!

I love NPR's "Car Talk".

I've been picking long blond hairs off my pajamas

I'm a DUer running for local office...ask me anything!

If you were to be a household item, which would you choose to be?

Phonin' in a sunset.

NFL Should Go Back To 1972 Rules

Talk to me Gray.

Bush donor Peyton Manning blames choke on teammates

In honor of my 2973rd post...some 3D computer generated pics.

No, seriously...shut up. THIS is the funniest thing ever.

John Murtha on 60min. now

My Boxer sneezes AT me. On purpose.

REMINDER: New Season of 24 Starts Tonight.

What happens when you put some one on your "Buddy List"?

I'm watching Fahrenheit 911......

Donators--Did You Donate Yourself, or Did Someone "Buy" You Your Star?

How many of you toss your biodegradable trash out the car window?


Can you say ..... these people are Saints?

Chicago's defense has got to pick it up!

For my 5,000th post, I'm happy to relay this message:


I saw "The Producers" last night, movie form

V-Rated vs. W-Rated

Screw you, Fox 7 - Austin!


I hate when I get laid and other people aren't getting laid

Boston Legal on tonicht!

shameless try for more replies

Who would win in a fight?

Dinner at the Prophets-Mulligatawny Soup

"I'm going to kill you Melvin...Kill you I say..."

Sting returns to TNA wrestling ppv tonight.


BTBM the corporate sellout (vanity pic inside)

Where are you Gray Warrior?

***Official Panthers vs. Bears Thread!***

10 minutes to Desperate Housewives

Classic TV moment: Archie Bunker gives eulogy at Stretch's funeral!

It's Wine Night! Who else is knocking back a few?

Which game was better Pats and Broncos or Colts and Steelers?

Does Yahoo no longer offer free email??

Someone yet again more talented than me with

No electric/heat for 17 HOURS!!!

For your Sunday entertainment...

How much does the Lounge affect the mods?

The hand cranked victrola is singing Hallelujah

How much does the Lounge affect your MEDS?

Ramsey is like the most awesome person here at DU

fun game

Who would be least electable in a Red State?

Fill in the blank: Having the Super Bowl in Detroit is like _____

At what point does a "vehicle" become a "rig"?!? (rant)

I ran across this quote when I was researching quotes with "alley" in

Just finished watching "X-Men 2" on the FX channel (Possible spoilers)

Shelley Winter fans.... turn on TCM.

That's It. I'm Leaving DU.

Orange Juice and Ginger cookies?

Anyone watching the History Channel?

Anyone Just See "West Wing" Tonight?

HEyHEY checking in as an official resident of Vancouver

24 *spoiler*

Animal House vs Caddyshack?

The Community of Laundry:

So, watching "Walk The Line" - if Johnny Cash used to admit to using

Is anyone watching the Tom Selleck movie on CBS right now?

USC Cheerleader Farks

Welcome to Seattle, Panthers....sorry to rain on your parade

Colts Steelers thread

Your favorite All in the Family episode...

David Chappelle is now my favorite comic.

Superbowl XL

Does anyone remember Blue Cheer, summer of '69?

DUers with naturally-curly hair: any tips for frizz-free styling??

(vanity pics inside)

Official Brown Tabby Appreciation Thread # 1 (pix!)

Memories of My Melancholy Whores....

Bringing a used book to an author signing?

"Old and In The Way" with Jerry Garcia. Ever hear of them?

How do you copy data directly from computer to computer?

I want a blog site

My wife's Birthday is tomorrow...I'm baking a cake

I'm looking for KitchenWitch! Anybody seen her?

From now on, when your telephone rings, . . .

Who would win in a TOTALLY AWESOME fight?

My secret plan for Republicans

Which avatar is cooler?

How's GD and GD:P looking for everyone right now?

An open "thank you" to....whomever.

Not medical advise, just wondering about something.

How do you say "do I know you from somewhere?"

Use your nick to create a movie title that describes your life.

i am now frying up some Buffalo Wings

tequila & tabasco - my nephew had half a shot, and . . .

What is the story of your DU SHAME?

Okay, DU men, answer me this poll!

Use your nick to create a movie title that describe what you WISH

Happy 65th birthday, Captain Beefheart cross post from GD...

"Think fast, Malkovich!!"

Friend's Artwork (dial up warning)

Some computer buying advice, please?

How much does the Lounge affect your mood?

Online library renewals: a crippling addiction.

Mana Mana. Mana Mana!!

Does Serta make a mattress with a forearm rest?

Has anyone ever owned a Select Comfort bed?

Is New Orleans gonna have their Marigra (sp) this year?

everybody dies?

Okay! Okay! I give up! Crazy Guggenheim, COME BACK!!!!!!

Is there a Sleepnumber bed made for 3 people?

My memory/concentration difficulties.

Voice Actors

Hey you pinko liberals! Get a job!!

Ohio High School Porn Homework Canceled

Shirley Booth's family says she would have backed Bush's

Meaning of "Elitist": Is the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin" for elitists?

Help! My husband's become a big dork!

Brawl for it all tv show dad slugfest

If Elvis had lived through the 80's, would we have seen...

my newest painting....

Anyone else have an Aladdin lamp?

50 cent... oh dear!

I hate when people get drunk and I'm not getting drunk...

What is the story with your DU name?

Rapper Eminem and ex-wife remarry

How often do you replace your HEPA filters?

In honor of my 15,000 post......a new pic of my stained glass window...

My Carbon monoxide alarm was going off this am.


I'm fricking freezing!

Do you believe in soul mates?

My 15 year old son's favorite band is Slipknot. Should I worry?

Steeler fans, it's time to start drinking!

The road to the Super Bowl now goes through Denver


Ships. My pics from the Waterfront. Dial - up warning.

Worst Pick Up lines EVER top these:

Official "COLTS AND PATS LOSE" Celebration Thread!

Do you respect people with more extreme views than your own?

I now have to show ID and fill out a form to buy cold medicine

Broncos, Steelers, and the AFC Championship

Has anyone else been treated differently after changing their avatar?

Anybody here play a telecaster? Modded it?

Cutty Sark-the official spiritous beverage of LBJ

Anyone famous graduate from your high school...

My Boxers sneeze AT me. On purpose.

Can you help me? I am struggling with life long beliefs.

Religion being TAUGHT in the PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Rant.

Zen Alwayss Makes Me Feel Better

State of Belief is a radio program for everyone

Respect for other people's religion is a fine notion...

Gene Variant Increases Risk for Diabetes, NY Times, 1/16/2006

mercury(toxic metals) responsible for majority of chronic health problems

Stardust capsule returns to Earth

A return to the orangey world (BBC) (Is a Titan rover in the cards?)

Why are these frogs croaking ? (Time)

Recruits needed to sift stardust (BBC)

VA. Del. David Englin on the marriage amendment - GREAT READ!

Cautious Optimism Washington Gay Rights Bill Will Pass

Black Gays Search For Acceptance In Shadow Of Martin Luther King Day

So, can the Steelers win in Denver as well?

Kwan Is Turin Bound; Cohen Wins 1st Title (Figure Skating)

The Mannings Are Cursed

JVS, Bill McBlue,Rambo Liberal,carolinalady,beware beastman

Win and Indy loss makes Broncos the new Super Bowl favorites

Take that all you NFL experts!

...and that's why I didn't get my hopes up about the Bears.

So if I were friesianrider...

Berlin blushes as World Cup gala cancelled

timber84...are you watching you Steelers?!

Quick! Was Carolina the #6 NFC seed?

Just turned on the game--I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!

Ballers, can we talk about how good Lamar Odom is? The man is

Procession of the Astrological Ages

Any thoughts in this forum about the stardust capsule?

Photo gallery (LOL!)

Oopsy, deleted, abandoned thread

REALLY fun activity for Kerry lovers...

Off the wall question: Do peole here go to State Dem Conventions

Catholic Bishops weigh in on Iraq policy

Sen. Kerry in Pakistan

More Fun for Kerrycrats....see what Google thinks of JK and Bsh.

psssst - let's gossip

Copenhagen, 2005

I'm in the mood for ...MACRO!

Another Brush Creek shot

This is what I inherited today:

Last night, I found some RAW CDs that I had misplaced

Intersection Overkill, Austin, TX (big pics!)

glad I missed the flambee dishes

Hey, man, we're just having lighthearted fun here!

What lessons from MLK for today?

Fourth Estate Radio Show Replay at 1am ET

When the economy goes boom-boom...

Kwan Is Turin Bound; Cohen Wins 1st Title (Figure Skating)

Lawrence (KS) considers loosening marijuana ordinance

5,000 displaced Mississippi residents still waiting for FEMA trailers

How are the shopping malls in your areas?

He had to keep the people at a distance....

Manassas, Va: New city laws allows only immediate family in household

San Jose cop arrested on suspicion of felony child exploitation

Ya Know, I think it's time we STOPPED talking about BUSH...

It is time to start calling George W. by a new title...

I sent an email to my local news radio station. Re: anti-union report

Is it ok to feel like Yoda sometimes?

Rich Man's War

Poll needs help (big time)

Where I live, you can't get away with crimes, not even little ones.

NSA used WMD team on protest

Former Congressman making allegations against Murtha

Red State/Blue State comparisons

When I think of all those who've fought & died for America...(graphic)

DELAY-Only 1/2 of those who voted for him in '04 would do so again

No Freedom to the enemies of Freedom

Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil and politics

Does anyone else find it interesting that alito did not...

To my US Senators, Clinton and Schumer on MLK Day:

The Gap in Intelligence Oversight: By NANCY PELOSI (WaPo edit)

Is it time to burn your flag?

Article about chimp's heck-of-a-holicism

Iraq Veterans Against the War website was hacked . . .


So how come live memorial services

Ukraine should produce own nuclear fuel, leader says - IAEA has no comment

Scotsman: Iran knows it has nothing to fear

I am old and tired. I have enough experience

Freepers Don't Get that the "Reverend" Moon is the enemy...

"Country Singer Tim McGraw Eyes Politics"

Vote-- What percentage of Alito's values represent yours?

Where is an Apology for the deaths in Pakistan?

Uh-oh: "'Divine Mission' (also) Driving Iran's New Leader"

1 in 4 Repugs, 2/3 Indep & Dems- All Regions-N,S, E & W: WANT IMPEACHMENT!

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

repugs say they have to cut down on spending meaning...

FRANK RICH: Is Abramoff the New Monica?

Polls bolster Bush on domestic spying

The only thing I admired about Nixon is the fact that he stepped down

Can you guess "who said it" from the following recent quotes?

Poll shows embattled DeLay TRAILING in Texas race (REUTERS)

Seems to me that the Unitary Exec/Imperial Presidency doctrine

We're policing the world.

Where's the money, Mr. Bremer?

Timmy Russert just said Alito is In, Nothing Dems can do about it.

Goodbye to the Canada I know and love :-(

Gary Hart, on CSpan

"The Siege" on the history channel...

I heard Boxer was shouted down at a speech yesterday.

Yes Al Gore you make me smile today

The "I" word hits Sunday Morning TV

Alito - the impeachment option

Wonkette on CNN coming up: "Why she's quitting her blog"

Bursting wingnut bubble: Shrub's actual, real,authentic choice was Harriet

The Republican wingnuts "culture war" goes global

They silenced Martin Luther King forever, but I still hear his voice

"N.D. to House Hydrogen Refueling Station"

Stupid is as stupid does .... President Forrest "W" Gump speaks.

See? I told ya so! Cheney had a gout attack

See? I told ya so! Cheney has gout

Ewwwwwwwww... Bremer (Wall) is on MTP

Did Kurtz address his article on Murtha on Reliable Sources this morning?

Watch this: "Beneath Iraq and a Hard Place"

Disturbing Video (Bush stammering while fawning over Alito)...

JFK, Aldous Huxley, & C.S. Lewis all died on the same day

Women in quake-hit Pakistan break old barriers

Heckuva quote Brownie

Happy 65th birthday, Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

Trent Lott: "How else are we going to get at these leaders of al-Qaeda?"

WOW! Specter just said that IMPEACHMENT is a remedy for BushCo spying!

Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave

For any lurking Republicans a request

We're actually going to have to fight them for it

VIDEO-Bremer on MTP about the missing money

Russia lets cosmonauts drink - but they musn't go into orbit

An explanation of the filibuster process is in order.

I Wake Up Each Day With 100% Renewed Expectation and Confidence That

LTTE: Biometric mark of the beast?

US Neocons = toast

Question: regarding Zarquarwi dead again

QUID PRO QUO?Jack Abramoff's $10,000 Question (TIME)

The incredible inhumanity of being Dick Cheney

the next so called christian i hear say 'kill em' all' i swear...

New Prescription Plan for Seniors - My Pharmacist is going Nuts

buzzflash said smirk has only had one success

VIDEO-Bremer on the Insurgency`

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: The nuclear prophet

Dana Milbank Accuses Democrats of Making "Wild" Accusations

Samuel Elite-o

Fox CarTOON, and others

VIDEO- Mark Warner Waffles about Bush Breaking the Law-Spying

James Risen on CNN Late Edition, right now.

McCain "Iran will have Nuclear Capabilities in 6 Months"

HELEN THOMAS: "Dubya Makes His War Pitch" (SF Chronicle)

VIDEO-Media Brownout on Iraq

Okay -- Iran's leader is also a WACKO NUT, on a mission from God!

VIDEO- Quashing the erroneous notion that Saddam/AlQaida/Iraq connection

VIDEO-Specter Says Impeachment is a Remedy

You can imagine an opposition party that's based on popular interests and

Executive Order 13290 - We Own Iraq

Grover's Eunichs: Comment by Norquist about Dem Minority Status.

McCain - "Our Election Commission is corrupt"

Latest RW Spin >> Disposable Cell Phone Purchases a Result of NSA Leak...

Who will put their money where their mouth is?

Homeland Security Ate My Speech--by Ariel Dorfman

VIDEO- Bergen on being asked by Blitz if War on Terror has been damaged

Martin Luther King Jr will be revived on The Boondocks tonight

Pinochet victim poised to run Chile

Bush's Bumstead Special. Why Bush will continue his course

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Alito & ROTC ?s.

N.P.R. "Alito Dutifully Answered All of the Democrats Questions."

Steve Benson - one of the best cartoonists- check out today's

U.S. Kidnaps Iraqi Journalists For Seven Months Then Lets Them Go

When it comes to fillabuster I'm in wait and see mode

FBI has al qaeda DNA will use it in Pakistan

12 Miners, 2,217 Soldiers....all for the Energy Corporations

Dont let them fool you they stayed after CAFTA

"The airstrike killed civilians in a village in northwest Pakistan but ..

Hajj deaths dismay Arab Press

Specter: "I dont think anyone doubts Bush is making a good faith effort"

The USA elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

my small way of attacking Bush with sex and violence (graphic)

Dems who fear 2006 backlash for Alito filibuster, should CONSIDER THIS:

Blunt: "I'm pretty sure that figure is absolutely not accurate"

other than bremer's lies, any newsworthy Sunday talking head shows?

Poll: DU Socs versus DU Activist. Let's rumble!

'Here's to another year of resisting the gay lifestyle.' saith Cerabino

Pitt is doing the same thing that the Redskins did, backing off the QB

Even if we get rid of * and the rest of them, we have a long road ahead...

2217 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Can anyone name one politician that openly participates here?

Good news & arguments FOR Endangered Species Act. Let the eagles soar.

Emails show Ney did political favor for Abramoff after receiving donation

The day I die is the day I give up

Near Rome, the existence of Christ to be 'proved' in court

Alito likely to be confirmed.

Bush:Americans learning Arabic will show the Middle East that "we care"

Just heard it on BBC. Bachelet wins in Chile!!

How The Republicans Misuse Dr. King's Words

Dean to deliver speech outside Gov. Taft's office Wednesday.

I'm offended by bums going through my garbage

I'm Sad To Say It. But, I Am Leaving DU.

Hundreds Mourn Contractor Believed Killed in Iraq

Who has signed on to co-sponsor Conyers' resolutions for censure

The Frightened Democrat

Cartoon: Bathroom Break

My Theme/Talking Points re: Alito

The asswipes that started this mess we're all in are gonna walk

Tragedy and Hope.

Kmart cuts full-time store jobs

State of Belief on AA! This guy is SMOKIN'!

Does Bush have an Achille's Heel?

Just made an amazing discovery: I know the Economic Hitman!

Republicans in the Blogosphere Speaking Out Against King Holiday

Why I'm glad Bush was re-elected:

Hey, DU Stephanie Miller fans! What is your favorite

John Murtha - 60 Minutes

You're being watched ...

anyone else hear about this new virus?

Arsonists out of control here in Okla. Many grass fires being started

My personal fiscal dilemma

Ahmadinejad: a lot like Bush?

Don't forget it looked like Miers was going forward till the Rightwingers

Mr. and Mrs. Snoot of America, U.S.A.

The Monitor - coming up - Marjorie Cohn, Ellie Smeal on Alito

One would think liberals would be a little kinder to

Are judicial "ETHICS" part of judicial "QUALIFICATIONS"?

Carter and Clinton were there for only 12 of the last 45 years.

george bush is a saint!

America's foreign policy in action.

KOS: Of "Grave Threats" And Iran

US leader who's a racist, homophobic, cannibal? naaaa

Why doesn't the Securities Exchange Commission look into this

What will a rulling against Roe really do.

Bush says Iran is a "grave threat" and Democrats rush to agree...

"Nuclear Option" = "Reps tell Dems when they can Filibuster" = bu**sh*t

Mike Papantonio told me all I need to know about Fienstein

AP: Cronkite: Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq

Just read the NYT headlines and my head is about to freakin' EXPLODE

I'm afraid we face a truly different kind of enemy

Why is the Iranian president so anti-Jewish?

Classic Rock finds a Home in Iran

Things are not terrific...state of US economy is trouble!

Do they really believe this stuff!

I'm sad to say it, but I'm staying at DU

It's like this...

The Time Has Come,Now Is the Time!!

You'll never guess! - Murtha's on 60 Minutes

Hey Old Time DU'ers. Need Ya To Weigh In On This For Me.

Murtha up on 60 Minutes, CBS, 6pmCT. nt

Just sent this t the DNC and Diane Feinstein

peacefully surrounding the white house is not as crazy as it sounds

Hey, did you know Jack Murtha's on '60 Minutes'?

AirAmericaRadio today! 5-6PM EST Walter Cronkite guests on new show!!!

Feinstein rolls usual. Warns against filibuster.

24 is back -->>

I hate Nazis.

Stuck Between Scalia and Thomas: Democrats Drop the Ball - Again

A re-write on the story posted ealier titled "The Filling Station"

Bush: 'I'm Not Making This Up'

What do you call a Trojan Horse with Trojan Horse written on

And Another Special Ed Teacher Accused of Sex With Students

WTF? Gold went up 7.8 DOLLARS on Friday?

Concerning the thread: " I'm offended by bums going through my garbage"

China Cuts Military by 200,000 Troops

The Singularity Is Near

We Must Not Quit!! PFAW: Alito Failed the Test, Senators Say

Why do they equate religion with being a conservative?

Why are these frogs croaking ? (Time)

Alito won't always be a rubber stamp for the executive branch


Cronkite: Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq NOW

Every internet post is international,NSA has recorded it it.

anyone know how to reach studs terkel?

Feingold on CSPAN right now

A progressive

If we blocked Scalito would we get a better nominee?

Philabuster schmilabuster.

Arlen Specter: Decent man or con man?

USA Today editorial: A Hero Scorned

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

Check Out the Most Popular Media at GFP

Feinstein, you are dead to me

So Now The Rightwing Freaks Are Attacking MURTHA'S Purple Hearts

Um...guys? The biggest threat in the world is the BUSH ADMIN!!!

Santa Claus Backs Domestic Spying Program

So all the military backs the President and the War in Iraq, right?

CSPAN: Reid and Salazar on Honesty in Government, coming up now

My Military Exp.

So When does Shrubya use the Bird Flu Trick....

Hey DU, if we had the votes we would Filibuster

Bush's Carlyle Leeches Onto Britian's Defence Piggybank

The Republicans just wanted it more (re:Scalito)

Anybody watching read on "Road to the White House"?

'Bush I's failure to get Saddam in the Gulf War cost him re-election'

Iraq could have been "won" with shovels & need for guns

Bush's Favorite Myth (devastating piece in the Los Angeles Times}

Heads Up: Wesley Clark will be on Fox News tomorrow at 10 a.m (EST)

Oh darn, the #2 they thought they killed was actually not killed!

Two teens attack 3 homeless men (separate events) and kill one...

Housing bubble?

Ney to Temporarily Cede House Panel Chair

NYTimes subscribers: Has Paul Krugman

Link TV is having a round-table discussion now regarding the

Blue state/Red State is BS

MUNICH, Black September, & CIA money

ZOGBY POLL: Bush job approval dips again to 39%

Woman's Breast self exam BSE...just got easier

Jeb Bush may be responsible for bringing out the Dem vote in 2006.

I am hoping that Gore's speech Monday will light the fire under

The WP blog is going nuts over Howell's error

What is going on in Florida these days?

Bremer to Larry Johnson in 2003: Doesn't matter, we're going to war anyway

Just saw "Munich," which left me with a very uneasy feeling...

McCain is scaring me

Has the Dem Leadership asked Gore to call for Impeachment?

Ashcroft is baaaak...Why are we surprised

It's time to name the countries that have or have had a female president

Pickles is now dispensing advice re: Constitutional Law?

Dems Appoint Ethically Challenged Dem

Barney, Bush Family Dog, Backs Domestic Spying Program

What are some people completely lacking in altruism?

Washington Post ombudsman REPEATS LIE

Whoever hasn't checked out the gallery in the

Specter: If Bush broke law, impeachment is a remedy

Christians trying to use science or logic is like

Bush to create new category of crime "disruptive behavior."

Hallmark Stores are playing Amy Grant & Christian Music. (sorry everyone. The other one

Late night CSPAN - Kaine's inauguration coming up

West Wing in 5 minutes

22 percent of respondents polled said they would vote for DeLay

There must be Memorial Services daily for Iraqi killed soldiers.

$$$ FOR IRAQ GONE-US Promoting "Tough Love" Reconstruction

Democracy Now: Alito versus public broadcasting / free speech

DU Marines.... check a real gunny out

Rainbow Warrior. Just because.

Democrats Sat on Al Jazeera Memo, Guardian Buried Lead

Reid repeating......Abramoff gave NO money to Democrats-On CSPAN now

How To Shut Them Up In One Sentence

Police killing of an emotionally disturbed teenager of 15. Any thoughts?

Which aspens turned?

Is "gay" becoming a derogatory term among young people again?

The economy sucks

Stopping Scalito is Important but...

New Version of Patriot Act goes futher to criminalize dissent

We are stardust, We are golden

perhaps it would be better if Iran had nukes?

Go find another Party

You can only cry wolf once (Iran)

$18 Billion "Marshall Plan" sputters to close with Iraq "still a shambles"

We can stop them!

Mark Warner Is Pissing Me Off On George Stephanapalos.

Has anyone checked their bookmarks lately?

Paranoid about the "Unitary Executive" questions at Alito

Contact the media regarding Gore's speech tomorrow

This war as an unjust, evil and futile war: MLK on Vietnam/Iraq

A Tale of Two Graphics (Moral Matrix Analysis)

So is God punishing Oklahoma for electing Tom Coburn to

"Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World"--Funny idea, or not really?

2006: An excessively optimistic look ahead

Ayn Rand's "real man" William Edward Hickman.

Murtha's on 60 minutes;

Jon Alter/Newsweek:We are in danger of scrapping our checks and balances

Ummm, hello? Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that

What will happen if Alito nomination is defeated? History has an answer.

In Ga., Abramoff Scandal Threatens (Ralph Reed) a Political Ascendancy

Fundies Say the Darnedest Things!

Babylon Rising

"At Canaan's Edge:

Conyers' Blog, Sunday, January 15:

"I may not get there with you." Martin Luther King

Brainstorming Thread: Open Invite to all DU - re: Restoring Dem Power

Since when is landslide a verb?

Today's senior citizens are bagging groceries-

US troops with brain injuries passed off as psychological cases

Do they have school vouchers in Europe?

Until we make fraudulent elections THE issue, FORGET ABOUT IT

Isn't this the perfect time for the DU activist corps?

Scotts Miracle Gro to Fire Smokers, but sells Leukemia causing Chemicals

If you "keep a dirty house" it's ok to be beaten by your husband?

Tonight's Boondocks is BRILLIANT

Write to Feinstein

Health insurance higher than taxes

MLK Jr.: "Beyond Vietnam" (& beyond the diluting of his message)

NEWSWEEK: NEY & IRAN-Lobbying-The Web Widens

Hackett compares religious right to bin Laden

Ralph Yarborough voted against confirmation, and lost because of it.

Will Gore call for * to be impeached tomorrow?

I Have A Dream

Middle Class poverty

New spin:.. Soldiers don't WANT to wear their armor

Two Ohio churches accused of violating nonprofit status by supporting

ATTENTION All Princeton Grads - WE NEED YOU!

Speaking of the flu...

Antiwar Protesters Jeer Pelosi at Town Hall Event

Law Professor's Blog Skewers Alito

More on the fiasco of the Medicare Drug program

"A time comes when silence is betrayal." MLK 1967


US Troops Kidnap Journalist Investigating Iraqi $Millions$ Our Govt. Stole

Nations with nukes have no right to tell others they can't have them

Chandra Levy--talk about a blast from the past!

YAHOO is tracking what you are doing and every site you visit

Labour MPs leaked Bush's proposal to bomb al-Jazeera

Ever hear of this guy?

Don't Buy the Media Narrative - Dems Have Their Shit Together

On the 26th anniversary of the death of Oscar Romero, I remeber Jorge*

consider the possibility that the Bush presidency is wildly SUCCESSFUL...

Any takers? Ah, come on, give it a try . . .

Yahoo Tracking Group Members - how to opt out

Remember how Kerry was not in the lead for much of the

Is there a class Republicans take in college

Um, guys? Iran *IS* a threat!! The Iraq Lie has made you biased.

Sam Brownback booed at the KU basketball game yesterday.

Quit Torturing the Language on Abortion

Anyone watching McLaughlin Grp? He called Dems pusillanimous--

MURTHA: "The most isolated president that Iíve served with"

I feel better about Bush now.

Hitler had SS, Saddam had Republican Guard, Bush needs Republican Guard

tomorrow is such a long time (2006 elections)

Your favorite MLK quote

Iran is not a threat to the United States.

Who's not done yet?

The Bush family, the Cuban mafia and the Kennedy assassination

Alito -- NOT a "Done Deal"

NEW TOON 1/15/06 - Things look better from inside a bubble

How do Democrats split the 39% who approve of Bush?

Dear Gov. Dean -- Amplifying awareness of the Bush regimeís mendacity Ö

The men who killed JFK, RFK, & MLK, now rule the land

We need a new protest strategy.

Any Journalists or professional writers out there who want to help me

Northwest, ground workers agree on concessions

Any IBEW members?

I sent an email to my local news radio station. Re: anti-union report

Nick Lampson (D) running against DeLay in TX-22:diary up now on dKos

What would Martin say? (Bangor Daily News)

Dem Senators that should be contacted to vote against Alito

How would your perfect President and your perfect candidate differ?

Ashcroft cashing in on Homeland Security

secret socieities .Bildrg, Trilateral commission on history channel

Homeless beaten in Fort Lauderdale

Resistance is futile.....Give up....

Republicans are trying to portray themselves as Dems or Moderates...

Band of Brothers 2006 on C-SPAN Wash J --NOW!

It is not in the RW's best interest to provide a excellent education.

Photo: Hey, it's "The Hammer," and they're giving him...a hammer. Wow.

The CIA believes it's more important than Americans' civil liberties.

If Trent Lott retires, Does Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) have a shot...

"Bush's Tide Not Ebbing Soon"


Failure to filibuster even if just symbolic will come back to haunt Dems..

Bush to criminalize protesters as "disruptors"..

"As a boy, Clinton saw the story of Rosa Parks, and moved to the back seat

What if it happened here?

Shooting down Cunningham's legend

Time to email the WaPo ombudsman

How did Dukakis win the primaries in 1988?

While Specter is voicing concern about spying, Mrs. Bush defends hubby

Independent World Television. 2007?

Democrats have lists of House and Senate races, DNC has state page as well

Declaration of Co-dependence

Had Another Thought About NSA Spying On Supposedly Foreign...

AAR at 5PM :State of Belief, Going Head to Head against the Religous Right

Gold is going through the roof

ATTENTION All Princeton Grads - WE NEED YOU!

Chavez tells Peru leader: 'You're so like Bush'

Are all vets who are running for 2006 Dems...

Alito and Democracy Now! Please try to hear this.

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: Swift Boat Vets v. Murtha, Flash Vid.

Specter: No talk of impeachment b/c Bush is "making a good-faith effort."

Wake up America--says MLK!!!!

A Beautiful "Must Read" We Could Each Be Dr. King:

Salon's Joe Conason: "Alito's Ugly Association"

We Need a Two Party System Again

How I'd change the school system

I'd back Condi for the White House, says Laura Bush

Why don't they kidnap Howard Kurtz?

What with Finestain supporting Scalito, is there any real reason to

I have 1 question for all associated with the WH & Congress NeoRepubs:

White House Letter: How Bush tries shaping new laws to his liking

NEOCONstitutionalist takeover is gravest threat to democracy

DU THIS POLL: Should Canada WITHDRAW from KYOTO climate change accord??

VA. Del. David Englin on the marriage amendment - GREAT READ!

Party of the Military? Not

Pressure McCain! Why? The torture issue!

Don't miss Murtha on 60 MINUTES tonight. n/t

Maury & Connie dis the Constitution now.. MSNBC

Kickback Mountain..Nation article...shows why(I think) Feingold is best

MURTHA: War "It sears the soul"

My LTTE was published today! Thank you, DUers who helped

Black Monday?

I found this on a GOP site. Do the Dems keep this info on our sites too?

Ladies and Gentlemen.. I have a plan for the 'House Majority Leader'..

Rep. Ney to Temporarily Cede Panel Chair

Ana Marie Cox reviews Kate O'Beirne!

Murtha for President.

Dems need to know this - the latest attack on Kennedy

Need DU help in responding to this RW argument:

The myth that shapes Bush's world

Proposal for a New DU Group: LTTE

Dropped thread

Roy Blunt took favors from sleazy defense contractor

Laura Bush Backs Domestic Spying Program

Dismal days ahead in Iraq

The Imperial Presidency at Work

All these calls to reactivate the Activist corps

The framers of our Constitution feared executive power run amok

GOP Lobbying Reform IS A SHAM! Alito is why.

America can't win Bush's war on terror by sending billions$ abroad for oil

get it here -Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for Sunday 01/15/06

Advice to Dems: Start saying "The American people want..."

Murtha tonight (Troop Withdrawal)...Gore tomorrow(Constitutional Crisis)

I saw the cover of American Conservative Magazine in the bookstore...

Let's call him what he is: Judge Sam Alapdog

State Democratic chairman sees Montana as player in '08

Is Bush the Anti Christ?

Is there a secret deal going regarding Alito?

should republicans impeach bush?

This One Man may be why Dems can't fillibuster Alito.............

WP: Still Seeking a Fair Vote (MLK, Delay's TX redistricting, Sup Crt)

Dear Laura

Cheney: Katrina was "a bit of a distraction"

Specter: If Warrantless Spy Program Illegal, Impeachment a "Remedy"

Shouldn't candidates have to wear suits that look like NASCAR

So, how's Diebold doing these days?

Next Rovian move: Cheney steps down in 2007 for health reasons

The Math Of Anti-Democratic Government : US SENATE

Did anyone see Bremer on MTP today?

Send this photo to all of your senators

Why are GOP groups tax exempt non-profit?!?!?!?

Facts on # of US wounded casualties from foreign press

Laura's spoken out on spying. Choose her next topic.

What if this Bush Farce is all about "PETRO DOLLARS?" What If

Democratic leaders see little hope of holding off the tide(WTF giving up?)

Does Anybody Think The Dems Are Saying No Filibuster But....


Bush should be suspended or put on probation

precisely why George Bush wants hearings on domestic spying


In the last five years or so do the Democrats have anything they can be

What Keeps You (Politically) Sane?

Hey Democrats, hereís what we get to do when we WIN: Kaine Inaug

What's the political temperature in **your** town?

Consider this -

Let's talk Politics....

Which event signalled point of no return for the RW take-over of the US

What will happen if Alito nomination is defeated? History has an answer

The Divided States of America

Easy form to email your Senators against Samuel Alito