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Archives: December 9, 2006

Bush ignores report's criticism of Iraq war handling.

Jeffords' retirement after 40 years ends an era in Vt. politics

ACLU asks court to hold Rumsfeld legally liable for detainee abuse

NYT: The Sunshine Boys Can’t Save Iraq (Rich nails it hard again)

It's Still About Oil in Iraq (LA Times OpEd: ISG report advocates continued petro-colonialism)

HAYDEN: Iraq Study Group had oil, construction, & finance execs, wanted to end war but keep oil

Rebound in gas prices raises suspicion of politics

Dowd: The Oval Intervention

Sens. Specter, Leahy Introduce "Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2006"

WP: A Painful Exchange: Americans' Pocketbooks Pinched by Euro, Pound

Go, Barney! Frank to try to get Unions back on track

Recommendations for Federal Legislation To Ensure the Integrity of our Democracy

"Barack Obama, Inc." ...Birth of Washington Machine...Harpers Magazine

LAT: Afghanistan war nears 'tipping point': Another long, costly fight with Islamic insurgency?

Bush Still Calls Shots on War, for Now

The Olbermann factor

Spy's assassins may have poisoned themselves - FBI,

Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Bush, In Congress

Active-Duty Military Personnel Will Protest War in Iraq on Wednesday

We Won't Get Fooled Again By Timothy V. Gatto

WP,pg1: WH Iraq Strategy Talks Focusing on Three Main Options: Will unveil new plan before Christmas

Some observations on the Iraq Study Group (ISG)/ James Zogby

What the Generals Say

Swiss halt geothermal experiment after tremor (Reuters)

I need help debating a global warming denialist on another forum.

If you really MUST have a Hummer

"There's No Such Thing As Eco-Tourism"

Vast African Lake Levels Dropping Fast - AP

Rev Up Your Green Engines (Newsweek)

"Six Ways That Changing Your Life Can Prevent Global Warming"

Assess renewable energy's feasibility, governors advised

SoCal DUers: Alternative Car and Transportation Expo today

The orphans of Sumqayit (BBC)

E&E Crosspost: A Toon.

Energy Companies Get Greater Access to Gulf (of Mexico)

Al Gore Speech At NYU

Key Tax Bill for Renewables Moves Closer to Vote

Oakland's goal: oil-free by 2020 (CA)

Freedom (Maine) Planning Board approves wind project

Agreement to Buy Renewable Natural (Bio)Gas from Huckabay Ridge (TX)

Tony Blair to pressure Bush* to responsible action on Global Warming on Barbara Boxer's request

For this we waited all these months? (RW warning)

Olmert says open to international force in Gaza

Israel's Olmert calls for dramatic measures against Iran (Reuters)

Palestinian protest turns violent

Palestinian refugees want no part of another Lebanese war

PM open to Italian proposal to send international force to Gaza

Marks on the Israeli town of Sderot

Saniora denounces Hezbollah after continued protests vow

Abbas Decides to Call Early Elections (AP)

Blow to Blair mission as Palestinian PM vows never to recognise Israel

An Interview With Al-Jazeera Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Sheikh

Iran president urges Hamas leader to stand firm

"Sky News" Was poisoned spy false flag whistleblower?

Why does this book on 9/11 cost a hundred bucks??!!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Dec. 9, 2006

Recommendations for Federal Legislation To Ensure the Integrity of our Democracy

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Election firm says codes are a secret

Shenanigans in MO.

Why is King County opposing the recount in close Washington D8 race?

Georgia Lawsuit

HAND COUNTED paper ballots YES! Sourcecode anywhere-NO!

Warm weather in Europe cause for concern

Wesley Snipes arrested on IRS charges

Rice Cool to Idea of Talks with Iran About Iraq (first comments on Iraq Study Group report)

Lebanon prime minister derides Hezbollah

Uruguay extradites 'Dirty War' suspects

Representative McKinney Introduces Articles of Impeachment

White House won't accept all Baker group proposals (Reuters)

Car bomb kills 8, wounds 16 in Iraq's Kerbala

WP,pg1: WH Iraq Strategy Talks Focusing on Three Main Options: Will unveil new plan before Christmas

(Idaho) Democrats walk out over budget seat

Sunnis condemn U.S. military attack

Republican Rule in Congress Ends With Tax Cuts, Trade Measure

Bush's Iraq approval at new low- 27%

US, Iraqi forces detain aide of Shiite radical leader

AP: Senate Approves Anti-Pretexting Bill

NYT: Democrats Plan Oil Royalties Inquiry

Democrats' Reyes promises accountability (radio address)

Marine killed in Anbar # 2928

NYT: Iraqis Near Deal on Distribution of Oil Revenues

NYT/Reuters: Congress Approves Offshore Drilling Bill

Blood Diamonds

Rebound in gas prices raises suspicion of politics

Report on Iraq Exposes Divide Within G.O.P.

Pakistan wants 2.5 million Afghan refugees to leave

NYT: Romney’s Gay Rights Stance Draws Ire: Conservatives criticize 1994 letter

LAT: Afghanistan war nears 'tipping point': Another long, costly fight with Islamic insurgency?

Al-Zarqawi said Shiites most dangerous than US, Saddam

Taking on Third World water (Seattle group with help from Gates Foundation)

San Francisco fights over its character

It's Still About Oil in Iraq (LA Times OpEd: ISG report advocates continued petro-colonialism)

Reuters: Iran sets conditions for talks with U.S. on Iraq

Bush ignores criticism of Iraq war handling

Another typhoon slams the Philippines

No Child Left Behind applied behind bars

Bush asks Rumsfeld to keep advising him

New Orleans mayor says city's tourism economy on upswing

La. Dem Incumbent in Tough House Runoff (Jefferson)

(AP) Ahmadinejad: Iran expands uranium enrichment program

Newsweek Poll: The Lone Ranger (ISG 65% Concur - Bush Approval 32%)

Bush sees US consensus over Iraq ("victory in Iraq". )

(Following up on a death threat) Taliban gunmen kill 5 family members

AP: Bush Pans Criticism of Iraq War Policies (weekly radio address)

Ecuador to Renegotiate Oil Leases `Case by Case,' Correa Says

Indian, U.S. Officials Welcome Nuke Deal

Authorities: Saddam Hussein’s nephew has escaped from Iraqi prison

Bus officials apologize to Muslim woman

Rumsfeld makes secret farewell trip to Iraq

Saddam's Nephew Escapes Iraqi Prison

GOP pushes tax bill through Congress

Iran Offers to Help U.S. Exit From Iraq

McClatchy: Democrats frustrated by Bush's reaction to Iraq report (Bush thinks he's Truman)

BREAKING: Secret American talks with insurgents break down, from the Times of London

Shiites Rout Sunni Families in Mixed Area of Baghdad (Remember: NOT Civil War)

CNN: Space shuttle Discovery lights up night sky

ABC News: No Prosecution Likely for Foley

Britain 'tried to keep Iraq army'/ BBC

CNN: Aide: Head of House Democratic Campaign Committee Rahm Emanuel heard of Foley e-mails in 2005

US-UK dogfight downs Jet plans

Traces of radiation linked to Litvinenko case found in Germany - 1

Jefferson storms back to win re-election

Olmert not ruling out attack on Iran/ JPost

Ahmadinejad: Holocaust is now up for debate

US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash

New Pentagon Plan at Odds with Iraq Study Group's (all troops stay and 'embed')

S. American Leaders Aim for EU-Like Body

Do you have friends who are "satires"?

"His penis is soooo cute....

Möbius has awakened from her slumber

Someone Wake Me Up At 4:15 a.m. CST

Link to nude pics of Donald Rumsfeld

Whoa. Meat Loaf STILL kicks ass.

i'm naked....!!! entertain moi!

My Christmas contribution #1


My Africams are shot....

Back from Bali-

i'm bored....!!! entertain moi!

For Hypnotoad, tonight's iPod thread is this one. Post inside.

My 2nd Christmas contribution...

My 1000th post!! Can we talk about something... like...uh.. I don't know, kudzu?

Audrey Hepburn's dress in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" sold for $807,000!

Cook Quesadillas: Oui ou Non?

I'm watching a movie that has a mime - guess what movie it is!

Firefox question

Damn, I can't sleep

"His penis is soooo ____"

don't look at this thread if you're squemish!


Well... goodbye all

Have you ever looked in the DU gallery to see if someone looks messed up...

Anyone else wanking naked?

How would society change if penis size was immediately apparent?

To eat pastry or not to eat pastry(lame copycat)

Ever had bad times re inheriting something you didn't want?

For Hypnotoad, tonight's iZod thread is this one. Post inside.

Bah Humbug! The war on christmas thread!!

How much do y'all tip your newspaper carriers for xmas?

Africam Warning:

So, I just got back from seeing the Tenacious D movie, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed.

BJ's Wholesale.

Africam Poll

Any current Princeton students here?

PANIC! No Caffeine in the house!!!

Turtle alert! Africam.

Snorkeling in Canada's Coral Reefs

Oh wow, have you heard the latest?

To be pastry or not to be pastry.

Research assistance needed

Ordering pizza without human intervention

Hallowed are the Ori!

I need email help. Suddenlink is changing

Do you hate your job more than this guy?

Marriage proposal and engagement on stuff on my cat---


Warning! WEMU.ORG Jazz (89.1) on air now.

Which of these Puppy food ingredients list is the best?

Dancing animals...funny

SPAM Chronicles: delicate mo

I found this beautiful landscape photograph on the web.

Am I the only one?

Congratulations proud2Blib!! 30,000 posts

Need help dealing with insects in my apt

What is this?

he had a (fill in the blank) from here to Palermo...

Hotdog Stand Serves Rudolph As Wiener (reindeer hot dogs)

How do you hang a mirror?

Hope is Emo. OMG.

RELATIVES QUESTION: My grandmother, Ida, had a younger brother, Bill, who had an only son, Loren.

to eat pastries or not to eat pastries...

"Freedom is never a gift, it has to be earned."

Hope is Elmo. OMG.

To be pasty or not to be pasty. son's car was just stolen...

Plastic Fantastic Lover

Can a moderator please lock my pasty thread?

Important note for anyone who shops in my store today:

Bedroom etiquette do you hog!

There's a party at my house tonight.

Herk On!!11!!

Man rams Portland Police, upset about NOT being pulled over

Poll question: Bedroom cigarette do you hog!

What I saw today

Saturday, December 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Happy birthday Rabrrrrr, RadFemFL & Cadfael!!

Late Night Poetry Thread

If you're like me and love cussin .......

Whose side are you on?

Hope is Emo, Part II

Laura's $8400 dress cost more than any of my cars, ever.

mo paul, mo paul, mo paul.....

Is "Dr. Archie Morris," the character on ER an atheist?

You and your Coffee Pot

lease question, landlord is selling home i live in.

Please keep it down in here!

Please keep it up in here!

Anybody else wanna smell my sweet marker pen?

BBC America's "Life on Mars"...Why can't I find a US compatible DVD????

My cat thinks she wants outside

Living in Florida and all I want to do is wear black leather, chains, and Harley boots

Thing on Pat's nose -- UPDATE (if you're REALLY easily squeamed, don't look)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/09/06)

Is anyone having trouble with hotmail and/or Internet Explorer 7.0

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

An informative article about one of my favorite authors,J. A. Jance

Will CPAs manage the finances of members of the working class?

Bedtime for me

I just came back from the city

I know this is silly, but did I do the right thing?

Goodnight, you guys

Taco Bell...Taco Bell...It's Christmas time in the city.

Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) movie recommendation...

revelation = phenomenology = judgment = pariah

Posting on DU is addictive!! I have proof!!!

So I saw this Judas Priest concert on VH1 Classic today

There is a goddam leopard or SOMETHING coughing on the Africam.

A Great Musician Needs Your Help:Bruce Langhorne (JONATHAN DEMME)

More Poetry from the Tomes

In which trof stumbles upon the secret recipe for Durkee's Famous Sauce.

A Soldier's Christmas (Can we support our troops and not the war?)

How 'bout them lunch toters?

Goodnight my beautiful things.....

Mmmmmm. Navy beans are good. Soaked 'em all day.

Who is more curious, women or men?

Prompted by the Rudolph thread

You and Your Coffee Cup


Father-in-law update

Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Lenny Kravitz Greatist Hits CD?

Bad joke: What do you call it when you beat up a dead person?

Good news and bad news...

If anyone says "Don't look if you're squeamish," you have to look, right?

I've got my fifth wheel in a parking lot and I can't turn around!

Just backed my 5th wheel over a shopping cart with a thing on it's nose.

FYI: The search for n/a wine continues...

Is it normal to take 2 hours to burn a DVD-ROM

My "XM Boom Box" has failed. I can use the vehicle adaptor kit in my car

Anyone here ever invest in

Is There A Safe Way To Use An Oven For Eating?

What do you do

When is the last time you had a wet dream?

VIDEO: College Professor vs Neo-Con Preacher

Scandal!! Zamfir is NOT the master of the Pan Flute!!!

I have 19,492 posts. Will I make 20,000 before New Years?

List movies that depict the people and culture of a specific area and time in the U.S.,

ok need some ideas for poster board slogans with positive spin

Sig opinions

"Gut Feeling"

To be Patsy or not to be Patsy

Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens

My butt hurts.

God damn! IncrediFlash Xtreme is complicated

Do they have broadband on the shuttle?

Attention Parents: What would you have done in this situation?

Veal demi-glace with Sriracha and cilantro in the wok with shrimp?

I got a second reaction to my Impeach bumpersticker today

Rachael Weiz.

If you use your debit card, and the amount in you account isn't enough for the purchase,

Well, I've been asked recently.......where are my pic threads?

Fashion Q: Would this be a good dress for a short, plump chick?

Sigh, why do I need attention tonight?

I will be trying to post a photo, my daughter helped, so wish me success

My imaginary friend from childhood just called

What is the Best Internet Dating Service?

Should I watch "Flip THIS House" on A&E or "Flip THAT House" on TLC?

How to create a popular thread:

Does Bill Clinton deserve to have a pimp cup?

What Flavor Is Your Cat?

Oh man this marker pen smells so sweet

If offered... would you sniff a complete strangers finger?

My epidermis hurts all over.

Radio Lady invites you to view... Amazing Mexico (PHOTOS of Aztec and Mayan sites from 1984 -- 1990)

If you were to change your DU screen name - what would it be?


OK, Your Heisman Prediction...

I just did something not good, and I don't know if it's against the rules. (Need help)

Need computer help with something I should be able to do in my sleep!

aarrrrrgg! walked into a Walgreens today, got a Phil Collins musak earworm

Who's making the deviled eggs?

Jesus Christ, I hate GD...


I invoke the collective grammar power of DU...

Why I am not laughing at Saturday Night Live.

Verizon Canada has Math Problems - (.002 cents = .002 dollars?!?)

Seven-year-olds are the greatest

I feel like hell

Birthday cake dilemma (aka what a fool I am)

Do you buy original art and what is your gender?

I Need Your Kitty Litter?

To wear pasties or not to wear pasties....


Anyone ever try True online dating?

Is there a safe way to use an oven for heating?

Anyone else posting naked?

How come Superman never has bugs in his teeth?

What are you smelling right now?

My company Christmas party was tonight


Thoughts on a cold winter's morn: Why I heat with wood.

What is going on with Mr Scorpio?

What phrase will be written on the chimperor's tombstone?

O How A Rose E'er Blooming -- Your favorite Christmas songs?

Richard Nixon the Cat: Maybe coronavirus (FCoV), maybe giardiasis.

So where the hell is Floogeldy?

Uh oh, DU, I have a cell phone

My wife and kids are out of town tonight

Has anyone ever used TracFone?

What are you listening to right now?

How about a "Dedicate a song to a duer or two" (reprise thread)

curious: why do some people have such animosity toward reality TV

Feelings on Taco Bell?

What phrase will be written on your tombstone?

I just don't like NASCAR

Quick! Don't stop to think, don't look up photos, just post a name: Who revs your motor?!

Why I came here - 30,000 posts later

WAHOO!!! Finally got DSL! Goodbye to dial-up FOREVER!!

Why Adam Michnik is Afraid of Theocracy

Christianity against women

The Gospel of Christian Atheism (Thomas J.J. Altizer / 1966)


How offensive is destroying non-religious 'Christmas' cards?

Why Does the Death and Resurrection of Christ Fall On a Different Day Every Year.

Planetary triple play sunday

A cute tribute to Tom Brady (QB of New England)

Church of Sweden gives gay couples church blessing

Minister pursuing gay wedding case

Anti-Gay Website

Some N.J. Mayors Refuse To Conduct Civil Unions

Initiative Launched To End Washington State LGBT Civil Rights Law

Where Is Our Martin Luther King?

Napa winery to donate funds to support gay marriage

Anti-Gay AFA Now Targets Sears

Anyone a little bothered by the money given out to baseball players this offseason?

A little manifestation moment to share with you.

If you didn't get this card ..

Sexual harassment in the workplace, MY workplace, directed at ME

Picture (film) of Solar Tsunami on Dec 6

Article about "vibrations" from a Malaysian newspaper

i can't believe this happened to me again

Republican Senator Gordon Smith criticizes Iraq War

There it is: the meme!

Jack Frost

Beautiful nature photos

Christmas lights

Mood Music for Contest

Can Reuters be sued for publishing this photo?

Judge "Reluctant To Give Rumsfeld Immunity From TORTURE ALLEGATIONS"

Freepers Admit They Know Good Parents Who Are Gay

All we need now is justice

Cyinthia McKinney files articles of impeachment @ Digg

StraightDope Tombstoned why?

Anyone know if anyones started a list of Iraq war supporters who've admitted they were wrong ?

Diane Sawyer in North Korea -- a laugh

Where are the antiwar rallies??

Last to Die for Bush's and His Pals' @#&*%$#^ Lies

Colbert on Charlie Rose on PBS at 12:30 PM CT now.

EPA to Begin Final World Trade Center Health Air and Dust Testing

Do you rent or race pigs?

Totally dumb question here, but it's 2:45 am CST

2,927 U.S. troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Rumsfeld regrets he got caught for the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Not the 600,000 dead Iraqis

House and Senate Both Adjourned, GOP Controlled 109th Congress Officially Over

Hollywood wonders about Gibson's future as "Apocalypto," first film since anti-Semitic tirade, opens

Nasty interstate abortion bill fails last night: Eat it, Santorum.

China accuses US of nuclear double standards

'You must leave in 24 hours or your heads will be cut, your houses burnt'

he read the read report because it's important...

Iraq will have a democracy if we have to kill everyone of them...

Remember when you couldn't even criticize w without getting called a traitor?

Republican scandal in Alaska???

Segolene Royal is....Hot

It's 4:00 AM EST. What the hell is happening in the Senate?

Drug reform in the new Congress

KO just mentioned rummy's "parting shot"...what is...

Maf-54. "Thanks Denny darlin', now send me a picture of your...

They really think the Iraq fiasco is our fault

Republican Senator says Iraq war may be "criminal"

Durbin and bushie and Truman

A federal judge on Friday seemed reluctant to give Donald Rumsfeld immunity from torture allegations

Sunday talk show list from a friend's blog.

GOP Senator Says War Is Absurd And May Be 'Criminal'- Calls For Rapid Withdrawal

Silly idea. Not. Silly string helps find IED's

"Olbermann's Latest Low! Mean-spirited about Mary Cheney!"

The House is adjourned!

What MSNBC had to say TODAY about studies on game violence and aggression

Dead in Iraq this morning - 2928

Sic transit gloria 109th Congress.

I watched CNN International for the past two weeks. Some

Chambersburg native seeks money to fight Iraq rape, murder charges

`Truthiness' is named (Merriam-Webster) Word of the Year

SOMEBODY! Please kick my...

What I would like to say if I may. Here we have the potential

Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico passed tonight in the Senate

I'm not an economist so maybe one of you can explain this to me.......

Thoughts on a cold winter's morn: Why I heat with wood.

Oh wow, have you heard the latest?

EPA announced a $7 million program to test indoor spaces in New York's lower Manhattan area.

Canadian oil sands key after '09

Why Does the Media Still Listen to Joe Lieberman?

Honestly, what was the point of the ISG? Who commissioned the study?

Oh, Come All Ye (weekend DU) Faithful and . . . CAPTION!!!

Mile - Markers (on the wrong road home) updated for the nearly 3k dead

White house focusing on 3 options for Iraq.

neo cons trying to destroy Canada too

White House issues Christ-free "Holiday Cards" that make Baby Jesus cry!

Article From '04 That Addresses 'Big Oils' Need To Penetrate The NOC's

Americans Agree With Iraq Study Group's Recommendations

Solving the Square-Roots of Terrorism

Send a holiday post card to a soldier.

Senate OKs bill to ban use of deception to obtain phone records

Can you envision bush ever apologizing?

Did anybody watch the rw lunatic panel about Hillary Clinton on cspan?

Kansas City Star on my Brother Veteran Randy Barnes

Rising Sea Level Big Concern Along S.C.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Saturday 12/9... and away go troubles down the drain

Report on Iraq Exposes Divide Within G.O.P.

UPDATE - Straight Story Effort - Please Read

The person who should be Time's Man of the Year

AP: Iraq Report Casts Military As War-Weary

Thousands in prizes, billions in bucks, hundreds of coupons . . . just CAPTION!!!

UN gives B. Clinton Citizen of the World Award.

Why are there Shell Oil advertisements on DU?

WP,pg1: WH in "crash review" for alternatives to ISG plan; will unveil own plan before Christmas

Calling Robertson, Dobson, Haggard et al

In other news, the sun rises in the east.

Annan Blasts Global Failure on Darfur Horror

Louisiana Winter

My health insurance company is offering prizes for fitness

POLL: If you were a senator and voted on the Homeland Security Act? How would you have voted???

another rat departs the sinking ship

Fiducia Fired by Fox for giggling

About Obama and the "Experience Question":

(California) Lawmakers aim to fix rule keeping funds from firefighters' kin

Saddam's nephew escapes from prison

Now here's a scary CHEVRON logo just saw online

BushCo America: Corporations stab you in the back

Foley Ethics Committee: America Go Fuck Yourself. We Are Above the Law

Authors Of Lancet Study To Present Findings To Congress Monday

Here's The Spin We Are Being Fed By Bush* / War Supporters. Re: ISG Report

Am I simply being paranoid?

Reid: Long-Overdue Tax Relief For The American People

"War on Christmas" update.

India ahead of many in adapting to global warming

When I come home from Iraq, I become homeless

Fathers and Sons How George W. Bush has ruined the family franchise

Lean Left? Lean Right? News Media May Take Their Cues From Customers

Falwell: NBC Sermonizes Against Chastity

Isn't the best form of national service working to improve yourself?

what media is missing from ISG report

A Great Musician Needs Your Help:Bruce Langhorne (Jonathan Demme)

NYT editorial: House Ethics Committee Foley report is "91-page exercise in cowardice"

Lieberman Lost the Election

...and he is worried about his legacy?? check this link -

How to explain Iraq war costs to a repub

We don't need a CEO for President.

Conclusion: Bush WANTS civil war in Iraq

The Most Popular Cars by Continent

Gore's climate ally answers call:The Alliance for Climate Protection

Did anyone see the where the congress in the house were asking for...

Which will you pay more attention to in 2007: Congressional investigations or the 2008 election?

This Just In.....

anyone here still think repubs are not human garbage?

Giant tent to be built in Astana {Kazakhstan} (BBC)

UK Teenager's gadgets are big energy wasters

Affirmative Access strikes again. How the rich protect their status quo.

Americans Back Price Negotiations On Medicare Drugs

Brazilian Governor Moves to Expropriate Land From Syngenta

bought 80's trivial pursuit game lots of bush questions one BIG W bush ?

How bad is the housing decline?

More Charges For REPUKE Crook..

MO Governor Joins War on Christmas

Clues To How the NSA Spies on Americans and Possible Immunity for Telecoms

A pastor's anguished suicide: TV station ran promos for expose on his sex life.

What is this no impeachment deal ?

More from the "War on Christmas"

Some questions about the Taxi reports book

Private AJ, when told Iraq did not do 9/11..."Yeah, well that stuff's way over my head"

?: Young woman is US soldier's fiancee & already has child w/him

Can Canada's liberals win on Green Issues?


Snatch a Saturday by it scrawny neck and give us, if you please, . . . A CAPTION!!!


Blood Diamonds

Did I really just hear that

Karl Rove to Dubya: "Suck the Democrats into the War, Make it Theirs, Too"

Can't we just jump the track?

Antiwar activists, youths, military agree: no draft

Bingaman questions plans to roll back tax breaks for big oil

Scandal!! Zamfir is NOT the master of the Pan Flute!!!

"How can I miss you if you won't go away?" Rumsfeld is in IRAQ!

Harry Reid: "Someone has to get the message to this man that there has to be significant change."

Buh-Bye Denny! ---pix--->>>

Bush dismantling the EPA

Yay! We're #1 - U.S. Has the Most Prisoners in the World ...

Barney's Holiday Extravaganza: Not for the timid!

Dems to challenge Big Oil

Photos of the "crazy left" with Randi Rhodes in Buffalo

Anybody know if the launch will be on any cable channel?

Taking on Third World water (Seattle group with help from Gates Foundation)

New Gore Book May Prompt "Draft Gore" Movement (And Clark Has A New Book, Too)

Grateful Dead fans??? Wow!

Who should be Time's "Person of the Year"?

Level Tehran for gasoline?

Cool "YouTube" of Lennon,

Several DUer's pointed to the combative Pelosi/McKinney relationship as proof

Clinton has plenty of campaign cash left over

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows (advice = sleep in...)

Rumsfeld is in Iraq?????? WTF????? Unbelievable...

Why did Bush fire Rumsfeld?

hmmm. . .How specifically pointed

Here's a live countdown site for the shuttle launch.

An Inconvenient Truth

Shuttle Discovery at 9 minutes and counting down

"Democrat" Leader (& Other Such Bullshit) . . . (CNN Headline) . . .

Larry Scott of VA pay tribute to Randy Barnes

"War on War"

Secret American talks with insurgents break down

Thank Lt Watada

George Bush and Social Security

My father would have been fired if he had committed negligence at HIS job

Noticed this sign permanently attached to the wall at granddaughter's basketball game tonight -

What do you want Congress to investigate?

WTF?!?! A HAND GRENADE is now a Weapon of Mass Destruction?!?!?

Sometimes, if you want a good cool drink of water....

NYT: Romney’s Gay Rights Stance Draws Ire: Conservatives criticize 1994 letter

Bill Jefferson has won reelection in Louisiana.

Black-Market Weapon Prices Surge in Iraq Chaos (NYT)

Will the shuttle lift off tonight? What do DUers think?

Is it really true that Senators Don't Get Elected President?

Italy to recognize gay couples; Vatican says it will "eradicate the family!"

SNL restore Sadam and write a check for the damage

The War On Christmas Hits Seattle Tacoma Airport..

So Donald H. Rumsfeld is back in Baghdad, where he helped arm

The housing market will correct when the median price relates to the median family income

What makes someone "unelectable?"

I think some Democrats may be missing the revolution simmering....

How George W. Bush has ruined the family franchise

****OFFICIAL LA-2 RUNOFF RACE (William Jefferson-freezer cash man) THREAD****

Rage from hawkish Right gives Bush political cover to reject Iraq Study Group plan

Global warming again: "Bark beetles ravaging western US forests"

The right wing answer to the daily show to air on fox? (it's bad, it's really bad)

Breaking: Mary Cheney's baby father exposed


I think that it looks more and more like the road out of Iraq

Bush Library Fund stands at $34.68.....some school kids made the donation LOL

Failure to stop 9/11, find Osama, or win the war, what a legacy.

Oaxaca: March Scheduled For tommorrow, It could get Rough Again

Frank Rich: "The actual reality is that we have lost in Iraq."

World Peace Day tomorrow... Any good slogans???


If * and the neocons are not punished for their crimes then this nation

Bush senior an honorable man and a gentleman? My ass!

Witness: I have no idea why I told police that debutante's killers were white

Iraq Study Group Recommendations 46, 72 and 78: Government officials should not lie

The Myth that Large Corporations are more Efficient.

Florida GOP congressman says don't let "outsiders" into state demanding new election

Bumpersticker I saw today.

50 years from now, when the effects of global warming really begin to materialize...

Now that Rupert Murdoch might go to jail, will he quit kissing the government's ass?

Media censorship during the Iraq occupation video

At WorldNut Daily, Freedom of Religion means Freedom ONLY to be Christian

A Venture Capital Alternative to Federal Student Loans

HELL FROZE OVER! Story on Saudis' Funding Iraqi Insurgents Appears in an AMERICAN News Outlet

Homeland Security Audit Reveals Widespread Criminal Activity Within Agency

My e-mail reply about that Citgo thing.

Just Saw "Bobby"...

45 women died in a fire yesterday

I just received the news

hey lurking this!

I didn't like Happy Feet, but not for the same reason as Glenn Beck & Neil Cavuto

US intelligence listened to Princess Diana's calls before crash

An Oedipal tragedy: As deadly folly rages, "we're left to analyze George W. Bush's tender ego...."

Include a Peace Sign when you sign your Christmas Cards

The FCC is reversing the break-up of AT&T...

US Casts Sole ‘No’ Vote Against Proposed Treaty Restricting Arms Trade

B*sh absolutely rampaging to destroy our country.

Gun porn

San Francisco fights over its character

Why Gore would be a Shoo-In (more wildass speculation from

Kucinich says it on the House floor thursday: Soldiers dying for oil.

No Home-Cooked Meals For The Poor . . . ABC News . . .


"Road to Peace" - amazing new lyrics by Tom Waits

We are in a severe national crisis. Right now.

Saturday Night TOONS

Bush Still Looking For A 'Way Forward' In The Face Of His Iraq Failure

Study: Violent Video Games May Rewire Teen Brain

I Have A #9 Dream

Habitat for Humanity plans ecologically green housing development

James Kim trekked much farther than first thought (Was 7 Miles from Lodge)

It's pictures like this that still leave you in awe of mankind's technology

I admit I feel a little guilty passing up the Salvation Army Kettle

Cynthia McKinney's Last Act- Introduces Bill to Impeach Bush

Kucinich Likely To Make Second Run For President

My school district has sent out a disclaimer for their Xmas/holiday parties

Religion for Captive Audiences, With Taxpayers Footing the Bill

Website Has Current DLC Membership Including Al Gore...

Stop Democratic corruption BEFORE it happens....

Things I'm hating right now

Gore/Feingold - The Brilliant Strategy?

Tumulty said it's "absurd" to attack U.S. press for not challenging Bush, while Froomkin praised U.K

Why isn't there a bigger movement to end "Corporate Personhood"?

"We Were Soldiers" author Joseph Galloway: Leave Iraq now; don't wait until 2008 election day

The best giving starts HERE on DU FOR DUers- Please read.

Afghanistan, Iraq and The American Dream

The Known Knowns Of Donald Rumsfeld...

Amp'd Mobile - Lil' Bush "Nuked" Episode

CNN on Rumsfeld's Bullish Ignorance...

His Spanish is better than Bush's English.

Bush Boys

Clinton on lessons learned from Nelson Mandela

Major General Paul D. Eaton's testimony before the DPC...

Hunter S Thompson - February 2003 Interview with Russert

The Fighting First Family

The End of Suburbia trailer

President Clinton to Peter Jennings:

Had George Wallace won the Democratic nomination in...

AP schools right-wing bloggers...again

The Banality of Harm: A Psychological Profile of George Bush

I think the Dems in the House and Senate need a new website to

Disturbingly similar poll numbers

If America's two party system was abolished and a multi-party system was formed...

New Congress Working Five Days A Week Means Dems Don't Care About Families? FU!

? for our legal eagle DUers

What a sorry lot they are !

"...A Miserable Failure" ?

Why did Bush wait until ISG report was done before asking for Pentagon.. .

William Jefferson will be voted out today.....I think

Feingold on the Iraq Study Group and the Need to Redeploy Troops

Romney’s Gay Rights Stance Draws Ire

O'Reiley, concerned about Child Abuse

How did the tax cut pass? Please someone it to explain to me.

AFP: Bush targets Iraq policy change by Christmas

DSA opinions?

Should We Get A $50 Tax Break Or $50 Tax Credit For Voting?

Study says violence in Iraq has been underreported

McKinney Introduces Bill To Impeach Chimpy..........

VENEZUELA: They hand-count 55% of the electronic vote!!!!

How terrible is the New York Post?

Clinton vs. Obama, Clinton vs.Obama, Clinton vs.Obama . . .

CBS Breaking! Rumsfeld in Baghdad

Ray McGovern agrees with me on the Gates confirmation

How Bush Could Be Impeached

Is a whole sleeve of Gore 2000, 7-eleven paper cups worth anything?

Farewell to George Allen

Bush Spokesman On Implementing Iraq Report: "Jim Baker Can Go Back To His Day Job”

I once thought that race was the major fault line that ran through

The ISG report exposes the deep split within the Republican Party..

New Zogby poll has Bush at 30% - lowest ever / Congress - 16%

WP: Candidates Woo Bush Donors for 'Invisible Primary'

I Don't Get it -- It Looks Like William Jefferson Won?

ISG to the Troops: You're just pawns .....

Startling True Confession: I Am A Candidate Advocate

If I Were The Former Secretary of Defense - The Worse Day On My Job Would Have Been....

Important election to watch today

The Saturday Cartoons

As ISG report spotlights Kerry's 2004 position on Iraq, expect the media to run with the RW meme

Sunday Talk Shows

Bush:" The ISG report proves I'm right." Perhaps a psych evaluation is called for.

January 4, 2007

Best place for 2008 bumper stickers?

"You're suggesting that by quoting the report, I'm trying to make a partisan argument?"Gregory asked


Is the US Institute Of Peace a new version of Project For A New American Century?

Bush's Political Exit Strategy

Congresswoman McKinney Speaks Up for Majority of Americans

Obama Shrugs Off "Rock Star" Label...Heads To NH

Darn it! Jefferson won!

I know this is a dumb question

I Can't Explain It, But It's Like I Have A "Letdown" After The 2006 Landslide

Was There an Analysis of the Military Vote for the '06 Mid-Terms?

Peter Jennings gets his ass handed to him by President Clinton...

Time for Bush to Go! Robert Parry argues impeachment may become imperative, like it or not

I don't care which one you support

Opinion of Gerald Ford...

"We will not forget it. But I have to ask you: why has your country forgotten?"

Impeachment Day: Sunday December 10---Fox news is coming. are you?

Personality-based politics--AARRGGH!

" Hatred of the Clintons is the glue that holds the RW together"

Clark 08

How did you become politicized?

The most accurate test on US’s “democracy” for people in China: CNN’s iReport