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Archives: December 4, 2006

Is President Bush Sane? (Paul Craig Roberts 12-02)

Chavez Buys Himself An Election

The Dollar Melts as Iraq Burns....

Kinsley: Relative Values (The Bush Twins)

2008 GOP Field Disappoints Some Conservatives

At the U.N., a Mixed View of Bolton's Tenure

NYT: Wal-Mart Says Thank You to Workers (a Polo shirt for 20 yrs employment)

We play politics with gay people's lives

The People Party vs the Money Party: here are the players

Republican Corruption Fallout Continues – The New Hampshire Election Phone Jamming Scandal

"The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War" -- Bushco's crimes in a nutshell

Analyst: IBM To Employ 100,000 Workers In India By 2010

There is only one way to end the war in Iraq Pt. II (Kucinich)

Few tears for the great intimidator

Vanity Fair: Don't Ask … Don't E-mail ( Everyone knew about Mark Foley)

Fidel's Final Victory

Chessboard Endgame by Garry Kasparov

Bush's Second Biggest Mistake.....

How to Stay in Iraq: The Iraq Study Group Rides to the Rescue

Your Taxpayer Dollars Down the Drain: Bush Appointee Cutting Budget for Finding Waste and Fraud

Producer of ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert’ Cites Other Projects as He Steps Aside

9/11 Is Why He Is The Worst President Ever by Bob Cesca

The little laptop that could

What’s Wrong With My Voting Machine? by Adam Cohen at NY Times


So How About Public Transit?

A Sports Writer at the Barricades

Wal-Mart Girds for Showdown With New Congress on Unions, Trade

LAT op-ed: Rebuilding the middle class with massive infrastructure projects

'Fear took over' in Baghdad raid -- U.S. advisors lament Iraqi troops' conduct

Honest Centrism for Populist Democracy

David Sanger: Will Bush Change on Iraq?

Cheney has lost leverage, but remains a force

Stalag 9/11 (and Geneva Conventions) by Chris Kelly

Republicans must be more like Ike

Iraq and the Danger of Psychological Entrapment --WaPo


Does Israel Have A Right To Exist? By Mark Goldman

AlterNet: Dahr Jamail - "Business Is The Next Big Casualty In Iraq"

Wheat region shifts north by 2050 (a picture essay)

"Energy resources and our future" - remarks by Admiral Hyman Rickover delivered in 1957

Is peak oil happening now??

The electricity produced by renewable means in 2004 was 150% of production in 1990.

Trouble In Suburban Wyoming Paradise - Wells Drying Up, Water Contaminated

What if small were fashionable?

Search Intensifies For Crops That Can Withstand Global Warming - Guardian

Since 1990 nuclear New Jersey increased its reliance on coal and natural gas by 50% and 230 %

Indonesian Government - East Java "Mud Volcano" Could Flow For Years - AFP

Deadly drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Idaho Custom Ammo Maker Pleads Guilty To Attempt To Poison Wolves - Reuters

OMG: "Thanks to Climate Change, by 2050 America's Breadbasket Will Be in Canada"

Revisions to federal inventory of oil and gas deposits could leave wildlife in the lurch

Maine college looks for wind energy to buy. Can't find it. Buys it anyway.

Puget Sound Energy Issues RFP for Solar Facility

Met Office - "Not A Typical Winter Event" As Hurricane-Force Winds, Small Tornado Hit England

Well this ought to be fun - BBC challenges climate crisis critics

Inquiry Turns to Humans on Pollutant, Hormone Tie

CA Irrigation District Inherits Lakeside Resort But Discovers An Environmental Disaster - Sacbee

RFK Jr. Roasts Bush Environmental Policy, Media In SLC Speech - SL Tribune

LA Auto Show Dripping With Greenwash - SF Chronicle

Bushfires May Have Wiped Out Australia's Most Genetically Diverse Koala Colony - Reuters

Over 1,000 Dead Or Missing After Supertyphoon Durian Hits RP - AFP

Alpine Gentian Blooming In Austrian Alps, Bears Failing To Hibernate Across EU - Reuters

Groundwater In 9 Of 10 Chinese Cities Either Polluted Or Overdrawn - Reuters

26-Day Expedition Along Yangtze Fails To Uncover Any River Dolphins - AFP

(Brazil) Rainforest gets protected status - BBC

Shock in Ghajar: Israelis turned into refugees in Lebanon

Royal stumbles in row over attack on Israel as 'Nazi'

Special force kills Palestinian in Tulkarm

Israel 'to ease' W Bank friction

Education Minister: Put the Green Line back in textbooks

Sen. Diane Feinstein warned Cheney's office on Sept 10, 2001

Is another 9/11 coming soon ?

American Thinker says 9/11 skepticism "extremely dangerous"

Nurse Witnesses Hijackers at Rehab Clinic Owned by Convicted Felon

Hotel security video shows 9/11 Pentagon blast, but no plane; link to a non-Myspace host.

detailed timeline involving Bin Ladens,Bushes,and Saudi corruption re:9/11

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Monday 12/04/06

ES&S – the Midas Touch in Reverse

State with most reported voting irregularities in 2006- Pennsylvania(summary)

NIST STS Subc. Report: DOES IT MEAN the death of the machine?

DRE Lawyer Drops Major DRE suit; calls VVPAT "Fool's Gold"; Tells Cong take Powder on Legislation


Carl Levin will run for another term in '08

Videotape Offers a Window Into a Terror Suspect’s Isolation

Wal-Mart Girds for Showdown With New Congress on Unions, Trade

Rising wages forcing companies to look beyond India

US travel data system criticised (chips in passports, etc.)

Cheney has lost leverage, but remains a force

Most Iraqis aware of existence of illegal drugs

(Turkish PM) Erdogan Objects to US Military Presence in N. Iraq

Wealthy Texans paying to derail Hillary Clinton ("Stop Her Now")

Pentagon carrying Al Jazeera English

Reuters: Gunmen kill Iraqi journalist in Baghdad

'Fear took over' in Baghdad raid -- U.S. advisors lament Iraqi troops' conduct

Sailor pleads guilty to espionage

Chavez backs possible vote to close private TV stations

Researcher charged with conflict

Police shoot, kill teen Playstation robbery suspect

Man detained over spy poisoning

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Khalilzad Plans to Leave, Officials Say (Bolton replacement?)

DiCaprio film may hurt diamond demand: analysts

Parents Want Kids to Be Allowed to Wear Hitler Youth Emblem in School

Tribal leaders plan meeting on global warming

President to Host British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the White House

Ex-KBR employee sentenced for Iraq kickbacks

Suit offers peek into world of lobbyists' grab for clients

Europe bets on weathering a US downturn

Experts worry warmer Earth will slash farm yields

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 4

State Of Texas Awards Contract Extension To Scandal-Plagued ACS

Congressmen Want House to Probe Conviction of Border Patrol Agents

Egypt says arrested foreigners had terror links

AP: U.S. Marine Convicted in Philippines

Exile groups join in urging an easing of Cuba restrictions

Hundreds of Locked Out SEIU Nurses Hit Picket Lines In Las Vegas

AP: (Denmark) Journalists Acquitted in Iraq WMD Case

Armed troops keep Fiji PM out of palace

Rule stops Texas foster parents from smoking in front of kids

CNN Announces: Bush Accepts Bolton Resignation

Officials: KeyBank VP Embezzled $40M, Not $29M (OH)

Fiji PM says coup is 'imminent

Anger at UN chief's Iraq comments (Iraqis are worse off than under Saddam)

BREAKING: CNN confirms that a U.S. Marine helicopter made an emergency landing ..

Ex-dictator Pinochet in 'hands of God' after heart attack (AFP)

Muslim-American Group Targets Radio Host Over Koran Oath Comments (Prager)

Frist: Dems 'were playing politics' with Bolton nomination

52 bodies found around Baghdad, plus 7 in Mosul

3 members of missing SF family found alive

U.S.: Poorly paid Afghan cops get bribes

Brazil creates new protected areas in Amazon

UK nuclear weapons plan unveiled

Bush Says Rarely Talks Policy With Dad

Bush:'I'm not happy'about Bolton's resignation(You've been a stalwart defender of freedom and peace

AFP: Iraq war has cost US 350 billion dollars

Bush administration to be cartoon (on Comedy Central)

Springer pulls plug on radio show

Firm offers to pay for pupils to see Gore film (Scotland)

AP: Extra Checks on Voting Machines Rejected

Levin (D-MI) to seek another Senate term in '08

CNN: Brownback has taken the first step toward launching a 2008 presidential bid

Reuters: U.S. rejects talking to Cuba's "dictator-in-waiting"

Padilla lawyers release images

WP: NASA Plans Lunar Outpost

Alleged PS3 Thief Shot Dead by Police

Soldiers Face Obstacles to Mental Health Services (NPR)

Post your holiday desktop!

How It Should Have Ended

So I was at the coffee shop today...

Barack's Name

Powdered Tooooooooaaaaaast Man!

GREAT anti- bush song.

DU--Please Help me --DU these pages

mmmmmmmmmMele Kalikimaka

Feliz Navidad............. Feliz Navidad

On moderation during the Holiday season

TWO days in a row with GOPisEvil and huskerlaw!

Swedes Guard Christmas Goat From Vandals

Woman Told To Pay $1 Million If She Wants Her Lawn Jockey Back

Woman Who Set Obesity Record (1,050 Pounds) Dead At 63

D*mn it's cold out........should I walk or stay in an ride the cycle???

Anyone watch the Showtime series "Weeds" - damn, that's a good show

Pepperidge Farms... Cinnamon Swirl Toast.

I just got home from work. I am due back in nine hours.

i need my desperate housewives

Powdered Toast Maaaan!!!!

question for Baby Boomers

Man, Angry He Was Caught For Shoplifting, Retaliates With Fire Bomb

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Will someone in Canada please go to the airport and buy me these cookies

Hark! the Harold angels sing

"If anyone goes to our movie hoping to see horse sex, they'll be greatly disappointed"


I have a question about an episode of "Doogie Howser MD"...

Forming presidential exploratory committtee for Kitchen Witch

Principal Takes Boy For Unwanted Hair Cut Without Parent's Permission

They find it amusing that they can incorporate elements of performance and some oh-so-inventive

More donation information... nonreligious charities that help kids in S. America?

If you see gang-related graffiti...

For Atheists/Agnostics/and sympathetic other people.

Yesterday was my first anniversary of not drinking.

How old do you have to be to get senior movie tickets?

My husband just broke my heart :^(

Serious word jazz...

I just did a goole image search on No Talent Assclown - look who is 3rd show

My office door decorations

I just won tickets to see the Dixie Chicks.

Please tell me what a "meme" is. I don't know.

Best film released in 2006?

How are your pre-season predictions coming along? Mine from July 30th

Worst film released in 2006?

I had such a strange dream last night

Early Christmas present for Loungers: Kurt Vonnegut

to whoever it was that heated up fish in the office microwave:

Hartmann is ripping this 'economist' to pieces...

P. NESS, yes everyone, let's congratulate Phil Ness for being...

Today's the 1,543rd day of my same job...and I'm not so into it.

Long, long, ago...long before Sheryl Crow...

Library cat with pen pals around the world is dead (Dewey Readmore Books)

Finally a fine wine web site ...

Best Paul Simon Album

"Larry (King) forced the doors open and went inside, apparently searching for Santa..."

I want to punch my ethics teacher. In the nads.

Best Paul Anka Album

What do you do when DU does this?

Have you ever had a two day hangover?

Finally shoveled my way out

How does your family celebrate Jimmy Buffet's birthday?

Teenager set on fire in filming of stunt video

Where did "assclown" come from?

Gallagher hands over clothes to Oxfam in secret

Searched for 'assclown'. This is what I found:

Parents with kids in daycare: do the runny noses/colds ever stop?

A monday morning MrsGrumpy love-fest!

Eddie Murphy splits with former Spice Girl Melanie B...and a nation weeps.

For relaxing times...

Happy Monday!!!

simple little program to open .pdf files?

My 3000th post. I'm celebrating with cheese!


Happy Holidays, your paycheck will now be smaller

Teddy toy is a swear bear

May I just say that Regina Spektor is a lush goddess

Rip Torn Allegedly Ripped -- AGAIN! (actor arrested for DWI in New York)

Caption this:

Want John Lennon's Beatle suit? the piano from Sun Records?

Grocery Store Etiquette Revisited.

Happy birthday Politically_Wrong!!

Thomas Kinkade Annual 2006 Crystal Christmas Ornament!!!

Roses or The Stench of BCS?

Men's Health Magazine via Yahoo: 4 reasons why men cheat

Goodnight, you fiends

So I bought little Ms. Goblinmonger an iPod for Xmas

Got in from New Orleans last night...

"The Devil's Rejects" - Soundtrack and Movie

Most Overrated Piece of Crap: Little Miss Sunshine

Love children, peaceniks, 60s aficionados: check out my impulse buy of the week:

Healthy Vibes for WannaBeGrumpy, if you could...

What has been the worst BCS screw job?


Put That Coffee Down.

Another Hollywood Couple calls it quits - Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl

Walmart putting the sacks in the cart no longer a job duty???

If you like Maple Syrup - these are the BEST cookies on the planet

28 degrees forecast for gulf coast tonight.

I go to take my Contracts final soon. Wish me luck.

dupe Pardon me. nt

On moderators this holiday season


Should I turn on that MS Explorer Phishing Filter that comes with


Ack, help! Anyone own a copy of "Torch Song Trilogy?"

Oh Phooey......I'm feeling grumpy...........

Alton Brown sells out. Buys croutons.

Who here has heard of a Juicy (or Jucy) Lucy?

Most Annoying Pet Gift

Anybody remember Foster Brooks? "The Airline Pilot".

I just got notification that my think tank was accepted-- it's officially established now

Meet the AKC National Champion for 2006

Who's got the Funk?

Anyone else know about Pandora?

The 2006 Billboard Awards

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/04/06)

You control this house's Christmas lights!

Thank you

OMG you gotta see this elf bowling download!!!

Before cuisinart, there was the Ulu.

I found it! I found the bug!

O, O, O, the Big O - O

If Santa were a woman and looked

An Animal Lover's Poll.

*THE* Holiday gift ideas thread

What is my "real identity?"


Let me go check my Horoscope...

"I am not a monk, I am a friar, and I can curse all I want to, dammit!"

Santa Watch - Not for Children

wow!, i just checked my profile and I had *exactly* 31000 posts

Remember "The Right Brothers?"

Need input... I'm gonna make a donation as a gift - what's a good group working on Darfur?

I dreamed lelapin, ZombieNixon and Rev_Acts were at my house

My wife's getting me a HDTV this year.

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?

Rudolph the blue-nosed reindeer...

Song parodies written by fundies

How can we stop judaism?

How can we stop Islam?

If you don't forward this to five friends, your kitten will get worms

Is your dog so lazy you have to drag him/her?

Should I Date This Guy?

Ever have one of those nights where all your replies are LAME LAME LAME?

Is it just me or does Christmas bring out the absolute worst in people?

How can we stop Robin Williams?

How can we stop christianity?

My wife is extremely confused :(

How can we stop sloppycats?

has anyone done a "cat" thread to yet tonight?

How can we stop copycats?

How can we stop?

How can we stop Matcom?

Its wrong to laugh at this guy, I know, but damn, this cracks me up.

"Tiara Girls" on MTV--holy crap. pagent moms.

What do all you singles do for New Year's Eve?

Spoilsbury Tooooooooaaaaaast Boy!

Dude....who here is watching HEROES right now?????

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win - Quiz

Madden 06 PS2 Football game question

Damn--those credit card fraud people are SHARP!

"Now is the time, This is the place, Now is the time...blah blah blah. Mercials you HATE


I am Hiro Nakamura, and I have an important mission.

Ever broken a promise you made to God?

How do we stop Kudzu?


Who here has heard of Randy Couture?

Forbidden Rice w/mushrooms

How can we stop ignorance?

What is the percentage of military who are gay? Higher or lower than general population?

Looking for a cat sitter (from Best of Craigslist)

Fundie song parodies

O.J. Simpson forgets lyrics, almost loses book deal at Kennedy Center event

pResidolt Protests!

How to get back at a telemarketer

To keep the equilibrium: What's the BEST present you get to look forward to this year?

The kitten has worms,

DemoGlad! (From Mark Fiore)

I've decided to make Sean Bean into a pudding for Christmas dinner.

Hey Redstone....

Even been in a George W. Bush kind of mood?

This is our countraaaay

Jessica Simpson forgets lyrics, almost loses dress at Kennedy Center event

Please don't miss ironflange's post about the catsitter.

This should work better than Ambien:

Ever been in a Kate Bush kind of mood?

Monday, December 4. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


Who here has heard of Juicy Couture?

Very cool cam, African bunghole cam

How can we stop Lukas and Toby?

less gender problems more political theory(paper)

Need Some Good Lounge Vibes For My Sister

Who wants to watch "Fargo"?

Sex With Your Socks On: One Third Of Canadians Say Yes

Ideas for finding hot women progressives (understanding that hot is relative)

Steve Earle fucking rules

quick! animal fight on Africam!

WTF is wrong with me

I propose that ALL members of Congress should swear on

Anybody Else Tired Of Being Screwn By Guilt?

Let me go check my Horrorscope...

I just got to say Hi! to Teena...

who'll stop the rain?

So my son has to learn C+++ using Visual Studios....Help Me Babies!

We're finally getting heat tomorrow!

I just got to get High! with Dookus...

Quote I found Today...

Ugh! I want to change cell phone service! Any recommendations?


If you where a devout Christian, what would you be more offended by?

Well its official. Modified bed rest for a week then

Niece having major reconstructive facial surgery...needing gift ideas for her please?

Today's the first day of my new job....and I LOVE it!

Should I read Alan Colmes' book at the bookstore tomorrow?

Who is watching Heroes? (might contain spoilers)

I just watched To Kill A Mockingbird...

Update on Mom's Brain Surgery, for anyone who wants to know

My wife and I went to a holiday cocktail party last night. It was at the home

Another Itunes music survey...hehe.

Hello beautiful people. Tomorrow is my birthday.

TIME Mag's 100 Greatest Albums of All Time - NOT!!!!

I'm going to steer clear of the Canada forum for a little while,

Are There Phrases that You Hate? Here are mine - most straight from Yuppyville

What is the worst present you get to look forward to this year?

RUMOR: Is Dec. 8th Al Franken's last day on Air America? I need some research help this afternoon.

I think Rabrrrrrr should be ambassador to the U.N.


Funny Typo in lawyer's retention letter

You know you're old when.........

GOD Dwells Within Yer as Yer

If there is a War on Christmas, it's they RW who is having it.

Why Is This?

Uh, oh, - war on Christmas ... someone in Akron Ohio didn't get Bill O'Reilly's memo

Alexander Litvinenko's last wish: Muslim burial

God Is Imaginary....

The Myth of the Historical Jesus

Bible History Buffs! I've Got A Question

Why is it so important to some people to disprove one's beliefs...

Researchers Discover Hydrogen Can Form Multicenter Bonds

One thing leads to another: Nikola Tesla!

Periodic Table in photographs -- and QTVR (partly)

Taking a much needed break from DU!

The Average Anti-Gay Bigot

Maryland Gay Marriage Court of Appeals Proceedings Live Webcast Link

If it is true that one out of 100 babies have undeveloped sex

I hope this doesn't cost us the 2008 election!

Newest Religious Right Tactic: Sue to Get Civil Servant Dough and Block Gay Rights

An interesting Cold Case last night (spoiler alert)

Here's what's the matter with Kansas (barf alert)

Obama not on board with gay marriage?

Dwyane Wade is Sports Illustrated Sportsman of Year

Anne Ortelee's Weekly (Astro) Weather Forecast

An interesting thread about Tesla.

Tons of good stuff.

“Riders take stand for fallen heroes”

Is the American Legion Commander lying about his service?

Boston Logisitics: Airport Shuttles to Boston Hotels

After Boston, the next Kerry group trek should be to Colorado for the DNC.

Question about Logan Airport.

Heads up - BIGTIME heads up

You can make a difference - email the smear site and tell them what you think

What a glorious day- BOLTON RESIGNS!!!

Thanks everyone for helping Nolie.

Hearing tomorrow on Robert Gates

Kerry is so right with his diagnosis of the Middle East and a vision to transform it.

Boston folk question.

Anyone awake?

Senator Kerry, vindicated again- American Legion's Morin- is a fraud.

Serious discussion vs. denial!

"I always feel like ... somebody's watching me."

Even in Alaska...

Anyone else do their own "Holiday Cards"

Stephen Colbert...

Doctors upset over VA's push to seize Veterans Research Funds

Newt World Order:Bush and co paving the way for power mad freaks like Gingrich

Prince of Wales recruits Gore for 'green' campaign

Where is the House Foley Ethics Report?

Woman raped after reporting rape of 40 schoolgirls to aid workers

'I knew Afghanistan would be tough, but I didn't think it would be this tough'

Cheap Labor vs. Population Control?

Alternate (recent) history

I hope we don't nominate a senator

who I hope will run in 08

Puffing on Polonium

Gender pay gap narrows for unexpected reason: Men's wages eroding

10 U.S. troops dead in December in W's war against the Iraqis

American trained Afghanistan police force incapable of carrying out work

"Nazis in America" - 2000 article, valid information ?

Is another 9/11 coming soon ?

One Marine Killed; Three Missing in Copter Crash in Iraq

Surreal, military-style raid on a peaceful (and legal) concert event in Utah.

British troops opened fire on civilians in the southern city of Kandahar...

Why is it so important to some people to disprove one's beliefs...

Over 70 insurgents killed in S. Afghanistan

Report: U.S. trained police force in Afghanistan incapable of routine law enforcement work

How to tell if your cell phone is bugged

50 bodies found in Baghdad

"...wrong about WMD, we were wrong about troop levels..."

Bush is digging his heels in on Iraq AGAIN!!

Letter to Congressional Democrats re: media reform

Torture Damages Terrorist Suspect Memories: Padilla Case Similar to Others

Iraq: The world's fastest growing refugee crisis

How Do We Fund The National Guard?

The one thing cowardly Neo-Cons can't stand is to lose...

Is the American public in love with dynasty?

Oh Shit... I just had a brainstorm

Washington Journal is

Part of the president's problems could stem from this

Lessons from a King named George.

Well, I've been at it again -- Church signs o' the times....

Why do they always say "up or down" vote?

(Peace, Love) The Gap shares board member with Lockheed Martin

Erdogan Objects to US Military Presence in N. Iraq

Playing Politics with Gay People's Lives

I received this email targeting military members

Breaking on CNN Bolton resigns

Do you think Governor Schweitzer (MT) should run for President in 08?

US forces seal off Iraqi town, draw criticism

Kofi speaks : "much worse" than a civil war

So who will georgie nominate now?

Iraqi's life is worse now than it was under Saddam Hussein

Dumbya as Teddy Roosevelt...

Bob Novak: GOP leaders say party can't go into '08 with troops in Iraq

Hadley Offers Bait-And-Switch To Russert On Iraq Troop Levels

NEIL BUSH MILKS COWS .... (No Bush Left Behind)

US marine given 40 years for rape

Have You Called Your Congresscritter today?

How Republicans support Family Values

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Fighting each other over here when they’re not over there

bored?read my 1000th post from a year ago RE Bush crimes

The only thing worse than BushCo would be BushCo followed

The proper order of things.....

Why shouldn't the Democrats be the "Party of Peace" ?

Radar Online: "How an also-ran anchor (K.O.) became the caustic king of cable news"

Katherine Harris contributor indicted for sending white powder, threats to liberals

Nuclear Doomsday Clock Set Back Three Minutes After Bolton Resignation

FDA Stent Experts Have Financial Ties to J&J, Rivals

Henry Waxman is on the Franken Show right now

judge says illegal immigrants are dandelions - writes kids bk.

Hilarious-M$NBC discussing how "Shrewd" Romney is on immigration, no mention of gardner

Democrats Who Opposed War Move Into Key Positions

I watched "The Hunting of the President" last night.

detailed timeline involving Bin Ladens,Bushes,and Saudi corruption re:9/11

GOP scandal scorecard...WOW

Business Travel Coalition wants to fight ATS database on travelers

Has everybody seen the brilliant Bush-bashing re-take

Jeesh! Our Casualties are up to 2901. Jut Jumped Again-2904

Boeing is pro-torture - helps with 'extreme renditions'

Wages vs profits: when will the debate take place?

Dept of Commerce pushes a political message to employees

Zalmay Khalilzad to replace Bolton?

Monday is a brute bludgeon in the middle of your forehead. . . . So why not CAPTION???

(from the people who brought you the Vietnam war) The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

In 2002, there were 1.29 million abortions--If men got pregnant, there would have been a billion.

The author of Help Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed! Writes an Op-Ed for the Green Bay rag...

Brian Lamb of CSPAN should give this explanation to callers

Pelosi: Our Coasts Need Lasting Protection from Oil and Gas Drilling

Is Senator wandering around office buildings clad only in his jammies?

* and Laura watch a performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - pics

Lieberman's PNAC was showing when he went on Face the Nation...

Case Closes For Family Accused Of Terrorist Ties (after ** 2 yrs in jail**)

Bush 'deeply disappointed' by Bolton resignation

I'm hearing reports that the UN is erupting in celebration

I know unions convince` employers to get good working conditions,

GOP gives Fletcher cool reception

Bolton was an unmitigated disaster

George Mitchell for Ambassador to the U.N.?

Anyone else been taking a little break from politics lately?

Diplomats are ... diplomatic on the subject of Bolton

Guess who's being rumored to be the next UN ambassador?

What's this BUSHIT about a 'handful of senators' blocking Bolton

Have Bolton & Dimson held their comedy act, er, press conf. yet?

I Miss President Bill Clinton.

CNN "QuickVote" on Bolton (50%-50%)

The Secret Service gave Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim a ____ before meeting Bush

The Battle Against Global Warming is Warming Up

name the peculiar expression on Chimpy's mug (?)

Indy: Airport cops arrest man in body armor

Bolton Held Up U.N. Anti-Slavery Measure (thank god he's leaving!)

Bolton: The Mean Father

What's Next For BOLTON? Freepers Say PRESIDENT!

Bush is Just Getting Destroyed in the Media - do we have any new polls?

E. coli Outbreak in NJ - Taco Bell Apparently Involved

CNN poll needs help

Am I seeing things or is Bush playing footsie with an Iraqi Mullah at the White House on my TV set?

Randi showering my hometown with praise!!!!

Snow: "The president doesn’t look for cover. What he looks for is the best information."

Rasmussen, a GOP poll, shows W at a 39% approval rate

2904 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

While meeting with Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, * breaks out into song - caption these pics

Evangelicals continue their crusade to stomp out science...

Wolfie is gonna chat up Jebbie 08 aspirations yet this hour.


Bush twin stolen cellphone ends up on Argentinian eBay auction

Bush Legacy? Uh, Let's Wait on That

I think Bush really IS a psychopath - what do you think?

What do you think the republicons are ....

Should I take this Grad School Class? Need Advice!!!!

The people of Afghanistan are awesomely proud, strong and just.

As Gore stated in "An Inconvenient Truth"...

Which Republican Assclown are you secretly hoping runs for Prez?

Jack Cafferty's questions for the day

W on MSNBC with the Shiite Leader

If Iraq is like Vietnam, could Iran become like Cambodia?

Captions anyone?

IF Bush cared about bipartisanship--cared about this country--he would nominate

"I never met a man I didn't like"--Will Rogers

Iraq isn't like Viet Nam

This is an interesting reminder of what life used to be like

What do you think the neocons or republiCONS mean when they...

Since the republiCONS seem to not want...

MSNBC Silliness: Jonathan Alter says Barak Sweep/Buchanan says Gore

bush regime to be cartoon. I thought it already was!

State Dept.:"We do believe that they are fundamentally better off than they were with Saddam"

I pity the Republic Party

Gays on Strike? I simply cannot WAIT for this one!!!

Tony Snowjob C-SPAN at 1 PM It should be interesting

Human Rights and IMPEACHMENT Super Sunday....this Sunday!

Question: Was Tenet "in the know" about the Neo Cons' misleading to go into Iraq? I don't think so

So Bush met with Iran today...

Wall Street excited about bank merger and fact that 3,900 jobs will

Idea for a "Democratic World/Republican World" Simulation.

Tom Brokaw troubles me......

Just in case anyone has forgotten about it, I'm sure the RW'ers have

Genius Freeps Concerned About Election Fraud (in VENEZUELA)

Any Air America Premium members here? Anyone know the fate of AAR?

Military Commissions First Unit of New Mobile ICBMs

Poll on Dean's Comments

Spare the Air NIGHT

The ultimate freeper (2004)

Does Domenici have Dementia?

Is 2007 an election year?

Is hating Bush bad for my health?

3 Years ago

If Gore, Clinton, Clark, Biden, Richardson, Bayh, Vilsack, Dodd, Gore didnt run, who would u vote 4

You really shouldnt give an iraqi kid a smoke

According to posts on this sounds as if James Kim's family

Bolton resigns.

People, I'm worried about all this Candidate 08 talk right now.

We play politics with gay people's lives

Should the minimum wage be different for teenagers?

MSNBC Airs Multiple Segments On C-SPAN Caller Smearing President Carter

I'm a Little Teapot ---pix--->>>

Why should someone swear an oath of office on a book

caption this * pic...

What role would Bill Clinton have in a Hillary administration?

Follow up American Legion defends the Commander Right wing nut cases

Is it White Bronco Chase time yet for Bush?

Pat Robertson Comments On Hugo Chavez Landslide Victory

In "Eight for '08" series, Chris Matthews Show followed McCain gush-fest by bashing Hillary Clinton

Did BushCo change safety regulations concerning produce?

Is the FBI doing its best to combat terrorism? - Highest-ranking Arab-American agent says no, sues..

David Gergen said that [the Administration] has been less than

I have a confession to make

Brit Hume: Bush's friends are worried about him

Does anyone still believe the US will launch a full scale invasion of Iran?

Freepers fear Hillary because she could become Unitary Executive

Election Reform? Nah...that would make states fix their machines...

how about dissolving iraq, and dividing it between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

Bolton gone? Bring back positive mustache images .... The Capt.!

Take a preemptive strike on the "war on Christmas"! Use this Google Bomb now.

Larry Was King of Deadbeats

Did You Call Your Congressional Representative Today?

I have decided, after much prayerful consideration, to consider a bid for the Republican nomination

I heard Blitzer will have a segment about whether * is becoming unglued.

billbuckhead was trying to raise a legitimate question and a lot

Hillary hires ex-Dean staffer as National Field Director

What qualities do you want in your President?

Is it right that two families could control the presidency for 24 years?

Christine Jennings and her fight!

Bush QUOTE: "(John Bolton) did a FABULOUS job!"

"To Catch a Predator" Rabbi Sentenced In Internet Sex Sting

Tony Snow grieves lack of positive recognition for J Bolton, shall we sing Kumbaya for him?

Freepers eat their own

Help me out! I need a creative presentation idea...

Where was the coverage? Where was the outrage?

Complete this: "The REAL reason Bush won't pull troops out of Iraq is...

What's your reaction when you see someone selling the Socialist Worker?

Lawyers Show Images of Padilla in Chains...

Bible History Buffs! I've Got A Question

Wow, conservatives really ARE nuts.

Would you forgive a person who does you harm?

Does anyone know where to find a list of El Rushbo's sponsors?

Celebrities busted for drunk driving

Some things about the war in Afghanistan you may not know (talked with soldier today)

Rising wages forcing companies to look beyond India

Need help--please recommend some podcasts for me to subscribe to

the new MIA - RIchard Cheney

Man Gets 4 Years For Killing Kittens During Burglary

Radical fringe Toon - Monday 11/4 - one lump or two?

Monday: Fresh TOONS

TOON: Derf on a Bush Thanksgiving

Get Well Soon Chris Matthews

TOON: This Modern World - "Tom Tomorrow's Guide to Holiday Punditry!"

Politically Connected Pedophile (R - What did you expect?) remains free



Army contractor to pay $8M in claims

Worthless and WEAK!

Government issues new privacy guidelines

The Bush Family Is Planning on Building a Home In The ONLY Place They'll Be Accepted

Should the concept of marriage be abandoned?

What's going on in our government? "Is the FBI doing its best to combat terrorism?"

Colbert has a giant lighted Nativity scene behind the interview table

Carters Response to CSpan caller

Do you think anyone showed Bush all the WP editorials about him

Well, you know what they say: Obama Happens

I Q or You Q ... Have fun

If they talk about it enough, maybe it'll go away

Michigan's Job Loss Compares To The Great Depression

Chavez bought election - gave money to Carter Center to certify

Why is the onus on the Iraqi to prove they can self-govern

We the People

Does anyone have a vid of Obama at Saddleback Megachurch?

Where are the Govt's financial incentives for people to learn Farsi, Arabic, Irdu, etc.

Hows about Rumsfeld for U N Ambassador ?

Help! Mom! There's a Lao Tze Under My Bed!

Who is the most hated man in America.

You say she can't win. I say you are falling into a trap.

Paul Krugman:Two More Years

Top Bush aide: White House must get 'mojo back'

If I chose a republican it would be Romney

Hey Bush and Cheney

I criticized Chavez when he called Bush names a few months ago

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Bush administration downsized for cartoon satire (Comedy Central)

House to vote on abortion anesthesia bill

Be All That You Can Be: Leave the Army

David Sirota: A List Of Democrats Who Are Going To Lead The Fight (& The Dems Who Will Fight Them)

Rush Limpballs: "The Democrat (sic) Party is at war with America"

Bill Clinton for UN Ambassador!

VANITY FAIR's Lengthy Expose On The Mark Foley Scandal

HUGH!!!111!! tax refund

Citigroup VP arrested in drug raid ("couldn't find a good drug dealer")

Daughter said 'Happy Holidays' and was confronted...

Union of Concerned Scientists is selling 07 calendars here.

Saudi fury at slush fund claim threatens thousands of UK jobs

What will Bush replace Bolton with?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

How can we prove someone is a veteran?

Scooter Libby gives his top 9 reasons...

Hey RW Talk Show Hosts: I've got a bone to pick with you!

If Gore didn't run in '08 who would be your top choice for nomination?

Fugging Hell -breaking on CNN

Rummy, Bolton.... who's next?

In pathetic, cynical move, Mitt Romney wants state police to arrest illegal immigrants

I've spent close to six years filled with hatred. And I'm sick of it.

LEAHY on assuming judiciary chair: Bush should be TERRIFIED

Rummy's Replacement: Is Gates as next Sec. of Def. A Done Deal?

"I'm the Commander-in-Chief" the boy king says with a stomp of his foot...

We all know Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Blitzen, Vixen, (and Rudolph) ...

How many replies have you decided to NOT post today on DU?

pulling out the tears...its all they have left. GHWB 41 crying on the situation room

VENEZUELA: Congratulations, President Chavez.

Bobby - some comments

Stars & Stripes readers fed up with Ann Coulter

I Love Ann Coulter!

John Bolton....the gift that keeps on giving

Iraq Shia leader seeks tougher U.S. action

A confession to DU and an apology that I should be giving to my niece

How Crazy are you?

Have we ever had any President in history that..

Pickles: "Women are now reclaiming their place with men at the center of Afghan society."

Sex for money - my view on it (it really is legal all over the US....) discuss...

Kerry's diagnosis and vision for the Middle East is right.

What an election does (and doesn't do) -- Two thoughts to chew on

TOON: George W. Bush In A Fantasy World ---->

So, the SCOTUS aims for "equalization" in schools. How do we do that?

My biz landlord accused me of warring against Christmas when I wished him "happy holidays".

Citigroup Exec Turns His NY Penthouse Into a Meth Lab

What should the federal minimum wage be?

Pelosi to fast-track minimum wage bill

Subliminal Advertising at the Huffington Post?

The Repubs never imagined the Democrats would do this !!

Could we form a new "permanent" majority dem party by appealing

Two Giants Of Our Time: John Kenneth Galbraith And Milton Friedman

Walter Pincus - Democrats Who - OPPOSED WAR - Move Into Key Positions

Do you care about the number of abortions?

Amb. Joe Wilson is commenting at today!!

Cops Kill Kid for PS3

Unprecedented Efficiency in Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen from Water: 42%

Does your family remember the Depression?

Are most white Americans racist?

Sen Reid Will Limit Senate Recesses to 1 Wk-Making Bush Recess Appts-Impossible

'Pro-life matthew' sez: Ann Coulter is hot!

DiCaprio film may hurt diamond demand: analysts

I am a Hospital (SNF) CEO in favor of Universal Healthcare


Supreme Court Lets 55 Year Drug Sentence Stand (for pot)

A Hillary Clinton nomination would mean disaster for the Dems.

VIDEO-MUST SEE: L-Curve: The Movie (U.S. Income Distribution)

What do you think bush will do when he leaves office...

You can't put baby Jesus in the manger till Dec. 25th, no kidding.

RIP, Logan Whitehurst

Why did people come out of the Depression with different attitudes?

Kati Kim and children found, James Kim still missing

Hopefully not my last post at Democratic Underground...

An Inconvenient Truth - On Demand @

University of Texas Young Conservatives set up an anti-ACLU nativity scene protest - pics

US News: "Bush's Library Needs a Harding Nook"


Sorkin is a genius! Studio 60 was so dead on tonight!

What is trollish behavior?

Pic of Bill Clinton...

The Christian Right Can't Read the Bible

George W. Bush: The Country's Neurotic Parent?

Hoffa Says Organizing, Strengthening Contracts Are Among Top Goals

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Dec 2, 2006

Proving that the pope has never read the Bible

Christians: Discover the Beauty of Rational Thinking

How do we know that Christians are delusional?

WANTED: For Crimes Against Humanity...

Rush reference

"LITTLE ARROWS" What a light cute political cartoon.... just wait he, he, he

RxUSH: Limbaugh meets the Canadian rock trio in an oxycontin haze

Bear Nutz


Russert grills Hadley on Bush’s Mistakes

Here's To The Crazy Ones

Dylan & The Dead ~ John Brown

Ray McGovern 0wns Donald Rumsfeld...

New Environmental Agenda Under Democrats...

Michael Moore Lets Fred Phelps Have It

CIA guns drugs bank fraud Iraq...*graphic warning*...

Republican caller to CSPAN calls Pres. Carter racist and anti-semite. He responds

Bye Bolton Bye

Planet of the NeoCons

Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV

LAT: Fundraising goes on for lame-duck Schwarzenegger: Special accounts add to record cash totals

Texas warned us about be prepared for Jeb! Earmarks a drop in the ocean!

Hadley "a “new way forward" aka bush will not go with the Iraq Study Group.

John Bolton has resigned.

Dana Perino, WH: Bush "explored" keeping Bolton by giving him a title other than ambassador

SF Gate: "Politically weakened president gives no signs of altering course of Iraq war "

How Many Dems Will Run For Prez In 2008?

Uh... Can Bush Re-Appoint Bolton Now

Shocked and saddened Freepers recommend Bolton's replacement: Rick Santorum.

Tom Daschle Is Not Running for president in 2008

Obama, Edwards Fare Best In Poll Looking At Favorability/Unfavorability

Time Has Come to Rage!

So Bush wants another $170 billion dollars for the Iraq War?

Thank you President George W. Bush.....

Is there a list of the projects for the first 100 days of Dem Control?

Carl Levin to seek another Senate term in 2008

Sam Brownback is making an official announcement...

Dean would be a good president(True or False)

A call for solidarity and action on Oaxaca from the Zapatistas

IF there was only one choice in who could run against Hillary, who would it be?

Poll Suggests Hillary, Gore Have Bad Combination Of High Name Recognition, High Unfavorable Ratings

Freeper on Bolton's exit: "Maybe he's going to run for pres!!!!"

Taking bets on the over and under for the 2008 Presidential, how many candidates will we have?

What Republican president would you prefer?

Is the President to be elected in 2040 serving in Iraq today?

Maryland Gay Marriage Court of Appeals Proceedings Live Webcast Link

Bush: Worst President Ever? MSNBC Now

One of Rumsfeld's recommendations.

self delete

"There are more truths told in the first 8 minutes of The Daily Show than in most news conferences"

Mandate for Peace Sends Letter to Every Democrat in House and Senate

A letter to my Senator: Lies, Lies, Lies

AP: (Hillary) Clinton hires national fundraiser

your favorite republican reason why we won

Watched Mr. Smith....

Economic Report: Wages For Women Up While Men's Wages Decline

High Court hears pay-discrimination case: woman makes $6,000 a year less than men in same job

There are simply some days when I want to rip their FUCKING FACES OFF

Freepers are shedding tears because Pinochet is close to dying

So who's running the country now?

Hundreds of animals liberated by the Italian ALF, Including 25 Monkeys

Reuters: Quick confirmation seen for Pentagon nominee Gates

Red Sox Resisted Rights

Bush actively soliciting ideas and proposals about a course correction in Iraq

Wal-Mart Tries To Sugar-Coat Harsher Employee Policies With Holiday Discounts

Concerns that women/minorities can't win the Presidency: a good reason to end the Electoral College?

NJ Senate votes to give NJ early 2008 Presidential primary....

The fallout continues for the Republican Party...

Just had an idea

We all want to make things better.

The new Karl Marx?

Pelosi:Our Coast Need lasting protection from Oil and Gas Drilling

Scarborough is asking if George bush* is the worst president ever?

Al Gore On Oprah Tuesday!

Wealthy Texans paying to derail Hillary Clinton ("Stop Her Now")

GAS Prices

Who Will The GOP's Fundie Base Nominate For President In 2008?

Anybody else seen this batshit crazy Republican email?

Hey geeks! Can I get around the keystroke police by doing this?

Think Obama can't win? He's got some secret weapons.

"If the IWR had failed, we wouldn't be in Iraq now." Who are we kidding?

"I trust this White House"

CNN's Crowley reports on Obama's Media Support drowning out other Dem

Hillary never said, "I trust this White House"

Obama not on board with gay marriage?

Alachua City Hall catches fire....records burn..curiouser and curiouser

Shameful Milestone Reached For Minimum Wage

Dems Who Opposed War Move Into Key Positions

Where's Tweety anyone know?

Sen. Byrd on the IWR - Oct 4, 2002

Does Hadley look like 3CPO

Serious discussion vs. denial on Iraq!

If Supreme Court overturns Seattle and Louisville school desegregation plans

Inconvenient TRUTH: Al Gore needs to run again

Well, you know what they say: Obama Happens

Oprah Tuesday: Global Warming 101 with Al Gore

What's happened to our governors in 2008?

George H. Bush breaks down and CRIES giving a speech on son Jed

Group just formed to shut Kerry's voice down right when he'll be leading net neutrality issue

On the notion of experience as a qualifier to be president

Bayh Forming Exploratory Committee, Visiting Iowa and NH. Why?

Is there a viable female alternative to Sen Clinton?

Condi in her shiny dress. Pic

O.K., Don't Fuck Around. Who Is Your Candidate For Prez In 2008?

Chris Matthews ill due to Diabetes complications?