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Archives: December 23, 2006

Iraqi insurgent snipers gaining skill

Bush’s last throw

The Bush Era Draws to a Close (WIRED Magazine)

Why Doesn't White Adopt Black?

A Bad Year for Empire (JIM LOBE)

Why does Plato believe that only Philosophers are fit to rule?

Comeback kid Edwards takes fight to Hillary

TIME: Bush's "Way Forward" on Iraq: More aggressive "Stay the Course"

Testing the Waters, Obama Tests His Own Limits

Bush's illusions



King Abdullah: Dick, thank you for coming.

After the wave subsides, sharia police force the women of Aceh to cover up

The Slaves in Our Midst

U.S. strategy to neutralize Sadr by creating a coalition of rivals might actually be backfiring

(CFR) Season of Change for Iraq Policy

Shiites Remake Baghdad in Their Image

Valeo In Development Contracts for Camless Engine; Projections of Up To 20% Improvement in Fuel save

Nuclear Power Plants construction costs woefully underestimated

Disappearing World: Global Warming Claims Tropical Island

E&E Crosspost: Islands disappear to climate change.

Idea for energy saving - wastewater for preheating

Frankincense trees are threatened by Christmas.

Suburbia: Running on Empty? A Jim Kunstler review

Green French TV star jolts presidential hopefuls

Open Letter From Chris Skrebowski Eviscerates Cambridge Energy Research

Relocalization - Doomers, Wheelwrights & The Concept Of Resilience - Energy Bulletin

BBC Nature Series Captures Polar Bears Trying To Cope With Thinning Arctic Ice - Telegraph

Wild Bird Eggs In San Joaquin Valley Showing High Selenium Levels From Farm Runoff - LA Times

From The Great Basin To The Oceans To The Indian Monsoon, Warming Signals Abound - CSM

OPEC announce we are near peak oil!

Bangladesh, Choudhury, Democracy & Freedom

Blair much criticised within Labour over Israel support

Abbas, Olmert to meet within hours in Jerusalem

Abbas opposes Hamas proposal for long-term truce with Israel

Pressuring Israel May Prevent a 'Generational' Mideast War

America's Double Standard on Democracy in the Middle East

Israel OKs release of Palestinian funds

Old allegiances crumble in battle for Palestinian hearts and minds

Why radical Islam, why now?

Conspiracies Or Institutions: 9-11 And Beyond

Voting machine firm hires ex-elections director

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Dec. 23, 2006

Jan 3-6 The Election Ctr to Lobby DC

VOTING MACHINE RESISTANCE! Can you guess which state???

(CFR) Season of Change for Iraq Policy

Bush's 'Global War on Radicals' - Robert Parry. Consortium News

Dec. is 2d-deadliest month for US forces in Iraq in '06

Religion does more harm than good - poll

Troop increase urged in Iraq

Gunmen slay Iraqi intelligence officer

Six dead as Iraq police clash with Sadr militia

Iraqi residents blame U.S. military for rocket attack on residential town, no claim of responsibilit

Religion does more harm than good - (UK) poll

Wooten remarks 'outrage' miners - Safety chief called Sago 'well-operated' coal mine

U.S. strike kills Afghan Taliban leader

Maytag workers say goodbyes (200 Jobs Gone)

Bush urges prayers, gifts for Iraq GIs

AP: Venezuela Blasts U.S. Senate's Criticism

Coca spat bares rift over U.S. drug war (cost the US 4 B$ since 2000)

AP: U.S. airstrike kills top Taliban leader

No successor after Turkmen leader dies

NYT: In Shirt-Sleeve Holiday Season, Overcoats Linger on the Racks: First global warming Christmas

U.S. tried to block (Miami Cuban) exile attack on ship

UN imposes sanctions on Iran

UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Iran

Would you send your relative to Iraq? Wu asks

US soldier loses 9/11 film claim

Archbishop attacks Iraq strategy

WP: Royal Intrigue, Unpaid Bills Preceded Saudi Ambassador's Exit

Islamic Courts seek to expand war

BBC: Sudan 'to accept UN Darfur force'

"War On Christmas" Has A New Jingle: Money

Democrat thanks troops, calls for bipartisanship in radio address

Crucial Iran nuclear vote set for UN (on CSPAN now)

UK Poll: Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Top Shiite Cleric Balks at Plan for Iraq

Man burns self in religious protest

Commander Is Called Open to Troop Surge

Shiites Remake Baghdad in Their Image

Bus riders get gifts from Secret Santa

Former Vermont Senator Stafford (R) Dies at 93

Shiites: Cleric Won't Support Coalition

Mall Santa Diagnosed as Meningitis Bacteria Carrier

Bush, Gates confer on Iraq amid talk of troop surge

Olmert to Meet Abbas in Jerusalem

New rules enable healthy savings (HSA expanded by Congress)

LAT: U.S. commanders in Iraq recommend a 'surge'

NAACP to protest on Crist's first day

FCC defends fine for Janet Jackson breast flash

Three US Marines and one sailor killed (Sat)

GOP Turns Anger on Campaign Committee

Bay Area hit by third earthquake in four days

Iraq massacre: US Marines 'will point the finger of blame at senior officers'

Letter offers Vilsack chance to determine birth mother

Channel tunnel is terror target

Election Challenge For Florida District Is Taken to the House

WTC hero wins health coverage

Lawyers: Dropped counts doom Duke case

Rice urges immediate enforcement of UN sanctions against Iran

Police hunt launched after uranium stolen in India

Probes of Bush policies in works

Gov. Bush leaves Capitol for the last time

Bush ponders £10bn New Deal to create jobs in Iraq

Schwarzenegger breaks his leg while skiing

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Leviathan


Mount Everlast

Diamonds are a waste of space and money?

This still applies...

Nitey-Nite all.

I really, really don't want to work tomorrow.

Do you realise?

Somebody give me a shot; please.

Looking for MrScorpio with important news!!

Mount Evelyn

What, exactly, do "Greenjeans" have to do with anything?

I just watched my favorite Christmas movie of all time again

You enjoy throwing up every five minutes, Claude?


Some hilarious cat pictures (PIC HEAVY -DIALUP WARNING)

I believe that the heart does go on..........

Whiter Shade of Pale

What, exactly, do "Green Beans" have to do with anything?

Come on,I'm still waiting for you..........

There are no words to say, as my friend swims away.........

I'm Heading To Bed! It's Been Fun Posting From Colorado!

i can understand about housepets

The Animals | House of the Rising Sun

how come one can be "unabashed"

Who else is drunk off their ass tonight?

Well, that's great. One of my daughters just threw up on my other daughter.

Who else is baked off their ass tonight

Duck Soup

Neil Diamonds are a waste of space and money?

thought for the new year--why can't I find a decent job?

I have a Xmas Gift for the DU Naughty Girls

What, exactly, do "Greensleeves" have to do with anything?

I got your "It's a Wonderful Life" right here.

You people are stark raving nutz

DU blog owners: Do your blogs wear collars?


A Joke For The Holidays...

Just got another NoCal earthquake

Most over-the-top Christmas light display ever...

Cross-post: I have been HONORED to share in another DUer's Christmas this year

A few particularly tender moments from the original "Star Wars" trilogy:

Do you have a Christmas doobie that makes you high?

Happy Birthday, Eddie Vedder!

Is it just me, or do other drivers ALLITERATE?!


Band of Horses..........

Dubya joke

Everlast,they call her a killer,they call her a sinner,they call her a whore


Now I have heard it all,Bono is

Semi cheezy 89.1 Jazz

Ozzie's "Dreamer" A Sentiment for the Season

Any "Munchkin" players in the DU ranks?

Merry Christmas/ Hanuka/ Festivus/ Solstice/ "I get stuff" day, guys

Somebody in the apartment below me is strangling a cattle.

Caption this:

Dang. 10 minutes on the vacuum and I'm still sucking up garbage.

New Justin Timberlake Holiday Music Video

I Saw ROCKY BALBOA Last Night - Almost Had Me In Tears

How should I deal with this bitch.

Here's my family's traditional eggnog recipe, now without raw eggs!

Congratulations flvegan!! 15,000 posts

The Lonely Shepard

How to Cure a Hang Over

Strangled by the wishes of pater,hoping for the arms of mater.

Has Mr Scorpio been found? I saw last nite LibraLiz was looking

The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald

Damn liver's acting up again, but I wanted to say this

I spent my morning slaking


I spent my morning vacuuming


It's time to launch the final assault in the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!

If you have a Christmas tree, is it real or fake?

Rubin Hurricane Carter by Bob Dylan

Christmas Cards

A question about tipping for the Holidays.

Apparently I was too naughty this year, I'm off Santa's list;

Bluegrass fans, you now have a new source of streaming

Post your surefire "non-traditional" methods of inducing labor!

So if you accidentally found the undie stuffers

Attention legal eagles

I spent my morning baking

Need an appropriate gift for our mail carrier! Your suggestions, please.

I made a rant today.

Moran + SUV + tons o' snow =

Will wonders never cease

So if you accidentally found your stocking stuffers...

Create a Christmas Album

Help! Need input help on my new MacBook!

Congratulations kagehime! 1000 posts!

Should I bail my Dad out?

Santa leaves the North Pole in 10 hours.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/23/06)

All right, fine. I giving in.


I found this gif and I want to include it in my signature line.

Rescheduled Delivery:12/26/2006

Best Holiday movie (winter time of yr holidays)

please help me! computer emergency

Dead Moon broke up a couple weeks back.

My parents are visiting tomorrow, should I go out for a one night stand tonight?

I spent my morning snacking

Will somebody please 'splain me something?

The most frightening thing I have ever seen in my life, no really:

Dude - there are so many palm readers in Los Angeles!

"Rudolph and Santa, as Good as New"


'Jeffersons' sitcom son 'Lionel' dies

Help: Saw Pursuit of Happyness last night and have soundtrack question

Songs we're ashamed to like or love.

What I am truly thankful for during this time of year..pic heavy

Just released: photo of Limbaugh's famous anal cyst

I, for one, am glad that the holidays come around *once* per year

Madonna ripped off Men Without Hats. Video proof

320 post-1965 mostly rock concerts recorded live, free. An

Happy Saturnalia Everyone!

Need a laugh? Carol & Julie in Phantom of the Opry

Do you have a Christmas movie that makes you cry?

I just tried to watch a pirated version of Man of the Year.

Foster kitten photos! (dialup warning)

I just saw a lion on Africam!

What would you do?

From Crooks and Liars...Saturday night music, "Solsbury Hill" By Peter Gabriel

LIONS on africam.

206 views for "photo of Limbaugh's anal cyst" thread?

Merry Christmas, REV!

wacky christmas links from boingboing.......

I have a wonderful son-in-law.................

Do you re-gift?

Is anybody else watching "30 Days" on FX?

Christmas in Dixie . . .

Oh, lovely. Stores are running out of food in Colorado.

"I Love New York"--must see TV!

Saturday, December 23. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Payday advance loans

Optical Illusion from

Nicoderm Flight Attendant = Hilarious.

Wow, I just made some chicken soup that is super delish.

My nominee for most asinine movie of 2007...

Do you decorate your vehicle for the Holidays?

Chain Italian: Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill

Some would Say I Need a Haircut.....

Someone please tell me some good news!

Can I do anything to stop from sweating garlic

Just put together a Princess Ariel Talking Kitchen--Ask me anything!

Osmonds are a waste of space and money?

You know, "Blast from the Past" is really a very cute movie...

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Children Of Men. Just my opinion but...

Actor who played "Lionel" on "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" has died.

What commercial makes you want to shoot the TV?

It's Christmas Eve Eve

Do you like getting those cheese, sausage (and sometimes chocolate) gift boxes?

Stupidest Christmas idea you've seen this year.

I have yellowcake - ask me anything.

So has that "Christmas feeling" hit you yet?

Aahhh! The Lounge!

Happy birthday Rosie1223 & hopein08!!

Anyone do any shopping today?

The most evil Christmas e-card I've ever seen:

What's Daryn Kagan from CNN going to do now that she has more time?

What's the secret to a scabby marriage?

What type of alcohol do you put in egg nog?

Time to buy a car.(shudder) Tell me about the cars you love

I made it home for Christmas

Mount Everest

Am I wrong here? My sister thinks I am.

Would you apply for a job you knew you could do, but didn't


If you smoke - do you roll your own? (about $1/pack)


I need some DU love right now...

What would you like to come back as in your next life?

GoPsUx is willing to stand on one leg for an hour

What is the best Christmas flick?

I just made crabcakes for nine. Ask me anything.

Merry Christmas DU

Saw "Happy Feet" last night. An instant all time fav on my list.

What Crosses Your Mind When You Hear Carmina Burana?

A Christmas message from the Beatles

My first rapture captures!

If you see a fat man, who is jolly and cute,

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

What are some of your not-so-famous Christmas/Holiday movies?

Contest. Winner will be decided by Lounge Poll. Stuff we say to pets

DU dog owners: Do your dogs wear collars?

Zebras at the watering hole

What's the secret to a crappy marriage?

my dog won't tolerate me singing any julie andrews songs

How late is "too late" for people to blast loud music in an apartment living situation?

My first raptor captures!

What's your favorite Christmas song, sung by whom?

What are your three favorite novels of the 20th century?

Okay Lounge, I need help...

DU submissive owners: Do your subs wear collars?

We all need a big reduction in the price of beer.

Liberal Catholic Priests campaign to win back flock through Boston's Paulist Center

What percentage of viewers will vote on a poll?

So what are you celebrating?

Religion does more harm than good - poll

Turn the other cheek

An analemma - a solar figure 8

crosspost: Ten Times Around The Sun Without Carl (Sagan)

Top Ten Weirdest Science Stories of 2006

The REAL "Old Europe" - the forgotten Vinca culture

The Great Glacial Meltdown

Reading Shakespeare has dramatic effect on human brain

Ohio State just got it's ass kicked by florida in b-ball

Thread in the "Seekers on Unique Paths" group that you might find interesting

New Cosmic Dimension Up -- Pluto at Galactic Center

2007 - Universal Year "9"

Did you folks see this post over in GD, about the death of a

I feel I'm being guided and protected...but who is it?

I'm getting a free copy of the book version of "The Secret"!!

Merry Christmas guys


Rebuttal needed (dailykos)

Sunday Talk Shows

Here's a video from Progressive Dems of America:

Good post on JK blog: The Importance of Diplomacy

You guys need to put together a calendar!

Snowing again - night shot

Oh, okay, theme suggestions for January thread

Oy vey! Talk about being freaked out about a title.

Muslim comment "just a joke" for water comissioner (WTF?!)

Good Lord! McLaughlin's got his Christmas plaid jacket on!

Terror Alert: readiness recommendations (here's an attack scenario from DHS, interesting)

Lowe files suit in clerk's election (wants absentee ballots thrown out, R loser...)

My Grown Up Christmas List - Pix heavy - for my DU Family

Death may spark Central Asian power play

December becoming as bloody as October for the G.I.s in Iraq

Obama "unequivocally committed" to running for Prez

My new years resolution.

They call her a killer ,and they call her a sinner, and they call her whore..


NYT: From Scum, Perhaps the Tiniest Form of Life

Paul Simon: Wartime Prayers

PTC Puts NBC on Naughty List

MSNBC: In a changing nation, Santa endures

US death toll in Iraq surges toward 3,000 mark

Q: What's the difference between a Freeper and someone you don't know anything about?

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq; Gates ends visit

It is becoming more clear to the rest of the US just how bad bu$h has screwed us

US naval build-up in Gulf shows enduring presence: Gates

Distressed American has a new Christmas graphic

Dear Rosie, Trump....STFU!

Got to catch a plane today...

A thread to show just how how compassionate we are! F'ing Ridiculous!

Maybe Condi Slipped the "Go Shopping" into George's speech :

Senior Taleban 'leader' killed.

Comparison of desks (lifted from another post)

100% positive proof, of evolution...

I just got Will Pitt's book in the mail from Amazon!

I have been HONORED to share in another DUer family's Christmas

Hey George, how's the rebuilding of Iraq going?

open phones on cspan. lots of upset people--money problems, $ going

DUBYA'S GETTIN' NUTTIN' FOR CHRISTMAS! (sing along with Dems Will Win--and we did!)

Here's what bush bought Pickles for xmas.

Member since 2003 - before July 6th

End of the neo-con dream

The REAL "War on Christmas" -- Usury!

Area Office Mobilization Prototype Exercise ***THE DRAFT***

Note to Evangelicals who are spreading the "good news"...

Dream to regain vision comes true for courageous Iraqi boy

99,324 user registrations

Republican Congressional aide in hot water for hiring hackers

NY Times: Fear & Bigotry in Congress Regarding Ellison's use of Koran.

Swearing on a Bible or Koran won't make a saint of a sinner.

Thanks for the D.U.! The gift that never stops giving.

I support your war of Christmas

The malls and stores weren't very busy this morning.

I have an idea, let's send Representative Goode a Christmas present...

Bill O'Reilly sings...

BBC: NY store drops 'faux fur' jackets

Earthquake in the SF Bay Area - Did you feel it?

Last year at this time, didn't we hear about Wal-Mart's earnings

December Photo Contest

If we're not careful, Congressman Virgil Goode could become Chancellor Adam Sutler.

New Who CD takes a jab at the Pope.

The Slaves in Our Midst (for real)

Three TOONS from Mr. Fish....

Poll, n.

What a surprise! Generals in Iraq to recommend "surge".

OMG! I just realized. Bush is PEE WEE HERMAN in disguise. We've been duped!

Columbus OH loses Progressive Radio-station turns to right format

Festivus Airing of Grievances

RW Wiki update

The Komodo Dragon's Tale...Virgin Birth??

How to Cure a Hang Over

Whoa, two earthquakes here in Berkeley in the last few days.

Stop paying taxes on the war - how2?

It's scary that Virgil Goode once considered himself a Democrat

"One night of poor judgement"


So can we call it a military dictatorship yet?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat. 12/23... pottery shards

OT pushes guards' pay past $100,000

Gender Pay Gap, Once Narrowing, Is Stuck in Place

"I don't like the way they fight, but I'd do the same thing if someone was occupying my country,"

If I got a 53 million dollar bonus

NYT Book Review: Gary Hart reviews Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope"

Military buildup underway in Persian Gulf

Finally! A use for all my free Mobile-to-Mobile Airtime to hear Stephanie Miller Live!

The Khaki Chum's Christmas Truce 1914

Inquiring minds want to know... Do you click on your own threads to fudge the "View" stats?

Need an appropriate gift for our mail carrier! Your suggestions, please.

well once again the rw is proven wrong... America didn't melt down overnight

Songs we're ashamed to like or love.

Virgil Goode is a freedom-hating piece of shit

International airlines considering letting people use their cells phone during flight

The Persecution of Christians by the US gov't. continues

Is there a cure for Chimp?

WEALTH HAZARD - Latin America's rich and famous children live in fear of randsom and kidnapping

Dennis Prager

Reflections on Christmas

Weather Channel, Global Warming..... whaddya know people. nt

Ho ho ho.. IRS wants their pound of flesh... and Merry Christmas!

Dems Need To Challenge "Surge Plan" - BUSH Has Ignored The Voter's Message -

Former Vermont Sen. Stafford Dies At 93

Smoke a Saturday and Stroke a Sunday, but first please . . . CAPTION!!

A Simple Wish

Air America Radio: an example of ego and crony capitalism

I've been removed from politics for a very long time.

Lynne Cheney Dismisses Fuss Over Gay Daughter's Pregnancy

How many stores are still selling the Sean John dog fur coats?

200,000 $ I need a loan for 200,000 that I would pay back 1,500.00 monthly

The truth about where donated clothes go..

World ice climbing champion Harald Berger killed in ice collapse

My Card fan friend did a 180.

John Edwards: "So before I make a final decision, I need to hear from you: Are you ready?"

Why Stealth Conservatism MUST be broken

please help - computer emergency

There would be much more economic equality between Blacks and Whites

"War On Christmas" Has A New Jingle: Money

Swamp Rat Rocks

This morning I heard one of the Saturday Morning

Don't leave me with US nurses: Berlusconi

Pythons threaten Everglades in Florida ---

30 Charges dismissed against abortion Dr, AG not giving up though

Damn! Now I'm mad all over again.

my step son just called from Fort Bragg

Saturday, Sun, Blue Sky, Dogs, and Ponies, and Balloons, and . . . CAPTIONS!!!

Surrender to the War on Christmas

BUSH: We're so glad it's Christmas Vacation!

I just want to take a minute to thank the following people

We spoke with Cindy Sheehan last summer...

Inquiry Sought Over Evangelical Video..

Nobody really *needs* more than $5 million in assets, anything more is just being a greedy SOB

Brent Bozell's having a fit over SNL skit of Justin Timberlake.

Wall Street, Investment Bankers, and Excessive Compensation

My holiday wishes to all of you in DU-land....

Bush's "Way Forward" on Iraq: More of the Same

Sunday Talk Shows

It looks like an early January "surge" Where are the demostrations gonna be?

Inquiring minds want to know... DU 'View Threads' option

Georgia Anti-Evolution Group Surrenders.

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

Ad for Iraq war crimes report now carried in Army/Navy/Marine Corps Times

Republicans vent anger after Senate loss

Curse that asshat-Day 2277

Elizabeth Smarts DAD is Capitalizing On ..........

Pickles, George, George HW, Babs, Lynn Cheney all on Sunday Shows

With bigger US army, a bigger task for recruiters

Most Inspiring Person of the Year 2006: The Amish of Nickel Mines, PA

Pursuit of Happyness question....soundtrack

Dietary Genesis (funny!)

Forsythia for Christmas.

finding no way to weasel herself out, ros-lehtinen finally admits that,

UMW deal: Biggest pay hike since ’74

What if there had been no slavery?

Anyone ever file a Freedom of Information Act request?

If I Were Jesus

The History Channel, "The History of Christmas"

"Greedy geezers kept alive by jews'' ; a freepers view of medicare crisis

Are you concerned about the naval carrier buildup in Iran gulf ?

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you." (removing public notices from newspapers?)

Sibel Edmonds, the FBI translator who was gagged

Who is your favorite current Supreme Court justice?

Caption *, Gates, and Pace

Why do people pretend that the chimp is sane?

US to outsource drug war in Afghanistan


Schwarzenegger Remakes Himself as Environmentalist

Macy's pulls Sean John hooded jackets (Dog Fur)

Do you have to be Christian to be charitable?

Faces of the Fallen

US wants more sanctions on Iran

U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,965

An african-american, a jew, a gay guy, a muslim, and an Iranian walk into a bar

I'm all for putting Saddam back in power...

Sure is quiet on the Tim Johnson front.......

Discussion boards are turned off on Yahoo!

Keith Olbermann's Ratings on the Rise; Fox News Drops Out of the Top Ten Most Watched Cable Channels

"Christmas Is Under Siege", declares Prime-Time Ad

UK Poll: Religion Does More Harm Than Good


Poppy Bush "tributaring" Reba McEnterie on a tribute for Reba they had over at Nashville ...

Bucking Up Our Soldiers for the Ideological Occupation

Florida growth goes from wild to mild

See no..Hear no..Speak no.. (one of Reuters' best of the year)

Resolutions For Our Earth

Keeping Christmas Alive on a Baghdad Street Corner

John Kerry on the “Surge”: When Resolve Turns Reckless

Man burns self in religious protest

Edwards Is Very Authentic - He's For Real!! Go John!!

'Fess up, you gay-penguin-loving bugger!

"I want my daddy home from Iraq for Christmas"

A last minute SURGE in TOONS...

I Guess We're Down to The Skeleton Crew Now

Rapture ready board: "Do the words "happy holidays" HACK YOU OFF?"

Are people who deny Bush has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as loony as Holocaust deniers?

"Seven Good Reasons To Keep Our Troops On Iraq Battleground"..scary letter.

The Dirt On Our Farms (Great Article!)

Fox News Ratings Tumble In October, November

GI nephew got his Christmas "orders"

From the Veterans Groups to the DU


People wake up! You had better pay attention to what Scott Ritter is saying about Iran.

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

First Two Buddhists Elected to Congress as well

TRUMP To MoDo: "When You're A President Who Has Destroyed The Lives Of Probably A Million People..."

Is it true, as Wouk wrote, that "the most insignificant writer can serve peace . . .?"


Go here, go to the concert vault and register:

MP3: I wrote another anti-war song today - Christmas Warzone

A Republican said this, and he died today.

Oh a trip down memory lane with the "Top 11 Most Outrageous Comments of 2006"

Crime of the Century: Are Bush & Cheney Planning Early Attack on Iran?

Jeb laments loss of bath towel service

North Iowa Minuteman takes on illegal immigration

Mass Lawmakers: "We Could Be Bush Admin's Worst Nightmare" (Boston Globe)

A saviour, "Returning Lord" here on Earth. He was coronated at Senate office bldg!

The Case for Flip-Flopping

Judge issues 19-year sentence for carrying bullets


I just drove by a mall

Know your BFEE: America’s Ruling Gangster Class

How do we get to universal health care?

Bill Withers - Lean On Me (live 1972)

Peter Pumpkinhead

Marvin Gaye- What's Going On

So This is Christmas (War is Over If You Want It) GRAPHIC

"I'll Be Home for Christmas"....tribute to the military

Stop The Funding of the War!

Presidential Address

CBS News: 1968 California Primary

Hu's on First?

To all my fellow DUers. Happy Holidays!

Red State Update on Iraq in '07...such good satire you have to watch twice.

Don't Leave me with US Nurses they scare me Bersceloni

Crime of the Century


Darlene Love on Letterman, Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Richest man in Babylon

Bushie Christmas

John Lennon- And So This Is Christmas.....

Bush Caught off Gaurd.

Congressman Nick Lampson (D., TX), Tom Delay's successor, undergoes angioplasty

Liberal lawmakers face new challenges

The Saturday Cartoons


1989 Exxon Valdez $5B Jury Award Cut In Half

Chris Matthews: Gore/Obama is "the strongest ticket"

Does anyone know what became of Elton Beard?

Sen. Byrd leads 'senior' Democrats

I want to ask you all some things that have been on my mind for a while


DO you think any Dems are pissed that they waved through Gates?

Schwarzenegger Remakes Himself as Environmentalist

"Christians" are waging the war for Christmas at Wal-Mart

FLASHBACK: One Year Ago, Gen. Casey Told Bush ‘Less Is Better,’ Pushed Reducing Troops In Iraq

Surprising Amount of Free Speech in Chinese Newspapers---May Face Setback

Sexual Assault Survivors Accuse Military of Systemic Disinterest

US "Appeal for Redress" has 900+ signatories calling for Iraq withdrawal

Could the Malaki government in Iraq survive outside the us protected green zone?

Simple question: Can the new congress stop this madman

The Trib Plays Gotcha With Obama

Why is society prohibited from comparing any other person to Hitler?

Probes of Bush policies in works. Mass. lawmakers to launch hearings

Neo-cons jumping ship: speaking out on devasting dysfunction within the * administration

If The Entire World Were A Village of 100 People It Would Look Like......

What Will DUers Say About When Webb Joins The "Group of 14?"

Tucker Carlson: "Tiny Bit Of B.S." Is Ok From Bush. ...

DU Posters: Stop Unfairly Using 2008 to Bash Candidates.

Why aren't manners a conservative value?

Hillary/Obama....... Skill vs. Charm

Sam Brownback: Dangerous dude

Bush signs executive order for pay raises ( for Cheney, et al)

Fox News Ratings Tumble In October, November

Q: Other than Gore, which candidates are fighters against global warming?

Clinton, Obama Clearing The Field

An email from John Edwards. Yay!

John Edwards, Unfiltered...

Hillary beats McCain and Giuliani nationally and hasn't stepped foot in Iowa in years

GOP Crusader Robin Hayes (R-NC) Blames Bloggers for daring to QUOTE her!

New WashPo op-ed piece by John Kerry: "When Resolve Turns Reckless"

Who is really crazy?

Senator-elect Webb (D., VA): White House leaked hostile exchange

Who do you want to become the next First Lady/Gentleman of the United States??

Which war protest is more impressive?

Don't send the baby boomers to pasture, yet

Carville lets more slip about the attack on Dean after the election.