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Archives: December 18, 2006

Tech Industry Has Ulterior Motive Regarding H-1B Visas

No Canadian Seafood to be Served at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafes Until Seal Hunt is Stopped

Surging To Defeat In Iraq - W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern

NYT: Talk in Class Turns to God, Setting Off Public Debate on Rights

SEESHOLTZ: Satan, Soy and... Shrinking Penises?

Litvinenko's killers used polonium worth $10m to give massive overdose

Clinton Impeacher Quits Republicans (disillusioned) - AP

The Ancient Failings of George W. Bush (Steve Horowitz)

Iran vote "decisive defeat" for president: reformers

Pentagon Cites Success Of Anti-U.S. Forces in Iraq (WaPo, 12/19)

The Risks of Too Much City

The Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes - A Missed Opportunity.

The Highwaymen (privatization of roads) (MOTHER JONES)

Critical Mass: It is Time for George W. Bush to Resign or Congress to Act

U.S. reporters in Iraq face a new realm of difficulty

Is There Time to Alter America's Legacy of Greed and Destruction

TV and Radio Martí face another audit

Bush accused of gagging critic of Iran policy

NYTimes: After Bankruptcy Filing, Recriminations Fly at Air America. ..Good Read.

Reality Bites: The Bush Remake


The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 272

No reason for ‘unrealist'-in-chief to read the newspapers

Iran's crocodile rocked

Commentary: Putting a sinister spin on immigration crackdown

The coming Sunni-Shi'ite showdown


Torture Is Now Part of the American Soul

Out of Sight

Blair snubbed by Bush move to send more troops to Iraq

Dirty Business: E-waste in Nigeria (BBC) {Audio/Podcast}

Analysis-Big Oil seeks to burnish U.S. image in 2007 (Reuters)

ONGC discovers huge gas reserves in Bay of Bengal (21 trillion cu. ft.)

Canadian Water Expert - Sydney May Run Out Of Water For Everything But Drinking Within 3 Years

US questions Saudis need for nuclear energy

Britain approves world's biggest offshore wind farm - Reuters

Harvard Climatologist "Not Counting On This Government" For Leadership - Boston Globe

Cherry trees blooming in Maryland

Gotta xpost this Toles 'toon from GD ...

Equator's glaciers slipping away (AP/CNN) {rivers drying up, animals dying}

I need some help understanding a non-profit and tax exempt status.

Biologists Hunt Invasive Pythons in Fla.

Anopheles Mosquitoes Appearing At 6,200 Feet In Kenya - Highest Ever Recorded - AP

Antarctic Penguin Populations Track Warming - Northern Colony Disappearance Rate Accelerating

States Sue EPA Over Soot Levels - AP

Aussie Crops Grown With Processed Wastewater Show Stunting, Discoloration

At Least 1,000 Orangutans Killed In Indonesian Fires - "Headlong Rush" To Extinction In Wild

Polar Bears' Population Decline Continues - Down About 25% In 19 Remaining Groups - Scotsman

John Howard On Bushfire-Climate LInk - Nothing To See Here, Move Along

European Banks Refusing Loans To Ski Resorts Below 1,500 Meters As Snowless Ski Season Continues

Question- Weather/Environment compared to Ice Cubes

Owner sees big things ahead for his 'small village' on the Merrimack (More PV for Mass.)

Solar energy to illumine 400 villages in Pakistan

An Interview With Al-Jazeera Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Sheikh

Anti-Semitism at Huffingtonpost

Report: Top Fatah official kidnapped

Jordan asks Israel to state position on Palestinian statehood

Woman beaten on Jerusalem bus for refusing to move to rear seat

Israel's informers - real and imagined

Who Deserves Democracy? In the Palestinian territories, hypocrisy is the best policy

Israel arms sales peak despite Lebanon war fallout

U.S. Senators to PM: Don't be tempted by Syrian talks offers

Mossad chief: Iran will have nuclear bomb by 2009-2010

Former Pres Jimmy Carter now is an "Anti-Semite." Here's the article...

Prof. Steven Jones Quits Scholars for 911 Confusion

A test

Currently watching "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"

David Sirota: Please Shut Up, You Dumb Conspiracy Theorists

World Trade Center History (interesting fact sheet).

Firefighter Describes “Molten Metal" at Ground Zero,

Minnesota Performs First Post-Election Review

Coalition to Congress - Paper! But is it really? Election Reform News 12.18

NYT: Former U.S. Detainee in Iraq Recalls Torment

Troops in Iraq to get fire-resistant uniforms

NYT: Colin Powell Doubts Need to Raise Troop Levels: Sees nothing to justify increase in troops

4 suspected insurgents killed, 3 U.S.-led coalition troops wounded in Afghanistan

Bomb explodes at Baghdad market, kills 5-police

TV and Radio Martí face another audit

U.S. military rehearses terror hearings

Dead Climber Identified

Red Crescent stops work in Baghdad after kidnap

Gunmen spring former Iraqi minister from jail (inside Green zone)

New publishing rules restrict scientists

NYT: Talk in Class Turns to God, Setting Off Public Debate on Rights

Wal-Mart Workers in China Set Up Communist Party Branch (and unionize, too)

WP/AP: Trade Deficit Soars to Record High

Flynt Leverett Calls Ken Pollack 'Flat-Out Wrong'

Blasts reported at Shell, Agip facilities in southern Nigeria

Bush signs nuclear deal with India

Reuters: Saddam says responsible for any Iran gas attacks

Holiday sales growth about half of last year: report

After surviving 20 million years, China's goddess of the river is driven to extinction

AP: FEMA to Restart Katrina Housing Program

(Reuters) U.S. must tighten port security: panel

President Bush delays moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Gunmen free 17 seized at Baghdad Red Crescent office

AP: Mich. to Delay Affirmative Action Ban

Coast Guard Won't Conduct Firearm Exercises On Great Lakes

No Canadian Seafood to be Served at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafes Until Seal Hunt is Stopped

Bolivia, Venezuela in Energy Venture

Reuters: Lebanon opposition demands early elections

U.S. lawmakers: Cuban officials say Castro to return to public life

EPA relaxes rules on reporting of release of toxic chemicals

Reuters: US govt withdraws demand for return of secret memo

US trade deficit soars to record reflecting higher oil bill

CNN Poll: Approval For Iraq Handling Drops To New Low (28%)

MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise

Mass. health plan drawing interest as model for US

Pentagon Cites Success Of Anti-U.S. Forces in Iraq

Conservatives' Grip on Key Virginia Court Is at Risk

Report Links 9/11 Memories to Proximity

New Pentagon chief warns of calamity in Iraq (& can NOT fail in Iraq)

Former spy chief takes over Pentagon

Coroner faults Brit's death in Iraq ("unforgivable and inexcusable" delay for body armor)

Tony Snow Claims 'No Big Disagreement' Between Bush and Colin Powell

Georgia lawmakers gear up to oppose national ID requirements

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 18

NYT: U.S. Inquiry Falters on Civilians Accused of Abusing Detainees

Builder layoffs continue with 218 job cuts at DiVosta

(Reuters) Attacks in Iraq at record high: Pentagon

Joint venture of local firms (Dyncorp) wins Army contract worth billions

As Talks Resume, Army Ponders Trying To Break Goodyear Strike (Taft-Hartley Act)

Nifong Probe Possible, U.S. Attorney General Says

Vatican mulls fielding football team

MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise

Former Iraqi minister escapes prison

Marine Officer Who Died In Iraq Had Been Escorting Oliver North

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

Hilo soldier dies on 4th tour in Iraq

(Senator) Clinton Opposes U.S. Troop Surge In Iraq

Senator Removes His Block on Federal Court Nominee

Rangel: I Support Giuliani-Kerik Ticket

C. America to open partnership talks with EU in 2007

White House backs off Bush's Iraq view

First lady Bush treated for form of skin cancer

Less number of US students coming to India for studies

New Life youth pastor resigns over sexual misconduct (Haggard Church)

Iran to replace dollar with euro in foreign deals

AP: (Roundup)-resistant weed worries farmers

NYT: After Bankruptcy Filing, Recriminations Fly at Air America

Yogi Bear creator Joe Barbera dies at 95

Runner fails gender test, loses medal

CRL Report: Record Foreclosures Expected for Subprime Market

Rapist preys on men in Houston area

Iraq Insurgents Starve Capital of Electricity/ NYT

Witness: New Orleans cops shot man in back as he ran away

EU report: Muslims face 'Islamophobia'

Iranian students hide in fear for lives after venting fury at Ahmadinejad

Please Donate to the DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!

Why I support You for President in 2008

Still out of power....

Let's play "First to crap"

Let's play "Crack or Frappe?"

Good evening.

I just got back from the work Christmas Party: ASK ME ANYTHING

Should I be Complimented?

Does anyone here watch "American Dad?"


Teams at least as horrible as this year's Raiders


Let's play "Frampt or Clapt"

a charcoal and some pen and inks

Zebras at the watering hole!!!!!

Hey knitters! Have you ever heard of "Crazy Yarn"?

Anybody know someone like this?

"Let's hurry up and go so we can hurry up and get home" ...

Quick !! Tadpoles on Africam !!!

My new toon series -- OUT OF CONTEXT

Should I send my wife a birthday present or not

Stupidest idea in TV sports...

Should I Be Insulted?

"Git 'R Done!"

analog vs. digital- comment

Merry Christmas DUers, from SeattleGirl and Eartha Kitt

Funny, it doesn't taste like Reindeer

bubba and his bud

The CHARGERS: LT sets yet more NFL records

First person to PM me gets my new DU bumpersticker!

I would rather be impaled on a red hot poker than listen to Elayne Boosler

War on Christmas?

Welcome to Monday!

Monday morning smooches!

Any melanoma patients here? Someone dear to me has been diagnosed with a liver tumor after Melanoma

Denis Payton of UK band The Dave Clark Five dies

I got an A in my math class!! WOO-HOO!!!

I think I need a drink or a vacation to better times ...

Morning DU only 7 more days until Santa's Birthday YAY!

Bad to worst for Raiders

Swiss Colony Beef Log, baby! (Share your favorite SILLY holiday song)

Anybody else having problems with Africam?

Giada said something had "a nice ass flavor" twice this weekend

Well at least this time she wore underwear

"Gladiator" stole it from "Last Of The Mohicans," and "Man On Fire" stole it from "Gladiator."

Ah jeez...more smoking threads in GD..

In honor of all those smoking threads in GD,

I found it!!!

I share my smokes with my 9 and 11 year old daughters. I don't care if you don't like it.

I have such a filthy mind

Ok, logicians, help me out here....

I gotta tell you that homemade tamales are mighty good

I'm single, so I had to be firm with myself about being sexy in the lounge....

Bartcop Presents Charity Poker

3 Finals down, 1 to go! w00t!

Mr. Midlo says that I can't be too sexy in the lounge...

It's official...

I hit 8K and didn't even know it! Where is my celebratory thread?

So I just got done tweaking my DU Journal a bit

ignore *

Monday afternoon earworm

We Need Some Peg-Leg Pics Thread!

The Sober Racism of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

I'm procrastinating...

Let's just say Hillary runs and wins...

Jessica Simpson's talent is apparently all in her bra cups...

I just had to buy an Elvis Costello CD today

Turn yourself into an Elf - check me out!!

I'm Time magazine's Person of the Year!!

Metal fans, check in here.

Christmas Cookie Recipe

Guy busted dancing on Best Buy security cam...Must watch...

Christmas Canon

10 Holiday Eating Rules.

Woo Hoo!!!! I don't need glasses!!!

Indian runner fails gender test, loses medal

These aren't lyrics; it's a john calling a prostitute!

How is it possible to have two hooters yet only one bird?

Why is snow white?


Anyone here have a birthday near Christmas?

"Irritate a Liberal" calendar on EBAY - still available!

My children hate me,

I am not a "type-A" mom. I totally sent JackMN to preschool smelling like poop.

What do you do if you call human control and they do NOTHING?

What do you do if you call alien control and they do NOTHING?

Mr. Writer says that I can't be too sexy in the lounge.

I am ,knackered

I hate religious Renaissance paintings.

Has anyone had treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Nostalgia: Favorite secondary X-Files character?

Sheriff called about marijuana-filled firewood

Best (reasonably priced) scotch?

Mr. Bigstuff....

What's the best oatmeal-raisin cookie recipe you know?

Irony is not dead

Anyone wanna loan me a better Internet connection?

What is the best music site

HELP DU...I have had a migraine since Friday

Will the recent NBA fines result in...

Happy birthday BushDespiser12!!

Most risque piece of dialouge on a 50's sitcom

Hey DU!

Congratulations Hippo_Tron!! 10,000 posts

Oh shit. Now I have Ellington's"Azure" AND "Sophisticated Lady" stuck in the head.

Make your own snowflake

Ok. I don't get it. What's wrong with Rachel Ray?

Big Lounge love for Midlodemocrat

US cartoonist Joseph Barbera dies

I got maid!! I got maid!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooo... CHECK IT OUT!!

A very heartfelt Thank You....

This is, without a doubt, the weirdest church sign I ever saw

I sent myself a total of seventeen PMs today

Who shares my opinion that Hannity and Colmes has to be one of the best COMEDY shows

What is the best reply to a smear campaign?

Natasha Lyonne Dog Molestation Charges to be Dropped

Aldi's or Sav-a-Lot?

Show: Weakest Link. Question: Which candy bar has nuts, Mounds or Almond Joy?

Oh no! We've joined the iPod zombie hordes!

Anyone wanna loan me $30?

The Knicks won! 8 players left after the suspensions and they beat Utah!?

It's a little strange, but I take enormous comfort in this song:

That SNL "D**k In A Box" music video is flat out funny.

Anyone seen the movie "The Quiet Earth"?

Who cares about the holiday? I'll take cookies any time I can get them!

Ghosts of Rwanda.

I'm here...but I'm just carry on.


So, I told "Das ex" about a mild adventure I had in a bar

I like to smoke cigars

Africam Alert: I just got a screenshot while it lasted - what is this?

Gallagher gentle as a Li-amb

My 21-year-old cat loves canned food as a treat

So, I think I got a good deal on Plymouth Gin Today.

I watched "Mean Girls" today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/18/06)

ever have a DU crush but then

I complained to the manager of a restaurant this weekend

Would you date Time Magazine's person of the year?

In this thread, try to get IN BEFORE THE LOCK!!!!!!!11

KFC knockoffs

Worst NFL Team ever


Anyone else here work from home, I start in January.

I finally broke down and bought one!!

Something weird just happened

Radio Lady Reviews: "Eragon" (Opens Friday, December 15, 2006)

My mom just went back to the hospital - Please send prayers and good karma thoughts to her please.

I turned the f'er in!

Even though Meryl Streep did an excellent job in the role,

I watched Harvey,Munich and Syriana while home sick yesterday.

Bob Log III

I don't need no stinkin' helmet

Hey all naughty girls...

Who would you want to be President/VP in 2008?

An update of sorts: No more worrying about the guy at work who kept asking me out.

I watched " V for Vendetta" last night. What a wild movie!

Help me find some really, really good Henley T-shirts, short and long sleeve.

So, you think you know how to fold a T-shirt? (Japanese video)

Cross-posting fromt he computer support forum...My computer hangs at "Verifying DMI Pool Data"...

What do you do if you have a really sexy voice?

Who keeps stealing the "Fucking" signs?

My parents had to put their kitty down last night.

did john cena just join DX?

So my evil nasty cold has morphed into Strep Throat.

Jesus, DU's ugly tonight.

Pet boa constrictor chokes owner


Step children issues,

how many others LOVE the soundtrack from Valley Girl...?

Christmas Cookies!!! Christmas Cookies!!! Christmas Cookies!!!

Have you finished sending your holiday cards?

I got it!! I got it!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooo... CHECK IT OUT!!

Fashionistas- office party acceptable?

My family is bored with Christmas

Best Telemundo/Univision show?

Did Vash's Fantasy Football team just do a major TANKING

New 419 scam letter (new to me)

I Saw the Movie 'Borat' on Friday

What do you do if you call animal control and they do NOTHING?

Sirius the puppy needs to stop peeing in the house. Help!

Does your supervisor call in to you when he's not coming in?

LynzM said I have to post this in its own thread

One of our new ornaments for the tree.

There's been a hoot owl howlin' by my window now

Help! I need an Xmas present for my wife!

Please help name the new puppy

OK..Steely Dan Fans...your top 5 Dan Tunes

Which of these is a real name?

I received a total of seventeen pm's today

where did you live when you were a teenager


The baby threw up on the cat

Who do you miss here, in the Lounge?

OK, you KNOW there's a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang remake at some point.

How much credit card debt are you carrying?

New Darwin Award Nominees HUGH!!!1! and Funny

who has a good lentil soup recipe?

Please Donate to the DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!

Would the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God send his only begotten son to save the whales?

The Tyranny of Faith: Reflections on the Death of a Patriarch

Has anyone ever had a born again reversal?

NY Times: "Episcopal Parishes in Virginia Vote to Secede."

How to convert a believer in 10 easy steps...

Talk In Class Turns To God

Where are humans in relation to the rest of the cosmos in your cosmology?

"Our prayers are with you" - does that set your teeth on edge?


The Nose Knows Better

New chief executive of AIDS organization intends to battle stigma

Lance Bass's Boyfriend on "Tyra"

Galileo and Gays: Credibility Lost, Yet Again (Mel Seesholtz)

A vote for Mark McGwire into the HOF...

ESPN are a bunch of effing idiots

Astrologically-(As Above So Below) a Remarkable Week of Change

The latest chapter in the saga--help! (Warning: Long!)

New Moon in Sagittarius - Wednesday, December 20, 9:01 am EST

The law on 'negotiating with foreign govts.' Of course it's legal

You'll love this:

E-mail from Cam to another DUer:

OT: Did you see this about Hillary and Ségolène Royal?

OT: So Hillary FINALLY sorta kinda regrets her IWR vote

At least the international press treats Kerry with respect

How to Read Thomas Friedman

OT: A new low for the AP (not JK related)

Spin is alive and well at the National Journal

JK in Beirut

Another one of those Herald headlines

Walter Shapiro on NH in '08

Helping Karendc here.

OT: Webb stood up Vets in Virginia Beach (big whoops)

Bad Santa!

A couple of newbie questions -

You can't take pictures here! Yes I can!

PHOTO CONTESTS: See the votes or blind poll?

photos of santa fe

Iraq's Economy is Booming: Blood and Money

2948 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

The Radical Fringe Toon - Mon 12/18 .. Spirit of the future, I fear you more than any of the others.

No Colon, we're not losing in Iraq. We've failed, that's all.

$16.5 mil for hiring and training the Secret Service detail that will protect W after he leaves

Re: troop escalation in Iraq... what can I do besides the online petition linked here?

Revisiting The Horrors Of The Holocaust (CBS News)

nanosafe battery, a step in the right direction for EV's

Support the Iraq Freedom Congress!

I'd love to see a politician commit political suicide for America's sake.

(TOON) Rowson on President Tony's contribution to world peace

UPDATE: Anti-Gay Marriage Male sends e-mail response re: attack on Marriage Equality Female

Hillary's strange body language during NBC interview -- did she reveal dishonesty?

Hollywood's Message to the Homeless: You Can Get Off the Street By Just Wanting to be Better

can the media and talking *ss just shut up and let the 2008 candidates for the presidency of the

*Finally* I get some of the recognition I so richly deserve

Anyone notice the 3 most popular Republican presidential contenders have had 8 wives among them

Disney owns Santa?

We must say NO to more troops in Iraq. On the streets Jan 27

2,948 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

The cold, hard grief of Christmas during wartime

MSM: Show us Something Besides Mountain Rescues and Pantyless Brittney Iraqi translator with a U.S. patrol told me it was fired by unknown gunmen...

The Shadow family just gained a new member

The next big netroots primary challenge: Ellen Tauscher (CA-10)

oops--delete...thanks mods

Ah, the Poodle. So beloved by his troops...NOT! Captions?

Ronald Reagan's Bloody 'Apocalypto' - By Robert Parry

"Surge" in Iraq = "Escalation in Vietnam

TOON: What's Obama got that Hillary hasn't?

US Military Rehearses "PRE-ORDAINED" Terror Hearings

Bush vows to tackle pet-project provisions

Does the 2nd Amendment confer an individual RKBA?

Out of Context

Not to be callous, but why does the media spend so much time

Whatever happened to the Halliburton whistleblower?

Does anyone else drive an SUV?

Resistance groups in Iraq, meanwhile, face no such training problems...

HEADLINE: "Jackson, Mississippi Attempts to Criminalize Christianity"

A Christmas Wish

Olive oil may be effective against cancer

AFGHANISTAN: Government warns of possible poppy crop spraying - Here comes the defoliant

My annual performance review was good - 3% pay raise

About Face: 1000 Active Duty Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal

BUSH Admin's - New Weapon In Arsenal Of Secrecy-MisUse Of Subpoena Power To Keep Public In The Dark

Anti-Semitism at Huffingtonpost

Why don't the Dem's initiate their own "bi-partisan" Iraq Study Group

Clandestine military teams clash with CIA, allies

The Judith Regan Firing: Can you Say Lawsuit?

Corporations and Constitutional rights

Thanks to Bush and 30,000 new troops, you can put a fork in McCain.

I noticed that NO WH talkers were on the Sun. Talk shows---unless

Judith Miller under oath

Navy vet held by U.S. in Iraq for months for passing information to the FBI

The unnamed ghost of Judith Miller

Bush Tries To Hide Skyrocketing Attacks in Iraq

Iranian voters smack Ahmadinejad, hardliners in local elections

A message from the media.

Never mind, it all works now, ignore

New publishing rules restrict scientists

Powell " Army overextended and "about broken."

Man claims attention deficit disorder, acquitted of drug charge

Has anyone ever had a born again reversal?

Thank you Taxpayers

Call me Ebenezer, but Christmas as we know it needs to go... (Jason Miller)

Atrios gift to Rupert Murdoch regarding Judith Regan... Perfect!

Leverett on C-SPAN now

F - The President sign over 85 North @ Old Peachtree Road overpass. 12/15

Europe’s Muslims face broad discrimination

Domenici's daughter's home invaded....freepers are tinfoiling

Al Gore Caught Warming Globe To Increase Box Office Profits (Onion)

Does anybody know if Sen. Tim Johnson has actually spoken yet?

North Korea demands end to sanctions

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) under federal investigation

Hannity Chooses Myths, Not Facts, In Remember Reaganomics

Great Toles Cartoon Dissing Bush's Iraq "Plans"

What would be your military strategy for Iraq?

Outgoing Republican Sen. George Allen is famous! "Macaca" named most politically incorrect word

I am in heaven I just receive my Invite to be with Nancy

Another Bush Legacy: "FBI: Violent crimes jump in first half of 2006"

Anyone see the Army Ad with female soldier wearing make up

Not So Wonderful (James Kunstler)

Is it just me, or is the Chimp getting CHIMPIER? ---pix--->>>

Little help please - suggestion on who is a comparable left wing Michelle Malkin...

Ahmadinejad and the hardcore fundamentalists in Iran

Vigilante group moving into Orlando

Tom Hartman's music

Have you noticed the latest "GIFT" of the 12 year Republican congress?

CSPAN1-Leverett on now talking about censorship and WH and his writing.

State of the Union

Caption this pic

"Egypt's Sunken Treasures"..(under water for 13 on display)

Satan is in Soy! He's making your kids gay!

We're re-entering the dark ages. More Bush gagging of scientists.

The headline makes me SCREAM!!!! ARGH!!

Iran To Use Euro Instead Of US Dollar In Next Year's Budget

Bechtel is pulling out of Iraq

Top cash crop...

Does anyone really wonder about these food poisionings being

Pelosi Targets Grassroots Freedom of Speech

Republican Activists Try To Block Jerry Brown From Becoming Attorney General (CA)

Stupid Scam Alert: WIN job! job FOR you! Send Packages to Russia as an Intermediary

New Rule: If a senator has served more than 6 years in the senate

Hunter Bags Hermaphroditic Deer With Seven Legs

Well, apparently the news has been canceled again

All this horrid stuff scares the h$$l out of me

An awful commercial for "Ground Zereo Commemorative Dollars"

Peeance, freeance! Red Crescent halts operations in Baghdad

Flynt Leverett Calls Ken Pollack 'Flat-Out Wrong'

Bush Admin Hiding Iraq Attack Data: Pentagon Responds

Our Own Nuremberg Trials-Prisoners Against Whom US Has Committed War Crimes To Be Tried In Sham

Query. Didn't the Bush admin shut off info to the amount of US$$$

Senators Clinton, Ensign ask Bush to consider Iraq Oil Trust

Caption * and cheney

Watch this Blog:

If "Impeaching * is off the table"...

No more bubbles to bail out the housing bubble

Two car bombs hit Nigerian oil company compounds

Last Week a good friend of mine Richard Carlson died at age 45

Government fails 10th consecutive audit

Caption the happy couple

Song idea, please help: "The Twelve Years of Republicans."

Elizabeth Kucinich..... our very own "Fergie"?

New SecDef Robert Gates Signed Onto The Iraq Study Group's Report. It was unanimous.

Oh by the way-remember the "ethnic" Survivor TV show?

Smart Filter now blocks DU. (Free Republic not blocked)

So you think your 401(k) money is safe? Companies stealing from employees 401k plans

This is interesting: "Former Workers Sue Swift on Immigrants"

Gates: Iraq failure would be a "calamity".

"More Troops!"

Phill Kline - Man of the Year

This is very very funny

Victory in the Mideast! Democracy established!

Iraqi "Leaders" Divided Over The Surge Plan!

Observed the Space Station over our House Last night

In new Iraq, U.S. churches foresee 'Garden of Eden' tours


Time Magazine chickens out with its selection of "You"

For those who usually get snow this time of year:

Violence is up in the U.S...

Attacks in Iraq at record high: Pentagon

After this weeks Top 10 Conservative Idiots list I have a craving for Soy Milk & cupcakes

abc eve. news opens with Pent report of attacks being up 22%

Phone Cards for the Troops

ROFLMAO !!! - Freeper Views On Upcoming Investigations !!!

Sounds like the John Birch Society is calling for Bush's impeachment

Flynt Leverett Calls Ken Pollack 'Flat-Out Wrong'

Pinochet leaves legacy of inequality imposed by torture, lies


Jonah Goldberg's Garden of Euphemism

Edwards is the only dem who can beat McCain right now.

BushCo 3.0: Saint McCain


Way to go ladies!


What ever became of all the Saddam and Osama doubles we were told about?

CBC's "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

Tom Tomorrow's Year in Review and more...

From the epilogue of "Six Frigates"

Health Insurance -- How much would Senator Johnson's Treatment Cost the Average American vs Senator?

Do you want to destroy the economic clout of the pharmacy chains and the drug companies?

Feds Make Forest Planning, Protection Less Deliberative

Think Progress Best Liberal Blog

What the hell is going on with the weather??

The Human capacity to Destroy has far surpassed

31,709 Earmarks Later, Bush Decides Pork Is A Problem

House Dems slam troop increase plan (Ike Skelton)

Do you agree with this quote?

Former Rep. Les AuCoin (D-OR): Sen. Smith "shooting the wounded"

Bush* War Approval 28 % Per CNN Poll

Gov. Schwarzenegger Orders Staff To Fix Lethal Injection Methods

I didn't know Mark Foley moved to Houston

Marijuana Top US Cash Crop, Analyst Says

LOL! Best retort I have heard yet from a homeless guy.

Natasha Lyonne Dog Molestation Charges to be Dropped

Whose worse: James Buchanan or G. W. Bush?

Breaking up is hard to do (photos)


How can this be

Has the push-polling of John McCain ever been proven?

Anniversary of War is Peace speech: worst speech in American history

Pet boa constrictor chokes owner

'Santa' charged with kidnapping girl

If Al announces before 2008, he's an idiot.

Quick Question: Where would one go to buy a flag of a foreign country?

Death toll from windstorm rises to 12: Seattle Windstorm

'Power Brokers Carefully Arranging Fig Leaves To Cover The Emperor's Nakedness' By Joseph Galloway

Did Keith Olbermann have a show tonight?

It can be only one of two things, either lil g'orge goes down or we loose our democratic style

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

Via Daily Kos: "Help fight Factory Farms" -please K& R DUers.

It's beginning to look a lot like....Easter?

LMAO! someone *please* tell me they recorded the Shrub Impersonator

Did God resign as Dubya's adviser?

ACLU Fights Rhode Island Abstinence Only Program

* and Laura take part in a Menorah lighting during a Hanukkah celebration at the White House -pics

Fighting Crime Using Videos on YouTube

Need information on efforts to repeal Saipan's "Made In USA" status

If two unrelated gay people cannot adopt, how was Brad Pitt able to

Hey, anybody got info on how Xmas sales are going? What gives?

? for the boomers

I think if there is going to be a fight for the city, it probably

Anyone hear Howard Zinn on Democracy Now?

War For Profit (blood money)

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

Hey Condi...Do us a favor...

In this thread, try to get IN BEFORE THE LOCK!!!!!!!11

With leadership like Harry Reid, who needs Republicans?

Scottish soldiers forced to share kilts for now (life has its snarfuuus)

Who would you want to be President/VP in 2008?

25 Cuban refugees land on Longboat (Sarasota FL)

Grandma becomes cause celebre, faces 2nd trial over anti-war protest

"Surge," my ass. Just another pretty word for the politicians to hide behind, signifying nothing

In the immortal words of Elwood P. Dowd...

The Genesis of Evil - A Bush family Christmas

Saudi report -- Iranian infiltration of Iraq

Keith Olbermann's show tonight is "Best of Special Comments"

Nixon on Babs Bush: "that woman sure knows how to hate"

the wwe had on a bush impersonator .......

Leader at Haggard's church out over sexual misconduct

Clinton beats McCain, Giuliani and Romney in Newsweek Poll

Quarterly report says Iraq violence at highest level on record

He didn't have to do it. That's one reason he's still admired

Random thoughts - Music in the stores?

Bob Barr has quit the GOP

Highest-Ranking Female Officer Killed In Iraq Was Escorting Oliver North and Newsweek Journalists

How the Jews and secularists did not steal Christmas

Just watched "United 93"

Ever since the election ended, Bush has been telling us to go screw ourselves.

The Ervin Committee Report on Watergate

Moral Values and the American War in Iraq

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Welcome Sirius, KSAC in

There is a bright side to the NSA Wiretapping...

What is so special about Rudi Giuliani?

So Hugo turns to INTERNAL affairs

UK has cameras every place

Impeachment Question

I lost my best friend this year.

More great bumper stickers sighted in the French Quarter

Why did the aspens turn?

hannity's fill in today spent quite a bit of time trashing Hillary....let them

Re: The Surge: "Harry Reid Had A Moment of Political Cowardice"

CNN graphics question absence of Dem Iraq plan, but not Bush's postponement

I have a deep, gut feeling that Bush is going to be impeached..

"Loner" arrested in the case of 5 murders (all prostitutes)

I'm so excited to be Commander in Chief

12% of Americans support Bush

Warning: Wait until after eating lunch to view this picture...

Who should I have my company donate $100 to?

Wow, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS Just Reported Up To 35,000 Troops Could Be Deployed..

Anyone have knowledge of what type of products are manufactured in the US?

Snow Denies White House Censored Critic, Moments After Admitting He Knew Nothing About It

Did 9 U.S. troops die in Iraq today?

Katie Couric Lashes Out at 'Vultures'

I hereby challenge all Free Republic members to do something

George W. Bush Recites 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'

So, My question about universal health care . . .

If DU had a 'Person of the Year' who would you nominate?

Wow... With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemas ??? (Re: Al Gore)

Di Niro and Matt Damon coming up on Tweety

Mortgage death insurance, anyone?

Yogi Bear Creator Joe Barbera Dies at 95

The Right to be Offended

White House backs off Bush's Iraq view

Publisher (Judith Regan) Allegedly Cited 'Jewish Cabal'

Do you believe any of the missing money from Iraq made its way to the RNC?

A Top Female Officer Died In Iraq So Oliver "Iran-Contra" North Could Jack Up His FOX Ratings

Keith Olberman is doing a special special comments show...

Sen. Johnson Conscious After Brain Surgery

Slashing earmarks could hurt innocents

Have you heard anything about this? Nuclear mishap?

Jews far more likely to be victims of faith hatred than Muslims


Howard Zinn on The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism

This weather scares me...

Tim Johnson - a staunch and quiet defender of Native Americans

Mt. Hood climber story a slap in the face to dead troops

Ha ! I knew it - Bet by 2009 No one will want Asshat Library !

Security contractors pull off Baghdad jail break inside Green Zone

Tony Blankley Sez Xtian Xmas Celebrations Predate Winter Solstice Celebrations

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

When feeding a hungry man is wrong

Leica users?

WHOA! Did you know a DUer pushed publishing of detainee whistleblower story?

Rural soldiers more likely to die in Iraq, Afghanistan

Iranian Election-Good news. Now, watch Condi & Cheney blow it.

Ted Kennedy and Rep. Markey willing to sell us out on healthcare?

My young friend Courtney

THANK YOU JON STEWART! for the 12 footer!

A Jeff Danziger Retrospective, Part 1

Bush Administration (Stolen) is WORST I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE! Any Oldies Agree?

Elliot Abrams must go! A challenge to bloggers from Juan Cole

Something here I found very disturbing today

Its all about the water. The bfee's purchase of a large tract of land in Paraguay



Al Gore will NOT be running for President in 2008

Profiles In Balls - Colbert is at it again!

Did I hear correctly? Bill Kristol will be Jon's guest tomorrow night?

The Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award......Sean Penn (kickass speech)

Charity Drive Challenge: Midlodemocrat will donate $100 for every $1000 donated to Second Harvest!

View Host Joy Behar Calls Rumsfeld A “Hitler-Type”...

Kucinich:"WE COULD EXIT IN 60 DAYS-People NOT Looking For Dems To Manage War-WANT Dems TO END WAR"

It's worse...much worse than we ever imagined!

Modern interpretation of "I Am The Slime."

I visited a Marine's wife today

Sirius subscribers: Mike Malloy tonite at 9 ET, ch. 146. Yay! nt

The Truth About The Grinch (Chronic Pain Sufferers and Caregivers should read)

"Good Soldier Powell" Apparently Stays True To Bush's "Stay The Course" Philosophy

I thought Vilsack was good on The Daily Show

Caption Poppy - ROFL

Shortest Song Parody Ever.

Tom Vilsack on TDS tonight: Jack Welch on Colbert:

The tragic ending

Since when do liberals think that rescue search and rescue costs of need to be collected?

WaPo: White House pushes troop buildup; Joint Chiefs say NO!

Dear DUers, please help my thread - it's sort of a research project.

To Any Of Those That Think Slowly Freezing To Death Atop A Mountain While Being Completely Terrified

Do you think that there are any concepts that are more important than life?

2 Episcopal parishes split from church - See acceptance of gays as a 'satanic attack'

Marijuana top US cash crop, policy analyst says

Hockey player fired for not signing flag for troops (Canada)

Ed Shultz "Climbers Should Be Responsible..."

Share the truth--teach democracy

A (perhaps dumb) question about dropping the bomb on Hiroshima

Nakagawa calls U.S. A-bombing of Japan 'an inexcusable crime'


APPROVED: Fundraiser for our fellow DUers!!! Please Read

NIH Circumcision Policy Criticized (time to rehash this debate again).

Laura Bush has skin cancer

New PeaceTakesCourage Video - Christmas at War

Rawstory: "Objections to B*sh library mount at Texas university"

I have a message for Senator Kerry:

Coalition Paper Ballot Call Spares Vote Villains-Diebold & ESS to Survive!!!

Please Donate to the DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!

Bomb the World music video

Jon Stewart and John Oliver Debate over Iraq 'Civil War'...

Bill O'Liarly & Sean Vanity...

Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution

f*ck the corporate media

Daily Show - Jon Stewart's Crossfire Follow-Up...

Rep. Steny Hoyer - There was no oversight. There was no fact finding...


Do They Know It's Christmas? Hurricane Katrina is not over.

Christmas at War

Denver Officials More Confident Of Getting Democratic Convention

Reid supports, Clinton opposes? (Their positions are the same!)

Gates sworn in at 7:00 AM this morning

Will Nevada Set the Course for 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination?

What we can expect if Kerry wins in '08...

Congressional Pay Raise, Did the Dems Block It?

Kucinich mentioned as much as Hillary last month, but way behind Obama

Bayh Out, Warner Reconsidering?

First time since Vietnam, active-duty US military publicly surfaced to oppose a war

GOP'er who ran against Kucinich called up for Iraq duty

In quest for Black votes, Republicans spin their wheels

"Poll blow for Iran's Ahmadinejad".......

"Meanwhile, the U.S. military ann. the deaths of 2more American troops,"

270. How do we get there?

(AP) Rangel: I Support Giuliani-Kerik Ticket

AP: White House Backs Off Bush's Iraq View (winning the war in Iraq)

Please Donate to the DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!

"Good Soldier Powell" Apparently Stays True To Bush's "Stay The Course" Philosophy

Mark Warner rethinking of getting into the Presidential race ACCORDING....

Chimpy: Rumsfeld produced "Impressive Results!"

So Democracy is no longer the goal...

Outsourcing Victory Animation Cartoon

My e-mail was just read by Cafferty...

bush will soon have killed more Soldiers in Iraq then those killed on 9-11!

So ... my brother now favors impeachment ......

Kerry, Dodd hold talks with Lebanese leaders on political crisis

Suzanne Swift update (soldier imprisoned for being AWOL)

What that crazy wingnut John Conyers said about John Kerry

Attacks in Iraq at record high: Pentagon

Gates: "Failure in Iraq at this juncture would be a calamity that would haunt our nation"

Halliburton Solves Global Warming - "It's essentially a gated community for one,"

Lester Brown: Santa Claus is Chinese, or Why China is Rising and the US is Declining

We need a 2008 primary contest WITHOUT a front-runner.

Edwards can beat Hillary or Kerry with ease.

"like four stooges helplessly prostrated to the phony one...."

Is Cheney still alive?

If Lyndon LaRouche gets in the race, it's all over!

Latin-American elections: Leftist candidates ahead in Guatemala and Paraguay

Tauscher Primary?

Last Word: Jimmy Carter

The Case for the Impeachment of George W. Bush. Count 3 : War Crimes, Torture and Murder

Tauscher Primary?

Biden plans to run

Does primary season normally start this early?

Has anyone ever won the Presidency with a 48 to 50 percent unfavorable rating?

The Bush Endgame

Hillary: i oppose "the surge" UNLESS ...

It is too bad that Bayh and Warner decided not to run

US Army May Break Goodyear Strike

Keith Olbermann: GREAT commentator, or the GREATEST commentator?


SwearingIn the new SOD, pic.

How do you tell a man to be the last soldier we have?

Hillary's support stalling as Obama's skyrockets

Sen. Kennedy reconfirms strong support for Senator Kerry on Fox.

Caption the Pic of Pickles

From David Sirota - Please Shut Up, You Dumb conspiracy theorists

WTF Santa is a Disney Character

Email from Cam Kerry about getting ready for Election 2008

Iraq 'surge' won't solve quagmire

Objections to Bush library mount at Texas university

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

The Lid On Pandora’s Trunk; Stopping the Next War NOW

If anyone thinks that the 2008 candidates or nominee won't be swiftboated

What other political discussion forums do you belong too?

Can some hold off attacking Kerry while he's in Syria and Iraq and needs support

Folks, neither Hillary nor Kerry are going to be our nominee. There is just no way.

Which States Have 2008 Senate Contests?

Mother of all surprises in Iraq....

Anyone Else Have No Clue Who They're Backing In The Primary Yet?

A Simple Plan

Dr Dobson slapped down by multiple researchers, told not to distort

The “Bush Effect” (Better Hope Santa Doesn’t See This List...) (Mary Lyon)