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Archives: November 7, 2006

Haggard's gay affair his wife's fault -- 'she let herself go'


Dems plotting against Lieberman?

Howard Dean

Exit polls: Scandals and Iraq hurt GOP

Bush cites OIL as reason to stay in Iraq (Marketplace/APM)

Palm Beach Post: Move on Coulter case (Prosecute Her)

Biz braces for Dems Return to Power

Never in the history of Wall St have so many... (Bloomberg)

Jean Schmidt 'has problems' voting/VidLink

MO Elections chief in Election Dispute

Choose the Future: Which Victory Story Will Run?

Fed Bank Pres: US economic inequality threatens American Democracy

Every Republican should vote for a Democrat

Hoekstra’s insistence on declassifying documents found in Iraq

When All Else Fails...Riverbend, Nov 5


MIT turbo-charged ethanol injected engine could reduce gasoline consumption 20% -30%

China - Water Levels In Upper Yellow River Lowest Ever Recorded - Reuters

Indonesia Digs Helipad Inside Botanical Gardens For Bush Visit - Locals Pissed - ENN

FBI In Multple Raids On Animal Activists' Homes - No Reason Given In Warrants - AFP

Australia - Snowy Hydro Announces It Cannot Meet Minimum Flow Requirements

9 Dead, 21 Injured As Tornado Hits Northern Japan (Hokkaido) - AFP

Firefly batteries

China Will Exceed US CO2 Emissions In 2009 - 10- Years Ahead Of Schedule - NYT

CSIRO Study - Australia May Be 6C Warmer By 2070 - Rain Off By 40% - AFP

Ryanair Boss Dismisses "Econuts, Idiots & Headbangers" After Stern Report

Malaria Caseload Surge In Kenyan Highlands May Be Linked To Climate - AFP

Australia's Drought Declared Worst In 1,000 Years At Summit Meeting

Harpers Claims Climate Meeting Never Scheduled - EU, Finns Disagree

Winter Clothing Sales Plummet In EU In Freakishly Warm Autumn Weather - Reuters

Spain's GHG Emissions May Be Falling By 1%; Still 38% Above Kyoto Targets - Reuters

Training Tomorrow's Renewable Energy Workforce

U.S. Reaffirms Emissions Cap Opposition (Nairobi Climate Conference)

Beit Hanoun: It was like a Tsunami

Study: 57 unarmed Palestinian minors killed by IDF since June

Lieberman, Peretz denounce Palestinian threats to kill Shalit

UN says it found no evidence of uranium-based munitions in Lebanon

South Africa trade union: Hizbullah fighters heroic

Senior U.S. official: Israel will not attack Iran's nuclear program

UK charity: Break peace with Jews

3 border policemen indicted on suspicion of beating Palestinian

Syria ready for peace talks with Israel

Israeli forces pull out of north Gaza town

Herzliya mayor calls for gay parades in all cities

Bob Bowman Runs Strong, But Looks Like He'll Fall Short

Has anyone done research

Are you ready to SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY?

Example RNC sending disinfo in an OH High Dem Precinct

GD topic

Thief grabs voting machine from election official's car we go....

Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW!!! or fascism forever. Never give up! VOTE!

1-888-Dem-Vote...the DNC hotline. At least register problems here.

Electronic Frontier Foundation threatening LAWSUIT in Broward FL

It's About The TABULATING!

RUMOR -- FL gov cand Jim Davis will NOT concede IF vote is w/in 3pts

Palm Beach Co, FL: Record early-voting & absentee turnout--- >110, 000 out of 760,000 reg voters

Here's the # Howard Dean wants us to call: 1-866-OURVOTE.

Diebold opscan problems in Vermont

McCormack screwed up big time it seems: EIRS reports

South Mississippi (Diebold) voting problems

Who's got the link to the Princeton Video.

Virginia Exit Poll

FL District 24 Clint Curtis vs Tom Feeney (Fraud Buster Thread)

quick question; What's the name of the site to find your registered district?

Missouri Exit Poll

BradBlog Friedman: Election Night Integrity Radio Marathon

IN: Rep inspectors show up late to keep polls from opening

Look for lots of 51%(R) to 48/49% (D) Republican wins

OH GOP claiming parallel elections activists are using voter suppression:

Blackwell & Harris Bite The Dust.... Gimme a HELL YEAH!

THE FRONTLINE: Montana, Missouri, Tenn., Virginia...... Exit Polls Contradicted In Count...

Brad online & on the air starting 3PM PT - LOTS of breaking news and broken systems

Disaster in St. Charles, Missouri

Warren County OH again, shine a light on Warren on this MSM blog

Vote Flipping 2006... Its happening AGAIN

Santorum Calls For Voting Machines To Be Impounded


CNN: Justice Department Dispatches Election Monitors


Jewellery for Laura, with love from Bush/ Bling again for Laura Bush’s birthday.

CNN: Marine enters plea in case of killed Iraqi civilian

Deal-making U.S. diplomat likely to leave Baghdad in coming months

Bush cites OIL as reason to stay in Iraq (Marketplace/APM)

I just voted and I feel great ,American ,Patriotic ,Empowered , Should I ?

Woman bitten by snake at church dies

AP: Coalition Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Reuters: British soldier killed in attack on Basra base

(RW) Montealegre: "We are going to the second round!" (Nicaragua elections)

UN watchdog: $22 mln missing in Iraq contracts

Iraq's birth rate soars despite obstacles

Abortion Clinics Request O'Reilly Probe

57 Iraqis Charged In Abuse At Prison

Dems Claim GOP Launched Dirty Tricks Campaign

57 Iraqi Police Are Charged With Torture

San Diego Judge Denies Writ Seeking to Force County to Count Paper Ballots as 'Normal Ballots' ...

Al Gore stumps for O’Malley and Cardin on the eve of the election

Dutch Police Arrest Six Suspects In International Terror Plot

Panama Wins U.N. Security Council Seat

Gov't Asks to Keep Lindh Records Secret

Haggard firing, gay question separate

UCLA Scientist Studies Effects Of Negative Political Ads On The Brain

New rules, machines frazzle poll workers

Iran calls for execution of Saddam

Report: Jet dived to avoid crash near LAX

Who Are these three endorsing? (Fake voter guide, MD)

Suicide bid sparks punch-up among spectators (Germany)

Angry Campaigns End on an Angrier Note

3 More Bone Fragments Found at WTC Site

WTHR - Indianapolis: Parties spar over voting problems

RoBo Calls all over Kansas City !!

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Cuyahoga encounters voting problems

Iran renews offer to talk to US about Iraq, seeking to calm the country

For Muslims in the United States, it's the American way

(Louisville Kentucky) Courier-Journal: Poll worker charged with assaulting voter (Updated!)

Thief grabs voting machine from election official's car-Chico, CA

DW: American Author's Nazi Novel Wins France's Top Literary Prize

Sample Ballots in Pr. George's Misidentify Candidates

Britney Spears files for divorce

Voter turnout appears heavy in KY

DW: EU Trade Commissioner Has Harsh Words for Beijing

Union Tribune: Some glitches arise in (San Diego) county's computerized voting

Internet law vote is suspended (Brazil)

Prerecorded candidate calls irritating Kleeb supporters (may adversely affect voter turnout)

ABC: Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline! OMFG!!!!!11!

[Pittsburgh, PA] Scattered problems reported with voting machines

Clinton Is Midterm Campaign’s Biggest Spender, Records Show, at $29.5 Million and Counting

14 dead, 16 hurt in Iraq mortar attack

Hundreds Get Wrong Ballots In Central Florida

Early early returns but GOOD news in KY


South Carolina Governor turned away by Poll Worker...

Voting nightmare: Democrats seek extension (system crashes after voter overload)

Calif: Signal snafu broadcasts (R) political ad (over Emergency Alert System)

NYT: Republican Repeat Calls Spur a Debate Over Tactics

Democrats Allege That Calls to Latino Voters Have Threatened Arrest

ID rules, machines early voting problems

FedEx cancels Airbus A380 order, switches to Boeing

Gibbons friend claims defamation by Nevada Democratic party head

OHIO - Polls in Cuyhoga County to stay open to 10:00 PM

Joplin, Missouri OUT of ballots

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 7

VA Result, County by County Graphic - Webb Trailing

Voting Back To Normal At Madison School After Bomb Threat

New York State?

Granholm, Stabenow big wins projected: Detroit News

MSNBC labels Purdue a Democrat - HA

NJ 7th Race

Fierce Battle In Ramadi

Holy god! Look at the chart on CNN rise!

Ortega returns as Nicaragua president

LAT: Exit Polls Show Democrats Favored

CNN: Senate D:42 R:44

Msnbc/CNN Maryland

Exit-Poll Secrecy Measures : Aim to Plug Leaks to Blogs

CNN Senate: D:43 R:44

Demo Yarmuth beats Bush-licker Ann Northup in 3rd district!!!

PLEASEEEE any news on the NJ 7th

Ohio Democrats Filing Lawsuit To Keep Polls Open Late

Australian Senate OKs cloning embryos

McCaskill behind early.. CMON


Crist (R) keeps FL Repug, Whitehouse def Chafee - msnbc nt


Blackwell Gives In ( OH )

Sherrod Brown Projected Winner ( OH )

Election Day and Flooding (Washington State)


Appeals Court To Review Domestic Eavesdrop Case

Governor Brad Henry Dem Projected Win cbs Governor

Menendezon Cspan

Lamont Conceding to Joe Lieberman.

UN to Appoint Former Moonie as Head of World Food Programme

Alleged 'vigilantes' target Latino voters in Tucson

CASEY on Csapn !!!!

Iraq second most corrupt country on earth

Just checked WA state site Darcy Burner is leading Dave Reichert!!


NBC News: Democrats have gained control of the House [nt]

NBC News: Democrats have gained control of the House [nt]

cbs declares santorum out! nt

CNN projects Space taking Ohio 18th, pickup 5!

VA Poll

Webb very close now within 6k votes.

Shaw (R - FL) appears to have lost seat in Congress

Strickland won

Poll workers struggle with e-ballots

brown projected winner

Bush awaits judgment of voters

Denver Judge denies extended voting hours

Harris loses Nelson wins msnbc

Melisa Bean (D) wins IL 8th district....

Muslim cop banned from guarding Blair ("his presence...might upset the U.S. Secret Service")

CNN: 99% votes in... Allen - 1,138,000 Webb - 1,141,000 WEBB NOW AHEAD

DW: German Population Plunge Expected

Saddam lieutenant calls for Baath Party insurgents to stop fighting

MSNBC Calls it for Cardin

17 Marines' Conduct in Iraq Investigated

Cantwell reelected in Washington

CNN calling it for Lieberman..

Bill Gates says West not supplying enough IT talent (Reuters)

NBC calls it: Dems will take control of the House!

Breaking out the Scotch Whisky!!!

WABC: Voting problems reported in NJ (Voters can't vote for GOP candidate!)

Con Radio Host Telling Listeners to Crank-Call Dem Voter Hotline

Hotel yanks CNN; says network is pro-terrorist

Virginia Intimidation: Voters Threatened With Criminal Charges By Recorded Phone Message

Schwartzenegger Re-elected Gov. of California

SD amendment to ban abortion defeated

Senate Exit Polls at Huffpost!

Toyota's quarterly profit rises 34 pct.

NYC to change ID rules for transgendered

Dobson Quits Haggard Counseling Team

Minnesota sends first Muslim to Congress

WP: GOP Candidate Heather Wilson Files Complaint in N.M.'s 1st

US 'suburbs more violent than Iraq'

Media group demands U.S. act on Iraqi photographer (held 7 months)

China offers to work with Egypt on nuclear power

What does GLBT mean?

Things you never want to hear your 6 yr old say:


When the river was deep, I didn't falter;

Sorry to intrude; How do you do a screen shot??

Character Cage Matches, I'd pay money to see ?

Hey, Canadians.


I am burned out.

With what we stand to gain today, I can't get this song out of my head:

Smothers Brothers song thread

I am going to try to keep my jinx to myself today

Oh my! The Fifth Third Bank has some trouble with my account.


I'm 32 posts from 10,000.... I'm screwed.

Dem Kid wants to prove Repube Dad wrong...

SeattleGirl reviews "Bobby"

Television sports music that you like

A new MrScorpio Rant

'Fat Actress' shows off new bikini-ready body

Ugh, time to travel and vote. . .

Vote today like your life depends on it cause it does.....

I'm very tired but I can't sleep.

When the Ship Comes In - November 7, 2006


I haven't been getting ANY calls.

A huge GOP Donor

I just voted...and there is NO REASON for ALL Democrats not to vote!

Wow.. they just make up shit, don't they:

Post a picture from a TV series, then let us guess the series.

Anyone have that video where you think of a card and it disappears in the next frame?

I am ready for my electoralgasm now.

"Summer is coming - time to tone up!"


Fond Memory Lane: Childhood hijinx inflicted on/by siblings...


Anyone near Savannah Missouri?

Oh boy I sure hope I get *you know who* on the DU Secret Santa list

Actress Adrienne Shelley was murdered, according to NYPD.

'Fat Actress' Shows Off New Bikini-Ready Body

I voted, even though I didn't!

I've got way too much crapola

Fingerprinting Of Elementary School Students To Begin For Lunch Line

It's Election Day in Texas! Know what today is for Tom DeLay?

I've got way to much gondola

Another repub vows to convert me at work...

So I hear there's an election going on...

I Just Voted in KC. We still have paper ballots. No problems at all.

I have election fatigue.

I should probably PM one of you lucky folks for an answer...

I just voted for Gracie Allen

Who else gets a kick out of polls?

I have erection fatigue.

Hopefully nobody today is suffering any electile dysfunction syndrome

Britney Spears' Lawsuit Over Sex Tape Article Tossed Out Of Court

Why was my thread deleted?

I just voted for George Allen

I had a decent breakfast

some distinctive ink

Man Claims To Be Real Life Borat

I predict my 3000th post will be on June 13, 2007.

Hello. I have not been well.

Do You "Talk Dirty" During Sex?

Cute political joke. Never heard this one before

Since LostinVA voted for Allen... I decided to vote for Bouchard...

Michael Moore's Letter (in case you're not on his mailing list)

Overheard this morning (re: election)

A Rock, A River, A Tree


Hey, anybody know what's going on at FR right now?

I have a cold and a terrible blister on my foot

YouTube Named Invention Of The Year

I almost voted all Democrat. One Alabama Supreme Court race had a Repug candidate but no Dem.

The "Pro-Rat" thread!

So.... Has Dick Cheney shot anyone yet on his election day hunting trip???

Burger King served hamburgers with marijuana to COPS !!!

What would make your life perfect?

AT&T DU'ers

She thought I was Gramma.

Haruka, I was just thinking of you as I voted

I Totally FORGOT!!! The best part about an election night is the BIG FREEPER UNMASKING!

What MSM Coverage Should I Watch Tonight?

Forget the MSM, I'm watchin' 40 year old Star Trek tonight.

What's Richard going to do when I lose a lot more weight?

DU! The kitty won't let me vote!

Faith Hill

12 hour self-imposed news blackout beginning at 5pm tonight

Funny Election Story

Ohio DUers! It's time to sing our election day version of Buckeye Battle Cry!!

an eagle,a mountain,a flower,a booth,and a butterfly

Is this strange?


Today of all days, the Jenis wants you to follow Him

Poll: Who did I listen to on the way to my polling place?

Are you happy? Why/why not?

Ah -- I love the smell of TSed trolls in the afternoon

All The "I Voted" Avatars Are Hurting My Eyes


Woman jailed for keeping sister-in-law as naked slave

I'm cooking up a BIG old humble pie with a side dish of crow for the

I'm pretty sure I have two job offers coming.

Barbaro's Cast Is Off!!!

A handy voter's guide

Hehe...I'm getting paid to look at election projection sites.

Anyone know where to get the snazzy 'I Voted' avatars?

I can't stand this waiting!

Who says you can't get good stuff on Freecycle?

I wore my Jim Webb for Senate shirt to the polls today.

Woman bitten by snake at church dies

Tell me the most meaningful compliment you've received

For Khephra

Why is it

Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother

The Jenis wants you to NOT handle serpents

Election Day "What are you unmasking as?" poll

Uh Oh. Underpants is in TROUBLE!! WHO will step in and SAVE HIM!

Do you eat the worm?

Election Day Random Questions

Bad Election Day news: Skynet achieved sentience, wrote in Schwarzenegger for every race

Suppose they gave a K-Fed concert...and nobody came? (He begged promoters not to cancel)

Poll question: Election Day "What are you unassing?" poll

Does anyone have a "scorecard"?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/7/06)

Today my dog was in an absolute panic

***I just got a PM from a dear friend***

Polls usually close at 8 PM, right?

HEY! You 518 "viewers" go back and post something in CaliforniaPeggy's thread.

I have the world's largest zit, I got stuck in a doctor's office for 2 hours....

*Whew!* just got out of an hour long meeting

To the anonymous donor who donated a star to me

Is there an erection today?

Here we go! The views just disappeared..

Woman (Freeper) Punches Cop Over Republican Political Sign

They moved my polling place from a nice big church auditorium...

The board is getting SLOOOOOOOW for me!

Question about the end of last night's Heroes

Debbie Downer thread: Today I feel like I did in 2004...all optimistic n'stuff

Why are Freepers so afraid of Nancy Pelosi?

To take your mind off the election:

String Cheese Incident to break up

Glory-hole cam? The Daily Show cracks me up!

To take your mind off the

I nominate the following DUer for "Patriot of the Year:"

Ok..whew.. we can all relax now..

Just arrived from Amazon, the second Gore Vidal Memoir

Election day picture thread?

I voted for Bullwinkle.

I voted for Clinton!

Dammit, I blew it last night as the Tooth Fairy for my kid!!! Ooops!

A Robot Made My Lunch Today

I'm cleaning out my PM inbox.

Damn... I've got to go to a banquet during the time the election results will

WebCT sucks buffalo 'nads.

Who helped Brittany and KFed spell 'irreconcilable'?

What do I mix with amaretto schnapps?

I don't want to go to class tonight

I voted! Very unusual this time.

No matter who gets how many votes in VA. .

apply directly to the forehead (youtube)

I'm cleaning out my BM outbox.

Why did Britney file for divorce on the day hide threads wont work??!

How many views will this thread have when we get that feature back?

Time for a glass of wine

Shocker: Britney & K-Fed call it quits (Britney files for divorce)

How will the Spears-Federline divorce affect the election?

you guys will have to enjoy the festivities without me

I didn't get an "I voted" sticker

My "I Voted" avatar is better than your "I Voted" avatar

Qwest Field 11/06/06 Monday Night Football

What does your "I voted" type sticker say?

Election night eats ...What are y'all eatin tonight?

Here's something to lighten the mood and amuse you a bit till the polls come out!

Alright, who wants to join my mob?

Is the Daily Show live tonight

Saw Lawrence of Arabia in the theatre last night

I have an elderly neighbor who was so confused just now :(

I just finished watching "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" on TCM

While I was in New York last week

Wow, GD-Politics is like a ghost town tonight.

Music of the '80's--the last distinctive decade of music

Okay folks, sing along!!!

Sorry!! Dupe

Is it safe to go into GD?

Note to parents: Don't let your child rollerblade in stores

Vote now.

I saw Keith Olbermann at Tony Roma's today.

You guys have to start the victory party without me, okay?

So... was it as good for you as it was for me?

I have a new appreciation for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

I need some good confounding suggestions

Best dressed commentator? (Besides KO, okay?)

Now That NANCY PELOSI Is Going To Be Speaker.......

Gratuitous Shallow Post Thread


Wendy's Restaurants Outsourcing Drive-Thru Orders (WTF?)

Anyone having TV problems.

I think I'm going to puke up my Chinese food I'm so excited! nt

Snohomish, WA 11am 11/07/06

Post here to show off your "I Voted" Avatar

Can our 'culture' sink any further down the cesspool?!


I haven't voted yet

Today in history 11-07

What is this UFO glob growing in the weeds of my back yard?

"Don't let the drapes hit you on the ass on the way out!"


Can we post a single thread to cover the myriad repetitive "ohmygodbritney'sdivorcing" bollocks?

DU cavemen/women are you offended by the Geico ads?

First time I voted!

A small bird just managed to kill itself by slamming into our window

I got this quiz today

Okay.... it's 2am here.... I have to wend my way to bed....

So its been forever and a half since I posted here

Aaaaaargh! My heart can't take the stress of this election!

Ph.D all the way!

Election Night Rituals?

Pic of Dem Voter! Coming out of polling booth--Inspiring!

I'm a happy voter!!!

Introducing a new kitten to my two existing cats. Advice?

OMG, it can't be true, Britney files for divorce!

Two minutes

I'm dancing in my dorm room

I've come here for refuge.

Looks like that piece of shit marriage amendment is going to pass here in Virginia

can i post this in the lounge? it`s over in the vid but

Sure, I'm excited about election night. But there's this woman coming here soon!

Red Banner breaking news on CNN-- Horrible--just Horrible

Thanks so much, William Morva, you FUCKING asshole

My bird Murphee just walked all over my face.....

my cat pecker is missing

Hello Again!!!

To all who attended Community College please please please

Britney Spears files for divorce from Federline: "Irreconcilable Differences."

My god, it has been FOREVER...

Have there been any upsets yet?

I know this will be a stupid question but...

Ung. Level 3 is ugly!

Crazy-ass day

Tuesday, November 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For Election Day: *dial-up warning*

Is it too early to....

Are you able to handle the Joementum?

It's official! Genesis (Rutherford/Banks/Collins) to reunite in 2007!

I need some good beer suggestions

I can't help myself...I am ever the optimist.

Kiss me you fool!!!! (the stress relief thread)

I'm going to sign off now. It's been a real pleasure spending this

GD front page: 8 minutes difference between top thread and bottom thread

I just heard Glenn Beck rip

I'm trapped in GD Politics

Relax everybody......chill....think fluffy kittens......

The mood has gone from celebratory to snarky in GD

My mom is guilt tripping me about spending the holidays w/ my SO

what should be the DU penalty for anyone who doesn't vote?


The only way this night could get any worse is if I can't fall asleep. FUCK!

I don't want to know early returns. I don't want to know ANYTHING until

Predictions: call the first DUer to use "dickwad"

For those of you who like to avoid GD...

House will probably FLIIIIIP....House will probably FLIIIIIP.

OW OW OW OW OW OW..I cut myself

The house is BLUE!

I'm teaching him early

New England DUers, allow me to introduce

I need some big time computer help here...

Which should be our catchphrase for the day?

ABC: Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline! OMFG!!!!!11!

I Had A Dream Last Night

Three Cheers For Elad, EarlG and Skinner!!!

Does Chris Matthews think he's Keith's boss?

Paula Poundstone on Bravo

I want to see the FReep heads explode now that MADAME Pelosi is SotH.


If it were proven that animals are self aware, would you change your eating habits?

Gawd, us fools in Effingham...GA 12th dist., Barrow-Burns, our 9 Precincts!

Chime in if you've had major surgery...

So K-Fed is giving Britney his concession speech...

Somebody get Rick Santorum a BODY BAG....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't let your kittens grow up to be cowboys........

I've been over 18 for thirty-six years and I have yet to vote for the first time...

please tell me you guys are watching Colbert

Sooooo - What Level are we at?

I will remove my BU**SH** bumper sticker now that we have the HOUSE

How long before someone does the Dem + Green > Rep math in GD?

Shit. I'm going to have the leave the election to the rest of you. Mrs R just watched

Santorum's conceded!!!

Great bumper sticker

Who saw Dan Rather on the Daily Show tonight?

I was, and will always be a hippie

I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate!

SWEET!!!! Slick Rick is giving his concession speech...

I just got AWESOME news!!!! My friend is coming home from Iraq!

All I want to say is, I Love You Guys

that's MADAME Speaker

I wish we had some DUers here to see the Dems win tonight:

So, what's everybody drinking tonight?

laraMN LaraMN Laramn

"...don't rape her"

If you didn't/don't vote in this election, you are dead to me.

please tell me Slick Rick is history!

Got a good snapshot of an election monitor:



My cat Peter is missing.

Is there an election today?

I Think Someone on eBay is ripping me off! HELP!!

Post your favorite HAPPY song here...

A Cool Christmas tree ornament. Show it to your freeper friends.


Congratulations hfojvt!! 10,000 posts

Rabrrrrrr's lament on the Republican need to destroy

Smackdown just heard at work

Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy!! 30,000 posts

So, do you like bagpipe music?

Dobson to Aid in Counseling Haggard


Eliot Spitzer just projected to win New York Governor.

With Webb/Allen so tight, Amendent 1 #s disturbing -

Ballot Measure Updates

So does Florida have a gay governor or not?

Hogs to highlight Dick this weekend

Remote viewing led US to Saddam?

A good sign for today's elections

About the election...

Samhain Election Day

a cool site about the sun and weather..

my 1000th post - on election day!!

This is my fourth try. I'll give up after this.

Simple, effective programming technique to create what you want.

Is anyone watching the Lisa Williams show on Lifetime TV?

VFW has committed a major error...

How many Kerry-endorsed candidates have won?

Kerry on CNN now!

Oh FUCK Bob Schieffer

Not Larry Sabbato: Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, Virginia 2006

Results thread:

It looks like John Kerry generated a tsunami in New Hampshire!

Election day mail. Catching up on terror letters.

HELP !!!!!

OT: Why are my parents such die-hard republicans???

Please...can someone give me a live video link to watch online

Hi everyone

Read what &*(@&^ Karl Rove has to say about Kerry, et al

First person I saw this morning

HAHAH - I have CALLED IT RIGHT for over TWO years now - Read this thread

Brokaw on MSNBC said Jim Webb was ticked off when Senator

The undoing of Hillary Clinton has started

Diebold Machine and General Voting Report

anyone want to explain why Kerry/Bush aren't the same?

Walter Shapiro: How to really watch Election '06

Some reading:

George Bush hates democracy -- only look to Nicaragua

A question to people from VA concerning Clinton and the rallye with Webb

The Boston Globe recognizes Kerry's efforts for 06

Cormorants on a post. My first photography group real posting

***Unofficial Loser Party Talking Points Thread***

Tester up BIG

Good night and all but.....

WTF? Virginia results - STATE says one thing, CNN another...

Ken Mehlman looks like crap on CNN

Come on Richmond City!

Webb lead cut to .06 percent on official site

Haaaaa....Scarborough accuses house leadership of being "far center left!"

Webb is down by only 1800 votes!

Please someone tell me J D Hayworth is getting beat

The House has been returned to the people...

I just wanna give props to my own lil "red" state for taking 3 seats back!


BREAKING: Tucker wearing a real tie. I think he just became a DEM

Tucker Carlson is wrong about AZ's anti-gay marriage proposition


Amazing how those exit polls are matching results

I think that Tester guy is goanna win. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Breaking: Democracy in America removed from life support

CNN Right now!! Woohoo!

Pray with me for Jim Webb

Update MT Senate # GO TESTER!!!!


Webb takes lead at CNN.Com

Freeper: "Freepers have so much more class."

Breaking: Conyers to appoint Al Sharpton to investigate BushCo Inc.

webb is winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited: Webb Now In The Lead. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

"White House Mood is gloomy.." aw

Why does Tweety always introduce the republicans as "a nice guy"

How is Ford doing? Is there any chance?

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

What happened to "the math?"

Links to two conflicting Webb Stats

Well, Reynolds is looking safe. West. NY doesn't care about Foley enablers?

Betsy "The Bitch" DeVos crying as shitbag hubby Dick gives concession speech for MI Gov.

Just throwing out some love for Deval Patrick!

Did I just hear Tweety say

Just heard Keith Ellison on NPR (MN, first Muslim representative)

Election Reform

Webb just surged ahead!! Keep it going!!

Say it with me: John Conyers has subpoena power!

Tester leading!!

Webb now only 3163 back

CNN -- Webb ahead in VA. CLOSE!!!

CNN now has WEBB AHEAD!!!!


Since VA hit 90% , Webb has gained .1% for every 1% reported

Howard Dean----Youda man!!!

it's not over until Candy Crowley sings

Bluebear/BigMcLargeHuge's House District turns!!! NEW HAMPSHIRE 01 =)

Any news on the coverage with Dan Rather, Jon Stewart & Colbert?

Nevada Dems are getting Sequoia'd again by teeny margins ....

The OTHER election: Daniel Ortega wins Nicaraguan Presidency

CNN Staying with Cardin projection...Hey Karl, how do you like THAT math?

Webb Is Going To Pass Allen....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a new America

Webb only down by 3,000 now 97.67% in n/t

Welcome to the Real United States Mr. Bush* & Mr. Cheney.

President Pelosi!!!

VA Poll

CNN has Senate at 48/48, including independents with Dems

So Looks like Tom Delay's Seat is Ours!

HOWARD DEAN should get credit for tonight

WEBB could still win

(VIDEO) A song for defeated Republicans

Can anyone compile the number of Coathanger Democrats in the new congress?


New York State?

Did anyone else flip over to Fox "news to see how quite it had become?

I keep willing this Senate "ticker" to lean over to the left, but so far it hasn't budged.

Clint Curtis on Brad Radio right now

8:48 PST WEBB - 3,000 votes away with 97% counted

repubs lead in 5 of 7 big CA races with 9% in ->


Dear Republicans,

Who would pay good money to watch Pelosi snatch the gavel

AZ link

I shall now rub the fact that we won the House in the face of any Republicans in my campus cafeteria

I'm calling Missouri for Claire McCaskill

Same sex marriage ban heading toward defeat in AZ

Hey, is it time to get this out yet?


self delete dupe

97.42% in VA.....ALLEN 1,113,013 ..... WEBB .... 1,108,291

Webb only down by 3,000 now!


Repugs and winning the House and Senate

Faux News still grasping at straws

3000 votes webb needs

Ed Gillespie: Resident Genius

as DU slows down cuz of victory..had to share a shot of our future voters!

Recount changes 44% LOSS into an 85% WIN...

3K Vote difference now between Webb and Allen!!!!!! Woot!


CNN projects that a proposed law in South Dakota to ban nearly all abortions will be defeated.

Webb 3163 votes down 97.67%

Okay, it's time to go to the black hole site and cast another 6K for Webb

MAN what a beat down

I think Webb can do it

Virginia is not over! Webb can make up those 7000 votes in Richmond City

Ding-dong the Rick is dead

WP Pulls prediction for Cardin win in MD. Steele not conceding.

They ARE getting freaky - Comparing tonight to 9/11....holy crap!

Finally! Some early returns from New Mexico's 1st district House race

97.50% WEBB DOWN BY 4726

"Bush's domestic presidency ended tonight"

A quote for everyone to remember

Anyone else notice that G G Parker in VA was at 1.11% all night?

Fox news reporting Maryland may go to Steele?

High priority in Democratic House: Pass the Rush Holt Bill HR 550 election reform bill!

Wyoming AL should go dem!!

2 weeks ago Rove told NPR he was certain the rethugs would win both houses. NOT!

Jon Stewart: Foley's former district 16


Duckworth, Murtha & Mean Jean...Results?

Webb ahead thread. Virginia results!

Think John Conyers has a smile on his face?

DEMS TAKE HOUSE... So what are they saying at FRei Republik??

Jim TALENT still ahead

Bush to hold presser at 1 PM ET Tomorrow

Rep. John Conyers and his supporters are the winers tonight

Does anyone have a good link for CA results?

Purity Control

'Democracy', Leonard Cohen - style

Dems win 15 in House

New talking point "When will Democrats get over it?"....

So. Filibusters. Is that for Senate only or can Pelosi threaten to use

Updated MT Senate # (GO TESTER!!!)

Tweety is so erudite .. quoting Wm. Blake! But he got it wrong.

Updated MT Senate #

Tom Brokaw is full of shit when he says...


When are provisional and absentee ballots counted, won't they

Will Dems get the Senate too??

I'm going to bed... If I wake up and this Dream turns out to be a..

Pombo district 11 (r) huge asshate is down right now

Virginia, allegations of statewide voter intimidation

Larry Sabato predicts Webb will win (BBC News 24), Webb just addressed supporters, .21% margin

Mehlman on CNN still talking up Steele.

Webb Closing In

Right now I feel like the Ewoks at the end of Return of the Jedi

From a friend in VA - absentee ballots not yet counted!

MO Stem Cell Initiative and Senate Race showing similar numbers

RECOUNT in Virginia Senate race? Winning margins within 0.5 percent

Whoever gave me my star, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Now, Conyers is the head of the Judiciary Committee

What happens if, God forbid, Webb loses by more than .5%?

How about one last picture of Katy Harris for old times sake.


Updated MT #

sourdough bread, good zinfandel, and subpoenas all around!


Don't ya just hate this bastard?

Maryland and Virginia, coincidence or corruption

If there's proven GOP funny business in VA, can there be a reVOTE?

Tweety is shameless

My wife just called

I had a dream last night

So the Dems were forced to hold meetings in broom closets

Faux News projecting Delay seat goes Blue!!!!!

Webb down by 5 thousand 97.42%


One long running FREAK SHOW>>>>Harris picture and great copy

Oh my God. It's actually gonna happen


Per MSNBC - Curt Weldon = LOSER!!!!

Ahahahahahahah !

So who's burning a cd to inform the chimp that the House is gone?

Dan Rather on with Jon Stewart

CNN calls NH01 for Sheas-Porter! We OFFICIALLY HAVE THE HOUSE!!!

On Faux: Washington Post Retracts Projection for Cardin, Steele Refuses

*******MSNBC CALLS HOUSE FOR DEMS!!!********


DeWine's Son Is CryingToo - Difference Is He's About 30 Years Old

Colbert's "Catastrophometer"

Impeachment time now that we have the house

webb within 12000 with 3% to go per msnbc



47-45 with 2 in the independent column.

Brit Hume! I've been watching him all night!

Herr Schwarzengroper Wins

President reaching out? Bushit! Popcorn anyone?

More TN returns in

Missouri is being stolen

Hey Californians!!!

Freepers predict "Joy on Nov 7" when Dems lose both houses. BWAHAHAH

So, the Heavily Democratic areas are reporting in VA, and Webb is losing more ground????

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, entire WHIG WILL RESIGN

Time to start a DU flower fund for Ms. Pelosi!

Phill Kline just conceded in Kansas

Madame Speaker

CNN Projects: Dems Win House

So the GOP can have their hearing in the basement.n/t

Same-Sex Marriage Bans passed in 4 states so far :-(

South Dakota. Reactionary anti-abortion law LOSING

MD Steele results here cbs:

Updated MT Senate #

Tester leading early. Steele is not conceding MD and is leading still

Headlines around the World: The Twilight of the Bush Presidency

CNN still projecting Cardin win. 46% in.

You know---we picked up two in South Florida.....

Idaho(Ada County) count on hold while technician 'fixes' ballot counting machine

Barbara Cubin (R WY) Losing with 50 % precincts reporting...

'xcuse the stupid question, but when do the new dems take over?

I Just Cracked Open a.........

Rove you MAGNIFICENT FAILURE. Squandered a 90% approval rating for Idiot Son

Rocky Mountain news calls it for Ritter

Wisconsinites, Gay Marriage and Death Penalty...

CNN calls NY24 for Arcuri! The icing on the House cake begins!

old news?? Ted Haggard, religious right leader, may have had gay sex??

I love it! This is classic freeptardism at it's best (sore losers alert!!)

NH: Official - D Sweep of both house seats!

Subpoena for Karl Rove? Re US House takeover

Based On The VA Numbers Ad Current Precinct Percents Holding, This Is

1% in ID ... bleh 80% rightwing nutsos leading the cry...

Hows that Nevada marijuana inititative going?

Santorum got RAPTURED on Jon Stewart's Midtacular... It was HILARIOUS!!!

MO Senate and Stem Cell alike

Allens jump of 23000 votes earlier was something I've never seen.

"We were thisclose to Jesus coming back!" (Colbert on fire)


Waiting for Doolittle to lose


Human Events: Democrats will pick up no more than 7 House seats but need 15

Talent ahead in MO. see this:

DCCC: 0 seats to go! The House is ours!!!!!

CBS News now calling House for dems -- that's three major networks

Daily show on, Stewart showing winners losers

My Projection - TN will go FORD. - county analysis from

CNN: Democrats Will Win The House (8:10 PM PT)


CNN says Dems win House.

Please let Doolittle and Pombo go down in flames

Oh gawwwwwwwwd ... Clinton speech ...


"Rove You Magnificent Bastard" And Other Freeper Myths.

Bush to "reach out" to Democrats

A democratic Governor in Ohio should be a HUGE help in investigating the voting fraud

After a graceful pause, we MUST hold the Fascists accountable

Looking good for Nancy Boyda in KS!!

*Unofficial DAILY SHOW thread*

Three more pickups

heterosexual civil-unions taking a pounding nationwide??


All Time Classic Freeper Head In Ass Thread


House: (R)110 - (D)124

Holy Shit!! NH is turning blue!!

52nd District and...... and Arnold

Prelim Zogby exit 50th Cong. Dist CA: 12.4% had/see problem with voting; 3.5% Paper opt-out of evote

11:04 pm Eastern - ABC News says Dems take HOUSE!!

We did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherwood loses.

Democrats take NY State House for first time in 12 years and...

MSNBC ....... Democrats Take the HOUSE!!!

CNN calls FL-22 for Klein! nt

Update MT Senate #

It's over, Monkeyboy!

Amy Klobuchar (D) becomes 1st ever female U.S. Senator from Minnesota!! WOOT!!!

Is it just me, or is Chris Matthews standing up strong tonight? And is that clown

NH: Both seats are going Democratic!

Face it! Democrats have no ideas...

Arnie & Feinstein Will Be Called SOON.

Buh-bye, Blackwell.

NBC calls Arizona for Kyl, Shit.

SENATE IS 47 (D) 46 (R)

Live Election Coverage For those without TV


Why does tweety get seventy five percent of the air time?

Maybe its the beer talking but Hilary looked HOT tonight

IN-09 is finally called for Hill! Another pickup!


The housing bubble can probably take some credit for the blue shift in

First Muslim elected to Congress

I would pay my life savings just to see

MSNBC calls AZ for Kyl (R)

Oh, NOW the Republicans want to cooperate...

In light of the shift in power, I believe we should cooporate with the GOP

Early PA04 HOUSE (5% in) - ALTMIRE (D) 64% Hart(less) (R) 36%

The dog has caught the car!!!!

CNN calls NY-20 for Gillibrand! nt

tester ahead so far. see here

Kudos to Howard Dean!!!

VA Update....

Could people post the letter after the canidates name?


Rice-A-Roni...the San Francisco Treat!

Updated MT Senate #

Heads-up: Six minutes to The Daily Show/ Colbert Show Election night

CNN calls CT-05 for Murphy! 11th pickup! nt

Question: Why is NBC calling the House?

If Webb wins VA and Tester wins in MT, does that make it 50/50?

AZ results so far

"MSNBC reports voter machine problems UT, IND, FLA "-- Trainwreck begun...

Updated MT Senate #

What's a good election night song?

First Montana Reports in from CBS - Tester up 56- 42%

Re: Virginia Let's not forget

CALIFORNIA is coming soon!! We'll see about Ahnold in 18 minutes.

This is the Face of the First Muslim elected to Congress

Are absentee ballots already included in the Virginia vote totals? n/t

The Green candidate may cost us Virginia

Sundance in the last 40 min of "The War Room" now.....Clinton 1992

Our long national nightmare maybe over

MSNBC: Murphy DEM - CT wins. 10th House Pick-up!

Craig county, Virg. at 0 reporting?

Santorum kids are all crying.

Heath Shuler wins in NC! (cnn)

Craig county, Virg. at 0 reporting?

This Alex Jones guy w/ Malloy is pretty good

So, can I pop my champagne now?

It's a good thing we're winning all these governorships

There will be a recount in Va.

The waiting game sucks...


2 seats to go before SPEAKER PELOSI!!!

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm enjoying watching Fox "News" tonight

DCCC: 2 to go in the House

MO Senate race results so far here:

ABC Projects Dem Takeover of House!

Ken Mehlman looks horrible. Is he sick, or is he just tired from all

My wife has the flu, and pneumonia (and Parkinson's) and she says to say

Not watching TV. Have any talking heads mentioned

MSNBC saying Foley seat went to dem! n/t

Bill Bennet can suck my ass!


3 more to go in the House

It now looks solid that we are looking at Speaker Pelosi

They can introduce articles of IMPEACHMENT Tweety!

Webb down by 14 thousand 95.66% of votes counted

Carney DEM in PA - House 10... CNN calls for him.



Its gonna take 2 or 3 more cycles before we are competitive in the South...


I think McCaskill may not make it

GOP distributing false sample ballots in Maryland


5 MINUTE WARNING: Jon Stewart's MIDTACULAR Election Coverage COMING UP!!!!!

MSNBC Projects 29 seat house gain

CHECK OUT NY Post's Homepage:

cbs. Dems have net GAIN of 12 for HOUSE (149repugs-160dems)

MSNBC is projecting that Dems will pick up 29 seats in the house tonight!


11! and counting... n/t


Min. wage proposal winning big in MO!!!

CNN calls it for Mahoney in FL16! 10th Pickup! nt

way to go NC!!!!


Ken...I'm more scared of the fascist men in YOUR party... Negron conceding? Oh yeah, oh yeah!!

Dems Take the State Governors lead now we have 26 and more coming

any updates on ford?

Oh, how fun it'll be to listen to Limbaugh & other RW radio hacks tomorrow

CNN calls it for Carney in PA10! 9th Pickup! nt

CNN calls Shuler for NC-11! 7th Pickup!

Negron (Foley's replacement) conceding now. n/t

94.15% of Vote Webb down by 11 thousand votes

Need a quick summary. How close are Dems to taking the House?

"the Bush doctrine should be the American doctrine"

CNN calls AZ-08 for Gabby Giffords! 8th Pickup! nt

Wait, there really is a guy running in Indiana named Count Chocula?

Mehlman on now talking about "working together"

Hey Mehlman--Shove your ownership society up your ass

149-159 (dems) with net gain of 11 for Dems (US Hourse race so far)

South Dakota abortion question results...

Ken Mehlman spouting "Islamo-Fascism" alerts on MSNBC..

NH update Carol Shea Porter AHEAD BY 1400!!!!!!!!!

117 Precincts Left In VA

Clinton Wins....YAWN

So...if they knew Lieberman was going to win, do they know all of the results

Barrack Obama on CNN right now!

CNN calls it for Sestak against Weldon! 6th pickup!

DCCC: 4 to go

How are the New York House races?

MT First report

Shuler wins!

tester ahead in MT with only 7% of vote--good website here:

Does it look like Musgrave has a chance of losing?

Jim Esch (D) for Nebraska's 2nd is ahead 10 points! Nebraska may go blue!

Recount is any number within 1% in VA


Any news on the SD abortion ban referendum? n/t

What is Joe "Intern Killer" Scarborough's problem?

Midterm As Referendum on Bush: It's already a MANDATE Against GOP

Why is there a green candidate in VA?


Is Hillary making the first speech of her presidential campaign? n/t

Webb down by 12 thousand 95.13% of vote counted


self-delete goofed up

Bill is standing behind Hillary during acceptance speech

Is Missouri being stolen?

Missouri--only 30% of vote counted (talent ahead by 4 points so far)

Let's face it - gaining 14 seats = ZERO

semi-official VIRGINIA Results Thread

Webb back within RECOUNT territory!!

DOYLE (D) wins WI GOV.; BEEBE (D) wins AR GOV!

TWO MORE PICKUPS FOR DEMS BY CNN: Sestak (PA-07) and Space (OH-18)

I refuse to be lied to and manipulated any more

Don't count Ford out yet!

Why can't we just pull out of Iraq ? I don't get it

Bye Bye "Shut the recount down" Sweeney.

My Prediction About The Networks Calling Races...

Webb still looks to pick up 15 - 20K votes by my logic, looking at county tabs

Lamont has pulled back ahead, IT AIN'T OVER!!!!!

Webb ahead by 3000 now...AAR

Talent beats McCaskill by a hair in St. Charles precinct

Let the GOP try to spin it any way they want, you gotta give 'em one thing...

Live, at Duckworth Headquarters......

Dems have total of 11 House Gains and 3 Senate gains so far


It Looks Like Tennessee Will Pass an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Mark Shields just said anybody tampering with elections should serve..

DCCC: 6 more to go

Montana more results

I wonder what is Big Dog doing right now??

Curt Weldon out in Pennsylvania

Just for the record, McCain is an ass

Malicious Hart is losing so far in PA Allegheny County PA

William Jefferson's seat looks like going to a run-off

Ryun concedes! Boyda WINS. Kansas 02 is Blue!!!!!

Lamont Concedes.

I was skeptical of Dr. Deans 50 State Strategy

Where is the blue wave in the House?

So WHEN Webb wins, does Macaca ask for recount? Complain about machines?

Does Virginia have an automatic recount law?

Talk about a wonderful evening!

Nominate Tomorrows Headlines - Anybody want to make a cartogram?

If Bill Clinton had waged this war, would republicans be supporting it?

The reason why Racist Allen is defeating War Hero Webb...

What's up with Mean Jean?

Laura Ingraham being Investigated / Voting Interference

It looks like Democats gained 8 seats in the FL Legislature

Who's Beaming Face Would You Most Like To See Right Now

Unable to format AZ results.. looks v good.. link below


The B-I-G 1000! Couldn't have been a better night to hit this milestone!

MSNBC: Tweety's Bro Lost

Tweety to McCain: "The Republican party is 'different'."

Whats the big advantage of having the Senate?

What song should I play while dancing on Santorum's political grave?

Utah results so far...

Getting closer in TN

Thanks to all who carry the weight for so much of the country

Ok.. everyone knew Santorum was going to lose. Why are his kids crying away?

Philly suburbs are doing the job

Give Randi Rhodes Some Love..Santorum

So how good does Dean's 50 state strategy look now?

Wisconsin black neighborhood voting funnybusiness

How are things looking overall?

Arizona very strong Dem... link below

I'm a write-in

F Off Cain - you snake oil salesman n/t

Early results show Madrid (D) leading Wilson (R) in NM

Democrat winning Wyoming House far



Damnit! My wife just called me from our polling place.

Tweety with the kneepads out for McCain

Is Chris Matthews auditioning for FOX-News?? Could he be more partisan??

Anybody know what it would mean if we won the house but not the senate? /nt

Tweety: "Why do people in the Northeast hate Bush?"

nora o'donnell looks like a confederate general

Is Jeff Greenfield ill? Why is Wolf bossing him around tonight?

CNN calls Ney's old seat for Dems! 5th pickup!

Is Somebody Watching???

No more Santorum's Kids threads

anybody else having a wretched time with the Internets tonight?

Let me get this straight - the big victory for repubs is Lieberman winning???

BREAKING: L.A. Times Fires Its Editor - Subscribers Revolt!

CNN calling NH-2 for Dems -- 4th pickup tonight

I'M SO FUCKING GIDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California polls closed now....

Please bite my nails for me, I have none left . . . . (NH House - 01)

The only person in NJ happier than Robert Menendez

Idaho news ... All close incl. initiatives

Tell us why your watching MSNBC tonight

Tennessee votes coming in - FINALLY

Malloy imploring of webb DO NOT CONCEDE

Whora is saying DEMS are confident in TN - Ford

Allen 20 thousand plus votes ahead 92% of votes counted

Note to the admins: Great job on keeping DU up tonight. Well done.

Did you hear the crying woman when Ricky conceded!!!!!

Do we have the house yet?

Looks like the Greens helped elect Allen if the results hold

Worried? Scared about tomorrow? Step in here for a minute....


Thanks, White Men! (re: Allen vs. Webb)

ABC spinning for Rethugs

WTF is Norah O'Donnell Wearing?

Dammit, I'm falling behind in National Novel Writing Month

Santorum is a scumbag and I'm glad he lost but...

Download "Happy Days are Here Again" song

Menendezon Cspan

*Half of Arlington hasn't been counted yet*

Green party in Virginia on track to cost Senate for Dems

Virginia - Prince William County - only 20% in.... big county

If you're a Dem, Grins Are In! I do believe in karma! nt

Is this great or what!

Indiana gives Dems 3 new House seats!!!

What do you think made Santorum's kids cry?

Early IL-6th results TAMMY DUCKWORTH UP!


OH MY GOD... Listening to Mc Cain... Talk about flip flop

"In this Anti-Bush Environment" - Favorite phrase heard tonight

Pat Buchanan said he just talked to someone close to Rove and

Sup Peeps: Anybody Still Think Rove's A Genius

I Voted! Straight Dem Ticket! Even DINOs! But I REFUSE To Darken A Bubble For Dianne Feinstein!!

To win control of the Senate, we HAVE to win either VA or TN. PLUS, we have

Just watched Santorum's concession speech on C-Span

Looking great for Sestak, and both Murphys close

Watch these three races: NY-20, NY-25, NY-26

How do we support the troops? Vote the (re)THUGS out!

CNN exit poll: Tester seems to win big time!

MAINE SHOCKER: Senator-for-life Snowe's(R) lead down to SIX POINTS!

Lamont concedes n/t

Indiana is a DEM state now

Not ready to make nice

Dems swept Indiana

HA HA Santorum conceding on MSNBC now

Who has the Best Coverage? CNN? MSNBC? Other?

GREAT NEWS! from Florida

watching santorums daughter crying...sums up all the repukes

84% in VA - Webb only down by 0.4%

I am sick of anchors saying LIEberman will caucus as a Dem...

Webb down by 18 thousand votes 91% of votes counted.

Just wanted to write "Governer Eliot Spitzer - NY"


46 Yr. Old Rick Santorum Unsuccessful In Bid For 3rd Term In U.S. Senate....

FUCK THE GREEN PARTY - 22k votes in VA

Anyone know what precinct caused the 20,000 vote jump for 'Caca"? nt

From the DCCC site: 10 to go for control of the House

Demo Yarmuth beats Bush-licker Ann Northup in 3rd district!!!

Florida just elected a gay republican governor! How bout that?

This should be post 1000 for me. voters are voting against the war after they voted for it?

There was a BOMB THREAT in Wisconsin?

Try NOT to Visualize, but Bob Dole isn't getting any tonight!

Gawd I wanna punch Tweety in that big smilin' puss!!

Hey Dimson, you're "Extremely unpopular" everybody has said many times tonight

Wow! Santorum's kids are goofy looking. Boo Hoo! Go home Ricky!

Santorum has called Casey and conceded.

OK, how many of the 9 senate seats are locks?

Sigh...I wish Texas was part of the blue wave

"Black Jesse Helms" Robinson utterly humiliated in NC

Fuck the Green Party!

Are posts being deleted? I've lost 2 already.

So far, where do we stand?

This is like a wet dream come true! Santorum delivers concession speech.

Santorum on MSNBC conceding the race right now! n/t


No TV - Which websites/blogs best to follow (aside from DU, of course)?


Skinner, I love you. That is all.

AAR coverage is pretty good


BULLETIN: Bass (R-NH) preparing to CONCEDE. Dem. pickup in House!

Link to exit poll for Allen v. Webb.

Andersen Cooper does not like bloggers


Illinois Governor -- 2,159 of 11,692 precincts reporting (18%)


1/3 of evanglist vote democratic

What do they do with the 800,000 absentee ballots that were cast in TN?

Had my dad over for dinner tonight...

Santorum conceding on MSNBC

It's still early, but the SD Abortion Ban referendum...

CNN has the absolute DULLEST election night panel ever! What a waste.

Oh, yeah, sure... NOW it's a PROBLEM!

It's looking good for Heath Shuler (D) to take a seat in NC

Who here thinks they chickened out

Santorum we've heard enough of your ass say goodbye and

MSNBC Santorum Go!~

CSPAN FREEPER: Why The Liberal Media (TV & Radio) Bias?

democrats are winning because they are becoming more like republicans

Ladies and Gentlemen: THE SENATE IS NOW TIED 45-45!!!

VA Urban/Dem Stronghold Numbers @ 9:04pm EST

Jesus...Allen just jumpled ahead by 20,000 votes

When you go on vacation don't go to FL. n/t

FUCK... MSNBC just called FL for Crist

Crist wins in Florida DAMN!!!!



Santorum Goes Down 63-37!

"Run Forrest Run!" A peak into the dark side

Look at this screen cap. How could they call it for Lieberman?

Greatest Pic so far tonight!

Think happy thoughts. Here's MY happy thought.. thinking of Bush's face

I, for one, cannot WAIT to bring Speaker Pelosi and her "San Fransisco Values" to the House!


Dem Senate comes down to Prince William County, VA, & Davidson County, TN

Wulsin leading Schmidt in Ohio

Can I say to Chris Matthews - PLEASE SHUT THE F*UCK UP.

The Unofficial/Official Canada is pullin' for the Dems thread!!!

WARNING: AP is calling Lieberman race WAY TOO EARLY...only 4% reporting

Fox: Erlich (Maryland) GONE!!!

*** TOONs: Election Day ***

Why the FUCK is AARP running ads for "DONTVOTE.COM????"

Union Leader/NH: GOP in "GRAVE DANGER", calls Dem challenger INSURGENT!!!

Keith Olbermann...being a total professional. Appreciate here.

If Michelle Malkin says Democrat party (on Faux) one more time

The Daily Show will be great tonight. 04 was such a drag.

Webb only behind by 3342...

Katherine, Moxie & Spunk Ride Into the Sunset

Damn! Christ wins.

I love the smell of new drapes.

CT county results broken down

OH-2 (Only 5% so far) But Jean Schmidt 43% - Victoria Wulsin(D) 57%

Sestak is way ahead in PA......... Please cross your fingers for us!!

Turn on Fox News- Brit is very sad

Prop 87 ads misleading: Gas Prices in CA going up post election anyway

Nancy Eva Braun Johnson trailing 55-45 in Connecticut.

Check out Olbermann and Tweety chatting

Celebratory booze selection... (should we need to celebrate)

Keith Rocks tonight

Web only down 1,500 now!

Ellison (D) projected to win, MN 5th.

ONLY 2,000 votes separate Webb and Allen in VA - 86% in

Repub "Military" voter on CSPAN is totally full of shit

Would someone tell Tweety that this war belongs to Bush and the Republicans.

Bob was never a republican

West Tennessee Returns Finally Coming - Corker 50%, Ford 48%

Webb- allen is a still a worry

Can everyone still logon to the site or are some being excluded ?

Holy crap....

For the Celebration in the Morning... but no ordering till then!

The new Repuke meme/talking point? Look at Glen Beck.


Who dares call it cheating? Keith Olbermann and Mark Shields,

Allen 49.72% / Webb 49.08% 9:24pm EST

70% in Virginia, 8,000 votes separation between Allen and Webb

Holy S*** look at Florida-21 Dem Gonzalez ahead?!

Come on Pederson! You could be the one who puts us over the

NH IS GOING BLUE! Hodes IS CLOBBERING bASS! 53%-45% with 36% reporting

Turd Blossom sighting

Someone TIVO Fox NEWS tonight. You'll make thousands selling it to DUers

Down to me last beer and then it is onto the Champaign

Tomorrow could be the happiest dawn in the history of DU. I would know.

IN-9 Dem Hill 2% up on Rep Sodrel with 77% of vote in.

AWWWW The Republicans are losing their jobs

CHAFEE LOSES!!!!!!!!!!!! Per CNN!!

Tweety's got his shortz in a wad....

Wolf Blitzer "Lincoln Cheney loses in Rhode Island"

Keith is having a ball with Armey, Armey, not so much.

3 gains for Dems so far (OH< Penn. and RI)

MSNBC calls Sherrod Brown winning in Ohio.

Can you hear it? The sound of Neocons.


Chafee Should Have Pulled A Lieberman

Urbandictionary's frontpage today.. MACACA!!!

WHY THE FUCK Have They Call CT????????

HEY BUSH! I GOT YOUR MANDATE RIGHT HERE! (feel free to caption this)

Mood at FOX: GRIM

Is It Too Early To Start A Flowers For Lieberman Fund?

Lurking Freeptards & Resmuglicans take heed: To those responsible, we're coming for you!

They are talking "recount" in Virginia

Gregg Palast on Malloy now: voter disenfranchisement

Can We Say FUCK YOU Evangelicals YET????

Mother of my darling dog!

at ca 7pm CT FOX radio reported many problems with electronic machines

Anyone gonna stay up all night to watch the returns? Or will you go to bed and try to

Just back from poll observation in NC

Dick Armey: "A lot of real good people losing their jobs..."

Kathleen Sebelius (D) WINS KANSAS GOV!!

MSNBC: Chafee defeated!

The big news story of Election Day, according to

Hey, Has Anybody Check Sites That Shall Be Unnamed To Witness Their Implosion?


Dear Karl Rove

Dick Armey is so sad!

Reporter whispering at Chafee HQ, they don't know yet.

massive disappointment on DU tonight....

How do they project a winner?

Dick Armey: "It's a grim lookin' night." Just now on MSNBC

James is acting so humbe I could rub his bald head! Bet Battle

Joe Connolly Indiana D pickup in the House

Best. Night. Ever!

Dick Armey on MSNBC looks like he's just been forced to watch The Chevy Chase Show

Chaffee lost....whoo

LOL! Dick Armey on MSNBC just took a dig at Joe about his blowup...

I'm flipping back and forth between MSNBC and House ...

How's Tammy Duckworth doing?

I wish we could trade Chafee for Ben Nelson

I've chewed my nails off watching Webb... we are going to pull this off

Webb surging now!!! Allen 49.65 Webb 49.15

Ford is getting closer in TN

Did this asshole think about our jobs...

Dick Armey on MSNBC: "Grim" Night for GOP

MSNBC: Ben Cardin (D) projected over Michael Steele (R) in MD.

Calling O'Malley over Ehrlich --MD gov!!! (MSNBC)

Will Bush choke on a pretzel tonight, have gash on forehead tomorrow?

Whitehouse projected to WIN!!!!!1!!11

Should we start sending Bush...

When is Bill Bennett going to take a sandwich break?

Damn ! Looks like Mica and Feeney won


Ford not out - Davidson County only 1%... heavy Ford count

I keep envisioning Brit Hume with

GOP Scared? Reporters have no access to GOP Officials

Unofficial Find A New Job For Katherine Harris Thread

"Ohio has pretty much been a train wreck for the Republicans"

Whatsup with the Philly Suburb House Races?

Whitehouse beating the crap out of Chafee

Wisconsin state results are starting to come in

Several glasses of wine & a fat one!

NYT: VA = 70% iin WEbb down 5000 votes - fraud challenge coming?

Notice how the Repukes are already spinning this?

Yarmuth D slaughters Northrup R Ky 3rd District

CNN: Northrup (D) wins in Kentucky!

CARDIN!!!!! Told you Steele wasn't shit!

Someone should tell MSNBC that "Unch" means shit in Japanese.

Whitehouse called over Chafee in RI on

Local NBC affiliate (WOOD TV-8) projecting Granholm winning MI Gov!!

This site shows Lamont with more votes!!!!!


Donnelly defeats Chocola in Indiana!


Lamont over Lieberman in exit poll conducted by Lamont campaign

Four more Senate Seats! Plllllease!

Goodbye Count CHOCULA! - ANOTHER Dem pickup!

CNN Calls IN-02 for Donnelly! Third pickup!

Really curious to hear about Feeney/ Curtis figures. Anyone? Anyone? nt

Whitehouse wins!

c-span caller "where do you get your results from?"

Holy shit! Projected winner Maryland Governor O'MALLEY!!!! (D)

they all wanted to watch the sad faces on Fox says Frankin-he

MD governor taken!!

O"Malley projected winner in MD

All I want to say is, I Love You Guys

Can't Keep Track - DO WE OWN THE HOUSE YET??????????

MSNBC: Santorum Loses Among Catholic Voters

CNN Projecting Lieberman

Need a link to TN election results

(KY) Northup Concedes to Yarmuth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are there any definitive wins yet for Senate/House yet? nt

Howard Dean was GREAT with Tweety !!!! YAHOO


Douche Matthews pretended Casey was snubbed at Dem convention because of abortion

I'm calling it Klein (D) beats Shaw(r) FL22nd!


Whitehouse projected winner!!!!

I betcha Webb could use the 19000 votes the Greenie got...

Tweety's Decompensation: analysis follows:


Doing great in Ohio (Schmidt losing and others)

Tonight we celebrate our win, but what are we going to do with the mess


Northup is defeated!

So do we have to kiss Lieberman's ass, or can we tell him to fuck off?

Bastille Day!

Karl Rove

Do not write CT off,, the Repug is pulling 8% of the vote

Yarmuth beats Northup! Second pickup!



MSNBC - Yarmuth wins


As if MTV couldn't get any worse in their stupification/vapidization of the youth

FL-15. Nobody gives a shit, but...

$250,000 Reward For Evidence of Election Fraud

Katherine Harris - kiss off and die!!!

YARMUTH!!! 51-48

Ben Cardin (D) projected to win in Maryland.

And Lieberman wins....

The People Are Speaking Tonight

Msnbc/CNN Maryland

Scarborough is getting personal with Tweety - unprofessional

Crank calls into Dem Voter Hotline....Laura Ingraham

Out on a limb

FULL Exit poll tabulations, by state, posted at CNN

Lieberman projected winner

Air America just said only 100 vote difference in the Webb Race!!!

MSNBC just called for Cardin (D) in MD...with 41% of the vote, vs. 57% Repuke...???

Ben Cardin (DEM) Wins in Maryland!! (Senate)

Fuck you Joementum


Why is CNN giving so much face time to Wm. Bennett?!

Is any network actually letting Democrats frame...

Webb 49.33 Allen 49.49 with 19.69% reporting...catching up?

I can't believe the FL-16th race is so close...

BradBlog Friedman: Election Night Integrity Radio Marathon

Forget Lieberman. What's up with the HOUSE?

Blackwell Conceeds: MSNBC


William Bennett/CNN - "Expect DRAFT SANTORUM for President" movement!

New Speaker of the House! Nancy you go girl!

Hey DUers

Courageous campaign?

The next Speaker of the House is on MSNBC

SD Ban on Abortion Referendum LOSING 56-44%

7:29 CST Webb back in front of Allen by a point!

49% voting for Foley...


Why I hate Ariana Huffington. Her post tonight about Dean & the election.

Bill Bennett is an idiot.... "Movement to draft Santorum">

I knew if we held our breath long enough, NH would turn BLUE!!!!

John Hostettler just got PWNED

KO just called him Lieberthal.... bwwwwwwwwwa

Maryland going to the Dem per air america


What is the deal in Maryland?

68% of Precincts are in VA: Allen up by 2%

Repugs electing Lieberman 49 to 40 % vs. Lamont n/t

Stay strong, Pennsylvania Democrats ! re: the machines

I don't get how the MSM gets to call any race for any pol when it's 2% returns.

We Now Need SEVEN Senate Seats!! Do NOT Let LIEberman Make The Difference!!!

Take screen shots !!

Virginians - what are some big blue counties in the north?

Help! How do I do screenshots in Firefox using "Download Them All"?

MSM Pundits - Dems are CONSERVATIVE

Blackwell (OH) Concedes !!!


Watching C-Span I have to extend a thank you to Republicans

WHOW---cnn (vis air amer) AMY--DEM Senator ELECT (projected) WHOW

I Think Tweety is acting like an Ass hat tonight because he feels he has to show up KO

Boy do I miss the "hide thread" function.

A message to the Republicans:

could we have a few more lieberman threads? Jesus H. Christ people

This Is A Democratic Night

NBC projects Joe Lieberman the winner.

Sonny Perdue (R) Wins GA Governorship

Any updates on the anti-abortion ruling in SD?

OMG, Scarborough talking about how he bashes his party more than

The Official DU FU Thread


These single percentage point projections bug me

Yarmuth (D) - KY-3 - 96% in... it's over!

NBC projects LIEberman win. Fuck.

local nbc projecting WI Gov Jim Doyle (DEM) will win. I do not know how


Oh, no!!! Lieberman projected to win :(

haha - Republican named Moran in Kansas?

McCaskill leading talent at the moment (7:46 CST)

It looks like KO and Matthews don't get along...

Dammit, Holy Joe projected to win.

Boooooo MSNBC called CT for Lieberman

Lieberman to win

I'm keeping FOX on all night. THIS IS RICH! I don't know the talking heads but...

LIEBERMAN projected in CT via CBS

I really wish Doctor Dean would have informed Tweety...

Looks like very little change in FL House seats

Lieberman projected winner on MSNBC

Blackwell concedes - MSNBC

msnbc - blackwell CONCEDES in ohio! nt

I think we are kicking ass.


Freepers claiming "rigged voting machines"


DCCC election results site:

Joplin, Missouri OUT of ballots

Hillary wins

Arizona still a toss-up! Boy, do I hope Kyl loses!

Why is Chris Matthew being such an a**hole tonight?

NYT: VA = 40% in, 49.5% Macaca, 49.4% Webb - 500 vote dif as of 8:40 ET


Question on early voting results

Is Scarborough begging for his job on MSNBC? Wow! nt

Webb is sinking like a stone in VA!!!

Dean on Faux now eom

Meanwhile.......over at FreakRepublic.....

Massive thanks to Steve2470!

Tucker Carlson. Fuck off!

Conservative Democrat/Maverick Republican

Senate: Dems hold on to NY, MN, MI, ND, NE, NM, WI

Stabenow won! Klobuchar (?sp) won.... DEMS! n/t

Has anyone been watching the post count go up?

I'm very worried about IN-7 Dem Julia Carson is losing to

are you happy, cause i'm happy...


Move over rove their a new brain in town.

I just put my ballot into a Sequoia black hole

Scarborough MAD because Tweety accused him of being too partisan

Is Ford done?

Scarborough losing it on MSNBC!

Joe Scarborough trying to save face now. Asking people to look at his transcripts.

"I Concede Nothing: We're Not Losing A Single Seat. Period."

What is this 'new conservative democrat' term?

Ostracized At Poll This Morning...


Raw Story: Unconfirmed Exit Poll Results

An interesting blog entry about AAR & Franken's possible departure

I've been away for awhile - how do things look for us?

1st job for Madame SpeakerTell them to stop saying "Democrat party"


OMG: Country Joe Running Away From repubs & george

Americablog: Katherine Harris Lost

PROUD to be from PA right now... Yippeee!!!!


NJ 7th Race

Shumer said the Democratic Party strongholds in VA have not been counted yet

Republican SPIN: Conservates are taking over the Democratic Party

The bloggers CNN brought in for their blog room make me laugh


From - some senate and governor races decided:

Weldon in Pa, anybody see any numbers?

Chuck Schumer speaking about Democratic gains

Not even a mega superstar could help him...

MSNBC labels Purdue a Democrat - HA

OMG! We're beatin' the hell out of 'em!

OKLAHOMA Gov---DEm prediced to win (air america)

GOP down to +8 on the MSNBC Democracy Meter

My fiance just did the Howard Dean yell

Ugh--I Had to Use a Diebold Voting Machine :(

OMG! Anybody watching CSPAN? White folks on the dance floor!

My wait in Denver...2 hours.

GOP Officials Call To Impound Voting Machines


PBS station in San Diego showing cartoons???

We are beating Shaw (FL-22), losing to Foley (FL-16), losing to Buchanan (FL-13)

There is a somber mood on Fox News tongiht.

BRAD HENRY (D) Wins Oklahoma Gov. Race



A shotout to Keith O.... Put a sock in the toe-heads mouth..... gezzzzz

Deval Patrick (D) will be Governor of Massachusetts

What I just noticed about Tweety and Keith

MSM trash journalism: MSNBC douchebags predict NJ Senate Race with 1% in

Condi apologizes to Pickeles for homewrecking her "marriage" to Dumb Dumb

Chris Curtis in florida lost, sad about that.

Howard Dean > Chris Matthews

I voted for a Socialist today!

Corporate media are framing through focusing totally on the senate

Ellsworth wins in Indiana house seat!

Webb is falling too far behind Allen

How hungover will B*sh be tomorrow?

This is some very screwed up stuff

Indiaana gains one DEM house seat!

Bill Frist----

Santorum loses

MSNBC calling Brown winner in Ohio

Will somebody punch Bill Schneider in the face?


Webb falling behind by three percent at 5:32 Pacific

Looks like Crist (R) over Davis (D) for Florida Govenor

CUYAHOGA COUNTY... 16 polling stations open 'til 9:00

What is the body language of the tv commentators..l

Please answer me this!

Ted Strickland NEW GOVERNOR of OHIO

VA Result, County by County Graphic - Webb Trailing

7:44 CST Senate: 43-34 (-2/+2)

Have the blue districts in VA reported in yet?

Goodbye Blackwell

They're paying some bills on Faux. Commercials...very upbeat ;-)

Brown wins!

How fitting: Both presidential election thieves defeated

Save everything! Screen shots! Canvass Reports! Exit Poll Data!

The drunker I get the better this is looking

A note about early election returns

Lieberman? Lamont?


CNN: Candy says the old democrats are back in the South....

Goodbye and good riddance, Harris!

Bob Menedez!! Projected winner!!

"Voting irregularities" a "polite term for cheating" - Olbermann

PHOTO: Sing along! "TWO OF US"

Bush ain't hiding. Cheney ain't hunting. Just spoke with Madam Cleo and

Were cutting into b* capital that he said he got in 2004 .n/t

FL Senate called for Nelson over Harris!

43-33 (-1 +1)

Well, its only 11% in, but Dem leading repuke in SC gov. race

If you want to keep your dinner down: listen to the AAR coverage, begun at 5PM CDT.

MSNBC projects Robert Menendez winning in NJ.

Dean on MSNBC!!

MSNBC projects Menendez wins!

NJ - Bob Menendez projected by MSNBC

For all my fellow Buckeyes that said Sherrod Brown

Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum: GONE

A strange thing happened when I went to vote......

F U Blackwell!!! hahahahhahhahahh!!!!!!

Crist winning pretty big in Fl over Davis or Gov

Cruella goes down, it's official!

The two scumbags who stole back to back elections

How The Hell Did I End Up Here ??? - I Thought I Was In Some ...

Fl 22 starting to report Klein (D) beating Shaw (r)!!!!!

PHOTO: US rep Charlie Bass holds up his challenger's sign LOL

Breaking News on FR "Alcohol deaths soar among middle-aged men [England]" no posts required

Howard Dean on MSNBC now

I dare Dean to scream TONIGHT.


Governor Spitzer. Governor Ritter. Governor Patrick. Governor Strickland.

Can I just give a +1 recommend to every thread we're posting??

DVD Giveaway When MSNBC & Keith Call The First Senate Dem Pickup

Some good news! (record voter turn out possible here in Mass)

Reminder of why DUers really should SHOP COSTCO!

I believe!!

CNN's "Balance of Power" meter kicks ass!

NJ is more comfortable with corruption than trying something new.

Ted Kennedy remains the senior senator from MASS....Sweet!

Wait just a minute--Bush cast his vote in Crawford....but he cast his

If Crist wins in Florida, I think I will go throw up

So 'projected' winner is close enough, or should we wait? nt

CBS projects Menendez! A critical keeper! nt

Hey Virginians! Who's winning the Goode-Weed race? (5th Congressional district)

Ellsworth wins !

Nelson projected winner in FL (over Harris)

Do you have Champagne on ice?

AAR has a video stream going. I wish Janeane would come back.

CNN calls IN-08 for Ellsworth! First House pickup!

Oooof. There it is.

The repukes will cheat anyway they can won't they...HERE IS MY STORY

The New York Times Results Page is really nicely done with

I voted twice this morning

What are all these Xes on yellow squares?

The Reason Why EVERY Election Will Be Close....

Florida not looking good

Does Silicon Valley have those horrible machines ?


FOLEYGATE (Pervert) 46% Mahoney (D) 50% - Florida!!!


IN 08 - Ellsworth (D) Defeats Hostettler (R)

Denver area DUers : ACTION ALERT by Pachamama

Blackwell is history

Some Exit Polls Courtesy Keith O.

Level 3? woohoo!!! Edited to go to Level 4!!!

Howard Dean up next on Dobbs

I voted on a optical scan with paper trail. n/t

Hell yeah! I'm going to Menendez's Victory party!!

How do they project some close races and not others?

MSNBC calling Strickland the winner in Ohio!

Allen Steps back into lead with 30% returned


Any numbers on Lamont??

Anything on PA yet? I checked the sec. of stgate, nothing yet.

Rendell wins PA - MSNBC


Florida: Clint Curtis starting ahead, Bob Bowman within 400 votes

what happened to DU? no discuss page anymore? nt

Major Props to DU admins and mods! I'm not having

I just had to check out their website;

Digg has gone off-line

I Want Dr. Steve Kagen (Wi.) To Win Sooo Bad! gard is a Flaming Asshole!

Just want to mention, if you have don't cable but want to see MSNBC coverage. click this.

I've been waiting six long years for this moment:

I really feel it this time

FauxNews flunkies: "This culture of CORRUPTION exit poll number kinda makes me wonder..."

Santorum and Judy Baar going DOWN in 15 minutes! (7 Central)

Cuyahoga Co judge rules some precincts open for voting til 9 pm

Ohio and VT DUers -- THANK YOU and CONGRATS!!

MSNBC is showing Trending for RIGHT when Virginia trends left online?

I have decided to watch Fox News tonight....

Any word on Katherine Harris?

Deval Patrick projected to win in Massachusetts

4 MINUTES til another big wave!

Kos calls it for Sherrod Brown in OH!

MSNBC Predicts Deval Patrick wins in Massachussetts

74% in. Kentucky 03........Yarmuth 51% Northup 48%


Dems Leading in HOUSE Seats 26-11!!

It really pisses me off when I hear Tom Delay

MSNBC calling it Nelson over Cruella in Florida!! Woot!

Please Guys, Add a R and D to names, and state - we are not all from your area.

"Too early to call, too early to call, too early to call..." AARGH!!!

Which one are you? (Age optimism/pessimism poll)

CNN's Senate Results site, including partial results, at LINK

Lieberman whining about being fifth on the ballot

Webb pulls ahead (for real) with 27..5% in. small lead...but just the same

Freeptard "90% sure" PUKES will keep the House. BWAAAHA

We gained a seat in the House! (VT - Ind to Dem)


Iraq's birth rate soars despite obstacles

FL governor's race crist (r) trouncing Davis (D)

James Dobson backs out of counseling Haggard: "I don't have the time"

Cruella lost.

MSNBC calling Nelson the Winner in Florida!

Please remember that really early returns on close races aren't accurate in close races!

9% in, Webb 51-47 - link corrected

Repug attacks Dem Texas State Rep while he was waiting in line to vote


EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! Some People Are Actually Voting for Cruella

IN-8 Dem Ellsworth 66% Rep Hostettler 34% with 22% in. n/t

how to get msnbc feed LIVE? all I get are short video segments

And Cheney went hunting

The Oregon Experience

MSNBC coverage with Olbermann streaming live on

ThisIsHell will be broadcasting a special at 7p cst - someone from voting hotline will be a guest

CNN REPORTING Incorrect VA Results!

Looks like Bushes bought Moonie land in Paraguay

If You Have a Spare Toast Tonight: Beckley

John Mark Karr...looks like Ken Mehlman

It's time for them to go

I am nervous about watching 2004 replayed before my eyes.

Just remember everytime a Democrat wins

OK, I've now read two threads where the CNN nos. are opposite the state's tally.

Celebration posts!

Bowtie Boy just told Rachel Maddow he thinks the Dems will also

tweety talking to Bill Richardson

Thank you to whoever donated the star...

Now That NANCY PELOSI Is Going To Be Speaker.......

KY-3: Yarmuth (D) 51-48!!

Fucker C. says Dem's take Senate????

Seriously, are we to believe that Americans will vote against their best interests tomorrow?

They have run out of ballots in Missouri

Why religious fundamentalism can't hold in this nation...

Poppy and Babs: "We voted for the Dems, too."

Holy Crap... Tucker is talking sense...

Breaking on CNN: Judge orders 16 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio extend hours till 10pm

So has Project X come to an end yet????

I'm a total yo yo.... optimistic... then scared (and then optimistic again and then scared again)

To the poster Doremus who asked for "slogans for signs" yesterday

According to CNN, Foley is up over Mahoney 58-38

Here is a good national results page to track

MSNBC: All but a done deal...Blackwell going down

Is the sliding bar on CNN for the dumb people?

74% in. Kentucky 03........Yarmuth 51% Northup 48%

Rove is a JEEENYUS, I tell ya.


My Poll Worker said this was the biggest turnout

Candy Crowley Has Black Fingernails.

FL District 9 - House seat- POSSIBLE UPSET??

Flash Animation Political Ad "Arnold Counts the Votes!"

How about a toast to the 18-24 year olds?....They're going to blow the doors off !!

Election Day message from Mike Malloy

Let NO ONE ever say it doesn't matter if you vote


I just got a call from Bill Clinton!

Faux News is Being Pathetic

God hates Republicans in TN! (Weather was bad over the redder

Did I hear Tweety or Keith say a third of Evangelicals were voting Democratic this election?

Blackwell GONE!!!!!

Links to official Virginia and Missouri Senate results. Watch these.

How did you vote?

Bowtie Boy is going to be on AAR with Rachel Maddow!

It's official , CNN calls it for Senator Bernie Sanders

Why didn't the shrub vote absentee?

"But isn't he a George Bush kissing booth?"

Oh God, I can't fucking wait!!!!!!!!!


MSNBC calling OH governorship for Strickland!

Joplin, MO has run out of FUCKING BALLOTS!!!

Shit! A tornado just blew by about 2 blocks from my house

Has Countdown Keith Ever Recieved.......

I voted, but had to show my ID, I have never ever been asked

Giddy as a schoolgirl! Post your favorite colloquialism that describes your mood here:

Byrd won!

If it's going down to the wire in Indiana and Kentucky

MSNBC calls Ohio Governorship for Strickland !!!

It had to be done... I just went FreepPeeking:)

What is the best way to overturn the HAVA act?

Robert Byrd projected winner! 9th term!! nt

Chris Bowers -- exit polls -- Dems winning 7 of 9 Senate:

Fucking Hannity..

I'm strangely calm this year.

Raw Story Preliminaries

Okay! I've HAD IT!...see you all at 10:30 EST...I'm gonna watch Old Video

CNN major issues for voters as exit polled

I just came back from 3 hours of sign waving

In VA. smaller SOUTHERN districts will be reported FIRST. NORTHERN VA.

What radio stations have links to updates...

The exit polls are so good, I've decided not to vote.

Hidden Bush closely watching election

LOL Hacking Democracy is showing on HBO today

KO quoting AP: A third of the white evangelicals turned to Dems

Tom Delay: The Dems are a "Lame Duck Majority"

Osceola County Florida under tornado warning.

HOUSE: Dem- 4; Rep- 2


Barbara Cubin (R - WY) in dead heat with Dem. challenger! (Today's poll)

Two leonard cohen song cued up for tonight

Keith Olbermann is on now (w/Tweety) re: election results.

Kieth Olberman, as always. A Great American.

If the country goes left, will the media folow?

If you are officially sick to your stomach like I am, check in here

To help you find threads in the traffic tonight


BERNIE SANDERS WON!!! Vermont! n/t

I remember past election evenings

Excuse my ignorance, but aren't ALL Seats in Play today?


Not predicting results until the polls this a new thing in the States?

Filthy, disgusting, lying Freepers!


Report: Rove tells Hannity George Allen in Trouble

Do you remember feeling GOOD at this time on 11/4/04?

Michael Moore: 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today

Caption Rove



Bernie Sanders projected winner in VT, CNN calling it now n/t

Have faith my gentle snowflakes, the future is our oyster...

We are going to take the senate. Only question mark now is TN imo.

VA results rolling in now!! nt

I see dead elephants....everywhere....


Will Keith be on all night with Tweet?

Polls close in 25 minutes in Florida!

What top three things do you want the Dems to do if (when) they win control?

If we lose the House(s) in the face of overwhelming majority, will you finally

Where you vote.

First results.... Per Tweety

Terror plot on wall street? Tell me more.

"My Good Friend Mark Foley"

It's beer o'clock. Whose with me?

Colorado Judge DENIES democrats' appeal to keep Denver polls open

Tweety interviewing the Bug Man

Bernie Sanders projected to win in Vermont!! via CNN

Heartwarming! "Christians must vote today OR ELSE!"

WI *NE* preceints asking for thousands more ballots. Green and DOYLE

Wow! Cafferty just took * and the neocons apart...limb by limb.

I Drove Someone to The Polls....

"I voted" photo, hope it makes you smile a tad

IN-8 Ellsworth 72% Hostetter 28% with 9% of vote in.

Bernie Saunder Yeah

Hold all celebration until 7:30 or 8:00

Tweety, dammit--STFU and let KO get a word in edgewise! AAARGH!

Will the exit polls prove accurate, in line with actual results?

Did you receive political phone calls?

Can somebody toss me the jpg for the "I Voted" avatar?

Fox Telephone Exit Poll of "Late Deciders"

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 11/7 .. waiting...

Chris Matthews just called Tom Delay a gentleman to the end...

Preaching to the choir, I know...but, if you haven't yet: VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!!


Did the White House doctor Shrub's "Mission Accomplished" video????

Media Matters picks up on DU Post!

Was anyone here "Exit Polled" and if so what questions were you asked?

Indiana results trickling in:

Election night prayer thread (Keith's on now!)

Stop Reading Tea Leaves


Americablog headline: "2 hours, bitch!"

Ga. repub. party getting nervous?? Just got a call re: low turnout

My DU Brethren:Good News From Exit Polls -Let's Be Cautiously Optimistic!

I voted! I voted! I voted!! Yippee!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!!

Dobbs about to release new exit polls

I voted. No problems. Poll worker said turnout has been higher than usual.

How is everyone doing?

Fox News Acting as Lieberman's Field Staff?

Whoo- hoo. My Repub. neighbor told me she was voting straight Dem!

They had Diebold at the place I voted today.

FREE web feed of MSNBC for tonight

State Dems say Kerry blew Ohio in 2004 in a way they won't blow it in 2006

Dobb's going to talk about the scandals this campaign season Of course they consider Kerry gaff

small point if dems take the house...

Big, Big Breakdown Of All Competitive Senate Races

What is happening in Cleveland and other Ohio cities?

Indiana and Kentucky results starting to come in

Lou Dobbs - New Exit Polling coming in

2 Hours Until Keith Olbermann

Democrats should walk around waving a purple finger tomorrow.

CBS: Election Shapes Up As National Referendum - National Issues Outweigh Local Ones

Pennsylvania Voter Smashes Touch-Screen Machine.

Is it tonight yet?

Any word on the closed polls in Washington state (flooded out)

Experts: Senate will go Democratic

PHOTO: Karma is calling offering $250,000 for evidence leading to a conviction for voter fraud....

Here's my analysis of the voting trend

Serious legal question about vote fraud

Listening to voter turnout figures...the ramifications are scary

Damn, I love New Orleans!


Dare we hope

IF YOU LIVE IN TENNESSEE OR ARIZONA, Call every democrat you know, drag them to the polls

57 officers in Iraq charged with TORTURE

Tried to vote on a paper ballot in Tn. They wouldn't let me.


Anyone catch Olbermann compare Santorum to Stalin last night?

MSRNC Has That delay Guy Next....

MSNBC: FBI is now looking into possible voter intimidation in VA

If the exit polls hold accurate, it's 49-49 in the Senate.


"Mr. Leader" ?!!?!

Turnout has been AMAZING!! Long lines in my state of Md.

Don't you guys love the TV election music?

I posted this 2 years ago...

For those without cable: MSNBC streaming live online

UN to Appoint Former Moonie as Head of World Food Programme

Glass ballot box and paper......................

GREAT poli cartoon from Steve Benson today: why we all need to vote!

We're gonna fire the shits heard 'round the world.

I am not watching TV today ...Maybe tonight after the closing...

I've always believed . . .

Early early returns but GOOD news in KY

Call Laura Ingraham and tell her what you think about this.

Election night eats ...What are y'all eatin tonight?

Capitalization in a Title:

ABC: "No widespread voting problems." Contact major news networks! We can do something about this!

Keith up next on MSNBC!

A love story in four pictures

Shields coming up on PBS n/t

2837 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again

I voted on a Paper ballot and Made sure it counted

Republofascismos already trying to spin exit polls

Senate exit polls show Dems up in VA, MT, NJ, MD,OH, PA, RI

An election day reminder for Freepers...

South Carolina Republican Governor Turned Away From Polls

RoBo Calls all over Kansas City !!

Former House member charged with assaulting man who defeated him

I want my marriage protected

Sean Hannity Poll:

Voting in VA

Florida ballot terminals favor Republicans

"Hardball"? Who's Chris Matthews? Doesn't "Hardball" imply controversy?

"You don't spike the football on the 20 yard line."

arrrgh! my friend in new jersey is voting for kean

When bennett starts offering excuses, YOU KNOW we are winning

ABC BREAKING NEWS (EXIT POLLS): 6 in 10 voters - don't like Bush

I can't stand this. I'm turning the channel...

Joe Wilson on Air America NOW

So We think that they are using subliminal tactics on the ballot WV (dems are Chickens)

I just voted

Ohio Democrats Filing Lawsuit To Keep Polls Open Late

Pleasently suprised voter in Idaho (Boise)

Rumors from Worried re RI and Baltimore, MD

The Guardian: Six reasons why the United States of America is not the bees' knees when it comes to

A heartwarming display of understanding between Jews and Muslims in Israel

npr just said Exit polls would start at 5 pm But is that Eastern time?

Any candidate to lose today in a state where exit polls predicted they'd win....

Haley Barbour, MSNBC, is an idiot! Claims dimson talks about

What a Wonderful Contrast on Election Day! •PHOTOS•

Is it just me - or is time going by slower than usual today?

Hey, Republicans.

How 'bout we chip in and buy John Conyers a new briefcase?...

MSNBC Crawl: "Exit polls expected to be leaked to blogs, secret will probably be kept..."

Turnout and Area Political Leanings Poll

A friend of mine spent the afternoon drawing this cartoon. Hope you like it!

Where Will You Spend Election Night?

Bush: "Voting is a PRIVILEGE"

I thought political ads ended on election day.

My selections were recorded electronically AND on paper.

What victory in the House will mean

Screenshots, people!!

Unfinished business ....

Helena Montana

1/2 hour into it, 3 out of 5 machines down

A Pencil, Paper, and a 20 Year prison sentence for anyone who 'miscounts' is all we need

How Liberal blogs are blowing GOTV on election day

Mean Jean Schmidt - Is she favored to win?

Told the woman on the phone activating my credit card to vote for a Democrat today

Gawd!! That mealy-mouthed Ben Ginzberg is on MS/NBC

Bush's handlers wouldn't let Katherine Harris get on the same stage as Bush yesterday

This exit poll crap is making me nervous, dammit.

Let's use "Second Life" to help Democrats and Democracy !

Martial law declared in South Dakota... (PIC)

PA is leading America country in most number of cases in voter complaints.

Al Franken makes me laugh. I don't always agree with him BUT

88% of voters think their votes will be counted accurately

It Was Exactly 2 Years Ago.....

How long till the first results come in???

Many voters forced into provisional ballots in San Diego County, CA (address issues)

My mom had to vote on a provisional ballot today.

Today the American wisdom that elected AL GORE over Lord Pukepants will shine again

Let's not impeach *. The next President should appoint him the Ambassador

Well, this is sweet.....Tester

Anyone know what is going on with the exit polls?

I believe exit polling data can be released at 5:30 EST. That would be ...

Do party leaders have exit poll info already?

New Rules, Machines Frazzle Voters Early

Let's take the high road when we win

MSNBC: Laughing... joking they can't talk about it.

The Beer Is "Stocked," Coz KKKarl Is...



I'm supposed to go to a GOTV phone party, but I can't seem to

Can an election be invalidated?

If you care to tell them if you voted today CNN has a poll

Yahoo's most viewed stories...

More Proof Cheney's Halliburton Ripped Off US Taxpayer In Iraq

I'm NOT wearing my sticker...

Cars going by honking horns - My yard is full of Democrat signs

Urgent Alert: Take ID to the Polls

ImPeachment Pie for Election Night parties!

Diebold machines broke down at my polling place today...anyone else?

Download "Happy Days are Here Again" song

SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE! Britney Spears files for divorce

Hows TURNOUT by you?

Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi.

A poll worker started choking a voter for turning in a incomplete ballot

Mean Jean Schmidt - Couldn't get machine to accept her ballot

Why is Ken Melhman reading a teleprompter when talking to Blitzer on CNN??!?!


Heard the GREATEST commercial on the radio

Official (?) Randi Thread - CHECK IN!

Laura Ingraham CAN be prosecuted for phone jamming scheme

Report from rural Maine. The only trouble at the polls today was

To All DU'ers: The Time Has Come. I Graciously Request That You All Click On The Following:

Anyone else really scared right now?

I just saw a Christmas commercial on MS/NBC!!!

Whatever happened to all DUUUHbya's POLITICAL CAPITAL???

Quote from a Republican aid, 'I feel just like I did in 9th grade...

Did I miss it???????????

Voting Problems, Tight Races Could Delay Election Results

Please donate to DU and guarantee your spot on here tonight

Saw them challenge a vote at my polling station today...

Kinky Friedman on Tucker.

CNN and Washington Post want to know how you're spending election day:

f(x) = a*sin(x)

The truthout election coverage page is live

MSNBC: FBI investigating voter suppression in VA

OK people this is it

MS/NBC: Shuster says VA is claiming 65% turnout!!!

S.C. Governor Mark Sanford turned away at poll this morning.

Anyone else write off the election when the baseball player crashed his plane into the NY building?

Randi Rhodes To Freeper Call...

Election Day All-TOON Special

Serious question about Rove: Is he on the federal payroll or the RNC's?

What type of voting machine did you use?

it is now 5pm Eastern.

Isn't the fact that

Its 5:00 ... Here It comes

DU is simply the best place to be on election day--

They are already screwing with the vote here in KC

Lots of people I contacted today through MoveOn have already voted! THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!

MD GOP Candidate Recruits Homeless to Pass Out Deceptive Flyers

MP3: Election Day ( a song for today)

Bill & Hillary at the supermarket.

By 11am in Houston, numerous problems, including MACHINES BEING SWAPPED OUT!


My prediction - To see how much power the FEAR wing of the GOP has...

Poll worker reporting from the heartland...

Let's think about...

Republican Call Girl Laura Ingraham

If FORD WINS, can he stop pretending there's NO RACISM factor in contest.

Out in the OK encouraging sign

I've Got A Guinness 4 Pack & 2 Mooseheads Cooling

Just got back from voting, and thought I would let everyone know what I saw.

My First Vote, What Was Yours?

Election Incident Reporting System interactive map-see what's happening in your state!

Randi airing Ingraham's lame prank calls.

Not to gross anyone out, but think of how powerful Joe Lieberman could be tomorrow?

CHAOS: Problems worsen, Dems seek voting extension

Very hard to find polling station in my district, Could I park my car with a

Candy Crowley in black Mandarin jacket today.

Listen to a republican, laura ingraham douchebag calling Dem hotline

Fword, Mehlman on CNN saying Dems are crying wolf at polling places.

If you voted for the first time today, tell us your story.

Please, guys, do not pull signs out of the ground.

VIDEO - Jack Cafferty: Neocon Vision is Toast

Discontent in Bush Country (TX): Bumper Stickers: "Bush Is a Natural Disaster!"

Some of you may not like it, but I just voted my conscience

Don't forget to change your avatar when you vote.

Mehlman is SCUM.

It's pouring like a sumbitch in the Southern RED STATES...

I feel uncomfortable about my vote today...

Red Banner breaking news on CNN-- Horrible--just Horrible

The Poll Worker in Jenison, Michigan said I didn't need my voter ID card.

ATTN All Democratic Candidates!!! NO CONCESSION SPEECHES!

Hey Freepers!

How Biased Is The Corporate WHORE Media Today?

How Much Difference Will The Gerrymandering Have Made

Randi: "Chelsea Clinton couldn't vote today

Word is already coming out about voting irregularities... (LINK)

This chick on with Randi Rhodes... she won't vote on the machines...

Amid the election angst, let's not forget the troops. 19 lost so far this month.

Sign Posted At Polling Place In Georgia-Disenfranchises Voters

Yahoo, and other media outlets are pushing a republican sweep in Florida still looking for volunteer phone callers

My voting experience in Johnson Co. (Warrensburg) MO

What the heck is "cat's ears"?

CNN...Did you just see the LONG, LONG line somewhere in COOK COUNTY, IL???

Need a favor from a nice DUer. Working this evening.

Get off the phone and VOTE!! ---- RR caller

Colbert mention jams server at local hockey team

2,837. That's a total that Diebold can't, unfortunately, subtract from.

I won't start new threads today 'cause too much important stuff is happening

Early Christmas Present - Planting My Boot on Sacktorum's Ass And Seeing His Consession Speech

FOX NEWS Working For Lieberman-Replacing Lamont Signs With Joe Signs

i'm so sad...there are no repukes where i live...nobody to torment....

The DU Slow Down Has Started...Level 2 Soon????

Any idea on how Clint Curtis's race is doing?

NRCC General Counsel should be sanctioned by D.C. Bar Assn if involved

Some "democracy," heh? One of the worst election systems in the world.

The (not so) happy couple return to the White House - pics

Regardless of the election outcome this evening, do yourself a favor

CNN turnout in Virginia approaches Presidential elections.

Maryland Republicans Think They're in Trouble

"Rick Green Assualts Patrick Rose"

Will There Be Any Release Of Exit Polls At All?

sludge predicts: Dem Takes House: Tied senate

OH: Widespread Voting Problems Reported, Franklin County Phone Lines Overwhelmed

THE Math THE Meth and THE Mouth, but no brains.


Voting Fraud Alert!!!! Orange County, CA

Question about phone calls - serious post.

What About Military Absentee Ballots Collected Electronically?

Harry Reid On Ed Schultz Now nt

Any news on voter turnout for NM ?? n/t

Dan Rather 1992: "Change is in the Air"

Voted in suburban Bergen County, NJ

Cumulative effect of hate radio, fire and brimstone approaches,


Can I Get A Dean Yell?

from $2.09 yest to $2.14 this morning. it is going up. better get the gas.

I voted.

Fess up DU'ers who was with Felix at the Redskins game Sunday?

When will you take down your campaign signs and remove your stickers?

Bonds soar on hopes that Democrats take Congress

"Anyone know where Ann Coulter is voting today? Let's ask her..."

Poll workers struggle with vote machines

Errol Morris ("The Fog of War") to make documentary about Abu Ghraib

tell me we will have a LIST of all these grievences by the end of the day

Well, I just told them to give me back my America

See If Your Vote Has Been Counted Online?

Voted in Virginia about three hours ago, Webb people are

Soldiers in Middle East being replaced by Navy personnel?


Heads up for the Guy James Show! Starting now.

Polls staying open due to machine problems? You get provisional ballots!

LOL!!! A picture that's worth a thousand hilarious words...

Official thread for foreign solidarity towards the Good Americans today

if House and/or Senate is won by Democrats...

NPR: "Most Uneducated People Tend to vote Democratic"

just voted in NYC...nice still lovely lever machines

CNN: Delaware County, Ind. had 75 precincts which weren't able to open because of software trouble

"Instructions to Voter" --Is it just me ???

REAL CLEAR POLITICS - today's predictions.

RNC Chair Ken Mehlman prefers paper ballots... and so does Bob Novak.

Democrats Suck AD on DU ???... WTF....

Where the hell does the US get off promising sanctions against another country

Wasn't there low turnout back in '94? here in Georgia, rain=loss for incumbents


Just voted for Webb. Good turn out at my polling station. There has

Anyone listening to Al Franken's "Overconfidence Theater"?

Voting irregularity in!

Loser freeper post in YouTube... on the Faith Hill video from the CMA.

The new repuke tactic in screwing with the election...

More star donors?

LOTS of issues with ID/Provisional ballots here in Franklin County, Ohio

Don't forget your 'I voted' avatars!

Heard poll worker ask departing voter "Did you vote right?" which I wondered

Holy crap, the first "republicans under attack" bull is on CNN

Arlen Specter on MSNBC worrying about Conyers impeaching Bush

Serious non-election question here: LEGAL ISSUES

Diebold machines STILL can't get the screen to match the sample ballots!

Disturbing Google Ad at bottom of DU pages...satire?

Have you already voted?

Im worried about how the media is handling voter fraud

With Democratic Wins in Both House..Wll Bush Call....

From Greg Palast

Novak revises predictions downward, watch for MD to be ground zero

Here's a lesson in how NOT to set up a photo shoot if you're Charlie Bass (R-NH)

I will be happy with one vote majority in the House...

Self delete - dupe

I hope for a Democratic victory in BOTH houses... but 2006

How many hours till the first results come in?

What Bush Has Wrought

Accountability must begin today

RovoCalls -- the end of the "Bush's Brain" legend?

Seriously.... what do you think our chances in the senate are???

Election update from Palm Beach County, FL.

Major dial up ISPs outage all over the country

If race tracks and lotteries can have automated systems that tally bets,


So we need 15 seats in the House, 6 in the Senate.

I'm Going to Vote Soon . . . . .

Ford, "You don't have to worry about me e-mailing little boy pages"

Check out this article I wrote about the computer voting machines

Who is voting for Lieberman?

It appears to me a landslide isn't out of the question now

Arlen Specter calling Conyers Chairman

MSNBC Scarborough: Looks Like Another Record Turnout

Great website for electoral projections...


Has anyone voted absentee?

The young Democratic ground forces are out in force in SE Michigan today...

I don't think any foreign country will ask for election help again.

VIDEO - Scarborough Says Pat Buchanan 'Cant blame the Mexicans or gays'

CAPTION Little Ricky and his little brother Dan...

Calling all Canucks. Post your election day Dem Cheer Here

Denver, CO Democratic party is asking for extended hours

We change the country one vote at a time.

************* OFFICIAL OPTIMISM THREAD *************

Heavy turnout is good for Democrats.

Aaaw.. Arlen Spector's afraid the dems will throw the country into a "tizzy".

All these reports of voting problems!

I had voting problems in Ohio

Voting machine encoders fail in Utah County, Voters Experience Glitches At Some Utah Locations,

Gore Vidal: ‘The Most Important Election in My Lifetime’

I just voted for George Allen

Thanks you wonderful DUers for my star


Did anyone see Allen's 2 minute tv spot last night?

Why I voted for Joe Leibermann. Flame if you must.

Suicide bid sparks punch-up among spectators (Germany)

JD Hayworth (R-Arizona) expected to lose (or win)?

I know there are problems, but Thom Hartmann's doom and gloom today is lame.

There seems to be a ton of voting problems

BushCo's spending $200 million per day on this tragic war - our VOTE begins the end of it.

S.C. GOV turned away at polls!!! **UPDATE**

All I have to say to our Republican opponents is

Barbaro's Cast Is Off!!!

Email From BBV...

So if Coulter is under investigation for illegal voting, was she allowed

NYT: Kentucky Poll Worker Chokes Voter

Polls-Polls-Polls-latest polls *Senate 51 (D) 49 (R) *House 239 (D) 195 (R) 1 (Tie)

The other election - Ortega close to victory.

Site for a comprehensive election scorecard?

Please remember to check your state board as well today.

We Should Start With Goodbye Threads For Our Least Favorite Senators

If the punishment for "interfering with an election"

Final Four: Report from the Field, average 70 doors knocked per canvasser

Just woke up in NewZealand

Expectations: How do you define a Democratic victory ?

KDKA (Pittsburgh, PA): Voters Experiencing Difficulty With New Machines

My vote

If any of you are wondering what to look for today re: bellweathers...

that's it... I'VE HAD ENUFF!!! ... i'm outa here.

Saddam's execution is not justice...

Hell Has Frozen Over

Sensenbrenner won't be the chair of the House Judiciary Committee anymore!!!!

What is your mood today?

Big, Big Breakdown Of All Competitive House Races

Convenient Check-off List -- Fixed

California now has printed ballots.

I voted, but there was a glitch. Do you think my vote was counted?

VOTE, VOTE, and then STREET PARTY TIME! Shove it in their faces!


CAPTION the expression on this guy's face...

The comedic Mr. Mehlman .... LINK

Here's what I felt like voting today...

Is it gonna be : HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN??? OR NOT??

I'm sorry. I had to be a "Values Voter." Can you forgive me?

It was Cold...but the Coffee was Warm...

We were offered electronic voting

We shoulda' stuck with the old lever machines here in CT!

video the vote

Palm Beach Post slams Ann Coulter, fla election officials...

The Election Protection Coalition - Call if you experience problems at the polls.

I voted in Oklahoma

Advice to Laura, for tonight:

Verizon dial-up outage

Santorum: "I don't consider myself a conservative ideologue."

Do you trust that your absentee ballot will actually be counted?

Okay...suppose everything goes well, we get the House and Senate...

I support our troops, so I voted

300 people already waiting in line in Denver to vote!!!

O.K. Time for a little FUN! Check out this Great interview with "the Fear Ad Voice" Guys!

I Voted (Pittsburgh, PA) - No secret ballot...

Report on dropping off absentee ballot--Not good.

Poll worker charged with assaulting voter

Today is MY Birthday and all I want is a New DEMOCRATIC Congress!

Email from a Maryland voter:

"With Great Power There Must Also Come--Great Responsibility!"

Live Ohio Blog: Good sample of voting issues & news

Mike Dewine is claiming on M$NBC that the democratic turnout is

Mean Jean "Murtha a coward" Schmidt goes to vote on a touch-screen machine

Self-styled expert on black people: Freeper

Machine problems already; WHICH STATES ARE THESE?

Voting Update from Maryland.

Can You See It Coming?

EXIT POLL RESULTS (theoretically) locked for 4.5 more hours EAST coast time.

I Need A Smart Person To Tell Me What This All Means

Election fixing charges fly in Utah county

No matter what happens, we need to give H. Dean credit

Gov. Dean on Thom Hartmann--NOW!

Today I asked ten people if they knew what 'Habeas Corpus' was.

RNC Chairman: Don't let Dems turn Iraq into 'another Afghanistan'

I wish Bush were right

Indianapolis: Dems BLAST criminal way Republicans are running the polls

Is anyone else too depressed/demoralized to vote today?

Mean Jean Schmidt has problems with her voting machine!!!

5 Good Reasons to Vote Today - Michael Moore

Todays Voting

Brad Freeman from BradBlog on with Thom Hartmann ... top of the hour

Just got back from voting-Flowery Branch, Ga.

AT&T DU'ers

I Believe

So who will drunken Cheney shoot this time??

My Eyes Welled Up In The Voting Booth.

Vote fraud before blogs

Haggard firing, gay question separate

Conservative violates FCC rules, runs Republican ad on Emergency Broadcast System

Fraud? How does one find out if a certain person voted--person moved

Vote: people died to give you that right

Just How "Complex" Is Diebold's Voting Software?

Hey Skinner: How Are Donations?

Holding my breath...

Well, we've caught the Repukes with their pants down. Can we close the deal?

Check out this map from Election Protection showing real-time voting problem reports

mean jean schmidt had voting problems today LOL except...:-(

Here's a big surprise: "Beware of Exit Polls" !!!11

here in MT, I've been call a TAXER, a TERRORIST, a LIBURAL...

Republican robocalls - a mistake the GOP has made

If you catch GOP propaganda/voter manipulation, please post it here:

... And Ken Mehlman Votes on a PAPER Ballot!

So Where is the Repub Outrage Over Voting Problems???

If You're A Democrat & Don't Vote Today....

Today is not the day for "protest votes," wimpiness, debiliting depression, or any other excuses

Thom Hartmann - talking about Democrats' ignoring vote fraud

Forget Bush, impeach Scalia! nt

Is the word "Pussy" offensive... such as, "don't be a Pussy"?

We're gonna win! Get out and vote!

Composite Prognostication: Cook, Rothenberg, Sabato (71 GOP Seats in Play)

"this is not an election anymore, it's an intervention."

Iraq war question on more than one-third of Mass. ballots !

If GOP wins, Bush plans to punish US for our 'insolence'

The Mrs. and I just voted here in WI--the pollworker (a neighbor

Do we have any DUers up for election today?

Just came from voting

Thom Hartmann has voting issues on now. Machines broken,

Anybody in Florida's 5th

FBI looking into possible Va. voter intimidation

Fox rips Limbaugh at Milwaukee rally

When a Life Saving Industry Cheats, People Die - The Genocide Election

anybody have a link to the DU Panic room?

Taking early shift at Dem HQ now. Best wishes to all participating in the process

Help with California Propositions.

when do exit polls begin to trickle in?

It's the Women Stupid! - See Chimpanzee Behavior

Just voted!

WE voted and are happy

Voteing Experience in Lebanon TN - I VOTED

A bit of levity, courtesy of Jeff Gannon (he doesn't see the wave)

I'm Spartacus!

Al frankin talking of Robo calls now. saying legal but need to ID yourself

Wow! You See Laura Walking To The Plane?

CT: RNC BLACKMAIL - promise us your vote and we'll call off Robo-caller

Velcro president pole numbers BBC

AGAIN - DOW soaring in anticipation of Dem sweep!

Local GOP begs RNC to stop "inappropriate" robo-calls

MSM Is reporting on Voter Intimidation to some degree

DU this Stephen Colbert poll!!!

Don't Leave Without Voting, No Matter What! (problems being reported)

MSNBC: Mary Matalin makes me wanna throw stuff at the screen

With so many voting issues, how many victory or concession speeches tonite?


Rice: A democratic Iraq is out of the question right now

2 REPUKES on my ballot today running UNCHALLENGED

Can we push a Uniform Voting Act for federal elections at least?

Ok, I'm sort of a dope

Need information on Accu-Serve......

MORE WACKY CHAIN MAIL from the REPUGS! (Debunkers, start your engines!)

Media ' misleading' viewers with poll data - no "tightening"

RNC Chairman: Don't let Dems turn Iraq into 'another Afghanistan'

Fight the Monster

So - Who won't be surprise

50 States?

FBI investigates calls to VA voters threatening arrest if they try to vote

I didn't vote Democratic today...

Douche bags of Liberty

MSNBC email turned off!

From Wanker Adam Nagourney : "For Democrats, Even a Gain May Feel Like a Failure"

I Started This Thread Simply To See

in honor of election day

Election Poll closing times in a handy map

Have some fun here for election day

Caption this * and Pickles pic...

self delete n/t

Carlson and Scarborough seem to be writing off Allen.

A pleasant surprise at the poll...YOUNG volunteers

I voted!

MSM keeps talking about momentum swinging toward the GOP

Pat Buchannan said his wish would be for Steele to upset Cardin in Maryland

Logistical problems have apparently rendered me unable to vote.

Some irony when I voted

NRCC Robocalls Hitting 20 Districts

I have no doubt that wall street thinks the republicans will retain control

Wanna smell fear? Real fear? Dig in to this...

Someone contact Sam Seder to give out the DNC hotline number.

TPM Muckraker: In CT, GOP Robocall Blackmail??

So I am calling and calling to GOTV

I voted and I'm not changing my avatar. Patrick Fitzgerald stays!

What Is jeb Going To Do Next?

Today: GOP issues Propaganda : "Beware of Exit Polls'

Scientific American names Gore "Policy Leader Of The Year"

I am ready for an electoralgasm!!!!

Jean Schmidt Has A Problem With A "Broken" Voting Machine

Will Bushies pull Osama out of the freezer tomorrow?

Na na na na....Na na na na....Hey Hey Hey!....

Pass the Maalox.

NO OAXACA THREAD TODAY unless new developments warrant

Republicans hate the rule of law in all things great and small

Michael Moore: 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today

I don't think I'm going to be able to vote

Question about signs outside polling place in VA

Hey IMUS, we don't care about the retarded cowboy look, we want election coverage!

I'm not voting

An Election Day Joke to Brighten Your Day

Impeachment and Withdrawal Resolutions on local ballot in Illinois

What To Watch For Tonight: An Hour By Hour Guide To Returns

Saddam verdict was due Thursday - early preview before Nvember 7


Pausing to thank Cindy Sheehan, Keith Olbermann, and others like them

I Have Had It With These Mother Fucking Snakes On This Mother Fucking Plane!

I voted! (I think) ... we do ink stylus on card, but had to run it through counting machine with no

Moran republican operative on C Span hopes for more bipartisanship

Electronic Voting Discussion on CSPAN2 10AM - NOT ON SCHEDULE

Know What You Are Voting For Today DU - SUBPOENA POWER!

Thanks DU, when polls close tonight you all need to relax

If a big time preacher can use Meth and no one cares then it must be okay, right?

Ward Map at my polling place was snow plow route

And I see a whole army of my country men, here, in defiance of tyranny.

I love it that Rove is pissed because Crist didn't show up at

A bit more hope and optimism today, courtesy of Maya Angelou

Bush: "And, as you go to the polls, remember we're at war.''

OK, here's a little joke to start you off to the polls with a smile on your face

Took my own Poll Predictions

GOOD LUCK today, folks!

District 91 -Florida- Please vote for Christian Chiari!

An antiwar poll. Vote it.

IF we win tonight, it's a "Stay of Execution," NOT a pardon.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Vote FOR Me... Please...

laura bush called me last night in Missouri! I'm important!

Trouble with elxn computers in Denver--only a dozen checked in to vote

Rev your Motors and Blast Off

Can't you see the manipulation?

ABC: Top Republican strategists concede House probably lost

BRAD BLOG: Election Eve...Here We Go

The current administration just governs for the guys in ties," he said.

Three words:

The world community knows what's at stake in this election. They're watching us

Why Are There So Few Arrests For Interfering With The Vote

"The democrats picked up a few seats, not as many as expected because...."

Let's talk about terrorism, since bush likes to mention it so much.

Remember being ridiculed for talking about the problems of the voting machines

Just voted.... 10 minutes total!!!

So....What are you listening to tonight (music wise) to prep for tomorrow?

CNN: Indiana reporting lots of e-voting problems

Random power failures

A coworker just gave me a great double-compliment!

TPMMuckraker: Senior Dems Call For Probe Of GOP Robocalls (Conyers, Dingell)

Shocking. Candidate for most disgusting robocall.

Lugar is running unopposed! What the hell is up with that?

A Prayer for Our Nation

NY Times hack Nagourney trying to minimize a Democratic victory

How are you going to celebrate if we do well tonight?

Election Day WEATHER thread!!!

24 Minutes To Vote - Start To Finish

57 Iraqi Police Charged With Torture

Nixon robo-call from grave!

It's time for the vanguard to carry the ball now

What's the news from Rhode Island?

ACTION ALERT: Anyone Being Robo-Called VIDEO IT & MORE: Go HERE

Robo-calls: getting a lot of "I'm a Democrat but I'm voting for Tom Kean..."

Are the Robo-calls Rove's October Surprise?

This may be just a BIT premature, but...

Listening to the Young Turks on AAR, people from Ohio calling in

Send a message

The vibe in Derry NH at the Polling Place this morning

Polling Place Photography rules by state

Check out my banner

freeper - on Iraq and Vietnam??? LOL now I have heard it all

There was a long line at my polling place!! First time I can remember a line for the midterms.

Anyone else having a problem getting to

Murdoch says US death toll in Iraq 'minute'

"I Am Not Leaving" This is for you DU!!!!....(Audio-song)

If you are stressed out today and need a quick pick me up!!! Watch This...

Gore Vidal: "If Thugs Continue To Rule-No Chance Of Getting Constitution Back"

I was first in line when my local poll opened

Veterans Outraged At Coach Who Won't Take Off Hat

Just heard CNN discussing the

Washington Journal--Lotsa paniced R callers this morning.

what we need is an Election Day anthem . . .

Remember, ensure that your vote registers for the correct candidate

Senator Schumer's press conference yesterday (party position on Iraq)

Take your camera to the polling place today. Report anomalies here.

TV in the Green Zone

Saddam's Unindicted Co-Conspirator: Donald Rumsfeld

A Reponse To A Freeper......

Please be safe today. Cheney is reportedly out hunting and there's

CNN is standing by Cardin as projected winner!

Is your state Election Board website down?

I just voted and I feel great ,American ,Patriotic ,Empowered , Should I ?

If both House and Senate go to the left

A big problem in getting Iraqis to "take control"

Dr. Dino guilty on all counts; Couple could get more than 200 yrs

I am so anxious

Israel refuses to ban gay pride parade

Bush awaits judgment of voters - Gotta love that headline

Voting machine problems?

Kathy Harris on 2000: Those "Inaccurate" News Reports "Showed That We Simply Followed the Law"

A Harry Truman quote for my good friends in Connecticut:

AWOL Marine to Surrender on Election Day

Mothers of dead soldiers demand public inquiry into 'illegal' Iraq war

The thought of Keith coming on at 6pm is really helping me.

The loonies are out on Washington Journal

I refuse to go over there - I hope FREEPERS are blowing thier Heads off.

I voted this morning and it was on a damn DIEBOLD machine.

My review of the movie "Bobby"

G*d Bless Howard Dean!

Voted ! =D

Saddam back in court for genocide trial

Quit yer Bitchin and Start a Revolution

i have to go out and walk . i will take the long way . it takes me right in front of our designated

Few Americans favor abstinence-only sex education

2,836 U.S. troops now dead in W's war on Iraq

I'm handsome I'm funny I don't even smoke, come have some pie with me

On my way to the polls

Hacking Democracy (HBO Special)

Election chief concerned about voter confusion

America needs at least six days to vote, not just 12 hours

At least Santorum is honest about his pResident

Whatever the outcome, I'm staying steady.

Ok, huddle up here!

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - VOTE 7 Nov 06!

Paranoids and pessimists! Check in here!!

Both U.S. parties agree: Democrats will win House but not Senate

Today is the winter of our discontent.

My letter to John Tierney Re: his most recent elitist column.

When Bush makes a speech how come he mostly has his mouth in front of two balls?

Good morning, DU. It's here! Vote! Vote! Vote the

Kill the disabled babies..Eugenics rears it's evil head

Election Protection..

Shrinking the disabled kids

National Election Day...A proposal.

On the way back from the polls - be sure to

Can any Du'er or Lurker help me figure something out, please!

C&L Video: Bill Clinton fires up voters for Webb

Good Night...And Good Luck

Advice for those who want to become a Joseph Goebbels

Good night all from the West Coast. It's gonna be a GOOD day.

Tester up 50-41 over Burns in latest Gallup Poll


Would you say that most of, or all of, those religious figures and politicians

This is your brain on Pentecostalism

A close poll that needs to be pushed over the top. ComeonDUers!

Here's pictures and recent poll numbers from all the close races in House and Senate.

Good luck to my American brothers tomorrow

Another new 'TOON, this time from Karl's playbook

"The Times They are A-Changin'" (DU version)

I retract my plea to bring cameras to the polls

Check out the these charts (aggregated polling data) at realclearpolitics!

Attention all East Coast Dems: Project X is now on. White

I need help posting some audio...very appropriate for tonight

Do you know of anyone who voted * in 2004 who's voting Dem this time?

My cool GOTV idea-- radio stations

Michael J. Fox on Donnie Deutsch (CNBC) right now...

George Bush, YOU WILL NOT PASS!!!

AWESOME!!! - SNL "School House Rock" parody lampoons corporations :)

Final Stretch Elections Predictions MEGATHREAD - Senate and House, call your winners (no diebold)

THIS is How We Make Electronic Voting HONEST ! ....

Election Humor from Steve Benson

Did Haggard leave town to escape arrest for obtaining meth?

Few Americans favor abstinence-only sex education

Whoa! McCaskill up 51-42 according to today's SUSA poll!!

Ruy Teixeira on those last minute polls--Very smart analysis

Oh crap. Missouri Dem SECRETARY OF STATE was wrongly asked to show photo ID at polls

Alas, I must bid farewell to DU for the evening...Thanks for the ride my DU brothers and sisters!

Pelosi poised to make History!

Bernie Ward talking Robocalls --- stream

AIPAC condemns Republicans for ‘disloyalty' to Israel jibe

Boehlert: Halperin's Cozying Up to Wingers Reflects Marketing Strategy for a Flopping Book

So FBI willing to go undercover in Congress?

To call Elizabeth Dole a pit bull

GOP screws up GOTV e-mail

Low-tech methods to fight voting machine fraud

G'nite DU! Thank you EVERYONE!!!

Gallup final poll: 35-seat Dem pickup "likely"

Funniest Olbermann I have seen

Has ANYONE who has ever won an election via fraud been kicked out?

I don't know if I can sleep tonight (or tomorrow either) but I am

Oh NOW it's the OIL, but

The manipulations of the market and gasoline prices will be over

vote to Ban Straight Marriage!

Poll Numbers...Latest from an international perspective (final update at 10:35 MST)

Ohio Republican Party HQ's takes a beating ,keeps on cheating

Funny thing on local news

How can elected Dems "destroy values" that individuals hold?

Welcome to Election Day 2006 in the eastern time zone.

Scarborough: John Kerry just re-elected Senator Burns of Montana

Massachusetts Voters!!!! Whatta we going to do tommorrow?! THIS:

For Real Patriotic Americans, Nothing Is More Sacred Than The VOTE!

Green is the new Glam in London

If a pastor uses Meth, does it mean they are a Methodist?

Ironic video: Some war images to "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"

Hooray for! Email & Site Encourages Anti-GOP Awareness/Voting

On being republican (Email I got today)

A Few Words Before I Go To Bed

Virginia will NOT be decided tonight...

Tester ahead right now in MT.

"God God God God God God God God"


Pombo - Dolittle numbers starting to come in...

CNN: Bulk of votes remaining in Virgina coming from Richmond City (heavy african american area)



webb UP by 2,376 votes with 99% in!!!

I strongly suggest that you all fill up your gas tanks tonight if possible...

What do you think Karl Rove is up to...


To the Freepers:

Whalen concedes; IA 01 District.

Okay, from where is CNN getting their Webb/Allen numbers?

Cardin takes projected and commanding lead.....

Where can I get live California returns?

Webb will win in VA

the has Webb behind by 1757

Ban Gay Marriage...not looking good (except in AZ)

Anyone else having drinks!?

To absent friends.

Suboena POWER Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mr. Abrams and MSNBC - Guess what??

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth"

Webb is within 5,000 votes....97% in.

Because of a Green again?

A Marine Vet Brought to Tears

Duckworth is loosing 52 - 48 - link to results

Neocons respond by threatening violence (on Hannity)

Webb NOT toast. he *will* get auto re-count



CNN releases Missouri Exit Data - Looks Good!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Election Edition!!

Breaking out the Scotch Whisky!!!

LOL -- William Bennet says there will be a Draft Santorum for Prez movement

Who here is thinking of Andy right now (and other DU'ers have passed on)

Joplin, MO. "Mob scene, have run out of ballots"

Hatch 47 - Pawlenty 45 (MN gubernatorial)

An open Letter to Freepers, Lurkers, and all who question the Patriotism of Liberals.

Be America. --- That's the real deal, my fellow citizens.

Allons enfants de la patrie ...

My Daughter Voted For The First Time Today! And She's An Election Judge!

Forget about Virginia!


Pouring Rain in Central Florida

NY-20 AP just called it for GILLIBRAND!!!!!! SWEENEY IS DONE!!!!

What are U watching? MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, CSPAN...or radio??

I just invited my Mommy to watch the Election Results here at DU

NIGHTMARE IS OVER! Big turn-out means DEM WIN -esp. with massive

Looks Like Fat-Ass Hastert is

I hope you're watching tonight, Andy and Jeff and all the other DUer's that can't post tonight


Call to all Canuck DUers. Let's hear a cheer for a Dem victory tomorrow!!!!


PHOTO: LIVE oval office webcam!

Tammy Duckworth support thread!

So what happened to Diebold today?

Santorum brings his crying daughter on stage with him

Recharge your batteries - watch this video and HOPE!

If we don't win (and we will) mark my words: It was stolen.

We "voted" with signs and a megaphone in front of the U.S. Embassy in Rome

Who was the richest, most powerful American to actually go to prison?

Diebold could be big loser in today's elections

What I do for a living

I got a political e-mail about the 'Ant and the Grasshopper' story... I responded.

Democratic power to issue subpoenas and open investigations

Tweety: "I saw Al Gore the other day, so fat I thought it was the Hindenburg!"

Women Vote

The Gillibrand Rally w/ the Big Dog Glens Falls NY (warning: pic-heavy)


The MSNBC guys are REALLY playing up a big night for the Dems

Voted in NYC

Right Wing Site shows Great Exit Polls for Senate Dems

YooHoo, Paging Howard Dean.. Please pick up the blue phone

And In 2008, The Reich Is Defending 21 Senate Seats Vs 12 Democratic

Have you had enough?

Clients pull money from Bushy Bank

Women of Steel make George Allen run for cover!

Jaw drop! WEBB IN THE LEAD! /nt


The Official Admins and Mods-Thank you thread!

Speaker Pelosi....CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Anybody up for predictions on US House & Senate?

Because of Robo-Calls, OH Terminally Ill Patient's Phone Kept Tied Up

Somehow I get the feeling this guy is not gainfully u agree?


"my vote matters"

Complete List of Poll Closing Times with Key Races to Watch

TruthIsAll-Autorank-MAJOR Post-Formula for Fraud & Dems Win BIG



Paper trail DOES NOTHING to avoid fraud

CBS Projecting SHERROD BROWN defeats DEWINE!

Virginia: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Alexandria, Richmond, Newport News, Arlington

Hallelujah!!! I Can Hear Waxman's Gavel!!!

All 50 States' Board of Elections Results

Anyone remember 2004? Exit polls mean SHIT. Wait for the actual results.


"They" forgot '... the People ..." -- WE DIDN'T

Voter smashes touch-screen machine in Allentown

''The Gunner's Dream,'' by Pink Floyd

Chairman Howard Dean! Post Any Appreciative Comments Here.

Can Laura Ingraham go to jail for this?

Bye bye JD Hayworth, you pig! ARIZONA 05

Yeah!!! The Era of Corruption is over!!!!!

You will NOT believe this - tear jerking...


This village just won the election for John Hall (vs. Sue Kelly), IMHO

Governors 2006: 28 D / 21 R / 1 Undecided

House 2006: 229 D / 196 R / 10 Undecided - UPDATED 8:00 AM THU

Private Message on MEDIA from an insiders perspective...

Senate 2006: 51 D / 49 R **FINAL**

Take these phone numbers with you when you vote. And post VOTING PROBLEMS in this thread.

Part IX: MSM Furiously Fact-Checking Halliburton: "Wow -- you're even better than most reporters!"

Krazy Konrad on Bush's 'plan'...

Arnold's Fantastic Flops...

Bush & Dubai: Friends And Family...

Keith Olbermann endorses Josh Jennings for Congress

You're The Voice - John Farnham

Bill Clinton Speaks at Jim Webb Finale

The Republican: So Paris Hilton Can Buy More Bling Act...

To our lovely TV Media: REM - Bad Day

Eminem's Mosh

The New "Yes Men"- Chatham County, NC

Scott Kleeb Town Hall Meeting, Part 2

Allen's Campaign Attempts to Suppress Voters...Video/Audio

Scott Kleeb Town Hall Meeting, Part 3

Kleeb for Congress - Right Choice

Kleeb for Congress - Guilty

Scott Kleeb - End of the Line

Adrian Smith on the Issues (Kleeb's opponent)

Scott Kleeb for Congress - Listen

Scott Kleeb for Nebraska's 3rd District

Jean Schmidt's voting problem

NE-03 DCCC: Follower (Scott Kleeb)

Scott Kleeb - Generations Ad

Scott Kleeb Town Hall Meeting, Part 1

Does anyone need a reminder??? Lets kick their ass

I''m pulling them all out tonight!!

Nancy Pelosi: Hysterical Feminist


Tonight's anthem: Dave Matthews Band - "American Baby"

Nancy Pelosi - 'This Bill Does Violence to the Constitution'...

Gore Vidal: 'The Most Important Election in My Lifetime'

Pink Sugar knows what boys like!!

Daily Show Rock "Midterm Elections"

Vote Jimmy Jones-he colors inside the lines (00:38)

Dick "Scarface" Cheney


Anyone know how tweety's brother is doing?

MSNBC - Called it for Crist (R) Gov. Florida!! WTF!!


Urbandictionary's frontpage today; MACACA!!

God, how I love all you dems and liberals and progressives!

2000 votes now separate Webb and Allen (86 percent reporting)

Does Keith -O- Look Like.....

VA senate - 49-49 with 85% in

Tweety! STFU

Lamont is ahead by 3%

MSNBC calls it for Granholm!! Can I get a Hell Yeah!!??!!

Bill Bennet has been rather nasty spirited, today, hasn't he?

Special MO Senate Analysis: Counties 2002, 2004 and 2006

PLEASE post Congr. district # and state abbrev. in your subject line!

MO Senate: No votes counted from STL City!

Very very early IL-6th results (DuPage Co. only) DUCKWORTH UP!!!

KY-02 - Mike Weaver (Dem) vs. Ron Lewis (Rep. incumbent)

Nancy Johnson (R-CT) concedes to Chris Murphy!

Get the cutting edge news on FOX!

Fuck Bush

Dick Armey on MSNBC just about crying about the evening

dick armey: calls us " the democrat party" again nt

Interest from Downunder

Poor ol' Britt Hume

Chafee GONE

PLEASEEEE any news on the NJ 7th

I think Americans are telling Dumbya "F**k the course" eom

OK Where do we Stand right - What is the numbers?

Dick Army its a pretty grim night. on MSNBC

What's Up? CBS has Deborah Pryce up 90% to 10% (282 0f 514 precincts)

Curtis (D) Fl-24) holding on at 44% against Feeney

CNN calls IN-02 for Donnelly (D)!!!!

Denver Mayor will personally pay for parking tickets.

3 out of 6. We have Rhode Island now thanks to Whitehouse.

MSNBC Calls for O'Malley for MD Gov! Upset!

O Malley WINS!! Gov of MD!

MSNBC Calls MD Gov for Dem O'Malley!!!!!!!!

CT-Sen: Results so far - Ned 7% behind :(

So does this mean Lieberman is going to go back to playing a Dem?

Okay I will say it-Webb not looking good

CNN projects Democratic win in Rhode Island, beating incumbent Lincoln Chafee, giving the Democrats

Webb just blew by Allen

CNN Senate: D:43 R:44

CNN Calls KY-03 for Yarmuth (D)!!!!!

Duckworth? How is her race going?

Hey MSNBC, prediction dosen't mean a absolute victory

NY-26 ( Davis (D) v. Reynolds ) NY-29 ( Massa (D) v. Khul )

"Harold Ford would be the first Black Senator from the South since Reconstruction""

WEBB just jumped ahead of macaca! ( 50 / 49 with 71 %in)

Fucking Tweety is finally choking out that Swann ain't cuttin' it in PA

STFU about Lieberman already!! GEEZ! We get it! Bumping other races off the page!

We picked up a house seat in Kentucky. Looking good. Looking good.

FL-22...Klein (Dem) vs. Shaw (Rep incumbent)

Where is Zell Miller...

Msnbc/CNN Maryland

Any news on Chafee?

Dean's interviews for the evening from 9:00 on.

Steele MELTS! Cardin WINS!

Reporting of the American elections overseas in Europe

CNN Calls Cardin for MD Senate (phew!!!)

VOTER IDs- I need information not a lecture

What just happened between Scarborough and Tweety. . .

IN-08 looks like bye-bye Hostettler

Young Turks with WES CLARK- Watch Election Night Coverage via Internet! Fuck CNN/MSNBC/FOX/Etc...

That's why I love Howard Dean

CNN: Senate D:42 R:44

Liebermann is an ass wipe.

With all the problems happening at polling booths,

Maryland is ours!

YEAH! Sherrod Brown wins in Ohio!

GA-08 and GA-12...Incumbent Dems losing.

Are we worried about Virginia?

MSNBC just called Ben Cardin's defeat of Michael Steele...there's ONE MORE, folks!

I will vote against Lieberman every chance I get until he's gone

Liveblogging Returns: KY-03 and KY-04 (and now IN races)

So how does our situation look?

OK Listen

Hey Joe Scarborough if you want to stop being biased then stop looking

Awww...MSNBC's front page has a pic of lil' Ricky Man-on-Doggy on the verge of TEARS...SNIF!

Lieberman projected to win.

CBS News predicts Lieberman wins. :(

I'm calling it for Lieberman

Hey - I voted for Lamont



A pouty Scarborough just bit a sizeable chunk out of Tweety's fat ASS!

WEEEEE! Insanitorum is gone!

Bigots winning in VA and SC (banning same-sex marriage)


PLEASE use plain text option when posting spread sheets

Shea-Porter in NH upseting repub Bradley

CT-SEN Lamont: 44% Schlesinger: 12% Lieberman (CFL): 42%

Oh Scarabough is setting the record straight - Butt hole

NBC: Virginia, Tennessee Senate races too close to call

Kansas going BLUE>>>>yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

NBC projects Democrat Sherrod Brown elected to Senate in Ohio

MO Senate Coming in Now! Talent 50.5% McCaskill 47.1%

Frist is an Idiot

Anyone notice CNN has the WRONG NAME for the Democratic Party on results site??????


Tweety braces himself for Santorum's defeat: "He'll give out a Churchillian address, I expect"

I cannot wait for Katherine Harris to give her concession speech.

Ok, I had few drinks already, saw some numbers, heard some pundits

Guys, remember these are all PROJECTIONS!

OK check point - How are you feeling now! Seriously and being a Critical Thinker?

Allen stayed on rich side

VA- allen still leading, can someone who knows....

My favorite race to watch...

AR Governor race - Beebe (D) trouncing Hutchinson (R)

Is anyone watching CNN--I just cannot watch Bennett and freakin JC Watts

Brown projected winner over Dewine. Chalk up one more new Senate seat. Sweet.

AP projects Menendez winner - according to WNYC

Webb down 1300

They've raided the treasury. They've raided the Constitution. They've raided

Why isn't Keith on more

Andrew Sullivan called it: It's an Intervention

Tucker says it is a wave


HELP! I am afraid if a Dem candidate doesn't for for him/herself as a joke and it throws...


Brown is looking good 57% 43%

How cool is it that Keith Olbermann is co-anchoring MSNBC coverage? n/t

Goodbye Rick Santorum!

What's the Tennesee Senate race looking like?

First precinct results in for TX 22 -- Lampson slightly ahead

So far Exit polls holding true

MSNBCprojects Casey win in PA!!!!!! n/t

NBC projects Democrat Bob Menendez re-elected to Senate in N.J.

Any info on California Secretary of State race? Very very critical race due to election integrity in

Latest races called by AP

Dare I say that America may be coming back to Americans???!!

Cruella is GONE!!

Can I just say

self delete

Deval Patrick wins!!!!!!!

Fineman: "Santorum is a Thinker."

Maryland GOP Recruits Homeless to Distribute Misleading Fliers on Dems

BREAKING NEWS: NBC projects Republican Richard Lugar to win Indiana Senate race

Brown over DeWine

Webb 49.39% Allen 49.39% !!! 862 of 2443

Initial projections MSNBC: Mass suicide in Freeperville tonight.

CBS calls it for Casey

Yarmuth(D) up 1% against incumbent in KY3 with 81%reporting...

Gov. Granholm projected winner in Michigan!

CNN is one big graphics headache

Phil Bredesen to win re-election in TN!

Exit polls: I thought the networks weren't going to announce results until

The beginning of the rise of the rural Democrat

I just heard if we don't get Va we don't get the Senate. Can anyone verify this for me?

Hodes 66% NH. AWESOME.

CNN exit poll shows Lieberman leading Lamont

Fux calls Indiana for Ellsworth!

MSNBC: RENDELL projected winner over Swann (R)

VA Senate: Allen up by about 2400 votes w/ 30% reporting

LOL, MSNBC - Tweety asked if Lieberman was a G Bush kissing Booth

Nelson-FL Kennedy-MA WIN!!!

Evidence that Kerry comments were not a factor?

Stewart/Colbert anchor LIVE election coverage - 11:00 ET

Blackwell (Ohio -SoS 2004) and Harris (FL-SoS 2000) going down

What are Kinky Freedman's chances?

It's a Democratic year: Fred Barnes and Brit Hume

Denver Action Alert: PIZZA TO THE POLLS! Need your help DU!


Pennsylvania called for Governor Rendell!

Bush Declares Voting a "Privilege"

Challenger Ellsworth in Indiana winning BIG

The official Cascadian "How I voted" post

VA-Sen quickly moves to 51%-46% (Webb-Allen) link

VA Senate: It's 49.49 Webb-49.33 Allen w/ 19% at 7:56 PM

Why are the exit polls asking "who did you vote for for president in 04?"


15 minutes till the first poll closings!!!!!

Early CNN Senate Exit Polls - from Think Progress

Any word on Tn yet?

Just incase DU's server locks tight. You can post results here:

The right to vote was being denied in Denver through bureaucratic incompetence,indifference or worse

Clean Money CAMPAIGN REFORM. California Prop. 87 shows a desperate need

Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again

Any CT news? Lamont?

Should I vote straight Dem with optical scan or vote individually?

Federal Judge orders 16 Ohio (Cleveland) area locations open til 9pm

KY-3 Democrat John Yarmouth out to early lead agains GOP incumbent

What to look for when the polls start closing at 7 P.M.

Thinkprogress CNN exit polls. Posted yet?

Allen 60.04% Webb 38.82% Precincts Reporting: 9 of 2443

Pawlenty uses illegal tactics? Who should Ocelot report this to???

I think Blackwell lost. CNN

Think Progress has Laura Ingraham audio up now. Got to be illegal

Just finished the Zogby post election poll online

Al Gore campaigns in Maryland

Just heard on KGO radio that 'late' voters are 67 percent Dem

Glitches keep polls open later in six states

Joe Donnelly D-IN 2nd losing in my county w/half precincts reporting!!!

CNN clearing the decks -- "0% of precincts reporting"

No surprise:Bernie Sanders (I) is declared projected winner in VT by CNN.

AP: 1/3 of Evangelicals voted for Dems

my repubilican friend

Looks like there are some Republicans headed to jail soon

Huge voter turnout -70% projected in CT

I'm in Hastert's district.....

Should election day be a national holiday?

If you a Republican voter, what's motivating you to vote today?

70-72% Turnout in Connecticut

Santorum's brother tells MSNBC that election is "in God's hands"


Did Candy Crawley just call VA for Webb?

MSNBC Streaming Video links

Forgive if a duplicate - Neil Boortz not able to vote today

With apologies if this has been posted before... but a wonderful article from the BBC...

Warning about the early Webb/Allen results

GOP Yarmouth is behind Kentucky 3

Called BOE Just Now -- Can This Info Possibly Be Right???

The shakedown is already happening! (GRRRR!)

People must be voting STRAIGHT DEM TICKETS in KY!!!

The 800 Federal Poll Watchers - anybody seen them?

Hannity just said that everyone's telling him Dems are sweeping BUT

I want that "I VOTED" avatar please.......

Tradesports contract on Repub Senate is now down to 57% probability

Wouldn't it be funny....

My Friend, Max: James Boyce on Max Cleland

BEWARE OF EXIT POLLS (Unless you want the truth)

If Reynolds from NY loses, THEN IT IS A WAVE for sure....

Interesting Stat/Factoid : Let's hope it holds TRUE

TPM Election Central Scoreboard

The local news (Wash DC) just reported 65% estimated VA turnout

What network are you going to watch?

From my corner of Virginia in Fairfax County...

"Explosive" exit poll inforamtion coming up on Lou Dobbs CNN

Just made some calls to Ohio voters!

Lamont exit poll (as per Wonkette): Ned leading by 4

Here is what FOX has

Thank YOU!

Exit poll info coming up on CNN Lou Dobbs n/t

Kentucky 03, 04 results trickle in on CNN, no others yet ...

There's Something about CNN's Coverage of those Exit Polls that's Slimey!

Better One Dead Person Votes, than 30 Living People CAN'T

"SKY SOURCES: Democrats may win Senate majority"

1st exit polls on CNN.

Exit polls on CNN. The most important issue is CORRUPTION in DC

I voted

Talk about your area's ground game .......

First House majority without a Southern majority since 1952

"Protect Our Votes," MoveOn offers $250,000 reward

I voted PAPER after I made sure it counted...others followed...

NYT: As Voters Pass Judgment, Many Confront Technical Bugs

I think I know where KKKarl Rove is tonight.

KO doing election night anchoring .... how refreshing!

Long lines, too few machines prompts Ford and Dems to file suit

Ohio once again fails its voters

How Did You Vote Today?

TV tonight -Who will you watch?- Olbermann and Mathews side by side?

CRAZY!!! lady Dole on Scarbourgh right now

Cuyahoga BOE will arrest Lovegren for seeking to tabulate vote count

What to look for after the polls close in Kentucky and Indiana at 6 P.M.

MSNBC just ran a great special on Ted Kennedy

Wait'n in da line in Denver. Pic >>

Schadenfreude and Katherine Harris...

How long will it take for us to know results of Senate races in MO, OH, etc?

How a rainstorm could decide the Senate majority

25 seats in Dist 22 with no Dem candidate

CNN's Greenfield: What to watch for -- hour by hour

Chelsea Clinton is among those with voting problems

I am taking credit for 4 new D votes. My brother and his wife and two friends.

STFU Joe Scarborough

Voter turnout appears heavy in KY

CNN Poll: Americans favor Democrats on the issues

Red State Babylon (Feet of Clay Polling Data)

Stop Blackwell, what's that sign: Everyone look what's going down......

I'm as nervous as a whore in church

IGNORE the exit polling data about to break!!!! GO VOTE!!!

Media Bistro: 2006 TV Election Coverage Guide: Times, anchors, commentators

If Guiliani runs in '08 will he get a free pass on his adultery by the media?

I cannot BELIEVE what I am seeing in the US

Picture guaranteed to make freepers wet themselves in fear!

GOP candidate uses Emergency Alert System to play ad!

I voted, but may have cops come after me....

*SIX YEARS* they've had to FIX the voting systems! *SIX YEARS*!!

"Government Corruption" is the number one issue in exit polls

15 minutes from the first exit poll data?

Repuke insiders "cheat cheat" forecasts big losses (18 all but gone, 20 toss ups!)

Keep watching - - OH Elections board trouble shooter: "One of them's (voting machines) got to work!"

Why do I have the sneaky feeling that...

Palm Beach Co, FL: Record early-voting & absentee turnout--- >110, 000 out of 760,000 reg voters

Once we win control of the House in the east/midwest, will repukes in the West just stay/go home?

The GOP and experts blamed voters, guess they were wrong!

Who's most likely to be institutionalized (as in mental institution) after the election?

DOWNHILL: A simple list of Bush's to add on?

Supreme Executive Doctrine

"I vote Democrat." He held up his hands. "See, my hands are dirty"

First info I've received -- mixed bag

Nov. surprise! How could Britney K-Fed break up affect red states?

Reuters: "Bush's legacy on line in vote"...Oh dear GOD, NO! NOT his LEGACY!

Rethugs claiming exit polling favores Dem's

Can us East coast people do anything to help out Tester?

Wingnut Ingraham Tells Listeners To Crank Call Voter Protection Hotline


What do you get when you cross President Bush with a cow patty?

I don't have time to vote

Any exit poll results yet?

Laura Ingraham would like you to jam her phone line

Absentee and Provisional Ballots - Question

Denver Election Commission Needs More Volunteers

Voter disenfranchisement in Georgia

FBI Investigating Voter Intimidation In Virginia


What to do if you have trouble at polls

i like this map:


Did Joe Scarborough just endorse Harold Ford on MSNBC?

What are you doing today? Canvass, phone bank, driving?

Demand DNC and DCCC stay on top of Ohio Voting problems

Anyone else need a exit poll fix?

What concession speech are you most looking forward to?

High Turnout Reported in Va. Senate Race

Voting in NH is a pleasure

Fuck the Media Fuck the Machine! Steal one damn vote and we riot! HCPB's NOW! or fascism forever.

Voting In Utah Went Fine for Me, Except For One Thing

What if the Republicans

34 years ago today, I voted against Trent Lott for the 1st time....

NBC's Brian "Nascar" Williams: "With key races tightening, will the Republicans hang on?"

My Mom asked for a paper ballot today!

POLL WORKER CHOKES VOTER - Charged with Assault

High Voter turnout equals Democratic Victory. Accept nothing less. Accept no FraWd. Accept no BS!

Voting problems already; Could be the story of the day

Have a Receipt With That Vote?

Photo from Pensacola: This woman is CLEARLY too excited by the presence of George W. Bush. CLEARLY!

DRIVING People to the POLLS!!! (An amusing anecdote)

Have you seen the Trailer for the new RFK film yet? It's called "Bobby"...

Olbermann well aware of voting machine problems.

Summerize your final selction carefully when evoting!

Early voting & absentee figures for Broward, Palm Beach & Miami-Dade counties

How many are sweating out the Ted Kennedy race in Massachusetts?

Something BIG just happened in Virginia!

hey freepers: name one good reason for voting repuke today....please...

Lawrance O'Donnell is on air america with al frankin.

Gardening Question relative to today's election

Roll Call is free for two days:

Ford down by 1% in latest poll. MO, MT,NJ polling as well.

5 Good Reasons To Vote Today - Michael Moore

"I feel like I did when I was about to give birth" - the short version

"It's not in the bag until it's over," Brown replied.

"I need some good news, sir,"..."You're talking to Noah about the flood," Bush said. "I do, too."

Will Democrats Win the House and/or Senate today?

ABC, FBI investigating Virginia voter intimidation, etc.

BushCo Inc. thrives on chaos..

CO-05 Jay Fawcett's campaign HQ vandalized...

E-voting could turn close election into a fiasco (from the Guardian UK)

Voted... Kicked... Recommended...

GOP, RIP in Mass.

Just went to vote for Angelides in CA and the machine registered for Arnold

"I feel like I did when I was about to give birth" -- local candidate

Dems and the toadying media: The real Problem we face

Great call from an Unaffiliated Voter

TAKE ACTION against possible vote fraud! If you have a camera cell phone...

What happens to Fox News

No ID, no vote Chabot tunred away at polls (sw ohio) :)

The Most Thorough Breakdown Of House Polls On The Internet

The Most Thorough Breakdown Of Seante Polls On The Internet

Cuyahoga Board Of Elections - model for the nation?

Do the neocons and theocons have a clue?

What the heck is going on in Missouri???

Santorum conceding, LIVE: MSNBC

MSNBC using Bush's former campaign lawyer for Election Day coverage

To make you smile...Bush: Bald Lover

No Excuse today Vote

Cheating to "win" elections - Another Republican Value

Speaker Pelosi-sounds rather nice, doesn't it?

"Don't Let Dems Turn Iraq into another Afghanistan." Quote from Mehlman.

Wall Street, obviously, is not running for cover with the predictions

1 888 DEM VOTE if you have any problems at the polls - STAY WHERE YOU ARE

paint him as "too angry" to hold office, --like Dean in 2003: MN gov. race

I Gotta vote for Lamont today.

Coal Mine Deaths Reach Double Of Last Year (Confined Space)

Let's not forget to thank Rahn Emanuel, Howard Dean, Chuck Schumer

This is getting scary

I voted at 7:04 AM today....(Volusia County)

Check out this ballot - Is it too much for the "average" voter?

House Races to Watch and Poll Closing Times

GOP senate cantidate's radio ad forced on airwaves via EAS

Halliburton charged Army $112 million for fuel; $694 million for delivery

I voted for ALL Democrats, BUT....

Inside the school, not much is going on. Turnout is "a lot lighter ..

What if they rigged the machines to cheat FOR Democratic

Another Republican failure: HAVA.

Pre-recorded Candidate Calls Irritating Kleeb Supporters (NE)

Dang, I just saw Eric Massa on (D-NY 29) CNN Intl. with Clinton!

Perhaps with the e-voting machines screwed up, they'll switch to

Funny Front Page Post At Americablog...

Had to show an I.D. in Missour-a

Man who wrote the Hokey pokey died (missed in election news)--just

BREAKING NEWS ALERT FROM GOD: I allow you to vote DEM today.

I'm on Break from Working Polls In Ann Arbor

I voted ...

Can Mark Foley Vote Today?......

I'm confused - I thought I did not have to have a photo ID (GA) Is this still being fought in the

One of his most Damning Bushism's.

Iraq charges 100 over prison torture

MSNBC breaking news, FBI investigating voter supression in Virginia

Will this be a long night?

Voting in Colorado

Vote report from Lexington, KY - New machines HORRIBLY confusing.

I'm outta here to GOTV until polls close . See you tomorrow! Go Tester!

"Dobson, known as the Karl Rove of the Christian world, has suggested a new strategy"

If the Democrats take control of the house or senate, will they fix the election nightmare?

The REAL STORY behind the failed Republican Congress, and why we need to kick the bums out

I'm confused about showing ID at voting sites. hacked???

Mush-Mouthed Robo-Calls--AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

FOX News Can't Bring Themselves To Say Dems Have “Solid Lead”...

If Possible, Avoid Peak Voting Periods

St. Louis city, the Diebold machines have already created problems.

Will the "October Surprise" Come on November 7th?

Getting Killed in Iraq - The ultimate Republican Voting Suppression Action

Since I'm not working today, I decided to wait until after 9AM to vote

MSNBC reporting several voting problems in different states

I want Conservatives. Heck, I even want Republicans...

CNN: Election Day forecast

I voted for allowing local alcohol sales and against a local tax increase

I JUST VOTED! still deciding weather it was good news or bad news.

Love blogging from around US here:

Robocalls in MI

Thinking of Tammy Duckworth today.

NYT/AP: ID Rules, Machines Early Voting Problems

Late-Night Jokes About the 2006 Midterm Elections

Election Night resources: (good website)

In their last 2:01-Moxie and Spunk remain shrowded in a turtleneck

Take Hefty Bags to Your Polling Place! Rain.

The money is going Dem for the Senate: betting on Intratrade

Two votes for the next junior senator from Minnesota - Amy Klobuchar

Gut-wrenching, super-patriotic photos: Junior & Pickles after voting at the Crawford Fire Station

Initiatives Seen Key to Some Congressional Races

Remind me again? What was the October (Nov) surprise?

"I voted" suggestion: Color your finger blue

Johns Hopkins' Professor Avi Rubin's advice to voters today.

Condi: "Oh, I just — I can't even believe that people would say such a thing. Come on."

High turnout in RI?

If we don't win, don't freak out

Slew of late polls still pointing to Democratic gains

I printed this & taped it inside my car window ......

"Hacking Democracy" on HBOE now!

CNN/AP: Voters Have Their Say

Bernie speaks (this might rev you up for today)

How is the weather at your polling place? It is rainy and icky here in the mountains of NC.

State Minimum Wage Votes Increased Expected To Pass - 11/07/06

I just voted, and the poll worker demanded an ID with a signature...

Illegal and desperate campaigning in Minnesota.

Saddam verdict? Saddam who?

Labor's Working 'Til Polls Close To Change America, Jim of Two Guys!

Time for a Change

Have Democrats done a "lousy job" of managing expectations? Will modest success seem like failure?

Hey Skinner and Company?

Is casting a ballot on a machine which does not have a papertrail

Ok, I fulfilled my civic duty for today, How about You?

Killer e-mail sends Blair into panic over cash for honours row

I saw Dean last night, he said I am not expecting anything, but I can

bush struggles to make noise, nobody hears...

So what have we learned - after 6 years of corrupt rule and watching

Senate predictions thread.......Who'll take the top ten races.....?

Please do not vote for Hillary

I'm going to go VOTE at 6AM EST!

My ballot choices for tomorrow

a positive thing about PNW weather

Bob Cesca - The Post-Election Nightmare Scenario: The President Declares Another Mandate

If You Already Voted...

Early returns from eastern states could signal election outcome

Michael J. Fox on Donnie Deutsch (CNBC) right now...

* Plays The Oil Card.....

My Vision Of KKKarl Rove Tonight & Tomorrow.......

Pelosie has her goals for the 1st 100 hours. I have mine!

Twas the night before Mid Terms…

"This Government Was FOUNDED....

Karl Rove to the press: "Sweets for my sweets!"

Anybody got a link to ***hole's speech in Florida today...

Election day is upon us

Mark Warner: "I've got more public service, and more political campaigns, in my future."

RI Senate Whitehouse/Chaffee ABC exit polls

I'll say it: Republicans you have only yourselves to blame

Is there a way to have a summary forum somewhere?

Don't look now, but.....

I feel sorry for Ford....I feel for him

What? "Moderate Republicans are losing in Indiana"?

Anybody know how Jimmy Carter's son - Jack?? - is doing. n/t

What's happening in Missouri?

McCaskill wins Buchanan Co by 53%, 02 D won by 51%, Kerry...

Well maybe we can still get a 50/50 senate

Allen will win

KY-04 in Play!!! Lucas only down 48-47 with 54% reporting. (not in play now)

Are they going to steal house elections because we are watching

Santorum conceding on MSNBC! Music to my ears!'s a horse race between incumbent Sodrell and Dem Baron Hill

WHat's going on in the HOUSE ??

Tweety twisting and sweating talking with KO

I am going nutz here in Hawaii just seeing these results

Maybe the Diebold technicians are pissed at the repubs and are

Live Stream the Velvet Revolution Election Integrity Broadcast

Ne turning red to BLUE in 2 of 3 seats for congress early returns KLEEB & MOUL

Santorum is Challenging Voting Machines in PA

Any news on FL Sweeney vs. Clint Curtis? nt

NE-3 Red to Blue? Kleeb (D) 52% Smith 48% (8% reporting)

As a true liberal I have to admit I feel sorry for the Fox crew....

Still nothing on Cuyahoga- Kucinich

Freepers start to eat their own

WOW! Anderson (D) leading Boozman(R) in AR Dist 03. Very Red area

FL Gov: Davis leads among moderates, indy's, AfrAm, liberals, antiwar, also South FL

Lamont will probably do concession soon :(

Johnson concedes to Murphey in CT!

Californians, 3 1/2 hours left to go vote for DEBRA BOWEN for Sec of State!

Damn...Chris Matthews was really rough on Howard Dean.

NBC projects Perry (R) and Crist (R) win Governor in TX, FL


Emanuel: Dems have swept Indiana

I'm done being cautiously optimistic.

Dem Jay Fawcett *was* leading in CO-House-District 5 (Colorado Springs!)

LOL! NBC has Rahm labeled as (R-IL)

We might be leaning on you ARIZONA. Peterson's up now (50 - 47, 9% reporting)

After You Concede......

Pederson is up 4 points on Kyl right now (NBC)

Lamont has called Lieberman to concede, speech soon...

8 seats down only seven to go

Watch these three races: NY-20, NY-25, NY-26

OMG. CBS has jumped the shark. Couric hosting big election coverage on now.

It's starting to look pretty damned good for us in the Senate!

Dems take lead in the two vulnerable GA House seats (Marshall and Barrow)

Freepers News Alert: Faux News is the Liberal Media

The "Most Important man in the Senate" MEME is starting...(LIEBERMAN)

More freeper self-immolation

MSNBC just reported many northern VA votes not counted yet!

Webb has closed to within 8,000 votes, Allen leads by only .4!!!

I am saddened by Chafee loss, and pissed about LiEberman win....

My profound thanks to Ned Lamont! You rallied the nation against the war!

Any news from Montana? Has Burns bitten the dust yet?

Rocky Mt. News calls Democrat Bill Ritter the winner for Govenor!

I see Bill & Hill on my TV and I Smile

Update on TX-22 (DeLay) district results

McCaskill behind early.. CMON

has mehlman aged 50 years in one day?

Cali - I had NO IDEA how I was supposed to vote on prop 87 - Clinton said yes, everyone else said no

CASEY on Csapn !!!!

Bob Nay, ya don't say?

MAHONEY WINS!!!??!!! CNN says

Missouri the New Ohio?

Dont look now, but Webb is making a comeback

Just checked WA state site Darcy Burner is leading Dave Reichert!!

Virginia, where are votes left to be counted? Please report.

Is Conrad Burns really in trouble??

Repukes trying to cheat in Kansas...HERE IS MY STORY

"NBC Projects Democrats Take Control of House"

Somebody get Wolf Blitzer lauding Sherwood on YouTube

Well Virginia just took a turn for the worse

What does electing of Liebernam and loss of Ford tells us about democrats?

A lot of talk about how the Democrats are moving to the center.

CNN : Colorado Paccione and Musgrave neck and neck Colorado 04

Who is our James Baker? We need him NOW in VA!

FL-16..Mahoney (Dem) vs. Pedophile replacement

Hillary's looking pretty on MSNBC

Virginia Absentee and Early Voters...

PLEASE DUers! When posting race info. -- IDENTIFY STATE AND PARTY!!

NBC has just called the House for Democrats.

How is the abortion issue faring in S. Dakota?

I learned today that I cannot tolerate speaking to Republicans.

MNBC projects House for Democrats +29!!! 231 - 204!


Tweety reports that the house is ours!! 230-205!!!

It's THE PRESIDENT, stupid!!!

Heath Shuler, North Carolina 11, adds another to the "D" side!

Lieberman...STFU already

Still nothing counted from STL city and KC! Not at all over in MO!

Daily Show starting now--guest Dan Rather

Dean is supposedly up with Matthews again at 11:15...

FL- Foley replacement (Negron) making concession speech! to Dem Mahoney!!!!


Holy god! Look at the chart on CNN rise!

IN-09...Sodrell concedes to Dem Baron Hill! IN-09 goes Dem!

People...let's give it up for Skinner and our friends at DU...Great Job!

I'm breaking the diet and breaking out the Bailey's to celebrate!

Is Kyl's Senate seat really in danger in Arizona?

Dems going to have subpoena power. They not let Nancy Pelosi

Just remember one thing before you go to bed tonight...

Ch.5 in Nashville says Ford-Corker still too close to call, 75% reporting

Ohio is turning very

Santorum's Crying Children: REAL Parents Would've Left the Kiddies Home

The hell with Nancy, start impeachment proceedings tomorrow. nm

Looking like a Dem sweep for NH

Tester (D-MT) up 500 votes with 1% reporting.

Breaking! -- Rick Santorum Raptured!

NY-20 Gillibrand beats Slimey Sweeney!!

That's some "math", Karl!

MSNBC: DEMS +31 in the House

Cantwell (D) projected winner for WA state!

Can we call bush a lame duck now?

Kerry on CNN I love MA!

Can a devout Muslim be an American patriot? Help me respond to this email.

If Michell Bachman beats Patty Wetterling I will puke the rest of the night

democrats closing in on house control

Virginia: Richmond City, 67% of precincts reporting, Not over!

Mitchell beating JD Hayworth in AZ-5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh! Kurt Weldon lost

I'm so happy...

Tweety just said it..."Tsunami"....

sorry, but I forgot one thing I've been waiting to say. GOD has

Tweety: Bill Clinton standing behind Hillary with his familiar snarl

Any news on Burner (D) vs. ThirdReichert (R) WA state?

Ken Mehlman is now talking about the importance of

BBC is Reporting that the Democrats have taken the House

Champagne anyone?

Arrogant bastard JD Hayworth is losing!


Election SNAFUS North Denver Metro area

Dean is kicking the SHIT out of Matthews right now

Now aren't you sorry you said all those terrible things about the GOP?

Huge win in PA Altmire beats Hart

A short tribute to Samm Simpson, who fought the good fight in

someone please post the MO senate race result link.... eom

best coverage so far---jon stewart


Can someone confirm - Reid calling for recount of VA?

MSNBC: Bush knows the results and will be going to bed soon

George W. Bush's Noble Cause in 2004- "Political Capital"

McCaskill gaining on Talent!!!

News Alert: Depression deepens in Freeperville

Tester (d) ahead of Burns (r) in Montana according to CNN...

"SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi and her SAN FRANCISCO VALUES" are in da HOUSE!!!!

Where can the exact House/Senate count be found? n/t

SD abortion ban lost. AAR. nt

I'm not conceding Virginia yet. I have to hope that Virginians will

CNN VA numbers are way off from the official site

CNN now has Senate tied 48/48 Dem/Rethug

Any news on Reynolds in Buffalo?

My prediction, control of the Senate is going to be tied up in

Eleanor Holmes Norton may have no sense of humor

So...They're gonna Fight Maryland

I'm dipping my finger in blue ink tonight.

has anybody heard this?

Missouri: Jackson Co, not in much at all, we get about 40,000 there!

Has anybody stop by Faux News tonight?

CNN removed their Independent Senate count from earlier

Tweety giving Pelosi job guidance - gag me


Tester way ahead now

Please join me in congratulating Howard Dean!

I despise Florida

Looks like the polls were totally right in CT


Hey Karl Rove, How did that math problem work out?


LMAO now all the Repukes are saying lets work together

Are that many Floridians that stupid?

CBS News says Heath Schuler Just Won in N.C.

Help, DUers please...

Bush was going to call Nancy to congratulate her but he can't stop crying,

These crappy republican pundits are saying it isn't a tidal wave. Bullshit!

Has anyone been brave enough to go to Freeperville?

Hold up! IN-2nd Donnelly 50%-Chocola 50%???????????????

Pukes' new mantra: We look forward to working across the aisle.

I LOVE New York!

PA-04 Altmire (D) DEFEATS Hart (incumbent-bushbot)

WI- Doyle projected winner over Freepcreep Green in Gov. Race

What? Only 562 DUers have voted!!???

Ford can still win TN

NH Went *completely* Blue

simple question re: senate,can it still be won

The Green Party has either come close or has lost the U.S. senate to the Republicans.

Virginia Closing! Allen by .55%. Close!!!

Tweety: "They've clearly won BIG TIME in the House, and as history tells us..."

CNN J D Hayworth bites the dust

Webb Ahead!!! Webb 50% Allen 49% 99% reporting!!!

CBS projects Lampson winner for DeLay's seat

Video and transcript of Dean and Olbermann on Countdown.

Revenge of the Machine: How electronic voting could Bite the Pukes


Denver, CO, a reliably blue city, is being f***ed over.

Ijust received this emergency message from MoveOn.

Is there any one upset you want to predict, so we'll all know how brilliant


Huff-Post: A must-read today from James Boyce - Let's not forget Max.

Just back from the Denver Convention Center, went there to help.

Dan Rather will analyze election results with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tonight

Was Cheney hunting Squirrel today?

Two National Press Club events tomorrow.

On CNN. Exit polls 42% say corruption in Washington. Close to that

BREAKING NEWS - HUGE! From John Harwood, WSJ Senior

Fock Carville, Begala and the cover up wing of the party. Time for Anti-Corruption

TEAMSTERS Support Perry (R) Tx, Now Fort Worth CITY BUS STRIKE

I would like to send a shout-out to JOHN CONYERS, JR.

"Protect marriage" anti-gay proposition LOSING in AZ!!!!