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Archives: November 26, 2006

Activist's Fiery Death Prompts Questions (anti-war)

Democrats plan to throw out S. America trade pacts over labor concerns

Good Old Days Gone for Biotech (Outsourcing)

NYT: One Spoonful at a Time (The Maudsley Approach to Anorexia)

WP: Weapon Of Mass Destruction (The AK-47)

Blix vs Blair (But this time it is over our weapons of mass destruction)

Filth and Shame in a NHS Hospital (Great Britain)

NYT: Here Come the Economic Populists

WP, Laurie David: Exxon Mobil tries to sell junk science to our kids

Euphemisms Die Hard within Iraq discussion......

Blind Obedience to the Canons of Capitalism (Jason Miller)

In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning (Ben Stein)

JFK Blown Away - Hooray!

Cheney's decades long history of supporting expansion and abuse of presidential power

St. Pete Times: All he was saying, give drugs a chance

WSJ/ Compromised : Rumors fly that President Bush may be willing to raise taxes

Self-Delete - Accidental double post

Now It’s Iraq on the Agenda for Mr. Fix-It of the G.O.P.

ABC: Vets Skeptical VA Can Cope with Iraq War Wave

Long Stints in Iraq Fracture Families

NYT: Now It’s Iraq on the Agenda for Mr. Fix-It of the G.O.P.

High Court to Weigh Climate Change Case - AP

Uranium mine blamed for high Aboriginal cancer rate (Sydney Morning Herald)

Help create BROWN TROUT sanctuaries in Indiana. Your comments needed now.

Can the recently agreed ceasefire between Habbas & Olmert work

PM likely to present plans for diplomatic peace effort

No more hitching in the W. Bank

PA security forces begin deploying in Gaza to prevent Qassam fire

Palestinian attacks go on despite truce

Report: 33 percent of Sderot kids suffer post-traumatic stress

NuSpeak, YouSpeak, DuSpeak

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 11/26/06 - 2006 Turkey Of The Year ?

Transparency Now! Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW! Nothing more; Nothing less!

Premier on Statistical Assumptions (long, but not as long as some others!)

Alternative to DRE's

Why do Ohio Dems allow loss of over 100,000 votes in Cuyahoga each year to manipulation & suppressio

Touch Screen switching reported in S. Florida- Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach counties

Dartmouth says 90% chance Dem won in Sarasota, Fl, but innocent ballot design error is the

NY Police Kill Man On Wedding Day

CIA Posts Silly Online Personality Test (Help Wanted)

Dozens protest new tip policy outside Wynn Las Vegas

GOP faces major test

Now It’s Iraq on the Agenda for Mr. Fix-It of the G.O.P.

Iraqi PM says political crisis behind violence

WP,pg1: Success of Drug Plan Challenges Democrats: Medicare Benefit's Cost Beat Estimates

Calls for calm as crowd stones Iraq PM (motorcade stoned by Shi'ites)

Editor&Publisher/AP: Iraq War Has Now Lasted Longer Than WW II

Detainee dies at Camp Bucca

Al-Qaeda attacks US-allied tribe in west Iraq

SAS sergeant shot dead by Iraq rebels

Panel calls for extensive alterations in Medicaid

Pinochet takes responsibility for 'everything'

Nuclear poison: the deadly trade

Canadian allegedly leading insurgency

Do peace deal with Taleban, Britain told

King of Jordan Speaks Out About Iraqi Situation

Denver poised to land '08 Democratic convention

NYT/AP: Black Friday Sales Up 6 Percent From '05; Wal-Mart is exception

Thousands in Turkey Denounce Papal Visit

AP: Islamists Dominate Bahrain Elections

Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Afghanistan

Reuters: Governor claims win after clash in Mexico's Oaxaca

Feds plan redo of weapon sites (plutonium weapons production)

2 teens charged with setting off homemade (acid) bombs in Wal-Mart (Maine)

Ahmadinejad Predicts Collapse of Israel, U.S., U.K.

Berlusconi faints while giving speech

Sunday (London) Times: Ferocity of Iraq attacks leaves US troops helpless

Jordan King: 3 Mideast Civil Wars Possible in 2007

Ecuador leftist ahead in election -exit polls

Australia Denies Guilt in Oil-For-Food

Update: 3 exit polls give Correa big lead

Iraq Declares War on Petroleum Smuggling

Leader says Iran is ready to help, sort of

DaimlerChrysler to increase component sourcing (India)

Mortars hit U.S. military post in Baghdad, police say

Obama Talks Wtih Top Advisers in Iowa

Democrats say no liberal plans in next Congress

Bush plans week of high-stakes diplomacy

Spy death linked to nuclear thefts

AP: Democrats pledge array of investigations

Officer in Bush Motorcade Accident Dies (Hawaii accident)

Calls for calm as crowd stones Iraqi PM

Colo. Residents Spar Over Peace Sign

Left-winger Correa wins Ecuador presidency

If I may gloat a second...

I'm up...been drinking...and in the mood to write lyrics

Did you know that the video version of the Disney film "The Rescuers" was recalled because...

I have needs

I have weeds

Don't know where your hand has been honey...

When looking in the bathroom mirror, which things do you do?

Okay, it's late and this will sink like a stone, but post you favourite NON-ENGLISH music video

Good morning DU why am i awake? and Why are you?

I have to confess I have a thing for women wearing grasses

Christmas trees

Oldest titty you've ever had or owned?

A poem by Lucretius

What was this kitten expecting from the older cat?

Las Vegas: My brush with fame today.


Congratulations bridgit!! 20,000 posts

Happy birthday wishes to..........

At what age do you consider someone to be elderly?

Where Do You DU? Post Pic Of Your Desk, Cube, etc!

Another day in mom's basement - SERIES!!1111!!! (dial up warning)

"CBS Sunday Morning" just did a tribute to Audrey Hepburn.

Songs that can give you chills (in a good way)

Smelly Cat........


Someone broke into my apartment...

Anyone ever played this PC game?

I'm on the phone with my mom, "Stephen Colbert."

Lately I have been very clumsy

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Kansas tops #1 Florida in OT.

Oh REV! You'll like this! YOO HOO REV, OVER HERE!

What was the best crap you drank this weekend?

Been away for awhile

Saturday Night Mildly Embarassing Confessions Thread

Okay, I am sheltered: What is the big deal with hookahs?

When you care and worry about a person, do you love that person?

Check-out my Stylin' new RSS Feed!

Rupert Murdoch clamps down on "free reign" of former Bernie Kerik mistress and OJ pimp Judith Regan

Dumb joke post....

Today's message is.....

Anybody see the Cowboys halftime show?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/26/06)

Bruddah Iz -- Greatest Hits?? Anyone know them?

A peek at the Future

How much do you spend on holiday decorations?

29 bottles of beer on a wall, 29 bottles of beer

How come.....?

Happy Holidays our holiday card to DU

iPod/MP3 users, some advice please - which to buy?

I'm banging my head on walls trying to figure out "quality" for baby cribs!

I blame aliens.

The War On X-mas THREAD!!!

aarrgghh-- it is cold, grey, rainy, and gloomy in norcal again today....

Ahhh - a vegeterian breakfast .....

Holy shit! I am LMAO at the "Hannidates" (it's old, but it's still funny)

any Monte Montgomery peeps n'da howz...

Da' Usual!

Test your disco IQ!

I . . .

Eläkeläiset - Humppamedia

Yiddish Jingle Bells?

The ham is in the oven....

Anyone else hate Christmas music?

I saved $400 bucks on Xmas presents

Do you have a cell phone with net access? Is it worth it?

Gene's big number is coming up. Singin' in the Rain

Arwalden would get a kick out of this:

So, care to lend me an ear?

Radom Typings of my Cat

Scout1071, have you heard from your friend yet?

You've got mail. From the watermelon of the month club.

Anyone here in Orlando? DC?

Youtube search dissapointments

Bill Hogan's goat was feeling fine.

What are your favorite commercials of all time?

do M&Ms go w/ tequila?

Whenever it snows I get this overwhelming urge to ((BLANK)).

OMG! It's a UFO!


Wecome to sunny mild Victoria BC

100 greatest TV catchphrases

We've come to enslave your daughters, mutilate your men and stare luridly at your cattle.

We've come to enslave your men, mutilate your cattle and stare luridly at your daughters.

The NIETZSCHE Family Circus

that is aLL

I miss Night Flight

It's snowing.

Bring him home.

Starbucks sued over hot chocolate incident

The literal mind.

"American Dad" thread

let's go bears!

I hope LeftyKid knows how much I love him.

For video-savvy DUers only...

Okay DUers, have some fun with me:

I am listening to Carole King right now, later James Taylor.

Anyone near St Paul, MN and want a good time recommendation?

Casino Royale

Whenever it snows I get this overwhelming urge to bake.

I'm searching for an old photo I saw here

I just looooooooove champagne cocktails!!

Heterosexual men:

self delete

how bout dem giants?

Admit it!!! You like (fill in the blanks) & get if off your chest!!!!

Caption this!

Is it true? Twin Peaks box set with new footage, material, version of FWWM?

Just thinking about mascots for some reason...

Photo: Britney and her pal Paris. Her post-KFed image is improving already.

Damn Giants

Monster House kicks ass!

so bored....watching qvc, have credit card...not afraid to use it.

Beer, college football, bets, and *BANG!*

Anyone near New Haven, CT and want a good restaurant recommendation?

"Family Guy" thread

We put up the Christmas tree tonight...Have you!?

What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Oldest Kitty you've ever had or Known ?

Typical vegetarian

Sonya Thomas Disqualified from Turkey Contest....Booooo!

Do college football and basketball players get

Boy, my family is, well...unusual. At Thanksgiving, we had such visitors as:

I just ate a pound and a half of raw salmon, ask me anything.....

I now know how to play pinochle - what was I missing all these years ??

What happened to me and Photobucket??

Would some Jimmy Buffett help chase away the winter blues?

Keep your eye on the hand.

Difficult to take pictures: Share yours

Vikings talk: Can Dennis Green get fired twice in Minnesota?

Things you shouldn't Google.

Is this a form of homophobia?

Can someone please tell Jessica Alba to stop stalking me?

cute over load---to cute for words

A Blogger has Thanksgiving with Alton Brown!!

I'm cream crackered

VH1 Classics: Filth and Fury - Sex Pistols

At the moment, life is good.

Chili and Cornbread tonight...mmmm

How come Lounge threads seldom (if ever), get nomintaed...

Does anyone have experience with eliminating gifts for children at xmas?

I just had a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" moment!

I need some quick movie help!

holy shit i'm feeling so happy right now, cuz i've been freed!!

Stuffing is amazing a few days after...

Darn Niners!

As BillySkank would say...I suck at going to bed...

Just clicked off of the "Last Goodbye" thread. I can't take it.

Penguins Romp Over Bond at Box Office -- By DAVID GERMAIN, AP Movie Writer

How long did it take you to find a "real world" job after college?

what a thankless job.

Will there ever be a truce with freepers?

Some trails are happy ones,

I read 'Red dragon' by Thomas Harris last night.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

So. What'd I miss?

I don't like "American Dad". The wife looks like a fish.

More things you shouldn't Google.

I just spent my last dollar on antidepressants! Ask me anything!

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH INSTALLATIONS! Missing Woman Found Dead Behind Bookcase

The last word on the internet.

yoko ono is an incredibLe musician

Wastes of space on the comics section

V for Vendetta question for those who have read the graphic novels (spoilers)

can you take a hint?

Dr. Zhivago - Worth Seeing Or Not?

I don't care if you hate me...

I'm Goin' to London! •IMPUT NEEDED•

Back from Thanksgiving Hell.

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens...

Have you hugged your kids today?

Michigan student, 17, builds small nuclear reactor in basement

FINALLY found my next TATTOO!! (PIC)

Recommendations for Inexpensive MP3 players

Songs you thought were innocent but were actually dirty

I don't want tomorrow to be Monday!

Stripes... In my pants.

DU self-promoters...what makes a "'nice' business card"?

sooooo..... seems my Redskins kicked some Panther ASS today

Pink Floyd "Is There Anybody Out There?"

Song meanings you have wondered about for years; post 'em

Mechanic help needed: Ford Ranger

Vatican slams pregnant teenage star of The Nativity Story

It's snowing outside -dang it

I'm going to hell. Input needed.

I just made the yummiest soup! Yay!

Time for a new PHOTO THREAD! (I haven't done one in awhile) *pics*

YUCK! It's been "snowing" in Vancouver for over 24 hours

Revolutionary_Acts04 could post about what she just blew into a kleenex and


Spine-tingling musical moments

Isn't this what started the reformation? Pay to have your rosary blessed by the Pope.

Isn't this what started the reformation? Pay to have your rosary blessed by the Pope.

Why Are Atheists So Angry? Sam Harris/Dennis Prager

Why Are Atheists So Angry? A Debate with Dennis Prager\Sam Harris

Now I thought this old clip was sooooo cute that I had to post it

Brokeback Mountain on HBO 730pst

Vince Young is amazing!

Koetter out as ASU football coach

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for November 26: Blow the tuba in Cuba

Yes BSU is going to a BCS bowl.

Is it just me or is Ben Roethlisberger the most overrated QB ever? nt.


Who will Notre Dame play in the BCS championship game?

More Pics of Orbs and assorted things.Edit..added ghost voice

How many of you have felt the presence of someone when

I've had 6 people I know die in the last week


The Stars This Week - November 27 - December 3, 2006

Americans United Files Litigation Challenging Veterans Administration Bias Against Wiccans

Zeyad: Sadr City bombings just as bad a catalyst as Shrine bombing

Joe Klein mumbles withdrawal

Ethics Reform needed in the new Congress

Kerry hating Scumbag Jonathan Chait's idea for Iraq

why is TayTay's Al From thread locked in here and moved to GDP ?

Al From is a cancer on the Democratic Party

Not cats

Holiday photos: family, golf, critters

Ach du Libeskind! Some pics for 48percenter:

November winner Announcement **************************************


Women priests 'could save Church'

I Just Cried When I Read This

Oldest Kitty you've ever had or Known ?

Hold On To Your Dreams

All you Christians out

What's wrong with DU.

I can fight

The RW is spending billions killing anti-abortionists....


Not All Republicans Are Authoritarians

2,874 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Things I Forgot to Be Thankful For: Caitlin Flanagan Leaves The New Yorker

If we had today's corporate media in 1864 they would say we are still "on the brink" of a civil war

The BFEE illegal war has now lasted longer than WW II

Rumsfeld cut-and-ran from the new Democrat-controlled Congress

Al-Sadr loyalists take over Iraqi television station

If Hitler had access to the Web, would Free Rubublic be over 50 years old now?

Four Iraq insurgents killed, one cross-dresser captured

Iran Prepared to Aid Withdrawal of Occupiers from Iraq

Newsweek: the last neocon standing

Joe Watkins, Rethug Shill from Philly on MSNBC

So where were the chickenhawk neocons during Vietnam anyway?

Iraq vet AWOL again, says Army ignores his case

B. Frank calls that dweeb chris wallace out on his tactics

Shia cleric threatens to rock Iraq govt

How many times did you sit through a Bush speech, debate or press event in the last 6 years?

Attention Kentucky residents. Pressure McConnell's contributors

what if poppy bush had NOT survived being shot down in WWII...?

UR presses quest for stem cell breakthrough

Has Italia Federici disappeared?

I heard Tim Rusterd say he was going to interview Ike's skeleton?! Is

Berlusconi collapsed during

HEY!! George Steph turns his body to the camera

Round up the usual suspects

Sec'y of EDUCATION loses to Lenny (sans Squiggy) on Jeopardy!

The Preview: Iraq Massacre

Price Check

Time for Bush to accept Iraq failure

Iraq War surpasses WWII in length of involvment, now fifth longest U.S. war.

John Robert's on CNN "The situation in Iraq is WORSE then is reported."

Democrats' Weekly Radio Response

George Steph is asking Brownback about his refusal to confirm a judge

Holidays are great, so get over it!

Naive proposal for Iraq...get ALL parties to the table to talk.


Skelton's the Democrat on MTP? Ye gods. He's almost delusional.

The argument for mandatory military service

Calls for calm as crowd stones Iraqi PM Maliki

Marine deployed despite request for conscientious objector discharge

A Bonanza Inside the Wall Street Green Zone

Oh now they're back to the Reaganomics. "Looking for...."

Well color me surprised: Analysts say oil companies crimping supply to boost prices....

Half Trillion Spent on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

What do you do for a teenager with brain cancer?

Minutemen raise dough. Can't 'splain where it go.

How does it feel? And, now what will you do?

What's a shopping Sunday . . . . . . without a sloppy CAPTION????

Running Into Racism...

Withdrawal from Iraq now will be less painful than years from now

Half Trillion Spent on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Democrats Pledge Array of Investigations

Here's how to get out of Iraq:

A report from "the site that must not be named".

AP: Democrats pledge array of investigations

Let's Abandon Israel And See What Happens

Customers face radioactivity tests

Missing woman found dead behind bookcase

Leaving Iraq, Honorably by Chuck Hagel (WP)

Sen. John (Chickenhawk) Cornyn (R) Wants To Send An Additional 50,000 Soldiers To Iraq

What is a "faith based" prision? They're discussing it on This Week.

Is anyone planning to attend this media conference?

Did * just bang his head walking off Marine 1?

GOP's New Flypaper Defense

NEWSWEEK COVER: The Most Dangerous Man in Iraq

Balt Sun Op/Ed: "U.S. Soldiers Mired Iraq Strive For Survival, Not Heroism"

Lott Attacks Rove, Says ‘I’ve Had Problems With Some Of His Conduct’

Finding Peace in In Iraq’s Kurdish region.

Bush really WAS a miserable failure

Oil industry restricts supply, analysis shows

"The State has Collapsed" (Iraq)

A CAPTION-a-day keeps Mr. Death away! (A blast from the past.)

Cornyn just told Blitzer that its time for the Rs to work in a "bipartisan way"

Question for the mods...

I think it's correct to assume he regrets making this

Stoopid A-rabs...and them lyin' UN folks

Revamping the House of Representatives.

Mortars Hit U.S. Military Post in Iraq

Science Teachers’ Organization Refuses To Accept Copies of Inconvenient Truth

Problem is People Still Fail To Connect Missing $$$ With Failed Policy in Iraq

Does anyone have experience with eliminating gifts for children at xmas?

First feature film to ever premiere at The Vatican and its star

Rep Dingell D-Mich To Investigate Medicare Drug Benefit-Halliburton-Cheney's Energy Task Force-Etc

Justice Dept. Asks Supreme Court to Stay Out of 'NY Times' Case

The FOG of Humanity strongley suggests CONSERVATISM is a DISEASE

I keep seeing right wing sites post about "negroids"

CNN's Situation Room onscreen text: Is Pelosi "Damaged Goods?"

An Abramoff quote to throw back at the "Abramoff funded Dems" bunch

Anybody notice the new CNN screen format??

CBS News: President Bush's Bad Reputation

What It Takes to Make a Student

DOJ ask SCOTUS to stay out of Plame case....

Please tell me: What IS "The American Dream"?

The media never mentions McCain is a big fan of this mandatory national service BS. Wonder why?

When do we start calling them IRAQIS instead of "INSURGENTS"

Outsiders In Iraq

Rummy replacement Gates 1984 advice to bomb Nicaragua would have broken law--1982 Boland Amendment

Florida's 'national model' for fair elections now under scrutiny

A penny for your thoughts . . . . . . . . but a king's fortune for your CAPTION!!!

Uh--I'm pretty sure the the majority of DUers don't support the draft, but we love the bluff of it.

UCLA student tasing - any followup?

What's all this about a draft?

Has anyone heard of this book going after Fitz? It's called "Triple Cross"

Newsweek Poll: Fixing senior drug prices & minimum wage is more important than investigations

U.S. Ranked 17th In Democracy

I'm so SICK of this "Democrats don't have a mandate" shit!

Stress Disorders, Drug Abuse means Little help for Troops

"Last letters Home:American Troops"

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 11/26 -- bitter pill to swallow

A Eulogy for Iraq (by Mark Danner in the NY Review of Books)

AVG will no longer be free?

Mitt Romney: I was for gay rights before I was against them

Duncan Hunter still believes we can win this "war" in Iraq...

2876 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

via BoingBoing: McDonald's tries to patent sandwich-making

The Democrats have the power. PULL THEM OUT NOW

Education Sec. Loses to Dude from 'Earth Girls Are Easy'

I'm out for a while.

Iraqi Insurgency Is Self-Sustaining, and U.S. Can't Stop Money Flowing In

Why Are Atheists So Angry? Sam Harris/Dennis Prager

The 'christian' Right's Assault on Labor Unions and Workers

Pentagon Developing Alternative To Iraq Study Group To Give Bush An Out

Has the rover been neutered, haven't seen hide nor hair of him in a spell

about that republican $250 white only scholarship at a Boston college?

The "real" story about the scholarship for whites.

Thief tips off police after finding child porn during break-in

A tax on un-PC items?

"Islam is evil, so......what?"

CHENEY: On A Mission To Expand Or Restore Powers Of Presidency (Boston Globe)

MONITOR RADIO on now - immigration; Cheney, Mideast.

Water Planet....a must see

Jordan king (who does Bush's torturing) warns 3 civil wars loom in Mideast

Saying that only Republicans support business

What's going on with the finances of the Minutemen?

Continuing my post from this morning - Where is Italia Federici?

Missing Brains found in White House Basement Locker. The secret search for Bushies Brains

Police officer injured during Bush visit dies


Free Iraq or Free Iraq Oil?

A true hero who stood up to the RW agenda in education

Top Maliki Advisor May Be Wanted Terrorist

Kansas senator (Brownback) weighs White House bid

Would censure be a better option than impeachment in the

If God Favors The Religious Right, How Come We Kicked Their Butts?

The fear and misery we have wrought in Iraq

Dollar Falls as Concerns Grow About Economy

American Lynching

NY Times review of negative books about Ann Coulter

Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do ...a letter from Michael Moore

Carnival Days

Lott Attacks Rove, Says ‘I’ve Had Problems With Some Of His Conduct’

I wish we could "unrecommend" a post

Don't accept a $100 bill without checking it VERY CLOSELY

SurveyUSA: 8 of 10 most popular senators are Dems, 8 of 10 most UNpopular senators are Republicans

Pakistan Official Admits US Bombed Madrasah Last Month- 82 Students Killed

Isn't this what started the reformation? Pay to have your rosary blessed by the Pope.

Berlusconi kept in hospital for heart tests - Checking to see if he has one

Murtha/Hoyer The Price of Leadership

Is Putin Really A Friend In The "War On Terror?"

They lied their way into Iraq. Now they are trying to lie their way out

What the hell just happened to my shoulder?

CBC: The Rick Mercer Report

T-shirts, T-shirts, get your lefty T-shirts right here

Milton Friedman's Son has a blog y'all!!

Proper way to address former Speaker of The House

Angry crowd stones Iraqi PM motorcade....

SuveyUSA: Bush Way Down In Texas (41%)

Our country reminds me of the theme from this old, old television series. . .

Does it seem like since the one-legged master terrorist Zarqawi was killed violence has went up?

Welcome to the United States of America, YOU F**KING FOREIGNERS!

CSPAN2 - 5:15pm - John Edwards - Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives

Democrats say no liberal plans in next Congress

What's up with the airport today?

Catching up on my viewing: What are the Best Iraq DVDs?

Rumsfeld authorized torture, says former Abu Ghraib commander

LEAKED NYT MON SPLASH: Can Bush save presidency?

Separated at Birth here in San Diego?

US Spends More In One Day In Iraq Than Insurgents Spend All Year

Motorcycle officer injured in President Bush’s Hawaii motorcade has died

Iraq to US- Leave Now

Patrick Leahy seeks torture documents - Dear Attorney General Gonzales:

Rightwing symposiums have such small attendance, and yet...

Was Martin Luther King a brilliant man?

I had the stangest dream the other morning...

bush the ape is bad for America's image. No shit.

What will a Democratic Congress do with NCLB?

McCain's "Hair of the Dog" strategery LOL!

Letter from Sheehan.... wow, I feel like a lame duck compared to this woman.

Do You Understand Spoken Spanish?

Jesse Jackson is interviewing Michael Richards now

Toyota engineer, helped develop Prius, dies in plane crash off LA

Impeachment Arguments and Rebuttals

O'Reilly and Ingraham take credit for OJ TV cancellation

For those who missed it: This weeks Doonesbury "Chicken Hawk" special!

Full F**king circle: Jon Chait suggests reinstalling Saddam!

We desperately NEED Al Gore as President. But do we DESERVE him?

Take the CIA's personality quiz (short)

settle this argument re: DMV, racism, terrorism, and privacy issues

The Value of Nihilism

has anyone heard of the new one time treatment for Tobacco addiction

Rumsfeld owns "Mount Misery" plantation (where Frederick Douglass was sent to be tortured)

Is there any aspect of our society that could be subject to a lack of growth?

"Every time you shop at Wal-Mart, a baby in China dies"

Watched a hilarious movie "American Dreamz" last night

There are two little Chippewah boys who are missing here in northern Minnesota,

Sunday Movie: The Corporation

What would DUville be like? If we were a city...

We need to stamp down hard on this "War of Liberation" nonsense immediately.


So I got the annual "What do y'all want for Christmas?" email from mom.

America shops while Iraq burns - great commentary by Bob Herbert

Arrested for Epilepsy: When a seizure gets you thrown in jail (& tasered)

"High Court to Weigh Climate Change Case" This is a BIGGIE!

Gay marriage rights are the new segregation fight for America! I'm ready!

2fer: "24" actress denies getting-it-on w/LIMBO. & O.J.SIMPSON's accomplice: Prozac

The PM of Indonesia reacts to gwb...priceless, needs caption.

Ashamed - Round Up All Muslims And Tattoo Them

The Atlantic Monthly: The 100 most influential Americans

Just let them investigate, would you?

Surprise! Old cootettes like me still have some serious influence

Larisa Alexandrovna-Was former KGB agent murdered over false-flag terrorism within Russia?

*AnOutrage!* USDA Gives *Retroactive* Approval to Illegal GE Rice

*** Sunday TOONS: Post Thanksgiving ***

Seriously. What is wrong with these people's minds?

My 1st KOS dairy,: 3 pillars holding up the middle class. Progressive taxes, labor & education.

Is the Zune a dud, or is this review?

Report From Behind the Barricades In Oaxaca Mexico... Scary Stuff Down There!

Brzezinski: The Baker Commission ‘Will Offer Some Procrastination Ideas For Dealing With The Crisis’

Black Woman Accused of Lynching White Police Officer.

Watching Previews of "Bobby" and Memories of a HORRIBLE Summer of 1968.

OAXACA:Attack on Radio Universidad (probably) Tonight?

If you aren't reading Sic Semper Tyrannis, you are really missing out.

Do you know the number of soldiers from your state who have been killed in Iraq ?

ABC: 1960's Military Plans To TERRORIZE AMERICAN CITIES To Provoke War With Cuba

Delta Center Renamed "EnergySolutions Arena" (a Nuclear Waste Dump Company!)

Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, and now Reaganism?

Activist burns himself in protest over war

Yoko Ono calls for December 8th to become a day of worldwide healing

What is Cheney really doing in Saudi Arabia?

How can the Onion compete with this?

Why do we need national service?

Who thinks we are about to find out Bush and his minions crimes are more odious than we imagined?

How you can help the people of Oaxaca. Please do it now. Who, if not you?

When can we officially start a Pissing Contest Forum?

Which (D) pres. candidate would be likely to pursue a 50 state strategy as the nominee?

Is there any way to test someone's racist factor before hiring him or her

The Most Vile Talking Point: "It's time for Iraqis to stand up on their own"

I can't stop LAUGHING!!! Congressman Dingell is planning to KICK SOME ASS!

Can we impeach a Vice President?

Question: Property Tax or Wheel Tax

Impeachment LTTE's all over the nation! Impeachment is a viable option

10 is the new 15 as kids grow up faster ~ MSNBC

Colo. subdivision bans wreath peace sign

BALLAD OF A NEO CON - Tom Tomorrow

If you want to change medical insurance, stop buying it from private

Final House Results, Dems 57%-41% popular vote, (1994: Reps 52%-44%) They really fucked us over

The chain gang was spotted in Boston on Black Friday

Michael Richards tells Jesse Jackson he's "shattered" by comments made at club, and he's not a bigot

Kerry Rejects Yellow Tie; Opts for Blue One Instead

Those paying attention to the facts have had 'the proof' since well before ...

UK scientists invent male 'pill' that can be taken hours before sex

Sen-Elect McCaskill: "People Have Gotten Rich Off This War"

Jewish school smashed up in Austria, man arrested

Lower taxes on wealthy means more taxes collected (Denmark Study)

DU demographic survey #1: Religion

This was posted on here before...but it's too damn funny (Faux News Parody)

Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Al Mohler condemn Islam....scary stuff from O'Reilly.

The Bush vs. Cheney Debate...

Gee W (worthless) Bush...


The Press Corpse

Last Goodbye

Tom Robinson Band | Glad To Be Gay

Bizarre woman (Phelps follower) claims on Fox that Amish girls deserved to die

Let's Impeach the pResident - Neil Young

Bob Dylan - Masters of War

Bob Dylan - 'The Times They Are A' Changin' - 1964...

Blessed Be the Spirits who speak to us

Running Out of Heroes (WARNING-Some graphic war photos)

GOP faces major test

As the new year approaches. We can only hope.

Edwards being discussed on Chris Matthews "8 to Watch for 08" 10 am EST NBC

U.S. involved in Iraq longer than WWII: 3 years, 8 months, 2876 U.S. Military Deaths

Splintered: "ARMED militias are stalking the streets of Iraq’s cities and towns"

US Spends More In One Day In Iraq Than Insurgents Spend All Year

Iraqi Insurgency Is Self-Sustaining, and U.S. Can't Stop Money Flowing In

Is Putin Really A Friend In The "War On Terror?"

Is there a correlation?

Idea to solve all ME conflicts: Bush becomes the anti-Gandhi

Is anyone planning to attend this media conference?

Election Predictions still alive!

so I was shopping for holiday cards online...

Freep solutions for Iraq: "Clean up the stink hole! Round up da' boys, let's have a necktie party!"

Dems warn Iraq government: No rubber-stamp support

Sherrod Brown is a Warrior for the Middle Class

Think Again: The Word 'Liberal'

The Waxman Investigations

Take Patriotism Back From The Freepers

Democrats Should Catapult The Propaganda ?


No shit, Sherlock? "Newly empowered Dems in Congress should not expect the W.H. to cooperate"

"No end to Democrats’ civil war" ~ Dick Morris/Eileen McGann

Schwarzenegger says Sen Inhofe is from the "Stone age"

Pentagon "developing alternative" to Iraq Study Group (Bush might not "like recommendations")

If America calls, will you answer?

The "centrist" position on the war in Iraq

Photos: Evil Dick "No Hidden Agenda, Just Here To Visit, Chat And Go Home" Cheney in Saudi Arabia.

How are things going in Iraq?

after all this turkey, I want some RED MEAT!!

The next election is gonna be fought & won on YouTube.

Did one of the motorcylce officers injured in Bush's Hawaii

Democrats pledge array of investigations

Trent Lott, a racist?

Obama's recent speech on Iraq was just re-run on C-SPAN

Wolf Blizer asking Senators is it time to KILL!! Al Sadr of Iraq..

Is The Television Media Irrelevant?

Photos: Junior & Pickles return from Camp David. Is that a Sears poncho?

If someone wanted to destroy the Democratic Party

Homework question: If the Mil. Commission Act of 2006

Is Obama running?

Today's Lesson in Antonyms -- Clinton vs Bush

Forming a sense of community

Rumsfeld's Abuses Must be Investigated: Karpinski's Got The Goods

so, how could we go about fostering center/left cooperation

Any Wes Clark Threads out there yet?

Sikh businessman turned away from restaurant in dispute over head covering

State chiefs credit Dean for victory

Do I trust Democrats on Veterans issues

The ultimate Bush propaganda

Top Democrats: We want to win elections, no liberal plans

Bushpeachment: When do you think it will start?

National Science Teachers Association turns down 50,000 FREE "Inconvenient Truth" DVDs

Will voters in 08' want a senator, a governor, or a general?

New idea: privatize the police

Chavez Vows To Beat The 'devil'

ecuador elects a leftist friend of chavez

John Roberts: "death that's on the streets of at an astronomical level"

Is experience in the senate a liablity for Presidential candidates?

Blue Dog Coalition: 44 Democratic House members

Wow! This is dishonest!

WP, Broder: A Democratic Tidal Wave in New Hampshire

My message go all Rep/Cons cruising this board

Upon listening to Molly Ivins this weekend...stop the Kumbaya BS Dems!

He's Either Being Paid or He's Stark Staring Mad (yes, of COURSE it's a freeptard)

Your favored Iraq strategy?

Tell me the one best thing about your '08 candidate (if you don't have one, feel free to ignore)

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Hillary Clinton can't win a presidential election?

Barack Obama. What has he done?


The Blue Dogs and the New Dems sold us out on the Bankruptcy Bill.