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Archives: November 24, 2006

Phantom military bases in Iraq

What is the point of Iraq deaths? BY ANDREW GREELEY- WOW

What DID Happen to our Country's Morals: Religious Arrogance

Juan Cole's blog: Green Zone to be attacked en masse.

Escaping Black Friday: Make it Buy Nothing Day

Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm

SIROTA: 'Bipartisanship' shows real power divide--people vs. money

Election 2006 Aftermath – Media Attacks the Not Yet Seated Democratic Congress

Our Moral Superiority About Sex Is Proving Deadly

We Are Revolutionaries by Charley Reese

Argentina: Wave of threats follow disappearance of human rights witness


Scientists predict the next 50 years

Tony Hendra gives thanks

Iraq's Reality Bandwagon

Congress can rescind authorization to use military force to end Iraq War & strip Bush of war powers


US involved for longer time in Iraq than in World War II

Berlusconi faces inquiry into claims he tried to rig election

Secret Service Slip-Ups-Guarding the First Kids Is Never an Easy Job

Thanksgiving Day massacre highlights waning US power

Australia:Troops being sucked into Iraq civil war: Opposition

Moscow dossier embarrasses US and Britain ahead of Riga summit

LAT: Religion rebounds at YMCA

Arctic Gull Recorded in Southern Cal. (Ross' Gull)


Brazil announces its intention to complete the Angra-3 nuclear power plant and add 4 reactors more.

Why take home wasteful packaging? (Star Tribune-Mpls)

Navajo Nation battles yellow 'monster' (uranium mining)

Renewable Energy in Washington State Pays Off

Groups Upset by Claim in Clean Air Suit

Brookfield Power Completes Canada's Largest Wind Farm (189 MW)

Nuclear Waste Dump Faces New Roadblocks

As Fuel Prices Soar, A Country Unravels (Guinea)

$15m deal to boost solar power use (NZ)

The choice is not nuclear energy v coal (OZ)

Dupe, nevermind

Hamas in cry from the heart

Mideast Solution: A Confederation

Israel rejects ceasefire proposal

4pm CSPAN2 - 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out

watch cspan-2 NOW

The NTSB animation of Flight AA77

Hacking Democracy - a question.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 11/24/06

How can Jennings get a fair audit in D13 race, from highly partisan state officials?

WP, Dionne: Sarasota County is the canary in the electronic voting coal mine

Major election manipulation reported in Ohio Kilroy Congressional race-similar to Sarasota & more

Sunni face new conflict in Iraq war


Israel rejects ceasefire proposal

France authorizes troops to fire at Israeli aircraft over Lebanon

Israel rejects ceasefire proposal

A promise from a Congressman -- Frank WON'T run for Senate

Christian Coalition loses leader in dispute

Genetic breakthrough that reveals the differences between humans

Sadr group threatens to quit Iraq govt if PM meets Bush

BBC: (British) Soldier dies in Basra operation

TCS to up billing rates for existing contracts by 3-5 pc (Tata-India)

Bomb suspect tells of 'torture' (in Pakistan)

Blair in fresh party funding row

Australia:Iraq a moral blunder, says war hero

Reuters: Syria hints at non-cooperation with Lebanon court

AP: Bomb Threat Empties N. Ireland Assembly

Moscow dossier embarrasses US and Britain ahead of Riga summit

Azeri independent channel closed (Azerbaijan)

Trade agenda facing defiance-Election of Democrats to snarl Bush plans

NYT: Some Fighters in Iraq Adopt New Tactics to Battle U.S.

BBC: Dollar Weakens

Hatch is confident of stem cell bill passage

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 24

U.S.: Recent Iraq violence aimed at toppling gov't

Sunnis in Bahrain Threatened With Iraq-Style Chaos if Shiite Majority Elected

Microsoft expands IT outsourcing role

1,000 Iraqis a Day Flee Violence, U.N. Group Finds

Burlingame attorney prepares for Plame case

New York Times turns to Supreme Court

U.N. panel cites torture, secret detentions in Chechnya

NYT/AP: Marine Seeking Conscientious Objector Discharge Sent to Iraq

TAL AFAR in Northern Iraq victimized by Car Bomb this morning (22 Dead)

Ecuador's Leftist Candidate Slams Bush

US interference 'allowed terror gang to escape'

Renowned Jazz Singer Anita O'Day Dies

Italian right 'tried to rig poll'

France okays firing at IAF over Lebanon

Reuters: Bayer's GMO rice safe without oversight, USDA says

AP: Shiites burn six Sunni worshippers alive

Cocaine, heroin cheaper than ever in Europe: report

Radioactive substance in ex-spy's body

DNA clears man despite police lab's refusal to do test

Brzezinski Calls Idea to Boost U.S. Forces in Iraq a `Gimmick'

S.Africa should try apartheid era torturers-UN body

Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11

US helicopter fires on Iraqi funeral party-ministry

Gates Advocated Air Strikes on Nicaragua

Ban on 'brutal' fishing blocked (bottom trawling continues)

Colombia's far-right warlords to acknowledge crimes, ask allies to do the same

Aussie PM horrified by killings in Iraq

Vancouver to get first private ER in Canada

Gunman Enters Miami Newsroom (Miami Herald)

Northrop Grumman Engineer Could Get Death Penalty For Selling Classified Info

I hate Thanksgiving, I feel like such a glutton.

I don't want to work tomorrow.

Do vegans have carnivorous pets?

My new DIL made the yummiest cheesecake I ever tasted

I'm fitshaced.

I just made a few remixes ... tell me what you think

Which of these statements do you agree with the most?

I like the leftovers better than the Thanksgiving dinner.

Anybody have Thanksgiving pics to share?


Tell the truth! Who here are going to get their...

Me: 2069

I'm listening to Bob Rivers' Twisted Christmas Radio!

I'm so fucking bored.

I'm getting ready to leave for work right now. It's 4:30 am. Could somebody please call and let me


DU'ers save the day! MUCHOS THANKOS!!!

I am taking the day off from political discussions and reading

Did Billyskank have bread in honor of American Thanksgiving yesterday?

How to run a proper Thanksgiving 'kid's table.' Rule One:

So, I had a not-so-dysfunctional Thanksgiving at my mother's house...

Roll out of bed, eat leftovers for breakfast, crawl back in bed.

YEA!!!!!!! The freaking pantry is organized

I solemnly swear not to purchase anything today.

I miss being able to get customer service from people who speak English.

Happy Black Friday, y'all - this is HUGH!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!2

There's a big black bear in my back yard!

AIIIEEE!!!!!!! The freaking pantry is empty


Do you own a iRobot?

WKRP's Thanksgiving Turkey Drop Youtube Video

Bob was helping a contestant cheat!!

What are you thankful for? I am for:

TV-B-Gone! If you HAVE to shop for presents, consider this lil gadget

If someone answers a personal ad saying they want to meet at your place,

Overheard conversation

So how many radio stations have gone 24/7 X-Mas music where YOU are?

The Fear Merchants

Do you have a favorite music video?

Anybody else working today?

Wow. Thanksgiving went great! I hope yours did too.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/24/06)

I replaced the flapper valve on my toilet today

My Black Friday story. I went to the Ace Hardware in our little town.

So, the kitchen sink clogged up in the middle of making dinner

Do you think anyone's ever said in front of Tucker Carlson...

A roaring fire, a cup of tea and a piece of pumpkin pie

The double standard in attacking Michael Richards

Gentlemen, the faucet works, there is soap and a towel dispenser

UPDATE: All of your words of comfort will help me get through this dark Friday.

The two worst things about the holiday season

How the Pilgrims shaped our sex lives

Isn't thanksgiving really a celebration of when the Pilgrims said...

Thanksgiving report. Wow. My 2nd cousin is the most unhappy evil genius of a 15 year old girl

Why Mrs Fenton and her entire family were banned from KMart

Warning- This Video Contains Recycled Alien Technology

Holiday YouTube thread!

compel two DUers to eat their prawn

Did you hear about the Bush voter...

Charred cat found in roasting pan

anyone else not eat an animal today?

I just got rejected by a girl I wasn't that crazy for in the first place

Who does the smileys? Can I make a request?

Has anyone here ever been to

Post your pictures of home

Ok, pardon my ignorance, but what's this deep-fried turkey stuff everyone is talking about?

BREAKING! "We're more popular than Jesus now;" - John Lennon

angels walk beside us and among us even if

What about the meeting of Leftymom and Flvegan

Spank my ass and dip me in leftovers!


I'm Leaving DU...

Anyone want to come over and take control of things around here today?

Damn, no Dr. tonight

Our outlet mall opened at MIDNIGHT last night.

Encounter with Customs and Immigration - what's your opinion?

The dumbest, most self contridictory LTTE EVER!!

Tim says, "Mom, it may be a dog's life. But I had no idea T-Day would be...

Puzzle of the ages resolved: The egg came first!

Milwaukee DU Meetup TONIGHT!

TAH-DAH! Best Swimsuit Picture of Me Ever Taken! Look carefully...can you figure out where I was???

The BRAZILLION Joke!! On A REAL Birthday Card From Target!! (PICS)

Bigots suck I am rather bigoted towards them!!


so we had ourselves a bigot in for thanksgiving this time

too lazy to look up cooking instructions - can anybody tell me

Tell me why I shouldn't get a dog.

*Upbeat music begins*

I bid you Goodnight and Good morrow.......

The Only Place In Town to Order Pizza is closed

Hubby went shopping with a kid and I went on a 30 mile bike ride today.

Woohoo, I survived hosting my first Thanksgiving

Watching this Texas v. Texas A&M game is depressing me.

To whomever donated to DU for me, thank you!

I've been abandoned in favor of the Xbox 360

Do you have a favorite music video?

If you find Ebert and Roeper's reviews worthy,

Does your brothel charge like a hotel or by the day?

That... thing is hawking DirecTV HD. Complete with phony southern accent.

Burned Fingers....the mark of a true cook...

Let's have a fake freeper flame war.

How many people on your Christmas gift list? And your total budget?

Heebus! My grand-nephew looks like Bill Maher!

Have you ever heard of the Plastics?

When did Marky Mark start doing Antiques Roadshow?

If anybody wants to visit me in January, I'll pay for the plane ticket!

ok anonymous true confessions, Who has naked pics?

Scuse me for barging in... I'm whoring for my BookTV thread...

Yo! tinfoil tiaras! You in this joint, my cat?

Getting drunk and making Turkey Stock...Good things.

Congratulations NewJeffCT!! 15,000 posts

Ok I'm bored...

Sappy Movie Meter

THE FUCKING DEBT IS PAID OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just got off the phone with a friend who works at Target.

May I please say this on behalf of customer service agents everywhere?

Job interviews suck. Getting turned down for a job you don't even want sucks more.

Why do people make fun of Kenny G?

Am I the only one who put up the tree today?

Okay, I admit it. I'm a pansy

The Lounge has seemed like Springtime lately

37 days without rain

It's finally happened. I have heard Elton's "Step Into Christmas."

The "moran" guy is famous!!!

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Yecchhh....I'm in the 700 club

Bob Dylan in concert (pic heavy)...

When a waiter/ess kneels or squats to take your order at a resturaunt. . .

Oh my god....that vaporizer is pure bliss.

I'm leaving everyone...

My feet are cold, and I don't think I should have to wear slippers.

Perverse fantasies with people you'd consciously never date!

X-Box 360 woes

Now, for a very serious question -- which one is more cute?

WTF is it with the new CitiCard ads and the German ? guy and his personal Boy Scout?

Adam Sandler and product placement

Mrs. eggbeater had a good Thanksgiving.

Check out this Bush cartoon.

Friday, November 24. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Should I go see For Your Consideration?

What the hell was I thinking

So, we had us a gay in for the meal tonight....

Philippe Noiret has died.

I am actually afraid to ask this question, but what the hell is a chubby chaser?

Job opportunity question - whether to apply at all


Holiday nightmare stories

Must. Buy. STUFF!

Evening everyone.: who else avoided Black Friday?

Freddie Mercury

Either my Dad is finding his humanity, or he's hid it damned well for 35 years.

Pillsbury crescent rolls are destroying my life.

I've got the DU anthem

The McRib

Fall colors

jmowreader's Black Friday Report

Can Someone Catch Me Up On The New Season Of Battlestar Galactica

Lighten up: here's some jokes

As promised, the Keith Olbermann intro, with the "morans" guy!

I don't care what you Easterners say

Does your kennel charge like a hotel or by the day?

Attn: Harry Potter fans!

HELP! I've been robbed by my Best Friend!! Need advice!!

Black friday update: the registers were fucked up, couldn't do returns, and I got yelled at.

We should hold a College-Off with Free Republic

NES Paul

My dearest California...

WORLD'S COLLIDE!! Matcom & DS1 Together Again!

alright y'all, you can say it's a little early...but it's time for: Jingle Cats...

Do you ever type so fast

My dogs are better than ALL of yours!!

Who else hates Christmas music with a passion?

Jac k Black is a comedic genius - they told me so on tv

Number of times in an average day that you drop an F-bomb

Hallmarks of Felinity (link inside) and a shout out to Miss Honey Church

I just got back from seeing "Bobby"

NAKED FIREMAN ... women only

Ordering pizza in 2010... a visual treat and something to think about. (LINK HERE...)

I think my husband is high on Vicodin.

For Texasgal and GOPisEvil....

I've been told I have too much time on my hands...

Notre Dame versus USC - Who ya got?

Anyone here use a USB portable hard drive.

Anyone seen Bobby yet?

Does any other restaurant ignite the DU Lounge like the Olive Garden?

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to....

___________ and her Hot Tail Section

are Star Trek humans socialists?

Fun with playing cards: De'vo vom Schattenreich and Jerry Czestkowski

Update: still waiting.

So Is Anyone Else Out There Going To Cheer For Oklahoma State

What's the yummiest, smelliest cat food ever?

Too funny - wonder if Sports Illustrated planned this....(photo)

combine two DUers to form their spawn

I just bought my first guitar ever

Hamilton parish votes to withdraw from UCC, though it's not ALL about gays

International Crusade for Holy Relics takes on eBay

A Free-for-All on Science and Religion

The War on Yule

Do we really want to celebrate the same holiday that Hitler did?

Giant Mexican {radio} telescope launched {not into space} (BBC)

Wal-Mart quietly partners with gay group

Willie Pep dies.

"Golf Shot Around the World Mission"

Home field rules again in Beavs v. Ducks! 30-28

Larry Coker Fired!

Pomeroy: Renew your self-esteem and rekindle your purpose

Bye All...

It's Oct 2008 ..... What Issues Will Vets Be Faced With?

An observation from an earlier thread

Estrich's perverse logic:

Kerry Was On to Something and the Big Three Automakers Get It

Kerry approval is less than 50% in MA?

Unbelievable and shocking. The Hell Bush has created in Iraq.

Over the river and through the woods

Anyone see the story of the Iraqi father in Baghdad ceaseless looking for his son.

3 Years Ago I Gave Up Thanksgiving Family Crap. You Can Stop the Maddness

Salvation Army volunteer: "I’ve never seen so many children as I have this year.”

He is an inflammatory question for you....

You're not a freeper

Karel subbing for Bernie Ward -- Talking unemployed -- Call in

Tears of the Forest

Putin Critic: 'The bastards got me, they won't get us all'

Time To Recognize It For What It Is. Classic Stark Naked Colonialism

Yet another thread about Thanksgiving family freeper fighting!

Senator McCain

Rapture Ready board: Christians stopped from praying but not Muslims!

Let's Grow Some Balls, Skip The Media Whores & Pink Tutu Dems And Bitchslap This War Off The Planet

BOOK TV Schedule - November 23rd - 27th

Fresh Leibowitz up: Stephen and Jon discuss Thanksgiving

2,871 U.S. troops now dead in W's war. Iraq again in curfew.

Today's attack in Iraq death toll has risen to 202

You son of a bitch, you couldn't even muster the courage to give them Turkey...

Arrested for Epilepsy

Russian rocket deliveries to Iran started: reports

The Achilles Heel of the 'christian' Right

I'm so fucking bored.

Okay, so what are we looking at?

The new direction in Iraq?

Snopes: "Black Friday" is a myth

Gunmen attack Baghad Sunni neighborhood, burn four mosques

I put my brother out of the car tonight

Book Ban Backfires

here, here! DU! Skinner should know

Politics at the Thanskgiving Dinner Table--post your stories here!

The Christian Suicide Bomber

Same-sex divorce raises new questions for states

Marine seeking discharge sent to Iraq

Hey look, a Freudian Slip!

On Being a Junkie W's statement in welcoming Lott - the true face of the GOP"

WH.Org: W's prayer for Thanksgiving

Senate Democrats Revive Demand for Classified Data...

College Republicans at BU looking stupid - what else is new?

Wrong War, Wrong Time

6 Sunnis burned alive by Shite militia

Shiite bloc threatens walkout if Iraq PM meets Bush

Iraqs Death Squads - Deborah Davies reports from inside Baghdad

"Christian Coalition loses leader in dispute"

War Results & Statistics as of November 15, 2006

Pray for our Pope to make the right decision: Re: condoms.

Interesting demonstrations -- "Nurse-Ins"

RW twit no longer in charge of education in Kansas

Rent-a-pilgrim: he walks, you pay $2,500

What is the point of Iraq deaths?

Appropos the Thanksgiving season, a little H L Mencken...

REDEPLOYMENT BEGINS! Under fire, US marines hand off battered Fallujah

The manipulation of Iraq and gays - Sci-Fi channel movie got me thinking

LAT: Iraq strategy takes page from Vietnam playbook, but Bush, commanders plan to win this time's Survey to help them plan future campaigns

WHY don't products have the ingredients listed on them anymore?

Drug industry to prevent Congress from letting government negotiate drug prices

"Rangel is right about the need for national service"

The psychiatrist interviewing Goerring was wrong and Goering knew it.

Insurgents STILL trying to influence our election!

DOBSON Is Dead Wrong When He Says Liberals Have No Values

Who is US kidding?

Juan Cole posts on the It's-not-a-civil-war happenings:

Please feed children of military families receiving food stamps & help criminal nuns pay restitution

Millions paid to rescue Faux reporters??

Is it time for a new 'resume' for the Shrub?

I guess Baghdad was a tad too dangerous for big dick to visit yesterday.

Yahoo Talk To Power: Talk to Ambassador Karen Hughes (Let it fly!!)

National Parks Service considers opening parks to 'bioprospecting'

Lame Duck too Chicken to serve Turkey to Troops, phones it in.

"The Children were Shouting. I Still Can't Sleep Remembering Their Screams"

If Anyone Needs EVIDENCE That Elec Systems Should Provide Paper Trails-Go To Sarasota-E.J. Dionne

Thanksgiving's Over. That means it's time to suit up for......

Who has the breakdown by ethnic group regarding welfare?

Do you have a favorite music video?

Russian ex-Spy update: Radiation found in spy's body and sushi bar

Saddam's WMD's: Slingshots and Crossbows

Heller/Jones Day/Diebold/Voting

Must watch event with David Ray Griffin, etc. on CSPAN2! Set your TIVOs!

To idiot Republicans and their chauvinistic attitude towards English.

RIP Anita O'Day

Lawyers are ready to fight "War on Christmas"

Zogby poll taking pulse on the "war on Christmas"

Another tale of Thanksgiving dinner conversation woe

The Meritorious Service/Taser Award

An awesome website/blog to add to your favorites list

Xmas Wars: How to respond to those who wish me a "Merry Xmas"?

Time's person of the year poll online (bush, pelosi, chavez, rice, more)

Dobson: Could take "4 or 5 years" to cure Haggard of being gay

Xtian runs amok, burns 'heretic' churches.

Can any Duers give me info on Medical 401 (k)

How (and why) will we leave Iraq?

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel doing his well-wishing...

Pelosi should not choose Hastings or Harman to head Intelligence Committee

Has Ann Coulter been arrested yet?

White House calls Sadr City attacks "senseless"---- Ironic isn't ?

NYT: Significant amount of Polonium 210 would require a nuclear lab

Man walking cross country to end war

I bet we all care about each on//not?

"Prepare To Believe!"-Creation Museum To Open

Damn!!! good thing we invaded when we did!!! what an AWESOME cache

4pm CSPAN2 - 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out

Shiites Burn 6 Sunni Worshippers Alive As US Trained Iraqi Solders Stand By

NYT editorial: GOP majority leaves "memorial to its shameful history of debts and deficits"

Domination the cause of police brutality?

Oaxaca: First-Hand Report From The Front Lines

Drug Industry Is on Defensive as Power Shifts. Want to continue SCREWING Americans...

College Republicans offer whites-only scholarship out of protest..

Are you even thinking of 2008 ?

Australian Company Knew About Iraq Plans A Year Before Invasion- IMPEACH!

When will the CorpoMedia stop giving fundies a microphone?

US Helicopter Mistakenly Fires on Shia Funeral Party Shooting Guns in Air

Video ofsaddam with his primitive weapons

neo cons closing Environmental Protection Agency libraries

I am for the right to keep and bear arms...

A hilarious review in today's UK Daily Mail on Gore Vidal's latest

Have you taken the Harvard Implict Racism test?

Georgie Will Wide His Bikey Wikey This Weekend ---pix--->>>

Senate Democrats Back In Bush's Face Demanding Deep-Sixed Documents

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend 2 All Including Talented Turkey

Text of statement made by former spy. Re: Putin

Sean Insanity's Fill-In is Batshit Crazy

Iraq’s (Bush's puppets) bid for neighbours’ (Iran and Syria) help shows desperation

The CNN Headline Says It All...

Norman Rockwell lied to us.

Support The

Halliburton's Greedy Fingers In Oaxaca Situation

Mass. Gov. Forces Gay Marriage Issue

Too funny - wonder if Sports Illustrated planned this....(photo)

Alice's Restaurant: Group W was for the draft rejects. Like W. Bush?

bush looked into assassin Putin's soul, and approved of what he saw:

"Experts" say Christians must take lead to survive "American Hiroshima"

Governor Ernie Fletcher Grants Partial Pardons to Three Kentucky Women

Firefox extension of the day

Say hello to Ellen

Zombie Chickens!

Scott Ritter is on Randi's show right now

How is Jon Tester ranked 100th in Seniority?

Mom Gets House Arrest After Son Dies

MSRNC stumping for McCain big time..

Anne Curry and Richard Engel. NBC Nightly News, Iraq in full out civil war. video

Bush and "runner's high" as a replacement for the bottle and the straw

Australian War Hero: "Iraq A Moral Blunder"

If you enjoyed your Thanksgiving

Fox News anchor thinks Iraq exit strategy and timetable "a good idea!"

Oy, Americans, You're NOT doing this War on Xmas thing for REAL are you????

How Hard Is It To Get Into The Audience At Hearings?

Moqtada al-Sadr threatens to provoke collaps of governent

Bayer blames god and farmers for GE rice contaminating US rice supply

Pharmauceutical Companies fear Democrats

Shiite militiamen burn six Sunnis alive; Iraqi soldiers do nothing.

Words that really don't go together

Poll: John F. Kennedy's plan for getting out of Viêtnam. Could we use it today in Iraq?

My take on the Draft

I think Maliki won't return from the Jordan talks

Ohio firm recalls turkey and ham

Does this comment on nationalism inside nations of the USSR apply to Iraq?

UN finds mass graves in DR Congo

Do you agree?

Documents Reveal Secret Talks Between U.S. and Armed Iraqi Resistance

Big Pharma Lobby Scrambles To Hire Democratic Operatives...

X-Box 360 woes

Keith is back!!!

UK Investigation - Suspected Terrorists Allowed to Escape Because Of US Interference

Rep. Trancredo: Bush wants US to merge with Mexico, Canada

Silver in clothing keeps odors away

Get yer red hot up 'n' coming Republican comedians here!

This year my Holiday Present to all will be:

A Draft was possible immediately after 9/11

If Al-Maliki takes a lot of luggage and backpacks

DU this poll. Do you expect Bush/Maliki meeting to bring positive results?

Racists popping up everywhere. Michael Irvin: athletic Cowboys quarterback must have Black ancestor.

Despite a Year of Ire and Angst, Little Has Changed on Wiretaps

Gates Advocated Air Strikes on Nicaragua (WaPo)

How many days is it since Dem's took Congress and how many times

Kathy Kelly to James Baker: “Tell the Truth about Iraq!”

Trial By Media: Michael Richards

“heckler’s veto”

When I Say Iraq

Cities Compete in Hipness to Attract Young - NYT

Screw the draft, here is my crazy (and probably a little dumb) idea:

Expiration Dates On Medicines Questioned

Bush sings Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2

PAUL KRUGMAN - When Votes Disappear

Iraq is such a mess--should we bring back Saddam?

My job is becoming Totalitarian...

Does this guy look like a person who would poison someone?

Beer Goggles Explained Mathematically - fun revisited

The best Thanksgiving ever in my memory

Radical Fringe Toon Friday 11/24 - use to be an insult...

Let's talk about Iran

Women Asked to Leave Seminar

**Numbers show gays may have handed Democrats the Senate**

The Pakistan Observer: Al-Qaeda — a Zionist weapon against Islam

U.S. can't ignore victims of Agent Orange

Dead Spy's Father calls poison 'a tiny nuclear bomb' !

Does anyone here watch Headline News's Glenn Beck?

Wonderful idea for the Xmas season!

Everything that is happening in Iraq is the Bush Administration's fault...

I really like Alcee Hastings, however, he is not right for Intel Chairman

CNN is asking "Is Iraq in civil war?" poll

The Corporate Criminals of Oaxaca

Holiday Weekend ---pix--->>>

Help! I think my 13 year old is turning into a Republican. What do I do?

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag!!!

GA Private School : Two students expelled over bomb

Since my timing sucked the first time...

OMG!!111!!! Proof that Saddam had WMD - video! This is HUGH!!1

I recently saw "The Corporation" on the Sundance Channel . . . highly recommended . . .

Sneak preview of Bush's huge secret building project in Iraq...

Great ideas don't come along often enough. Here's one:

Why I love DU ..... it is snark-tastic!

"In every case, when the principle occupying force pulled out its army, the fighting subsides,"

Fox news poll asks Shopping mall parking lots full before dawn: proof America's middle class is stro

Political Trivia!

Give a truly Dem gift with no price-tag this holiday season

Debate - The Google Book Text Search Project

Just Watched An Inconvenient Truth on DVD

If I was a Dem in Congress, I wouldn't be calling for impeachment now either

US nuclear laboratory supercomputer packs a punch

Thanksgiving Dinner With Neocon Family Members - How was it this year?

Teenager's claim that he achieved nuclear fusion in his parents' basement gains notice

Isn't threatening people's kids with a draft to 'wake them up' a form of terrorism?

MTV bans new Faithless "Bombs" video - MUST SEE! Brilliant work!

SOTU 2007: Stand in Silence, Together

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday for some science fun

Any freeper troll who is against contraceptives, please read:

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle: For Some People, Intimacy Is Toxic

WP: Energy Firms Come to Terms With Climate Change

Free Speech or Hate Speech

Question: I've been a DU member for years, but I rarely post.

Is it possible that the decision not to seek impeachment is because

DUers what documentaries

Iraq: Kissinger's 'decent interval', take two...

Will bu$h Finish His Second Term?

Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Paul Wellstone

DOLLAR FALLS - Does this scare you as much as it scares me? Opinions please.

Pardon the intrusion Mr. Bush, but isn`t this an emergency?

Donald Trump calls Condi a bitch

Couple Horrified By Richards' anti-Semitic rant

Leahy Demands Docs: "I expect real answers-or we’ll have testimony under oath until we get them"

Feingold "I don't support impeachment though President has committed impeachable offenses"

Leo Strauss's (Neocon Philosopher) Strategy of Deception

With Us Or Against Us In Iraq

Sound Familiar? A Distant Bell Perhaps?

Alexander Litvinenko's dying statement, and his father's tribute

Nora just blamed the dems for the current violence in Iraq!

The whole damn thing started in Texas...TX Gop platform lays it all out.

Expect Reports Of A Bad Black Friday For Retailers

When you voted for change, did you vote for this?

Teens Frustrate Military Recruiter's ASVAB Scam

A penny, somewhere, just dropped

"After all, it’s just a word, right?"

The real reasons for war

If you could ADD a holiday, which one would it be?

Fabulous- Aussie Atheist Goes Door To Door In Salt Lake City To Convert Mormons

I went to see Bobby this afternoon

FINALLY - MSM admitting it is CIVIL WAR in Iraq. Dems need to pound this home

Fourteen Draft Articles of Impeachment Against Bush AND Cheney

Year by Year, I remind My Coward Relatives on T'giving

Any Mensa DUers? 3 math/physics problems for your consideration:

CNN poll: is it civil war yet?

Phenomenon of 'gaydar' studied

Rush Limbaugh Attacks The Michael J Fox TV Ad

CBS Arianna free Speech...

Wafa Sultan Debating Islamic Cleric...

Propagandhi - U.S. Foreign Policy: A Study in Hypocrisy...

JFK's 1960 acceptance speech from Hyannis Port armory.

Pelosi and JFK in the 50s. Two good people.

Judy Garland Performs America The Beautiful in JFK Tribute

Robert F. Kennedy's Statement on Dr. King's Death - Montage...

'Why Can't America Have Human Rights?'...

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment - 9/11

Buffalo Springfield:

Bush bloopers.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis A Tribute...

Break The Chain

Arab Wafa Sultan Clashes over Islamic Teachings & Terrorist...

Fascism & Democracy in America

Fuhrman Freaks Out Over O.J. Simpson (courtesy of Alan Colmes)

Did the CIA Kill Bobby Kennedy? Part1

Great idea to keep campaign workers on the radar for next time. Share it around. .

Obama/Richardson 08

It Couldn't Have Happened to a Nicer Guy!

Ok, when do we get to gerrymander?



Winning hearts and minds...

I know this is "old news" but...

Yesterday, Iraq State TV announced a Cheney visit....

The Friday Political Grab Bag

Did Putin have Litinenko killed?

Registering as an Independent

The meme is now "Iraqi Civil War"

In Video, Hussein Uses Slingshots and Bows to Rally Iraqis for War

I cannot find H.J. Res. 114 vote on the House side

How Safe Is Iraq? Bush Schedules Meeting With Iraqi Leader ... In Jordan

CNN headline: Out of control

US should call emergency meeting of UN...

The Freeps have Iraq all figured out: "Bomb the shit out of them from 30,000 ft"

Bu**sh** admin spending $120M/yr to fight lawsuit by Native Americans ?

Bob "Douchebag of Liberty" Novak: "Bush is no malevolent tyrant..."

Anti-U.S. cleric al-Sadr a key player in Iraq

Reporters John Harris and Jim VandeHei leave Washington Post for political website

Remember HeyJohn:

McCain In New Hampshire Paper: Without More Troops, We Won't Win

06 victories no one talked about

Free Trade, Expensive Drugs

So..How Did Your Thanksgiving Turn out?

I just saw the movie "Bobby" and

"this is not just a civil war -- by historical standards, it's a relatively large scale civil war."

Did LBJ order JFK's death?

regarding campaign yard signs...

Do you hate Bush?

Zogby impeachment poll

Clark/Obama 2008

Why does DU like Gore so much?

Leaked Big Pharma Memo: Santorum “leaves a big hole”

Poll Says Majority Of Christian Right Won't Vote For Romney, A Mormon

What does America need more? A Conservative Dem or Liberal Republican?

Wow! Just Wow! Mrs. Edwards' 'editorial' just now on CBS Evening Newz

Am I right in thinking an Al Franken senate race would help the Democratic Presidential candidate ?

Did Sirhan Sirhan act alone in killing Bobby Kennedy?

I saw one of the 31 percent who support * today

2008 Candidates I don't want to hear another damn word about


Can military or former military people be good Dems?

Kerry Was On To Something and the Big Three Automakers Get It

ALL of our Democrats should be welcome in EVERY state...even the South.