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Archives: November 21, 2006

An Ideologue for Hire Gets New Alliance

A Free-for-All on Science and Religion (gloves coming off?)

The US Embassy in Bagdad - a monument to Bush's insanity

Shot dead on his way to work: comic who gave Iraqis a laugh

Iraq - Unwinnable and Unsolvable! Exactly as Planned

Limiting Family Planning for the Poor

The Limits of Euphoria in a Political Dogfight

Jesse Jackson: War Supporters Must Face the Music

Perfect Killing Method, but Clear Targets Are Few (Insurgents outwit snipers)

Dick Cheney: The Most Dangerous Man in the World by Cenk Uygur

An Interview with Michael Isikoff (KEVIN ZEESE)

An Opening on Abortion? By E. J. Dionne Jr. --WaPo

Wesley Clark: Timetables are a bad idea

Some Canadian Liberals Unhappy With Dean

The Alliance of the Ignored: Power Perceived Versus Power Achieved

Sparing Saddam: beyond victor's justice

Pelosi team tries to steer Democrats to the center (Boston Globe)


Venezuela electoral army gets out votes for Chavez

"Signs of progress in the fight against meth" (The Oregonian)

Australia's First Large-Scale Desalination Plant Now Online Near Perth

Oz could have 25 nuclear power plants by 2050

A question for all you chemist/physicists out there...

A locally harvested (Thanksgiving) menu takes some legwork (100 Mile Diet)

Der Spiegel - BMW's Hydrogen 7 Farcically Inefficient, Dirty

TEEN GOES NUCLEAR: He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

Fight Shaping Up Between Warner (R-VA) & Inhofe (Asshole - OK) On Senate Environment Cmte.

Outback Spirit Dries Up In Face Of Record Drought

Modified cottonseed could feed people (AP/CNN)

Australian Senate: Worry NOW — peak oil imminent.

Farmers seeking salvation in wind

Environmental cost of Sweden's imported food

CNN/AP: Global warming already killing species, analysis says

E&E cartoon crosspost.

Zoo kills rare Abyssinian Lions and sells the bodies to be stuffed.

People's Bank Of China Governor Announces PRC Favors Carbon Tax - 180-Degree Shift

Indian Government Seriously Pissed At China's Plan To Dam, Divert Brahmaputra River

Oz Outback Ranchers Reduced To Catching Feral Goats - Only Things Left To Sell - CSM

Atmospheric Methane Levels Leveling Off - Possible Link To Fires, Oil Industry - AFP

Melbourne Warns Residents - Prepare For Unprecedented Water Restrictions

6 nations plus EU sign accord for nuclear fusion project (link to GD thread)

Vietnam Planning On Building 17 New Coal-Fired Plants By 2020 - Xinhua

As Brazilian Logging Slows, Frontier Towns Begin To Evaporate - Guardian

Government Offers Air Pollution Advice To Beijing Residents - Stay Inside - AFP

Sunnier Forecast For Solar Energy

World's largest solar power station to be built in NW. China city

John Howard's Climate Policy Sleight-Of-Hand - Guardian

Motorists face new costs for highways (USA Today)

Hail Storm Kills 14 In Vietnam - Four Missing - AFP

L.A. urban farmers plow new fields (in Watts)

Cycling enthusiasts hope that they'll see Congressional gains

Massachusetts Represents Huge Solar Energy Opportunity

Blaming the Nomads: China's Yellow River begins to disappear.

Scheme to cut 'carbon footprint'

States sign nuclear energy pact (fusion) - BBC

IDF forces operating in central, northern Strip

Olmert vs. Sderot / As Qassams fall, Sderot kids don't want to go home

Free Barghouti

Hamas says it is willing to stop Qassam fire at Israel

Precedent-setting ruling: State must recognize gay marriage

Creating Positive Facts on the Ground

2 Italian aid workers kidnapped in Gaza

UN official: Israel should review its 'entire' military policy in Gaza

Swedish human rights worker viciously attacked by Jewish extremists in Hebron

Man critically hurt as Qassams hit near Sderot

Report: Jewish Settlements Built on Palestinian Property

Israeli Map Says West Bank Posts Sit on Arab Land

Sweden: Israeli response to Hebron attack lacking

UN Commissioner rejects meeting families of abducted soldiers

WTC 1993 Bombing - There were warnings

Oil, Smoke & Mirrors - Documentary

The rubber meets the road in Florida!

Stephen Heller's public statement on his plea deal

Diebold whistleblower Stephen Heller strikes a plea deal

Wow! VoteTrustUSA Election Integrity News Now Available Online!

Fred Grimm: Tiny town could be Waterloo for vote machines

M. Collins: Paper for President - The Time is NOW

Florida Democrat SUES over STOLEN House Election - 17000 milling votes

Disparity in the Miami-Dade County Undervotes

Jackson bids farewell to The Hobbit

Bush Weighs Next Step on Troops in Iraq

Iran Invites Iraqi, Syrian Presidents

Some Canadian Liberals Unhappy With Dean

Murdoch cancels "ill-considered" OJ Simpson book, interview

Pelosi: Relieving Middle Class Tops List (no draft)

Bill & Hil's neighbors shot (3 houses away)

Reuters: U.S. air strike kills three in Baghdad's Sadr City

Venezuela electoral army gets out votes for Chavez

Kansas Republican eyes presidential bid (Brownback)

Twin bomb blasts hit Indian train

U.S.-Iraqi raid in Sadr City nets militia suspect in U.S. soldier abduction

Rome's Ciampino airport closed after bomb threat

Radioactive thallium linked to 'Sushi spy'

Annan Says U.S. 'Trapped in Iraq'

Oman accuses US of handing Iraq to Al-Qaeda

(Florida) State Rep. Kendrick switches to GOP

(Iraq) Twin Pipeline To Turkey Rendered Useless, Says Minister

Democrats Plan Series of Votes on Ethics Reforms --WaPo

(Iraqi) Cabinet ministers desert offices following threats

U.S. troops blow up cars in Baghdad (security breach inside Green Zone?)

NSA wiretapping documents won't be released

Prosecutors drop Lay appeal

Lebanese Christian leader killed

Anti-terrorism unit takes over investigation into poisoned spy

Sectarian accusations fly in Iraq's parliament

Mugabe, Ahmadinejad thumb nose at US, Britain

CNN/AP: Global warming already killing species, analysis says

AP: Annan says U.S. 'trapped in Iraq'

CBS4 Investigates Army Recruits' 'Moral Waivers'

Experts: Nepal king may face charges

NYT: U.S. Considers Raising Troop Levels in Iraq

Need Help Finding a Video PLEASE...Video of troop giving cookies to Iraqi @ Power Plant

More troops to Iraq - Australia

Iraq: over 3,700 civilians killed in October in new monthly high, UN reports

Lieberman hires former Christian Coalition spokesman as new communications director

Kelly Ripa Says Clay Aiken Acted Inappropriately When He Co-Hosted Her Show

News Corp. (Fox) accused of hush money offer

Democrats, GOP differ on cost of illegal phone-jamming

Rally outside Boston federal courts for imams

U.S. to accept all but one of Iran's nuclear work requests

Berlusconi and Mills face trial

AP: Democrat in N.M. House Race Concedes

Google passes $500 a share

Peace deal ends Nepal's civil war (BBC)

WP: For Plan B, A Broader Reach: 'Morning After' Pill Goes on Sale OTC

Bill Clinton saved (Pakistani Prime Minister) Nawaz Sharif from hanging

WP, pg1, Thomas Ricks: Flaws Cited in Effort To Train Iraqi Forces: US Officers Criticize Program

Cancer-like disease killing off citrus, hurting industry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 21

WP: Treasury Secretary Paulson Says Business Is Over-Regulated: Still Backs Sarbanes-Oxley

WP: Iraq to Restore Long-Severed Relations With Neighbor Syria ("a conduit for insurgents")

Birds Eye Foods recalls frozen-squash packages (Also Wet Wipe Recall)

Key Lebanese politician assassinated

Bush to Propose New Ties for NATO

O.J. Simpson Project Could Turn on Web

Ex-Jabil exec won't go to prison

An Ideologue for Hire Gets New Alliance

LAT: For UCLA taser cop, not the first violent incident (shot homeless man)

India perched atop fake drugs list

White House lowers economic projections

New Survey: Iraqis Want a Speedy U.S. Exit -- and Back Attacks on Our Forces

Partnership for Civil Justice settles landmark lawsuit against DC police (demonstrations against W)

War in Iraq could turn Muslims to terrorism, says (UK Home Secretary) Reid

WP: Democrats Plan Series of Votes on Ethics Reforms: "Unorthodox approach"

Dell profit rises 12%; sales up 3.5% to $14.4 billion

6 nations plus EU sign accord for nuclear fusion project

8 Dead, 15 Missing in Poland Mine Blast

Yellowstone would leave gates open to snowmobiles

AP: Bush, Iraqi Prime Minister to Meet (in Jordan next week)

Wiccan memorial plaque installed at veterans cemetery

Church Fears It Was Scammed in Home Sale (Katrina victims)

U.N. says 39.5 million people have HIV

Puzzle Leads to Teacher's Resignation

'King of Hobos' Dies at Age 89

ABC News: Students Dropping Out of High School Reaches Epidemic Levels

New Survey: Iraqis Want a Speedy U.S. Exit

Marine arrested in baby son's death

Woman's Family Sues CNN, Nancy Grace

NYT: Giuliani Goes Exploring: Files papers with FEC to "test waters" for Presidental bid

Nursing Moms Rally at Airports

Breaking: Director Robert Altman Dead

Tapes Provide First Glimpse of Secret Gitmo Panels

U.S. to require passports for nearly all

AP: Schmidt (Mean Jean) Wins (in OH)

Arizona growers race against the clock to find winter harvest workers

(CNN) Poll: More Americans prefer Bush's father

Woman, 92, Dies in Shootout With Police (Drug Bust Wrong House?)

Bush's Travel Director Mugged in Waikiki


AP: Global Warming killing some species

'Supernannies' to tackle antisocial children (UK-Blair)

BU group offers white scholarship

Report: First Daughter Barbara Bush Robbed

Pelosi Announces Democratic Forum on Iraq

CNNI: Lebanese Cabinet Minister and Christian leader Gemayel has been assassinated

Polygamists fight to decriminalize bigamy

Former president Bush battles Arab critics of his son ("My son is an honest man")

NASA looks at plan to blot out Sun

AP: 6 Imams Removed From Twin Cities Flight

Lurk here if you are posting.

I'm feeling very Bad right now.

A word to the wise...

"Heroes": One of the greatest show tie-ins ever ("The Office")

I'm feeling pretty had and homely right now

i'm feeling pretty plaid right now

Gramma's and Great Gramma's used to have some talents

World's clumsiest burglar.

"Don't eat or drink anything after midnight"

DU is so damn addicting.

I'm feeling pretty Brad right now

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

ask me a why question in the next 20 minutes or so

We were driving all day

Bush Stamp Joke.. bwaaaahahahahahahah

I had my first dream about a DUer! Ask me anything

Like sci-fi?

any mechanics in the house?

I Need To Get Me a

Full Report on my Stinking, No Good Monday!!!


Why I Love My Parents

Arrrgghhhhh! I was invited to a thanksgiving dinner I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO GO. TO.

MrsG! Where are you?

Damn but my ignore list has gotten long these days

Nancy Pelosi must have closed the window

I've got 42 posts until I hit the 2500 mark. Ask me anything.

Britney Reportedly Threatening To Give Sex Tape Away Free

Paw traps..makes me want to punch something

So what do DUers think about Michael "Kramer" Richards racial meltdown?

Police Say Man Was Drunk When He Crashed and Sunk Boat

My son loves pain de viande

What Freepers find funny

I'm feeling very glad right now.

Hey Everybody, I Saw Clintmax last night! He Says Hello!!

Optical Illusion Kitten Pic @@

The dilligence of the 20 month old

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Group W bench

The Global Orgasm for Peace

why did you leave your last relationship?

Hello Everybody!

Woman Who Claimed Abduction Was Actually At Busch Gardens - Arrested

Laurie Anderson, "O Superman" (electronica, spoken word)

Greatest singing trio ever!!!

A link to THE funniest thread in the world!

Now that we all know that Ohio State is the best football team in the land, a few post game

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

What are you listening to?

Congratulations Violet_Crumble!! 10,000 posts

Whats the best way to send something to Australia?

A Syracuse Turducken

Quadriplegic Man Files Complaint Against Police Over Dog Feces

Stolen Dog Found 700 miles from home--Happy Reunion

Tomorrow at this time I will start the fire to smoke the meat, takes a few hours to get the coals

I am's only 10PM here in California...and yet...

Couple Get Married At Monster Truck Show

We need something that tells us when our year's donation is up

Any deep fried turkey breast feeding recipes???

Scarlett Johansson Criticizes President Bush

OK, time to fess up.

My first class was canceled, and I have five and a half hours 'til my next one.

Guess who is on my TV right now! Just guess!

funyuns are not fun

Let the good stuff commence

Any home-grown poets in the house?

A degree like this will help you get a job with the Bush Administration.

I'm feeling very sad right now.

Shit. Robert Altman is dead.

Anyone here allergic to novacaine?

I am mad at LostinVA

you know, this "Kramer" tirade has got me thinking....

Some very interesting things in the film DeJaVu

Was anyone else besides me unable to access DU all morning?

Waaaaaaaah, 'Get Smart' DVD collection is on backorder.

Can I go to work without a bra?

help me out...whats so bad about being MY sex object?

Do you find chips sexy?

Do you find CHiPs sexy?

Help me out here. What is so bad about being a sex object?

Do you find dips sexy?

Do you find dopes sexy?

"A Scanner Darkly"...who's seen it?

I wish somebody would crush me...

Looks like someone had some second thoughts..

From the Holy Crap desk of the Matcom News Service.

Anyone here allergic to cocaine?

OK, time to fess up.

Executive Who Stole $1.8 Million Uses Paxil Defense To Escape Jail

Another Thanksgiving ruined because of father and son differences.

Bartcop's Poker Tournament

I haven't posted here since Sunday.

Anyone tried a tofurky?

Woke up with a little allergen tucked under my arm

Moby on Bill O'Reilly. Can you "wear" an iPod?

Woke up with a little turducken tucked under my arm...

Would you do it if you knew that you would get away with it?

My Temperature Is Fluctuating Wildly

Having a Bear for Thanksgiving? These people are.

Virgin Mary Statue Stolen - Found With Painted Mustache

Favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

OK, time to dress up.

Reminder: Food Shelves in dire need of donations this time of year!

Beverage Company Offers Pea-Flavored Soda

sorry dupe

When dead, what would you like to be remembered for?

Bum rant: how can Thunderbird take longer to get me drunk than Mad Dog?

Lovely...Just sneezed on June Cleaver

Nerdy rant: how can Thunderbird take longer to compile than gcc?

Britney & K-Fed (Fed-ex) to issue joint statement: "There is no sex tape." And a nation weeps.

When dead, what would you like to be dismembered for?

Favorite San Francisco value?

Kelly Ripa, Clay Aiken feud........................

Holiday giving for the broke?

Will * bring the troops in Iraq another fake turkey this year?

MN Twins...Cy Young...Batting champ...and MVP...Wahoooo!!!

Very weird -- Islands levitating in the Bermuda Triangle

Fucking real life...

Free solar panels for your home

Favorite current or former "Mrs.Cruise"?

Just maybe the cutest kitty pic ..ever...

What's the word for underwater Gaydar?

Time to give some love...say something nice about a fellow DUer

Lovely...Just sneezed on my cleaver...

VIDEO: Another Great Sitcom Moment - TAXI


Homeowner Swings Machete At Men Urinating In Front Of His House (One Shot)

PKD Fans...What's Your Favorite Book?

About now, you're all wondering...

I just brought in my Norfolk pine for my tree this year. This is the last year I can use it.

Donation question

I turned down a chance for another job on principle.

Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons

ah fuck. My roommate is gonna be hella pissed at me.

Can you yodel?? NO...? Bet you can if you try this... (SEE JOKE BELOW)

Happy birthday jus_the_facts & classicfilmfan!!

One of my favorite sit com lines ever: From Frasier

Daffy vs. Donald

What's the ewe behind the mask really like?

My dog's cruciate ligament is ruptured...... I can't decide what to do.

I shit you not, Rockstar Supernova CD fucking ROCKS!

who here knows how to preserve very old letters, documents..

TOON: The Evacuation of the Capitol Building

Interpretive dance or ...

Hey good news!

Wheeled Shoes Top List Of Worst Toys

Any tips for dealing with Jenis envy?

If You Could Force Yourself To Be Happy

Sorry to sound like Captain Kirk, but...

Does Wonder Woman sit on men?

KO cracks me up!

Did you know Wonder Woman and Superman had a daughter?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/21/06)

Ween - "Quebec" - is this album bloody brilliant or what?

Attention advertisers: "Wherefore" does not mean "where."

Ritalin. i need advice.

Ladies - would this be a good gift for you?

I cant..................


"Oh Puglsey, don't have more than 5 pieces of cake now!"

Tuesday, November 21. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I see the crybaby Yankee fans and baseball nerds are apoplectic...

So I went Christmas shopping and bought myself 3 books

AMA comments

Happy Fun Ball!


What is the prime rate right now? For a house mortgage, etc......

Mom's Health Takes A Turn For The Worse

Interesting journal entry on

Our Planet Is Really Named Earph

What have you done to cast asparagus on our nation and president?

A question about college aged children...what contact do you have

Dixie Chicks about to perform on the AMA on ABC

What's worse than a sinus headache?

HBO's "Rome"

Stop it! Just stop it!!

The lust thread!

Word from the wise: Do not rub your junk after you chop a jalapeno.

Word from the wise: Do not stuff your 'trunk' with chopped jalapenos.

Peter Jackson Will NOT Be Director Of "The Hobbit" WTF??

I just got my twine redefined.

UFC video from last Saturday: Matt Hughes vs, Georges St. Pierre

OK - so when the heck will Boston Legal be back on??

Ahhh Warren, I miss ya bro...

You'd think the world was coming to an end in our house.

What will you play in the DU band?

A very un-PC funny

I just got my spine re-aligned

I got yelled at today by the Goodwill Box attendant.

And now, I cast Asparagus on you all! Bwahahaha!

I met the most awesome panhandler

Holy Crap - I Just Saw The Coolest Storm Move In Over Puget Sound

$12 for a can of Campbell's Soup?

Isn't Kelly Ripa that annoying broad in that Tide......

College scholarship for WHITES ONLY

"And I Hope That You Die.... And Your Death Will Come Soon...."

What does one do for (to) a cat who insists on teaching himself things?

oh, wow, man: world record jay

I just made my pumpkin pie filling

Asparagus is *always* better than Aspergillus!!!

The love thread!

Lovely...Just sneezed on my Beaver...

Finally! A "Thread" thread!

oh, wow, man: world record jay

This is beautiful....

hippie thread

Any tips for dealing with envy?

What would you do if you found out your company was

Lovely...Just sneezed on my Wiener...

How much ruby-red grapefruit flavored vodka can a kitten drink

DAMM MITT! I found a great potato recipe, tho't I bookmarked it, now I can't find it!!

favorite MASH quotes thread in honor of Robert Altman

Sacha Baron Cohen to marry

bought myself the coolest birthday present

I'm digging the juxtaposition of my new avatar and sig....

Tommorrow and, gonna be busy....

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, how many people will you be hosting? 36 for us this year,

Craigslist spelling lesson O' the Day!

Is there a way to shave with an electric razor...

What's the you behind the mask really like?

When making Spiced Cranberry Sauce with Zinfandel...

GD is chock-full of fuckwits......

I made it through my minor surgical procedure today!

Anyone watch Heroes last night?

Lettuce not cast asparagus upon onion other

What do y'all know about Mazda pickup trucks?

It´s a girl!

Hey ! I just watched Monster House !

Who thinks Edward Norton would make a GREAT FDR in a historical film ?

Did anyone see Bill Clinton on Ellen's show today?

Jon Stewart - pot smoker, or not?

I've had dial-up for years. I'd like to switch to high speed. Recommendations?

Letterman just said: "Watching Britney and Kevin try to outsmart each other. . .


Posted a short story if anyone is interested

Good educational holiday gifts for a 4 year old


Well THAT was almost completely no fun at all

Persimmons: Great fruit, or the Greatest fruit

OMG . . . Jessica Simpson said we should all pray for peace in the Midwest

What do you do if you have no job, no future, and no hope...

Robert Altman has died.

For those of you that do the "Christmas Thing"...

Word from the wise: Do not rub your eyes after you chop a jalapeno.

What's the one thing you wish you could do like the opposite sex does?

Lookie what I got today!

Wishing you all good things for Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season. (NICE PHOTO)

what does your nickname mean?

I'm having a raging adult tantrum.

Is Gaydar real?

Vintage amp pr0n

So tell me, what's your position on DU?

eggbeater has passed away.

Who makes your heart melt? (For me AND Buddhamama) Post your own photos!

Best Sitcom moment EVER: As God as my witness I thought Turkeys could fly (video)

Santa's Pole....

Would you eat a burger with 8000 calories?

Never had this happen before

City Passes Law Outlawing Rednecks..

Kelly Ripa Says Clay Aiken Acted Inappropriately When He Co-Hosted Her Show

heard a nasty rumor re "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip:" cancelled?

My father-in-law can't work a mouse. Is there a special "senior" version?

Took a nap and dreamed about Daniel Craig in his torture scene in "Casino Royale"...

Any point watching American Music Awards tonight?

It's time to cast asparagus on another DUer!

I'm feeling pretty rad right now

Just new tonight...a few select sunset pics...

Brother Theodore

words have failed me - Venetian-Princess ~

City Passes Law Outlawing Rudeness

Just in case you were wondering ..

Lovely... Just sneezed on my cleavage...


24 Season 6 Preview Trailer!

Got 20 minutes or so? Interesting IQ Test....

So, what does one do with lefse?

I'm feeling very sad and lonely right now.

A question for DU guys

Sexiest Song Ever?

Heavenly Offer!

Muslim scholar calls for a boycott of US Airways

Westminster: Bishops call for total nuclear disarmament (UK)

Priest Running For Canadian Parliament To Abstain On Gay Marriage Vote

F.C. Episcopal Church Faces Fight to Keep Property After Voting to Exit Denomination

Vatican Concludes Study on Condoms

Scott Adams: "Atheists are the new gays"

Atheism behind mass murders

A Suggestion for the Christians on the Board...

Earth still trying to contact the Mars Surveyor

Skepticism greets claim of possible alien microbes

oy gevalt

TEEN GOES NUCLEAR: He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

Nuclear fusion deal 'victory for humanity' (Reuters/CNN)

Precedent-setting ruling: State must recognize gay marriage

Go watch this over in the Political Videos forum.

Penguins, dog vomit and human sexuality

Pelosi: DADT to stay for now, there are "more urgent national-security priorities"

Gays vs. the bible -- "USA Today" debate

Post a picture of you and your SO

DJ Gallo - ESPN Page 2 Columnist

Arizona Cardinals are giving away turkeys to the homeless today...

Twins' Morneau Edges Jeter for A.L. M.V.P.

"Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?" SUN HITS SAGITTARIUS 11/22@6:02AM w/ Mars close behind

Anyone hear the radio ads about "prayer"?

for those who are interested in the Maya thing...

Daily OM: "Asking for What You Want - Cocreating With the Universe"

astrologers, how does 2007 look for Pelosi?

Anyone ever know a "familiar"?

Holographic repatterning

OT: Webb article from 1980 -- for draft, thinks volunteer army is "unmitigated disaster"

OT: McCain and Iraq

This is sad and cruel!

The New Senate Small Biz Chair Speaks [Forbes]

Hillary's money

I thought this was funny.

Help formulate a response for a JK friend

Anyone know much about an Ed Perlmutter?

Kerry in Virginia yesterday (article in the Virginian-Pilot).

OT: Interesting info on Iraq

The Democratic Daily makes the NYT!!!

OT: The entire family is delusional!

News from the homefront (all of it ominous)

Another example of stupid reporting... Kerry was NOT drafted.

Okay, now I've stepped in it . . .

The Winter of My Discontent

Please, Photo Group, go to this thread, K & R & add your message

looking for your opinion - an idea for some challenges

Photo on the front of Komo News - of Seattle today

*** the NOVEMBER photo CONTEST is up in GD **************************************

My attempt at silhouettes

I don't want to be a "daddy"

And in today's "so I'm sitting at home when I see a cop car speeding by" thread

CNN poll: Poppy made a better President than Chimp progeny, 61%-25%

Comedian SINBAD: "Have Richards come to club on Black Night to 'apologize' "

more discussion on Iraq, what a "win in Iraq" means

US Presidental Dollars - you have GOT to be kidding me

Mass: State psychiatric hospitals to stop admitting new patients

Is Bill Clinton a ChickenHawk?

So...The Economy Is Strong, heh, Mr President?

Rove going? Bipartisonship? Freepers in a tizzy

I'm a beer chugging, pot inhaling, cigarrete smoking, sex addict.-vote4me

When Religion Loses Its Credibility

Insurgent channel back on the air in Iraq

Military Data Reveal Tips on Antiwar Activities

Bush net-approval positive only in UT (12%), ID (12%), WY (1%)

Have the RW'ers gave you any reasons why Bush/GOP shouldn't be investigated?

Need some terrorism fact-checking please

More fresh Leibowitz: Jon impersonates Bush

Exactly WHY Does the Christian Coalition Support Israel Right or Wrong?

More Delusional Freepers re: "Al Qaida Superspy"

U.S. airstrikes reportedly kill three Iraqis, including six-month old infant - What are we doing??!!

Wolf has himself a neo-con fest (Adelman, Rubin, Frum)

Klein (WND) Dissembles About His Fox News-Hostage Ransom Article

It ain't pixie dust

The freeper has left the lab

Flaws Seen in Markets for Utilities

After seeing Michael Richards apologize, do you still think he's racist?


bill o'reilly: "It's a culture war victory...& I am the messenger", on O.J.

typical college Republican -crude image, but funny

Atheism behind mass murders

Are DU activists becoming strategists?

Farah Finally Notices Politically Motivated Bush IRS Audits

Malloy podcast doesn't have last night's show?

Straw Poll

Murdoch cancels "ill-considered" OJ Simpson book, interview

I've had dial-up for years. I'd like to switch to high speed. Recommendations?

WP,pg1: Spoofer of Iraq's Chaos, Walid Hassan, Becomes Another Victim

Bush has set the bar, so low

My controversial thread - go ahead and flame away

Wanna know what really hurts?

Antiterrorist Database Used By Defense Dept Included Intel From Anti-War Activists

Was the OJ thing a hoax?

sharing love

Did anyone else see this? re: submarine collision

Who were the "most experienced" and "least experienced" candidates elected president?

"Go Big, Go Long or Go Home" BS Is Childish & Transparent

And every now and then...

So Where Will This Turkey End Up This Thanksgiving...

FOX should publish "If I did it" by dick cheney

"Thinking Big"..."journalists have lost control of information"


bush owes our troops & Iraq a big apology

Voters' message was withdraw, not wait and win

You have absolute power for one day here in the US. What do you do about Iraq?

What Are The Rules Of Outing Here?

Work Schedule

McCain is salivating to be the next prez; why is he so supportive of

"Go Go Go" options are just pre-emptive political cover against the Baker group

When someone asks, "Is this country ready for a black president'?...

I know it's anecdotal but... Working Families Struggling To Find Affordable Insurance, Health Care

Bush on '06 election: " the American people want to know whether or not we have a plan for success"

General Clark did not say a timeline is folly.

Diary of a soldier KIA >> 'Iraq not worth dying for,' Mr Blair

Doonesbury lets chickenhawks have it.

Manchester Evening News (UK): Tragic Soldier's Plea From Grave To End Iraq War

(Janet)"Reno Files Challenge to Terror Law"

Poppy Bush regarding Dems attacking jr: "burns the hell out of me"

US TORTURE POLICY: Grossly Mistreating A Detainee Now Justifies Keeping Him Quiet

In chimp world, males find older females sexier

Gov. picks Tammy Duckworth for Veterans Affairs HooYa

Let's make a list of the wingnuts the "moderate" Giuliani has campaigned for . . .

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel finally taking some sound advice...

tried to go to Common Dreams and this is where I was....

Recaps of Diebold "Ethical" Practices

Today In Oaxaca: Two Reports of Today's Action

Caption this pic!

There is no excuse or justification for this:

Talon DoD spying on liberal war protesters makes a lot of sense...

Italian Spymaster Removed From Office As Pressure Grows On CIA Rendition Program

Referendum on the Draft

NYTimes typo: Investigation Continues Into Alabama Bush Crash

DEMS: We Must Demand PAPER Ballots for Our '08 Primaries, NOW ...

looking for Woodward graphs

Chill your beers and thaw your turkey, . . . but first, please CAPTION!!!

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: The Leibowitz, with Colbert - "Gay-O-Meter"

Olberman interviews lawyer of tasered UCLA student (link to video)

Unhinged American "Family" Association demands Walmart boycott this weekend

Mixed early reviews for "Bobby"....

Do you think you'll live long enough to ever see w apologize for ANYTHING?

John McCain's Real Plan for Iraq - Robert Reich

"GOP Leaving Spending Bills to Democrats"

Cspan 2 just ended a memorial to

Pot users in New York get marijuana delivered to their door

Bill Clinton on the Ellen Show today.

Woman's family sues CNN, Nancy Grace

This Picture Brought Tears To My Eyes....

Are you racist? The test that claims to know

A freeper fact of the day.

* has breakfast with troops at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu - pics

TRUTHISALL: 1 in 76 BILLION Odds of 5.1% Discrepancy in Dem House Vote vs. Generic Poll

Why the military wouldn't want the Draft....

A good friend has just started blogging over at

Eyewitness to UCLA library Tasing -- detailed account

Wake up. stand tall, and . . . . . . Get your CAPTION on!

Why is the Baker-led Iraq Group taking so long??

Cartoon-Washington as Saigon

Did Rush Limbaugh and Ted Haggard swing votes to the Democrats?

The Department of Globalization and The Department of Empire..

Anyone else not getting

Don't kick James Carville too far out...

The Clintons are afraid of the netroots.

Fantasy Congress

Is Lawrence O'Donnell going to be a guest on Franken today?

F&CKIN Right Wing US Postman.........

I gotta ask cause I'm unsure....Are we not allowed to use the N-Word in a thread title

We need a special prosecutor to investigate all the election fraud.

Lawrence O'Donnell Coming Up On Franken: 2:20 PM Eastern

Which possible presidential candidates might not win their homestate?

While The U.S. Talks Tough, Iran Hopes To Increase Influence

I volunteered to be on the draft board, have you?

What was the first Presidential election you voted in?

So what's the deal with Air America Radio? are they going off the air

Poll: Do agree or disagree with these 12 goals for Iraq and the Middle East?

As a nation, we really look stupid.

"Peace Love The Gap": Everything that's wrong with this country in 30 seconds

Even dogs hate Bush! Post your Doggie Mail here.

Good news for Gulf Coast small biz owners - Kerry seeking release of 8 billion for you

How typical is this? RW caller AAR is using in it's broadcaster identification

Stephen Colbert makes "Today's Featured Article" at Wikipedia

Worst Poll Ever: Weigh in - Tucker Carlson, hot or not?

The Big Winners in the OJ Cancellation? O’Reilly & Ingraham! (Yes, really)

If we all stop using the language of hate

Global Hawk drone starts missions over the US

Iraq: over 3,700 civilians killed in October in new monthly high, UN reports

Who thinks Edward Norton would make a GREAT FDR in a historical film ?

Nov. 22, 1963-Aldous Huxley, Mae West, and JFK

Punitopia news: Debate Stirs Over Testing Students for Drugs

Parliment shut down in Iraq after bomb explodes in the Green Zone

The elephantine EGO of Newt Gingrich (2008)

Very weird -- Islands levitating in the Bermuda Triangle

Elder Bush takes on son's Arab critics - "My son is an honest man"

If you see an american flag, do you

Need Help Finding a Video PLEASE...Video of troop giving cookies to Iraqi @ Power Plant

AlterNet: CACI - Torture in Iraq, Intimidation at Home

Bill and Hillary's bloody trail continues.

The new Survey USA 50 state poll of governors is out

When * leaves office, I expect a C-130 to pick up a massive shrink wrap from D.C.

MSNBC: Speculation of Gingrich Run for President! Bring It On!

George Michael Concert in Munich, Oct. 29, 2006 -- Shoot the Dog

The bu$h regime has abolished hunger in America...

My local NBC news in FL really beating up on Fox re: the OJ Simpson book

Military question.

I was kind of looking forward to the primary debates

Java sunken treasure to be sold (BBC)


Things I learned driving to work (Richards and Obama)

Hey! DU! Is it time to send Rummy the FLOWERS and CANDY he spoke of?

Rasmussen 2008 Presidential Election poll

Yep - from the American Family Association's Lips to the "liberal" MSM. . .

HAPPY FEET penguins flipping out righties!

Nancy Grace Sued for Wrongful Death

The War on X-mas comes to my town

DU is featured at RightWingNews

What's the word for underwater Gaydar?

Agent Mike: where can I send email about Peace Vigils?

Keep pounding the Chickenhawk meme.... It's as effective as a 1-2 jab.

A Pledge to Rescue Our Maya Angelou

How much protection do ex-Presidents get?

About now, you're all wondering...

A Free-for-All on Science and Religion (NYT:not a great headline-trivializes serious conf. discussio

KY columnist says American can't win war until all hippies are dead

Rove's numbers were "off" because the people were pissed

Pres. Clinton on Ellen show. I missed most of it. What did he talk

CNN: Talking to Gitmo detainees

Jon Stewart - pot smoker, or not?

NOLA DUers: Does anyone know of an inexpensive rental in Slidell?

White House Aide Beaten And Robbed In Honolulu...

Be alert for Eating Disorders this Thanksgiving

Tyler Drumheller coming up on Lou Dobbs - CNN

Tucker Carlson stays; his staff goes.

Isn't it ironic?

If you don't propose getting out of Iraq now, then you are no better that the Neo-Cons.

Aw, I got a response from Sen. Thomas

BU group offers white scholarship

Caption this * pic

Bring on the draught... NOW!!!

I'm not asking that much from this next Congress.

Lieberman hires Wittman

Barnacle on Hardball: the waging of this war is verging on criminal

Bush ran all the way around the world to escape our scrutiny, at our expense.

Is Gaydar real?

Robert Reich: McCain is Bullshitting about Troop Numbers

McCain Says U.S. Troops Dying for `Failed Policy' in Iraq (and more needed to die for that policy)

What was the final donation count? I missed it.

Gitmo "Tribunals" -- TOTAL, SICKENING FARCE!!

What's with the reaction to the OJ issue around here?

But do they do windows?

'Kramer' actor apologizes for racist rant

Freepmobile Bumper Stickers Spotted: Tancredo '08, Giuliani '08 LOL.

Why is MSNBC/Nora O'Donnell so concerned about how much money Hillary

Fun with "fan" mail: A Plan for Iraq

Poppy has no sense of humor, but this guy does--

Chimp seems to bring along trouble anywhere he goes.

Avian Influenza & "Sheltering in Place" - Consular Affairs Bulletins

Boy, that Wonkette's wild!

I apologize: Clark said: Timetables a bad idea

BU College Republicans offer whites-only scholarship

O.J. Simpson project could turn on Web

School Has No Grades, Homework Or Tests - Students Decide Rules

37 Percent of U.S. Births Out of Wedlock

Independent frontpage: Robert Fisk in Beirut - Civil War

Bush admin. Education Secretary Margaret Spelling loses at Jeopardy.

Annan: US is trapped in Iraq, it cannot stay and it cannot leave

Punitopia news: tough-on-crime approach in ballot measures, even in so-called "blue states."

WHY are we responsible for training the Iraqi police and military?

Should There Be A Minumum IQ Score To Be President of the US???

Detroit moms join protest after nursing mother incident

Trump for President?

Have you see the History Channel's 30 sec. 'Accurate Thanksgiving' ad?

Voter Lawsuit Filed Today in Florida's 13th Congressional District

Craig Crawford: "What we are seeing is the end of the age of Bush"

Robert Altman: Rest in Peace

Generation Schmeneration.

Rice says Iraq has potential to be a Vietnam-like success - Not The Onion

Beware Vista's End User License Agreement (EULA)

Check this out from October 15, 2006 - Michael Richards was getting NO LAUGHS

Dkos diary: Home with John Edwards

Fundy, wacko host family surprises Polish exchange student.

Cancer-like disease killing off citrus, hurting industry

Internet gaming law gets weird (new rules for banks)

Dupe. Sorry, Please remove.

It must be driving Bush crazy with all the talk about his daddy and his

Hagel: ‘The Time For More Troops Is Past,’ McCain’s Plan Is ‘Not Realistic,’ ‘The Wrong Approach’

I found this speech on global warming quite compelling.

I keep tellin' find the best stuff in the Comment sections! (FUNNY!)

It's Easier To Be a Freeper (moran) because

Clinton Neighbors Shot; Woman Dies

" Very low food security..."

I want to share an email from Sen. Thomas...

US Mint annouces: Presidential $1 Coins (all presidents to be included)

AP: Ohio Brokers Found Not Guilty of Bribery (workers comp scandal)

Flag-embossed containers now being used to transport remains

(TOON) Steve Bell on the crisis in Lebanon

FOX offered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman famalies millions in hush money to shut up about OJ special

Are you wearing Fido or Tabby? EU proposes dog and cat fur ban

I Got A Nice Response From Craig Thomas

First Vietnam.. .then Iraq. Will there be a Third Time?

Poppy and George should go on Jerry Springer

Rasmussen POLL: (D) Edwards leads (R) Romney 51%-34%, leads (R) Huckabee 50%-33%

Pentagon (Again) Extends Timeline To Destroy Aging Chemical Weapons

Worth revisiting - "I Miss You"

6 Muslim clerics removed from Twin Cities flight.

Pelosi Announces Democratic Forum to help chart a 'New Direction' in Iraq

I finally figured out why these small, rectangular glasses frames

Larisa Alexandrovna Has A New Blog & A Great Post - Another Curveball?

It's November 22nd here in Britain

37 percent of U.S. births out of wedlock

What's with the packaging on The Inconvenient Truth DVD?

Looks like Mr. Taser Cop has a nifty little record

Horror! Barack Obama SMOKES......

remember the pretzel incident?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 11/21 - Bush reviews Iraq plans

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Oops Wrong Title at first

"We do not respect your son," a woman in the audience told Bush.

How to display Web images on DU without stealing bandwidth

Today is my anniversary. Three years being hooked on DU.

Perfect Killing Method, but Clear Targets Are Few (NYT)

Tom Hayden: James Baker Told Hussein’s Lawyers Fmr. Iraqi Deputy PM Would Be Released From Detention

"we'll succeed unless we quit" George Bush's mental disorder

Editor & Publisher absolutely DESTROYS WaPo's Richard Cohen

Dan Rather Reports on HD Net, impressive!

The Elephantine EGO of Newt Gingrich (2008)

Eyewitness account of the UCLA tasering incident

Now the Word is we are TRAPPED in Iraq..Cannot Leave and Cannot Stay

What Republican would likely flip to Ind or Dem ?

How screwed up are our priorities if my health insurance

Olbermann's Special Comments Links Updated

The Best Thanksgiving Ever: Gen Clark, VP Gore tell us you have joined forces.

*'s daughter and his travel Director both robbed on same day

How much is sales tax in your state?

Strange AP article on Bush being "reinvigorated" on Asian trip

bull(shit) moose becomes LIEberman communications director

First Daughter Barbara Robbed in Argentina

PHOTO: Chimp terrified of elderly lady trying to give him a lei

If Bill Clinton is now a son of Poppy & Ma Bush...

What about HOYER? I get strange vibes

The Atlantic's list of the 100 most influential figures in American history

Clark details what he would do if he were President: "Next Move in Iraq?" (USA Today Editorial)

Good Grief! I don't know whether to laugh or cry

*** Tuesday TOONs: Your Planet Thanks You ***

Tuesday TOONS (Pre- Turkey Day Edition)

General Clark says a timetable is folly! Gen. Clark is completely wrong!

HOGWORT'S plans overhaul of "legacy admissions" policy; asks for CAPTION.

Do you believe a timetable in Iraq should be negotiated or imposed?

Hippie threat


Pictures at an exhibition (a photo montage and epiphany)

We're ALL Psychic! We predicted total disaster if w became president.

Clinton's impeachment gave Junior a free-pass.

How big is GD/DU? Is this one of the Net's biggest discussion boards?

How do we balance a limited government with the protection of equal rights?

This does not compute:

Stop crying, Oasis singer tells British troops in Iraq

“Petition to Redeploy Our Troops” - link to petition at Barbara Boxer's website

Who woiuld be the toughest GOP Presidential opponent in '08

Sen Reid: Why Not Impeach Bush? - Dick Cheney

I came across a really beautiful lady while doing a google image search

George Packer Feels Sorry for Himself and His Mortally Wounded Idealist Imperialism

What does McCain with his 20,000 more troops needed in Iraq idea say about a draft?

Let Al Gore Inspire You Today

Two Honolulu Police Department motorcycle officers involved in Bush motorcade crash

Hey Greatest Generation, you're all a bunch of bigots

A Confession versus getting CAUGHT

Did the Neocons know that Iraq would be such a clusterfuck?

Would you be annoyed by your car forcing you to wear a seatbelt?

are other countries having an epidemic of autism too?

If a DUer had said to me one year ago that Santorum and JD Hayworth would lose...

Second Veteran Dies after being denied care at Spokane VA

"CBS owes Ed Bradley an apology" -- Missed Chance To Change Everything LINK

Why is TPM carrying water for the DLC?

Instead of a Military Draft, Why Not A War Tax?

I had to respond to that Kentucky woman in a seperate thread. (It's quite long)

Doonesbury chickenhawks continue:

Air America: how close to the end is it?

Alleged rape victim sentenced to 90 lashes

I'd like to see some legislation that addresses "presidential papers"

I honestly do not care who our next Democratic presidential nominee is

Rummy's Fall on the Street Without Joy

When you're mad at someone, do you shout racial or bigoted things at them?

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Whistleblower Speaks Out on Diebold, May Have Sentence Reduced!

The irony of gay marriage as a political wedge issue.

Wow. Kramer on Letterman.

Tancredo: Bush is a dangerous internationalist

Chuck Hagel & AIS (American Information Services) ES&S (Election Systems & Software)

Need info. Re. White House control of images from Iraq.

Conservative plan to protest Wal-Mart (American Family Association)

"An Inconvenient Truth" comes out on DVD today!


For the record, I don't really think that the Greatest Generation are all bigots

Yes, let's have a draft

It's almost Thanksgiving... time to think about hunger.

Alaska school goes insane - teaches 6th graders to shoot guns

I never cared about the politics. I think the whole thing

Tragic soldier's plea from the grave to end Iraq war

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Shouldn't being a recovering alcoholic disqualify someone from being president?

Civil liberties group unveils docs on Pentagon surveillance (anti-war groups)

I got a ? Duers was it 140 Saudis flown out or 160

Goff: The Weaponized Phallus

The new freeper term to beat all freeper terms, better even than "Screwn"


Muslim Group Arrested For Praying On Plane



WTO adopts ruling that EU illegally blocked biotech food from U.S.,

My Representative responds on possible impeachment


Teachers emphasize the Indians' side

Holiday Gift Idea: 2007 Anti-Bush Calendar and *NEW* Advent Calendar (Another Shameless Plug)

92 yr old woman KILLED in gunbattle w/ police who broke in her door.

US Troops Using Bottled Water To Taunt Iraqi Children

Justice as Fairness

Darfur children dragged from mothers and shot

A Question to the 40 percent of DUers who support the draft.

PELOSI To Get Off To Good Start - Steal Agenda From Bush

A Breathalyzer in every car?

Jane Skinner has something on her mind

Darfur Diaries...

BUSH SPEECH ON ZARQAWI DEATH - with popups and flashbacks

The Mr X scene in JFK (In four parts)

Frank Zappa on Crossfire 1986...

One World

Jack Abramoff - 'G-d made me do it'...

Stephen Williams MP on homophobic bullying

Jackie Cabasso - Eliminating Weapons of Terror from U.S. Foreign Policy...

Tribute to those that helped make 2006 memorable...


William S. Burroughs - Thanksgiving Prayer

I Found the 'Canoodle'!

boys beware

Lawrence O'Donnell On Scarborough Country

Kerry and Bush at the debates (Leno spoof)

Benny Hill's Answer to the Rabid Politically Correct...

Iraqi Kids Run For Water

Bush Was Right (...not!)

Michael Richards (Kramer) on Letterman after Racist Rant

Frank Zappa testifies before Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee

Donahue on Fox - Against the War...

Sir No Sir: The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War In Vietnam

war crimes trials for all?

How can ANYONE take John McCain seriously anymore?

NYT: Lack of discipline in Senator Clinton's Senatorial campaign spending?

What Democratic ticket will win 08?

Will John McCain be our next president?

Tom Noe - GOP fundraiser gets 18 years in prison.

Damn activist judges: reject request for NSA wiretapping documents

Must. Bomb. Iran. Washington Journal now

T shirt for the working class for sale

United States 'trapped' in Iraq: Annan

Brownback starting the brainwash--President Brownback-Reagan

HAHAHA! Olbermann just told Michael Savage to "come out of the closet"!

General Clark says a timetable is folly! Gen. Clark is completely wrong!

Christine Jennings FL District 13 Update... Still Needs Donations

The Sarasota recount....donated to PFAW. Getting all kinds of donation requests

The new Congress should pass a Resolution of Clarification...

Why did Rahm and some Dems insist the ones supported not talk about Iraq...

Bush handed Bin Laden victory -- clueless Dems don't care

Ohio Business Development Grants Go to Political Operatives

originating neo con Joshua Muravchik spoke nonsense on W.J.

21 November - Yet another great day in Republican Party History

Photos: Apologies in advance for the obligatory "Bush Gets Leid In Hawaii" subject line.

Americans prefer Bush I to Bush II

Poll: Has Iraq turned into a situation like the U.S. faced in the Vietnam

"A Turkey for President" make it *your* new holiday tradition (presented by GE)

Mandy Grunwald, wife of Matt Cooper, reporter who kept Rove's Plame secrets

Veterans in Illinois have a Fighter on our side

“We’ll succeed,” the president concluded, “unless we quit.”

How many more DEM seats do we need to have a VETO PROOF majority?

Flaws Cited in Effort To Train Iraqi Forces

CITIZENS - FL State Run Ins. Co. RAISING RATES... Out Of This World!!!

A staggering visit by the least interested person in the world..

KY Op-ed: Hippies are still trying to RUIN the Country

Once again, President Bush picked the wrong man for the job.

Only Two States Give Bush A Better Than 50% Approval

Five pictures that should scare the hell out of you:

'More popular' President Bush defends son from 'hostile audience.' POOR widdle BABY! SNIF!

In a Sept.19 speech at the UN, Bush had a message for the Iraqis; recently the Iraqis responded

Kerry: Post 9/11 Policy Hasn't Made World Safer (Sept. 06)

The Urban Schools Scholarship Act

GREATEST U.S. President who let his corrupt, aging daddy fight his battles for him

Connecticut State Rep Diana Urban Switches Party to Dem

Please, GDP, read this thread and rate it up:

So our pResident went to Viet Nam on a state visit and told them it'd have been better if

Prepare yourself for the Cons 2008 tag line

AP: Dems unlikely to block Gates nomination

Poppy Bush and friends anyone? CNN poll is selling!

I watched Faux News at the gym tonight

While The U.S. Talks Tough, Iran Hopes To Increase Influence

OSHA Pressures Scientist To Weaken Asbestos Warning

Lieberman hires former Christian Coalition spokesman as new communications director

Does anyone here actually, sincerely believe that the same voting public who believed Bush in 2004

Hotline TV 2008 At-Risk Republican Senators

Craig Crawford on Countdown: "We are seeing the beginning of the end of the Age of Bush..."

Freep-hole Math: "The entire Islamic world has about 30 nukes...The US has about 2000..."

Bush's homeland security? a botched statement or what?

The next President of the United States

Nobody could have imagined that they would fly planes into buildings

Pelosi Announces Opening Session of the 110th Congress

It's Over for Bush (Editorial from "The Nation")

I will vote for Newt in 2008

question for the rangel handwringers

Hillary: What The Heck Happened To Her Voice?!

Lieberman slaps the "chattering nutroots"...hires Bullmoose to communicate..

in search of a soft landing ...

If we leave Iraq now, there will be deadly civil war.

Barnicle on Hardball said Iraq is IN civil war and horrified most Dems are waiting

You May Think it's Off the Table' Dan DeWalt (encouraging impeachment)

Interesting take on Rangel and the draft

Political acumen as exemplified by Dem party's most 'brilliant' political minds.

Democrats Inherit the Mother of All Messes

Tammy Duckworth appointed to head Illinois Department of Veteran's Affairs

U.S. v. Bush

Bad news from New Mexico

Clark says Iraq's Oil belongs to Iraq. Only the Iraq people should control it.

George Bush has, indeed and in fact, put our country in grave danger that will last for decades

Let's say thanks in support of our troops send a free card

would you really want total Dem control of the gov't?

Libertarians, are they lover's of freedom , or....

Oregon's Secretary of State proposes Oregon's

Should senior citizens be drafted?

Too Bad About The Kid ...

Should Gays and Lesbians Be Drafted?

Who killed JFK?

John Edwards is our best hope. Could he wint he nomination?

Barak Obama's Experience

On Fox, Dean said consequences of Iraq would be bad no matter which option....