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Archives: October 8, 2006

Kind of out there.. It's a possiblity that * is A. Crowley's grandson???

US puts Maliki on the clock in Iraq (AFP)

The myth of Iran's president calling for "wiping Israel off the map"...

Finally! The dream e-voting company! Get your county to switch!

AP: Iraq sweep aims to stem killing in north (Kirkuk under curfew)

Ex-Rep. Cunningham lashes out in letter

Peach Jelly should not smell like feet.

Hey you, stop spinning the room around!


A little humor, anyone interested in a leather bound washing machine?

I painted this spent toothpaste tube sitting on an old sheet of mylar

grave markers that makes you look!

I am embarassingly prissy and wimpy.

Where did it go?

Let's Go Mets!

One Nation Under a Groove

Meet the Mets, Greet the Mets, Come to the park and.........

Hey everybody....Check this out!

An oldie but goodie...Presidential Outtakes:

Self delete, bad link

Open the closets on Capitol Hill

Jeb Bush came out of the closet in the middle of a train station?

When is North Korea suppose to test thier nuke?

LBN Certainly is interesting tonight

Helen Thomas in Salt Lake City

Jeb Bush hid in a closet to avoid anti-Republican demonstrators

Okay here is the problem with Republicans.

Phil Angelides kicked Arnold's butt tonight!

Tower Records is no more

I suspect that the greatest long-term historical consequence of Dems...

is msnbc auditioning malloy?

Eisenhower and Goering Quotes

Are you angry at the Republicans?

The Un-Breaking Story of Bruce Funk (R) (DIEBOLD) RATE THIS UP

Not a joke - USS George Bush to set sail

Polls, closeted Democratic voters, Tennessee


New Robin Williams film to take on electronic voting machine fraud

Forget the Foley Scandal. Hit Them Where It Hurts

How Biblical is the Christian Right? (by NT professor at U of Chicago)

NYT: An Elephant Crackup?

Produce the Body

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 263

'Put on this Bra and Bark like a Dog'---W's war on terror at Gitmo

Robert Fisk: The Age of Terror - a landmark report

Lawsuit to Force Bush Administration to Recognize the Constitution

Hugo Chavez Embraces the Spirit of Benjamin Franklin

Blind Into Baghdad (Whoopee Cushions & Desparate Housewives WH)

Religion or Reality. Choose

Of Faux Democracy, Petty Tyrants, and Painful Realities

Right to Privacy Destined for Endangered List (Amer. Conservative Union)

Apres Moi, La Deluge

Foley Scandal – What We Know Now and Who Should Resign and Why

Salon: Open the closets on Capitol Hill

Fear and Loathing In the GOP

Larry Beinhart: Fear the Penis

America's Cardboard Army of Flat Daddies Boosts Families

Overly friendly like when your neighbor's poodle...

Contractors in Afghanistan

Has Washington found its Iranian Chalabi?

Afghanistan Reverts To Breeding Ground For Terror

WP: Conflicting Accounts Leave Plot Holes in Foley Saga


Venezuela in Cuba 'bomber' demand (Posada)

GOP Scandal Shows Dangers of Stifling Dissent

Death Squads Online

Slain reporter was writing torture story

Doublespeak and the War on Terrorism

Book: Great Lakes Water Fight to Heat Up

Bush Policy Irks Judges in West (WaPo) {Bu**sh** slammed on environment}

High Hopes Of Photovoltaic Electricity Price Cut

NYT: An Elephant Crackup?

xpost Seizures of radioactive materials fuel "dirty bomb" fears

The US, Israel and Lebanon. Historical Roots and Patterns of Conflict

Has the FBI actually done anything since 2001 with the 9-11 Investigation?

anyone else see this 911 video? its the first time I seen this.

The Shadow Of A Murder Of Crows – a cross posted open source narrative…

Deviant Democracy: Foley Helped Steal Florida – Election Reform News 10/0

Will Your State's Voting Machines Count Backwards Nov 7 ?

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 10/08/06 Still Registered to Vote?

NYT: the "Grand Old Tradition of Disenfranchisement"

Read this RE: Woodward & Ohio 2004 elections

Goddamn it, where are the MEN in this Goddamn Country? (X)

Tyee: Afghanistan: Wrong Mission for Canada

New Wall Not Expected to Stop Migrants

Art Bell's wife is pregnant.

Venezuela in Cuba 'bomber' demand (Posada)

GOP campaign chief: Sorry for not catching Foley's 'lies'

Britain says Pakistan is hiding Taliban chief/ Times UK

Has Washington found its Iranian Chalabi?

WP: Conflicting Accounts Leave Plot Holes in Foley Saga

U.S. and Iraqi forces clash with militias in Diwaniyah

Den Post: 50% of voters back Dem in governor's race; 35% say Beauprez

NATO chief warns of Afghan tipping point

AP: U.S., Iraqi Forces Clash With Insurgents (Mahdi Army)

AP: North Korea tells China it may halt nuke test if US holds talks: ex...

NATO chief warns of Afghan tipping point

TPM: Foley Scandal: Another Page Comes Forward -- from Iraq

Tom Reynolds commercial- spinning as his campaign goes down

Tucker Carlson Claims There's Another Page-ophile

FEMA spent millions on puppet shows, bingo, yoga

San Diego Officials Appear Closer To Agreeing On Pension Fund Figure

AP: Sen George Allen (R-Va) didn't disclose stock options

Slain reporter was writing torture story

AP: GOP Lawmakers Seek to Defend Hastert

CNN: Schwarzenegger, Angelides spar in only planned debate

NYT: U.S. and Iraqi Troops Clash With Cleric’s Militia (more details)

Several hundred Iraqi police poisoned

Swift Passed Over for Promotion

Somali Islamists Warn of Regional War

Partisans trade barbs over deepening Washington sex scandal

Murdoch thinks 'lame duck' Blair should hand over power soon

Breaking - N Korea Conducts First Nuclear Test

Report: North Korea conducts nuke test

AP: South Dakota Nears Vote On Abortion Ban

BBC: Poll gain for Belgium's far right

LAT:U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Ban(toxic dumping ground)

General: Afghans may soon back Taliban

US claims Guantanamo 'saved lives'

Hunter got break on taxes for home

‘Laureates’ ask US to try anti-Castro rebel

Scandals stymie W's momentum (NY Daily News)

Outrage! LAT: US Rules Allow Sale of Toxic Products EU, Japan, China Ban

Former page says he had sex with Foley at 21

WP: Kolbe Saw Foley's Messages In 2000 (R-AZ)

Stratford officials worry about mayor carrying guns

Former Foley Aide Expecting to Testify Before House Panel

Kidd's 'wrong choice' led to Noe's downfall (Joe Kidd breaks his silence!)

AP Olbermann News Commentaries Target Bush

Hundreds of Iraqi Police poisoned.

Reynolds (Incumbent R) is badly trailing Davis (D), poll shows

’05 Meeting Could Clarify G.O.P. Role in Foley Case

Guantánamo defense lawyer forced out of Navy

NYT: Evangelicals Blame Foley, Not the G.O.P.

U.S. project could start atomic war, experts warn

AP: Moms and GOP - no longer happy together

Minor Quake Strikes Near Mount Rainier 4.5

AP: Allen didn't disclose stock options

NYT: Baker Sees Iraq Panel Departing From Bush Strategy

NORTH KOREA Has Conducted A Nuke Test. - MSNBC Breaking News

Troops 'spread superbug'

U.S. Asks Korea to Halt Arms Sales to Venezuela

NATO sees spike in Afghanistan violence

Lettuce Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns

Mass Venezuela opposition rally

At this moment, I want, so much,...

I feel fat...

Mars is bright tonight

Parkour is cool if you are good at it..

The Super Poll

What is it with Mitch Albom and all his Christian Mysticism

The moon is so very bright tonight....

I am watching " The Birdcage" on Bravo .

3 Republicans (congressman, lobbyist, & WH aide) in a car: who's drivin?

Arg, babies stay up way to late sometimes.

It's the "Why the hell are you awake so early?" thread

As we choose a baseball team to root for in the post season remember

White Zombie/Tura Satana/Russ Meyer/Ridley Scott appreciation thread

Daily News: Torre out, Piniella in


Where is the link for the DU myspace group?

Congratulations SwampRat!! 25,000 posts

Yes, the people in my community are morans

A bird,some mountains,a flower,four girls,and a butterfly

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/8/06)

A video for Nina Hagen and Heino fans alike.

Name a pet peeve.

My Beef Stew smells so good! w00t!

We told you so: Pet store manager charged with willful burning of shop

Easier to add to ignore list than to remove from buddy list?

My Buddy's girlfriend rules

Art BELL announced that his wife is PREGNANT!!!1

Cutest puppy ever!

Post the date you lost your virginity (MM/DD/YYYY)

For the love of god...this blasted memo is one line over the limit.

(Possibilities) From your answers to my recent question # 10:

Need a recommendation please: Voice software

Congratulations NNN0LHI!! 40,000 posts

Ah, so HERE's the October surprise! According to Pravda anyway

I've been with you guys for over Four Years

Just Got Back From Camping

Last Time You Used a Payphone - When? Circumstances?

A PSA from Barnes and Barnes

I need ipod help - today i hooked up to recharge battery and now my videos

Bush is Awesome!!!!

Fuck yeah! Go Burress!

5 years on DU.

Post the date you lost your vermicelli (MM/DD/YYYY)

Business/Economics people: Is the premise stated in "The Producers" true??

"Reefer Madness" -- the MUSICAL!!

Do you people realize that it is...

the pre-halloween party thread!!

its real simple....

I saw "Little Miss Sunshine"

Reagan was RIGHT!!

does "familiarity breed contempt?"

Don't Look!! for the love of all, Don't Look!!

Janis Ian: "At Seventeen" (video and lyrics)

I think HypnoToad may be a Peeper

Guess what? I'm a total queer.

Dupe. Delete.

Anyone heard from Xmas74 lately?

WIMR's official theorem about guys and jackets and neckties:

Well, JC on a pogo stick. She's coming over.

What I did on my two days with a dog, KY Jelly, Hotpocket, belt, and a yam

For my 30,000th post, Thank you, Lounge

Young Freepers in Suburbia, USA on a Sunday Afternoon


This Freeper speaks German

my vacation will be over for a few weeks starting in 46 minutes.

Why do people say 'cheese' before having their picture taken?

OMG!!! Dark chocolate with marzipan center!!

don't drink and type!!!


Death and dying class, need sites for sympathy cards

There's a kitty running loose in the building............

Is DU slow for anybody else

Going on vacation for a few wks, keep up the good work all

Guess I just have to start a picture thread :o)

Happy birthday undeterred!

Homework2 Writing my Obituary....HELP!!

How many of you are P.U.I. (posting under the influence)?

How do I dispose of a microwave?

Need Flash AS help for Blackwell movie

Anybody been hiking in Death Valley?

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

To my fellow Canadians...

Exercised twice today. Now I feel dizzy.

I'm so white and empty

I Want To Move Back HOME!!!

I'm bummed cuz my post got pulled from GD

Beastly children in the store today

How long is a reasonable time to wait for a response to your email?

7,976 posts, going for 8,000 today. Help me up.

I am the woman you want with you when you want to play the Slots

It... is Done.

The pot roast has been in for 4.5 hours now.

Concierge: "I'm sorry Mr. Blue-Jay, we're out of non-smoking rooms."

'The guy grabbed his bong, so I hit him over the head with...

Dog Police. Nobody Knows Who You AAAAAARE!

After a six year relationship, how long should you wait before dating?

Need help in alegbra for my daughter....

What I did on my two days with a camera {{{Dial Up Warning}}}

Bush and the Winds

The Bears are killing the Bills

Hear me, see me, touch me, feel me.

Hey I am a South Park Character!

Favorite movie dad?

What does "No" mean?

Zoom in.

Why do they post the height of an overpass on a big sign on the side?

What ya drinking??

Coolest concert moment

Have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning?

Guess who wrote this??

RetroGirl is 6 years old! Happy Birthday My Love!!!

Dark wine...

What a nut

Two wines

It's official - Bush can't be the Antichrist

Gosh, I love the Beatles so much.

Okay. What is that green thing...

Do you look like your Dog? These people look like their Dog.

My li'l guy reads like a champ

Somebody blows their nose and you want to save it.

In three hours and 10 minutes, I turn into a FREEPER!

Chemistry repeat performance?

So... this tuesday I am heading to Las Vegas

I think my niece cancelled her MySpace account because of me.

I've become a Lexis-Nexis points whore.

Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?

Bye bye Torre, hello again Loooooooooooooooouuuuuuu

Is your second toe longer, shorter, or same length as big toe?

Dubya Joke

Which actor do you prefer?

its real simple....

I just felt like sharing this...

The Megillah is coming to a big screen near you

WTF? Is hating people for wearing ties some kind of leftist counterpart..


Congratulations WritingIsMyReligion!! 10,000 posts

Women of DU: Help Me Understand!

It's homecoming time again!

Solitude.....Black Sabbath Appreciation Thread....

I am so fucking frustrated!

Oh, I love ice cream!

The most annoying person of the day is

The Shadow Of A Murder Of Crows – a cross posted open source narrative…

The RetroLounge Picture Thread - Birthday Party Edition

I should NOT have told him this...

worst action/scifi show of the 80s:

Song Lyrics For Old Timers

Another oil painting, finished about 3 months ago.

How many animals were on your bed last night?

Favorite TV dad?

Spotting in a twin pregnancy is normal, or so I'm told.

Tigers vs. Cardinals


what are the most beautiful songs you know?

I owe a public apology to Primate1

I just felt like sharing this...

This is the strangest flu I've ever had...

I think Lynnesin may be a Freeper

I'm running my first 10K race tomorrow

Pot roast, chicken cacciatore, or chicken enchilada casserole?

Ben Worthlessburger....

Saw Jesus Camp yeserday...

When billy met swimboy, Doug, tjwmason and MissHoneychurch

Biennial 'Are you a latte-drinking, Volvo-driving, etc. liberal?' poll

Official YANKEES LOSE!!! Celebration thread!

Pumpkin patch

"The guy grabbed my boobs, so I hit him over the head with his bong...

Charlene: "I've Never Been to Me" video and lyrics

Best gourmet vegetarian entree?

Does the lead singer from "Nickelback" creep anyone else out?

Man, I can't believe that the Eagles let Terrell Owens go

So I was at the beach and some kid had his favorite toy washed away by...

Wow...I'll never eat Butterball Turkey again....

Post your pumpkin smilie.

In Saudi Arabia, what historical conjectures are legal lecture topics?

Panel may drop limbo for unbaptized babies

Minor debate with my wife: Are Unitarians/Universalists Christian?

NYT: An Elephant Crackup?

The Last Days of Matthew Shepard

Time for some serious outing

Report: Torre won't survive Yanks' collapse, to be fired

I like the Tigers and Mets in the Fall Classic

Joe (Torre) must GO, and take arod with you

Now that was a football game (sorry, Dallas)

WTF: Cowboys and Eagles Game?

Jack Rabbit Chess Report for October 8: Reunification match knotted


I haven't seen Old Crusoe in a while - has anyone seen him around?

JK's travel plans for the week

Hi from Boston! And a big THANK YOU to TayTay :-)))

Taylor Marsh on HuffPost: John Kerry fights for Patrick Murphy

heh....who's yer daddy?

Sweet, sweet justice

Another question for the pros

My Vermont trip was kind of a bust, so I'm going to Malta instead

Leaving Minnesota

The monarchs must be migrating.

Let's Go Mets!

I had a GREAT conversation at work.

GOP/fundy gay-bashing debunked

Question about Zogby Polls....

bush* takes a walk on the wild side

Nate Clay's LIVE now ... and he takes loads of calls

GOSH....Doesnt MSNBC Have anything Else....

Anyone else get this back when you email Faux News?

Isn't that Fred Phelps here?

A little humor, anyone interested in a leather bound washing machine?

New poll data??

Tigress river yields hundreds of corpses.

Things are Coming Apart at the Seams in Somalia

This pic says it all :)

Let's hold the repubs to the same stringent moral standards they espouse.

There's a Sucker Born in Every Medial Prefrontal Cortex


UAE - Sex scandal, Iraq leave Republicans vulnerable in US polls

Widely circulated letter from Marine Ofcr mentions ORielly distortions

I guess being a hatemongers ex-wife pays.

Fun political Halloween costumes...

Why do you think "Jesus Camp" is prominently displayed at the top of the

Republicans have spent 6 years promoting a venomous anti-gay front

Can the born again repubs accept a gay congressman, once outed?

Out of Control

Nancy Pelosi with a gavel in her hand! Kill all the babies! Raise taxes!

Are closeted R congressmen more blackmailable than ever now?

Coerced treatment..why?

Focus on- Foley Chairman of Caucus on Missing and Exploited Kids

House GOP's party over?

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 8 Oct 06

In the last decade of Republican control America has learned

Did you send this via e-mail?

Tom Reynolds will NOT be on ABC's "This Week" quest as planned

25 US troops killed/last week, "record high # injured" "endless coffin

Character Counts!

At least 37 GOP seats in Congress could be vulnerable

Chickenhawks protecting chickenhawks...

LATimes:Ex-Page Tells of Foley Liaison

Toon - October surprise

C-SPAN WJ: RNCC Hack Calls For GOOP To Lose 30 Seats

"What a difference a Gay makes", for Mark Foley

Marvin Olasky underwhelms me. The purveyor of compassionate misery

Rahm Emmanuel better do what needs to be done on This Week.

Just saw Wetterling and Bachmann on CNN and

Tom Reynolds trailing by double digits---Foleygate

Foley Was On An AIRPLANE With That Page?

'Court and Run' Republican...

McCaskill vs. Talent on MTP this AM

Notice these Vietnam era generals on cable with their "plans to win Iraq?"

The Moral High Ground That Wasn't...

Woodward coming up on MTP (after the break).

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

I didn't know that Foley was once a Democrat....

Chris Matthews on now. Foley gate up and 'Breech of Trust'

Watching FOX. Foley Issue is starting to tear Republican party apart.

I wish Claire McCaskill would say "Jim, I stand by the constitution...

Ah, so HERE's the October surprise! According to Pravda anyway

What ya gonna do when your Sugar Daddy's gone?

Mark their names well

Alert Levels

Mullen: Blame creeps in Congress

MTP-Tim R. talkiey of Foeygate--Missouri Race McClousky Dem, Talent

Dozens of Amish mourn schoolhouse killer

abc sunday tv news-Foley had sex with 21-yr old Former Page. twice now.

Real Americans Do No Wrong - Trust US

Why is a "timetable for withdrawal" always "artificial" to pugs? (MTP)

“Nobody slept in Diwaniya last night. The fighting was very fierce,”

How many seats would the Democrats need to win to claim a mandate?

In a 50-state survey, EDS found a 2.5 percent drop in registered voters...

MTP Russert & Republican have conversation while Dem watches.

Right Wing talking points given to youngsters on C-Span2

I'm cross-posting this from the PA Forum.

Panel may drop limbo for unbaptized babies

Obscure Congressman calls Foley Obscure. Blames Democrats

776 US soldiers were wounded in Iraq last month

This is an email from a soldier in of my students.

If Nancy Grace had done some research on Melinda Duckett----

Dem Party posts photo of Canadian soldier

Tallent on MTP

Time poll showed 80% are aware of Foleygate - Thats half the battle

How was the debate from NJ? Did anyone see it?

James Baker says he's part of a NON-PARTISAN group.

Flash actionscript help needed for Blackwell movie... AS is...

(VIDEO) local news debunks Santorum's latest lying ad

Palm Beach Diocese wants Foley to name his abuser

I HATE these 'Don't Vote' Commercials. Thanks AARP for Nothing.

Second Amendment Questions

Listen carefully to the intonation of the Republicans

Giving Jim Jeffords His Due Credit - Howard Dean, DNC

CNN just reported that Reynolds canceled ABC show due to flu-like symptoms

US main battle tank destroyed in southern Iraq

Make sure you vote, and help others to do so as well...

Perle Has Found His Iranian Chalabi! And All of The Usual Suspects!

How many Republicans are going to resign next week?

First couple of minutes of Russert and Woodward, fuck face fat Tim

Cornyn Is From the Jackalope GOP Wing

GREAT Opus today!

The World According to Rummy-- Bob Woodward

Jerkoff repub kingston wants Pelosi under oath for 'sitting on' emails

remember this---'1999 Teen Sex Scandal'-denny is involved in this too

The slow march to investigation is a CRIME to the Nth degree

Fordham may testify as early as next week before the House Ethics panel.

More House races in play: PA-7 Sestak flips

Bush cites authority to bypass FEMA law

McCaskill is doing awesome on MTP!

I always thought James Carville and Mary Matlin were snakes.

Brad Blakeman looks like

Treason and Bribery Are the Two Explicit Impeachment...

Major Timmy Russert Blunder re: Pre-War Intelligence

Fyi: "The Human Cost of War" on LinkTV @ 11 PST (Sun)

"Measuring up"- Jesus' General (snort!)

Cornyn trying to say Dems sat on emails on Wolfie's show...

Time for a new Google Bomb, this time on Focus on the Family

Al Capone: Tax Evasion ... Dick Cheney: Bribery

Schieffer: "All-time LIE" HAHAHAHA

Back when Bill O'Reilly wasn't completely insane.

Hillary Seduces Underage Page

SF Chronicle travel section -- no women allowed

What has the guy who wanted to impeach Clinton for a BJ said about Foley?

Dreier backs Foley probe

I'm a Chickenhawk, and You're My Victim

Will Rudy G come out?

Wherever he goes, a hush seems to follow.

Number of Republican seats in play swells up to almost 60

Watching America - Discover What the World Thinks About U.S.

Shiites mistake Kevin Smith's Buddy Christ for a religious symbol.

Killer AARP Don't Vote commercial

Have I said how utterly divorced from reality that wingers are today?

Rahm Emanuel on ABC this morning, slams Repukes for PedoGate (VIDEO)

Bushitler at Turdy Tree and some turds - Newsweek poll.

"Missouri Senate: Talent, McCaskill One Point Apart"

Pedophile cover-up extends into the FBI

11/8/06 President George W. Bush:

Does anyone recall the "child sex ring" of the Bush 41 Administration?

Tom Reynolds was a "no show" on "This Week" - what did they

Full Statement: Why We Confronted the Minutemen at Columbia

Biden Sporting a New 'Do on Wolf Blitzer

WV-2nd District: Iraqeteer Offspring Vulnerable

"Olberman nemesis" - Bill O'reily

conserving?? What? the GOP?

The Republican Foley Defense: Exposing a Child-Stalker is A Bad Thing

gosh the amount of gay bashing on DU disguised as GOP bashing!

State of Denial: Cheney Cursed Out Woodward Over Kissinger Revelations

First Tweety, now Wolf Blitzer calling out GOP lies

Why they cover IT all up..


DNC settles up with the DCCC and the DSCC.

I wonder...what GD might have looked like if Foley hadn't dominated

Its my birthday and I would like a Democratic majority in Congress

YouTube: Woodward on MTP today.

Please DU this poll

Do you think Nancy Grace should be fired?

Guns in Schools cartoon

Since the Republicans are deep into speculation...

Poll finds many would do anything necessary to avoid a military draft

Lawyer Won't Say Whether Fordham Warned Reynolds

Fark Photoshops bu$h, Cheney and Rummy

The Truth Is Exhilarating !

We've been looking at the GOP the wrong way

The October Surprise?

Will we still like The Daily Show when they start poking fun

Amish children knew their killer(lollipops,stories of the "outside world")

GOP's "Heck of a Job, Denny" Sunday morning talk show moment

is this: Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina) now the point man...

The bad news behind the polls.

Last month, 776 U.S. troops were wounded in action in Iraq

On November 8th...

Woodward interview on Hardball last week

Mike Malloy on MSNBC right now

Beat them while they are down. Anyone else with me?

Just Got Back From Camping

"You don't look like a Liberal"

US is a "DUMPING GROUND" for Consumer Goods Unwanted & llegal !!!!

Was their laughing in the background on MTP when Woodward said

WP on Cheney: The return of the grim speaker

interested in education/teaching joys and problems??? Check out DU

Woodward on MTP Now!

Is internet predator enabler Hastert in real trouble this November?

UK general: Afghans 'could switch allegiance' - BBC

Just got off the phone with Rassmussen, polling about Chimpy

Hate to ask this 'but did Rove et al pay off pages' families to shut up'

UK and US troops bring "superbug" illness back w/ them

Meet the Press MSNBC (repeat 6:00 EST)

These people continue to show up the "moral" majority

Was Andy Stephenson onto something? An old thread..........>

America ponders cutting Iraq in three

What did Jim Webb mean, vis a vis women in the military?

KC comments on the Talent/McCaskill debate on MTP

The Ultimate Plot Theory:

How many freelance militias are there in Baghdad? The answer is "23"

Who is "Milt Romney"?

What if the Congress was much more corrupted than anyone at DU..?

Protesters Force Gov. Jeb Bush Into Closet

Explosive devices used in Afghanistan within a month of their use in Iraq

John Conyers: Dem Prospects Continue to Brighten (Part II)

Just saw a weird combo of bumper stickers

Bush as "one long sin against mankind"

Woodward: Cheney Cursed At Me About 'State of Denial' & Hung Up The Phone

Another Former Page Comes Forward -- From Iraq

GOP leaders chalk up one more disgrace

Jabba the Hastert disinvited from NY Fundraiser

A word about voting:

Thirty-Seven Reasons to Vote for Big Business

Families of Iraq troops want Kean to quit Senate race

Shift in US foreign policy = October surprise ?

The Party Of God Stumbles

2741 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

The myth of Iran's president calling for "wiping Israel off the map"...

Bush approval rating 37% -- Newsweek has it at 33%

vote republican in november VIDEO (propaganda at its finest)

Looking for: C-SPAN video of Mark Foley addressing Congressional pages.

"Moms and GOP - No Longer Happy Together"

A clue to Foley cover-up?

Art Bell's wife is pregnant.

US Allowing Sale Of Toxic Chemical Products Other That Countries Ban


Foley liked to do Bill Clinton impressions

...On spinning the numbers - and the Carol Lin CNN example.

Democrat Rahm Emanuel talks about Mark Foley

The SpeechBank could use some help!!

Hastert Gone Objective....

"Have you had enough?" Free MP3

Quite an interesting perspective on the November election.

Most emailed on Yahoo : Allen didn't report stock options

We should give Foley a pass, and be nice to him....

Foley: President Bush "Got Me Way Into Biking"...

PBS NewsHour's affirmative action program for white male Repugs....

Freepers now working to protect child molesters

FYI: 60 Minutes tonight: The No-Fly List

Bush's Brother Neil To Make Millions Off GOP's “No Child Left Behind” Act

Cool (but expensive) vehicle I saw today.

page board chairman..........

Tomorrow evening on CSPAN: Tester vs Mr Burns and Webb vs Macacawitz

Mark Foley: Think of the Children (poster)

saw Mike Malloy on MSNBC twice , now we need him back on the AIR

October 8th in Iraq

TOON: Bush's last two supporters...

The police tasered 2 anti-Republican protesters?

WTF? Breaking on my Tee Vee, the Chris Mathews' show?

Whatever happened to Patrick Fitzgerald?

Sunday Bloody Sunday in Iraq

NY-26: BREAKING: New Poll Shows Reynolds 15 Points Behind

"Hughes: Fixing U.S. Image May Take Years"

Felix Allen Didn't Report His Stock Options

Superbug Survives Radiation, Eats Toxic Waste (Kinda Cool)

Biden actually says "Who Killed Cock Robin" on CNN with Blitzer!

Bob Woodward get's FanFair and Applause/those who Protested Get Nothing!

6 months - we lose Afghanistan, too

If you are a so called values voter

Did anyone see the Menendez-Kean debate (NJ-Senate)?

2744 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

IF the Dems come back into power, will we be instructed to simply move on?

Taliban slogan: "Sex and drugs but no rock-and-roll"

Why was Manucher Ghorbanifar at a meeting about the War on Terror?

China on alert over a nuclear neighbour (North Korea)

Don't forget about George Allen, he just gave Webb another gift!!

Here is How The Replugs have broken our troops minds

What would Wellstone have done? He would have FOUGHT.

You know something? They think they own the government....

With all of the republican pedophile cover-up stuff....

Did they just have a Christian prayer before the NASCAR redneck race?


Are republicans suggesting that we CUT AND RUN from Iraq?

1900: Man Arrested for Speech

FEMA: "Windy Biggie is our friend... She's knocking things to the ground."

Will the Timothy McVeigh crowd return in 2008 if a Democrat wins?

Bush says: "Change the course!"

Know any Glenn Beck fans who claim to be christian?

Check out the freeps from Oct 2000....eating some crow now eh?

Congressional Quarterly Says GOP In Danger Of Losing BOTH HOUSES

Has anyone started a pool as to what the average gas price will be on 11/7

Back at the "Mall" this weekend....and What's for Sale?

FUN FACT from freewayblogger:

NPR "on the media" birthday greeting to FOX news....(hee hee)

Does the Patriot Act regulate guns?

What is this Article Trying to say about Hastert Staffer Scott Palmer?

2744. RIP Tim, Dean, George, Kristofer, Justin, Raymond, all yet unnamed

Virginia Senator Did Not Disclose Stock Options-You Cheat Sen. Allen

Tucker Carlson Claims There's Another Page-ophile

the goperverts troubles keep coming...Allen didnt disclose stock ...hehe

Tony Snow sells "siding"??

Breaking: FNC is showing the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.


AP: "Moms and GOP - No Longer Happy Together"

Daylong CNN GOP Campaign Ad?

MTP replay now on MsnbC n/t

Matt PUDGE sucks again!!!!1 n/t1

Baker Sees Iraq Panel Departing From Bush Strategy

In one sense, it doesn't matter if Foley's acts were illegal.

Stranger than fiction - Many terror alerts came from an insane man

Detainee Lawyer Must Leave Navy

Jim Talent, talking about "involuntary" pregnancy on MTP.

A Commentary on the Mark Foley Scandal

The lie that the Dems sat on Foleygate is ridiculous on the face of it

My response to a crappy e-mail about Muslims sent to me by my mom

I work for a hospital corporation

OMG! Did anyone else see a "Double Entendre" in the Hind of Elephant

Why has FOLEY HIMSELF not been questioned yet? Seriously?

Hmm...NK just detonated a nuclear bomb, yet Foxnews says nothing.

The bastard defended the Constitution. Off with his head!

BREAKING. North Korea did anything-are you terrified yet - again?

Nuke test proves that punishing countries by not talking to them...

Bush's Retreat to Iraq

"Christening" a military ship?

We should make Brigadier General Johns an Honorary DUer

Tigers beat the Yanks!! 8-3! You can't buy a World Series, you

A Shocking Idea

Nothing on KCNA Tokyo

Anyone who in any way believes GWB was behind the North Korean test...

Compared to the Abramoff scandal

Americans Keep Dying

North Korea conducts nuke test

AOL Poll : Does the religion of the candidate mater

I'm sorry NK, you don't get to change the world. Didn't you hear?

"Hundreds of Iraqi Police Poisoned"

Everything seems to be going too good to be true today

Flight 93 on The History Channel now--History being altered

S. Dakota in urgent need of wire coat hangers.

Bush Administration Oct 4,2006: US will not live with a nuclear N. Korea

Dangerous new "disease" discovered....

Man arrested for speaking to Cheney at a shopping Mall.(land of the free?)

GOP = Greedy Old Perverts

Just finished watching V for Vendetta -- ***Spoiler***

FAUX analyst already blaming Clinton for NK Nuke

When a 'tax relief', meaning increasing taxes, how to respond? nt

CNN analyst James Marks: NK is "emboldened" and sees this as...

How will the MSM turn N Korea Nuke Test into a victory for Bush

Fire Fucking Condi!

3.58 tremor detected in N.Korea detected by S. Korea...

So will Bush try to change the narrative by bombing Iran pre election?

Why are repukes so reluctant to government run health care?

Nuke may just be a figment of little Kimmie's imagination or

Bleeding from the ears and nose after food poisoning

Let's join the Amish with a pledge of peace and humility

skiing in Iran

Again, is it my 'puter or DU that's been dragging for days now?

WP editorial: White House stonewalling and the Abramoff scandal

Love this statue of William Douglas

Does anyone have absolute proof No. Korea did anything except

Montgomery Marine Latest Casualty in Iraq

You know who I really don't like?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (The Sandbox)

Hompsexualtiy and Pedophillia comparision is BUNK!


Why I can't Sleep Returning Troops fight for VA Benefits

60 minutes - Robert Johnson? Better not fly on a plane.

"Flying Pigs Dept." --- Tucker Carlson actually told the truth today

First spinach, then beef, and now lettuce... wtf?

bush's private mood has 'blackened". Aww, poor baby

Guard U.S. pensions. Enron, Halliburton, Card big connections for....

TPM: Foley Scandal: Another Page Comes Forward -- from Iraq

Senate Millionaires Against Raising The Minimum Wage

A message from Cindy Sheehan

The bad guys really fear Bush dont they?

Another GOP Scandal - CA 52nd - Duncan Hunter Caught In Land Scam

Pet store arson update: It was an inside job, not AR people

Updated Jobs Growth Chart showing our wonderful economic recovery!

What's with all the hand-wringing over the N Korea nuke test?

Conservatives, Racism, and Jesus

A Record of "Fuzzy Math" by the Bush Administration

Best damn ad I have seen in weeks!

From Cindy Sheehan: Massive Sit-in at the White House

"U.S. Marine Base Probes Missing Laptop"

Hamdan Lawyer - Lt Cmdr Swift - Forced Out of Navy

North Korea 'may drop test if U.S. holds talks'

Check out Santorum on MSNBC's site....

Woohoo! Look at this from Harry Mitchell on J. D. Hayworthless!

Newsweek: Foley Drunken Dorm Visit Prompted Intervention

Bob Woodward: Cheney Cursed And Hung Up On Me After Book Was Published...

The James Baker Commission Will Recommend The US Break Iraq into 3 Parts!

WP review: "State of Denial" as an angry Woodward's come-to-Jesus moment

Bush: Let's change course....LOL

Fareed Zakaria calls it quits on Iraq.

Is Iraq getting worse than Vietnam?

Toons for Sunday

With cheap gas, Venezuelans buy big SUVs

So this is why the Dem's didn't comment on Foley's ethics ??

More immigration problems from south of the border

Why is the U.S.A. Harboring a Suspected Terrorist?

Thank You, Claire McCaskill!!! You Rocked on MTP!!!

Time Mag points out Dems toppled after 40 years, GOP falls apart in 12

'cover your a** list " id the no fly lis"==60 minutes now. over 500 pages

My lame ass reply from Pastor Downs at Heritage Bpst Church that likes Fol

TIME magazine is getting "cheeky" - look at the cover

George W. Bush. First American President to lose TWO wars.

James DOBSON: Foley's Stalking of Children Little More Than A Joke


Ex page tells of sex with Foley

Bottom line: If Woodward lied about Carville, then Carville should sue.

Kolbe confirms that the GOP knew about Foley since 2000

"Battered Marines Adjust to Civilian Life"

Holy Crap! AOL news is acutally covering important BFEE stories!

I went camping this weekend...2 stories which may peak your interest

Blitzer goes after McHenry: Asks five times to Provide Evidence

Mike Malloy on MSRNC any minute now

CBS Bob Schieffer Gets It Right!! --Will Anyone Else Listen???

Deep Questions Remain In Duke Rape Case.

Cindy Sheehan


HOLY SHIT Hundreds of Iraq police fall ill after meal...11 reported dead

Where do you stand on the "religion" scale?

Muhammad's sword

A short cartoon starring Joe Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman)

The Shadow Of A Murder Of Crows – a cross posted open source narrative…

CHECK OUT Time magazine's new cover!

Remember when this happened? "Lou, Lou, take control."

LOL - MSNBC is practically banned in the state of Georgia

Would whatever's on Foley's computer bring the GOP completely down?

THE one GREAT, concise LTTE - complete list of the Rs failure at governing

If Women were the majority in all 3 branches of Government-----

Tom Tomorrow: "Are The Democrats Going To Survive This Scandal?"

What about a Progressive Library?

Duncan Hunter's real estate deal... Duke Cunningham part 2?...

The Dems these days are about as exciting as watching broccoli boil.

article: Stephen Colbert Has America by the Ballots

AP: Olbermann news commentaries target Bush

Did Bush pay N. Korea to do the test this weekend?

Guess what george? You HAVE to stay two more years.

Pharmacies and privacy - I'm pissed!

Gasoline Price Manipulation? Looks like some proof here

Did anyone see Jim Webb's anti-war ad?? WOW!

Updated: Who could replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show

Picking Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps (My 6th graders)

The Hastert plot thickens - who is Scott Palmer?

For the Native American, they have seen 500 years of "terrorism"

Militainment, Inc. - the militarization of popular culture (documentary)

OK, let's assume NK blew a nuke...I say so what?

Full Statement of Columbia Students Who Occupied the Stage

AP: Sen. Allen Failed To Disclose Stock Options…

Columbia U / Minutemen Update


NYT: An Elephant Crackup?

*** TOONS: More Foley, if you can stand it! ***

They sure did a good job of keeping katrina off the TV *graphic*

The Andy Card Bombshell - Why He Really Resigned

Sorry I have been gone so much, we bought the house of our dreams

Poor "Tom" Foley

"Lapdogs" author, Boehlert, calls Way to Win depressing and dishonest.

Give 'em Hell Harry wants DENVER -not- NYC for '08 Democratic Convention

When Repugs attack!!...........Fight like hell

i think Maria Shriver is a bitch

Democrats in Accord

Should Dems, before the election, pledge to impeach bush?

Toledo Blade - Lucas Co BOE and Tom Noe's Downfall

Good point on WJ...

War plows on with lots of deaths and no end in sight! Graphic photos!!!!!!

I have no problem with this comparison. Do you??

Photo: Beloved former First Lady "Bar" remembers Molly Shannon from SNL

OH - Cleveland PD & Columbus Dispatch Endorse Strickland for governor

Foley's Chicken Ranch

Do you think that voting fraud...

IMHO Foleygate will keep Dinos in Line...

CA-19: Fresno Bee endorses Cox (D) over 'do-nothing' Radanovich (R)

The Bush Cult........... How can we help these poor fools?

Hartford Courant -- Lamont Still The Novice

Patriotic, Inspirational, Stirring Photo: "No Monkey Left Behind"

Claire rocks. Talent leans.

Check out this repug blogger she uses our dem logo on her BS

WP: Virginia GOP Senator George Allen: Cowboy or surfer boy "City Slicker"

Woodward on MTP now.

The Gingrich "Revolution"

Bill HIllsman op ed in Courant: What Is Joe, Really?

Culture Warrior by Bill O'Reilly is number one on the NYT list...

"DEMS would handle ALL issues better." FTN

make no mistake, the Party is just starting...

Ohioans - Voter Registration Deadline is Tuesday

After permitting the executive branch to rape the constitution, cast aside

What's To Prevent * From Using Signing Statements If The Dems Win...

L.A. Times: Foley had sex with ex-page

I originally posted this as a reply to another post but..

LAT: Democrats likely to gain majority of Governors' Mansions

Response to the Conservatives' "Democrats are hypocrites" line Re: Foloey

Dear Ben Stein,

Assuming we win the House and the Senate in November...

Dumb question, but why does the House have a judiciary committee?

AP: Allen Didn't Disclose Stock Options

Downside to the Foley Scandal

Apex, North Carolina

Do you have a friend or relative in Connecticut?

CNN Late edition: Poor kid brought a beanbag to a gunfight.

Sunday, Oct 8 Cincy Enquirer: Ohio GOP 'tired out'

NYT Magazine: The Big-Sky Dem: Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana

An Open Letter to Gov. Taft & Sec. of State Kenneth J. Blackwell

Catalan candidate offers 'naked truth' (Spain)

1-888-DEMVOTE launched . Voter assistance.

...Nation of many Wars, LA Times, good current overview article on Iraq:

Charles Pierce on Bush's comma remarks

Tom Reynolds commercial- spinning as his campaign goes down

MI Gov: Granholm (D) 49%; scAmway DeVos (R) 42% (Oct 8. Rasmussen)

AP: Quotes From Lawmakers on Foley Scandal

Hastert’s ‘Strong Leadership’ Was Responsible For DeLay’s Resignation

What Time Magazine was "too polite" to show you

COVERUP point not talked about ENOUGH

Is this the dumbest ad ever?

Cheney: GOP control of Congress needed for president's agenda

My thoughts on fascism (a debate with a reactionary)

THE STRAW MEN OF IRAQ: Ten Pro-War Fallacies (from 11/05)

Contessa Brewer Attacked on MSNBC

GOP subject to RICO?

It's a good thing for Dem Lefties to "Go With Hillary/Bill" because in the

Nearly 300 U.S. troops wounded in Iraq during first week of October

MT-SEN: New Tester Ad Asks Burns: "Where's Osama Bin Laden?"

Girl Children in America

Some quotes from Sunday talk shows on Foley scandal

Aburdist GOP Ad: Dem House Candidate Promises to Vote to Raise Her Salary

For the past five years, Allen failed to tell Congress about stock options

Baltimore, Maryland desperate for Republic Party poll workers

Despite requirement being struck down, Georgia voters told to have ID

The Genius of John Nichols

Don't forget, over 60% think their own CongressCritter is just fine

And once again Bush shows he is incompetent. His foreign policy has failed

Question.... Who has killed more Iraqi's... Bush...

Bush nullifies law requiring FEMA head to be qualified

Head up on Judy Biggert on the Ethics Committee

Miserable Failure

Now N. Korea has a nuke

If GWB is the devil, then McCain is the devil in disguise.

Here it comes now Rove spin

New Zogby poll on NY26th district: Davis (D) 48%, Reynolds (R) 33%

Today episode of "Inside Washington", the jouralists have turned.

WP,pg1: Democrats in Upper South run to win on bios, personal style...

"A True Blowout is Now Possible"

LOL the cover of Time :) :)

I dunno..but Woodward not looking good in Larry King Interview/Repeat

"They Were Warned and Did Nothing"

Rahm was impressive on ABC's This Week

Kerry Vows Tougher Stance on Texas Group (Swiftboat Liars)

Woodward says Cheney cursed, hung up on him over "State of Denial"

The so-called GOP “movement” depicted on the cover of Time

What issues do you care about most?

"Meet the 'Whack Iran' Lobby ". Names & Groups (Mother Jones)

An odd Diebold fear

Lies catching up to Bush, Rice in polls!

Are you a Towely or a Cartman?

The Perfect Shit Storm

Northern Iraq grows violent; hundreds of Iraqi police in Baghdad poisoned

On November 8, we should start a webpage

How special. An obscene phone call from Evil Dick Crashcart to Woodward.

Dick Cheney calls Ronald Reagan an Al-Qaeda Enabler!!!

What the media didn't tell you about the Oct.5th protests,

Clinton like a rock star. From the Toledo Blade

I'm an impeachment hawk. I also *still* like Nancy Pelosi.


You people down there in NC-10 have my deepest sympathy

When will Al Gore step up and throw Lieberman under the bus?

Kerry calls out Fitzpatrick for smearing vet Patrick Murphy

"Dems condemn North Korea's nuclear test. Cite Bush failure of diplomacy"

Democrats gain at least 20 in House, 6 in Senate

What if you could volunteer from the comfort of your home?