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Archives: October 5, 2006

WalMart Strides Into Election Fray (urging workers to vote against Dems)

NYT: Revelation by Foley Angers Victims of Abuse by Clergymen

U.S. Financing Research Project to Monitor Foreign Media

U.S. Opens Criminal Inquiry on Health Measures Taken by Spinach Growers

NYT/AP: Ali Endorses Michigan Gov. Granholm for Re-Election

Favorite Nerdcore rapper?

There once was an old man

Coming soon - is it a trailer or a preview?

Cops Watchers?

Sure to be this year's hottest holiday gift....

Next sentence

Okay which one of you stuck in and changed the Kool-Aid...

Neil Armstrong should have said...

Post pictures of hotties!

I wrote a LTTE and quoted Kerry

WalMart Strides Into Election Fray (urging workers to vote against Dems)

OH Governors debate on CSPAN1 now

My plans, to celebrate October 20th

Degenerate fuckin Morals and Values assholes

Plans to celebrate October 20th

Charlie Rose tonight: Sumner Redstone: Jimmy Wales, founder-wiki.

Neil Young Coming Up On Letterman Now

Can't wait for Keith's special comment tomorrow at 8 p.m. That's

Murtha at HuffPo The Foley Fallout:On Red Flags and Immediate Resignations

Is Jack Cafferty always mad?

Baghdad bombings hit all time high

The trip to the schoolhouse in Florida...

psssst...spread the word to all your DEM friends...VOTE!!!

All this talk about martial law and cancelled election leaves me pondering

True life wingnuttery-POST FOLEY from an average dude.

Craig Ferguson showing the Foley D-FL screen from O'Reilly!

How many attacks did Al Qaeda have planned after 9/11 ??

Do you think falling gas prices are connected to election?

New questions when Republican leaders told of US sex scandal

'circular firing squad" aimed at Hasturd says Nightline just now-Repugs

DU the Gay Old Pervert Poll

El Diablo says "vote Republican for the safety of the United States"


Foleygate could take down the entire bush regime...

Am I the last one to know Jack Abramoff was a film producer?

So an idiot, a monkey and a pedophile walk into a bar...

Pelosi: Repub leadership needs to be put under oath immediately

Just watched Moyers. I am more than exhausted.and surprised at DU

NYT editorial: GOP could turn Foley scandal into anti-gay witch hunt

Thank God for Moyers

Admins and/or mods: Whazzup with DU? Is it traffic,

Bella Update IV

A New Meme must be spread: Republicans HIDE perverts.

Mark Foley's 'secret' location discovered

Give me a good article on the Mark Foley Scandal

Hastert needs to hang tough.

Whoa, Mr. Hastert! HANG IN THERE! Don't resign!

The $$$ question: Did GOP leaders ever talk to WH about Foley?

Bush to Foley: This is the real reason I am keeping Rumsfeld:

NYT: Bush’s Megaphone Unable to Reach Above the Din

Hastert should not resign

The Unmasked Republican Party

Cigars and sex 'boost Cuba lives'

Six Flags Over Neo-Nuremberg: Bush, Oprah, The San Diego Chicken, And A Pr

CalThomas -- pop culture has no morality, so 'we' can't condemn Foley

Torture: An American Institution (Mickey Z.)

Alvaro Vargas Llosa Sends Hugo Chavez to Dante's Inferno

Terror bill targets Americans

An opinion piece (Islam)which may cost a man his life-Censoring Ourselves

Why no ID research -- the latest excuse

No Bush Left Behind

"Liars for Jesus" --- documents/refutes Xian revisionist history of US

It's about inspiring confidence, John

CSM: How the Foley scandal unfolded

Must Read Compilation: Republicans blame everybody but Foley

America’s Collective Delusion Must Endure (Jason Miller)

The Real Scandal Isn't Foley

DeWine was misled, but can't admit it

I kow it's George Will but it's the best laugh ever!

NYT Editorial: Real Scandals and Fake Ones

Capitol Crimes. I watched this last night. Truly worth seeing.

People Over Profits and Rock the Vote Team Up

The Barroom Brawl and Patriotism

Apple Owns Up to Backdating

Publisher Quits The Miami Herald After "Cash For Castro" Scandal

"They gave me so much power, why are they surprised I used it?"

Boston Herald! GOP Witless vs. DC Clueless


Bush signings called effort to expand power (Boston Globe)

Asia Times Online- "Bush and Barney's path to Waterloo"

Temp. Of Norwegian Sea Current Into Arctic Ocean Up 0.8C In 1 Year - AFP

A Sleeping Giant Wakes - Permafrost Melting All Across Arctic Canada

Global Warming Could Spread Extreme Drought

Norway Unveils $3 Billion In Renewable Energy Funding - AFP

Waste Fouls Beaches As Officials Seek Source Of "Malibu Smell" - LAT

Greater Diversity of Life in Tropics (Science magazine)

Scientist Warns of Species' Extinction

Davos Head - World Already 10-15 Years Late In Responding On Climate - BBC

WHO: Air Pollution Kills 2M Folks a Year

Drought Will Double To Hit Half The World By 2100

Reps. Chide EPA For Lack Of Action, Information On Intersex Fish - ENN

Senator Dumbass Whines & Cries About CNN Rebuttal On Warming

Note To Hunters: 3 Duck Species Now Listed Under Mercury Advisory

Delhi On High Alert As Dengue Fever Outbreak Gains Foothold - Independent

3 Scientists Quit EPA Chemical Advisory Panel, Slam Agency Methods

Schools Close Across Indonesia As Haze Spreads As Far As Guam - AFP

Climate Talks Success, Claim Organizers - US Continues To Sit On Its Ass

Scientists Link Sudden Temp Shifts, Tropical Rains To Ocean Salinity - AFP

Prepare For Freak Weather Worldwide, Top Global Polluters Told - Reuters

Are security forces trigger-happy when it come to Arabs?

What would happen if...

New peak oil and 9/11 documentary.

Amanda Keller: I Was Not Atta's Girlfriend

Kerry wants Rice's 9-11 lie examined at hearings (Iraq lies, too)

dutch voting machines play chess

Cross Post: Dems Beware of Absentee Voting - MCM & Bruce O'Dell

Good evening ELECTIONS FORUM....CA 50th, LandShark and Hastert

X-Post to Autorank Thread: Appellate Brief Filed in CA 50th Cong. Dist.

RFK Jr. video - now interested in running!

URGENT - Ohioans, please contact your local libraries...

IL -- DuPage Election Chairman Took $12,500 from Diebold Vendor

On Global TV: "Breaking Ranks: The Documentary"

PM Should Explain Afghan Mission on TV: Senate

Bush Puts Steve

CP: Ambrose promises to cut greenhouse emissions but sets no targets

WP: U.S. European Commander Confirms Quotes in "State of Denial"

Middle East peace getting more difficult for Rice.

Explosion near Musharraf's house

Asia Times Online- "Bush and Barney's path to Waterloo"

Rice: U.S. Eying Ways to Aid Palestinians

NEW U.S sanctions will not impact Iran.

WP: Virginia Senate race: With Allen's Help, Webb's Fundraising Soars

Cigars and sex 'boost Cuba lives'

US Mission to eliminate waiting period for visa interviews (India)

Israel sacks war critic general

Missouri High Court Weighs Voter ID Law

Ethics committee ready to probe Foley case

Report: Interior workers spend hours on Web (Sex, Games, Gambling, etc.)

Ex-aide: I reported Foley's behavior years ago

Guardian: Email sex scandal puts Republican majority at risk

Foley ballot notice headed for battle in Florida

Ground Zero Cross Moving From WTC Site

Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader 'killed'

GAO blames govt. for logging losses

Ensign sheds financial help from Foley (Jack Carter opponent)

CNN breaking: Hastert to hold 1:00pm briefing

Reuters/Zogby poll: Dems poised for Senate gain; uphill battle for control

Istook aide may be victim in page scandal (McVeigh's lawyer, Foley's page)

ABC: Voters Say Scandals Will Affect Votes

Muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union

"The Hill" Newspaper: Longtime Republican was source of e-mails

London Mayor Livingstone Wins Bid to Get Suspension Quashed

WP,pg 1: Foley's Intentions Appear Clear In Exchanges

NATO assumes command in Afghanistan (US forces under foreign command)

House ethics panel to subpoena documents

'Just a Comma' Becomes Part of Iraq Debate

Hastert Defiant In Page Scandal

Now we now the facts about Foley....from Druge. It's all a prank.

Freeh to examine Congress page system

Longtime Republican was source of e-mails

CSM: How the Foley scandal unfolded

Forbes: House Ethics Panel to Subpoena Documents

Hastert blames liberal conspiracy, yet claims 'buck stops here'

New FEMA chief hired for Western states, U.S. territories

AP: Iraq Political Groups Warned on Militias

France: Muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union

Foley Scandal Is New Backdrop for 1 Race

Spokeswoman for N.M. Candidate Attacked (R)

(D) N.D. Official Gets RNC to Stop Calling

AP: Star of Cleopatra Jones Films Dies

Bombings as US casualties mount as Iraq has worst week yet

Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer's - U.S. study

Broadcasting&Cable: Accused by FAIR, PBS NewsHour Stands by Its Balance

Explosives Found Outside Pakistan Parliament

Earth Liberation Front members plead guilty in 2001 firebombing

30 bodies found in Baghdad in 24 hours

Fox News: Internal Poll Suggests Hastert Could Devastate GOP

Germany uncovers Nazi-era mass grave

U.S. asks court to hold alleged Cuban airline bomber (Luis Posada)

Troops polled say armed forces stretched too thin overseas

Mexico leftists reluctantly recognize Calderón

Unlikely Terrorists On No-Fly List(Bolivia President, Dead 9/11 Hijackers)

Santorum struggles for voter approval

Many conspirators seen behind Foley scandal

(Los Angeles) Times Publisher Johnson Forced Out

President asserts power to edit privacy reports

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 5

Ex-Page Says He Got Messages From Foley (in 1997)

Taliban Lay Plans for Islamic Intifada

Syria says U.S. embassy attack planned in Saudi Arabia

Security Breaches Worry Outsourcing Industry

Panel Approves Subpoenas in Page Scandal (4 dozen)

Voters Say Scandals Will Affect Votes

US asks court to hold alleged Cuban airline bomber

Online gaming had ties to US 'super-lobbyists'

US denies killing al Qaeda leader in Iraq

GM Likely To Hire 115 Temp Workers (OH)

Despite Scandal, Bush Supports Hastert

U.S. investigations on Canadian soil done within the law: (Stockwell) Day

Rice pays surprise visit to Iraq

In Bill's Fine Print, Millions To Celebrate Victory

NYT/Reuters: U.N. Warns Surging Afghan Opium Crop to Spur Heroin Deaths

Abramoff Received Payments From Online Gaming Cos

AP: Bag Checks to Resume on Boston Subways

Layoffs loom at Hummer H2 plant

Inquiry To Look At House, Not Foley

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Blocks Arizona Voter ID Law Enforcement


Clark says Saddam death penalty will unleash 'catastrophic' violence

Former Seattle police officer killed in Iraq (in less than a week)

Poll: Pentecostals Widening Influence

White House says economy slowed

Iraq's universities and schools near collapse as teachers and pupils flee

Cuba Delivers UN Anti-Blockade Plan

CNN/Reuters: Over 100 mayors vow to snuff out gun crime

Amid questions, ABC says messages 'couldn't be a prank'

AP: Judge dismisses charges against John Mark Karr

Court upholds California gay marriage ban

TIME Poll: The Foley Sex Scandal Has Hurt G.O.P. Election Prospects

Bush signings called effort to expand power, Report sees broad strategy

Watchdog Group Disputes FBI's Claims on E-Mails

Iraq entering 'decisive' six months: US General Casey

Rice urges Iraqis to halt violence after rocket attack delays arrival

MSNBC: Battle for Baghdad ‘a critical point’ (for victory) in the war

(State) Legislator suggests arming teachers

Aide: Hastert to resist calls to step down (Freeh To Lead Probe?)

GOP's Hold on Evangelicals Weakening

Muppets teach children a land mine lesson

AP: Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush

Internal Poll Suggests Hastert Could Devastate GOP

Two Marines Killed in Western Iraq

Bush Says He Can Edit Security Reports (can he even spell?)

Survey: New Orleans Under 190,000 People

Another Freedom Cut Short

Rep. Pelosi Promises Integrity, Civility

CNN: Page's family: Leave our 'hero' son alone (statement)

AP: Victims Say Foley Should Name Abuser (Clergyman)

Syria says U.S. embassy attack planned in S. Arabia

NYT: Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

61% Believe Republican Leaders Have Been Protecting Foley

Pelosi: Dems focused on middle class

ABC Mistakenly Releases ID in Page Probe

Senators (Warner & Levin): Iraq situation bleak (U.S. losing Baghdad)

Killer's family comforted: Amish 'don't balance hurt with hate'

Marijuana's Key Ingredient Might Fight Alzheimer's

NYT: Oil Prices Rise Amid Signs of OPEC Cuts (Bodman will be in touch)

CNN/AP: Harvard committee recommends returning religion to core curriculum

Report Links Cancers to Santa Susana Lab, Ventura County, CA, Meltdown

Streisand snipes at Bush in concert

Protestors Rush Minutemen (at Columbia University - NYC)

Tibetan nun shot dead; other Tibetans feared killed on way to Nepal


Why not Gore/Dean in 08?

The best description of home I have ever heard....

HILARIOUS cat video

If a blind person took LSD, would they get visual hallucinations?

Jacko Running For Foley's Seat --(hmr)

Nooooooo Youtube is down for maintenance!

anyone uses Gmail?

Bela Lugosi's Dead

Out of Africa


Taco Bell Dog Dead

Generic Cherry fruit snacks, V-8 Juice and coffee...

Any pantheists out there?

Damn — headache

City Council Candidate: "Please don't vote for me."

I'm so excited

Congratulations David Zephyr!! 10,000 posts

Some see deity in Mexico city wall

Today's high-wire motorcycle stunt bear thread


Forget "Lost" Who watched "The Nine" Last Night?

" Mr. Foley, have you been able to read up on allthe accusations

God hates fags wacko on Howard Stern

Columbia University Students Storm Stage, Attack Minuteman Founder

Mark Foley: another breed of Republican Chickenhawk.

Almost Had a Fight at Work Today

my first hug thread

This just in from!!!

Putting up a door question

Question about Rolling Rock beer

The first casualty of the 2006-2007 Fall TV Schedule is. . .

1969: Premiere of "Monty Python's Flying Circus."

I can't take it anymore!

Its World Cant Wait day and Im stuck at work because everyone is sick

Post pictures of hot ties!

Alright, who all did I just friend on MySpace?

I'm going to see Jon Stewart tomorrow night!

Post pictures of hot Thais

You have to check out George Carlin telling it like it is

say it loud. say it plowed.

Cuban Centurians endulge in coffee, cigars, sex - layoff alchohol

Momma cat old picture new scan

"If it weren't for pick pockets, I wouldn't get any sex at all."

Thursday list thread

Good morning

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/5/06)

BREAKING from the CDC!!! another OUTBREAK!!!

How much of an obtuse imbecile am I?

favorite loaf

mellow out or you will pay

Man Had "Silence Of The Lambs" Torture Chamber In Basement - Killed 3

They fuck you up, your mom and dad

Prosecutor mulls charges in crash tied to flying bra

do ya think i'm sexy?

Squirrel Hunting Blamed For School Lockdowns

It's gonna be a very long month

27 years ago today

LOL, I envy ping pong balls.

My friend's father died a couple days ago

I would like to convey this as simply as possible...

I finally saw "The Aristocrats" last night

Do you think pregnant men are sexy?

Can I ask for some thoughts for someone?

Cops Search Grandparent's Home For Porn (Find "Lion King" & "Snow White")

What's for lunch?

They met in the park, she had him for dinner, they had sex.

You gotta love Helen Mirren

Thank you everyone!

For guitar geeks:

The Strokes.... Damn are they a good band.....

anyone click on that NYTimes ad, bottom of the page?

If I had to do it all over again, I would never have......

Fox Evil

The way-yay-ting is the hardest part (apologies to Mr Petty)

When You Say Bud...

This is a boror thread

Hay guys!

Anyone up for a road trip?

Post photos of hot pies!

Friends you make plans with, then they get something better to do....

Today in music history 10-5

Post Politics Career Suggestions For The ReThugs

**A silly poem for today**

this is a boring thread...


Did anybody watch 'The Nine' last night?

Joke of the Day (adults only, please)

Asylum Street Spankers: Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV

Perfect Day

Give me Love

I had some great Toro for lunch!! What did you have

Name a strange tendency you have.... .... ....

Best work of new fiction you've read in the last year?

what's the difference

post your favorite punchline here

*CAPTION* Bush and Hastert!

I'm being naughty right now

Okay-I *HATE* the new google bar

testosterone nation

matcom has invaded GD

new freeper word: Rebpublications

who's yer daddy?

UFO, Baby

Dog Ate Woman's Winning Powerball Ticket (She Claims - As Do Others)

Terry Gilliam hanging around with people in line for 'The Daily Show'

Foley IMs were an edited HOAX! See the real IM here.

Just FYI: The next two weeks will be hell for me...

What's your favorite little thing your SO does?

Lost Fans: Post your theories on the following:

All I'm gonna say tonight is GO WILD!

Does Rush Limbaugh live in Foley's ass crack?

***Post your thoughts on the following quote***

Does Rush Limbaugh live in Foley's district?

My newest MySpace friend is...

"frampton comes alive" is better than sex

hey guys...have you ever had...

List music that makes you calm, relaxed and contemplative

this is going to be my new theme song/chase theme

"Blame the Vain", Yokum's newest, apropos for Hastert - youtube & lyrics..

Q how rghl; m,b,v,lvb,llv,. v.,; mkgkidklmsdaq ,maKL

Happy birthday wishes to sofedupwithbush's son!!

If I was ______ ya know ____

Screwed-up Plan-O-Gram of the year!

Accusations! My LBN Post in Early AM Was Misinterpreted!

Who's going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Popplers - you decide!

Cruise and Kidman Ruined 'Eyes Wide Shut', Kubrick Told Ermey

I almost forgot- I had so much fun selling hotdogs!

An interesting tidbit on Foley, his godfather is.....

My new favorite word: Identifiction

Hey, Haruka!

I'm fascinated by Bocephus

A raccoon, a forrest, a flower,the fab four, and a butterfly

I'm fascinated by Thales of Miletus

Time for bed

Qdoba Mexican Grill, ever been there?


I want to thank everyone that told me to hit Al-Anon

Photobucket sucks.

I'm intimidated by Regis

I'm fascinated by Poicephalus

I'm fascinated by Regis

Well the dog just tried to bury a dead squirrel in the good couch

Congratulations Rex!! 10,000 posts

I'm fascinated by Bucephalus

PLEASE Help!! If there are any laptop geniuses/computer whizzes here....

Catty co-worker

And now, a drunken random polka music video from Finland!

Is there a way for me to download songs onto my Nano from the Library?

Hey guys!

Troll Bashfest on Yahoo

So our College Democrats are supporting a Republican. WTF?

DU Facebook users, Sound off!

Tigers even series at 1-1!

Thursday lyrics

Most bizarre pop-up ad ever.

I'm gonna have some ice cream! Anyone wanna partake with me?

OMG I feel so horrible today.

For the Panda lovers

A song for every occasion, this one reminds me of about 11 months ago:

Attention DU Straight Men (and women, too):

Since when is forgiveness irrational?

Question: How does newyawker99 keep track of milestones?

NYC for me next week

damn! this is bad'n a muthafucka!

Will "The Departed" finally win Scorsese an Oscar?

My beloved sweetie and I are no more (for now)

O' Boises were O'Boisterous!

Now THAT'S a lightning strike!

Another new pic of me!

The girl who got the first rose on Bachelor

Does anyone here have Vongo?

Best CAT PEE Cure?

An Ethics Question Regarding Broccoli.

What's yer hobby?

There has never been anyone like "Weird Al" Yankovic

ELP: Fanfare for the Common Man

For we three car geeks: Filming resumes on Top Gear

I'm sick (I'm guessing the flu) and want to do something fun.

Lost Fans: WTF happened to Kate when she had breakfast with Ben

vlol;v b;' jkklklmrokpfl;k;l,.f hankj 54t/ ;lflkifvoh rtiurfj 89uerj

Good Evening

Your favorite foods: "Right Stuff" or "Food Porn?"

nighty night all

Odd, but true: my life was the inspiration for the novel "Call Me Wesley"

Haruka and Lionesspriyanka are Militant Lesbians

I had a little stroke today

Amazing. (nothing interesting here, I just had to say it to say it)

I'm watching "Darmok"

Clinton is an ASS

My show is coming on tonite

Question for people in the movie business Re; cast calls

MoseyWalker move-your-ass thread

I WANT THE TRUTH -- Has anyone ever visited my journal? Ever?

Spice World Appreciation Thread?

Help - good wishes needed - Moggy snuck out last night...

Are you "fat and sassy" or "lean and mean"?

I want a Hummer 2.........

I've decided to stop posting until November 14th.

Mets win, lead their NLDS 2-0 games over Dodgers.

Did you ever have something you needed to talk about...

"Hug it out, bitch!"

Can we go one day...

Did anyone watch "The Nine" last night?

New road sign: "UN-ASS THE PASSING LANE!" Thanks to benEzra. anyone else watching CSI?

Congratulations bliss_eternal!! 10,000 posts

Did you see The Model in The Orange Platform Shoes? The poor woman... but

The sexiest song ever - "sometimes I wonder" by darius rucker

Padres = Pathetic!

Oeditpus Rex, I'm calling you out!


if you had the money, would you become a space tourist?

Kicking the demon drugs...

If there is ANYONE in the Lounge who didn't see/hear Olbermann's

Do you eat raw cookie dough?

All homosexuals are preoccupied with sex.

The Dear John Letter...

Guess what's on my mind?

my dog, Rocky pees on himself. ask me anything.

A letter to a scuzzbucket landlord I had in Hammond, Louisiana

Du Lesbians and Bi Women..Who is Your L-Word Crush??

Do you think pregnant women are sexy?

The newest non-human resident of my apartment . . . .


Going to the 16th Century this weekend

_______________is better than sex.

Tell me something you can NOT say with a straight face.

Do You Have A Very Happy Memory?

Greatest Movie Theme Music?

Funny Weird Al video, and a heads up to Skittles

NEW PICS of me!

They sent collections after me

CONFESS!!!! What Thoughtcrime are you guilty of?

A couple questions about job searching

Howdy Loungers! I need your help!

OMG! I nearly got into a fight at the gas station this morning!

Most important post-breakup lesson:

Odd, but true: my life was the inspiration for the novel "Heidi"


Dylan fans: Please tell me, are Dylans lyrics supposed to make sense?

So when is the gang from CSI: going to go in with the funky....

The haruka3_2000 appreciation thread!!

I'm fascinated by the spiders in my bathroom

Help! Where's LynneSin's Project Runway weekly review?

I am offended, when artists try to copy the Beatles.

I've been watching baseball and porn and drinking beer all day

Seriously - what's on your mind RIGHT NOW

New Pictures! ...Wayfarer's Chapel and the gardens..Pic heavy!

25 days people!!!!!!! Just 25! ARE YOU READY!!!

DO flight attendants steal medication?

Thursday lyrics 2 - for my ex-wife

According to the Faux Sprots announcers

Do You Smoke?

Vegetarians - If you "don't eat anything with a face"

Desired outcome keywords are "no restenosis!" Good thoughts/vibes/

Don't we have some DUers who have been ESL instructors abroad?

POLICE OFFICERS (esp. HIGHWAY): I have a question for you!

Rosco just came out of surgery.

Freepathon! JimRob needs $280,000 per year to run FR!

Thank you bigwillq for the idea...PICTURE THREAD TIME!!!

By Way Of Explanation...

What's the name of the BOOK you're currently reading....and....?

It's a beautiful day for a PICTURE THREAD!

Getting 2 dogs from Shelter - Need 2 cute names.

I hate college revisted dreams.

"The Religion Song" - (Had it with ALL religion!) - reactions?


Why do Christians hate Jesus? They're ignoring his birthday again!

Understanding Christian Motivations

How a doctor's wife gets cancer.

Wow! Do you take (generic) meds?

Idaho Biz Group Jumps In On Gay Marriage

Memorial For Principal Fails To Address Shooter's Assertion Of Homophobia

Name Change Sought For College Building Named For Gay Foe

Virginia Gay Marriage Battle Heats Up

With Great Respect and Affection For and Apologies To GLBT DUers,...

What the hell is wrong w/California court...? Gay marriage ruling...

Gay vs Pedophile

NJ Governor Would Reject Gay Marriage Ban If Court Rules In Favor

A request from the GLBT members of DU

NBA Switches To Shitty Synthetic Ball

Whoo Hoo, NC State Wolfpack

Boxing!!! (ShowTime Free Preview and HBO Cards)

Tigers win!

Game of the Weak -- Raiders or 49ers?

Road to the Breeders Cup: NTRA National Pick 4 Offered Oct. 7

"Power In Honesty - Staying True To Your Word"

Why don't I feel elated about the Mark Foley "scandal"?

"An Attack of Darkness...Or Is It?" - Karen Bishop - October 5, 2006

Midwest Birthday Card Update

Iraq for Sale - new thread for MA folk to attend w/Sen. Kerry

Any news on bloggers meeting in Boston in December?

John Kerry urges all to watch a screening of "Iraq for Sale"

Iraqi blogger explains what the Neocon vision really means

"defeatocrat" Kerry calls out "retreatican" Frist on Afghanistan!

Remember the Kerry - Vermont 'junket' scandal???

Kerry Presses for Foreign Relations Committee Hearings

Let me be the first

It's quiet in here... too quiet...

this just in from the whitehouse........

Irony Alert

If they knew about Foley years ago .... what did Delay do about it?

PBS is reairing Frontline-Return of the Taliban.

Betting all the cards on "national security"...

My name is Ruth and I feel fine.

Sure to be this year's hottest holiday gift....

the Odds

Are they using the word "revelations" too much lately?

Bush Corporate Welfare for Pharaceutical Companies Shot Down

Did W's daddy just give him a shot.

Cook Political Report: VA-Sen to Toss-Up column.

Top UN peacekeeping official warns of ‘overstretch’

Seemed logical to me

Don't explain, just deny.

"Republicans never lose, they just turn everything into a WASH"

Spin the Bottle - Mark Foley's 10-step rehab program

Dennis is a menace on page affair.

Worst October Surprise, EVER

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 5 Oct 06

Speaker of the House Nullified San Diego Congressional Race

What else does Kirk Fordham know? Cunningham, Foggo, Doyle

Vote GOP - Support Failure

Headline from S. KOREA: "White House denials RING HOLLOW"

Newt: Dems' sex scandals are worse

Congress ready for `success' in Iraq

Which Side Are We On Here?

suggesting a name change for House....

Republican Propaganda Machine is running at full RPM.

Kirk Fordham Is Gay???

Sex scandal angers Americans because they "understand it"

POLL Help...

Yesterday, Limbaugh says republicans are going to pick up 25 seats

Please, Mr. Speaker. STAY THE COURSE!

Washington Journal: Should GOP Maintain control of House?

Mike Allen doesn't look so gungho this morning on WJ.

Susan Just Seems To Treat Dem Callers On WJ A Little Differently Than

Fair and Balanced

News from NY26...

FL-5 JohnRussell(D) vs Ginny Brown-Waite(R-inc) Debate tonight

$20 million Iraq victory party

Republicans in Laytonland: Talk to the Taliban

British Find NO EVIDENCE Of Arms Traffic From Iran

pages dorm

Gotta' go 'way for awhile. Be back real soon. Need a break.

Helen Thomas: Kissenger Says Victory in Iraq is the Only Exit Strategy

When will Hastert surrender and resign?

Paging Dr.Freud Paging Dr. Freud CAPTION needed stat

they mask opinion as news

For all we know Mark Foley isnt even gay.He's just another sick Republican

What the heck is Bush doing in this picture?

Can I get a link to

Longtime Republican was source of (Foley) e-mails

During debate, Ohio 3 rd District senator verbally attacked by crowd

Sidney Blumenthal: The cover-up that kills

NBC Today Show Whoring for GOP (re: Foleygate)

Tenet tells Rice who tells Rumsfeld and Ashcroft. What Does Bush Do?

'Anything Goes' Administration

Jeff Gannon will be on Randi's show today.

Grand Jury Subpoenas for records or searches likely!

NBC/WSJ Poll- Chimpy at 39% approval (-3 points)

Today's the Day: It's the Beginning of the End of this Nightmare....

After Denny Hastert resigns, who's next

Hastert: Planning Press Conference In Chicago This Morning (?)

Air America News reports Hastert refuses to resign -- Good.

Vote Democratic--the odds are better

Laura looks like she's ready to crack

Firing Of Reynolds Makes Things Look Worse For NRCC Chief Reynolds

Heads Up: Jeff Gannon/James Guckert on Randi today!

NATO takes over eastern Afghanistan

repubs TERRIFIED at the prospect of Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Firing of Fordham Makes Things Look Worse For NRCC Chief Reynolds

E-mail question (not foley related)

New Messages Hint Foley Tried To Lure Boys To Encounters

Leavenworth has a GREAT rehab program for guys like that!

Stephanie Miller Loves Us Today Meeting 10/5/06 Slut Blogging

Foley offered underage page beer at his Georgetown Brownstone

Would everyone please just quiet down for a minute?

Barney Frank gets it right

Jewish Reform Movement Tells Conservatives To Stop Blaming Gays For Foley

Hastert releases shortest Congressional press release ever?

George W. Bush versus The U.S. Constitution

Wis. Public Radio is great segment on World can't Wait. Representatives

When the House Could Clean Itself

Former Seattle Police Officer Killed In Iraq

Foley: "I am not a sicko"

Wow, I was just watching Glenn Beck and it finally registered...

Bush Will Start War to Try For "Rally Round the Flag", Ships to be SUNK

"2 More Republican Members About To Get Swept Up In This Foley Thing?"

NPR says Foley will possibly not affect GOP base.

Hastert -- How to lie without lying. And how media morons fall for it.

Octagon1: Abramoff's Link to Israeli Arms Dealing and More?

1.2 Million Children Are Homeless in the United States

Nazi phrase gets football coach benched

Religion and Politics.

I have had an abortion and I refuse to live in shame...

Nancy Pelosi says to donate to the DCCC.

If I disappear, it might be due to this message I just sent *

Mark Crispin Miller Warns: Dems will not be allowed to win this election

"The List" was originally created to BLACKMAIL gay repubs AND DEMS.


Time to write msnbc about Keith....if you want to keep him

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann Special Comment 10-5-2006

Anyone ever read "Closets of Power?"

What kind of crazy legislation would you like to pass?

Is this true? I heard tonight that Walmart owns that true?

Have MSNBC and CNN, and the big 3 covered FOX labelling Foley with a "D"?

Now even active duty generals join the Rumsfeld bashing !

I'm tired of taking the high road!

Should the word Olbermann be added to DU's spell check dictionary?

Congrats to all on these recent Project X victories.

Email addresses here to send your thanks to Keith and MSNBC

Hell breaks loose in Iraq

GOP backpedaling after Minutemen e-mail

Down The Black River

Bill Moyers "Capitol Crimes" is now available on-line

Watch if this doesn't happen: Repugs will attack homosexuals

Kerry calls for hearings on Iraq revelations in State of Denial

How did Mark Allen Foley get to be co chair of the children group?

IS THERE A DeLay / Foley / Marianas Connection???

An Interesting Story About the Amish

Pages parents: Do you know enough 'bout them to judge them? I don't.

"We're Doomed!" Homophobic heads exploding. . . and this is just beginning

OUCH: New Reuters Poll - Lieberman 53% - Democrat Lamont 33%

Scoop/Autorank: Appeal Filed in Bilbray Election Challenge

Head On Radio Thursday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In


Poppy *: if Dems win they'll push "through all kinds of crazy legislation"

MSNBC: Pelosi Blocks Hastert From Naming Freeh To Overhaul Page Board

Think...what could be if...

Freep's bubble burst. Three more pages come forward and it's WORSE

Look at Bush's signing statement on Congress' latest Homland Security bill

The Jeff "Me love you long time" Gannon on Randi Rhodes Official Thread

HILARIOUS: Feeney 'Porn Mailing' Smear Against Clint Curtis Angers Mom!

Kennedy To Lieberman: STFU!

It's all the fault of a Gay Democrat Senator in 1845

James Baker III on "Fresh Air" today, stops just short of admitting


Names of gay GOP Aides, Staffers & Congressmen now on "The List"

Protesters: Ever deal with the feds? I just did.

Stan Goff: "Sowing the Seeds of Fascism in America"

Tell Republicans THIS

Molly Ivins & Correcting the Aim of the Texas Penal Canon

Wal-Mart Signs Rush Limbaugh

Marijuana's key ingredient might fight Alzheimer's

More On The Naval Blockade

I want to give Jon Stewart a huge pat on the back

Randi Rhodes is pissed- Jeff Gannon chickened-out of appearing on her show

Internal Poll Suggests Foleygate May Cost GOP 50 Seats - WOO-HOO

Randi Rhodes: Today's Guest Jeff Gannon

Election dilemma: Polling places in schools : segregate republicans?

Are you ready for this?

Some good news from Iraq and Aghanistan...

today Chimp said "We're living in a global world"...

Halle Berry to star in movie about 2000 Democratic congressional candidate

Pat Buchanan claims NAMBLA marches in gay pride parades

A request from the GLBT members of DU

Liberal pundit Kate O'Birne - is she tainted?

Ok - who's been messing with the freepers???? This can't be real!

Was tonight Keith Olberman's last night?

Network of Spiritual Progressives: I stumbled on them tonight

I found a picture of you.

Sooo..what about the pics that Watts talked about..

Whole mess-o-polls today.

Fordham Himself is Gay, Scarborough: Foley-Fordham "as close as possible"

Bush says he can edit security reports (Bush has lost his mind!)

Why does Dobbs devote so much time to the xenophobic immigration fringe?

Hastert: Scandal Is Democrats 'October Surprise'


Bush defies Congress, claims he can edit security reports

NYT's Jennifer Medina hurts Lamont's campaign with lies again.

Gay hating gay republicans NEED to be outed

GROPer GATE sez they knew but with held the info cause they knew it

The truth about the page scandal

Smart dog.

Now we now the facts about Foley....from Druge. It's all a prank.

I just finshed watching "Capitol Crimes" by Bill Moyers

36% Bush Approval-NEW TIME POLL & 2/3 Say Repubs COVER-UP In Foley Scandal

Five Years Of Fascism have caused me to

New Zogby Poll doesn't look good for Webb

Marijuana May Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s - Reuters\MSNBC

Is anyone else getting tired of the Foley coverage 24/7?

OCt. 5th let's BUILD the MOMENTUN! OUR World Can't Wait! SO...

Keillor:Last Week-We Suspended Human Rights In America-Ixnay Habeas Corpus

World CAN'T WAIT today!! Let's drive out the Bush regime!!

The Tipping Point (re: Iraq, 9/11, Abramoff and Foley)

Hey Michael Weisskopf, how's your HAND doing these days?

regardless of what Bush might pull for his October surprise remember...

Excuses to date - re: Foley's Folly

Help with this poll, Should Hastert resign? it's being freeped

Radical Fringe Toon Thurs 10/5 -- attention diverted

Let's get Hannity fired by GMC

FL-5 Debate update. John Russell(D) kicked Ginny Brown-Waites ass tonight

Here comes Keith's Comments! >>

Church vs. State. Bill Moyers' expose' on Abramoff put the lie

Does the age of consent have any bearing on the Foley case?

John Conyers: "George W. Bush Versus The U.S. Constitution"

Gay marriage dealt defeat in California

That sound you hear is the great republican whine.

Obermann VIDEO: Bush Selling Country Out To Preserve Political Power!

3 more former pages come forward, breaking on ABC

How's Tony Blair's Son's Internship with Gay GOP David Dreier Progressing?

Ethics Committee Ready to Probe Foley Case

Shaken to the core.

The Jordan Edmund IMs ARE fake.

Amy Goodman on Colbert Report now!!! n/t

McCain Has Lowest Score Of Senate By Disabled Vets !!!

Scumbag Clay Shaw is going down in Florida's 22nd district

Avg murder rates based on Death Penalty States vs Non-DP states

VIDEOS: Stewart, Olbermann on Fox Calling Foley a DEM! PLUS MORE!

Most outlandish Puke ad?

So, did anyone address Hastert as "Senator Keely"?

Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

The Maf54 T-Shirt

Why can't I watch a baseball playoff game without hearing God

Hey I got a funny - Rush on Foley

Jesus Camp? wtf?!?

Protest in Seattle

So, was there some kind of massive nationwide protest today or something?

Amy Goodman on Colbert tonight

254 Democrats, 180 Republicans

Want to read the craziest shit ever?

Letterman: Have you read the new Bob Woodward book?

Attn. West Coast Duers....POPPY * coming up on Larry King repeat...9PM

Ned Lamont needs to get off his ass and start campaigning

Mark Foley in Thirty Years Time

Lieberman takes a swing at Democrats who want to "politicize" Foleygate

Courage and eloquence from Keith Olberman tonight

Election 2006: Less About Democratic/Republic -- It's FREEDOM vs. FASCISM

Keith O vs. Bill O

My Colbert Report "The Word" video re:Kissinger's return is #1 at YouTube

Jury: Hormone replacement pills caused breast cancer

I need DUer's help in finding a website.

Dupe, sorry.

61% Believe Republican Leaders Have Been Protecting Foley (Rasmussen)

From the NO GAYDAR archives: eligible bachelor Mark Foley

Target to match Wal-Mart's $4 generic drug prices

Video of Lieberman Backing Hastert

CHALLENGE CHENEY Wherever He Goes: The Handcuffs Are Worth It

Limbaugh: Dems and media have equated being gay with being a pedophile

Panel approves subpoenas in page scandal

We have got to raise as big a stink as possible

Latest Excuse? "Maybe Foley's hands weren't on his keyboard." LOL!

John F Kennedy

Daily Show Tonight: "Iraq: What A F*#!ing Mistake, Huh?"

Isn't it funny that all of Lieberman's bipartisanship favors the GOP?

Tommy Franks quote Olberman used tonight...

USER: MoseyWalker

Let Freedom Wring

Hastert has some toll-free number for people to call to report abuse

Jon Stewart's show could be much better.

In the last five days, 14 U.S. soldiers have died in Baghdad

dupe, delete please

Joe Lieberman backs up Pedophiles through backing up Denny Hastert

Who had a good post-presidency and who had the worst?

I'm Spartacus- More Lessons From The Movies

The unwritten rule of competing against the Big Three newsmen...

The "bogus" blog behind Foley's fall..

Reid: The Republican Leadership Owes America Answers on the Foley Scandal

Hastert's staff: our boss lied

How the Foley Scandal is the October Surprise

Let Republicans KEEP control ????

Sorry, folks. The scandal ain't gonna affect

Poppy Bush Says Democratic Takeover Would Be 'Ghastly Thing'

POLL: Are you afraid of Joe Lieberman winning?

Just got my IMPEACH * Bumper Stickers...

its very sad

Big time question - WHY doesn't Keith O's profound, courageous

The Republicans Have Spun Themselves Out of Spin

I want Hastert to stay right where he is.

Rate this statement for its insight into the world we live in:

Man's Best Friend - Luckovich TOON

Seizures of radioactive materials fuel 'dirty bomb' fears

I'd love to see Foley on "Punk'd"

LOOK AT THESE NUMBERS!!! (Senate in major play)

Pics of Minneapolis protest today.

Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is power...

The last time I heard something about a was McCarthy

A Parody For Glenda

Please DU. Help me out here. WTF does Bill Clinton have to do with

Folks: Do NOT call for Hastert's RESIGNATION!

Just back from World Can't Wait march, feeling good

Vongo, anyone?

Republicans and Democrats in the NEWS

When did Scarborough turn on Repugs?

South Park;"You cant rewrite history"

If Keith Olbermann were to run for president, would you vote for him?

Bill Maher's DC special: Robin Williams, Tweety, Richard Clarke, Chafee...

Indiana to take up to 1,200 California prisoners

Video of how Fox "news" EDITED Colbert Report video to make Dem look Bad!!

I had a little stroke today

Songs that may be on Mark Foley's ipod.

“I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ ...

GOP -- The "Dog Ate My Homework" Party

I haven't had any heroes for a long time...

Question about Iraq sectarian violence

Pat Buchanan accuses Rudy Giuliani of supporting NAMBLA.

Control Issue:Public lines up in Foley scandal

Wanna Help DeBunk A Doolittle Ad ??? (Re: Sheehan, Brown, Sex Slavery)

There is Nothing Wrong with being LIBERAL

The misbehavior with pages was going on during Clinton's impeachment

Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush

Faux labelling Foley a democrat

Instant Messages, Lingering Paper Trail

Bush grabs more power!!

My local peace group is starting weekly "Waterboard Challenges"

Katherine Harris weighs in on the Foley scandal...

Foley And The Gay Jokes

Little Lord Pissypants takes after slag mother, not doddering Pop

CNN: Voters just don't like Santorum (Actual CNN Headline)

Former JonBenet murder suspect cleared on child porn charges

Dem fashion advice.. seriously, LOL do I protest or respect tomorrow?

Keith's comment now posted...

Answering Republicans: Mel Reynolds(D-IL) case is not like Foley (R-FL)

Child sexual abuse. Two stories that broke my heart:

We must boost the Progressives in the Party to really win!

fucking buccanon just said that pelosi marches in parades w/ nambla

If he were not a member of Congress, he would be arrested by now

Am I the first to say it...Stephanie Loves Us Today -- SLUT

Damn, did you see Scarborough's face when Keith turned it over to him?

Study Finds Daily Show as Substantive as Network News

Heh DUers we were right

The Survey that prove Replugs lie Iraq War Vets Reveal the truth

You want to know what matters in America? SEX SCANDALS

If you really want to drive out the Bush regime follow the money.

Women...I have a Question for you regarding Women's Safety.

Hastert: I'm Sorry, I Didn't Get Freeh, I'm Staying, and I Blame the Dems

Video of Keith yet? FEED us TVless folk please!

CNN Poll: Should medicinal marijuana be legalized?

Meanwhile - U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2, 736

Keith Olbermann Rocks!

Olbermann video up on Crooks & Liars.

"There is no doubt" "cakewalk" "catapult the propaganda"

Software Being Developed to Monitor Opinions of US- "Sentiment Analysis"

Lou Dobbs supports the Minutemen and trashes Columbia U. Students

POLL: 66% say Hastert should RESIGN his leadership OR from CONGRESS

Check it out - Amy Sedaris as Candy playing Doro Bush on L King!

CheneySpeaks: “I’m a huge Denny Hastert fan & GOP Will Retain Control"


Asylum Street Spankers: Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV (hilarious!)

Three more former congressional pages have come forward

Keith's Comments up at Crooks and Liars now!

Scarborough has Dateline predator teen sex segment on ...

ABC: 3 More Pages Were Hit On By Foley, They Talk of more Pedophilia

Tweey: "This is a stink bomb of major megatonnage."

Did you see Scarborough's face?

Pat Buchanan is the biggest asshole in the

Why would Congress make a deal with Bush* when he just

Now Hastert is blaming George Soros for the blow-up over his cover-up

As many as half the world's species may face extinction by 2100

Olbermann's up on C & L!

Marc Ash Interviews Bill Moyers

Foley Offfered Page Lodging For Sexual Tryst.

Pat Buchanan Shouts: Pelosi Supports "Man on Boy Legislation!"


pedophilia on completely legal video

Well, Keith rocked another one!

Poppy on Larry King is giving evidence of the Gene Pool handed

what does or will it take for people to understand

"I've just returned to Iraq after a six week absence. I've never seen it

Lieberman Continues Attacking Critics of Sexual Predator Cover Up

Here in Colorado, the repuke campaign ads

Larry "Depends" King doing his usual schtick....

Three more former congressional pages have come forward

Republicans aka "Rublicans" let Foley be the bill manager on H.R. 4472

I want to have Keith Olberman's children.

1,579 Iraqi civilians and soldiers were killed in September alone...

Shut up, Pat! Pushing the blame the media meme about Foleygate.

13 U.S. troops killed in Baghdad in last 3 days...

Democratic Leadership Not Jumping on Foley?

Keith O........WOW

Kennedy supports re-authorizing 'no child left behind' with a twist

What did Foley say upon checking in at rehab?

Harold Ford attended a party with Playboy Bunnies (Oh NO!)

I'm about fed up...

Bombings as US Casualties Mount as Iraq has Worst Week Yet...

Here's why the new Drudge "info" that the Foley IM's were a prank is WRONG

"Unexplored Political Gutters In Which They Can Wallow"


Latest Polls sees a tied senate and the democrats take the house

Heritage Baptist Church removed all pictures of the Pedophile Foley

WaPo: FBI smearing "Foley's Fondles-gate" whistleblower!

Why don't Congressmen use bookmarks?

What If?

wow time to stop lying to us Mr. President..Keith

So, what else is being covered up?

This weekend on Canadian TV: "Breaking Ranks: The Documentary"

BREAKING LOCAL NEWS: MSM in town to harrass page and family....

Yes, Florida is full of dumbasses

Holy crap!! Kate O'Bierne making sense!!

Caption this * 'No Child Left Behind' pic

Taking responsibility - Does it mean ANYTHING anymore?

Condoleeza Rice. Evidently, she just makes this stuff up

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment topic for tonight: "Presidents Who Lie."

Non-Partisan Govt. Report Says Bush Signing Statements Are Power Grabs

***Bush conditioning congress to expand power!*** (must read)

2004 Foley webpage : Ashcroft "Praises Foley for Protecting Children"

So,what's the skinny on Hastert?

OMG!! Check the weather in Hell. Is it frozen over????

FBI Smearing FOLEY-GATE Whistleblower

It's amazing that perversion, not Iraq will bring down the Repubs in NOV.

Who ever ratted out this ass should receive one of Bush's medals of honor

"Outing Blogger" Urged Macacca to Open Gay Bar...because of his Staff

It shouldn't be hard to figure out why Hillary gets so much press coverage

Let's take Hastert's seat!

How the Replug VA Budget cuts hurt a average veteran

October has already seen 22 US Troops Killed In Iraq

"Unlikely Terrorists On No-Fly List" (I'm shocked!!)

What happened to the Plame case, and why don't we hear anything about it

Support Your DU Cafe Press Merchants! $10 off $20 purchase coupon

BREAKING: Hastert will "explain" role in X-Rated page scandal

HEADS UP! Keith doing another "special comment" tonight on Countdown.

Another W sticker disappears.

FOX News to readers: Be patriotic until seen by foreigners.

Breaking hard like a rock - Clinton calls up the Thunderbirds! (seriously)

Iraq Looms Large in Nationalized Election

Sen. Warner (R) says we're losing Baghdad, 'center' of Bush's terror war

Women and children in the U.S. deserve the protection of ALL of our laws.

Dean Responds to Speaker Hastert's Press Conference

MSNBC coming back from commercial to talk about DEM conspiracy re internet

Kennedy on rice/911/whitehouse/al qaeda - Kennedy smacks em down!

A humble photoshop of *

Bush Labor Board Ruling May Bar Millions From Forming Unions

Dick Cavett: Bette Davis TCM 8PM EDT..n/t

The only Bullets left for Republican Party and Pundits: BOOMERANG BULLETS

Muppets teach children in Afghanistan about land mines

Ray Lahood is a stupid asshole.

Doing my part...

Tragic Foley Opera:Republicans & Religious Right Trying To Live 1950's Lie

Bush stands by Hastert - "You are doing a heck of a job, Dennie."

Katie 'How hard are the democrats working to exploit this scandal?'

WH aides on Kissinger's influence with Bush: They only held hands


If this page was indeed under 18, blatant violation of the law by Foley

The Ethics investigation will be's proof

Great Example Of G.O.P. Straw men At Work

Saw an "Impeach, indict, imprison" Bumper sticker today

John Walsh, Reep, did a Political Ad for TX Dem Nick Lampson!

so will the child rapes in Abu Ghraib come to light now?

Tweety and Buchanan reminisce about how gossip flies in the House.Big OOPS

I heard from Boswell on the detainee bill.

Hey, Drudge: "He asked me for photos of my erect penis"

Bush says he can edit security reports

Would YOU like to be a page?

The Selfishness switch: Explanation for Reputhugs being the way they are?

A stranger approached Miz t. in the parking lot about her bumper sticker.

People who trust their children to the GOP, get the shaft...

Former Page from Kentucky Says He was Contacted by Foley (now in Iraq)

Battle for Baghdad ‘a critical point’ in the war


June 9, 2001: Saudi Crown Prince Warns of Middle East War

Another of Keith's Special Comments -- tonight on Countdown


Someone please enlighten me about the Dow

Condi - The Bad Seed!

NEW POLL: (R) Reynolds losing his house seat, (D) leads 50-45 over Reynold

The Blue Angels are screaming overhead.

Frist supports Taliban?....(Unclear on concept of October Surprise)

Reid: The Republican Leadership Owes America Answers on the Foley Scandal

Hagel? McCain? Graham? Towing the party line and backing Hastert's

Schools questioned on religious policies - failure to excuse students

Why did REPUBLICAN congressmen stop using bookmarks???

HAHAHA....Sad freeps questioning "nameless" THREE new page victims

Chris Shays is going to lose.

Members of the "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" Check In!

Haha! Wild Bill Gets Paid Back In Kind

A Tribute to a Great Teacher and Peace Activist.

Did Matt Drudge share intimate IM's with Foley? Just asking...

A perfect example of straight priviledge

I find this image inordinately funny. Shame on me.

Volunteer: Call from Home

Page's family didn't think emails were all that bad. What kind of parents

This might sound racist, but, I truly don't mean it that way...


Its just a matter of time/Foleygate

A flustered Bush misses flight on Airforce One.

How much Foley/Hastert hush money do ya think is floating around D.C.

Jeff Gannon explains why he canceled on Randi Rhodes

Mark Foley removed from Boy Scouts Leaders page

What will it take for the Log Cabin Republicans to finally walk away.

Free printable RESIGN HASTERT poster

The "great" economy will hit the skids if the Democrats win...

Where is the famed Bush Compassion for School Shooting Victims?

World Can't Wait - Rally shuts down part of Market Street in SF

Smirky makes another signing statement (nanananabooboo)

Oct 5 poll numbers:

LaHood might know something we don't know about Congressmen and pages

Lou Dobbs will be talking about efforts to stop e-voting fraud

The Lieberman nightmare scenario

What is america doing in Iraq if...

Tucker Carlson has NO bow tie, omg ! /sarcasm off

Maf54 (7:55:51 PM): cute butt bouncing in the air

Solectron more than tripled Q4 net income, plans to cut 1400 jobs

Called Jim Webb's office and got a surprise from them...

From Tunisia: Yanks' Give Nod to the Egyptian Bomb

World Can't Wait announces NEW POLITICAL PARTY !!!

Incuriosity - GOP/Hastert Failure to Investigate

State of Denial OR State of Delusion?

OK I had to do it....appolgies to Bob Seger

Ok, so the score thus far (if I am getting it right....)

PDA is Working to Build the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party!

Thank you Randi for talking about the RICE/TENET thing!!!!

3+ Years after "Mission Accomplished" Condi wears vest at Baghdad Airport

Hastert LIED - watch here > "The first I heard about it was last friday."

CBS News: No Fly List cost $144 million but is mostly worthless


Note to Republicans: You can stop blaming Clinton now

Will this Foley/Hastert scandal kill the sanctimonious attitude re Clinton

Stopping off in Union Square on the way to the Mets game...

Just LISTEN to the PUNDITS and Commentatorsa...They sound like

Hastert says system "isn't designed for the electronic age"

If Kim Jong-Il were really smart...

Any news from the protests today?

This picture is begging to be photoshopped!

My take on the Amish, the good and the bad from experience

Business Week: Why are Saudis applauding cheaper oil?

Oil comes roaring back above $60

Separated at birth? Denny Hastert:

Amid questions, ABC says messages 'couldn't be a prank'

Someone address this - Why are liberal guests so ill prepared in the media

LIVE AUDIO: World Can't Wait Protest in NYC's Union Square Park:

Nobody pulls gay IM "pranks" alone in their room in their underwear

Who is advising Hastert?--The Lying Man From SNL?

I think lost in all of this Foley mess is....

Internal Poll Suggests Hastert Could Devastate GOP

My Latest Addition to the "Annoy a Conservative" shop

Focus on Foley and the Condi treason story is lost in the ruckus

An infuriating dialogue between Bush/WH and Feingold on wiretapping

Beware low-posting "Rove genius trap" concern trolls. BWAAAA

Another reminder: KO "special comment" tonight.

Hastert Contradicts Ally's Story

Bwahjahahahahahahhhhh Randi is on fire@

Three arrested in Seattle anti-war demonstrations

Wolfie's working overtime trying to sell blame for Foley on Clenis and

Carlson Tries To Bully Guest During Abortion Debate

Battling wingers re: Path to 9/11 @ Lost (ABC show) forum! Come on over!

Drudge Report Claiming Foley IMs were a page prank gone bad....

Did somebody just shut down MSNBC?

Even If You Hate Tweety, He's On Fire Right Now

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Were there protests going on today?

Hastert: It's ABC News, Democrats and Nancy Pelsoi's fault

Expect no debate on critical issues prior to the election (MSNBC)

HEY RANDI! The magic words on Gannon are "CUT AND RUN"!!!!

I hope Hastert DOESN'T resign!

Fox News in a bind on Foley (D-FL) snafu

"Slicing up the Earth's Atmosphere for Corporate Profit "

Soon Randi VS Gannon on AAR...

Republican says: "Arm the teachers!"

Isn't it Breaking News that Hastert admited seeing a Katrina email

John Mark Karr charges dismissed

"The Gay Problem in the GOP"

Cafferty's Qs: Hastert blaming Dems, thin military, importance of Foley

Feingold at HuffPost: "The Most Outrageous Scandal? Bush's Iraq Policy"

DU, DU, DU ...let's

From Canada: Bush-Senate Compromise 'a Setback for Human Rights'

Rs Just Lost Their "Ds Will Launch Investigations" Meme For November

2738 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

James Webb on CNN now! n/t

Republican Hypocrisy

GM informs me their Hannity promotion does not support a political view

I am fucking thoroughly disgusted!


A response to Gingrich's finger pointing and Hastert's arrogance

Arianna has great headline about GOP ad in Pennsylvania....

Breaking: Foley press conference...

From Argentina: "Contemporary Fascism in the United States"

The sneaky dinky Freeh trap - way to go, Nancy!

HAR HAR- Ap/Ipsos Poll: 38% (-1), Pew 37% (unchanged) Chimp Approval

Rawstory: ABC Returns Fire vs. Drudge Claim

Rx for America: DEM-o-brasion ordered to Ex-Foley-ate Congress

Not enough enemies

Bush at 38 in new AP-Ipsos, 37 in new Pew.

Never appease a pedofascist enabler GOPer bushitter...

You guys HAVE TO DU Cafferty's questions today!

Why do people take Matt Drudge so seriously, even here?

dupe n/t

CNN Reporting Pelosi didn't put kabosh on Freeh. So the story changes

Pew Poll: Bush at 37%

***OFFICIAL Denny Hastert Press Conference Thread***


Foley opera: "The revenge of DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL"

Chairman of the House Standards of Official Conduct Committe - pics

GUYS! GUYS! Hastert REALLY was sincere and I believe he truly is sorry...

Former UK- Foreign Minister wins the "Subtlety 2006" award...

Hey Tweety - Foley IS a pedophile

so how were the protests?

WOW! Bay Buchanan is going for the throat against Hastert on CNN now

Wolf tells Goldilocks call my tip line

BREAKING: Foley says his resignation was PRANK gone awry

Denny Hastert " I Notified The Democrat Leader "

Hastert VERBALLY gave out the wrong toll free #!!!

Warren Berger at Huff Post: "What's On Mark Foley's iPod?"

GOP on Offense (Re: Foley). Will Media Fall in Line?

Rs/MSM Are Rolling Out The "Now That I Have More Facts on Hastert" BS

L.A. Times staffers in shock: Tribune company fires defiant publisher

what percentage of freepers are pedophiles?

Who's having more fun with Foleygate than a barrel of monkeys

Aaarrgh! I don't get podcasts!!! What the heck is a source code

Drudge's 'witnesses' to 'prank' will perjure themselves to FBI

Filthy Repervaconvicts ...

Bay Buchanan Insists Hastert Resign.

DU this CNN poll about likelihood of voting R in next election over foley

Poll 1/2: The Greatest Assets of the Democratic Party...

Is someone going to ask why Foley's computer was NOT seized by the FBI??

"He's a midwestern fat guy--people like that don't they?"

So do you think Matt Drudge's readers would mind that he's gay?

Synchronized masturbation via the internet isn't SEX to many

How to flip any Clinton comments you may hear

Free kittens collected for abuse and torture (Frist Copycat)

Arm the Teachers, yeah right.

Only Way to the Truth---Torture Hastert

Escondido makes it illegal for landlords to rent to illegal immigrants...

Drudge calls page emails "PRANK"

Will Hastert blame the Democrats?

Louis Freeh's campaign contributions show overwhelming partisanship

On the way to the funeral for Naomi Rose Ebersole

Roll Call: Ex-FBI Chief to Head Page Probe [this is not a joke]

Please help out Election Predictions site

Shirley Phelps-Roper (Westboro Baptist) out-debated Hannity.

What does Bill Clinton think of Louis Freeh??

Dsgusted at Tweety & Scarborough's glib attitude during/after Hastert

Zogby: George Allen leads Webb by 11 points

"Make the childfuckers pay at the polls." oughtta be the new Dem. meme.

I'm sick of seeing the Foley walk along the White House

Jon Stewart's "Republican Blamegame" video removed!!!

Freeh out as special investigator. Indication of GOP power drain

Help me educate my sister

Louis Freeh is out...MSNBC n/t

Hastert & republican position remains; it was as alluded to, a dem leak...

leave no child's behind

C-Span 1 rerunning Snow Job Presser from earlier today. n/t

Breaking: Hastert's head flies off while he spins


Soldiers die in Iraq while a member of congress whacks off ...

Hastert up now = CSPAN

Did you know a web site had the emails before ABC's Ross?

The President Should Call For Hastert's Resignation. Period.

Hastert just said they'd continue to "Hold the line on spending".

Why is everyone making Hastert the issue? Republican hypocrisy is the


"We are not going to live with a nuclear N. Korea or Iran?" Why not?

Principles. Morals. Character. Great platform you got there, Pugs. n/t

An embarrassed page that got sucked in would call it a PRANK

Denny dropped the investigation when the parents said it was ok?

BBC: Taliban Control 1/2 of Afghanistan

Hastert called initial email "the Katrina email", said he

SOB Hastert turned press conference into a CAMPAIGN AD

"I will run and presumably win my seat and then run for speaker"

CNN, NBC, AP advance GOP conspiracy theory that Dems orchestrated Foley

Freeh is an MBNA employee. Hastert is an MBNA shill.

Re: Hastert Presser - You Do Realize The Yankee/Tiger Game Is On Right Now

Breaking: Rice couldn't land in Baghdad for 1/2 hour due to 'indirect fire'

Foley is NOT mired in a sex scandal, he's mired in a sexual predator crime

Identity of one of Mark Foley IM buddy found

Here comes the Hastert "Love Fest"

Hastert just lied

Someone posted a thread some time ago....

Hastert will say he won't seek reelection for Speaker...

FBI caught lying to reporters about Foley child sex predator scandal

DNA tests to confirm al-Qaeda leader's death

The latest Republican scandal -- enough is enough! - Barbara Boxer

Is this the "big announcement"?

Why is the Ethics Committee citing "Bill O'Reilly"

the members of the ethics committee -if you were curious

so did anyone call into work today?

Question from a rightie: "World can't wait for what?"

Republican Polling Co. Mgr. Pleads Guilty to "making up poll results" 9/06

Women Sign 'We Had Abortions' Petition

Wiretap ruling: BushCo says "Fuck you Judge Taylor" again:

Which Toles is better?

Hastert just now leaving his house so we can relax for half an hour

some jerk on CNN just said Dems will be held criminally responsible

Tell people GOP is doing to Iraq and America what Foley wanted to do to

You are a 16 year old Republican page, you are homophobic...

GOP = Gross Old Pediphiles

Hastert Takes Responsibility While Lashing Out at Democrats

Great Quote re: Conservatives

‘Gay Cabal’ is to Blame for Foley Debacle....Repubs Send List of Gay Aides

Lieberman jokes with Imus about torturing Dem elected officials.

Friendly advice for Foley-Hastert watchers

If you have more than 5 threads on the first page....

Please DU this AOL poll on MS magazine abortion petition

Under Bush's Leadership, Al-Qaeda Becomes Legitimate?

Why the hell are they carrying this dumb speech ?

When I see a con, I think pedophile

Ehtics Committee!

New Meme - forget Hastert!!! We should worry about the war on terra!!!

Question: Why no Keith...but we get Scarborough , Tucker & Buchanan?

Baghdad Boy's back - and no longer a Young republican

Goodyear steel-workers strike? Today?

Dhar Jamail: The US Occupation of Iraq - Casualties Not Counted

Get a load of this garbage accusation I heard today about Hastert

The right person for the right job -- or, how to make a thug useful.

C-SPAN just annouced Hastert is going to name Louie Freeh

Perverts to investigate perverts. So that was the dramatic news.

CNN's Dana Bash: Hastert not resigning

"The Roots of Fascism" - (dial-up warning - large graphic included)

Was out in the front yard watering flowers and my neighbor

So Denny is 'responsible' but will suffer no consequences? WTF??

keeping GOP control is goal of ethics investigation not protecting kids!

How Halliburton Stuck It to Asbestos Retirees; How Bush Helped


I'm off to go register voters! wonder how many Rs will show up to switch??

We'd better prepare for a GOP attack on our GLBT brothers and sisters

Is Hastert staying as Speaker better for Dems?

Hang tough CREW! Hang tough!


Hastert to put former FBI Director Louis Freeh in Charge of Foleygate!

What is this, the OJ chase!?!?

who is this Republican apologist on CSPAN 1? He's saying this

Hahahaha - Bush was on HeadlineNews and he just said:

Doctoring Reality...Caption this:

A victory is a victory... but I don't like the terms.

George Carlin tells it like it is

Hasturd will travel coming up on CNN "with something dramatic."

US "invents" software to track press

picture Frist giving Hastert a wedgie, that's why he's late!

We should send Speaker Hastert toast

*pounds head* AAARRRGHHH!!!!!!!!

If you vote Republican, you support pedophilia and child molestation

Of course, we don't believe a word of it. He was obviously framed!

So in defense of predator pedophilia in Congress, hASStert blames DEMS!!!

Fox All-Stars Wonder If End Is Near For Hastert

I love watching the repukes when they have no where else to run.

Interview on MSNBC saidHastert canceled all his fund raisers!


How far are Republicans willing to take their "Divide & Conquer"

Kyra Phillips said "We hear there will be something dramatic at press cf"

To Repugs: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!"

Foley 2006 advertisement:

Has there ever been a WH Press Spocksman that actually gave info?

Sludge: hASStert will drop this "bombshell"? - he will remain sleazer...

cpan 2 to do Hasturd pres conf. coming up now that Snow is done

From WH Briefing (Froomkin)

ABC: a blogger "hacked" site to retrieve exposed IM screen name

Will Hastert Resign?

'Outed' Page has legal representation

Snow press breif now" The Pres. talks about things that matter" not Foley

Day before yesterday the train drown out the reporter leaving

Which Party has the most active members with arrest records?

"Homosexuals are pre-occupied with SEX"!

Stay the course, Baby!! Stay the course!!

TOON: Stephanie McMillan ("Let's Stop Him!")

Will people snicker and laugh the next time GOP tries gay-bashing?

Now THAT's a mandate....remarkable stat on Rasmussen - 46% Strongly

How many nation-nation wars right now AREN'T about resources?

Haster comes out of his house to meet the press A.P. Pix

If you don't get it freepers, a vote for a repiglican means you

How did Sean Hannity get so twisted???

Dutch pedophile party lacks support for vote bid

Now they're saying Bill Clinton knew about Foley

Ras: Lieberman by 10%

“Heavy D” Hastert holed up in his crib

republicans are really, REALLY crappy tap dancers...

Across the road from Hastert's house - pic

Snow on CNN re Foley now.

Adding Mark Foley to my AOL Contact List

"Death By A Thousand Cuts" For Hastert?

RW pundit on MSNBC: Repukes must go back to terror, terror, terror

"The Religion Song" - (Had it with ALL religion!) - reactions?

Gas down to $2.03

BREAKING! Joe Lieberman wants You to Know: "I am Bi"

No Child Left Behind here some facts

Headline from IRELAND: CIA *did* warn Rice of 9/11 terror plots

Art Teacher Loses Job After Kids See Nude Sculpture

I hope Dems win 8 Senate seats so we don't have to depend on Lieberman

Call With TV News In Background Prompts Fla. School Lockdowns

AHAHAHAHA! GOP attempt to nail DEM fails!

Our retarded commander is stammering to teachers. Live CNN.

shimkus should resign............

Man Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For French Kissing 10-Year-Old

Boehner and Hastert today blame the children who were the victims

(VIDEO) Olbermann spreads the word on Foley (D-FL)

Pelosi emphasizes economic proposals

Hastert regarding Foley: "I've never had a conversation with him"

A Funny Story About Foley on Fox News.

Helen Thomas: Kissenger Says Victory in Iraq is the Only Exit Strategy

so in the past week, safe GOP seats are now in question???

Sid Blumenthal: The Sexual Predator and the Sock Puppet: Why Hastert ....

Start digging, QUICK!

Notes from 9/27 WH meeting ( *, Musharaff, Karzai)

Didya ever notice that no matter what scandals the repubs are caught in...

The boy was 18 when all this happened?

Liebermans lead would be diminished significantly...

So, 1.) Dems leaked Foley dirt; and, 2.) knew for yrs. & didn't expose him

Pic of Mark Foley reading a book....

Hey fundamentalists: Jesus did not want to punish mankind!

So, OPEC is reducing output by 3% effective immediately...hummmm

BANDULU: bandit, criminal, one living by guile

When we passed the 2 month mark, gas went down...

Page Tip Line...GOP attempt to elicit claims against Dems.

Anyone Else Worried that the ELECTION FIX IS IN?

This should not be too hard to figure out ...Leaker of Foley docs

Smart incorporation of Foleygate imagery in DNC release on education

This is one time the GOPers were all on the same page!

NO JOKE: IU Study-The Daily Show Is As SUBSTANTIVE As Network News

Dennis Hastert blames the media?!?! Heard on NPR this morning.

How many pages have come forward so far? n/t

Hastert in Lockdown

Pelosi on CSPAN now!

E&P: Uproar Over Sex Column In Mississippi College Newspaper

Khameini: Don't masturbate during Ramadan

CBS VIDEO: Intel Report Says Iraq Death Squads Use Hospitals For Torture

POPPY Bush on Larry King Tonight CNN!!! -- Oh boy,

Rice makes surprise visit to Baghdad & threatens them with what? Bombing?

How long before FOX News Sticks a (D) after BUSH's name?

CBS VIDEO: Iraq Death Squads Use Hospitals For Torture, Execution

Another Teen Steps Forward - Foley Sent 17 Year Old Illicit IM's

Text of Kirk Fordham's Remarks to AP

Hastert blames Clinton for Foley disclosures (no joke)

"Staff" will take the hit on Foley: Santorum

New Republican excuse for Foley's pedophilia.

Hastert Announces Page Program Tip Line Number

Hastert, Boehner, Reynolds, Shimkus must go & Blunt blocked as Speaker

Allen charges 'Democratic anti-Semitism'

Analysis: Democrats Not Charging Ahead

Rice Sneaks Into Iraq. What Election Campaign Ploy is She Plotting There?

Hotline: Hill reports longtime Republican source of Foley emails, not Dems

on the DS last night.....

Ashcroft knew it was coming...

Mushroom Cloud” Condi is at it Again - Rice Has LOST All Credibility

AP: Chronology of Events in Foley Case

Chimpy LIVE at 11AM EST, re: "No Child Left Behind"

Jury: Wyeth's PremPro Caused Breast Cancer

"We will make you successful as long as you don't mind me grabbing your *"

Now V for Vendetta is out on dvd, has anyone Youtubed it?

The Real Issue in the Foley Affair

House GOP investigated Iraq moved WMD to Syria claim, came up empty

Is there a Snow-Job presser scheduled for today? C-Span's

Shut Yer Mouth!!! ---pix--->>>

Department of Homeland Decency

Dear Kindly Speaker Hastert--a song parody to the tune of Officer Krupke

Tonight's nutty comment: "The Anti-Christ is gay!"

Anyone seen this bumber sticker?

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

When they only appear on right wing nut radio, you know it's bad

MSM trying to Squelch Dem Criticism of Foley

Anyone know how long YouTube is going to be down tonight?

Foley scandal goes back 10 years: Ex-page comes forward

How many Rethuglicans have been indicted/convicted for corruption

ABC: A 'glitch' may have briefly exposed page's identity

Hastert: I'll resign if it helps the Republicans (Raw Story)

" I would rather my kid be a Congressional page than a College Republican"

James Baker on Imus?????????

Great site that projects all the races. Projecting Dem win in the house.

British Find NO Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran

Fuck Foley can we have a sticky thread for protest reports?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the next President of the United States

Spatulas of mass destruction

Important Film "Iraq for Sale," More Katrina Foreign Policy

It's All Gore's Fault!!

Tonight: KO to make another Special Comment on "Countdown"

Rep. Lewis cancels event with Hastert citing the growing sex scandal

Ok...I've got a major question here about this Foley crap. . .

Signing Statements-Condition Congress-To Allow Bush-To Ignore Law (Globe)

Study finds "The Daily Show" not so fake

House To Launch Probe Of Foley Case

Democrats Beware of Absentee Voting – Especially Where Verified by Diebold


"Pastors Push Living Wage as Election Issue"

So...let me get this straight.

Okay, enough with the Hastert FAT jokes!

WH asked to name any Dem who doesn't want to wiretap terrorists

Keith Olbermann: "A special comment about lying"

Busby-Bilbray Case - Appeal Filed - Land Shark Strikes!!!

Did anyone go to an Oct 5th World Can't Wait Protest? (with pictures)

How Stoopid Do You Think Joe Six Pack Is?

Please help fund "Sixteen Candles for Soldiers"!

Thanks are in order

Poll 2/2: The Greatest Liabilities of the Democratic Party...

What, if anything, do the recent public statements made by...

Wow!! Harold Ford uses Foley to deflect NRSC's Playboy Attack


"you either are or are not from the House of Labor."

Stacey Tallitsch doesn't cover for weidos,,,new radio ads

IN-8: Hostettler vs. Ellsworth

Why do the bushbots stay silent and blind on the Iraq war?

Wasn't Foley a character on "South Park"?

Domestic Spying Programs Alive and Well: Homeland Security's All Seeing Ey

Reuters: New questions when leaders were told of sex scandal

Woodward's Book -- $17.50 at Costco today -- oodles of copies

AP: Pelosi Emphasizes Economic Proposals

2-4-6-8 Let us all ca-pit-u-late!

How CONVENIENT some so called Al Qaeda leader is killed

AP: Santorum Struggles for Voter Approval (Voters don't like him)

Has Bush given the "kiss of death" yet? "Hastert, you're doing

DUers, E-Mail the Ethics Committee members NOW!

Quoting Bandar, "Reid: Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Mr. President"

Imus: "Everyone KNEW he was a homo! And believe me, I'm not homophobic."

Hastert plays the martyr card. He's a wrestling coach AND a HERO. WOW!

Bush: "I would hope they would listen to the words of Osama bin Laden"

Pethokoukis of US News & World Report on WJ is a Lying bag of crap!

So what do the DLC'ers in Congress think about the Foley cover up?

Just WHAT do you think they are measuring ?

What the voters care about

Bill Moyers is BACK!?

New poll released shows Casey widening his lead over Rick Santorum

Sam Seder is making good points on the Foley blame game

Remember the Ed Schrock (R-Va) 2004 Scandal ?

Repub wants DEMS under oath about Foley

Repub Don Sherwood is yet another GOP "moral values" stain

Latest Repub Arg. re: Foley - Cabal of Gay Aides covered up

On the Devolution of Freepers

If I were a Repub I'd be insulted by how dumb leadership thinks I am.

A toll free Hotline has been set up for former pages

They "serve" over here so they don't have to serve over there

Right now on C-Span Vin Weber is saying that the repukes forced Foley

Repubs molesting Lady Liberty while pretending to guard national security

It just occurred to me... with * in the WH, and Foley in Congress...

Rude Pundit: Democrats Need To Do It For the Children

* Just Said "Measuring Is The Gateway To Success" Isn;t That What Foley..

For Monty Python fans: Foley = (R-Thin Mint)


Foley's Farewell Comments to departing 2001-02 Page Class(Cong. Record)

Wouldn't members of the party of responsibility take it like a man?

repug voters scared to death of Palosi

Why the St. Pete Times didn't publish the Foley e-mails

Can these really be the GOP talking points on Foley?

Freeps cling to hope (Drudge story about Foley exchange w/ "18 yr old")

"FAT HASTERT" desperate, blames ABC, Soros and Clinton!! NBC5 VIDEO!!!

Biden Rolls Out More Democratic Defense Ideas

Ned And Ted Counter Joe ("Lieberman is wrong on this")

Fox news banner has a mind of its own, it does it again

Attila the Hun offers great advice to dennis hastert

How do I answer this disheartened Democrat???

Let's Play OCTOBER SURPRISE Clue, ex Al Qaeda, Dirty Bomb, Rio Grande

FYI: Hasert Expected to give News Conference MSNBC

Tony Snow explains to Helen Thomas the meaning of the word "comma"

"Hastert to make announcement" coming up on CNN.

If Leiberman wins, will he be labeled an (I) or a (D) nt

Buchanan: "Foley was a much more aggressive homahsexyewl ... "

William Kristol speaks at U of Texas campus,

Hastert Vs Woodward's Book - A Pyrrhic Victory?

MSNBC "Heavy D" is on the move aka Denny is driving someplace

CNN poll: 8% unsure no more, 50% disapproval for Bush on terrorism

Reid Slaps Bush on National Security

Enjoy! Video: Stewart maps Republican 'blame game' in Foley fallout

FAUX News: Foley Case Destroying Repub Chances

Rasmussen Report: Bush - 46% Strongly Disapprove

Vietnam Veterans Are Brothers To The Iraqi Veterans

Tweety: "It was fine for the right wing to expose Clinton's infidelity..."

Now Hastert blames Clinton and Soros for being ops in the Foley debacle??

CNN breaking: Hastert may not make announcement "yet".

If republicans told the truth there would be no need for an investigation

So...nobody's brought up the "live boy/dead girl" quote?

Think Republicans Don't Care about our kids? Here's proof.

I have no comment on this

Hastert Unhurt after Freakish Bus Accident outside of Capitol Building

REPOST: Seventh inning stretch is over. Time to play ball.

No one covered my press conference. I appointed Mark Foley

I think Democrats are making a big tactical mistake by not attacking Foley


Sgt. Denny Schultz: "I know nussing!"

Franklin child sex - Washington Times front page (large image)

To the Honorable Republican who outed Foley,

Buchanan:re gossip on the hill.."A rumor like this...(Foley drunk at dorm)

Ed Schultz providing hastert with a new asshole

"As someone in Washington once said - the buck stops here"

The 5 Nastiest Campaign Ads for the Senate far:

2,736 now dead in W's war of choice

Moyers On America "Capitol Crimes" now available on-line

Soulless and Brainless - Two Anti Coulter Books Coming Out

Sen. Boxer/PAC For a Change email. The scandal and Senate races.

Hell hath no fury like a Republican voter scorned.

On CNN House Members are saying Foley won't be subpoena

Surreal: Bay Buchanan vs repug spokesman on CNN

Will the Foley cover-up affect the Pope's influence on the Catholic vote

I'm curious - what would happen if the Torture Bill gets overturned...

Junkie alert: The new Zogby showing the OH Senate race "tied" is flawed

45 minutes into today's show, Rush is still on the Titanic

Cheney: GOP ‘will retain control.. Election Fraud? This really worries me

Hasert: It's Clinton's Fault

how it is

Rx: DEM-obrasion ordered to Ex-FOLEY-ate Congress

do not accept that this election is local, it is about the bush agenda

The Cocktober Surprise!!!

This guy claiming Foley's IM's were to him...

Many Republicans would eat shit sandwiches if...

Lest we forget the Franklin child sex ring that in the Reagan Bush

Kerry in NH Blasts Frist & Administration

Sex scandal may cost Bush's party critical votes

The GOP: The Party of Sergeant Schultz.

Foley, Gay Republicans, And The List

DU this poll: Do you think House Speaker Dennis Hastert should resign

MSNBC's Mike Viquera: HasTurds being 'fatuous' about Soros allegation

Hastert blames Democrats, ABC News

Check out this list of interesting folks who have donated to Foley!

Ex-JonBenet suspect: Child porn case dropped

Pages Declared Enemy Combatants & Sent To Guantanamo

Another Great Lamont Ad

Dear Scott McClellan, please come home, (almost) all is forgiven...

Per Hastert,'s and R's new offensive: Need to hit back hard

Drudge claiming Foley matter a "prank"

Closeted Gay Republicans and a Party in Political Free-Fall

Midwestern Style... Likable Guy... Man of his word....

Good News keep Coming Reynolds being hurt by Foley

Hastert is "deeply sorry" and "the buck stops here." But, definitely NOT

Lots of media traitorsthis week

while we were masturgating

Jeff Gannon going to be ON Randi's Show

"The Republicans don't understand - this is about CHILDREN, not politics"

Green Bay State representative, Frank Lasee(R):Arm the Teachers

One of the ex-military women in Allen's commercial is NOW supporting WEBB!

Republicans Caught in a Storm

Jesus Camp and Foley

"HUGE Denny Hastert fan" Cheney: "We will retain control of both houses"

Dean says GOP will say anything to win. Tells why hard to allocate funds.

To (gay) bash, or not to bash. That is the Question

Bush Slashed Funding For School Violence Prevention

Yep, we *are* the party of FDR: October Living Wage Days, Let Justice Roll

101st Fighting Keyboarder publishes Foley victim info - let the

Trade Secrets of the Presidents

WSJ asks the RWers not to be Naderites

GOP announces platform change

List TV appearances by Democrats speaking out against the Cover up

Dang, Big Dawg was in Wayne, PA today

The tip line -- Hastert messed up the number

Three more former congressional pages have come forward

K.O.: "He (Bush) stopped asking that we set aside our differences...

consitution question URGENT PLEASE

Heads-Up, everyone!

K.O. to Bush: "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

Voters say scandals will affect votes

Didn't Hastert contradict himself? Didn't he say he didn't hear a thing

WP: New Democratic Star: Deval Patrick of Massachusetts

George Will denies "Denial"

Harold Ford, JR & Bob Corker debate info....

Winning the battle but not the war... Dem's in '06

How do YOU think the Dems are doing with all the recent news?

Hastert:"... we're taking responsibility... The buck stops here"

List of Republican Sex Crimes

Suddenly the Repubs. are backing Hastert?

Ethnic Cleansing in Baghdad.

Foley ought to be on a sex offender registry

I've never seen anything like it

AP: Signs to Say Negron Will Get Foley Votes

Did you or anyone you know lose a job in this booming economy

The Daily Brew: Save the Children

World Can't Wait -- any reports from today's protests?

LOL!! Introducing George W. Bush

Florida GOP wants to post notices for Foley replacement in polling places

Hastert's motivation for the FBI inquiry...

Anybody who EVER praises Pat Buchanan for ANYTHING will get .....

WP: Elizabeth Edwards: Of Pain and Campaigns

Sensenbrenner - Explain Connection to Foley Scandal

Can Foley be spun as national security weakness?

Could Foley legally challenge if Negron beats Mahoney?

Signs in Voting Booths to Say Negron Will Get Foley Votes

Rush wants you to send him a refrigerator.

Freepers defend one of their heroes-one of their own, Timothy McVeigh.

Dean responds to Hastert's press conference.

In New Jersey, Menendez Grabs Slight Lead

Polls: Pew vs. Time

What I would like to know ... we know how tight the "security" is for

New SUSA poll for Tom Reynolds seat. NY-26. Davis(D)50%, Reynold(R)45%

George Will: Foley is the cherry on top of the Dems' sundae!

TIME: The Paris Primary: Campaigning on Dems Abroad conference calls

Pelosi Statement on Ethics Committee


WP, pg1: New Media A Weapon in New World Of Politics

BBC: NJ's Menendez Jumps Ahead of Kean in Latest Poll

US "invents" software to track press

Democratic ad goes on the air in heavily Republican district.

Kerry calls for hearings on Iraq

The Impeachment Moment

Why the Dem's don't just relabel the Estate Tax as

Video of how Fox "news" EDITED Colbert Report video to make Dem look Bad!!

It's up at Crooks and Liars

AMY GOODMAN on Colbert Report RIGHT NOW!

New Bush signing statement to affect privacy and more

Republicans attack middle class and even teenagers!

US "invents" software to track press

MOYERS ON AMERICA: CAPITOL CRIMES - the Abramoff/ Delay connection

Live in Michigan? Toss my rant into your email

NJ11 this race is getting tighter- Please give- Tom Wyka for congress $1

I want this headline: Democrats never blamed GOP for Lewinsky scandal

Very BAD news for Lamont

Micheal Ware- Reporting the TRUTH in IRAQ and it AIN'T GOOD!


Shout it people... GOP Operative = Roger Ailes = Fox News...

F* You Dobbs! Where I live Hispanics/Latinos are building Road/McMansions

The Dow Jones and S&P set record highs again. Why?

Freepers pissed! "Democrats Release Foley-Bush-Brown Photo"

Colbert Report Video @YouTube of Katherine Harris blaming Foley on Dems!

Saw an ad tonight, had an interesting twist.

12 Traps for Progressives to Avoid

Kerry urges we watch or host new Robert Greenwald film "Iraq for Sale"

Elizabeth Edwards in New York City w/video

"This administration is going to take us to war with Iran..." Wes Clark

Harold FORD knocks it out of the park ...

DUers who supported Denise Majette over Cynthia McKinney,

State of denial is also pretending that U.S. can win in an Iraq civil war

Why Sensenbrenner is going down (let's give him a push!)

Absurdist NRCC Ad: Dem Who Was Never in Congress Voted Against Body Armor

October - Impeachment Month