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Archives: October 24, 2006

Severity of Injuries Requires New Forms of Rehabilitation(3K w/ brain damag...

Trying to Contain the Iraq Disaster (NYT Editorial)

Lionel is talking about "loose change" on the radio!!!!!!

WP Independent Voters Favor Democrats by 2 to 1 in Poll

NYT/Reuters: Pakistan Tries to Shed Khan Nuclear Proliferation Stigma

(Kansas GOP Congressman Jim) Ryun's Story On Foley Changes

I don't believe in banning macaca.

Have you ever had a day..........

Pudding! (I'm making butterscotch)

Kudzu is

Do you know any women who have . . .

Hey Oedi! Question about the lamp you bought

Comfy cat.

What kind of store is Lowes?

Pardon me, but what the hell is Kudzu?


Real (digital) Infrared Photos


Bill Clinton in ad for Proposition 87 (California)!

Just a reminder: Mike Webb is back. This begins week two after being off

Independent Voters Favor Democrats by 2 to 1 in Poll - WaPo\ABC

NYT editorial: Trying to Contain the Iraq Disaster

Read His Lips "Stay The Course!"

How will future protests be put down?

A post dedicated to those working in elections this 2006

The largest nuclear weapon ever: Tsar Bomba 50 Megatons

Iran attack before election: Would the Chimp get away with it ?

Peter King: "We will take care of the counting"

Texas GOP Congressman Shows How Not to Handle a Scandal (Abramoff)

North American Union to Replace USA?

The Googler-in-Chief.....

DFA: Arlington Miami..a Tombstone Tribute to the Iraq dead...rows and rows....


Blatant racism from Lucianne Goldberg - Re: Obama

Cubin (R-WY) tells challenger (in wheelchair), 'I'd slap you'

What Republicans Will Be Voting For on November 7th

Am I right to be REALLY exited about FL-24 and Clint Curtis ?

Arizona Senator 's Staffer Involved With Anti-Native American Group

So let it be written; So it must be reality...

NYT: This Time, It’s Not the Economy

Spineless dems

Tan Nguyen's BIG mess on the Orange County voter intimidation letter

Suicide Watch

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

Gerhard Schröder: "I'm Anything but an Opponent of America"

"Frank to Donate Over $250,000 in New Funds to Dem. Party & Candidates"

This Time, It's Not The Economy - NYT (Oh really?)

Channeling Thomas Friedman

Why Won't the Progressives Get Their Acts Together?


Molly Ivins (Truthdig): It’s Good to Be the Richest of the Rich

Keeping an eye on the machines that count Minnesotans' votes

Wake-up! Fitrakis & Wasserman warn of GOP "victory"

Blue Collar Democrats Return to Their Roots.

Truffaut: The Mess

Losing on the Home Front, Part I

Colombia’s Student Movement Resists

Words get in the way for Bush in Iraq debate

Lieberman Blasted on All Sides at Debate

Traveling the "National-Security" Route to November 7

Must-See Video: The Iraq War in 8 Minutes (BBC/Guardian)

Bush's Absolute Power Grab

Message: Stay Home! / Howard Kurtz

Science, Medicine, And The Gullible Left (Mickey Z.)

Kenneth Lay's afterlife winfall.

"The Battle for Congress" - Democracy Now (great analysis coming up in 2 hrs)

LAT: "Sesame Street" now runs through 120 countries

Bush's New Tack Steers Clear of 'Stay the Course'

Richard Dawkins: Why There Almost Certainly Is No God

"Dems will lose no House seats; Republicans looking for new message" - mydd

McCain hawkish, and lonely, on Iraq (front page, Boston Globe)

It is not preditctable what will happen if troops are pulled out:

Iraq strategy not working: Lib MP (Australia)

Hyde urges Rumsfeld to alter Afghan drug trade policy

Iraq and Your Wallet (says $$ could be better spent on healh care,etc..)

Will Durst: Bring Back Saddam

George W. Bush is Not Our President and I Refuse to Treat Him As Such

Pacific Island Nations Ask Neighbors To Prepare To Receive Their People

Pennsylvania Borough Strips Sludge Corporations of "Rights"

Dark Days Ahead (Jason Leopold, Truthout)

Geophysicists' Interest In Nenana Ice Classic Continues To Grow

Companies Plan Large Flexible Solar PV Modules for Rooftops

worldchanging....another world is here

UAE, U.S. Top List of Pressures on Nature, WWF Finds

WWF: Humans living far beyond the planets means

BP Knew Of Corrosive Sediment Buildup In Prudhoe Bay Pipe In 2002 - Reuters

Global ecosystems 'face collapse'

Even Industry Protesting DOE's Minimal Upgrades In Efficiency Standards

Smoke Cuts Air Service Across Sumatra - Reuters

Russian CO2 Output Up 11% 1999 - 2004 - Russian Government Report

Frozen in Memories, but Melting Before Their Eyes

Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant Under Way in New York State

FM Livni invited to attend international conference in Qatar

Settlements grow on Arab land, despite promises made to U.S.

Smile when you hear Death to Israel

Mazuz looking into bribe allegations against Olmert

I watched yet another 911 video tonight

9/11 skepticism is an International phenomenon

Fitrakis & Wasserman warn of GOP "victory"

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" will address the voting machine issue today.

Vermont ER Newsletter

Paper, Paper. Hand Count the damn paper. No sourcecode anywhere!

Monday Lou Dobbs damning indictment - Lou: "You make me want to cry"

Two new arrogant Repug bumper stickers seen in the Orange State

Election Transparency Project from

Surprise Surprise: Voting machine count found erroneous in DC primaries.

Take Back America! Election Reform & Related News Tues 10/24/05

OH: New Groups Challenge Blackwell & Sue Over Ohio Exit Polling Directive

Does anyone know what's going on w Pap's qui tam in his lawsuit?

San Diego Event Featuring Bruce Funk, Lowell Finley, Ed Asner, et al.

CA: McPherson reply on Emergency Paper Ballots

Major Independent Exit Poll Projects to Coordinate

New Ohio law allows Attorney General to prosecute election law violations

October Surprise for Jim Webb - Name Cut Off E-Ballot

Minnesota to make election history again with first-ever post election revi...

5 easy pieces from "Eternal Vigilance: Fight to Save Our Election System"

Please DU This Poll About E-voting! (And K&R!)

OH: Suit filed against Voter ID Law

Iraqi army stays out of the way of tribal vendetta despite public call

U.S. Republicans losing crucial swing voters: poll

Japan to lend Iraq $3.5 bn for oil, gas projects

Hastert's top aide grilled (front page USA Today)

Hopes of early handover to Iraqis unrealistic

Bill Clinton speaks passionately for Democratic candidates (in Ohio)

Shiite-on-Shiite killings continue in southern Iraqi city of Amarah

AP Lieberman blasted on all sides at debate

McCain hawkish, and lonely, on Iraq (front page, Boston Globe)

China Denies Reports of N. Korea Apology

Latino and black voters reassessing ties to GOP

Severity of Injuries Requires New Forms of Rehabilitation(3K w/ brain damag...

Casey: US phasing out of Iraq

(Oliver) "North warns against Ortega vote"

Wal-Mart to slow U.S. expansion

NYT: General Casey May Increase U.S. Troop Levels in Baghdad

Gore touts (California) Prop. 87 in Berkeley

Train defecator hunted by police

'Simpsons' Halloween 'Horror' Could Hit GOP

Bush to visit Ho Chi Minh City next month

WP: Michael J. Fox Records TV Ad for Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin

Can the ‘20th hijacker’ of Sept. 11 stand trial?

Poll shows Allen with slight lead in Senate race (47-43 w/ 4%MOE)

Hastert Testifies Before Foley Panel!!!

Company Recalls Beef Due To Potential Of E. coli

U.S. October death toll in Iraq hits 91

US contractors giving up on Iraq with goal unmet

Virginia ballot glitch chops names.. (US Senatorial candidate Jim Webb)

Costa Rica Wails against CAFTA

Palestinian gunmen kidnap AP photographer in Gaza

Iceland catches second fin whale (endangered species "hunted")

Sheehan's Legal Threat Led CNN to Censor Me, Author Says

Exodus of Iraqis spilling into Europe

Ex-CIA chief Tenet joins "James Bond" research firm

President to visit Sarasota today (44th visit since 2000)

Bush aide says housing slump put a burden on economy

The Tuesday Cat Pic Thread -- Post Your Beauties, Please

Armstrong Williams Settlement Not Enough, Says Congressman Miller

Bush Administration Eases Limits on Same-Sex Schools

Wyo. opponent says incumbent (Republican Rep. Barbara Cubin) made threat

LAT: Minority church leaders backing away from GOP

U.S. says more GIs may be needed in Iraq

UMW Demands Safer Coal Mines

Rumsfeld urged to alter Afghan drug trade policy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 24

Independent Florida Candidate For U.S. Senate Visits Cuba

Potential problems loom in election voting (yahoo news/reuters)

U.S. says Iraq agrees timeline to peace

Michael J. Fox Plunges Into Election

Global Pharmaceutical Outsourcing (To Exceed 30 Bil by 2011)

Company cries foul over ad by Ricketts (R-Ne)

Study: Customers don't want data handled by outside vendors

Muslim-American voters turn backs on Bush : survey

Humans living far beyond planet's means: WWF Study

Iraq: 'You can't cut and run'

Colombia’s Student Movement Resists

Venezuela workers in Coke dispute (Uh-oh ...)

USA Today/Gallup Poll: GOP could lose control of Congress (GOP gains 10pts)

Identity thieves hit customers at TD Ameritrade, E-Trade

Lamont Compares Lieberman to Nixon

Deval Patrick soars ahead after Healey's negative attacks

Bush Bonuses Go To Already Well-Paid Teachers

U.S. blames Iran, Syria for Iraq violence

Bolton: sanctions ‘help regime change’ (Iran and North Korea)

The name of the father: a paternity scandal strikes Peru again (Bush's guy)

Cuban diplomat says US hostility toward Cuba at an unprecedented level unde...

Hastert urges quick action on Foley

Israel urges UN to denounce Ahmadinejad's comments

Blair calls for everyone to record DNA on databases

Bush administration seeks to maintain aid levels to Colombia

U.S. soldier kidnapped on family visit in Baghdad

US official: Britain seeks Iraq pullout in a year

GOP hopefuls repudiate Bush plan on Iraq (Rats Jump Sinking Ship)

Cheney Says Clinton Could Win Presidency

Idle Contractors Add Millions to Iraq Rebuilding (NYT)

US troops mistakenly kill four Iraqi firemen

Blackwell also had problem worker (Felon on Payroll)

House GOP Officials Likely to Be at Odds (Ethics Testimony)

Some Voting Machines Chop Off Candidates' Names

Former Employee Says Jim Gibbons (NV-Gov) Knew of Her Illegal Status

NYT: Iraqi Realities Undermine the Pentagon’s Predictions

Iraqis May Control Security in 12-18 Mos

NJ marriage equality decision expected TOMORROW

WBBM: Actor Michael J. Fox To Appear At Duckworth Rally

Field organizer for Democratic party reported missing - MT

McClatchy/MSNBC: GOP holds narrow lead in must-win Senate races

Web activists have a plan: Safe incumbent Democrats urged to share cash

Judge Throws Out Fla. Exit Poll Limit

Drug raid yields Los Alamos documents

MND-B Soldier dies from wounds following IED attack # 2803

Part of Canada anti-terrorism law tossed

Britain Bars ITV Embedded Reporters

Bomb kills Iraq hero (Another mercenary)

Santorum issues GOP call to arms

California Republican asks supporters to pray for him

Democrats Cry Foul Over GOP Ad in Tennessee (charges of race-baiting)

One of FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' confirmed dead

Suit Filed Against Ohio Voter ID Law

Face it, I was 'cute,' Hil sez

Limbaugh Alleges Fox Didn't Take His Medicine or Was Exaggerating in Political Ad

U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover

Olbermann: GOP is 'leading terrorist group in this country'

Lamont Compares Sen. Lieberman to Nixon

Iraq Attacks Kill 3 Marines, 1 Soldier, U.S. Says

State (FL) Republican leaders want Arza to resign

Reuters: Humans living far beyond planet's means: World Wildlife Fund

I've finally done it. I've hit the bottom of the nostalgia barrel.

there should be a tv channel that only shows CSI, The X Files, and Law and

Borat:"Urkin, not too much raping, humans only." (First 4 mins. of Borat movie)

If you don't take showers because then you couldn't post

Fabulous bumper sticker I saw today

do you know anyone who lives in a building with cell phone antennas who has developed cancer?

Just in time for Christmas...

This radio station has been THE SHIT these past few days!

'Have Viagra or similar products let you down?'

To what shall I devote my 3,000th post?

Whatever happened to Bob Boudelang?

This post is patented

"They miss you"

Man Wins Pork Fat Eating Contest (Ate 2 Pounds In 20 Minutes)

Hey Matcom - my cat Evita has a message for you!!!

Porn Star Quits Governor's Race To Be With Injured Mom (Mary Carey)

Police Find Naked Man Stuck In Window

Ack! No hot water!

Which "Sponsor a Child" Charity is the best?

Somebody hit 10,000 post

I'm going to see the BIG DOG tomorrow!

Hand/Foot/Nose Index

"Let's go to Prison" (looks funny)

"Ask your doctor about Restless Pharmaceutical Company Syndrome..."

Ex-judge To Woman: Have Sex With Me If You Want Your Meds

Who is your favorite Peanuts character?

LSK - your gonna go DOWN this week

DU weekend maniacs check in here!

In case any DU'ers aren't familiar with this childhood ditty, I'm

A choosy beggar

The tired brain of BigMcLargehuge and This Morning's Headlines!

Hooray the girl is gonna get counselling!

William SHATNER... Devil's RAIN... on... DVD... October... thirty... FIRST

It sucks having a cold

Parents and youth sports: You ain't gonna BELIEVE this one

Fish caught by couple whilst dogging.

Dog caught by Fish while coupling.

I Got Very Drunk on Two Glasse of Wine Yesterday

fish caught dog while coupling

Christmas gift idea.

a goose,a mountain,a flower,a penguin,and a butterfly

Looooseeeeeee I'm hoome! Wanna hear about my trip?

Flying tomorrow: What can I take/not take on the plane??? HELP!!

Hershey'e Cacao reserve 65% w/Cacao nibs

Can You Take It? More Startling . . . More Blood-Curdling

Freaking out over chemicals

Borat on Conan O'Brien

Well, hell... I don't know

Looks like the second night in a row without sleep

A gay smoking in a restaurant with children

Body image: Post yours

The Ultimate Bon Bon thread

The Ultimate Ban Ban thread

The Ultimate Bon Scott thread

The Ultimate Bon-Ton thread

The Ultimate Bon Ami thread

Best free picture hosting services?

a breast is abreast of the breast

If you're ever up a tree, just call me.

Holy shit. Just 2 days ago, plane tickets were reasonable!

Do we really have to wait until June to celebrate this father?

Olive Garden’s Culinary Institute of Tuscany

What should overseeding cost? I think I'm getting screwed.

Red Meat

The Ultimate Ron-Jon thread

Why the hell is Madonna adopting from Africa

What's the weirdest thing you ever got in your Halloween bag?

Flight Headed To Florida Hits Parked Plane At Houston Airport

Hysterical Photo of Bush w/ Hastert

I have a job interview!

The Ultimate Ron-Jaworski thread

The Ultimate Ron-Jeremy thread

We went to Disneyland last May

Local Phone service/What the hell do I do now?

Yea! Called an undecided Republican

My family has no idea of the depth of my sacrifices for them...

Deep thoughts.....

Why is it so freakin cold in here?

Now, THIS is the way to announce a software release!

Favorite 'Detachable Penis' song?

how many have seen a murder and/or murder scene right after the murder


My family has no idea that I am going to sacrifice them...

Is there a Lesbian Mafia here at DU

Dear God make the madness stop!


Yay! I have my earworm for the day "Incense and Peppermints"

Dog Caught By Couple While Fishing

Gems from the "Hollywood Squares"

Soooooo...someone got my credit card info and...

Arggh! I have night class on Halloween!

More lyrics... It's early and the best I can do


Has anyone heard from Mikimouse?

Where can I hear Thom Hartmann in South & Cent'l California?

Are you male or female?

My son ate an entire pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Doesn't President Bush sound like Borat, when talking about Google?

what is the weirdest thing you ever got in your sleeping bag?

For Halloween - Which Chick Track should I use for my Halloween gifts

Haruka is totally conceited, trying to be the new Kleeb

Does this headline seems unclear to you?

The Ultimate BAN Everything thread

What animal does Denny Hastert remind you of?

Writer, bugger me backwards with a narrative bargepoll

Halloween, What is Everyone doing that day?

Vaguely weird and incoherent rant about topic du jour

I just sent an e-mail about a potential graduate assistantship

Please vote for my little god!!!

It's official: Hollywood has run out of ideas

Cobain bumps off Elvis as top-earning dead celeb

Donald Rumsfeld was giving the president his daily...

Jury Duty... Part II

What the Heck is this "Breadstick" thing? I don't get it....

This thread will INevitably be ignored...

James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party!

My Shoes Are Still Wet From This Morning's Commute

Pug Lovers - I saw the cutest thing today!

Good file-sharing program?

Let's all sing about Shaving Cream!

Oh, for the love of Jenis, where's my fucking ballot?!

Can anyone recommend (or discourage) a Mexican vacation spot?

smoking is the kudzu of GD

I have a bug bite on my... elbow?

Would you do a commercial for Valtrex?

Train defecator hunted by police

Well... bugger me backwards with a bargepoll...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/24/06)

Coreg - new drug for post heart attack sufferers...

Let the puppies roam free

Holy crap! The building I see out my window is on fire!


Political Fantasy Game

96,295 of you missed my AWESOME insult of Haruka last night

Just had a weird experience on DU

Candy Crowley is todays tobacco in gd.

do not put a cd on top of a tesla coil------

70's rock and 80's hair band fans.....

Post your favorite very short poem

Congratulations Blue State Native!! 15,000 posts

~I brake for smoke~

6 pm on the West Coast: Time to CUT 'N' RUN

SCREW Halloween! I'm prepping for the war on CHRISTMAS!

Worst Halloween costumes EVarrr

Will you be giving out treats to the trick-or-treaters this Halloween?

How are is you doing today? Reuters grammar error:

FIRE!!!! (pics)

Did they model this after Hastert?

So there I was, running around buck naked...

Weirdest slogan you've ever seen...

Best version of 'When I Grow Too Old Too Dream'

SAW 3: Eww. Did I see what I thought I saw? (WARNING - GROSS)


Fraggle Rock is going to be a movie!!!!

This is why I love CSI Miami

All of us need to be nicer

Is there a new DU Clique?

Here's a strange question I hope someone can help me with.

I just want to go to bed and wake up tomorrow...

Funny thing on the Dan Patrick Show

OMG!!! Has it been that long!!??

Has Anyone Had Surgery for Deviated Septum

Help!? WaMu is the evilest bank on Earth!!

The Ultimate Bon Jovi thread

I got the job!!!

Is there a new DU Click?

The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show?

So, how many of you DUers are going as "V" this halloween?

My skidders still wet from this mornings commute.


*computer question*

Okay everybody, check your PMs!

HypnoToad does not love me anymore!

Techies: Why is there a delay in streaming audio?

Okay... this is my 600th post...

What's for dinner?

Is it wrong I want "King Without a Crown" played at my wedding?

Another week, another "Let's bash Randi" thread.

"Millions of people who have never died before will be killed."

Who are your favorite and least favorite movie Draculas?

Favorite non-existent chain restaurant

Check out this cool astronomy picture...

Simple, popular hors d'oeuvre - cream cheese/green chili wrap

Limbaugh’s False Smears on Michael J. Fox

It is time

Emmitt ROCKS the Mambo!

Oooh... Moral dilemma!

tell me about your bath toys

Anyone else watching Joan Rivers' comedy special??

The End is Nigh!

Today in history 10-24

La Bamba!

I. Am. Sick.

Picture thread anyone??? How about showing off your beautiful elves :)

Who still has their gag reflex?

Do your palms ever itch?

The definition of a FREEPER!

A question, please, about slang

The Tuesday Cat Pic Thread -- Post Your Beauties, Please

Are HD DVD's Worth the price?

I'm in Florida, but I ain't on line yet.

Does anybody here use a Blackberry or Sidekick or anything like that?

KFC Famous Bowls.

I loathe the darkness of winter.....

What animal does Katherine Harris remind you of?

Cooking with Feminists-- A YouTube Presentation.

"Paris Syndrome" leaves Japanese tourists in shock

Since I have been offline for awhile, someone define Jenis for me!

Daylight Savings Time: LOVE It Or HATE It?

Should I hand out kiwi, roofing nails, or Q-tips for Halloween?

I'm always late. How about showing off your beautiful selves :)

Got long hair? Got shades? It's... the Cousin It picture thread!

Does anyone watch the show " A Haunting" on Thursday's on Discovery?


Any Lance Parkertip fans here? He was one of my heroes as a child.

Generation X...WTF? What is it? From a date or just not a Boomer?

I got a provisional job offer pending my criminal background check

My skivvies are still wet from this morning's commute!

Back in civilization...(Please click and see my pictures!!)

What is AMERICAN food?

attn HypnoToad...

I'm one the top 3 candidates for the job!

Question about Smoking and GD

How observant are you? --- quiz

What killed the dinosaurs?


Well I broke down and got a kitten. Meet Boscoe..

Is it just me, or is Brad Pitt just an overrated hack?

Ya damned hippie!!!

This Old House and sex in Russia

Shocking! Who could have guessed Paris is rude!?!

Did Frankenstein have a tail?

Some pix from along the Blue Ridge Parkway this past weekend.

Would you buy this for your kid?

Picture thread anyone??? How about showing off your beautiful selves :)

Goth check


John Lennon called /Let It Be/ "the shittiest pile of shit".

How many cans of Great Stuff does it take to fill up someone's SUV?

****congratulations Truebrit71sbruv with 627 posts******

Please vote for my little dog!!!

I demand a hug thread

candy crowley aka jaba the hut

Huff Post: Dawkins - "Why There Almost Certainly Is No God"

Gore Vidal announces he is "BORN AGAIN!"

Snow White's Apple (a variation of spirituality)

How would the world change if all religion AND belief in God(s) ceased?


Ancient Horse Corral Unearthed in Kazakhstan

Is fetus transplant possible?

Happy Mole Day!

Sean Hannity's Gay Dating Website

Rockstar's video game "Bully" allows same-sex kissing; handled normally

NJ GAY MARRIAGE DECISION to be handed down tommorow (Wed. 10/25)

I don't know, what do you think?

Well did Rogers cheat or what?

I demand that Fox hire Kirk Gibson and Bill Freehan immediately!

Something I don't get

Is it possible to have lucky stars? Astrologers?

Mercury Retrograde - October 28 - November 17, 2006

FYI-Triangle NC

Just got an email from votevets asking for help for a fellow vet....

Kerry would be completely unbeatable by making clear right from jumpstreet

Help! Kos bashing Wade and Kerry on front page

MSNBC has a 2008 race evaluation of candidates

I just donated to John Kerry thanks to these assholes

The Kerry money issue just appeared on CNN.

Okay, who has today's BHerald

Another bash of Kerry by kos on another thread

Wade should call Chris Bowers to absolutely make certain that Kos is not

Audio Interview with Sen. Kerry on BlueMassGroup website

If you have the money, please give to Kerry's "final 4" e-mail

New Fundraising letter from Sen. Kerry

NYTimes Lead Editorial on Iraq: Boy does this sound familiar

India Press comments on Kerry Iraq stance

Please see video remembrance for four Iraqi dead

Back to the Swamp...

Darkness at Mo(u)rning...


Microwaving Iraq

Ozone hole is 'biggest on record'

"Gandhi" on HBOFM right now

What about this "Never fails gop get out the vote" talk all of a sudden?

Bernie Ward is wasting time on a local story about a girl's basketball team

Porn, Free Speech, Feminism

Hartmann had a great guest

The republicans are making all the mistakes the Dems used to make

Why aren't we contacting more independent voters than Republicans are?

If the Republicans hold onto both houses of Congress

Insurgents in Iraq flirt with action film aesthetics

AP: China Denies Reports of N. Korea Apology (but no 2nd test planned)

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 24 Oct 06 Not Approved

LOL! The Mark Foley Action Figure, Sold on Ebay- PICS

Do you post on a message-board which isn't political?

Just in time for Election Season

Classifying money as free speech.

WP: "The White House is cutting and running from 'Stay the course....'"

Gen.Casey,khallizad to give press conference at 0600 CT

NYT Blog censoring posts?

Orwell's 1984. Is it any less valid because 1984 was not the year it

Guardian: Iraq: voters want British troops home by end of year

How Far Can CBS Fall In 50 Years?

(TOON) Steve Bell: Job Done

Bold New Policy In Iraq! Stray Recourse!

Dutch court seeks Saddam testimony on chemical sale

Delusional hate group says Foley needs "sexual reorientation"

Lamont's people power petering out? I DON'T THINK SO!

Shia militia hunts down Shia police in Iraqi city as army stands aside

Press turning against Lieberman?

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq agree to a timeline: CNN developing story

Election Year LIE: Iraqi Forces Ready Within 18 Months

Spy chief in Italy could face charges

Dems in safe seats far more selfish than their Repug colleagues

Follow The Leader! - U.N. envoy - Many Follow U.S. Example On Detainees

GOP Sen demands FBI briefing on anthrax attacks probe

Hey everybody!

All day special on MSNBC today; war and politics; Murtha on now. nt

Thank you, MICHAEL J. FOX (Another ad, this one for Maryland)

"I'll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today"

I do believe Bush* just said we should change our Representation in Congress

Video remembrance of four Iraqi dead: puts a human face on the cold numbers

I really don't agree with Impeaching Bush

Schröder causes a stir with controversial memoirs

Verteran for peace making his case with Keith tonight.

RNC Mailing Accuses Pa. Democrat Of Helping To Start the War in Iraq

NY Sun: Conyers Hones A Case Against President Bush

Republicans Know How To Get Out The Vote - Make No Mistake About It

DU needs to send bushitler a birthday card with all of Keith's

An a.m. apology.

Christian Newswire: Ex-Congressman Foley Needs Sexual Reorientation, Not Alcohol Rehab!

Who would be willing to send a deployed military friend care packages or mail?

Hastert was speaking more truth than he knew

I didn't have to look far to get inspired this morning

Good question for David Kuo on cspan right now.

RNC Humorous ad looks into Democratic tax policies

Great News for Florida - Governor's race to close to call

C Span freeper callers

Good endorsement by St. Louis Post Dispatch for..........

Interactive toon. Help * come up with #4, 5, 6.....

MSNBC: Abramoff to do time in Cumberland, Md.

Omaha police want 911 calls about smoking

Who are the Committee

Roll Call updates Campaign 2006 scandal checklist two weeks before elections

c-span 10:30 - iraq report

I'm so proud of my mom!

Freeper said if we win, it will be the end of the dem party

Two more weeks...

MSNBC voting poll


BUSH Threatens Iraq-New Policy-Penalize Iraq If They Fail To Stop Violence

CNN quickvote

Huff Post: Dawkins - "Why There Almost Certainly Is No God"

There will be time to take care of bush* and his cronies if Democrats win

US Sniper School makes competion "realistic for spectators"

msnbc scarborough - pelosi pelosi pelosi

election day question

Coleen Rowley debates John Kline live tonight, plus other debates

Hastert to Pelosi: "Does she forget the nearly 3,000 victims of September 11th?"

Polls are one thing. Probably right on. Elections are fleeced.

Heavy mobile use 'damages sperm'

What is the Democratic Plan? Insights.

Payback Time--what we should damn well hope DOESN'T happen

Torture legalized. No habeas corpus. FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS!

Should we take the House AND Senate

Glenn Reynolds has a poll up.....wanna screw with him?

Lizzie Dole?

A decent article on a local Senator

U.S. General: Iraq security to take over in 12 months

if the economy is doing so well,how come EVERYONE I know is broke?

Humans will need two Earths, report claims

missed KO's "Comment" last night- how was it?

Because we need to laugh, even when it hurts.

Lullabies from The Axis of Evil

Ha ha! Little Ricky Santorum Soiling His Pants in Fear! Eye of Mordor?

Remember, if Bill Gates sets up house on your middle-class block

The Ultimate BAN Everything thread

What Would Jesus Brew?

The state, the corporation, and you

Feinstein blasts handling of war - link to story and podcast

how many have seen a murder and/or murder scene right after the murder

A new element?

Lieberman flip-flops on Iraq; negative on Dems 3 times as much as positive

Where BFEE will cheat if they have to?

Bagdhad sniper video on youtube

President Bush said we couldn't win the war on terror?

Yiddish with George and Laura

Speaking of Truth to Power.....

Caption Condi

Is spreading lies about animal rights supporters?

James Webb's last name won't appear on ballots in Alexandria, VA

This is how low we've sunk, even the Swedes hate us...

Bush Bonuses Go To Already Well-Paid Teachers

The Look of a Man Who Just Got REAMED????

Here's an interesting one....timing of bonus payout to Ohio

Global dumbing: the politics of entropy

'Simpsons' Halloween 'Horror' Could Hit GOP

A Must Read: "In a year, life in Iraq has darkened appallingly"

Missing US soldier is of Iraqi descent; abducted while visiting relatives

Is it just me or are national Democrats holding back in CA governor race?

U.S. bans Vegemite because it contains folate

Will Bush pardon Eugene Scalia?

HAHAHA - From the cover of USA Today

State archives to display Lincoln's slavery amendment

How can we withdraw from Iraq in one year

MSNBC to cover Election 2006 throughout today.

if for some reason the repukes DON'T steal the "election" again,

BlogActive offers $500 bounty to get Senator Larry Craig on the record

Which words would you like to see w EAT the most?

MSNBC, Joe Scarborough has been on the air for 25 minutes this a.m.

Harold Ford crashes Corker press conference

Question about canvassing DUers-please help

New York Times Ordered To Reveal Kristof Sources

"we love your choice of font style"

Baltimore lagging in preparation for election

ABC news poll - Vote on this one, newsweek has it all wrong


Pelosi: 'No Matter What Slogans Are Used to Describe it, Bush's's Iraq Policy Has Been a Failure

ROFL! Out of NOWHERE! Hastert appears and walk in to testify!

Since RWers love that blue/red map so much...

Freepers, Viacom Help GOP Spread Terra Fantasy


Glenn Beck - Ugh.

Pentagon is gearing up for a Dem win, legislative team to counter criticism

Breaking on MSNBC: Hastert testifying before ethics committee!

Asia's spectacular monument of gratitude (architectural wonder)

United or not?

Olbermann/Colbert comparison

Hoping to boost Republicans, WH pitches tent for talk show hosts-pics

Limpballs calls Michael J Fox "Shameless" and he's "exagerating"

The American Way of Gore - Dead, Buried, Discarded

Armstrong Williams Settlement Not Enough, Says Congressman

Oh' har, har, har. Genocide jokes.

Downsized but Not Out

Message to B*sh: you will NOT be long dead when history renders its verdict...

GOP group's anti- Menedez ad Insults Italians (Bada Bing!)

AARP & their site WTF???

'Pat Tillman's brother calls the Iraq war illegal'....

NYT Times Iraq Editorial: Didn't Dems say this in June?

8 New Mason-Dixon polls on Key Senate Races (results here)

Republican talking point. Republicans lose seats but hold congress.

Pelosi: "No impeachment" if we win.

Limbaugh Attacks Michael J. Fox, Makes Fun Of His Parkinson's Symptoms

Looks like MSNBC scheduled the GOP for the afternoon!

But...but... I thought we didn't want a timetable

I have been donating DIRECTLY to candidates, but the DCCC is offering THIS!

GOP insiders believe that Rove will leave after the first of the year

We Want Ned! (Video)

Spencer thinks it's okay to call Hillary 'ugly,' but not a 'lesbian'

The Price of Liberalism

Voting Machines Chop Off Dem Candidate Webb's Name...NOT Fixable

Interesting! The Democratic Party Platform from 1948

Can someone link us to a copy of the new (racist) Corker ad in TN?

Just had a weird experience on DU

THE "NUMBER" is up to 2803 Today! We broke 2800

Who supports the troops more -- Rs or Ds?

WSJ looking ahead to 2008 with "Voter ID" disfranchising 11 million

Dupe. Never mind.

I think the President and his friends got the message from John Q. Public:

The Perils of George

Better Think Twice About Reporting Workplace Racism

Freepers' take on Michael J. Fox's ads re: stem cell research

They are still doing the 'undisclosed location' thing?

Ken Mehlman Defends Racist GOPU Ad On MSNBC

James J. Zogby | Elections to Watch

War? What war? George W Bush to attend $25000. a head FUNDRAISER today

Virginia's ballots chops off Webb's last name

Regarding Impeachment. DNC Howard Dean on CNN this AM.

Republicans' fabled 'GOTV Machine' doesn't really exist...

how much have you donated to Dems in 06?

It's all they have left

WSJ Readers Are Mean to Dubya!

Mike Malloy on Alex Jones NOW!!

Stupid freepers

***Bullshit Alert *** General: Iraq may control its own security in a year

I've started "trolling" Yahoo! Answers.

I'm optimistic.

ABC: Attacks by the Taliban are up "300 percent" since Musharraf declared a "truce"

CREW's 20 most corrupt members of Congress (and 5 to watch)

Contrary to the polls, I don't see Lieberman winning...

NJ Gay Marriage Decision being handed down TOMMOROW

Bush on big screen as elections approach

Caption the Wicked Witch of the South

Matalin just said that Santorum may squeek out a win. Where's she hiding

President Bill Clinton wrote to me!

On 9/11 Bush was in Katherine Harris's 13th district when the planes hit.

The Economy is up for one week or one month and that's suppose to make a difference?

CAPTION THIS: Little boy Bush in big car

Gems from the "Hollywood Squares"

Mark Fiore video: "IT'S STAY THE COURSE-MAN!"

Bush Admin sends information to troops on how to vote for Foley's replacement

When a democrat changes their mind, they are a FLIP FLOPPER

I think Barak Obama is Lincolnesque.

7/31/06.. Dear Mr. President, Simply Staying the Course in Iraq is Not Working

aw,f&ck!MSNBC asking TOM DELAY about Pelosi!!!

Our first Anti-War Video on U-Tube

HooYA Vets Commission vote no on lump-sum Buyouts

Photos: The Clinton/Gore era oldie but goodies---->

U.S. Officials: Iraqi Security Could be Ready in 12-18 Months (WaPo)

Caption *

Israeli-American man pleads guilty to calling in bomb threat to U.S. airpor...

"Are you a Nancy Pelosi Democrat??"

Governor canidates gone wild!

Spin Meisters...

please send postcards to CO Agustín Aguayo

RNC to run ad of person affected by the plague, when he's off his meds

Ha! CNN Took Down Their "Dems R Wusses" Poll

* - "See, they are genetically disposed to raise your taxes,"

The Republic running for the city council in my city had his mommy

Impeachment must be demanded

Hey: A new ASU poll will show AZ Senate race a dead heat

caption this Snowjob pic...

This is when I have trouble with my opposition to the death penalty

So, Here We Are....

US in Iraq announce "success was still possible" in Iraq, as the room goes black

Senate map--check it out.

American soldier kidnapped in Baghdad is of Iraqi descent...

John Spencer is a Prune-Faced Old Coot ---pix--->>>

Why I don't trust pre-election polls

Michael J. Fox interview on St. Louis station

Hypothetical election

It is pitiful that after five years that the bodies have not been ...

Tony Snow coming up with Tweety. 4:13PM....on now

Bush loves "the Google"

Jeff Supan, Kurt Warner, Mike Sweeney, others, Make MO ad in response to MIchael J Fox

Election thought for the day.......

The truth is that no one knows what is going to happen...

I thought they stopped using "stay the course"

(VIDEO) Richard Milhous Lieberman

Hastert's testifying before the Ethics Committee!

CNN's Candy Crowley makes me puke!

"STEELE Democrat" bumber sticker???

My experience as an early voter

Who's with me? ;-)

The 18 year old just voted absentee - his first voting experience...

Whoa! AZ-Sen race significantly tightening?

O’Reilly: Taliban Resurgence In Afghanistan Is A ‘Myth’

Are we fortunate that Candy Crowley is not cheerleading for the Dems?

Link Help Requested - Re: posse comitatus & habeas corpus

My LTTE re: auto-dial smears

The Jack Bull.

Mary Matalin is beginning to resemble Candy Crowley

Cheney on Obama: "Attractive Guy"

help with school paper - Russ's honesty, integrity and industriousness

Cholesterol drugs protect smokers' lungs

Bush to visit Ho Chi Minh City next month

Medication and Parkinsons' disease, what you need to know

Thank God the election is only two weeks away.

I Wish Nancy Reagan would do a Stem Cell Ad

Local ABC7 News Story About Election Problems (DC Metro Area)

Watch CNN tonight at CNN....Focus on NC from Candy Cowley/Two Left Feet!

Ethiopia's "Lucy" to be exhibited in United States

Great MSNBC article on torture investigations

The Halloween Party

November 7, 2006 - Takin' My Country Back!

Words get in the way for Bush in Iraq debate

Gonzalez: US image hurt due to Europe not understanding the war on terror

Sam Seder is the best air america host

I'm just $95 short of my goal!!!

Gore Vidal announces he is "BORN AGAIN!"

Need help with a list of key races to watch on election night.

Close House Races thread

Here's the spin I've been given on "stay the course"

"Screwed the Pooch"

Ad in response to michael J fox running tomorrow (link to video)

Throw them away George. Bush Administration cuts 350 million in Vet nursing home care.

Cheney calls himself "Darth"

Why not settle for censuring Bush?

"Read My Lips, Stay the Course" bush's are FLIP FLOPPING Wimps

If Santorum loses...

Good Lord! Did you hear Santorum on Hardball just now?

"Baghdad Bob" moment at press conference today....

Americans Support Sudanese Genocide Everytime They Buy "Made In China"

Okay John, One last donation - will you help, too? Please?

WIll the general public cry "Foul" if the Democrats don't take Congress?

At the next Santorum debate, they should suspend a net from the ceiling...

So, did you hear that Candy Crowley is FAT? And UGLY?

I'm so SICK and TIRED of paying ridiculous taxes!

There's going to be a last minute nastiness from the right.

Remember the pornstar and her producer rubbing elbows with Bush?

Coleen Rowley Congressional debate on CSPAN1 NOW

please DU the poll in my local paper re: eminent domain

Stay The Course Snowjob: Is Bush Responsible For ANYTHING?

Protect Our Children - Vote Democratic!

Miss Piggy Hates Democrats

Tricare and Medicare fee Reductions are driving Doctors away

NV Chpt. National Organization of Women Speaks Out @ Jim Gibbons

AP BREAKING: Bush says Iraq Conflict to be Quelled By Jan 1, 07

Britons want the last of their troops out of Iraq soon

WHO is this Smerconish asshole on Hardball?!

Official Thread - CNN Candy Crowley presents "Two Left Feet"

Good grief that Larry Sabato is dorky looking

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: US on Iraq: We're Out Of Here

Look- I know looks shouldn't count, but God, Candy Crowley is ugly.

The OFFICIAL ooooh! Kieth is on!

EYEmetrics and effective internet posting.

Katie Couric: does she read overseas reports about Iraq ?

I love and appreciate Bob Herbert

Harold Ford not playing Leslie's game...

smoking, looks, 2008 presidential polls

Mediorcre actors attack Michael J. Fox in GOP ad

What pisses me off about the Republicans the most

The Official Wish Kurt Vonnegut Dies Thread.

We're going to "get out of the way" (Gen. Casey) Cut and run by another name.

Picking on people's looks is BULLSHIT!

enron e-mails are now public domain

Conservative talk show hosts meeting with Rove in tent at WH?

How does your community feel about inter-racial dating/marriage?

Hey Candy Crowley at CNN - here are a couple of suggestions for

"Texas Candidate Wrote Racy Romance Novel" PORNO...or not? You tell me.

Dying in the slow lane.

NV GOP gubernatorial candidate: "Worst Person in the World"

Neat video ... "It's never been 'stay the course' .... right"

We'll stand down.. uh, stay the.. uh... Mission acc-... uh, Mushroom cloud...uh

Concerning gerrymandering...?

VEEP ALERT: NeoCon Darth Cheney on Faux NOW

Is The "October Surprise" To Be The Bombing Of Iran?

Parkinson Foundation Debunks Limbaugh’s False Smears on Michael J. Fox

ABC and NBC news showed Rump Leakage (Limbaugh) for the pig he is


What a Disgusting POS Report...Delete the Whole Damned Post...

U.S. would win new war but it would be "dirtier" - Pace

I was right (U.S. says more GIs may be needed in Iraq)

my GOD- did you ever get a good look at the 1st Lady?

Ha! Did you hear Lou Dobbs promote a new Hunter Thompson Book?

Huge cloud of smoke near CNA building in Chicago right now.

Even Jonah Fricking Goldberg Is Jumping Off The Sinking Iraq Ship!

US general already asked for more Iraqi troops. Most went AWOL

Dyskinesia is a side-effect of Parkinson's med L-dopa

Keith Olbermann Trivia - Free DVD To Winner!

Re Mid-Term Elections, Remember This Yoda Quote

Anyone catch Gephardt and Armey and Charlie Cook on CSPAN today?

Some good news from Tennessee with gay marriage

DUers, speak up - are there too many "wusses" in the Democratic Party?

Daniel Ellsberg article - The Next War in Harpers

So much hate and ignorance in this country, I lose all hope

Joe Klein's worthless too.

"Little Bear Goes to Washington"

Lets all make a pact on Rush Limbaugh

Congressional Candidates, including sitting Senators and

Republicans Giving Up on Jim Talent? (MO-SEN)

Go to jail, get English lessons - More Sheriff Joe Arpaio madness

Bin Laden Is The GOP Spokesman Because President Bush Sucks Too Much

The Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine

Bush and Bin-Laden, Sittin' in a Tree . . .

Why did Bill Maher sit there and have this

Do You Think Howard Dean Is Correct About Opposing Impeachment For Bu$h

Laura Bush campaigning for Gard/Taylor/Sodrel...HOW MUCH is this shit costing us??

Earth 6,010 years old yesterday! Happy Birthday!!


Scarborough sucks!

You, me and John Kerry tried to tell that fat headed IDIOT W. to...

Is Ken Lay Dead? (Poll)

DU this poll on MJF and Limpballs

Just had an ugly conversation while playing solitaire..

stephanie miller on larry king

Move America Forward: Sheehan was addicted to porn chat rooms

Mark your calendars for November the 15th

New record for CEO Gluttony :1.6 BILLION DOLLARS for 14 years work

Cross Post: Pennsylvania Borough Strips Sludge Corporations of "Rights"


Racist E-Mail and my brilliant response...

Oh NO! Miami has run out of spaces for Mega-Yachts! If that doesn't...

IMHO, Jim Davis slapped Crist around pretty good; kept saying

Limbaugh/Fox furor and race card slime in Tenn.: GOP exposed, with nationwide effects to come!

Spanish Chevy commercial on Fox during World Series. Yikes!

John Boehner: "WE are the underdog."

The Return of "The Cavuto"

Just saw that awful ad they're running against Ford in Tenn.

Does the news media torture us? No, literally torture us.

You won't regret spending 8 minutes to watch this UK Guardian/BBC film --

I will kiss your ass if....

The "October Surprise" is the media's sudden obsession w/ Obama / Clinton

Study: Customers don't want data handled by outside vendors

How much longer will our system be broken

Bottom line is---- you don't fuck with Marty McFly!

Spencer jokes about Hillary being a lesbian

The Big, Ugly Picture - we are so, so screwed....

Do you favor rolling back all of Bush's tax cuts?

The viral e-mail--The RNC's best friend

MSNBC: Potential voting problems loom in U.S.

What happened to the DU media blaster that

Dan Rather on with Tavis Smiley tonight - PBS

FYI: TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight-James Baker:

The Pissypants Presidency will be the butt of jokes for rest of his life!

Breaking-Fed Investigation Into Shady Land Deal By Rep Renzi (R-AZ)

Joe Joe Joe..

Impeachment - will NOT remove Bush from office.

Dear Scarborough-

Hell House

Bush team defends US Iraq plans (except this slipped out):

pickles in Green Bay--support John Guard, Repug!! been on the news

Congresswoman (R): "If you weren't in that wheelchair I'd slap you!!!"

A History Lesson: FDR

Rep. Barbara Cubin (R-WY) tells wheelchair bound man she'd slap his face

Barbara Cubin (R -WY) threatens to slap wheelchair-bound Libertarian candid...

"BREAKING NEWS" for the Fear Factor crowd -- Al Qaida operative killed

ABC & A.P. cite Rush Limbaugh as source/authority

More troops means more targets for snipers in Iraq

Cubin apologizes to her public, but not to her victim.

We interrupt the "looks" threads for a word from Joni Mitchell:

How To Dismantle Republicans" Attack their Sources of "Money/Wealth".....

Florida Governors race debates can be watched TONIGHT!

Poll on Limbaugh's Michael J. Fox comments

Alabama Candidate Campaigns on Cleavage

oLIElly, Eeeew, I Feel Dirty For Just Saying It

The Bible Indicts George W. Bush (with photos!)

S*P sticks it to the fundies

Larry Johnson:The Shame of General Casey

BREAKING: Dow Jones hits record high! WooHoo!

Lets Talk About Saddam's Guilt & How Much Fun It Will Be To Kill Him...

Brookings Institution Forum - Polarizing the House: Does Gerrymandering Matter?

A shameless WAPO piece about Limbaugh/Michael J, Fox.

Iraq was the single, most blundering appeasement of terrorist violence, ever

They're getting desperate

You people are a very bad influence....

CNN to pose question about "DEM wuss factor," but what about "Repuke nazi factor"?

About what percentage of our problems would be solved by


Harold Ford: "I like football. I like girls. I have no problems with that."

If Obama becomes POTUS, his Senate sucessor will be a POS

Iraq was better than expected. I think the results are very good.

I will follow YOUR casket And I'll watch while you're lowered

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 10/24 Misunder-Staying the course

Sibel Edmonds Movie. Director interview. Part 7

Here's An Idea For the First 100 hrs .....

Four MORE soldiers....GONE. October toll *91*

Which Faction Is Stupid?

Was Rush the Worst Person in the World yesterday?

my latest LTTE-in my fundie,freeper paper..did I go too far?

Joe Scarborough is such a pile of shit

Just a question. Is there video online of Maher on Scarborough???

Mehlman Explains "Bimbo" Ad

This is for Stephanie and Kadie...GREAT Photo Threads, y'all!

I'm neither petite nor drop-dead gorgeous...wanna take a stab at me?

Report: Germany Suspected US Prison Abuse Early in Balkans--DeutscheWelle

Who Is Inside America's Trojan Horse?

Bush hopes to 'de-toxify' US politics

Tennessee Ad ignites internal GOP squabbling

Robert Parry: How Democrats Might Blow It

NPR describes bizarre new addiction.

Huge NATO Naval Armada Assembled in Eastern Med

Harold Ford -- "Kicking the Dog"

Santorum: If I Don't Win - Terrorism Will Be Worse Threat Than Nazis Were

Marine's Dad Asks BushCo Some Great Questions!

It's Propaganda Day at the White House ---pix--->>>

Dick Mountjoy. A Porno Star?

CBS' Wallace claimed voters "don't want to see Democrats in control of the ...

Misled? We were F****D.

Sickening Video of Pigboy Limbaugh mocking Fox's illness

Chris Matthews just belched. My timing is impeccable.

The Twilight Zone of the Fundie Mind (LTTEs to make you scrrreeeam!)

Hilarious! Even Family Feud Is Getting In on the Action: Bush the LIAR in Chief!

Molly Ivins: It’s Good to Be the Richest of the Rich

John Gibson has lost his mind

Rep. John Conyers - George W. Bush v. The U.S. Constitution

Dear Rush, George Bush should "go off his meds" for a campaign ad...

Dem candidate now only 5 POINTS behind in Texas governor's race!

OMG! Was Condi's Big 7/10/01 Warning From The CIA About Flight Schools?

I'll give even up odds on a wager: *co will "capture" (or thaw out or

Has you specific voting choice EVER been affected

ABC Poll: Did Limbaugh Cross the Line?

Going to see "Iraq For Sale" tomorrow with a friend. It is being put on

A new acronym for the B*sh Iraq plan:

The price of gasoline

Chilly School Won't Turn On Heat

GOOD NEWS!!! Darkness coming to light edition...

Blackwell had pedophile on the payroll

"Destined For Destiny", unauthorized B*sh Autobiography!

When did CNN become the Conservative News Network?

Are Democrats sitting on large war chests allowed to

October Surprise for Allen - sold property in May for 2x assessed value to

The ONLY Weapon The Republicans Have Is YOU

Firefox 2 (final release version) available NOW on Mozilla's FTP servers

Garrison Keillor does it again!

The "October Surprise" is everyone here freaking out about the October surprise

What Are The Ingredients In The Flu Vaccine?

Tony Snow explains "Stay the course"

IRAQI DEATH SQUADS were trained by NEGROPONTE's advisors

OK, DU this CNN poll right off the bat. No votes counted yet.

Global ecosystems 'face collapse'

Awesome techno mix! Babs and STFU

Exodus of Iraqi spilling into Europe

The "family values" repukes strike again. Porno? My oh my!

Why don't WE say it? If Republicans win, it's a victory for al Quaeda

Elect Marc Dann(D) Ohio AG and he will PROSECUTE 2004 ELECTION VIOLATIONS!

Damn Right, Mr. Fish, Damn Right!

Anyone hear the call Randi just took?

Being disenfranchised sucks, and I'm only kind of disenfranchised

Is it time for the female breast to be 'decriminalized?'

Prez Pardons

Christian Newswire: "Boycott eBay! They are selling BONES OF THE SAINTS!"

We're DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

Where to Give $$$ to Dems...Barron's Cover Story This Week

Predict the Fed thread. Interest rate announcment tomorrow.

Kevin Tillman | After Pat's Birthday

Obama is a distraction and a bad one at that...

How come Europeans are so much more into protesting than Americans?

Do you call it the "main stream media" or the "corporate media"

Well folks, that's it. I have officially had enough of this crap. (Letter t...

Stay The Course Is Dead, Wilbur.

Vermont is going to elect a socialist to the senate - how cool is that?

A challenge to fellow DUers: Donate to ActBlue tonight!

Will Democrats pick up 15 seats in just THREE states? OH-PA-NY?

The Colbert Report is about to replay Randy Newman's interview AND!!!

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Paul Wellstone's death

SCALIA On BUSH v GORE - "It's Six Years Ago. Get Over It!"

One hell of an article.

Harold Ford... anyone else disturbed by his comments?

Latino and black voters may be reassessing ties to GOP..

A contest for the best commercial

I'm not in favor of mixed marriage.

Vote in this poll - Ford/Corker

my voting experience in Texas yesterday

Head On Radio Tuesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Kerry E-Mail on Final Four Senate races to contribute to


Great David Horsey TOON: W on job growth

A short rant : People have died for worker rights.

Is the Democratic Party falling for another lie? Are we that stupid?

A Study in Constant Motion

Can you PLEASE knock off the "We're gonna lose"...


Sorry Folks... Democrats Ain't Gonna Make It!! It Matters NOT What

Latest WingNutDaily "writer"

*** Tuesday TOONs: Barack ***

TOON: Bush Is A Blame Duck --->>>

Tuesday TOONS (dialup warning)

Reepers hate people with disabilities.

Police Round Up Sex Offenders To Protect Trick-or-Treaters

Iraqi genocide. Torture state. Corruption. Election 06. FOCUS!

More troops needed for this year's "War on Christmas."

DU Hams, MARS, CAP, CB .... check in.

Andy Card = RICO Suave

Make It Plain

If the Dems win the house, The thing I may enjoy the most...

Is there a website that lists the sites where people can check registration

Tester lead down to only 3% (MT) - Burns chasing and spending

President Bush Criticizes His Father For His Election Remarks


Google Earth adds Election Coverage

POLL: RI SEN - Whitehouse UP by 8 over Chafee (52/44)

Stamford Advocate: Green Party hopeful withdraws, now backs Farrell (Dem) (...

Blackwell also had problem worker (yet another example of rethug hypocrisy)

Are there any other "reformed republicans" out there?

Independents Gain Ground In Race For Governor (Maine)

POLL: Farrell surging in CT, now tied with Shays (43/43)

WP, Dionne: Bush/Rove strategy has frightened center into arms of Democrats

WTC clean-up done too fast

Local LTTE writer blasts Will & Economy.

Good news - It's too late for Rove to pull an October Surprise

SOA/WHINSEC Watch: November 17-19, 2006

**** is astounded by salaries???? Tie to performance?

Another McCaskill Ad

Problems with massive statewide database could disenfranchise voters in FL

Michael J Fox ad hits Maryland airwaves... must see

" mom is yellin..."

Unnerved Crist touts FL Chamber of Commerce (friendly) polling stats

'Framing' . Unfortunate framing. Many people are missing 'if'.

White House is cutting and running from "stay the course."

Supporters Of Lamont Out In Force

AAAAARRRGGGH! Liddy Dole's on TV.

not balanced: Sean Hannity shows his true colors

Murtha and like minded Dems should demand an apology from the cut &

Electionline releases report today on states to watch for voting problems!

DU Please Help Cut the Funds to the War in Iraq!

Dig deep! Now is the time! Do not regret after the fact!!!

"Fresh face" or "Familiar face" for 2008?

NYT: Lieberman Shifts Tone (when politically necessary)

Summing up Ken Blackwell

When's Rumsfeld coming back? I miss him!

Has the politics of fear and smear run it's course?


BOO! There are Liberals out there.

Did anyone else see the CNN piece on Joel Hefley (R-Colorado)

What should the Democrats do...?

LAT: GOP effort to woo minority church leaders is collapsing

New number is 2803, US dead in Iraq

Will State Department Official Apologize For Covering Up "Stupidity" Comment By Official?

Bush's allegedly purchases 100,000 acre hideaway in Paraguay

Democrat McCaskill edges ahead of Senator Talent in crucial Missouri

Pelosi: No Matter What Slogans are used to Describe it,

DU these You Tube comments.

Repukes/Freepturds/Dittododos afraid of little ole grammy Nancy Pelosi?

Turmoil in Hastert's Office as Key Staff Testifies -( hiring lawyers)

vote in this abc news poll: Is your vote safe?

New MD 10/24 polling for Senate. TN,VA,PA,NJ,OH,MT,MO,WA,RI

CNN Broken Government Specials - Sched Rest of Week

Guess what - voting machines in VA fail to display Jim Webb's full name

write your own lede sentence for Nov. 8th's stories about the Dem landslide

Got a question for the White House? Here's your chance to ask it.

CSM: Newspapers won't say who won a debate. They should.

"We're not in the business of issuing ultimatums."

New gop ad warns of Nancy's "homosexual agenda, led by Barney Frank"

Do you believe CNN's "wuss factor" is real

Is this the best "October surprise" Rove can come up with?

Is bush planning on heading for Paraguay in January 2009?

Jewish vote strengthens for Democrats

I don't get it, except for those on the payroll. . .

WP, Cohen: Why Not Obama?

An email from Al Gore

White House is 2 weeks behind in signing statement releases

Jewish refugees from Arab states campaign for recognition


Our Election Ads have gotten just Terrible! Is that true everywhere?

With Quinnipiac showing FL GOV race in dead heat, 1st debate tonite at 8PM!

Matalin on MSNBC now looks like she had face surgery too

Hastert has begun testifying before the ethics committee

Obama: "I inhaled"; "More grounded in evolution than angels"

Will we have exit polls on election night?

Karl roves new ...elections are local... talking point.

Just how are the the Democrats supposed to make the country less safe?

CT Green candidate drops out to support Dem challenger.

Minnesota Launches First Post-Election Review (Kathlyn Stone)

Photo: "President Bush! Walk toward the light...WALK toward the LIGHT..."

hastert says he takes full responsibility for the foley scandal

NEW POLLS: Senate - TN, MT, OH, WA, NJ, MO, RI, PA

Is Bush an asset or a liability to the Republicans in this election?

No more cowards!

The tide is turning. ( A plea from Wes Clark)

Virginia's 11th District: Hurst (D) ad taking on Tom Davis

Wash Post has Midterm Madness Game

Runaway Train V.2 (last line courtesy of Nance Greggs)...

Find out who owns the media in your area here:

So tell me, how bad was Cruella's performance in the debate

Is the most recent Lieberman/Lamont debate online?

Chicken hawk Hastert runs from press

Hey Virginia... The "glitch" is in. Webb better start fighting back.

Don't dismiss polls you don't like (a.k.a. sticking your head in the sand)

Snopes: "Liberal apologist"?

James Webbs' last name is missing from the VA ballots?

The Michael J. Fox McCaskill ad (00:37)

USA Today writer didn't sugar coat his Nelson/Harris debate analysis.

Just got home. What's the story on Felix Allen's sweetheart

Has Santorum Gone Dark? - Daily Kos says DSCC is reporting

So are our brave RWers going to swiftboat Pat Tillman's brother now...

Al Qaeda or the GOP? Who's the real terrorists?

AP: Candidate Says He Won't Quit if Charged (Tan Nguyen)

Republicans cut and run from "stay the course."

Bush fundraiser with Porn Star

Anyone opposed to stem cell research should sign a pledge

just watched barbra rasnosky debate

"Is Montana Senate candidate Jon Tester the new face of the Democratic party?"

Coleen Rowley's new ad

what kind of volunteering are you doing? and how's it going?

Photos: Two new howling monkey shots for your collection. OOOK!

Protect Our Children - Vote Democratic!

Bush Regains Power Of Monarch (w/props to Olbermann)

O'Reilly: If Bush reads my book, progressives might have some new problems

The myth of the 2004 polls and the (non-existant) turnout edge.

Jean Schmidt is so......attractive?

Just caught a new Webb (VA) ad--it was great!

october 24 is united nations day

...So Goes The Nation

David Gergen on NPR

Wow! Did you hear that in KO?

Some see low-profile Rep. Terry (R-Ne) gaining influence

Davis-Crist debate on NOW for Florida Gov

There still trying to vilify Pelosi

Wave of Change Expected on Election Day W Post

Harold Ford - new Evangelist??????

ALL Senate Democrats better on Veterans issues than ANY Senate Repubs

Why do AL, GA, NC, OK, and SC hate veterans?

Congressional Candidates, including sitting Senators and

Control of U.S. Senate down to wire in two pivotal races

Stephie & Big Ed on Larry King now

Media Matters: NY Times "Stays the Course" For Lieberman

Eliot Spitzer & Barack Obama 2008!!!

Is it possible that Kyl, Hutchison, or Ensign could lose also?

Maverick Senator -- who could this be referring to ? Who is it ? WHO ? {Slo...

THE FIX IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Response to Michael J. Fox ad?

AZ Sen- Kyl 47 Pederson 41 Undecided 9

Today's "Prickly City" is an outrage

It Just Hit Me................

Watch it and shed a few tears for the war dead... Arlington Miami tribute

Hot off the press - new Webb ad with Governor Warner - pls donate

Hannity: Media supresses voting, by not reporting Dems gaffes

Chris Matthews: "Use Your Brains, Connecticut!"

Some Voting Machines Chop Off Candidates' Names

I think that the biggest surprise of election night will be that Lieberman loses.

More GOP Truthiness: Christopher Carney (D-PA) responsible for Iraq War

RNC got Dick Morris to write this stupid ad about NSA wiretapping

We need to be careful about posts concerning vote fraud.

Feinstein: Americans 'deserve a timetable' for withdrawal...

dick morris says democrats peaked too early, republicans to retain congress

Barbara Cubin (R-WY): "If you weren't sitting in that wheelchair..."

Scaife's Thug who T. Heinz Kerry Told "Shove It" Says Spank Repukes

Video of Dean and Campbell on MSNBC this morning.

AP: Envoy Says Not All Is Bad in Iraq (cites satellite dishes, cell phones)

Chris Matthews: anti-Ford ad is "Ken Mehlman cesspool"

MO Sen- Talent 48 McCaskill 45% Undecided 5 +/-4

Private schools and politicans

Sacrifice for Democracy - Something for everyone - MUST READ

Are Dems being set up for the blame?

Bill Maher is wiping the floor with Scarborough on MSNBC tonight

Latest "Rolling Stone" issue is a must read.

Athetes Kurt Warner and Jeff Suppan against stem cell research

The Washington Note: Obama positioning for VP in a Clinton/Obama ticket

Runaway Train

NYT endorsement: Democrat Diane Farrell over Rep. Shays in CT 4th Dist.

Michael J. Fox Plunges Into Election

Ed Schultz going off on the right wing radio freak show at the White House Today

DU this Clinton vs. Bush poll

Interactive Map of Senate, House and Governor Races

Democrats! Are your silverware drawers straight?

Is Vote Suppression Rove's October Surprise? (papau)

So ... new meme: Pelosi will be the most liberal Speaker is history

"Roll Call's" Tim Curran says Republican's "72 Hour Plan" could kick in

Grass-Roots Group of Troops Petitions Congress for Pullout From Iraq

Dems -- don't let the coming election chaos work for Rove!!

When I'm right, I'm right... When I'm wrong,

VA-Sen - Jim Webb's Diary on Kos

Kerry at GOTV rally at SC State College campus (video)

Conversation with John Kerry

Deval Patrick - The Real Deal

The ad the Repigs would use if Pelosi said impeachment on table

Kos is a distortionist.


Think your medical records are private? Think again!!

It's official: Bush is cutting and running

Joe's Nixonian at You Tube.

AmericaBlog (Video): Breaking scandal in Nevada involving, of course, a Republican

If Ford wins this year, Obama runs for president...

Spay the Course (Mary Lyon)

Take a look at what a right-wing site says about Olbermann

WTF? Allen opens slight lead against challenger Webb

dead elephant anti R bumper stickers etc take a look

Google Bomb the Elections - Let's do this