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Archives: October 2, 2006

Peres praises Blair, sees a future for Hezbollah

Afghan Mission a Lost Cause: Poll (Canada)

WP: Letter Gives Glimpse of Al-Qaeda's Leadership

USA Today: Bush the 'ATM' readies campaign blitz

Chavez Says He Has White House Informant

The things our non-human friends put up with (pics)

Best song written during the 20th century

Tell me your favorite sixties garage song

New 'Harvery Birdman' is on! (Cartoon Network)

Drugs, drugs, drugs

My favorite Bif Naked video.

The "Jenis Camp" ads are GONE!!!!

How do you mend a broken heart -- Name this puppy!

what is your belief system

Brazil Presidential Race Goes to Runoff

The GOP seem to hate the sinner,but love the sin.

Are Nome, Alaska residents being 'shafted' by the USACE -

You are mighty! (cool site to make you feel better)


U.S. Backs Off Sanctions Against Iran

they would also have been accused of gay bashing!

So Foley will enter Rehab?

How do you think Karl Rove would treat the Foley issue if the rolls were

Focusing on the Foley scandal is the best way to end torture

My Predictions: Cheney will resign before 2007 - and - a NEW George Bush

Who decided the Daily Show is "fake news?"

9/11 Panel Members Weren’t Told of Meeting Between Tenet and Rice

'October Surprise' was the 9-11 hijacker video 'leaked' to the Brits

Good thing Foley didn't claim he invented the internets

Watching Squidbillies

Happy Birthday to The Mahatma

Combat veterans are shown to be wiser for it.

This needs a caption :)

A note to my gay friends here on DU, re: Foley

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children Board of Directors

Wal-Mart workers grumble about new policies

Dear Senator Lieberman

Does the Foley issue...

WaPo: White House Aides Take to Talk Shows to Dispute Book

Amazing: Fox's Smith Blasts Bush in Bill Kristol interview

CA- What happend to Arnold?

Face to face with small-town reality

This is Rove's "Night of the Long Kniives"

Bush's Chilling New Definition of "Unlawful Enemy Combatant"

Hastert Owes America An Apology

"You're so bloody one-sided, it's unbelievable" - The Guardian on Fox

We can't work with the Syrians for peace, but ... Va. Senate race LTTE's

Abu Ghraib in America?


George W. Bush “Failed to Tell the Truth?” What the Hell Does That Mean?

SunTimes:page scandal:Who knew what?

The telecom slayers (update on Net Neutrality)

Letter to my Comrades - J Mittledorf/US Count Votes

Bright Idea of Tire Reef Now Simply a Blight --WaPo

Putting Party Before Predators

Cheney's vice presidency marked by non-stop campaigning

Newsman at Risk in Colombia Gets Help (in the U.S.)

Bush is the one responsible for killing her......

Change in Goldman Index Played Role in Gasoline Price Drop

Engineering students build wind-powered water heater

An idea struck me about tidal power....

Government rules out use of nuclear power (Ireland)

Red alert as climate change takes its toll on Scotland

The first energy-autonomous vehicle

More NOAA Reports Suppressed By Bush Regime

Scientists ponder future of Yucca Mountain dust

Farmers could get crop change

Smoke From Indonesian Fires Spreads

UNH researchers turn sunflower oil into biodiesel

Low (heating) oil prices causes grumbling among customers who locked in

Carlyle expected to seal Tamoil acquisition

Three Gorges dam to displace 1.4 million -Xinhua (Reuters)

Maple Ridge Wind Farm Producing 231 MW for New York State

Israel Rights Group Publishes Death Toll

Palestinian group threatens to kill Hamas leaders

U.N. rights boss Arbour to go to Israel, territories

Israeli visa rules trap Palestinians

No writing on the wall

Video download: Meria Heller keynote address - June 2, 2006

Foley is nothing new, remember the Franklin Cover-up Scandal!

Does anyone know why the heck

Check in here if you believe LIHOPers are crazy moonbats

Video download: Dr. William F. Pepper - June 3, 2006

Aren't we being taken for fools? (LTTE of Eureka Reporter)

Election Fraud Research News 10.04.06 – Tribute to Ohio Activists

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, October 3rd

ACTION ALERT: Let's Lobby Air America to put BradShow on Air America!!!

Vote-rigging software written for Republican...

TN: Don't Play Politics With Voting Rights (Via Voter ID requirements)

Is Your Vote Being Counted? (Seattle TImes)

19 Year Old Diebold Technician Wins U.S. Presidency in 08!

C-SPAN: Electronic Voting News Conference (2 p.m.)

Bush called Blackwell a nut (from Woodward's book)

Barbara Simons: Elections Must Be Secure-Reliable-Accessible & Verifiable

Here's a thought...

Potentially embarrassing information requests "amber-lighted" by bureaucra

Jerusalem Post: Harper's veto

Ignatieff?? I don't think so....

Officers shot suspect 68 times

Ramadan delays Briton's execution

Newsman at Risk in Colombia Gets Help (in the U.S.)

Suicide Bomber Hits NATO Convoy in Kabul(3 wounded, 3 civilians killed)

Fastow a Key for Plaintiffs in Bank Suits

No Bill Too Small for GOP Incumbents in Tight Elections (Pork-o-rama)

Opposition Leads in Federal Elections

Ex-Governor Back Before Court as Attorney (Ex-GOP Congressman)

Another WI La Crosse student goes missing (serial killer??)...

Missouri race mirrors GOP struggles nationwide

Allegations Trip Up Voting Rights Group

Georgia to Hand Russians to OSCE to Defuse Crisis

BBC Documentary claims Pope in child abuse cover-up

Reuters: One British soldier killed, another hurt in Basra

American jailed over private prison released

2 Americans win Nobel Prize in medicine

At least 50 bodies found in Baghdad (10/2)

Accused of killing deputy, suspect shot 68 times

Musharraf nuclear claims attacked

Northern Ireland Peace Process

Carlisle mayor joins group endorsing Rendell (Republican!)

Reconfigured Supreme Court Takes Up Cases

Pastors Guiding Voters to GOP

Post Foley jokes here.............

AP: Men Targeted by FBI Return to U.S.

Inquiry Blasts 'Able Danger' Source ( News other than Foley :)

Fastow a Key for Plaintiffs in Bank Suits (former Enron CFO)

Rifts emerge in Iraq government (claims of fabricated evidence)

Florida Law Enforcement Agency Examining Foley E-mails

Several injured in explosion in Turkey

Poll: Corker and Ford about even Tennessee Senate race

Gunmen kidnap 14 from Baghdad computer firm

Pensacola NewsJournal: Foley says he has "behaviorial problems"

Rumsfeld Says He Has Bush's Confidence

Iraq renews emergency powers amid high body count

Six killed at Amish school

Mayor declares SoCal city 'sanctuary' for illegal immigrants

(MSNBC) Polls: Democrats in striking distance for Senate

Rice: No Memory of CIA Warning of Attack

Supreme Court Declines Challenge to Election Law

Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Patriot-News: Amish School Shooting Blog

Gun report spurs lock-down of two North Las Vegas schools

Hastert Live CNN

CarpetbaggerReport: "A Whole Slew of Polls...suggest Dems are poised"

Democrats Want to Revive Soc. Sec. Issue

Iraq soldiers unlawfully killed (by Iraqi military intelligence)

stover demands john shimkus resignation from page program

Reuters: Knifeman held at Blair's London residence

Minority businesses get lead in Orleans

Republican Lawmakers Scramble to Avoid Taint of House Scandal

Rice seeks Saudi help to stabilize Iraq

Families of Iraq troops want Kean to quit Senate race

Negron to replace Foley in the race


Democrats want to revive Soc. Sec. issue

British troops in secret truce with the Taliban

AFP update:Four girls killed 'execution-style' at Amish school (3 wounded)

Iraq taps Alaska military for huge deployment (largest since WWII)

Iraq: Insurgents Provide Breakdown Of Attacks

U.S. Says Woman in Shelter Terror Chief

USATODAY: Foley and the pages: Who knew what when?

3 U.S. Marines die in Iraq (Anbar)

Afghanistan Mulls Herbicide In Drug War (Bush Admin Pushing For)

Iraqi Prime Minister Presents Peace Plan

CNN: Florida state legislator Joe Negron is selected...

Rice Offered to Resign Following Bush's 2004 Re-Election

Candidates give Foley contributions to charity

E-mails Show Foley Sought to Rendezvous with Page

U.S. eyes Latin America's help in Iraq, Afghanistan

Why is 'Buddy Jesus' in Iraq? Chicago Sun Times

Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back

50 bodies of tortured Iraqis found, two U.S. Marines killed

FBI Knew in July About Foley E-Mails to Teen

DRUDGE: Wash. Times to Call for Hastert's Resignation Tuesday, Oct. 3

AP: Fed'l funds to prevent school violence drop (Bush tried to eliminate)

Pryor: Iraq improving, but troubles remain (Another DLC Dem)

Tony Snow Labels Foley's Sex Messages to Teens 'Simply Naughty E-mails'

Threat notes (w/powder) mentioned Bush (sent to Club hosting Bush event)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 2

Bush Admin To Host Conference On School Violence

Papers Knew of Foley E-Mail but Did Not Publish Stories

Venezuela's Chavez says Castro recovering slowly but was prepared to die

CNN: Foley in alcoholism treatment center

Woodward's 'State of Denial' Selling Big: Helping sales of "Fiasco," Rich

Records Show Tenet Briefed Rice on Al Qaeda Threat (State Dept admits it!)

Tennessee Senate: Ford by 5 as Corker Falters

British on-line gambling shares plummet

Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11

Woodward Defends Holding Scoops for Bk: Wanted story told before election

High Court sides with Detroit strikers

Pre-emptive lawsuit challenges Bush plan (Bush sued over terror bill)

Global Sludge Ends in Tragedy for Ivory Coast

NYT: Pressure Grows for G.O.P. Over Foley Scandal

Frist: Taliban Can't be Defeated

Rumsfeld: Venezuela Build-Up Is Concern

Rice: No Memory of CIA Warning of Attack

Page disputes warning about Rep. Foley

WP: Tenet Recalled Warning Rice

Iraq War Naysayers May Have Hindsight Bias

Lieberman says he has been promised seniority

AP: Hastert Denies GOP Leaders Saw E-Mails "As a parent...I am disgusted"

U.S. Population To Top 300 Million This Month

Laesch (Hastert's Dem. opponent) Calls for Hastert's Resignation

BREAKING: School shooting, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A gay friend of mine cracked me up this evening.

So you're feelin' the blues

KO on Letterman tomorrow night!

Foley Follies: Apparently Opie/Anthony acted out the IM chat on radio this

28 days till...

Ah the ability of YouTube to pick up one's spirits on a gloomy evening!

Women: You'll know what I'm talking about when you see the options...

Seriously. Can anybody explain some cancer things to me? "Mass"

So, this dumbass ruined my commute this morning.

The greatest work to come out of the 1980's


I will give an answer to any question

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/2/06)

My artist friend just sent me links of his new stuff.

tonight's south park.. Red Hot Catholic Love

What You Say When Really, Really Mad

Seriously, why the hell do I allow myself to watch "Animal Precinct"

can someone explain "elmo" to me?

Can someone explain "emus" to me?

Painting question: how do you tape off stucco?

Can someone explain ELOI to me.....

My nephew turns one in couple days,any gift suggestions?

can someone explain "elo" to me....

I want to say something nice to you, so if you respond

I'm interested in monocular vision. Should I.....

A man was robbed on my street today

can someone explain "elmo" to me....

I have been off DU for a week

I just had my new computer installed, and have been drinking heavily

What's the fuss? Gay & Lesbian people already have all their civil rights!

I'm all by myself tonight

I'm NEVER going to do it without the fez on. (Practically a sex thread!)

I bought a new keyboard.

If Grey and Thespian people are given civil rights,everyone will want them

My co-worker thinks arming everyone reduces violence.

Jackass 2 is a movie? I thought it was W's secret service codename!

Today in music history 10-2

Why does Rita Cosby have to sound almost gleeful over a reporting on...

Discuss: I want to Rock & Roll all night and party every day

Parenting question: how do you tape off stucco?

Cancelled Dodge Commercial

DU Parents: So when the work really began

Congratulations enigmatic!! 10,000 posts

one hot spud

How many miles would you drive for a hot stud?

One Potato Two Potato,Idaho.

Can I get some advice from GLBT Lounge Lizards?

Who am I?

Sam Spud

What should I do today!?

I blame violent Amish video games.


one hot stud!

"Gott DAMN, that was a snake! Got Tallmighty!"

I have surgery tomorrow.

Can you lock it real good?

"Uncertain Smile" The solo at the end. Truly beautiful, no?

You guys crack me up

You guys coke me up

I didn't get the job.


I ran a (pretty technical) trail 10k Saturday with a pulled calf muscle

no one likes me.(lame copycat)

So... How long is your penis?

"If Gay and Lesbian people are given civil rights, everyone will want them

How to Keep Congressional Pages SAFE: A Simple Rhyme.

Marital math.

You live in NYC..You dont think you have to deal with HOMOPHOBIC Bullshit

Howard Stern fans: Check in here... and tell me if he's been making

Car inspection question.

You know, I really miss the word "meme"

STOP PRESS! Foley to appear on a nationwide magazine!

Lesbians simply make the best noodles in the world

OMG, I had a four-hour marathon conference call this morning..

Eggbeater has posted on his Update thread.

Movie theater decides to shut down instead of screening bad movies

Photo: "Try the decaf"

Need Printer Advice, Please!

Has anyone tried Sedation Dentistry?

Name something that we think is overrated, yet

Has anyone tried Sedition Dentistry?

I'm getting the stare down from my little princess,......

Neil Armstrong did too say "a"

Always remember to cover your baby's eyes with electrical tape!

Primal Scream

post something incredibily immature

I have a laundry question.

Maybe I should leave America

My blog now has a PageRank of "6". Ask me anyhting.

Neil Young does too say "eh."

I just had the BEST Chicken Hot & Sour Soup with Basil Leaves!!!

Close your mouth when eating chips in a cube farm!

How Many Syllables Does Your First Name Have?

Any fans of Ane Brun or Cibelle?

My show is on

Laura Bush is a pony!

What does a Fitness Assistant do?

Spock's Crib (director's cut)

Caption this picture.

Did anyone see this video, darn its funny

Why Baseball is the greatest sport...100 reasons to watch the playoffs...

My brain just exploded

Is it illegal to record a telephone conversation

Maybe I'm unfashionably late.. but I really dig Gorillaz!

I hate Microsoft FrontPage


Just watched "The Office" ep where Carell outs the Accountant

Score: Rabbit-1 Dachshund-0


Have you ever had a really busy day, gotten up a full head of steam..

haruka3_2000 is my heroine

What is your education level?

So frustrated with our health insurance....

I'm going to see "The US vs John Lennon" tonight

I'm stuck in a SCI-fueled jam right now

Why is news Robert DowneyJr will star in "IronMan" coming out just now?

Bluegrass Dobro artist "Uncle Josh" dies

Does the handicapped parking sign apply to dogs?

Why does 98% of school drama happen at dances?

tv & video time for kids

so I kicked ass in Fantasy Football

Sent inappropriate IMs lately? Check yourself into rehab in this thread.

Which is worse suffering? Ann Coulter or a raging rash on your ass

What kind of sportscar are you?

So, breakfast this morning is...

I just got back from LBN with a hot stock tip

It is time for a West Texas Moon...

Was searching for photos of the Marfa Lights and found this...

If I have to listen to Dick DeVos "the android" one more time...I swear

I must be fugly.

I'm listening to "Murder Ballads" while reading Criminal Law.

So when is Representative Foley appearing on Dateline NBC?

YouTube offering on the religious right

I swear I saw Samuel L. Jackson on the train this morning!

There's just not enough of my time to get in everything I need to get in

Will Seattle PLEASE Take Its Weather Back?

Man I just don't get on-line sex?

why does my company think hiring more VPs solves all problems? do you get those ideas for the cartoons?????

Program/website that makes web pages look like Word docs?

Just now... I almost made a pot of SUGAR!!

I am heartbroken and distraught.

How Things Work, #6791B, Part II

Should I...or Shouldn't I...? This is a big question...

BRING ME DEAD PEOPLE! (Favorite Venture Brothers Quote thread)

Borat (deleted scene) at the doctor's office---

The Ceiling Is Bendin'

Compassionate Conservatives? The Party of Ethics and Morals?

Congratulations Bluebear!! 25,000 posts

Sometimes, you just have to let go (pic)

Seriously, how does one funciton with fingernails like this???

Stephanie Miller --- Wow!

It is 8:15am and I'm drinking already.....again

A trip down memory lane, you sinners. Some classic Chick track sinnin'

2 zebra's,a beach,a flower,an activist,and a butterfly

Hey dudes

This guy at work is trying to steal my project

Good Luck!

Groucho Marx born October 2, 1890

Somebody has a lot of time on their hands to come up with this...

Lick Me,I'm Reagan (lame copycat)

Lick Me,I'm beggin' (lamer copycat)

where does your income come from?

Folly Foley

Good night. And... Alison Krause in on GAC.

What did women in primitive cultures do about menstruation?

What has Joy Division contributed to your life?


strangest place you have hair...

Apparently coyotes are dangerous animals!

i can be a bitch. i try to use it only for good. this time...

Kitty Video ........My daughter just made her first video.

can someone explain "emo" to me....

Need some cheering up...

If they can send a man to the moon, why can't they cure post-op nausea?

My book arrived today!

Someone You Work With That You Want to Say Something Good About?

Public Service Announcement: GD sucks...the bad kind of sucking.

I should hunt my boss down and kick her ass :(

Okay..I need friends

Mid-size, liberal-ish western town/city? Any suggestions?

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip RAWKS!

has anybody seen the movie "Down in the Valley"? *spoilers*

Well, damn it, I may not have been able to walk today, but I'm kinda proud

Harry Potter fans! Photos from the next movie!


Without Access To a Computer

Weird things your pets eat?

Can someone explain EIEIO to me?

Why is it

I saw Carlos Mencia on his "Punisher" tour in San Jose


LynneSin is a LYING JERK! I know it!

So that 5 second rule...

Women: Do you get rid of your arm hair?

Love will...

Freepers: What is your education level?

I am convinced, now more than ever, EVERY drug should be legal

Only 49 hours until I turn into a Freeper!!!

How much alcohol would you have to consume

Anyone want to be a painter in a second and color a beautiful image?

haruka3_2000 - boat-loving freeper, I just know it!!

DU Texans: Does that wackjob Kinky Friedman really have a chance???

First kiss with your SO: Was it magic?

When did patterned sheets go out of style????

What are you recovering from?

Oh shit! Oh shit! Just starting reading 1984.

I'm afraid my dog might die tonight.

OMG! Jenis has gone undercover!

My step-father (74yo) and my Grandfather (85yo)

ZombieNixon......this one's for you!

Lesbians simply make the best doodles in the world

oh naughty girls - Etiquette guide offers sleaze tips for posh girls...



So P-Diddy is now Jazy-Z....

So... tell me how long your pen is?

feel like captioning a series of photos? (these have been posted before)

In Praise of Women Named Margaret

We're going to feed the giraffes!

The crim son appreciation thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY GUYS!!! I wanna introduce my friend Pelza12.....

How to blow your budget in one day.

Lucinda Williams

Who's the model?

I had an echocardiogram today

It's yet another 'post your pic' thread!

What's the deal with the bedbug invasion

My Aspie kid is driving me nuts

And Your Nestle Pet of the Month is ... Cali

I have been on DU for a week

Post Your MLB Playoff Picks!

Monday is now Praise Jenis day.

How the hell could I miss out on this thread?!

Sam Harris - NPR Interview "Letter to a Christian Nation

How many of you go to an open and affirming church?

Can someone tell me what the Cancer Treatment Centers of America do?

One small word - Neil Armstrong's grammar vindicated.

Question About Foley

You live in NYC..You dont think you have to deal with HOMOPHOBIC Bullshit

Archbishop in lesbian wedding row

Arizona Prop. 107 opponents avoid the gay issue

Supreme Court Declines Election Law Challenge By Anti-Gay Group

Romney says he must obey law on marriage for out-of-state gay couples

In praise of ... Jan Morris

Cubs, Baker part ways

Dodger DUers Vs. Mets DUers

Definitely almost cried last night....

Need help finding an astrology site.

"The Falling Away" - Karen Bishop - October 1, 2006

I've got to get rid of the roommate!

Profound, it is now all coming into place

What do Spiders outside my doors mean??

Changing the face of Health Care

Out of body

Cosmic Trigger Event, October 17, 2006

Check this out: Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth

I finally got to meet a compatriot yesterday.

Kerry in Iowa

Odd exchange. I won't get into details, but, someone has tried to claim

Somebody tell me I am tinfoil hatting. Please. Seriously.

OT: Do you believe

Frist has just said we should surrender in Afghanistan! WTF?

Eye-opening NYTimes article on Rep Murtha. Oh-oh

Everything about my current job SUCKS, except...

Just reporting. No need to repeat last week. Just reporting.

Lieberman was on the shortlist to replace Rummy.

IT Business Edge website praises Kerry for Small Business proposal

Democrats (including Kerry) have slowed down passing India Nuclear Deal

Gary Braach



Monday Morning Kitten Offer

Pentax K10 out soon. Thoughts?

Foley is nothing new, remember the Franklin Cover-up Scandal!

Foleys antics are nothing new. Look up Lawrence E King, Georgetown, and

Al Franken and Wolf Blitzer explain origins of the "Leslie" rumor.

more of the tenet/rice 911 lies...

Anybody who wants the GOP logo

Only in America can you own 50% of a gas station and have

2,715 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

I'm Fucking Tired Of Scumbags Blaming Alcohol For Their Behavior

"I was not surprised" one former page said about Foley (must read)

There's a certain poetic symmetry to the Foley scandal

There will be four NYT front page articles on Foley tomorrow

the house page program explained....

Where can I read the entire text of the bill?

NY Times: Former Pages Describe Foley as Caring Ally

I was just thinking how sad it is that every time a member of this fascist

Words to live by...once

Oppositional Research examples? Anyone got any

The Eternal Question

Where was the head of the ETHICS committee ?

I'd say it's time to look at Foley's "expenditures" list..

how many Republicans does it take to report and prosecute

If there are any more republican scandals...

My LTTE. comments?

"We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants"...3 videos

Grand Old Pimps (Marianas, Foley, Hookergate, AbuGhraib, Gannon, Franklin)

Groucho Marx born October 2, 1890

CNN has a live camera trained on the Capital

Australians don't think Iraq war has reduced terror threat: poll

Lucinda Williams

RE: Foley -- get the word out:

I know your sick of "Jesus camp" I am too...But. check this out

Hah! Foley could be prosecuted under laws HE helped create!

Dobson’s Mother Assured Him He Was Popular and Handsome

Everybody ready for this week?

Washington Journal: DUers all

what is your belief system

First Rush, now this asshole Foley...

Supreme Court removing clean air laws is murder, children will die

Afghanistan: Why NATO cannot win...

Add these Repuke bastards to the Sick List...

The best way to 'Honor the Fallen' is to stop this fucking war

"Misled" is an awfully kind word for what bush has done.

Lauer to Woodward: Why didn't you shout it from the mountaintop?

CNN is finally up to Foley's "lurid" e-mails

Foley scandal is not CLOSE to done. Where there's YEARS of "smoke", you

i think i used that ..'because i'm an Alcholic' once, she stabed me twice

Train just left the station! Illinois!

Man I just don't get on-line sex?

Reynolds is a Delay clone

The state of Florida under Jeb re scandals , scandalous

Wonder what former prosecutor Nancy Grace will have to say about Foley?

Mr. President: Is Foley a pedophile or just a child molester?

Foley's not the only pervert

Webb wins former critic's endorsement

"The Ds Don''t Have A Plan To Rid Sex Predators From Congress Either!"

re Cokie Roberts: hell has frozen over

Who dropped the dime on Foley?

abc just said the Foley has entered alcoholic treatment (I realize there

Republican leaders try to distance themselves from Foley sex scandal

Ann Coulter defends the pedophile and his partners in crime!

Ashcroft Is Denied Immunity in Case


BREAKING: George W. Bush Grants Condoleeza Rice a Family Crest

MSNBC: Still using "overly friendly"!

Bill "Culture Warrior" O'Reilly on Foley

Snow on CBS talking non-stop.

New nickname? "John Mark" Foley

Foley hiding behind alcohol and emotional, behavioral problems

NYT: People who knew about Foley, or protected him, could be charged

Study Finds Missed Messages On Capitol Hill

We are politicizing Foley, Iraq, Torture....etc.

Masturgate couldn't have happened at a better time

Is Sam a repeat this morning?

Somebody should ask Joe Scarborough what he knew about Foley

Did the St. Petersburg Times cover up for Mark Foley?

Hastert's Letter To The DOJ ADVANCES The Cover-Up & Worsens The Scandal

You've got but one vote! Don't let it be for the party of the perverts!

Throw this at the Bushbots every chance you get.

Iraq Regime Extends Emergency Powers: Right to detain w/o warrant, etc.

Is Representative Foley Representative of the Republican Party?

I was on the sauce! That's why I went after those kids!

Reminder to all Internets - A new book is out: STATE OF DENIAL

Wah! No fair! Democrats are engaging in politics of personal destruction!

This is a new one - child killer forcibly tattooed by other inmates

Here's a "NEW RULE" for Bill Maher...

GOPers Join Dems to Call for Leadership's Ouster

This is far worse than Clinton's Blow job.

Yeah Hassert? Well we're digusted with your inaction on your

WH Barlett's solution -Let Repubs Investigate Repubs ....

Allen to give live 2 min speech tonight on WRC-tv

FBI Worries About al-Qaida Ties to Mob

Foley should be jailed for Sexual Terrorism

Is the Foley coverup all about Blackmail?

How Can "The House Ethics Committee" INVESTIGATE When They Do Not Exist?

Hastert outraged and disgusted...breaking

Foley & Bush

what republicans call "Over-Friendly" emails to minors.

America is strong - GREAT LTTE from KC Star today!!

Call Hastert, Bohner, Blunt today and ask for resignations.

2,718 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of Choice

Pedophiles present a image of protection....

Hastert calls for investigation into sex scandal as Durbin blasts Hastert

Where are the initial, "nonsexual" emails?

The GOP, sex, and minors -- Here's the start of a list of offenders

WWJD--Post for the family values folks

LOLOL! Breaking! Hastert outraged, disgusted and concerned

19 Year Old Diebold Technician Wins U.S. Presidency in '08!

The #1 Priority For The Hastert/RW Spin Machine Tonite Is...

Question? is this true, I've never heard or read it before, an email

Fat Timmy of Me the Press lies once again (big shock)

Hannity: The Foley thing is "politics as usual"...

Help DU'ers! Walmart question...

Abramoff Memo appears in Newsweek article

If Condi 'doesn't remember" meeting, maybe the white house visitor log

You MIGHT be a redneck pedophile Republican Congressman if...

Is there any good coming out of Woodwards book?

Listen to 'Momma' This Morning!

Where is Alberto Gonzales and his Moral Outrage????

My e-ltr to MSRNC re Alex WITT & SCARBOROUGH

In a message to CNN, Hastert says that he is appalled and

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - 2 Oct 06

"Dems Defend our Children"

OK, Tom Delay was Majority Leader at time reported to House Leadership

Kucinich streaming NOW on Negroponte -- link

It's official: It's not just us...and it's not just mothers


Thirty Six days and Thirty Six Battles...

ID chip phenom dies in motorcycle crash

BREAKING: Hastert to squeal at press conference

Bring on DEM House Majority & Subpoena Power !!

The Congressional Page Program: Poorman's Skull and Bones????

Foley checks into rehab

Hastert & Cardinal Law - separated at birth?

FBI had Foley's e-mails since the summer. Did Hastert know that?

ABC says most of the Foley e-mails are too sexually explicit to broadcast

Ever bought airline tickets from

Gay community reacts to Foley resignation

Foley is nothing new, remember the Franklin Cover-up Scandal!

Military Absentee Ballots to be counted by Republican Donor

Brent Budowsky: GOP leaders have only 3 options ...and they won't like 'em

So Reynolds Did Not Like Being Hastert's Designate Scapegoat...LOL

Polls: Democrats in striking distance for Senate

If you're in the military now, you cannot get out. Simple.

Why Republicans are better than Democrats...

Here is letter I sent to my local newspaper here in Canada.

Foley Fallout Spurs Finger-Pointing Among Republicans

Is anyone watching the day long Joe Scarborough sweat-fest on MSNBC?

e. roberts on npr now

If I was some schmuck with a Vote Republican sign in my yard...

DU this poll: Did Repugs try and cover up the Foley scandal?

Let CNN know what you think of the foley case

Where do I find the list of Foley's e-mails and IMs?

Condoleezza Rice Says Bob Woodward Lied

Tony Snow Hopes To Bully Democrats Asking About Foley

Now is the time to ask about Gannon

Republicans guilty of Moral Relativism... propogate the meme!

Oh a fence along the Mexican border is going to help them!

GOP: Here's your handbasket. Have a nice trip.

I betcha there is more to this foley story than just pages

Hume Compares Mark Foley To President Clinton

Laura Bush is a phony!

Remember priorities: Foley vs. war in Iraq

Smearboro is on with Nora, covered in sweat . . .

The Foley stuff is interfering with the Republicans big anti-immigrant push

Military policy in Afghanistan 'barking mad'...

Senator John McCain's comments on Foley trying to bugger little boys

Does Condi Rice have early onset Alzheimer's ?

Who would you rather have explain to you if Foley is a pedophile or not?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Republican Torture Laws Will Live in History

Call to Decent Republicans: Stay Home on Nov. 7

Moyers on Abramoff: "A Swashbuckling Spectacle of Corruption"

Foley Scandal: Enter the Scientologists...

Hastert etal will say "We Can't Comment on Ongoing Criminal Investigation"

Iraq civilian deaths hit record in Sept - ministry...

RE Foley the Pederast: Lynn Samuels is a nut job

"What kind of man is Mark Foley??"

Who is this guy on MSNBC?

Man just can't stop flapping his lips

Paras almost retreated under Taliban assault...

Join the Pool! Day/Time Repub says "Not Commenting on Crim Investigation

Oh man is this one calling out for a Caption!

Condi...let me guess. You don't recall the meeting with Tenet.

Elizabeth Edwards: Remembering That Day

Friday's WH Briefing - Snow says Woodward Lying

9/11 Panel Members Weren’t Told of Meeting...

Oooooo, hate and dissension in the GOP over Foley!

BRKNG - HASTERT, BOEHNER, and 13 other in Republican party.....

Let's Not Let the Torture Issue Die

Judiciary Committee Sends "Public Expression of Religion" Bill to Floor

"5 o'clock TONY" is ON!!!!!!!!!!

Newsweek's forked tongue

One Thing Scares Repubs & Will Blow The Lid Off This Scandal

U.S. soldiers' overseas votes ripe for fraud

Andrea Mitchell Says Condi Is Lying about July 2001 meeting With Tenet!

Condi V Woodward -- Condi must have "deniability" for Admin to be so

Foley on Monica Lewinsky

BREAKING: Pages Declared "Enemy Combatants"

White House Damage Control Briefing this morning at 11:45 ET

House of GROPEresentatives T Shirt

Let's pretend for a moment that there truly is a "War on Terror"

House Of GROPEpresentatives

How dare they bring up Clinton after it was about Lying not sex

Dennis Hastert RUSHES back to Washington to start investigations.

Top Washington Times Editor's Wife Confirms Racism Allegations

Conversation Between a Republican and Overly Sarcastic Liberal (Pic-heavy)

News Print and TV Coverage in IL protects Hastert

Who is going to read

E-mails Show Foley Sought to Rendezvous with Page


Saudi Arabia building huge wall to keep Iraq out (more success in Iraq!)

Dem spokesman called the Republicans the party of criminals and pedophiles

School shooting in Lancaster, PA, Amish school

Challenge: How quick can you blame the Hastert coverup on Clinton?

Does it not stand to reason that sexual acts were actually

Oaxaca - Photos of the Situation Are on Flickr

Youtube Video - How did Jack Abramoff know about invasion of Iraq in 2002?

Cover-Up Over Rep. Mark Foley Growing

Why didn't we invade the state of Florida after 9/11?

why Woodward did it

Jeb jumps in

A Smart Reporter would interview some of Hastert's Wrestling Youths

Poll on CNN: Foley scandal and likelihood of voting republican

Is Rita Cosby filing her nails during the Amish Shooting story?

Foley asked a page to get a ruler and measure his penis

Neil Armstrong did too say "a"

LOL! News story on right now says this is the worst congress ever!

Torture, Habeas Corpus, and the US.

BBC Documentary claims Pope in child abuse cover-up

The lies must cease now.

What does Tenet say? (Tenet warning to Rice in July 2001 of attack)

ME Times runs AFP article: Child sex scandal rocks US Republicans

Which IMs/emails were the ones characterized simply as "overly friendly"

Is it four or five highschool shootings in the last few days?

Gingrich defends Foley cover-up, says there was nothing sexual

Good thing the May company (Macy's) bought out Foley's

If the page is sixteen now and it has been covered up for a year

I want to believe Repug aplogists are secretly disgusted

Does Hastert have a strong Democratic challenger? I think he's toast

Major PTSD Story -US News and World Report

What's the difference between a civil war and "sectarian violence"? (nt)

a new saying: Republicans weak on Children's security.

Are Americans Aware That The US Is Running More Than One GITMO?

Foley: "I'm an alcoholic"

What's everyone's take on Bob Woodward now?

US rendition threat forced Britain to act on airport terror plot

OK--I've measured and this is what I came up with...

TPM... Why Did FBI Wait Months to Open Foley Investigation?

Pope implicated in paedophile cover-up.

College Kids Can Be Easy Prey for Abductors

Page Said INITIAL E-Mails Were "Sick"/GOP Sez "Overly Friendly"

NIE: Only 10% of Iraqi insurgents are from outside the country

Shimkus and Fat Bastard about to make statement on CNN

Send the link to this page to anyone who brings up Clinton

Wouldn't have been great if Shaq busted Foley?

Limbaugh says Clinton War Room behind Foley problems

Why won't you take questions sir?

Video: Cliff Schecter goes after Cleta Mitchell

Should Mark Foley be subjected to "alternative methods" of interrogation?

GOP Leadership Ignores Halliburton Bribery E-Mails

Meme: If The GOP Congressional Leadership Cannot...

Bush lies! Bush lies about Iraq! Bush lies about torture! Bush lies!

Electronic Voting Machines Discussed NOW C-Span 1

No outrage from these guys on the Foley case?

Is there a legal penalty for lying under oath to the 9-11 Commission?

ABC, CBS, CNN aired Bush's "cut and run" attack on Dems, ignored Dems resp

ABC's The Note reported Hastert's plan of action to protect congressional

A Question To Ask Your RW Friends Who Say Foley Is No Big Deal

RE Foley: What are the actual prosecutable crimes?

Assturds press conf. Was about how NO House Leaders Knew about

The entire Repub leadership should resign

OK, here’s a dumb question

Ask Repubican candidates if they believe Hastert should remain speaker

CNN: White House in Full Damage Control.

Foley on nude youth summer camps

Hypocrite Foley on Bill Clinton during Monica nonsense: "It's Vile!"

will MSM use Amish deaths to cover up the Foley fiasco?

Chavez Says He Has WH Informant Who Told Him Of Threats To Kill Him

Hassert: Didn't READ vs didn't KNOW. Republican double-speak never

Ok I admit it. I'm not the smartest guy in the world

Page: Foley's past e-mails "Sick." GOP: e-mails "over-friendly"

GOP tried to cover-up worst of Foley story

Hastert Scrubs His Website...‘Keep Kids Safe in Cyberspace’ disappears

'US paying Pak $70-80 million a month' - Musharraf

On CNN's screen shot of Capitol the POW flag appears to be

World War 2 vs Iraq War

I really don't give a damn which rotten apple tips the cart, ok

Republican lies for the ages

I have one thing to say, GOP......

Who are these "Lone Gunmen" who keep popping-up on Bush Bad News Days

WHEN and who appointed Foley Chairmen of missing and exploited children?

Those who protected Foley can be criminally charged

cspan caller: Monica was just a little kid

Foley getting 1984rd

camp. commercial"Do we want these people protecting our children?"

Anyone having trouble e-mailing to AOL accounts right now?

Foley Versus Clinton

Snowjob on C-SPAN Now.

Reports: At least 6 dead in Amish school shooting

Some poster altered the Serenity Prayer to fit Foley's folly-

Let me get this right? pages were warned as early as '01 about Foley?

VIDEO: Bush's 2000 RNC Convention promises (updated)

Listen UP!!! It's H-A-S-T-E-R-T dammit!!!

DU CNN Poll on Foley - Looks good so far

9 Hours to The Daily Show!!

CNN: Recipient said (first batch) emails were "SICK" not "Over-friendly"

TN Senate: Ford: 48% Corker 43%, VA Senate: Allen 49%, Webb: 43% (Ras)

My Blood Blister Bush Bashing Video is 14 TOP FAVORITES on YOUTUBE

Proposed: a Women's Roll of Honour at UN

Condi In Peril?

2719 RIP Robert Weber,

Political action on Foley Cover-up.

Sexual-Device Sale Ban in Texas Left Intact by U.S. Supreme Court

FLASHBACK / Florida can't find 1,000 kids in state custody (2002)

Hastert going nuclear over search of Jefferson's office, maybe he

Boehner: Saddam Had "Supportive Role" In 9/11

How do we rebuild this America we love?

Just a question, Could Bush be picked up as a Enemy Combatant

FEDERAL CRIME: Messages Show Foley Sought to Rendezvous with Page

What My Father Saw at Nuremberg - By Christopher Dodd

"I did not have sex with that man, Mr. Gannon" - Commander AWOL Bush

Randi: Foley's problem not 12year-old Scotch

Congressman Conyers: Bob Woodward Reprise

Oh the trouble with words

Committee hearings on electronic voting machines on Cspan1 now

Tony Snow: "A President who just fell off a turnip truck"

Per Free Republic: DUmpsters are clueless about what the constitution

Torture Toons -laugh or cry?

2719 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Hastert Live CNN

Anyone remember when Hastert got so incensed that Congressman Jefferson's

How could Foley be so stupid?

Question for Republicans...

WTH?? Pentagon Screened 'The Battle of Algiers' in 2003?

His problem is not 12 year old scotch .....

To those who said Foley's resignation was a Friday news dump

A Brilliant Light Is Extinguished (Derek Jacobs)

Josh Marshall: Foley downfall pretty nearly decapitated the leadership

Kos Compares Hastert w/ Cardinal Law (Photos)

Caption this of pervert Foley:

GOP tried to cover-up worst of Foley story

Post Foley jokes here.............

Woodward on Larry King Live

Hey, Freeper Dumb-bells: Foley's Prey were Republicans!

Rep Foley,* R.* resigns to "spend more time w/ Karen Hughes son" ?

Oh dear!How do the fundy freepers explain Foley to the the children?

Is Foley in Gay Rehab, Booze Rehab, Email Rehab, or Pedo Rehab?

Etiquette guide offers sleaze tips for posh girls

Just in case anyone forgot ...

If GOP'ers Resign In Scandals... When Will Hastert?

Why in the hell isn't anyone questioning that damn Atta tape?

Dick Cheney "...we were sitting smack in the middle of a topless beach!"

GW in drag, at Andover. Caption it!

Have The Rs Started Blaming The Pages Yet For Foleygate?

Woodward's 'State of Denial' selling big

Randi: 'Someone tell Foley that pictures on milk cartons are not

Here We Go - Repugs Dragging Up the Old Scandals.

Woodward on NPR now.... discussing the Condi reaction.

Well, according to Hastert no one knew anything until last Friday

MSNBC reports that Republicans are blaming Foley leak on Democrats

This is the time to hit them and hit them hard...

Arnold vetoes hemp

Notice how the RW mentions Gerry Studds without mentioning this guy:

Cafferty wants to know what you think about Gonzo's warning to judges

Rumsfeld Is A ChickenHawk....WHY!!!!

Sen. Macacawitz scrambling to GIVE AWAY Foley money

The Republican Stonewall Manual

Breaking: Another School Shooting

Incoming Christian Coalition President "Drawn to Lost Causes”

Life would have been so much easier

The Ugly Truth: Rs Have No Morals or Ethics

Where Are The Law and Order, Moral Republicans?

Hastert speaks to reporters - pics

40,000+ people have viewed the America's Most Wanted Foley Clip

So the Rethugs are going to investigate themselves?

* and Laura plant a tree? - pics

Mark Foley and Fellow Republicans Have Tiny Dicks

Fundie response to Foley scandal?

Can't wait for Keith tonight!

Cafferty's Qs: 5pm EDT - If he knew, what should happen to Hastert?

Dennis Hastert acted exactly like Cardinal Law in Boston

So how does Boner fit into Foleygate?

Bay Buchanan is ballistic

ALERT: Dennis Hastert to hold press conference on CSPAN 1 at 1:45 pm EST

Rice and the August 6th memo

Bay Buchanan totally steamed at the Repub leaders who knew.....

So, what's all this about neocons?

RFK Jr. on CAVUTO Today on E-VOTING MESS! (Says Might Run for Senate!)

The crowning irony

Cafferty wants to know what we think about Gonzo's warning to judges

Some conservatives have come out for Hastert to resign

Yeah, right: "Rice Offered to Resign Following Bush's 2004 Re-Election"

Updating the research forum polls for Senate Races

technical question: where do they get these instant messages from?

Freeps are working away at CNN's poll .... needs help!

Sins of the Shell

Macaca Allen must be relieved

If born again bush lovers can accept torture, why not Pedophilia?

Google "George H. W. Bush & Pedophilia" & see what comes up.

CNN: D on Page Board Wasn't Notified About TODAY'S Announcements!!!

Former Page: People "...definitely overlooked the interactions "

Tweety: "Does The Story End With The Usual Trip To The Drunktank?"

Cafferty talking about Gonzales telling Judges what to do.....

Time Machine---Last Republican Majority Leader Resigns, Why?

How long?

Good vitriolic anti-Repug read


Numbers 32:23

Has Chimpy made any public statements about the 3 or 4 school shootings in

"Ever notice how these morons rush into rehab after they get caught?"

Cook rerates KS, OH, OK Gov races (repost to GD from last night)

Republicans: Proving Every Day That Freud Was Right.

Is this the first time someone will be prosecuted under his own law?

Now that a lot of Americans

Caferty talking about Foley said" I have to go wash my hands,

Negron Replaces Foley

Freeps: Foley Messages Part of Calculated Campaign? LMAO!11!!!!!11

What this ALL means: The Reps will do ANYTHING to stay in power

Freepers trying to use moral relativism

About those "flat Daddies" -- why don't we send all of THEM

"Don't kick 'em when they're down!"...

Why Didn't Clinton Do More To Stop Mark Foley?

Have *you* forgotten about Brian J. Doyle???

Pundits wonder if there are 'images' on Foley's Instant Messages

What the hell is "in house treatment for alcoholism?"

So I attended a war protest on Saturday...

"The question is, why is it coming out now?"

Roger Waters Message on Flying Pig "Vote Democratic"

Atty Gen "Abu" Ghraib Gonzales!!!

What does the bible say about pedophilia? Nothing apparently.

Today's Front Pages, great website, 525 pages from 48 countries

Frameshop: Hastert "Protected A Predator"

RIP United States

NYT article on Foley's "caring" unintentionally reads like "The Onion"

"Foley Was Determined to Strike in the US"

Masters of Horror/Homecoming

Make Hastert answer questions UNDER OATH.

Let's have a War on Murder

Borat: 'May Bush drink blood of every man, woman, child in Iraq' (Drudge)

How old was the page Gerry Studds banged ?

The Underbelly of Globalization: Corps. Using Africa as a Toxic Dump

(Absolutely Tragic)This e-mail is from the kid(s) pursued by Foley et al:

"Democrats use bookmarks. Republicans like their pages bent over."

Drudge: These Kids Are 16 & 17 Yr Old Beasts - Egging Foley On!

How long 'til some random Freeper posts about Foley's "Instant Massages"?

What Interviews are Woodward doing tonight?

Please DU this poll

Frist: Bring back the Taliban in Afghanistan

Anyone else think Thom Hartman is *still* a CIA hack?

Like many other DUers I have been boycotting ABC news and

Atty Gen. warns judges not to inter-fear with Bush`s war time rulings.

"A missile straight at the heart of the republican base"

How the Hell is Allen still ahead in the polls?

I never watch CNN "Situation Room" but today was good. . .

Foley: "That depends on what the meaning of "jizz" is..."

"I would drive a few miles for a hot stud like you!!"

What's It Say About Hastert's "Leadership" If He "Didn't Know Til Friday?"

I'm beginning to think Woodward's las two books...

State of Denial #1 on Amazon

Ex-page Loraditch (GOP) covers for GOP House leaders

Congressional Pages and the Politics of Fear

FYI..... Congress just killed a measure to keep felons out of our ports!?

Woodward Account of CIA Tenet's Warning to Rice News To 9-11 Commission

Soledad O'brien/Tony Snow - Round 1, The Snow Job Hits The Road...

"The last time I saw Mark, he was 19 years into a relationship"

Have Dobson/Falwell/Perkins Weighed In On Foley & Repub Coverup?

My Republican friend thinks Foley is a Tempest in a Teapot.

Did I miss Something Hastert statement today he Said 2003

Make sure the Fundies know: Foley encouraged teen sex

The basic demeanor of Burns and DeWine shows that they're assholes

2720 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Lamont's newest ad is up at YouTube.

Why Foley will matter to the Republican voters and their leadership

Perkins uses Foley affair to call for more Fascism...

(VIDEO) Bay Buchanan making more sense than she has a right to

Is Bush's pic on the web page of your Church?

NRA-------Sportsmen for Christ

Rice Offered to Resign Following Bush's 2004 Re-Election

This week on The Daily Show

Interesting article from 1998

One big difference between Gerry Studds and Mark Foley.

This just in: Hastert shows his TRUE colors

Just a guess about Florida Republican Charlie Crist............

I know, you know, we all know gay doesn't automatically equal child molest

I have come to the conclusion that only ONE Dem needs to be...

Ia there a link to the raw IM transcripts? - RW said it was all ...

Amish school shooting lead story on abc. New kind of killing- the 'outsid

"The US rendition threat forced Britain to act on airport terror plot"

You Know Woodward Is Ready For The Swiftboating Coming His Way.

Is Bush about to attack Iran?

Vote Dobbs poll: Should anyone who knew about Foley's inappropriate

Just in case I'm not the only one who didn't know who gave ABC the emails

Were Foley a Democrat, We Would Know Every Website He Ever Visisted.

Bay Buchanan on CNN: "Investigate EVERYONE in Congress!...

PHOTO: "FROM MY COLD . . .DEAD . . .HANDS!!!!!1111"

Best of the Left- Podcast - Highly recommended

Lehrer Nes Hours doing Foley segment -pbs

No. 9 Favorite on Youtube: Blood Blister Blasts Bush Bunch

Foley Mackerel-! Foley Busted on Dateline NBC!

Israel's Lebanon bombardment visible from space

I was away for the weekend-Did I miss anything?

If you wanna be a dictator

It was the fault of the gays!!!

Ross on ABC: Other house members were being watched...

HEADLINE: Conservatives Call on Hastert to Resign

RW Christn leader: "Hastert, etc. were afraid of being called gay-bashers"

"Only Nixon could go to China" = "Only Aravosis could say PASS THE RULER"

Pages coming forward with names of 'Other' perverts in congress

Mark Foley parties at Scientology's Celebrity Centre in Hollywood

A special cartoon reminder for Mr. Foley and his ilk...

Another good CNN Poll:

Who will Bush pardon when he leaves office?

I would pay good money to see inside...

The latest GOP spin on the Foley situation

Frist Says Afghanistan LOST-Time To SURRENDER To Taliban

pbs doing Rummy segment (from Woodword book). now

It Appears That Our Current Government Is Imploding.

Hastert is full of it. His claim that he didn't know anything is bogus.

Ben Viniste better corroborate Woodward's Tenet-Rice story NOW

I just had my new computer installed, and have been drinking heavily

Delete dumb mistake

Official GOP Campaign Van

Tony Perkins, Candidate for hypocrite of the year

Barney Franks? Some newspeakers said Barney Franks, blah blah -

911 Commision Had Same SCARY al Queda Briefing As WH-But Did NOT Disclose

(VIDEO) Woodward on 60 Minutes

No wonder Lord Pissypants says not to point the finger of blame on 9/11

Tim Russert: "All TEN senate races have Democrats either tied or ahead and


“Being a Christian is no Excuse for Being Stupid”

So... WHY was Foley placed on a child-focussed commitee?

the "brand new military law" was just chanllenged in lower court today

POLL: Will the 9/11 Commission be viewed as latter-day Warren Commission?

Is my war plan inept? Yes. Am I resigning? No. Am I crazy? Maybe.

While Home Waiting To Break Fast, Watched Softball...

'GOP: The Party of Torture' bumper sticker available

Way to Make Jan 2009 come in February 2007.... Right of Succession??

PBS Line Up This Week

Condi Rice: "No One Anticipated That Mark Foley Was A Pedophile"

Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) and DOPA: He's a hypocrite.

Sex Scandals with Pages Nothing New to Republicans..

That's THREE Republican leaders in a row forced to resign now..

Woodward on Larry King tonight

Why are posts about Lawrence E King & Boystown being locked in 9/11 forum?

I am not siding with the pedophile, but at a trial

anybody think it strange that no republicans are showing up on TV tonight?

Coast Dental...right wing owned?

Do Democrats finally have a blue dress?

New Republican Theme Song, or Voices in My Head?

"Les Pages aux Foley's" soon on Broadway

Is the rate of Child molestations actually going up? Or is it just more...

Amish school shooter said to be a law abiding gun owner

Craig Crawford: Repubs will throw Hastert under the bus "if he fits"

It's been a violent week for teens.

Foley tried to 'deal' w/ABC (offered an 'Exclusive' for hiding messages)

How the hell could the 911 Commission leave out Tenet's report

Breaking from my desk: Fat fuck Hastert is gone!!!

MUST SEE!!!!! Mark Foley VIDEO to congressional pages in 2002 on C-SPAN

Barney Frank broke the mold, and I admire him for it.

Ok, which of you called them the Bush Cheney Crime syndicate on cafferty?

Very interesting today on the big three winger radio shows.

Let the MSM cover Foley all they want

Dobson on Foleygate: Fault of an 'Oversexualized' Society-Not House Leader

Election Predictions - Republicans now lose majority in Senate too

To all the DU'ers that are defending Foley.

Rice Also "Forgot" 8 Pre-9/11 Meetings Bush Had With CIA Director Tenet

Who do you think murdered Olof Palme?

saw Jesus camp - so many tears for zygotes...

Do you have FOLEY FEVER?

has anyone asked the diaz-balart brothers, ileana ros-lehtinen and e.clay

9/11 Commission saw the 'scary' briefing of 2001 (left out of report)

Since Foley is also an alcoholic, has he been in any fender benders

**World Can't Wait*** Hit the streets!

Safe XP.


Gak!!! Lucianne Goldberg alert!!!

How many pediphile conservative congressmen does it take?

what happened to the pedophile in the bush administration...

Has the Larry King interview been on?

Why does CNN use that blood and guts/world map background?

Bush's Mission Accomplished Speech Was Originally MORE Triumphant

Predatorgate: What did he know and when did he know it? (video)

It is cancer awareness month. Bloggers and Webmasters!

*SNORT* A Vote for Mark Foley is a Vote for Joe Negron! Bwahahaaaa!

I missed so much news today,

CBS News just used the Amish school shootings

GOP consultant: "Who's getting thrown get this to go away?"

Was Reynolds bribed by Foley??? (He rec'd $100,000 from him)

One problem with the Woodward book.


if foley knew that he had "alcoholism and emotional problems"...why

Will Hastert be forced to resign before the Foley scandal is over?

Dear CNN: Bring Out The BLUE DRESS TEAM!

Are the Media / Republicans Staying Away From Words Like, "Gay?"

Race for control of Senate: "As close as it can get"

This is a HUGE test of the current attention span of the public, and

A timeline for events involving Mark Foley's e-mails to House Pages

Is Anderson Cooper going to FLA to do on the ground reporting...

Parent criticizes book 'Fahrenheit 451 wants it removed from school.

If you thought rightwingers hated homosexuals before......

Elizabeth Edwards on the Charlie Rose Show tonight

White House On Page Scandal: "Simply Naughty Emails"...

Anyone have the video from Cindy Sheehan's book signing today?

FBI Failed in Investigate Foley E-Mails sent to them by Crew in July..

What is "Investor Protection Assoc. for America"????

'Have You Had Enough?' Must See You Tube vid to toss Hastert

How in the hell did Condi get a Ph.d?? Good lord, she has got

Anybody watching Tom Reynolds press conference?

It's not just emails and IMs -- it was a night out at Morton's in a BMW!

what sort of trips has foley taken recently, and to where?

Ok, this is a funny and strange freeper post for your amusement.

BTW, Bill Maher Will Be Doing His Show Live from D.C. on Friday

We should keep an eye on what's happening that DOESN'T involve Foley.

So, I'm watching Woodward on Larry King...I'm listening to the words

Who are killing these people in Iraq? Is it this Administration?

Am I right? The first call on Foley was to the head of the RCCC?

New spin on Foley from Freeperville:

A day in the life of the Secretary of State

Foley: Congressional Testimony - Sex Offender Act - June 2005

Why was Foley allowed to remain as Chairman of Missing/exploited children?

Just sent this email to Larry King, hope he mentions it to Woodward

Jack A sharing the plans to attack Iraq 9 mos before authorization?

Scarborough "Foley is a friend " "Advice to Dem's...keep your mouth shut"


Democrats get majority = shit board of the year!

Haynesworth's punishment


DU this new poll on the new electronic voting machines !

Bush Administration concealing right to join Unions

Has anyone spoken to their RW family or friends about the Foley scandal?

Help....I've read that Mark Foley has a wife and 2 children and is Polish/

Why Churchill Opposed Torture

Help Foley protect our children!

So Is The Amish School Shooter A "Terrorist?" I Think So!

House Managers-Livingston and Hyde, Gingrich, Bennett, Rush,

Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back

Post conservative sources calling for Hastert's resignation

Conservative Activists (Michael Reagan & Bossie) Call on Hastert To Resign

In office discussions about Foley today, ugly truths are "outed."

Zelikow Left Damning Info Out of 9/11 Report. Rice Must Be Fired!

James(dog beater) Dobson on Foleygate

I haven't enjoyed watching cable news since I don't know when

GOP = Groping Old Pedos? More "shoes to drop" says news anchor...

NYT: Foley's Digital Memory: What might be saved on hard drives?

Ladies and gentlemen, the new GOP poster boy:

Frist: Taliban Should Be in Afghan Gov't

Did the Amish shooter really have a bush sticker on his truck?

On Scarborough a minute ago--"Why does Rosie hate Catholics"

Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, Tony Snow, Roy Blunt, Brit Hume....

bomb iran with the "planet of the apes" box set.

Shimkus gives the pages riot act about proper behavior!

Reid Demands Republican Leaders Come Clean on Foley Scandal

Where's the top ten conservative idiots page?

Religious Leaders Call for Repentance, Resignations in Foley Scandal

Friendly reactions to my Impeach t-shirt this weekend

Letter the DCCC sent me about supporting Laesch against Hastert

Bill Frist: Taliban should be in Afghan Govt

All 3 Networks lead with Amish shooting..Foley who?

Religious Leaders Call for Repentance, Resignations in Foley Scandal

What the F*&% does being an alcoholic

Is it time to bring this guy up again (have eye bleach handy)

Just heard something during the NFL game that made me go "hmmmm"

Myth/Fact: Five Key Myths in Bob Woodward's Book

The stupid idea that the Foley scandal is a Rove tactic to distract

I may not win......but I might

This is why 36% of Americans think 9/11 was an inside job.

Rice initially refused to testify before 9/11 Commission. Now we know why

1936: J Edgar Hoover and Congressional pages

Foley blamed Democratic activists for spreading rumors in 2003

Mens careers are sacred.

I'm confused, who found Foley's emails and IM's?


PUDGieWUDgie - Moonie Times calls on Denny to RESIGN??

Radical Fringe toon - mon 10/2 whole new meaning to rubberstamp...

Can you imagine the Bush Administration having OTHER jobs?

BREAKING! Republican National Convention '08 Site Selected: Thai Brothel

The torture of a 15 year old boy at Gitmo...

DUer Ocelot points out something important and interesting

No Mike Malloy. Can't wait for Bernie Ward tonight.

TDS has Trent Lott get the popcorn!

Would a Hastert resignation be good or bad for Democrats in '06?

Has Ann Coulter weighed in on Foleygate yet?

Psst, hey, ya wanna see Foley's voting record?

Olbermann on Drudge and O'Reilly: "...pinheads."

THREE school shootings in ONE week. Isn't it GREAT that guns are so easy

What is the disconnect that is happening to cause these shootings?

USA Today: "Don't Trust Diebold"

John Stewart is on fire tonight

What is a Washington read?

They keep giving us ammo

Where does GANNON fit into this FOLEY thing?

Bush/Cheney Attorney Named as 'Public Election Monitor' for OH! & MORE!

So we will have to get a foreign back account to gamble online now?

Ladies and Gents....The Karmic Wheel is Spinning Like a Fuccin Top !!

Since october 6th is coming up

Teen: "7 and 1/2".......Foley: "That's a great size"

TOONS - - - - - - - - > Grand Old Perv Party Edition

Candidates Give Foley Contributions Away

So, now we know why Ashcroft stopped flying commercial?

Ca. Man Arrested Following Anthrax Threats (*, cheney & others since 2001)

Senator Barack Obama Visits QCA.

FBI Knew in July About Foley E-Mails to Teen

Across Nation, Housing Costs Rise as Burden

The Game Is The Good Guys Against The Bad Guys

Larisa Alexdrandovna: Republican Torture Laws Will Live in History

Could it be a GOP fissure coup?

Hastert sings Streisand....

The list of shame. Who voted Yea and Nay on torture and detention...

I wanted to say thanks.

Bloody Day in Iraq Leaves 150 Dead

Foley's atty. just now on CNN - He lead a double life.

Am I paranoid to try & think of how Santorum will exploit this shooting?

Question about Podcasting The Thom Hartmann Show

Sen. Trent Lott is the Guest on The Daily Show Tonight?!?

I just heard that there are now 4 dead from the Amish school shooting

PBS reairing "Eyes on the Prize" - NOW


OK, so Foley wanted to meet with some of these kids,

"If you can't enjoy the downfall of a hypocrite, you have lost all zest...

WH: Foley Scandal Nothing More Than - "Simply NAUGHTY Emails"

The new GOP website!!

Mike Malloy Update


This is really what those kids are saying/ thinking in Baghdad.

Woodward's book, Foley, the Intelligence estimate...What does it mean?

(Hmmmm) Who's this, I wonder?

4th. Little Amish girl has died according to breaking news on

Proof Hastert lied and more conserv. calling for his resignation...

Molesting underage boys is NOT the same as consensual sex!

Do Bush, Condomloosa Rice, and Barney have a bunker?

Will Democrats gain control of either the Senate or House?

Hell has just frozen over...

King George and his Poppy put the "fun" in dysfunctional

What if this is all just a big Rove plot....sacrifice one of their own

If they get some Page to say a Dem sexually harassed them

Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill

I'm beginning to enjoy Jon Elliot..

Fiscally clueless,morally bankrupt,defensively inept.

HOW does one become a congressional page?

Kerry links Foley, Katrina, 9/11 response, Iraq, GOP culture of corruption

A sneak preview of Bush's post-"presidency" memoir

Head On Radio Monday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Washington Times: Resign, Mr. Speaker

Foley Erect!

"Guns don't kill people..." (fill in the blank)

Foley on Clinton

The country is falling apart

Here's why the GOP is toast in Florida this November.

The Right is after Hastert -- look at the photo Drudge has up...

Do you hate George W. Bush?

Who is keeping and who is donating Foley campaign donations

This is not about Democrat or Republican. This is about abuse of power.

Conservative Activists Call on Hastert To Resign

Project "In Case I Disappear" - Will Pitt - if you don't like it, tell me

'The Internet made the (Predatorgate) story possible'--Brian Ross, ABC

A Plea from a Former Republican - It's over. I've had it. They must go.

No wonder Bush, Cheney, Rice and other refused to testify under oath.

On the surface, Condi has to be the dumbest person in Governmental history

"God's Gonna Cut You Down"- Johnny Cash

BREAKING: Genius media whore still tying Abramoff to Dems. (The Hill 10/3)

Need help for a young Marine.

MUST READ!!-President Clinton Jails 938,000 Illegal Enemy Combatants!!


bush accused of war crimes: "I'm an alcoholic, I couldn't help it"

"I'm The President Of The US" Bush Fumed & "Ken Blackwell Is A Nut"

The Best "DU this Poll" Ever ! Rate Cable News Anchors...

Bob Woodward on Larry Live...n/t

WP editorial: ANYTHING GOES in Bush Admin. - - for the ideologically pure.

Rice should resign NOW!

It's nice to know the Miami & Tampa papers are looking out for kids

Chris Floyd: "The Deeper Evil Behind The Detainee Bill"

"People are more upset about this than the Woodward book"

The girl I took to my prom was a Congressional page

Foley's Impressive Decision To Enter Rehab

Woodward on Larry King Live CNN....."Bush is delusional"

Bush's college roommate sponsors fundraiser...for LIEBERMAN

Soliciting Racism By "The Most Trusted Name In News"?

Clarification requested: Foley, Franks and Studds

Anyone else see Soledad Obrien kick Snowjob's ass this a.m.?


DNC: Where's the Outrage?

Let them spin


BREAKING: Reynolds staff tried to cover-up Foley scandal

Euww. Preserved tissue found in leg of T-Rex fossil! Euuuw.

**Washington Times will call for hASStert's resignation on Tuesday**

"Your party is full of criminals and paedophiles" Dem Cliff Schecter

St. Pete Times - Get you're Foley Timeline


a word to the wise. The most dangerous days are upon us.

Timmeh: 33% of Abramoff cash went to Dems?

HELP! Need suggestions for the best things to do in Ft. Myers, Florida --

Register to Vote

Smack pResident Bush here!! Really!! Just got this in an email

Holy shit! ... Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) on the Daily Show tonight

E&P: If Woodward is right on Rice-Tenet meeting, Rice should resign

Condi Rice, 9/11 and Another Nest of Lies

Taking the GOP CYA Train:Page Alumni website now has a statement

Coming up on "To Catch a Predator"

Joe Scarborough is just shocked about his dear friend Foley

BEWARE! I Don't Mean To Bring Everyone Down.... However

Something that will always bother me

Are Dem Candidates/Leadership going to ruthlessly exploit the Foley

Really Queer--Right-wing Gay-baiting Gays

John Laesch is running against Hastert

Why Capitol Pages Fear Retaliation( read it my friends)

ABC: Foley sought in person dates with children he was cruising

Oh, we are gonna win big.

Dems "weak on defense"? Oh REALLY???

A little help on this Foley matter, please...

Our God (R-Heaven) is an awesome God!

My GOD I'm embarrassed for the freeptards

Sexual abuse/assault as a child, teenager-did you tell


President Bush is now revealed to be Nekkid...The Gopers are Nekkid too

New Republican Clock - doesn't need hands!!

Wait. Stop. Think.

Republican calls 'christian' Right "gang of thugs"

Hey Democratic leaders. Its not the time to not keep the powder dry

Hastert la Vista, Baby !

Perhaps the biggest question of all.....COULD there be people

Official "Republican pervert joke" thread

CNN reporting all victims of Amish school shooting are females.

UPDATE: Four girls killed 'execution style' at Amish school (AFP)

IMPEACH!! -- Republican message: "If You Win, You Should"

Anybody just see the SMACKDOWN on MSNBC?

Freeperland IMPLODING!

Killer Election Integrity Talking Points

history repeating itself? excellent info about one of the last times...

ABC News: Pages Sending All Sorts of Messages About Possible Other Members

GOP Tried To CUT A DEAL With ABC To COVER-UP Worst Of Foley Story

Do you think Rove is laughing at us - all of us in a big tizzy over Foley,

Goldwater Democrats?

So... Rice (Bush Administration) Allowed 9-11 to Happen

Josh Marshall's excellent take on the Big Picture, and on emails vs IMs

Did you see the BUSH bumpersticker on the shooter's truck?

FREEPERS: Fashion Sale! Let your inner Cheerleader Gush Forth.

Yahoo Message: The scary thing is two people reco'd this !

Photoshop fun for your amusement - Foley in orange, * in handcuffs pic hvy

My oldest kid wanted a MySpace account

Drudge blames the kids...calls them 'beasts'

Backdoor Alert: "Ike" to deploy in first war on terror assignment

Keith Olbermann will be on Letterman Tuesday night 10/3

Hastert Yanks - On Efforts To ‘Keep Kids Safe in Cyberspace’- from Website


Should we make it harder for homicidal maniacs to own guns?

Chickenhawk has two different meanings.

So. 7/10/01, Rice/Tenet meeting. Same month, Asscroft stops flying....

Advertising magazine Brandweek lauds Olbermann

Today, I was Ridiculed. Rant Rant Rant

My cartoons are hitting a nerve

In memory of Habeas Corpus...

Tom Reynolds C-SPAN Press Conference a COMPLETE DISASTER

NYT: WH Records - CONFIRM - Rice DID Recieve al Qaeda Warning Before 9/11

Why is Our Dainty First Lady campaigning for a child-predator-enabler?

Violence against teenage girls

How to tell someone is a lying bastardess...

She was very religious

Reid caved on the Iran Sanctions/Regime Change Bill

Hokay, it's Rathergate all over again: "Foley emails altered."

Media failed to note Hastert's evolving explanations in Foley scandal

Holy Shit! Frist wants the TALIBAN back?

That Amish school shooting

BREAKING 9/11 Commission Coverup, TENET told 9/11 commission about Report


Remember, remember, the 5th of October.....

Bella Update III

Thank you Thom Hartmann for broadcasting that Foley is a distraction

A Repug Friend Told Me He Has A Foley Theory........

Late Sunday Poll posting: MT-Sen, OH-Sen, TN-Sen

Will this Foley thing effect rw fundraising?

Sums It Up Well

for a good laff, Denny asks Jebbie to have Foley Investigated

Rumsfeld Says He Has Bush's Confidence

Boston Globe: Democrats in ad ask Healey to remove it (MA)

2 Questions to think about Rush/Foley and Page's IM addys

Woodard's "State of Denial"-We Already Knew

Bob Woodward has just taken down another crooked President

White House Aides Take to Talk Shows to Dispute Book (mission impossible)

Wingnuts freaking out on Washington Journal.

I Wonder What Kind of Congressional Junkets Foley Has Gone On.....


Why Wasn't Foley Kicked Upstairs?

The "Do as I say, not as I do" Party.

Foley Checked Self Into Rehab Center for Alcoholism

Republican Traitors Materially Aiding The Terrorists...

Got A Protest Sign!!! Come To Billings or Casper Wy.......

ABC's Path to 911 and Foley IMs

NYT: GOP often tries to tar Democrats as soft on crime, child protection

Foley and William Jefferson ... point was made on Bill Press show

First step: rehab. Next step: BORN AGAIN!

How do you think it feels to be a Republican party official this morning ?

Repug Friend Say WaterBoarding OK Cause That's What Kerry Did....

CBS radio NOT downplaying Foley scandal.

GOP's Secret Weapon

CNN's Blitzer reveals Kissinger met with Pope in Rome last Week.....

Daily action planner for democratic activists

Interesting commentary about polls over at

Test Question #1

There's a New Terror in the Land - How to Spot a Republican Pedophile!

Need Senate procedural help in parsing Nelson's statement on Detainee vote

Gannon's recent firing from Blade: Foley connection?

Today's WH Press Briefing is online.

Let me repeat this, because so many have forgotten

Just out of curiosity...

3 U.S. Marines die in Iraq (Anbar)

More new conservative perversion news right here and it ain't about Foley

Some Foley pics from the 2004 Convention

Foley Quote

American Nightmare

How Long Will these scandals last?

"What A Terrorist Incident In Ancient Rome can Teach Us " (NYT op-ed)

Foley’s Chicks Come Home to Roost

has the FBI seized Foley's home pc/laptop yet for child porn??

The wrath of Bill O'reilly: Tonight’s Talking Points Memo (maybe)


Rep. Foley is a member of the FDD

The American people, again, are getting a lesson on how spin works.

Need a good site to research campaign donations

So, do any of the GOP computers have pictures of Foley-on-turtle

how long before the terror level is raised?

AIMers out there,, question on logs

Bush Administration's First Memo on al-Qaeda Declassified

So what would be happening now if Foley was a democrat and...

Do you think 'Log Cabin pukies' get it now???

AMERICAblog: "Tony Snow downplays Foley's 'naughty emails..."

Breaking:The gunman in the Amish school shooting tied together the feet

Fearing Voters, American Lawmakers Fan Voter Fears

"Values Voters" sent foley to DC to do their bidding

Rehab for Foley means he's safely stashed away

When did FOX'S Shepard Smith start sounding like a liberal?

Shimkus and Fat Bastert make statements .......

Obey, Cleland Speak Out Against Ad That Distorts Sherrod Brown's Record

Foleygate: Just More of the Same or the End of OUR America?

Rush Limbaugh says, being pedophile no big deal.

This week's "the tide is turning" thread

Mayor Daley Calls for a shut down of higher local minimum wage laws

July 10, 2001....It just clicked...perhaps already discussed, but

Let's hear it for the Goldwater Democrats!

Those 'martyrdom' videos, w/o audio w/Atta in them. The US gov't

Another "duh" moment re: Lieberman

Princeton voting machine fraud demo on C-Span NOW

Kerry says new allegations (NIE) have reshaped campaign debate

Is Foley really guilty of a crime?

I sense a disturbance in the force...

Dem Madrid tied in NM-1 against Rep Wilson

Cinci Enquirer wants your comments on OH Politics, Foley, Voter IDs &

Clintonian calculations

"it's now every man and woman in the White House for himself/her self'

Foley to enter Priesthood after Rehab

What does it mean when a republican says - "I take full responsibility

Who Was The Last Repug That Used Alcoholism As An Excuse....

Send an email like that to my kid, deal w/Law Ofc of Smith and Wesson- per

piles o' polls ...

Allen's Woes Lead To Windfall Of Contributions For Webb

Hastert .... whaa....

It's Iraq stupid!!!

Has Randi talked about the Foley scandal?

What Foley's chief of staff had to say

Is an attack now more likely, after Foley and Woodward?

How Do We Help Defeat Hastert & Shimkus In Illinois - Check This Out.....

Foley Replacement Says He's Ready To Win Election


Can't Wait To Talk With My Repug Neighbor - Just A Week Ago I Recommended.

"Foleygate" may derail Republican ticket in Florida

How Repugs will try to change subject about Foley news

A. B. Stoddard (HillNews editor), on Hairballz, sez she knew for 12 years!

Limbaugh: Foley's pedophile activities "were just words, like the Pope"

Republicans shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military

George Allen buys 2 minutes of tv time for speech tonight

LoL...Rachal just called Hastert 'refriderator denny'...n/t

Raw Story: Foley IM's appear to be 3rd degree felony

Keith Olbermann: Gen. Batiste says he asked for more troops & was denied

Democrats are not behind the leak of the EMails.... Why, you ask...

New Ned Lamont Ad!!!!

Beatles parody (graphic)

Rep. Mark Foley "Suffer the little children to come unto me"

Why is it sexual permissiveness of society as a whole that is

Am I the only person who thinks that Bob Woodward laid a trap

Freeped AOL POLL FoxNews

Is the Foley thing going to affect the FL Goveror's race- Anyone?

Foley's DEM opponent now on Hardball. Matthews roasting Repukes on this...

Cook rerates KS, OH, OK Gov races

CNN's John King Drops a Truth Bomb

Bay Buchanan reveals Repug Foley Strategy......Blame Gays

Does anyone have the details on Gary Studds?

51 in the Senate is NOT good enough if one of them is ......


I am wondering if this is why ABC played kissy kissy with the Bush

Eleven GOPers Fingered in Foley COVER-UP

"If he fits"!!!!!!!!

Over 800 Rally for Peace in New Hampshire

Begala --- deal with a law firm Smith and Wesson. :)

Analysis: What did GOP know about Foley? (with a Watergate twist)

Zero-budget political ads. (funny)

Keith Oberman calls Matt Drudge a PEN HEAD on national TV

Jenny Granholm giving Dickless DeVoid a bitch slapping.

White House On Page Scandal: "Simply Naughty Emails"...

Louisiana's First is against child rape - the campaign is on!

Don't get confident with the media....remember a T-shirt they gave Dean.

IMPORTANT Petition from Wes Clark--PLEASE Sign!

Here's a MySpace page you'll all enjoy.

Foley attracts new endorsement for GOP Congressional Candidates

CNN:Hastert afraid to report Foley for fear of being seen as homophobic

Scarborough: "The end of Republican rule in Washington"

Democrats' Risky Strategy: Trumpeting the Wealth Gap

Hastert was Delay's puppet. I doubt he can survive

Serving Christianity and dicking little boys

Was foley limbaugh's congressman?

Did the nazi bitch dAnn actually say this?

So arnie is a walmart stooge. Who'd have ever thought?

Can Lieberman (if he wins the senate seat) change parties

If you can't delight in the downfall of a hypocrite

GOP Fundraising Photos of the Oedipal, Substance-Abusing Frat Boy-in-Chief

Craig Crawford: "Throw Hastert under the bus...if he FITS"

Bush and Rove are at the Reno Airport right now ...* just got done

Are we seeing a GOP meltdown or CIA Coup d'état?

ATTN TEXANS: Voting Straight Party Ticket Will NOT Help Doggett

Another new news story about yet another conservative pervert

Goldwater Democrats?

So, who, exactly, gets to be a congressional page?

Lamont-Lieberman poll numbers? What are they now? Predictions?

Anybody Know About The Congressional Race In Illinois 19th District....

Bill Clinton must be laughing his ass off

Our TV add targeting Bobby Jindal/Mark Foley

Could a potential third party make inroads with this strategy?

Should Hastert and Boehner be jailed for covering up Foley?

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe...

Hotline: The Democrats' Foley Playbook

What's going on with the GOP? Are they trying to lose?

Is Hastert Vulnerable?

They Were Expendable.....

I've seen more of that fat Hastard Speaker than I can stomach

corroborating Woodward?

Hey KKKarl - It's October........

"The Smirk" Better Pray That The Dems Take Over

MUST SEE! Georgia repug gov's T.V. spot about "guys on the internet."

Photo: "President Bush holds a shovel as he banters with the press"

The wheels are coming off their wagon...

Addiction to alcohol and to drugs - the last refuge of the misbehaving

Sept 28, 2006 – The Shot Heard ‘round the World

Frist surrenders Afghanistan to the Taliban (time to withdraw from Iraq)

Letter: If Sen Burns(MT) loses, lunatics may be put in charge

Do you consider Il Dunce a racist?

Can the Democrats beat Diebold ?

The Foley Artists (Mary Lyon)

I was 3 months old when we entered WW II.

TX-22 Lampson petition-give Foley $ to Nat Cen for Missing Exploited Child

Congressman Dale Kildee (D-MI) remarks on Foley

CNN TRANSCRIPT:Hastert not reporting Foley for fear of gay-bashing

Time's Up, Denny - even the Wash Times says it's time for you to go

Does anyone else use closed-caption on their TV? I know

Warner, McCain and Graham: Look Past The Tortured Distortions

Press Release: Family Research Council statement on Foley

I'm calling it.. It's all over for the GOP

Kerry: Republican leadership failed to protect children

A 2nd carrier group is headed near Iran, A look @ Force composition

Freeps are busting their asses on CNN's poll of the day....

How many seats will be won this November?

After all this .... What if the GOP keeps control of the House and Senate?

Gotta Watch: Democrat grows MAJOR set of balls

Woodward has a damning quote from Bush about Ken Blackwell

Real Clear Politics Now Projecting a 50/50 makeup in Senate

Is there a Democratic candidate runing to replace Foley?

The Five Stages of (GOP) Death

Good Grief. FOX after Murtha/ABSCAM

Clark will be campaigning with Lamont this Friday.

How to turn short-range compromises into long-range victories?

Good for you, Bay Buchanan

Shitty Spinach

Democrats projected to now take Senate as well as House!