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Archives: October 18, 2006

Irish company claims they have invented working Free Energy Source

Half-hour on election fraud and disenfranchisement. Now.

Exit Iraq and Afghanistan Soon, Say Britons

WP: Kolbe Matter Is Referred by Page Board to House Ethics Panel

Military Honors for a Changing Front (medal for facing IEDs)

Brazil Seeks Deforestation Plan Support (from Al Gore)

Survey finds Americans anxious, frustrated over U-S foreign relations

WP,pg1: Farewell on a Dark Tarmac: Shot warning civilians away from bomb

Post pictures of smokin' hot, NON-famous people.

My (half) sister died tonight. I'm not sure what I am feeling.

We've got so many lechers crammed in here, I think the Lounge has a STD.

Am I the only one having a (single, small-ish) drink this Tuesday night?

M&Ms Peanut M&Ms Peanut Butter M&Ms

OK, let me get this straight. Tonight we've discussed porn, mods,

I have to watch porn for school. Really.

Led Zeppelin Time

Well, it's comfortable for 20#, but I'm almost afraid to wear it:

new sony p3-- after one month linux download for free

the Discovery channels need to stop...

My baseball team lost tonight

A test

Mike Webb has resumed his radio show - now starting (9-11PM Pacific

"The Congress just gave the President despotic powers."

So, Santorum says Iraq War = Middle Earth War and all I hear is

Irish company claims they have created a working Free Energy Source

This is one of the weirdest complaints possible, bar none

OK, what the hell is Oliver Stone doing...

James Baker: Iraq In A "Hellava Mess" (BBC)

Gene Burns is on KGO defending the chimp torturing people...

Found this Gem while surfing. Gals, remember... they're zealots.

I Feel kind of stupid

Voting God's Politics

Must See Diebold Parody Posters!

The Nation Op/Ed: "Voting For Impeachment"

Are there any of Bush's actions that future administrations CANNOT

Conrad Burns hysterical in debate tonight in Billings - please, please

My local news just went on and on about Wes Clark (w/Tim Mahoney)

Is Ken Blackwell going to disqualify his Dem opposition?

Colbert portrait up over $100,000 already

And this will be Bush's and the neocons legacy

Elections May Leave Bush An Early Lame Duck

Mehlman compares Bush to Truman, Iraq to Korea

LAT: Simmering tension between GOP gays, religious Right has erupted

New Scientist: Imagine Earth Without People

Even WASHINGTON TIMES opinion piece opposes Bush on habeas corpus

Elizabeth Holtzman: President Bush's Grave Misconduct

Cuts in Medicare hurt wheelchair users

Space: America's new war zone


Lou Dobbs Tonight; Special on **War on the Middle Class**

Indian economic boom attracts US graduates

What Has the World Come to? ( A rant)

Grassroots Matching Grants: My Five Minutes as a Donor

Year One of the Empire; Bush: Resistance is Illogical (Juan Cole)

US troops called back to put down sectarian massacre

Ticketed for an Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker

Stem-Cell Politics (New Eng Journal of Medicine)

James Baker is NOT “the former Secretary of State!”

Second Life Virtual City

Paul Armentano: A billion dollars a year for pot?

"Bush Followers Outraged Over Political Use of Homosexuality & Sex"

What a death threat looks like...

Money Is Literally Pouring Out Of Government And Fed Orifices (Mogambo)


Terror and Cause and Effect By Andrew Cohen

CNN: Bloodshed buries Iraq hopes

Think the torture bill sucks? Wait for the signing statement

Harvesting lightening!!

Dutch Experts To Sacramento Delta Residents - Plan Now For Floods

9 District Campuses To Function On Solar Energy (L. A., CA)

World's pollution hotspots mapped

How Close To Runaway Warming? - Guardian

Gap Between Performance, Kyoto Goals Widens For Japan - Reuters

Paid for not taking the car to work

Mock Funerals For The Future As Young Canadians Protest Harper Non-Policy

Science Panel Urges Complete EU Ban On North Sea Cod Fishing - BBC

Formerly Productive Farm Belts Of NSW Turn To Dust As Drought Bites - SMH

CSIRO - Melbourne Facing 25% Water Supply Shortfall By 2015

First Legionnaire's Disease Deaths Recorded In UK - Climate LIkely Factor

Spain's Weather Promises To Become More Volatile, Extreme - Reuters

Forest Fire Smoke Closes Indonesian Airports - Visibility 100 Meters

Bus Rapid Transit (Bogata, Columbia, Kyoto approved)

Fewer Pollinators Mean Trouble for Crops

German Biogas 'Energy Park' Buys 40 GE Engines

Rice pledges Palestinian entry support

What are 20 tons of explosives?

KPFA - Webster Tarpley, Peter Dale Scott, Kevin Ryan

Zogby is getting his own radio show

Bringing the Anti-War and Election Integrity movements together

Listen Live: 3pm PST TODAY - Peter B. Collins, Brad, Guv

The GOP Playbook: How to Steal the Vote - By Mark Crispin Miller

I sure as hell hope they find it!

Election Reform-Fraud & Related News Wed 10/18/06 RADICALIZE & Find Truth

Building a Better Voting Machine

OH: ONLY 30% Of Dem Respondents Believe 04 Count Was Fair/Accurate (NYT)

Vermont's "audit" wil not be random. What do you think about this?

Listen to Bowen / McPherson debate! She is WAY coming out on top...

What is the Probability of fraud in this Election?


Have you noticed Pelosi, Bill Clinton don't mention election fraud?

Research help? Looking for list of GOP candidates who have challenged

Blackwell purged Ohio Voter Rolls Oct 1st.- Vote Early (Daily Kos)

New E-Voting Flyer to put on bulletin boards and car windshields

New York ROCKS! (The fight against e-voting continues....) K&R!

Anyone else catch Mercer's bit on Emerson considering quitting?

U.S. drug dog may be on the lam in Canada

Maher Arar still on U.S.A watch list although he's been cleared.

CCPA's excellent report on NAFTA's effect on North American workers

Reuters: Canadian reservist says he quit over Afghan policy

Great News: Harper Cons Tanking

Afghan mission 'successful' but demanding on personnel: Hillier

MPs back bill to revive Kelowna deal

MP Garth Turner suspended from Conservative government caucus

Syria In 'Unique Position' To Assist Iraq: Ambassador

Roves strategy revealed (Drudge breaking) I know I will take shit 4 this

CNN: Bloodshed buries Iraq hopes

Record Number of Democratic House Challengers Raise $1 Mil

Violence in Iraq Kills 10 U.S. Soldiers

Gay congressman’s spouse denied benefits

Indian economic boom attracts US graduates

Ten U.S. troops killed in Iraq (on Tues. 65 for October) CNN

(Mike) Tyson thinking of fighting women, (and voting GOP)

Ex-House Clerk May Be a Key in Foley’s Case--Jeff Trandahl

Latin American impasse over U.N. council seat

Jordan convicts eight Qaeda-linked Islamists for anti-US plots

Rice promises U.S. defense of Japan

Iraqi PM hopes for Saddam death sentence soon

Reuters Breaking: U.S. forces release Iraqi cleric's (al-Sadr) aide

(Jimmy) Carter says his (North Korea) peace efforts now on scrap heap

Australian drought driving farmers to desperation: experts (suicides)

AP: Democrat Leads in Ohio Governor's Race

Rove foresees GOP victory

Appeals Court Upholds Terrorist Label for a Jewish Group

Fewer pollinators mean trouble for crops

Sunnis seethe outside sealed-off Shiite city

Gunmen in Iraq's Ramadi announce Sunni emirate

Rumsfeld OKs plan to recall battalions

Bush Asserts U.S. Rights In Space

Need Help Debating NeoCons About Economy.

BBC LBN Nine US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Man dismembers girlfriend in (French) Quarter; cooks body parts

Al-Maliki Orders Shiite Cleric's Release Day After US Arrest

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 18

Votes for Sale - on NOW Friday night

Troops will be in Afghanistan for next 20 years, says commander

NATO airstrike kills 8 civilians in Afghanistan

That weasel McCain on Hardball now

Governor's race turns ugly (Blackwell)

Cheney says US active in Pakistan

CBI, FBI probe Beauprez ad (GOP candidate for Colorado governor)

Iceland to begin whalemeat trade (BBC)

Japan's Aso says OK to debate going nuclear

AP: Agency extends limo company's contract (DHS)

193 Protesters Said Killed in Ethiopia (election fraud protest)

Costs Up As UAE Regulators Ban Net Phone (Skype)

Wal-Mart sourcing from India to cross $600 mn

Marines Plan to Recall Some Battalions-"they stand up we--nevermind

Cunningham investigation could lead to officials in Defense, intelligence

(Congressman Don) Sherwood’s wife weighs into debate (PA-10)

Law's Reach Extends to Jails in U.S.

Militias Splintering Into Radicalized Cells

US undertakers admit corpse scam

Bush: U.S. will stop N. Korea nuke moves

Union Leader Calls Santorum 'The Anti-Christ'

Burns: President keeping war plan quiet ("Shhh, its a secret!")

NYC Mayor's Car Stolen, Employee Beaten

Foley attorneys reveal clergyman's name

Feds Often Clueless After Data Losses

L.A. seal has its day in court. Suit challenges removal of religious icon.

Fla. races suggest trouble for GOP

FTC Hangs Up on Telemarketers With New Ruling (finally a good ruling!)

New Laws and Machines May Spell Voting Chaos

Arar still fears U.S. arrest

Social Security adjustment may be lower

FBI Yet to Find Evidence of Foley-Page Sexual Contact

Privacy Group Sues FBI for Database Info

Ex-commander talks at Abu Ghraib hearing

Calif. city may bar illegal immigrants from renting

Marines plan to begin sending reserve combat battalions back to Iraq

New jobs are cause for relief for Republicans

Chastened FEMA Sends Force to Hawaii

Rep. Sweeney Trip Raises Ethics Question

WP (pAOI) One-Day Iraq Toll Is Highest for U.S. In Many Months

FBI asked to join probe of attack ad (by Colo. Repub. Gov. candidate)

White House: U.S. deaths are 'cost' of winning

Reuters: Four U.S. soldiers killed west of Baghdad

Vet Centers see escalating demand for help as troops return

Barbara Bush: 'terrible year' for GOP

Iran must be intimidated, says Israeli leader

Clinton urges Dems to question criticism (not to shy from fighting back)

Apple says some iPods contained a virus

Trial that could out feds (WH) alleged to have bogus degrees delayed

FBI director wants ISPs to track users

Wal-Mart to Expand Generic Drug Program (AP)

Ex-priest says he knows Foley's alleged abuser

Judge: Florida law won’t allow polling place signs for (Foley) Negron

Sex talk dominates N.C. election debate

Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore (9crossovers)

Miami Archdiocese urges Foley to name alleged abuser

ABCNEWS: Bush Acknowledges Iraq 'Could Be' Like Vietnam...

NYT:Tables Turned for the G.O.P. Over Iraq Issue

Voters' Approval of Congress Falls To 16%, Lowest Point in 12 Years (D+15)

Ford supports Lieberman in Connecticut Senate race

Government skeptical of threat against NFL stadiums

AP: Rice Vows 'Full Range' Defense of Japan

McCain jokes about (Committing) suicide if Democrats win Senate

San Francisco Chronicle recommends Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gorbachev compares proposed U.S. border wall to Berlin Wall

Feds Net 125 Nationwide in Kid-Porn Case

8 Soldiers to Be Court - Martialed (rape 14 yo

Mo judge tells woman: No more pregnancies

Board welcomes Lib Dem action on Tonge's “anti-Semitic” comments

Poll shows Strickland beating Blackwell 2-1 in governor’s race

Government Liqour workers get a warning (BRitish COlumbia)

I really wish that guy in the new Dockers commercial...

I just finished watching season one of Rome (spoilers)

For twenty straight hours.....

Is There Anyone Here Who Is Truly Psychic?

What's gonna happen to Chess Piece Face? n/t

Damn...I didn't know Ronald McDonald could look this weird. (Picture)

New ad from United Airlines

The board really takes on a different look after the Antipsychotics kick..

The board really takes ona diffent look after the Ambien kicks in...

Hip Hop Dancing Thai Girl

Yardsticks of progress a can of beans long...

Wow, they make prosthetic chesticles (lame copycat)

ROFL! Crazy-assed fundies on campus!

Podcast Number 12 is UP!!!

Question about AA batteries.

if you heard Olbermann disappeared would you be nervous?

Congratulations Beaverhausen!! 10,000 posts

I hate editing papers to make PowerPoint narrations! Who's with me?

Candidate (R) Charged With Sex Abuse Ends It All In Car Crash

I'm a liberal frog and I croak. Deal with it.

Rome (spoiler)

Hey! Where are all the Halloween avatars?

Dad Recording Football Game Mistaken For Sniper (SWAT Team Called)

I've been to GD and I am outing all heterosexual non-smokers!

Dr. Seuss Does Windows. Not.

Like Blues?? Uninterepted blues on Pandora

Motorist Cuts Off Man In Traffic - Man Fires Crossbow At Motorist

I'm such a mother.... How can I get over that?

another NYC music landmark gone - Hit Factory converted into condos

OK, Trailer Park Boys

I need kitten pictures!!!!

Holy crap...

Wisley Snipes didn't pay taxes for six years.......

Help, please. My cats have dandruff.

Any spares to hug today?

I declare GD to be non-smoking. The Lounge however has PLENTY of ashtrays

What's your usual experience in GD?

How to make the Olympic Games even more interesting in 2008

Study Says Unhappy Kids Are Better At Math

Man Arrested For Bomb Hoax In Wal-Mart

I just checked MY last 15!! posts did not get a reply.

I hate anyone who is not me,...

It is true that Liam and Noel Gallagher threw things at people on a plane.

Where was I last weekend?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/18/06)

What's cooler?

Apologies and Regrets

Breaking - 6 injured in copycat posting attack - thread on lockdown

Check out this "Chick Magnet"

A public thank you

Your Favorite Miles Davis Era

Good morning everyone :o}

I can't wait to shut this guy up on election day.

Coach Who Ordered Beaning Of Autistic Player Wants Out Of Jail

Picture for Haruka and LostinVa and Idgiehkt and Thomcat

...since 1974

The best thing about being straight is:

Every girl NEEDS to see this video

Say it ain't so Whitney, say it ain't so!

Anyone know of any good debt consolidation companies?

The DU Lounge Word Of The Day Is: Obstreperous

I ate a full bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups...Ask me anything?

I am listening to Tenacious D for the first time

(Joke) HBO to bring Deadwood back! But they're making major changes:

* leaves his cooties in Guilford County, NC, today

Smoking Banned During Recess At Elementary School

I hate anyone who is not exactly like me...

Kazakh central bank misspells ‘bank’ on money

Heh, my wife just won $50 in lottery tickets from a radio station and

More sequential questions

If someone could please explain to me why I woke up this morning

Fellas, Which Injury to the Crown Jewels is Worse?

More random answers

If I started dressing and acting like Ronnie Van Zant...

At the ole In and Out burger joint. managers make 100k/year!!!

Will there ever be "another Beatles"? Yes or no?

If we had a time capsule what would you put in it?

Detroit Tigers

Even though they're deceased, I still like Skynyrd....

um...yeah---I watched that Dane Cook guy last night

Some say LynneSin prefers Tiny Tim to Led Zeppelin

OMFG! My dog Casey is chasing a fly around my office...

jail kids!

"Some say" Haruka...(i forget the entire handle) is really a Steeler fan!

"Til I Die" by the Beach Boys

Casino Royale - quite possibly the best movie and soundtrack EVER!

Some say Huraka...

"Some say" that LynneSin is really a Giants fan!!!!

Any hugs to spare today?

Candidate For Sheriff Officially Changes His Name To Andy Griffith

forget about hugs

"Cleveland calling/to the faraway towns..."

licking stick

"You're crumb-believable..."

Was "Chico and the Man" that great?

Dang, dang, dang. My wireless mouse isn't working correctly.

Need help! Proper attire for a co-worker's wedding?

"Some say" devilgrrl is a Protestant...

who else used to play "war"

OMFG!! "Those who play sports in school go further than those who don't"

"Some say" that haruka3_2000 is really a Boobage fan!!!

"Some say" that haruka3_2000 smokes way too much pot

Note to self - When reporting off sick to attend the Steelers game,

What a musical day! From Skynyrd to Beach Boys to Joy Division

I had a frikken GREAT DAY at work!!

Clearly I'm straighter than I thought. The boobage threads do nada for me.

Delia's gone, one more round, Delia's gone

Which Lostie do you identify most with?

"Some say" that haruka3_2000 is really a Doobage fan!!!(lamecopycat)

Lincoln Mark LT pickup. Huh?

Am I no longer special because I know Jesus?

Put your Ipod on Random and list the first 10 songs that appear


yay! boners!

robin williams is an entertainment product

Welcome to the peasant class!

Boy, pop music is just as bad today as it was in the early 60's..

i'm leaving du

If you had to repopulate the world...

Hey, Music addicts, check this out:

i'm leaving, pu. Anyone wanna see pice of me taking a shower?

BTW- what ever happened to TANG?

"Delicacies": excerpt from IM at work today

i'm leaving du

"Some say" that haruka3_2000 is really a Michael Savage fan!!!!

Can't post. Writing. Can't write. Drumming.

must EVERYTHING break???

What in the hell are they teaching kids in school?

What exacty does "in the zone" mean?

Our Borders are broken!!! Now which one of you did it?

Dear Say it,

Anybody else hear of this stupid threat to stadiums?

I'm leaving du

I just booked a 74-second blancmange!

Ladies, come and drool over my tasty thighs!

I just booked a 50 minute massage

robert deniro acts tough

I just booked a 50 minute montage!

I just booked a 50 minute dressage!

NFL stadium threat? Read or see Black Sunday.

Tolkien/LOTR fans

I just booked a 50-minute menage-a-trois

Picture of an Extremely Cute Soldier. Male or Female ????

I started going to the gym, today, and omg!

Ok, post about your unusual breakfast!

Husker's Daily Primal 2

First snowfall of the year

it all started with me massaging her breasts

Keith Olbermann...

Grey Pride Thread!!

California Peggy locked a sex AND chicken thread simultaneously!

Got these cute photos of a cat and mouse today in an email:

Okay, when did the Weather Channel stop having the weather...

I just wanna say I love CALIFORNIA PEGGY!

Having a bad Day?

Video of Barbra Streisand: Shut the Cheney UP!!!

I'm buzzed on wine right now, ask me anything!

DSL guys just showed up on my porch.

So, is this real?

California Peggy Is On A TEAR And MUST Be STOPPED!!

BTW- what ever happened to Dippity-Do?

LSD guys just showed up on my porch.

Okay, the armed stand-off from last night turned into gunfire about 1am.

South Park: Cartman as 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'

Define boobage.

Did you know Tony Curtis auditioned for Wonder Woman?

Madonna's Motives are questioned!

Is he drinking again? You decide!

I just got pulled into the Executive Director's office with my supervisor

Criss Angel taking on pickpockets and psychic surgeons

Heather Mills claims physical abuse

Senator Barack Obama is on Oprah today

My mother is a real fucking peice of work!

Rename "Smear the Queer"

Paul McCartney stabbed my chicken breast

jesus christ I hate being a senior in college

I am star-less

Pellonpaa and the burning holiday 'rection

With all due respect to Joan_Alpern, the NY Thruway sucks!

I sooo totally did my good deed for the week tonight.

I'm going to post here until I hit 3000 and then

It's not easy being green


Just learned that a good friend committed suicide

Hey, everybody........

Johnny Depp's Girlfriend

LDS guys just showed up on my porch.

Why did God make martinis so damn tasty?

Breaking - 6 injured in copycat tagging attack - school on lockdown

Typo literature/screenplays. Change 1 or two letters and make up a story!

"The kids in my history class are unbelievably stupid!"

Even though they're Rwingers, I still like Skynyrd....

How are you guys?

Long Island is the longest island in the continental U.S.

Does anyone in your family still call a couch a 'davenport'?


Arizona Comes In Last For Smartest States In The Country

Mr Scorpio: I'm listening to your latest podcast

I just got hired as a pollworker on Election Day!

powers boothe is a highly underrated actor

Happy birthday bbernardini!!

I hate smokers AND drivers!

Wu-Tang Fans: Is GZA's "Liquid Swords" really a Wu-Tang album?

I need some help here: who are the Repug celebrities?

Here's the deal

Where things stand

The kids in my Creative Writing Class had never heard of 1984...

What style of music are you listening to right now?

I just got hired as a polldancer on Election Day!

I wrote the most profound, moving love letter of all time

What band most deserves or deserved to be a "next Beatles"?

favorite part of any movie - first ten minutes...

The wife and kid are away until tomorrow and....

How do you populate your Ignore list?

"Patches, I'm depending on you son".....

People really seem to care about whether Paul stabbed Heather

Oh Ghod NOOO! This is too horrible.

Post here if you love having CaliforniaPeggy on the Mod Squad

The Coolest Pop Icon In American History?

Damnit - I hate Canada (no Project Runway anywhere)


Ellen Barkin brags she's had sex with George Clooney

LOST redeemed itself tonight.

How to Lose 139Mil: Picasso punctured by Steve Wynn's elbow in Accident

DU, please help a newbie.....

Games Of Tag Banned During Recess At Elementary School

It's pizza night.

More random questions

Your favorite elementary schoolyard games?

Actors who've played Satan

LSD guys just showed up on my porch.

Best logo ever!

fundie website of the day!

I just booked a 50 minute massage

My most serious injury was more serious than your most serious injury.

I just got my Jake Shimabukuro cd...

Ok, post about your usual breakfast!

Tolkien/LOTR fans

Words Women Use...

Tonight's SOUTH PARK: pedophilic teachers and DOG: THE BOUNTY HUNTER

When I win the lottery, I am going to build a house which will contain

The coolest thing Happened tonight!!

How do you pronounce the word "heinous"?

Heather Mills-Paul McCartney Stabbed Me

I just got back from "All you can eat Sushi" - damn it was good

Advice needed: My dtr wants a turtle for her upcoming 10th birthday

Where are Sundog and Shell Beau?

Battlestar Galactica video blog: introducing Bulldog (racial comments)

English food BANNED in English schools

Breast Implants

Brawl at the buffet line in Mechanicsville Shoney's

PROJECT RUNWAY-Season 3 final thread

Is Johnny Mathis gay?

How bad is your commute? Share your story here.

I Am So Addicted! More Books! I Need More Books!!!

Cockroach stories here:

Any bugs to scare today?

A little story about monkeys here. Makes you think. For those of you

Indiana DUers! Meetup on the 28th @ 7:00 pm!

Crucifixion Makes a Comeback in Ecuador

Richard Dawkins Interview (Audio) On Point Of Inquiry

Teen evangelicals send mixed signals

LAT: An Atheist Tries Jesus

Is God dead? Atheism finds a market in the U.S.

Richard Dawkins on The Colbert Report - video

"Why Women Need the Goddess"


FDA moves closer to approving cloned meat and milk for consumption

Latest pics from Mars Recon Orbiter (Dialup warning)

Darwin's complete works online

Discovery Points to Our Fishy Heritage

Grammar-based peptide fights bacteria

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) the man doth protest too much

CNN tonight was beyond belief

On the Subject of Outing

Driver excused from driving bus with gay-themed ad!

Join-a-Team, Not-a-Gang Program (you will e-mail this one)

"The Cards weren't good in the regular season and they're not good now"

Is this going to be a short pants vs. long pants World Series?


Houston Comets For Sale

Deer ticks. I need a repellent.

Women (venting)

Subliminal warning or graphic anticipation?

Heads up VA Disability Compensation is just 3.3% for 2007

34 years ago today (Bootcamp day one)

Going grocery shopping or visiting the magazine newstand?

JK on Stephanie Miller tomorrow!

Beachmom totally friggin rocks!

This is a good:

What are your thoughts about this?

Okay, I did a diary adverstising "chickenshit". Rec & comment por favor?

Looking for a few good Kerrycrats!

Cool little history lesson here. Great Debate at Faneuil Hall (pics)

Reply from Sen. Kerry to the Slime Queen Healey in MA Gov race

What Clinton's campaigning is all about - HIM, HIM, HIM

Here is a release

RADAR: America's Dumbest Congressmen

Some advice from a 2003 primary warrior

JK Huffington Post blog about the Patriot Project

McCain: "I'd just commit suicide!" if the Dems take the Senate

Corsi rears his UGLY head.

The American West from 25,000 feet.

Phin Again- cuteness alert


dang nab it, on vacation and forgot camera to computer cable thingy

West Coasters.. Frontline "Iraq, The Lost Year" is on PBS now

if, in the near future, bushler suspends the constitution....

Is there campaign laws that governs infiltration by rival campaigns?

Making a List....

WP "Dems could pick up 40 to 50 seats in congress".

Carnacki at dKos: Blood on their hands

For the grand prize: What is Ted Strickland's birth name?

Election Protection and EFF guarding the Nov. elections

waterboarding videos

To the guy who told CNN's Cafferty he was voting Republican

Judge Allows 9/11 Lawsuits to Go Forward (Grnd Zero Dust)

Teen Questioned for bush threat online

IAEA says up to 30 more countries could develop nuclear weapons

Play to Win, or Gamble on Realignment in Congress?

Please Duer's I need help exposing these people

Republican Gays are Closeted Dems! Oh, That Explains It.

U.S. military says 9 troops killed in Iraq

Cig smokers shouldn't whine while so many are imprisoned over Pot

After hours of searching i finally found the site that is doing

Russian news: Condoleezza visit as much to do with **IRAN** as North Korea

Suspected rebels hit Sri Lanka naval base

Rice trying to avert potential arms race, then we're screwed

Here's what 36 hours without sleep yields occasionally

Action on Iran must be "proportionate": Russia

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 18 Oct 06

Unspeak blog: What to call legalized torture

Hhuckabee On imus: "Democrat Party" -Is That All They Got?

Elections could leave Bush lame duck - WaPo

67 Soldiers killed just this month in Iraq & the damned fool says push on

With the media, if it`s Tuesday, it must be Madonna.

Caine Mutiny? Iraq?

U.S. can't talk the talk

Anybody else having trouble getting onto Americablog? nt

Condi Says US Will Defend Japan Against N. Korea-Japan says it wants nukes

repubs still insist that the Dems are the party of deviants

Worried about E-voting fraud? What are you voting on? Check here!

So Mark Foley abused a Catholic priest when he was a teenager

James Baker comment is just what I thought it would be.


Happy PERSONS DAY! (Canada)

So when georgie is finally busted for treason..

Coming Soon...WH To Publish "TORTURE ACTS" Under Geneva Convention

Rove's strategy reveled on Drudge is already hitting TV commercials

Prosecutors want to question shoe bomber, Richard Reid

FBI probes Weldon links to Russian groups

U.S. military too strong to lose Iraq war: Rumsfeld

2006 Election - Values vs. Ethics

It's not just the hypocrisy. Can we get some of our candidates to

CNN Poll: Should the US set a timetable to withdraw troops?

Stepping Off The Normal Career Path-MUST WATCH OLBERMANN

Rice in Japan -saying that they do not need to develop nukes cause the

If operation Iraqi freedom happen here; 7,500,000 dead Americans

NPR news just reported the 10 more troops dead (over 400 wounded in

What becomes of these thousands of Iraqi police we trained and armed?

Accused Kane County (IL) candidate dies in crash

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - WEDNESDAY 10/18... is the mic on?

Iraq reality check: The cost in lives lost - CNN

-- In a deadly day of violence, 10 U.S. service members died in Iraq on Tu

WHY are the Iraqis torturing each other to death by the thousands?

Ken Lay conviction tossed! WTF?

C-Span - guest talking about European health care system

Apology to Iraq

Who will dismantle Social Security if the Dems win??

Ten U.S. troops killed in Iraq on Tuesday

Bill Kristol on Fox News predicting Republicans WILL LOSE!

Opihimoimoi--- did you throw yourself to Pele? Check in dude

Reuters: 30% percent of Iraq's students are currently attending school

Bush's detainee bill & Nazi Germany parallels

Could bicycles save the world?

Weldon's Republican friend Charlie Sexton

Judge: NY Must Answer 9/11 Claims

So technically if a Dem becomes Prez he can label W as an enemy combatant?

Sara Evans amends divorce complaint: family values GOP hubby stole $$

Big Dog Will Be Live On C-Span This Morning

Why Bush Smiles: Victory is at Hand in Iraq

These 3 assholes right here, THEY are the real axis of evil

Employment Opportunity!

Santorum: Iraq = Lord of the Ring

Book: Bush is the first Theocon president.

Constitution 1787-2006 (RIP)

AT&T Yahoo poll about Bush...

Here's yesterdays scary-as-hell quote re "Secret Prisons, open or not?" :

Voting clues from the past. Focused theft versus widespread theft.

Sign petition against war with Iran

Morale has collapsed among Repugs

What will happen to the price of gasoline on November 8, and why?

Air strikes kill 22 Afghan civilians: reports

Bush and the Republicans blame

If Democrats really DID reveal the repub scandals, I applaud them.

Gas in KC jumped Overnite - from 1.93 to 2.09

Sam's got a freeper.

Black Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006

Juan Cole is going to be on Sam Seder right now

Bill Clinton keynote speaker today...

Roves strategy revealed (Drudge breaking) I know I will take shit 4 this

What IF DU created an AWARD

Commerce and individual freedom are inversely related.

A serious question for DUers

Keith Olbermann and Jonathan Turley on Habeas Corpus VIDEO

What place is evil Shrub going to today? The chopper just came to get him

Oops - Did Olbermann show Cleland instead of Boortz last night?

So if we take both houses, would Rove still be considered a genius?

Never trust a man who says, "Trust Me."

Do smokers tax the economy more than meat eaters?

Juan Cole: " Year One of the Empire " bush is a French King now

who can help me with corporations/soft money?

Strategy is not irrelevant.

FBI now wants to TRACK people's online "activities".....

Clinton coming up to speak on MSNBC now, 10:09 am CT. nt

Caption this Mama * and Bailey Hutchison pic...

Has * gone totally insane now???

when the gov't transfers prisoners from Gitmo to other prisons..

Check out my RW Resource Report

Sweeney won't debate Gillibrand

HiLaRiOuS video (MadTV) -- Bush's own late night TV show

Blackwell campaign links Strickland to predators, hints he's gay

Exclusive interview with Lieberman! Enjoy...


with king george's approval in the thirties

"Miller wants to import homosexuals and pay girls to watch porn"

Charlie Cook- GOPU To Go Down Is Ashes -Fifty Seat Loss In Not Impossible

US 'unclear' about sanctions against N Korea

Invisible Air War: Lancet says 13% of Iraq's war dead killed in air raids

Blackwell campaign links Strickland to predators, hints he's gay

What Is An I-Mail?

Email From John Kerry: "Support The Patriot Project"

Now two classes in the US: citizens (w/rights) and noncitizens (no rights)

Former British Home Secretary admits advising the bombing of Al Jazeera

K Olbermann Special Comment - Death Of Habeas Corpus - Tonight

I am NOT going to answer the latest Zogby Poll!!!!!

Foley Tells Archdiocese Name of Priest

Saw an OUT OF IRAQ Billboard on the Skyway between IN & IL on

I'm optimistic that both houses will turn blue

Clueless freepers

Anyone got the video of KO/Turley segment, including the guest...

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil (Part Two)

October's U.S. military death toll up to 67

A little help on Code Words, please...

FBI director wants ISPs to track users

Dog saves owner from fire, dies trying to rescue cat

How are Diebolds tallied?

Need help finding - Ashcroft's Nude Statue /Cover up

Heather Mills-Paul McCartney Stabbed Me

First Look at the ImpeachBush New York Times Ad: "Tyranny at Home..."

Al-Qaeda declares Islamic Iraqi state--and US is still there!

Washington Post Endorses Jim Webb

Writ of habeas corpus.

ASHCROFT *tonight* (10/18) on.... The Daily Show

Little Boots going to talk now (CNN) re: NCLB....

TRIBUNE ENDORSEMENTS: For Congress: Duckworth

Two bits says every close race goes to the GOP - close enough

Testimony that Noe called Coin Funds an ATM + Friends would Bail him out

Developers May Sue Over Eminent Domain

Sen. Burns: Bush has a plan to win Iraq, but is keeping it secret

Political ads up the waazoo

Electricity Levels In Baghdad At Lowest Level Since U.S. Invasion

Two years old, but watch Bill Maher kick OhReally's ass

The blue wave of the future is clear (By Charlie Cook)

House Democrats: No impeachment (yesterday's NPR)

Katherine Lanpher is on with Al Franken

Dick Morris: GOP DOOMED, voters defecting, gerrymandering backfiring

Bush and Cheney: Listen to Bin Laden, take him seriously

Since the corporate media still seems to be going on about

" 7 plead guilty in stolen body parts case " Eeww!

Sorry Mr. Franken, John Dickerson is a DICK!

2782 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Now, Whose the most Underrated president in US History?

On the outing issue.

Bill Clinton: The Common Good

Check out this headline---last train to crazytown leaving now

mark foley, you are a Scumbag.

It seems that the only Iraqi War vets running for office are dems

DOW above 12,000 for the first time.

Iran bans fast internet to cut west's influence

BREAKING! newest sex scandal! No mention of GOP PAC though

Who's being subjected to the sleaziest Repuke attack ads?

69 US Troops have Died in October in Iraq

If Dems take US Senate do you favor Harry Reid continuing as Leader

"no credible evidence" = we're making this up as we go.

Rush With Dick: Overall Situation’ In Iraq Is Going ‘Remarkably Well’

Caption this photo

The deadly "o" word

unusual question, but is Larry Hagman a Democrat?

Snow: Hutchison's splitting Iraq idea encourages the Terrorists

the republican war in iraq is not going very well is it ???

I saw a great bumper sticker! (imo)

The merchants in the marketplace of ideas are yelling at their customers.

FBI director wants ISPs to track users

Reps losing, Homeland Securtity raises threat level

UP NEXT: Thom Hartmann: HOW he thinks they are going to steal the election

Anybody else having problems with AAR?

Power of the petition!

Hmmm I just noticed.....

Iraq: At least 100,000 children displaced due to sectarian violence

Breaking News Court Martial For The 8 101st killers

Separated at birth? Dennis Prager and Bill Press:

Having a bad Day?

A BULLSHIT REPORT DOD on infectious deployment diseases

Rumsfeld OKs plan to recall battalions

After all, we don't want our children being harmed by FUN, DO WE???

HEY CNN. Here's a threat to report upon. RETURN OF FAIRNESS DOCTRINE.

Dennis Prager: "You know he's telling the truth because he's a Republican"

Rep. Boehner:"We ought to be very happy that George Bush is our president"

Striking the US where it hurts

Iraq/Afghanistan War Vet + Post-Katrina New Orleans = Psychotic Break?

letter a family member received on torture bill from Sen. Dayton...D-Mn

I'm listening to Scarbororough and Tucker lament that

Republican Sex Scandals Cataloged Dkosopedia!

O'Reilly's 'Crap' Back on Letterman (10/27)

Four U.S. soldiers charged with rape and murder

Anybody Watch "Deadwood"?

Take a look at this pic of *

October 18th 2006 In Iraq

I just signed up in my state to be an election day monitor.

11 US Troops Killed on Tuesday

Evidence begins to surface that Bush lied about invading Iraq

bay buchannan: R U suggesting repubs are scaring us for votes?

October Surprise?

Last year finding out what the ss cola was

Daily Kos Down?

Froomkin: A Question Bush Can't Answer

MSNBC Covering the Bush meeting with Conservative Talk Show hosts

So, with Saddam's trial drawing to a close (at least the verdict's due...

Anyone Else Lose The Air America Stream W/Randi?

Jack Cafferty has ESP: Time for real october surprise?

Air America Stream......

CNN is having a "Terror-gasm" over a stupid anonymous NFL terror threat.

An Abundance of Caution

Our human rights have been stolen. We can't let that stand.

2783 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hastert: Stock market rally proof GOP economic policies of tax relief work

Why can't we regulate the extremist fundamentalists?

10/18/06 AP: Rumsfeld OKs Plan to Recall (to Iraq) some Marine Reserves

Media Ignoring Foley Story......Rodney Alexander Sings Today!!!.

The Hidden Evils of the Torture Bill

Is Johnny Mathis gay?

Rove better be careful or his AOL account is going to be revoked for

Votes for Sale - on NOW Friday night

CNN Poll: 74 Percent of Americans Say Congress Out of Touch

Can we start referring to Bush as:

If it's not tied down or secured, Republicans will steal it

So what do we do if the elections are stolen?

Begala just suggested NFL threat is a political stunt

Snow: Bush isn't making more campaign visits, because it's too expensive

Some Marine reserve combat battalions back to Iraq

Freepers' reckless support of BushCo coming back to haunt them

What would it take for the Freepers to believe that Bush lied on Iraq?

Brazil Asks For Al Gore's Aid Re: Privatizing The Amazon

70 US Troops Have been Killed In October

Nat'l Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Bush to stomp for CHOKER Sherwood

I can't figure out if he looks stupid, or evil

Dodgers retain Lyons after network dismissal

During Clinton Years, There Were No Terror Threats Publicized

Upsurge in US deaths in Iraq to sway US public opinions and elections...

so did they cancel the NFL yet???


Robert Parry: "Shame on Us All"

Fitrakis/ Wasserman: A loaves & fishes/Holy Ghost victory for GOP in Nov?

As Europe Grows Grayer, France Devises a Baby Boom


DeWine keeping his intel committee record closed

Blackwell campaign links Strickland to predators, hints he's gay!

Frat House Congress...

To Hell With The Gate's Foundation

Okay who is sick to death of those damn drug commercials?

Since Rove seems to be behind the

Need Help Debating NeoCons About Economy.

That weasel McCain on Hardball now

Lamonts ground game in the last week will win it for him.

The new Repub strategy--- call you Dem opponent Gay.

BLACKWELL MAY FACE LAWSUIT (using sealed records to smear Strickland)

Barack Obama on Oprah now! n/t

Why no coverage of Clint Curtis vs Rethug Feeney?

More blue on the electoral map this time.

Mike Malloy will be back on a new liberal network. Woo Hoo!

Mariana Island story 10/18/06

Another member of congress going to be indicated in page scandal?

Sweeney/Mariannas story hits!

Create a Republican Concession Speech

Building a Better Voting Machine

Hats may be needed: What do you do when DU really needs to go underground?

George W. Bush has damaged our nation more than Osama bin Laden ever will

What is the book called about Republicans vocabulary to frame issues?

Road Rage Suspect Charged with "committing a terroristic act"

Twin, 14, kills brother over gum

NY-20 - Albany Paper: Long Exposé on John Sweeney and the Marianas - REC!

"Dem" House Member supports Internet activity spying.

Just a reminder Moyers on America (The Future of The Internet)


outing and smoking

Eye opening video - The Evolution of Beauty

Hm. 7 stadiums, 3 televisions. We watch several games on Sundays

ROFLMAO--I've got a new hero

Please educate me, re: Congress' decision to stop funding Vietnam war

Saddam verdict will be the November 6 surprise

McCain jokes about suicide if Democrats win Senate

Santorum uses Lord of the Rings to Defend the Iraq War

If the Iraq war is morally wrong

REMINDER: Watch Moyers tonight!

Ten sample questions for Tim Russert to ask Craig on MEET THE PRESS

On another post, it's reported that McCain joking (oh well);

Has anyone had trouble getting to the Stephanie Miller

Clinton urges Dems to question criticism


If one is against the outing of gay hypocrites with power...

What exacty does "in the zone" mean?



The reason the stock market is increasing

Hey, why we got Ooooga Booooga Terrah on a Wednesday?

Clinton Video: "..The problem with ideology is..."

bush* is no laughing matter, but,.....

Crackhead Cheney re; Iraqis: "they’re doing remarkably well. " 10/18/06

more promises, more threats

Caption *

Is 20 DAYS still a "lifetime in politics" as Charlie Cook, Stu Rothenberg,

Some Seek 'Pink Purge' in the GOP-- could it happen?

Question re: Du PanicRoom group

Did McCain just tell Tweety that he (McCain) supports gay marriage?

can we have a crawl on MSNBC that says Dems say they will win house and

Church & State -- or just Church?

OK, CNN stock market lady is just hyperventilating over the DOW.

Bush on ABC: Uptick in Iraq violence their attempt to affect our elections

Obama dips toe in 2008 waters

Don't Ask Don't Tell

HEADS UP: Bill Clinton Speech 8:00 p.m. -C-Span2

Rejecting Republican Failures

new Bush interview to be on abc Nightline tonight.

Are you curious about what the President is like behind closed doors?

True meaning of the NFL threat...

American Family Association purges all images of Mark Foley from website

I Guess We Don't Have To Worry About Conrad Burns Anymore

I've been thinking about the Torture act...

Caption Bush & McCain

I have a take on this Rovian BS about the NFL today... It's GOOD for us.

Anyone point me to the report about the 2 Iraqi brigades being dissolved?

Comment on Gary Studds' partner

"Whether the traitorous Democrats or the virtuous Republicans prevail "

Desperation and the "spooky bomb"

The Big Dawg RAWKS!

If Dems regain Congress, time for Peace or Payback?

Replug Corruption nets a former VA official 46 Months

Has it EVER been a good idea for Dems to be to the Right of the people?

"We have let Roosevelt's 'fear of fear itself' overtake us" - OLBERMANN

George Bush doesn't have coat tails - he doesn't even have a vest

Scheduling the Saddam verdict pre-election will prove a mistake.

Not John Walker Lynde but George Walker Bush!!!!!

Oh. My. God. Did Keith just say that the MCA endangers Bush's future?

Watch your a**, there be freepers here.

Pat Buchanan on Scarborough ....

If politics were a ballgame, how would describe the present situation?

Too little, too late? The Microsoft IE 7 "official release" has arrived

Ellen Barkin brags she's had sex with George Clooney

"In a time of war we need to support our president".

Is torture a defining characteristic of Modern American Christianity?

Yeah right speaker hastert, I just LOVE me some terrorists. Please.

If they steal more elections, will there be any outrage?

On election night we will all be here, there will be many different

Could President Bush and all his evil exist without Christianity?

Appearance is Everything, Reality Nothing

Madonna's Motives are questioned!

How many veterans or current military are posters here?

KO's flat out calling chimp a liar

AOL laying off 1,300, closing AZ & NM call centers

(fixed typo: eschatological) Church & State -- or just Church?

an official KO thread?

Wow! Was Clinton's Speech Something or What?

Would Bushco purposely post "scary" threads on forums?

Fareed Zakaria, Bletchley II, Delta of Terrorism, Iraq War plans

A question about Osama and his video production company

Bush Invites Hate- Radio Hosts To White House...pic


"Should stop using her Bible as a club and open it up"...ROCK ON!

Has DU made a difference in the world of politics since it's inception?

Remember Your Republican Neighbors

Early CT Senate debate report: looking good!


CBC's National: "How we (Canada) got into Afghanistan" - special edition

Bill Clinton and the power of hope....

So bush said that Vietnam & Iraq might have some common properties?

And the president would know about Vietnam how exactly?

10 More U. S. soldiers killed in Iraq Yesterday.

Steppenwolf's "Monster" Is More Relevant Than Ever

Canadian citizen still on U.S.A watch list although he's been cleared.

Is what I just heard correct?

Poll: Green Party Candidate COSTING Ben Cardin, Steele leads in race

It's got to stop - Gold Star Families For Peace ~

BREAKING! NY-20: Kirsten Gillibrand Now Leads Sweeney 54% - 41%

Sit Down for Peace, Justice, and Accountability by Cindy Sheehan

10 Things the Media is NOT Telling You About Iraq

Ohio Dem Party release dated November 10, 2004

Riverbend is back!

Eh. Nevermind.

Second appearance as Liberty in Chains

KO's Habeas Corpus commentary

National Terror Day

Anderson Cooper show... "Rice in Asia"

Right wing hate radio listeners are some of the more ignoramous

Scarborough headline: Bubba Bashes Bush*

Dobbs' "War On The Middle Class", CNN, being aired again, 10pmCT. nt

Here are the links to KO's commentary...

Bush's New Xenophobic Detention & Torture Law

Kieth Olberman Prof Turley...."see ya in gitmo"...a MUST see video

Gotta watch Freak Show.

Momentum........Webb's Got It!

South Park is making fun of Foley now!

"the actual results for the fiscal year that ended February the 30th"

Metro bus driver excused from driving buses with gay magazine ad

Well....Most Americans won't be able to hear KO's Great Rants for Freedom!

Sixteen Candles for Soldiers : Download Signs to Bring!

US demands the closure of 'cash cow' projects for Kim

GW Bush: Ruler of the Cosmos?

Who would Jesus Vote for this upcoming election day? I'll tell ya.

Bush in Paraguay (Update) - Escape + Water, Drugs, Oil, etc.

I cannot wait for the Nov election!!!

How would you make Air America better?

Blackwell campaign links Strickland to predators, hints he's gay

Protest the loss of Bill of Rights. Write your local paper.

McCain "I think I'd just commit suicide." If Dems Take Control Of Senate

Rolling Stone's "10 worst congressmen"

KO Video up NOW!

Scaborough Is A Real Classless SOB

Colbert in excellent form tonight! "The Word" is a must see! nt

Suggestion: In addition to the Olbermann clip, pass this along to people..

Question: can you fire employees who can't speak English?

Iraqi Endgame Approaching, Bush Ready or Not...

Obama beats McCain in AOL presidential poll

I don't think Keith said "good night and good luck tonight." Am

Health Alert: New STD

Something I saw during Scarborough,Your thoughts..

Another one about to bite the dust!

Bible is standard for objectivity in journalism

Karl Rove's Oct. Surprise Finally Delivered

Bill Moyer on PBS talking of Net Nuetrality now.

American Hero demands Impeachment

HeadOn Radio, Wednesday Night, Best of Mike Malloy

Americans need a new religion

The Olbermann effect, or why the MSM is turning liberal

Calfornia City Bars Illegals Immigrants from Renting - Yahoo News

GOP's Got A Thing For Youth- Tom the Dancing Bug Toon

* 'jokes' with reporters while playing with a power tool - pics

Self Delete

Is the US media responsible for killing US soldiers?

CT-Sen: 2nd debate over, winners? Lamont & Schlesinger. Donate!

TOON: Cheney stock & options

Internets rumor -Another R about to go belly up?

Bush Says Troop Deaths In Iraq Are Price Of Victory

Will someone post KO's extraordinary text on Youtube?

If we do get a dem president, will he/she roll back the * power grabs???

"Go Straight to Hell, Boys"

David Kuo on with Colbert right now

Being Blue pays off: Apple earnings soar 27%


Bush: "I don't believe religious people kill innocent people."

BC students to vote on smoking restrictions (and my view on it all)

Eve of destruction..

How Dems need to handle the so called stadium threat on a national level.

The Middle Class Mystique

My company finished switching all of our servers over to AT&T today

Breaking: Sludge reporting Bush acknowledges Iraq could be like Vietnam

COUNTDOWN Video AND Transcript: "Habeas Corpus" Turley Warns Us All

Like the Mafia, Only Dumber

The October Surprise - Dirty Bomb threat NFL Stadiums

Frugal woman dies at 100 and leaves $35.6 million to charities

8 Soldiers Will Face Court Martial On Murder/Rape Of 14 Yr Old Girl

Fighting for democracy is not a terrorist activity.

Taking nominations for Wingnuttiest Repug running this cycle!

"I" am an Unlawful Enemy Combatant, come and get me punks.

New Post from Riverbend!

VIDEO: OLBERMANN-Countdown Special Comment: Death of Habeas Corpus



HuffPo Kerry post: Support the Patriot Project, stop chickenshit attacks

Boston Elementary School Bans Playing 'Tag' At Recess...

Full Spectrum Domination

Hear Ye Hear Ye: Bush proclaims "National Character Counts Week"


Meanwhile, in Western New York, 130,000 still without power

"Food From Cloned Animals Is As Safe As The Food We Eat Every Day"

'National yawn as our rights evaporate'

My son just registered for Selective Service

Republicans are scared of K. Olbermann. (they never talk about him)

Hope for this Election

Jerry Weller (R-IL) Implicated in Page Scandal

If Dems take the House do you favor Nancy Pelosi as Speaker

To those with digital cameras.

Lame Duck? Dubya's a Dead Duck from the news I've seen.

Cause I'm the TAX MAN!

DUers can help with this petition by signing it and passing it along....

Sweeney: You Call That A Sweatshop? Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY)...

Am I the only person in the world who wants to pound the living shit

A freeper wonders if the NFL bombs might be a good thing.

Beware empires in decline...

I did an internet search on the NFL "Threat"

CNN: Bush has let Hezbollah over US borders to threaten NFL games

Caption this pic of Condi

Larry Johnson: Fumbling the Dirty Bomb

Per vote fraud: Why have elites allowed a changed narrative?

Should we leave Craig in the closet & let him keep suppressing gay rights?

MSNBC: Big Democratic Wins Likely On Election Day

Is The "Ds Will Call For Impeachment" Talking Point HURTING The Rs?

I am SO looking forward..

I heard a caller on c-span say ...

League of Women Voters withdraws from NY debate due to Green exclusion

For you, your sister, your mother, and most definitely your daughter:

Finally, Bush has made us safe from the terrorists

What the heck is "non-hostile fire?"

Man Impresses fiancee by shooting her (Why Gun control is a good thing)

Hey DU! Chertoff says the Internets is turning people into terrorists

"Among the suspects was a former counselor at a Bible camp"

Legally Blind Vet Denied Service At Fayetteville Restaurant

Please Support Sgt. Clousing!

OK,DU...time to email MSNBC and thank Keith

Tester leading Burns in MT senate race 46% to 35%

I am a great, pure liberal - I love my personal freedom

Kerry '08: This cartoon puts it well

AP: Foley attorneys reveal clergyman's name (He's out of the country)

China's $1 trillion in foreign reserves

Air America Co-Founders Start New Liberal Talk Network (Malloy ahoy!)

Diebold Hacking(Just checking)

This is my student who was killed in Iraq....

HOLY SHIT!! NY May Become a ONE PARTY STATE!!!!!!!

Nora O.: Will Dems vow no "living hell" of investigations?

Judge: "NO" Polling Place Signs for Foley (Vote for Foley = Negron Vote)

Toons, Midweek edition

Whose the most over-rated president we ever had?

Lieberman going down? Looks like it might happen

Bush smokes cigarettes away from the cameras. (Laura too)

Dkos: Blackwell Performed Major Purge of Ohio Voter Rolls on Oct. 1


Is Thom Hartman a CIA propagandist? I sure think so...

I am an immoral person who is going to hell

Another Worst Top 10 Congressmen List - Rolling Stone Magazine

How many of you remember when the Democrats WERE the Majority Party?

GRUESOME: Served in Iraq and Afghanistan-Serves Girlfriend up for Dinner

If there is a sharp sell off in stocks - there is a good retort.

A Biologist Calls "Two Humans" Prediction "Utter Nonsense"

Jerry Weller (R-IL 11th) to be implicated in 16 yo involvement!?

Keith Olberman is the greatest man on this earth!!!!

VIDEO: Bush drinking AGAIN??

Lieberman did say it...not expecting an attack from Republican side...

Re: the amazing Dow. Who cares when butter is $3 for 4 sticks.

KEITH OLBERMANN'S Special Comment: 'Beginning of the end of America'

Paul Tibbets talks about the Hiroshima bombing

Guantanmo documentary you must see this

Bush Guts Posse Comitatus, Grabs National Guard!

Fed up with the "Christian" right: a business just lost me as a customer.

Hardball-About half of the Cyclone students stood up to support the war

Remember, "We make our own reality. Others just respond to it?"

Moyers's Warning: Bloggers Are Threatened by Two-Tier Internet

Tonight's DAILY SHOW thread (Tonight's guest: John Ashcroft)

Gibson: no Sharia law, no veils. If you're here, be American

Is President Bush a Christian?

WP:Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore

New York Times Front Page Oct. 19 – ELECTION FREE-FALL- Catastrophe!!!

I lied to my son last night.


I have been researching the ammo dump fire all morning...

I am a Teamster

There goes the GOP base — and probably both houses

North Korea test was plutonium - under Bush I or II, but not Clinton

The Reid "scandal" is totally bogus, and Greenwald tells why

Poll: Intermittent Voters Critical

This says a lot

Ballot Question

Baker plan for Iraq sounds familiar (Kerry 2004 plan)

If you have money to donate.. Pls go to C&L/Firedoglake ActBlue page

Karl Rove's Halloween Horror Show--Democratic Victory Edition

The Other Disenfranchisement....

Russian music download site sends defiant message to US

Space policy released 5 p.m.Fri. before Col. Day, NO public annouc.

Bush and Papa Bear

"Adopt a person to take to the Polls Day" Nov. 7th.

John Amato (Crooks & Liars) on Sam Seder's show, today, 7:30 AM (PST)

I voted yesterday.....

Washington Journal-All about how dirty the Democrats are!

Washington Post Endorses Jim Webb!

Seder wipes the floor with wingnuts

Damn! They're already at it again in Ohio

Economic woe spurs Democrats in the Rust Belt

Nunn: U.S. too rigid on N. Korea

Pretty funny website, in a dark, scary way

Bush today would not replicate '94 North Korea negotiations (Carter)

Brown reopens Senate lead

Can someone help me find the MC Act section retroactively pardoning Bush

Baghdad: 9 U.S. soldiers, 1 Marine killed by roadside bombs, enemy fire

AG Gonzales takes questions re: Military Commissions Act at 4 p.m. Wed.

Iraq plan ignites Burns-Tester debate

Is Tammy Duckworth's stance on semi-autos shooting Democrats in the foot?

Rosie is Giving O'Lielly A Spanking on The View

Gops told: Don't worry, Lieberman may hold the balance of power

Dick Cheney: Republicans will not do as well in elections as the Iraqis!

The Democrats' Anger Advantage: Mad as hell, not going to take it anymore!

Philly Inquirer's 10-18-06 p. A5 article about Duke Cunningham...

A New Direction for Rural America :Pelosi

A political cartoon from 30 years ago.

Steven the tool Pollard opened his mouth on Wash. Journal

When I was a kid, my Dad and I would talk about WWII. Many

Foley's excuse for his stalking teens enforces the pedo line ...

WHIPPING POST: ALLMAN BROS w/graphics dedicated to a new Republican Bill

Video: Boehner says Dems "want to appease the terrorists"

Kids games getting banned.

Gerry Studds' Husband Shut Out of Federal Pension Benefits

(Md.) Steele gets endorsements from Tyson AND Don King

Live by the sound bite - Rice

MSNBC: "Elections could leave Bush lame duck"...Oh, NO! Dear GOD, NO!

Candidate decries sign vandalism ("Child molester")

what I posted in 2001 eerily prescient...take a look

Where is money most needed now to help Dems win in 06?

Make A Law To Prohibit All Negative Campaign Ads........

If the Repukes steal the elections again, will Dems kick down the rotten..

Who else thinks that third party supporters are just looking

What if James Baker III is the OCTOBER SURPRISE ?

Bill "OB-GYN-Wan-Kenobi" O'Reilly: Pregnant women are never in danger

North Carolinians - How is Heath Shuler doing in his congressional race?

CPP warns against use of Philippines as staging ground for US war against

Clinton's Speech at Georgetown

Tonight, on a very special O'Reilly Factor: "Personal attacks on Bush"

Do you feel the fear???

Noran and MSNBC...You Suck!

Possum Queen: "I am even selling my home...I’m committed" (or SHOULD be)

On "Fresh Air" right now! David Kuo, former head of "Faith-based" office!

How is the new and improved FEMA performing in Buffalo?

Football stadium threats. You knew it was coming. Right?

What will happen to GWB after he is gone as POTUS?

I hope I don't get slammed here but...

Isn't it ironic? Ohio Could Doom GOP In 2006

Before The AAR Stream Went Out Randi Was Talking About WH Mtg With Right..

elehhhna in da house? Huff Post remarks sound like her

Stadiums threatened with bomb attack

When the DOW gets to 13,275 CNBC, then maybe I'll get excited....

I am trying to figure out how and where to donate for this election

Nancy Skinner MI-09 Liveblogging at Daily Kos!

Tell the troops to come on home now..........

Make a pledge to match another DNC donor

The ACLU discusses civil rights history, intelligent design and abortion

Anybody ever see this video?

Bush as the Space Ruler (grey pic_---LOOK at this photo:

Ohio Senate: DeWine's Imaginary Cash Advantage Over Brown

Losing Faith in the President (Kuo's exposure of faith-based initiatives)

Bill Clinton Coming to Miami to Raise Money for Jim Davis/Daryl Jones!

GOP is lying about Jim Jeffords in TV ads, refuses to stop!

Barack Obama on Oprah NOW!!

Calling Teresa Heinz Kerry -- Time for some $BIG into battle against Oil

Projected New House*: 225 Democrats 206 Republicans 4 Ties

Poll for TN Senate preference Ford/Corker

C-SPAN junkies - heads up ::: Looks like another nightfull of debates

Good New Republican Paper Chicago Tribune Back Tammy Duckworth

A question for those in tightly contested districts...

Dean in Portland tomorrow rallying Democrats.

Phillip's Screwdrivers and voting.

quickhelp: where is that link to pedophile/otherwise bad repubs?

Judge rules posting signs in polling places re Joe Negron violates FL law

Hear we go again the TERROR SCARE has started i knew it

Frontline on Year 1 of the Iraq War: complete and utter chaos

Sen. Talent Avoids Personal Responsibility in Debate (Video)

The Pathetic State Of Democratic Party

Meet Michele Bachmann, Minnesota's Katherine Harris!!!

AP: Rep. Sweeney Trip Raises Ethics Question (Marianas/Abramoff)

AFL-CIO Voter Protection Program: You Can Get Involved ANYONE can volunte.

Now for tonight's politcal analogy. Fox News ::: Hot Dogs

The goal of the DNC and not to have a fancy website.

"...see you Feb 24th..."

Union-Hater for Hire

He BUCKLED yes he did who said this..

Transcript, video of Clinton speech at Georgetown here:

Are the terra-ists trying to help Dems retake Congress?

AFSCME Union Leader Calls Santorum 'The Anti-Christ'

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison???

Metro Transit driver allowed to avoid buses with gay-themed ads

Photo: "In gusty winds," Condi reveals her horn. I KNEW IT!!!

Anyone watching Lou Dobb's special in Kansas City? It has been very good

**GOOD NEWS POLLS** : Check out all the "Red to Blue" seats!

Remember Ercilia Sandoval, the mom dying of cancer with no health coverage

Scarbie, Bu-cannon talk about * going to "fundraising sessions" in dark

Would it help point out the perilous state of our nation if we

We need a new direction *everywhere*


With Every Fiber of My...

Norah O’Donnell: Dems will make Bush's final 2 yrs in office a living hell

Bush: "Grave threat" from N. Korea will result in a "a grave consequence"

CT senate race: Debate Train to Crazy Town

Here is more Proof Replugs Budget cuts VA Centers can't keep up

Here' a link to Olbermann's comment from tonight's show.

VIDEO: Bush on Iraq, still clueless

We Need a Club 21 to Pitch in Now : 15 House + 6 Senate = 21

Illegals pay into SS "earnings suspense file" (but not recieve payout)

November Surprise? (GOP election trickery rears its head again)

sorry... old poll

FBI asked to join probe of attack ad (CO. gubernatorial race)

WTH? 14% polled have more FAVORABLE impression of Congress?

Today's debate: Alan and Ned team up on Joe.

Can Clinton affect the election outcome?

Your life does depend on it

Poll:Tester Widens Lead Against Burns

Why did UNITE HERE give $10,000 to Richard Pombo?

Brown demands apology from DeWine and RNC

Jim Baker's Iraq report leaks out

CNN: Ohio no longer a graveyard for Democratic dreams

Columbia Tribune Endorses McCaskill, calls Talent a * Lapdog.

CNN devotes 50 times as much coverage to Reid's land deal as Hastert's...

GEORGE "The Idiot" Coming Back To Sarasota... 10-24-06

If D's take the house please tell me they will fix these Damn Machines

I was just surveyed by Survey 2006

Dirty Bombs in 7 Football Stadiums: Trying to Distract OLBERMAN

Scariest GOP Halloween costume?

GET OUT THE VOTE.... This Is My Mantra, I Will Keep Posting This!

Help Needed Please!: DNC Fundraising Info

VIDEO: Countdown Special Comment: The Beginning of the Death of America


alan dershowitz a liberal? need some help here, I have always

Bush accepts comparison of Iraq fighting to the 1968 Vietnam Tet offensive

October: Kerry on the road

Clark on the neo-con nightmare and where to go from here.

Bill Clinton: "The problem with ideology know all the answers"

Help stop the Swiftboating of our Wes Cark

Man-on-Dog Santorum's take on Iraq

Polls like this explain why so little outrage re: habeas corpus / torture

McCain: "I'd just commit suicide" if Democrats take control of Senate

what age groups are the most Democratic? check this graph ...

Is Mike Tyson a republican: he's campaining for Steele

Was McCain wearing a codpiece tonight?

A message from my pre-teen daughter

Please help a wonderful democrat candidate in Idaho

I may be an old woman but they ain`t seen nothin` yet.

Dems were favored to win earlier this year. Why's MSNBC crediting Clinton?

Has the MSM made ANY mention of the Larry Craig outing?

Why does Rove keep saying Dems are weak on security when they aren't

OMG! "Democrat Chris Bell"


Deans 50 State plan in NJ, here are 2 NJ races, they need help

MSNBC lead story: "BIG Democratic wins LIKELY on Election Day"

What does the stock market have to do with the economy

Rejecting Republican Failures

Local paper endorses Hastert purely based on pork; gets slammed

John Gibson: "Muslim Veil Shouldn't Be Worn in West"

Bilbray about to be found guilt of election fraud!

It looks like Chuck Schumer wins the debate with Howard Dean

Patti Smith Takes on Bush at CBGB's NY

Interesting visit with an old friend from Tennessee.

I Rise as a Majority of One

Ford endorses Lieberman

Thank you, Chris Bowers...Unopposed House Democrats Sitting On $26,288,418

Official Military Commissions Act of 2006 and Habeas Corpus Thread