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Archives: October 14, 2006

Govt. reports 788 cases of lost data

WP,pg1: Iraqi Colonel Who Bridged Sectarian Divide Killed: Office bombed

Peruvian rebel leader sentenced to life in prison

Could it be true?! Please let it be true!

New Podcast For Your Musical Azzes

I will never, ever, ever go out to dinner with friends on Fri. the 13th

did you know that Jason Lee and Beck are Scientologists?


Can someone point me to the list of officially recognized religions?

My girl, my girl, don't lie to me

A truly amazing video

Let's hear it for....Slaid Cleaves!

It's Friday the 13th - Top 5 movies that scared the crap out of me...

Paths - R - Us

"So many of our kids are fat and on drugs, that it's almost as if..."

The Australian: "Bush's Mid-Term Meltdown" (mentions Conyers, impeachment)

Crude oil prices drop as Saudi Arabia undercuts OPEC

I shall return...

How long can Foley hide?

KO is on and Lt Cmdr Charles Swift is on and might I say,

On Rove's October surprise:

Where is Jeff Gannon from? Who are his parents? Wiki provides no info

This email from my sister tops them all!

(VIDEO) A message of resistance from Mr Rollins

Florida gubernatorial candidate has trouble with small plane.

Who can WIN the Electoral College in 2008?

WP,pg1: With parade of attractive candidates, Dems play politics of beauty

Bush's Shifting Rationale for Iraq War

Iraqis call for five-man junta to end the anarchy

(Bush) - (Science) = (Death)

LAT: Lost in the Dust of 9/11 (Janitors epic cleanup, now 'the cough' )

American fascism is on the rise....

Why is the white working class so roundly despised?

Britain 'held hostage' by US policy

My Letter in on-line edition of Chicago Tribune

Dannatt's Army: Understrength. Overstretched. And fully behind

Spiritual Felo De Se: Fealty to a Moral Abomination (Jason Miller)

An independent assessment of the war is a great idea

Reuters: Suicide attacks change life in Afghan capital

Foley's Meltdown--Taking it Offline

What it means to be a liberal

Democrats: The Liberal, Moderate and Conservative Party

Planet Energy GmbH Proceeds with Large Roof Top PV Project (Germany)

Climate change inaction will cost trillions: study

Time to become a "locavore"

X-Post: Restraints Fray as Nuclear Age Grows Globally

Israel's Foreign Ministry slams envoy's comments about 'yellow race'

Israelis versus Palestinians: The Scorecard Since the Second Intifada.

Israeli builds "Museum of Tolerance" on top of an Islamic cemetery

Israeli-Hezbollah conflict: A good article explaining what happened

Israel accused of using "Dime" bombs against Palestinians.

Please help us break the 100k mark with this important petition and

Breathtaking : Police telling Federal Reserve employees return to WTC bldg


Someone that has factual good links for 2004 election fraud

Election Assessment Hearing: Letter from Information Quality Experts

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006

"Man Of The Year" (I saw it and its a great opportunity for us!)

Rep. Hoyer Asks for Clear Guidelines For Contested Elections

All in favor of Hand Counted Paper Ballots Constitutional amend please K&R

Channeling TIA: Here's why the GOP can steal the election

CBC: 2nd mole played key role in bomb plot probe

Media Monitors: Afghan resistance causing political unrest in Canada

Dion, Kennedy join fight over Rae delegates

CBC: 2 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghan ambush

Softwood duties going to U.S. charities, Habitat for Humanity

CNN/AP: CBGB's, epicenter of live punk, closing its doors

Peru Shining Path head gets life

Marine trial set in death of Iraqi grandfather

New Law Cripples Internet Gambling (biggest worldwide customer is US)

Reuters: U.S. govt appeals court's NSA wiretapping decision

Tom DeLay's Candidate Quicksteps Out of 'Dancing'


Kerry drops by, cries 'a lie, a lie' (accuses GOP of major mendacity)

Israel war crime charge roils Canada politics

Gerry Studds, 1st openly gay congressman, dies

Sources: Inquiry opened over Kolbe, male ex-pages

Ney to Close St. C Office by December (then resign)

Iraqi police force facing reshuffle

Israel's Foreign Ministry slams envoy's comments about 'yellow race'

LAT: Lost in the Dust of 9/11 (Janitors epic cleanup, now 'the cough' )

AP: Bush Presses U.N. on N. Korea Sanctions (weekly radio address)

Bush's Shifting Rationale for Iraq War

Reuters: Suicide attacks change life in Afghan capital

Teen Questioned for Online Bush Threats

AP - Bush keeps revising war justification

1 Man Still Locked Up From 9/11 Sweeps

Dems Blast Bush Foreign Policy (Radio Address)

AP: Germany: No Prospect of Talks With Iran

7 decapitated bodies dumped near Baghdad

Ohio GOP's financial support wavering

(MA Dem gov. candidate) Deval Patrick Blames Opponent for Newspaper Leak

Dems Have Clear Shot at DeLay's Seat

Grandma's protest plan given support (against SOA-need more grannies)

Ohio GOP's Financial Support Wavering

Cabinet split over new rights for gays (Tony BLair)

*** FBI probing Rep. Weldon, his daughter

breaking news huge brawl at college football game

Ten-strong Iraqi family murdered in sectarian cleansing

Gallaudet Students Arrested

MoD forced to hire civilian helicopters in Afghanistan

New claims of abuse at Florida boys camp

U.S. airman killed in Iraq

Dems facing proven GOP turnout machine

WP: White House Upbeat About GOP Prospects (Repugs panicking)

Breaking: Former Congressman Gerry Studds Dies

D.C. group plans ads to slam (Sue) Kelly

Al-Qaida in Iraq: 'Insurgent Tape' Fake

White House denies allegations it snubbed Foley for being gay

Rep. Jefferson loses party endorsement

Iraqis call for five-man junta to end the anarchy

U.N. Council imposes harsh sanctions on North Korea

AP: Diabetics warned about fake test strips

AP: Fox Fires Baseball Broadcaster Steve Lyons for Insensitive Comment

2 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Restraints Fray as Nuclear Age Grows Globally

Television journalist shot dead in Baghdad

Feds want to know: Did Mitt check tunnel?

2 Ordered Not to Discuss Gitmo Claims

Motivational talk at Fresno High crosses line into religion

Muslim clerics reach out to Pope

Wasted Days And Nights Freddie Fender Dead at 69

NYT: It’s Official: To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered

US Pot advocate charged

Japan Denies Substances Linked to N Korea Test Detected

WP: Allen and Webb in Virtual Tie, Post Poll Says

Army: Ohio Soldier Made Up Story Of Daughter's Iraq Service

New Orleans infested with wildlife

This is a continuation of a now locked thread

The Grudge 2 (not really spoilers)



So I'm extremely drunk right now, had a rough day at work.....

Ed Wood 's Plan 9 from Outer Space is on TCM now.

Name this tune. "Louise rode home on the mail train"

This morning's edition of "Stuff on my Cat." *dial-up warning*

Are you a gracious "taker"?

Should I start smoking at 45?

A9 maps (blockview) feature gone, question

Veronica Lake

89.1 Jazz is on the air

Somebody Pour Ice Water Down My Pants...

HELP! Whats the best anti-virus/spyware software on the market?

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK, Bitches!

Time to start bitching about the Hate Mailbag

From the "No good deed" files....

So I have this friend who always...

so i watched Thank You For Smoking last night.

Something, odd about the "shuffle"

Happy 45th birthday, Andy Stephenson....

Girl rollerskates under 40 cars (video)

Should DU institute a draft?

Just so you know....these are the best pineapples in the world!

Why are people over in GD and GDP so sanctimonious...

Celebrating Chuck Berry's 80th in Grand Style...!! (B.B.C. Radio Devon)

Coolest Game Show TV moment ever

dammit! I have mice

Ok who's up?,Who's down,who isn't really here?

One night in Austin, Raleigh-Durham or Miami?

Root Beer Dum-Dums: The Greatest Dum-Dum of All?

Work like you don't need the money;

Is a cat physically capable of killing another cat?

Happy Birthday, Paul Simon. (one day late)

In 30 Minutes, The Hottest Sounds

OMG!! Mark Foley is in Guy Noir's office, RIGHT NOW!!

God wants YOU to be well!

I just ate a magic brownie. Ask me anything!

A girl smiled at me today

Sprint - fucking criminals

Teach your kids about self respect this Halloween

Local Symphony a Hotbed for Machiavellian Political Maneuvering

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread Sat 10/14/2006

Today I had my brain transplant

really really really dumb computer quiestion

Things I've learned at DU:

Psst. I think Guy Noir has a girlfriend.

Holy Tigers!!

Selling your home and buying an RV to simplify your life

Always carry an umbrella.

On Tuesday, I'm going to fire a shot in the War on Christmas

Boy, I've changed. Met a great gal but won't pursue her 'cause she smokes-

Hey GOPisEvil A&M Just beat Missouri.

Had I the Power to Poll:

I thought the DU Gallery was lost for ever.

I'm thinking of growing my hair out again. Opinions?

Post your "disconnecting from AOL" horror stories here...

Just saw "The Departed" - better than "Goodfellas"

I just bought a new laptop... Ask me anything!

What is the :freak: smiley doing?

A History of violence (movie)

What's your favourite Leibstandarte Division tune?

I need a hug

Sunrise, morning after Green Corn ceremony

Update: Re: my husband's cousin

I can't stand up and I'm bored. This is the thread to amuse me.

I am renaming one of my cats

Clubhouse for Christ

Ask me anything.

Nobody loves me, Everybody hates me

Jackie Brown is one great film. Sure wish Tarentino would use crime novels

Most wonderful movie ever made?

Musician Freddy Fender, 69, dies

I don't need any hugs! And you know why?

Next to Houston, Texas, what is the worst city in the US?

Boards of Canada

Wanda Sykes on HBO at 10!

Re: Baseball Playoff Game - There Are Too Many MORONS In This Country

How does your office compare to sitcom THE OFFICE? left eye....

Happy birthday Catchawave!


who says a picture thread has to be faces....

Sing Along~Its Spooky cos it Halloween

What's your favourite Joy Division tune?

Cat Head Theater

Been filling the gaps in my Hitchcock library

Why are Onion Rings so expensive?

Where the hell did this energy come from?

"A History of Violence" starts on Cinemax tonight.


I found this old picture of my Tabby cat today....

I need....

Are hops (beer) really related to mari-juana?

Family gets me down.......

How many DU'ers does CalPeg have in her little black book?

Any men want to have a beard-growing contest?

OKAY, I usually don't do much personal stuff here, but... here goes...

What is the term for your grandmother's sister's son's granddaughter?

HBO's Rome

More adventures in photography...

The world's most expensive bottled water - US$40 a bottle

The perfect gift for Rush Limbaugh this Christmas!

Corgis: a genetic crossbreed between weiner dogs & border collies?

New Scary Idiocy from the Fundies

The dryer got another one of my socks.

Question about anxiety disorders / therapists

WannaBe G.........

Diana Krall fans: Check in!!


Someone give me the name of a band to listen to.

Why is my life so backward?

Minn. Principal Who Shot Kittens Resigns (on school grounds)

My Health Insurance Isn't Good Anywhere Anymore

Pixie-Bob or British Shorthair?


Anybody else put sugar in their spaghetti sauce?

Am I the only one who likes Marilyn Manson?

We need a saturday night Picture thread :o)..What say you ?

Vilest. Fundie. Website. Ever.

I would like to take this moment to say...

Longest. Thread. Ever.

PZ Myers on Dawkins/Salon: Why is bridging science and religion "good?"

Have you ever given you granddaughter a bath?

'Heavier weight tied to poorer mental function'

The National Geographic Genographic Project

This day in history

Studds, 1st openly gay congressman, dies

Re: Baseball Playoff Game - There Are Too Many MORONS In This Country

We Got Some Real MORONS In This Country

Johnny Callison has died

steve lyons fired

Someone please tell Trachsel this isn't batting practice.

breaking news huge brawl at college football game

Sports broadcasters you'd most like to see sent to another planet...

Quantum Enigma, review, appears to have the ability to alter

New Matthew message from October 13, 2006

UpDate on "Blue Water Navy" Agent Orange Claims

NH Jefferson Jackson Dinner: It went well

Well look who signed this!

On DKos: John Kerry Throws Down the Gauntlet in NH

Oh. Beautiful diary in the Dead Letter Office - dKos. Comment anyway.

Copied from GD - what is your earliest political memory?

OT: Romney Under Investigation by the Feds

OT: This is just the kind of suggestion

Clinton/Kerry first tier, Edwards second tier, everybody else trying to ..

What bastids,

Good article about Kerry's speech in NH yesterday

Did you guys see this Taylor Marsh post?

Bee Series

Just called the cops in protest of richies and their fireworks.

Preliminary analysis of air samples confirm N. Korean nuke test.

WP editorial hits Reid's "nondisclosure"

Where is the love...

does anyone have link to thread with pic of Bush and Hastert ?

Pneumonic plague reappears in Africa.

Changed by War

2,759 U.S. Troops dead in W's war of choice against Iraq

John Gibson being fair and balanced again

Bring the Boys Back Home

Did anyone watch Lehr last night? I taped it and thought the

People of Arizona/Mark Foley part 2

Can someone refresh my memory? Who ran WTC security on 9/11?

LTTE “Longtime Republican can't stay one”, Montgomery Alabama

Feds probe trip that Kolbe made with pages

Current world leader/dictator * is most like?

Talking to the shrub commercial - September Fund

U.S. squandered chance to improve the world -Gorbachev

OK, since N.Korea now has nukes, why not make friends with them instead

Dancing with the Stars, Sara Evans & a metaphor for our times

7 headless bodies dumped near Baghdad. bush's war is lost.

Washington Journal Time

UK denies parallels in Afghanistan with failed Soviet invasion

From the trenches

Places where DU can help RIGHT NOW

NYSCD #19 Sue Kelly downgraded by CQ !

Sorry-duplicate post. n/t

Busy little law firm & the Ax the Tax controversy in Florida.

Never fuckin forget - ~- , GeT oUt ThE vOtE !!! GOTV !


Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 14 Oct 06

Israeli-Hezbollah conflict: A good article explaining what happened

Dems have clear shot at DeLay's seat

What about the War on Halloween?

Republican Damage Control Failing - Gene Lyons

An Argument for Dem/GOP Bridge-Building

Who should host "The Real News"...

Are There Any Other PATCO 81 Survivors Here?

Details of 2nd assault emerges in US Marine's Iraqi murder case

I've completely had it!! (O'Reilly "interview" with Fetzer

Help me respond to this ass-hat's LTE this morning:

Bush got ONE question about the Republican pedophile cover up in Congress

James Baker: NO VICTORY IN IRAQ-Be Nice To Insurgents-Talk To Syria & Iran

Have You Noticed that Democrats are the Best Looking!

It Ain't Torture When ...

Sunday talk shows October 15

Gay Marriage Losing Punch as Ballot Issue

Regarding Valerie Plame Wilson - another angle?

Has anyone heard from Knitter4democracy?

Radical Fringe Toon - Saturday 10/14/06

David Kay: Iran Doesn't Have & Won't Have Nuclear Weapons For Long Time

Woodward Interview / Wilson Article in this week's 'DER SPIEGEL' (English)

They can only steal the vote if YOU let them

300,000,000 million Americans by next Tuesday.

A 1994 nuclear agreement monitor in North Korea SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

Hospital: Former Rep. Studds dies at 69

Internet Gambling Act pissing off young conservatives.

No more x-mas/Faux news is getting an early start this year.

SEAL Killed

Wow... First Openly Gay Person (Studds) Elected To Congress Dies - (MSNBC)

For once, I'd like to THANK some of our Democratic leaders.

My wife's LTTE on Lieberman, the flip-flopper, is published

New ad from Majority Action hitting hard on stem cell research -

Dick Morris's solution to North Korea

Repuke Message from America's heartland! (What an idiot!)

Some help with this story?

Bush is ILLEGITIMATE, along with his Administration


GOP's Sure Bets in Florida Now Appear in Question - LA Times

Have you ever given you granddaughter a bath?

NewsMaxs' Headlines today. .(no "bias" there, right?)

Sara Evans' Freeper Husband denies all allegations

No! Fox News takes over iconic Times Square screen!

WP: The Dem's may win because their candidates are better looking!!

Faux news suggests Cindy lied and wasnt nominated for Peace Prize

Why Republicans Should Vote Democrat in November

The Republican Party is the Party of BS: The Dem Party gatta promote

anti-Arnold commercial contest (youtubers and flashers, SAVE CA!)

Seriously what happened at that Ammo depot

Gerry Studds dies

[Tortured Canadian] Arar to miss [US] award over fear of arrest

Root Beer Dum-Dums: The Greatest Dum-Dum of All?

Five Scandals That Could Put Republicans in Jail by James Ridgeway

How Republicans could snatch away the Senate if the Democrats win

TX-22: National GOP Not Investing In Race For DeLay Seat - TPMCafe

Breast cancer cases soar in farm workers

British Airways suspends worker with crucifix

Keith Olbermann's report on the Administration's use of Evangelicals

Kim Jong-il Acts Up for Bush

There is no "Right to Privacy" guaranteed in the Constitution

Richly deserved prize for banker to the poor: nominate this up kids :)

Trouble on the way!

(VIDEO) GOP writing off Sick Rick, plus coverage of the PA Sen debate

Nancy Johnson (CT-05) is slammed by Hartford Courant

Sorry, LOL !!! - Gotta DU It !!! - Caption This !!!

Environmentalists stage 'naked' bike ride protest (UK)

Anyone Know Where to Find National Talk Radio Ratings?

Soros Considers Forming AIPAC `alternative'

The "consent of the governed"

Cute graphics I ran across

Need info a 14 year old Girl said something about Bush threatened lock up

WTF Bush on TV again n/t

What happened to Bob Boudelang, the "equal time" guy?

House prediction: 226 (D) - 205 (R) 4 Ties @

Lieberman is getting scared, apparently

Who's going to beat Hillary for the 2008 nom and more importantly how ?

No doubt: Tweety is the biggest asshole in the known universe.

about our ammo dump the iraqis blew up.a couple days ago

Bush Admin Appeals Judge Diggs Taylor's Wiretapping Decision

I need help and advice...

NK tells UN we're thaaaat close to declaring war on them

Is it possible to vote twice?

N Korea denounces 'gangster' sanctions

Six weeks after the coming election...

A mini rant, or somethin' like that

A headline I never thought I'd see: Bush keeps revising war justification

Here's a bill to press on our legislators:

Re: Baseball Playoff Game - There Are Too Many MORONS In This Country

Can some one please check a C & L download for me?

My letter to Detroit Free Press re: Harry Reid "land deal scandal"

Newsflash: "Most kid homicides happen outside school "

Bush keeps revising war justification..Mission Accomplished

Fox fires Lyons after insensitive comment

Gay Marriage Losing Punch as Ballot Issue

Blair: Dannatt's criticisms are 'absolutely right'

It took 6 years for the dow to get back to Clinton's high. Pathetic!

Funny audio of political activist, spoken word artist Jello Biafra.

Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) spokeperson "abruptly resigned"

Plot Thickens - Spokesperson For Rep. Kolbe Abruptly Resigns

I Want My Jesus Back

Here we go again: Conservatives Rally Against Bush Aide-Turned-Critic

Tell me about Arlen Specter and Ira Einhorn

Pakistan foils coup plot

Chomsky number five on new york times bestseller list.

Most Emailed story is Bush keeps revising war justification. Lets do

Have any of you caught Diplomat John Brady Kiesling on C-Span?

Fucking Neo cons!

When can we drop the "Neo" from Neo-Con?

LA Times: GOP's Sure Bets In Florida Now Appear In Question

S.Africa to seize land from white farmers

"Setting the Record Straight" - Bush Administration responds

Sat.Oct 14th Pelosi: Ney Should Resign Today

17 headless bodies found north of Baghdad

Hannity falsely claimed recent polls showing advantages for Democrats...

If I lived in Seoul, S. Korea I would be buying a one-way plane ticket...

Can men marry if they have ovaries?

A Message to Republicans: This Election Is All About George W. Bush – AND

The Ugly Republicans: The greatest trick ever (video)

Any DUers going to the ACLU Convention this weekend?

Our motto risks becoming ‘Over God we fight’

Dems Win: Attractive Politicians Have Edge Over-Not So Attractive (WaPo)

Please DU this poll...

Is Soros the new boogey man - Horowitz made baseless claim that Soros...

The Lesson? Speak Softly And Carry A Big Nuke

Listen to a Democratic strategist's comment on Air America (video)

not one arts center as a tribute to the arts, not one library, not one

Frank Rich: Outing the Gay Old Party-"Could wedding bells be far behind?"

GOP Protection Racket

Proof the GOP is dying! = UP 24% and DOWN 47%

It's a very QUIET WEEKEND out there in Cable Land....What was Friday Dump?

Has there been a post lately asking about the least favorite RW

Hedge funds bankroll movie deals w/ H-wood producers? (link) This is nuts.

The British Officer Said: 'We Are Now Just Another Tribe'...

Unclassified Media Project #2

After 46 years, Tower Records Stores close; sold for $134M to liquidator memories of a Fallen Freeper

Latest Poll Results October 14th

I actually hate it when people make fun of Bush now

isn't it time for bush to have another ugly facial injury about now?

Welcome to the United States!

Known human carcinogen asbestos kept off global list of toxic substances

Are we seriously thinking of starting a war with N.K?

To hell with Programming and Web Design. I found my new career!

"Behold the Internet of Tomorrow"

Why are the Dems not courting the Latino vote? With the immigration

I was wrong on Iraq - Australian General Apologizes (Herald Sun)

Amusing Hate Mail... Lesson? Freepers need to watch sentence structure.

Poll Governor Tx

At what number did it stop being collatoral damage?

Sex Ring?

I hate Lou Dobbs...No I don't...Yes I do....No I don't...Yes I do...

I have to show you this or die! HMO-Lympics!!

Veteran fight for answers on debilitating disease

This is our "Diplomat" John Bolton in Action Regarding NK....

Feds want to know: Did Mitt check tunnel?

2760 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Please Help: Which Good Iraq/Political Books am I Missing?

It's time to start the war on Christmas! Everybody knows the gameplan

Minn. Principal Who Shot Kittens Resigns (on school grounds)

Republican Talking Point Bingo

General Peter Pace says war with N. Korea would be messy but we can win

The IRONY A photo essay?

1.6 million refugees have fled Iraq; 40,000 a month to Syria alone.

Surprise! Bush to begin carpet bombing North Korea!

Good Idea for a Good Tee Shirt.


Iraq: Divide and Rule, 'Ethnic Cleansing Works'

LA Times endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger!

It's time to say sorry for Iraq's agony

Clutching our values aboard the death train of empire

What started the Republican slide? Schiavo, Katrina, Iraq?

Big pharma is fighting back about Canadian drugs being allowed.

I would have expected the Vatican to come out against the genocide in Iraq

Like DUHH HHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(VIDEO) Bill Maher's Monologue and New Rules

Sibel's movie - director interview - part 3. Perle's World

I have DSL service from a local phone company

Soldiers take citizenship oath before deploying to Iraq

Soldier killed in Iraq had feared returning to `hell on earth'

Three Cheers For Stephanie Miller! (uses Facts on Faux!!!)

Picture Caption Time

Cruel joke on a GI's anti-war mom?

all elected alcoholics have 48 hours to enter rehab or you cant get out

If any Repukes use THE LATE Gerry Studds as a talking point tomorrow...

Bush says when he took office he discovered N. Korea was cheating on nukes

North Korea is right

Do you find these Oprah comments to be racist/offensive?

Teen questioned for online Bush threats

Foley's 'red flags' didn't raise enough eyebrows

Bush Is A Selfish WarMonger.....N.Korea

April of this year: Iraqi casualties are DOWN!!!

Tom DeLay's Candidate Quicksteps Out of 'Dancing'

WP: "Faith Night" at the ballfield

Great HuffPost entry by Cenk Uyger (The Young Turks)

DU - WTF is going on with the GOP?

NYT: Expecting U.S. Help, Sent To Guantanamo

Must-Read Explanation of Republican Sex --->>>

WTF?#! GOP allows a CONVICTED felon to stay in Congress instead of jail!!

Sunday Talk Shows

Falwell: Christians Uniting to Safeguard Christmas

Ohio Republican governor approval rating is 12 percent

If same-sex marriage is legal, what about domestic partner benefits?

Let's Say The Supreme Court Overturns The "Detainee Bill"

America is finally revolting against the Republicans ::Guardian

Aaron Russo

Fox sportscaster says Hispanic colleague stole his wallet, gets fired

Has anyone ever heard of Communities United? I received a

Is there a total news blackout on the munitions attack and explosions

Your best Saturday laugh ever

Teen questioned for online Bush threats

Jefferson's warning about private banks.

Female Executives and Gender Equality

LAT: Revealed! Data theft from federal agencies since '03 affects millions

Sandy Berger - Double Jeopardy?

Kidney's out and looking good!

US Christian leader 'shocked' at Iraq death-toll study statistics

Mr. Kelley Is 89 & Angry-He Says He Simply “Can’t Wait” for Election Day.

AAR has filed for bankruptcy, does it make a difference to you?

TIGERS WIN !!! 6-3 !!!!

Some Good Old Fashioned Republican Bashing - alot of pictures

US mailboxes removed from streets

CIA Leak Case NOT Over & Cheney Still At Center Of Story

Complete 25 Page Report From The Lancet On Iraq Death Totals

5 RFK pics for a Sat. afternoon...and movie "Bobby" trailer.

A Red State (Ohio) Goes Code Blue For GOP - Chicago Tribune

Question for Admins/Mods on Election Day

I just watched the movie,"THE YES MEN" funny funny funny!

Age fifty+: How well are you set for retirement?

The America We Know And Love Comes To An End Tues 10/17/06 9:15 a.m.

Open Letter to DU, Friends of Alarcojon

Anti womens choice voters should share the blame for 657,759 deaths

From DKOS...Kansas Gets It...

Bob Woodward Interviews John Kerry

Fundy Halloween "Outreach" program: " 'IN YOUR FACE' HELL HOUSE!"

What were the totals for the military vote in 2004?

Edwards: Bush Iraq policy 'proactive stupidity'

A Christian Halloween

US Action On NK

Invasion of Iraq benefited N. Korea, Iran

John Kerry Rocks the Granite State (pic heavy)

Troops Battle 10-Foot Marijuana Plants In Afghanistan

Is it just me, or do others here now avoid signing up for Websites which

voter verification website?

I'm going to an "Iraq For Sale" Party. Will check in when I return.

If Rep. Bob Ney doesn't IMMEDIATELY resign, Dem candidates nationally

Cindy Sheehan gets unfairly trashed by Norah O'Donnell on MSNBC

What is the worst thing about extreme RW fundie religion?

Breaking: Mitt Romney (R) Under Federal Investigation

President Eisenhower, born Oct 14, 1890

Use this nickname for members of Bush's party from now on

Arms race on the American Great Lakes

Please help us break the 100k mark with this important petition and

is adoption something progressives should avoid?

Whatever happened about Ken Mehlman and the NH phone jamming?

American Prison Camps Are On The Way

Shocking video of George Bush EATING A BABY!!!

"He knew all about it. He didn't think of the kids or anyone but himself."

florida turnpike victims' identitites released by police.

Getting Foley into "rehab" was a brilliant move by the GOP

I say we organize this now

Poll : Only 16% of Americans think Govt. is telling truth about 9/11

NY-20 race (Sweeney v. Gillibrand) called a toss-up by CQ!!!!

Another opportunity for non-violent discussion of gender violence

Afghanistan 'like a human abattoir'

What should be done for the addicts that end up in the street?

What if you could Get-Out-the-Vote from the comfort of your home?

Seriously considering relocating to the Seattle area - any tips?

Have the "Christians" gone too far?

Why are some people so strongly against Socialism?

Board candidate faces sex charges

"Abramoff Paytriots (TM)" include George Allen

The "Jenna Test" for defining torture...

Delphi/GM's retirees sue State Street; Michigan's Conyers "pissed"

Check out Doonesbury's "The Sandbox" - military blog

A Blue District Gone Red, Coming Back

Evans hubby (GOP/PACman) denies Nanny sex

New Rasmussen Poll for Good and Bad. 10/14 VA, OH, MT, MO

Urgent! DU e-mail barrage needed! Here's why:

FBI investigates Rep. Curt Weldon

The Ugly Republicans: The greatest trick ever (video)

CA's Gropenator

WaPo's front page: "attractive" Dems; Talking Points gives GOP equal time

Will there be impeachment proceedings if both Houses are taken?

Europe Beats U.S. In Jobs Creation While Maintaining Stronger Worker Prote

Pelosi-Carney slam ad

CNA (nurses) Threatens Strike If Employers Exploit NLRB Kentucky River

The Week in Political Cartoons

Some Congressional races not on the radar

GOP Sure Bets in Fla. Now in Question: Could pick up 5 House seats

GOP talking points hitting LTTE in a paper near you

"cut and run"

A Red state Goes Code Blue For GOP! From Buzzflash

Wife of former Florida governor endorses Joe Viscusi for District 12

Newspaper Fell for Fake Iraq Story

Gerry Studds DEAD just annonced on C-SPAN1

“Duke Cunningham Act”

Frame: Journalists and voters let the GOP talk down to them.

Rove wouldn't let Foley quit and go to K street

Jeb and Foley's emails

Potty Politics - "Vote Or Get Off The Pot."

Secret Service HAD to protect Chimpy against this SCARY terrorist!!!

Craig Schelske: "It's about leadership, American values and ideals"

Impeachment Effort Embroils Small Town of Washington, Connecticut

Political Climate Warms to Lieberman’s Favor

Conservative Repubs are the enablers of corporate blood suckers

congressional leadership

Bush Radio: "After I came to office, we discovered that North Korea..."

Is Baker suggesting that we NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS?

Why do some find it all so "ORWELLIAN?" It's just another day on the farm

If Harry Reid appears to be guilty of using his office for

Please Ring of Fire, not today.

The Onion publishes "unauthorized" Bush biography "Destined for Destiny"

What elected Repugs going down would make you the happiest.?

The crimes of state. Another pol bites the dust - Illinois

Aren't all American citizens subject to...

Bob Woodward on Tim Russert's Show, CNBC, 6pmCT. nt

Straight Talk Is Cheap

This really pisses me off! Why does PUBLIC TELEVISION get

Patrick Murphy Poll

GOP - Faux Federalists (The "Any Means To An End" Party)

Democrats Have Intensity, but G.O.P. Has Its Machine

Chicago Tribune: A Red State Goes Code Blue For GOP (Ohio)

Ehrlich, O'Malley Swap Scorn in TV Debates

Are you just as tired of the Chimps claims I support the troops

We Protested Rove But Their Own Behavior Did More Damage

California second in Army recruiting

FBI probing Rep. Weldon, his daughter

In New Hampshire: "It was as if Kerry 2006 was channeling Dean 2003..."

Bush On Jong

Murtha Campaigns Against Rival Ohio Rep.

Foley scandal a local issue for Reynolds

The two faces of Rumsfeld

Who thinks this PA corruption crap will hurt

From A Daily Kos Post; Possibly A Change Is Brewing In Kansas

How Bad Will It Be?

Britain forced to scour world for helicopters for Afghan: US says NO

Poster at Kos caught Carville's approval of Dean's strategy...

Pickles needed Dermablend? Photo:

Romney Under Investigation by the Feds

The most evil ........ ?

Just came back from Nancy Pharma Johnson vs. Chris Murphy debate in CT

Bush keeps revising war justification

US Coal Mine Deaths Reach 40 this year!

"Shoot me first, please...."

With 24 days left ........

Will Rove see outcome "on the wall" & suggest Bush risk special forces

I thought so. They have told candidates not to talk about leaving Iraq.

Real Clear Politics now predicts a Democratic majority in Senate

DC Dem Consultant Slams Air America Radio (video, praises Limbaugh)

Some thoughts on "centrism".

How Rahm Emmanuel Has Rigged a Pro-War Congress

I for one am really concerned about losing AAR or it being morphed into

Bob Woodward points out one of BushCo's favorite rhetorical devices

Brave enough to find out if Bush has been tellin us the TRUTH??

What's most important about winning the House? Pelosi: "Subpoena power"

CWA VP speaks on Iraq war (Nam Vet rips W a new one)

In PA, Questions About War Erode a Traditional Republican Advantage

WaPost: "WH 'inexplicably upbeat' about GOP prospects" (the fix is in)

Tony Snow: "A number of black leaders" say Allen "is not a bigot. Period."

'how to stop terrorism' by Noam Chomsky (video)

What will be the headlines when the civilian deaths in Iraq reaches 1 mil?

Willie Brown: Schwarzenegger is going to win — "No matter what."

My local news station is my new hero! Already busted Beauprez's

Tom Reynolds campaign pulling out all stops..

Army “Big Brother” Unit Targets Bloggers

The Nobel Peace Prize

Sign the Petition for Emergency Paper Ballots-and check out who's signed!

Christian Vote: Now is our time!

Notes on November's Election (Paul Krugman)

Three and a half weeks out: some predictions!

Goodbye America....from Canada

On wingnuts discrediting Lancet's 655k dead Iraqis study

AP: "Bush Keeps Revising War Justification"

I think the Puggies are right--the Dems are playing politics.


Photo: Bush & Rumsfeld share a hearty belly laugh at Arlington dedication


I went to a viewing of "Iraq for Sale" today. We need people to show

Ney stays on?

Kerry Throws Down the Gauntlet in NH

christian proselytizing through the military--on OUR dime

Hillary is a Lead Zeppelin