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Archives: October 13, 2006

Conason: Wagging the "Big Dog"

Toronto Star: New ecology plans: all talk no jokes

G&M: Black hails Canada as great world power

NYT: Bush Joins Hastert at Rally, and Lavishes the Praise

Diplomacy needed to soften up Sudan on peacekeepers - UN

Military Families React to Announcement About Troop Levels (in Iraq 2010)

LAT: Book: Bush Aides Called Evangelicals ‘Nuts’

Bush's Approval Ratings Slip (WSJ/Harris Poll 34% approval)

NYT/AP: Little Rock School Board Has First Black Majority

O.J. Simpson Seeks Dismissal of Suit

DU Potheads, it's time ot serve your country.

I just watched Groucho sing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady"

Toni Collette appreciation thread

Why do we need singers or bands to tell us ideas that we already know?

Sandra Bullock looks to be great in Infamous.

First snowfall!

Wait South Park was ripping on 9/11 conspiricay nutters.

I have a chance to spend 5 weeks in London this summer.

Tomorrow will soon be here.........

I was listening to the song "Not Where It's At" by Del Amitri and

You know you work with remediation folks when you bring a bag of soil back

War. What is it good for?

Mail Carriers...Admit it. You're watching our Netflix movies, aren't you.

Olbermann on again now...

Dean: You Can't Trust Repubs With Your Money-Or Your Kids Or-To Defend You

Pelosi says it may take a woman to clean up House

Documents Show DOD Snooping on Quakers, Others Opposed to Iraq War

2758 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Tempting Faith, the book, moving up on Amazon

Coup rumors spreading like wildfire in Iraq

Porter Goss was the blabbermouth on extraordinary rendition.

Blair blamed for 655,000 Iraq deaths

Audio-signature technology will detect unlicensed content on YouTube

That does it!!!! I'm joining the army

BREAKING: In surprise move, White House expands reach of War on Terror

What Is Rove's Cryptonite?

Krugman: Republican majority will end on Election Day

Relocating to Cheaper Housing May Not Help Low-Wage Families

Marine Rats Out Fellow Guantanamo Abusers

Krugman: Repubs May Be Headed Toward Their Katrina

Chicago anti-Bush protest and Duckworth v Roskam debate

DU this Santorum / Casey debate winner poll. It's being freeped

Photo: Bono and model Christy Turlington befriend a comatose man

The Lie of Marijuana...

NYT: Stars Come Out for Menendez and Kean in New Jersey Senate Campaign

NYT/AP: New Hampshire Poll: McCain, Hillary Clinton Most Popular

Seat in Congress Helps Mr. Taylor Help His Business

Halliburton Charged With Selling Nuclear Technology to Iran

Dean in Miami... time for a new generation to take over.

Kill the Messenger: The Tragic Life of Gary Webb

Why is the American press silent on the report of 655,000 Iraqi deaths?

Breaking the Silence of the Night

Tony Norman: When government snoops, all groups should be afraid


By His Own Word, Bush is the "UNACCEPTABLE PRESIDENT."

Helen Thomas- Finding a way to get Bush off the hook

Columbia Journalism Review: Debating the Body Count in Iraq

Terror legislation (and Cuban exile terrorist Posada)

Lawyers vote to condemn Govt's treatment of Hicks

Appeasement - Republicans misuse the term so much it no longer means anyth

Counting The Iraqi Dead By Eugene Robinson

Consumers Permanently Change Behavior Due to Fuel Costs

Rioting of US generals and talking with Iran - Prof. Mowlana

U.S. ammo dump in Iraq spreads bombs around Baghdad..

The Sad Death Of 'Organic' - By Mark Morford

Seeking comments/feedback on my editorial

How Gandhi Got His Mojo Back

The House Line: Incumbents in Trouble -good summary-(2 Dems losing)

Newsweek: Tip Off -Goss unwittingly revealed "Rendition" program

George Allen, Republican Senator from Virginia - I'm Macaca, you're Macaca

Four more years?

Howard Dean: You can't trust Republicans with your money, Can't trust them

"Debunking the Foley Myth Machine" (media matters report)

Neo-cons come out guns blazing By Jim Lobe


U.S. should hike gasoline taxes: foreign policy grp (Reuters)

Climate change inaction will cost trillions: study

Bush Worried Low Pump Prices May Slow New Fuels - Reuters

Common Water Contaminant Linked To Poor Thyroid Function In Women

Huge Coal Face Mine Fire In Victoria, Australia -

Actual Headline! - "Study Finds Oilsands Could Mitigate Climate Change"

UK Autumn Temperatures On Track For All Time High - Independent

Interesting Article "Imagine Earth without people"

Sudden Releases From Thawed Peat Pushed Sudden Warming 12,000 YA - Reuters

Buffalo Blizzard All-Time Record For October Storm - 300K w/o Power - AFP

Rice Pronounces Kyoto Round Dead - Hindu News

Massive Coral Losses Up To 99% Along SW Madagascar Coast - ENN

Big Bogs spurred Ancient global warming

National e-waste legislation to keep hardware costs lower

Think making it about the $$$$ will make them care about it?

Area Of E. Siberian Lakes Up 12% In 30 Years Thanks To Big Melt - RFE

Western States Epicenter Of Warming In United States - Denver Post

Survey Shows Dramatic Water Loss In Alaska Boreal Lakes, Ponds - AFP

Indonesia Signs Regional Pact To Slow Fires, Smog - Reuters

PM Howard Admits Australia's Drought Worst In 100 Years - IHT

FuelCell Energy Sells Direct FuelCell Power Plant to Resort (CA)

Water At Risk To Millions Due To Melting Glaciers

Leading candidate of Canada's Liberals accuses Israel of war crimes

Israel war crime charge roils Canada politics

Lebanon: IAF planes infiltrating Lebanese airspace will be shot

Foreign Ministry slams envoy's comments about 'yellow race'

Hamas Web site says Iran promises aid to Palestinian security forces

Collateral damage ( Gideon Levy)

Journalists Join with Villagers of Bil’in in Solidairty With Emad Bornat

IDF sets up detention center near Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians riot over Temple Mount restrictions

Foreign Ministry slams envoy's comments about 'yellow race'

Can someone refresh my memory? Who ran WTC security on 9/11?

Has this been posted here?

Illinois Ballot Integrity Project News Release:

We can't afford more fraudulent elections ( Velvet Revolution links)

Republican McPherson (CA SOS) Favors Emergency Paper ballots

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Oct. 13, 2006 -

Fox news!! MD election officials fear shortage of absentee ballots

Sticky Election Day irregularities thread?


Blackwell to decide if opponent Strickland stays in the race

Working Assets is not careful. Anyone have a contact there?

Feinstein: Legislation To Require Paper Records-For Accuracy Of Elections

Which or how many of these CA races below seem key to you?

G&M: Harper's aim strays

Why Bloc likely itching for Spring election

CanWest: Harper's mouth could be his own worst enemy

Not too dead to work for Tampa

Rare October snowstorm hits western New York, topples power lines

Bank Robber's Wish to Go to Prison Granted (Prison as a retirement plan..)

Abramoff ties put 5 groups at tax risk

BBC - Army chief defends Iraq comments

Documents Reveal Scope of U.S. Database on Antiwar Protests

By His Own Word, Bush is the "UNACCEPTABLE PRESIDENT."

US forces killed ITN man in Iraq

Brooksville civilian worker killed in Iraq (Another merc bites dust)

US law experts question timing of Qaeda treason charge J. Turley

(Fordham)Ex-aide swears Hastert staff knew years ago

Bomb kills head of Iraqi 'SWAT team'

E. coli linked to cattle ranch

Retail Sales Down in September!

Letters on voter ID under fire (AJC)

The egalitarian economist

US troops protect former minister after jail sentence

Bin Laden urged to disown Iraq's Qaeda chief: TV

Coroner: U.S. killed British TV reporter

Task Force Lightning Soldier dies

Sadr orders his militia not to kill Iraqis

US law experts question timing of Qaeda treason charge

Two Republican groups bypass Santorum's campaign (Giving up on Lil'Ricky)

why country singer sara evans is divorcing her republican husband

IBM sees more growth in India

Air America files for bankruptcy

(CA-19) Sen. Feinstein asks Rep. Radanovich (R) to pull photo from ad

Lawmakers' families take exotic trips -- for free (DetNews)

CNN reporting jornalist unlawfully killed by U.S. forces in Iraq2003

Remark Roils Canadian Contest

1 NATO soldier killed, another wounded in Afghan bomb attack

UK denies parallels in Afghanistan with Soviet invasion

Western New York clobbered by record snowfall

NATO soldier, eight civilians die in Afghan suicide bombing

Ney Pleads Guilty, Will Resign From U.S. Congress

U.S. forces 'killed UK reporter'

Iran says US incites Sunni-Shia strife in Iraq

Battle of Algiers director dead at 86

NN: House of Death informant fingers Mexican, U.S. governments

‘Steady, silent exodus’ of refugees fleeing Iraq

South Korea's Ban Ki-moon Appointed Secretary-General of United Nations

Russian paper publishes slain reporter's unfinished story,

Wal-Mart ordered to pay $78M ( {PA case, overtime}

Blair 'agrees' with UK Army chief

Officer (Love) Suspended Over Graphic Web Site

Reporters in Iraq face snipers and kidnappings

Bush-DeLay-GOP favorite, Sara Evans, quits amid nasty divorce

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2006 has been awarded..

Pentagon rejects British claim their reporter was unlawfully killed

White House hopefuls preparing for 2008

Hamas Web site says Iran promises aid to Palestinian security forces

AP: 8 Females (killed), 2 Teenagers Kidnapped in Iraq

USDA withheld information from state in E. coli investigation

Feds probe (Camping) trip that Kolbe made with pages

Anti-Semitic incident in German school

Justices restore $1 million trust to UMWA (miners union)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 13

Medicare Drug Premiums Will Rise for Many

AP: Researcher says American West is becoming warmer faster on average tha

CNN/AP: South Korean finance minister named next U.N. leader

Jury set for coin dealer trial

Shiites push for British troops to leave

Lidle estate to get full union benefits, but may be ineligible for life in

Congressman(R) Demands 'Wall Street Journal' Retract Article

Gallup: Democratic Edge on Issues Extends to Terrorism, Morality

(Jeb) Bush meets to discuss Cuba after Castro

Fearing assassination, clerics flee Iraqi "City of Mosques" (Falluja)

Official: No Radioactive Particles Found (but does NOT mean there was not

‘North Korea Will Test H-Bomb’

Dozens of cities see jump in murders, robberies

NYT/AP: A-Rod on Board Jet That Overruns Runway at Bob Hope Airport

Medical costs push 78 million Asians into poverty

Habitat for Humanity gets lumber duties

Iraqi Interior Minister to Purge Agency to Stem Killings

General: U.S. Has Troops to Fight N. Korea

NYT: U.S. Hits Obstacle in Getting a Vote on North Korea

Al-Sistani's influence declining in Iraq

Dodd Proposes Shift In Iraq

Pentagon inspector general orders Guantanamo probe

Reuters: Asbestos kept off global list of toxic substances

Pentagon admits error on 'threat' (Broward, FL Anti-War Coalition)

WP: In Key Races, Democrats Look at Rivals' Personal Lives

Bush formally outlaws online gambling

Russia building football-field size nuke barge to power Arctic

Menezes trial next October

Comair Sues Feds, Kentucky Airport

Basra fears a security disaster if British leave the field to militias

AP: Bill Clinton says right wing has hurt U.S., predicts win by Democrats

Missing University of Vermont student found dead

U.S. citizen facing execution in Iraq

Reuters: Schwarzenegger takes green roadshow to New York

Laura Bush lures diverse protesters

No Early Foley Complaints, Head of Pages Says

CNN/AP: FAA restricts Manhattan flight path over East River

Breaking on CNN: Air America files for bankruptcy

NYT: NPR’s News Chief Resigns After 9 Months: Period of instability

Govt.: Keep Cuban Militant Locked Up

Shays says Abu Ghraib abuses were more about sex, not torture

NYT: Gay Marriage Losing Punch as Ballot Issue

Ney to Resign Today

CNN: U.N. refugee agency: Exodus in Iraq (1.6 M) forces priority shift

Kerry tells N.H. Dems: GOP lied about Foley scandal, Iraq

FBI investigates Rep. Curt Weldon (PA-07 - His Dem opponent is Joe Sestak)

CNN/AP: Record October snowstorm barrels into Great Lakes, Midwest

CNN breaking: US now has evidence of North Korea nuke test

U.S. starts plan to help Hamas opponents

Reuters: U.S. wasted chance to improve the world: Gorbachev

SEAL falls on grenade to save comrades (Ramadi, Iraq)

U.S. agents question teen; girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace

Majority Leader Boehner says Democrats endangered pages

PG: Santorum, Casey go toe-to-toe in debate

General: U.S. Has Troops to Fight N. Korea

Opponent Outs Florida GOP Governor Candidate

Iraq reporter 'unlawfully killed'

CNN/AP: Bono, Oprah promote new iPod, other merchandise, to fight AIDS

Voters poised to push Ecuador into anti-Bush club

US News: Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses (Repugs complaining)

Students taught to attack if gunman appears (Suburb Ft Worth, TX)

Pakistan foils coup plot

White House Says Rove Denies Calling Evangelicals "Nuts"

US Catholic Church Demands Answers from Disgraced Politician

Spokesman (Tony Snow) calls Bush smart, engaged

Gibson says ‘Passion’ criticism triggered tirade

Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations kick some serious ass!

The future lies ahead . . .

Have you ever stuck your tongue in someone's ear?

Wrong forum...

I am the rented mule of the DU Lounge.

This guy's paper must've been *really* late

PHOTO: Here comes the bride! Let's eat her!

Only about an hour left

Why I hate my goddamed dorms and college

Quick someone hose me off

And this is a problem why?????

First hundred bushfires!(Two moderate pics by the way, though not of fire)

Any 'Psychobelly' fans in the lounge - YouTube link

Need some help.

Just give me an effing faith-based thing!

Helen Mirren's new film "The Queen" is out today,

Congratulations Eric J in MN!! 20,000 posts

Congratulations JackRabbit!! 25,000 posts

Just how gay is Star Trek?

Paging billyskank!


I just tasted one of the top three most disgusting things ever.

Compulsive Shopping To Be Listed As A Mental Disorder

How can one not love Borat??

OK - I found this page weirdly disturbing:

"Grey's Anatomy" Fight On Set Between Isaiah Washington & Patrick Dempsey

Orhan Pamuk Wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

Straight from God: fish-shaped mints

A hawk,a creek,a flower,a journalist, and a butterfly

Carpal Tunnel surgery today

How much longer with the Jesus Camp ads?

Have you ever lurked in Wal-Mart?

People who refer to their children as their pets

Chocolate WHAT??!!??

For my Bud, Sugar Smack:Workday Emotions Checklist

I'm going to see Eve Ensler's Good Body tonight!

Friday the 13th CONFESS!!! Tell me your brush with bad luck

i never missed my water

I got that asinine 'Boycott this Stamp' e-mail today

Have you ever herked in Wal-Mart?

MatcomNews Update: T-Ball Coach Who Had Autistic Kid Injured Gets PRISON

The news on my sister's leg is not good

I am the red headed step- child of the DU Lounge.

Uber-cute attack for Friday!

I'm fifteen!

"Grey's Anatomy" fans! Anyone else as annoyed as I am...

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

I had a virus that took down the company network, ask my anything!

iPods ship from China?

got this in my inbox today

This is not a "Paint Shop" photo

Dancing w/Stars Evans quits/divorce

'Mouse Orgy' Video Shows Goofy Having Sex With Chipmunks, Mickey W/Snowman

What does a man's refusal to wear Pink, say about his views towards women?

Anyone here ever pulled a train?

does hard work "build character?"

The Lesbian Mafia is going apple picking on sunday..

RetroLounge has the Key to the Giant Thread.

Need help posting a pic.

I need to say this out loud and in public

does listening to "eastbound and down"

If I'm not supposed to have one of these,

New DU group idea

What's with The Flaming Lips and that distorted drum kit sound?

Speaking of astrology, where the hell is Arwalden?

One hundred years ago today....

My latest cake

On a lighter note,

Miller Introduces Chocolate Beer

When someone offends you on DU with a stupid post, which is...

What's your cat doing today?

Why am I listening to Steely Dan?

Friday/13th. What kind of bad luck can I expect when I head out tonight?

I love buffalo wings

for #4000...Mrs. John Murphy

Baseball announcers need to find another way to say

Heebus, how cold is it in Detroit?

See you after vacation DU

LOST fans, I have theories. Discuss here, if you please.

Are Libras generally liberal?

Oh no! It's noon! Hide!

Cat owners: Do your males fight for the alpha position?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/13/06)


Happy birthday wishes to.........

Borat on Politics

People who take things too literally, seriously, or personally:


do you have the same problem hercules supposedly had

Have you ever worked for Wal-Mart?

i got copies of my booking photos in the mail today!!!!

That Moran Guy Ain't No Freeper...

Johnny Depp is on Inside the Actors Studio Right now (7 pm EST)

I'm going out for croculli

OK! Pics of me and the nephew!

Do you ever find yourself wanting to post about something but unable to?

I was just watching Who Wants to Be A Millionaire...

The 3 Variable Funny Test

A little TGIF treat..

I'm a heterosexual trapped in a man's body.

Should I Move to Halifax?

I'm really pissed at the Chimperor

"See back for how to enjoy"

You have to be 24 to exclude parent's income, for college financial aid.

Has anyone ever tried "cyrus mcbannister's norman invasion over the hills

Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. I'm going to BLAST Celine Dion music out the window

I'm going out for sushi

My Chemical Romance seems to be on a Queen kick as of

you know what your tongue needs?

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Oh Fuck that hurts

Day 2 (of 3) of the parent visit is over.

Brigham Young or Morehead State....

I'm going to see the Grudge 2 tonight!

More prayers and good wishes!

How do people post in a different font?

You know what I just realized?

Let's have some Underground.

The ultimate poll

Ah crap. Martinis are going down WAY too easy tonight.

friday fantasies :}{-}{-}{: ...part II

My 2-sentence review of Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep"

Does anyone have a good story?

LynneSin dumbass question of the day - please help

Disturbing Bill Gates "cheesecake" photo shoot

school bullying

Ever wonder what the first person who voted Repug thought was happening?

If you like the concept of "music," you should watch one of these videos

Before I sign off for the night...Peace, baby...

I am a Granola Lesbian...Ask me anything...

Our new kitty...Miss Tipper

Best use of Pedal Steel Guitar in any genre by any artist?

Edie Brickell And The New Bohemians on Leno tonight!

Today in history 10-13

What's for lunch?

The Haunting is on TCM right now.

My brother is officially employed

"Dallas" movie cast quits!

Ever wonder what the first person who peed thought was happening?

Things I learned this week:

I'm Fifty Today...How did I get here so fast?

People who refer to their pets as their children

It's Friday night and I have nothing to do but annoy you people.

Poll Question: mutley says I'm a perv, what say you?

It's Friday night....

I'll be watching 40 Year Old Virgin tonight for the first time...


I'm going to spend the evening with 40 naked gnomes!

The Campfire.

I went to early voting class today and earned $25 for 3 easy hours.

Who has bumper stickers on their cars?

Neon Wilderness

I am a Gondola Hetero...don't bother asking unless you must...

Favorite 40 or older (active) major league baseball player

I just went dumpster diving - PLEASE don't ask me anything

High School Football Fans Hang Sheep From Goalpost

Congratulations Mass!! 10,000 posts

Whats Your Sexual Orientation?

speaking of lesbians...

Should I go out and pick up a woman tonight?

Ech... work and personal life rather intersected today

Fuck the politics. "United 93" was an awesome movie.

Cartoon in the Green Bay paper.


Read the reviews

Alright, I've seen at least a dozen polls here @ DU = bar, or liquid soap


Kids: smarter than we give them credit for

CNN/AP: CBGB's, epicenter of live punk, closing its doors

Hey baby, what's your sign?

Cat People I need your advice!!

Damn I got a F+

Replace one word from a Republican Presidential quote with "Fucktard"

Toilet Seat Up/Down Poll:

The Attaaa-aaack of the Killer Tomaaaaa-toes!

Mom w/o power in Buffalo -- need ideas.

What are you listening to right now, if anything?

I miss smoking.

Best "make-out" music?


Do they know how cute they are?

Do you live in New York City?

Sci-Fi Channel re-playing the season opener of Battlestar Galactica at 1pm

What place to live does NOT suck, if you're not rich?

That's it, dammit -- I'm outing DUers!!!

News from xmas74

Dear Mrs. Grumpy

Just called the cops in protest of richies and their fireworks.

Scorpios!!! Check in here...

Laugh your ass off for hours on end.

Don't know how much longer I'll have electricity........

Washington, Washington, six foot eight, weighs a fucking ton


Reccomend an obscure album

You See?!?! There is justice in the world!!!! This proves it!!!

another Friday night and I ain't got nobody...

The flying spaghetti monster: Interview with Richard Dawkins

For National Coming Out Day: a liturgy

Will GOP Implosion Contribute To The Decline Of Fundie Xianity?

If so many people use marijauana...

Colbert on Science and Politics

Fossil embryos caught in the act of dividing

Essay by promoter of “ex-gay” movement reeks of racism

Alliance Defense Fundies attack Article Hate for attacking Mittenfuhrer

Homosexual Republicans Are Closeted Democrats

Next time someone tells you homosexuality is unnatural, give them this

Der Mittenfuhrer to address Christo-Fascist Rally in Boston on Sunday

"I almost feel sorry for gay Republicans these days."

Kramnik wins reunified world chess championship

Baseball question re Glavine

Tiges win!!!!!

For my post #999, some nice things to share

Saturday, October 14th (6 Ahau) ( middle of night am PST)

Three links that should be passed out to all veterans and supporters

I need some advice for a friend, Nam vet from anyone with Nam experience.

Kerry on C-Span 2 at 8 p.m. tonight

Pundit speculations concerning who benefits from Warner's withdrawal

Kerry on Fox News Sunday

Kerry promotes staying the course in Iraq

Blogger got to talk to Kerry on the phone today. Rec the diary

Kerry events for Sat. and Sun.

Where did 2006 go?

I love Max Cleland! Check him out on CNN. He's on fire!

This one.. no maybe that one... but that one's pretty good too... ::sigh::

Do I need to get an owners permission to take pictures of their houses?

Hey guys... can you help me DU a local-yocal poll?

Foley Hearings Will turn into a whitewash?

Pimp Slap those Clinton North Korean Nay Sayers!

The Beginning Of The End Has Begun.....

Bush Turns out former Rep. Mark Foley was email pals with President Bush

TOON: Jon Stewart reviews neocons' NK strategy

Foley scandals - is there more to "fear"?

Bush a "Beasty Boy"- Born Again Radio Show + WH Aid on Contempt for Xtians

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 13 Oct 06

VIDEO: It's hard to get answers from a Bush.

Rare October snowstorm hits western New York, topples power lines

Nonprofits laundered cash for Abramoff: Senate panel

George Soros is the anti-christ for repugs. Why? He's on

Call for Massive Sit -In in DC

British General: We MUST leave Iraq. (Tony Blair "naive")

Fri. the 13th, 3 weeks into the pedophile scandal, 26 days till election

Democrats are poised to capture U.S. House

Washington Journal Booga, booga. edition. Big bad Dems on the way..

Wow, those big, mean repubs sure are Terrified of little Nancy Pelosi

Let the Iraqis have their ancient religious wars, get our people OUT.

Virginians -- Has Webb been emphasizing his economic populism?

Strikes on Iran possible by 2007: U.S. General

Pay back is a beautiful thing. (video)

Canadian troops in Afghanistan battle monster marijuana plants

UK army chief says troops should leave Iraq

Warner Not Running for President

Hopeful polls aren't slowing down labor

It being the truth that the bush regime has secret prisons throughout

(FIORE) GOP 2.0 (Finally takes on the Foley scandal)

"4 soldiers killed today; another ammo depot hit in Bagdad"---Is this true

Ramussen: Massive collapse in War on Terror Optimism, 'we're losing'

WP: Report Says Nonprofits Sold Influence to Abramoff

The sole benefit of the Butch Presidency...

Coach jailed for beaning autistic player

Happy Birthday, Lenny Bruce.

Air America! What freaky thing is going on ???

president bush prays to his God. (heartwarming photos)

Intrade- 60% Chance of Dems Retaking House

"the pres. just does not know what else to say anymore as his world is

Back in the news.... the Duke rape case

Anxiety and sleeping problems and the oncoming election

Delusional in the extreme

1 in 4 U.S. Vets Iraq & Afghanistan Disabled from Service?

Mel Gibson Leak Leads to Investigation...

Join me on a trip down into the memory hole.

Would you confront your priest or minister about a sermon?

China Drafts Law to Boost Unions and End Labor Abuse

NRCC Beg-fest email from...McCain. So, where's Tom Reynolds? LOL

DU this Casey/Sacktorum Poll - it's been swarmed!

US backing off democratizing the Middle East?

Abramoff Figure Rep. Ney to Plead Guilty" Add Ney to the LONG scandal list

10/13/06 SLUT Club ..... Mama goes nuts

British Army Commander Defends Call for Iraq Withdrawal

"Some States Making It Harder to Vote"

Chris WALLACE is a registered Dem, but votes both ways

This Is Funny: Man in KC Who Just Got Bush's Leadership Award

Denny and Bushy overwhelm frontpage of New York Times

Photo of "King George"

Clinton: Dems have become "liberal and conservative party in America"

L@@KIE......a Chicago Tribune poll. Even though we're a BLUE state,

Overseas bank accounts should be going up starting today

National Registration Center for Study Abroad--anybody had

Beware the "strong economy" headlines!

John Ashcroft Admits He is a 'Sinner'

Rumsfeld: "Except for my wife and family, that is my favourite photo,"


Stones and Glass Houses

Will Foley Appear Before Ethics Committee? Does Rehab Excuse Him?

It's Friday the THIRTEENTH ya bastids (all project x ops paused for today)

I may be the lonely DUer

Santorum is "Bat Guano Crazy", and is Representative of how

The Sad Death Of 'Organic' (Morford)

New GOP scandal bumper sticker

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Three Term Paper Websites

NY Times: Documents Reveal Scope of U.S. Database on Antiwar Protests

DeLay's GOP candidate on "Dancing with the Stars" quits competition!

Wingnut Heads Totally Exploding re Foley

why aren't Dems using problems with food safety as an issue?

Comments and critiques solicited re: my editorial

Video: Accuses Democrats of 'making nice' to terrorists.

Signing Statement Watch - FEMA signing statement blasted

Cory Lidle plane crash investigated

Man of the Year opens today!!!! Who's going to see it this weekend?

Ghost Plane - New book on rendition

Initial Reports-North Korean Nuke Emitted No Radiation

Bullshit is on television again pretending..

The meme that the Dems don't have a plan is a right wing talking point


Will Bush Label Baker Redeployment Plan "Flexible" or "Cut and Run"

What Brits are saying about the war in Iraq (great letters!)

Now I KNOW the "war on terror" is really bogus...

Dem Control Might Help Economy, Survey Finds

Locations and dates for showings of Jesus Camp Movie

Pelosi says it may take a woman to clean up US House

Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants

Finally! A Catholic Voter Guide I Endorse!

Air passengers 'could be tagged'

Wal Mart Loses Suit Alleging Labor Violations

Mark Foley has his own page on CSPAN

Bush backs Hastert; John Kerry backs Laesch

Ashcroft on Torture

(Charlie) Cook: Dems could pick up 7 senate seats

WP: Bush Confounded by the 'Unacceptable'

Ney's written statement: still in denial

WaPo: Report Says Nonprofits Sold Influence to Abramoff

BREAKING NEWS! BOB NEY pleads GUILTY to bribery!!!!

AP leads article with news that Bush will campaign for adulterer, racist

One of the funniest quotes ever:

Fundie central: Teacher accusing First Baptist of bias

We are done.

Quest for the Authentic Male

Bush Worried We'll Become 'Complacent' With Cheaper Gas

Free Hugs in Tel Aviv

Why has Burns gained on Tester in Montana?

"Coach Gets Prison For Ordering Child Injured"

Ohio Sen 3rd: Goodman (R) Totally Out of Touch on Campaign Finance

I have a beer in my hand as I type this, and I don't feel an urge to ...

Frustrated Armchair Democrat Strategist


Blair 'agrees' with UK Army chief

Did Bush really say, "Republicans need to get on the same page"?

GOP leaders' (what a lineup) joint statement on Ney

It's a good thing that we debate the morality of outing Gay RW'ers

(VIDEO) Five-way tie for Worst Person In The World

Sen. Clinton should co-sponsor KERRY-FEINGOLD

Get me an Abramoff Signature.

Michelangelo Signorile: Media Should Have 'Outed' Foley Years Ago

Lot of connections in this LTTE...

"Tough on Terror"

Essay by promoter of “ex-gay” movement reeks of racism

Dick Morris demonstrates again that's he a complete tool.

Hey, CNN: that "flight instructor" had a name: Tyler Stanger

Not all Republicans are social deviants

Oh Well, I'm just not gonna vote.... Don't trust Diebold....

Today Show

Don't know how much longer I'll have electricity........

For those upset what right wingers will say about AAR filing chapter 11

KO said he bought his copy of 'Tempting Faith" at the bookstore!

I'm relieved by these new Republican revelations...

How to evade punishment for ANY crime

Should Ney and Cunningham continue to collect a government

On "Tempting Faith":

New House Polls--32--from Majority Watch

OBL dead from pancreatic cancer?

A Short Timeline of N Korea Diplomacy....

Air America Radio Files for Chapter 11

Minnesota, Nov 17: International Venezuela Solidarity Conference

Breaking: Pentagon inspector general orders Guantanamo probe

this a.m. Wash. Journal asked us what we thought of WALLS

"Brainless," now "Soulless": 2 anti-Ann Coulter books published in 1 week

Low tech identity theft con still a big problem

Laura Rozen smells WH message making in Jim Baker's media blitz

Sirius Satellite

An absolutely despicable Web site with an equally....

Saxton (R Gov. cand.): his farm workers live in a filthy shack>>

Is oil the real reason the U.S. won't leave Iraq?

Did Bush seek to bomb al-Jazeera? We are not allowed to know

Lukery gives a summary of the New Nuclear World Order. Kick!

Lieberman lets his Republican side shine now....scathing editorial.

Pat Buchanan's new book full of racism

Do kids think "disgraced former" is the prefix to all public offices?

Repub ad portrays a connection with Dem opponent to Bin Laden

Tell Chris Wallace To Ask Rice About The U.S.S. Cole

Raunchy photo of Schwarzenegger published

It amazes me how much these "personal accountability" types LIE.

Bush to stand behind adulterer and racist, "believes we're all sinners"

Remember this Faith Based Initiative?

Do you think that bush has ever written his own speech...

Entrepreneur help: Small business health plan + targeted tax cuts...


air america goes bankrupt

Chris Dodd finally to campaign with Ned Lamont today

I was just a biker

Coroner: U.S. Forces Killed TV Reporter

Rice: there were too many questions about Saddam's WMD program

Dear G. Duhbya Bush. Open wide. Here's a dollop of reality just for you.

NBC exclusive: Kolbe Alleged To Have Been Inappropriate On '96

'80 deal with LAX shatters schools' hope for silence

Re the slaughter of that Hispanic family

Democrats Lead In Enough States To Retake Senate

It's Official: Air America Files for Bankruptcy.

NeoCons re: NK "...the doctrine of pre-emption must return to the fore,”

Another one bites the dust!

IRAN WAR: with or without terrorist attack?

Why Did WH Suddenly Decide 2 Yrs Ago That Foley Was Too Hot To Handle?

NBC: Feds Probe GOP Rep's Trip with House Pages - From TPMMuckraker

Hell freezes over, Cavuto defends Soros to O'Reilly

The REPUBLICAN sex scandal and the REPUBLICAN corruption scandals

Nobel Peace Prize - This is great!

Do we need to build a fence around the day care centers?

Albright: "Iraq may prove the worst ever disaster in U.S. foreign policy"

This contest requires a caption.

DP World will complete sale of US ports within 4 weeks , BUT TO WHOM?

Permaculture Planning: Proposing Plan C

bush is no longer relevant

It's Friday (the 13th) ya Bastids!!!!!

Staying The Course in Iraq Means a REPUBLICAN DRAFT After Nov. 7th


Mark Foley, Abu Ghraib and Blackmail.....

'Bully' game targeted in the US

Excellent Colbert article - New York Magazine

Great quote about Bush's upcoming trip to Viet Nam in Time.

The Secret Letter From Iraq

Shimkus still being questioned................

(VIDEO) John Laesch new ad uses Reynolds words against Hastert

34%-Harris Poll-Bush Approval Sinks Again & 64% Think More Scandal To Come

Down with Tyranny makes Bob Herbert's "Sacrifice of the Few" available

Let the Mighty Eagle Soar

The USA Has Tortured and Killed More People Than Saddam?

Bob Ney heading into Court now to enter his guilty plea

Cost of Bush's lies VA's Mental Caseload Surges

We're 45 days from the World War II mark in Iraq...

US/Foreign Companies Upset over China's Move to Empower Labor Unions

2,758 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice

2759 Reasons Why the DSM is Important


Gibson Says He's 'Ashamed' of Remarks

Air America filing for bankruptcy

Pericles Gives Warning -- William Shakespeare, From The Grave.

Documents Reveal Scope of U.S. Database on Antiwar Protests

Bob Ney pleaded guilty to a crime and still sits in office

Oh Boy... If True, This Is Rich... (Re: Bob Ney)

Wal-Mart's perverse voter-registration drive may help Democrats

Pretending Hastert didn't know until 2 weeks ago

Do you have health insurance?

To our Republican "Friends":

I think I know how the Foley scandal came about.

Pelosi Statement on British Army Commander's Comments on Iraq

All those in favor of ousting Bob say "Ney"

Clift: Bush’s Bluster - "frat-boy banter about “high-priced news guys"

As British consider withdrawing from Iraq, will we eat "Freedom muffins?

Amnesty International Asks us to Help Restore the America We Believe in

7. Wages, salaries, tips, ect.... I FORGOT.

Here, I bought Bob Ney a going-away present

Latest Poll Results

Tucker is destroying Towey


NN: House of Death informant fingers Mexican, U.S. governments

Where do you start ? Where does it end ?

John Ashcroft on The Daily Show 10/16

Is a bogus source?

Should we let the Republicans clean up their own messes until '08?

Facing Prison, Will Abramoff & Ney Give Up The Goods on Rove??

Emails Suggest White House Political Concern Over Foley In 2004

David Broder stands by view that Clinton's lie was worse than Bush's lies

If I were a Fox News-type media scumbag, I'd be rooting hard for the Dems.

There are blogs from the kids at the ammo dump explosion.

Great campaign tip to avoid having yard signs stolen

Dixie Chicks' documentary "Shut Up and Sing" movie trailer

Campaign finance question: Should mileage count as a contrib?

Pentagon inspector general orders Guantanamo probe

Spinach tainted from Cow manure. ewww

Jeez is ken mehlman in rehab with foley or somethin'? 3 weeks absent

"The Franklin Cover-up" (80's WH prostitution)/connection to Jeff Gannon

655,000 dead means they will nuke Iran...

Olielly is getting worried that people might vote democrat

You have the following:

"Its already been proven that Hastert knew nothing...

Limbaugh: Hillary doesn't want the Democrats to win the House in '06

Tell Chris Wallace to Ask Condi Rice the Tough Questions

From the state that brought you "Election fraud"

FL Candidate For Governor Makes Emergency Landing On I-4

I don't understand the enthusiasm for absentee me out here.

Excellent piece on Plame, Armitage & his friend "Duberdog".

Ass at winger site wonders how global warming jibes with early cold spell Statement on Wal-Mart's Decision to Target Democrats

So Abu Ghraib Abuse was just a sex ring, not torture according to Repub

October 13th 2006 In Iraq

I think our 2012 potential candidate field is better than 2008's

Oh, so now Ney publicly talks about his alcohol treatment too

Friday Attacks Leave 102 Iraqis, 1 GI, 2 British Contractors Dead

Let's Say Republicans Win 2006 Congressional Elections. What Next?

Bad sex

Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses

Heh!..repukes think equating "Foleygate" with "Monicagate" will help?

Morriss gives Hannity & Rs advice on how to win the election.

Beware Empires in Decline

I wonder when this Page-got this ADM job offer? it has been 10 years??

Congratulations Muhammed Yunus! What are you going to do

Biden was simply AWESOME just now with Miles Obrien, blasting Bush

W. hasn't signed.......

B. Omaba, abc news Free speech segment--said the energy solutions

Can't tell the players without a score card.. Was it Ney or Noe

Heard this right-wing type talking about "Weep-o-crats" again.

Sensenbrenner finds a new group to fear: "flaming atheists"

Snow To Attend Hastert Fundraiser - CNN Ticker

Bush: "We've had a little history of that in our family."

Another reason to keep fighting and win this election

Sara Evans Divorces, Drops Out of 'Stars' (So Much for the Conservative ..

FBI investigating Weldon (R-PA) for influence peddling

Clinton says nation's been jammed into ideological in trouble

Garrison Keillor on torture

Here's Idea --Send A Copy of "Tempting Faith" To Fundi Churches...

Did anybody else catch ABC News' story on the GOP split over homosexuality

It sure looks like them BUSHCO Boys know how to Lie Cheat Steal their way

Have you seen the crippled soldiers?

Head of British army calls for withdrawal from Iraq

Fuel on a Fire! "Bush to campaign for troubled lawmakers "!!

I think that McCain / Giuliani would be an awesome GOP 2008 ticket

Nobel prize good news for all the poor: winner

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to someone who really deserved it

The Librul Media Is Missing The Good News! 1 Million Iraqis Have Left Iraq

Serious Violent Crime Rate in U.S. Schools

What's that movie, the one where at the end the Feds go busting every

Interesting tidbit out of Michigan (crappy College Repugs)

At least we call right wing religiosos nuts in public.

If there is election fraud via black box, who is controlling it?

Country star & Hannity Girl Sara Evans quits "Dancing," files for divorce

Be Afraid! Spend! "Consumer confidence is surging" Spend! Be Afraid!

Sibel's movie - director interview - part 2

NEW Grand Theft Election: Nixonians Friday 13th: Kissinger's Back!

Oh good GAWD! Did I Sink Air America?

Mike Malloy substituting for Jerry Springer

How can you influence policy by bribing a backbencher of the opposition?

* heads for Camp David - blows Laura a kiss goodbye - pics

The best thing I have ever found on DU ... "All your base belong to us"

My hometown newspaper poll asked if Hastert should resign. I said no.

Rep. Ney Pleads Guilty; GOP Vows Ouster

Glenn Greenwald demolishes Peggy Noonan... with ease.

4 debates on CSPAN1 starting now with Brown/Dewhine

Wow... You'd Almost Think This A Lefty Site, LOL !!!

Conscience belongs to the Heart, not politicized religion

You can tell if your a Replug Rep Steve Buyer Cons Vets

One at a time. Grover Norquest being investigated by F.B.I. (The Global Fund to combat AIDS)

Hey! We've got the Freepers saying it now!

Unconventional (DEM) Candidate Has Real Shot In Michigan's 7th District

Steve Bell on the 655000 dead Iraqis

Kerry-'Take Gavel Out Of Hastert's Hands & Wipe Smirk Off Bush's Face'

Some Really Good Instant Karma!


Is anyone else sending Cafferty suggestions?

What happened to Riverbend?

"they deserve a president who is going to give the worst

Whoa...are four years really long enough for THIS to have happened???

Abramoff, Doolittle, And The 'Wives Club' - TPMMuckraker

Three link to all Veterans and Supports to be passed out

Lynn Swann - Tweety Jr. Ticket in PA

Did N. Korea Just Send a F$&* You George Message..

Anyone familiar with ASVAB tests?

Economist Brad DeLong on the Lancet Study (600,000 Iraqi dead)

Mccain, Clinton lead in 2008 New Hampshire primary poll

will AAR get new management?

The Independent: "At last, someone told the truth" (General Dannatt)

Are we letting NK develop nukes so we spend money on missile defense?

Wow, Mario Cuomo kind of almost tossing us under the bus

Tucker just said Cindy will probably get the Peace Prize next year

Curt Weldon/Joe Sestak debate CSPAN1 official thread

CNN Breaking News: FAA restricts Manhattan flight path

Disney says "non" to Mouse orgy (+18 video)

Apparently, the only candidate with a chance to win

Yiddish With George & Laura

Ode to Debra Bowen.

Bid Flu TERRA, where has it gone?

Did Laura Bush really carelessly run a stop sign and kill her boyfriend?

Religious right will stay home for election and here is why

"The Democrat Who Believed Polls Before the Election": a short story

The flying spaghetti monster: Interview with Richard Dawkins

South Korea's Ban Ki-moon to succeed Kofi Annan as UN Secy General

Jennings/Buchanan debate on CSPAN1 now (Cruella's old seat)

Report: Mark Warner dropped out cause of sex scandal with interns

*** A question for DUers with someone in Iraq ***

(TOON) Rowson: Last Man Standing

NCTA unveils ad trashing "Net Neutrality" - wants control of Internet

Opposition To Abortion Won't Affect Job, Steele Says

A Blast From The Recent Past

It's official - More US dead in Iraq (2759) than 9-11 WTC (2752)

Wow, look at this big list of new House polls

Illinois local Republican indicted on sex charges

Will the Gerrymander Bite the Repugs in the A#$?

Republican Illegal Immigrant 'Social Security' Claim Debunked

Listening to the Generals.

Wife of Ohio State Sen. David Goodman (R) harasses opponents volunteers

Head On Radio Friday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Olbermann VIDEO: "Just Get Me A F__king Faith Based Thing"

What the Dems really need....

Crazy Curt Weldon under investigation by Justice Dept

Jury: Wal-Mart to Pay Workers $78M-Plus

$78M judgment against Wal-Mart in Philly with link now

Tony Snow said about Bob Ney...

On TV yesterday Bush warns Americans "Not to be complacent"

Anyone know how Bob Bowman is doing in his race?

Removing gender from the Foley scandal -- and the camping trip.

Senate questions nonprofits' tax status

Please caption this George Allen Family Portrait

My God Is Right

Maher coming up at 11 PM EST?

My most heartfelt apology.....

Lou Dobbs blames the Generals for losing in Iraq but not BUSH!!!!

Who Will Be Buying The Book "Tempting Faith"

About fundies and that new book, Tempting Faith

Hilarious moment on Larry King live tonight

CT Dems Who Still Vote For Lieberman... What The HELL Are You Thinking ???

FL Reform Party candidate for governor (Max Linn) lands plane on I-4


Update on hospitalized Marine.

Who the hell is this woman from the AEI on Bill Maher?

Help! I need some facts... fast

Britain's top soldier calls for troop withdrawal...Tony Blair humiliated..

Bush-DeLay-GOP favorite, Sara Evans, quits amid nasty divorce

why country singer sara evans is divorcing her republican husband

NBC: Kolbe on camping trip: "fawning, petting and touching"

How many of you have a plan if the Democrats lose?

Who in the hell is this woman on Mahr's show?`

I think celebs adopting third world children is disgusting!

Jeb denies hiding in the closet

Ex-UK Home Secretary Advised Bombing Al-Jazeera

Jury orders Wal-Mart to pay at least $78 million for breaking labor laws

What was your very first impression of Bush?

Just on CNN: JIm Kolbe (AZ) collared for "wrongdoing?" Any info?

Body of missing University of Vermont student found

From AllHatNoCattle- Picture of those Poor Poor Canadian Troops :) :)

NYT editorial: Science Ignored, Again: 24,000 lives at risk

Today's the day my kidney comes out.

Israel accused of using US 'Dime' bombs (microscopic shrapnel)

silence is a bad sign. One wonders just how bad it was.

"Tattletales for an Open Society"... letter to Lieberman and Lynne Cheney.

2 good news stories re RI and NM

Pornography reasons for Sara Evans divorce

This is an actual letter that was sent to some people at my school...

I just heard one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard.

Has it suddenly become vogue for rich white women to adopt poor

Who will be the one who finally arrests George Bush? (poll)

I get to go see Barack Obama! Woohoo! I'm so excited!

Would you like the Republican Party to be completely eradicated

Is it true that Laura Bush was a dope dealer?

Boehner: Why didn't DEMOCRATS stop us from molesting teen pages???

NH JJ Dinner - Kerry Cspan2

GOP to change its name

Will GOP Pay The Price For Foley? - (CBS News\American Prospect)

Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a democrat anywhere in the south

REPORT: The Cost of Ignoring Climate Change Is $20 Trillion A Year

I have gotten more negative reaction from this set of stickers

Outing Gays - a Fourth and Final Poll

What could possibly be the motive

Discovery Phase - The Plame Investigation (American Prospect)

Bill Clinton in California today - pics

My new hero: Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift.

The Wretched Years

Bush is not worried. Something is wrong here.

LETTER TO RACHEL MADDOW: don't mourn Mark Warner pullout

is there some way we can poke Foley out of his hidyhole?

Yet ANOTHER rat fink Republican incumbent under investigation

Shays says Abu Ghraib abuses were more about pornography than torture

ATTENTION absentee ballot voters

Since They mention Chappaqidick, can we mention Laura BUSH, the KILLER?

"Emergency Paper Ballots" will sink Dems in Nov (& I'm a paper ballot guy)

I just got my official CA absentee ballot today

Friday Night Toons....

You wanna know why Bush isn't worried about November?

9 Comments From Right-Wing Shills On Lancet Report

Bill Maher: The real menace to American kids

Analyzing South Park's 9/11 Show

Ed Schultz declaring AAR filed bankruptcy today

ROFLMAO !!! - Caption THIS !!!

Could a Dem candidate run honestly with the issue of raising taxes?

Are you guys intentionally working for the republicans?

Help me with this Gay Marriage Amendment backer in Milwaukee!

Being a Closeted Homosexual versus Passing for White.

Project Censored: The News that did'nt make the News.

Kerry: Republicans are lying

A friend who works in a five-sided building...

‘Domestic Goddess’ Joins Fight for Minimum Wage Increase

Update: 14,000 People Demand Chris Wallace Ask Rice About The U.S.S. Cole

Movie review savages "Man of the Year" for failure to "raise hackles"

Democratic Edge on Issues Extends to Terrorism, Morality...Gallup

A Born-Again Soldier Hoped to Do Good, but Was Changed by War

Boo its Friday the 13th

"Man of the Year" Robin Williams Movie is about "Voting Machines/Diebold"

Spreading Lies. Fostering Fear. URGENT Request from Bill Clinton..

China Drafts Law to Boost Unions and End Abuse - Wall St. pissed

Which cartoon character best resembles the average Republican?

Book TV Schedule: October 14th - 16th

U.N. to hold hearings into Halliburton Foreign Corrupt Practices?

H-P's Patricia Dunn: W Stands for Wiretap

The Gaybramoff Agenda (TM)

so what's up with Shelley Capito?

How does life seem to you in the last six years...

I voted for Bush in 2000; now I'm a Democrat... Here's why

Why Hillary Clinton Can Not Win

Allen's criminal past (arrest warrant from 1974!)

Halliburton: Friends of George Allen

Hey DU! How long have you been politically active?

NeySaying the bribers' payday...

Plame's lawyers deserve medals for...

Arrriana Huffington on Charlie Rose now, 12:10pmCT. nt

cut (the deficit) & run (America like we did before-balanced budget,

Need some quick DU love... on a local-yocal poll where I live!

A major financial advisor believes republicans will retain control

Sabato's Crystal Ball: A "Deep Blue Sea" in the 2006 Midterms?

New Repug Dirty Tricks --- CA-50

Another article on how the Democrats can win.

Michael Schiavo thinks GOP might be guilty of some hypocrisy...

Border wall construction-the new growth industry!

TeeVee News

It's Fascist Friday on C-span with Brian Lamb!

I am looking for that pic of the 2 elephants humping

Coroner: U.S. killed British TV reporter


Another Ohio Voting Debacle?

Republicans who have commented that the war is not going well?

Baker commission rules out Iraq victory

Collins (R-ME) to seek third term despite campaign promise not to

Bush Won't Talk to Iran's Nuke Develpm't Team 'cuz They're DICK'S Client :

Heck of a job, Denny!

Two sides of the "faith-based initiative" coin

The worst political ad ever: Cookies for terrorists by David Zucker.

WP, Dionne: What's happening to NY State GOP is national GOP's nightmare

Tucker Carlson's photograph vanishes from Wikipedia


Absentee ballots a big hit with Ohio voters (lesson learned!)

Hey! Dimson just signed the 'Safe Ports Act'! Will you vote rethug now?

Pelosi: Statement on Bob Ney's Guilty Plea

How do you get a Repug into rehab?

Bush reaches a career high for denouncing events as "intolerable"

BRILLIANT freeper "Aussie Dasher" puts it all into perspective...

Bush to campaign for the "Strangler" ...

Charlie Bass (R-NH) "Bernie Sanders and his Sandinistas...

OH -02 Wulsin (D) 48%, Mean Jean Schmidt (R) 45%

So CNBC is going crazy over the prospects of a Dem takeover

Ney's been in alcohol treatment since he was indicted,

singer/dancer with the stars Sara Evans' husband runs republican PAC,

I'm the same age as Ney and Foley and those guys piss me off

I need publishing help for my story to undo all of Bush's support

Top 25 House seats most likely to change parties: Incumbents In Trouble

Rep. congressional candidate Rick O'Donnell took his girfriend to

Democrats 12-Step reaction to attack ads

Will Bush Label Baker Redeployment Plan "Flexible" or "Cut and Run"

Iraqi's killed by Hussein more valuable then those killed by bush

"Want to play a game?" - looking at how "voting" is going,

I may be the lonely DUer

Pelosi: On British Army Concerns in Iraq

What is happening with LA Jefferson Williams?

TOON: Jon Stewart on Chris Shays' "sex ring" comment

With Lancet Leak, Are the Days of News Embargoes Numbered?

Fla. Dems Attack Election Day Notices (Foley)

Who pays for this travel...Speaker Hastert Staff

(Connecticutt) Senate Campaign Accusations Fly

Project X is a Go! We have them on the ropes. Project X is a Go.

British forces overwhelmingly support call for withdrawal

Does anyone have a link to the Santorum/Casey debate?

Why there is no such thing as a "Moderate" Republican...

Coroner: U.S. killed British TV reporter

Should we stay the course? DU a poll please

Ricky: Take A Chill Pill

What's the REAL scoop on Harry Reid

GOP Still Hopes for a Pickup in an Unlikely Place — Vermont

The G.O.P.'s Firewall Strategy (

Karl Rove, Homosexuality, Political Tricks & The Upcoming Election.

Focus On The Family's Response To Kuo Book (Tempting Faith)

I met Joe Maloof yesterday

Why we don't have accurate body counts of Iraqi civilian Deaths.

An Atlanta talk show has a picture of Korea at night.

What's Up with tony snow?

AP: Tobacco giants wage all-out fight against anti-smoking measures

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter -developments on Irag and......

Anyone Have A Link For The Ford/Corker Debate??

"The GOP doesn't have an ethics Problem" - Tony Snow

Documented sex offender O'Reilly trembles over "hyper-partisan Pelosi"

UPDATE Houston Janitor With Breast Cancer (dying no health care) Finalist

Does Bush have reverse Midas' touch? Does everything he touches turn to

Chafee, Whitehouse attack each other in first Senate debate

GM denies Sean Hannity is a spokesman for them

There's a reason organized labor is suddenly showing signs of life.

Maybe this explains GOP McHenry's defensiveness.

Lose Congress? Attack Iran. Simple.

And who else is BushCo Disparaging?? Us Dems for sure, then we find

What is with this Rassumussen guy he has Bush at 44% WTF!!

A Personal Thank you DU

Republican in PA uses Chris Matthews grilling of Pat Murphy (D) as his

Blackwater et al

NH-02: Charlie Bass Steps in Some Macaca

Use "intelligent design" against the Republicans - Corporate partner with Global AIDS Fund:

Kerry says GOP lied about Foley, Iraq (C-Span 2 live: NH campaigning)

Q: How many Naderites does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Southern GOP Candidate for Governor close to being outed as a...

Bush failed to stop nuclear proliferation: Clinton did.

WP: Republicans talk privately about losing 12 to 30 House seats

Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses

Summons Or Warrant Issued To A "George Felix Allen" In 1974

Fineman on Hardball issues Dems a challenge re rationale for war

Is it just me, or does everybody else feel like the

So, should I vote early, or not? I'm torn...

Air America filing for Bankruptcy?

JEB's side of the story:

Ashcroft wants your love! Jon Stewart nails him! (TOON)

Does anyone have info on the race in Ney's district?

Our whiny president

Subject: CDC Warning of STD

Bryan Kennedy Shines in Debate with Sensenbrenner

Support for Iraq War DIVES in Southern States/ New Poll!

Joe says he can't count on support from the "Democrat party"

MN-Governor: Hatch(D) pulls in front of Pawlenty(R) by 9...

Wall Street Journal: Democratic Control Might Help Economy

What Page Are You On, Mr. Speaker?

Did you see the debate with Santorum...

I just saw who MSNBC considers front runners for 2008

The snowfall in Buffalo proves there is no global warming

Congress/Senate Election "horse race" coverage sites?

MSNBC on Economy: Shareholders & business owners winners; workers screwed

Warner's Dropout could signal a Gore/Edwards positioning against Hillary.

Nonprofits laundered cash for Abramoff: Senate panel

FORGET 2008!!! (focus on next month instead)

A cautionary note for Hillary/Gore supporters - remember Howard Dean in 04

Is there a source for cheap or free generic Democratic campaign

It is Friday, it is payday, I made contributions to:

how to pay for veterans' health care--a simple solution.

Welcome to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, with your host, George W. Bush

Bush's new big word:caliphate-a caliph is “a successor of Muhammad ...

Chris Wallace to interview Rice / Let's see how "fair & balanced" he is

GOP Redirects Funds From Faltering Races

Will the Chicago Sun story break this weeknd?

Shays Insists Abu Ghraib was "more about pornography than torture."

Democrats and Sara Evans' Husband

Any Bayh supporters on here?

McGavick Lashes Out at Own Party’s Attacks on Cantwell

So, if we take the House and the Senate, what kind of changes can we make?

"They have a strategy that will keep America at war" Wes Clark

American Prospect's Charles Pierce nails the Dem party powerstruggle

Quakers "Eyes Wide Open" --MUST SEE!!! this was MUST END!!

Answer me this: Why was Warner the strongest Democratic candidate?

My Uncle was accosted when he was a Senate page for Mike Mansfield...

DNC renegotiates with the give more for candidates and GOTV.

Dianne Farrell: Coffee Talk with the Taliban

Even after all the shit, and even after we win in November ......

Nobel Economists: Republicans Wrong on Minimum Wage

Kennedy shines against Senselessbrenner in debates.

Rep. Bob Ney pleads guilty to bribery

Charlie Cook's National Overview: Category 5 Hurricane Heads for House GOP

MARK WARNER Dropping out of '08 race Helps WES CLARK!

51 Things Rick Santorum Doesn't Want You to Know.

Another e-mail from me just got read on Cafferty...

As a child, what was the first political news bit that you heard

Question: most of us are Dems on here. If taxes have to be raised

Solomon at AP Smears Sen Reid, Philly Inquirer, CNN Jump on Bandwagon

Do you think that bush will start the draft as soon..