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Archives: September 8, 2005

40,000 trailers on the way to Baton Rouge

Grass-roots groups pitch in to find shelter for evacuees (MoveOn)

'PA gets $50m. in aid, then incites against US'

Attn. 2004 Elections Research and Discussion Forum Users-Important

AhNo to veto gay marriage bill

John Kerry asks us to donate to Chris Coleman.

Local Hurricane Relief Drop Off Sites

why does ANYONE attend scott mcclelan's "anti-press" conferences>>>

Keith Olbermann countdown on right now...

Ok, I want Terri Crisp of Noah's Wish to become head of FEMA.

What is a Nation?

Hey Everybody. Check out this animation about gas prices!

"We were so used to being treated like YESTERDAY'S GARBAGE"

U.S. Offers Katrina Families $2,000 Each

Anyone know who that new movie "the Exorcism of Emily Rose is based on?

Help me proof read my oped.

10 biggest ignored stories of the year

News organizations have been using a Conservative plant

We need a word to describe NOLA as it drowned and

When someone says, "Where was Nagin's evacuation plan?" ask them this:

The economy is dead, being manipulated by *

How long will it take Bush

DU THIS! Dems Blast Bush Over Hurricane Response (GREAT read!)

This post says it all...

Question--Jon Stewart's show Sept 6, 2005

Their Unrequited Love For Dubya Bush

Welfare Check phrase about NO people is racism rearing its ugly head!

I have a freind in the 82nd Airborne.

About the death count in NOLA...

National Weather Service declares New Orleans hit by two hurricanes

If a tornado wiped out Crawford, TX, would they force Bush to evacuate?

Suppressing photos

What percent of Blacks in NO were on welfare? Hear me out....

Gov. Murkowski: $2K is a lot of money - especially for a handout

Prophetic song by John Fogerty that nails the NOLA disaster!

The word handout really pisses me off.

If John Kerry had been really clever...

IDEA for a TOON someone help..

Umm..WHERE is all this donated money going?

Stripes letter: "It's OK to criticize Bush"

Should the President of the United States be allowed to be a citizen

Picture of Bush on vacation

Nightline. "I'm not like those Democrats who expect free handouts"

The case of the vanishing evacuees, todays strange twist.

anyone seen this yet? (Bush joke..."Aristocrats" reference)

The Voodoo Queens

IMPEACHMENT BYPASS! There IS another legal way to remove the President Am I a bigot?


Water Crisis Looms as Himalayan Glaciers Melt

LAT: California May Temporarily Relax Air Standards

Congressional Republicans consolidate investigations into response

Former FEMA chief Allbaugh in the middle

Dan and Jean suck too.

Anyone here a fan of jai alai?

did you ever have a dryer that didn't quite do the job at the laundromat?

The box fan appreciation thread!

I'm baaaaaack!

How does the Riddler ever find henchmen? I mean, c'mon!

New STD found: Gonorrhea Lectim

Are you frightened by robots?

Sheep go to heaven...

you should turn your keyboard upside down & shake it

Where is Beast Man?

Sundog just had ice water.

IF you get TurnerSouth - Network is on

Beast Man just posted about ice water

What do you call the toothhpaste for beavers?

Where is Climax?

This just in- sundog still drinking ice water.



no it's not koolzip


sundog responded to my thread with his own thread!

you're imagining things

What's the deal with shower cats?

says who?

Cats are inferior to giraffes.

I want jpgray to start a thread.

i think he already started a thread

Mods, please put BTBM and sudog on double secret probation

The avatars are back!

"Welcome to a luncheon of the haves and the have mores." - Bush

Jan and Dean suck

The Dirk Benedict Appreciation thread.

What's the deal with shower mats?

What the hell happened to the tennis match on USA?

I find it impossible to toot against Andre Agassi.

Rabrrrrrr just posted about usury and Gold Bond medicated powder

I want to start a thread

Gamma's "Voyager"...Jimmy Page, if you're reading this, BITE ME.

Bodily function thread.

How do I start a thread?

Not looking good for Agassi right now -

The Dirk Diggler Appreciation Thread

LEVEL 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is there any way to fix my Sirius antenna

What's a sure way for jpgray to get replies to his threat?

Bravo, Mark!

How can anyone be cheering Blake? He's from fucking FAIRFIELD!

Ok I get it now.

My cat is staring out the window.

Picture Threat

i just drank ice water! ask me anything!

I find it impossible to root against Andre Agassi.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life...."

Best Friends (furball pic)

Hotel help needed for the protest

what do you call toothpaste for punk rockers?

What's a sure way to get replies to your threads?

OK I warned you ..

OMG-- the British have really gotten the wrong impression of most of us!

how do you deal with socks that disappear in the dryer?

double best: van morrison and the talking heads

A romantic HEyHEY says

Why are the good protests always on a Saturday?

Why did Noah name is son Ham?

Tacos are delicious.

Take the tolerance test!

Ski jumping trivia

Take the tolerance test!

Impeachable Son (sung to House of the Rising Sun) - MP3

OK: no Abbie Hoffman so we're using BANKSY:

IN Democratic Party to issue resolution for independent investigation!

Powell surfaces in Dallas: "there was a slowness to respond at all levels"

colon bowell lost his credibility... that is why he stepped down

The Reality Of America's Freedom

13% of Americans say Bush to blame; 62% say progress is "satisfactory"

John Edwards' "Two Americas" resonates.

bush haiku

Cheney's titles??


Brian Williams Reports Media Suppression in NOLA

Has Any Other President Lost A Whole City?......

Refuge (for a scoundrel) - a political image

Arnold to veto gay marriage bill

The Story of a Hurricane

Eric Foner: The Power of Outrage(The Nation)

UN hits back at US

La. storm victims say they feel forgotten

AP: Water Pollution (Cholera) a Concern in New Orleans

NYTimes cancels Op/Ed message board

A local blogger captures the "heart of it all"

Did bush actually declare a state of emergency for NOLA?

Orange County Register's Shelton: I know FEMA is here... somewhere

Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street

Sucker's Bets for the New Century

Will Durst: A speck in Katrina's eye (Durst's escape from NOLA)

Jimmy Carter: Longstanding disaster threats can't be ignored

Mpls Star Tribune: Accountability/Little to be seen on Katrina

"What didn't go right?"

The Long Hot Summer, the Long Cold Winter - Wolcott

Add NBC's Campbell Brown to list of Outraged Correspondents

NYT: Democrats Step Up Criticism of White House

How passive/aggressive racism works.

Playing The Blame Game

Wh-wh-WHAT? NOVAK critisizing his handlers?

Curious editorial from our libertarian, Republican apologist rag.

The Corpse and His Court - Rehnquist: the Chief Injustice

Every Crisis an Opportunity

Pendulum Swings.....The Houston Chronicle

Zorn: Bush may scorn blame game, but he has to play

The Lies To Hike The Price Of Oil

What people are saying...

The Whitehouse declared emergency in the WRONG parishes!!

Katrina rips Bush a new one

Lessons his father didn't share (Bush I and II FEMA problems

Arizone Republic: Utter failure (Editorial)

Friends abroad say storm debacle could hurt America's influence

German correspondent Shocked at staged Biloxi events

Gulf Oil Disruption and Government Ineptitude

NYT: Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street

Harnessing Weather - U.S. /Russia have Technology

If Louisiana Was Florida

A hurricane could drown N.Y.C.

Here's What Gets Me

(USA Today) A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina

Molly Ivins: George Bush investigates!

TNR: Southern Steel - Why Scapegoating Kathleen Blanco Won't Pay

Rotten to Its Core: Reality Revisits America

FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts/LIST/LINKS

New Orleans and the Third World

Global Eye - No Direction Home - By Chris Floyd

WP: Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth

Flood waters burst Bush's bubble

Baltimore Sun: After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go

Rush Holt (TPMCafe) - Intelligent Design: It's Not Even Wrong

NYT: New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes

This from Joe Scarbourgh...?


Join the Virtual March Against Global Warming

Urgent: Exempt NO victims from Bankruptcy Bill - call 800-959-2780

PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG...(Help for Katrina's animal victims)

Rally Sept 15 to support Rep. Woolsey's Hearing on the Future of Iraq

Anyone here have a list of radio programs to call into or phone

From Chuck Schumer/DSCC --Petition to Fire FEMA Director

Louisiana State Library desperately needs PCs and printers:

At Rally, Groups Call UC Hurricane Aid Inadequate (CA)

Mainers caught in roadblock (New Brunswick truckers)

DU Activist Corps, Sept 7, 05 -- PR blitz: 9/11 March to Bushville,DC

Sean Penn On The Larry King Show

IFC to air Danny Schecter's WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION on 9/11!

Jesus on a trailer hitch..Pickles didn't know the name of the hurricane!

OC Weekly's Moxley: Regrets: Angry Liberals

Farmers want more money to meet Starbucks demands

The Long Hot Summer, the Long Cold Winter - Wolcott

Loss of soil carbon 'will speed global warming'

Ecuador Stops Petrobras's Oil Road Into Biodiversity Treasure

Underwater "Love Canal" Toxic landfil located under NOLA floodwaters

States Sue U.S. over Energy Efficiency of Appliances

States Sue U.S. over Energy Efficiency of Appliances

Triple simultaneous hurricanes: Maria, Nate and Ophelia

Kyoto benefits 'being missed'

WorldNutDaily: Big Oil's Secret Strategy To Gush Profits Exposed

All things old are new again; A call for new steam locomotive development

The Silent Oil Crisis

Peru poorest to receive subsidy

Ecuador Stops Petrobras's Oil Road Into Biodiversity Treasure

Turkmenistan does not want U.S. military base on its territory

Azeri army could liberate Karabakh - Aliyev

The crushing cost of the Russian counter-revolution

Arar inquiry shrouded in secrecy

Palestinians get 50 million dollar gift

IDF may be out of Gaza by next week

Experts: Yasser Arafat died of AIDS or poisoning

Israel closes vital Gaza-Egypt (Rafah) crossing

Israeli troops kill Palestinian teenager

Katrina: Help to create a database!

Christophera's core

Check out the website for the OregonSummit! Lots of updates. See speakers!

if you go to any of the cindy sheehan events

Brainstorming 2006 -- Pre-election requests for ballot book reviiews

A Blast From The Past ! (For the new crowd)

A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud in America

Wouldn't right now be a perfect time for a big break in the case?

can we get enough signatures to get a recall for arnold?

Newport Beach area - how affordable?

ATTN: L.A. DUers- VFP NOLA Donation Drive/Studio City/ Friday

From MFSO: Culver City Send Off for Cindy Sheehan/ Los Angeles

Campbell leaves finance post

Senate rejects governor's choice for DMV head

Join CINDY SHEEHAN In Los Angeles FRIDAY SEPT. 9 (Urgent, Please Pass On!)

Planned Parenthood booksale in DMoines end of Sept...counter right-to-

Iowa Congressman Steve King one of 11 to vote against hurricaine aid

Why is Harkin so damned lame all the time?

Local account of life inside Superdome - Ashland - Metrowestdailyrag

Jerkowitz (Phoenix) - Katrina rips Bush a new one

Middlesex Dems

The Labor Day Blog-a-thon at the Bourne rotary on Cape Cod

Remember Danny Schecter, "the news dissector" from 'BCN?

Club Passim Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Benefit

What's MA Atty Genl Reilly doing? What's this new anti-gay ballot stuff?

WCCO reports that FBI took some boxes from the house

Anybody else hearing of continuing FEMA f***ups?

FINALLY! I can burn CDs at the rate specified on the CD Burner

national cable modem or dsl company?

Dumb question from a computer idiot.

Is there a WMV player that works on Mac ? I've downloaded

Simple question from a computer newbie

help for a virus

does anybody Know of an XP maintenance program.. to keep it together??

Jennifer Brunner for SOS

Was Cindy Sheehan in Columbus today?

Statesman says TAB indicted

Please check this topic in GD


Muse -

"Leadership means being the wind"

Urgent: help needed for CPH cleanup

Austin SPCA Needs help

Response from Starbucks

Dallas, by far gets the most evacuees

Houston DUers: I'm coming in from Denver on Sunday. Mini-meet-up, Anyone?

Email from Pres. Gates re: Katrina relief at TAMU (long)

DMN: But where will the evacuees be playing football this fall?

Senslesbrenner votes against hurricane relief....

John Conyers at Bobfest

Press finally exacting price for Bush's "irreconcilable rhetoric, reality"

Anyone have a link to Rumsfield comment on Katrina as 'tthings happen'?

MSNBC is back on the bus!

Rec'd email: "time to clean house" i.e. sweep Dems out of LA. FACTS?

2300 Pa. National Guard in La. Wait for Something to Do

If you wouldn't mind

If Anyone Knows A Displaced Single Mom And Kid That Need Housing...

"Judge Roberts thankful that a tragedy has brought him some good"

Got this in an e-mail

Bush tells Pelosi, "Nothing went wrong." He really means it.

OMG - FIORE is staggering...

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Meet The F**kers

No death toll. No new polling numbers except Gallup.

On the passing of Jude Wanniski (long)

DU This poll!!!

Salon: Reporters Gone Wild

world f*in support, once again

OMG AAR -- THe Blame game...

I Have A Question For People With Freeper Friends...

T.I., David Banner Get Behind Kanye's Bush Comments

everything will be fixed now,it's DD-Day(Dick Deployment Day)

Lindsay Lohan takes in stranger

Can someone explain to me something about the price of gas?

Republicans block efforts to amend relief bill, hold vote without providin

What did * do when water started coming over the levee? (makeshift poll)

On my local news radio this morning-they bought the GOP line

Babs "gaffe" in the UK Mirror

I am left with three theories, Smirky. I hope your investigation

America's Unlimited Budget

DHS Leak - National Planning Scenarios - July, 2004

MSNBC poll needs attention

George W. Bush is NOT the "worst president ever"

Hubris and the Hurricane - A Real 'Faith-Based' Response

Life in a FEMA detainment camp

Latest Freeper excuse

Baltimore Sun ..... In the aftermath of Katrina, a call for * to go.

"Profits for Parasites"

needs repeating

What Bush Did Wrong. This blogger explains it PERFECTLY!

Anything on the little dog Snowball and the boy?

Can someone please post alt AAR links

"Profits for Parasites"

Compilation of Dem Leaders' response to * Admin handling of Katrina

So, if we can clearly document the spread and impact of propaganda...

"....white trash with money."

The worst is yet to come - Who is dead

A question, in light of Katrina

I don't blame George Bush for Katrina.

My two word answer to the charge of Dems "politicizing" a tragedy

What Happens When Evacuees Become Public Menace #1??

New from Zogby - disapproval of Bush handling of every issue except terror

What can Brown Do For You?

Has anyone heard from Maddy McCall?

A FEMA Detainment Camp!?!

Mike Malloy Asked Last Night...Please Respond

From the WH press release: BUSH DIDN'T MOVE TO PROTECT NO AT ALL!

LAT: California Earthquake Could Be the Next Katrina

Hey can someone tell me something about USA Today. I have

Where is Bill Gates now?

The "Death Tax" lie.

The debit card handout @ Astrodome is RED CROSS$$$, NOT FEMA!

FEMA; the presidents fall guy

Most Emailed Yahoo Story: "Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor "

FEMA and debit cards.

Anotehr GOP message" Katrina makes Social Security Reform necessary"

Hateful wingnut message I received in my blog

Haliburton gets all contracts

Update On Swamp Rat! We Spoke Yesterday.

Let the Dead Teach the Living

Wow, my Freeper neighbor just came over....(holey crikey!)

Was Al Gore the only Democrat to do something Pro Active in New Orleans?

Helen Thomas: "Katrina Should Blow Away Bush's Tax-Cut Plan"

Scammers take advantage of Katrina

Brian Williams on The Daily Show tonight

ThinkProgress: President Bushs Other Phone Call (Very Telling!)

It's Called Negligent Homicide

US 'approved' oil smuggling (Bush)

Why aren't they blaming France yet?

The upside of the Katrina scandals getting all this attention in the news

GALVESTON SHELTER NEEDS HELP (Please keep this kicked)



I think the GOP wants to get rid of FEMA and privatize all of it.

The Plame game

Please look at this map

Shrub's "What went wrong ?" comment to Pelosi. I get it.

I'm proud of my town!

FEMA orders 25,000 body bags for Louisiana (New York times 9/8/05)

NOLA impact on 9/24 protest in DC?

forceful LTE in a small town Ohio paper

I throughly despise my local newspaper. Got this back regarding my LTTE...


Unruly Passenger (ex-army) Restrained On Katrina Evacuee Flight

VOTE Aaron Broussard - Kanye West 2008

Oh great Wizards of DU, we need a new DU t-shirt NOW!

Yeltsin breaks his thigh

Why the hell did CNN cut off Harry Reid's press conference?

YOU can make a difference by being Intelligent, not by just complaining.

Did the Great Flood of 1927 affect the election of 1928 ?

LOCKDOWN at Houston Astrodome FOX news alert...jesus

How to get yourself in trouble at work


The Red Cross Totally Sucks. A Freeper "Missionary Mole" tells all:

Right Wing racism is suddenly unafraid and out of the closet

Bushwatch's Kent Southard swats one out of the park

Looking through my photo album of pictures of NO, tears in my eye

The Democratic President in 2009, is going to have it so easy because:

More from the "WTF" Dept: Scarborough to be swiftboated

City Drowns....Bush Clowns (graphics..large)

FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts - A list!!

I am going to fax the Carter Center...

I saw the first "blame game" letter to the editor today

CARTOON: "Your tax cut at work"

CheerLeader Promoted to Quarterback, Bush forgets all his plays

Republicans are Keystone Cops of Governance...

LA Times: Time Is Running Out for Stranded Pets! Please read and ask

I'm writing this from a city that was evacuated and ruined

Lock Down Mode at the Astrodome Reliant Center

Show The Bodies - show the evidence

New Orleans as Metaphor

I am coming up on Jerry Springer!

The Labor Day Blog-a-thon at the Bourne rotary on Cape Cod

About those FEMA / Red Cross debit cards

Katrina isn't the worst disaster to hit the US,

can we mass email John Stewart with Blanco's emergency request

Big Easy FEELS LIKE WAR ZONE "It's more like an occupation than assistance

"people are politicizing this disaster..."

OMG! They disconnected me from Jerry on purpose!

Katrina + Oil = Profits for Our Kings (John Perkins of Economic Hitman)

Has anyone heard from alCIAda? DUer from New Orleans

White House says Barbara Bush was making a `personal observation'

Terrific news photo of Bush

Latest Freeper Email about who is to blame. Responses welcome!

Disgusting right wing blogger agrees with Barbara Bush's ghoulish comments

Republicans BLOCK amendments 2 Ktrna relief bill hold vote WITHOUT READING

Compassionate conservatism means you don't leave poor people to die.

Landrieu up on CSPAN 2 now

"The Blame Game Song"..

Imagine criminal negligence Defendant say "blame games" not appropriate


Total disintegration of order is what BushCo wants

The Silent Majority needs to ROARRRRR now. Loudly

Nuclear stockpiles could create 300,000 bombs

I can't afford my gasoline song -- HILARIOUS!

Orleans elite don't want poor back...

"Welcome to Krakow" (Katrina evacuees)

Will this bancrupt insurance companies?

Official List?

China to buy 38 Russian planes in 1.5 BILLION-DOLLAR deal: report

WaPo: Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth

I hereby move to retire the use of the words, "Kool-Aid." All in favor?

US 'approved' oil smuggling

The MSM are great at reporting details on the ground in the Gulf Coast

Canadian Troops Rescue Parish President After 4 Days on Roof

Canadians Beat U.S. Army to New Orleans Suburb (by five days)

Bush "in front of the one downed tree that could be seen in the area"

Lake George... I just heard they are calling downtown N'Orleans

EPA Rep re- Continuing Katrina Clusterf--k

What was Bush's real reason for deciding to wait to respond?

On DemocracyNow: FEMA treats disasters like political campaigns...

Big Brother Alert: Lexus, MCI Working to Help Cars Monitor You

I was watching CNN in the wee hours, & the spin is almost complete --

Southern Poverty Law Center projects affected by Katrina

DNA evidence traps spitter "warden pleaded guilty to ASSAULT 4 SPITING"

This IS a joke,... right?

Why is criticizing Dem leader inaction on pushing our message...taboo???

Sen. Landrieu laying into everyone on CSPAN2

Katrina's Cost to US economy could be TEN TIMES GREATER than 9/11

We, the people

UN hits back, parts of America are as poor as Third World

Avatars are back!

Cleco Electric Slidell Power Status Map

Two Bush 2000 Florida recount aides were REWARDED with TOP FEMA posts

WWJHD? Deflecting the RW talking points at the water cooler and the bumper

If everyone in NO was on welfare.. who owned and worked at the businesses?

State (WA) court says lying in political ads OK

San Diego hospital CLOSED to accommodate Bush visit; CANCELS CHEMOTHERAPY

FEMA censors photos of the dead "they're censoring a key part of disaster"

Important! New Orleans and the Demise of the Democrats

FEMA *STILL* Blocking Firefighters and Police From Entering New Orleans

Landrieu: "Mr. Bill was better informed than Mr. Bush"...


If it happened during Clinton's version of FEMA, what would be different?

Politicizing a disaster?

Has any actual local aid made it to the US?

So now, does anyone still believe "a rising tide lifts all boats"?

Praying for Time

Do the "property rights" people agree with forcing people to leave home?

Is The Media Back? If So, For How Long?

Has Hermophrodite Hannity, Orielly, Coulter, or the Pigman Rush donated?

Battle of New Orleans

Who are Katrina's victims?

There is NO conspiracy regarding the disaster declarations

Civil liberties get the spotlight -Council opposed sections of PATRIOT ACT

Why do you watch CNN or FOX? A survey?

Fema stopped Lester Holt (ABC) from reporting from NO> this morning

haunt them with jazz

Debit cards = dumb idea?

Anyone have pic of the 5,000 backpacks in Montgomery County,...

Howard pushes new anti-terror law: Said he was NOT CREATING A POLICE STATE

I am tired. This administration, and trying to keep us with it,

Echidna, the mother of all monsters. Does she remind you of Babs?

The democrats better call the pukes on this one

Journalist Groups Protest FEMA Ban on Photos of Dead

Underwater "Love Canal" Toxic landfil located under NOLA floodwaters


Pelosi said she was being polite when she said * dangerous

We see death and dispair and they see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Point and laugh time: Freepers pissing themselves over Flight 93 Monument

Please post INSPIRATIONAL songs (for CD project)

Can someone start up an "I'm sorry site" ala the "" site

So a handout is ok for Trent Lott, but not for NOLA survivors?

Is it possible to bus our politicians to the other side where

Where is the outrage from the pro life people?

Has Katrina actually helped unite North and South and put issues of poor

it could be worse.......David Duke was the repub cand for LA gov in 91

Cindy: What Kind of Extremist Will You Be?

Are you angry? Got your song:

Bernie Ward's doing a time-line: Dubya's doings & NOLA -- 5 stars

Samuel L Jackson said that Tommy Lee Jones went and fed 4000 displaced

There is a way to get some idea of the death toll.

The one question I want *someone* to answer

only 10% of republicans think the federal government did a bad job

Katrina Telethon Update

Replace a soldiers that wants to come home


When ** asked Pelosi

Comfortably Numb....

hold your senators and congressperson responsible

For those who can tolerate: Scotty the Duck on c-span 3 at 12:30pm

Democrats press for independent inquiry

Police Use Stun Gun On 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL For Arguing, Then LAUGH AT HER

Freepers b*tch about Bush relief request

It's Vital, it's Ital, it's RayTal!

The Wet Brain Alcoholic Drug Addict.. is now 'The Butcher of New Orleans'.

Can anyone name ONE good thing Bush has done since Jan. 20, 2001?

Pelosi and Reid: GOP-led Katrina investigation "a sham and a charade"

So my Bush-voting sisters calls me yesterday....

I will vote for any Democrat

The un-accountability clause that will save Bush (Stafford Act--Title V)

Think NOLA is live practice for the next "catastrophic event" ?

My RW fundie neighbor is also singing a different tune now!!!

There's a Dick in MS!

Before I go to bed, I want to welcome all the new DUers !

Here's What Gets Me

The prophecy of a puke

Ray is going to read the timeline in a few minutes

What's the difference between Bush, Condi and a pair of shoes?

New at Yurica Report: Links, Resources to Bush Admin Failures on Katrina

When Freepers complain about Ray Nagin, remind them: he's really a Repug!

The huge numbers that have gotten thrown around are an effort

Gingrich blatantly insults NOLA community.

Meanwhile, back at the war.........

will this bothersome disaster relief interrupt the invasion of Iran?

In honor of the Heroes...

New song "Checks and Balances" suggests best solution to Bush problem...

everyone here should know how to hotwire a schoolbus.

criticism of Bush = Bush bashing, according to media

here's some links re: FEMA and concentration camps . . .

Hurricane Katrina Erases Job Gains

Katrina damages more than just lives and property

Gas prices and investigations

Media, demand Katrina accountability

Does anyone remember when we last heard anything about Iraq?

Coward of California.

New toon 9/8/05 -- served on a platter

Help needed

My LTTE re the Drowning of New Orleans

Looks like a looter to me

Just admit it. You're a looter too.

"Katrina tried to keep them apart."

Damn! That CSpAn caller ROCKED!

CNN - Daybreak Question. Should anyone be fired.....

Mike Barnicle Boston Herald on Imus now

US seeks more NATO help on Katrina aid

Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor - Yahoo Story

Recommending "The Corpse On Union Street," Editorials & Articles -- link:

CSPAN caller "We don't need to blame, we need to get together

Douglas Brinkley on IMUS ripping apart, Brown/FEMA/Bush


Looking for valuable video clips

Youshenko dismisses government: The more they want to be like us,

republicans to investigate katrina disaster, democrats NOT INVITED

Hey, MEDIA!!!!!

Charmaine Neville Video- Survivor's Horror Story

Non_New_Orleans medical question re:Vaccines

New Orleans becomes a war zone: A dress rehearsal for martial law?

HEY - what do you guys think about the Dems overplaying their hand?

For a one-stop Dem taling point site and resource for getting info out

Hey BUSH! you useless fuck. You are getting a break. I will be

FEMA is a Disaster

Whoopsi Gras

bankruptcy and katrina

Buses were part of New Orleans evacuation planning

Snopes needs to hear from DU. (New "debunk" in progress.)

haunt them with jazz

"Jon, today, finally, a ray of hope..."

'Horse Judge Brown' (or 'Brownie').

it gets harder all the time for the republicans to hide their racism

Today's press briefing preview.

The Bush administration is full of freepers

How I handled a RWer at work...

Let's ALL just try harder to be more like the Happy Bush Family!

Excellent WP reporting from NO's "eerily still" Lower Ninth Ward

Add this to your "That's F*cked Up" File

NFL ready to kick off political statements

I'm given Howard Dean (& the Dems) an "issue" - - please run with it !!!

Katrina - Lesson in Phraseology "Refugees" vs "Americans"....

Odious ramblings at FR regarding eminent domain in NO...

So what did the President say when he heard the levee broke?

Are There FEMA Internment Camps w/fences, armed guards??

Local radio update on New Orleans

Journalist Groups Protest FEMA Ban on Photos of Dead

Hurricane Katrina through the lens of the rest of the world...

Wonder if we should have Katrina forums?

Katrina Communications May Have Been Affected By Solar Storm (NOAA)

Created Chaos, the Shadow Government, and the Coming American Coup!

Revolt of the Talking Heads (vid compilation)

Join the Virtual March Against Global Warming

New Orleans drowns, fundies rejoice

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 & How It Changed America

People defending Bush at all costs are in the Cult of Personality

My elderly mother got into an argument with another elderly

Remeber Reeps saying in '03: "You don't change horses in midstream! "?

Katrina was a registered Democrat and a LIBERAL!!

Senator Bingaman wrote me back

Turncoats unite (Zell Miller endorses Ken Blackwell for Ohio governor)


Please look at the many pictures of the results of the hurricane...

FEMA before/during the storm

where can I get data on how many people benefit from repeal of estate

Barbara Bush's comment about the underprivileged being at

From a white perspective.

Undeniable proof of who was supposed to be in charge

Help I'm being Freeperd at Work!

Cheney grinning like a hound dog eating horse shit on M$NBC

Meanwhile, down at the local Walmart.....

Question about Katrina survivors and debt

Anyway to set up a hurricane victim (refugee) camp outside the Whitehouse?

mismanagement - here and abroad

PLEASE, PLEASE, remove the dead bodies from the streets of New Orleans.

everybody needs to stop, take a step back and SING !

Green Day's American Idiot - Pretty much sums it all up

parents receive locked casket from Iraq - smash it open

"Go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney" live on CNN!

"Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney"....(On CNN!!!!)

REPOST : US seeks more NATO help on Katrina

I CANNOT bear to see the abandoned pets.

Go Fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!

Heartbreaking photo: dog keeps vigil beside owner's body on NO street

Bush Family Katrina Comments Draw Scrutiny

why is snake Cheney looking at the ground as he answers questions?

Someone JUST told Cheney to GO F Himself!(eom)

Too much Katrina coverage....must... marriage back in news...

WHAT is it with these small Baptist churches? DU BLAST time.

Are people seriously buying that "Bush told Blanco first" emergency crap?

Photos of dead taken off front page of and


Oh My God I'M RICH!!!!!

Friend in NOLA: FEMA only in parts covered by TV cameras. Others can't get


Why are Freeps obsessed with the school buses???

Superdome evacuees telling their stories -- Astrodome media lockdown!

Those that came before us - Please help MS/LA tribes

$2000 debit cards PER FAMILY?!!! that's not fair!!

FEMA: Your Civil Rights and Disaster Assistance

Frist referred to * as

How To Beat The Communication Jammers

Extended Stay in Iraq

Hurricane Katrina will get "Joint" Review Committee not "Independent" one

How To Beat The Communication Jammers

How To Beat The Communication Jammers

R. Rep. Roger ever smirking Wicker said "Pork, like Beauty, is in the

That is NOT Cheney on the Gulf Coast.

USA Today didn't get the FEMA memo: "No photos of bodies."

Interesting article re: NOLA, Homeland Security & Evacuations - 2003

What If George Bush Were a Black Man?

How To Beat The Communication Jammers

Great blog posting

A couple of snarky observations.

CNN poll - over 60% don't think NO will ever recover...

Has Snowball been found? USA Today says Yes

Go fuck yourself Cheney...PLEASE tell me somebody TiVO'd it!!!

Urgent: Exempt NO victims from Bankruptcy Bill - call 800-959-2780

A personal story on people not evacuating because of pets

Sky News gets caption exactly right re: *

Did anything interesting just happen on CNN?

Responsibilities of Local government vs Federal government

UN Hits Back at US in Report Saying Parts of America Are as Poor as Third

Cindy Sheehan: What Kind of Extremist Will You Be?

They had won a trip to NO. It became their worst nightmare.

"Here's what gets me": great essay on

Does Rush wanna talk about Jeff Christie's arrest for soliciting sex from

Bush and Death Tolls

Hey, is Judith Miller still in jail?

Reporters and Journalists: Please take note.

EMS story of Katrina Hell

George the Hun is a cancer on our country.

Stop saying that Cheney is Darth Vader

wrap your heads around this

Caption this * pic...

UofL student's Web posting brings out Secret Service

IMPORTANT!!!: Repugs block efforts to amend relief bill...

Scotty time! C-SPAN 3

Further verification of who was responsible - Bush statement.

Schwarzenegger reveals "moderate" GOP position on Gays: Separate but Equal

"Hello, FEMA?"

morgue erecting fence to keep media out

How do I counter Republican stupidity?

ATM cards useless!! HERE'S WHY

Forgotten Parishes in LA spraypaint roof "ITS ABOUT TIME BUSH"

Yeah!!! I'm going to be trained as a Legal Observer!

why did they send survivors to Puerto Rico navy base?????

Dangerous Terrorist Group in the US

Just as an aside... I love Jon Stewart's shout out to the Media

The elite haven't had a chance to tell their N.O. story yet, so what...

Homeless? Lost everything? How'd you like to spend 5 months here?

WTF am I seeing on Fox?

Vice President Dick Cheney-"Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go fuck yourself

AP regarding Democrats: "Unity is striking"

Al Gore: His Under-The-Media-Radar Heroism in Katrina

What I don't like about Bill Thomas-He always talks like he's

Countered the "Waiting for Cheques" Argument today...

Salazar: Fire Brown (FEMA).

Strict-Father Wingers, Bad Boy Bush Needs Your Tough Love Till He Bleeds!

Paging Will Pitt

What is wrong with this picture?

Nancy Pelosi is kicking butt on C-Span3..

CNN not completely gone...This on front page:

*'s Declaration of Federal Emergency Assistance MISSED some Parishes:

Here comes Hurricane P.

What they dont want you to see

so. . .Cheney is gonna cut the red tape that Bush Admin created!

TURN on C-span -- D Tom Lantos ripping FEMA failures

RaisingKaine: The Bushists have learned ZILCH about terror since 9.11.01

American people have to ask themselves: "Is this the best we can do?"

Timeline of both FEMA and New Orleans flood control

Victims feel forgotten in southeastern Louisiana

Cheney "Go F--k Yourself" incident is on the AP wire (well sort of)

Embryo with two mothers approved

OMFG Bush didn't include Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, and Tammany

Alligators stalk streets of New Orleans

Class warfare, New Orleans-style

KATRINA TIMELINE makes clear the magnitude of the Bushists' failures

CARTOON: Once we've pumped out the toxic debris we can begin the clean up.

rudepundit is good today... with good photolinks.

Kucinich up now on cspan (live) n/t

Senator Mary Landrieu slammed bush...brought up Mr. Bill

Well, my mother-in-law loved it...

If a guy was put in suspended animation in 1998...

What a dick!...Cheney, asked about problems in the relief efforts..

Brownie's Earlier Scandals With FEMA in Florida

Holy Moley! Someone with a video cam recording the loading of the

TURN ON C-SPAN!! Now! Listen to Dem Tom Lantos from CA -- you aren't going to believe this

The "stuff happens" Presidency...great WP editorial-Meyerson

Astrodome Radio Station Blocked

Pickles on CNN live--made a misspeak

What's Chimpy blabbering about now?

Southern racists and country clubs

Stupid MSNBC reporter was just talking about the damage to the....

Cool!....C-Span didn't scrub the F-bomb from big dick's press conf.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as they in the NFL, "it's crunch time" in America...

send help! i am stuck under a blob of horse ass blubber. call fema! help!

Are the Bushists Guantanamizing the New Orleans evacuees?

It is chilling to think that * and his cronies sat for days

Bush's pothole moment

GAAAH! Pickles is on live!

Help with email from relatives in Houston

Shrimp Fishermen discover 14 dead bodies at hospital

CNN: 14 bodies found at Memorial Hospital

I wish that our elected Congresspeople would

sorry, topic already posted.

God is a Republican.

Rush says his suckups "hide behind his skirt" ! ??

She 's called it Hurricane Corina twice now.

Call Congress (800-959-2780) Katrina, Bankruptcy Bill, Conyers

Bush takes a beating :-)

Does anyone remember the SNL skit

I have C-span on...are they trying to push through the Patriot Act?

Even after battles during the Civil War attempts were made to bury

Has anyone else heard CNN calling the dead "non-survivors"...?

Dubbya finally comments on the dead of New Orleans...10 days later.

National Hurricane Center did its job.

What was it that Cheney said about FEMA director Brown?

Just sent to my political address book . . .

The Fawlty Towers / FEMA analogy

Kyra Phillips arguing with Pelosi with Rwing talking points.

did you know they liposucted show horse's rumps? Brown knew

DeLay's PAC indicted today in Travis County

Attention, States mulling gas tax suspension...don't be stupid!

Should they be defined as a Terrorist Group?

Does anyone know anything about the Lawrence Dennis Institute?

Professor Longhair is back on line

does the media in NO need Geiger counters

Hey Pickles it's KATRINA not KARINA you stepford ROBOT

Bird flu pandemic inevitable, says WHO (Can you imagine FEMA?)


NANCY PELOSI ROCKS! Live interview right now on CNN

Sunday is the fourth anniversary of 9/11.....

They won't take us seriously until there are riots

Cheney, Disaster Relief Very Impressive

FEMA is a four-letter word!

I was just over at FEMA

The Chief Justice's War on Democrats: it's not just about his vote

A Massive Failure of the Bush Administration

From a co-worker just back from England

NEW> George Soros & Nancy Polosi ad during Rush's show

Bush declares: Sept. 16 Day of Prayer and Remembrance

GOP Voters Reaction to Katrina: What r u hearing & What r they saying?

The Imbeciles are in Charge

New CBS and Zogby Polls Not So Positive about Bush's Response

MSNBC Poll: Bush handling of war 80%no 17% yes come vote

Who's a bigger POS - Bush or Cheney?

CNN: 14 bodies found in an eastern NO hospital.

Penny-wise & pound foolish..Some old sayings are just too true

No more coverup of the lies and deception....

The next national disaster for Shrub to ignore?

Fight the GOP lie machine w/ Katrina facts

Great afternoon so far:Cheney told to f*** himself and Nancy Pelosi

FEMA is a refuge for Bush-Cheney campaign veterans.

Just on Rush

Media Matters: Kyra Phillips defending Karl Rove

CNN: Pelosi live!

Bush has designated 9/16 as a national day of prayer

What's it called when our Government suppreses the news?

Kyra Phillips---whoring for Bush administration nothing new for her

Just took F***' face Cheney 11 days to speak out on Katrina

Possible strategy - Dem leaders to go on offensive -

Confirmation; Exodus from TX to Atlanta 100k ppl last 2 days?

The Truth About Katrina

"Well they shouldn't live in a hurricane zone." WTF????!!!!

could it be that people have clued in....

Do we have a "focused Dem. Leader" regarding Katrina...?

LOL....Sandy Berger Sentenced

Anybody hear Dr. Dean on Ed Schultz Show a few minutes ago?

Paraphrased transcript of PELOSI smackdown of CNN's Phillips

CIA leak probe may be nearing end game-lawyers

Anyone else hear "Democratic Underground" mentioned on Limbaugh today?

Fucknut Congress postpones cuts to Medicaid program

Dawlin The BIG EASY Will Rise Again!

Rove is going to get away with the Plame Leak

Hilarious video: W's Speechalist

Is it me, or is September of the first year of a Bush term

"No one in the media is on the Bush payroll--right now"

if the NO superdome was never meant to be a shelter, and everyone

UN: "Extrajudicial executions," death squad activity on the rise in Iraq

Holy crap. David Brooks (yes, THAT David Brooks) makes sense!

If Dick Cheney took a heart attack and dropped dead tomorrow...

Mullah in chief declares day of prayer for Katrina victims you are a human....and resign...

Disgusting, racist email floating around: "Chain Of Responsibility"

The NO Diaspora--

Dean on Ed Shultz Show calls for real change in the Dem Party.

"They will pry this city out of my cold, dead hands!"

Pew Poll: 2 in 3 critical of Chimpy's "relief" efforts

I have an idea for the media, and it could come from DU.

Randi just made a valid point - Mississippi is a very red state

Brownouts more frequent than usual?

At this point, I don't expect any Bush supporters I know to change.

CNN: FEMA Commandered Fuel Needed at NO Hospital Last Week

I will believe Katrina was God's wrath on a city of vice and sin...

Paramedic who worked in NO describes his experience.

CNN Breaking: 14 bodies found in flooded Memorial Hospital in New Orleans

The Lynching of New Orleans

Randi is rocking FEMA..

Why are they making people wait in those lines for the debit cards?

FEMA is so f---d-up

Angry Kanye West is a Raging Success (2nd highest opening on charts 2005)

You know why the COAST GUARD and not NATIONAL GUARD are doing forced evac?

A very horrible possiblity for NOLA survivors.

Price gouging ensures that scarce resources go only "to those who really n

Lady Laura has moved on to more important matters ---pix->>>

Pelosi SLAPS DOWN Kyra Phillips

John Titor was right

All I'm sayin' is, I hope people keep track of the survivors

"I bet it won't be the last..."

Another Repuke congressman opens mouth and inserts foot

So - how many of us could keep our jobs if we pulled a "Brownie"?

IF we were to lose in 2006

Cheney's Response to "Go Fuck Yourself " was Despicable.

the real reason bush couldn't send help-fear of beheadings!

I'm collecting: post the examples of projection you've heard

I am worried about the psychosocial health of the victims of the hurricane

The word is LIAR people...LIAR

1895 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Someone just told Cheney to f* off!

Just listening to NPR

New Orleans area wasn't part of Bush pre Katrina declaration?

KANYE: 'I warned Myers + Tucker about my telethon comments'

George W. Bush is not my President

Interesting conversation with our Mayor today

Be sure to send Jack emails -

Isn't it ironic that a foreign army is operating within

Lautenberg just slammed Santorum


CARTOON: Once we've pumped out the toxic debris we can begin the clean up.

CNN transcript; CHENEY: Easy now. Stick your hands up, and I'll call on you

Stupid & unaware voters-Now Gay's feel "stabbed in the back" by Arnold!

How many Americans have died from disasters IN America on Bush's watch?

September 8, 1900....105 years ago today...We need to look at history

Student's comments prompt Federal Probe

ATTN: L.A. DUers- VFP NOLA Donation Drive/Studio City/ Friday

CNN poll: Who is most to blame for slow Katrina response?

Red Cross debit cards handed out in Houston (FEMA's in "2 weeks")

Pelosi contact info:

help me respond to this disinfo on the new orlens levees

IRAQ = easy way for BUSH to have 2nd term

there's a FEMA censorship story

A Question About the Salvation Army

The unofficial end of the "Blame Game" thread

Video of Cheney being told to go fuck himself at crooks and liars

Please read -- moved to tears by "survivors" and the city sheltering them.

Using the survivors of katrina

Cayman Islands Residents, shattered by Ivan, raise $$$ for Katrina Victims

Time to take a deep breath

Begala really doesn't help us at all, does he.....

Conservatives lay blame on LA state goverment -- not FEMA

Remember last month when ** was on vacation and many on DU were apprehensi

What's the Difference Between Gasing Kurds & Drowning Blacks??

It's official Hurricane Ophelia

Five Days in the Life of President Bush (photo research project) . . .

Should the involuntary homeless present themselves as survivors?

Steve Bell: The Inquiry Begins


Please use this number - 1-877-SOB-U-SOB

Great article from the Washington Post - Hope it's not a dupe

L.A. Times: "String of Delta villages: GONE"

Bush: One of the worst diasters to hit the US - As seen on TV

ATTN: L.A. DUers- VFP NOLA Donation Drive/Studio City/ Friday

Mail from the Humane Society

Go Cafferty, it's your birthday!!!!

DU this poll

Urgent: help needed for CPH cleanup

Why is FEMA willing to loot PETS?

Foreign terrorists will probably never attack America again

Some moron on MSNBC keeps on referring to *Sean* as *Seen*

So how's Santorum's bill to take away free weather reports going lately?

Last week...several wrote letters to the UN

CNN poll........who's most responsible for slow response.

NATO Preparing to Deliver Katrina Aid

Louisiana had problems with FEMA justa few months earlier

Think Progress Website --- KATRINA TIMELINE

Cheny will be speaking soon where they are sandbagging-irony alert

**************TOONS: The Blame Bush Edition*********

Freepers react with "compassion" to Katrina victims in DC

Saw this on another board...Lake George

About that Cheney video tape -- Did he just have some concern

Fucking repukes are at it again: Won't allow for more relief measures

Reporters being turned away from New Orleans

The WH has become a Cocoon of Utopia

Famous author of lesbian fiction now touring the disaster area!

Wow, Gil Gross, mentioned Vancouver's USAR team on Paul Harvey

Ironic Fact - Other Countries Get Real News & Photos --Not US

Are you sure Cheney is fully alive and breathing? He looks like


Did everyone see the full page ad in Time Mag for Rush Limbaugh?

anyone have a link to the adopt-a-pet program for new orleans?

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp (lots of pix at link)

More spin: "FEMA: We Are Still Fully Engaged." (USA Today Op/Ed)

Did the CNN president appoint the FEMA director?

Another Convoy on it's way

Katrina evacuee arrested for panhandling

What % of aide that has come from us, private businesses, and foreigners?

Update from my friend in the 82nd Airborne in NO.

Halliburton...From Joke to Reality in New Orleans

Sign DFA petition: Demand independent investigation of New Orleans tragedy

so who remembers when we were dropping food in Afghanistan

If you can blame Louisiana for Katrina, why can't you blame NYC for 9/11?

Lou Dobbs says there are 15,000 people that are still in NO

Wow; that's a coincidence...

We Are not making enough noise about Bunnatine Greenhouse

Pelosi will be shredded by the media. Solution? Keep saying it!

DHS: "7 trailers of food and water at the Superdome on 8/29 and 8/30"

Soviet Union and satellites before or after Cold War?

FEMA: "Due to the----------------- this call will automatically disconnect

What the * ever happened to Rovegate!

How the Upper Class is reacting so far....

Dear Randi, apes HAVE opposable thumbs. n/t

Is it me, or is this weird (Katrina shelter story)

Should sue USA Today?

CNN showed the whole F**CK You CHENEY Clip and the Kerry snipe!

Cindy Sheehan on Randi now!

Bush better not ever mention the words "affirmative action" again

Yet another lie

Wyoming. Wow. What a coincidence...

The systematic dismantling of everything liberal & progressive

Question: if Brownie screwed up like this, how come he didn't screw up

Live! Tonight! At the Superdome! PRESIDENT BUSH!!!

Repubs ALWAYS sue if something happens to them, why don't leftie's sue?

It's all part of the Republican Agenda... And it's whos fault it really i

Was the country this divided during the Vietnam war era?

Cheney expressed concern for survivors' mental health issues?

U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas) allowing evacuees at his Waco home


FEMA Friend Speaks on ABC World News in a few moments...

Lou Dobbs just called corrupt rePUKE Bernard Kerik a "hero of 9/11"

Please check this video---

Neocon Pundits Malign American Muslims

FEMA rep just told me: "They're in a meeting right now" re: pet rescue!

Can the Katrina victims file a suit of Crimes against Humanity?

Anyone up for a little horsetrading with the corps?

Cindy's on Randi NOW

I wonder whom the Iraqis are blaming?

CNN: FEMA became a dumping ground for all of the president's cronys

CrooksandLiars Video: Dick Cheney: "Go F--k Yourself"

Okay,, WWL came back. The RW'ers are gone!

From here on out...Democrats better fight like there's no tomorrow...

Is that a spine I see?

TOONS: GOP hurricane disgrace

Will it be Barbara Lee to mention the 'Impeachment' word?

Is there still a war going on in Iraq? And is gasoline still expensive?

FEMA Demands Use of IE To File Online Katrina Claims

Jeez! How much deeper can Tweety felate Cheney?

Clinton's guy at FEMA: James Lee Witt--he was excellent

ABC evening news tomorrow- "the politics of hurricane relief"

" for the long haul."

It just occured to me: Jesus was (and God is) gay!

Y'know, I was just doing some thinking...

23rd Qualm

It had to happen....Kanye West for President.

Rush, hannity and the NEW RW TALKING POINT 9/8/05

WHAT....IS ....THIS !?!?!? Photo (taken in the eye of the storm) ed: sorry

Mexican Army now Comes to the US to bring the Aid that we've sent to Iraq!

Fly Your Flag

Walmart is good. Costco is bad. One donated rte: Katrina. One didn't.


Need help to get the Media to ask a question

Back to Basics -- A Rant

Effort to limit Cspan's access to households????????

"Brown doesn't know how to run FEMA"


I just got push-polled by Ken "Scumfuck" Blackwell.

I drove by the Post Office and saw the flag at half-staff

Tulane University level 3 biodefense lab -- any damage?

The Republican Party Can't Govern

What now for the Iraq Invasion/Occupation?

NBC & ABC slams FEMA

If you want some gulf shrimp, buy them now.

Workplace email blaming local NO officials, along with my reply.

Gregory's report on Nightly a joke.

How do DUers protect the evacuees from further abuse and neglect?

LOL! freeps were glad when McKinney speech was done...

Many National Guard deployed to NOLA ineligible for VA health care

Interesting post on the state of the Dem Party

Cynthia McKinney on C-SPAN talking about impeachment

Baltimore Sun ..... In the aftermath of Katrina, a call for * to go.

FEMA staffer to evacuees "No one is forcing you to be here"

Worker's Song ......

violence in evacuation centers--few of the reports were true.

Tribes need help shipping bison meat to hurricane victims

Calling Sen. Landrieu: Want a Katrina Investigation? Block Roberts. (Kos)

Can u help me out? I need Photoshopped Bush pics with the guitar

Does your state prepare for a hurricane like Louisiana did?


Damn DUers quit expecting the worst out of your fellow Americans!

If helicopters had stabilized the levee FEMA would be heroes

So, has Roveco succeeded in securing their base with the new distractions

Repeat of Daily Show from last night on now

Here's what will happen in NO after the flood?

Is RAW STORY a reliable source?

Countdown showing rescue and recovery footage.

A friend of my mom just returned from helpin in New Orleans

Don't know about the rest of you, but I am NOT going to watch any

Ron Paul tells it like it is on C-Span...

Great timeline of Katrina Photos from the ground...

Speculation? on Nola Survivors my sources

Just heard on MSNBC that two morticians were told by FEMA to expect

C-SPAN: National state of emergency?

So... Is Brownie gonna get fired or not?

What's he gonna do, try to get a cut of that $50 Billion?

OK - I'm confused about Hartmann and AAR

Rep. Ron Paul votes against Katrina relief

fffffing Kerik coming up on Dobbs: why is this guy given a huge platform?

Bush*t calls for National day of Pray

Olberman is starting his show off talking about the dead bodies

I understood the other day that

NO: Reagan's shining city on the hill?

I wish a Democrat would say on T.V.

How deluded are wingers? "Haley Barbour Displays Giuliani Effect"

Check out this map showing LA parishes covered by Bush's dec of emergency!

Michael Moore..."seriously considering" documentary on Katrina...

so abc and/or the nfl just "bleeped" the stones

I know there was a thread for "Facts vs Media" BS

Rolling Stones on NFL now in PST Kanye ?

C-Span's showing the 20-minute thing with Cheney being told

We have much work to do...Racist barf alert

Cynthia McKinney kicking some major tail on Cspan NOW

If the "Buck Stops" at Blanco...

They don't want us to play Blame Game

Please tell me that Bush's historical legacy won't be sugar-coated!

The emporor plays while Rome burns...

F'ING STUPID IDIOTS! You ARE to blame. This is not a game.

Lets hear it for the Man that told Cheney to go Cheney himself live on CNN

Tonight's Daily Show preview

Pro-Life groups mourn rising infant mortality rate in U.S. under Bush.

FBI: Hurricane relief Internet scams proliferate

CNN - even Paula's segment is hardcore.

The Rampant Distractions.

Anyone listening to Rachel Maddow rip apart the FEMA/Halliburton connect-

Full Blame Game covereage on KO... with instant replay!

Bush and Paris

What's happened to/Where is CNN's Jeanne Meserve?

c-span language warning - cheney visit replay starting

Reality-based: How did the right make that a bad thing?

I say OK to waiting for an inquiry....

As a peace offering to Bush and the FR's I propose we send them

What ARE The Terrorists Saying?


Do FUCK YOURSELF, Mr. Cheney! ------------- ----------- > MP3

How much of this 62 billion authorized by Congress will come up missing?

This guy on Rachel Maddow ON FIRE!

"Governments that prey on their people."

It's not politically correct to ask whether NO should be rebuilt

a truly righteous president & his wife & daughters would be THERE WORKING

Real Story from the inside of NO, very long....

Heads turn as Mexican troops roll into US with aid

Picture of Toddlers Loaded On Bus?

KFC and McDonalds blasted in Pakistan. Iraq redux....

Wasn't Brownie The Clownie Gloria's Cereal Bowl?

"Don't try to equate Tal Afar with any previous operation" (ie, Fallujah)

Bless his heart!!! Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is taking a stand against,...


How much of the billions has just voted for is going to Halliburton?

Why would Ron Paul vote against the $51 Bil package for Katrina survivors?

I'm sure I'm not the first: in re Freeping

PEACE RALLY in DC ...Be there, but read this first!

So has Bush pretty much covered all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

I Would Have Liked To Have Seen A Lot More Of These Images In Election '04

"Are DU'ers Stuffing this poll??" Yes. NOW we are!

Reminder - parents of High School Juniors and Seniors & NCLB

Bush Discusses Hurricane Katrina - Day before landfall 08/28

This administration is all about WELFARE for HALLIBURTON

Insane, Homophobic, Freeper Spew - Edition 19,298

New Diaspora has Unintended Consequences for Republicans / Bush

multi-tasking NOLA work

multi-tasking NOLA work

HuffPost: Judith Miller is Bargaining

CNN showing photos of mutilated bodies in New Orleans?

There's big stuff going on in House C-Span

Calling all socialists, greens, social democrats, and commies

The Mother from Hell

Why is the * admin playing politics during a national crisis?

The response to the FLOODING was the problem in NO, not the

FEMA CURBS its Debit Card Program....On CNN NOW...Unbelievable!

Who else thinks the Crawford Ranch would with a little work,

I Told Off a Freeper Today

There are some churches and schools doing some great things.

Just called Nancy Pelosi's office in DC

Bush calling for a national day of prayer.

How did Bush know that the levees weren't attacked by Al Queda?

Need the worst and most violent quotes of the extreme right

15 Characteristics of a dysfunctional church (or administration)

What the "they didn't leave, so it's their fault crowd" really mean

I just read an intelligent essay that I will pass on

Jazz funerals in protest

Tom Delay was indicted today??? Did I hear Rachel Maddow correctly?

MSNBC: "I don't want a President who is taking a six week vacation."

Brit TV: "Bush: One of the Worst Disasters to Hit the U.S."

Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish

Idiot Son LEGACY a toxic soup of poverty, disease, misery and death

I 'm so sick of hearing "It's economics, not race" I call bullshi########

Newest RW "Blame Game" - Enviromentalists (debunked here)

Im having a little Historical Deja VU...

Just wanted all y'all supporters of my Iraq-bound brother to know,...

I Want to See the New Orleans Dead Bodies--Honestly, I Really Do.


Sheesh. MSNBC Subtitle: "Mistakes Were Made!"

The Republicans that I know & talk to have no problem with Bush.

rePUKES trying to merge "inadequate" and "imperfect"

SUCCESS! The pets thank you, DU! (Rescue Rescue Pets)

FEMA does not want Americans to see the evidence.

The fact that repukes want to blame nangin means they are willing to eat

David Gregory vs. Puffy McMoonface on KO....anybody catch it?

Did any of you notice that Cheney

I Want More Dems to Speak Up Like Pelosi Just Did

replay of Nancy Pelosi's briefing today on Cspan NOW

The PEOPLE should declare a national day of Accountability -

Nursing home didn't evacuate,video

"Meet the Fo**ers". Anybody who hasn't seen Jon Stewart's

Anyone have information on when more foreign aid will make it here?

Wouldn't it be great of the WH reporters all stood up and walked out

Jesse Jackson coming up on FAUX news - Insannity and Colmes.

This is the "I" administration!

We were promised honor and dignity

Since when is a 300,000 pop. city (Baton Rouge) a "sleepy town"

Record home sales in Baton Rouge. Home up 30% taking advantage

CNN: 'No fear' of homegrown terrorism over Katrina bungling???

Global warming & Katrina: The laws of science don't apply to us, right?

Shep Smith says the "GFY Cheney" guy just got a citation

Why Some Voted Against the Katrina Aid.

Republicans block efforts to amend relief bill ...must read

So Cheney gets called a fuckhead 1st day on the job in red Mississippi?

Do Democrats have Public Relations people who try to get them on TV?

Bush on vacation again! (pic)

Sept 16th: The National Prayer For Impeachment Day.

CNN Poll: What Level of Governement is MOST responsible?

Bin Laden hunters a step behind

Landrieu says federal government failed to protect American lives

Read this and tell me if your opinion of the media has changed ??

Disaster all around him - Bush hardly notices

Everyone With A digital Camera:

American Library Association Katrina page

MP3: Laura Bush calls it "Hurricane Corrina"

Any one want to help me here??? Freeper email

Vid Clip--Scott McClellan's Blame Game-Olbermann

great work from olbermann-video link

Brief timeout from all this hellishness: Buckingham/Nix on WTTW Chicago

Breaking CNN -- mailed checks to replace debit cards. (No addresses!!!)

Bush "Corrina" Investigation--let's see if I have this right.

The Daily Howler: How stupid has our pseudo-liberal discourse become?

FEMA is looking more and more like a slush fund/money laundering operation

Why are so many NG and military pictured just standing around?

Smoking gun: see and hear w EXPLAIN how he massacred all those people!!!

Virtual martial law in the Big Easy

Is there a transcript of Laura and Hurricane "Corrina"?

Harry Reid just appealed to the press to help gain transparency

Keith O Rocks! Pointing out very clearly that the ripping up of W is

Bush caught fishing in flooded NO...

YES!!!! It was that dopey photo from AF1 that did Chimpy in!!!

I need a new heating system for my home....

Katrina Invesitgation Complete .....results = "Every Level Failed"

Rachel Naddow (sp?) on AA just said Tom Delay was indicted

Partisan Rancor Accompanies Passage of Disaster Aid Bill

Man walking his groceries home in shopping cart.

So, Fed's plan for a Bioattack is "call your Mayor & wait for the bus"?

The critical reason why Bush/FEMA MUST be the focus of attention NOW!

"Non-citizens admitted to Gold Star Mothers"

So you want to be a Wingnut?

DU this CNN poll: Who was slower? Fed? State? etc.

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

I gotta say that Pelosi ownzed Phillips.

I'd like to congratulate Anderson Cooper's mom, Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper

Aaron Broussard, Judge Subpoenaed In Corruption Probe, August 18, 2005

NG deployment - what say does each state have?

Great! Scarborough is going to discuss "How God could let this happen"

Let all those who perished be laid at the doorstep of Grover Norquist

Brian Williams on TDS. He is really pissed.

Waxman: Katrina relief bill ups govt credit card limit from 15K to 250K

Samantha Bee Rocks!!!!

3000 will benefit from "death tax". 10,000 died in the flood.

Anyone else having a bit of an energy dip tonight? Hoping TDS

Battle of New Orleans, rewritten

Blame Brown not FEMA

A sorta poll on your thoughts regarding the media .....

I think Texas is in for major upheaval

How much of the 62+ Billion dollars will be given to Halliburton?

From Chuck Schumer/DSCC --Petition to Fire FEMA Director

The media isn't pointing out all the good things happening in MS and LA...

Racist piglet on paula zahn

Olberman has the clip of guy telling Cheney to FO!

Halliburton's KBR unit gets contract to repair Gulf Coast facilities

Holy Shit!!!! Please read this (just mentioned by Randi)

CNN: Kyra Phillips defends Bush during Pelosi interview - (VIDEO)

Gonzales urged lawyers to "interpret the fed law creatively" !!(Katrina)

Anybody listening to TDS?

Does CNN _have_ to run Cialis ads while all these people are dying?

End a DU double standard

Reformatted my "call to resign" article... should be easier to read

Military recruiters going after Katrina victims already

CNN Breaking, Brown resume discrepency EOM

between the warmongering and the sheer incompetence,

Cheney needs SIX paramedics to go fishing?

One word -- BULLHORN

Historian Douglas Brinkley on Imus this morning.


All those comments by Barbara Bush: She is only saying what

Activists and Writers - Please critique the content of


Five Indictments against TRMPAC, DeLay's group...Reuters...

"Right of Return" for displaced NO Katrina victims. Great read

Billy Graham's son Franklin talking about death

Colon Powell

Christian Wire: "Arnold will TERMINATE same -sex 'marriage' bill"

john edwards on CNN with AaronBrown

joining the national guard

More dishonorable dick! OMG ...WYOMING!

WYOMING receives $2.7 mill. in September 11 relief loans!

CW: Federal Disaster Edition

Comparisons of hurricanes.

Was Katrina a message to Bush and shoe girl?

Did anyone Tivo or record Bill O'Lieley during his first show?

Ford sells Hertz

Has anyone ever brought a suit against GWB?

Check this path prediction out! Timing it's all about timing.

For my 10,000th post... report: Bush suffers in polls post-Katrina

Caption this Cheney pic...

My nephew joined the Marines today.

Well, Tom Tancredo (R - CO) certainly doesn't mind the "blame game"

What does FEMA stand for???

Let us never forget one thing that I was reminded of tonight.

I found the perfect answer for Repukes who accuse Dems of playing politics

Mary Landrieu's speech was really moving.

Sen. Lautenberg: "We must be more leaderly, we must not be AWOL"

New Riverbend blog...


"Slow-poke-veterans for truth": Impeach Bush!


Bush allows contractors to pay lower wages to rebuild disaster areas

It is not Bush - it is Republican voters and Republican politicians.

Not all parishes declared emergency before Katrina!!!!!

WTF? I just got an auto reply message from the White House...

Repost: Are you angry? Got your song!VERY APPROPRIATE.

I'm not the tin foil hat type normally, but this scares the hell out of me

Kiss Lake Pontchartrain goodbye.....

HELP - South Mississippi already devastated - now DOD to close Keesler AFB

Ultra Tin Foil MIHOP levee rumor

Tony Perkins (R, Insane Fundie) compares FEMA to F-Troop

Video Pelosi Smacking CNN's Kyra Philips (Go on WH Payroll)

Minister: Bush must be 'shot down'

The LA. state Homeland security guy will be on Nightline tonight.

Fahrenheit Katrina! Get off your butt Michael Moore!

Barf alert. Frist on Larry King

Katrina kid in my daughter's class

KatrinaGATE: The New Orleans Files

Has Al Queda infiltrated the Whitehouse?

Michael Moore moves his operation to Louisiana; Camp Casey-Covington

Is there a central database or something so families can find each other?

Designers: What type of font should you use on bumperstickers?

FINALLY!!! TV News gets it right!

Two major US cities (both Dem, hmmm) have been destroyed under *

CNN's Tom Foreman is trashing state and local officials right now.

BBC Is Brilliant

Pardon me if I don't forgive Republicans....

From what you see now, will JUNIOR get away with it?

This is embarrassing!!!

KATRINA: Trying to organize all the information. Please JOIN !!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseker Roll Call

LA State Library desperately seeking PCs and printers

Katrina video by my friend Crystal


Attention Animal Lovers!! We Have VICTORY!!

What's going to happen to the guy who cussed out Cheney today?

"GAWD destroyed New Orleans because of the immoral homosexuals!!???"

"Blame Game", "Flip-Flop", "Sore Loserman", "Tin-Foil Hat"...

Since Rush likes to quote DU so much, I dedicate this thread to him

so is this a sign that the mutiny was real? LA GUARD SOLDIERS HEAD HOME

Oh PLEASE let Bush visit Louisiana the week of the 19th!

Make Kyra Phillips pay.

Has Rush said anything interesting about Katrina?

My response to a "Don't Blame Bush" email

AOL Poll on individual blame (B*, Blanco, Nagin, Chertoff, Brown, Honore).

I retract what I said. It was unfair and unkind

John Stossel: USDA Grade A wanker

Judy's negotiating

Ophelia.. what an unfortunate name

Another reason why I hate the GOP - government haults sucessful pd drug

I was listening to Laura Ingraham on the way home just now

The legacy of the Uncivil War haunts the Katrina catastrophe

Kanye West's Diamonds from Seirra Leon is awesome


Agent provocateur

Regarding the $2,000 debit cards

Why Doesn't Bush ever call on Jimmy Carter to do anything?

CNN crawl: Lockdown in Astrodome! Nobody allowed in or out!

Has anybody been watching Anderson Cooper today?

Ted Kennedy: "Can you imagine Lyndon Johnson sitting on his ass in Texas"

Counting down to.......Jon Stewart

Why Aren't We Advocating Being One Race: the HUMAN RACE?

Tomorrow is my birthday, and for my present I want

John Edwards on Arron Brown NOW!

Countdown: Cheney slammed by New Orleans Cop

Man AM I Ever Glad I Was Wrong About Bush Being Incompetent!

ack, I've been attacked by a freeper.

Anyone just see Lou Dobbs doing a preemptive strike on the Dem's?

Microsoft and Katrina : Market-Share

Welcome to the Rockies, now get behind the fence!

Photo: "Hurricane refugee Valerie Bennett presses her face to her dog"

President of FEMA Headquarters Employees Union speaks out

About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!

PETA: Benetton agrees to buy only "ethical," nonmulesed wool

Call FEMA! They're deciding today if they'll allow pet rescues!

anyone seen this? WHOIS search

I thought DU was a forum for DISCUSSION OF IDEAS

Rep. Ron Paul - Republican Texan - OMG - DSM!!! on CSPAN!!

Can "Star" Democrats request to be on TV news shows- or are they censored?

Limbaugh mocking DU'er a bit ago...

So its the wealthy white people in NO that General Honore won't make leave

President Ordered to Evacuate White House, Refuses to Leave

I just schooled someone called "SoCalPundit" via email

Rotten to Its Core: Reality Revisits America - Must Read!

George Bush Vacation Photo

Scared Southerners buy guns at fast pace...revolution is knocking!

My email to my Freeper brother

US Military Smuggled Vacationers Out Of Superdome

Slide show from a NO resident, before and after Katrina,

How Much More Will We Take? (video)

Deamonte Love - He Held Their Lives in His Tiny Hands

Move-On and Katrina evacuees protest in front of WH (photo)

* not admitting mistakes with Katrina downplays the power of the

$200 BILLION in Iraq and Reconstruction could STOP since money GONE!!!


Lakoff: "a failure of moral and political philosophy a deadly failure."

Rich Whites Plot to Prevent Blacks from Returning to NO

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed: After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go

I have just seen the Cheney Video

What I Tell The Freeps That Bitch About Mayor Nagin And The Buses...

Another Republican conversion story, if you can stand it! :)

Barbara BUSH's Texas Is No Welfare Paradise

I loved Jon Stewart's Tuesday night show BUT

Political designs - what do you think?

Doctor saves 71 pets at NO Hospital

Bush** to Pelosi : "What didn't go right?"

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 9

My Response to My Freeper Fundie Dad After Receiving RW E-MAIL From Him.

As bodies rot in America, I understand they do it in dignity...

Cynthia McKinney giving Bush Administration hell on C-Span now

A truth that no Republican has the courage to admit....

To Democratic leaders: Its The Message Senator!

I LOVE Jack Cafferty!!!

A huge welcome to all the new DUers who have finally had it with the lies!

Homeowners in Ocala, FL say evacuees aren't welcome


The Synergism of Hatred

Have you guys seen this from Bob Harris? What in the hell?

I think we need a Katrina Issues Forum

Homage to nostamj: HURRICANE TOONS - MyPetGoatMyPetGoatMyPetGoat

Thom Hartmann coming to AAR!

Debit Cards Will Be the End of FEMA

Black people loot. White people find stuff. The FBI takes "souvenirs"

DU and Race

Experts: $4 a gallon gas coming soon

Confessions of a former freeper

**Al-CIAda** I'm worried! haven't heard from you since 8/31/05

Any Brits seen this article from the National Geographic October 2004 ...

Migrant map of UK reveals surprises

Blacklist bars radicals from UK

4000 posts.

Ashes thread - a place to worry or exult

Tories and Lib Dems to fight next election on pledge for a 'flat tax'

Lib Dems could form coalition with Tories to unseat Labour

NYT, Nagourney, Hulse: Democrats Step Up Criticism of WH Response

NYT: Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street (decomposing 4 days)

La. guardsmen returning from Kuwait

Evacuees may stay in South

CNN: Hurricane survivor arrested for panhandling in Atlanta

Send positiive vibes to Larisa Alexandrovna

Tom DeLay foster home project opens outside Houston

Another top official loses job at BWC (ohio coingate)

As homesick victims balk, state shelter plan on hold - San Jose Merc 9/8

Turncoats unite (Zell Miller endorses Ken Blackwell for Ohio governor)

La. storm victims say they feel forgotten

Suicide Bomber Near Baghdad Hotel Used by Foreign Security Agents

"Singer Charmaine (Neville) says ..." (ESSENTIAL reading/watching)

NOAA ISSUES SPACE WEATHER WARNING (Powerful solar flare erupts)

WP: Gulf Region Infrastructure Slowly Revives

WP: It's a Web Buying Spree for Big Media

WP: "Coast Guard's Chief of Staff To Assist FEMA Head Brown"

US seeks more NATO help on Katrina

Labor Department says 10,000 Katrina-related jobless claims filed last wee

LAT: Illegal Immigrant (driver's) License Bill Advances in California

Democrats and Labor Get Redistricting Vote on Ohio Ballot

Yushchenko fires government

Judge halts Egyptian's deportation because of possible torture

Nevada medics open hearts to helpless/Guard members care for evacuees pets

GOP leaders agree to joint Katrina hearings

Civil war?

Yahoo! sidesteps claims it aided China to jail journalist

TNR: Southern Steel - Why Scapegoating Kathleen Blanco Won't Pay

Louisiana senator: Thank you Canada

US economy to face high winter energy costs-Bodman


Bush tax reform panel cancels Sept. hearings

Earthquake Shakes Alpine Region in Italy

Energy Department Says Natural Gas Prices Could Skyrocket This Fall

Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street

Saddam did not confess to mass killings - lawyer

Saddam did not confess to mass killings - lawyer

Yeltsin breaks his thigh

Without notice, Medicaid cuts benefits to disabled Coral Springs boy

Poll: Most voters not inclined to re-elect Schwarzenegger

Lock Down Mode at the Astrodome Reliant Center

Democrat Party boss blasts storm response

Ex-ambassador fired over Iraq war takes on Koizumi in Japan vote

Venezuela To Send U.S. Extra Gas Shipments

WP: Storm's Devastation Fans Antiwar Flame

Transportation, shelter for evacuees left idle (Texas)

Democrats press for independent inquiry

Mexico sends first ever aid convoy to U.S.

Evacuees to bypass housing wait line:Advocates for valley's homeless prote

State Senate passes bill to increase minimum wage (California)

Pelosi: Independent Commission, Not Partisan Committee,

sorry - dupe

Humane Society cat back with family after years away

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp (lots of pix at link)

Appeals court throws out law barring untrue campaign statements

MoveOn to lead Katrina survivors' march on DC tomorrow 9/8

Fire Crews (told) to hand out Fliers for FEMA

CentCom and DoD announce casualties (#1893 #1894 and #1895)

Feingold to seek bankruptcy protections for Katrina victims

Iraq violence: Spreading south? (Into British Area)

Insourcing Torture (Sibel Edmonds' NSWBC press release)

LA Times: Time is Running Out for Stranded Pets

CBS Poll: Blame All Around (38% approval of bush's handling of response)

Evacuees present long-term health care challenge

Bonilla Bill Targets Eminent Domain

CNN: Will Katrina lead to higher prices?

Cullman (AL) man confesses to stealing from Red Cross

9/11 commission heads see repeat failures with Katrina

UN won't print Iraq constitution

Fire Chiefs Group Says Volunteers Should Abandon Hard-Drinking Conventions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 8 September

Ocala homeowners association says evacuees are not welcome

[Australian] PM outlines tougher anti-terrorism laws

WP,pg1: Money Flowed to Questionable (Louisiana) Projects

200 Suspected Insurgents Arrested In Iraq

Bush suffers in polls post-Katrina (Reuters)

Chinese president brings economic opportunity, risk in first visit to Cana

Feds so far failing to meet two emergency requests from Blanco

GOP leaders slam Dems over harsh Katrina criticism ("go over the line.")

LAT: Hundreds of Police Officers Missing in New Orleans (and may be dead)

AP: 9/11 Recovery Loans Loosely Managed

(Conservative German) Minister: Bush must be 'shot down'

Plight of Stranded Animals Worsening Daily

National Archives Names Lockheed Martin to Build Archives of the Future

(Calif.) Senate rejects governor's choice for DMV head (D)

Katrina underscores Bush's isolated style

Slain Marine's father leads Atlanta ('small' Anti-Cindy Sheehan) rally

U.S. "war on terror" saves few lives, expert says

Burning Man participants donate food

Congress Passes $51.8B Katrina Relief Bill

Jay-Z backs Kanye West's telethon outburst

N. Texas absorbing part of wiped-out economy-Military recruiters descending

(SanDiego) SDG&E customers to receive $50 million in refunds (manipulation

Bush outlines aid; Declares day of prayer

Secret Service investigating university student (posted message on web)

Judges Question Lack of Prisoner Rights

Fema Director's Online Bio contains false info (CNN, Breaking)

State Dept. Withholds Comment Whether Egyptian Vote Might Be Flawed

Ocala homeowners association says evacuees are not welcome

UN raises alarm on death squads and torture in Iraq

White Supremacist sets up Hurricane Katrina donation websites

NYT/AP: Gold Star Mothers Accepts Non - Citizen

(AP) Secret Service investigating student (for Katrina/Shoot * Comments)

(USA Today) A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina

Powell speech 'painful' (said UN speech was 'a blot' on his record)

Teams removing 30 bodies found in nursing home

U.S. Asks Mexican Officials Not To Visit New Orleans

Cheney, Gonzales Tour Stricken Gulf Coast

(AFP via Yahoo) Vice President Cheney heckled on hurricane tour

Halliburton's KBR unit gets contract to repair Gulf Coast facilities

Bird flu pandemic inevitable, says WHO (Can you imagine FEMA?)

AP Exclusive: Sept. 11 Recovery Loans Went to Many Who Didn't Need Them

Frustration, boredom for Pa. troops on Gulf Coast (2,300 Unused)

Pew Research: 67% believe Bush could have done more, overall approval 40%

LAT: Energy Profits Likely to Keep Rising

CNN: Victims feel forgotten in southeastern Louisiana (St. Bernard's Psh)

Congress postpones cuts to Medicaid program

Cheney heckled live on CNN in Mississippi

NYT: Chertoff Draws Fire on Briefing (some Dems walked out)

Cheney: hurricane cleanup efforts "impressive"

(Laura Bush) Wife says criticism of Bush 'disgusting'

(Ca) Gov. Rejects Gay Marriage Bill

2,000 Postal Workers Missing

Apparent Hunter S. Thompson suicide note published

Fears grow over toxic floodwaters

Washington man charged for killing 2 sex offenders (Reuters)

US mulls "decisive" attack on Iraqi town

CIA leak probe may be nearing end game-lawyers (Plame)

Central America to seek cheap oil in Venezuela

Ophelia is now a hurricane.

NFL ready to kick off political statements

NYT: Cost of Recovery Surges, as Do Bids to Join in Effort

Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish

Rwanda arrests priest over genocide

Political Issues Snarled Plans for Troop Aid

Zogby: Bush Job Approval Hits 41%All Time Low; Would Lose to Every Modern

CNN: "TIME: FEMA director's online bio contains false info"

Snowball Has Been Found!

Protestors "shame" Bush over Katrina response (Yahoo AFP)

Old-line families plot the future (in NOLA - antebellum "gentrification")

Powell says U.N. speech a 'blot' on record

Grand Jury Indicts PAC Connected to DeLay

Gay Marriage Advocates To Post Names On Internet

Money runs out on U.S. projects in Iraq (major reconstruction halted)

Canadians beat U.S. Army to New Orleans suburb (also beat FEMA)

Source says Katrina `expose` [by Michael Moore] considered

CNN Breaking: Fourteen bodies found Thursday inside the flooded Memorial..

Martinez: Cuban aid should be welcomed

CT: Fearful Southerners buy firearms at torrid pace (Katrina related)

GOP leaders press Bush to name hurricane czar

California Earthquake Could Be the Next Katrina

AP: Katrina, Aftermath Galvanize Black America

Landrieu: Federal Government Failed To Protect American Lives

Orange Revolution in turmoil (Another Bush success story)

Red Cross: State rebuffed relief efforts

Former secretary of state Powell critical of US response to Katrina

Sharia move in Canada draws anger

(Bleep)-ing PARASITES!!!

Some Bertolt Brecht to lighten the mood around here

In its absence, I learned to cherish the poll feature as a precious thing

Please post INSPIRATIONAL songs (for CD project)

Life in in the DU Lounge...

jpgray, misunderstood genius?

If pots were illegal would you sell them?

If you could bring back five hypothetical figures...

Hey anyone have those photoshopped pics of bush playing guitar

What do you call toothpaste for fundies?

Dirk appreciation thread

Did you all see THIS, "The America I love"

Not enough love and understanding

I can't believe that Weezie's been gone for over a YEAR.

If pot was legal, would you sell it?

I just watched the most amaizing movie.... very powerfull....

I want advanced search back

did you hear that? ? ? ?

If you could bring back up to 5 historical figures...

See you tomorrow.

I love Jon Stewart

Whoopsi Gras (New Mark Fiore animation)

I love the firefox scrapbook extension.

What do you think of this graphic

"Ringing Of Revolution"- Phil Ochs

The guy and his dog on Oprah yesterday my sister called me tonight

Post something to make MissHoneychurch giggle . . .

Why was Tommy Chong arrested/convicted for selling bongs...?

Fire-drill - what fun.

some real conservitive crap here!

I changed my sig line

hot dang!

We've got avatars back.

DU Word of the Day: Turbid.

earworm...a simple one

Next time someone pisses me off:

What is a sure way to have people ignore your threads?

Okay, those ESPN Fantasy Football girls are vapid and vacuous

Serve it to him on a platter -- new toon 9/8/05

I need Mo Moe.

Good Morning, DU!

i have to put a capo on the 7th fret to play this one

Thief Gets Head Stuck In Sliding Door - Arrested

Peace High School Opens In Philly (Students Learn PEACEFUL Ways)

Interesting:Disturbed did a cover of Genesis Land of Confusion.

This is a Hoot.

Have the Neville brothers been located

Concentrate on this picture for 20 seconds .


Yea! I just donated our

So...I have a crush on my computer... what do I do?

Mindless nature cannot be controlled by stupidity...

Ok, please tell me

Top Ten Signs You Have A Bad Job

Things that make you say...... Damn! (warning - Pic Heavy!)

Top Ten Rejected Titles For The Gay Detective Show (very funny)

how to survive the afternoon at work

If these tennis guys were any good, they'd have longer volleys

how about some walrus dipped in seal oil?

Provisional Primates? Belfast Zoo chimps rounded up at gunpoint:

Hoaxer tricks testicle cooking contest

Grrr..Grrr...People who change their appointment times at the last minute.

funny video sent to me by a freeper who still doens't get it....

Airplane Passengers, Including Katrina Evacuee, Subdue Violent Man

Back to Level 3

new political artwork

"Yours In CHRIST" Email SPAM Scam!

What is your dream "kodak moment"

Santorum Sings!

A nightmare about a big city

eom. NT. !!. (*). Megadittoes. ;0). thx. YW. Kicking. A-f***ing-men. :O

Most under-reported disaster on the gulf coast...

Favorite Van Morrison song

US investigators uncovered plot to kill rapper 50 Cent

Guess who's going out for Pakistani food tonight?

Dolo's post prompted me to post this:

Girlfriend Turns In Man For Stealing $10k Worth Of Notre Dame Tickets

Nevermind. nt

I call shenanigans!

Astronaut's son pleads guilty to child porn charge

Restaurant Serves ASS As Special (Donkey Meat Spiked With Tiger Urine)

Leaving GF's freeper sister's.What web page should I set her computer?

Andy Dick as Bush's Speechwriter

I love this kitten!

guess who's going to the patriots' game tonight?

What's for lunch? I'm having SUSHI again

a very sad song by dylan

Monica Lewinsky Accepted To Grad School (Will Study Social Psychology)

What is your dream Kojak moment?

Everything sounds like Coldplay now.

Rep. Peter DeFazio rocks

Standing on the moon

Oh man

Kayne West Alert: NFL Pre-season kickoff show tonight!!!

I swear I couldn't neglect my cats even if I wanted to - they won't let me

Work is the Curse.....

Just saw this kewl toon on FARK

An Article I wrote about Bankruptcy back in 1997......

Separated at Birth?

Dr. Seuss Goes To War

"Go Cheney yourself, Mr. Bush"

In another time's forgotten space

Ah, my daughter is asleep and looks like a perfect angel.

Woman Says She Was Fired From Teaching Religion For Being 'Too Sexy'

Shot and Beer

OMG! Did you see what happened in GD!!?!?!??!?!

Anyone have the link to Harry Connick Jr lookin buff in N.O.?

Southern DU Women:

Is it just me or are there more threads on each page?

The Earworm Cafe, now serving Boston's "More Than A Feeling." Enjoy!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

I have to busta cappa in the 7' Brett in order to win this one

Beware: extreme cuteness in this thread

Too "sexy" to teach religion Italy academic told

Britney Thinks Her Baby Is A Boy, Wants A Cesarean To Avoid The Pain



Oh dear God - please let things around here get back to normal


Bush doesn't take WORKING vacations; he takes SMIRKING vacations

OMG!!!11! i can't beLieve what matcom just did

I had a symphony today!




Who else is tired of Fontism on DU?

Yea for Nancy Pelosi......



Anyone planning to drive from Arkansas to North Carolina soon?

lets call it a working vacation

The Ig Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony



I just heard muzak version of Pretenders Chain Gang. Shoot me, please.

Say something nice about khashka

Popcorn! I smell POPCORN!


Tesla helping out the Hurricane victims

Pssst..... hey you......

...and now for something completely different

Do you have good balance? (Poll)


My cats are leveling curses at me.....


Email from a coworker of mine.....

Uh-oh! Lunch hour on the east coast. Move to DU Level 5.

THIS IS SERIES!!!1!!111!!!!!



Liar, Liar - Panties Ablaze!

ă ÃnÃnŃo oooooo

It's my D.U. Birthday - ask me anything.


I'm leaving you all pretty soon...........

Mrs. McBlueState had a job interview :fingerscrossed:

This is The Controller of Planet X -

Totally selfish, inane question regarding the Gulf of Mexico

Treat for the day

asterisk giggle asterisk

why is everybody shouting?

Has sniffa ever missed an "L"?

Wonderfully trippy song I found thanks to Cartoon Network

Uh, pictures of HEyHEY's Nephew

New pictures of me

Progmom! Help!


Katie to do what no prior Mrs Cruise has done-She might take his virginity

DUer Ulysses and Mrs. Ulysses are playing with my heart strings

HUGH among us remembers this HUGH TV show? Dad went to his first peace rally this morning!

From BoingBoing - 41 and 43 land a whopper in NOLA


Allergic reactions suck

What's for lunch

I've got goodies to give away.

Oh, you doesn't has to call me Johnson.

Don't look at her. Look at ME!!

ZombyPoll: Should CatWoman adopt "Catrina" as the Ulys suggest?

I don't own any Thai-dyed clothing!

Mmm. I'm making stew for dinner.

Lighten up the day kitty picture, don't mind the mess


Bankruptcy law - heads up to my DU friends

Budding Rangers & Pioneers being trained at Chucky CHeese

Where's Firefox 1.5 Beta?

I must not fear.

Chimpy's guitar playing


In spite of her concussion, progmom does not have a headache

I need advice. I just found out that Progmom is NOT

Corina, Corina (lyrics) Pickles just called it Hurricane "Corina" twice!

What foot cravings do you get?

When are we having a DU get together in Mississippi?

"Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney" LIVE On CNN!!!!

Newport Beach area - how affordable is it?

Thank goodness for small favors:

Raiders suck! Niners Rule!

I also need that timeline of what Bush was doing ...

In spite of her promises, Progmom doesn't really love us

Why does Progmom ignore me?

Katie to do what no prior Mrs Cruise has done-She might take his last name

Great move by Air Americ Radio "AAR Adds Thom Hartmann To Lineup."

Humane Society cat back with family after years away

For The Southern DUers...I bring you...Colonel Angus!


Am I wrong to feel upset with friends who had a GREAT TIME this weekend?

Rolling Stones Fight for Radio Play


What city does Kenny G live in? Why didn't Katrina go there instead?


I'm sure this has been done online dating site?

kiss-ass---er....kick-ass-bob is a mean person.

Oh well

I don't own any tie-dyed clothing.

Okay, I just have to say this about HUGH

Wish happy double digits to my son Joe!

CLIFF BURTON in 2008!!!!

Texas quarterback needs a geography lesson.


Interesting bedfellows (too bad they cannot vote)

Sending a care package to VFP tomorrow!

So how many evacuees has Arlen, TX taken in?


The Dove Foundation just called.

Am I a spork or a pork?

QUICK! I need that link to Blanco's letter to Bush before Katrina!

Texasgal VS. Ohiosmith

Please welcome....liberallady!

LAVAR BURTON in 2008!!!!

Post perspicacious pet poetry!

So, I'm a little scared.

If I had an evil twin, it would be me!

I've decided to change my name to Rabrrrrrr, switching the 3rd and 5th "r"

Mods, Rabrrrrrr made me cry!


OK, I have to ask, "Why is MrsGrumpy grumpy?"

I'm accepting bribes here - you don't want to be forced to log off do you?

Alf, to Chaney, Fuck Katrina (((((This is HUUGGEEE)))))

South Park renewed for 3 more years

Apparently, the Lounge has turned into tag you're it lala playtime

Awwwww... that was a guy!

OK, I have to ask, "Why is asthmaticeog asthmatic?"

If I were to be appointed to a post here in the Lounge, what would it be?

The Last Wish of a Dying Man


Am I a snork or a smurf?

and so with peace restored to the lounge...

LA State Library desperately needs PCs and peripherals

Who's Stan?

Hey lounge. If y'all don't mind, I think I could use a hug...

What is the best pick up line you ever heard or used?

KitchenWitch! I just found a kitchen witch

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

KHASHKA in 2008!!!1

Do you believe that California Peggy will kick Will Pitt's ass?

Post something....

We're having BEEF-A-ROH-NEEE! *

" "


If you smile at me, I will understand

...and now for a moment of peace with zombywoof...


"Yeah...I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you...


California Peggy needs an evil twin

Some moron on MSNBC keeps on referring to *Sean* as *Seen*

I am sorry

Today's ZINGS!

"In a minute, somebody on this floor is gonna mention Impeachment"....

Xanadu... Xanaduuu... Now we are here:

I've always wanted to play fast and loose with something.

Evil earworm alert - you've been warned...

Kevin Spacey IS Lex Luthor!

Man, ya just can't hit the "mute" button fast enough anymore.

OK, I have to ask, "Why is yvr girl vr gir?"

OK...time to pick up Tavernertoddler

Janeane Garofalo in character on "The West Wing"

Progmom, Progmom, Progmom

Sound and video clips from Da Ali G show

Pet Rescues in NOLA: A petition

New Orleans street names duplicated elsewhere?

oooooo I'm Starting Trouble! NOBODY stop me!

Want to watch a dental hygeine movie?

Anyone here old enough to remember when the Wizard of Oz

does anybody have a pic of the chimp playing the guitar?


Hey Lounge - South Mississippi needs help

Am I the only once excited about the OC premiere?

Repost: Are you angry? Got your song!VERY APPROPRIATE

In spite of her premises, Progmom doesn't really have a conclusion

In spite of her addledness, Progmom doesn't really have a concussion

WTF, everyone sure made a fuss over the CNN Pelosi /Kyra exchange.

Will the Stones play Sweet Neocon? Green Day - American Idiot?

The Mother from Hell

Oswald Jam

In spite of her promises, Progmom doesn't really have a concussion.

The Stones still rock!

First the Stones, then Kayne West

Men - What kind of wallet do you like best?

Hey! Lounge guitar fans,

Digital Prayer Wheels

Sorry to bitch, but my mother has decided to spout Katrina RW talking

Twenty Words That Should Exist - courtesy of Rich Hall

Back from hell and high water

ZombyCoffee: NO Right-Wing Propaganda on MY Cups!

They just censored the Stones at the football game!

Who's watching Prison Break tonight? (It's the frist ep. right?)

Green Day lipsyncing?

Testify! Rage Against The Machine

I've just asked for a Garfield cake for my birthday

Why is the traffic so heavy lately?

TIM BURTON IN 2008!!!!11

Baseball players from hurricane-prone country each donate $50k to relief

Thom Hartman

Drunk Woman Tried To 'Relieve' Herself In Cemetary - Killed By Gravestone

Ozzy doing "Crazy Train" at the Patriots game now

Ha! My boss gave me money to go to the driving range

I met Joseph Wilson tonight

Is Hollywood trying to tell us something?

whoisalhedges' dingo ATE my baby!!!!

Hybrid Car Bumper Stickers, license plates, etc...

whoisalhedges has lost his celebrity status?

Level three polka. Post yours.

Anyone here like that TV show "The Wire"?

Who has been extra nice to their kids and pets this week?

I'm glad I'm not a DU celebrity anymore.

Piss. I'm going to bed now.

Breaking: Al Michaels and John Madden to Leave Broadcasting

Anyone else catch the premiere of "Reunion"?

whoisalhedges LOVES to have his name in thread titles

Drum Roll Please.

A neighbour from hell.

Feeling BLUE?

Bulworth in 2008!!!!!!!!!

Poor oppressed white man

anyone else have a long ass day?

Anyone heard the new Sigur Ros disc?

How many "P.C." DVDs do you have in your library?

i have tonsilitis...any home remedy recommendations?

A tiny bit Creepy - Anagram of CRONYISM "I CRY MS NO"

Do not post anything to get this thread locked. That's the only rule.

Suggestions for a cheap guitar?

So, who are our DU non-celebrities?

This universe is a gigantic pile of crap.

Cheney told "Go Fuck Yourself" on live TV(CNN), video link!

Let's print "I'm a Republican and I LOVE the blood on my hands!" stickers

Could someone PM me about something?

Are there pro football games in which you wish BOTH teams to lose?

Rabrrrrrr is posting too much

There is an incredible sunset going on outside my window.

Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Harry Connick Jr in NO?

anyone collecting musical instruments?

Anyone watching The History Channel? The Roman Coliseum?

There's a wikked-kewl sound and light show going on in my appt.

I like level 1/2/3

How about that Sam Jackson and Eugene Levy movie?

"Do you think a black man can be president?"

Is my supper "gross?"

She comes down from Yellow Mountain


Enjoy America's newest destination spot.

If people can't control their caps lock key

Dashboard Confessional

I was thinking of "republican" when I played my kid's 20 questions game

hey pass it on...

Feel free to hijack this thread

Which TV series new season are you looking forward to?

DAMMIT! Now I've got that crazy Fanta commercial stuck in my head!

Milli Vanilli was twice as famous as Terence Trent D'Arby.

Help periodic absentee lounge lizards - summary of key things missed

This Saturday, I am Going To Heaven On Earth

Weezer is on Letterman.

All I know is NE's Corey Dillion better be running his ass of tonight

My show is on tonite @ 11 (ET). Please stop by to listen

Best Ogler

i want to ______________ myself....

That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid...

Fantasy Footballers - Good Luck tonight!

Scumbag, Thy Name Is Tancredo

Do you know me?

Hickeys for everybody!!!!

The DUers We Do Not Appreciate Thread

has anyone heard from Frustrated_Lefty

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world

Post in this thread, and I will respond in two words or fewer.

Rep Pelosi rips Kyra Phillips a new A-hole!

Need to temporarily host a large file for others to download

Is AAA a good deal?

So seriously, what is a Hollaback girl and why is not desirable to be one?

I can not and will no longer buy from Starbucks

How will MrsGrumpy & Progmom spend their time in DC

My engine turns over but will not start...

Just had an experience that left me shaking.

Post something mean about Khashka

See you later

How reliant are you on the Internet?

What happened to food?

Who would have been most likely to pull a girl's pigtails?

A group hug for all you Loungey types

I'm Jonesing for reindeer sausage!

To Phelps, and anyone else who thinks NO got it because of sins

AP claims the photographer saw the couple find the bread in the water...

Send positive vibes to Larisa Alexandrovna


I'm going on VACATION!!!!!

When you find out someone really nice is a repuke

Can we talk about fried Catfish?

With all due respect to Alarcojon, I'm starting my own picture thread

Anyone here know of the band, Sugarcult?

So I made a video

Saga of the anal retentive Amtrak ticket clerk...

Any Pats fans in the Lounge? Or are they all watching the game?

Fuck the republican filth slime - listen to this bullshit

Feeling like a waltz, growing old

So, who are our DU celebrities?

Guess this movie's title from the Yahoo description

Are there college football games in which you wish BOTH teams to lose

What song was playing when you

It just occured to me: Jesus was (and God is) gay!

time for a random cat and critter thread (dogs welcome!) PIC HEAVY

LOL-What's the *BIG* story in my city?????

Level three haiku. Post yours!

The Heidi Appreciation Thread

We have not had a JimmyJazz appreciation thread in a while.

Great songs in commercials...

Progspawn vs. Tavernertoddler

my rotten ingrate kid

So I'm watching these 9-11 documentaries,

Pissed at public schools!

I get to see Richie Havens tomorrow night!!!!

Raiders Rule! (What's your favorite pro football team?)

Get to know SeanQuinn! Ask me anything.

A feline first in our house today

a self-serving, pity post (I need a hug)

Apparently, CaliforniaPeggy has been chosen as the Lounge's enforcer!

Landlord Sues Restaurateurs Over Ghosts

ANNOUNCING... our "Katrina" dog... Lucy

What shall we call sundog?

Give a warm welcome to danniB

people are fucking dumb. Fuck 'em.

Has anyone heard from BOSSHOG?

The Dirk Bogarde Appreciation thread....

Am I, JVS, friend of the people, too hard on Philadelphia

England win the Toss - bat first

Hubris and the Hurricane - A Real 'Faith-Based' Response

Schizophrenia' may not exist

How comets may have 'seeded' life on Earth

Scientists able to move an object without touching

AIDS Quilt Creator Drops Suit

Lesbian Student's Kiss Sparks Civil Rights Suit

Update on situation with my mom

Heath tries to quell storm (Me. fundie blames hurricane on ... guess who?

Reilly's wrong to allow the anti-gay initiative appear on the MA ballot !

Farrakhan Calls For Unity With Black Gay Leaders

'Survivor' Winner Indicted on Tax Charges

Gay AIDS office director leaves White House post

Hotel employee berates gay Muslim conference

Gay Marriage Advocates To Post Names On Internet

How dare him!

Top Ten Ways to Make the U.S. Open More Exciting (LMFAO #3)

Spurs/Heat to play Katrina benefit game


Hurricane Relief for Pets & People and

Our new rescue group is up and running!

Your cat ever sleep like this?

Does anyone feed their pets Kirkland (CostCo brand)?

Voodoo Queens of New Orleans?

What Can The Esoteric Study Of Tarot Do For Us?

Religion is deadly

I just can't fucking stand it anymore

"I'd like to thank god for all my success...

Military.Com Video Archive

Ok the truce is ended - it is open season on Kerry again

DU supporting Republicans?

Kerry at press conference

Kerry bashing alert!

And some days you just feel like the harbinger of doom...

So. Do we think this is really going to happen?

Kerry's coming to my county on Saturday

LTTE: The Lowell Sun 9/8/05

Y'all gotta see this

Fuck the haters

I've had it with DKos

And here is another update about the reflections contest

Can't go a week without posting a few snapshots

I need a hug.

Just a quick word to my friends here


OK - So what time is Keith on this Sunday?

Baltimore Sun ..... In the aftermath of Katrina, a call for * to go.

KOEB 9/8/05: Keith's here to kick ass, take names, and watch baseball.

KO on Dan Patrick Tomorrow?

Shoutout to KO on!


Dick Cheney sworn at, hot off

Want to do something to really help Katrina victims?

Article on Shapiro's exit

Will Government Condemn Land in NO and Buyout Displaced w/Pittance?

Bernie Ward on right now, calling Arnie a coward and a pig...

Buchanan: Summer is over for America -- and George Bush

Coroner's Inquest -- demand one for the victims

Bush Will Not Abandon Huge Taxcuts for SuperRich, But Won't Help Poor

What Does "Bush Investigating This Himself" mean????

Now that avatars are back, I'm honoring Deamonte Love.

SoCalifer signing off

Aug. 26: Bush ORDERS Feds to supplement state & local:


Evacuee voting: has this been discussed here?

Black Commentator: "I don't know this God"

Please read, this is one of the best commentary's I've read about Katrina

What do you think CNN is trying to say by showing the

Pre-Deploy? Proactive Deployment ? - Brown's Words in 2004

WWJHD? Deflecting the RW talking points at the water cooler and the bumper

Rush mentions the DU....

Can Clinton (Bill) be President again?

MSNBC: Will (Michael) Moore turn Katrina into film?

Did you all see this Baptist Church in Tyler Tx?

New Orleans, George has a song for you

Miami Herald - "Dean Plays Storm Politics" DISGUSTINGLY SLANTED

Response to the administration meme: It's not a game, Mr President

Why not John Conyers for President?

Pakistan's real problem with rape

Is it time for all good Democrats to walk out of congress??!!

How would we go about giving 'Brownie' a medal?


Fund raising / survey letter from Hillary

Mistakes were made

need help debating... bush lovers refuse to have bush take blame

"The response to Katrina by DHS was a disaster for the war on terror"

Common Cause wants your personal stories on how the government failed.

Leadership: Woefully Lacking, in this case, Pitifully lacking by BushCo.


My one and only Haley Barbour rant (short)

Republicans: You wouldn't have to criticize President Kerry

F.Y.I. The Senate confirmed Chertof 98-0

Why aren't the Democrats pounding how Katrina affected National Security?

"The government will not help you"

Official press release: Gov federalizes disaster day before Katrina hit

My 999th post in 3 years.

Can we talk about 2006?

GOP Rejects Dems' Call For Ind. Commission to Review Katrina

"Liberation of Iraqi people" is a slap in the face of Congress - at best

Balance of Powers Out of Balance

Republican party M.O. - Wait until a disaster happens,

Wolfie just said that Cheney was about to view the sandbagging

Victims of the hurricane protesting at the W.H. and MSPROPAGANDA TV

DU it: Let's follow the Katrina relief bill money.

Horrible note forwarded to me....

Dems should not see Bush in groups smaller than two - after the

RNC Plotting '08 Convention In New Orleans?

just sent a nice email to Cheney with "GFY" in the header

Blast from the past

Just on ABC, Cards only in Hust, other will have to wait...

A New 3 step Program for Recovering Pubs goes in effect Today

Ever wonder why New Yorkers detest George Bush?

Wolfie: Are Democrats going too far in criticizing the White House?

JUST IN! 70% of Americans are now "radical"

Cynthia McKinney on C-SPAN now

LA State Library desperately seeking PCs and printers, help, please:

Help! Looking for WP article on NG federalization blackmail of LA Gov

I remember when "where do you bury the survivors?"....

Photos: Protesters in front of the White House..."Camp Katrina?"

Cheney about to be on CNN. All together now...

Hastert just said it on CNN

Question: Did the DoD cancel their 9-11 DC circle jerk, or is it still on?

Any nuggets from Scotty-time today?

Bush is hurting himself by trying to "fix" things

Katrina is America's titanic disaster

Anyone else have the feeling this country isn't big enough for

It's time to dig a grave for the Republican party

You know

Sister of Greta Van Susteren running for US Senate as Democrat

"Did Bush go to far by cutting FEMA funding and downgrading the dept?"

CNN Schneider's reports CBS pol puts Dubya at 38% on Katrina response .

If our next candidate doesn't WANT it, then please don't waste our time

Democratic Leaders to Boycott Republican Led Katrina Committee

Didn't McCain say "Elections have consequences" ?

Clinton NSA Berger sentenced in document case (50k fine, 2 yrs probation)

Don't BLAME the player, BLAME the GAME!

Leading blacks label Bush a disaster

If 25,000 died from Terrorist Attack in US rather than Katrina, then .....

I say, Let's Play the Blame Game then...

Have I completely lost my mind?

Republican push for black votes hit by storm

By George, I've got it!

I committed an act of SUBVERSION at Comcast today!

Hurricane Katrina Was Hurricane Hillary

who is kyra phillips married, to related to, doing, whatever?

Who will ask: How many people died because of Dubya's failed leadership?

Pew Poll: Bush Approval at 40%

a BIG thank you to Pelosi for standing up to Bush...and to Kyra Phillips!

Chimpy on now. CNN, MSNBC, FOX

Destroying FEMA

The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigs Intentionally Dragged Their Hooves..sic (audio)

Dem strategists join GOP in criticizing the "strident" response of Dems

So will there be a "Top TWENTY Conservative Idiots" next week?

9/11 Civil Disobedience -

Anyone have a phone contact for MoveOn?

Limpbag leads off today talking about DU - free publicity for us!

Simple Minds: You are either with us or against us.

I think I know why aid didn't get to NO. Also a few questions

Statement By RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman In Response To Harry Reid And

Counter to 'Blame Game' - Bush unwilling to take action to save lives

Don't blame me, I voted for John Kerry......

Are you going to New Orleans? Help get the truth out.

Got another e-mail from a ***supporter about a great article

What are the Freepsters thinking about Forcible Evacuation from their Home

I'll be at the Sept 23/24 rally with pic phone. Need some one on DU

Congnitive Dissonance

Nancy Pelosi Kicks ASS on CNN now

Anyone at today's MoveOn rally with Katrina survivors in D.C.?

Katrina: lack of Bushco response looks intentional? Spread this around!

"Blame Game" hasn't been catching on

Is it me or is Ms. Pelosi kicking ass and taking names? (cspan3)

German Politics: Somehow, we are missing the boat.

Is It A Coincidence Phrase "Blame Game" Popping Up All Over?

OMG this video of an evacuee story.....


Remember the "Daisy" Political Ad? If Not Now, When?

Red Tape, Mr. Bush?

Florida/2004=FEMA okay! Louisiana/2005=FEMA sucks!

"Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!! Go fuck yourself!!!

Perry Steers Relief Work To Faith-Based Initiative He Created

Gumby's Daily Needle - emailed to Mehlman this AM

Cancer vs. hurricane: Question about bankruptcy bill

Sirotablog reports White House Uses Katrina to justify SS privatization!

Pelosi will boycott GOP "bipartisan" investigation unless it's independent

The Chief Justice's War on Democrats: it's not just about his vote

Forcible evacuation of NO residents from their homes--

Grim Prophesy... In short....this is only the beginning my friends.

Little Scotty McWeasel is LIVE right now...Blame Game Day 3

Mark Crispin Miller letter in BuzzFlash predicting massive propaganda

FEMA has 7996 employment slots: over 900 currently unfilled.

Urgent: Exempt NO victims from Bankruptcy Bill - call 800-959-2780

So now Cheney is tasked with clearing away bureacratic obstacles to relief

message to bushgang: americans CAN chew gum, blame, rescue and

Chimpy is Dangerous! Let's make a list "what didn't go right"

"Welcome to NO, Mr. Cheney" "Now go &^#@ yourself."

memos show oil corps. reduced refining to raise gas prices

Poll Of The Day ...Bob Harris.....

George Galloway: Katrina shows there are two Americas

If C-Span was the only media, Democrats would be doing a good job.

MSNBC: "Democrats declare open season on Bush"

The Nuremberg Defense

Senator Kennedy on Katrina, Poverty, and the Government Response

don't trust Juan Zarate, Dep. Natl. Sec. Adv. for Combatting Terrorism

some presidential quotes( including * ) watch the pattern

Tom Tancredo: Don't send aid to "incompetent and corrupt" Louisiana

Dupe. Please delete.

Does anyone else think that Chertoff looks like a criminal?

smirk pays off Robertson for dissing Chavez

I swear to GOD I am going to run amok..

Does anyone know of a list of what Congressional seats

Google news. Whaaaa?

If Louisiana Was Florida

Colin Powell bares it all?

Good on ya, Kantor Fitzgerald! Good on ya!

Dean: Race Played a Role in Katrina Death

Landrieu on C-span2

Government is bad, isn't it? - Prof Reza Dibadj, Univ of San Francisco Law

HEADS UP: Just got off phone with FEMA Friend... (ABC 6:30 EST)

It's one thing to be a crappy president, but this clown

ENRON: Fed Prosecutors Conspiring to Let Lay & Skilling Walk on Appeal?

But Cheney didn't donate his vacation to Corinna victims

My interesting kibitz with a gas station owner's wife (in Maryland)

Terror Threat level raised to RED indefinitely

FEMA can't handle food and water, but they CAN handle 25,000 body bags.

Evangelicals: WHY did it take Bush so long to call for prayer?!?

"And in a minute someone on this floor is going to mention IMPEACHMENT!"

This Santorum / Hutchinson CRAP just keeps getting better and better...

Ok, why have they not been impeached yet? How much more...

We all need to watch that 9/11 documentary. We need to do a little

Colin Powell on Iraq, Race, and Hurricane Relief (Barbara Walters)

Laura Bush on Hurricane "Corrina"

Intellegent Comment by Scarborough Part II

Would the destruction of Las Vegas get the same callous response

I'm Very Confused About Ron Paul

The $52b spending bill is for hurricane Katrina and "other purposes"

$2000 per "household"?

NO Chapter of FreeRepublicans, I have some questions for you....

BREAKING: Little Black Girl Saved from Devastation! TO BE A PROP!!

Who else loves the DU homepage?

We're still in a state of emergency from 9/11?

Sitting in American Government today

What does Chaney do? Go to his White House homepage, see below

Boxer: bring home all NG troops from the affected Gulf Coast region

Fitzgerald, we are counting on you

I'm listening about "Brownie's" resume. Where did Chertoff come from

I would love to f*cking kick the sh*t out of these white supremacists


Modifying my assessment of the Bush core supporter.

Lawyers out there: Class-action lawsuit: U.S. Taxpayers vs. B*sh Admin?

FEMA sends firefighters to hand out fliers and attend B*sh photo-op

Cheney now at the Levee in New Orleans.

(Very Long Post) Inside NO during and after Katrina.

In 2006, let's return the Republicans to the job they do best -

Kera Phillips out of line

Compare Lott to DeLay for a moment...

Scarborough on MSNBC turning into a bitch session with shocked GOPS

Any GOP Senators ripe to turn Independent?

what happened in the house????? I"m lost!

The Ultimate Reality Show..........

Cutting Medicaid Will Help Hurricane Victims

MUST watch C-Span ...

Landrieu's Speech - Spread the word, join us on 9/11 in DC

Fox News lays the Blame fully on Blanco.

"this time it's not like 9/11, this time the enemy is incompetence" CBS

Very good Katrina Timeline

The real heroes and sheroes of New Orleans (Must Read!)

Bush's leadership a partisan issue: "Bush can learn on the job"

Ann Coulter alert !

The Sheriffs Dept Called for a Donation

SOLID info on LA Nat'l Guard diversions to Iraq

So, who exactly is blivet going to have fill the vacancies?

amazing videos and links on Katrina

Hmmm---Will the righties jump all over Rep. Paul ...

Delay's PAC (TRIMPAC) indicted by grand jury

So here's how the defense of Bush gets started...

REPOST of the "Camp Katrina" White House Protest pics

Solid interview with NBC's Brian Williams on The Daily Show about N.O.

Why did Cheney need Gonzales with him? While watching The

Al Franken badly needs to learn some manners!!

Big Dick

Should impeachment talk wait until NOLA is on its way back?

General Bush at the Battle of New Orleans (a cartoon I drew at work)

Portlanders: Joe Conason appearance Friday night

Tina Brown writing in WaPo: "Floods Scour the Political Landscape, Too"

I can't believe what I'm seeing on C-Span!!!!

Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish

Keep this Katrina Timeline handy to counter the lies they are spreading.

OMFG I wish I'd written this!

Holy holy shit. must see this...

Can someone from Canada (or one familiar w/ their laws and customs)

Scarborough thinks Michael Brown is NOT "doin' a heck of a job, Brownie"

Is there a republican from texas (ron paul) dissing the bush admin?

See the Go fuck yourself video here

$2k debit card replaced with EFT or mailed check.

New Meme: It was OUR money and YOU spent it...

Here's the video of The Daily Show - Meet the F**kers

Zogby: Bush would lose to every Pres. since Carter, but beats Kerry by 1%

"Read my lips"...Michael Moore claims NO...$2000...DEBIT...CARDS. None.

CNN just showed horrendous photos of mutilated bodies from Convention Ctr.

Nancy Grace is reaming out the government!!

I have had to RW Hacks say this to me... Need some info

About Cheney's statement - Must be "A Friend of John"


Do you have confidence in Chimpy's ability (MSNBC poll)

Bankruptcy Bill Introduced Today & Bobfest (Wi)

If we can't pick up these 11 seats there is something wrong

Zogby: Bush is cooked

Katrina victims in same boat as 1932 Bonus Army ...march on DC next?

Presidential Prayer Team's prayers for Bush as he "manages and responds."

The Kerry White House

DU MYTH: Top Democrats are not allowed access to TV interview shows.

I am absolutely FLOORED!

SHOULD Dick Cheney go fuck himself?

I Predict: the GOP will force Bush to resign.

GOP baits Nancy Pelosi into being the sole Vocal critic. So they

Want Unity? Other Democratic Leaders must join Pelosi and Reid...

An open letter to lurking Media Types ........

Do you think the media has swung a bit to our side ??

Were All N*****rs Now

NOT blame, ACCUSE...

I told my Republican Mother last night...

Who were the 11 fucks that voted against hurricane relief?

Not all Dems believe that Diebold stole votes by software. I believe

National Urban League Calls for "Katrina Victims Bill of Rights"

"Go FUCK YOURSELF" Shouted to Dick Cheney in Miss. Press Conference!

Must watch TV! IFC to air Schecter's Weapons of Mass Deception on 9/11

And So It Begins The People Will Rise Up... Bushville, DC