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Archives: September 29, 2005

Israel Presses Forward With Offensive, Despite Palestinian Truce Pledge

We have 36 hours to help ensure that every American vote will be counted

Hold on everyone, let's not get too excited yet. Delay could still walk..

Does anyone think there is a relationship between that Saudi buying up

Has this audiofile on Delay been posted yet?

Who's the worst person on any network news channel in the US?

Anyone think there is a relationship between that Saudi buying up shares

Israelis have advocated for the lives of Palestinians.

David Banne (musician) on Hurricane victims (mentions Bush)

Did the Daily Show talk about Delay, or are we going to have to wait until

General backs away from troop pullout prediction

pretty powerful "over there" on tonight, dealt with soldier trauma

Rumor is that * is going to announce his choice for SC tomorrow...

Roy Blunt: Clean as shit


Question for non-U.S. DUer's!

The spoils of DeLay's criminal conspiracy

This made me laugh.

Could * pardon Delay?

Official Sweettalker Hughes finds herself arguing with women of Islam

How can Bush possibly have a 40 percent approval rating, when...


"I have a dream" redux

Afleck to stand for Senator??

The GOP political agenda - class photo

DeLay's defense atty was David Koresh's defense atty

We have 36 hours to help ensure that every American vote will be counted

Dumb Question: What could have made Frist think he could get away

liberal video at my website

Folks, get used to the name FRANCINE BUSBY because...

Mark this well -- the MSM is using the expression "Culture of Corruption."

Did Anybody At The S.F. Protest Have A Problem With The March ???

Oil profits soaring, drivers suffering

Army won't pursue charges over photos (traded for porn) showing war dead

U.S. Customs Chief Quits ("He and...Chertoff have been at odds...")

Newsweek: The 'Second' Man (Al-Qaida deputy really No. 2?)

Beautiful night here in Minnesota.

Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man!

Kimmel tonight! He told everyone "Tom Delay tried to buy sex from a clown"

Best newspaper name?

Got my wisdom teeth taken out today.

I feel like I have to barf.

Video of Steve-O drunk on "Too Late with Adam Carolla"

Ethical dilemma

Runnin' down the road tryin' to loosen my load.....

I must exorcise an earworm. It's been three days.

You know, I kind of feel sorry for Tom DeLay...


For WCGreen: the thread that's the head.

I'm sitting here, with a glass full of cranberry juice...and wondering

I'm coming out of the closet...for the 1st the world..........

Does anyone else notice how in the fourth quarter of football games,

Need help with sensing something

One of the great advantages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a god

Newsflash: John Kerry is hot

Roy Blunt (R-MO) is going down! (he's cozied up to DeLay)

America: a safe haven for airline bombers.

Should the United Nations place sanctions against the U.S. for harboring

It is 2008, Satan walks the Earth, Pick one Man for President...

Should Saudi women drive and vote?

Larry King has Coulter and Nation editor Katrina Heuvel on now (West Coast

To Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald

Meet Roy Blunt

Will they put our Texas Districts back now that DeLay has been

If you were a foreign govenment, would you extradite terrorists here.

Congressman who filed DeLay complaint last year 'pleased'

NYT: For Republicans, DeLay Indictment Adds to a Sea of Troubles

America's Energy Solution Is Right Under Us...Literally

Democrats flee peace protests; it's time for a name change

NYT: Cut-Rate Homes For Middle Class Are Catching On

The New Yorker: HIGH WATER

LA Times editorial: The Hammer takes a hit

"Who the hell is Ronnie Earle" Excellent Esquire Article

(*'s) Pow-wow With God

My Partner's weekly editorial. This week it's about his life and

CBS: The View From Baghdad, The View From Home (Good news overlooked?)

The Gods Must be Angry

check out editorial on Brown whining!

Sunnis Say No Chance for Iraq Constitutional Deal

Senators: Hurricane Aid is Being Blocked

Repubs See Signs Pentagon evading Oversight on Intel (gee,yathink?)

Republicans gone wild with the credit card. It's funny in a scary way.

Richard Clarke article in Atlantic Nov 05 issue - must read

Congresswoman Waters Denounces Interim Government Of Haiti

DeLay Indictment May Be Overshadowed by Looming Abramoff Probe

Our Imploding President (Engelhardt interviews Sheehan / MoJo)

A Few Good Men (Commie Girl / OC Weekly)

Blood on Their Hands, Bob Herbert, NY Times, 9/29/05

WP: Troubled Year Gets Worse for GOP:

Gitmo's Hunger Strikers

In praise of ... heckling (Guardian re; Wolfgang and Blair)

Blair is doomed to suffer death by a thousand kiss and tells

Assassination in Puerto Rico- The FBI Murders a Legend

Indictment rocks GOP (But will Democrats capitalize???)

Bush's Iraq War is Weakening America

There's no reason for feds to tinker with Posse Comitatus

"Religion, holy ones strangling peoples' rights"--AZ Republic

Karen Hughes War Is Peace Tour/Turkish Women Lecture Hughes

newsweek/fineman: "Demoralized" Dems... huh?

Global Eye - Captain Courageous - By Chris Floyd

The undersecretary's dangerous trip

The "American street" speaks: Will the Democratic Party listen?

Permanent Occupation By Rep. Barbara Lee

Chicago Reader: How I Learned to Hate the War Al Jeezra hires ex-marine

What is wrong with Democrats?

EVACUATION "like a horror movie" (Rita evacuees denied help)

Preparing for War With Iran?

Joshua Frank on Dem's Absence...

And My Tunes Were Played on the Harp Unstrung

'Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague

Able Danger Mystery Solved: How They Linked Atta

Secession From the Empire: The Middlebury Declaration

Friedman (9/27/05): The Endgame In Iraq (Kill All Sunnis!)

Bill Bennett From Mediamatters

The Jay Marvin Show - AM 760, Boulder, and on a computer near you!

Something crass lurks behind the do-gooder smile

coulter at her finest

Sirius- I'm done, good-bye, I've had it.

Persons on UE over 7 days jumps 144,000(biggest since 4/01) to 2.80 millio

Pilots expect Northwest to seek deadline for cuts

Machinists at Boeing vote on new contract

ATA pilots accept contract, pay cut

Spitzer says Seligman execs OK'd abusive trading

Toyota Dream House With Plug In Prius

Haaretz (Thursday): Gaza escalation has weakened Hamas' standing

As Arab children are buried, anger toward Hamas grows

Never Forget!!!

A refesher photos some never seen before..... dialup warning

$100,000 Reward Offered

Brad Show direct from Portland Summit Sat. 4-8 PM! Check out this lineup!

The Theft of American Democracy: Which Side Are You On?

Tom Delay and the voting machines

AARP opposes Prop 78, endorses competing Prop 79

11th CD - Pombo Vs. who???

Just got the 77 page voter info guide.

NO on 73 Planned Parenthood Event, Sat. 10/1 Los Angeles

Liberal radio station in Sacramento, CA to compete with AAR?

Support Alliance For a Better California

Kaiser nearing labor pact (sorry, arnie)

Finally, there is someone working to recall Arnold.

Boswell tumor diagnosed non-malignant

How close to corruption is Nussle?

Democrats rip Nussle for ties to DeLay

Fundraising Event

Indoor folk festival in Hudson, Saturday, October 1, 2-10PM


Deval Patrick spoke in Framingham - here's my recap ...

Deval Patrick's education plan, October 6, Worcester

Amy Klobuchar gets endorsement from Emily's list

My afternoon at the Katrina Service Center in Minnesota

Louis Palau?

Anybody hear Kellys "Press Conference" today

GOP corruption "worries" Vin Weber

Katherine Kersten's disgusting column today. Read only if you have a

Puke 'n Snot raise over $20,000 for hurricane victims!

Long-idle DSL connection no longer connected. ZoneAlarm plm?

I just lost all of my favorites and my history log

What's broadband and how does it compare to other internet services?

Northeast (and other) Ohio DUers! We're due for a meetup!

Cleveland Mayor Campbell (D) Breaks Ground For Cleveland Wal Mart

" "(Hackett) said privately that he's running," said Dem. Senate source.

Election Integrity - WHO'S COUNTING YOUR VOTE?

Aggie hurricane prep

Conditions Primitive in Texas After Rita

Confused by DeLay

Anti DeLay rally at his office in Clear Lake? Anyone?

Any Houston DUers going to the Sam Rayburn Dinner tomorrow?

Pro DeLay Rally in Houston tomorrow

Another post-Rita H-Town gathering Sat., 10/1

David Harris, Candidate TX CD 6 issues press release

I'd like to draw your attention to this thread in GD.

Need me to do some scouting?

State Senate passes Patient Abandonment Bill and Junk-Science Bill

Hi Everyone, benburch is having a fundraiser now. For those of you all

If you were a politician, how would you rather be seen?

Rep Conyers On The Arrest of the Pro Peace Protesters

Is a new "Iran-Contra" brewing? Signs are Pentagon is evading oversight.

been claimed Hastert is DeLay's puppet... and now, still D's puppet??

Anti-gay gay David Dreier shortest-lived House Majority Leader in History

Ludacris Congress : Republicans barely even try to control spending.

Ethical dilemma

Did anyone else see Bill Kristol on Charlie Rose?

Where is that thread about Roy Blunt and him being the #2 of 13

Thinking ahead to this years plastic turkey moment

"People, um, er, Customers."

Anybody got a pic of Roy Blunt's wife? ... Yes, the trophy one

Demand An Ethics Investigation of Tom Delay

The Washington Post says Dreier was Tom DeLay's choice.

Pepsi denies dropping Kanye West

Has Scarborough seen 'The Light?'

Think Boosh could become a cop?

You know them, you love them (to die quickly)

UK: Free Speech Zone and Patriot Act implemented


Testimony of Akira Onogi: Remembering Hiroshima

Bernie Ward is having fun with DeLay's troubles tonight

Did Republican policies lead to Bill Frist's troubles?

How many pets do you have??

Coulter on Larry King tonight!!!

RayTal coming up. Ready for another DeLay slam?

John Gibson's Email address

Help Bryan Kennedy run an ad against Sensenbrenner

DeLay named 'Big House' Majority Leader (thanks BuzzFlash for the link)

The Five Morons or "Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself"

Worst. Disaster. EVER.

Bill Bennett "dealing with" his racist remarks now

Thought du jour

AP: Bush Admin is blocking hurricane evacuee health care - bait & switch!

Video: Olbermann implying Limbaugh is a "rude vile pig"


You know, none of these Republicans would be acting so sleazy if Clinton

Hot Damn!!! The miracle of compound interest.

When do we get to see the mug shot??

DeLay and Brownie "points" - two new toons 9/29

I like the idea of adding a gas tax

Let's plan a party for Swamp Rat


No fewer than 3 "reporters suggested that Delay was a...

Reporter from Houston Chronicle on WJ now needs a little help

Tom Delay = Dale Gribble?

Cindy Sheehan mentioned by Kurdish women's rights activist.

This may have been posted traces Saddam's connection to CIA

My question re: DeLay, and this may already have been answered

So Dreier dated Anne Coulter when she was a man

Don't let the door hit you in the ass Mr. Insecticide!

This is why I won't support moderate repukes like my rep Mike Castle

DAVID GERGEN: Professional repukeliKKKan butt sniffer

How do I add an avatar?

An ethics test

NPR: Impacts of Katrina on Foster Kids, 158 Still Unaccounted for

Question about Blunt isn't he pro stem cell?

Re: Auntie Pinko and "Katrina Bonds"

CSPAN3 Now - Rumsfeld, Myers, Abizaid, & Casey Testify on Iraq

Senator Schumer on The Daily Show tonight

Scientists end mystery of Maya city

Delay indictment being discussed on Diane Rehm now. nt

Dobbs omitted "intelligent design" proponent's Christian ties, beliefs

Dutch 'witch' attracts tax break

Tom Delay, I'm not happy you got indicted...

My Idea For Homeland you think they'll adopt it?

Chilean judge orders seizure of Pinochet's accounts in US

Here's a few of bush's pardons:

Lincoln announces support of Roberts

Fossil Fuels Set to Become Relics

Yet anOTHER Al Qaeda #2 killed. (How many #2 guys does AQ have?)

Republican Abuse Of Power: America Is Finally Waking Up!

Life is full of compromises

Corporate Criminal appointed by Repub. Governor to Indiana U. Trustee Bd.

DeLay and Friends React To Indictment With Spin, Spin, Spin

New Orleans: Some black areas may not be rebuilt, HUD chief says

Did Congress ever follow through with extending Daylight Savings Time?

Dems need to get their DeLay act together. Judge could dismiss case

Able Danger?! What's that?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ... (FEMA Edition)

Racism alive and well in "blue" Northern VA & Washington, DC

If you want to read the indictment, it's posted at Smoking Gun.

Cruise Ships in N.O.

I was invited to debate the Iraq War on the air by a local

Can someone explain to me

Is the RNC part of any indictment?

Stripes letter: Missiles vs. storm relief

Al Qaeda: The MLM of Terrorism

DREIER Was "too moderate" (Repuke Code Words)

Insiders Painted Sunny Picture as They Sold off HCA Stock

DeLay And Blunt-------------> Caption This Picture

If delay is truly working on a plea bargain deal,

Hey, Let's!!!!!!!..........

Stocks Fall as Unemployment Claims and Oil and Gas Prices Rise

Don't DELAY My Prison Stay

Excellent NYT graphics on DeLay skullduggery

Republican Corruption Scorecard

Alterman nails DeLay, Frist, and Limbaugh.

A Very Blarney (Suck-up) Interview with Tweety

I am so proud of my Dad

Ethnic Cleansing in the United States!

WP: Delay's "Attempt to Pick Successor Is Foiled"

Frist: Insiders Painted Sunny Picture as They Sold off HCA Stock

Anybody here print their own checks?

11:30ET: Final Roberts vote on C-SPAN2

Using the Bible to tour a museum

Soldiers still waiting for armor reimbursements

Is this illegal only in Texas ?

News I'm not hearing here

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon-4) rips *'s "political hacks" - BRAVO!!!!

AZ Democratic Congressional candidate needs your HELP!!!!

Wow! HIV might not cause Aids. I hadn't heard that one......

WP advice: GOP not learning from Dems, but Dems should learn from GOP

Gas/Oil Companies damage from hurricanes minimal

Repubs should absolutely LOVE the Theory of Evolution

Biden voted no to Roberts cpan

What About Fitzgerald and his Investigation?

Has anyone seen this or is this old news? - Voter Fraud

Ashley Smith to Oprah: Addicted to Meth

GOP is one step from self-destruction...

Let's Focus on Gas Prices.

Donahue vs O'Reilly

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

Will Tom Delay be handcuffed and fingerprinted?

We aren't supposed to hate, it isn't constructive

MyDD: Media Finally Sees Through Bush's 'Number 2 Man' Myth

Newsday: DeLay may be straw that breaks GOP’s back

Curlture of Corruption.


Don't think impeachment.........think

Have you been to Jeff Gannon's site?

Ooooooh! I just loved this quote re: DeLay!

CORRUPTION being talked of on Connection msnbc

DeLay/Frist--Do I Smell "Clinton" in the Air???

If this does not provoke passion, what will?

criminal Miami Cubans strike again

Longwang now Super Typhoon and heading for Taiwan

Wash. 24th: The emergency drill 'Granite Shadow' - how did it go?

OK everybody

Was accused of "outing" David Drier by liberal friends

For those that were upset over town giving white couple a wedding

Judge Rules in Favor of ACLU (seemingly) [Torture]

Was the new Chief Justice in the riot that stopped the 2000 recount?

Here's how they voted:

Frist On Delay - I have Cofidence in Tom Delay's leadership

Roberts roll call vote here:

the official thank Feingold on his Roberts vote thread

Freeper Requests Donations For Tom DeLay's Legal Fund-LOL!

A Must Read: The Last Passion of the Democratic Party

Harry knew the score alright...

did any of the senators on the democrat side of the aisle who voted for

The Dems take turns selling out so no one can be blamed

God if I would have known in 2000 Bushco would

Bernie Ward joke (pretty good stuff}

CNN, MSNBC, and Fox all did stories of the Kerry girlfriend internet rumor

WTF 23 Dem's vote yes

Roberts part of the mob in Florida that obstructed 2000 recount?

Louise Slaughter, Dem Rep, upstate NY effing ROCKS

Roberts and the political waves and wind

Check out today's CNN Poll

Bunnatine Greenhouse is on the Al Franken Show

Former USMC media guy (Lt. Josh Rushing) joins the Al-Jazeera network !!

I'm getting a purely selfish kick out of the ANSWER fracas

MSNBC Poll - Should Bush nominate a woman to the Supreme Court?

So who else should be in jail? Let's make a list...

Hey mods would you get someone to make this shirt and would you sell it?

The question EVERYBODY who interviews DeLay should be asking

Can you stand more protest photos?

call your reps NOW-they vote to "reform' Endangered species Act" today

Scandal all around...and he continues appointing zealots

My little photo thread from DC protest

Do you know anybody that thinks that the US is better off now than it...

Elizabeth Cheney, Neoconnette --->>>


Need help with repug email in inbox

You and I know for sure that jobless claims could not possibly have

Bush says Americans look at Katrina and our hearts grieve

WaPo Gossip Columnists: On B*** Drinking

We need more people like Dr. Robert Pennock (debunking Intelligent Design)

A platform for Pro-Life Democrats

A new galaxy has been found. But

"Military wary of disaster role"

CNN poll gas prices

The Germans have a word for Tom Delay: Backpfeifengesicht

Fiore's newest - "Oh, yeah, THAT":

Pat Tillman - Anti-Iraq War Comments - True?

When Is It Best To Take Crack Cocaine?

Co. run by Frist's brother made $630m deal 2 days before he became leader

House to vote Today on Pombo bill weakening the Endangered Species

Freeper using holocaust quote in the "dirty deal" of going after repugs.

Don't know how to describe this, but I think its funny...

FreeRepublic Unites Around Tom Delay

Evan Bayh voted against Roberts?

Was Howard Dean on CNN or ABC this morning or is he

Sex: Who’s Doing What in America

BusinessWeek: DeLay's Woes: The GOP's Tipping Point?

Damned hurricanes ruined Bush's thriving economy!

King of Pork

Bill Bennett Shirts

does anyone know what Tom Delay's "rough history" is

WORST paraphrase of "First they came" quote EVER:

Avian flu pandemic....

Regarding the article on DU homepage,

AP: Late bills for credit cards set a record

Bush seeks creation of new Federal agency

Bush should just borrow a few hundred $Billion dollars more from China...

House committee approves drilling in Arctic Refuge

Please Tell Me...... What rummy Is Doing Here??

Didn't the shurb say yesterday to expect things to get worse in Iraq?

Dems Must Do What's Right, Not What's Safe

Bayh, Feinstein & Biden vote "NO", Byrd, Feingold and Leahy vote "YES"

Roberts said that Capitol Hill is the seat of executive branch


Tomdispatch Interview with Cindy Sheehan: Katrina Will Be Bush's Monica

Mike Brown

Cafferty drawing Katrina analogy when talking about California fires

"It's not the _________, it's the HYPOCRISY!!!"

Newsflash: MSM lies for Bush

Tom Delay: the Sadaam Hussein of the GOP

Caller on B. Ward: "I'm pro-abortion because it's less people on welfare"

"High in the hills we are harvesting sweet sinsemilla"....

In recent news

Reuters: Iraq war leaves Americans skeptical of force: poll (72% v. 20%)

Today is my Birthday and I am NOT having a good day!

Now that Roberts is Chief Justice, which Demos voted for him?

Who's the bald guy with Delay?

Yes or No? Antonin Scalia moves toward the center

Feingold's making his first campaign speech on Senate floor now

Haha, Someone in my office posted on the bulletin board

Suicide Bombings Kill 60 Iraqis; Attack Kills Five U.S. Soldiers

If the Dems don't oppose anything, are they really an opposition party?

I swear the democratic party takes turns being DINO's

Fifty People Killed... Hundred Others Injured In Baghdad Blasts

"The route of all Evil starts with Good men & women doing nothing".

The "COST" of Katrina???

Rehnquist vs. Roberts (poll)

Rush Limbaugh is Realllllly good at what he does.

So a U.S. interrogator in Afghanistan got 5 months for killing a prisoner.

How many DEM senators would LOL at the thought of a * Impeachment?

Five U.S. soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

When the Dems finally take back control of the Senate, they must RE-OPEN

I got this link in my email this morning.

The Trifecta!!!!

14 US soldiers KIA in last three days (not too mention many,

A word of warning. In less than 3 weeks the new bankruptcy bill

Our new chief justice--a pictorial

DUers I need your help...

Duplicate - Delete

Why is Al so dismissive of Katherine? It's rude. Is he topdogging her?

County outlaws camping by roads near Crawford

I didn't see this in LBN: 5 US soldiers killed; 60 Iraqis killed in

Don't you wish I had some influence in government?

CNN: New Bush Poll Numbers Coming Out Soon

MSNBC goes both ways

and George is looking sickly ---pix->>>

I know where "Moran" comes from, but where did HUGH!!1! come from? nt

It is a historic moment for the US

Roberts lack of Judiciary Experience


Jobs for Progressives

New Idea for the Legislative Branch: Just sell the seats to corporations!

DeLay won't recover from this

WashPost - Froomkin: "Is Bush Losing Congress?"

Judge issues ruling on ACLU vs. DoD torture pictures.

Remember: Innocent until proved guilty

looking for info on fema reimbursements to churches

FEMA did EXACTLY what their website says they're supposed to do!

Indictment just one of Delay's problems.

If everybody cut back on electricity^, would that curtail global warming?

Molly Ivins coming up on Hardball

Who do you think the GOP will nominate in '08?

Yahoo Bush Slide Show: a man clearly losing it.

I understand Supreme Court Justices CAN be removed for

1933 Reasons why the DSM is Important

cases coming to SCOTUS?? abt PatriotAct? torture? rendition?

Gallup, Aug-Sept: 45, then 40, then 46, then 40, now 45 again

Dedicated to... well.. if the cap fits....

Fun Polls to DU

CNN Poll: Will John Roberts be a good Chief Justice? VOTE

will/should we forget Germany/Holocaust??? US/AbuG torture??

Caption this

Should Tom DeLay resign from Congress?

ThinkProgress -- making it easy for everyone to know the truth on DeLay.

Meanwhile, over in Iraq...... FIVE more soldiers died

CNN poll: "Will John Roberts be a good chief justice? "

QUICK!!!! HELP!!!!! name some famous people who have GEDs

Has Roberts ever kissed his wife?

DU This Poll

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

As for what Tom Delay has done as a congressman....

FYI - Molly Ivins coming up on Hardball (MSNBC).

CNN's Lou Dobbs offered his own "facts" on evolution


Pelosi's talking about Bennett's "black baby" crack on the floor

Frists's 630 million $ Deal - Company run by Frist's brother...

Nail the Hammer to a Billboard in His Own Backyard!

Check out my new blog. I like being a blogger. I've added some

Here's a dumb question about the counter demonstration...

I nominate Delay as dumbass of the year!!!!!

Like my new bumper sticker?

1. What freedom do we not now enjoy that the right wants to secure for us?

Howard Fineman: Bush Poorly Served

Car bombs kill more than 60 in Iraq

Where - exactly- are those pictures?

Legal question: Assuming the Abu Ghraib photos ARE released....

Please help support

New Orleans Death Toll/Missing: Any News Outlets Tracking This?

Smart birds! (article)

Traded barbs with a fundy con today

Ex-marine joins Al Jeezra !

Bush's poll numbers up

A book by Justice Breyer

House votes to revamp Endangered Species Act

US torture in Iraq 'a way to pass the time, to work off your frustrations'

the Earle swiftboating is in full swing now

transcript of THE speech on Saturday--Etan Thomas

Where were you?

What I am afraid of-re: Roberts

Has Molly Ivins been on Hardball yet?


the smoking gun? No constitution?

Is It Just Me Or Are The Freeps Really Cooking Today?

Anna Nicole Smith wants to know - is John Roberts a boob man?

poLL - is tom deLay guiLty?

DeLay's court hearing: Oct 21, 2005

Lou Dobbs poll about next supreme nominee

Sorry, I have to say it: Tom DeLay is the BIGGEST arrogant asshole ever.

Whatever will they do when Scalia decides that it's payback time?

We can do this the nice way ...or the Nasty Way (UKGuard)

Anyone else looking forward to the economic crash?



NBC: “Damning Evidence” - New Orleans Levees

I want to see Delay fingerprinted and Mug Shot on TV!!! WAHHH!!!

Idiot Son's approval "climbed" 45%

US trying to understand Iraq insurgency -Negroponte

"I'd kick him right square in the butt"

Russian admiral named patron saint of long-range nuclear bomber force

Mellon Family, Rembrandts and Swastikas: How Are These Things Connected?

Frist's HCA was sued in 2004 for gouging uninsured

FBI Porn squad

That's it Sam Seder is now fav AAR personality

Somebody explain to me

The Pentagon's new force to end the war in Iraq

Iraq war leaves Americans skeptical of force as a tool to spread democracy

Charles "Bell Curve" Murray bestows his purebred racism on WSJ re: NOLA

AAR leaves WHAT-AM in Philly, may land on another affiliate

Juditth Miller out of jail

Can a non-toxic bioflavonoid beat out

Under What Circumstances is War Morally Acceptable?

I wonder how much honking would occur if you had this bumper sticker:

In the mean time when will the twin towers be reconstructed?

When the Party of Propaganda controls the Propaganda...

The power is back!!!

Is it common knowledge our government does scientific tests on humans?

A Dog's Survival Story From New Orleans. Thank You Rescue Groups!

The REAL scandal of Tom Delay- (he's a pro child labor bastard)

was curios about how the other 7 justices might react to being passed over

U.S. Troops Obstruct Reporting of Iraq

Molly Ivins just made an interesting point on Hardball show...

Wild gorillas seen using tools for first time

Man, the city manager from my dad's tiny TX home is on "Countdown"

DeLay, Miller, Franklin, Brown, Abu Ghraib, Frist, BUSH DRUNK

"Intelligent Design" backers just might not

Indictments in the Plame affair could come as early as next week!

Harriet Miers is not a blank slate-she had something to do with the Swift

Libby was Miller's source--breaking on Countdown.

USCGC Gallatin (WHEC 721) live on CSPAN2 now

U.S Military --Iraqi troops less capable of defending without U.S. forces.

Pathetic, funny, film clip of George misspeaching.

Whom here considers the Democratic leadership/elite to be enemies?

Sen. Kennedy: Help Defend Our Values (I voted against the confirmation...)

Roberts' First Major Gaffe:

Why did Miller go to jail?

Piece of trivia from Ray tal last night, whwn was the last time

So, let's say we have a huge terrorist attack, large numbers of first

The pincer move has been made, now watch the dominoes fall.

Live premiere episode of Will and Grace took a shot at Bush and DeLay

Fed. Govt Could've Saved $Millions by Sending Evacuees on 6 Month Cruise

I have a simple question...

Follow Up Sept. 24 Success With Impeachment Letters to Congress

Bennet is shaming Alan Colmes for smacking him on his radio show.

The heart of the opposition party

Well this didn't take long, N.O. will be all Clinton's fault soon

Arab women shun Bush confidante (KAREN HUGHES)

Been a bad month for Chimpy. I think he needs a vacation!

The John Roberts 'NO' Vote Appreciation Thread

Will John Roberts be a good Chief Justice - DU poll

EVERYONE is missing the key to destruction of the "RIGHTISTS"

NYT story on Miller, with some details

'Frog Marching' Bush to the Hague

Who says Bush doesn't care?

I graduated in a town in Texas that was known for it's racism

"The Revelation of Bill Bennet": NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

These Folks Are The BEST! SPCA Katrina Volunteers in New Orleans!

So, why did Scooter let Miller sit in jail so long?

Crocodile In New Orleans?

Not doing "Happy Dance" yet....

There should be no talk of "no difference" re: the Roberts nomination.

If Libby was J. Miller's source, can we still get KKKarl?

Breaking, Philly Inquirer: Scooter Libby was Judith Miller's source

What is the theme song for Majority Report?

Marines now recruiting in ELEMENTARY schools............

What Supreme Court justice will Roberts most be like, if any?

Uncovered National Secrets: (please keep the source anonymous)

Moral Outrage Czar Bennet: Aborting Black Babies Would Lower Crime Rate

My daughter is supposed to wear the Red, White, & Blue tomorrow

The Silent War

Google: Worst President Ever; I'm Feeling Lucky

Do Fundamentalists Have "Stepford" Eyes?

60% of female vets sexually harrassed - I'm fucking pissed!!!

Real men don't veto gay marriage bills. Arnold is a wussie.

ANSWER and the House of Saud

Today's link for the Good Night, and Good Luck Trailer. Watch it now!

Interesting Primetime on ABC starting now

The Gulf Will Rise Again (Op-Ed Contributor John Grisham)

DeLaygate blown wide open. Is Rove next?

What is the definition of "professional protestor"?

Who do you believe about the Pat Tillman/Noam Chomsky controversy?

Primetime Live is a must see...Clooney and Murrow...

Must Read Article In Esquire on Ronnie Earle

Don't Ask the DOD How Much the War on Terror Costs...

So Judy Miller is singing in court tomorrow

What do you think about the democrats chances in 06? Really.

No drinking ANYTHING outdoors on campus....

What's Done in Darkness...

What's Huffington talking about? Judith Miller, Bolton, etc...

Pelosi: Rethug Katrina inv is "a travesty of a mockery of a sham..."

It's time Dems start tossin sandbags on sinking S.S. Culture of Corruption

Looking for real info

DeLay Court Appearance Set for Late Oct.

Miller to Testify Friday

Army National Guard Offering Free iTunes in Exchange for Listening to Them

If You Were Calling Witnesses For The Impeachment, Who Would It Be?

Culture of Death....It's Official

What is puke druge saying about delay?

Should We Start A Betting Pool On When The Terrorist Alerts Resume ???

Will flag burning save the GOP?

O'Reilly might just be worse than Hannity

Please help me unfreep this poll on US involvement in Iraq

Slybacon9 about pictures from DC

$100K Reward Offered for Info Leading to Conviction of Corrupt Officials

Probing a Leak or Trying Terrorists, Patrick Fitzgerald Is Relentless

AAR gets new Chattanooga, TN liberal radio station.

Stupidest. Email. Ever.

Moral poverty....Anybody else sick of getting

Does anybody else think it is beyond coincidence that the same day Roberts

Jon is supposed to report in depth about Delay tonite

Does Bill Bennett get NFL tips from Rush Limbaugh?

"I am the guy who will bring down DeLay"

Greetings from Dallas...on way to Ft. Benito okay?

Laura's not wearing her wedding ring.

Permanent Occupation

Is Normal Now A Mental Illness?

Miller testimoney may break plamegate wide open

Gas went up 20 cents a gallon today.., classic

Take a lesson, Mr. Delay. It's called "Democracy".

Saddam's Trial...

Senate questions Michael Crichton on fostering a new American literature

This is not good at all, all four branches of gummit are owned now.

Top U.S. General Says Number of Capable Iraqi Battalions Drops to One

Rumsfeld not reimbursing troops who have to purchase their own body armor

So our hapless, lovable antichrist now has a judge in his pocket.

Who giggled all day because of the DeLay Indictment?

$100 laptops made by MIT

What do you think?

EVERYONE on this board should look up "Pyrrhic Victory."

Jesus!, Jerry Springer just signed off(11.59am est) and had no idea

dang - I just heard a clip of Bennet's statement. He starts with...

Is Dennis Prager


Re-legalizing Hemp - Missouri's H.R. 3037

This is how the Republican Party thinks

Under what cirumstance is abortion moral? I've always thought about this

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow and Bowtie Guy, RE: Abu Ghraib pix,

Hey Tom! It's MY FAULT, okay? It's me! BLAME ME!!

One undeniably good thing about John Roberts as Chief Justice

What is wrong with these Democrats?

United for DeLay Rally (Tom Delay has a "support" rally tomorrow)

Know any democrats who voted for fuckhead Arnold? Vetoes minimum wage

Wasted ten minutes of my life watching Hulk Hogan play moderate freeper...

Black republican worries about stereotyping in Bennett's remarks

Governor Schwarzenegger well he did it

"Someone like Thomas?"

Why are people on DU becoming so negative toward fellow DUer's?

anyone watch will & grace tonite?

'GIVE 'EM HELL HARRY.COM': Reid launches his own blog

Watch these guys...They're up to something

Judy Miller's Timing

What difference does it make if Bush is back on the juice?

Freeper Has Pix Of Scarry "Hippie-Libbie Moms" From Last Weekend

Air America leaving Sacramento

Holy Cow, it's like somebody shook the tree and nuts are falling

David Brock is a dangerous man

Can someone please educate me about the Fair Tax Amendment?

"The Sixties" war and protest on the PBS channel NOW! (9:00)

I Have a Question - Why Would Libby / Rove Wave the Agreement?

Why You Should Oppose the USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal

Karen Hughes says all her problems were caused by bad translation

What was the "tipping point" for the bush regime?

Is being RW genetic?

Is the Perfect Storm brewing for the Bush fascists?

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 30

The Mainstream Media and Conservative Talk Radio cannot be trusted

LA Repub is trying to get DC GOP behind plan to keep poor Dems out of NOLA

If it's no ones business TAKE YOUR WEDDING BAND OFF!

Since we're now gunning for Bill Bennett again, here's an old photoshop

HOw much longer on Fitzgerald's investigation?

HAMMERED ---pix->>>

Photographic Proof of Global Warming (1979 Ice Cap vs. 2005 Ice Cap)

Has there ever been a discussion of DeLay and gaydar?

I've not heard this RW NOLA levee meme metioned on DU...anyone else?

*** Thursday TOONs : Delay ****

Have you seen this pic?

When the pics and videos of children being raped are released

After watching (some of) the PBS show last night on "protest music"

Judy Miller is out of jail!

The Year of Dreaming Dangerously....The Pivot Year '68

Jesse Jackson on Katrina

Opponents of outing - homophobic?

Why didn't Scalia show up at Robert's swearing-in ?

DU Homework: Form a sentence including the phrase "Culture of Corruption."

Susan Molinari pathetic on Tweety show... reading directly from TP's

2 Million Protestors kept Nixon from Nuking Vietnam...According to:

This thread is stupid and counter productive

I got a call from signing up with Pet finders to foster a pet. But

Best picture yet of last Saturday's protest. (1/2 megabyte warning)

DU this poll please it's freeped

Do You Favor The Release Of The Abu Ghraib Torture Photos?

On August 8, Conyers blogged about Libby waiver of confidientality

I Am So Powerless Over Ben In Ramadi But Peyton Shines On

So, to recap: those sleazy ambitious Democratic prosecutors are behind:

Is anyone watching The 60's on PBS?

Oh Tom Delay

Brain Wilson from Faux answered my email

I'm thinking of suing my state over Diebold, what do you think?

1960's - 70's Comrades

We have some unusual votes in the confirmation for and against Roberts

Most women who get abortions in the US are white.

Judy Miller Being Released To Testify IS ALL GOOD!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Bush works Hurricane Miracle

It's a SAD SAD Day ---pix->>>

**Abu Ghraib images to be released - BBC**

This is going to shock us all. We might never stop crying after we

We have ourselves to blame

So when can we expect to see these photos that will now be

"Key question ... why did these administration officials lie so overtly"

Karen Hughes = Crony (photos)

A hunch about Libby and Miller

BIG FIRE in SoCal ................breaking ............

Help! Need exact (tasteless) Hurricane KATRINA quotes

KOS: Bush Supporters of the Far Right: Cries from the Lake of Fire


Fitz had to lay the hammer down on Judy

Help! My 18 year old nephew wants to join the army!


Debunking the NOLA School Bus Myth

Imagine Tom DeLay in Jail

Aerial Pics from DC

TDS is bombing!!!

More evidence why we need to 'draft' John Conyers to Lead our Nation.

Will displaced storm victims be able to vote absentee?

DUMBASS! Until Dems call out Diebold and ES&S they are wasting our time!

DON'T MISS THIS!!!! Have You SEEN The RIDICULOUS Niger Forgery????

ATTN: DU Scientists: Petition - "A Scientific Support For Darwinism, And

Funny pictures of Gannon at pro war rally

DailyKos NAILS it!!!


A Polluter's Feast ~ Rolling Stone

I am going to have to buy a car (though I would rather not) - suggestions?

MORE bad news for NeoCons: Judge says Ashcroft and FBI must testify

Karen Hughes using silly slogans

Do illegal immigrants in the US get welfare?

Larry Franklin to plead!

Did anybody see the "Sixities" PBS special?

Obligatory "Defend the Dems on Roberts" Thread

IS a Quadfecta possible

DU folk in NYC?

I never believed Judy Miller was about "protecting journalists

Proof that Bob Boudelang really "does" post on Freak Republic

Is/was anyone a Black Panther?

How many DUers agree with THIS widely accepted GOP meme?

Hurr Rita: Master Thread - Feds Poor Response AGAIN!

Freedom Museum? We need to put freedom in a museum?

'Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague

Judith Miller & Robert Novak: My jump-the-gun I-told-you-so

Your Opinion, Please!

Warning: This post will make you ill

Photos Needed of Drunk GW ~ they need to be in one thread

Safeway and my cheap supper for two

Ok, I bought a toaster oven

New charges may help pot activist

My Cherie Amour, by the landlord of the Bull

Glamorgan launches ET degree

Poker-playing UK chef $1m richer

Labour's £10bn nuclear sell-off-US Firms tipped to Bid for Sellafield

'We have been lied to about the war. I dared to speak the truth'

Still protesting the Iraq War

AP Newsview: DeLay Mess Adds to GOP Troubles

WP: With Aid Slow to Come, Texas Towns Are on Their Own

Protesters ask Kennedy to vote against Alaska drilling

The 'Second' Man - Azzam may not have been Zarqawi’s top deputy after all.

SEC Upgrades Sen. Frist Stock Inquiry

Prosecutor Takes Attacks in Stride, Mostly (Ron Earle)

U.S. General Casts Doubt on 2006 Troop Cut in Iraq

Judge Upholds Lawsuit by Muslim Detainees

Bush Sends Top Iraq Commanders to the Hill

Bin Laden considered seeking asylum in Britain

DeLay Indictment document (PDF just posted on CNN)

DeLay Indictment May Be Overshadowed by Looming Abramoff Probe

CNN: U.S. border protection chief resigns (supported "minutemen")

Senators Fume at White House Disdain for Katrina Healthcare Plan

An Exiled Assad Plans a Return to Syria

Guardian: Minister apologises for ejecting party veteran over Iraq

DeLay: Newspaper Pressured Prosecutor

DeLay Indictment May Be Overshadowed by Looming Abramoff Probe

U.S. Forces Raid Homes of Sunni Officials

Supply Concerns Elevate Futures (coastal, ANWAR drilling out of committee)

Sunnis say no chance for Iraq constitution deal

Costa Rica to take Nicaragua to court over river

"Officer's Road Led Him Outside Army"

Roberts confirmed as 17th chief justice of Supreme Court (23 Dems vote y)

House Plots Strategy After Loss of DeLay

Dade worker admits taking bribe (Miami)

Stifling Iraq dissent backfires for Labour

Hundreds of bodies still unidentified (Katrina)

2 roadside bombs hit US military convoy in Baghdad

Afghanistan fears Iraq-style militant attacks

Arctic Ice Melting Faster as Temperatures Climb.

Study: U.S. economy not most competitive

Panel clears way for voter forms challenge

Judge Rules on ACLU FOIA Request (Breaking on DU)

Gen.: Troop Withdrawal Hinges on Iraq Vote (more Casey)

'How to beat your wife' imam must study equality

Petrobras, PDVSA Plan $4.7 Bln of Joint Ventures (Update1)

Oil & Natural Gas (India) Targets Cuban Oil Production Within a Year

Breaking (Reuters): At least 50 killed in car bombs north of Baghdad

Co. run by Frist's brother made $630m deal 2 days before he became leader

Argentina Senate Ejects Menem-Appointed Supreme Court Judge

US ordered to release more Iraq abuse photos

At Least 60 Dead in Iraq Car Bombings (5 US troops killed). 62/cnn just

Gen.: Al-Qaida seeks to use WMD in Mideast (Gen. George Casey)

AP: 3 women join fight against AIDS

Guardsman who died doubted Iraq war effort

Porter won't keep money if DeLay is convicted

US military failed on Katrina communications-admiral

Iraqis call Lynndie England jail term travesty

Dutch government intends to endorse guidelines on child euthanasia

Number of combat-ready Iraqi battalions drops by two-thirds: general

Brazil's Currency Gains After Lula Candidate Wins Congress Vote

Japan may pull troops out of Iraq in early 2006

Meteorologists complain hurricane research budget is too small

As Fewer Americans Travel to Cuba, One Group Finds Formula That Sidesteps

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 29 September

Poll: Americans Doubt Exporting Democracy

Indictment just one of Delay's problems.

Survey: 60 percent of National Guard and Reserve female veterans say they

Money connected to Reid:Senator arranged for grant now involved in indictm

Lessons come at high cost: 107 lives

Chip Helps Electric Outlet Go Broadband

US trying to understand Iraq insurgency -Negroponte

British hand over control of Basra

Retail Plan for Ground Zero Is Unveiled

Freedom museum for 9/11 abandoned (BBC News)

House Set to Act on Overhaul of Endangered Species Act

(Anti-war) Petition causes Legion dispute

Chicago Reader: How I Learned to Hate the War

Guilty plea expected in Pentagon spy probe

U.S. Treasuries Fall as Jobless Claims Drop More Than Forecast

Survey: Reservists Complain of Harassment (6/10 women)

Shaalan Denies Billion Dollar Fraud (Former Iraqi Defense Minister)

BBC: Foetuses found at Bogota airport (thought for use in Satanic rituals)

Study finds HIV weakens over time

Arnie Vetoes Marriage Rights, signs four other bills for gays and lesbians

Ex-Chad Dictator Indicted in Belgium

Rumsfeld to address reporters' safety in Iraq

Canada's army needs more soldiers, money - report

Iraq war musical "Let's Kick Ass!" premieres in Denmark

NYT/AP: Inquiry Opens on Whether New Orleans Police Looted

Troops Wait For Body Armor Reimbursements


At least 50 killed in car bombs north of Baghdad (100 wounded)

US Senate Democrats eye 40 mln bbl gasoline reserve

Miller Agrees to Testify in CIA Leak Probe

Arab women shun Bush confidante (KAREN HUGHES)

US envoy says UN funding should be voluntary

Missing Anglicans feared dead

NBC: N.O. Levee Reported Weak In 1990's (built on bad ground)

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Clinton urges Bush to appoint to Supreme Court who would balance it

U.S. military questioned on Iraq ( reassures congress!)

Five U.S. Soldiers Killed in Ramadi

Stuffing Iraq's Ballot Boxes -A Times

6th World Social Forum Expects 80,000 to Come to Venezuela

Union leaders urge Bush to reinstate contract labor law

Key Adviser to Ky. Gov. Latest to Leave

A standoff threatens EU-Turkey negotiation

BBC (Thursday): India hit by strike over reforms

Boeing Machinists Ratify Contract (clearing way to end strike)

House Committees OK Gas Drilling

Stepping In For DeLay, Replacement House GOP Leader Says Party To Stay Foc

Senators Seek Explainer Cruise Ship Deal

Bush poll numbers improve in Rita aftermath

Lessons come at high cost: 107 lives (Texas)

Top Officials Told To Testify In Muslim's Suit (Ashcroft must testify)

No SBA loan checks reach Katrina victims

Poll: Public Rejects Using Military Force to Promote Democracy

Ensign says National Guard will aid animal rescue crews

Statements by Sulzberger, Keller, Miller on Her Release - E & P

Republicans may return DeLay's PAC funds (House Repubs "nervous as hell")

Top court rules B.C. can sue tobacco companies

Probe Launched of Levee Breaks in New Orleans

82 Year Old Heckler returns to a HERO's welcome!

The UK Economy: Things Can Only Get Tougher--(Blair implications)

DeLay Court Appearance Set for Late October

At Hearings, States, National Guard Appeal for Aid (for domestic disaster)

At least 29 killed in Arab militia attack on Darfur camp: UNHCR

Chavez proposes to expand oil alliance

Prosecutor has drawn wrath of Dems, too

(Mitt Romney) stands by mosque wiretapping comments (in favor of)

NYT: Negroponte Review Leads to Upheaval in Spy Satellite Programs

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Many of Norfolk's voter applications being denied (VA Voter Suppression?)

New Orleans Launches 'Repopulation' Plan

Judge rejects US claim that terror threat exempts govt

Hussein Defense in Chaos as Trial Nears

Breaking CNN - Roberts confirmed.

House votes to revamp Endangered Species Act

Petro: How Noe stole millions from funds (Coingate: It's BAAAAACK!)

White House stands behind indicted DeLay

Case Set Against (Christian) School That Fired Unwed, Pregnant Teacher

Soldiers still waiting for armor reimbursements

Report: NASA Wasted Millions on Own Planes

Storm Evacuees Housing Lagging Behind U.S Goals ($2B contracts, 109 homes)

U.S. wants to keep Internet governance control

Florida tourists (from Britain) warned that locals could shoot them

Bush's poll numbers up --- WTF ?

Poll of New Yorkers: Bush is a disaster

Nat. Gas Prices Set Record, Pointing to ("mind-boggling") Costly Winter

Senators ask for probe into FDA's chief resgination (Crawford)

Roberts to Be Confirmed As Chief Justice

Rev. Moon urges bridge linking Alaska, Asia

NY Times reporter Judith Miller released from jail

Calif. Gov. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill.

Million Dollar Refugee Ships Lying Half Empty

CNN: Southern California Wildfire forces hundreds to evacuate

(Alberta) Oil sands worth $1.4 trillion, study finds

Lilly to add suicide warning to drug Strattera (ADD/ADHD drug)

Retired general: Iraq invasion was 'strategic disaster'

Blair says sorry to ejected heckler (82 yr old Jewish escapee from Nazis)

Flight Attendants Outraged Over Jodie Foster Film (spoiler alert)

Plea bargain for analyst who gave information to AIPAC - Franklin

Elian Gonzalez Calls Castro 'Friend'Five Years

Senator Demands Bennett Apology for Remark (Bennett: "abort black babies")

Top U.S. General Says Number of Capable Iraqi Battalions Drops to One

mAnn Coulter brings out the worst in me

Just saw, "The barbarian invasions"

WCGreen, check your PM!

I'm sitting here, with a glass full of "Transmission", and wondering...

Good Night Everyone

Well I am heading for bed


A duck walks into a bar...

So, a grasshopper walks into a bar...

Losing Our Job

James Bond once slept right through an earthquake.

This is officially the creepiest site on the internets

Can you oil a keyboard?

I gotta call and early night, folks

Hey Enigmatic...are you taking requests tonight?

It cracks me up when people laugh at their own jokes...and that

I have a new favorite cheese

so a speeding train comes crashing into a bar...

HOw did Pinocchio discover he was made of wood?


The West WIng!!

A question about ethics..

Heidi, do you mind me using the term "Nighthawk"?

Hello nighthawks

Here's the latest Mark Fiore animation for the late night crew...

Ok. I'm definitely an insomniac.

Good Morning, Folks!

get fuzzy is awesome today (thursday)

Check this one out!

Since I have seen "Clinton's" name sporadically on here since the news

Noooooo Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

Cousins Charged With Dueling ($30 Dispute)

Introducing a kitten question

Nuclear Bombers Get Patron Saint

To all "Michael"s ---- -----Happy MICHAELMAS!!!!

You too can have the power of the US military

Here's a whacky idea

Any left handed people in the Lounge?


ISO: Cream Madison Square Garden

You gotta love right wing hackery newspapers . . . .

Hahaha LOL Wookie at Fenway!!!!!

Danish Air Force Compensates Santa

UFO landing strip gets mayor's support

Today is Michaelmas - September 29 !

Glade air refresher

Puerto Rico Town To Build UFO Landing Strip

OY VEY! Have you seen the sign in Brooklyn?

Penguins vs. landmines ----------- *WARNING* pics

Today's Seinfeld-esque daily minutia thread*

New bumpersticker - Support the troops. Drive smaller cars.

My new sig pic...

bertha katzenengel, you have created a monster

I put my "Beagles Up" pup in the kennel to update my sig line.

ATTENTION: Bush's/Cheney's babies!

Bush changes work out routine, adds weights to his regiment

Cameron Crowe remakes "The Shining"

Tom Toles said it folks not me

Danish Air Force Pays Compensation To Santa (Rudolf Is Dead Due To Jets)

Who thinks this will give their town an idea?

How long is the ban on childless adults thread gonna last?

Hooray! I made the front page of DU today! I'm semi-famous!

I am in a Library that serves Starbucks on the 1st. floor.

352. The Park is now locked and closed (THANK GOD)

Death match: Giant Squid vs. Sea Monkeys

Do all threads eventually degenerate into flame wars?

hey panda lovers!

"Dying boy brought in to cheer up Kansas City Royals"

I finally agree with Ann Coulter!!!

Looking for a Lalo Alcaraz cartoon

Anyone here take chromium picolinate?

Joe Namath Guarantees He'll Lose Battle With Alcoholism-the Onion

Dispute Over Parking On Street Sweeping Day Ends In Shooting

OK Matcom I'm almost convinced on a scooter but which one?

I had this weird dream that DeLay had been indicted

Bearded ladies, check in!

How should I prepare pork tenderloin for dinner?

Anybody here print their own checks?

This just in: "OASIS tickets for sale - tonight's show! My son can't go"

It's 59° in Irving, Texas right now

Two-headed Cuban tortoise

100 dead cats found in freezer

CB's family needs prayer and Karma today.

Are You A Member Of The UCLA?

The background dancing in music videos today is becoming more and

"Annie" Is on AMC Right Now 11:15 ET ("Tomorrow"/FDR)

Statisticians: Please explain these Powerball odds

trogdor has given me an IDEA! Bumperstiker thread!


So, the republicans at my campus are starting up a new newspaper...

Aggie Hurricane Preparedness


I am trying to watch my figure

I need a

Is this the future of New Orleans music if the GOP plan is carried out?

Want some coffee? Well,.... do ya?

Any SQUID recipes? Do you use cornflakes too?

Stop the War

When a clock is hungry...

SUNDOG BEWARE.....Squiddy's daddy wants to have a talk with you

"Did you kill my sea monkeys, Progmom?"

Another.. 'are you old enough to remember?' test

Katrina/Rita Offer up New Job Opportunities!...... Mold Specialist......

Interview bush yourself

I just posted my 3000th post!

Let's Play......Jeopardy!!

Silly question.......

I do not have anyone on my ignore list.

Racism alive and well in "blue" Northern VA & Washington, DC

new Alias tonight...

Does anyone know....?

SOOOO windy

How long do dogs stay in heat?

Catch a Freaking CLUE!

Hah! I finally figured out what this cat on petfinder reminds me of.

Taking the Citrix CCA Cert today - FOR THE SECOND $%@! TIME

I have everyone on my ignore list.

Fun stuff to do at your desk !

"The stupids are out in force today."

fun stuff you've seen or done at a ball game

We Didn’t Start The Fire

Oh man, I'd hate to be these guys!

What's for lunch in the lounge?

I demand a congressional investigation!

Science sinks the myth of a slow death in quicksand

Type O Negative shouldn't be played on laptop speakers

This beer kicks ass!

Anybody here print their own money?

Can anyone recommend a good blood-pressure medication?

PBS tonight - The Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation


Either go away or go all the way in

I am on your ignore list.



ARGGHH writing my philosophy paper

Anybody Know anything about Richland, WA? The Good, Bad, & Ugly Please.

HELP! Anyone listening to Randi today have a problem on their end with

You wanna talk earworms?!

Sometimes, I'm right, and I can be wrong

My Harry Potter addiction is getting out of control

GoddessofGuiness: I bring to you....Rasputin Imperial Stout

Random House to Publish Early Capote Novel

"Sitting at my desk drinking a Bud, true true"

Do you know any Basement Dwellers?

My toddler is a Repuke!

Today is my Birthday and I am NOT having a good day!

so a piece of string walks into a bar and orders a drink...

another quote by my qirl Maya Angleou...

Got my chain saw sharpened and bought a frisky Chablis at the same store

Chocolate and Goat Cheese

Our Italian secretary just sent this to me and you gonna love it!

George Bush shows off his new exercise routine

New bumpersticker (redux) - Support the troops. Drive smaller cars.

updated blog

Aoooooohh..I can't breeeeeathe.. (time for grape video)

Quick techie question:

Tell me about your scars....

Dylan special was CENSORED. Complain to PBS

Was Alferd Packer the original freeper?

Help me find the link to that your music sucks guys videos...

How you can tell your cat is a Scientologist

Today must not be my lucky day!

Let's dig on the groovy scene man!

Is there a LOST thread....??

10:45 AM, and just 93 degrees in south L.A. County!

HAHAHAHA! Office Cube War Pics!

Stevie Nicks visits injured troops w/o fanfare.

This Bush is Bad

This Bush is Good

Hey! Guess What?

New moderator checkin. Are there any new mods here?

Anybody Know anything about Yreka, CA? The Good, Bad, & Ugly Please.

Will and Grace vs Smallville cant make up my mind.

I got a name...........

Yeeha! Cut it down! wooohoo!

Would your year-ago self have expected your life to be what it is today?

See you tomorrow, gang!

Karma has bit me in the ass.

The top 16 country songs

Great News for all of us... especially Matcom!

Can I get a coke? or a smile?

Anyone watching Bodies on BBCA tonight?

I'm a mess...

Cookies, anyone?

Missing man found driving dead deer in ambulance

"Will and Grace" is live tonight! Therefore...


If the Brewers beat the Pirates tomorrow.....

Remind me to stay out of GD -

Talk about hard times!!

New SNL season, same SNL cast - whaddaya think?

Holy CRAP! Anyone watching Montel?

"The Majority Report" is on AAR. They are inviting Freepers

Kevin Smith is doing Clerks 2

Who plays Delay in the upcoming

Are you now, or have you ever been a Democrat?

Hillary Duff turned 18 yesterday.

Anyone Speak Freeper?

moonwalking birds, and funny researchers!

Friend of mine looking for feedback on his new band...

Dr. John on American Routes

Eagles up?


Is it time for a cute doggy picture thread?

Rumors of Internet Explorer's Superiority Were Greatly Exaggerated

TV Tonight: "Night Stalker'' back

Happy Fall

Keith O just referred to Rupert Murdoch as a destroyer of worlds

Oh Hell! Now my phone's going to ring every morning

I got a job!

Well, this is gonna be an interesting weekend


Judith Miller out of jail after speaking with "scooter"

Will & Grace was on live tonight

Please sign this petition against extreme animal cruelty.

Has anyone been to Disney World lately?

First person who can tell me what this is gets a great howdyado.

Pete the Pirate Solves Your Problems - Ask Him Anything

Please help me I'm falling....

It's the Judy Miller Show!!!

I'm going between pissed and numb.

How do you think I'm gonna get along without when you're gone?

Melodybe!!!!! where are you? URGENT!!

Tea drinkers stirred by poor state of the cuppa

Pictures of maganmonkey before and after her arrest for Civil Disobedience

Can you spell it? Word that means words that sound like what they describe

Observation. I just found a hair in my burger, got me to think

I confess. It was me. It's all my fault.

It depends.

"I'll never drink again."

White Sox win the Central !!!!!

I am not looking forward to this weekend

Austin's own Spamarama on FoodTV now.

Feingold vs. GOP in 2008

I am trying to quit smoking and the patch isn't working...

"Smallville" Season 5 Premiere TONIGHT

MIT Invents $100 AMD Linux laptop

Tonight I begin lighting candles for Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

Khash's Krusade For Kindness

GD vs Lounge-why do posters change/stay?

Dinner at the Prophets'

Limbaugh: Cindy doesn't have the IQ of a pencil eraser.

He's not gay

Brownie looks like one of the Pig People from the Twilight Zone! n/t

Comcast On-Demand has Maude and Barney Miller!!

David Tomblin, RIP (worked on "The Prisoner")

He's gay

"They're not doing it for you."

Bush supporters are stupid assholes.

Since I'm one of the obscure-oriented DUers - who remembers Levi Morton?

Get your snark out here!

What music are you listening to today?

I'm done with DU

MODS! Rabrrrrrr called me a "stream of bat piss"!

Where can I listen to good music on the net?

MODS! Rabrrrrrr DID NOT call Az a "ZombieNixon fetishist diaper wearer"!

I just got off the phone with Brian Wilson!

One of the worst movies I've ever seen is on Sci Fi now. Good Lord -

I have philosphically lost my big brother.

annie needs help with her homework

I won the powerball

I had conferences today

How come the most dangerous spiders always have unique webs?


YES - I'm cross-posting.....

What was the name of that old computer game where you shot Nazis?

Is there an option for me to turn off large letters in DU?

Travel question

Scientists photograph giant squid


I have somehow lost my links at the page bottom

Time running out to name the Panda.

My show is on

Finally, I have seen Forrest Gump - it just ended on my DVD player.

Supergrass is on Jay Leno!

It's the first truly pleasant evening in months

Hotel internet sucks

I'm so excited, some chump gave me his credit card number online

I can't believe Jon Stewart said THAT to Chuck Schumer!

I'm so excited! We just booked a trip to Europe!!

why cant i write a statement of purpose

Post something cruel and hateful


Teacher Admits To Sex With Her Student - Accuses Mother Of Cashing In

Good People of the Great State of New York

Hey, where is CaliforniaPeggy tonight?

John Ritter or John Rutter

Tips on cleaning a house quickly?

Have you ever been on a long, serious quest?

Does anyone think David Spade is funny?

I keep hearin' you're concerned about my happiness...

Science sinks the myth of a slow death in quicksand

I saw a poster at my son's school today that made me happy

anyone here on a vision quest?

How many pets do you have??

Would you continue to eat Soylent Green if you knew what was in it?

anyone here read "Why America Slept" by Gerald Posner

When Is It Best To Take Crack Cocaine?

OMG. Caught on Camera, AGAIN! Elehhhhna @ ...


Question about health insurance

Today's rumor to spread in GD: Bill Bennett had breast reduction surgery.

I'm a man and I love My Little Pony!

I'm bored as hell... ask me anything.

There are bigger problems.

Best Thing to Read While Destroying the Country

My ghost is back.

Is anything lamer than being caught behind some yokel doing 60k

I just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in....

Favorite Song lyric EVER

I had some damned good Mary Jane today

Bush and Brazil -- cute joke!

In recent news

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president

Three too many....

Should we have a new "Sticky Post" in the Lobby?

What are your favorite Firefox extensions?


Alert for the old and/or infirm peace-niks: mess with Guard Recruiters!

Smart grandchild exposes huge PLOT HOLE in "CINDERELLA"!

4 8 15 16 23 42 108

Does FR have a thread "What do you do when your child ISN'T a racist?"?

Damn it.

RARG! I'm red hot from GD! Someone pour cold water on me...

Denim Day - Friday, October 7 - am I the only participant on DU?

I've seen some pretty fucked up situations in my life...

Can I get a hug? or a smile?

What to do when your child is a repuke

"Your ankle might be broken, and you are a bitch"

In what ways are you still old fashioned?

My cynical Denim Day political tally

Good Dubya joke I hadn't heard before.

Hey... whaddaya think?

Today is the Autumnal Alternox

Behold, the Plaid Adder Mardi Gras mask!

I am proud to announce my new corporate sponsor, Bechtel

It's VelmaD's BIRTHDAY!!!! How many spankings should she get?

Abortion up to and including the age of eighteen...

if you go to and see a tuxedo cat reposing on a

Battle hymn of the Repbulicans

Need Dubya/GOP jokes, please help!

The IDEAL mascot of the current GOP: THE HAGFISH!!!! Here's why:

we haven't had a kitten thread in a while

Since I'm one of the obscure-oriented DUers - who remembers Americathon?

What does your bumper sticker(s) say?

I missed "Night Stalker" - how was it?

MODS! Khash did call Rabrrrrrr a donkey sodomizing ZombieNixon toe licker

AAAWWWW isn't it cute? ------ NOT A KITTEN!!!!

IconBaby update! One giant pic:

Under what cirumstance is hentai moral? I've always thought about this

Anyone going to see Serenity tomorrow?

'Corpse Bride' = Excellent. Run, don't walk, to see this.

U of I/ General college question

'Showgirls' swimming pool clinch named worst-ever movie sex scene

So, I've seen three Stones shows on this tour.

Here's a sexy, juicy tidbit about the new film "A History of Violence" --

Official Oct. 16 Chicago gathering thread

Christian Alliance for Progress..Science and Faith are partners


Three Images

A creationist evangelist was scheduled for my town on Saturday night!!!

Is there definitive proof that Jesus of Nazareth existed?

British Columbia Wins Right to Sue Tobacco Companies

Two Teams Identify Chinese Bat as SARS Virus Hiding Place

Bird flu may kill 150m, warns U.N

Americans have been digging health care hole for decades

Regarding Medicare and Medicaid and Me

Quicksand Myth Debunked: You Can Float Free

Lost island home of Odysseus Found After 3000 Years

Shuttle and ISS were mistakes - Nasa chief

ATTN: DU Scientists: Petition - "A Scientific Support For Darwinism, And

Get A Look At The Bottom Of The Ocean With The Click Of A Mouse

Maine Protestants Denounce Anti-Gay Measure

Civil rights activist recalls days of danger, victory

Wyoming Regulation Could Allow Druggists To Refuse To Dispense AIDS Meds

Arnie Vetoes Marriage Rights, signs four other bills for gays and lesbians

Priests "disciplined" for opposing initiative to ban equal marriage

They made it!

Okay, I need a sure fire bet for a Sunday NFL game

St Louis Blues no longer owned by Wal-Mart heirs

Red Sox acquire Stanton from Nationals

need help confirming "alleged" former NFL

Hate to say it...but the Red Sox won't make the playoffs this year

Big Pappi does it again!

Week 4 Power Rankings - Pittsburgh at top, Pats dismal at 6th

[Boxing] Upcoming fights this weekend.

a night at the races....

Great. Our new neighbors are irresponsible dog owners.

Kitties in the lounge!:-)

My kitten is growing up!

Question about pregnant cat...

This probably isn't a good place to post because we all have too many

DIY litter box help -

A digestive enzyme supplement helps dogs recover from illness and injury.

Pray for me.

I could use a lift and some psychic support.

What are the best astrology sites?

OK DU Astrologers...what the hell does all this mean?

The Magician * Tarot Key 1 * Hebrew Letter Beth

Sure gets quiet...

South Florida Atheists - Impromptu Meet-Up

Christianity Is Stupid.

USCGC Gallatin (WHEC 721) live on CSPAN2 now

Kerry, &... Fight to Protect Environmental Equality in the Gulf Coast

Anyone listening to Franken?

PA people: Don't say I don't love you - Santorum story WOW!

This is another reason for me to love John Kerry!

Interesting comment in the Nation

A question I dare not ask in GD-P

Picking The President By Mail

Red Sox post: (ANd Judy Miller discussion. They fit somehow)

Today in the Senate

News Odds & Ends

On Day of Senate Vote on Roberts, John Kerry Explains Why He is Voting No

Why do I go to Kos. Why, why, why.

bush* briefing story making the rounds.

Should Kerry do The Daily Show again?

Where is Beachmom?

Sexy hot New Gull Bay ..... Adults Only!

KOEB 9/29/05

Excuse me but :wtf:

Free -- TruthIsAll -- Elections Software– Do Your Own Analysis, Fire Bush!

What is the deadline for getting a name on the Nov. 2006 ballot?

Too early for me, but Dean will be on ABC and CNN morning shows.

VIDEO: "A Republican Tradition". From Nixon to Delay...

Who will * name to head the FED since Greenspan is leaving.....

My idea for a frame/meme to use during the upcoming DeLay wrangling...

If you buy Bush did all he could for Katrina, read this....

Why the Ice Trucks Never Made it to New Orleans

Fox's Napolitano accused DA prosecuting DeLay of political motivations

Roy Blunt: "We have an agenda to move forward here."

Does a prediction of a negative event absolve the one who predicts?

Campaign against "intelligent design" in schools

Has anyone seen an official count of the dead in NOLA post Katrina?

Does anyone know

Salon: "Vast corrupt Republican money machine exploding before our eyes"

Ken Mehlman Finally Shuts Up (Almost)

Tillman was against Bush, loved Chomsky, and against Iraq War!

The Hill: "A bad year for the party just got a whole lot worse"

The Latest Bonehead Decision By FEMA

Pelosi plans to replace Harman on Intel Committee

Bush's influence with his own party wanes as House Republicans look to '06

Anyone see Russert on Today? Media has been given its playbook

CREW: Maxine Waters one of the 13 most corrupt congresspeople

AP does a little pro-DeLay editorializing in this photo caption

Will the Washington Pre$$titute Corps Confront Bush on His Latest Lie?

Bush bagged number two again

Republican Congressional Candidate Hopes Katrina Victims Don't Move Back

The Hammer Just Got Nailed

Am I the only one feeling both very happy AND frustrated as hell?

Is anyone listening to cspan 3? operations in iraq

DeLay and Friends React To Indictment With Spin, Spin, Spin

Here we go… "Mr. Akaka… Mr Alexander…"

What would be wrong if 1 or more of our Dem leaders who voted for the war

Hmm, if DeLay is convicted, and this definitely IS a felony,

Feingold going after Bushco on Iraq - CSpan 2 now

So called Air America "Scandal"?

DU this poll

There are candidates on "Give Em Hell, Harry!" Any opinions on $$$

House to vote Today on Pombo bill weakening the Endangered Species

Robert's term on the Supreme Court will outlive me

Great the man who worked to stop counting votes is now Chief Justice.

Dailykos predicted Blunt would replace DeLay last May.

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), after Delay, the Most Corrupt Member of Congress

With Roberts confirmation, I want an explanation from my reps.

Have we had a go at Ed Koch?

Santorum is a hypocrite - now that's NOT news.

Hostage Gave Meth to Atlanta Fugitive

Judge orders release of photos

Karen Hughes Faces Female Wrath in Turkey ("war for the sake of peace")

Does Bush v. Gore allow losing TX Dems to sue DeLay for irreparable harm?

GOP candidate hopes Katrina victims won't move back, so NO turns red

Roberts being sworn in

Fun new online drinking game!

cnn reporting the rising nat. gas and winter heating $ DUE to hurricanes b

HELP stop Pombo's "Wildlife Extinction"

"You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate wou

Rumsfeld not reimbursing troops who purchase their own body armor

From the Headlines: DeLay rebuts indictment: 'It's a sham'

Freakonomics vs Bill Clinton / Did crime rates fall due to abortions?

Look at what Tom Delay and other prominent Republicans said

$630m deal made two days before Frist announced he would be leader

Ray Taliaferro on the GOP: "We have to be as ruthless as they are"

Bush has used obscure doctrine to extend power 95 times

Rice refuses to respond to drug questions, "wants to see through walls"

Anyone else grossed out by how many democrats voted for Roberts?

"Yea" and "Nay" John Roberts Votes (Democrats)

Real Democrats.......Endangered species

OK Kids - One more day until know what that means...

C-Span covering Endangered Species Act Debate now....

Miles O'Brien spreads misinformation on delay's indictment

Abu Ghraib images to be released - BBC

"Tom DeLay is Karma's BITCH"

Bush pardons coal mine bomber, 13 others

Why was Roberts nominated? Why do we reward corruption?

The Power of Fusion Politics

Pombo up now on Cspan....

A call from the DNC I just received asked for money

Americans United Criticizes Confirmation of Roberts

Kerry & ... Fight to Protect Health And Environmental Equality in the Gulf

Are our elected officials suppose to work for the American People?

For weary emergency workers on ship, hope floats

Tom DeLay inhaled way too many insecticides .... and....

I propose a new law. If a President is impeached or resigns...

"Moving elections into the courthouse is dangerous to our democracy."

Dean goes out on limbs, but the tree- trunk eventually catches up to him

Stand by for nuclear war

Attn: Photoshop wizards and wordsmiths all

Haha OMG Hoyer and Blunt on the House floor...

Pre-Roberts Senate rankings.

I heard Scotty say that DeLay has done good work for the

Another poll

Who Is Your FEMA Director?

Bloody Bush's Iraq War "Tower" of Death reaches Earth's Stratosphere

DeLay vs. Earle...Cage Match...Oct. 21...BE THERE!!

Dem/Rethuglican scandal contrast - why we can't get tracking...

Sen. Feingold: "*'s policies in Iraq are breaking the US Army"

Jeb Bush applauds a "good, common sense, anti-crime" FL state law

Just saw a disgusting political ad praising the Roberts Nomination Process

Has Roberts ever kissed his wife?

Seymour Hersh, 07/15/04: "The soundtrack of the boys shrieking"

Is There Anybody Who Can Identify 3 Dem. Representatives For Me?

New York Times Judith Miller Released from Jail

Bush Is Bad Opens at the Triad Theatre Sept. 29

Tonight Larry King Live...WYNONA JUDD!!!

Did you guys see this Velvet Rev offers $100,000 reward for...

Dean on Senate Vote on Judge Roberts

Deval Patrick (MA gov candidate) spoke in Framingham MA - here's my recap

Why is there no charges being brought against the RNC?

Judith Miller's "source" gives her permission to release information.

Has everyone seen this? Judge orders release of Abu Ghraib photos...

Texas redistricting now illegal?

Uh, Shark Gene

If Bill Clinton were to run in a special election held October 1

Tweety is Repulsive

Scalia was confirmed 98-0

Sen. Feingold: "How the President's Policy is Weakening America"

Absolut Corruption

KCRA3 - Web Poll: U.S. In Iraq

Dean Calls on Republican Leadership to Repudiate ...Bennett's Racist Remar

What was Stevens thinking when he swore in Roberts?

Miller to testify on Friday!

Who will be the next Republican to be indicted???

Bush pardons several drug dealers !!!!


Fawell testimony full of wisecracks (Ryan, Chicago)

Terrorists "do not need pretexts for their barbarism."

Delay will slip through the brair patch

Priests "disciplined" for their political views

DEFCON: Fighting the Religious Right

Has Brian Williams Been Too Vocal for the White House’s Taste

Are we all loving TDS tonight?

What better time than now for the "ultimate clean candidate"

Sunnis: "no way" to Constitution deal

"get rid of those Democrats who persist in betraying us"

E-Ring: Prime Time Propoganda

Photo: Roberts takes oath, Bush looks like crap

DeLay said the charge couldn't hold up to even a glancing scrutiny

Sludge has a photo of Janice Rogers Brown on his page

Scott McClellan: "Republican Party is a party of ideas,finding solutions"

DeLay "paralyzed" by indictment, "trying to avoid handcuffs"...

Howared Dean on Nightline (transcript)

Senator Chuck Schumer left speechless by Jon on The Daily Show

Anyone have a list of who voted for or against Roberts?

CNN: "Bush's poll numbers up" (Rita photo ops and "stabilized" gas prices)

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 30

I saw Matt Blunt on television today. How did this guy get elected

Two battalions of Iraqi troops swallowed by the earth!

Which of the current repuke scandals has the most potential...

Anyone have a morbid hope that Roberts will not be as bad as...

DeLay lawyers request that he not be handcuffed, fingerprinted etc.

PLEASE help AZ turn blue...we are really, really close!

one man could benefit from Katrina more than anyone: Pat Robertson

The Picture The Neocons Don't Want You To See: TOP SECRET

Write an email to support verified voting!

five countries already feeling peak oil

Hillary Fatigue: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

What is a moderate?

You Know, While I'm Happy That The Republicans Are Embroiled In Scandal...


"Feingold can't win because he's Jewish and divorced"

Double taxation?

Denny Hastert Rally

Why can't the Democrats capitalize?

I think we are looking at a McCain/Allen GOP ticket.

New DNC field directors from WI, SD, and OK were in DC for training.

Katie Couric shows her true colors on Today Show this morning

23 Democrats and all Republicans in Senate betray American people

Fox reports that Christmas spending to increase this holiday season.

Freeper Photo Freak-Show

On a Scale of 0-10 how enthusiastically would you support the following...

De Lay Indictment : politically motivated?