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Archives: September 28, 2005

Jon Carroll has some ideas for the Democrats

Kristof: 'Fire Bell' in the Night

Is America awakening from stupor about Iraq?

Krugman: Find the Brownie

Dowd: Dancing in the Dark

Bartcop nails w.

Yay, the west coasties finally get to check out Commander in Chief!

White lawmaker compares Black Caucus to the KKK

Stripes letter: Military has it backward (on active duty/NG tours of duty)

GO BRAVES!!!! Sorry, what's more American than baseball! N/T

Time 4 bush to Leave the SUV @Home

Daughter of Blake's wife says she helped mother get pregnant

Damn I am so sick of these fucktards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I love Commander in Chief!!!!!

"Driving a 12 mpg vehicle delivers ~ twice as much money to Bin Laden

British Citizen in Delay's district--ask me anything

Let me get this straight. Some people were upset with Cindy for SMILING?!

One Dylan Song I did not hear in this movie...With God on Our Side.

I just got it. Koppel is great. He had DR. Wood on (retired during


Conyers: GOP machine collapsing of its own weight?

Technical Inaccuracy in "Commander in Chief"

A direct request to Congressman John Conyers from B Robert Franza MD

Okay, CBC employees.... get back to work.

More Americans Disagree with Bush on Iraq (Harris Interactive)

Interior Secy Says US Will Push Search for Energy (ANWAR, coastal waters)

NYT: Saudi women depart from the script (refute Hughes)

Chairman Tom Davis' Assault On National Security (Sibel Edmonds)

help! the TV is on and I cant turn it off!!!

Katie Couric did NOT have an LBL....

Sooooooohow did everyone like Commander in Chief?

Greatest World Series in history...

A Brownie moment...

I forgot to post..I was shocked that Martin Sheen

Obama on Tavis now... n/t

Celebrity Smackdown: Olberman v. Rivera

Anyone else catch "My Name is Earl"?

Then Noah built the Ark. But first he gathered his children.......

GO BRAVES!!!! Sorry, what's more American than baseball! N/T

I've had several drink & listening to my favorite soundtrack-ask anything

I'm so disappointed.

Oh, man. Martha, the pirate cat, died. RIP Martha.

I think The DLC is the best thing for The Democratic Party.

Well, my car got broken into.

My ghost is back..........

What are you listening to tonight?

What's your eye color?

What are some good "coffee shops" in Amsterdam?

Wisconsin man gets 3-year term for hate crime

Where Can I Get the Transcript for "Heckova Brrownie"

To those who felt sad about the rally, some thoughts to share and pics.

Caption this Bush Photo

Future of NOLA, haunting, cajun, tragic, and never to return

Will there be an independent FEMA review?

Conyers: Peace Protestors Held Handcuffed in Buses For Over 12 Hours

Civil liberties groups accusing FEMA of playing to religious conservatives

Liberal Republicans - isn't this an oxymoron?

Why is America so religious?

FEMA Disaster Survival Tips

Robert Novak: George and the dragons

WSJ: "The Year of Spending Dangerously" - Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Iraq Burns; Dems Look on the Bright Side

Justice, FBI probe Black's demotion RE: Abramoff

Deep Pockets, Small Government and the Man in the Middle

' With free ponies for everyone" -This Modern World

There's No Justice Like Show Justice

... Bob Woodward provides first-person insight into history

Barack Obama Steps (Carefully) Into the Spotlight

The Real Looting Has Just Begun - Carl Pope/Huffington Post

Brown's Revisionist History

Frist's Real HCA Scandal

George and the dragons

John PIlger: Sinister Events in a Cynical War

Able Danger Mystery Solved: How Atta Was Linked in Early 2000

FEMA's decline: an agency's slow slide from grace ("political hacks"!)

Gene Lyons

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'

No invisible warrior left behind

DNC_Dean statement on Delay indictment


Al-Qaeda controls Iraq revolt, says US

What you should know but the media cant tell you right now.!!!!!!!!!!

Franklin Delano Bush???? WTF!!!

Fury over Greenspan leak

The "Culture of Money and Corruption"

Escaping the Legacy of Colonial Development in Venezuela

Military higher-ups get to the bottom of abuse scandals

Great hypocrisy: USA once again demonstrates its double standards

Discrimination in Head Start, New York Times, September 28, 2005

What's the Deal With the Tom DeLay Indictment?(Laura Rozen, Village Voice)

brown refuses to play the blame game, but it's all Louisiana's fault

AP Newsview: DeLay Mess Adds to GOP Troubles

The Hammer Falls


Global warming: Death in the deep-freeze

"A stench of corruption" ("You can't keep up without a scorecard.")

Capitol Hill Blue: Bush's Depression: Been There, Reported That

Republicans Require Health Insurance for Immigrants Only

Support Our Troops by Getting Them Killed.

Scandal threatens stunning rise

EJ DIONNE: Democrats in Disarray

George Bush in Hell

S. Blumenthal: The undersecretary's dangerous trip (K. Hughes)

Sirius 143

Number of millionaires hits record

MOGAMBO GURU: Things Are Worse Than You Think

Arctic Sea Ice New Record Low For 4th Straight Year - NSIDC/NASA Report

Abolish the EPA!

Feds Halt Ford Cleanup - Waste Too Toxic For Dump To Accept

ThanksTo Rita, S. Texas Conditions Optimum For Red Tides - Boston Globe

Indonesia's President Warns On His Country's Dwindling Oil Supplies

Spain's Environment Ministry "Not Optimistic" On 2006 Drought Projections

A Polluter's Feast ~ Rolling Stone

Gov't: Effect of Greenhouse Gases Rising

So, whatta think about capturing lightning? Possible someday? Or not?

The Manchester Bobber

Should TermaSave Building Panels be used to rebuild NOLA?

Lousiana Fishing Communities Look Into The Abyss - Dallas Morning News

Fmr. PM Hawke - Let's Make Australia Global Nuclear Dump - Reuters

Jewish group calls Iraq War protest anti-Israel

Protest Occupation: Occupation Refusers to Jail

Financing the 9/11 Attacks

Who here believes Tom Delay is guilty of misappropriating campaign funds?

Assuming a conspiracy, how many involved?

Where the F*** is Kucinich w.r.t. voting reform?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 9/28/05

no picture ID - sign Conyers' letter

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY, 9/29/05

Please Help - Need link to actual DNC report on election fraud in Ohio

Woo Hoo!!! Delay is indicted!!!

Free -- TruthIsAll -- Elections Software– Do Your Own Analysis, Fire Bush!

Punch cards and Precinct codes, a tale of 2 states

Need advice re. jury duty in California

Exclusive Interview with Steve Young Candidate For CA-48

Governor ousts flood board

Anyone in Pombo's District 11? Please read!

Berkeley lefty snubbed by House Republicans

interview with Kristin Taylor coming up on San Diego AAR station

Sen. Harkin undecided on Roberts --- call today

There are days when the Civic Skinny makes me giggle

I want an Iowa peace rally

What does the Delay indictment do to the three republican candidates

Steve King says "Joe McCarthy a hero"

Who took what from DeLay in Iowa?

Eli Pariser, Faneuil Hall, Sunday, October 2, 2005 at 6:30 p.m.

Children Invited to Book Signing With Caroline Kennedy

Mark Kennedy getting paranoid

Anyone familiar with beefalo (buffalo-cattle hybrid)?

List of Delay contributions to MN House members

OMG I got a call from Normie Coleman's office

anyone live in raleigh area

Any way to copy MS Office 97 from one laptop to another?

Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert!!! Dayton Ohio

Organize! Ohio

Keep Austin Blue 9/28

Rolling Blackouts

Liberals at NASA given a day off!

Dallas folks:

Chris Bell Responding to the DeLay Indictment

Tom DeLay is indicted!

Chris Bell on national television tonight. DeLay???

Texans??? Start a Petition to impeach Delay now!!....Double Dunk!!!

BAND members toast DeLay's indictment. Pic.

How many TX DU folks participated in Stop war activities last weekend

Creepy Culberson's Support of the Bug Man

Anybody live/work in downtown/central Austin without a CAR?!

No Nonsense in Nov Vigil at Capitol Thursday 9/29

Drinking even more Liberally than usual tomorrow evening

David Murff, Democrat for the 7th Texas Congressional District

DeLay's next step--(I'm salivating)

KXEB 910 am Dallas's Air America Radio movie night & special guests

Galveston County DUers... Who all has been to La Brisas in Bacliff?

Green/Ryan Should Give Back Tainted Delay Money....

New Orleans Musicians Benefit Show Friday

Anyone know Who is the Artist who did this painting?

Typhoon Longwang growing in size...

I think I posted this in the wrong forum last night. So here is the re-run

Can someone explain why the NRA is upset with Conoco?

Bernie Ward wound up pretty good tonite...

Intelligent hurricanes

I'm assuming those with the "Freedom isn't Free" stickers have enlistment

Senator Byrd launches his campaign site-sign up to help us in WV

How about the clip of brownie and bush, where brownie is

You did a heck of a job, Brownie!

Interesting. On Sept 17, my newspaper had its pick of two Bolton pictures

New Poll Shows Byrd in Strong Position

LTTE to both my congrress and fish wrap

Very Dumb Question: If Delay gets indicted Tomorrow

Natural Gas up 27%, Sewer & Water up 5%, then there is gas

Is it possible to Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy Now?

XM Subs... yet another new 'left' show coming starting this Sunday...

Michael Brown sure is getting raked over the coals by the media

(TOON) Dr. Frist's surgery

Media this week, post-Brownie....what do you think?

Hybrids overtake Hummers.... no contest.

Roscoe Bartlett on Wash. Journal at 9:00 Today!

Dubya is a wimp with a capital "W" and his rehiring of Brown proves it

3 Katrina hearings today--are all three going to be broadcast?

Guntanamo inmate says US told him to spy on Al-Jazeera

Question..if Delay is indicted tomorrow, will

Air America associates program

Hey, what ever happened to the UNS Comfort?

Iraq woman bomber kills army recruits in Tal Afar

New Orleans police superintendent Eddie Compass resigns

Caption - Our National Saviour!

Brown needs to be charged with Criminal Negligent Homicide.

Alternet Article - The Failed Drug War

In the Rose Garden today........ Terra! Terra! Terra!

DU this CNN Poll on Brownie!

I wish Geena Davis was President.

Rep. Flake (R-Az): "The Year of Spending Dangerously" (WSJ editorial)

Israel dismisses Arab complaint about atom arsenal

"Number of millionaires hits record"

Cnn caption on NOLA Police chief: *rolling eyes*

was Melhman on the Daily show last night? Saw Cosmos instead.

You DO have to admit that the Righties have a very big tent -

NYT,pg1: When Katrina Hit, National Guard Was Deluged Too

Is Anybody Watching Roscoe Barlett On C-Span...

Jury duty in California?

Hurricane Relief? Or a $200,000 Check?

DU this poll, please

Wings of Justice award

Why has gas gone up .25 overnight where I live???

NOLA Cruise Ship deal for $236 million

Conspiracy charge a possibility for DeLay

So, what's the truth behind the AAR "stealing money charge"

Is the AP expecting a DeLay indictment? Publishes career chronology today

Peak oil - live on CSPAN Journal 9AM - Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md)

National Guard took Katrina battering

A site after my own heart!

Venezuela had nationalized its oil back in the 1970's!

Brown: FEMA don't do windows.

Hartmann: "The 3 LA parishes omitted from assistance vote Dem"

First Lady Makes Her Reality TV Debut

Is DU becoming the new FR?

WP's Meyerson: Outsourcing Our Safety

What does GW Bush know about fare elections?

Nelson: MacDill unit hid millions

Maureen Dowd: Dancing in the Dark (9/28 column)

Army Investigates Photos of Iraqi War Dead on Web

Saddam's gassing of the Kurds.

Do You Like Binary Polls?

Foreign fighters my ass!.....

D. D. D! What begins with D? (w/props to Dr. Seuss)

Does Brownie Float?

Our Troops Deserve A Smarter President

Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Soldiers

Wall Street Journal pushing for Janice Rogers Brown for next justice.

I Don't Think People Pay Attention To Bush Anymore

Gas Prices Blamed For Late Credit Payments

Down in the Flood - Chris Floyd (Empire Burlesque)

Chris Matthews perpetuaing falsehoods in interview with Sheehan

What is the timetable for a potential DeLay indictment? Does anyone

MSNBC is carrying the hearing. Don't know if we already missed Blanco.

Blanco on live now.. MSNBC. n/t

What is the function of a "whip" in government?

Is Air America going bankrupt? O'LIElly said so last night . . .

What is the justification at this point for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq?

Funny and True !

John McCain gives list of CEO's to be Czar for Hurrican Relief.

Able Danger axed same time as Gus is murdered (Abramoff/SunCruz)

CNN covering Blanco's testimony again


Anyone having problems with DU site running slow?

Ben Affleck's Next Role: Senator?

"Conflict of interest"

Gov. Blanco's live testimony is being shown here - on MSNBC's website.

Bush Praises Military, FEMA for Improved Photo-Ops for Rita

(VIDEO) Daily Show: George says the "C" word

I wanted MoveOn to distribute cameras to the protesters last week

Reuters says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq

Man charged for giving away his "screener" copy of "Million Dollar Baby,"

GOP voter suppression has started in Virginia

Please Rate & Circulate This Email re Bush Militarizing Disaster Response!

Sunday Times(UK): Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'

Thom Hartmann talking to rep. from Diebold--giving him hell... 11CST

So, what's going on with the ACLU and the Abu Ghraib torture pics?

Need A Good Laugh At Bushs Expense?

Why aren't we shocked? Abramoff/Tyco man set to become Deputy AG

Bush tries to put America back on the terrorism trail...

* talking Terra on C-SPAN3 now

Plan D - The Plan to fight the Far Right

Courtesy of DUer Lancer: Brownie's superhero name is BLUNDERDOG!

Two Conservatives Elected to Top Positions for Public Broadcasting

Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch

Protest mom meets with 'warmonger' senator

All right, so what crap is ** laying on us this time?

Reuters says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq

GOP examples of opposition to Equal Rights for All Americans

Nice op-ed (from my local paper) about Katrina: the moral blame game

Latest Kerry email: "Gain a Senate seat in Arizona"

When does Blanco testify?

George Bush in Hell - Great article on Common Dreams

Did Limbaugh take the day off to secretly advise Bush and the Repubs?

Sen. Mark Dayton: why I oppose John Roberts as Chief Justice

O.K., So If the Grand Jury Adjourns without Announcements Today

Dems Must Do What's Right, Not What's Safe by Ed Garvey


Delay Indicted!!! Raw story!! YAYYY. nt

Subject: Post-Katrina crime rumors ..excellent analysis at Romenesko

Any squeaks from the freepers about "Commander in Chief"?

Anyone know if Delay has been indicted?

TN Legislator (R-Caucasia) calls state Black Caucus more racist than KKK

DeLay lawyers go to courthouse in final hours of grand jury


Dreier recommended for Delay's position.

Hitchens attacks "'antiwar'" protests; uses ANSWER as bait

debit credit pre-authorization charges go up. way up

The FIRST trifecta: Delay, Frist, Rove

New RW talking point......."Democrat prosecutor"....

Tom Delay, the James Traficant of the Republican Party

New RW talking point......."Democrat prosecutor"....

Ugh!!! Dave Drieir as House Majority Leader?

beautiful video of the march on the Whitehouse and the arrests Monday

Dreier would be a strange choice, considering the Tom Foley smear

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber Dissidents

Can Delay be impeached, now?


Tom DeLay 1/6/05 Rubbing "it" in our faces ......

Blanco's up (nt)

Last night's Aaron Brown show was like a soap opera

Delay has to give up leadership but can keep his seat....

What Will DeLay Do?

My dream: DeLay, Rove, Frist, Bush, Cheney, Rummy in a cell together

Has Tom Delay been indicted? I can't find a thread about this!

Has Delay been indicted before?

Veterans and the Families of Vets should be in charge of the anti-Iraq War

Am I dreaming? Delay indicted?! Holy crap!

racist Tenn. Rep. Stacey Campfield pokes black caucus with sharp

This is a good day.

Scott Ritter: Clinton's failed coup attempt against Saddam

Play indictment Lotto, who's gonna be next

For those who think gas station owners make huge profits . . .

They will fail in what way?

Yo, Tom! Go F*** Yourself, Without DeLay!

Don't let the door....

Audience of Saudi women cool to Hughes' message (NO! I'm Shocked!)

Jewish group calls Iraq War protest anti-Israel

Can someone do some DeLay photoshopping?

We should stop following everyone who speaks out against...

If DeLay can step down, WHY DOESN'T ROVE???

Who is profiteering from natural gas? @#$%#!@!

Whoaaaaa! The house of cards is falling!!

Scotty's briefing. First question about DeLay.

Do you hate the Working Class?

Official says 'people living like cavemen' after Hurricane Rita....

US army won't press charges on deathforporn soldiers

But But Delay goes to Church he is Christian

Hey freepers, your boy has been indicted

How does delaying an Iraq pullout help anything?

Is the GOP finally starting to get its Comeuppance?

If Halliburton rebuilt my house, what would it look like?

I have one question for Tom Delay

The White House of Cards is starting to fall..........

Hastert: David DREIER as new Majority Leader

punishable by up to two years incarceration

My favorite quote from Barack Obama regarding FEMA screw up!

Which of the Republicans' long-standing beliefs has BushCo trashed?

The Sand Castle Syndrome

What would a perfect DU Economy look like?

Tom DeLay indicted?!! This is HUGH!!!11111

Laura better hide liquor cabinet key with her smokes

Here's a copy of the DeLay indictment! Woo Hoo!

Travis County Grand Jury Indicts DeLay, not the DA (SPIN FROM DELAY)

The British are doing the halo thing now

I am REALLY looking forward to hearing Randi and Malloy today....

Dry drunk in the White House. Self-loathing gay man as maj. leader?

I'm heartbroken Tom DeLay's office just hung up on me

LOL! Someone's already updated Tom Delay's Wikipedia entry.

ATTN: Fellow Moonbats - registered!

post on yahoo flameboards:

Evidence of my racist society

**FREEPERS: Read this and WEEP!!!**

Fox News now

Did Abramoff talk? what about Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist?

Why is Scotty talking about Social Security?

Enough of the gloating--time to humble

"Disgraced former House majority leader Tom Delay"

EXCLUSIVE PIX: Frist, Delay learn of indictment!

Mark Morford: Kneel Before The Meteorologist

Wow.. Who'd a thunk it? Republicans support Gays in politics

Another freeper classic - This is an INTELLEGENT forum

Scotty's on!!!! He's gonna get nailed today! n/t

Should FEMA reimberse "faith-based" groups for the money used

DeLay Press Confernce soon 0220PM post comments here.

Is ANSWER agitprop?

What's your sense about MSM handling the Delay indictment?

MsNBC just cut away from Scotty. n/t


WH Press Secretary admits "instances" of corruption in the GOP!

"And hast thou slain the hypocrite?"

Here's a pic of Tom Delay's future living quarters:

Just because he isn't Majority Leader right now doesn't mean he'll change

Ya wanna know what's the best thing about Delay getting indicted today is?

If Delay is found guitly, should the Texas districts be reverted back

So I guess DeLay got indicted

Has anyone ever run a money-free campaign?

What you should know and what the media cant tell you right now.

Did anyone see O'Really Last night?

Chimp's response to Delay indictment

very funny: Presidential Speechalist video


Pat Buchanon: End of DeLay's career

Cavuto: Can't be both "a good American" & "a good journalist.

If we get Browine, DeLay, Frist and Rove.....

That's it. No more demonstrating for me.

Equality for Iraqi women? "Iraq's First Female Suicide Bomber Strikes"

Question: Is Cindy Sheehan going through with Camp Casey in DC?

Poll: Are rising gas prices straining your budget?

Swimming houses in the Netherlands because of global warming

Sympathy for a Great Statesman: George W. Bush

Now can prosecutors can snoop through DeLay's fundraising files?

If Convicted, DeLay will not be able to VOTE in Texas!

"Just another day at the office."

Keep up the anti-war momentum!

My 18 yr old friend Sam wants to ask you all a question re Patrioit Act

I agree in many ways with with the unspoken comment of Jon Stewart.

Will Tom DeLay have to do the perp walk?

Electrifying Anti-Bush Speech by Etan Thomas

DeLay INDICTED!!!!!!

BWAHAHAHA, Tom Delay: I have done nothing wrong

Watch Out Europe! They're Coming For You Next!

Attention! Very important NPR Fresh Air at 3:00 EDT

Delay seems to be claiming that this is all "temporary"

All my coworkers keep asking why I am so happy today.

So, Mr DeLay - it's all partisan, eh?

Georgie looks pissed...did Cheney spank him with that cane? PHOTOS

Slow down Tom! You're spinning so fast, it's going to mess up the earth!

Let us begin the counterspin! Earle is being smeared!

I think DeLay's career is likely over

Earl persecuted me because he has partisan animosity toward me, but

need opinions on solar equipment

My Encyclopedia Dramatica entry on Christopher Hitchens

Naked Pensioners Make their Point (BBC)

I regard DeLay as guilty until proven innocent

Republican talking points are flying now

Randi's off to a great start!

With DeLay's indictment, Randi Rhodes should be interesting today

PREDICTION: DU will be on Level 3 quite a bit in the coming days...

Is MSNBC trying to make Tweety a real newsman ?

Pat: He [B] has to go to war

Meanwhile, 5 more US soldiers announced dead in Iraq today alone.


Great kid! Don't get cockey!

David Drier replaces DeLay

Still lot of work to do, but '06 could be a strong democratic year

Credit Card Payments Hindered by Gas Prices

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC: No matter the outcome, DeLay's career is over.

Anti-War Protest--Hunh!--What is it good for? (Absolutely nothin'?)

Delay: will he get a pardon or prison...?

Jeffords blasts Bush for cutting FEMA, Blanco takes the high road!

Do you think DeLay will plead insanity?

The End of Small Government? -- CATO Institute...

A life of progressiveness until now. I hope it can continue.

Great deal on "Crossing the Rubicon"

Charlie Rangel's blog under attack for his meeting with Cindy Sheehan

Here we go...

A good website, if anyone is interested in 'simple living', etc.

Sweet Jesus I Hate Howard Fineman...part II

What about GOP headquarters? Is anyone there liable, re Delay?

Tom DeLay's lawyer is Dick DeGuerin -- lawyer for David Koresh.

Cafferty replayed his "has he been indicted yet" quip from last week

Do you think it's Politically motivated?

Caption this * and Cheney (w/ cane) pic

DU this poll

"When The People Lead..."

jesus christ vs. tom delay

Delay on C-Span now

Where's the 'I am 32 & living alone - does that make me a lesbian?' thread

Breaking: Republicans select Satan as Majority leader

Tom Delay Indicted For Conspiracy to Campaign Finance

FEMA spends $236mil on ships for evacuees = $1,276 a week per person BUT!

To quote Brian Griffin about Tom Delay:

Check out Freeptards Delay Reaction

Drier and Blunt=="duel roll" take over delay postion. cnn now

I feel like we should be ashamed of our efforts if B's admin survives

Intimidation Alleged on Intelligent Design

The photos America should not be allowed to forget:

Cafferty coming up on CNN

SO, do you think Dreier GETS it now?

Weren't the politicians who impeached Clinton, Partisan?

Cafferty asks "Which Party is More Ethical?"

The latest bomb in London: Free Speech (Wednesday)

DeLay and the Republicans sound paranoid of the Democrats. Blaming

DeLay speaking to the press again, now

Hastert speaking now! n/t

Next to face the law

Cafferty on Now....

Evacuating from Houston Story

Scotty Bingo!

Is there any Republican willing to take responsibility for wrongdoing?

The Representative of Texas is concerned about gas prices for the winter

Corporate media feeding frenzy is wonderful to see

Remember how DeLay defended Clinton against partisan accusations?

Free to Good Home: 5 Loving Boa Constrictors

April 2005: Bush Shows support for DeLay

"We shouldn't leave Iraq until we win?"

MSN Money: "Republican leadership in disarray after DeLay indictment"

(Update2) Frist Faces Heat as SEC Orders Formal Investigation

isn't it time to start calling Republicans

Grassroots Peace Rally: Would you come?

Delay prompting Democratic Party asking for Democracy Bond contributions

Roy Blunt new Republican Majority Leader

Saw a couple great bumper stickers today

Republicans get out of jail free card. (PIC)

Need data to refute statement - New Orleans was 50 year liberal experiment

The most Orwellian Headline you have ever seen ...

Fox defending DeLay?

Bill Frist is next in line to do the perp walk?

The GOP might hit the trifecta this year!

DELAY Hopped "De Plane! De Plane" on 07-24-98

Looks like we hit Daily Double today

BBC Reposts Delay Story - Republican 'paid family $500,000'

One down, two to go. . . (indictments)

2006 Chant: Lack of Moral Leadership

What Earle is up against? His aborted prosecution of KB Hutchinson

Blunt Trauma hits the country!!!!!!!

Oh Boy! CNN is reporting on DeLay being behind tracking the Texas Dems

Frist's Presidential Aspirations Just Went Down the Toilet

If you ever feel your anger begin to fade ...

1927 Reasons why the DSM Is Important

Ore. Suicide Law Hits High Court

I just heard it w/NOT BE DRIER. Repubs are in secret mtg. now. nt.

October JUST around the corner...will Rove be indicted before Halloween?

Excellent Background & Current Articles DB on DeLay & TRMPAC Indictments

To all that say this is a political witchhunt

Just curious - am I can't be the only one who holds no blind loyalty..

My apologies to George Carlin, but I am not optimistic about the future

Take that WalMart! (Some progressive legislation on Long Island)

Holy Shit!! This Is Too Much!! (Almost)

I am fed up with the misogyny on the right.

Can someone explain to me if DeLay's indictment will stick (county issue?)

So Delay has been indicted! Bring on Rove!

Delay: "I'm innocent" - hmmm where have heard that before?

Now watch the corporate propaganda machine go into overdrive to discredit

Connected Poll (Ron Reagan's show)

It's too early to celebrate

Revised science textbooks for Christians

Remember this. A GRAND JURY indicted DeLay. Ronnie Earl did not.

Chris Bell Speaks Out on DeLay Indictment (Filed Original Ethic Complaint)

It's actually a sad day when an important congressman is indicted

problem with fema giving churches money.

Everything is partisan and a personal attack to these people

If we really were going to conserve....

Now that Operation "Without Delay" has been completed, we are

Tom DeLay statement coming up -- here it is

Check out this Tom Delay picture on CNN

The Official Bounce Tom Thread

GAG - Author/Pastor Rick Warren on Oprah Right Now

"If Tom ever stuck a knife in me, it'd be in my belly, not my back"

Why do so many Christians oppose Gambling?

I love Protesting! I think Answer is full of kooks but protesting is vital

I'm surprised...Tweety backed down after hearing Earl went after more dems

What did Delay have to say about Clinton during impeachment?

One more reason why I love my husband, & you should too.

Revealed: Halliburton sponsored summit to woo congress

I call bullpucky on this news story...

Rather than removing minimum wage laws. . .

Delay's lawyer on Abrams Report now (msnbc) n/t

Tom Delay will walk

Republicans have managed to achieve the trifecta of investigations (plus2)

I don't think Ronnie Earle would risk his career on trumped up charges

The only time I've ever seen Wolf not speak in his monotone, indifferent

My e-mail to Wendy at the Ed Schultz Show

If We Can Take Back The House In '06...

DU this "Media Bias Survey"

DeLay: "I have done nothing unlawful." - Exactly...... exactly....

Republican Greed, Arrogance And Greed Will Do Far More To Destroy Them

Who's most to blame in Katrina? Vote in poll

Tom Delay's lawyer is on MSNBC lying thru his teeth

just saw who I thought was Jeff Gannon/ Guckert

Reefer flavored lollipops?

David Brooks Says Bush & DeLay Were Never Close! Ha Ha Ha! >>>

Hell YEAH He's Guilty 'til Proven Innocent! Why bother with a trial?

Juanita Herownself --Local SugarLand blogger & Delay hater -- on Tom:

Call me a freak. I have this MASSIVE THING for gay republicans

Whoa! Rough summer for Shrub!

Employment status

Have some people (corporate types) already pled guilty

A Delay Thread In The Name Of My Currently Off-Line Buddy Swamp Rat!

Wasn't it DeLay who yelled "I AM the Government" in a restaurant

Soldiers recover millions in soggy cash from New Orleans

What you should know but the media cant tell you right now!!!!!!!!

Harold Ford shilling for DeLay on MSNBC

A totally different MSNBC poll on Delay!!! Check it out.

Wall-to-wall excuses on Cspan2

Walmart: my dad says all the negative publicity was to force a union.

Stripper's claim to tycoon's £900m fortune reaches the highest court

HELP!! Registry Corruption on Windows XP!??!

Next Week's RNC Talking Point: "Well, Now It's Just Piling On..."

GOP: Restoring honor and integrity

Slap: Democrat says DeLay claim he's done nothing wrong a "myth"

Tom DeLay Indictment is Lead Story On All Networks.

CNN is all Delay, ALL THE TIME!!

What's the status of FEMA 'reimbursing' churches for hurricane aid?

Wussy Boy DeLay sounds like he's gonna cry...... .

"This isn't about Republicans and Democrats; it's about Cops and Robbers."

Exit strategy from Iraq: Operation Enduring Defeat?

Drug Law Denies Aid to Thousands

Snopes debunking of the rascist email about the Wascom rest stop

Stephanopoulus is a prick

what is it lately with bbc world news on pbs?

What do y'all think my kid's "Tom DeLay Good Citizenship Award" is worth

Governor Dean to be on Nightline tonight.

A beautiful sight!

VIDEO- Cafferty on Delay Indictment-Letters

Dean's "Culture of Corruption" is finally being said by other Dems!

can you buy lumber futures? cement?

Despicable Price Gouging of Rita victims online RIGHT NOW.

England is sorry for being in the pictures, Her b/f lured her into them


Tonight on Nightline

Hannity is an idiot - says these requests from Landreiu are pork

Lou Dobbs just said the Chief of Border Security stepped down today

MSNBC Survey: Governor Blanco vs. Mike Brown: Who do you believe?

Who is this James Walter Ellis in the DeLay indictment? Is he related

So will congress

Clean Government

A sappy post for those feeling nostalgic and bittersweet...

DON'T FORGET Newt resigned to take heat off the repubs.....dems

Paging Judge Hellerstein... Come In, Judge Hellerstein...

Delay has been indicted!!! MSNBC now

DeLay coming up on Hardball

Delay on Hardball now

So what do we know about Roy Blunt of Missouri?

milliions of $$ given by people like Oprah...are the groups they

Search is down...can I ask a question?

If Delay is convicted, will the Right claim him as a political prisoner?

Caption *

Joke: Where do they send worn out TERRORISTS who want to retire??

Texas Prosecutor Known For Going After Republicans and Democrats Alike

Tweety is on MSNBC totally smearing Earle

so will gephardt be selecting our candidate again?

Looking forward to The Daily show tonight

Question for lurkers, Freepers, trolls and Repugs......

Workers World Party and Kim Jong Il

What are the Cables and Networks ..NOT Telling us?

Warming causes record Arctic ice melt -U.S. report

Well, CNN asks, Should Tom DeLay resign from Congress?

NBC interview with decorated soldier: detainee abuse a systemic problem

Watch this - it is a guaranteed outlet for your frustration!


" expect me to be some super hero, and fly everyone out..."

new winner

Witness: 'Intelligent Design' Doesn't Qualify as Science

Yushchenko owns the copyright on slogans & symbols of the Orange Revolution

Nothing to do tonight? PhotoShop this:

DeLay: Earle coordinated with Dem leaders (see Hardball)

Bush Pardoned a Bomber, a Counterfeiter, a Bootlegger and More

a bit dicey, but funny

lets be serious...boycott the msm, or continue to contribute to b.s.

IMDb: George W. Bush

Was Cindy released or was she given a long sentence?

A public demonstration is

Away from the board awhile -- what happened to Dreier?

"Democratic" Prosecutor Earle - heard on the cable news numerous times

Frist, Limbaugh, Rove, indictments in that order? Or will Rove be

I would like to change the password on my account. I have not lost or

DUers please analyze this dream

Hey * Stand by Your Man

Just incase you didn't know Rush Limpballs girlfriend is CNN's Daryn Kagin

Todays word is "Sanctimonious"

Pictures of protest signs from Saturday in D.C.

FEMA's Brown Was Warned Before Katrina About Supply Problems

David Drier is my congressman.

Let's play "The Tom DeLay Kick 'Em When They're Down Game"!

Sears up to its eyeballs in DeLay scandal... Boycott Sears!

Tonight PBS: Get Up Stand Up. The story of pop and protest.

Spread the news - Do NOT use!

Bush, As Others Before, Escapes Anti-War Protests

VIDEO- DC Confidential -Culture of Corruption

Karl Rove Political Deathwatch, the homegame!

You know why this is happening with Delay, Frist, Brownie etc...

Softball with Chis Matthews

WTF - is this a joke?

Gee. An awful lot of the 14 people Bush just pardoned were drug dealers.

Woman suicide bomber marks possible new insurgent tactic in Iraq

Who said there isn't work to be found in Bush's economy?

NOLA " baby that wouldn't wake up" update on Olbermann

In celebration of justice served... or at least indictments....

Okay, someone pleave help me figure this out.

Nancy Pelosi statement on DeLay indictment:

Mark my words, a terrorist attack will come soon ...

Did anyone see "Boston Legal" last night?

So DeLay is running next year for another stint...

How pathetic has the state of affairs in this country become when...

One of the worst bumper stickers I've seen recently.. A peace sign made

The Republicans have restored honor and dignity to the White House.

Hey Bugman, isn't it kind of fun?

Get Up, Stand Up with Chuck D on PBS now

Dr. Phil.... take a pill... always thinking the answer is behavior

Norah O'Donnell of NBC breaks my heart. So obviously right wing.

Howard Dean on meeting with Cindy Sheehan

Please DU this--Important for Freedom on Internet

Why can't MoveOn or other liberal groups put marches together?

If you aborted every Bush baby

Bush's public fund raiser for Iraq raises a whopping $600

SEC Formally investigating Frist!!!

Didn't I tell you folks that Rove was really just evil and not brilliant?

MSN just sucks.....and Rita Cosby has no clue...

September has been a bad month for the Chimp

When you all have your great purge of the "commies"

Anyone seen this Freeper mail on Texas vs NOLA response?

A snip from Newshour tonight

How many right wing partisan fanatics can you name?

Tweety should be removed after that unbelievable display with DeLay.

A View of Crickets Chirping on Fwee Wepubwik (Search results for Delay)

Inside the 'mind' of the Religious Right...

Just another example of tolerant Christians

Mike Brown, Tom DeLay, Bill Bennett

Cue up the VCR's - "GET UP STAND UP" The Story of Pop and Protest on PBS

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World-Countdown (Bill Bennett)

Rude vile pig! ...

Get Up, Stand Up: The story of pop and protest - on PBS now

G.G. Liddy

Karen Hughes blunders again, this time in Turkey

what really happened in Superdome?

Will Nancy Grace deal with this?

Natural Gas Prices Tap All Time High - Near $15

Hannity saying Rep Vitter wrong for LA to ask for 200 mill. now.

How about a GOP "All Star Criminal" card deck soon...

Massive New Flooding Reported!

Katrina was God's wrath

Any architects here?

Cindy Sheehan attacks pro-war Dems

photoshop experts-I need a favor

Who the US House Majority Leader is (DU Member in his district)

What do you think about pressuring Dem leaders for an "exit strategy?"

Delay (R-Prison) on Hannity and Colmes now

Turkish Women Blast Karen Hughes With Iraq War Criticism

Did y'all see the poll at after the DeLay article?

newsmax: Tom DeLay - No Surprise to Us

A little info about Ronnie Earle...

Police treated my son like a mad dog

Keith Olberman cracks me up!

Delay has spent a lot of time on Faux today

The ACLU Overlords have contacted me

What will the Bushies do now? Start a war? Allow the US to be attacked?

Missing slush funds...

"Instead of playing by the rules - shoot the referee" Katrina VanderHueval

Cafferty on Tom Delay Indictment Video

Two levels of reaction to Delay Indictment

"Instead of playing by the rules - shoot the referee" Katrina VanderHueval

My Experience Getting Through On The Larry King Line

Sing the crows...

Repug Match Game Play & win big prizes.

Ann the man is lying again

Another Installment In My Periodic Reminder Series.

please delete -- dupe

"Make Levees, Not War"

Would Marty Meeham just slap that idiot in the face!

Give 'em Hell, Harry

Wow....Scarborough is pissed at the Republicans

A funny joke to tell all your repuke "friends"

Has anyone done a poll putting * up against a Dem, if tomorrow was

Has anyone done a poll putting Cheney up against a Dem, if tomorrow was

Who cares a fig about ANSWER?

ALMOST Ecstasy.

25 Questions About the Murder of New Orleans

Scarborough: Earle is a hack, it's partisan, the charges won't stick

Longwang expected to slam China Saturday

Scarorbough going after David Dreier

Report Finds Negative Image of U.S. Abroad

MUST READ: My class's phone call to Rep. Connie Machs

How Much Did The Bush Family Give To The Hurricane Victims?

Come on, you know you've gotta go see it!! (freeper heads explode)

"John Doe challenges PATRIOT Act gag order"

C-SPAN heads up: Blanco, Barbour, and Riley's senate testimonies

Protests 'like carnivals'

Hurricane DeLay....

Blunt and DeLay connections

?!?!?!?TBN sends Katrina relief...... to Gretna?? remember the bridge ??

Scarborough-Repub. party in crisis?--corrupt. good discussion on now.

Condi would like to see through walls

What is the difference between a teenager selling drugs and Republicans

Malloy Check-in Thread?????

Ronnie Earle: 12 and 3

Contact Tom DeLay to congratulate him on his Indictment

The RW response to Earl's 12 convictions of Democrats

If this was posted at Freeperville, how long will it last

The Hill: A bad year for the party just got a whole lot worse


What will be the Democrats' selling points for the '06 and '08 elections?

U.S. Army ends probe on porn site photos of Iraq corpses

In Celebration of the DELAY Indictment: 1 & 2

Howard Fineman on Scarborough Country: Bush Poorly Served

Temporary Majority Leader Hired Consultant Charged as DeLay Co-Conspirator

This "intelligent Design" stuff makes me nuts

It's Karma time, folks. Bill Clinton, here's to you, Big Dawg

The perfect actor to play Tom Delay in a movie

The swinging squirrell (Tom Delay) returns to BartCop!

Who has given up TV?

It's official, the POLICE STATE *IS* HERE...

Spinning the Light Fantastic

DeLay Indicted by Prosecutor Earle...Can Fitzgerald be far behind?

TDS - DeLay Indictment!

"Mr. Earle is a fanatical partisan hack," Tom DeLay...

Finally, Greenfield just called * an un-popular President on CNN

what would be your favorite political deathmatch?

Maybe these horrible years were meant to be.

DeLay Operated Close to the Ethical Edge -- Yahoo -- vote it up

Ethnic cleansing coming to the Republican party?

Gotta Love This Freep Response To The DeLay Indictment !!!

They're right. It IS political and it IS partisan.

WTF:: Harriet Miers for Justice of SCOTUS (sludge rumor mongering)

Savor this WP headline, folks: INDICTMENT ENDS DeLay ERA ON CAPITOL HILL

Funny how Delay isn't claiming to still BE the U. S. Government

CNN "BREAKING" - College Girl Still Missing

Japan may pull troops out of Iraq next year -paper

"Culture of Corruption" is a pretty big umbrella

Sen Erwin on Scarborough is sounding like a nutcase

Democrat (Schumer) rejects Larry Flynt's $2500 donation

Ha! Rob Cordry on Brown:

One question: Is my call to Mike toll free?

Texans?...Start a petition to impeach Delay Now!!!! Double dunk!!!

c-span2 re-playing democrats' hearing on waste and abuse of katrina funds.

Cafferty to Wolf: "Has He Been Indicted Yet?"

Faux news on Delay

MO's Roy Blunt named one of 13 most corrupt Congressmen

Bad news for South African rapists

"I've never experienced political pressure like this,not even in Russia.."

New Documentary on DVD- "Falluja: April 2004"

Former Sen. Edwards Offers Free College Tuition To Some Students

Proposal: Tom Delay's shiny new post-indictment NICKNAME:

George Bush in Hell


When I think of the song "Summertime" I think of NOLA

Cute Baby ---pix->>>

Will DeLay Be Forced to Remove His Hairpiece for His Mugshot? --->>>

DeLay Must Appear in Austin on Charge to be Fingerprinted and Photographed

Sum up Geraldo in 4 letters.... get on the radio!

Hilarious "customer reviews" of Frist autobiography on!

Nightline is hammering on DeLay right now!

play with fire you're gonna get burned. They thought they were above the

DEAN ON ***NOW***!!!!! n/t

Tomorrow's the Day They Kill The Endangered Species Act

Lurking freepers, etc. ITS ALL TRUE!!!

OMG, on Olberman...a quote from Bill dickhead Bennet

Is Matt Drudge gay?

Help Harry Reid Fight the Oil Tycoons!

There is absolutely nothing to or in the Delay indictments

Help DU these polls

Sam Walton's kids are getting ready to screw up bigtime (WalMart)

District 22 Dem Club members toast DeLay's indictment!

When will the racist fucks learn... troll report on Brother Tom DeLay's indictment:

"one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history"

WP: With Aid Slow to Come, Texas Towns Are on Their Own

AP: DeLay indicted in campaign finance probe - WOOOHOOO!!!

What are your thoughts on this year's October SURPRISE?

Hey, Hey, Woody Guthrie, I Wrote You a Song

CA Sec. of St. Forms Panel to Investigate Open Source Software for Elections

Oh man... my kid ROCKS! *wipes tear*

report suspicious IRS activity?

You want to see protest?

George Bush goes to his barber to get his hair cut...

DU this Dallas NBC poll -- DeLay indictment a witch hunt?

TOONS - a fond remembrance of the days of Tom Delay

The Republicans are setting themselves up with their talking points

WP blog: "Disabling Able Danger"

Coulter's Response to the Tillman News

Gov. Dean tells it like it is:

ON YAHOO: Indictment of DeLay seen as blow for Bush DU IT!!!

AOL poll


dear Patti Murray, why so many breast mea culpas, if in the end, you did

Message for the Conservative armchair Lawyers re: DeLay/Earle

"Footing the bill" for other people's children

I'm dying for a Diet Coke, and nothing else will do...

Straw heckled over Iraq by 82 year old Labour party member

Should Tom DeLay Resign from Congress? CNN poll

Betty Bowers takes on the peace creeps

ERing..whats your impression??

To all the anti-ANSWER folks . . . a suggestion.


DeLay the victim of a vast Democratic conspiracy.

CSPAN Schedule Thursday September 29

Hey do you remember the South Park where Cartman won a million dollars?

Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn, suggested Bush & Brown possibly in $cahoots$

The Outing - David Dreier and his straight hypocrisy.

DeLay Is At The Faux Studio Door !!! Hume Is Gonna Talk To Him !!!

Hannity Vs Carville. 2 Debates scheduled

Nora O'Donnel..........QUEEN of the media whores

Sen. Murray Says She Will Support Roberts' Bid

Isn't it George Bush's religion

Conservative mag's explanation for Blunt getting DeLay's post --

*** Wednesday TOONs ***

My afternoon at a Katrina Service Center

"John Doe challenges PATRIOT Act gag order"

"Hundreds Rally to Support Iraq War"- Gannon Sighted at Rally

June 2003, CBS News -- Rep Blunt stinks of tobacco, and more ...

Rita starkly demonstrates why you can't order an evacuation too soon.

GOP prepares stealth legislation to open FL coasts to oil/gas exploration

hammerhead's mugshot

Grand juror: "‘Ronnie Earle didn’t indict him"

Everyone, keep it under your hats...Project X has not yet been activated

Is that a pencil in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? >>>

Quit calling it "softball" with Chris Matthews

Alright I Am Saying It! Delay Is An Seriously Ugly Motherfucker!

Why is DeLay on Hardball, not Fox "News?"

Get ready for a nolo contendere plea by Delay. Here's why

"FRIST INVESTIGATION: Status Changed to "FORMAL" from "informal"

Capitalism Today in America is Broken: An Examination

Question For Those That Actually ATTENDED The Washington March.

Official 'Tom DeLay is Indicted' Celebration Thread


How hard can it be to organize a rally?

Reuters Says U.S. Troops Obstruct Reporting of Iraq

Longwang expected to slam China Saturday

Woman Arrested For House Filled With Animals, Feces

Jonah Goldberg says what's on every RWers mind about Delay

Quick and Dirty Delay Photoshops!

EVERY Dem leader should adopt this talking point RIGHT NOW

Hail to the Chief (last night's premier)

On ANSWER and their defenders

"FEMA City is now a socio-economic time bomb just waiting to blow up"

How about that Glooscap statue

NBC showing Lee Ann

Just glad with the US Sup Ct Docket - Anna Nicole Smith....

Researchers bring back animals from the dead.

Freepers aren't pleased with Dreier


HELP I need a clear Video of Bush Speech in New Orleans

Oh my God! If this doesn't get to number one on Greatest DU has no soul

Rita death toll makes dramatic jump

FEMA gives $521 million no bid trailer order to big Republican donor!!!

Buchanan on MSNBC:

Kate Bush and Tom DeLay in the same day!!!

Gay homophobe Dreier junkets with boyfriend, votes against gay rights

Fox news All Stars needs to renamed..

Tom Friedman Sucks Yet Again

Tom Delay may already have a plea deal...

I'm a Latina, but I think this isn't right

A wilderness overgrown with dope and danger


Michael Brown should have the shit slapped out of him.

CNN Poll: Should Tom Delay Resign from Congress?

MY EYES.... Ann Coulter suddenly appeared on my television

What Noble Cause? Vietnam ... Veteran Not Welcome at Vietnam War Memorial

bush** and company are Assholes! Is The Best Anti-bush Song Yet!

bush - cheney picture to caption

Caption this picture

Gay Republican set to become House Majority Leader

Sweden's new funeral rite - bodies freeze-dried, powdered and made into tr

A major talking point for our side (for a change)

The movie John Kerry doesn't want you to see

Florida has gone too far.

I have finally calmed down

Rep. Defazio on fire!

Am I the only one who thinks 'Joe Pesci' when I see pics of Tom Delay?

Sweden's new funeral rite - bodies made into tree mulch

More march pictures!

DeLay Rumor From Someone in the know locally:

First Brownie is questioned (arrogant ass) showed what a fool he

It's gonna be fun watching the GOP over the next few years!

Ann Coulter regarding Liberals: "would like to put us all in Guantanamo."

MSNBC Poll on Delay:

Photos of DC protest marches & rally 9-24 & 9-26-05

Should Anna Nicole Smith get $474 million from her dead husband's estate?

This is what democracy looks like! (warning-photos)

Best birthday present ever

"GET UP, STAND UP: Pop and Protest" on PBS American Masters TONIGHT!

Kerry Makes Cindy's Hall of Fame

Constance Baker Motley Dies-1st Black Woman Federal Judge;Civil Rights...

Bob Dylan: a poet and a poseur.

Bush has lost his god damn mind, Aides live in fear and think of Nixon

Why aren't American universities hotbeds of unrest?

Bennett: you could abort all black babies , crime would go down

Dinner tonight...

$20 an hour jobs go begging in Alberta Canada

Feud with 'petty' landlord drives Saatchi to move his collection

Police consider PM probe over slurs

The Dickensian approach to crime.

Schools Will Ban Junk Food, says Kelly

Am I being unreasonable and politically incorrect when I say ...

Darling! Mrs Brown will never be as breezy as Mrs Blair

Terrorism Act used against elderly protester at Labour conference

TIME: Feds Take On Outside Political Groups: Sue Club for Growth

WaPo: Hurricanes give lobbyists hope

Smith gave alleged courthouse shooter drugs

... Bob Woodward provides first-person insight into history

Officer Criticizes Detainee Abuse Inquiry

Grisly 9/11 Find All These Years Later

Scientists Photograph Giant Squid in Wild

New Orleans police superintendent resigns

Indonesia Braces for Petrol Protests

(UK) War on Iran inconceivable - Straw

Green rules seen on "chopping block" post-Rita

Blanco Goes to D.C. to Answer Brown Charge

NYT,pg1: When Katrina Hit, National Guard Was Deluged Too

Withdrawing from Iraq would mean inviting another 9/11: US commander

Schools Will Ban Junk Food, says Kelly

(New) FDA chief's double duty questioned (major conflict of interest)

Sweden's new funeral rite - bodies made into tree mulch

Auditors To Probe Katrina Contracts

LAT: Concerns Grow Over Executions in China (thousands each year)

Auditors pledge to investigate Katrina contracts(incl Halliburton,Bechtel)

National Guard took Katrina battering

Judge: Posada to stay in U.S. (will not be deported to Venezuela)

Hostage Of Accused Courthouse Shooter Gave Him Drugs (METH)

Deep Pockets, Small Government and the Man in the Middle

Bush party faces sleaze charges

Al-Qaeda controls Iraq revolt, says US

Radio chips help morgue keep track of Hurricane Katrina's victims

O & G Rigs Take Record Hit From Hurr Rita

Female Suicide Bomber Kills Six in Iraq

Bomber Hits Outside Afghan Training Center

Anti-war hecklers bundled out of Straw speech (zero-tolerance on dissent)

Britain: Military Action Vs. Iran is Out

Many Rita Victims Still Awaiting Relief

Forecasts Say Major Hurricane Likely In October - LA Times

Parmalat fraud trial is suspended

Barack Obama Steps (Carefully) Into the Spotlight

F.D.A. Chief Quit Over Financial Disclosure Form, His Wife's Brother Says

DeLay defense fears more indictments as jury wraps up

Putin Says Won't Stay in Kremlin Past '08(but critic's teeth knocked out)

Delay indicted

MSNBC - DeLay indicted in campaign finance probe

Soldiers Allegedly Trade Iraqi Corpse Photos For Porn

Mexico hopes to expand business ties, guest-worker program with Canada

FEMA made hasty $236 M deal w/cruise line during Katrina crisis SFGATE

national interfaith rights conclave predicts religious progress for gays


David Drier replaces DeLay

DeLay to step aside after indictment

Wow.. Who'd a thunk it? Republicans support Gays in politics

FEMA's decline: an agency's slow slide from grace ("political hacks"!)

Senators: Hurricane Aid Is Being Blocked

Gay Republican eyed to become House Majority Leader (Rep. David Dreier)

Turkish Women Blast Karen Hughes With Iraq War Criticism

Bomber kills nine in Kabul

Bomb targets bodyguard of Iraq cleric Sadr, kills 6

Credit Card Payments Hindered by Gas Prices

Democratic leader on DeLay indictment (Pelosi: Culture of Corruption)

Credit Card Payments Hindered by Gas Prices

Suffolk OKs bill of health (law requires employers to pay for health care)

Menezes' family call for justice

Bush warns about spike in Iraq violence

(Corporate) Lobbies Line Up For Relief Riches (forget helping the people!)

AP: Text of DeLay press statement

Ottawa warns U.S. of risk to NAFTA

DoD Identifies Navy Casualty (# 1927... lost at sea)

U.S. Army ends probe on porn site photos of Iraq corpses

Complaints that White House blocking health care aid to victims(bipartisan

What you should know but the media cant tell you right now!!!

Atta known to Pentagon before 9/11 (Able Danger)

Delay: "I'm innocent"/DeLay indicted in campaign finance probe

NYT: Teacher Says Board Effort on Evolution Was Resisted

Federal Judges, ABA Slam Death Penalty Appeals Proposal

ACLU: Key Player in Torture Scandal Nominated to No. 2 Post at Justice Dep

Air America Asks For Donations

Lawmakers spar over Medicaid bill for storm victims:Reid:GOP objections pr

Overdue Credit Card Bills Hit Record High

FEMA's Brown Was Warned Early of Shortages

NYT/AP: Gas Prices Blamed for Late Credit Payments

French police retake ship held by sailors

Opposition to Iraqi constitution weakening

FBI killing of nationalist draws ire

FEMA's Brown Was Warned Early of Shortages !!!

SEC Formally investigating Frist!!!

DeLay Says Texas Criminal Indictment Is `Political Retribution'

Lichtman Joins Democratic Field for Senate (compares himself to Wellstone)

Schwarzenegger FIRES Flood Control Panel: Resisting Development at Levees

Lakeland Web site allows soldiers to post photos of dead Iraqis

Iranian students demonstrate against IAEA

Global warming: Death in the deep-freeze

Bush narrows Supreme Court list

Consumer Confidence Plummets in September, Home Sales Fall

U.S. general casts doubt on 2006 troop cut in Iraq

Bush turns attention to war on terror (morning terra speech planned)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 28 September

Ensign won't return controversial donation

Reuters says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq

Alaska landscape transformed by warmer climate

FEMA Under Fire Again for Rita Effort

Army Interrogator Sentenced to Five Months (assaulting a detainee - died)

Bush says Azzam (al Qaeda's #2 guy) death shows US Iraq strategy working

Charges filed over $330,000 in grants:Longtime pastor, two others indicted

Ex-army officers revile 'chaos' of Iraqi regime

Income Down From 1999, Tax Data Show

Venezuela’s Ambassador: “Posada Carriles is the Osama Bin Laden of Latin A

Reid urges president to pick mainstream candidate for court

NYT: Republicans See Signs That Pentagon Is Evading Oversight (on intel)

Post-Katrina Efforts Spawn Diverse Complaints and Inquiries

U.S. introduces colorful new $10 | CNN

Howard Dean Joins High-Profile Democrats Backing Bloomberg's Challenger.

(Harrry) Reid slams Bush over Iraq

Ensign to assess pet rescues in Louisiana

Attempt to Pick Successor Is Foiled (Conservatives Reject Dreier)

FT: Republicans in disarray after DeLay indictment

New Warning Issued on Paxil (birth defects)

Arkansas Clinic Offers Free Abortions (for Hurricane Evacuees)

Senators: Hurricane Aid Is Being Blocked by White House

Bush narrows Supreme Court list (White House counsel Harriet Miers)

FBI Killing of (Puerto Rican) Nationalist Draws Ire

FEMA's Brown Was Warned Early of Shortages

DeLay must appear in Austin on charge (fingerprinted and mug shot)

Sun-Herald: Casino storm brewing

Boulis killing indictment names fourth conspirator (Abramoff case)

Cheney returns to work with a cane

Army: No Felony in Release of Corpse Pics ("gore for porn" scandal)

CNN/Money: Number of millionaires hits record

Pump price to rise as refineries to shut for weeks

FL Senator Bill Nelson: MacDill unit hid millions

Arctic ice 'disappearing fast'

Pataki pulls Ground Zero museum

IRAQ: Anglican leadership in Iraq feared dead

Turkish Women Blast Karen Hughes With Iraq War Criticism

Chavez blasts US extradition ruling on Cuban exile (MSM PUKE ALERT)

Sec. of State says ice skating, piano occupied her during '60s (drugs?)

Field it like Flintoff: India and Pakistan's women take guard

Red Cross Criticized, Urged to Share Cash

(Karen) Hughes Defends Women's Status in Iraq

Frist Faces Heat as SEC Orders Formal Investigation

Roy Blunt Hired Consultant Who's Also Indicted

DeLay Indicted in Campaign Finance Probe / Delay is stepping down as ML

WP: Smaller Cars Enjoy New Chic: Dealers Notice SUV Demand Dropping Off

Senator (Alabama) says storms are punishment from God

DAN (Rather) WANTS SECOND GO AT BUSH ("Memogate" scandal)

US forces 'out of control', says Reuters chief

Justice Department Releases List of Pardons Granted by President Bush

Women pay a price in war on Afghan drug trade:Poppy debts paid w daughters

NYT: Constance Baker Motley, Civil Rights Trailblazer, Dies at 84

Man, the office tonight was priceless

Message Boards for Commander in Chief.....

whats with all the ghost stories tonite?

Please! I'm going nuts! WHY does Google have little pieces of cake on

What's with all the Bee Gee people coming here .........

AL, MVP? Its a great field this year.

Your FIRST record and tape

Separated at birth?

"Well, son, a funny thing about regret is....



isn't there a DU photo album somewhere?


Good Night, my dear Lounge Lizards and Nighthawks.......


It's 3:33 AM and once again, I find myself on line......

I had a dream


Caption - The Greatest Republican Ever!

Anyone else having troubles with Earthlink tonight

My new toy just arrived!

Man Falls Asleep While Siphoning Gas - Arrested

Guckert was at the pro-war rally!

It's a giant squid!

This'll put you off your feed

In Honor of Kermits 50th bithday: something he should have done long ago.

Telecommuting RAWKS!

Need advice re. jury duty in California

Fact from fiction

What's some of your favorite web sites?

i wiLL never go to another protest

Man 'Dines And Dashes' But Leaves Feces-Covered Napkin On His Chair

Good Morning, DU'ers!

What is cheaper? Installing a new door lock? Or getting locksmith

I am losing weight and not even trying


Who likes calamari...holy-moley HUGE calamari?

Giant Squid photographed for first time

Dad is back home. Thanks for the good thoughts!

Australia's macho men take yoga twist

Only three (?) more days until I see Porcupine Tree/Robert Fripp!!!

sometimes when i am angry, i cannot see straight, or hear straight, until

In 8-ball (billiards) what happens if you sink a solid AND a stripe on

This is fucking brilliant (lyrics)

Confucious say...........Happy Confucious Day!!!!

Happy Birthday Janeane Garofalo!

Stop the Bloody Bull Run

Live giant squid caught on camera

Weird... But Cool Optical Illusion (Does It Work For You?)

The Purpose Driven CRYSTAL METH Life

Live giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man caught on camera.

was Melhman on the Daily show last night? Saw Cosmos instead.

Help! Calling all computer geeks

Do you support sensible polls

60-minute divorce for Colombia's unhappy couples

House won't be back on for a whole month!!

For anyone that could use a laugh!

Remember that Coppertone kid I killed? I have no regrets now.

Australian crushed in rubbish lorry

Let's sing a song for the morning!

Let's - Sing a song of long ago

Ever keep thinking it's later in the week than it really is?

Anyone going to watch the Nightstalker tomorrow?

Hey! I've got a yodeling joke!

WWWOOOWWW! I'm getting down! OW! OOOWWW!! I got my backseat

dammit! I think I'm catching a cold

Hancuffed Man Jumps In River - Swims Back To Police

Estranged husband scuttles his £40,000 boat to spite wife

What can I use to replace Winmx,now that it is no more.

Some options for Brownie

The only Body Count that ever offended the GOP wrote music.

Driving music

So is it Squid Week in the lounge?

Wish Tom DeLay well here:

Weird cloud video.

A baby panda drops in to say "Hi"

For those of you who haven't been over to LBN or GD:

That's a friend of mine named Neil, that's a friend of mine named Mike...

can anyone foster a cat for me for about 6 months


OMG!!! Giant Squid indicted on one count of conspiracy to be

TV on Wednesday nights.

What were the last 25 songs you played on your iPod or MP3 player?

*ONLY* 9 more years to go!!!

whoa! did we jump straight to level two?

Anybody here see the noise, see the fear

Tom Delay Photoshop

Bugman's stepping aside. Woo Hoo!

Typhoon Longwang is coming

U.S. Launches AIDS Awareness Campaign In Botswana- 'You All Have AIDS'

It's about time....

I just saw a poster advertising the College Repuke meeting....

Great posters

Cop Who Tossed Kittens From Car Aquitted

My brother-in-law is going to Iraq--ask me anything

Why do we hate the things we love?

HAHA ATHEISTS! There is a God! YOU LOSE!!!

Now for sale in a Texas Prison near you

Sigh | nt

What was the last text message you sent? Here's mine:

New to the lounge but PLEASE HELP - I need ex spouse advice

Tyra Banks says the Squids are real

The Which Lost Character Are You?

Announcing the formation of the Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund

Spread the news - Do NOT use!

Quick! Someone get Tom Delay a glass of water! His career isn't dead!


I just got the most threatening, rude phonecall from the movie place

Yo Quiero Tom Delay

Did I just hear that Tom Delay was in some kind of trouble......

Candyskins fans, check in!

Okay, as to this new folder tree format....

"Fan," said the shit, "here I come."

Post here if the 3rd letter in your name is within ten letters of j, r, a.

Are you old enough to remember these?

Its all about heart!

What do label colors mean for suits?

What threads do you bookmark?

Today's rumor to spread in GD: Tom Delay wears a hairnet when he cooks.

Park lets visitors pay to kiss bears...what could possibly go wrong?

Does anybody have Comcast on demand?

Bearded Women, Check In...

Verifiable hauntings from near your home.

Most annoying CD I have gotten today.

It's cold, windy and rainy...

Itchy itchy ow ow ow.

How do you store your CD's? Still use the plastic case?

Good News - Commander In Chief Tops Tuesday Ratings

Drier Replaces Delay ! David under increased scrutiny ??

Any idea how to eradicate the smell of cheap perfume?

Is net zero a rethug company?

I am really pissed off at a local company & not sure what to do.

Is David a "top" or a "bottom"?

Don Canuckamokio I ask a favour on this, the day of a certain person's

Pictures of signs from Saturday's march in D.C.

Well, at least they ain't rooting around through water logged

My very first Wikipedia Page!

Big Ad

I am I Said...Ask me anything!

UPDATE!!! World still unsafe for human habitation!

My wife just promised to practice her kissing EVEN WHEN I'M NOT HOME!

New York Has Ban On 'carbon' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

New York Has Ban On 'New Yorkers' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

New York Has Ban On 'magnets' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

New York Has Ban On '419 scams' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

Copycat post from DS1 making fun of other copycats (while purporting

New York Has Ban On 'sardines' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

New York Has Ban On 'Tom DeLay' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

New York Has Ban On 'Nina Hartley' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

New York Has Ban On 'Mariah Carey' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

Put the fear back in Halloween!

A question for those who like Cornish hens.

New York Has Ban On Women and Tickets From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

Tuna in oil or water?

Sardines in Tomato Sauce or Mustard Sauce or Oil


New Ban Has Ban on 'Bans' from Bans (Ban Banned)

Blah blah blah blah blah blah!!

Ode to the Giant Squid

It's not fair!

New York Has Ban On 'copycat posts' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)

What you should know but the media cant tell you right now!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm...verrrrry interesting...

DeLay, Frist, Bush, Cheney et al...

New York has ban on crowing about child's achievements (Woman Ticketed)

Oh grrr.... I hate that.

Isn't that John Roberts ......

What would make a wireless optical mouse go crazy?

ADDICTED to Orbitz 8-Ball!

Going to Niagara Falls this week, need some info.


Shah Rukh Khan is at South Street Seaport right now!

Eagles Up everyone

What age is considered too old to play on a playground?

coffee grounds for divorce?

Goodnight, all. I'm headin' home.

OK, am I missing something

Oooh everyone's so tasty!


Who's celebrating Delay's indictment tonight?

OK, I'd like fish for dinner, but I have a moral dilemma:

Alien or Predator vs. Small Screaming Child in restaurant...

OK, did anyone send Janeane Garofalo a birthday card from the Lounge?

Skunk in my urban Saginaw neighborhood

I'm gonna party like this post is 1999

Why does the Lounge current archive go to page 22? Not just 20!

Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot!

Am I one of the slackest DUers around?


Oooh, everyone's so tasty!

And now, for my 2000th post, I shall Howl

Oh, BTW, the White Sox and Indians play head on last 3 games of season.

Erotic chat grounds for divorce?

To all the Mets and Phillies fans out there-BRAVES WIN!! BRAVES WIN!!

Sox and Yanks tied with 5 games left. Last 3 games against each other...

I just saw "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story"!!!!!!!!11!1!11!!!!!!

Let's open up the bar a little early today.

DU Photogs: What's the best tripod head to have?

Photoshoppers: Can you fix this with Rush and Delay?

Well, I don't think there's any more mischief I can cause tonight

The cat box smells. I think *they* should clean it, for once.

I love this stuff but it's a bitch to find in Vegas.

Oh no, I've got HAPPY FEET!!

I am obnoxious

AHHHH!! 6 new hires to start same day as my vacation

When it comes to a runny nose only one thing dries it up completely.....

Bachelor in Need of Cooking Advice!....why do I never have the spices

Can we get a cornflakes smiley?

"Tommy, your doing a great job" Bush kiss of death strikes again

HELP!! Registry Corruption on Windows XP!??!

Magic election stealing code!

I had to jack off today.

Brown & Delay being crucified, I'm thinking time for Code Orange

The next copycat thread ...had better be a Hex thread


HELP!! Republican Corruption on Windows XP!??!

250+ responses and not a SINGLE vote

The next copycat thread ...IS a Sex thread

the next sex thread...had better be a Copycat thread

So, on my roomie's advice, I'm eating more, smaller meals daily

I'm watching Bill O'Reilly tonight.

The next copycat thread ...had better be a Sex thread

The worst 419 scam I ever saw--this time the scammer's dying!

Best William Hurt Film

The next Sex thread...... had better be a Copulating Cat thread.


Best William Hung song?

Best William Hurt Thong?

It's that 'check your Inbox' time again!


Check in if you hate "Puff the Magic Dragon"

la cucaracha, la cucaracha .is about to get a whiff from the extinguisher

Dinner at the Prophet's

Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad?

Magic erection stealing ho!


Looking for photshop pic of Bush fishing in New Orleans

Things (terms), you should never, never Google

The next Sox thread...will be locked.

Yvonne De Carlo

My people... they have no sex threads.

OMG Now I know why * is invincible!

The next sex thread...will be locked.

sorry Lizards. it's all my fault. i'll take my ......

sorry Lizards. it's all matcom's fault. i'll take his ......

The next six threads..will be locked.

Should I watch 'Tombstone' tonight on TV?

Somebody pinch me! Did Delay really get indicted today?

Dammit. I've got a cricket incessantly chipring in my apartment.

New York has ban on copycat threads anywhere (CanuckAmok ticketed) problems with my computer......

Michael Brown was qualified to run FEMA!

Crappy crap-crap! Stupid water heaters!!

The next sax thread...will be locked.

Oh shit, I've been indicted!

Adults vs. Children: the final showdown

Anyone ever heard of "happy slapping"?

And Tom Delay makes everyone go apeshit crazy in GD

A bald eagle, two falcons, and 16 turkey vultures are circling over

Remember that Copperhead I killed? I have no regrets now.

sex thread

Tom Delay is J.R. Ewing.

Why is Steve Earl pretty well only popular for Copperhead road?

Very, very, very, very, very, very, disturbing photo of Kevin Federline

Abe Lincoln

OMG! Turn On The TV... RIGHT NOW!!!

So who would be a better V.P choice in 2008? Aside from all the talk

Sexton thread

The following DUers owe me money:

Choose ONE celebratory song for the indictment of Tom DeLay

ARGGGGH! Dick Cheney Is Mr. Potter!

Post here if the second letter of your middle name is an "a".

Any Brian Wilson fans?

I'm a psychic medium talking to Pres. Eisenhower! Ask HIM anything!

Hey CrazyGuggenheim - please pass the popcorn!

OMG!!!111 This is HUGH!!!!!11111

so i was at a strip bar

Astounding to see Pete Best on PBS. Ringo's predecessor. Astounding.

Okay...I've been at work all day and haven't had a chance to say this.....

Rejoice, everyone!

Very cool optical illusion

Oh Great

We'll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet...


I have to stop drinking light beer......waste of time.

the dorcus collection

I need movies rated PG or G that are based in NYC...

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours....

bearded clam

Remember "Celebrity Deasth Match" On MTV? I Have A Suggestion . . .

Commander in Chief - Last Night

The Tom Delay indictment party thread....

Anybody in Woonsocket wanna hangout?

question about viewing posts


I saw way too many homeless cats earlier

So my wingnut boss wanted to know why I was doing the happy dance

At what number of cats do they cease being pets and become livestock?

I bathed with pumpkin soap....

I started a blog project

Happy Tom Delay Indictment Day!

It's time for University Challenge!!!

Dedicated to DELAY Indictment: The Sun'll / My FDR

So I guess the "ignore" feature is temorarily disabled, huh?

The MC5 were just on the PBS special!

Can't see my girlfriend until my ex-wife gets home from her 3-minute dates

Be among the FIRST to write Tom Delay Indictment haiku!


Raw Guar is for me, and I will tell you why...and you can share too.

I normally don't hang here but I wanted to point this out

Ha ha! That criminal Tom Delay has stepped down!

Delay Spray?

Devices in your home that flash incessantly:

I'm going to have some VIVID dreams tonight!


I have question about the environment, scientist, and big business...

Had a very scary dream last night - someone knew my name

New $10 bill. You like?


Help: Rudolph * picture from the other day ?

What is your most expensive piece of jewelry?

I'm shocked!

Okay, tomorrow , it's battle one: Middle School.

Hey, lounge lizards...

We should pitch a wang dang doodle, all night long.

Does owning a child increase the chances of cats developing leukemia?

VERY good advice! (pic)

OUTSTANDING helmet cam video; aka why eye paddle!

Evil Incarnate is:

The perfect place for the discriminating cat lover to go (pic)

Gentlemen..... Hillary Duff turned 18

Amazing Race-which team of hotties should I secretly root for?

The rental screwdriver bit and the moran of the week

Tee Hee. I just Clashified KitchenWitch

God I love Norah Jones!

Seriously... Anybody have any good Tom DeLay jokes?!?!?

Allow me to crow - I am so proud of my son!

Tonight we threw the first logs of the season on the first fire.

Boogie on, reggae woman.

If you think about quitting your job everyday you work.....?

Need some advice.

CNN: Delay indicted on one count of criminal conspiracy

Is it wise to consolidate your student loans?

I can no longer see Lounge posts on the Latest page.

I am soooooooooooo flipping tired

"And you people wonder why I hate the popcorn smiley."

"Catch the Wind"....

Will you all still love me if I go insane in the next 19 months?

The world is alive..... My computer is backed up.....

would you date someone who said these things?

If the Padres win tonight they'll be NL West Champs!

Okay, fuck it. I'm done.(major rant within)

Infrared Pet Drying Box (not kidding)

Jeebus, it sounds like an air raid is taking place here!

In your face and out of here! Night all.

My cover of "Transmission" will be on RadioEnigma first thing tonight.

Best Soundtrack Album

I am BACK!!!!

Check in if you love that rascal puff!

what would be your favorite political deathmatch?

ROUND TEN -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

My Sweet 16 on MTV

We just won the AL West and all you have is LIGHT BEER?!

Okay, the new camera works. Phew!

Giant Squid Photographed for First Time

My cell phone is killing me

Guitar Players - questions

Daily thoughts and affirmations for cats

The Travel Agent :-)

Two days ago I requested a description of a 'small' bit of art..

Oooh everyone's so testy!

Having a LONG day at work?

"suck on your glasses"

Are You A Member Of The ACLU?

How do you eat corn?

Three mice go to the bar

'100,000 Years of Sex' spotlighted by museum

New York Has Ban On 'Childless Adults' From Parks (Woman Ticketed)


JimmyJazz and NSMA front and center NOW. We want answers NOW

Please allow me this opportunity...

Anyone bored? Love to shop on line? Help...

good questions for an interviewee to ask?

what do these Dwarfs have in common?

I nominate DUer DrZeeLit for 'Mother of the Year'!!!!!!!


The natives are restless.....

Ugg. I'm kinda worried about my folks.

yet unseen photos from Hawk 'n' Dove -- and a certain hotel room . . .

Bearded Men, Check In.

I'm back again and I made another dragon...

Have you ever made a major career change?

I am laid off! Ask my anything!

Somebody in NY should go get these Kitties! An Ocicat and a Rex..

I have been called oddball and obnoxious me anything.


Great, and I mean GREAT music moments in movies.

Nighthawks XVI (dial-up warning)

Public Apology Thread

Check out this "Gibson ad"

Presidential briefing

A Bush joke

Today in the White House.....

A grand jury just indicted me. Ask me anything.

White cats and fireplaces don't go together

PICTURE FOUND: Our Skinner giving 'oral favors' to George Bush!!!

What do you do when you have a CHILD who is a racist?

Here's a copy of the DeLay indictment.

Lecture from freeper relative - RANT

Revised Science Textbooks for Christians

A serious question for the Strong Atheists

Bill to Provide Medicaid to Katrina Survivors Blocked

Huge Quake Cracks Star

Da Vinci clue for heart surgeon

Scientists Photograph Giant Squid in Wild

Ok this is news for me

England Ashes heroes commemorated on new stamps

Unusual Meteorite Unlocks Treasure Trove Of Solar System Secrets

Deadly lakes may explode again

British Group Wants Debate on Leap Seconds

What if all Catholic Priests in the US did a SPARTACUS and they all

Episcopal Parishes File Federal Suit Over Gay Bishop

Lesbian Wins Election To Lead New Brunswick Political Party-NDP

Michigan Gay Couples Win Partner Benefits Case

Letter may shed light on ouster of pastor

(Homophobic reggae singer) Buju Banton charged with assault (on gay men)

Gay Inquisition Begins At Missouri Seminary

From "Bad Reporter" comic by Don Asmussen

Seeking info.

Poll: Arizona Anti-Gay Amendment Likely To Fail

GOP gays oppose plan to ban same-sex marriages


World soccer body warns of phishing scam (FIFA)

Champions League--who should I root for?

Oh! The good old hockey game, is the best game you can name;

who's going to miss the playoffs?

Question about dog behavior and children.

Know anything about Gary Null's

Video of mother cat nursing baby squirrel with her other kittens

weaning foster kittens. help please!!

A restless night last night around here...

DeLay (from Starlight News)

Well, how very cool that you are all here! I had no idea!!

This seems like the best place to put this... it's long.

Our local Catholic church is really getting Ecumenical on us...

What would Jesus do?

Do any of you get so depressed you can't

This one's for you, TayTay

DeLay's been indicted

This is unbelievable! Rethugs oppose Katrina bill for spite.

Just in case you missed it: Blunt to replace Delay

Everyone get Kerry's new email?

Purported meeting in JK's Boston Office yesterday -

Preparation for criticism on Kerry campaign movie

Hearing in Finance today sounds interesting (Katrina)

Pic thread for a great day: Ahm, Fav pics. just cuz

video of Kerry in snowball fight

Sen. Kerry makes Cindy Sheehan's Hall of Fame

Gore endorsed by Massachusetts Sen. Kerry (from 1999)

AD found a cool reference to UN & Sen. Kerry's Sis

I am so pissed off right now!!!!!!!!!!!

My contribution to the Photo Group DC Smackdown

Sept. 24-26 Protest Photo Smackdown! (Needless to say, dial-up warning)

Baltimore National Aquarium

A little Estrogen driven sympathy for Tom De Lay?

KOEB 9/28/05

Countdown Newsletter 9/28/05: DeLay Indicted

Today just got a little brighter, didn't it?

Will there be a nat'l "Demand a Karina Commission" movement soon?

Find Brownie!

E. J. Dionne Jr.: GOP stalls, but Democrats are split

Bush orders 2.4 mil civilian fed employees to curtail non-essential travel

CNN Poll: Do you agree that Brown did a “darn good job” running FEMA?

Democrats are worthless

Who Is Left In Our Coalition In Iraq That * Keeps Talking About?

DeLay Flip-Flops On Returning Pork To Pay For Katrina, Rita

CBS is streaming the Blanco Senate hearing.

Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Red State, Blue State

What are the official and unoffical GOP arguments RE: independent com?

$400 billion dollar disaster

POLL: Move this up for Cindy!

Need info on Senate and House for novel

Monkey to Screech Today from WH Rose Garden at 10:20 AM EST: Topic is Iraq

Incompetent Brown scapegoat of Bush and Republicans...

Looking at my local Gannett rag, it's CLEAR that LA officials are the bad

Bush: "This guy's a brutal killer" (referring to "a-Q #2," not himself)

"Politically connected" No-bid Katrina contracts to undergo scrutiny

timeline/links to Louisiana emergency/disaster declarations

To the Cronies Go the Spoils--Gene Lyons' latest....

Karen Hughes to Saudis: "We in America take our freedoms very seriously"

More Trouble for Diebold, This Time in Georgia...

Have you read "The Rant"?Bushs alchoholism

McCain, Sheehan Meet ( "I don't believe he believes what he's telling me")

Mr. Rove? Mr. Frist?

The Invention of Porno Torture

ATTN: Bill Frist

Punditry, Fauxnews and Frist....

Tom Friedman believes genocide is the way

Rawstory developing: Legal analysts:Bush has used obscure doctrine

Deep Pockets, Small Gov't & the Man in the Middle (DeLay Pressure Tactics)

Oh I am so enraged right now. I am reading Brown's testimony.

Where did Rove's "genius" go?

Craig Crawford told Ron Reagan that it's such a long time to

Word on the Hill Re: DeLay indictment - "it's already been dismissed"

Breaking: Delay announces he will step down as majority Leader!

Scott McClellan on NOW, LIVE! HE'LL tell us the truth about Tom DeLay!

Scotty is a stand up comedian

What, no photo-ops today?


Delay traveled with Chimp last weekend- need photos -Post Here!

41% strongly disapprove of Bush: Rasmussen Reports

Liberals get their chance when conservatives screw up

O'Reilly: Bush is on the ropes and 'needs a big win'

Will Tom DeLay (Rat Basturd) Be Indicted Today?

We need to talk Dayton out of retiring.

we need to shift focus from Bush to the GOP and rethugs...

Michael Brown, Tom Delay: Examples of Republican picks

(Ky. Gov.) Fletcher's office fights Courier-Journal's request for e-mails

NEW on DVD: "Falluja: April 2004"

pssst have you heard about the new House Majority Leader? wink wink

Santorum on Imus: "i'm behind by 10 or 15 points"

A RW Poll to DU

Time for Scotty's daily briefing...

New Orleans : Naled kills mosquitoes - and people?

Who's Next?

Freep-holes react to DeLay: "Delay will be get out of this mess!"

Delay will have a briefing in a few minutes...

Would Bush be in the White House if we had the blogosphere in 2000?

One week ago Cafferty and Wolf Blitzer talking, Cafferty

Delay says this is retribution, defintion of which is..

Sweet Jesus I Hate Howard Fineman...part II...


Earle having press conference

Brace Yourselves For The Tsunami of Slime Headed For Ronnie Earle

How long until House repubs change the rules now that

It is a Felony under TX law,

No need to DU this poll!

Bonner - (Commish of CBP) is OUT

Please keep cameras and microphones away from Reid...

Freeper pics from Saturday

Pombo's anti-ESA vote tomorrow! Please contact your rep

The Contract With America, 1994.

Do they never tire of doing this?

The Domino effect

Interesting TPM today.

O'Reilly: "Mr. Bush built a first-term legacy on leadership"...

Always remember and never forget that Tom Delay...

Roy Blunt? ..... he's replacing delay?

Hit 'em hard now or hold back a while? can look into these puppy dog eyes and call this man GUILTY?

What did Scotty say this AM about Delay's indictment?

Dreier nixed; Blunt to replace Delay

have you heard of the latest murder committed by our FBI in P.R. ?

GOP Scraps Gay Leader

Sen. Kerry makes Cindy Sheehan's Hall of Fame

Tweety talking about Earles past prosecutions after the commercials.

POST HERE: DeLay with (R) for reelection pictures!

Will the next repub. nominee for SC be revenge for DeLay? /n/t

Criminal lawyers, is an agreement to waive the Statute of

CNN Poll: "Should Tom DeLay resign from Congress?" (81% yes, 39242 votes)

Tom DeLay & Strawberries and Sweet Cream

LITTLE HELP!! What thread had the DeLay Contribution calculator in it?

Should Tom Delay resign from Congress? (CNN poll)

Brit Hume/DeLay

OTM - "Other Than Mexican" border crisis - Lou Dobbs

Is the Delay indictment a political witchhunt? Tell Dallas-Ft Worh news

" Revenge is a dish best served cold"

Cindy Sheehan Hall of Fame Hall of Shame

I found a picture of a Giant Squid too.....

The 30 Most Vulnerable Congressional Republicans, 2004.

Bush has done America a Favor...Now, Anyone ....can run for Prez

NRCC Chairman Statement on Ronnie Earle’s Indictment of Rep. Tom DeLay

The rich are indeed getting richer (proof)

NOTES from DLC about DeLay......View from the "Bird's Eye."

Gus Boulis shot down in Ft. Lauderdale...Mafia/Bush/Repug GOPAC & College

Funny ass shit in Freeperland....

Debuking assistance ...

US SEC upgrades stock sale probe of Frist: subpoena power to investigators

Have you heard this one???

Republicans & Indictment. - Apple pie & Ice cream - Baseball & Hot Dogs

Allegedly Gay Repug David Drier (host to Tony Blair's Son) pushed Aside

Rats jumping a sinking ship?

Rude vile pig

Thank Goodness!Baby reported dead from MSNBC video ALIVE!

How some Democrats will vote on Roberts

Newsweek: That #2 al-Qaeda dead guy may not have been the #2 guy

The DU Delay Oped Machine, 500 oped goal, lets do it!!!

What are the chances O'Reilly really has Clark on this week as promised

Paris Hilton to the Rescue

Video of Clark, Rangel and Sheehan at Iraq War Forum

Yachters Against Santorum

Evil Dick Crashcart Cheney Returns to Work With a Cane..."S.O.A.S."

CNN Poll

Dem faithful: Stand up and Be Counted ... who is NOT breathing fire today?

Can Delay blackmail Bu$h for a pardon?

President Bush Pardons 14 People

I'm looking for a site that supports the troops AND the Iraqi War.

Complain to Corps who fund DeLay's legal defense fund here:

DeLay is going to be on Hardball in a few minutes (MSNBC)

Time: DeLay indictment "comes at a rough time for the Republican Party"

Did you see??

Does DeLay have to resign from the House?

Interview with Time Mag. writer of "How Many More Mike Browns...?" on now!

Ironic. Venal, cheap corruption will bring Bush down. Not the war.

MSNBC Poll on Delay:

Celebratin DeLay's finger-printin

This is as big as a Presidential impeachment.

Donate to Battleground MO, US Senate Dem

DeLay indictment: Who ELSE might be caught by "following the money"?

Michael Brown lies under oath!

CNN: Delay stepping aside...

"Cronies at the Till "

"Frist Says He Had No Inside Data On Stock" yeah, we believe you. LOL

DeLay slamming Democrats on Fox (now)

Remember - They Got Al Capone On Tax Evasion......

President had "confidence" in Delay's leadership

Delay's replacement, Roy Blunt, is an ethically-challenged crook too!

Faux getting ready to run a story on a giant squid...

worst softball interview of all time - Delay on Harball

My 76 year old mother is more tin hat than I am about voting fraud

Nightline w/ Dean is on

From Daily Kos-CT- Sen: Weicker rumors taking hold(may run against Joe L?)

My "representative" Culberson (R-TX) supports DeLay STILL

So, who is lobbying the Fed. Gov. for me or for you? Are there

Does Anybody Know If Fitzgerald Is In Chicago Working On The...

I'm Hoping Letterman's Top Ten Tonight Is - Top 10 Signs The Republican...

CA Sec. of State Forming Panel to Investigate Open Source SW for Elections

Dean: “Tom DeLay is neither the beginning nor the end.."

Rep. Cynthia McKinney - TRUTHSPEAKER.

How many House seats will be in play in 2006 because of DeLay?

Anybody know what happened at

Has evertyone see Pat Oliphant today? If so, sorry.

Carl Pope: The REAL Looting Has Just Begun

The Majority Report

HR 3824 Endangered Species Act . Important!

A Response From Laura Ingraham

Drier Just Said Delay Will Be A Hero When This Is All Over.....

CSPAN Schedule Thursday September 29

Are Republicans the biggest fucking crybabies or what?

a terrible episode in Frist's past, which he hopes voters will forgive

Breaking: Delay Indicted!

Dear Freepers, If the Tom Delay scandal is a political ploy...

Sanders vows to fight planned budget cuts by GOP

He says he's innocent...we must be fair and leave him alone.....

I have a microphone and I know to use it

Wondering why Earle didn't nail Hutchison's ass to the wall?

Help me respond to this vicious anti-Sheehan letter in my local paper...

Word Association - REPUBLICAN - 1st 10 responses in 10 seconds

What did DeLay do?

Bosom Buddies: Chimpy and The Hammer in better days- Caption this!

Delay Has Pointy Ears! Look At The CNN Cover Pic (Right Ear):

Delay-"I did nothing wrong" (Guess it's a vast left-wing conspiracy,huh?)

Chimp-in-a-Bubble displays ignorance AGAIN (on live TV)

veteran federal prosecutor demoted because of Abramoff investigation

GOP motto:

Down goes Delay! Who's next to stumble?

Exclusive Interview with Steve Young Candidate For CA-48

Who do the Republicans have left? Seriously, I'm trying to think

Bill Bennett's Insane Comments on Aborting 'black babies'.

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Hospital gives liver to higherst bidder - Saudi Embassy

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Bill Bennett: "[Y]ou could abort every black baby in this country, and you

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I'm worried about this indictment.

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Did anyone else hear Bonifaz today on the radio (KPFT) talking

NO, this is NO witch hunt DeLay, what Bill Clinton went through,

"PARTISAN" Ronnie Earle VS. HAMMERHEAD De LAY-- Get Earle's record here!

Al Gore is for me, and I will tell you why...and you can share too.

It'd be a darn shame if DeLay had to be taken down to TX in handcuffs,

DU research: List of candidates who received Delay $$$ ???


Al Gore is all we this point. Known Quantity, Experience,

Isn't ANYBODY but us talking about Bush's drinking?

So when are the next batch of Abu Ghraib pictures being released?

IRAQ: Did General Clark ever support the IWR passed by congress?