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Archives: September 24, 2005

End the war by impeaching Bush

Leadership is not a series of costume changes

Maximum confusion about (credit card) minimum payments

Could someone explain "tax loss carryforward"

Bill to gut the Endangered Species Act moves to house floor

VIDEOS-Future of Iraq-Lynn Woolsey's Hearing last week

Hah Hah...Texas is robbed of its opportunity to gloat

Rosie O'Donnell's blog -- A proposal for paying to rebuild NOLA

New Prisoner Abuse Investigation Opened

Hurricane Satan ? Is that next ?

Funny Bush photo...

VIDEO: Bill Maher- Save Our Children

OH rushy boy...tonights lesson...History !!!

I am so excited - 300 flyers in DC this weekend!

I'm making my sign for the big Los Angeles demo tomorrow . . .

Houston Mayor did not want large numbers of poor people

Has anyone gotten this tsunami watch auto email?

Rick Perry is an asshole! Please don't judge all Texans by him.

A "Grrf!" and a Thank You

Hah Hah...Texas is robbed of its opportunity to gloat

Why Do We Have To Accept The Actions Of This Illigitimate Government?

Is there going to be television coverage of the D.C. march?

Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper... Come on now...


What da heck does "whistling past the graveyard" mean anyway?

Viggo Mortenson on Charlie Rose tonite

Let's start a letter writing campaign to bring back Phil Donahue

How about that wild eyed bastard whipping around "I won't get in the way"

Do I need a title before writing a book?

Bill Mahr is a complete JOKE and I don't mean that as in funny ha ha.

Video of Animal Rescue Airlift - get out the tissues

Hitchens looked like he wanted to curl up in a shot glass tonight

Half of Europe's Citizens Know 2 Languages

The Evacuation - 'It Was Like the End of the World,' One Texan Says

Al Sistani is not Supporting Any Bloc in the Elections

AP: Prosecutors, SEC Probe Frist Stock Sale

Houston officials ask residents to stay

Just finished watching "Galaxy Quest" with the kids...

Gonna spend the night watching old B&W gangster flicks!

Mary Mahoney's restaurant in Biloxi survived.

Fabulous time-waster

I believe in a ruling class, especially since I rule.

Good News Everyone, We are going to have a boy....

"We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies"

I'm sorry, lounge -- err, make that DU


Anyone have 'Kreskin' mentalist friends?

Stomp BigMcLargehuge with Kaiju (Giant Monsters)!

Anyone have Christian fundamentalist friends?

A Tale of Two Sisters

So I went to this new Ice Cream Franchise called Cold Stone

Was this arrest for real? If it is and word gets out, Bush is through.

If you lived in the UK how would you vote?

Tom Delay is a big fat jerk.

Entergy’s Very Busy Day

Senator Evan Bayh says he won't support Roberts nomination.

What can we believe about how far the Bush Administration would go?

Need to have a credible, independent investigation into Katrina response

"Victory means exit strategy" (Nichols / The Nation)

Jaime Castillo: Rep. Smith sticks by wayward memo on immigration debate

Hawks who've had second thoughts... (Independent / UK)

A new deal of chances for sleaze (Krugman)

Iraqis wonder what price they'll pay in Katrina's wake. Past time for

Gaming the Price of Leadership

UPI: Insurgency growing again in Iraq

'There are no kind words for FEMA'

The 'myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters

AP: Anti-War Protestors March in Washington ( Fair Article! Good Read!}

Attempted book bans focus now on gays

Gone with the wind (GWB)

Frist and Torture: What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?

WP: For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

We Are Revolutionaries

WP: For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

"Labor fights to preserve Davis-Bacon" (The Hill)

Hands off Posse Comitatus

Bush under stereophonic attack


College Republicans: The crook school

Interesting analysis about how we can get through the next 3 years.

The GOP's fiscal policies turned a natural disaster

Waste and fraud inevitable in rebuilding, experts say -KRN

A Cameraman's Impressions Of New Orleans As It Recovers And Prepares

WP: President Struggles to Regain His Pre-Hurricane Swagger

Donna Brazile: A leader with heart and a good plan

No More Cronyism (Michelle Malkin!)

San Jose Mercury News to ax 15% of newsroom

Democrats Must "Restore Their Souls" to Reclaim Power

My e-mail to 'Good Morning America,' commenting on their suckage

Comcast and Current TV: My Personal Experience

The Rebellion of the Talking Heads

EPA wants less reporting of toxic spills

Hurricane Rita Affecting Bird Migration

National Solar Tour Comes To Orlando 10/1

Conference on climate change makes mark

Extreme weather is likely on tap for West

Orrin Hatch does nuclear NIMBY.

Geologist: Nevada at risk for major quake

Jordan's king to meet Abbas and Sharon in days

Help Abbas (Ha'aretz editorial)

Leftists rally against occupation

ZOA: We Urge Members Of Congress Not To Meet With Cindi

Palestinian leader Abbas must prove he's in charge

Air strike on Gaza cars kills four Hamas members

Two civilians wounded in Israeli missile strike

Warren Stewart: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Politicos Want to Shield Net from Election Laws

VoteTrustUSA: Arcata, The VCR, & Importance of Paying Attention

I just received a receipt for my prov. ballot I cast in a city election.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 9/24/05

Florida Disability Rights Advocates Fight to Avert E-voting Debacle

A key to stopping election fraud: breaking though to CANDIDATES

Electronic Frontier Foundation on Carter-Baker

Forgotten Districts: CA-19

Back from the march

SF Marchers! Check In, please!

Have you guys started seeing the pro Ahnold commercials?

San Diego March

Anyone seen the "Hidden agenda" anti prop75 ads

Anyone here a lawyer? Please PM Me? Thanks! n/t

Severin is getting syndicated across the country, that sucks

Verizon DSL users...I am considering their 14.95 offer....what is your

Firefox loads with a bunch of coded mumbo-jumbo.

Customize Google and FireFox

Homecoming rally Oct 1 to formally launch EqualityOhio

Coleman well -positioned to be elected next Governor of Ohio

TXDoT info re returning to Houston

Missing DU'ers

Went driving around tonight looking for any open Restaurants.

Thanks, Texas DUers, my auntie's OK.

Post storm check in

bu$h Says "Fuck You" To Wisconsin (Federal Aid For August Tornadoes)

WI War protester wins legal battles - donates money

I am worried about John McCain in 2008

DC March Mainstream Media Coverage Thread

Anybody taping this?

What the hell happened to the idea of an opposition party?

Ramsey Clark says WHAT ABOUT HAITI?

Rita Watch - sister and husband and horses OK

Traffic Cams shut down?

Support the rally!! Send e-mails now!!

March route?

Will calls "over 100k" there

VIDEO-George Galloway at Answer Rally

Galveston mayor says people should be able to return in a few days

Any schedules of speakers?

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard

Any video of Cynthia McKinney at the rally? Pretty please?

Is Cindy Sheehan on the schedule??

Don't forget to protest in your town today

On CSPAN: Did you just see some people with FLAGS

White House is worried about Rove (TreasonGate)

St. Bernard official blasts Corps' repair job ("it's rich and poor")

We need some kicks and nominations on the Protest Super Thread

I have been watching the hurricane cov. msnbc said people on rooftops

Pretty funny protest sign "stop mad cowboy disease"

Explaining Iraq to Ann Coulter fans

VIDEO- Evelyn Harris

Will Pitt knows about the metro lines!! (and his blog reports)

Best Protest Sign Ever

dammit dammit

What's the latest on the highways??

"democrats - making the world safe for terrorists"

Crap, Yaga's went down

Scarborough Country: Tony Perkins already politicizing Rita???

Incredible pics of the fires in Galveston

VIDEO- Bill Maher on Bush Drinking (National Enquirer)

Gulf Gas for Dummies

Bill Maher Show and Andrea Mitchell....

HBO-Bill Maher poll on Rita and Katrina

These weather people must be pissed off at

best place to watch the protest/march?

Lessons from Hurricauine Katrina

Reporters on Live with building rocking

It is time to donate to LA again. I am going broke with all the

If it wasn't so sad, I would be laughing my ass off.

Part of Airport Terminal has collapsed!!!! Lake Charles

NOAA rescues trained dolphins swept out of aquarium by Katrina

Guardsmen Sense Ghostly Presence In New Orleans

1913 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Can anyone tell me what this means in english? EXTERN GECONTROLEERD.

This is not looking good for Lake Charles, LA

I have a really dumb question -

Christopher Hitchens is one SERIOUSLY grumpy Englishman.

Bush is at northcom to oversee Granite Shadow

Anderson Cooper is in trouble

Okay, Anderson is inside now.

'kay ya'll, going to bed now so I can wake up for the

Laugh All You Like About Weather Control.

"Fundamentalist" is recognized as a bad term

Any protest anywhere in Indiana tomorrow?

Anderson is back out in the storm again! What is going on in his

Just heard (on CNN) winds are up to 40 to 45 MPH" Can you believe it?

I was just looking at the models for Rita and one is very worrisome

Freepers not discussing storm but

Crikey! Anderson is still out in the storm!

Houstan Abandons Its Homeless and Poor Ahead of Rita

well, that went over like a .... NEW TOON 9/24

Extensive coverage of anti-war marches in The Independent (UK)

Rita could equal $5 gas

Judge Renews Warrant for British Soldiers

How come much isn't being made about the protest tommoroww

New Reports Surface About Detainee Abuse

Is America ready for a "uniter" ?

Anyone here from Baton Rouge?

Bush back on the sauce?

The government of fear has become afraid of one woman

W could personally heliovac someone off a roof tomorrow

What is the status of the Hemp House Bill?

Were you here at DU when Katrina made landfall?

House Bill HR3858, Pets Evacuation and Transportation Act (PETS

Oakland, CA: Just experienced a mild earth quake.

Operation Iraqi Hope-Wash J. on cspan at 9 am EST

Ready to roll on D.C.

Wow, MSNBC doing a BIG piece on the protest.

I Hate Rita

Book Fair vs Peace March?... (CSpan2)

Check out "The Pap Attack" every week, from "Air America Radio".

Bush's Pre-Katrina speech

Anti-War Mother on C-span now. n/t

cspan was she falling asleep

Anyone else notice that while Bush was on the ground yesterday...

Jr radio message on cpan now

Need articles on post Katrina Mississippi problems.

Are there folks at home monitoring the way that......

On C-Span 1, Anne Roesler of Military Families Speak Out.

Why please tell me would a plant housing the worlds deadliest diseases

Its making landfall - are people still stuck on the roads?

A question about the TV schedule for the rally in DC

Another BCCI is bankrupt

This is turning into the ethnic cleansing of New Orleans

"Here in Spirit" sign, morning update (and message to freepers)

Hurricanes and global warming - a link? BBC:

Off to the march

KPLF-TV -- Lake Charles Is Now Off The Air

I need a link, anyone hear this?

Was The "Support Thw W-ar" Line On C-Span The Usual Dem Call In Number?

Disaster Feeding Frenzy - After the Hurricane By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson

The 10,000 military in Texas - are the NG or regular military?

bill maher said something important last night to mitchell

School expels girl for having lesbian parents

Is there anyone blogging the protest live? Anyone know?

Due to Rita, people will be far LESS likely evacuate in the future!

Animal Rescuer needs AC Vehicle

Husband's LTTE & his RW pal's dumb response.

It's on c-span n/t

9/11 vs. Katrina

Why is your album so popular? "Cause the president is a fucking prick."

Chimp on Now - Making Statement from Northcom

I see protestors

Did anyone catch this great comeback by Miles O'Brien? is not functioning

Cindy on C-Span! -nt-

MIT Prof on Global Warming & Hurricanes: Transcript & MP3s

Join the Zogby polls at address here

Horrible thoughts.

Some of the Metro trains are moving again!!!

Former Senator Jean Carnahan.....Ripping Bu$hCo a new one

The Raging Grannies rock!

Any photos of the march yet???

Miles O'brien just used the term "Dodged a bullet"...

'Sign this petition to make Bush lower gas prices'

Could someone post an excerpt from Mo Dowd's column today?

Those that use division as a strategy are dangerous and destructive

Something to give you nightmares: A Freeper Prayer...

I want some aerial photos. They keep mentioning all the surrounding


Go Grannies

Web cam at 14th and Constitution

how creepy is this

Under fire, Bush says feds well prepared for Rita(Watching on a plasma TV)

FAA Response to Katrina vs. FAA Response to Rita:

Breaking news, Dick Cheney has arrived at the hospital for surgery

Traffic cam of the march....right now...

3 hours of war protest starting at 11:30 am EST c-span

Rove now pounding his desk, screaming Damn! (no bullhorn photo-op)

Clark (and Witt?) in Texas for disaster relief supervision--CNN about to

I Hope A Democratic Governor Runs For President....

Can Fox Spell?

"...transformers exploded in the pre-dawn sky."

I got a most unsettling phone call Friday . . .

Don't rebuild Republican New Orleans, or Galveston, for that matter

Are people just not interested in H.R. 3037?

Does the Media and Government have no concept of Run-Off?

History Lesson for today

My parents watch fox news exclusively. They didn't know the levees breached

243 comments (on the hurricanes).... not one mention of global climate

CSpan is using annoyingly tight shots...



"My faith will not allow me to vote for Democrats"

Here is something they are doing at free republic.

Pentagon Sending 500 Soldiers to Louisiana, Mortuary Teams to Texas

Can I ask for a moment of prayer? As of now Dick Cheney is ......

a separated crowd?

20/20: More Scientists Say Global Warming Causes Stronger Hurricanes

Request for help..."LoBiondo Letter"

Shrub playing Sympathy card!

Sorry to show the piggish side of myself but...

WH official: Sunshine cancelled Bush's San Antonio stop

Areas of Louisiana that Katrina had spared are now under water

Coverage of the march begins on C-Span 1 at 11:30 EDT.

VIDEO-Ramsey Clark-Answer Rally

For my brothers and sisters in DC today

YOU can submit stories and photos to CNHI News Service.

O'Lielly's claims about Cindy Sheehan quotes


On the phone to FEMA

VIDEO-Anne Roesler (Answer)

Oh, God - Ralph the Mouth has taken the stage!

Bush Says Government Well-Prepared for Rita, Tells Evacuees Not to Return

FAA's telecom ops were outsourced in 2004 to FL company. ($1.9 bln)

Why do we fight the natural process of death?

George Galloway for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

Can't make it to DC, Are there any gatherings in NC/SC?

It is time for C-Span to go to the march..

..fuming, calling the corps' work on the levee "criminal" and "half-assed"


Catherine Crier on Hannity and Colmes

Ideas for a sign? I'm going to a peace march tonight...

For the future-EVERYONE going to a march needs to take camera

Hey You Nader Haters

Nixon in Dallas on the day JFK was killed? Yes.

They have surrounded the White House according

Heh! I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas to start.... bring the march

jesicca lang, you go girl

Shave Bush Video, lyrics, but funny as FocK.

FINALLY, someone mentioned the Amtrak trains getting shut down

Cops - By William Rivers Pitt

Got through--please scroll down. There are 250,000 people in Washington--

LOCAL ANTI-WAR PROTESTS (In case you couldn't make it to DC)

Latest PDA blog from WRP:

Thousands March Through London in Iraq War Protest

Do any TV media have coverage of the march instead of the rally?

I'm happy I'm crying

Don't forget; we've got world wide solidarity

United for P&J has left the stage...

Have to say, that last Answer speech was comic relief and I'm not

Hey what happened only about 80 people in DC

Official Rove meme: Iraq war protest a total sham- Palestine, et al.

Let's say you're someone on the fence about the war and you're watching

hello........ CSPAN?

GAG!!! C-SPAN just started airing Chimpy's Morning Radio Address

Any place to see the march live on the net?

Will Rita return to the Gulf of Mexico? Scary scenario.

please, make them stop

Amy Goodman....

F%#king C-Span SUCKS!!! They were whoring for Rove this morning!

Rumor... CNN reports 600k at protest?

And let's not forget, there is a "counter protest"

A message to the High Priestess of Propaganda:

If the sea of humanity protesting the Repug convention was not newsworthy

As antiwar groups grow, so do their differences

"They cancelled all the Amtrak trains"

Which is preferred tv viewing?

Next march on NYC...CNN/MSNBC headquarters.

anyone know about GRANITE SHADOW? links?

The lack of media is bringing back memories of pre-Iraq War media...

And now, C-SPAN gives us Hurricane Coverage...

Ninth-grader punished for asking Army pilot sensitive question

DemReadingDU said MSNBC setting up coverage of march..

Sept 24 Breaking News

Time to flood the phone banks of the networks/cable news?

Relax, DUers, all is well according to Jerry Springer

Huge Crowd at Operation Ceasefire on LinkTV

Be Cool, People. We ARE the majority now.

This storm is a fucking SHAM!!! This wall to wall television coverage is a

Where is the MARCH?All I see is speakers!!

Can NOBODY get us PICTURES in this day and age? AK!

LinkTV is good-but what I miss is CSpan showing the people marching


have this many people (Katrina + Rita) ever before in US history been

VIDEO-Raging Grannies

Call 1-201-583-5000 (MSNBC) and ask why there is no protest coverage!!

You can't depend on the MSM and so - nuts to them

If you're not getting LINK TV

Is there any way to stream the rally online?

Some great pics from DC!

Anyone getting footage of Barbara Lee on LINK TV coverage of the rally?

MSM burying and slanting protest coverage

Check out this is THERE, just not covering it!

Just back from DC march - huge but disorganized!

Playing Devil's Advocate; we'll see coverage now that protest is ending

WillPitt and PDA Blogging Live w/ Photos from the March - NOW

Northeast Texas weather update

AP: "Anti-War Protesters March in Washington"

VIDEO- Lynn Woolsey at Operation Ceasefire

Bush struggles to regain pre-hurricane swagger

Who is in touch with DUers and protestors via Cell Phone today?

VIDEO- Joan Baez at Operation Ceasefire

Traffic cam has march

Thousands protest Iraq war in SF Bay Area

VIDEO-Barbara Lee at Operation Ceasefire

CNN Crawl....."Parts of Lake Charles Underwater".

Isn't there supposed to be some form of civil disobedience at the march?

CNN Headline news just mentioned the D.C. protests!

MSM using Rita to quash out other important news stories?

Lets contact cspan and tell them to cover the MARCH, not the speakers!

Somebody needs to call any protestor near Will Pitt


Interesting audio report by Washington Post on rally.

SO, NO MSM is covering the protest/rally eh?

Rita watch - my sister couldn't get out and is stuck

Cindy is on now

The World Can't Wait Campaign?



Rita - this week's missing blond cheerleader

ATC on Friday's NPR....remembering those who died in Katrina

Cindy Sheehan to appear on stage shortly- LINK TV (nt)

VIDEO- Al Sharpton- Operation Ceasefire

What is worse??Heavy rain or squalls?

"Darting around the country like a sandflea on steroids"

VIDEO Raol Grijalva Operation Ceasefire

Amy Goodman and Laura Flanders covering the rally on LinkTV!!!!

Dam at lake Livingston at risk north of Houston

'W saves NOLA people from mayor!!!!!" Hannity Fri afternoon

PSSST "TDITWH" --pass it on


usa today says tens of thousands turned up in D.C

Congrats to all that went to the Rally

1914 Reasons why the DSM is Important

VIDEO- Jim Hightower- Operation Ceasefire

So will the MSM show the anti-Americans pro war rally?

Antiwar protest in Iraq

Demonstrators in Washington call for U.S. troops to leave Iraq

CNN headline news ticker...Biggest anti war march

search "antiwar" at

Watching C-span now

Robert Fisk - at his best

What Happens Sunday and Monday in D.C?

CNN reporting 1000 trapped in Vermillion Parish LA

VIDEO: Cindy Sheehan at Operation Ceasefire

A rather silly question for everyone ... Patricia Heaton.

want media coverage? do a CSheehan protest....1+ month 24/7 at

Porta-Pottie Patriots

Truthout has good March coverage

Delay on cnn just now gave gushing praise to bush. He is in TX

I think all the worst in human nature will come to the surface as

Steve Earle is fantastic! I didn't know "The Rev Starts Now" was his

Fetuses and brain dead women

Hooray for Steve Earle! (at the rally)

Black Bloc violence at protest.

Email CNN/MSNBC and force them to cover the peace rally.

Getting ready to go to anti war rally in PHOENIX now

Bush administration trying is Epaminondas


Howard-Empowered People

Report & Pics From Rally in Orlando, FL.

Chimpy on CNN now, count the jaw twitches.

American anti-war patriots deserve great praise!...CNN deserves DISGUST!

Well, that was very satisfying and I'm looking forward to the march video

Where are the ariel photos of the crowds?...

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

Support LINK TV!

Doesn't the fact that the federal response was better...


how large an area did Katrina devastate? read it was abt size of England

Pattern of Abuse (new account of prisoner abuse in Iraq)

Simpleton Politicians falling all over themselves to praise Rita response

it took us over 24 hrs to get to dallas from beaumont tx

rate this msnbc poll on anti war protest story! 4.5 stars now!

I am so furious night now. Just woke up (didn't) sleep last night...

Wes Clark

News from the kid in DC.

Good Morning, Baby-Killers' Underground!

Not that I want him there... but people are trapped in LA and * is in

Laura Flanders will broadcast live from the Rally at 7pm.

Rescues from rooftops-B.Williams, nbc now. NO images this time.

Turnout Huge in DC

PAY ATTENTION people. It's about to hit the fan.

Who was that just singing "study war no more"?

Mr. Bu$h, sober up for your impeachment.

Gather 'Round Fellas! It's Time For The Guy James Show!

MSNBC: Anti-war demonstrators stage day of protest


You are only giving encouragement and comfort to the hurricanes!

Criminal Government!!!

I just got back from the March on DC

See you all !!

LIVE From DC Laura Flanders AAR link

Blackout By William Rivers Pitt

USA Bars Robert Fisk From Entering Country

Prez On The Precipice ~

It's raining like a son of a bitch in Little Rock --Lovely Rita!

If the media won't report on us, then we need to "report" on them so to

Weather Wars

Dang chain letters!

Brian Williams devoted 15 seconds to the protest,out of a 1-hr NBC news

What makes someone a "Top" or "Major" Dem politician?

News of Steven Colbert's New Show on Comedy Central!

It's Official: We are the Irrelevant Majority.

Hee! CNN is listening.

An Academic exercise...What major social changes in America...

Any pix of the freep pro-war rally?

Today was support our troops day bring them home!

Is Grover Norquist Really an Anarchist?

DUers, could you do me a favor, I want to see if I am right

Tampa / St Petersburg Protest Photos

c-span airing local nola newscast...

ZOA: We Urge Members Of Congress Not To Meet With Cindi

PHOTO: THREAT ELEVATED! Oh-oh, what's he planning?


Could Cindy Sheehan win the Democratic nominee for 08...?

George Bush.........the "Disaster President".........

Don't let the neocons kill the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE

Why did the joke thread about Bush wanting a third term get deleted?

OKC Anti-War Faire pix

No more live feed?

People protest Bush in the nations capital, yet he is a no show.

Has anybody heard about this Yet? New Orleans has Flooded AGAIN.

Something George Carlin said in the show I saw in May has me thinking


Bush is an A-Hole, Bush is an A-Hole, Bush is an A-Hole, oh yeah, oh yeah

So... where are the counter-protestors?

Louisiana law gives private security force like Blackwater special power.

Where does A.N.S.W.E.R. get their money from?

Why didn't major politicians go to the peace rally today?

Ahh, DU. Another Day, Another Hysteria. If not Looting, ANSWER-mania.

Any coverage of the rally/march in MSM evening news on TV?

Director's Cut of JKF is on FX--Now, 'til 10 p.m.--I think Martin Sheen

Houston strandees found shelter in nearby schools

Do you know the type of protest Sheehan was holding against **?

Who said A.N.S.W.E.R. organized today's protests? They did.

Just got back from the rally


Lynndie England: 'Poor, Mixed-Up Kid'

**** Protest Warriors at the DC March ***

Did large Vietnam protests get snubbed by the media?

Navy reserves being called up for Iraq? WTF

What Was That Helicopter Circling All Day At The Protest In DC

Mpre pictures from todays rally

MMoore's site has pics from today

"The "Guy James Show" thread. Eric Margolis is our guest tonight 6-9est

DU THIS ON YAHOO: Crowds Opposed to Iraq War March on D.C.

up next on Cspan anti war rally n/t

should dems run a celebrity for prez?

Was there a Peace rally today? The MSM hasn't told me so.

Anti war rally coverage on C-SPAN now...9:00EST

new spin: "SAS in secret war against Iranian agents"

Wondering if Rita is Another Bush Flop? (No bang for buck)

Christian school expels girl for having gay parents

Seems like ANSWER should really be called QUESTION

The Torture Question

Thank goodness the servers are back to normal!!!

WUSA/CBS coverage is the worst!

Prediction for Monday's Tweety show

These pictures says it all ------->

MSNBC Poll Shows 81% Disapproved of B*sch Co War

Rita covering Rita on MSRNC? Can that be?

c-span re-playing today's protest coverage

Guardian/Observer: "Is global warming to blame for Rita?"

I was interviewed on the radio today!!

And then Clinton Just Slipped It In..

We need rallies and marches WITHOUT speakers

Lou Dobbs just reported the NOLA levees did hold up

WOW have you seen this??? 'October Surprise'

Question Re:ANSWER

Today my car was my billboard:

A computer question

Any video's from the concert?

Re Evacuation: the simplest, best solution right up front

SF Bay area Indy Media PICS

Watching the rally on C-Span and LINK TV today, my 5 yo asked me

Anyone listening AAR? Nov. 2nd set as personal protest day...

NYT, Stephen Colbert interview: "Funny About the News"

The White House has been evacuated!!

I just got home from the protest!

What's better? A president who relies on polls or on photo ops?

movie producer rips millions off pro-Bush churches

If Clinton was still in power

Annoying LTTE in my paper and a Personal Revelation

Attention All DU'ers I Will Not Spend Anytime Underground

The Far Right has always had a grip on America

Isn't it possible to make reasonable crowd size estimates from photos?

"Raging Grannies" protest alongside Republicans today in Washington.

If Cindy Sheehan is a 'clown'

Today was the most exciting day of my life!

Aaron Brown from CNN answered my email (Floods vs Protest)

I was just thinking about the 60s and 70s...

Hey! Here's a good location for Bush's photo op: Jasper, TX

Two women, one man killed for honour in eastern Pakistan: police

Marches suck. The $$$ media won't report them ( they are ...

Britain to pull troops from Iraq in May

What would life be like...

Pictures direct from DC Protest - Saturday

Bill O'Lie-ly quotes Cindy

Over 2000 here in PHX

Wesley Clark: That man can sure frame the issue.

Not to sound paranoid, but why did the DC protests go so smoothly?

Sign at rally: "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease"

D.C. Local news channel 9 covering the protest

Anybody Run Across An Aerial Shot Of Any Of The Protests ???

The scariest photo I have ever seen of the regime

How badly do you want to be a free man or woman?

Any Industral music Fans in the House? Gota Question

What New Orleans needs after rebuild

Freepers are sooooo pathetic. They can't even accept what every

Boy Howdy Doody!

Trailer containing mother and 3 children swept away

PHOTOS: Freep counterprotest. TRUST JESUS! TRUST JESUS!

Why so little media coverage of the protest? Simple...

A Frank Letter to President Bush

Thank you ANSWER for fucking this whole thing up. All those people

Does anyone think they spotted undercover agents in DC protests?

Need a laugh? Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon" on FLIXe at 12:05am EDT

WP: More than 200(!) today counterprotest in DC, claim "majority"

Is the mainstream press, mainly tv, covering the protest much?

Watching C-Span rerun- Why didn't they let Jessica Lang speak earlier?

Can someone PM me about posting photos?

i know this is gonna be tough but....

You've heard of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'....

Early snowmelts heating Alaska Arctic-study

"You can never step in the same stream twice..."

Yahoo Protest pics HOLY SHIT !!

Check out these photos of today's Pro-War rally.

A quick thought on pro-war and counter-protest protests

Just got home from Arizona Anti-war Protest! WOOHOO!

Aaron Brown talking now on CNN about the March! Finally!!!

Sheehan speech: "We in the peace movement need to agree on one thing

Looks like Sunday'll be a good day to sleep in...

Posted Gambling Odds on Bush Drinking (5-1) Admits it (15-1) Rehab (40-1)

We just (15 minutes ago) had a 3.5 earthquake here east of Bakersfield, CA

Just got back from the San Diego Demo

A Sunday Morning Spent with A Crazy, Backwoods Conservative

I hope I don't offend anyone...but I hope the rain washed away the racist

Another Pic Great Sign!!

Haha, Shrubbie.... Check out this MSNBC poll...

DC Police Chief Ramsey says probably 100K protesters

Sunday Papers .. Hope for Anti-War rally coverage (Rita old news)

NYT: Few Decisions to Make, Much Time to Be Seen (* photo-ops)

here's my list -- please add

"I want stuff but I dont't want to pay for it" keeps us from having

Hurricane "do over" not working for Bush, IS working for La Gov. Blanco

Let's suppose the Dems take back congress in '06,

My Pics and Blog from the Protest Yesterday and today

Greatest Freethinker

I'm right, you're wrong.

Do you think that Hostile Monkey of a president...


Holy moley!! There are a lot of posts about Freeper counterprotest

Uh oh. What if Rita makes it back into the Gulf?

Bill Would Permit DNA Collection From All Those Arrested

Ok a longer version Demo in San Diego

(at least) 20,000 protest war on Iraq in San Francisco:

VIDEO-Cynthia McKinney at Answer

NEWS: Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away

VIDEO-Cindy Sheehan

Aaron Brown, cnn saying he thinks he heard from 100,000 anti-war

Stop The Chanting NOW!

F'ed up priorities. . .asking school children to miss school to save gas

LOTS of Great Pictures at REUTERS web site, 3 page article too

Pic here:

Is this the largest DC protest since Vietnam?

Join the experiment!

VIDEO-Jessica Lange at Answer

So you're angry at ANSWER because it speaks for its conscience?

Count your blessings and hug your child tonight

Yahoo PICS of the protest

The best pic I ever took with Cindy in it

Darn it...they don't believe that 100,000+ showed up today....

Times-Picayune: Texas can use lesson in evacuating a city

Will Pitt posting dumpsters overturned. Police moving in Story on DC Protest

FLASH! A.N.S.W.E.R. funded & organized rally HIJACKED by A.N.S.W.E.R.!

Must see video!

2008 Straw Poll

Watching the replay on C-SPAN and let me tell you...

CNN, MSNBC, and all others - Not a peep about 100's of thousands in DC

Blackwater Down

In reference to RITA 24/7 coverage - Enough is Fucking Enough!

Do local anti-war rallies make more sense than national ones?

The missing billion dollars from the Iraqi Defense Fund..

Don't let the NEW PRISONER ABUSE SCANDAL get drowned out by Rita

It wasn't Washington, D.C. but....

Was invited to my Republican in-laws last night

(NO) PHOTO: Well, that didn't work!

So how do we keep ANSWER from shitting all over the next DC peace march?

How can Dubya cancel Davis-Beacon Act by decree?

My two jack-o-lanterns: IMPEACH and W

okay, I just tortured myself through nearly 50 minutes of NBC

DU this poll!

Shocks to our system: How do you process/fear/anger/loss/ stress?

Katherine Harris autographs a voting machine for Frank Luntz

Traffic Cams? This is ridiculous.

The Bottom Line: We Need Our Own Media Station

REPOST: Ready for an irony overload? Want a side of hypocrisy with that?

George Looks Terrible ---pix->>>

Oh my when are they gonna stop with the speakers. They have

Annoyed - Will Pitt at Black Bloc - B.S. Violence

What Makes You Sure That GW is Big Time Drinking Again?

Montana Congressman Drunk on Vodka in Kazakhstan junket

Have you ever lost your cool w/ regard to the Iraq War?

Anybody else into Harrison on the Edge? (Streaming now)

PLEASE rate up this Yahoo Story about Protest - it is being FREEPED!

why was W in CO for Rita?? doesn't he trust the TX hurricane plan?????

Remember what is was like to be proud to be an American? (pic heavy)

Protest Videos: Sheehan, Galloway, Rev. Jackson and Rep. McKinney

This is an old piece but I think it's OK to post here again. A day in the

DU is a great place for people to come together

Bush on CNN now....I swear he's drunk again!

I saw Al Gore last night - simply amazing.

Hey, freepers! How do you like your brave "War President" now?

For those complaining about news coverage....

NOLA: BRILLIANT website links neighborhood maps to Y2K Census statistics on

I had another plank in mind...

Katrina, Rita, and "Intelligent Design."

Why the righties really hate Cindy Sheehan

We are having tornadoes and wind from this hurricane

Homeland Security: Keeping America Safe From Vegans

Some thoughts about Gas Crisis.....what will you do?

are you happy with ANSWER letting everyone talk about their issue?

Faces of Protest --- HEY FREEPS

CSPAN Schedule Sunday September 25

Just Got back from DC, here are my pictures (warning lots of pics!)

Who is your ideal ticket?

My Story about Hurricane Katrina Relief Work

Help! There's a raptor in my garage with a broken wing! No vet til Mon.

"Republican and Ashamed" photo

Just Got Back from DC

I think that the point of this march is being hijacked by ANSWER'S

Has anyone seen ANYTHING on Mainstream TV Media about Peace March?

The Second-To-Last Guy James show is on the air NOW.

ralph nader speaking on re-run of today's d.c. protest.

Yahoo news story--Anti-War Protesters March in Washington

Caption this image (and spread it around)

They've CLOSED the Metro lines down!!!

my freak flag is flying high for AL GORE

Wel, damn. Looks like CNN actually gets it.

A DUer tried to warn us about "the ANSWER problem"

Today I want to post a remembrance of ANDY STEPHENSON!

We The People .... Must STOP Those Endangering America and Humanity

*** pre-Sunday TOONs ***

Did A.N.S.W.E.R. make the march a net plus or a net minus ?

Pictures from Seattle Protest (DIAL-UP WARNING!!)

Why I refuse to attend Anti-War rallies

HURRICANE RITA-Post Landfall 'On The Ground' Reports & More

One quick pic from the protest

My day at the protest with the Here in Spirit sign, long version

Peace Rally SUPER THREAD: please keep kicked

I made chicken enchiladas with green sauce & sour cream for supper tonight

150 sugar cookies, 120 snickerdoodles, 72 white chocolate chip cookies,

At last the Anglofreepers are honest about Iraq.

How much kudos does Blair deserve over gay marriage?

Bishop defends transsexual curate

UN diplomacy is a waste of time, says Davis

10,000 on Iraq march say police

Time Mag: Bombshell ( Pattern of Abuse Military in Iraq and Afghanistan)

WP: President Struggles to Regain His Pre-Hurricane Swagger

School Expels Girl for Having Gay Parents

'It Was Like the End of the World,' One Texan Says

Australia won't confirm reports of early pullout

Fighting Surges in Iraq; 2 U.S. Troops Die

KPLF-TV -- Lake Charles Is Now Off The Air

Hurricane Rita Slams onto Land

Jaime Castillo: Rep. Smith sticks by wayward memo on immigration debate

Former ABC News Correspondent Says He Was Dismissed for Refusing War Zone

Freeways cleared just in time to hunker down !!

Deputy mayor, 2 police officers killed in Iraq (by US troops)

Britain, Australia tell Japan they will withdraw from Samawah in May

Puerto Rico rebel's fate unclear

Clark (and Witt?) in Texas for disaster relief supervision--CNN about to

Germany's new Left MPs accused of collaborating with Stasi

(Karen) Hughes launches US image makeover among Muslims

US accused of more abuse in Iraq

Public hospitals in New Orleans to be condemned

Thousands march through London in Iraq war protest

Ancient Peruvian artefacts seized

Thousands march in London against Iraq war

Indian caste forces naked parade

TIME: Pattern of Abuse (New continuous torture all over Iraq)

FBI agent wounded in shootout to nab fugitive Puerto Rican nationalist lea

Iraqi judge renews arrest warrants for Britons

Frist Knew About Blind Trust Investments (documents)

Black Bloc violence at protest.

'Myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters: only 4-10% of insurgents foreign

Bush: Government Well-Prepared for Rita

Agriculture Department looking at closing more than 700 local offices

Anti-war protesters march in D.C., London

Ottawa set to announce immigration overhaul

Two civilians wounded in Israeli missile strike

BBC News: Thousands stage war protest in London

WaPo: Antiwar Protests Commence in Washington

(Fatal Bus) Operator had financial, driver safety problems

OKC Anti-War Faire pix

Inquiry of Calif. Legislator Widens

Lake Livingston Dam to release water

Senator questions Rove's fundraising trip as hurricane nears

Reported as Dead, Suspect in '64 Killings Turns Up Alive

Navy Secretly Contracted Jets Used by CIA

Bush's Crisis Itinerary at Mercy of Weather, Even Nice Weather(Too Sunny)

As Test Scores Jump, Raleigh Credits Integration by Income

Amid Many Fights Over Qualifications, a Bush Nomination Stalls in Senate

Anti-war rallies condemn Bush and Blair

Battle Robots could join dogs on S.Korea border (Fully Armed)

Most states see leap in bankruptcy filings

Germany's new Left MPs accused of collaborating with Stasi

Sunday's WP front page just up; police chief admits at least 150,000

La. Proposes Group to Aid Storm Evacuees

Iran to be reported to Security Council

Hundreds Rescued From Flooded Homes in La.

CNN: Iraq arrest warrant for UK troops

IAEA adopts resolution on Iran's nuclear program

Hillary Comes Out Against Freedom Center

Venezuela Central Bank Transfers US$3 Billion to New Reserve Fund

Report Says Bush's Tax Cuts Will Cause Some to Pay More

Task Force Baghdad Soldier killed in IED attack (#1914)

Bush: U.N. must review Iran nuke record

‘Bush a greater threat than Laden’ (Large majorities in Arab countries)

New group files for (Fla. Constitution) amendment against stem-cell study

Gov. Bush says Florida needs some long-term solutions

WP: Storm and Bush On the Move

We did not expect Iraq fanatics, says Hoon (former UK Defence Secretary)

Albright warns dark days are ahead in Iraq

AP: Houston abandons its neediest ahead of Hurricane Rita

Alert targets 26,000 at Expo:Gaming conference worker infected with hepati

Merkel set to have last laugh on Schröder

S. African AIDS Expert Urges Circumcision

'It just kept coming' — Rita swamps Louisiana coast, stranding scores of p

Bill Would Permit DNA Collection From All Those Arrested

Iraq arrest warrant for UK troops (CNN)

Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away

WP: Antiwar Fervor Fills the Streets

Polish right heads for election landslide

Scrap Basra police and start again orders MoD

US mum over Musharraf's remark on women

Cheney Has Aneurysm Surgeries on Knees

GU: Britain to pull troops from Iraq as Blair says 'don't force me out'

Greenspan worried about deficit

Puerto Rican Rebel Dies in FBI Shootout

Forget about "Nighthawks"...It's time for...

My life is now complete.

New Element - Governmentium

Bow Tie can ask some stupid fucking questions about these storms.

I have got gas........real bad........

Who does the song in that stooopid Suzuki SUV commercial

when Bush is debriefed ..

So who is gonna televise the protest shin-dig eh?

This movie is a must see (McCarthyism)

Schoolhouse Rock... what was the best one?

Sneezy Waters : Hank Williams

Mentok! The Mind Taker! For the Supreme Court!!!

It is of my opinion that the people are intending...

Dear ladies:

Something to give you all nightmares: A Freeper Prayer...

everything in my freezer is frostbitten, but there's no frost

Look who I got a photo of tonight in the Hawk & Dove in D.C.

Hey! Where be Kitchen Witch tonight?

So it's just after midnight and the roomies are in bed

WTF?! Is this one of those rw organizations?

This is bound to attract flames, but it has to be said. Ban boxing.

What was the first album you bought as a kid?

BREAKING: God hates oil profiteers

Good Morning, DU'ers!

I must admit I lied in the never voted for a republican thread

BREAKING: WCGreen is really a yuppie at heart!

I've figured it out!

The first DU blackmail photos to trickle out of DC

"Said that the levee's going to hold next time" (Lyric Alert)

HELP? Stuffed clams - what to use when you don't have shells?

Wish me luck, I'm interviewing for a new job today

Suggest BEST CHANT for tomorrow's anti-war march....

Animal Rescuer Needs AC Vehicle for Animals

Battlestar is the best show on TV,

Ben Harper fans... Listen to "Black Rain" - yet unreleased.

What movie/movies describes you life?

What song always makes you turn the radio Way UP

Great moments in GD SL placement: "Can I ask for a moment of prayer? As of

I miss Character Assassin.

What would have done in this circumstance?

What are your thoughts on mercury (amalgam) teeth fillings?

Thanks for the responses to my Qs re: Mrs. OR's hysterectomy.

What do you think of my new ribbon magnet design?

Everyone see the Rita swath chart image on Snopes? Warning

Coming Tuesday: "Chronicles," the Steve Earle 3-CD box set

I see protesters

The ethnic cleansing of New Orleans

Can I have a rootbeer float for breakfast if I eat breakfast at 11:20?

Favorite Monkees song

"Puppy swallows 13-inch knife, survives" Good news for the day

Anyone notice how shrub skipped town before protest?

Laura Bush looks in president's ear, sees straight through to other side

more trainwrecky sweetness from the world of country music!

earthquake here in bay area 4:25 am

Mass Destruction (the George W Bush Mix)

Brazil's racy brothel ads banned before grand prix


So, what? Am I too weird for you, too?

Secretly obtained Photos of Redsoxliberal's DU workstation

ACTION PHOTOS of Pickles at the National Book Festival (GRAPHIC)

Chicken finger enthusiasts, check in here!

Where's my ZombyCoffee?!?!?!

I have a new appreciation of MORPHINE

Thank you Amy Goodman

Anybody else collect Garbage Pail Kids cards when they were little?

thaaaaaaa yankees lose!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whos got vid. of Coast Guard ramming Cuban raft in Miami - heard it was..

Vote here if you like Dave Attell

I'd forgotten what a great movie Natural Born Killers was

Funniest quote of the day

zzzzzzzzzzzz I am tired and I have to go to work zzzzzzzzzz

I can ward off hurricanes and thwart alien mind control.

Oh, Ben and Jerry's. How I love thee!


I've DONE everything a mother can do...

My goodnes, Red Dawn is on Spike.....

I'm glad that Rita wasn't as bad as expected but WTF?

Go. Big. Green.

A Saturday Night Joke For You!

I'm baking cinnamon raisin bread and my kitchen smells wonderful

Check out the poster in the last pic on this this post. Classic.

Did anyone watch "Weekends at the DL" last night

I'm am going out now,on this beautiful day here in Mass.

The Beautiful and Important People: What Nicky Hilton can teach us all...

I love weekends.......

Flame me if you want, but I lurves Denis Leary!

Funny bumpersticker sighting:

Clair Marshall of BBC is HOT !

Just got from "The corpse Bride"

The Way It Wasn't: Spot the major goof in this publicity photo

Prison gear for a 10 yr old? *snicker*

I got to thinking while I was riding the stationary bike at the gym.....

Anyone have any idea how many protestors were in DC today?

HELP! Need quick advice I have a wounded raptor/hawk that's adopted me...

THANK YOU GOD!! Ohio State 31 - Iowa 6

ooh - Zappa's "Filthy Habits", live, from YCDTOSA Vol. II, just came on

I'm 12 posts away from 2000. Ask me anything.

For my 2,000th post on DU, I would just like to say . . .

Favorite TV theme songs?

Let's play a game! Memory Lane... I'm so (old)(young) I remember...

Dragons - An Interesting Point


Were you aware

'Night folks!

Buy On-Star ..... Or this child will die.....

Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon" on FLIXe at 12:05am EDT

Whitey killed Jesus!

ROUND SIX -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

A Jobycom letter to president* Bush

Ah, one of the Captain Beefheart version of "Torture Never Stops"

Ok, what is the deal with the "people skills" kids trying to sell magazine

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

My afternoon dream of Sweet Sirius

I intentionally stayed far away from the Scott Petersen case, but this

Love Is A Dog From Hell

In an all out superhero shootout, who'd win?

BK King in the NFL commercials, these crack me up! (Video)

I got to stinking while riding the stationary bike at the gym...

Nip/Tuck Fans:

The new Kurt Vonnegut book is amazing

What should I get for dinner?

Caption Daffy the Republican.


ROUND SEVEN -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

To people who've had their wisdom teeth pulled....

Goodnight all y'all

This appears to be my 10,001th post


A computer question

UPDATE: Not_Giving_Up remains in Oklahoma

Brokeback Mountain is going to be an awesome movie, anyone see the...

Is there a tech forum?


Gooooooood morning everyone! I brought you something


I'm hungry

I kinda liked "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

Operation - The George W. Edition

Thread posted to prove that all my threads drop like stones

I'm bookmarking the ENTIRE GD forum

Unfucking Real! The Gophers beat Purdue!

True or False: Shakespeare was a hack

post you good wishes for HEIDI , her art show/exhibition

"Best" comedian ever! Or if there was a Stand up Hall of Fame..

So I was watching the coverage on CSpan....




draw a pig

What is the STUPIDEST thing you've ever done in every day life?

Not_Giving_Up is safe and well in Watonga, OK

48 Hours Mystery---Oh my God!

Look at what I got in my e-mail! AS IF I WOULD FALL FOR THIS!

The top 100 rated toys from our childhood. What was your favorite?

my keyboard is really, really, really, really, really dirty

Has anyone heard from BikeWriter since the evacuations?

What stuff REALLY annoys the hell out of you?

So, what did everyone do on this fine Saturday??

This dog is uglier than the thing in Floogeldy's sigline.

Filly Going to Devon

I think my apartment is haunted.

So I just got back from a Pearl Jam concert...

Favorite Comedian?

How do you do a screen capture?

Is anyone else having trouble tolerating the rampant everyday stupidity

Bob Boudelang Celebrates Another Bush Disaster!


I like to play one-track CDs and put it on "random"

The Official Patriots Suck Thread.

When you hear the term "The City" refering to a specific city

Late night music thread. What are the Du'ers listening to?

What was your first car?

What supermarkets are where you live?

OMFG! Listening to a live "Close to the Edge" - sweet mother of God,

I love cats, but

Mr. Clean magic eraser® Thou art so great.

I just saw on another site that it is...

Toll grows as Singapore fights dengue plague

Bishop defends transsexual curate

Maple Palm - an independant movie about the lack of immigration equality

Ohio: Homecoming rally Oct 1 to formally launch EqualityOhio

BY LEONARD PITTS JR.: Anti-gay laws are inhumane

"Impeach" is America's Safeword...

Iceman, my butt.

LMAO "80% of fans at Camden Yards Right Now Are BOSOX Fans"

H20Man and other boxing fans, need help in a thread

Woot Woot-Party In Madison Tonite!

Sox tie Yanks for first

The Alabama Crimson Tide: Try And Stop 'Em

People, this is important legislation....


I know it was a fluff piece but did you see that beautiful dog

named the kitten wrong

Four Year Old Child's Wisdom

Charley a.k.a. Charlemagne

Those Who Help and Those Who Steal

Do your cats loved freshly dried clothes

Paw licking

Psychic pred'n- Terror -Denver, CO in Sept- * in CO this week!?

Just saw an interesting movie

New Matthew message Sept 22

How many of you are Bartcop posters?

Hooray for Rev.John Thomas, President of the United Church of Christ

now ID is an "perfectly valid theory...."

Do we have to be respectful of people who talk to trees?

I wonder if anyone else had the same thoughts

I just called someone

Kerry seen at restaurant during *'s New Orleans speech--

Kennedy blasts Bush, news media

A brief post from DC

People are now creating videos using Kanye West's "Bush does'nt

Guess the network honchos aren't so thrilled with Rita Skeeter right now.

Checking in at last

If Keith finds out about this headline, bet he gets a kick out of it!

DC check-in thread


What Begins With 'S'? Stags, Stagflation, Stagnate.

After the Donahue/O'Reilly Interview...

John Conyers' role at this weekend's events

So Bush Will Emerge From NorthCom's Bunker Today And.....

Politics Test

Man in charge of Katrina reconstruction has gone fundraising for Bush & Co


WaPo:"President Struggles to Regain His Pre-Hurricane Swagger"

Cindy Sheehan Speech up on DKos

9-11 crash victim Barbara Olson arrested in Europe

Live blogging from DC now!!!

Bush kidnapped by terrorists (a morning chuckle)

Clark, Rangel and Sheehan--a GOOD REASON, a WAY OUT and IMPEACHMENT

Hey - Is There Any "Finding" Going On In The Aftermath of Rita?...n/t

ABC News: Frist Knew About Blind Trust Investments Despite Denials

No wonder they went after Martha Stewart, look at her contributions

Contractors Get Affirmative Action Exemption (for Katrina)

CNN: Clark (and Witt?) in Texas for disaster relief supervision

9/24/05 Photos of Admiral, warm & dry in Colorado Springs

This Yahoo article needs attension ...

Get a load of what LA's Repug Sen offers on Katrina!!!!!

Utterly Defeated and a Total Failure,...

New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops ("smoking" & "fucking" detainees)

In High Praise of Women

Join the rally from home - sign the petition.


The D.C. Marchers Managed To Get Bush, Cheney & Rove Out of....

I Wonder If They Are Going To Give Bush A DVD Of The March...

Idea: Laura Bush and the National Book Festival in DC this weekend

At the Peace March: Does Issue Conflation Help or Hurt Us?

Has anyone seen the actual "MARCH"and the people? All I have seen

Navy Secretly Contracted Jets Used by CIA

WH: Rove is not in charge of the relief effort

On the Roberts nomination and my discouragement....


NEWSMEDIA! There's a CAT 5 in DC!!!

Gore convinces Roger Ailes that Global Warming is real


Maxine Waters! We want our country back! We want our children back!

bushgang military torture continues - officer whistle blows

Why was this march about ANSWER? It should have been more Camp Casey.

Don't forget, if you have Link TV, Cindy will be on there in a few minutes

Joan Baez, Amy Goodman are great, but I want to know....

"Out of Iraq Caucus" formed ..Lynne Woolsey on stage now ...

George W. Bush> What part of this doesn't YOUR God get??

We're all just well fed third worlders-hanging by a thread.

Sharpton up now! "It's time to end this wicked war and bring our troops

Rep. Barbara Lee, "Peace is truly patriotic!" Now Congressman Raul ???


Joan Baez: "If you run into Jesus, maybe he can help us now ...

Request for help re: Gulf Coast wage cut

Frist/HCA - There's another, perhaps more telling fact, from that story >>

Those who oppose this weekend's protests in DC

* yukking it up on CNN live

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush: A Descriptive Summary

Brother Cornell West now on Link TV

Bush "comforted" knowing how well-organized, well-prepared Feds are

Who are the tribes on stage with Cindy Sheehan now?? Gave her

Kennedy (Robert Jr) blasts Bush, news media

So - has Bush boxed himself in to never teaching "don't feel sorry

I think REUTERS Photos of the protest are being blocked or Hacked

NEW Photos from March & Operation Ceasefire Concert

Protest marches have outlived their usefulness

Not too impressed with the CSPAN coverage so far.

Who was that Iraqi reporter that Amy Goodman just interviewed?

WaPo estimates the crowd to be 150,000

VIDEOS of the rallies today if you missed them

Check the out. My friend got it in an e-mail and sent it on to me.

Best protest sign of the day:


Director's Cut of JKF is on FX--Now, 'til 10 p.m.--I think Martin Sheen

Forum helps faith-based groups


How many would be in DC if the trains going in weren't canceled?

The Difference in Response or

Katrina and Rita should not be treated as exams

George Bush......peculiar little Hurricane Man

Protesters still marching past the White House, according to Linktv Live

BushCo is a Result of Ignorance..Reduce our Ignorance and enjoy a better

Sen. Lamar Alexander's weekly column mentions 1 of Gore's mercy flights

wanted: a good quality recent pic of Al Gore :-)


Who is "ANSWER"? Did I make a mistake signing their anti-bush

Senator Frist's Stock Sale; Why no SEC investigation?

Is it time to have random drug testing for the President of the U.S.?

Local Coverage of the March

Frist Knew About Blind Trust Investments

WP: Aides say that WH is uneasy over Rove probe

NY Daily News: Bush boils at storm critics

600,000 Ugly Ducklings

Top Republican Tells Post: Laura Has Taken Away Bush's Swagger

How "marginalized" are the freepers? Do we take them too seriously?

It wasn't Rove or Chaney:what WH "aide" has power to order Bush around?

Village Voice: Wesley Clark Sketches Iraq Exit, Rangel Talks Impeachment

Good Web Source for Aerial Photos of DC March Today? n/t

A challenge for lurking Freepers

NYTimes on Rally

Galloway's Prophetic Profits

The most beautiful woman in the world

Demand CNN cover this protest: CNN-1-404-827-1500

Heart of Darkness

Separation of Church and State in High School Band Competitions

San Antonio sun ruined Bush's "dealing with an approaching storm" photo op

SurveyUSA Bush at 51% in Louisiana

Question: How Does Making America Go Broke Benefit the GOP?

When the going gets tough, ** heads for the bunker!

I wish there was a George W. Bush (in)Action Doll

There's Something About Al : Gore Emerging as Top 2008 Candidate

What does our nation need at this time ?

BREAKING NEWS: blue shirt correctly buttoned, today

US Army plans to bulk-buy anthrax (and they won't say why)

On the insult scale, think GW has moved ahead of Nixon!

Can we follow the Katrina and Rita relief money (approved by Congress)?

I thought that this was an anti-war rally. I didn't know that this was

Pro-war Diane Ibbotson's Appearance on C-SPAN

Reuters / Yahoo story on protest has THREE STARS...time to RATE IT UP.

I turn my back on the flag during the pledge.

How many Democrats should be on the "other" side?

Can't believe this, Conservative WSJ Noonan blasts Shrub

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings

Poll: Harris Still Far Behind Nelson

Bush CO. Springs clip on MSNBC: THIS boy is DRINKING. Bet the FARM on it.

Amtrak service to DC delayed this morning

CSPAN Schedule Sunday September 25

"how will we win any battle if we don't stand up for what we believe "

Let Justice Be Done...

The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime site...

Cheney "alert, comfortable"...probably ready to resume mansion shopping

Okay, just got irked by Peace Protest speaker/Organizer Jello Biafra

Need help debunking some FDR attacks...

who would be VP if Cheney were to no longer be in the post