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Monopoly on life -Katrina about Govt Control, not about helping people

When Rose Met Cindy (Cindy Sheehan - UK Mom story)

Spiking Viking?

'The Times They Are A-changin' My view on modern times.

Have the RWers blamed, yet, the recent pledge ruling

Be the first to track Hurricane Wilma

Schedule for Events this Weekend at DC -- from DAWN

Its the record stupid! His drinking is no longer an issue.

The Porn of War

Stripes letters: Anti-war, pro-troops; Drunken, disorderly Americans; etc

Woooohoooo! My last post until after D.C.!

Why are the WH sources speaking of drinking?

The Rockridge Institute

WND on an AOL poll about Bush and Katrina

thanks for changing the photo in the ad

Live feed via Houston...

So did Bush paint himself into a corner with Katrina?

can someone help me figure out the possible impact of Rita on this

Catching Bin Laden....

I pride myself on noticing the strange and paranormal but this

Just got a call from a friend who manned a Red Cross phone bank tonite

How divisive a president was Abraham Lincoln....

Did rightwing radio exist in the 1960s?

Bush's Bianca revealed!

how much would this have helped today? (high speed train in TX)

I think the Post Office needs to STOP delivering 6 days/week

Does the US want a regionwide war between Sunni's and Shiites?

"We look forward to hearing your vision so we can more better do our job "

DC: Deciding whether to go or not? Read this first!

I gotta go to bed...but if you please...throw some poster ideas down here

A true progressive needs our help again...Jim McDermott.

Houston, we have a problem

Do we know for sure Bill O'Reilly has a Nephew who just inlisted?

Shut up Rita Cosby on MSNBC !

A Note On The National Enquirer Story

Schedule for Events this Weekend at DC -- from DAWN

LAT: Airbus Jets Have History of Nose Gear Trouble

Bush's political woes stretch beyond Katrina

Scalia tells Juilliard audience govt can choose artwork when it's funding

LAT: Rove Is Paving Way for Guest Worker Program

WP: Goss Plans To Expand CIA Spying And Analysis

Anyone who thinks cats are graceful has never seen my cat

Is your Alibi airtight?

So I slugged a Rush and Savage fan was I in the wrong..n/t

Dabbit.. I'b gedding a subber code.

My odd encounter at a stoplight today...

Does this mean the Pope is "The One?"

What's your normal bedtime?

OK--my dorm room is supremely lacking in freshness

Name a Republican (or more, if possible) that you respect

I probably don't need 5 black t-shirts for 3 days in DC

Have any of you gone to a Paul Rusesabagina speech?

The More I Hear * Talk And Integrate Terror In His Speeches and...

"Reality based community" quote

Poll run downs:

Does this administration have a foot fetish?

Asia Times: Time the enemy in bird-flu fight

Sirota: On Roberts, Who is More Pathetic: The Media or the Dems?

Fiscal Policy: Why 'Stupid' Fits

Too many free passes ( 2 Bush controversies/failures the media forgets)

The Big Uneasy - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Offer of buses fell between the cracks -ChiTrib

Eric Alterman (The Nation): New Orleans Is Us

Michael McCarthy (Independent): This is global warming, says environmental

Duplicate posting--please ignore


Krugman: The Big Uneasy (Crises include confidence)


Homeland Security Harrasses VEGANS for protesting ham!! NOT A JOKE!

What's the plan? What's the plan? Dems don't have a plan...

The neocons' bathtub (Sacramento News & Review)

OC Register: For an effective protest

Tax & Spend (neo)Conservatives

Republican Study Committee - "Operation offset" Report 9/22

Marines Try To Recruit 79-Year-Old Woman

Asia Times: The failed mission to capture Iraqi oil

Smart versus dumb: influencing public opinion (NYT Firewall)


Compassionate conservatism returns

Lapdog White House Press Corps(e) Plays Dead Again!

Bush’s Potemkin village presidency (Blumenthal)

THUMBS DOWN -- SEN. RICK SANTORUM ----what in Penn is vital

What to Do About the Bush Problem

Can You Marginalize a Majority? (Froomkin / WP)

Justice Skewed in Haiti

Whistleblowers Describe Routine, Severe Abuse

Joe Conason (Salon): Bush's ideological quagmire

Group opposed to new gun law targets tourists

The Inevitable War with Iran

Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war

When Sports and Politics Collided: Redeeming the Olympic Martyrs of 1968

The Death of German Conservatism

The Evacuation - 'It Was Like the End of the World,' One Texan Says

Blackwater Down - NO Streets Filled w/ Corporate Mercenaries

Time Mag: Bombshell ( Pattern of Abuse Military in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Hart Viges: 'You can't wash your hands when they're covered in blood'

Bill O'Reilly vs. Phil Donahue


What's a Best Seller in the MidEast? BARBIE...With A Prayer Mat

(WELCOME TO BUSH'S AMERICA!!) Change in Law Spurs Bankruptcy Filings

Why does the Tom Delay "Fair Tax" sales tax pop up on DU - it sucks

Montana faces eternal clean-up of toxic lake.

Is this a new system off Africa coast?

EPA refuses to test/reveal petrochemical & oil industries NO Toxic Level

Wind farms to spare the birds

Tactical retreat?

Ten Palestinians die in Gaza rally blast

Israeli Government to back benefits for victims of Jewish terror attacks,

Netanya bomb mastermind convicted

Haaretz (Saturday): At least 15 killed in Hamas rally explosion in Gaza

LA Times Book Review - 'Just another rant about the Mideast'

Haaretz (Saturday): Gaza Palestinians fire 21 Qassam rockets at Sderot

Was the Pentagon tracking Atta just days before the attacks?

FEMA also implicated in 9/11 coverup

Was this arrest for real? If it is and word gets out, Bush is through.

Flight 93 crash -- 400 passengers on board reported to local 911 number? "Barbara Olson arrested in Europe."

Carter and Baker in the New York Times

Brad Blog: Dieb Throat weighs in on Diebold's stunning stock plunge

What Questions Are We Failing to Ask ?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 9/23/05

A MUST READ -- Bob Fleischer: Software IS a Problem

help give a free Election Truth CD-ROM to everyone at the Portland event

OC County Supervisor Lou Correa to speak at PHDC meeting 9/27

Important about the march tomorrow and taking the metro

(Warren) Beatty Rips Schwarzenegger for Policies

Rep. Pombo pitches 'ridiculous alternatives' to Alaska drilling

Going to be at E-board next weekend? Lib resolutions could use speakers

Reminder! If you haven't voted in the DFA poll

Tierney/Leach bi-partisan bill to study Katrina contracts (H.Res.449)

Can ex-felons vote in Iowa now?

Most Senate Democrats support Blouin in governor bid

A September 2005 poll regarding Massachusetts same-sex marriage . . .

Senator Dayton will introduce a Dept. of Peace bill in the Senate

Tierney/Leach bi-partisan bill to study Katrina contracts (H.Res.449)

MA residents: Want to find past BosGlobe, Times Mag, and other articles?

Widget needs a home

Human Cost of the Iraq War at St. Catherine's College

Dayton: NO on Roberts

35 mm Slides to Digital

Annual Warren County Democratic Party


Oh now. Texans are "lazy, shiftless and no 'count" ... thanks cous

ACT Testing date September 24--sites cancelled

Open for Business in Houston (for now anyway)

Volunteers needed for animal rescue in Huntsville

To my fellow DU'ers in Texas

Hurricane Party

Anyone in South Texas remember evacuating for Hurricane Allen?

Hear about the buses from Galveston to Dallas turned back?

Texas DUers, please tell me my auntie in Houston will be ok

Well fellow Texans

The skies are starting to get a little dark here...


We're back in Houston

BRUTAL LTTE in today's paper

Kid-friendly Milwaukee Sunday brunches?

Anyone listening to WHAD?

Any Protests in Madison this weekend?

Jefferson alder faces recall for 'no' to Wal-Mart

Topic for The Late Night Call In Show tonight is Church/State Relations

just a big "thank you" to those with the intestinal fortitude to actually

Schedule for this weekend in DC

Antiwar Rally Will Be a First for Many

In case anyone doesn't know this. When you are trying to get out

Was the Pentagon tracking Atta just days before the attacks?

You will make the difference...

KTLA is about to show a mysterious light in CA sky.

Could * be such a lame duck that his own are offering him up (booze story)

Curious. Cheney, Rumsfeld & Myers brief Bush on "national policy issues" >

Bush going to NORAD/Colorado after Texas?

The Front Man --->>>

Can you support someone without completely agreeing with them?

Antiwar protesters going on offense

Why don't we just spend the federal surplus on hurricane Katrina?

Brit Hume Admits Mistake, Hell Freezes Over, Film At 11

Major News Outlet Analysis:The Word "Terror"

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with Roberts face in this one

4 AM Storm Advisory (Fri) - Storm surge 15 - 20ft. , 140 MPH winds, 927MB

Sorry Russ and Pat, you're throwing away much of what you have fought for

Anderson Cooper is going to leave, isn't he?

Is Sen. Jeff Sessions GAY? I'm watching CSPAN Robert's hearings now.

Thank you Democratic Match for FINALLY changing the picture

Armed and Ready for Rita... new toon 9/23

Houston Radio - KTRH

"Katrina Turns the Poor Into the Destitute"

So, if Texas (Hurricane) turns into a cf, will it be the fault of

"The Light Shines in Darkness" Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

"Saudi Foreign Minister Chides U.S. Policy"

"Auditors Eye Open-Ended Katrina Contracts"

The tide is turning against *..........Republicans ranting.

Today's ZINGS!

White Toast No Butter >>>

CSpan question - America's self image - How can Democrats address this?

Fear of Rita or loss of confidence?

Per Local (S. Calif) local morning news: Car-bus crash on I-45

jeez people, give the president a break, he has a lot on his mind

Is that a hurricane in your pocket?

Saudi foreign minister says Bush ignored warnings about occupying Iraq

CNN just said MANY of the Tankers with Gas sent to fill up

Feds use states secrets privilage to screw man out of patent rights

Cops' 'hurt feelings' not worth $250K to court

My cat was abused

Plame-gate leaker vs. Booze-Gate leaker(s)

Vatican: Priests can now only molest little girls

Just heard CBS radio news quote

RITA will ignite a catastrophic collapse of the System

Okay, does Bush read newspapers or does he not read newspapers?

Robert Byrd To Vote For Roberts...

Free Republic Will Be In DC Sunday

Can we do a collective news search to corroberate this story?

DUers! Housing needed for those traveling for Saturday's march!

it just makes sense to leave Iraq, but, bush wants to masturbate, sorry

Well wishes to all the DU'ers doing DC this weekend, as well as to the

There was a poll yesterday saying 67% of Americans disapprove...

Ok, I missed the whole story, but caught

Just now, ... anti-Bush ad on CNN in Los Angeles by!!!!!!!

Russia shields Iran from UN action over atom plans

BBC reported that there will be counter demonstrations in D.C.?

Who Are We Fighting In Iraq?

how i feel about the democratic leaders transcends disappointment

let's send the poor, old, & infirm to Iraq to pull their weight

Leaving for DC in an hour! Wish us luck and a surprising large turnout!

North Korea seeking visit by Bush and Condoleeza Rice

War Protesters Seek to Put Heat on Bush

NYT: After a Year Leading C.I.A., Goss Is Struggling, Some Say

how can pres. cheney & his ape be made to feel america's pain?

Road bomb kills US soldier in Iraq

seems Jr will "wait out the storm at a military base. He will fly to San

Evacuee BUS FIRE-one source 20 dead another (later) source 1 dead

Hannity's burning bus

Perhaps buses are not the best way to evacuate nursing home patients?

Did anyone else see that HUGE "theylied,they died" ad yesterday?

Barbara Olsen arrested in Austria? I thought she was a 911 crash victim!

NRA files suit against NO gun seizures...

NPR - Tapes of Katrina Planning Sessions

breaking : evacuee bus with elderly on fire in Dallas

Tonight my heart's in Whiskerville, Texas where 300 cats are hunkered down

Conference Calls Detail Katrina Concerns, Failings

apparently, WalMart is a better First Responder than FEMA

All right, the picture of * and Kinda' is gone

Just a note of thanks.....

Evacuations need to be studied scientifically and then controlled

Thinking about NO this morning.

Gas to hit $198 dollars per gallon soon

Evacuation information.

Technical questions about the hurricanes

Katrina death toll rises - Collection of victims bodies put on hold

Help anyone hear that Aaron Broussard's heart wrenching

NOLA: Flood waters are visible west of Industrial Canal

Explosion rocks Baghdad bus; 2 American soldiers killed in separate attacks

CNN: Second levee "breach": Chantilly (west N.O.)

Would mass transit aid in the evacuation of people?

Withdraw from Iraq, say Americans

"While my guitar smugly smirks", by George Heir's Son

CNN: Mike Brown Sill Getting Paid

report's of levee breaks in NO....anyone else hear this??

Bush is at NorthCom - the same place he DIDN"T CALL for Katrina !!

ACT Testing date on September 24---cancelled at these areas

About That Nat'l Enquirer Story ---pix->>>

Mississippi vs Louisiana coverage in the Press (Katrina)

Tanking up ahead of Rita?

WH insiders try to reassure RW with promise of "new initiatives" in spring

Blue tarps on the burned out bus.

Galloway: "Ending the occupation of Iraq is not a sufficient condition

simple scotty and * 's embarrassing guitar picture

George Bush on the Hunt for Bin Ladin....

The first casualties of Rita: Fire on Bus Carrying Evacuees Kills 24

Tonight I was frightened and I'm in Dallas. People are going insane for

Saud Warns US of Impending Iraq Disintegration; Bush Remains an Idiot

14 year old expelled from CHRISTIAN(really?) school due to parents lesbian

"Good Night, and Good Luck"

there's 1 Evacuation I'd PAY to see, the neonazicons from the white house

Tyco lawyer nom'd for Dep AG says Abramoff bragged of ties to WH

Inside Public Housing and Urban Decay

When do People take precedent over saving Animals (pets)?

Mods Delete.

So Bush Will Do His Storm Photo-Ops From Northcom in Colorado --->>>

Do you think the American people know that Bush is a phony?

Real-time Rita tracker

check this site for hurricane info

Confusion reigns in Iraq; who is fighting whom?

CNN -- levee breach at Industrial Canal levee (update: overtopped)

VIDEO-Edited "Terror Terror" Take on Bush's Terror Speech yesterday

So the million dollar question??Where will Rita hit??

President Bush* Sells Louisiana Back to the French

Mods? Any Way to have JUST ONE Forum on Rita so we can follow it?

ATTN: The Houston Traffic Jam is BS, NOT Happening except on I-45N

Need help with freeper e-mail about Astrodome evacuees

Who pays for National Guard equipment...State of Federal?

Great blog for the latest Katrina/Rita updates

Bush's political woes stretch beyond Katrina

U.S. widens probe of Sen. Frist's suspicious stock sale

Can't somebody in the media please do a Cost Analysis of Bush Photo-Ops?

This guy is in charge of rewriting the Endangered Species Act

CNN producer in NO reporting on levees: Water as far as the eye can see...

NY civil liberties group tackles Army recruiters

Logged on to verify...CNN reported that 25 people from Houston died in a

Things haven't changed too much over the last 200 years

I am not a praying person, but I am now

a Rita death on the highway out of Houston

Water pouring into NO.

CNN: water in N.O. rising 5 inches per minute

Which Dem candidate for President in 2008 will be able to beat Diebold ?

Sent this LTTE today

A message to our Democratic Leaders:

Remember, the 1900 Galveston storm was a Category 4 hurricane.

My daughter works for Piggly Wiggly

Hannity and Bastardi - Accuweather's shame....

Hey! Looks like the roads in and around Houston are Empty right Now!

For once....Fox News does not suck! (live NO flooding footage)

(VIDEO) Two new web-only New Rules

Susanne Malveaux cnn: "hundreds protesters perhaps thousands expected

bush in colorado in a fast detox. i want to know. n/t wink

A new smart-ass reason for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Co-Dependents for Bush

Dangers of a Drunk Dubya - Capitol Hill Blue's Thompson

this is from tsuki & ragin acadian - IN DC!

POLL - What is more reliable: DU or National Enquirer?

To Diane Ibbotson - I am marching tomorrow for your son

Sen. Lautenberg to Bush: Rove derelict in his hurricane duties

Anyone familiar with the Comcast/ AT&T Cable Internet merger?

CNN breaking -- tornado on ground northwest of NOLA, near Gonzales

BREAKING: Several, if not dozens, of people will be marching in DC. nt

Would it really hurt a Democrat to say he or she supports choice?

Where's George? >>>

Rita cancels Katrina disaster relief fund raiser Concert

Texas officials: dumbasses (re: Rita)

Tours of duty in Iraq will be extended for thousands of U.S. troops

We should encourage Rep. Weldon to investigate "Able Danger"..

Not Much to See on "Silver" Screen - (Ron Silver)

The 'myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters

Me thinks Bush is going to be hitting the bottle hard this weekend...

Oh, Good Grief! Golberg advancing more Luntzspeak


HCA insiders sold stock before dive, as Frist did

George W FraWD!Corrupt AWOL Coward frat boy Douchebag with shit for brains

It shouldn't take a draft

money man Allan Sloan should never say never

Can someone who knows weather explain Rita updates?

The Bush Presidency : OOPS and OPs

Refugee Slain

Refugee Slain

US may waive Jones Act law to ship oil

Dayton, OH Sept.. 24 Rally

Sen Clinton to vote no on Roberts

Jerry Kilgore's position on abortion (exceptions for rape and incest)

The morning in Dallas. Bus Fire / People parked everywhere / Lines

CBC Town Hall meeting on now!

Saw amazing Anti-War Ad while watching FAUX

More Bullshit

I'm on hold for Hartmann show now!

Check out this new WP blog: GOP to Audit the Poor?

Barbara Bush's comments on being stranded on the Gulf Freeway

Bush saddened by killer bus blaze

Poor being left behind again in Texas...!!

Our shameful legacy of racism . . . and how it is exploited by the GOP

Weather gurus..Is this the next one?

CALL 1-877-762-8762 NOW!!!! Tell Patrick Leahy how he should not

Krugman, the Big Uneasy

Pickles:We are prepared for Hurricane Lolita

The Prez should learn hurricane lesson from Jeb

Jaw-Dropping Freeper Conclusion: Press Should Help Homeless

Am I the only one experiencing hundreds of bugs on DU?

Child suspended for having lesbian parents

Brownie still getting paid?

Great opportunity for NYers to help Katrina victims! (Habitat for Humanity)

If wasn't ever a better time to "politicize" Katrina, now is the time

CNN susan Malveaux says of DC protests: Hundreds if not thousands will

NYT: Bush will "ride out the storm" at NorCom HQ in Colorado Springs

A Galveston yahoo

Pickles:We are prepared for Hurricane Lolita

So you say you wan a rev o lu tion, well ya know n/t

"Evacuee bus explodes as Rita closes in"

Flood warnings coming up on inland counties in Texas

Friday Pick-Me-Up - Simply Hilarious!!!

Tonight's guests on Bill Maher

does lockheed martin have commercials on your cnn

Would you be offended by the double bird?

OK...Calling on all women......

HELP, I want to donate!!!

I really disliked Beaumont when I was there in the 1970s, and

Good News: Looks like Rita is undergoing serious weakening....

Transcript of the Woolsey Iraq War hearing-anyone know where it is?

Christian School in Calif. Expels Girl Because Parents Are Lesbians

Fascist Friday is in full swing!!

"You're An Asshole" - A music video inspired by Bushco

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

Watching rebroadcast of the Repubs in their Operation Offset

I wonder how many 2 SUV families evacuated both of them.

For 9/11 Bush Hid In A Bunker In Nebraska For Rita And....

I am LIVID about this ABC WNT report (Catholic ban on gays in priesthood)

For the critics of Obama's speech last week

Requesting favor - image search

G W FraWd: Cokehead AWOL Coward Inept Rich Frat Boy Puppet w/ Shit for

Pardon my stupidity: Who was the War Hero who ran in Ohio?

Departing Number 2 at CIA Tells Senators Goss is a Clueless Weinie

Frank Lautenberg: Why is Rove playing politics while Rita is barreling

Video - Bush on Rita: "I won't get in the way... rest assured"

Why does God always get the Credit or Blame?

Bush is NOT "Riding out the Storm" in Colorado-what bullsh*t

Does anyone else have a sinking feeling??

Isn't there SOMETHING Bush could be doing in Washington??

Cheney has aneurysm in knee. Dangerously close to brain.

Investors Seek to Bring Air America Radio to Smaller Communities

Iraq war vet Bryan Lentz will run against Curt Weldon in PA

What's going through *'s head in these pics ?

Is God mad at the Bush-voting south?

How does one report Freep/troll posts for tombstoning? n/t

My little opinion on bloggers

Think of taxes as rent you pay to live in this country

Gas stations that are out of gas are within a short drive of refineries

Nigerians storm US oil platform and capture it - going for more

Why are there no helicopters dropping sandbags NOW!!! Almost a month after

I think it's getting to him ---pix->>>

Repub. leadership in the Senate, House and W.H. all under investigation!

Ratzinger was elected Pope after Argentine cardinal turned the job down

Bush's First Photo-Op of the Day --pix->>>

Scalia talks at Juilliard School

EU faces showdown with Russia over Iran

Philadelphia Cardinal tells Catholics: Don't read abuse/cover-up report.

Any news on the new flooding in NO?

Is it time to charge per gallon per cylinder for gasoline?

Now what is Rita doing?!

FREEPER IRONY: Remember their fear of foreign troops in US?


Bush: Afghanistan Proof of Progress in War on Terror

Al Gore

Looking for the list of republican indictments

Anything new on explosion at U.S. base in Kirkuk yesterday?

there'sthat bush jaw when he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about

Something worries me deeply about Rita

Something worries me deeply about Rita

2006 Democratic candidates for US House

Hurricane Rita's eye has reformed

Do you foresee Dems and the left ever having a media machine like the GOP

A Letter From Gov. Howard Dean

Weather geeks consensus: Rita is falling apart, heading to LA, not TX

Awwwwww. Bush isn't stopping in Texas

Michael Brown (Brownie) still on government payroll. CNN crawler...

About evacuating from the Houston area---please read this:

John Roberts is more than a Bush loyalist

Anyone know how much Cheney has made off of his

Idiots on the jetties in Galveston...

BBC - Former Blair minister warns US and UK may have to abandon Iraq

The neocons would be laughing if Rita and Katrina hit France.

Water Waste Deep in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans

Cspan has Bush at Medal of Honor Ceremony-Live from White House

Wow! Wingers are REEALLY naiiiive when they try to "think" about Iraq!

Something worries me about Rita deeply

URGENT!! Anybody here live just North of New Orleans?!?!?

So you don't support Cindy anymore but you do support staying the course?

Bush thongs anyone?

Diebold is weakening

Hey! Military Recruiters! I've found some recruits for ya!

AP: "Frist, DeLay Fend Off Probes Into Ethics"

CNN breaking -- W cancels trip to San Antonio because he'll be in the way

Nagin should have fixed the canals himself...with his own hands

This is my 3000th post!!!! Fuck moran*!!!!

Indie presses to rush out Cindy Sheehan books

Spinning troop deaths in Iraq

A tour bus just arrived in town

Something worries me deeply about Rita

Are there any more missing white women?

tom delay makes statement to reaffirm local governments have primary...

Ok ok disaster planning

Ok only me having probles with DU this morning?

A Little Off the Top ---pix->>>

So Wolf Blitzer waits until Delay finishes talking - cuts away for Gene

Should it be Clinton/Gingrich or Gingrich/Clinton in 08

Schrub was in Colo., Springs today

Don't forget Galloway is on Maher's show tonight!

Bush Rules Out Iraq Withdrawal - Johnson said the same about Nam

Center for street teens finds itself homeless (Rita shelter)

Yahoo Toolbar - this is freaky

Multiple Houston / Dallas media sources on link.

13 Dems not yet cosponsoring bill to overturn Gulf Coast Wage Cut

For those who never saw/read Al Gore's MoveOn speeches,

Iraq And Viet Nam? Side-by-Side quotes from Presidents Bush and Johnson

Bush: I'm DRUNK as a SKUNK - PHOTO

I got a fund-raising letter from The RNC- with postage-paid reply envelope

What happens when NOLA floods again?

From DC: Photos of Cindy Sheehan et al.

Can anyone tell me where to get off on the Blue line metro

Instead of bashing Hillary

* and Sim City...He can't just toggle off "disasters"

POLL: How wide reaching will Rove special prosecutor indictments be?

What is going on in Daily Kos v. the DLC

Hannity on radio just now: "TX has near-flawless evacuation"

Woman on CNN just said police not letting people off freeway? WTF!

I keep wondering...

Tom Delay on TV patting himself on the back for the great job he has done

Bob Kur MSNBC just reported tens of thousands expected in DC and

Hurricane Watch Net....looks like NOLA is going to get horrible rain

Hey, CNN

Another VT Dem says "Don't be afraid to fight" Roberts' confirmation

Great opportunity for NYers to help Katrina Victims! (Habitat for Humanity)

Freepers are just completely evil...

Bush not going to Texas. Going straight to Colorado


"I'm with Stupid" (Great cartoon)

Cheney to have surgery Saturday

Tic Tac W

It's growing....

A New Deadly, Contagious Dog Flu Virus Is Detected in 7 States

Remembering Afghanistan: In honor of the soldier I had a discussion


What's Hurricane Czar Rove up to today? He's raising $ for the GOP in ND!

Excuse me for asking. Umm, so who is actually in charge of the U.S.A.?

EU, Iran, IAEA and the Security Council - directly opposing news stories

What are the odds all your children have criminal records? Ask Jeb Bush.

W says, "Make Mine a Double"!

1912 Reasons why the DSM is Important

6 words I long to hear


Bush assures a reporter he will not get in the way (then heads to CO) ->>>

Arnold snipes at Warren -- calls him "jealous".

bush to avoid D.C., Cindy Sheehan, & Anti-War Protesters Saturday

Help Support the Impeachment Mobilization on Sept. 24

UK scientist slams U.S. climate 'loonies'


Riding out the MARCH in CO, Bush IMPLYING DC target of RITA? LOL

President Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French

Does LA law affect Blanco’s decision to reject President Bush’s power grab

Katrina tapes being played on NPR? Is anyone hearing this?

CNN about to jump the shark. Guy in wind tunnel.

I am jealous of all of you who...

When fundies are too far gone - email from a soon-to-be-dropped friend . .

BREAKING: FDA head resigns

'liberals have forgotten 9/11'

KHOU: Live Hurricane Coverage from Houston

Hurricane Rita's eye has reformed

How Many Brand New Hospitals and Schools has the US built in Iraq?

Conservative Shell Game - Swept Away

Helen Thomas: "Bush Uses Hurricane To Sneak In School Program"

Only one Senator has sent out a survey asking my opinions.

HA HA!! Texas' public transportation system is a bunch of BIG CARS!

AGAIN: Many poor Texans left behind to face Rita

What to Expect from Hurricane Cat 2-3-4 from Saffir-Simpson Scale:


Just got home from work. Have they cleared the highways in

Corporations should be heavily regulated & the top 1% should pay...

Just my opinion, but the hell with Hillary Clinton

Anyone ever tried the program "Konfabulator?" Lots of cool Widgets

This is one BIG storm.

Latest weather alert for my area--Port Arthur looks to be projection

Feds seek records for Frist stock sales

Galveston forecast: 7 foot surge, Category 1 winds

CNN :"Hundreds" marching in DC tomorrow - HAND's UP if you're in!!!

In One Sentence: What is the Role of Government?

Our media on Gov Rick Perry

Has the military started confiscating guns in Texas like they did in La.?


(VIDEO) Daily Show on press briefings

Bush: "We will make sure that my entourage does not get in the way..."

Cheney pulled the plug on Able Danger?

I'll say it again: It's time for price controls on gasoline

Pentagon caves in! I'll be damned!

GOP to Audit the Poor?

Has kudzu made its way to your state yet?

Need advice on legal use of lethal force.

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept 23

Sort of looks like they added a bunch more layers to the

PROTESTERS: New DC Law Protects Us - Learn and USE IT!!!!!

OK. I don't like this one bit...

Democrats, get a clue!!

Could I please ask a question about credit card debt doubling?

Lester Crawford, has *former* official with FDA

Were natural disasters discussed in the Kerry/Bush or Gore/Bush debates?

The Process of Locating Temporary Housing for Katrina Refugees Drags On

BOTH California Senators to Vote NO on Roberts

School technology levys...

Government sponcered lapdances


24 Hours in Iraq...MORE Death...MORE Wounded...

If you can't go to DC..............your city may have a simultaneous

While googling "Bush drinking," I ran across this ...

Need constructive criticism on this sticker I designed.

Where in Colorado Springs is Bush going?

Street closures San Fran Protest-busy day-4 major events Sat/take pub tran

Reality Check: Imagine living like this

Jury is out re: St. Patrick's Four

It just hit me! Pat Robertson may be right!

Any reports yet on Dean and Kerry at today's CBC conferences?

As a Lakoffian-framing of the coming alternative energy political war,

Canadians (again!) to the rescue

Is Bush afraid of Rita?

Question about NOLA levees:

Ha Ha - Pretzeldent picks wrong state for sickening Photo Op

Spreading the Gospel According to Chavez

Mom, 22, gives birth to quints

For those of you who say there's something wrong with today's youth...

Thank God we still have students who can THINK. (((This is a GOOD read.))

IF FEMA personnel have credit cards with $250,000 limits on them

BUSH, The most Dangerous and feared man on the planet

I'm looking for Vets in NO anr duall, snd Ivan what's his name.

The "Bush getting in the way" video

This weekend's events (conyersblog)

Idea: How to Torment B*sh at Phot-ops (and wherever possible)

Wolf continues to provide comic relief.

CNN Breaking: Bush to skip San Antonio so he "doesn't get in

Bush Administration Threatens Pristine Roadless Forests

David Brooks on Republicans:"their philosophy of government irrelevent.."

A Funny Bush Joke

Private Security Forces Roam the Streets of an American City

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

New York Health Officials Issue "Katrina Pet" Rabies Warning

Our shameful legacy of racism . . . and how it is exploited by the GOP

RawStory Dev: "Two Brit Soldiers arrested in Basra part of 'insurgency'?..

Pentagon Has its Dropped Objection to Open Hearing on 'Able Danger'

Where are DUers meeting up on Saturday?

Aaaaaaaaggggkk! Help me! It's awful! It burns! It burns!

Tonights lineup on Real Time with Bill Maher

DNC/Dean: Don't be afraid to fight

Dershowitz: A bad "president" is saddling the US with his bad choices

Tom Tomorrow: Bush, Cheney actually radical leftists

"Once We Had A President Who Lied ...." -- New VR Ad in Support of 9/24

Is being left being less?

The wind is really starting to blow.

Hokey idea for *protest signs* tomorrow

This is what Grover Norquist saw outside his Wednesday meeting

Thank you Brownie, you've done a heck of a job--- exposing this regime's

I say the "won't you just be in the way, Mr. Bush" question was a setup

Will we ever know the truth about the Super Dome?

TX evacuees brandishing guns on evac highways..

Yale endowment posts record 22 percent return, totals $15.2 Billion

Bill "Debbie Downer" Frist

Fight at the gas pump tonight. People are going NUTS!

Now that Bush is in charge the levees are breached before the storm hits?

How Much Gas is * Wasting to Watch Fox "News" in CO?


*running around in circles* I am SOOOOO

Did anyone hear Stephanie Miller imitate Randi this morning?

100-mile traffic jam -- is that a record?

Water rising in 9th ward. Picture>>>

Al Gore as Trent Lott on SNL

Rita's eyewall has collapsed!!

Bush: "Ah, waiter! I'll have another round, please!"

Feds appear to be seeking proof to blame the flood of NO

"No one could have imagined!" Oh, really? How about Penthouse?

Which is which? (pics)

Help With Slogans

Ashland, KY Gas price: $4.25 p/gallon

Is It A Best Of Mike Malloy

CNN'er fills Gas Tank for 2 families without a Credit Card (Cash No Good)

Is anyone else watching Imus? Did he really laugh about the bus deaths?

New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops

Even the GOP has had it with W's wild spending.

Farewell Tour --pix->>>

gov of Texas

Iraq war vet to get counseling in plea deal in Las Vegas slaying

Caption THIS, Bush B-O-R-E-D by Rita...

What did we bankrupt our nation for again?

Bush skips Texas to avoid hampering Rita response

Big oil companies figured out long ago that they could make more money by

Anti-War - - - I like this graphic (obviously)

Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war

Clinton to Sheehan: "I don’t want their sons to die in vain."

Everyone that lives in a disaster prone area needs at least 6 of these

Still trying to wrap my head around this one--not sure how I feel

The local news interviewed a MO National Guardsman by phone tonight...

It's a good thing the fashion industry purged itself of Kate Moss.

AP: L.A. emergency landing is at least seventh involving sideways gear

need a good write up on the estate tax

Michigan Republican Chairman suggests Jabba The Hutt for SCOTUS seat

Which of the Following Reasons is Bush Going to Texas & Colorado?

Please don't let bad weather stop you from coming to DC on 9/24

Is * really hitting the sauce again?

Let's get ready to RUMBLE! Bill Maher is on.

"Won't you get in the way Mr. President?"

Arianna: The Disturbing Case of Abdul Amir Younes Hussein

Has shrub ever used the term 'alcoholic' or 'recovering alcoholic' etc. to

* is certaintly on the go this weekend

Warren Beatty may run against Ahnold

Don't let freeper weather report postings stop you from going to DC 9/24

West in disarray over Iran as Putin says no more war resolutions George

People still stuck on the side of the road in Texas.

If Shrub wanted to change the government in Iraq . . .

I feel a little bit vindicated on my prediction

NWS Forecaster Predicts 20-25" of Rain

Is the eye breaking apart at landfall? (pic)

Evacuation Planners better head back to the drawing board

Russia: no country can challenge Uzbek decision to end US military presence

Boozer bu$h: The August Blackout.

There's No Fighting In The War Room ---pix->>>

New PR image: Peace is Sexy (Supports , HR 3760)

My Run In With ABush-Bot At the store tonight

I am OUT of here.

Gouging -- You Presume Unlimited Supply

The Moron on MSNBC said the response from the faith base community...

I can't believe I found an anti-war/hurricane song

Two Wives, One With Two Hubbies, Costs Cop

Eliminating the Estate Tax = No More Mortgage Deduction for Middle Class

I listen to AAR everyday and have NEVER heard them asking for donations

Did anybody see this??(Re:Good Ol Wolf-CNN)

Blackwater, et. al.

D.C. Is Site of a Human Mosaic This Weekend

I am worried Rita will overshadow the War Protest Breaking News - Bush will visit Austin, San Antonio Saturday

It really pisses me off that we are in the hands of

Gore? Convince me.

Are we on the verge of an economic depression?

BREAKING: GA governor closes all schools to save fuel

CNN reporting two fires in Galveston -- now 3 buildings on fire

Forecaster leaves job to pursue weather theories (ultra tinfoil hat alert)

New article: "Global Locusts (and the Republic) Trapped in Bush's Jar"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Guest Host Shin Dig

With the storm hitting TX & LA why is the President in Colorado?

Robert Fisk barred from entering US

Real Time Starting NOW n/t

The old shell game - press not reporting # of jobs cut and sent overseas

Why do hurricanes pick on one area each year?

Christian Wire: Hurricane Rita a jihad from God against America!!

Here's a streaming live report from Lake Charles/Lafayette

Fox: 3 evacuees died in their car on TX freeway

I just watched "Downfall" with Bruno Ganz. It must be like this with Bush

Folks.. check my math and logic on this please....

Thousands Of Sears Retirees Lose Benefits

is there a SCANNER thread of RITA n/t

GAO: tax breaks such as home mortgage interest deductions need examining

I think Rita is going to completely flood New Orleans again

Bush hides in CO w/Pentagon while martial law simulation starts in DC?

"Schwarzegger would KILL anyone who took daughter for abortion"

Beauvoir plantation, the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library, Confederate

Tinfoil thought of the day

Say hello to Cardinal Bevilacqua....

Why is * REALLY @ NorCom after EXTENDING National State of Emergency?

Randi is being freeped today

NOLA: Thousands of years-vacant apts sit empty on dry land, while FEMA buys


If there is a mass arrest in DC (advice)

It just struck me what all the areas hit by the hurricanes share

Bush is in Colo, Cheney is in the hosp, where are the others?

And so it has begun, 7:30 Central time in Houston the wind howls

Okay here is a stupid question

Puke alert: Woman in my office has "sexy" dreams about Bush

We are donating to help AAR reach more communities. Great idea.

After reading evacuation stories I'm beginning to think a motorcycle

Another Evacuation Story, this one on I-10 headed west.

gittin' drunk and depressed tonight, thinkin' about my country

I can't use my pre-paid hotel reservation Saturday night in DC.

Call 1-877-762-8762 NOW and tell Sen Patrick Leahy that you are

Pat Buchannan calls Cindy Sheehan a "malignant tumor"

The Huston evac fiasco proves exactly why we need more Amtrak

LIST OF NAMES for the Here in Spirit sign!

Harry Reid just told Ed Schultz he doesn't know what Blackwater Security

Empty cars lined up on interstate cause they ran out of GAS! WTF?

I read today that the hose nozzles on the military gas trucks they


The bodies and the death toll in New Orleans will never be known because

Tom DeLay's staffer will hang-up on you...

Japan's Debt higher than US?

Hope: A Liberal Cardinal Was a CONTENDER against RATZINGER

Christain school Expels girl for having gay parents

David Safavian has ties to terror organizations?? (ex-Bush official)

We now have a 100,000 people in my town of 35,000.

The New Orleans Crocodile myth

CSPAN Schedule Saturday September 24

Sitting here in Houston watching the traffic go by

How to get the NY Times OPED Columns WITHOUT paying. LEGALLY

Msg from a friend of mine in NOLA:

A calm and constructive attempt at healing the DU divide over war and

FOX Caught Editing The O'Reilly/Donahue Transcript

Posting pics this weekend from DC protest march - preview

Good luck to all who march tomorrow


Gas to exceed $5 in the very near future

Ace NBC reporter David Gregory blogs his take on Feeble Son's photo ops

Could anyone give me a reason not to vote for Dennis Kucinich?

Let's move New Orleans to Kansas!!

Cool research tool: Find rich welfare recipients

Have you seen this anti-Bush sticker?

The President says we are "wrong"

Want proof Bush has been hitting the bottle?

The rally will be televised live on Linktv

I'm no engineer - But WTF with the Levees?

Today I faced poverty in this country

D.C. Rally Picture Thread

CBS News: Hurricane strength "Only 1 MPH is due to Global Warming"

Was New Orleans, LA *ever* called NOLA before Katrina?

Bush*t Press Conference according to Doonesbury

Quick- I need a link to the photo of Bush signing the flag

Amnesty International: Cops abuse gays, need to add liaison officers

There once was a time this country would have pulled together


An Evacuation Story ========>

What will it take to have the US sign the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty?

Why didn't the reporters ask BUSH if he was back DRINKING again?

Do you think BUSH is a mean DRUNK?

Half of Europe's Citizens Know 2 Languages

Season premiere of West Wing

Why is anyone surprised at the traffic jams in Texas?

Are America's wealthy that greedy?

If you could pick one of these two issues to be fully addressed and

Laura's at a Gala ---pix->>>

I would like to start a David Gregory appreciation thread.

I plan to be in DC tomorrow.

I've just had a thought, and I apologize in advance if it's too dark.

Bill Frist and Tom DeLay Fend Off Questions of Ethical Improprieties

Chaplain Commands Satan Out of NO: "Soldiers bring the word of God"

Who's the new crony at Customs and Border Protection?

Why Colorado?

New Levee breaks in 9th Ward, ...water filling up city again.

Bill Clinton, Beyond the White House....

Lurking Freepers: THIS is why many of you still hang on in Lock Step

Know your BFEE: Reinhard Gehlen

Let's Be The Party Of Optimism Again...


Bush's Spoiled TX Rita Photo-Op - What Did Karl Have Planned? >>>

Senator Dayton introduces Department of Peace legislation in the Senate!

Is DU becoming that which we hate most?

The Real Reason Buses Didn't Evacuate N.Orleans - Chicago Tribune


Who will be more quoted---SHAKESPEARE or DYLAN?

I just donated $50 to Air America Radio.

Winter is coming- Pine Ridge needs our help.

A Callout to Our Dear Friend, merci_me

Has anyone heard the Canadian Psalm?

Guardian: Unhealthy competition (sell-off of the NHS)

Terror arrest at Manchester Airport

Blair criticised over 'invisible presidency' of the EU

EU military attaches walk out at Iran parade

Greyhound requiring employees to screen for illegal immigrants

Poll: Storm Changed Americans' Attitudes

U.S. government orders aid to Texas ahead of surging hurricane Rita

Grave May Hold Nazi Camp Slaves

CIA director wants to expand operations overseas - Forbes

Jewish bomb plotter jailed in US

House OKs Faith as Head Start Hiring Issue

Israel Seeks Seat on U.N. Security Council

Sanders opposing plans to finance Katrina relief with cuts

9-11 crash victim Barbara Olson arrested in Europe

Soldier in Ar Ramadi killed by small arms fire (1911)

One Soldier killed and one wounded by IED (1912)

Judge hears motions on GOP eavesdropping suit

Feds use states secrets privilage to screw man out of patent rights

Ehrlich Staffer Endorsed Firing:E-Mails Recount Democrat's Removal

FBI thought Lennon was too stoned to start a revolution

Researchers to Clone Water Buffalo

Protesters' Trial May Go to the Jury Today

Baghdad car bomb kills at least two

TWENTY EVACUEES DEAD IN BUS FIRE (minutes ago) other source-1 dead

Conference Calls Detail Katrina Concerns,Failings (explosive tapes on NPR)

Rita's First Casualties

Bush, Rove Press Congress on Illegal-Worker Proposal

Iraq: Blair studying early 'exit ticket'

Wolfowitz Wavers on Debt-Relief Plan

Federal government promises fuel deliveries to Rita evacuees

Many Poor Residents Stuck in Houston


New flooding begins in New Orleans

Rita Floods New Orleans Again

Exodus from Rita’s wrath slow going

Bush saddened by killer bus blaze

Chavez staying true to pledge for U.S. poor

Poll: Granholm, Stabenow still lead 2006 GOP opponents

Ensign: Spending cuts needed now: Nevada senator, five other Republicans

Ensign plans trip to Gulf to help with stranded pets

Syria Said Aims to Thwart Iraq Democracy

Ex-GOP insider to do time and more

No Way Out: Many Poor Stuck in Houston

Frist's HCA Stock Sale Being Investigated

CIA director wants to expand operations overseas

Mexico Offers Help for Rita's Homeless

NCAA Finds Fraud at TCU

Wind farms to spare the birds

Canada: Rita fuels surge in gas prices (US$7.26/gal)

The neocons would be laughing if Rita and Katrina hit France.

Bush skipping Texas for now, heading to Colorado

Syria blames U.S. for Iraq infiltrators

U.S.: Policy to Unite Iraq Is Working ("deserve support")

Middle East tension rises as UN prepares to accuse Syria of Hariri assassi

All Gulf of Mexico crude prod halted

EU Submits Iran Motion to U.N. Agency

Area opponents of Iraq war hoping to change hearts in Washington

Kilgore's Abortion Position Draws Fire

KHOU: Live Hurricane Coverage from Houston

Orioles End Palmeiro's Controversial Year

Circuit court denies relief for pharmacists (IL Gov Rule Holds Up)

Report Attacks "Myth" Of Foreign Fighters (90% Of Insurgents Are Iraqis)

US soldiers kill deputy mayor, two police officers in northern Iraq

US agency says tax breaks too costly, need review (GAO)

NOLA - Water pouring into Ninth Ward; waist high and rising

Bush Pledges to Keep Close Eye on Rita (jr is in "management mode")

Cancer expert to take over US FDA post - W. House (Von Eschenbach)

Flooding in NOLA anew as Levees breach -- Reuters

Offer of buses fell between the cracks (GOP donors get contracts -Katrina)

Holdouts Dim Prospects for Nuke Test Ban

Prosecutors, SEC Probe Frist Stock Sale

Bush To Monitor Rita From Colorado Friday

Protesters in Colombia, Peru Rally Against Free Trade With U.S.

Bush skips Texas to avoid hampering Rita response (update)

Iraq War Vet Makes Plea Deal in Vegas Slay

Egyptian-Born MD Gets $2.5M in Search Suit

No2ID ejected from government's ID roadshow (for handing out leaflets)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 23 September

Lawyers Visit Detainees on Hunger Strike

Global warming's effect on river flow examined

Bush promises not to get in way of Rita relief (while doing photo op)

South Texas Paper Now Regrets Evacuation Call

Army Corps of Engs battle with NOLA flooding -- (update) WaPo

Floating airport idea is promoted (in San Diego)

Rita Update -- 24 Killed when bus catches fire in TX, etc --AP

Militants Threaten Nigerian Oil Stations After Leader's Arrest

Police: Bus carrying Rita evacuees explodes near Dallas.

NYTimes: 3 in 82nd Airborne Say Abuse in Iraqi Prisons Was Routine

This is global warming, says environmental chief

Syria says mass troops on borders with Iraq, arrest many infiltrators

Chicago Tribune: Offer of buses fell between the cracks (re: FEMA & NOLA)


Rita expected to flood Port Arthur, smash 6,000 homes

Nevada wins Yucca ruling

U.S. Deploys Warfare Unit to Jam Enemy Satellites (In Space)

Schwarzenegger starts campaign with effort to woo Hispanics

Storms Should Wake Up Neo-Cons: Scientist (Climate Loonies in the States)

London/Thousands expected at anti-war demo

Entergy New Orleans files for bankruptcy in wake of Katrina

Sen. Dayton To Vote Against Roberts

Boy is left behind as his family evacuates

CNN breaking: Water Flows over NO Levee (Corps told Nagin would hold)

Families of troops counter Sheehan

Democrats criticize US accounting of Katrina money

FEC Dismisses Complaints Against Nader

Large fire breaks out in Galveston as Rita nears

Katrina Turns the Poor Into the Destitute

Iraq: Al-Sistani Plans Pro-constitution Fatwa

AP: Best-Laid Plans Weren't Enough in Texas

President Hugo Chavez: "Health is not something to be bought and sold!"

Apple, record labels to face off over pricing

Cubans stopped as they try to reach Haulover Beach (Miami)

New Orleans: Prisoners Abandoned to Floodwaters

Specter: Pentagon Drops Hearing Objection ABLE DANGER

Brzezinski believes U.S. needs to shed paranoia

School Expels Girl for Having Gay Parents

US soldier 'enjoyed Abu-Ghraib abuse'

FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford Resigns

Lautenberg criticizes Rove's North Dakota trip (should be @ post 24/7)

Chevron shuts down second flow station in Nigeria amid unrest

Governor (GA) asks schools to close 2 days to save fuel

New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops (*caution graphic*)

Wesley Clark Sketches an Exit Plan for Iraq (meets with Sheehan)

New evolution spat in U.S. schools goes to court

(Warren) Beatty Rips Schwarzenegger for Policies

Conference Calls Detail Katrina Concerns, Failings

U.S. to Extend Soldiers' Tours in Iraq

FEMA denies Wisconsin disaster aid request

Wonderful news at end of Malloy show (about daughter Molly)

Okay, could Ghost Whisper be any more blatant with it's rip off

Topic for The Late Night Call In Show tonight is Church/State Relations


Jon Stewart to The Almighty : "What part of "God Bless America"

why is it when its time to sleep, that i am the most awake??

I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice tequila.

Believe it, or not

MSM on the word "Terror"

I'm in the 700 Club! Help!

Polymastia (polymazia)/polythelia check-in thread!

A Small Thought For The Wee Hours, My Friends

5 posts to go to get to 6,000!

Someone is probing my shorts again


Late-night picture thread!


Leavander Johnson (boxer) died of injuries

deathmatch: Larry King vs Hugh Hefner

Men Steal Employee's Car From Gas Station, Return Hour Later To Fill Up

What time is it where you are??

Signs your President is an asshole.

Donuts anyone?

Re-branding America

My French teacher rocks!

Pat Boone.... Pimpin' Fresh! And who's that checking him out?

Keen on Jesus in the Hurry Cane

Who'd win in a Bacharach-Mancini death match?

guess who this is (rare b-side)

Who caught Barbra Streisand on Primetime last night?

Today's ZINGS!

Darn 2

People: Tyra Banks, Dennis Quaid, INXS

The one command Linux has to implement if it wants to be a serious OS:

Who here uses Google as a spellchecker?

Introducing the Tequila Diet

Traditional Nudist Clubs In Germany Are In Decline

So I think I'll be at Shahi Nihari tonight!

Someone is probing my ports again

PULP FICTION Lounge Thread

DC protest here I come....advice on outfit?

Should my cousin come to the US for grad school?

Travel to Rio de Janeiro is reporting Barbara Olson is alive (& getting arrested)

Signs your president is drunk

Did Russ Feingold bomb that bus in Dallas?

this is the last time I wear edible underwear to work

My counselor told me the chances of me being able to enlist are slim.

Does anyone know if anyone was 'left behind' due to lack of means

OMG!! Bong-Vodka!! (Cause its all about bringing people together)

"Christian" School Expells Girl Because Parents Are Lesbians

OMG!!!! Crack Pipe Vodka (because it's all about getting more vodka)

So I think I'll be at Hawk and Dove tonight!

Instead of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia should have called these guys


Is anyone else having trouble with hotmail?

this is the last time I wear underpants to work

Anyone have a link to a good war protest sign I can download?

The story of an Iraqi boy who looks like George W. Bush

Throwing underwear at old people while yelling profanities at them


For Canadians/British - check in if you've never voted conservative

Damn, I wish I were in DC right about now.....

Someone has my copy of "On the Waterfront"

Project Gutenberg is a really cool site, but...

Because you kiss....

Thank God for furniture, huh?

Amazing Makeovers

Allergies suck

Okay, so I am buzzed

ROUND FIVE -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

I'm ready

Be sad.

Man charged with raising millions for fake TV show (about DHS)

And the Wind screams Mary

"Now finish up them taters, I'm gonna go fondle some sweaters."

Austin City Limits Festival this weekend

The Official Dusty Springfield appreciation thread

Scotland is the most violent country in the world??????

White Sox win!!!

Who else here bought into that shit that Banana peels get you high?

Just finfished reading the book: Nickel and Dimed

Whew!!! My brother and his family have made it out of Houston

We're having a GIRL!

I'm back

So, we're moving. Any DUers wanna help spiritually?

It's a jazz kinda night

Just got back from Corpse Bride

ok, slay the chicken. offer the libations.

Alright, who did it?

So, I just proposed to my girlfriend.

What're you drinking tonight?

Why do we keep starting new wars when the old ones are still going on?

Because I'm Evil: An Earworm

(Note from our 7 year-old) : I want a bear! Plese Mom,

Ok, time to get serious

Hey DC DUers, Lock the doors and board the windows

What was the longest you ever kept a secret?

WCGreen broke DU

Shirt - I meant to sell my socks today.

Shit - I meant to sell my stocks today

Blondes and Starbucks.....

Are there any more missing white women?

They're reptilians

Crap you drank in college... or just crap you drank...

HILARIOUS! Click the link below

not to ruin your night or anything:

Oh dear i shouldn't have eaten that

New Disease (humor)

Did St. Woody Hayes send the hurricane as revenge against Texas?

Lovely Rita

Is anyone watching "Three Wishes" on NBC?

Here's a good Joke to start your weekend

My Go Tribe thread - Friday edition

Am I the only person that likes ________________?

Blu Creek Blueberry ale....

Who wants some tangerine dark chocolate truffles?

anybody watch "What would you do?" on Primetime ABC last

"less pissing about how things were handled, and more

My mind is a raging torrent


Romantic Comedy's SUCK ASS! Nobody EVER Has 'Morning Breath'

I just found out now that a friend of mine broke off his engagement.

ChicaAzul and I Had An Interesting Hurricane Rita Conversation!

Wanna know how boring my roomies are?

Who watched ER last night?

The Dying Furbabies of Nola *** Link to a New Action Alert *** (Graphic)

Some German mechanics have too much time on their hands....

Need help finding a book! Something not good going down

How do you know you're getting TOO comfortable in a relationship?

Mom, 34, gives birth to PUPPIES!

One of the grossest commercials ever

Why do I have to remember the Alamo?

Photoshopertunity...use in a sentence...

I just thought of a great money making idea!

My god. Jim Cramer is insane.....

Fabulous football food

after a rough long week at work, theres nothing like ....

Why are the birds trying to break into my house?

post a pic of your hometown

Fancy restaurants

Man, I'm watching this special on the wildlife in the Galapagos on

I am super pissed off

DU Deadheads: [Kick your weekend off right!] 2-9-73

It's Friday ya Bastards, Sister Randi is preaching

Damn it all! I wanted to see Viggo's A History of Violence tonight.

Favorite clasic opera author? (No, not the browser. The music.)

Nickel movies

OMG!!! This is HUGH!!1

Post a pic of some animals native to where you live.

My pants are a ragin inferno

Ever notice that Barbara Bush looks like Clint Eastwood?

What would be the ultimat challenge for West Coast Customs?

cat and donut

Call me paranoid but I believe the

What'd I miss?

Hey Bugnuts - I had one of these in the garage the other day

If stupidity were a bannable offense on DU

Earth, Wind, or Fire?

Miz t.'s birthplace about to be whupped on bad.

Does anyone have the link to the photo of

It's amazing how uptight people get

Question: Is it hopeless to post a Lost Bird poster if your bird escapes?

Acrophobic? Scared of heights?

post a pic of your homeboy

FireFox update with security fixes is ready for download

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Getting a lot of error messages...

I'm going to unleash Khan!

Oh god, she's mobile...

Which Manties Would Matcom Wear?


I want a Muppet that looks like me. Where do I go for this?

McDonald's "Big 'n Tasty" burger

What a great week!!

Cat fans, I assume you all know about kittenwar....

Anyone own Dyson vacuum cleaners?


Halloween candy has hit the stores, it's not as good

what is your favorite stalk?

I'm leaving work in 20 minutes!

Is anyone else having trouble getting to Air America website?

So I know I'm way late on this but,


What are you listening to - at this exact moment?

I'm going to unleash Chang!

Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell

A little humor for a Friday afternoon.

Pretty bird . . . AWK . . . pretty bird!

iPod Nano owners in screen scratch trauma

What is wrong with some people? (My trip to the bank)

'Daily Show' Auctioning Off Old Set

Beautiful dream...

Thank heavens it's gone....

Heavy Rains, Thunder, Lightning, wind picking up, tornado warnings,

My E-Mail Addy won the lottery.



Heads up to those buying or owning pellet stoves.

*^*Sky rockets in flight *^* ..... Afternoon delight

Paper cuts SUCK!!

You know... If you log off DU, the error messages go away

So, do you think the press will bother to show

What music have you listened to lately?

Let's play Bug report id poker

Create your Bush speech here!

Would a company hold a past drug test against you?

The Ultimate Sobriety Test

Why do you give a fuck?

I know I'm in a minority here, but I'm not crazy about Tim Burton's movies

no song lyrics posting in a while, so here's Woodpecker from Mars

Proofreader needed

Anybody see "Flightplan" yet?

Rita Cosby was pretty funny tonight.

Some of my favorite RW images


These error messages are...PISSING....ME...OFF!!!

it's Friday, what are you having for lunch?

DVR/Tivo alert - Galactica 'finale' to run 2 minutes over an hour

BREAKING: 2 levees re-break in New Orleans!

So the other week, I saw a guy I knew coming out of the Porn section

Well, here we are.


I was flipping through the channels just now...

What is your favorite Microsoft Gaffe? (tm)

So I'm sitting here in a really cool coffee/sandwich shop in DC

T Shirt for Fearless Leader

I love martha stewart

Anyone ever have a lump on their head from smacking

Post what you consider to be, "stupid shit."

Funny Funny Funny

post a pic of your colonoscopy

An error was encountered, please try again shortly.

I HATE Weather Schizophrenia!

What is your favorite flower?

It's Sci-fi Friday!

Happy Birthday to THE BOSS!

Is staying together for the kids a good idea? nt

V. sad: Barry Cowsill still missing from Katrina

Horse & Hound: Girl Arrested Over Bollocks To Blair Shirt

any Hawaiian burger joints near you?

Some people are so very stupid.


Anyone still online who is going to the party in DC tonight?

Do you think I should help Stella out?

*NEW* record for most Valentines sent to guinea pig

A Gentle Good Morning, my Lounge Friends

Spongebob Squarepants elected as Chancellor

GD is stealing our posts! Let's get them!

ooh, I Love album sides Friday...

Hateful E-mail

Do We Have a Plan in Place for Houston DU'ers to check in?

What was the worst video game console of all time?

So is unemployment actually going to CALL?

Good Morning, Everybody!

OKAY, do any of you have a cat that...

When does Star Trek take place?

Bush's 23rd Psalm...don't know if posted...but HILARIOUS!


My cat was abused

What song contains the words to the tatoo on Charlie's shoulder on "Lost"

My heart goes out to the good people of Louisiana and Texas.

See you on Monday. Hope you enjoy your weekend out

for those who haven`t seen this

What's happening in DC today?

Now this is just messed up . . .

Chris Rock's new show

It's time to play: "COUNTER DUBYA!"

I'm on my way to DC right now.

FeLV+ kitten needs a home

It's time for another "post a pic of your computer space" thread!

Anyone watch Ghost Whisperer?

Who else here is a Bonnie Raitt fan?

Who is up for an educational filmstrip? Tonight's topic; The Sphincter

There Are Lesbians In D.C. Tonight. LESBIANS!!

I'm trapped at work. Let me live vicariously through you.

What is your Dog doing on a Friday night???

The man who sold the world?

Stump BigMcLargehuge with Kaiju (Giant Monster) trivia!

I just got THE funniest DVD in my collection.

Why don't people wear helmets anymore when cycling??

Who else has seen the uncut version of "The Last House On The Left?"

Here it is, Friday night, and I'm alone.


Stupid Question. Can we blow up hurricanes?

I'm in crystal city, va.... ask me anything.

I am such a hippie.. I love this song

What's your best impression?

blonde joke:

They just said on MSNBC that one of the reasons Bushie left Washington...

So they're all down there in DC, having all the fun, and

Favorite fictional product names.

"Battlestar Galactica" time


I made a homemade Apple Pie to die for.

mmmmm...... Moosetracks.

Winter's coming

Children's names 'spell trouble'

I'm right and you're wrong.

Tonight's my first night shift at the hospital.. nervous..

Still amazed at Donahue O'Rilley interview

Well... the winds are picking up

I'd be willing to be a mod if I they'd put a Kohler sink in my quarters

Anyone ever tried the program "Konfabulator?" Lots of cool Widgets

News of Steven Colbert's New Show on Comedy Central!

When you fly home, what airport code is on your baggage tag?

Is there any GOOD news

I just felt like posting pictures of our feathered friends . . .

What era shaped your consciousness? What years are your touchstone?

This is (under the present circumstances) incredibly poor taste

If you're out to dinner with your wife and kids...

I Just Got A DISTURBING Phone Call From A FREAKY Woman!

"Post ONLY the punchline to a joke" thread

Am I the only person here who likes the DLC?

I feel bad about asking ,

Our first dispatch from Washington: GOPisEvil is happiest man in DC

Bush is a dumbass jokes

Scorsese's Bob Dylan documentary plays Monday and Tuesday on PBS

Widget needs a home

What do you collect?

Anyone seen 'A History of Violence' yet? No spoilers please.

Happy Mabon, the Autumn Equinox

Question for people who know the Bible more than I do

Listen to the trees

Does support, by many religious groups, of ignoring the Constitution's

Atheism used to be on the march, religion on the back foot. Times change.

The Goddess of the Israelites

The spiritual telephone....

Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People

Has kudzu made its way to your state yet?

Review of solar system may leave Pluto out in the cold

Researchers to Clone Water Buffalo

Massachusetts Churches Jeopardizing Tax-Exempt Status

MA StatehouseNewsPoll (SHNP) polls MA same-sex marriage . . .

Hats off to Pennsylvania

Tenn. gives Love In Action another week to seek license

Repent America challenges (hate crimes) law

Gay-themed stories rank high on list of attempted book bans

Study examines link between meditation and T-cell count


Interesting "poll" on dating someone of a different political affiliation

Gay Marriage doesn't destroy families. Presidents who refuse to pay for...

Gay Men Ponder Impact of Proposal by Vatican

Hurricane Katrina Bisexual Hurricane Relief Fund

Gay student club under fire in Madison County (Ga.)

Holocaust survivor to speak at Anti-gay banquet for Article 8 Alliance

What makes someone gay or straight?

Christian school expels girl for having gay parents

Orioles End Palmeiro's Controversial Year

Yanks up by 1 game over Red Sox after 4 game sweep of Orioles.

All hail 5 pounds! (Jorge Posada)

Palmiero Names Tejada as Teammate Who Gave Him 'Substance'

Boxer Dies From Injuries Sustained in Bout (Las Vegas 5 Days Ago)

For One Week, I'm The Biggest Pittsburgh Steeler Fan Around

NCAA Finds Fraud at TCU

Keep up the fight!...Re: NOLA: Picture Warning.....

Vet needed in Houston - SOS from woman evacuating -

Update on our Katrina pet rescue operation

Widget needs a home

Okay, I have a question. I have had 444 come up in my life too


Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

What Richard Dawkins had to say shortly after 9/11.

Question for people who know the Bible more than I do

Did I Make Myself Clear?

Levitow award

"not much dissent or discussion in the 'mega-churches' "

Hello, Atheists and Agnostics Group

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)

Ah, you have to love the Boston Globe...wait a minute, no you don't

TNR Mike Crowley's column about Kerry - Grr but funny if you remember they

Kerry: U.S. Must Address “Real Test” Posed by Hurricane Katrina

Kerry Joins Effort to Protect Communities’ Rights to Provide Broadband

Back from vacation - found Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker heaven!

Oy, this one's giving me a headache

My favorite part of the Brown Speech

email from Robert Reich

ASTB Covers Rita (the hurricane, that is) 9-23-05

Remember that old saying

MO National Guardsman interviewed by local station says they...

Anybody listening to Dan Patrick today?

Folks, Alison may really be going places.

I thought you guys would like to know...

Have a great weekend, everyone

Wait until we see the price tag for Rita

"We will do what it takes. We will stay as long as it takes." - Bush

NOLA: Thousands of long-vacant apts sit empty on dry land, while FEMA buys

That Pure, White Bianca

Very funny Bu$h description

Bush is a coward and not a real man.

Who are we running against for '08? It won't be *

Quid Pro What?


Why no regular news updates on Rita?

It's no wonder people are turning to the Green Party

Should dems stand w/ the war now & vote against it AFTER they get in offic

Point Out The Difference

Drip, drip, drip.

More Republican Hypocrisy

Can somebody please explain this?

Brit Hume corrected mistake thanks to DU

'Your County Judge' ... okay, I don't know Tixis, but what's this about?

How much does Katrina have to do with Bush's poll numbers?

Priorities or Pork?

'The President is eager to show that he's engaged in preparation for Rita'

Imus to Monica Crowley: Do you have an I.V. drip pumping neocon Kool-Aid?

Which Dem candidate in 2008 will be able to beat Diebold ?

Indicted GOP lobbyist claimed he "had contact with Karl Rove"

Here's a cam with the right attitude

President Bush Job Approval at 45% - Rasmussen Reports

Today in History - GOP Nostalgia

UK scientist slams U.S. climate 'loonies'

A spot of help, if you can spare a few moments

House Vote Allowing Religious Discrimination In Head Start Hiring

Intl. renowned correspondent Robt. Fisk barred from entering US

Need Video of Billy and Phil Interview

Wolfowitz gives his girlfriend a new job

Can it get so bad that it is good (for idiot son)?

Kerry: U.S. Must Address “Real Test” Posed by Hurricane Katrina

Another letter just arrived from Howard Dean about opposing Roberts.

Need Billy and Phil Video...

What can we do to get Phil Donahue on AAR? n/t

"So, what was it like sleeping in your car last night?"

Gannett newspapers still linking 911 to Iraq

Latest bumper sticker from Long Island, N.Y.

GOP Congressman Says Bush No Reagan Conservative

50,000 NG on the ground in Texas...are there any left in LA??

HCA Subpoenaed! Believed Related to Frist Stock Sale

Does anyone have any thoughts on these acts that passed the Senate?

Ooops...Cat 3 now...

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

Anti-war rally setup pics: Friday

Alright ill say it .. (2008)

Bush Is FEMA --pix->>>

* wusses away from San Antonio!

JOhn Conyers - Help Prevent the Implementation of a Modern Day Poll Tax

FEC dismisses complaint that GOP not allowed to put Nader on State Ballots

For the critics of Obama's speech last week

HUGE news: Pombo(R- 11-CA) is trying to sell of national parks

Can someone find a picture for me

An Editorial in the New Orleans Paper you will enjoy (subj: bush)

Chimp in "Hurricane Management Mode" (San Antonio off itinerary)

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida very impressed with Roberts....

Is anyone familiar with these acts that passed the House?

Bush fights improved programs for poor-favors only one time Hurricaine fix

Bush Design has been anything but Intelligent....its all Bad news spun

New frame. Scottie: "As you and I know..."

President Orders Evacuation of Parts of DC

Holy Crap! *Galloway & Hitchens on Bill Maher tonight *Holy Crap!

A new word to describe Dear Leader - Femophobic

Rich and Poor Divide Grows - The Financial Hurricane

Remember on West Wing when Bartlett was aiding storm victims?

On disaster planning

Don't You All Feel Safer Now That * Is Going To Monitor Rita....

Gregg (R-NH) Won't Rule Out Deferring Tax Cuts To Pay For Katrina

Okay! It's official. The trifecta is complete!

So in two years and change, we'll be deciding among

Warped Priorities of the Bush Admin: Build Nuclear Plants in Gulf States

TELL ME Bush is paying attention at today's "briefing." TELL ME, dammit!

Presidential succession

* Today Chimpy is going to "President School" : these are actual quotes!

DNC: Frist Puts Personal Gain and Corporate Lobbyists Ahead of ...People

Running scared???

Interesting quote from the Frist news article on Yahoo news.

General Clark will be on Fox with O'Lielly at 8:35 tonight

If you were a war hero, would you accept a Medal of Honor from ...

Bush portrayed as a "hands-on, rapid-response leader during a crisis"

Stand Up for Jim McDermott - He needs your help!

Instead of 50,000 Peeps stuck in the Superdome NOLA , we got 100,000 STUCK

Civil war underway in Iraq, experts say.....

Hey Democrats, get a clue!!

Al Gore

Bush Pledges to Keep Close Eye on Rita

> Administration adopts a chunk of Heritage Foundation's agenda.

Email these Dems and tell them to co sponsor overturning wage cut

I love Stephanie Miller and Jim Ward for Blitzer-Cosby impressions

Did the name of the PDB about Bin Laden become public only after the 9/11

Is Rick Perry disappointed that Rita is turning North?

So has Rush lambasted the Bush is drinking story yet?

82nd Airborne abused Iraq prisoners 'for amusement'

Can anyone provide me a video link to Jeanine Pirro Do I have page 10?

Legend - Death curse threatens U.S. presidents elected in years

Update on Fight Against the 21st Century Poll Tax

On MSNBC it was just suggested that if you were in the storm path...

Running like a scared little girl!

Tierney/Leach bi-partisan bill to study Katrina contracts (H.Res.449)

Bush is LBJ Caliber Spendthrift - Spending more than LBJ

Kerry Joins Effort to Protect Communities’ Rights to Provide Broadband

Is there a connection? Rev Moon and "unleashing Chang"?

Pelosi: Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast Must Not be Plagued by the Same..

The stage is set, Mr. President. This is your absolute best chance.

SO.... Here i am within view of the washington monument....

It's high time to call a spade a spade, GWB is a LIAR! He LIED

Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX2): Katrina victim debit cards used for LAP DANCES

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.: Why bother to fight Roberts?

CSPAN Schedule Saturday September 24

Some of us were clearly wrong about Osama bin Laden

Grover Norquest's Wet Dream Comes True

What should be the direction of the Democratic party?

Yeah, now who's laughing: Biden - againts Roberts, Feingold voted FOR HIM

Congressional Healthcare

Reagan's Middle Name Was Disaster

FBI thought Lennon was too stoned to start a revolution

We Need Phil Donahue NOW!

Has ANYONE here bothered to read this? (Feingold's statement re: Roberts)

The Age: "Ill winds of Rita might offer Bush a political ray of sunshine"

Nixon Had the Balls to Meet With War Protestors

AAR has "Welcome to Thom Hartman to the AAR family" on the banner

The Ostroy Report blog: AL Gore Could be Our Next President

Great Toles CARTOON combines the new FBI Porn Squad'll see:

Hitchins is already leaning...who wants to take bets on how long

Coming up,...... A CAT 7 Storm for BUSH, A huge Recession lasting 3 years,

Wes Clark met with Cindy Sheehan!!

Damn, that Rita Cosby's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.......

Taking back the House and Senate

Air Force Col Robert Bowman:Bush, Cheney, NeoCONs TREASONous

How Republicans Plan to Pay for Cleanup - No repeal of the Tax Cuts

Breaking: Senator Dayton will introduce a Dept. of Peace bill in Senate

News of Steven Colbert's New Show on Comedy Central!

Be sure to vote on DFA's first 2006 congressional endorsement! (Uses IRV)

When will Hillary make her hard move to the left?

Another General that hates America

Buzzflash Hypocrite of the Week

Gay Marriage doesn't destroy families. Presidents who refuse to pay for...