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Archives: September 20, 2005

Katrina and Iraq -- 2 sides of the same coin

Juan Cole: Security Situation in Baghdad Sinking like the Titanic

Arrowhead-Weston issue will haunt Doyle in election

Vladimir Explains Iraq to George

Chavez vows to help U.S. poor

Totally impressive- Boulder Weekly prints best LTEs

Is anyone from NOLA getting through to FEMA????

Violence in Basra exposes myth of trust between British and Iraqi forces

cool new webmail

Amygdala: a few quick url edits will get you your NYT Select

W's Dilemma: Landfall of Rita......No Bid Contracts

Interesting "review of Krugman" for NYT Select readers/nonreaders

Anybody see what the asshats at AOL put on their main page tonight?

N.O. Evacuees are headed for Arkansas from Houston:

Democrats face pressures on Roberts issue

Ssshhh! "Be vewy, vewy quiet! here is a widdle secwet!

WalMart Accused of Denying Lunch Breaks

When did the list of US dead start going backwards?

red alert! if you haven't seen this, please check this out.

Why is Kucinich not a member of the

Stripes letters: on Low morale/TX governor should visit troops/Read PNAC

Not to wish ill on the folks in Texas, but I pray

Gore: ""We face a global emergency, a deepening climate crisis that ...

Diminishing returns: DeKalb County (GA) CEO asks the Red Cross to LEAVE

Ex-Iraqi Defence Minister Wanted over $1bn fraud

Ex-Iraqi defence minister wanted over $1bn fraud

Survey: MAS, Favorite ahead of Bolivian Elections [socialist]

NYT: Ex-White House Aide Charged in Corruption Case

[Germany] New election looms as Greens reject Merkel

If Allowed to Run, Colombia’s Uribe Would Win

Hostettler (R-Ind.) says he voted against Katrina relief efforts ...

US Senate Democrat seeks to limit fuel price hikes

Damn - the Redskins are gonna win!

Help! I just spilled Guinness on my keyboard!

Hi, bored BarcaLoungers. Here's a 'hack', not worthy of the name

Funny how visiting a website is a lot like visiting a restaurant....


Be rude to me!

It's a real shame - Rage Against the Machine.......

Any websites out there that make good use of Flash animation?

Anyone here smoke weed?

Damn..I love to see the Dallas Cowboys Eat Shit!

I just got some great news!

AuntAgonist Is Groovy


Help me find figures on number of evacuees from Lousiana.

You all were right, Tucker Carlson is a ‘ho.

Most of damaged housing in NO was affordable, low income housing (HUD)

Cruel Confinement of ‘Enemy Combatant’ in United States(H.Rights Watch)

DU this poll: " Who is most to blame for the failure to

Do you agree with Roberts that the police were right in dragging a 12-year

Cruel Confinement of ‘Enemy Combatant’ in United States (H.Rights Watch)

Bush Dusts Off Bill's Pyongyang Playbook

How FEMA delivered Florida for Bush

Project Censored 2006

FEMA's faults extend beyond handling of Hurricane Katrina

Blair 'relished sending British forces to war'

John Nichols: Galloway's frankness invigorates, shocks Americans

Trent Lott's Porch

Rude Pundit: John Roberts Is No Stealth Nominee:

Jonathan Steele (The Guardian): Germany voted against neoliberalism

Leaders Who Won't Choose - By Fareed Zakaria Newsweek

Newsweek: Cash and 'Cat 5' Chaos

A David Rovics Review

Denis Hamill: Bush's 'bullhorn moment' just bull (Great Read!)

Kerry and Edwards Say Bush's Actions Have Been a Disaster

Links to PBS Carter/Baker Election Reform plus links to document

Another Country - This will scare you!

Republicans have abandoned small government


SF Gate Editorial on Faith Based FEMA screwups:

Molly Ivins: Happy Media Accountability Day! (most underreported stories)

Made in China: Your Job, Your Future, Your Fortune

The day that Iraqi anger exploded in the face of the British occupiers

Bush's uncaring tax-cut math

Who Will Bush Tap As Next Court Nominee?

Coalition forces apprehend terror doctors, prevent terror clinic

Here's why it matters that New York is run by a Republican

America am(Bush)ed (Ron Fournier)

What show did you watch during the war, Daddy? (Rall)

Allen author compiles the good news from Iraq (suppressed by lib MSM)

Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

Emotional Rather blasts 'new journalism order'

ABC News: Government Flood Insurance Program Called into Question

LA Times/Robert Scheer: Three weeks of insights on Bush and Katrina

Chavez Raises His Profile at U.N. Summit

This year's fast-forming hurricanes buck trend, puzzle meteorologists

Galloway Replies to Greg Palast

A strong economy depends on a strong sense of materialism

Catholic Church steps up campaign to oust Spanish government

British "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving Booby Trapped Car

Party's Over for Betrayed Republican

America is Bankrupt

"The results speak for themselves" Doonesbury

Gloucester (MA) Daily Times: "Frozen FEMA Fiasco" (Unreal!)

Concerning these abrupt forming hurricanes in the West Atlantic...

Check Out A Website - News, Action Alerts, Links, Resources, Organizations

Giggling asshole on Randi

Sacrificing pork for the Gulf Coast

White House Proposes New Overfishing Rules (market based)

MN Family Finds Six-Legged Frog, Can't Report It Thanks To Budget Cuts

Whatever happened to...

Farm losses in midwestern drought to exceed Katrina related farm losses.

New Rules: about evil

raw gulf temp data

Survey: Environment a Low Voter Priority

NYT: Rita is a Cat 2, expected to strengthen before hitting LA &TX

Simmons: The Real Oil Shock

A Chief Justice Already Testing Environmental Law's Pillars

Israel: Palestinians, Egypt have sealed border

The new partition plan

Israel pulls last troops from West Bank as Abbas strains

Sharon Seeks Disarmament of Militants

Complete Report on 4th Anniversary Protest in New York City

don't know if this has been posted

Can any skeptic explain this video of WTC7?

Regional presidential primaries? HUH?

Executive Director of National Election Reform Commission Goes Ballistic

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in *'s America

Carter/Baker report can't face how the GOP stole Americas 2004

Rigging machines is too slow, CA gov has a faster plan

Fraud charges need response--Published in the Asbury Park Press 09/20/05

Steps must be taken to guarantee that every vote counts. Concord Monitor

Requiring photo-ID as a protection of our election system

Cox, Stephens back paper vote receipts

Are there any legal opinions that state the AutoMARK ballot

Bush approval rating at 40 percent

Federal panel urges e-voting paper trail-- Tri Valley Herald

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 9/20/05

Carter endorses national ID card to vote.

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush: A Descriptive Summary

OC Weekly's Matt Coker: GOP EATS ITS OWN

Katrina-esque question - Those houses, built on the cliffs (and prone

Affirmative Action in California

Did anyone catch the Freudian slip on KLSD this morning?

Westly Goes Public With Tax Records

It's raining, it's pouring...

Vote Braley and Loebsack!

Medea Benjamin speaks in Boston - here's my recap (posted on request)

Worcester Firefighter OxyContin use probed

Conn. won't recognize Mass. same-sex marriages

Corp Media covage of Cindy Sheehan & Medea Benjamin in Cambridge / Boston

new flyer at

GOP Mayoral Candidate Harrington assaults fireman on television

What Paty Affiliation is Hennigan? (nt)

Another first for Brockton — homeless stage protest

Chris Williams at Sanders Theatre with Ellis Paul - benefit CHAF

Is duct cleaning necessary?

Tor mirror directory question

Self Delete - wrong forum

Desktop search?

Whoa. Opera is free. Permanently.

OOOPs self-delete

Austin City Limits Festival to be streamed live.

Galveston County orders mandatory evacuations

Damn, Damn, Damn... Looks like ACL Fest is going to get rained out...

I've had it!!

DFA Grassroots All-Star, Round 2 -Vote Now Through 9/24

So which one of you was at Bayshore today?

Ray Taliaferro has a freeper on line and is going ballistic -- stream

cowboys, dressed as indians, kill some white settlers, & the war goes on

bush to make another masturbatory trip to new orleans today

TRIFECTA - only 1 to go

9/11 was the greatest bush photo-op EVER

London bombers 'did practice run'

Where is OUR Simon Wiesenthal to track down the bushco NAZIS?

the london bombers: were they REALLY BRITS?

NOLA - Philly Evacuees treated to a Saints game.

Who Runs DU?

Vonnegut's Liberal Crap I Never Want to Hear Again (Daily Show)

From the "they don't get much more stupid than this" department

Katrina and Rebuild green info

Okay, so the news today, did it just really suck or what? I mean

damit!!! some a$$hole just tried to steal my generator

Blair 'relished sending British forces to war'

Houston was hit with a Cat. 5 hurricane before, it was called Carla

The Rude Pundit - John Roberts Is No Stealth Nominee:

night DU, thundestorms geting bad here

Pentagon voices optimism on Iraq's 'tough reality'

Straw Poll over at Daily KOS. Go vote for your favorite Dem

Most assinine Freeper/Bushbot/Dittohead stance and how you ripped it apart

The Two British Soldiers.

We just booked our trip for Sept 24 March on DC

A hero has died!

Ed Schultz Show Picks Up Affiliate No. 100

Since the ocean and atmosphere...

Remember when we were prosperous and happy under Clinton?

Uh-oh, Good Morning America starts in on Katrina scammers

NIGHTLINE is doing Charity Hospital and FEMA.

They lie ... been doing it all along

How many people in Gretna, LA

Stabenow on WJ CSPAN--It's not about blame...

Another clueless LTTE from... well the clueless.

You know what sucks

FEMA Ready for Rita?


When is Fuax and Rush going to talk about the 2 british soldiers "caught"

8 American soldiers, security agents killed in Iraq attacks

We're burning up foreign aid - to us.

Suicide Bomber Kills U.S. Diplomat in Iraq shows a good timeline of Katrina and who did what

Need some advice, would you sign this?

FEMA's Great Hawaii Adventure. Someone jog my memory.

Snorting Coke & Drinking Whiskey for decades can lead to Insanity?

why do gop callers on c-span....

Pentagon voices optimism on Iraq situation

Schröder could stay as chancellor until poll in new year

BBC reporting: "militias" involved in Basra incident

Evil Idea - Donate a quarter to the RW'ers

Call John Roberts's Bluff

Thunderstorms dazzle So Cal last night/this morning!

But But But. . . .I thought Bush Admin didn't read polls!

The 'Blame America' Right

Sinking shown by Rasmussen as well

Guess Limbaugh Won't Be Whining About Lack Of Rasmussen Cites Today

Bush: A Catastrophe that Walks Like a Man

"Bush is a bungler, not a racist " tu Richard Cohen?

Hannity Uses Radio Show For Campaign Fundraising

I saw Al Franken and Tom Davis tonight at a lecture/interview...

Molotov Cocktail recipe for this weekend in DC!

We're over 1,900 folks

U.N. Prosecutor Accuses Vatican of Hindering Hunt for Alleged War Criminal

Don't have a favorite Charity? Give Generously to the Iraq War

Pickles Worried Americans Will Become Impatient With Katrina Cleanup

Art detective exposes hidden images to fuel Da Vinci Code conspiracies

4 soldiers die and 4 diplomats in Iraq

Judiciary Committee Eminent Domain hearing

Iraq: A sovereign nation? (pics)

Fuel Cost More Than A Brake Job

New twist on Iraq aid: U.S. seeks donations

Does anyone Visit

Are there any good radio stations or shows out there for Democrats?

Help DU this CNN poll...

Was there any difference in the Bush of 9/11 and the Bush of Katrina ?

What's with the Schoolgirl Photo-Op? --pix->>>

the president is doing the best he can with his limited mental abilities

Mother of Scottish soldier killed in Iraq to join Washington anti-war prot

Crooksandliars - ACCESS FORBIDDEN! error msg.

Downing Street Memo Meeting MP3s

Why Didn't "Smart-One" Jeb Crow Shrub Alert Shrub to Katrina?

Rumsfeld to Katrina: "Thanks"

Watching Cspan on Eminent Domain-I'm SHOCKED that

"British soldiers left... to free Iraq... this is how they are repaid"

Well, I'm thinking about running for Congress.

Need help with racist e-mail verification.

Pat Buchanan on The Imus Show this morning...

Bush Immigration Nominee's Credentials Questioned

Caption this photo of "Slim Witless the Yodeling Moron"

NPR ....Gretna bridge incident...Morning Edition. nt.

geez, i've heard this message on "the news" twice today already...

Question about FEMA personnel -- how much authority do they have?

I wonder if the two undercover MoD guys were doing stuff like this?

Number of dead in the Gulf Coast...any update?

Question about FEMA personnel -- how much authority do they have?

Helpful Hint

Everytime I see that pix of * kissing Dr Death on the Latest page

Bush is to meet with Sheehan.

Blackwells NEW Orwellian/Talaban Christian Moral Declaration..

Do we really need the South.. in order to win in 2008?

Do we really need the South.. in order to win in 2008

This American Life w/ Ira Glass on the Gretna Bridge Incident is online..

TS Rita just became Cat 1 hurricane- eye still 100 miles from Key West

Dov Kakheim on WJ CSPAN now--creepy warmongerer

VIDEO -Dorgan and Durbin's Floor Speeches from this morning

Taking Money from Criminals

Everytime I see that pix of * kissing Dr Death on the Latest page

Let's re-think building that BSL-4 Bio Lab on Galveston Island, huh?

Do we really need the South... in order to win in 2008?

Do we really need the South in order to win in 2008?

Quick, mail a copy of our "Patriot Act." to Karzai.


I've heard Laura referred to as Pickles here.

Question about FEMA personnel -- how much authority do they have?

Why Can’t We Get A Refund On Gasoline?

If Jeb can have a "mystical warrior"/invisible playmate, so can we!

*'s FIFTH visit to Gulf Coast

Man Dies: Slimebag Gov. Bredesen Saves Money Via Medicaid Cuts

Let's play a game... If the Bush family didn't have money

What benefit has the invasion of Iraq brought to the US?

Does anyone have information on The St.Patrick's Four from yesterday

How much of the GOP $$$ comes from Fundamentalist Christians?

Iraq War progress pic's - ya gotta see this

Time for world to shun USA says one Canadian (warning major rant)

Bush's 'bullhorn moment' just bull - by Denis Hamill - NY Daily News

&M drops Moss over drug claims

WaPo: Scandal Visits the White House

Type "failure" into Google search

My reply to racist e-mail.

Cindy Sheehan Speaks NYC /video

Starbucks promotes Homo agenda in Waco

A children's nursery rhyme about Blair's Iraq war lies, won first prize...

Bush sucks photo

VIDEO: Cindy Sheehan Speaks at Camp Casey NYC - Police pull plug

What's with the CNN pictures of missing kids - just shadow, if

Bush won't be in DC for the 9.24 protests

FEC Sues "Club for Growth"

Gas prices go up for one simple reason:

DU this Businessweek Poll -- Bill Clinton bashes * on Katrina

I am done...Just speechless

Evolution expert, Dick Dawkins of "The Blind Watchmaker" on FRANKEN

Richard Dawkins coming up on Al Franken!

Hell Freezes over as Bush-bot Malkin slams Bush DHS pick as unqualified

Look what's behind Rita!

British Smash Into Iraqi Jail To Free 2 Detained Soldiers

If it doesn't hurt anyone, then why do it in the first place?


my response from Gitmo

Any landlords among DUers?..If so, Novice w/ questions here..a little help

Hmm, Michael Moore slams CBC

What kind of world do you want to live in?

* in Gulport, MS now:

* has been doing allot of hugging lately (pic)

Rita strengthens to Category 2.

Rummy and Myers on Pentagon Ch lying about iraq right now

Gas prices.

Bush Presidential Library Destroyed by Fire!

Is Bush between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Blackwells Posts his Christian Talaban Dominion Morality rules on gov site

Has there ever been a more hated person than bush*

* is looking a little down today. Please caption pic...

9/20 2PM EDT Rita Now Cat 2 - 50 ESE Key West, Pressure Still Dropping

Do we really need the South.. in order to win in 2008?

!!!!!!!!!!!This is going to be 1 1/2 miles from my house!!!

My Repub co-worker: "What march? I haven't heard about any march"

REID on the floor of the Senate NOW opposing Roberts CSPAN

Hillary, Blanco, Limbaugh

It's WAAAAAY Past Time We Revisited Chimpy's 9/11 Actions

Secrecy Power Sinks Patent Case

For Rita followers a webcam

Free speech takes another hit: Cindy Sheehan in NY - CNN

Rita's coming - How much do you want to bet that Bush has out his

Country Club seniors' dues dispute (major whine warning!).

Yes, it IS Vietnam all over again - they are trumpeting enemy casualties

Imposter on Boards

The Washington DC Examiner published my LTTE

Responses to Claims that Environmental Lawsuits Caused Katrina Crisis


seems to me the M$M is back in full-time propaganda

"George Bush Does Not Care About Black People" Music Video (watch it)

PHOTOS from St. Patrick's 4 demonstration Day 1

NHC Public Advisory Number 11 (next one at 2:00 EDT)

CAPTION TIME: This picture just made me laugh for ten minutes

A Freeper Encounter...Their Stupidity Knows No Bounds.

Faith-Based Groups to Urge Bush Administration, Congress to Make Stopping

cooler heads don't prevail

Hurricane Rita on web cams

Bush Poses for Photo-Ops in MS --pix->>>

NHC Public Advisory Number 12 (next one at 5:00 EDT)

HBO was showing "Children of Beslan" last night

Happy Media Accountability Day! (Must Read Project Censored)

NEW RANDI!! New studio! New drama! New finger pointing!!

3 US security agents died in Iraq today

Copy of Bush's speech from last thurs. - I think he left some out!

Hurrice Rita: Forget the prayers for now, folks

NHC Public Advisory Number 12 (next one at 5:00 EDT)

Banks are PROHIBITED from setting aside for future loan losses.

WP: Iraqi Corruption on the U.S. Watch

Is the UK PLANTING car bombs in Iraq?

Matt Groening's Gift to America: Jebus

Excuse me if I missed this yesterday: "offical" Gulf toll 973 yesterday

Uncy Herb and the Homer. One persons view on Katrina and moron*..

Why should Krugman et al be free?


Important: Liberals are not anti-religion; we are anti-theocracy.

Left Behind: Bush's Holy War on Nature . . .

Grandma accused of looting makes her case

Bullhorn moment?

Emotional Rather blasts 'new journalism order'

If you pay for Krugman you pay Judith Miller salary

Get ready

Four post speech polls have Bush's numbers sinking

Is my country (Great Britian) now part of the axis of evil

good morning america talking about china...

House in a Box

Freepers or White Supremacists?

Randi's on!

Oldest Buffalo Soldier laid to rest at age 111

Are there ANY rich Liberals who read DU?

What is it with Bushists and lawyers? I thought they were anti-lawyer.

Daddy, Why Did We Attack Iraq?

Project Lincoln Update: 9/20

Somebody please help me sort out my thoughts about ethics and human nature

Halliburton serves contaminated water to troops - whistleblower

CNN Poll says 81% of Americans want an Independent Investigation

Common Sense Appeal: DEMs should compare Roberts to "Brownie"

How much do WH staffers make? glad you asked....

Redemption--Thy Name is "Rita"!!!

Mods, pls. delete this one.. BTW, is it possible to move the comments to

Jeb is on MSGOP now saying the emergency shelters are now open.

Do the Bush twins even have jobs?

Need the "bush sucks. where's fema?" sign

Rita vs DC- Media coverage this weekend

Boortz referred to estate tax proponents as "followers of Karl Marx"

Bush Collapse: What, My Problem?

What Happened to Crooks and Liars? :

How the Keys are doing

the only ones still supporting bush are the brain dead zombies

Does anyone else feel this way about John Kerry?

Response from President Carter's camp

I'm actually not sorry * got back in the White House

A Scathing Look at What's Really Happening in New Orleans:

Once again, Maher completely nails it about Bush!

Has Rush ever given any explanation of BCCI - the terrorist-catering bank?

" hurricane rita or storm rita, now hurricane rita"

MMP voting- Interesting for lurking freepers too

The day that Iraqi anger exploded in the face of the British occupiers

Should the next Democratic president be a "uniter" or more like Bush?

CNN Poll Re: Bush's visits to the Hurricane Region

Funny:--Punch out Michael Brown

MyDD: Is Rove Grooming Romney?

58% Disapprove Of Bush's Overall Performance...

Can someone explain to me briefly how to navigate DailyKos???

I wonder if Republicans in Red States now believe in Global Warming

Anyone watching CNN? I turned to Weather Channel at 4:50 -

Galloway: "Crawl back under your rock, Mr Palast!"

Pope Gets US Immunity From Lawsuit Alleging He Conspired To Hide Sex Abuse

NHC Public Advisory Number 13 (next one at 8:00 p.m. EDT)

Are we having fun yet?

Natl Book Festival offers Lynne Cheney, David Brooks, Kay Bailey Hutchison

Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day

Which Democrats will vote "yes on Roberts?

Anyone else read Robert Chapman's latest?!

Boston Globe in reporting on Kerry's speech @ Brown says that

Carter-Baker(ed) Election Reform???

Hurricane Chimp On the Way!

1906 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The NERVE of Bush Bringing His Stupid BACKDROPS to Mississippi --pix->>>

hey republican billioinaires, why don't you MATCH OPRAH'S 10 MILL?

Jack Cafferty wants emails in response to this evenings' question:

"Laura Bush... says Hurricane Katrina could have a silver lining"

OLD Dumbya photo...playin' by the rules, as usual....

On special forces, shadow wars and the Iraqi resistance

Your feeling about 'The Red Cross'

Whackjob McCain, re: Iraq - 'We have got to stay the course.'

George Galloway's on with Michael Medved now,happened to notice

Any word on how Key West is doing?

HEY RUSH, this one's for YOU Pigboy

Did freeps ever weigh in about Military now controlling Katrina and Rita?

"...FEMA was a lot better when it was private..."

The Media Whores are Gushing about Bush's "Comeback"

How high a # might hurricanes become under global warming models?

Did you know that Enron stole more money than all blue collar crime combin

Monday, August 29-Bush did talk to Chertoff... about illegal immigration

Fax to Rove accidentally intercepted. (rawstory)

This year's "geniuses" -- 2005 MacArthur grant winners:

Rita, the NG and martial law, couple of questions.

Randi Rhodes is kicking a freeper's ass!!!!

HELP! NOW........Congress is voting TODAY!

LIMBOsevic Just Called Kos & DU "Monsters...bile...insane..."

NY Times Cutting 500 Jobs, 4 Percent Of Work Force

Bill Maher's open letter to Bush...

If I were in the Northern U.S. I'd be out in some woodlot this on top of it for NOLA news coverage

There really is a death tax and it is a good term.

Slashdot links to Free Republic re: global warming; gross!

If Reagan had "Trickle Down" or "Voodoo" economics, WTF is Bush's


Are there any reputable scientists that question the effects of

Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer

Yikes!! DU this AOL poll!!!

Gen'l Honore "you all are stuck on stupid"

Pictures of * being briefed on Hurricane Rita

Remember Me???

Looking for Iraq photos.

Pasadena couple forced to remove pro-Sheehan and anti-W signs.

Up In Flames

Ex-Iraqi defense minister wanted over theft of $1billion

Meanwhile in Iraq: Bombs Kill 9 Americans

Jeb Bush and the Burning Ceremony for Cosmic Peace, Unity and Liberation

Press gaggle: "this guy spends like a Democrat..."


Military judge skeptical of Abu Ghraib defense

New goof-on-the-Bushes meme: "Unleash Chiang!"

Do republicans really think we are that stupid?

Dalia Lama in Tucson - Some Christians protest

Any word on the ACLU/Abu Ghraib photo lawsuit?

Conyers is on with Randi now!

British "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving Booby Trapped Car

WSJ: Some Firms Hired in Katrina's Wake Have Checkered Pasts

Audio link to the Dalai Lama's Speech today in Austin, Tx.

"DeLay reiterated his support for the $70 billion in tax cuts ....

I'm got the money to protest in DC. Who's gonna meet me at the WH so that

Where can I design my own bumper stickers/signs for a campaign?


Whatever happened to those regular press conferences * promised

Alan Alda on the Daily Show tonight

AccuWeather's BASTARDI, Global Warming, & My Local Radio Talkshow Wingnut

Man in the Mirror: Katrina reflects the US views on race and class

QUOTABLE QUOTE (gotta love this man!)

Homeland Security was designed to fail.

911 Lies Under Fire - Truth Finally Emerging By Greg Szymanski

Alternatives to Red Cross

Conyers Opposes Baker/Carter Commission Report

How does low barometric pressure increase storm/wind activity?

Lindbergh Field given FAA award for runway safety

Key West mandatory evacuation-only 1/2 left JOHN LOCKE>>>government is FOR the people

Christmas 2005: Bush journeys to Gulf Coast with sleigh and bag of toys

A mini-New Orleans? Galveston ponders its vulnerabilities (Houston Chron.)

The latest news on the British troops busting into a prison

David Perez... another American hero

When did hating * become "cool"?

He's Starting to SWEAT ---pix->>>

We need another Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming: Lou Dobbs hammering the

Where can I find poverty rates as percentage of pop. under Reagan

Limbaugh falsely claimed that Blair "pulled Great Britain out of the Kyoto

DU this CNN poll!

Paging HeeBGBz

Who else supports another Bush vacation in the next day

Very *GRAPHIC* example of W's "Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal"

If Rita floods out Crawford, Texas, then what will * do? Website is DOWN!!!

Republican Communism

Opt out of a massive, secret, Pentagon database on your kid!

Isn't the whole Bush administration a failed Republican Bio-sphere?

Where is all the real news? It's way too quiet. What is going on?

VIDEO- Cindys vs NYPD

New Zogby poll in my inbox (re: 2006 elections)...

Oh the irony!

Pictures of gay man beaten and lashed in Iran

Laura Bush was a former inner-city school teacher?

Question from a newb :)

Blanco was promised 500 buses

Katrina™, The Drink?

I am compelled to

interesting. florida has 12,000 national guard

Bush Administration Strategy

Protect Organic Standards

Subtle racist at work

Should GW Bush/Administration go on another vacation?

Bob Ney is every bit as dirty as Tom Delay

I am so sick of hearing about RITA RITA RITA! What about

Rita is a lose-lose situation for Bush.

Help Frances Newton

More proof of ignorance on the right . . .

Anyone hear General Honore almost "cursing out" Press on CNN at

Americans are not so dumb...if Bush spent night in "Tent City" Bushville

I'm going to hurt the next person who tells me I "hate America", or

NBC comedy "My name is Earl" kicks ass!

My take on the brit situation

Why you should Fear the 'christian' Right

How are they going to pay for reconstruction of Houston or Galveston?

Massachusetts seeks to rid itself of those last remaining damn beavers

Nagin just now on Anderson Cooper.... Q: What will you do different now

Excerpt from Jackpine's Guide to the Political Jungle

Rush Limbaugh: Individuals Should Build Their Own Levees shows a good timeline of Katrina and who did what

Had my first scuffle with a Cincinnati FREEPER!

Starbucks cups with gay author's quote pulled from Baylor

Former FEMA (regional) director calls NO mayor "Whining, Flip Flopping.

Mike Malloy Truthseeker Tuesday Meet-Up!

Do you think it's wrong to buy a $1000 pair of shoes when others

Baker-Carter Commission: WHAT HAPPENED TO JIMMY?

Al Jazeera Plans for 2006--look who's doing their PR....

Operation Long Hard Slog....9/20/05

A question for Canadian members about our Gun Registry fiasco

Bush Braces As Cindy Sheehan's Other Son Drowns In New Orleans

The Chimp did it again!

What's a President to do? - Humor Alert - Swallow Before Reading

Perfect comeback to tired old "yeah, but Clinton..."

Many have probably noticed this, but...does anyone else think it's funny

because we all need reminding...

Nobody needs to evacuates from a Class 1 Hurricane!

Is there going to be audio/video of Galloway's speech tonight?

Housing for those traveling to the D.C. march -- your help is needed NOW!!

New Address for Leonard Peltier

Cafferty's Question of the Day from The Situation Room

I'm confused, need some help here

Trying to find that weird pic of Bush dancing with his shorts pulled up

So I was sitting in social studies class today,

Mother Nature notices Bush still wants tax cuts is another educational is NOT DINGY HARRY>>>IT IS

"New Orleans is Dry"... so says CNN just now...

Big Dog Appears at Madison Square Garden tonight...

Can someone help Pickles here... (photo)

Maybe the 2 Brits Special Ops soldiers were trying to see which..

How many ways can you spell "Cover up?" (Able Danger)

Inxs watchers

Happy Media Accountability Day! (Must Read Project Censored)

Heads up! Bill Maher is going to be on Bow tie's show tonight

Was it ever reveaeled if Cindy Sheehan was arrrested in NYC yesterday

LOL!! On TDS just now...

Exclusive: Up in flames

DFA Grassroots candidates introducing themselves at the blog.

O'Reilly: Air America about to Fold

So does Bolton want to get rid of the World Bank and IMF too???

Jon Stewart: "if they could blame Natalee Holloway on Katrina

NHC Public Advisory Number 14 (next one at 2:00 a.m. EDT)

Left Coasters......Big Sugar on CBUT at 9pm

When Rita hits Texas does it mean...

11 PM NOAA discussion: Rita becoming CAT 5 "a distinct possibility"

Post pics of your protest signs here....

What do we want? "A PLAN!", When do we want it? "SOON!"

Anybody been able to call Mississippi?

Who is nastier: George or Jeb?

Clinton declared a disaster a week?

Anderson Cooper sounds like he has some respiratory problems

I had to leave my Church over Bush...Why did Mainstream Protestants Leave

Nancy Grace has found another missing blonde white girl!

Bush visits the Magic Kingdom

Houston Mayor says up to a million might need to evacuate

Has your AAR affiliate changed its lineup lately? Ours did - very badly!

why are reporters so stupid when reporting storms?

Tuesday Hump Day? Truthseekers check in please

Clay Shaw: Boo-Hoo she's campaigning against me

Bush is in New Orleans. How soon before he runs away?

I keep seeing this in BartCop, and keep wondering why it's of no interest.

Don't be so happy over the demise of the Christian Coalition

"Carter/Baker Report can't face how the GOP stole America's 2004 election"

Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED

When is Cheney being operated on?

Big Layoffs Coming At Focus On The Family

Pictures of Katrina rolling into Alabama. Sent by a friend.

Gulf of Mexico has become the perfect place to breed # 5 Hurricanes

In praise of Nascar fans....

Newsweek Profiles Kenyon The Contracted Company Collecting Bodies In NOLA.

What is the BFEE? (In Honor of Octafish)

Holy CRAP. Alan Alda is the SHIT.

New Abbott & Costello Comedy routine

WSJ: Why not put the Dems back in charge?

Cafferty "The game is up, the public just not buying this stuff anymore"!

Hurricane Rita Edging More Northward

Should I send this letter to the Kansas City Star?

DU challenges Rush to debate Octafish on BCCI, Bushes, and terrorism

All 4 dolphins found! Being rescued and reported on MSNBC. Yay!!!!!!

Philosophical question: Are humans the "top" of the natural intellectual

Where will Rita be on Saturday? Where will Bush be on Saturday?

Let's not allow racists to co-opt our language.

Christian Coalition fading fast

I love Arlo

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday September 21

GOP sez "Cronies at FEMA, who cares?" Ah, but cronies at Immigration?

Pope Approves Barring Gay Seminarians

Republicans have showed no emotion over Katrina

Sen. Dole is against an independent Katrina investigation!

Globe: In college speech, KERRY upbraids BUSH administration

"What Are You? A Republican Or Something?"

More of the "Stupidest thing the right has ever said." - My head exploded

Revocation of U.S. Independence, by John Cleese


Gen. Richard Myers: "The National Guard re-enlistment rate...alltime high"

Pentagon BLOCKS "Able Danger" Senate testimony day before scheduled!

Bill Maher is bashing (T) Fucker Carlson right now on MSNBC

Hey asshats... stop worrying about Rita's effect on Crawford

Please Please! People on the ground at Bogalusa need

Perry's office: "TX is not LA. You won't see that breakdown here"

What happens if we lose a SECOND major US city to a Hurricane?

McCain on MSNBC just

EBAY AUCTION: "Katrina's victims"... PROFOUND

My anti-Bush Republican friend finally visited DU today

Captured British soldiers, dressed as ARABS, had ANTI TANK Missile!-Photos

Would a Prohibition of Pornography cause a rise in sexual violence?

Ugly' woman sues TV show in death of sister

Rumsfield calls them 'Large puddles of enemies"

Alexandrovna: Baked-Cooked Election Reform

Breaking today: sneak attack on organic food standards

Another Sucky Unqualified Connected Bush Nominee (Immigration/Customs):

Recruits sought for FBI PORN SQUAD (no joke, Washington Post)

Holy hell...(Iraq photos)

A Bible verse to show the Christian fundies

"Baker-Carter commission recommends national voter ID card"

Jeb Bush Reveals His “Mystical Warrior” Friend

Contractors Get Affirmative Action Exemption

Freeper Wisdom: A woman's place is in the home

CNN Breaking News email: Rita going to Cat 4

Racism--It's chic again.

This is SERIOUSLY BUGGING me, so here goes:

"I Don't Wanna Grow Up", a song in pictures


DU Something: Katrina Action/Info Links and Resources

Humane Society in Pro-Republican Shift--Roll Call (problem!)

My response to SBC about outsourcing American jobs

I took Enron Money. Do you hate me?

Hurricane Rita headed for Texas...

TOONS - Part 2

*Graphic* This Shit Would Not Be Happening In Miami! Pick Up The Bodies!

Homer Simpson + Peter Griffen = Karl Rove?

Huge Bolton scoop courtesy of Arianna

DC protesters-anyone know what security will be like?

--> Runner up to the 24th: Peace demo pictures from across US (Pic heavy)

"The two soldiers were using a civilian car packed with explosives,"

Neurology Study: Best Stockmarket Investors are "Functional Psycopaths"

If Hillary wins in '08, how much presidential power will Bill have?

What I want from the Democratic Party

Imagine Kerry In The White House, Today

Cheney to Spend a Month Above Ground

VIDEO- McCain's Tasteless Arabian Horse joke

Mystery over true death toll in Mississippi

Let's assume Fed's response to Rita is exemplary

Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler

Basra incident - a dot to connect (Rumsfeld's P2OG to foment terror)

Weather Channel: worst-case scenario for Houston - 600,000 homes gone

"From the Big Apple to the Big Easy" started at 7:00 PM

PHOTO: "This is coffee."

I don't blame Bush for Global Warming, but

best thing Kerry said last night

Tom Yesterday

A word to all of those making wisecracks about Rita and Texas

Cross//Post: THREE fine Robert Scheer (LAT) editorials on Bush & Katrina

RITA HELP: how to board up windows with brick sills?

Okay. . .anyone up at this hour. . .what is your favorite bumper sticker

Please DU this poll!

Saw a freeper-type bumper sticker today

RITA projected to go right over...CRAWFORD, TX

I'm having second thoughts about certain left-wing radio personalities.

Here it is folks, the trailer to Good Night, and Good Luck

What do you consider RICH?

The Constant Gardener

If you could make bush melt down with one question, what would it be?

George Galloway responds to Greg Palast

Grassroots All-Star: Sensenbrenner opponent in top ten. Thanks guys!

Alex Bennet on Sirius, anybody else think he's a jerkwad?

Chicago hallmark Marshall Fields is now going to be MACY'S!!*&^%$

First Lady Tackles Poverty, Race Issues???

Female chauvinist pigs?

A picture is worth a thousand words (Rita Live Pic)

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Question about peanut oil

It's 2 for one night at Sonic

Canada's energy ministers powerless in face of volatile prices

50,000 Londoners are addicted to crack, says study

Arrest made in Milly Dowler case

Hey! Charlie Clarke! Lookee here ...

Ex-spin doctor tells of romp on Blair's sofa

Jerry Springer opera tour goes on despite prosecution threat

Do you think any researchers for the beeb or similar

Mouse study suggests human stem cells may repair spinal cord injury

Democrats face pressures on Roberts issue

Court told Murdoch media sold editorial coverage

Democrats Face Pressures on Roberts Issue

House Bill Would Limit U.S. Power to Protect Species

U.S. asks Nagin to halt return

FEC Sues Pro-GOP Group Over Fundraising

Ed Schultz Show Picks Up Affiliate No. 100

Britain Defends Raid on Iraqi Jail

Outpouring of relief cash raises fear of corruption and cronyism

Hurricane Rita Lashing Florida Keys

British raid reveals Basra's troubled core

London bombers staged 'dummy run'

F.E.C. Sues Republican Group(Club for Growth)Over Political Contributions

BBC: Iraq probe into soldier incident (undercover Brits)

Millions in Donated British Food Being Incinerated

Pictures of gay man beaten and lashed in Iran

National Guard hampered by old equipment (better equipment in Iraq)

Nuclear: Iran Threaten Treaty Pullout if Case Goes To Security Council

Roadside bombs kill 4 US troops in Iraq

Quick, mail a copy of our "Patriot Act." to Karzai.

Governor's ambitious reform plan stumbles

Rubber company hopes Clinton condom will sell

Galveston Calls for Voluntary Evacuations

TS Rita just became Cat 1 hurricane- eye still 100 miles from Key West

Military: Troop Deaths Hit 1,903 in Iraq

Critics not sold on Wal-Mart ;U.S. Rep. Brown's forum weighs whether

Doyle, wife plead guilty (Oregon repuke state senator)

Bush: Townsend to lead Katrina inquiry

Chavez Raises His Profile at U.N. Summit

State (Maine) rejects federal abstinence funding

Newsweek: Cash and 'Cat 5' Chaos

Nazi Hunter Simon Wiensenthal Dies At Age 96

Pentagon Will Pay Uzbeks for Air Base

Firefighter OxyContin use probed

Sheehan Injured At Protest, Organizer Arrested

Hurricane Rita has been upgraded to a Cat 2 according to MSNBC.

Bush Pledges to Clean Up the Gulf Coast

U.S. Housing construction falls in August for second straight month

(AL Senator) Sessions disputes death tax article

Raw Story: Email from arrested White House official - Ney Lied

Bush concerned about Rita's effect of gulf

House Ethics Committee Makes History in 2005-The Wrong Kind

Mental Health Bill 'to cause thousands to be detained' (UK)

Sharon Returns Home to New Scandal

Iraq images shock Britain, but Blair is safe

Immigration Nominee's Credentials Questioned (In light of Brown)

Ugly' woman sues TV show in death of sister

Email from arrested White House official suggests powerful congressman...

Iraq criticises British rescue in Basra (a call for Brits to leave Iraq)

Katrina Will Cost Farmers $900 Million

Judge Declares Mistrial in Gotti Case

USDA along with Kraft, Wal Mart & Others back senate vote today!

Mayor rips FEMA chief after halting return plan (Nagin)

Halliburton serves contaminated water to troops - whistleblower

Who Will Bush Tap As Next Court Nominee?

Rice tells Syria to stop meddling

Pentagon Will Pay $23 Million Bill for Use of Uzbek Air Base

Sen. Reid says he'll vote against Roberts

Peace activist Sheehan hurt at rally

Car bomb hits US military convoy in western Baghdad

Basra statement from Brigadier John Lorimer

Sandra Feldman, Scrappy, Outspoken Labor Leader for Teachers, Dies at 65

World Bank in inequality warning (BBC News)

Conyers Opposes Baker/Carter Commission Report

Lawmakers proposing paper trails for Georgia voting machines

NYT: Bush Aide Will Lead Hurricane Inquiry

Bush Aims for Market Approach to Fishing (Washington Post)

Dispatcher Fired for Shacking Up

Hicks terror trial given green light (military tribunals resuming)

Anti-war mother's speech cut short

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 20 September


Saudi King wants al-Qaida leaders to surrender

President sinking in ratings

Katrina raises voters' doubts about Bush (AP poll ~60% disapproval for *)

The latest news on the British troops busting into a prison

Red Cross disappointed many during hurricane crisis

U.S. Asks for Katrina Survivors' Patience

China 'acts on forced abortions'

Jury Seated for Ithaca Protesters After Exhaustive Day(St. Patrick's Four)

Concerning these abrupt forming hurricanes in the West Atlantic...

No crisis, but Maine getting plenty of ice (FEMA sending it to Maine!)

Cops brace for ‘martial law’ rallies (Philippines)

This year's fast-forming hurricanes buck trend, puzzle meteorologists

Saudi fighters in Iraq bring money

Haiti's jailed ex-PM formally charged in killings (.. perhaps ..)

WP: Immigration Nominee's Credentials Questioned

Iraq probe into soldier incident

200 held in new anti-king protests in Nepal

Starbucks cups with gay author's quote pulled from Baylor

Rita strengthens to Category 2

Mrs. Bush urges patience with gulf cleanup (Laura)


Police rough up Cindy Sheehan at rally

U.S. Military Deaths Top 1,900 in Iraq

Uzbeks Accused of Torture in Wake of Massacre

Pope Approves Barring Gay Seminarians

Annan urges unity on halting spread of nuclear arms

Blumenthal: Out-of-state civil unions to be recognized (Ct.)

Storm seen sidelining permanent tax cuts (Treas Sec Snow)


End right to citizenship by birth, says French minister

Cavalry ready this time, U.S., state say (FEMA: ''We are prepared'' )

Battle Lines Behind Battle Lines: DC Protest Military Families FlashPoint

Every Albertan to get $400, Klein says

Republican Bloomberg is opposite Bush - again

Bush committed to tax cuts: White House

Former Mexico City mayor gets presidential nomination of leftist party

AP: Military: Troop Deaths Hit 1,903 in Iraq

Storm Strains Bush's Ties To Black Clergy - LA Times

CNN: Spellings plans to announce higher ed initiative

Feds: Texan (DynCorp.) gave girlfriend, others access to 'Green Zone'

Emotional Rather blasts 'new journalism order'

Don't interfere in south Iraq: Rumsfeld to Iran

Galveston County just announced a mandatory evacuation starting tomorrow

U.S. consumer confidence gauge falls (again) - report

Levin Threatens to Block Homeland Nominee

FEMA lawyers insist privacy is paramount (FL 2004 investigation)

Reuters: New York Times to lay off 4% of workforce

Attack in Mosul kills Americans (Blackwater mercs)

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Goldman Posts 84% Rise in Earnings

WP: Foreign Investment Aids Cleanup, Despite Adding to U.S. Deficit

Re: North Korea Demands Nuke Reactor From U.S.

WP: (Abramoff) Scandal Visits the White House

Vatican 'hinders' war crimes hunt

Officials Say Medicare Official Reassigned

AP: First Lady (& former inner-city teacher) Tackles Poverty, Race Issues

WP: Katrina's Cost May Test GOP Harmony

Wisconsin Governor, Seven Others Demand Oil Companies Refund Drivers

Katrina survivor dies days after rescue from New Orleans home

Study: Little benefit in high-stakes tests (NCLB counterproductive)

NYT: OPEC Set to Open Oil Taps Full Blast

NYT/AP: Microsoft Announces Major Reorganization

Report: Hurricane tax aid does more for wealthier survivors

WP: Bush Tells Mississippi Planners: 'Think Bold'

Citizens Outraged about Katrina to Confront Norquist on His Home Turf

Karzai Wants End to U.S.-Led Operations

LAT: Fewer alcoholics are seeking treatment: Benefit cuts play role

Reid Likely to Oppose Roberts' Nomination

NYT: Challenged by Creationists, Museums Answer Back

Honduras Orders Chileans Training to Become Security Guards in Iraq to Lea

Gov. Bush urges remaining Keys residents to ride out the storm

Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal dies at age 96

Frist Sells Shares in Hospital Corporation

Fed Raises Target Rate Quarter-Point to 3.75%, Keeps `Measured'

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon Blocks Testimony at Senate Hearing on Terrorist

Pope immune from abuse lawsuit

Venezuela offers low-cost gasoline to tribes

Cuba to create doctors' brigade (named after American- Henry Reeve)



Let the rhyming copycats begin!

Let the timing floppy hats begin.



I am starting a pool - How long until *that* thread gets locked?


I lurve sundog

When I exercise, I turn my O2 up to 4 liters per minute...

so these days, rev acts posts like 3 things and disappears for a week

The lounge really is like a time warp

I'm to the point where the Green platform sounds enticing

screw you shrub

Let the whining hoppy cat threads begin!

Famous people who died in your hometown?

Ah, progress.... but where's my personal rocket-car?!

Another overnight show request thread

The Video Professor commercials

that Democratic Match.Com photo creaps me out..' W 'and 'Skull and Bones'

This is where the cool people post.

I can't play in the Nighthawks thread

I think I'm going to try to sleep

Anyone here wear tweed?

Please go nominate a thread in LBN!

Seems weird to have both avatars and siglines

Help! I'm sleepy but can't go to bed!

Looks like somebody forgot to pay their bill.

I like the night lizzard time a lot better

Famous people who paid for sex in your hometown?

"My Back Pages"- Steve Earle

What is the purpose of the buddy list?

Who here has applied to business schools?

So, what are the odds that Terri Hatcher is soon gonna want to leave

The new bankruptcy law

Listening to NPR doing a show on the racist community of Gretna

Five Fruits....

Hey DUers in my fantasy football league - let's do some dealing

Hmm.. wait a sec... does Rove have an alibi for 12/08/80?

Judge orders man to keep looking at beavers

62 lb. hamburger cooked, world record beat, mate cow cries for hours

High School Wrestler Has 450 Pound Bear As Training Partner

Migraine one day, a chipped tooth the next. Help!

I Can't Fight This Feeling

Back to the French!!

I just vacuumed up about a pound of pure spiders...ask me anything!

Indiana School Converted Into Swinger's Club

Librarians Pose For Nude Calendar

Weekly World News: "Worst Things You Can Say To A Traffic Cop"


I just asked one of my students if he was chilling out with his homos.

Topless Women On Crusade Against Nudity Law

92 Year Old Man Hits His SECOND Multi-Million Jackpot

Jennifer Aniston Ready To Start Dating Again

Went to see the Dalai Lama yesterday, ask me anything!

Congratulations MissHoneychurch ... 4,000 post

Aborigine 'Alco' slur is avoided

So I had to kill a Copperhead yesterday (stupid dog)

I can anticipate the explosion, the sound of shattering glass. The flames

For those not going to DC, I'm expecting the protest will be on C-Span

Gold Rush coin sells for £140,000 at auction

I'm never gonna dance again.

You should click this thread if you want to know: why?

Anyone seen Exorcism of Emily Rose?

Need some advice, would you sign this?

I've been stuck on 599 posts for several days!!!! Finally 600 arrives!!

Bumvertising - a concept that beggars belief

Okay, okay, maybe, juuuuust maybe I've found me an NFL team that I like.

I want a pet lemur

Molotov Cocktail recipe for this weekend in DC!

Did anyone catch "The Surface" last night?

In the key of metaphysical distress.....Any Fugs fans out there?


Porn Star Timed Chicago Visit To Coincide With Air & Water Show - Arrested

Two plus two equals four

This game is interesting.

Not only did I whomp GOPisEvil in FFB...I won the pool at my husband's

I think something very strange is going on here

Are you guys missing me? I'd thought that I'd give you a tease:

are foot tattoos painful?

I'm taking a break from DU

Good morning/afternoon/evening D.U.

About that Right Brain/Left Brain test yesterday...

Who will be the new INXS lead singer?

Halloween is around the corner. Here are some new candy ideas.

No more rescuing threads from page 20.

Witnesses Watch Man Strangle Swan At Lake (Swan's Mate Cried For Hours)

i watched a movie last night called '3 Iron'

Been through mass destruction once, but once was not enough

I got this today and I think it is a very important question

please remind me to eat lunch

A Very Important Question to Ask Yourself

"The Aristocrats" is *IN* theaters???

Anguish over reality TV leads to lawsuit after 'ugly sister' suicide

1+1 = 10

That does it! Project Payback is now in effect, whoisalhedges!!!!

I just bought a new cell phone...

Fa la fa lee, anything between us is a felony

If We Switch This "Kool Aid" For the Kool Aid the RePIGliCONs are Serving

Will somebody please take Pat Robertson out and put a sock in his mouth

Okay- Talk Like a Pirate Day was great- but what about others holidays?

I FINALLY get to meet NSMA and Misunderestimator, LynneSin, GOPisEvil, KG.


Whereever you go, there you are


What's the meaning of this?

I think my DU inbox is now officially too full.

I hate everything today. Ask me anything.

What do my goldfish want?

An error occured...

I hate anything today. Ask me everything.

What should I have for lunch?

That gum you like is going to come back in style...

I'm Sorry - FORGET The Wreath! Get The NATIVITY TREE Instead!

I bought you some sun specs from the local hipster store

Help need medical advice!


i have some things i need to do

Man Estimates He Owns 20 Pair Of Women's Shoes - And He WEARS Them

I'm taking off for a week

I got a new hairdryer. It blows.

Police and thieves in the streets

My first poll: Crosby, Stills or Nash?

I just got a new vacuum. Disgusting!!!

i'm dead tired, my tooth aches and work is being a real pain today


I got a new steering wheel for my crotch. It drives me nuts.

Looks like Rita is projected to come over for a visit uninvited:

"By far the worst is the Hamburger Lady..."

Most persistent earworm you ever had?

its my b-day and i got the funniest * card

Wu-Tang Killa Bees!!!!

Astrology weighs in on upcoming U.S. (chart) aspects

HEY! Have you guys seen that commercial with Ted Bundy?

God vs. Dinosaurs and/or Kittens (a religous poll)

Man Killed Performing "Jackass" Stunt

i forgot to eat lunch

matcom, if you post another Kinkade 'piece' I'm coming over and breaking

I am virtually eating pizza today.

"Footprints in the Sand" Fundie Allegory

A phone call from number 000-000-0000???

List your favorite internet radio stations/streams here!

How many is a brazilian anyway?

Do any of you know what a "Discordian Society" is???

My fanny itches.

Who here uses "Second Life"?

Have you seen this screen cap of Bush on Sky news?

"We look forward to hearing your vision," W just said....the guy

Powers that be at DU: Could we get a rimshot smilie, please?

i think i post too much.

I had a salad for lunch

SQL experts help again please

Nice conjunction of thread titles down there:

I hate the wake-up anxiety dream!!!


Please do not remind me to eat lunch!

I need advice

Bush Presidential Library Destroyed by Fire!

I *love* Richardo's beagle!

SHOCKER!! Kate Moss uses drugs!!

Is progmom the postiest poster who ever dared to wield a post?

Mellowing Out

Mumble chumble wumble fumble zoo da, fo da sake oh Future Days

Thank Christ for the Bomb.

I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good.

Next Time I Catch A Fish I'm Gutting Thomas Kincade With This!

Attention Non-Fiction Book Lovers

A very cool Burning Man 2005 photo gallery

This must be Thomas Kinkade week on DU!

I have a meeting at 3 PM EST. Post here if I should take my shirt off.

Name the best Seinfeld characters, of all time!

I blame Henry Ford.

MacMall calls their agents "account executives."

Oh gawd--I feel so dirty

Any FARKERS on here...?

Who's your favorite "likeable doofus/sad sack" on TV (past or present)?

Thunder & Lightning in L.A.

Favorite kind of movie

Marital Torture Story

progmom must have me on ignore


HEY! Have you guys seen that commercial with Tom Brady?

Chicago: With or without Peter Cetera?

Atlantic storm names may go Greek (only 4 names left for the year)

Nip Tuck is on tonight...

Why is Matcom acting out?

I am the god of hellfire!

The Official "Convince Bertha to Show Up at the Hawk 'n' Dove" Thread

My bird's first baby died.....

So what do you call sex when it's post-marital?

Who the hell is Tess Smith & why is she nearly naked?

Are you a nerd? Take the test and find out

So, what happened while I was gone?

Next Time I Catch A Fish I'm Gutting It With THIS!

I should probably stop all the Kinkade posts huh?

Typhoon VanGogh???

Rubber company hopes Clinton condom will sell

Seriously, who knew Thomas Kinkade made scooter outfits?

(generic self-congratulatory 10,000 post thread)

Okay, I'm back

What's that I smell???

Tess Smith exposed so much skin, it takes two Lounge threads to cover it

Hey DS1

Okay, I'm front

To Cathyclysmic on our second anniversary.

I'm thinking of becoming a DU moderator.

Post here the type of hell that Matcom should be damned too

for Lynne

I'm calling Texasgal out! Texasgal is a nurd! NYAH NYAH NYAH!

Will Demoscraticmatch. com get a new picture to display

I'm. BACK...

Then somewhere in the darkness; the gambler, he broke even.

"cult" involvement a black hole for hollywood stars?

You've painted up your lips an rolled and curled your tinted hair...

Will "The Daily Show" be another rerun tonight?

Lady...I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you

For those who love Richardo's beagle, here are more beagle puppies!

I'm sorry folks, but George Bush is a pimple

Bay Area DUers, don't forget the protest march this weekend!!

Game. Set. Match.

You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille

Kenny Rogers: 70s icon

I'm sorry folks, but George Bush is a pimp.

I've decided to be a raging asshole today.

Okay, Let Me Try My "Gasoline Refund" Idea Again...

Strange accounting job description online

Experiences with ebay?

did Randi just get IM'ed???

Well it's forty below

So, am I the only one who is tired of looking at * kissing Condi? -->

Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day

In the 80s, there was a local band named the Daisy Dillman Band

Okay, I voted today. Does that make up in any way

RANT about Major League Baseball and god damned frickin' viagra!

I am a KILLER of Cordless Phones. HELP me.

I was working in the lab......

Come and knock on our door

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

I don't care if it rains or freezes

I've had to block all images in my browser

Dearly beloved,

I just love "reply all" e-mails.

What do you think possessed jpgray to post a Tess Smith thread?

I'm going to make Midlodemocrat look like a saint compared to me

God, I miss rain.

Hell, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

1980s mania - the ValleyGirl-izer

Bush visits a primary school

hard drive image program?

LynneSin presents: NEW RULES!!!!

What's wrong with Terry Gross

Don't get too close to me.

Did anyone else here the obnoxious f'in "Family First" commercial on

Oprah to give away bowser??

Talking away, I don't know what I'm to say.


SOMEONE call matcom and tell him to CHECK HIS PM

911 calls received by Biloxi PD (MS Gulf Coast) during Katrina

I'm downloadin' Oprah right now. Ask me ANYTHING!


Chicken Soup for the Gut.

SOMEONE call dolo amber and tell her to CHECK HER PM


Help! I have a question to all DUers that have contacts with children!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh - Thunder in the SF Bay Area!

*** Road House Alert *** ...... *** Road House Alert ***

If You Found Out That A Good Friend Was Having An Affair...

Check your PM

New drivers license license/ ID card in the mail

Somewhere in a lonely hotelroom



Somewhere in a lonely bathroom

I'm downloadin' Opera right now. Ask me ANYTHING!

Do you have a running gag going with anyone?

CBS:Big Brother & Rockstar:INXS end TONIGHT!!!

LBN Thread on Porn Squad has 69 Replies

I, too, am thinking of becoming a DU moderator.

Will someone PM me and tell me why Matcom and Proles need to check theirs?

If you have just an antenna...are you getting blockers?

First Tom Baker of the year... Woo Hoo!

Pabst Blue Ribbon wedding rings.

so, CatWoman is coming to visit us in the sticks this weekend


First Clam Bake of the Year.... Woo Hoo....


Beer on my breath

Things are starting to really look up for me.

Need some relationship advise!

Floral or fruit-scented candles?

Meow . . . nice kitty . . .

I can't get to sleep


I will not go Sky Clad while in DC ...

Who is this?

SOMEONE call prolesunited and tell her to CHECK HER PM

Question about Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

What would happen if I was to become a moderator?

Okay, which one of you has The Governors saw of dead?

"From the Big Apple to the Big Easy" started at 7:00 PM

Where is MrScorpio? Is he still having computer problems?

When a symptom of diabetes is peeing a lot, just how often is too often?

Did you know it is only 96 days till...

Apparently I wrote one of the greatest songs of all time


What fuck head came up with....

DS1 Ate My Baby!

A question for home brewers! I need to know where to find good places to

I'm the greatest sailor in the King's nay-vee,

damn it, i'm sick of science

This is what LF wants! XXL so I can use it a a night gown!

Favourite Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Bloody hell, I'm staying out of GD...

I'm literally eating pizza for lunch today

Did you know that it is 41 days till...

How do you reward yourself ?

The DEVIL take Joe Crede.

lost a friend today

Sen. Dole is against... Aw, never mind.

Another idea for a child's name...

Paging HeeBGBz

How often do you go to the grocery store?

I'd like a bagel...

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.

Mods, please tell matcom to refrain from the Thomas KinKKKade posts


Please God, let the Indians win tonight....

ok, you can buy me this for Christmas.....

House Flipping - The disaster

ok, you can buy me this for Christmas.....

Did you know it was 2 days till...

New (non-buffalo) nickel is a bit odd

Is God dead, or just impotent?

PAPI!!!!!! (David Ortiz) SURPASSED Carl Yastrzemski For MOST HR's

Less than 24 hours to the second season of Lost!!!

Opera to give away browser

Blackbird Democrat

Today was a good DU day.

Most recent iTunes purchases.....

Cats love chicken soup

what would happen if I was to become a moderate?

Three little maids from school are we,

HOLY CRAP!! Footprints In The SAND!

Rita is getting wild.

Thanks for all the "running gag" posts!

I'd like a beagle..

Anybody hear from Swamp Rat lately?

Oh man - The Office tonight

Unbelievably stupid statement of the night,

What does a female politician look like in your mind?

If god is omnipotent... And responsible for all the good that happens..

Don't look Dorothy!

WTF is up, yesterday it was whoisalhedges earworming us

I got a new vacuum. It sucks

List web sites you look at daily

Watching Field Of Dreams...get's me every time....

I'm a saaaaaad Panda!

1991, 1933 War has finished

Now this is one talented guy...

I'm thinking about getting a cell phone. What do you use?

Does anyone have experience in refilling ink cartridges?

Panda Baby Pictures!!!!

Am I the only one who thinks HBO's "Rome" is a snoozer?

"Why is he (Bush) always clearing brush?"....God I love Joy Behar


The man in the White House -- oooh!, He's got a conscience black as sin!

Anyone have a recommendation for donations to animal Katrina relief?

Where is the Saturday DU Gathering in DC?

Marty or JD?

Sexiest freak EVER?

*insert rant on education here*

How gullible are you? Take the test and find out...

I love pistachios!

Official "My Name Is Earl" Thread. NBC 9/8 central!

Funniest photo shop ever.......

Favorite ice cream place?

Lookin' for some sympathy here :^(

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! (as if anyone noticed i was gone.)

Okay, prepare yourself to say AWWWWWWW

now one fell asleep in the street and he never woke up

The greatest TV skits of all time. Here's a few of mine. And yours?

Anyone else dig the Flamin Groovies?

I suck- face with my cat every day

Neil Sedaka is one of the true greats.

What do you call chicken legs?

did you know?

In lieu of therapy, let me just emote here. :)

Man allegedly hangs panties from car mirrors.

I need an update


Best. Website. Ever.

No. More. Posts. Like. This. Ever.

Please god tell me Adam Corolla is cancelled


OMG! I can't contain myself!

Get That Damn Picture OF Bush and Condi Off The Site!

A Famous Book Quote thread

My niece thinks my nephew is hot.

It's going to be awfully quiet around here this weekend, isn't it,

M.A.T.C.O.M. European Tour 2005 ... tickets still available


Possibles for this years Rock Hall Inductees

What have you listened to today?

I do not know whether to feel flattered or insulted

There seems to be a lack of kitty threads today!

Is Mayor Nagin married? any children? Just curious, he hasn't mentioned it

What are little boys make of?

Favorite Font

I'm generally opposed to actors running for office, but I would vote ....

NBC comedy "My name is Earl" kicks ass!

Oh lord in heaven Rick Sanchez is wearing shorts to cover the hurricane.

My wife WAS in the mood . . . until

I won an Xbox 360 in the "Every Ten Minutes" contest!

I think I will stay here in the Lounge until Rita is over

Some of you people here just freaking piss me off

Hah....It's J.D. Fortune....

No, No, NO - You HAVE To Have The STORY HOUSE!

New Irish Head Coach Charlie Weis is a Dick.

I've been to DU gatherings


The perfect blunt - a lost art?

Anybody remember/a fan of the Swingle Singers?

Ann Coulter Action Figure

The perfect bunt - a lost art?

Wanna see BigMcLargehuge do a couple of Iaido sword forms?

Isn't it rich? Aren't we a pair?

Is it just me, or are the home make-over shows inherently evil?

Nighthawks IV (Please don't post images here!)

Everybody who has a little Rabrrrrrr in ya, check in!

PA/DE/NJ/MD DUers! THREE chances to see me play this coming weekend!

Bigotry came a'knocking at my door today

"I Don't Wanna Grow Up", a song in pictures

"Joe V., you're doing a heck of a job!"

CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH!! Lieberman vs. Feinstein

When DS1 takes a ride with Matcom on his new scooter, will....

Tonight is what it's like to be young...

Anyone here an old MISL/MSL fan (1980s-90s?)


I'm calling Shell Beau out! Shell Beau is a dork! NYAH NYAH NYAH!

Need shoes? go to this site:

Some of you people here are just so freaking wonderful.


Let your light shine on this thread!

Drop kick me Jesus

We come from the land of the ice and snow. Only respond if you have a pic.

Anyone wanna talk about a movie or a band or somthing?

i have been exiled from progmom's happy thread


I Am Your New Lounge MOD - Post Requests From Your New King Here

Okay you crazy kids, it's my bedtime

And the winner of Big Brother is...

How long should you date someone before you decide to marry them?

happy thread

OH FELLA'S!! Jennifer Anniston Says She Is Ready To Start Dating Again

Should A Homo Atheist Meat-Eating Pro-Science Anti-Magic DUer Be A Mod?

freaked on the street...

Poll: Should a hetero buddhist vegan pro-choice male DUer be a Mod?

Dear God, If you allow me to breath from both my nostrils I promise

Did You Know That Anderson Cooper's Mother Was.....

RKZ's Great Obscure Band of the Week: The Wildweeds

OK, Who's Happy??

Do you have sub-woofers in your vehicle? If so, WHY???

Muscle spams suck

Here it is, my protset sign for D.C.

The musings of a Freeper

My son keeps asking me this, and I don't know the answer,

ROUND THREE -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

‘Cyclist’s penis’: no cock up, but riders feel stiffed

I am a Frank Zappa neophyte--tell me everything!

halfback ?

What Freedom Means....


Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

What is the name of the group spearheading mass movement to the Carolinas?

I have a question.

Moon mission - any comments?

Man builds up 30,000 volts of static electricity

The science of swearing......

M-Theory/Super String Theory?

Human stem cells allow paralysed mice to walk again

New schizophrenia drugs ‘no better than the old’

Cups with gay author's quote pulled from Baylor Starbucks

Coming of Age to a Bouncing Backbeat

A question please

Looking for a reality check here?

Conn. won't recognize Mass. gay marriages

Tennessee: 'Close Down Your Ex-Gay Ministry!'

Marriage Equality, State by State


Pictures of gay man beaten and lashed in Iran (warning: graphic)

Since the Starbucks at Baylor U. is pulling cups with 'gay' quotes ...

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) and MLB have teamed up...

Kansas City Royals will probably lose their 100th game today

Ortiz and Manny with back-to-back homers!

Ratbird fans: are you lonely in the cellar?

I'm going out on a limb to say (White Sox)

Humans not the only creatures needing rescue in New Orleans

Foster Kitties update with pics:-)

Possibly a positive change brought on by Katrina coverage?

I saw the prettiest little grey kitty this morning, I don't know if she

I guess I have a new cat: Charlemagne

How to use a cat bed properly

Little help here:


So I got asked to be in my friend's wedding party.

Prepare to have your world rocked.

Just a reminder

Tensions are high

Maybe it would be easier to post a list of topics we can discuss

Downsized by Jesus!

Positive Atheism

Anyone here read James Morrow? He is a great religious satirist

So Fla Newspaper Ed: "What's the problem?" with the pledge

Atheist meet ups

Those loving and caring Christians...

Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster, give us the pasta to carry on !

A poke at religion spotted on HBO...

US out of Afghanistan, per Karzai's request? Wow!

Where are the senators today? What's going on with the Roberts Hearings?

BG coverage of the speech

Via Raw Story: Reid Likely to Oppose Roberts' Nomination

Copy of Reid's Speech

Sounds to me like Kerry left the RNC speechless

Romney Considered to Lead Katrina Recovery

Anyone know anything about this???

Kerry Urges Congress to Keep Arctic Wildlife Refuge Free from Oil Drilling

Committee Hearings again for this week

Kerry on ANWR: The Republican Party is Mortgaging America’s Future

Thoughtful post for once in GD about Kerry disillusionment

All new Kerry Attackers, Usual suspects silent?

Iraq: Some ruminating thoughts

How depressing this is

Wisconsiniters, Wisonsineers, Wisconsonians

I am having an "idea-r"!

Randi Rhodes, please shut UP about Kerry

Kerry’s Was Harsher by Far

I'm going to DC on Saturday

For this month's contest /challenge

Talk about a talented photographer! . . . DAMN

ASTB 9/20/05

Interview with Craig Crawford online

Not in the same class as a hurricane but...

Online profiles of Jossip's new interns.

Hey, New Yorkers -- great live show!


Democrats Face Pressures on Roberts Issue

So I tried. I tried to read indybay doc of pre-election polls.

Bush Scapegoats every day. He is a bad Christian. Discuss!

We Have Fought This Battle Before

Bush approval 40%; leadership numbers collapse, now at 49% down from 60%

with the bush/clinton fund raising thats going on

Happy Liberation day...EAST TIMOR!!!!

Witchcraft and nail clippings: the weird world of Cherie Blair?

Don Young (AK) on forfeiting pork for Katrina: "They can kiss my ear!"

Uh-Oh... looks like it's Neo-Con Casserole time at the Conservative Buffet

A Perfect Circle: Counting Bodies Like Sheep for War...Videos

Pombo the Clown tries to ruin Endangered Species Act

Is Hurricane Rita a lose/lose for gwb?

As you give to liberal causes, don't forget about the sciences

Crooks & Liars: Forbidden?

How long before Tony Poodle pulls Brit troops out of Eyerack?

John Nichols: Galloway's frankness invigorates, shocks Americans

Prigs and prudes: FCC to increase penalties for obscenity on air

Pro-troop tour stops in Elko, NV tonight -HELP! Have they been 2 yer town?

What Does Capturing Bin Laden Mean To Bush Administration?

Bush's Speech - Smoke And Mirrors - Or Lighting And Netting

Roberts' baseball Analogy - commentoon (Re; Choice)

FEC sues pro-Republican political group

"(Republican) Senator seeks Social Security 'lockbox'"uh,that sounds

when you gotta go, you gotta go. daddy pukes at table; jr. runs to toilet

"Category 4 and 5 storms have doubled since the 1970's"

New DHS Nominee: Not What She Knows, But Who She Knows

Type Failure Into Google And See What Comes Up #1 Its Embarrassing

Surprise surprsie I got a form letter from DiFi

Bienvenue au résistance democratique!

Black Republican group loses half its members.....only had 15 of them.

House Ethics Committee Makes History in 2005-The Wrong Kind

"Bush Could Use His 'Iron' Advisers Now"

How much influence will blogs have on the '08 Dem Nomination?

The Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations, March, 2005 has been

After Katrina, and what the reporters themselves saw and reported

Let's get this out of the way - PRIMARY vote - will you vote for Hillary?

Turn on CSPAN 2 NOW

Bush at 40% approval - something to consider....

Copy of Reid's Speech

Is That Kevlar Under Your Shirt, or Are You Just Glad to See Me? --pix->>>

CNN Situation room has some good questions today

Pete Stark letter Time to bring troops home Will meet with Cindy

May Have Been Posted...BUT Is MSM or Anyone Covering The March In DC???

North Korea halting its nuclear program

Does anyone know what happened to the posts from the 2004

Please help me!!

What is happening with the ACLU Abu Graib photo case?

John Conyers speaking about the Baker-Carter Commission on Randi now.

Bush Official Arrested for Obstructing a Criminal Investigation

Ohhhhhhh God the * is on CSPAN contradicting himself again...

My idea for a Democratic Primary Calendar

CAPTION Bush looking at his poll numbers

USDA along with Kraft, Wal Mart & Others back senate vote today!

2 videos The Legacy of GW Bush & The Legacy of GW Bush

I need the picture of Bush looking like a goon in a propellor hat.

Why do people on the LEFT think Hillary is running for President?

The "Death Tax" and Monopoly....

Urban Pacification - cartoon, comment

New Survey USA state by state governor approval poll

Reid to Vote NO on Roberts - Baucus and Nelson Not as Willing to Vote No

Republican Framing....

Christian Coalition Toils To Stay Afloat As Money Shrinks

DU this CNN poll

Delay & Young Named "Co-Porkers of the Month"

Jack Cafferty wants emails in response to this evenings' question:

What happened to the Conyers Katrina fact-finding report

Is Hillary Clinton going to run for POTUS in 2008?

(DNC Release) David Safavian: An "Old Friend" of Abramoff's

Bush approval rating at 40 percent

Kerry Urges Congress to Keep Arctic Wildlife Refuge Free from Oil Drilling

Dean Statement on the Death of Simon Wiesenthal

Maybe mythical Warrior Chang could locate the mythical WMDs?

Is the British "jail break" a tipping point? Iraq is now a clusterfuck.

Anyone know status of S. 771, The State and Local Housing Flexibility Act?

"George Bush Don't Like Black People" VIDEO and SONG

Brit Hume of Fox gets it wrong...lies on air (SHOCKING HUH?)

DARN IT ALL!! PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayworth compares Napolitano to New Orleans looters

Can someone explain how to know IF and WHEN there are WH press briefings?

Who's missing from this Bush Pioneer scandal list?

Bienvenido al subterraneo democratico

Warren Beatty leaves the "door open" for run against Ahnuld!!!

Only thing missing from Jackson Sq. photo op was Peter Pan

Sen McCain just cracked a joke about Katrina response....

Is anyone listening to this asshole Ted Poe

Anyone from NJ/NY watching the Corzine - Forrester debate on now?

I am really paranoid, please help!

What would happen if a person or group of people sent word

A REAListic compromise on discrimination:

SHOCKING: Dole, frmr Red Cross head -against indep. Katrina investigation

We the people ... have no voice. 80% want independent Katrina commission

Why is it that when I ask regular people about paying for Katrina

So which 2006 races (senate, house, and gov) are ripe for the picking?

Why the Democratic Party Needs its own "Contract with America"

White House lesson in spin.....War in Iraq: "The Fight for a Better World"

White House makes DAMN SURE to post photos of Bush's "Rita Briefing"

Jeb's accent (or lack thereof)

Indiana poll tax ...

Did Bush tell Dems-"You can bad mouth me as long as your not effective"

Is there a process to recall a president?

Apparently Dean urged Reid to give very strong opposition to Roberts.

CNN POLL : do bush's visits to NO help?

Anyone hear Galloway on the Michael Medved show today?

I suggest we call out the farce of the mainstream Republican party -

a real solution to the gay marriage issue.

Hannity pledged "maximum" contribution to Clinton challenger Pirro; asked

Investigating Katrina

LMAO! Have you seen this small bladder Bush video?

Kerry on ANWR: The Republican Party is Mortgaging America’s Future

Judge bars release of Ghraib photo's again

JOHN LOCKE>>>a political lesson...Government is there only

Who are the Rethugs calling to expand Posse Comitatus (sp?) &

the levee's breaking. The GOP monolith is shattered.

Bush Administration member: "We're more than listless. We're sunk."

Iraq’s Missing Billions


Badly freeped AOL poll

If Reid just votes vs Roberts,Reid has sold out America & civil rights

What happened to the ridiculous Flag Desecration Amendment?

DU this poll fast and repeatedly. Tries to shift blame to NOLA mayor.

Go Ask The Swiftboat Guys, that is what my dad tells charities and

Why are so many elected officials lawyers?

a REAListic compromise on the 'gay marriage' issue?

WTF - Carter endorses national ID card in order to vote???!!!!!

Cost of Katrina relief splits Republican ranks

"Panel Proposes New Calendar for Primaries"

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday September 21

Unemployment stats

New AP-Ipsos Poll: Bush Disapproval NEARLY 6 IN 10 (Post Speech)

Stop Baker3 & Carter's national ID requirement to vote.

The Daily Show is Back Live! Talking about the 2 2005 Emmys

Did anyone hear that Bush is replacing Fitzgerald as special prosecutor?

Just an opinion, bc I don't know enough, but why can't we pay for Katrina

Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

Very interesting Zogby Interactive Poll...

Kerry’s Was Harsher by Far

since rushy calls him dingy harry (sen. reid) lets name the repuke legis

Have you ever seen this picture of Kerry and Bush? LMAO!!!

I know that Nagin is a Dem and we need to support him...BUT

Glad I hate my country.

Survey USA 9/20 Governors' Approval Ratings

Clinton v. Leona Helmsley!

Memory Hole Question..Didn't * Appear Before Katrina?

171 co-sponsor bill to reinstate Davis-Bacon

Frist sold shares in family's hospital corporation just before value fell

Is this Website Documenting Rush's Homosexuality accurate????

In 2008, I See The Roles of Kerry, Dean and Clark To Be Played By...

Senselessbrenner's opponent makes DFA Top Ten!! Vote Kennedy now!

Sept. 24th Rally, San Jose: Photos of "Bush" promoting event TODAY...

What song titles would this band play?

"World's worst person to serve as President of the USA

Is anyone familiar with Lyndon LaRouche?

Cindy Sheehan to Hillary: "you say it or you're losing your job"

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

"By an 8-point margin, voters are more likely to call themselves Democrats