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Archives: September 18, 2005

Support For (9/24) Demonstration Grows - United Kingdom!

'L.A. Live' promoters tout 'Times Square West'

reservation Indians often dead[ly] enemies of state - Roberts aded [ly]

Here We Go Again -- Tropical Storm Philippe & TD 18

FOX back on Natalie Hollaway Right NOW, West Coast.... nt

The Catholic Church and Arnold S. and Rudy G.

US Military Asks Anarchists for Help in New Orleans

Kids, you don't need school

Are we at the brink of a larger scale war ?

Nursing home (in SoCal) sued for prohibiting Spanish

Republican Financial Planning

Tavis Smiley: "Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction"...

Govt Response and Recovery to the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Heart Surgery Outcome May Be Worse in Blacks-study

FEATURE-Shark attacks spark "kill or be killed" debate - Culling sharks?

AP: Buyer beware of flood-damaged vehicles

Heart Surgery Outcome May Be Worse in Blacks-study

The storm and it's aftermath have profoundly changed me

Iran should not become nuclear power - Putin

Elder abuse flourishes (in CA) in silence

Karel talking Bush family values -- stream

About the 24th...I think we need to do a media blast.

The St. Patrick's Four - persecution by US Govt begins Monday.

Sept 24th -- Help for bad backs, knees, etc?

September 22nd is the Fall Equinox and the sun moves into Libra ...

Stripes letter: Sick of Sheehan

Forest Service Waives Campground Fees For Hurricane Katrina Survivors

What's wrong with Biden?

A Who's Who of elite visits Judith Miller in jail! (Including John Bolton)

Fading out (oldies radio)

Please support: Call for Rep. Conyers to declare candidacy for President

Neocons stopped surveillance of Atta in order to create 2nd Pearl Harbor?

Greg Palast on George Galloway - hold your flames and read this.

Name one world leader who has done all of these things in the last 5 years

Is there any death/body count news from New Orleans?

Should I see Cry Wolf tomorrow night?

Who wants human?

Who wants a hummer

Who won the Tennesee at Florida game?

Who wants humus?

*sigh* Oh well, at least, I knew that Arkansas wouldn't win anyway.

In honor of the Full Moon tonight--Moon Song/Poetry/Art Thread!

DOG (pic-intensive)

Anyone know if "Night Court" episodes are going to make it to DVD?

This beer sucks.

Name your hometown's "firsts."

Wooooo! Go Aggies of UC Davis.

I am tired, but I have to stay up and bake a peach cobbler

Tell us one of your dirty little secrets

Just past midnight ....... are we who post & read @ DU nutz?

Name the best television characters, of all time!

On the Bright Side Gay Humor

george galloway for president!! after all if they can talk about changing

Clinton on "This Week" with George Stephanopolus.....

HELP me with this idea: If CNN won the court case about Katrina photos;

Ex-judge & spy chief condemns war role

E-mail suggests government seeking to blame environmental groups for Katri

Baghdad Spies Live on Edge

Back Inside New Orleans

How India became a battleground for CIA and KGB in the 1970s

Sun-Sentinel Investigation-Fema a Legacy of Waste

Tony Blair 'relished' sending British soldiers off to war

Lack of Cohesion Bedevils Katrina Recovery -- Washington Post-

This would actually come as no surprise...

Lone Star Iconoclast: Bush Quit His Job

Professor quotes DUer in letter to editors

Cindy Sheehan still asking What Noble Cause

Access Denied!

White House Letter: Politics and prayer mix in post-Katrina sermon

Conservative Family Welcomes Lesbian Couple and Kids After Katrina

Politics & Policies: Civil war in Iraq?

court approves holding an American citizen without charges.

AP: Katrina Kicked Off Troubled Souls' Odyssey

Will Roberts bring down Jefferson's wall? (CC Haynes)

Bush nephew pushed officer during arrest

It's too late for Bush to find a bullhorn moment in Gulf Coast (Dowd)

Pillaging, looting - these guys are pros Now comes the real looting!

The St. Patrick's Four to be tied again: Will the First Amendment survive?

Bush backers showing loyalty to a fault (great article on the KoolAid set)

When disaster strikes, will your insurer come through for you? - SF Chron

A Wimp on Genocide (NYT)

Bush's war and the Egyptian elections

The Great Tax Con

Rising U.S. debt pawns off freedom (Teepen)

Frank Rich: The old Bush magic isn't working (Wow)

Bush Wants To Bankrupt America-There is Method To His Madness

Chavez' Surprise for Bush

They Shoot News Anchors, Don’t They?

It's time for a woman president

The Return of Reefer Madness

What has happened to Iraq's missing $1bn???

Bush backers showing loyalty to a fault (L Pitts Jr)

Krugman and Herbert beind a pay-wall starting today.

Blumenthal: The Petulant President

Cannabis advocates rally (Boston)

Peace Rally And March ..... Birmingham, Alabama... Sept. 24.

Mexican Independence Day parade becomes immigration protest

AntiWar flyer for download and disribution on Sept. 24 nationwide

Police under fire as G8 cases dropped (UK)

"Scapegoating" FEMA

George Clooney, Filmmaking Provocateur

My Congressman (R) called me at home because he didn't like my LTTE.

'Grand Canyon of the South' wants to pay to keep drillers away

Canadians Open to Oil Nationalization

No ethanol in Chicago area?

Tropical Storm Rita is now with us.

Arguments to be heard in mountaintop removal appeal

Hamas celebrates Gaza pullout

No police to be tried for Arab deaths in 2000 riots

GA's Shame Of A Voting Law (you now have to pay to vote?):

Where is Truth Is All?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 9/18/05

BradBlog: A Quick-ish DIEB-THROAT Followup...


Is the "Exit Poll Debate" a "Waste of Time"?

Any Santa Barbara Duers going to be at the protest?

We have alt-folk royalty here in Iowa

Central Square arts & crafts fair today

Cambridge Chronicle coverage of the "Bring Them Home Now" tour

Judy Woodruff @ WGBH Monday 7PM

Why bother seeing Medea tonight at BC?

Mass Out of Iraq ralleyers head count. I'll be lookin for ya!

Minnesotans have MAD

Man arrested for dancing in streets (Minneapolis)

Thinking of starting personal web page...need advice

Help! OS partition filling up and Partition Magic can't resize it.

I have a friend looking to buy a desk top windoze machine.

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta):

Houston's Weekend of Peace and Justice events (9/24,25)

Grassroots Political Workshop in Houston Sun., 9/25

Conservation events coming up in northern WI

How are things in Stoughton?

Who is going to the September 24 DC rally- check in here!

What Does God Think of George W Bush

Why Bushco Is Dead Meat -- Blood, Sweat And Tears, Baby

Come on up for the rising.

Come On Down George

The fuse is burning

I need your help, DU, to educate my fellow students about Bush.

"Answers Please, Mr Bush"

who are the Truth Tellers? . . .

Its Official...Ive SEEN IT ALL....Donalds Rumsfield Doll

Just heard this on the radio...type "failure" into Google and see what the

Has anyone read Greg Palast's comments on Galloway?

Geez, it's like playing "Galaga"

Look I hate feeling kinda like Cassandra so could you read this thread

!! Flood Experts Warned Dennis Hastert(R)That Fema Would Fail Floods

Meanwhile...a day in the life of Iraq...

New Orleans Has Been Thoroughly Militarized

My File on Grover Norquist

Lets talk weapons manufacturers

My bro, the doc, tried to help NO, but got turned away.

I have 30 Passengers on my Bus for D.C. thus far.

Anybody See Ted Turner On Letterman The Other Night?

My nephew's Guard Unit has been sent home - sort of.

Everbody with high school age sons, tell them to start a fad

fallout from above-ground nuclear tests is in our teeth (Katrina)

This is from September 3, 2003. Notice how they fix their poll.

Sept. 24: Mardi Gras beads

Are there any Jaycees here?

LOOK AT THIS!! Exit Poll Data Does Not Match Pre-Election Polls

Buy Williams Sonoma N.Orleans Cookbook & they donate full price

Voices From Louisiana- "We're Way Past Angry"

This NO Body Found 9/10! They Just Revovered it Yesterday? *graphic*

Words for the lost; words from the found

Must-see TV: "With God on our Side: Bush and Religion"

FEMA's blunders, and their consequences for other "endangered" cities

NOW interviews evacuees

Clinton points out that for the first time in history we are borrowing

What other areas are subject to storm surge?

Has the media reported military snipers on NOLA killing looters?

Video! George Bush don't like black people,

If a church wants to build a frickin $750,000,000 church next to

What are the stats on raising the minimum wage?

If safey was a voter concern in 2004, how did we lose that election?

Upper West Side: "Chavez, friend, the people are with you!"

Question dealing with FEMA guy

Vid Clip-Jay Leno on Bush's Bathroom Break Note

Just Another Day of Lying Courtesy Of Freak Republic

Can we get chimp's definition of "normal"

Did organized gangs head to NOLA?

Photo: "A rescued feline Katrina victim gets a bath in Louisiana."

Refresh my memory, please. Didn't Clinton originally back Iraq Invasion?

Torrents of anger and sadness follow nursing home deaths (St Rita's)

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder Losing In Early Election Returns

I'm so fcking pissed! Lindsay Graham on Fox w/ Chris Wallace.

Iraq gets health insuranc and education for all and we get to pay for it.

Another Bush broken promise

The quintessential image of the * administration

Stripes letter: German aid for United States

From the edge...

Have the Repubs been pushing American politics as a whole to the right?

Freepers are enabling welfare.

25 years ago today

Consumer confidence plummets to levels not seen since Bush1

I just had a disgusting thought...

I think Gerhard Schroder might be able to

From MyDD: Democrats Pissed At Leadership; Ready to Vote For Dems Anyway

Where Have The Displaced Gulf Coast Poor Gone?

Strategies to Fight the Right

LAT: With Traffic at a Crawl, Planners Talk of Tunnels

Geeze who asked for information about sharing your home?

KATRINA RECOVER... does anyone know

Karl Rove has acheived his goal of becoming the 21st century Mark Hanna

Just look at the Tropical Storm/Hurricane activity - Global Warming

EVERY city in america has it's poor section, kept from the rich section

DU this story. Yahoo has had this story or some variation on front

Hurricane survivor story: FEMA and the IRS Catch-22

1900 American's killed in Iraq.

Lord, if it's not asking too much, please send me someone to love

The Democrats are spineless. The Republicans are heartless. C-SPAN

TRANSCRIPT: Bill Maher's Latest New Rule (9/16/05)

So, does anyone here think we are about due for an Osama bin Laden video?

Police Fortify Numbers for War Protests

Haley Barbour for President.

We need to come up with another name for the teachings of Jesus

video of Chavez speaks at UN

Gang behind $55m art heist captured in FBI sting

This is a Bush quote....

Mormons Find Loophole Through Gay Marriage

Was Jeb's son tasered when he resisted arrest?

Questions, I have questions………..

In any organization, when the boss is an asshole, when big

A Few Questions For Turdblossom

Did Rush mean to use the "N" word. . .you be the judge. . .

Anyone know how to tune in to Brad's radio address? I went to

Bush* sold our Federal Emergency Mgt. Agency to Cronyism.

will YOUR son or daughter be the lucky number 2000---?!?!?

Palast on Galloway. He may have nailed Norm Coleman, but............

"A known leak in charge of rebuilding a flooded city". Quote of the day!

Imagine A Katrina Hitting the US Every Year...

Michelle Malkin: What Happened On Flight 17? (missles? birds?)

Youngest Iraqi victim

Wouldn't it be cool if Bill started the questions on mtp this AM, why

Justice Department's attempt to blame environmentalists for flood

Send KKKarl an email

The morale of the troops would be affected much more by incompetent

My Katrina Blame the Victims Essay

BushCo sets up website for donations from Americans for Iraq rebuilding

Still mad: Karl Rove in charge of reconstruction

Make a contribution to impeach Bush in memory of Neil Svendsen Jr.

Will the GOP be Katrina’s Biggest Casualty? (criticism from the right)

Steve on WJ CSPAN was working overtime this morning trying

OK folks, I plead ignorance......

Rove "off the record"

Help with letter from koolaid drinker to my local paper

(re-broadcast) Iraq War Debate, George Galloway & Christopher Hitchens

Our leaders are not AWOL

Probation kiosk draws concerns (ATM-style check-in for felons!)

Schwarzenegger Endorses Union Dues Measure

Iran's offer of nuclear know-how to Islamic countries alarms UN

Google mail and the Firefox browser

Bill Maher/John Stewart

No DU votes for Chavez?!?!?! Come on! the man is awesome!

Can I have a word with all of our hispanic DUers for a moment please?

Jazz Alive San Antonio!!

On The History Channel Now: Hurricane:Category 5 (made in 2004)

South Florida Sun- Sentinel: Cheaters Get "Easy Money" from FEMA

Funniest Fundie Comment EVER!

"Tin foil hat" - please explain the origin of this term

Invasion of Syria? Oh shit. Just say no, please.

photo of bush: 'black folks, I just can't hug me enough black folks'

Rove: The Only Mistake We Made Was Not Overriding The Local Government

I get it Now, Bush Supporters are Just Stupid...

One thing about this shit for brains pResident

Finish this sentence: His ratings are falling faster than ...

I think we should call for a limited FReeper-DUer alliance over Clinton.

Gov. Blanco still wants 1question answered: Where were the 500 FEMA buses?

There is a long list of dems I would support for pres in '08...

Hitches/Galloway debate is on right now

Condi skips UN dinner on women's rights

yahoo news: "Power-dressing man leaves trail of destruction"

Male Veterinarian Appointed Acting Director of Women's Health, FDA

they say the dems are spineless. what has bush gotten us into.

Katrina Echoes Mexico City's 1985 Disaster(poor hit hardest, no gov. help)

Rove and Rasputin. How much do they have in common.

Will Bush speak at the next NAACP convention?

Meet the Press has actually been pretty reasonable this morning.

This is the best day of *'s life!

Bush Katrina Ratings Fall After Speech---Rasmussen

RePUGS ;Sessions and Kyl looking for wealthy hurricane victims!

Freepers and their "cowboy" president...

Yeah, I've bashed Democrats. (Yes, this is a poll)

nothing is quite as liberating as being suddenly homeless

Global warming - what are your solutions while maintaining the status quo?

will gas prices hurt the 9-24 DC turn-out?

Why do so many, post crap they read at Freeperville in here?

Tropical Depression 18 likely to nail Texas as a Hurricane by Saturday

Why Not Victory? - AKA Road to Fascism - Denver Post.

Will another hurricane hit New Orleans before this season is over?

"'Dirty Harry' Christians key to Katrina efforts"

Newbies gather round.... this article was brought here by

DU has changed you..... how?

My daughter just called and was really upset

A good time to read Howard Zinn

Thought's on Bush's potty note

We need hurricane education, folks!

Wow read this review of Good Night, and Good Luck and then tell me if

"We need adult supervision of the budget process"

1900 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The Constant Gardner

Different day, same lack of dignity.

Desolation Row

Rove: Cindy Sheehan is a clown- No real anti-war movement

1900 U.S. Military fatalities in Iraq

What is the current Gulf Coast death toll????

Police Fortify Numbers for War Protests

Heat casualties....

Why is the use of the word "Refugees" considered so taboo?

Judith Miller's Visitors List Revealed--Bolton's Name 'Raises Eyebrows'

Katrina is NOT the greatest natural disaster in the history of the US

Never fails! When Bush has poll problems they use the "under God" thing.

I have a question - I wonder if you can help answer.

If your Jeep doesn't look like this...

Hospital official: New Orleans health care infrastructure 'does not exist'

More weather problems

To Sept 24 protesters!

My neighbor's letter to President Bush

The hatred toward those who are leaving the US is unfounded and disturbing

I have a big favor to ask re: Katrina and Bush

TX priest potentially exposes children to HIV in bizarre Mass incident

Vid Clip: Laura Bush expresses concern over Hurricane "Corrina"

Vietnam: On the Frontlines

Jim Wooten would be funny if he weren't so damned delusional

I just slammed my sister and a priest of life

OMG: Bush is afraid of horses?

The Swift Boating of Aaron Broussard?

The Potemkin Presidency?

Is anyone else watching E! ?

Something about the Disney-like photo-op in New Orleans....

"That is the greatness of America."

New Zealand Labour wins election

Is Mallard Fillmore supposed to be some RW answer to Doonesbury?


Just came back

A Jesus was a buddha: a buddhist monk in the 16th century....

Matt Damon had Bush pegged back in 1997

Where can I get the up to date German election results?

Michael Schiavo to Tell His Side of the Story in Book

Add Conyers and Obama to the spell checker!

Anyone recall last week a thread of pictures, storm pictures...

The mainstream of the GOP speaks again, this time on race

Bush = Steve Wynn (Vegas)?

ARGGG!! Dem leaders are STILL so *&$# gullible!!

Gay man receives $1.7M in abuse case settlement (donates some to Katrina)

This is no time for political attacks ?

Letter ot my rep

I had an internal debate (Mercenary troops)

Some people think that folks that aren't "smart" deserve to be Poor?

The Great USA

Contagiousness of colds

What about all the displaced tenants, George?

No Clear Cut Winner in German Election

Missing Dan Rather found

Katrina aftermath: Personal stories from ground zero

Firefox users...I need help

Oh, let's all be good Democrats here...

Girls and Boys,Meet Nature bring your gun...

You are a leftist...

Donna Brazile's op-ed from Washington Post. I just have to shake my head.

HuffPo quotes Rove "off the record" ... delusional.


Update on "So I volunteer" hate letter

DR. Rice bitches out U.N.: "The time to reform is now & we must seize it!"

Is Capitalism, the way it is now, Screwing Up The World?

Texans growing uneasy over Iraq

Malkin tried to bust Arianna, only to be made to look like a fool


a dime's worth, in Truman dollars

Spending the night as a storm evacuee - excellent article.

REVEALED: The half-brother that John Roberts won't talk about. ---->>>

Propaganda cloaks Iraq constitution

Fundie on Evolution

Chicago heatwave screed. (freeper Katrina debate tactic.)

Sept. 24: Simultaneous demonstrations in other U.S. cities?

Will things be better, once Saddam is given death penalty next month?

Is There A One-Stop Information Source for 9/24 In DC? I'm Going ...

"Turnaround artists" trash worker pensions and leave the bill to taxpayers

Who else thinks Bush is deliberately trying to destroy the government?

Chávez gets a cheer in the Bronx

Louis Vitton Handbags?? I guess the welfare queen w/the Cadillac is back.

John Rothman on KGO last night.: New Orleans scabs

200 billion for the reconstruction ? Ya right !

Need help responding to this letter about the state of welfare in NO

great poem just read on Laura's show RE:aftermath of Katrina. here it is

Did Wolfowitz download a copy of my newest 'toon as wallpaper?

How to argue for lower defense spending without sounding like a wimp

I don't think I can ever speak to my brother again,RACIST MF

Ready to deploy for Iraq, and then he's fired - School board OKs decision

Palast anti-Galloway story is rebutted

Breakthrough: Pat Roberston discovers cause of huricanes.

Bush Wants to Segregate Survivor Kids

200 Billion Wasted in Iraq could have bought us 66 Billion gallons of

PHOTO: It is VERY unfair to judge the Roberts photo without full context.

Kill the estate tax, find a rich hurricane victim....

What should be The dominant theme at the Rally ? IMPEACH BUSHCO?

Lisa Daniels of MSNBC on with tweety this am.

The most comprehensive report on the evils of Karl Rove I've ever seen

Can't make it to DC, 9/24......Check your State,

So, if necessary, will they be ready for Rita ? And to what degree ?

Supermodel admits to cocaine use!

Proposal: Call the rally in D.C. "March for American Lives"

NOLA reminds me of the Philadelphia MOVE bombing:

Yahoo covers Clinton holding Bush accountable on Iraq, Katrina and budget

Bill Clinton criticizes Bush on Iraq and Katrina.....

It's NOT "incompetence", or "irresponsibility". It is intentional.

The Iran Trap--Scott Ritter....EU playing into US trap

Why we must stay in Iraq.

Repuke Tom Delay needs our HELP

dick cheney goes under the knife - then what..??

Will The Corporate Media Report on The DC Anti-War Protest This Sat.?

Where's the "(gay) Judge Roberts displaying food" photo from? (Found it)

What are you doing differently with $3.00 a gallon gas?

I went to Gulfport/Biloxi/Pascagoula Mississippi today DAMN!

Great charts on why our tax system is f@#ked up from an unlikely source

"Oh, fiddle-de-dee, says Smirky...(photo)

DON'T make fun of Tropical Storm Rita

Anybody have any experience with Six Sigma?

I'm a protest (big ones anyway) virgin with a video camera

Thinking of some kind of frame- "pillaging legislation"-

What does a centrist think?

Clinton bashing. Dean bashing. Kerry bashing. Gore bashing. It never

Bill Clinton 2008. WOW was he good on meet the press!

ACLU: Tough On Crime!

How much gas could this save ?!?

Hey folks, just for a second slow down and enjoy the coolness

The way I see it, Schroeder has to remain chancellor has started a Katrina timeline

Where will they put all the debris from the Katrina damage?

Emotions Run High at Katrina Jazz Concert

info on Angela Merkel in 9-12 New Yorker (not on line)

Chucky, the Gulf Coast Zoo's 1000 pound Alligator is caught!

SCOTUS: The problem isn't Roberts

Was Wolf Blitzer's father helped into US by the Harriman's/Bushes?

Proof! B*'s Speeches SO BORING That Time Actually Stands Still!

US Ambassador to Iraq predicts US will invade Syria to combat insurgents

a day in the life of Iraq ...9/18/05

The budget is much worse shape than people think...

Rove calls Cindy Sheehan a "clown"

Al Zarqawi phenomenon

Cindy Sheehan has "Nobel Cause." What "Noble Cause" did her son Die for?

BREAKING: Paleontologist Named Director of Male Health

Hackett was in Columbus today.

Canadian newspaper tests NO's water: "Wading into an E. coli stew"

No sacrifices asked for Iraq, so public will not worry about the costs.

Name the good, progressive nationally prominent Dems

It's time the real conservatives got rid of this crew.

Russert was pushing Andrea Mitchell's book last night....

I give up. I accept the overwhelming wisdom of the center.

Should Cindy Sheehan be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Trashing our own is what got Idiot Son in office

Could Geri have been saved?

Mayor Nagin wants people to come back to N.O. The Feds don't.

Hateful Freepers must all think they're rich. Read if you can stomach it.

You know if you went away for three weeks (question about Login etc)

Rita's Coming. Jeff Masters says get out of the Keys.

What the hell happened to US America?

I need advice please

Spoiler--someone we love won an Emmy

Watched no TV News shows at all today. How was the tone??

How about a consortium for Truth?

A thread that should have made the greatest page

Please DU this poll about the hurricane

VA Governor Debate on CSpan Now. Tweety hosting. Dem is EATING repuke!!

Anyone have excerpts of Krugman or Herbert columns from NYT?

Hooray for the Daily Show for winning two Emmy's!

MTP: Haley Barbour for Pres 2008?

A Christian Leader for Germany?

Asbestos: Is it recognizable just with a photo?

Please DU This New AOL Poll

Rising explorations in lesbianism versus the pasty white Republican Male

Last straw w/ fundamentalist friend ...

Laura Bush: Everyone, PLEASE take Hurricane Anita seriously!

That sound you hear . . . Freepers heads exploding

Don't let them call it a "death tax"....

John Edwards Calls For Return Of Depression Era Programs

Roberts, Norquist, + founder of Federalist Soc classmates at Harvard???

Why Roberts Could be Great!!!

Did anyone else hear about Rice being verbally abused by rich New Yorkers?

nine years since welfare reform.

What is "Rich"?

Jesus was a Radical who Railed against Rome, & we should do the same

Wow! LinkTV has a show on "Wellstone"

Rita now trending North of original expectations.

Ganster mentality

Bush-Be-Gone Index -- Up 0.2% from yesterday

This brought me to tears...

cspan caller: 'how could all 'those people' abandon their children'?

where can I get one of those cardboard cut-out black folks props?

There is no Q (except on Star Trek): hurricane names

Bishops want to apologise for Iraq war

'You're an Asshole'...thanks World Net Daily for the free advertising!

French penguin movie a pawn in the war on evolutionary theory

Notice the Resemblance? --pix->>>

Hugo Chavez is the next MLK, I realise that you don't know it yet

We missed a SCARY story on Friday....

Bush Took the Weekend Off - Went to Camp David --pix->>>

Is this the week that Fitzgerald comes down with those indictments?

(Joke) Geoerge Bush was the tragic victim of an exorocism

Two Billion Now Have Mobile Phones

Photos: Bob Casey Jr. Running Against Tricky Ricky...

When you read or hear the words "drug addict," what picture immediately

Now he's PRAYING FOR US? Lordy help us all.

Whoa! Out on DVD Tuesday?

Cable/internet/phone pricing is such a misleading ripoff!@!


Support December 1st nationwide strike

Acckkk! It has started. I clicked on Krugman's new piece and was

People, they are stealing you blind !

Your opinion on Dems taking 'anti-liberal' stances to gain votes

1,900 US Casualties in Iraq, 14,362 Injured

DSCC: Paul Hackett WILL challenge Sen. DeWine in Ohio!

Challenge: Can you post ONE thing good about a Dem you've bashed?

TDS on Emmies

What about the Republican gov of Louisiana (the gov before Blanco)?

SCATHING, BLISTERING, DAMNING editorial, read it and weep "W"

Tropical storm "Rita." What happened to "P" "Q" ?

Katrina Kicked Off Troubled Souls' Odyssey (AP)

Is your store out of Folgers coffee?

Buy a prius in January because...

Gif Animation And Tale - The Bushco Propaganda-Pult And American Immunity!

"the most fiscally irresponsible chief executive in American history"

DUers going to DC for the rally

Upon winning her Emmy and making her speech, Blythe Danner said let's

Jeb Reveals That Imaginary ‘Warrior Chang’ Guides His Every Move

Please send cspan a suggestion, RE: 9/24

ROFL - "Roberts Is Gay" Rumor Hits Freak Republic

what is the latest word on the German elections?

CSPAN Schedule Monday September 19

Did anyone see Belafonte and Glover on PBS Sat night?

Question about health insurance and how it pays benefits

Need a laugh? I just happen to have one for you....

Raw Story's "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" front-page pic of the DAWG.

Hilarious donation request from a fundie church

Use broken buildings to raise New Orleans above sea level.

Democrats should call for a Balanced Budget Amendment.....

I'm telling you now, this movie is gonna change the world

SO..... who is going to the Captial Lounge of friday night?

If we had to move to the right to win, would it be worth it?

I want to gauge DU interest in a Democratic coalition.

Know Your BFEE: Poppy Bush Armed Saddam

Know Your BFEE: Poppy Bush Armed Saddam

Time: GOP senators looking for a RICH KATRINA CORPSE for estate tax pitch

Suppose you told your shrink that...

Defending Those Who Know, By Larisa Alexandrovna in Huffpost

We, as democrats, are losing the battle.....

HRC: take me off your mailing list

The Revolving Door of Corporate Corruption in New Orleans Reconstruction

NOLA: 67% of whites think race wasn't a factor. 87% of blacks think it was

Serious question do you think that there are people that want to be poor?

FEMA ordering ALL recovered bodies be prayed over !!!!

Link to Laura Bush Referring to Hurricane "Corina"...

Please help! ****NOLA Pet Rescue**** Resources and Action Update 9/18

"Unacceptable": The Federal Response to Katrina

Rove and Bush Send Fitzgerald a Message

My 15,000 post "WEEP BELOVED HAITI"

September 24


Can anyone give me the 100-word summary of Simon Frazer?

Lib Dem conference coverage starting on BBC Parliament now

Church to sell €5m ‘tainted’ shares

Sedated, abused and confined in bleak wards: a woman's life inside Broadmo

Water? It's a tonic at £40 a bottle

Nice Day For A Sulk

Hurricane Katrina death tolls reported by state & local officials ..Sat

Israeli generals fear arrest in Britain

Son of Florida Gov. Bush pushed officer, affidavit says

Katrina Survivor found. 76 year old man in his attic.

Gunmen Kill Member of Iraqi Parliament

Top football clubs hit by child abuse allegations

How India became a battleground for CIA and KGB in the 1970s

Blair 'relished sending troops in'

Chavez will try to improve U.S. relations


Iraq invasion radicalized Saudi fighters: report

Feds Seen Raising Rates Despite Katrina

1900 U.S. Military fatalities in Iraq

Shootings put security contractors under scrutiny in Iraq

Chávez gets a cheer in the Bronx

House GOP Seeks to Offset Katrina Spending

U.S. GI Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq

Mugabe accuses US of racism during Katrina

House Democrats Hitch Wagon to Warner

U.N. to End Food Shipments to N. Korea

More UK troops 'ready for Iraq'

French soldier killed in roadside bomb in Afghanistan

As Washington opens spigots for Katrina relief, protests mount

Conservative Family Welcomes Lesbian Couple and Kids After Katrina

Date should be set for Iraq pullout-Russia's Putin

FBI stymied in efforts to solve anthrax case

Hurricane Watch Issued for the Florida Keys: TD 18

Vt. Official Weighs Seeking Senate Seat

Iran rejects new nuclear compromises

Iraqi MP assassinated, 24 bodies found in Tigris

Ex-Ill. Gov. Goes on Trial for Corruption

Reid Warns of Filibuster Over Owen

Paige, Former Aides Join Consulting Firm

FEMA: A Legacy of Waste (Sun-Sentinel Investigation)

New twist on Iraq aid: U.S. seeks donations

Australian brass attacks terror set-up

Emotions run high at Katrina jazz concert (NY)

Bird flu epidemic could kill millions worldwide: experts

Harrowing hunt for the 71 Britons still missing amid the devastation of Hu

Confusion as both Merkel and Schröder claim chancellorship

OPEC hesitates over more oil

Deciding Vote in Two Weeks? Deutsche Welle, Germany

What Happened to Iraq's Missing $1BN--Independent (EXPLOSIVE)

(UK) Church wants to apologize for Iraq war


Mugabe: U.N. Should Help Katrina Victims

5 Guantanamo inmates to go free

NYT: Clinton Levels Sharp Criticism at the President's Relief Effort

Officials clash on people returning to New Orleans

Blair gave Murdoch 'veto' over EU, says PM's ex-aide

WP: U.S. Claims Success in Iraq Despite Onslaught

New Orleans health care system destroyed

Ben Stevens' secret fish deal(Ted Stevens' son has conflictt of interest)

Lukashenko Urges the UN to Stand Up to Washington

Edwards Calls For Return Of Depression Era Programs

Bush Katrina Ratings Fall After Speech

Canadians Open to Oil Nationalization

Merkel ahead in tight German vote

Merkel, Schroeder Claim Right to Lead Germany: Table (Update3)

(Ohio) )(Mortgage) Brokers Contribute to Foreclosure Rates

Iran's President Does What U.S. Diplomacy Could Not

Chavez Supporters Stage Rally Backing His Criticism of UN

Jeb Bush just declared state of emergency for Florida - TS Rita

Rice 'listens' to al Qaeda like she read Marx; Bin Laden just 1 person

Blanco says feds pledged buses

U.S. dollar surges on uncertainty in Europe

No regrets, no apologies about Arar deportation, says U.S. ambassador

U.S. aims to pressure Syria on democracy

Intel experts: 'We are repeating every mistake we made in Vietnam'

Lowest Rating for Bush in Eighth September Poll (41% approval FOX poll)

Chavez vows to help U.S. poor

Castro welcomes Chinese delegation

(Bill) Clinton lambastes Bush

Merkel Looks to Be Leading German Election

Bird flu epidemic could kill millions worldwide: experts

AP: Abortion opponents hope to limit access for California girls

NTSB says Chicago commuter train was speeding

Katrina Evacuees Return Home to La. Suburb

Katrina survivor found in New Orleans home (3 weeks after storm)

NASA to offer $100 billion moon program

About 200 go on hunger strike in Guantanamo: report

crap, I missed most of the PBS Higher Ground concert!

OMG. How GREAT was last season's finale of Nip/Tuck?

Homelife Security Alert

post your shitty taste in music here

Nighthawks XIII (dial-up warning)

Your trident sir?

You're breakin my barrs rounge, why you breakin my barrs?

Am I the only one who has ever had to wait 4 weeks for a fridge

What is your food addiction?

I can barely keep my eyes open

Bumper Sticker Ideas

USC 70 - Arkansas 17! WOW!

You know, sometimes I wish they sold beer in a larger size than a 40oz.

Satan vs God, tommorow night on pay per view.....

Say you have to be up and alert 4 hours from now

I've procrastinated LONG enough .. I'm NOW going to

Why am I still awake?

I have just found God.

I have just found Satan.......

Anyone catch "Lord of War"? I really liked it...

This HAS to be Sting's son

Andy Griffith..........

Quote of the day:

I was searching the web tonight,

Wild Wild West

I'm watching "Escape From LA".

You have to admit that this is one cute pic on my dog.

The DUers in countries other than the US appreciation thread

Video of David Bowie w/ the Arcade Fire

Hangover DUers - check in

Any Cyclists here have a hill that you want to climb really fast ?

I am evil and must be destroyed

I did something very dangerous tonight ...

KitchenWitch is delicious and must be preserved.

A tale of two Kitchenwitches

Here is a sign that your girlfriend OR boyfriend is cheating :

My head feels like there's a frenchman living in it.

Kitchenwitch may think she's evil but I am the Anti-Christ!!

You're all pretenders. I am the Evil one on DU

You people think you're evil? Anybody remember "BL_Zebub" here??

God I love immigrants

Yep. Just what I thought would happen is going to happen.

Thanks everyone for the good cheer this evening/morning

Sometimes I despair about my own country

Permission to get angry, captain?

I am going to the polling station



Joy and pain vs. sunshine and rain

You know what I did?

GRRR - My freeper dad sent me this link in an email

You know, I've never taken acid but it sounds like something I would enjoy

An oldie but goodie

Good Morning, Everyone!

Obscure 80's music trivia:

Johnny Cash just spoke to me in a dream.......

Heather Mills McCartney loses prosthetic leg in a game of craps.

Can anyone answer some questions about Sirius Satellite Radio?

I can't afford my gasoline...

The back wheel was stolen from my bike

I think I deleted an e-mail from someone here

Interesting lyrics from Rodney Crowell

a mass of keys should never be worn as a fashion accessory

This looks like a job for...

definition of tragedy

I'm thinking of signing up with Gmail. What are the negatives about Gmail?

Wrong assumptions

has anyone else never used the ignore user or hide thread feature?

Since Its Mrs Matcom's Birthday, should I....

Boo to being hungover and having to work.

Bill Maher's Latest New Rule (9/16/05) - Transcript


"gotta pay for medicare hike somehow...",he said about your work/play station area????

Motley Crue's Neil Breaks Leg at Concert

The first OFFICIAL "should obnoxious children eat puppy meat?" thread

Where do I get a hall pass?

death wish?......just to make a funny video......

What would have made "Airplane II" a better movie?

9/20/05 is talk-back Tuesday.....

Badger Poll

If had to pick one photo that best captures the total tragedy of the Gulf

The yokozuna bites the dust

snow, my house and a clear blue sky...

Mysteries of the Bible......

Am I funny for not naming the city of my birth?

my teenager was ticketed for trespassing

West Wing Episode "Take This Sabbath Day"

Help me pick a new screen name!



Are you a Neocon?


The miracle of WD-40>>>>>

Let's talk celluloid crap! What are the worst movies ever?

I know they'll laugh at me over at the cool kids' table....

I told you! I told you! Neener neener!!! (pic)


If anyone in the Philadelphia area wants a ride to DC on Friday,

Indians Win.... Indians Win......

Alright, so my Niners are losing 42-3...and

White Sox Win......White Sox Win!!!!!

Minnesota Vikings: The questions are...

About Horror movies>>>>

Whole Foods needs to build a store in MY town!

Poor Rush Limbaugh: Donavan McNabb has thrown FIVE TD's for the Eagles

94 degrees in September.

I just saw my first lip-readable Bill Cowher expletive of the season.

Primetime Emmys tonight: share your predictions..

Honeycrisp apples are back.

Lovely Rita

Late night music thread. What are you guys/girls listening to?

Just saw Constant Gardner. Big thumbs up. Love, geo-political intrigue,

What do you say a 'daddy long-legs' is?

We'll sing in the sushine.....

Another clue that americans are as dumb as doorknobs

Lightning comes from God.

Generation Xers: Remember the good old days of MTV?

Goodnight, you lovely people!

Touchdown Browns........

Computer question: what programs do you run resident?

OK, After reading this I've decided not to use Gmail. What should I use?

What was the high temperature where you are today?


Wow..Green Bay must really suck

ACK!! I Can Tell Autumn Is Coming... I Saw Two Mice In My Garage!!

WOW! And I thought the Epson Stylys Photo 2200 was a killer printer!

Relationship/Dating question

Favorite disaster movie?

Does anybody remember earthquake in Seattle in 2000 or 2001?

What does CV mean, as opposed to resume?

What does it mean when a girl calls you "Sweet"

This is the most perfect time of the year

you mean Coitus?

That must have been SOME performance

Pearl Harbor just started...

When a good game of Pong goes horribly wrong (link to flash)

We Just Saw "The Aristocrats"!

He's Too Dumb To Be That Smart To Act This Stupid

Twelve queue to be chosen for the first face transplant

I'm outta here

Bringing a child into this world, knowing what you know about

I love 16 candles.

Heh, heh...

He looka like a man! Anyone else watching Supersize She?

"Life's short and hard, like a bodybuilding elf."

Help! My keyboard went goofy...

My Bengals beat the Vikings 37-8!!

Ouch! Ack! Just.... damn! (MN Vikes)

To all those who have Culpepper as their fantasy QB....

Anybody use

Ok, now I'm pissed.

How the heck does "photobucket" make money?



I need some jokes to send my mom, who reads them to sr citizens

"Simpsons" thread


I'm in a crabby mood, ask me anything.....

Why was Leno nominated for an Emmy and not Letterman?

Anyone know if Family Guy's up for an Emmy this year? -nt-

4500 posts!! .. who'd a thunk it?

If your Jeep doesn't look like this...

My 7000th post was the start of a new cat thread.

I have returned! What did I miss?

I am thinking about dropping my home phone in favor of a cell.

I just saw the most amazing thing

Wasn't it swell of Matcom to let Mrs.Matcom

Why was MLK, Jr. assasinated? Who smiled that day?

George Carlin said it best

What does the OMFUG under CBGB stand for?

Have you ever had those Hershey Swoops?

Pull my finger

"Family Guy" thread

Of all the numerous sins of the Fox Network, which is the gravest?

Yes!!! Best writing for TDS!!!!!

Since so many TV shows are now on DVD

"American Dad" thread

It kind of sucks that on the West Coast the emmy show is delayed

I want a face implant.

any recommendations for free screen capture program?

LMAO @ at Jon Stewart

Is there ONE aspect that keeps you from liking a particular band/musician?

Buffalo Bills fans: And I know you're out there.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed

Kung Fu Hustle.

What's the best method of learning how to golf?

Anyone else watching the Patriots SUCK? Against Carolina?

Hey Canucks - 'Talking to Americans' is on the CBC right now

REVEALED: The half-brother that John Roberts won't talk about. ---->>>

What character/actor tarnished an otherwise good movie?

Well, fox has cajones....

OMG - I'm 40 and just had my first WARM towel after a shower.

I have an incredibly random question about chimps and television

Another EMMY!!!!

Why is Carmen Electra in anything?

"Sex threads are the opiate of the masses" - sundog

The WH will be adorned by a downright moron?

The True Story of Emily Rose

Haircutting scissors should come with a warning label.

I think I am going to be banged soon.

Best Drama show?

McCartney's back! Just bought Chaos & Creation in the Back Yard...

I have created the perfect nutritional meal. :)

OK, I just noticed I was at 667 posts, so I tried to find my 666 post

What is your favorite aspect of a child's tantrum?

Beck's beer rocks!

What's your favorite Hate Mailbag entry (and DU response)?

Non-American English accents

Harry Bush anyone?

You guys want some pancakes?

Score Cheek for the Chiefs/Raiders game!!

Non-English American accents!

OK Who rescued the dog off the door at the right side of the latest page?

In honor of my upcoming 1st DU birthday (one week from tomorrow)

KC WINS!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Rose stole my prosthetic leg!!!1!!!

Dubya postal stamp

What would Bizzaro World DU be like?

The most interesting thing about King Charles the First...

it's 11:38 I'm eating birthday cake ask me anything...

ARGH! I missed the first 15 minutes of West Wing! What happened?

Wow, Emmy Shocker!

How do you wash grapes?

Emmy Gowns 2005 (for anyone not near a TV)

Which NFL teams have the ugliest uniforms?

Is it time for The Simpsons to be retired?

Who's the hottest Disney princess?

How to get rid of leg cramps?


There was a possum in my kitchen last night.

Can I ask for some good vibes?

Mmmm...sizzling sirloin steak on the grill and grilled corn on the cob

The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Hey! How did the Packers do today?

What is your favorite NFL team uniform?

Time for a Desktop Thread...what's on your Desktop???

I got stung by a bee right between my eyes today and a tale of nice folks

I have a joke for you

here are some of my paintings...

So disappointed. Just read that Dennis Hopper

My neighbor walks his cat with a leash.

Who do you wishVH1 Classic would play more of?

Is this attractive?


Fantasy Footballers (who know what they are talking about) Should

Writhing Beauty Seduces Photographer


OMG!! The Browns just beat the Packers!!

What do you pay your Babysitter ?

Have you ever had a one night stand?

Remember Mystery Date?

PA/DE/NJ/MD DUers! Another chance to see me play this coming weekend!


How many children do you have?

Greatest Movie Character Ever (Semifinals, round 1/10)

We just got a new dachshund puppy. - Ask me anything!

Your favorite aspects of Renaissance Fairs?

What physical trait do you find odd about yourself?

Anyone going to the AAR/SBL National meeting in Philly in November?

OK, we had our National Day of Prayer

Was Katrina's wrath message from God?

Why do some folks on DU hate Science (mostly Space Science?)

NYT Book Review: Interesting book from the Dali Lama on Science.

MGS News Briefing: Interesting Changes Observed on Mars

Overlooked Legal Option Would Let Schwarzenegger Sign Gay Marriage Bill

Conservative Family Welcomes Lesbian Couple and Kids After Katrina

Ministers ask faithful to help ban gay marriage

Ban on gay parenting proposed

49ers are alone in first place in the NFC West

McNabb throws 5 TDs for the Eagles; Rush Limbaugh back in rehab

ladainian tomlinson: 14th consecutive game in which he's scored a td..

Cal Beats Illinois; Headed for Championship

Weekly Predictions Contest

Bears 38-6 over the Lions; another 48 years, folks

OMFG Vikings losing 27-0 at halftime...

I'm Gonna Snap An Ankle Jumping On and Off The Jets Bandwagon

So the Pats kinda lost and stuff....

Oakland vs. KC: Best ever rivalry in the NFL?

Vanderbilt is probably gonna go 5-0 ....LOL

Lincoln police cite Brent Musburger on alcohol charge

This Just In: The Patriots look damned sloppy

Cat peeing problem. Please help. Will have to have cat put down if

The Handwriting on the Wall, at Starlight News

Ex-con explains "Christians are the first responders!"

Unfinished Symphony


What on earth is wrong with windsurfing?

It's Sunday. Do you know where my Senator was today?

For Kerrycrats going to the 9/24 DC protest

Anyone watching the Emmys?

Weekend natter thread, anyone?

Why all KOEB'ers need to become Bosox/Indians fans (if you're not already)

What I did Sunday:

Dubya Gump aka most famous cheerleader of all time...hypocritical busheep?

hee hee. I just bought and

Key environmental law may be changed or Repukes on the lookout

Bolton visiting Judith Miller in jail!

Don't Vote on the Unknown Judge

Pushing Back Against the * Smear Machine

Well done, Gerhard Schroeder!!!

I Do Not Hate Bill Clinton, BUT....

Q: for democrats

Memories of Clinton....

Anyone have excerpts of Krugman or Herbert columns from NYT?

Are corporate interests and individual interests mutually exclusive?

"DIEB-THROAT" : Diebold Whistleblower NEW at Grand Theft Election Ohio

Ok, got back from a forum by Sen. Carper and I know you guys

I am a Centrist...

ACLU: Tough On Crime!

A Quick Dieb-Throat follow-up

Merceanry Troops (and game design)

The ABA grades Roberts as "Well Qualified"

Government Webb site,Donate to build Iraq.

RW will answer not to voters, but to God. Is this America?

On AM talk shows: Clinton issues serious economic warnings !!!

Sunset cruise with Jim Dean, Paul Hackett, and Maria Chapelle-Nadal

Katrina: Blame goes to local, state, and feds - this is THE big lie

Baghdad Burning exposes the Iraqi constitution

I've got new Katrina fliers, but I don't think they're displaying right

Bush has Joementum.

Americans Want Focus on New Orleans, Not Iraq (WSJ / NBC)

Letter to my rep

Tropical Storm Rita - keep your fingers crossed ...

2006 and 2007, what do you think?

Dems ahead by 12 points in 2006 races. Good News or S.T.F.U.?

AFP: "Clinton launches withering attack on Bush on Iraq, Katrina, budget "

Roberts predicition ... and a bet

How much did we spend to prove a blow job?

Anyone record the * at Cinderella's Castle speech? Rove Box is Back?

Bill Clinton sucks

Faaarrr Right's Perkin's of FRC donated to the Klan

Rasmussen: Bush Katrina Ratings Fall After Speech (35% say "good job")

Zarqawi is dead ???

The American Dream

Bush says "We can handle it" then BEGS FOR DONATIONS for Iraq.

Solution for Iraq: Draw down, garrison , train.

Girl Blogger- Iraqi Constitution

Time: Before going into hiding, Saddam told aides to organize resistance

Here's an idea for all those "Bush Is God" LTTEs

Tommy Franks, Don Evans, Jack Welch on "Katrina Czar" short list

SurveyUSA Poll: Bush continues to get boost after speech

Whatever happened to Theresa Lepore?

"Republicans worry about reelection"

Donna Brazile - Stockholm Syndrome Victim

1/05 Flood experts warn Dennis Hastert FEMA to FAIL in FLOOD

Post Katrina, 39 states declared disasters. Sound like we're well on the

Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims

Clinton on ABC

Has anyone else heard that Sen. Snowe (R-ME)....

Guess Who Castrated FEMA? Bush and Der Blade

Hey, anyone here know how to tune into Brad's radio show? The

UN's reaction to Bolton

bushgang stiffs Katrina school teachers

US attack on Tal Afar virtually ignored (relates to Katrina)

CSPAN Sunday, Sept. 18 - Military in NOLA, GALLOWAY v HITCHENS, more.....

Check out my new blog. I am now an official blogger. I am new

DUers! Need help brainstorm lyrics for song about Katrina

President Approves Emergency Declaration For Ohio-to assist evacuees

Latest Molly Ivins, hope this isn't a dupe

bushgang raises Medicare premiums by $10.30

Buy Blue

John Stossel rips off FEMA ("That's why I built it there...")

Al Qaeda high ranking member Sakra in turkish custody

Poll: Fifty percent would vote in Democrat for Congress

It is time for a democratic REAL contract with America.

Surround the WH on Sept 24th ! All details here...

Separate and Unequal: Understanding Race and Class in America

Big Dog Talks about Global Warming while Shrub dithers

So, what do we really want?

Will Turdblossom perform the Bremerization of NOLA?

Is Bush Commander In Chief, or Minister in Chief?

Where is this pic from? Is it real?

AOL Poll....Over 450K Reponses...Does not look good for Bush & Co.

"Radioactive" Brownie sends resume to uninterested headhunters

Baghdad in chaos..... Juan Cole

Is this the beginning of the death of the American dream?

Christian Coalition fading fast

DU this AOL poll - two questions.

Here's what I want to hear the next time a Rep. mentions "family values":

Photos: Westboro Baptist pickets Rehnquist's funeral, "celebrates" Katrina

"the unknowns about Mr. Roberts's views remain troubling"

Why I hate Air America

"Clinton Levels Sharp Criticism at the President's Relief Effort"

Rove leak and new position - Bush know something we don't?

CSPAN Schedule Monday September 19

How does the famous Democratic Filibuster Compromise affect Roberts

There seems to be a few Pubs seeing the light and wanting to become DEMs

Bush Wants To Bankrupt America-There is Method To His Madness

What is the Primary Purpose of the U.S. “War on Drugs?”

How Would YOU Fix The Democratic Party?

Sign the Edwards petition to be sent to President Bush...

Medea Benjamin speaks in Boston - here's my recap

Is Bush President or Hesitant?

Edwards: We need to be democrats... back to our roots; Bush's plan insane

Can ANYONE please name one single major Dem politician who is far left??

Man, Arianna's site get's some action. Freeps even mention DU.