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Archives: September 14, 2005

George Galloway MP: Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Ta

Must read: "How Bush Blew It" ....criminal negligence made clear..

Win One Million Dollars! Prove How the WTC Could Collapse in 8.5 seconds

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 9/14/05

Good Night, and Good Luck has Oscar written all over it, I hope that the

Nader is just as responsible as Idiot Son for the dead in New Orleans

Out of curiosity, was the whole helicopter shooting incident

What impending crisis is Bush ignoring right now?

I kind of blame the media

can we do a DU buy blue thread to advertise - I really want to help

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith's Jack Abramoff ties

A thought on the racial undertones of this disaster

I put a freeper in his place tonight. I'm kinda proud of that

Impeachment: the Time is Now

Oil companies eyeing St Bernard Parish ...

A story tonight claimed the wealthy in NO hired

FYI - right-wing protest weekend in DC Sept 23-26


Jonathan Kozol on Al Franken's show right now


Grand Jury Indicts Two DeLay Associates

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'

John Conyers is what the Democratic party should be.

There is still! eom

"Race, poverty and class is an issue on dry ground.

GITMO hunger strike spreads.

Stripes letter: (Pat) Robertson ‘a real danger’

Okay, Norah O'Donnell did NOT say "ascared"

Al Gore in 2008?

Flooding Update: NASA Satellite Photo shows a Huge part of Plaquemines

Freepers know Bush is weak and are madly reading DU, so DON'T FORGET

Senate Bill 517 / Weather Modification Operations and Research Bill

Iraq War Boosting Terrorism (said Germany's Federal Intelligence Director)

U.S. world position in education slipping

NYT: DHS Official Vows Investigation of No-Bid Relief Contracts

Breaking CNN: Suicide Car Bombing/Execution Style Slayings kill 73 - Iraq

Medical marijuana may be coming to pharmacies next year: Health Canada

I didn't realize that this was still up.

My last 3 phone calls w/my stepmom were about the Bushies as Nazis

Why must people act "that way" all the time?

Why does pee make you drink tea like mad?

Any East Coasters watching Conan?

I've been out of the Lounge for nearly a month now

Hello, I'm Sitting On DU

Hello, I have returned to DU.

According to the new Vanity Fair, Paris Hilton has been domesticated! nt

Has anybody heard from BossHog?

Drums>Space>The Other One>Stella Blue> Sugar Mags E: Day Job

Don't dream it. Be it.

OMG - what is that at the bottom of my post?

I love Jodie Foster

Why does tea make you pee like mad?

Ah, the soothing, authoritative baritone of Vin Scully

I have made a decision

Want to have some fun and donate for Katrina victims too? (56K alert)

I seem to have lost my snarkiness.

So who's watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

If you don't get a thread deleted every day

I was gone from DU for a long time, now I have returned.

I saw a solid black woolly bear caterpillar tonight

Who would you switch teams for?

Awesome Christian Left site!

Has anybody read Al Gore lately?

Remember when Eliz II and her family were all over when England

Cunningham is linked to third boat

Bush admists mistake, Satan places order with REI

Gretna suburb of NO to reopen

An honest question about Dems and the media

Katrina timeline, excellent recap of events!!

Travel with environment in mind

The stealth appointee

The new terrorism: working for peace!

SPECIAL REPORT:‘Unacceptable’: The Federal Response to Katrina

Ohio GOP scandal guarantees the Democrats nothing

a letter from Michael M. the good and the bad.

Apathy Alert System -Would Warn Public of Sluggish Government Response

At Home and Abroad, Bush Has Wrought Devastation

Our float down the River de Nial

This just makes me smile.

Governors handle crisis in own ways

Gene Lyons

85-year-old Kenyan: "Liberty is going to school and learning"

bush takes responsibility? Well, not really.

Mo Dowd: A Fatal Incuriosity

CA Earthquake could be Next Katrina (2001 FEMA outlined 3 catastrophes)

Hurricane Katrina and Climate Justice

Corporations of the Whirlwind: The Reconstruction of New Oraq

On Eve of World Summit, Hurricane Bolton Threatens to Wreak Havoc on ..

Who Wants Annan's Head And Why?! (Accra Mail)

Submitted to my website's editorial section

Detective story that linked £1m Pinochet cash to BAE

Time to talk to Al Qaeda?

US Military vs. Global South Cities

Cornel West: It's Not Just Katrina, It's Povertina

Juan Gonzalez: Democracy's Future Depends on More Accountable...Media

Newsview: 3 Crises Define Bush Presidency

Incredible headline: Rescuers collect dead, Cheney sounds upbeat

End of the Bush Era

Former GOP Senate leader Trent Lott may quit after Katrina(Raw Story)

Michael Moore: We've Raised a Half-Million Dollars ("bodies everywhere")

Palast: What's Left? Galloway vs Hitchens; Progressives vs Ourselves

The Plaid Adder: Game Over

The Man Beneath the Hood Speaks Out: "They Tortured Me" (Abu Ghraib)

New Yorker: "HIGH Stakes: Jane Mayer on Trent Lott's bad bet"

'They left us to die, all of us - it was hell'

Maybe Bush is worse than Harding

The Fears of White People (MUST read; Zmag)

Global Exchange Blasts John Bolton in NY Times ad as UN World Summit Opens

Bill Press used my joke!

Buzzflash/ Coverup of Dangerous Toxins in New Orleans

In Katrina, CNN Finds Its Voice: Jon Klein Says Network Will Be "Aggressiv

Juan Gonzalez: Democracy's Future Depends on More Accountable...Media

Nightline tonight: King of the Blues -- B.B. Turns 80

Detention of Iraqi Employees Angers Western News Media

The fleeting charm of free trade

US Airlines on verge of bankruptcy

Report: Cod rebound in doubt

EPA Tests: La. Floodwaters a Health Risk

Crude Oil Futures Rise After Report of Falling U.S. Inventories

Florida Red Tides Now Killing Fish 100 Miles Out To Sea - Boston Globe

1/10th Of Imported Oysters Screened In Hong Kong Harbor Norovirus

Status of photovoltaics tech pipeline

Radioactive Waste on Track to Be Moved

Antarctic Ozone Hole May Reach Record Extent This Year - IPS

Hurricane Katrina Commands America's Attention (Environment Defense Fund)

R-CALF Grows As Small Ranchers Line Up Against NAFTA, CAFTA, Big Packers

Toyota Announces Long-Term Plan For 100% Hybrid Fleet - NYT

BP Solar to start building world's largest solar power plant in Portugal

PM Sharon to receive enthusiastic UN reception

Egypt struggles with Gaza infiltrators

In the dock

Magen David Adom to be 'crystalized' (Jerusalem Post, 9/14/05)

Israel, Palestinians locked in border row

i admit..i was waiting for this....

The Israeli diskette, a memory erased

Poll suggests 'optimism' in Gaza

Palestinian refugees donate 10,000 dollars to Katrina victims

Ultra-nationalists detained in Lebanon

Abbas to disarm resistance groups

Hamas vow to bring down Israel

Palestinians in Gaza Loot Greenhouse Equipment

The Election...Fraud News THURSDAY is Well Worth Reading

"Now, where were we...?" An update on Orange State election reform

Why can't someone just sue Diebold for stealing the election?

Lone Star Iconoclast: Arcata Leads Way With Voter Confidence Resolution

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY, 9/15/05

Judge: School pledge 'unconstitutionally coercive' ( Mike Newdow rocks)

Voters, by 52% to 38%, likely to re-elect Feinstein, poll shows

Democrat elected to California's 53rd Assembly district

CA Pro-choicers, pls. sign this petition to the Gov., ASAP !

Another plea for votes for Loebsack in the DFA poll

Fallon: "Smart Growth Could Help Obesity Problem"

Bill Dix - republican for IA-1st District "I'll out-rightwing all of you"

Haven't seen this posted yet - Cindy is coming to Boston on Saturday

Hats off to NECN

Katrina benefit concert, Friday, Marblehead


Who wants to go leafletting with me in the morning? I only have 50 copies

Reminder - Charter Amendments Sub-Committee meeting tonight

Mass. Legislature rejects proposed amendment banning gay marriage

Deval Patrick invites you to new HQ open house this Saturday

Mass. GOP Official Resigns After Charges

***Aurora Alerts posted for TONIGHT , Sept. 14***

Chris Coleman for St. Paul mayor: please donate or volunteer

No longer humble, Coleman vouches for *'s character in today's letter

The noose tightens for Universal Military Service

2 Ohio bills aim to loosen concealed-carry law;seal lists,skip permits

Officials fear Texas may have to foot bill for evacuees' care

When do you expect a Democrat will be...

Homophobia in Williamson County - Who'd-a guessed?

Oct 6th 730pm Chris Bell Dallas Air America Radio/KXEB night Richardson TX

Bush Takes the Burdon

PLEASE CALL PERRY NOW!! to stay execution of frances newton!

My design for G.W. Bush Presidential Library

Vid Clip-Gene Green on Katrina

Texas Public Policy Foundation - any insight?

Stomach bug afloat at Austin Convention Center but the good news is

2006 Congressional Endorsement Saturday 9/17 -Vote Now!

George Galloway to be on Wisconsin Public Radio - 9/15/2005

Family Planning offers services to Katrina evacuees

Who else was hit hard by yesterday's storms?

Sensenbrenner proves to be an ass again

This About Gets It: Bill Maher on Bush

Pope to Exorcists: Keep up the good work for the Church

Octafish, H2O, et al - Chertoff's problems - opening we need to push BCCI?

Sen. Coleman promises to stake himself for President Chimp!

My good Dem Governor on CNN now!

Don't forget George Galloway vs. Christopher Hitchens Debate

Dem Mayor who endorsed Bush in '04 loses big in primary

Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington Tour (will be webcast tonight)

Corporations of the Whirlwind... "All that's missing is the insurgency."

Judge rules Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional in public schools

Bush is our President by the grace of God? I'd say it is more

Laura Flanders sitting in for Randi

Bush could return from vacation early to save Terri Shaivo but

This is a democracy and we can vote to do what is right. Sometimes I don't

Anyone here beleive there's a chance in hell they'll reject Roberts?

Ok Roe v Wade is target numero uno

Feingold asking Roberts about Detainee case again

Katrina evacuees involved in Texas school fight

Re: Roberts... what am I missing?

Term limits for federal judges

The local paper is printing my LTTE as a guest column.

Dean on Colmes and Hannity :::VIDEO :::::

1,190 - number of US + Iraqi Police/Guardsmen killed since "last throes"

Help with a poll....thanks. NEEDS HELP!!!

Bush Ignored Blanco, Reached out to Barbour

This is so good; "The Storm That Ate The GOP" The great Morford!

MSM seems to be ignoring the pledge ruling.

Vid Clip-Lynn Woolsey on the Freedom Walk

on CYA ongoing and why the charges against the owners

Bring Home The Davis-Bacon

THIS poll REALLY needs HELP!!!

Franken on education reform ...

Robertson blames Katrina on selection of DeGeneres as Emmy host

Any of you AOL users...

MSNBC LBN:Al-Qaida in Iraq leader purportedly declares war on Shiites

I'm Sorry this is Bull sh!t..Nursing home owners charged

The Inequality President

Looks like Gannon is back

Holy Crap, mother of God help us. (scary sh-t)

Rove v. Wait - When, oh when, will the trial begin? (Hartford Advocate)

So it looks like the CDU is making mistakes in Germany. Schroeder might

Bush is the enemy of science

Nursing home, CYA and Disaster Medicine

I hope Bush's Thurtsday speech is as inspiring as today's UN one

I'm sorry, if the Democratic party is goind to survive....

Chimp joke

Any news from Fitzgerald/Plamegate??

Hooray for Bankruptcy!

What has bush done to protect us from balsa wood model planes?

Mr Edgar Hollingsworth, Day 16 (graphic warning)

stupid election question, please don't shoot me

How Freudian

Who is this on with Al tearing * a new asshole?

How is Bush's responsibility quip being received?

Did anybody see the pic of Shrub at the UN Security Council table?

The Galloway/Hitchins debat is streaming 9/14 at 6PM ET here


DU is working great now.

How far into his speech before georgie* goes into full terror mode?

At this point, arguing with anyone who is trying to defend Bush

Amazing Google Truth

Katrina, Iraq, Stolen Elections and Endless Lies.

Elected Republicans Hate Black People

2.7 Million People in Path of Hurricane Ophelia, Census Bureau Estimates

Can the dems filibuster with bush and repukes so weak right now?

Dean on Hannity & Colmes

Sent to my political email list today:

La. to pay Kenyon $119,000 a day for body recovery

Media kick Bush's ass in Gallup Poll

Oh, Sweet Jesus. . . Oh My God... Oh No. etc. . .

Datapoint: current federal flood insurance claims

unions must protect davis bacon

HA! "Texas Dope"

All of his spinners, and all of his men, couldn't put * together again

What exactly does it mean for Bush* to say he accepts responsibility?

gotta give jerry springer this much-

Where was the that upside down phone pic?

That Dickerson git is on Franken again.

Question about Roberts:


LTTE actually published in local fish wrap

From 9/11 to NO: Mass media manipulation of the US

Automated Message In Georgia Telling People To Vote Against Gay Marriage

The Onion On Halliburton and SCOTUS

LAPD Shuts Down Southern Cali Hip Hop Hurricane Benefit Concert

why,it almost sounds like they didn't WANT to catch Osama...

Um, what is a "Deputy Director for Strategic Communications"?

Grady Jim Bob for FEMA director!!!! Or maybe, Halliburton CEO.

Isn't Justice Kennedy pro-choice?

Do we have anything to be proud of after all

Sen. Brownback asked Roberts about "foreign" precedent?

Bush and Lightbulbs.

Imus just said "drinking the kool-aid".

Governor Ernie F (R) Ky put his foot in it by pardoning

I was just told that things donated by Ludacris...

Startling! Michael Brown Was Set Up: It's All in the Numbers

Sorry, folks, feeling devilish! Check out the blue contacts on NYT page 1

People charged with homicide for being negligent

why isn't bush being arrested like the negligent nursing home owners?

My email response from the FCC regarding Rush saying "Nayger"

Hurricane Ophelia: Latest Public Advisory and Discussion

February 28th - Mark your Calendars - MARDI GRAS

Hurricane Ophelia intensifies

Michael Moore should write his letter to the Nader Voters


Here is why the Red Cross wouldn't go into New Orleans

THIS poll REALLY needs HELP!!!!

INDICTED! "Their inactions resulted in the death of these people."

British filmaker (killed by Israelis) wins 3 Emmys posthumous.

Has anyone seen the latest Military Re-Enlistment Statistics?

Funny e-mail I just got from a friend:

Re: The bridge to Gretna. The same bridge where 5 people were killed?

Commanders Ordered Not To Fire Gays Until War's End

Question about Feed the Children:

Help getting rescued cats from New Orleans to NYC

Friedman: Singapore journalists see US right wing with crystal clarity

I dream of the day

Iraqi government criticizes US policies on detainment, press freedom,

Watch Congressional hearings on Bush's war lies NOW !

Government Coverup of Dangerous Toxins in New Orleans

Republicans plan on cutting $13 billion in Medicaid and foodstamps...

Don't apply if you're fat and ugly

Another site to have fun with. Ho-hum.

Bush Says He May Need More Power In Disasters

HELP, when did Blanco request Fed assistance?

A fun site, Caution, second link not freeper friendly

Why Doesn't the Senate Collapse under the Sheer Weight of Egos?

New Meme: "George W. Bush's FAILED presidency"

Want to talk about Bill Maher??

Didn't Ulysses Grant leave office in shame due to

Evacuee family response to *'s "I take responsibility" statement

Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry --pix->>>

Also Google 'incompetent' and 'idiot son'

Will Pitt was just on our local morning talk show with Nancy Skinner

Google Images: American Chimp - How Did We All Miss This One?

President of Gabon Bored Out of His Mind by Chimp's Blather --pix->>>

The World Today

CNN crawl last night--The reason Bush claimed responsibility was

What will you do now, George, to make us a safer nation?

George is having nightmares.

Survivor rescued 16 days after the hurricane

NOLA recovery pics: PICK UP THE DAMN CAT!

Santorum shows no sympathy

Strange New Halloween Costumes

If Bush had been president in 1962, what do yall think would've happened

They Found the Missing Dolphins

Lets lawyer-up and make bush take responsibility like a poor person.

John Conyers is speaking now.

I am listening to roberts hearing on the internet

If Hurricane Ophelia hits the mainland do you think bush will...

George is having nightmares.

George is having nightmares.

Miserable Failure Speaks to the UN --pix->>>

What new foreign language swear words is Bolton hearing at work?

Have Hope. (thanks for the song mr. cohen)

NOW the clowns at FEMA are worried about "time management"???

Meanwhile, back at the war - "Mission Accomplished"

The Chimp is now telling the United Nations what their job is.

I LOVE Maxine Waters! Talking about Halliburton, how

Does it get anymore humiliating and embarrassing.

No Dems at Roberts Hearing today? Huh?

"Hi, I'm George W. and I'm an incompetent."

OK, NOW can we thaw the Osama-Sickle (tm) ??

Juanita in Texas has a SUPER IDEA for keeping His Prezzydentness informed:

Any Freepers out there....I would like you to read this letter

Do you think bush has reached the lowest poll numbers yet....

roberts hearing on CPAN3. does everyone get that stream?

why bother addressing the U.N. when he'll do whatever the fuck he wants?

He made PROVEN bad hires of Chertoff, Brown - Why trust his Roberts call?

So, Let me understand something; The La AG has charged nursing home owners

Hurricane Katrina to be renamed “Hurricane Kerry”.

Are Roberts' blue contacts...

Feds put peace activists on trial in Binghamton NY 9/19 - will you help??

I used to like John McCain

I wish I could get a freeper to pay my way out o' here, they offer a lot

"love Canal" for NO?

Cartoonists... Our president "likes to Move forward"

TX Minuteman Chapter Disbands (Racism), Continue in Oct at the Border

A LTTE that will warm your heart!

Which piece of shit would you LIKE to step on?

Did anyone see Laura address the Heritage Foundation on c-span?

Send * a DVD - the only way to get a message across

alright enough already about New Orleans, let's get back to the slaughter

How many times should the President be allowed to make a mistake?

The noose tightens for Universal Military Service

IDEA: The DVD as a symbol of Bush's incompetence and detachment

so 2000 u.s. soldiers have died in vain thus far, bush says stay the curse

Why does the NY Times ignore America's poverty?

Go Shaq!

Maxine Waters on CSPAN Washington Journal now

Did we ever find out more about Roberts role in the 2000 Selection?

I heard 2000 storm victims arrived here in K.C. MO yesterday

(VIDEO) Daily Show : Evolution Schmevolution Day 2

New Orleans...the next Sedona

About those special needs children in Ohio.

"My answers aren't misleading, they're accurate..."-Roberts

The "We love you black people!" ads have begun.

What are the RW'ers smoking?

Meanwhile, 110 are killed in Baghdad by 11 bombings--Wednesday

Please Help DU This Poll

What about projects Y and Z?

meanwhile... "Bombs, gunmen kill over 150 in Baghdad"

Duer's: Please Help Empower New Orleans Evacuees

Honor Jabbar Gibson

Roberts Confirmation Hearing Fantasy......

PIGS ARE FLYING -- new toon 9/14

Deep-Rooted Bush Incompetence = Understatement 101

I just donated to Veterans For Peace

Church in Chattanooga trying to shut down a local haunt there.

Australian government to deport American antiwar activist

Durbin - so weak since his Hitler analogy retraction - pathetic!

The Bush Legacy

Who needs a "laugh"? : Bush Seeks U.N. Support on Democracy Today

Anyone waiting to talk to Coburn at WJ?

"Are you willing to leave people behind?"

Craig Crawford coming up on Imus, 7:30am

"diminished responsibility." - Bush and acceptance - Chris Floyd

The "irresponsible responsibility game"

Bush will never resign

Are you in need of a quick "Pick me UP"? Here it is!

Look out George

Bush Takes Responsibility for FEMA-FED F***-up

Four House committee to vote on requesting CIA leak docs

What is Able Danger?

Meanwhile in Baghdad, the chaos continues...

If nursing home operators are being charged with negligent homicide, ...

Bernie's reading EJ Dionne's killer piece -- listen

CNN International Breaking: over 100 Iraqis dead in seperate bombings

Just a response to the wackos who see Katrina as divine retribution

Any other Morning Sedition fans?

Anyone notice how Roberts keeps saying he was a "staff lawyer"

Ominous trending in Louisiana "official" death toll

"Go F--- Yourself, Mr. Cheney" in Newsweek C.W. Watch

All of the Federal Agencies could have functioned perfectly and Bush* stil

George Bush is a Problem-Maker, Not a Problem-Solver

The next SCOTUS nominee

For my 5000th post...I thought I would share something profound

End of the Bush Era...

St.Regis mouthpiece on. Blame is ultimately on US bad levee design.

Invest national resources in people ? who would do such a thing ?

Respect the dead - NO MORE FUZZY MATH - a list instead

"bush sure shut down those ports though, that he did."

What direction will Bush's poll numbers go after his big primetime speech?

Making progress egh?

From the man who brought you: "Go fuck yourself, Cheney!!"...

Blair: "They use Iraq to divide us"

Interesting comments on Chertoff related to Singh and Edmonds...

Vid Clip-Tim Ryan (OH) on Davis -Bacon and FEMA

Caption this (* and 'Sleeza @ UN)

DU this poll: Should N.O. residents be forced to leave?

(MA) Lawmakers reject amendment banning gay marriage, 157-39

Bush to UN: War alone won't defeat terrorism

Weiner proves to be a mensch

RW Spin on Mayor Nagin in Dallas - He was there last week 3 days

It was Chertoff, not Brownie?

You'd think a well-oiled political machine would want to dump dead weight

Is Bush going to resign??

Female Stanley cup created

Do you think children of atheists should be taken from their parents?

"New questions of blame." Chertoff! Coming up on Leslie Blitzer

Inventor turns dead cats into diesel (Here kitty, kitty)

If you run into anyone who doubts the administration's priorities....

What will the speech Thursday be about?

US News and World Report: Pigging Out (article on DHS pork)

David Ray Griffin is on Free Speech TV (FSTV) talking about his new

Kroger Pharmacy will begin flu vaccinations on or around

U.S. leads Super Computer race but mostly uses them for milit. application

I am just sitting on the edge of my fucking seat to hear....

Why is it I never hear conservatives whining about

Is shrub going to nominate Al Gonzales to the USSCT?

How Do People Feel Safer With GWB; What Leadership?

Those of you who still support the failed pResident:

So is DU doing any fundraising to send folks to Washington on the 24th?

Here's what Bush will say on Thursday night:

Private firm hired to take care of bodies in N.O. $119k/ day

Hearing on DSM NOW!!!

Heads up .....

All we have is each other: A list of non-religious Katrina charities

the pledge and gay marriage, some good news.

Question...about the bodies....'dead people'...

Roe v. Wade--Down the Tubes

Biden being a pitbull on Roberts right now

I thought Tom Hartman was joining Air America.

Something Good come from Katrina

Who's watching Bush address the nation tomorrow night?

Q: What is George W. Bush's position on Roe vs. Wade?

By the by, Great Interview Will Pitt on Nancy Skinner(Detroit)

>Knight Ridder>: Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows

Reaping the Profits of a Humanitarian Disaster

Freeper told me: "Bush has nothing to apologize for"

Schumer has had it....

Chertoff MUST be FIRED!!

Newsview: 3 crises define Bush presidency

Public Works for New Orleans

From Michael Moore's webpage

Has anyone noticed that * has been wearing BLUE shirts re: Katrina?

freepers and the pledge of allegiance ruling

The neo-con anthem

Bush looks constipated

What if Jesus -> Early FSM?

Even GOP Voters Criticize Bush in Hurricane Poll

Pledge ruling...oh bother

Nola a little Somalia?

It's "One nation indivisible" y'all...

US Uses Slide Show (Powerpoint) to Press Case Against Iran....

US Colonel says bin Laden ill

Letter from Michael Moore and the Vets for Peace in Covington, LA

Pledge history from

CNN's report on recovering bodies in New Orleans now on tV

I have what probably amounts to stupid questions

Corrine Brown: This administration is committing "Reverse Robin Hood"

Resign? Hell No! He'll announce we're attacking Iran

The "Death Tax"

Does anyone else have C-Span 3 on? They just spoke to a reporter

Honore : Rescuing pets could save people

Shaq back in news (fingers gay-bashing thug)

George Bush was in our local grocery store!!!!!!This is HUGH!!111

Hey mopaul! What should I put on my protest sign next weekend?

funny saw this on "Fark"

CNN report on Long Beach, MS (100 bodies; barbed wire going up)

Pledge compromise! I think this will work...

What Do You Think Was The Biggest Factor In Bush Getting The Job?

The Congress has spoken.

Bad joke about W

AP: Truth Is Casualty of Katrina's Aftermath

Remember when people hung the President picture on the wall.

where is Katrina death toll thread??????

I just can't watch Al Franken anymore

Bye-bye Equality, Bye-bye freedom over your own body.

Larry David teams with MTV to `curb global warming'

I don't hate Bush, I hate everyone who voted for him or didn't vote at all

I don't hate Bush; I hate the media that gave him a free ride

Bush speaking now from the UN

Bush supporters are devil worshipers

Evolution Shmevolution, will they talk about the Flying Spagetti Monster?

NHC Public Advisory #35: Hurricane Ophelia

Under God - Let the courts handle it

Corporate Hollywood Murdering TIVO

Draft Petition (Just contains the central ideas right now)

Just got back from a Freeper site... they want to attack Syria really bad!

Thanks again SF!!! Rally up the conservatives for '06!!!!

Just got this--had to share: How many members of the Bush administration

First hand Katrina account from a friend who went down to help

Hurricane Katrina and Wikipedia observation

The Fears of White People

A woman's life hangs in the balance. TX Execution 9/14

when corporations screw up, how come it always seems to benefit them?

So what effect do you all think Sept 24 march will really have?

Bush plays partisan politics with Katrina

Please -about the deaf(?) poster here on DU

What happened to FEMA's buses?

I DO NOT Support the "under God" phrasing of the Pledge of Allegiance

Although I'm willing to accept some Establishment of Religion

Jon Stewart interviews Kurt Vonnegut (video)

What happened to all that "political capital" * was going to spend?

How's this for comforting words from a government after disaster?

A vicious animal is most dangerous when cornered

Ladies and gentlemen... this makes 1000!

Conyers up

Blanco calls for Fed Gov to finance 100% of LA rebuilding

As friction with Arab neighbors intensifies, Iraq growing ever closer to I

Found! Lost photo of John Roberts wife in happier days, from google;

George Galloway on AAR right NOW!!

Please vote this story up, it only has 21 votes and it is worth reading

Harkin up on CSPAN2 calling * on waiving Davis-Bacon

La. to pay Kenyon $119,000 a day for body recovery (Total contract $7.8 M)

Dreaming of a New New Orleans ----

Trip to UN shows White House in Deep Desperation Mode

Bush's war lies : House Committee to Vote on Resolution of Inquiry on 9/14

Unusual Photos

Vid Clips from April on the Bankruptcy Bill

Another post about the Pledge of Allegiance: I DON'T CARE what's in it

Can anyone tell me where the Galloway and Hitchens debate can

Louisiana Purchase Blamed for New Orleans flood

In less than an hour the State of Texas will kill Frances Newton

Northwest airlines and Delta airlines have just filed chapter 11


Networks scramble for Bush address (Thursday)

Oooh...beautiful offshore winds in NC! Where's my board!

A question.

It was ALREADY illegal to force one to recite the pledge

A little comic relief - A daydream: Mama * aka the Silver-headed

Weren't we originally told that the government was going to

Shall We Dance? --pix->>>

DU now has 77,000 members I bet we hit 100,000 before the end of the year

Why don't democrats respond to Iran Contra posts?

By day a FEMA director, but at night he saves lives!

What will the banner message behind * be tomorrow night?

Maxine Waters is rocking the HOUSE!

Thoughts about this "But we're not FORCING them!" canard.

Is a class-action lawsuit possible (NO homeowners vs. federal government)?

photographers please take note of this

I'm in a real dilemma

Blame Ellen DeGeneres For Katrina

Anyone see the damaging report on NBC about the Orleans Levee Board?

I like this Galloway fellow never heard of him before listening to him on

The Wall of Debt on C-Span-2

Is AAR going to stream the Galloway-Hitchens debate?


GOP's 3-point response to Katrina: Loot, Smear and Loot Some More

Short term vs Long term (aka common sense vs uncommon sense)

What Time is Bush*t's speech tomorrow?

Oh my! A Freeper almost hit me

DU this poll please!

Senate says NO to independent Katrina Investigation (eom)

Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton, John Roberts: Compare and contrast

Typical Republican dinner. . .need help finishing the dinner.

Another flu vaccine shortage this year?

Pence (IN - R) "We're winning the war in Iraq."

the most important issue

A Letter From Michael Moore

77,000 user registrations and 18,086,791 posts since January 2001

Quote of the Day - "I'll send my sons if he sends his daughters."

Anyone see on tv this morning some news paper ad that said

For all those driving to DC for the 24th

Caption time. . .either Bush or Rice

Any one listening to the debate tonight?

Foamy the squirrel's take on Katrina

DU Legal Beagles...HYPOTHETICAL question...

Wha wha WHAAAA??? 48%-48% approval of * handling of Katrina?

tweety...pres gets bad poll numbers the day before his speech

Bush* now says he wants to end all tarrifs, subsidies and other barriers

Bush Note I need a bathroom break

Washington Post: Senate Kills Bid for Katrina Commission

DU Lou Dobb's Poll...

I am so fighting the urge...

The toll of Katrina is about to jump

the cops here are really edgy today and yesterday and the day before

George Galloway/Christopher Hitchens Debate (7 pm EST)

DEATH PENALTY Are you for , or against

Bush's Speech Will Be a HORRENDOUS FLOP

Proposed design (by CoolOnion) for Prez Library:

Have you guys read today's Maureen Dowd?

POLL: Is the DU helping to define the Democratic Party?

Lou Dobbs Blames Democrats For Confirmation Of Brownie.

So I'm a freeper now cause I hate the Clintons being in kahootz with Bush?

LA state deceased victims 9-14-05

What Bush will say on Thursday

CNN Poll:Which should be a bigger priority for the White House?

So sad Hitchens is so full of koo-laid

*EDIT* Never mind I will stay in DU

Is it me, or is every rightwing caller dumb as a post?

Seder is on fire. . .you listening to this Santorum call?

Salon makes correction to Condi Rice shoe-shopping story

anything else to listen to

(VIDEO) Daily Show : Heavy Vetting

Does any repuke ever tell the truth about anything?

NYT: Retail Sales Drop Sharply in August

"Yes" is just as appropriate as that forking XOR

CNN teaser for Anderson Cooper--Congressman used NG to protect

KO slams Chertoff for 36 hour delay

What Do The Strict Constructionists Say Re Bush v. Gore? Activist Judges?

Damon Wayans: "I'll send my sons if he sends his daughters,"

Years of Research Ruined in Katrina Flood (including BIOWEAPONS labs)

Tin Foil Theatre: The super-low poll numbers

Iraq vets struggle to find jobs at home

I gotta move to Boston due to Rick Santorum's speech!

Palmer sergeant killed by bomb in Iraq

Frances Newton being executed NOW.

I got an idea, what if the word spread like wildfire to boycott

What time is Bush*t's speech tomorrow?

Taking nominations for the October non-fiction book club title

Help me to understand please.

"Seperate but Equal" Education for Katrina kids....what next?

1897. Wanna bet they keep the LA/MS death toll under that number?

Soldier home on leave is shot by his wife, accidental.

Katrina's fury felt in Iraq, Hudsonville chaplain says

Power crews diverted. Restoring pipeline came first.

My preview of * 's speech tomorrow night

Last note before I head to class: If ONLY Kerry would have spoke like Gall

"you were a buterfly, but now a slug, an angel and now with the devil

Would-be humanitarians sent to clean up casino

What impeccable timing. A rant about the Pledge ruling.

John Roberts is so lonely

Has Malloy ever gone too far?

There is a freeper among us

Is there a DU forum where experienced bloggers hang out? If not

Tweety saying Nagin thought the Feds would be there in 4 days.

Bush and FEMA are taking over. The Real Coup has begun.

Daniel Ellsberg slams secrecy and lying by Bush on Iraq

Americans Believe Iraq Conflict Was Wrong

Pukes: The Fuck Everyone But Me Cult

Greg Palast SLAMS George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens.

Animal Lovers, Time For a Smile.... A Rescued Kitty in New Orleans!

Mark Twain...words that remain evergreen

Yellow Dog Blog: "Questions For 39 Percent Who Approve Of Bush"

THERE IS HOPE !!!!! .......... Re: Pet rescues in NOLA !!!

another post on Pledge of Allegience: Why do we have it at all?

I like this Guy

Is it significant that two Brits are defining the Iraq debate?

O'Reilly goes nuts tonight. Do you hear the Horst Wessel Song?

Craigslist (ungrateful Katrina victims)

David Vitter is a disgrace!

PLEASE, EVERYONE call Governor Perry NOW! 512 463 2000 "STAY

If you stand in the light,

How many are expected at the protest on the 24th?

My treason-gate/Plame predictions.....

Frances Newton will abide in the house of the Lord forever

OMG! Tom DeLay declares victory in war on budget fat!: WARNING BS AHEAD!

FEMA blocking trucks with food and water from getting into NO

The Big Dog will be on Larry King Live Friday

The Onion: "Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court"

can't get this song out of my head since Katrina

‘US casting Syria as scapegoat for Iraq failure’

Nice rhyme to the shocking locking mod

Quote of the Day (warning, slightly graphic!)

Condi: I've been black all my life, no one has to tell me how to be black

Sodium Pentothal for all

Does anyone care that Britney Spears had a C-section today?

Maybe Bush is worse than Harding: Very cool. Worth checking out.

The Storm That Ate The GOP

omg--Bush's speech is like listening to a

Kudos to Keith Olbermann!

How many of our DU Bothers and Sisters have Health Care.

I think I MAy NEED A BATHROOM break?

Body-dumping firm & Press Censorship - are they linked?

TN guard helping in LA

I wonder what's the big hurry with re-opening NO? I mean why

Pope Blesses Statue of Opus Dei Founder

Galloway is SKEWERING Hitchens

There's been much speculation about Bush's Thursday primetime address

My LTTE has been published

Woman saves her sibs and gets fired from her job for it

Red Cross kept out of NOLA by Chertoff or Blanco?

CNN Anderson Cooper Is Chertoff to Blame? Chertoff Memo Coming

"I'm Sorry Honey"

Cat Stevens no longer considered a terrorist?

Who helped

An interesting meme from Catherine Crier: "What Left? The Left is dead."

When will the Galloway/Hitchens slugfest air on Cspan?

Bush's thursday pm speech guess

I cannot believe that people....

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'

Thank you

Be very careful. The bathroom break photo may be a set up.

bill clinton on larry king friday...

U.S. Ready to Delay Showdown on Iran's Nuclear Program

G*D Damnit! Just got back online tonight, they executed her!

BUSH accepts full responsibility - In other words, he screwed up, so -

Poll: Rebuilding NO Higher Priority for Public Than Tax Cuts, Changing SS

Editor & Publisher Confirms: * Pee Pic

So, I received a survey/donation request from the Friends of Hillary

Jews, Muslims Vow to Fight for Faith-Based Tribunals in Canadian Province

A hardy DU welcome to all our lurking Freeptards!!!!!

Trust us, we'll keep you safe from evil-doers (pics)

Anyone here have Galloways' schedule of appearances in the US?

Why are two Brits defining the Iraq debate?

You know for being the alternative media, there sure is a TV overload here

Abstinence information is in error, groups say

Once again...the GOP can't afford to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Just when you think you've heard everything

Republicans scuttle Hillary plan to establish independent investigation...

Obama on Anderson Cooper:

Woman awaits execution in Saudi for killing man who attempted to rape her

Bush's Bathroom Break Note to Condi will...

Republicans scuttle Hillary plan to establish independent investigation...


Why Do People Feel Safer With GWB; What Leadership?

George Bush should go to prison for what he has done....

Matt PUDGE to QEII: "More, Please"

Scmuck from Kenyon on Rita Cosby right now

Wow Super Mayor turns toxic soup into New New Orleans in

Nagin on Larry King Live now

Oh my GOD! I have been touched by His noodly appendage! Pirates!!!


Ari to Bush on 9/11: "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET"

Post your favorite dumbya photos here! (pic thread)

Bush is at the Mets-Nationals game


Pledge of allegiance: Matt Groening ahead of the curve

Bush's real trifecta

Hello to DU from Mike in Japan

"Psst. Condi, I need to tinkle."

We Americans Have Risen to Meet the Challenge of These Perilous Times?!

Was this question asked of Roberts? If not, it should have been:

Did Anyone Watch Wellstone! On Link TV yesterday & This Morning?

One good (convert) story + one not so good (Fox News junkie) story

Landmark hate crimes legislation passes House-our man Conyers!

another nursing home tragedy in NO...

Do you think Bush would cut his vacation short for the Rapture?

This Monday First & Only Conspiracy Trial Arising From Civil Disobedience

'WTF are they talking about? Why the fuck am I here?"

Drudge: The internet is losing it's innocence

Carlos Mencia about to go off on Shrub.

Another Bush I got to tinkle pic

Extraordinary changes demand extraordinary gratitude.

I wonder if Rove is laughing

Improved Cindy Sheehan Video Now on Current TV Site--Please Vote!

anyone reading the Gov. Fletcher (Ky.) follies?

Over 50 Katrina survivors died in Texas

Maybe the bathroom photo will finally take him down.

WHY? Makes no sense

Bush is an operative in an Alien Conspiracy

When is it going to be enough?

Parse "BATHroom break." Speculate, even. Me, >

George Galloway vs Christopher Hitchens Debate - Who Won?

Fundie Freeps Go Wild in Response To Passage Of Gay Hate Crimes Bill


At Least 160 Die in Iraq al-Qaida Bombings

Very graphic photo's of the dead in NO. musn't be forgotten

Did you hear what Bush said about Roe vs. Wade last week ?

Condi has been promoted...

Waas: House Republicans beat back Plame resolution of inquiry

This thread *WILL* scare the hell out of you (no pics) ABC

Tinkles. Er, President Tinkles.

I must excuse myself... will you excuse me... pardon me, please...

It's clear what George W Bush needs....

US delegates at the un walked out when the Iranian president spoke

DAILY SHOW DUTY: Humpday Sarcasm Seekers Checkin!

J.Stewart on * taking responsibility for executive branch's Katrina FU....

How to fight Crack in my neighborhood...

Kurt Vonnegut's "List of liberal crap I never want to hear again"

Sadly, my sister survived Ophelia enough to spew.

"BUSH: Worst Disaster Ever" slow response because of race and the poor

Can Someone Help Me Find This In Print???

Do "guests" on news shows or late night talk shows get paid?

This is THE best interview on The Daily Show, EVER.

Who was the "I DON'T CARE" radio guy @ Camp Casey?

ABC news shown interviewing only white people re Ophelia.

Where can I hear the Galloway/Hitchens Debate?

Bush plans $200 billion recovery bid

Seems like Bush is losing at Simms

Anyone heard from Swamp Rat lately?

will the katrina disaster turn ray nagin into a real democrat?

Last year, at this time, I was volunteering for the Kerry campaign rice looked really proud of herself when she greeted anan at the

Katrina's homeless

Financial perfect storm coming - why?

NASA photos show extent of flooding in New Orleans

Amazing to watch a myth being created right before our eyes.

Wanna see a fight? ;)

"Brownie" Speaks

I Pledge Allegiance


Why is * at the UN with a dotted tie and what's around his neck?

"BUSH: Worst Disaster Ever" needs your vote!

Are there any agnostic or atheist politicians serving now? n/t

This one is dedicated to the *aggressive* Freepers:

HILL UPDATE: Official hearing on Resolution of Inquiry RE: DSM - NOW!

Can anyone recommend a good book on how China now owns the US?

So taking a piss is the news of the day..

SHOCKING! the picture from the UN meeting that even Reuters dared

HAPPY NEWS! Dolphins found, IN THEIR POD!

"One nation, under women, with liberty and justice for all"

Should we all wear Mardi Gras beads to the Sept. 24 protest?

i'll bet bush is going to announce our next war tomorrow night

missed among the news 4.1 mill more americans in poverty

Anyone have the clippy on Bush's finger picture?

World Can't Wait. What do you all know about them?

George Bush's new position on Roe vs. Wade

Olberman just said a great funny!

Lou Dobbs just said 3 times the pledge was "ruled unconstitutional"


REALLY. Let's get serious. NO local government could have handled...

May I please leave DU for a sec?? I need a bathroom break

Anyone have info on this bullshit story?

PHOTO: Bush winks at Pres. of China (will Gannon be jealous?)

Stop making fun of GW! The "don't make fun of Bush being a moran"

Is Bush's Speech Spelled Out Phonetically? --pix->>>

My theory on Bush's "apology" and Thursday

Prince George the Petulant --pix->>>

To the DU Administration

We MUST Neutralize Those REALLY in Control, FAST

Breaking! Bush needs to piss. Condi to advise.

Humpday TOONfest

There is no such thing has SETTLED LAW

Why the heck can't you e-mail the Dem Minority Leader?

Lynn Swann for President!

"But Laura, it's just one drink..."

Cheney diverted power to pipe line for oil - IMPORTANT

I have a winning stratergy for the Dems...

CSPAN Schedule thursday September 15

Hey George, While You Are Taking Responsibility, How About Adding These To

Flying Spaghetti Monster gains mainstream acceptance!

Humor: Dems unify to bash those other guys


JOHN ROBERTS: What sort of PREP SCHOOL produces a fellow like him?

Mold a serious problem!

In 10 min, Texas will kill an innocent woman. Please light a candle

George Noory's guest is blaming Mayor and Governor for turning away help

The Man Beneath The Hood Speaks Out:“They tortured me,

So when Roe V Wade is overturned, what will pro-choice repuke women say?

There is another woman on Texas death row that is probably innocent

Saw a church bus that advertised they taught "creation science"

The honor roll of Section 60

DU suggestion: Neocon Watch

Repubs drooling over "opportunity" Katrina created to sell fascist policy

Does anyone know: did bush donate $$$ of his own for Katrina victims?

Rep Crowley: The tragedy is that the American public will never know what

Do you agree with mandatory seatbelt laws?

So, I started a blog and hope that members of DU would like to visit.


Jesse Ventura on Mike Malloy last night

Catastrophic President. Catastrophic Administration.

Okay DUers, what WON'T you argue about?

Pledge alternative..."One Nation Under the Flying Spagetti Monster"

Need more sign ideas for 9/24 protest...

Who won the Galloway/Hitchens debate?

I Am Really Wondering - Does America Give A Shit? Do They Care?

Hearing on Exiting Iraq to be Webcast Live on Thursday

Photo: Bushco's America-- no caption necessary

just about every day we hear some reporter tell us that some agency

An email I just got from a friend who is doing relief work down in

FEMA Declaring State of Emergency in 28 States & DC!!

"Brownie, yer doin' a HECK of a job!"

America's Battered Wife Syndrome

Bill punishes drivers who fail to clear ice off car

My Letter To Bush

Bush-Be-Gone Index -- Up 0.7% from yesterday

????? John Bolton

Roberts is very evasive

Bill Maher's monologue this week put Bush's presidency in stark terms.

A question for death penalty opponents.

Faux will science trump politics in abortion debate


just WOW cover picture on The Economist ...."The Shaming of America"

Beltway vs. Blogosphere ("I feel like I've joined the Resistance!")

We are Safe and Sound

***Aurora Potential HIGH tonight!!!****

union members walking pickets today are our heros. help them

Should ESPN run newsbriefs? How else might Dubya be kept clued in on current

How local officials prepared for Katrina (Part 1 of 2) -

Katrina May have Accidentally Given Bush...

Are third-party votes a form of institutional racism/sexism?

150+people killed in Iraq TODAY - DAMN Bush, you FAILURE!!!

John Edwards "Two Americas"

I support the "under god" phrasing of the Pledge of Allegiance

As per Rick Santorum. . .please list, in your opinion, the nation's 5

Bush's "taking responsibility" statement: totally new body language.

DFA and Bryan Kennedy, he who will oust the vile Sensenbrenner, huzzah!

FEMA has ordered searchers NOT to break into homes?

Reuters: U.S. President George W. Bush writes a note (May I use bathroom?)

Update on the "Mother of all DU Meetups"-September 24th

Amberjack fish

Green Chicken Enchiladas

Interesting article on Kinder Morgan...

Steve Bell is remorseless about the fuel protests

Dubya and Daddy visit New Orleans

Two die in Harvey Nichols shooting

Cluster bombs on offer at arms fair despite sales ban

Petrol shortages near you?

Jesus as Che (again) for UK Xmas ad campaign

Best Brit actor/actress?

I look forward to the dukedom this manifesto advice will bring

Reuters: Death Toll From Baghdad Car Bomb Reaches 40

Bombs, gunmen kill over 100 in Baghdad

Delta bankruptcy filing may come this week

GOP official accused of money-laundering for legal client (Mass.)

WSJ: VW Seeks More Work for Less Pay

Seven shot dead in pre-election Taliban attack, official hanged

NYT 9/14/05 Front Page Link

Iraqi Constitution To Be Sent To U.N. Printers

Iraqi Constitution to Be Sent to U.N.

Bush Seeks U.N. Support For Spreading Democracy, Expanding Free Trade

Explosions Across Iraq Kill More Than 120

NYT: Aging Nuclear Power Plants May Affect (NE states) Emissions Pact

Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home

Delta, Northwest Face Possible Bankruptcy

Pope Blesses Statue of Opus Dei Founder

Bush thanks international community for hurricane response

U.S. to fund prison in Afghanistan

9-11 Conspiracists Invade Ground Zero

Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home

12 Explosions in Iraq Kill at Least 152

Dutch to Open Electronic Files on Children

Experts Warn Salvadoran Volcano May Erupt

Failures cited in first Katrina hearing (‘Sluggish initial response’)

Millionaire's daughter kidnapped (accused of arming Iraq with chemicals)

Rumsfeld avoids specifics on cutting troops in Afghanistan

Industrial Output Is Depressed by Katrina

Zarqawi declares 'all out war' on Iraqi Shiites

Cheney diverted power to pipe line for oil - IMPORTANT

NYT/AP: Retail Sales Plunge in August (before Katrina)

Hummers prepare to roll into Elko

Afghan official says commanders let Osama escape

No pay for New Orleans teachers

China to Build up Strategic Oil Reserves

EU trade chief chides "protectionist" US Democrats

Syria rejects charges about Iraq border, dares U.S. to provide evidence

Baghdad carnage revenge for assault on rebel town: Al-Qaeda

9/11 chairmen: Bush should have seen the catastrophe earlier

U.S. Data Reveal Loan Rate Disparity (on racial lines)

Fed Government Thwarts DC's Plan to Keep Area Safe from

Nagin:'We're Bringing New Orleans Back'('history will judge me according')

Senate kills Democratic attempt to establish independent Katrina commissio

Judge rules Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional in public schools

U.S. military denies "bin Laden ill" report

Ophelia "not going to miss" NC (updated)

Iraq slams U.S. detentions, immunity for troops

Bodies raise new questions on storm aid

Syria condemns Baghdad bombings as acts of terrorism

Citrus County Couple Pleads No Contest To Torturing Their Kids

At least 50 evacuees have died in Texas

NYT: Delta, Northwest may seek protection today (Wed.)

Coliseum emptying fast (some good news for evacuees in AZ)

Pledge ruled unconstitutional (again)

U.S. prosecutors vow to root out Katrina corruption

Weiner To Concede To Ferrer (NYC Mayoral Primary)

US, UK to 'see Iraq job through'

Chavez Extends Oil Trade Deal to Caribbean

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 14 September

Networks scramble for Bush address (Thursday)

Massachusetts Legislature rejects proposed amendment banning gay marriage

Abortion debate question leaves Va. GOP candidate for governor struggling

Google lauches blog search (beta) -

West Nile Virus Kills Condor Chick

Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) Iraq "resolution of inquiry" defeated in cmty

Musharraf: Khan Supplied "Probably A Dozen" Centrifuges To Pyongyang

Northwest files for Chapter 11 protection

As friction with Arab neighbors intensifies, Iraq growing ever closer to..

Ophelia Soaks N.C. Coast, Knocks Out Power

I just got an email from CNN-Northwest Airlines also filed Chap 11.

Federal officials defend body-recovery efforts

Reuters: U.S. President George W. Bush writes a note (May I use bathroom?)

Democratic Leaders to *: Hurricane Katrina Laid Waste to Gulf Coast...

Dollars accept plea in child torture case.

DeLay declares 'victory' in war on budget fat

Iranian president blasts U.S. in U.N. speech

(World) Leaders call for laws banning incitement to terror

Newsview: 3 Crises Define Bush Presidency

Police Beat Nepal Protesters With Batons

Mission not what firemen pictured ( chimp's photo ops, no rescues)

Mass. GOP Official Resigns After Charges

New Justice Unit to Probe Old Bias Cases

Chile Court Strips Pinochet of Immunity

US (Warner - R) senator urges Pentagon to review disaster role

LAT: Schwarzenegger All But Declares Reelection Bid

Separate but Equal? Schooling Of Evacuees Provokes Debate

Detective story that linked £1m Pinochet cash to BAE

Arar report to be delayed as inquiry sorts out federal secrecy claims

Press Conference on Iran's Nuclear Program

Poll: Rebuilding New Orleans A Higher Priority For Public Than Tax Cuts...

End of the Bush Era

Slowdown? Real estate still going strong

U.S. senators seek post-Katrina "Marshall Plan"

Republicans scuttle Hillary plan to establish independent investigation...

Juan Gonzalez: Democracy's Future Depends on More Accountable...Media

reuters: Northwest files for bankruptcy protection

House backs hate crime measure protecting gays

Katrina victims piling up credit card debt

Protesters rally over Parkin deportation

What Dick Cheney did on his summer vacation

Report: FBI Turnover Hampers Cooperation

Pederson Making Bid for Kyl's Senate Seat (Arizona)

Jason Leopold: FEMA Katrina Funeral Contractor Desecrated Corpses

Bush readying new initiatives for Katrina speech

Roberts: Congress Can Trump Court Decision

Displaced Students Stabbed in Boston

Support for Bush Continues to Drop, Poll Shows (NYT)

FBI Intel Analyst Charged With Spying

Republicans move to bury debate on Downing St memo

NYT/AP: New Orleans Air Found Not Overly Polluted

Protesters rally over Parkin deportation (Australia)

La. Congressman Had Guard Escort to Home

Journalists' group claims U.S. military failing to probe media deaths ..

PETA ad is back (Display likens animal cruelty to slavery)

Airlines ask Congress for fuel tax relief


Reports says 13 journalists killed by U.S. troops in Iraq

Texas County Bans Parking Near Bush Ranch

Mass. Lawmakers Reject Gay Marriage Ban

La. to pay Kenyon $119,000 a day for body recovery

U.S. ready to delay showdown on Iran

Over 50 Katrina evacuees have died in TX

NYT: Court Nominee Says Early Career Is No Guide

Critic of Vietnam War slams secrecy on Iraq

Watchdog slams US forces for media deaths in Iraq

WP: Bush to Request More Aid Funding

Delta Air files for Chapter 11 protection

Mississippi readies trailer cities for homeless

( Scott ) Parkin deported to US: FBI says he's 'welcome'

House passes child sex crimes law

Catholics, Britain incredulous as Protestant Orangemen deny role in Belfas

Hurricane Katrina death toll rises past 700

Al-Qaida in Iraq declares all-out war

China to Auction Returned Tibetan Relics

Hubble spies homeless black hole

Health care premiums jump 9%, fewer workers covered

NYT: Numbers Show Economic Lag Before Storm

(Frances) Newton Executed for 1987 Slayings

Revealed: BAE's secret £1m to Pinochet (UK's Largest Arms Firm)

Politicians Are Voted the World's Least Trusted People

Katrina Victims Pile Up Credit Card Debt

Texas County Bans Parking Near Bush Ranch

Chicago City Council urges immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

Bush approval at lowest level of his presidency

BBC: New debt fear for Katrina victims

Bush to U.N.: Spread democracy, fight terror

Number of attacks decreases on Baghdad highway to airport

Senate Kills Bid for Katrina Commission

Airlines Ask Congress for Fuel Tax Relief

House GOP Derails Democratic Inquiries (DSM and Plame documents)

Dreams are emerging of a 'new' New Orleans

US Colonel Says bin Laden Ill

US House Republicans say sticking to tax cut plans

Reuters Photo Appears to Capture Bush at U.N. Writing Note About 'Bathroom

La. Governor Takes Responsibility For Hurricane Response

Man Rescued in New Orleans After 16 Days

Livingstone likens bomb apologist to reformer Pope John

Terrorists unite to plot Iraqi civil war

NYT: Bill Gates Shows Next Windows

Bush administration to fortify westernmost stretch of U.S.-Mexico border

Court strips Pinochet of immunity

Support for Bush Continues to Drop as More Question His Leadership Skills

Swept from aquarium pool, dolphins found alive offshore (Boston Globe)

Bush says he may need more power in disasters

Bush rejects request to release Pollard

Ex-FEMA Chief Tells of Frustration and Chaos

Home Prices Jump 17% in Southland (Los Angeles Metro)

Federal judge in S. F. declares it unconstitutional to recite the pledge

David Bassin in on KUSF right now

Saul Williams...poetryslam anyone?

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Hello Goodbye

cobain genes - will she rock?

I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want

Question for followers of the FSM


self pity post

Fantasy footballers: Cedric Benson or Larry Johnson?


Why are they bringing back "The Night Stalker"???!!!

A little joke

Growing Up

Don't miss this great relief comedy in GD

Goodbye DU.

I have a weird problem

Goodnight everyone

I absolutely refuse to resign from the Presidency of The United States

THERE IS HOPE !!!!! .......... Re: Pet rescues in NOLA !!!

She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge...

When did "suck" become a bad word?

Hey, where's CanuckAmok gotten to?

G'night Lizards

alrighty then! ... I'm off to bed perchance to sleep.

For those who hate to clean, introducing your new best friend URINE GONE!

For the ferret lovers here!

This settles it: My iPod shuffle is partial to The Fall, Coil, &Roxy Music

Who would be the best Chief Justice?

Who's gonna pay for the online NYT?

OMG! My 3,000th post!

I've worked out what I'm going to tell my roomies tomorrow

It's really dead on this website at this time of morning...

Today's ZINGS!

would you please check-in!

supergirl #1 sells out....

Holy hotdogs, Batman! It's cold out!

Good Morning, DU'ers!

I almost shit a brick

(New Hampshire) Lawmakers Accidentally Repeal Law Against Evading Tolls

okay, it is laxative time:

Hardware Store Offers Brothel Vouchers

"God Give Me Strength"- Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach

Californians Get Calls Asking To Support Wal-Mart - In Lincoln Nebraska

Any Homicide: Life on the Street fans?

Two, count 'em, TWO things checked off on my BIG LIST in 30 days!

Is there a certain Duer that you'd like to "meet"?

Matcom was right: My Glowlight Tetras are all dead.

Wonder why they keep panning the cameras past damaged

Help curb global warming & win Larry David's car from Curb your Enthusiasm


Make a wish!

Happy Birthday Sam Neill

Melancholy day. These beautiful lyrics fit my mood perfectly

Stupid Q re: kicking

Who will get the Heave-Ho tonight?

Heidi Klum gives birth to Seal pup.

Giant mirror to light up village

Well, today is my first day as a substitute teacher,

Oh, it's an Al Green day for me!

Hey... KickAssBob....Craigslist is LOL funy



Who watched House premiere!

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Beauty above the devastation: Photo


i watched "The Beautician and Beast" on the WBDZL channel last night.

Sea Lions Sink Man's Antique Sailboat

Two -The Onion- articles that need a **WARNING**

Playboy's "Arnold in Rio" clips finally hit MSM - Who saw Jimmy Kimmel


I wonder how many people are loving themselves b/c of DU

Hastert Suggests Returning Louisiana to France

Do you know anyone who makes a living on ebay?

Why didn't anyone tell me Craigslist was so damned funny?

Shoot Me Now! Blame Nader Threat Alert In GD... 2nd One Today tummy hurts!

I'm getting *killed* in here, people!

Administration Announces Sale of U.S. Army to China

I want my Punch and Pie!!

Is there a certain Duer that you'd like to "meat"?

Bush Joke (Groaner warning!)

What we need more of in the lounge - dogs wearing underwear on their head!

FIRST PICTURE: Matcom on his scooter

I couldn't believe how little time Vonnegut had last night on t Daily Show

I'm dedicating this FLAME thread to Sundog and Zuni

Donovan and other things ...........

Your search - natale holloway - did not match any documents.

Napoleon Dynamite SOLD OUT man!!!

Police Took Graphic Photos Of Teacher (Debra Lafave)

Rolling Stones pre-sale tickets now on sale

I wonder how many threesomes are together b/c of the DU DC gathering Streaming Bill Hicks on internet

The CIA are a bunch of no-good commies

Sterlingtimes on Democratic Underground...

Last night I saw a show that might make me sell my tv for good

Finally finished building my Mountain Bike...

Donuts anyone?

"That's Not A Gray Tiger Tabby!"

I accept responsibility for some of this stuff

Blueberry Pop-Tarts.

I just stole Matcom's scooter

I'm dedicating this BLAME thread to Sundog and Zuni

I can't believe this poll has NEVER been done here.

To Amanda on her Sudden Passing (poem)

What do you miss most in your life?

Hey Joani!!!!

BOSSHOG is back

I must be the ONLY DUer who can sink a cat thread in the lounge

What were the names of your grade school enemies?

Angelina Jolie

We're only 1/2 way through sundog's self imposed

Apple patches Mac OS X Java flaws

Thumb rings...

Most memorable '80s marketed entity

Excuse me

If you're sick, do you call into work?

Get your "Awwwwww" hats on...

Anybody use incredimail?

THIS JUST IN: She Was a Daytripper, One Way Ticket Yeah

Best accessory for the creepy shut-in

Just got my Holter monitor off!

Shaquille O'Neal Assists Police In Arrest Of Man Who Assaulted Gay Couple

I'm weary of the Katrina "FLAME GAME"...

I'm On To You ih8thegop!

Man Caught Peeking Out Of Trash Can At Woman In Bathroom

Michael Jackson wearing a white lycra body suit ...........

Only 2,539 Days Until DTBK'S 50th Birthday

i need attention...someone make fun of me or something



Newton-John "Had Spit Up On" Missing Lover

only 4 days to my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are the pictures of duers?

Office party in 30 minutes

Justice League Season 5 starts this Saturday

I don't know how many days until terrya's birthday

Speaking of dramatic exits...

I dreamed about the President again

2 Momentous Events take place in just 6 days...

Only 195 Days Till Underpant's Birthday

There has to be a Bush Adm. joke in this somewhere

I Just Can't Help It

it never rains in California

Only 361 days till my birthday!

I HATE the sound of Jeff Sessions's voice

Post here if you have Hips like sugar.

There's an indeterminate number of days until tjwmason's next birthday

Shemekia Copeland

Oh shit

I Love CostCo!

Gloria's joke of the day:

only 6 more days til my b-day

Say something nice about me.

It is official, I am very rational!

Nip/Tuck Third Season and Lost Second Season almost here

Post here if you have lips like Lugar

y'all in the lounge are the bestest of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't write it...but I like it alot...

Get yer ZombyFrenchPressCoffee HERE

self portrait w/paint

I would happily get behind a conservative agenda such as this one

Milwaukee: Drinking Liberally *TONIGHT*

Im John Roberts! ask me anything!!

Greetings from Taos, N.M.!


I do NOT want the chimp to resign.....

Should I leave the Eastern Time Zone to find a job?

Johnnie's official "Menudo Blows" thread

Don't ask me questions


Time for a "Your baby sucks" thread.

Chicago DUers....a utilities question

BTBM's Official "Led Zeppelin Blows" thread.

People I can do without

Inventor turns dead cats into diesel

Post here if you're as SWEET as sugar :)

Ten top thoughts to ponder for the year 2005

Too bad a bunch of us can't pool some money together and buy lotto

LynneSin's official "Led Zeppelin Absolutely RULES" thread

Rumsfeld cuts Berlin press conference short because of WW2 bomb

I wonder how many chromosomes are together b/c of DU.

Need a little help regarding Gin

Whoa, Caligula the movie is X rated! How did I miss that when I netflixed

THIS JUST IN: Rumsfeld Regales Staffers w/ Story of 1 Time in Band Camp

ChavezSpeakstheTruth's 1000% official Lez Zeppelin rules thread

I'm indifferent toward my second cousin (nt)

Hooray for cowboy boots

Make Your Own Gin

Smileys that you love but just can't imagine finding an opportunity to use

Big McLarghuge's 100% official Graf Zeppelin rules thread

Clue me in, what does "ride the white pony" mean?

Let's say hi to terrya, whose real name is... TERRY!

I'll be damned.....World's Easiest Quiz

Tennessee, ready for anything come hell or high water

Hurricane Katrina to be renamed “Hurricane Kerry”.

I look outside my window and see the world at peace

Post No. 3998.

Now, THAT was a good lunch.

Kell's 100% official "Ze Zeppelin Absolutely RULES" thread

"I'd like you to meet Mohammed, Jugdish, Sidney ............"

2 goofy dog pics...

What was your strangest childhood celebrity crush?

Let's talk like a Freeper right here!

Chimp joke

I'm on a kaiser roll

The police shot a machete wielding loony 2 houses away

Time for a silly pets picture thread...

2 more until 77,000 members! Yay!

Ladies and gentlemen... this makes 1000!

What's with the Lounge's Steve Perry fetish?

Spider or no spider, I'm going to bed!

Ophelia is on her way

I'm on a reply roll

I wonder how many threesomes are together b/c of DU.

Cat owners and spiders...

I feel good. Caught up with a friend today...

no more spider talk PLEASE!!!

Who's going to be DUer #77,000?

What is your favorite cat bread?

Random Trivia: Which movie had two future US Governors in it?

Reviving a geriatric eggplant.

Isn't Classy Stripclub an Oxymoron?

I forgot who found this, but thanks. and CAPTION

CNN: Blitzer windsurfing off the Outer Banks

Post here if you'd like to see an early fund drive to get us out of LEVEL3

Im having a a bad day

Can someone Post a link

Big Ryan Briscoe (IRL) crash video here. Nice quality.

All right. Who wants to see some hot THONG action?

What's a good whiskey at a reasonable price?

What do you get for your one year anniversary on DU?

Question for New Englanders

Hate to bring it up but what happened to that fuckhead who punted

I avoided getting in deep doo last weekend.

My laptop's "#one/exclamation point" key is dead, can I reassign

Such complete intoxication

Tonight, I'm a pastafarian.

I finally raved...I'm taking a nap



Jerry Kilgore is a slimy bastard


I finally shaved...I'm getting a rash.


I see ignored people.

Nothing's gonna change my love for you.

HELP! I have to rewrite a paper about another subject. I need help.

Everybody pray for the Cackalackas - they need it

Cox Cable wanted to rip me off, so...

A record store employee was nice to me!

Why is this site always at Level 3?

Is it a Full Moon Today

Anyone here seen "The Aristocrats"?

Do you smoke?

Is the Galloway/Hitchens debate on TV tonight?

I love my mom

I have never been to freeper ville....


FEEL the ZombyLoooooove......

Damn I just saw an enormous spider run into my bedroom

Cooter Update. COOTER UPDATE.

List your architecture or home improvement pet peeves...

The Spawn of Satan is Born

Positive Proof God Doesn't Exist!!

Times Select...anyone here signing up for it?

Scooter Update. SCOOTER UPDATE

Cat Lovers UNITE: Matcom wants to use our CATS for Scooter Fuel

Big Playah S. Gates (me) wants you to Pimpify yo' Name, Baby!

Fun with anti-gay protester pictures (Thank you, Article 8 Alliance)

Evita The Cat Is REALLY Dead NOW!

So if happiness is a choice, how do you choose to be happy?

Why would I like your favorite band?

He took IT

The Simpsons is dead. Long live King of the Hill (soon to be RIP)

Either *I'm* not human, or Fuckstick McAWOL isn't human

This is the Copa Cobanna's...

Rainbow Bridge thread: Post pictures of your beloved departed pets

Jazz Fans

Bill O'Reilly was a weatherman?

Woo - we passed 77,000 members!

What is your dream job?

This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

It's getting dark earlier - fall is almost here!

So, it seems eventually I'll be dressing like a cowgirl.

Its not the gays!

I ate a banana today. It was sehr gut.

Cool, Most of AAR

I nominate "Children of the Damned" Best. Metal. Anthem. Ever. - you?

Favorite band (as of right now) thread

Found a deep-fried corn-worm in my bag of Tostitos--can I sue?

LOST Speculation Thread: what IS in the hatch? {*possible spoilers*}

How much do you hate your employer?

A dead man and his dog.......

Bad joke... but I'm passing it on anyway

For those who've used more than one: what is the BEST cellular service?

I sing to my doggie.

I have a problem with redundancy.

I wonder how many couples are together b/c of DU.

Best way to leave DU

I'm playing Donna Summer's "Endless Summer" CD all weekend in DC

CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK watching thread (9/14)

Who else likes the SciFi show "Ghosthunters"?

I made banana bread today. Good banana bread. Exceptional, even.

So do you ever notice the "topic type" icon?

I was told I can't go bankrupt because of my assets.

What Song Makes You Bi?

The "I'm going to bed" thread

Invasion is an update of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

I was at work. How'd Galloway/Hitchens go?

Should I become more elitist?

I have a cat...

Music pollution.

More things I just don't understand:

Need advice on where to stay in Las Vegas...anyone?

Man Bought & Drank Mountain Dew Tainted With Employee's Urine

Ok chat tonight if youre interested

We dare not risk another frontal assault - that rabbit's dynamite!

What political topic should I do for my Communications class?

Favorite Invasion

i don't care how many days till my birthday

WTF?! "Cindy Sheehan - Osama Loves You" sticker on eBay

What should we pop in my mouth this evening?

Just for amusement

My adventures with the Geek Squad...

How many of you know my real first name?

A Question to any Players who want to Poke her out there...

Will Mrs. Matcom now change her name to Mrs. Sasquatch

DU Meet-Up Rules

Help help - I'm being repressed!

Do you (Or did you) love your mother in law?

Humma, Humma, Humma

Are Bicuspids incisive?

Are Bisexuals indecisive

Very bad FEMA joke

Not much puts me off more than steaming goat pellets of CONDESCENSION.

Man I feel old - Prince Harry turns 21 tomorrow.

of all the things I need these days, I don't need THIS - but it's got me:

Check in here if you're NOT going to DC

First presentation in Speech class tommorrow...aaargh!

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Anyone else think Rob Marciano (CNN) is hot??

Neither does this one, I'm afraid.

Lamest Weird Al Video?

BTBM Quit spamming the Lounge


There's a minister in my apartment...

Jon Stewart has been KILLING this week!

There's an empty Sprite bottle on my desk.

There's a minstrel in my apartment...

OK, Volvo has an ad with Bob Dylan singing in the background

Giants-Saints Tickets Available to the General Public!

Most SPAM is neither self-propelled nor advertising material.

I hereby bow before JimmyJazz's greatness

I Cartoon I Just Drew

Nifty Metro Train Map For Getting Aroung DC

Cole Slaw: Side dish of the Gods.

This thread has no substance.

Reality tv has got nothin' on this city council meeting I'm watching.

Why do cartoon animals wear pants?

What do you know about World Can't Wait?

1950-s Soviet Space Monkey's Flight Pants

Have you seen those Emerald Nuts ads?

I am the answer to life, the universe, and everything years old today

Has anyone else had an MRI?

I have a 5 month old kitten/cat that now sleeps in her favorite tree all

Why does the Gorton's fisherman always wear a raincoat?

I want this thread to sink like a stone

Watching "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" - come on over!

I have 21 lbs. of furry, purring love sitting next to me

This pic has probably been posted but it's too good to miss.

I'm depressed...

Note: If you're going on TDS to defend creationism, don't get tanked first

Are Tats and Piercings Mandatory In California, Or What?

Graphics help needed!!

UK offers Katrina uni space... is Newcastle aware of how ridiculous this

I got pissed off at a store clerk over Red Cross donation jar!

What would possess my 9 year old daughter to shave off her right

Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court

Guess who's going to the U2 concert on Friday?

I have a problem with redundancy.

Poor W Needs to Use the Potty

Christian Powerlifters:"Gays are genetically gay like Irishmen are drunks"

Q: What is Bush's position on Roe vs. Wade?

Time for a "Your favorite band sucks" thread.

Someone please sell me a bloke.

Delmonico's ... Is The Best Steak House!

Well, I'm off to the Olive Garden.....

Gumby mocks J Edgar Hoover

Someone please tell me a joke.

1982 time capsule! What are you submitting?

Whoever recommended LimeWire to me should be elevated to Lounge Deity

Most popular "dramatic montage" song ever: 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen.

Accused Killer Doesn't Want Jury To See His Tattoos (PIC)

My name is Hugh Moran.

Oh Mrs. Crane, you're a little monkey woman!

What song makes you cry?

Question to any poker players out there

Let's play the DU Edition of the Blame Game!

Halliburton gets contract for gold from corpses' teeth

Kick (nt)

Captured and now declassified training film from Al Queda


Insects you actually like

Why are you here?

Web cams. Yes or No?

Why do some athiests in the South go to church?

More Photo Fun

Looks like Gannon is back

Stuffed Chicken and Boudin for supper tonight.......

I really like to have sex with...

Life is grand, love is real, beauty is everywhere...

Not to put too fine a point on it, song phrases that stick in your head?

A time capsule of the BUSH years


Student Loan Consolidation: Academic Loan Group -- anyone use them?

It's all LIES Matcom CAN'T cook

Wrestling fans, past & present: Who was your favorite jobber?

Add "under God" to a famous saying, quotation or title

Coronal Mass Ejection will HIT the EARTH tonight!! RUN for your LIVES!!!!

Well, the Britney Spears child is finally here (it's a boy)

Favorite offbeat actor

Post your most inane random thoughts here.

Wow, who knew?

May it be explained to me why, exactly, a topless maid service is wrong

You know, I really miss that little bastard John Kleeb

Now this is a bit much

I talked to the roomie

Ooohhh, tummy ache... why did someone put a big bowl of M&Ms out?

Who played the best Hamlet?

Ask me anything...

Post here if you have Lips like sugar

Why is Country Music SO Annoying

so who here is into Prostitutes and model trains?


Update on the "Mother of all DU Meetups"-September 24th

Pope Blesses Statue of Opus Dei Founder

The Tibet myth

I hold this "truth" to be self-evidently ridiculous

Stellar (?) body in northern sky?

Sun Has Binary Partner, May Affect The Earth

Aurora Alert! 9/14-9/15 (Big Class X flare today heading our way)

Marriage boosts prosperity - study

Mass. Lawmakers Reject Gay Marriage Ban

Uhm... check this out...

U.S. House passes hate crimes act

Was the Bosox player with the torn achilles

holy crap...while I wasn't paying attention the Indians...

Help getting rescued cats from New Orleans to NYC

Cat Temper Tantrum

Cat in the pink over new colour

If you ever want to see an insanely happy kitty . . .

Rescuing pets could save people

Happy pic of N.O. pets...

Has the game legend of Katrina been fulfilled?

Have I posted this before?

Some evangelist thought he was really smart assembling his list of beliefs

Hepl hepl !!

MP3 of Mike Newdow's Supreme Court oral arguments

So..... wud I miss?

What are the odds?

It's time for a good old fashioned exorcism thread

what do you say, if anything, when people sneeze

The semi-official Welcome Home Az thread

American Atheists on helping the victims of Katrina

Did Kerry mention the poor during the campaign?

Coleman wins St. Paul primary: hehehehehe

This is really intense political theater

Totally OT distraction,

Looks like Kerry is going to be speaking soon

we're off to the West Coast

Hey, KG? Is Sen. Kerry speaking tomorrow on the floor

This is NOT a joke

Is the SBA the Next Federal Scandal?

John Kerry: Administration Must Investigate Gas Price Gouging

Caption this photo (from one of the debates)

Oh crap . . . I want one of these for photo editing . . .


KOEB 9/14/05

Got my van back!

Caught a snide Nancy Grace comment this afternoon:

Hm...I wonder who wrote this???

The best reason to bring back Puppet Theatre...

Computer savvy KOEBER'S a question,

LOL. Looks like we have an idea about who will be on Countdown

If you need a laugh

Newsletter -- 9/14/05: Going Home

Ratings for Tuesday!

I'm John Robert's cousin and I....

Finally Fooling None Of The People

Thursday announcement: A quick exit from Iraq?

Is the SBA the Next Federal Scandal?

Dems in Action: Psychologist to help Katrina evacuees

On The Ground In The Hurricane Zone: Death, Heroes and Collective Action

SPECIAL REPORT:‘Unacceptable’: The Federal Response to Katrina

Privatization in the wake of Katrina 9/14/05

How to explain to those faced with evil they are deluded:

Bankruptcy bill needs to be suspended for Katrina victims

The noose tightens for Universal Military Service

Republicans are now getting busy following Katrina

You're A Sad Man Michael Brown ...

Fox Whore Gibson: Bush is "backstop for the governor and the mayor"

W before the United Nations today, anyone know what time?

House Judiciary Committee - feed the cube rats

Bush looked like a fidgety 6th grader when he "took responsibility"

Dopey to address U.N. live 9:40 EST- who's broadcasting?

CBS live link of W at the UN

Nat'l concerns "Neither on the timetable nor under terms" of Bush Admin

CBS WH reporter's post-mortem on Bush Presidency!

There's no business like a Bill Clinton side-show

Memo implicates Chertoff in slow response to Katrina

the coming oil wars: China expands its infrastructure

Drivel from a Congressman. How would you respond?

yesterday the news was full of China now lobbying in Wash.

Senate Backs Bush (obo Utilities). Fails To Overturn Mercury Rules

Bush's "mea culpa" no longer news. Did it happen?

Bush: Katrina has exposed a shortcomings in Communication during disasters

How Al Gore helped rescue 270 patients/evacuees

OMFG - All in the family (warning - large graphic)

give Tom DeLay enough money and he will say anything

Drowning by Numbers

Hearings right NOW in Congress on Bush's lies that led to war

Very funny Night 2 of Evolution Smevolution on The Daily Show tonight

"Smooth" John Roberts "emerged virtually unscathed" from first interview

From "The Storm That Ate The GOP ....

GW refers to US as "my nation"....

Roberts says he's not "up to speed" on 1st Amend. law re: media access

OK...Whats with the "resignation" threads?

have you heard about bush's take on roe versus wade?

The reconstruction of New Oraq- All that's missing is the insurgency

"Chertie, yer doin' a heck of a job." Even if you waited 36 hours.

meet the highest paid undertaker in america

The Curious Incident of the Veep in the Summertime

Ontario bans Sharia Law & all other religious tribunals! Yippee.

Do you ever think that the Rep. party is just playing one big game?

Dick Morris: Sucks Toes, Will Travel - a Blast from The Past

OMG- Bush representing U.S. at U.N. Security Council meeting NOW!

There seems to be a familiar pattern with the Brown resignation.

One of the best cartoons I've seen in some time.

Has Bolton passed the UN credentials committee?

Doesn't Herb Kohl...

12:29 Did you just hear that at the Roberts hearings?

Isn't it interesting that the ones who champion states' rights

Since the Idiot Prince "took responsibility"

*IF* Bush did resign tomorrow night

Thank you Senator Biden for trying to pin down Squirmy Roberts!!!

Alabama-Did y'all actually elect Stan Laurel to the Senate?

Israeli's Want Bush ???


What is Feingold doing?

Dick Morris: Bush Perf poll 20% higher than Approval poll - so all is well

Transcript of Howard Dean's Hannity & Colmes Interview, 9/13/05

Mansion Nation...... unplugged.

This is hysterical, Google the word 'failure' and see what the #1

do you think any body could be this stupid.

now we know why Bush wants more power and what his strategy is in

About Bush "taking responsibility"

Could we have an campaign to release the poll info. I know this is old but

What movie would *you* like to watch with John Roberts?

Did Rice Lie to Press, 9/11 Commission, on Al Qaeda Knowledge?

Most viewed Yahoo photo

Generic Cong. Ballot: Dem 50%, GOP 38%

snake Cheney stopped repair crews bringing power back to hosp. &

Bush Fatigue

Rep. Sen. Coburn shed tears yesterday because he wants

Micheal Moore / Covington Update - GO MR. MOORE!!!

Republicans Still Hate Americans. (James Sensenbrenner)

the beginning of the end of Internet news ??

actually we do know just what Roberts thinks about issues

After thinking I couldn't despise these people any more ...

Will Feds Charge Greta Police Chief/Officers With Hate Crimes?

Everyone keeps saying, "The devistation caused by Hurricane Katrina"

the most important issue

St. Rita's and The Rule Of The Free Market

Mo Dowd does it again: A Fatal Incuriosity

Secrets of Iraq and Tal Afar

New NBC/WSJ poll

WSJ: Separate but Equal Schooling Of Evacuees Provokes Debate

Would things have been different if Kerik was in Chertoff's place when

can i assume the bankruptcy bill exempts corporations ??

Incumbents Set to Gain Millions in Campaign Cash

Is anyone else's Galloway/Popinjay debate Real Media stream very dark?

Is this idiot on my teevee (Rep. Pence (R) Indiana) serious???

George Galloway vs. Christopher Hitchens Debate Tonight

"A Huge Stupid Phucking Move!" (Freeps react to Bush "responsibility")

A small ray of light

Polling for County Commission Candidate. Interesting results.

Even GOP Voters Criticize Bush in Hurricane Poll

So now they're going to blame the Levee Board.

You said "I accept responsibility". But you're still there. WHY?

Bush sux

Debate on NOW!


Is there a poll, a list of questions that one could ask * voters

Kelso Majority on eminent domain: State's rights, judicial restraint

Poll question: Is Free Republic a Hate Group? part 2

Tom DeLay declares 'victory' in war on budget fat

If Bush Couldn't Choose the Correct Guy to Head FEMA...

Republicans: The "F@%k You!" Party

Galloway-Hitchens debate

John Conyers is on Big Eddie Schultz right now...

This much I can Tell Ya, In Honolulu, Bush counld not make it as a Fireman

Turncoat MN mayor gets hammered for supporting Chimpy

The problem is not the good-will and generosity of the American

Olbermann: "Keep teaching them, they might be able to run FEMA"...

While I was away...

Mission accomplished

Dubya Gump + Condi

Tom DeLay: "There's plenty of time to do everything that we want to do"

"I've been a democrat all my life, but I'm voting republican this time."

How local officials prepared for Katrina

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood to make an announcement at 1PM today

DeLay Spins GOP Congress Is Fiscally Conservative (Stop Laughing)

Justice Stevens threw out the first pitch at the Cubs game tonight

FU MrCheney doc on Countdown with to his post

When Will Pakistan Hand Over Bin Laden?

Dean is to be on The View on ABC tomorrow morning.

Howard Dean on Hannity and Colmes

Greatest recent TV news moment:

Just a tad about Iran, and foreign interest in oil

Lindsay Graham asked Roberts about his legal opinions with Reagan.

Ignorance and abdication that amounts to madness (Berger / Guardian)

John Kerry: Administration Must Investigate Gas Price Gouging

Galloway vs Hitchens (summary)

Democrats share blame for hiring Brown FEMA director.

need a link to a download of Galloway v Hitchens debate from tonight

Freeped poll on racism I found over at freepland.....damn racists

yet another hypothetical 2008 Presidential Poll

I think the Roberts confirmation may be the end for me

Ok, before i put on the tinfoil, can anyone explain this

bye bye Roe vs. Wade

Bush Flies Into Rage With Staffers

US delegates at UN walked out on Iran speaker

Mr.Osborne can I be excused my brain is full---THE FAR SIDE

I say Galloway hands Hitchens his ass....

Do you mind if the Feds give churches money for temporary housing?

Delta and NW BOTH file for bankruptcy

4.1 million more americans slipped into poverty between 2001-04

These words of JFK spoken in June 1963 are so relevant today...

The DLC, the Democrats, and "The Law of Diminishing Returns"


Take Action - Help with Great Nordquist quote on Billboard !

Partial transcript of Dean on Fox tonight. Good interview. Good truth.

This is NOT a joke

Blanco Takes Blame for Response; calls Bush "friend and partner"

Cindy Sheehan stopped the media from considering Rove/Plame...

CSPAN Schedule Thursday September 15

Conyers Hate Crimes Prevention Act Passes House in Historic Vote

RNC Chairman Mehlman Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month

RINO stampede?

holy crap!!! AP photos of Roberts ...i take it that we're not the only..

Is it common for both pres and VP to take Vacation at same time?

Please respond to this poll - Intelligent Design

bi-partisan bill requires more miles per gallon

Heritage Foundation proposal for Rebuilding - Compassionate Conservatives?

It is time for Congress to exercise its duty to oversee the Executive...

Cheney sets vacation record straight: "I came back four days early."

President Cheney ?

Is DU thinking of joining the Impeach Bush Coalition?

PA takes shameful step backward on voting rights

Is Bush guilty of negligent homicide?

"The president should stop haunting New Orleans"

A question for John Roberts I'd like to hear

China: tick, tick, tick ...

Is Bush Legally Culpable for Deaths?

Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows

South Bend Tribune: The Republican Party has a lot to offer black voters

The Blame Game distracts from anyone actually having to do anything.

Idiot Son and GOP polls down, down, down. Dem polls? Not so good, either

Clark: Where is the Economic Leadership?


school official calls evacuees "yard apes". (S.C.)