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FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions to Fla. Residents Unaffected by '04 Hurrica

NYT: Thumbing Nervously Through the Conservative Rulebook

Told you so, Jeff Jarvis (and all you "9/11 Hawks")

Is There An Estimate for...

DUer SharonRB appears on the front page of Detroit's paper w/Conyers!

Passenger flights to resume Tuesday at N.O. airport

On the first day of Christmas.....

Please help with my Statistics class!!! (non-political question)

US "Envisions" Using "Nuculer" weapons

QUICK! Somebody Call Mr. O'Reilly - Falafels In Iraq!


Bush to crew; "help me god dammit I'm sinking" to Condi & Hughes

Federal/State: Roles and Responsibilities per NRP

Should the Miramax movie "Venom" be released next Friday?

A Very short Open Letter to the MSM On September 11 2005

The Neo Con code of conduct

Government matters

Raid of Ancient Peruvian City Unearths Ethical Questions of Exploration

Bush is a disaster ........

Congrats DU 18 million posts

Hurricane Ophelia: 74 mph winds possible, NC declares state of emergency

Real Time is KILLER tonight!

MONEY TRAIL FOLLOWERS: Black Water Assassins

Mayor Nagin: "Those people were looking to escape, and they cut off the...

Did anyone here hear Cheney say that the response he's heard has been

Average' past trails troubled FEMA chief (St Petersburg Times)

Please help this RED Oklahoma poll re: Homeland Security

Can I PLEASE have an non partican answer

New Blog

Had an epiphany today about Republicans

WH scrubbed Proclamation?

The End of “Greatness"

Bill Moyers: 9/11 And The Sport of God

Red Cross or Salvation Army?

U.S. Envisions Using Nukes on Terrorists

Russia blasts double standards in fighting terrorism

World summit on UN's future heads for chaos

Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'

Gas prices hit staggering levels overseas

"War on terror" diverted US resources from disaster prevention: experts

US ( peace ) activist arrested after visa revoked

U.S. turned to Venezuela for help, ambassador says

Check out my new blog.

Who here remembers the historic DU race to 15 million posts?

Don't you hate when the plies of the toilet paper get tracked wrong.

"Bank Tellers Do It For The Money"

NOLA song that wasn't sad at the time

Wow, the Bush speechwriters must be pulling their hair right about now

Which DUers from the Gulf Coast still have not posted?

Post a pic of your toenail clippings on the carpet, or in the ashtray.

I JUST noticed...we passed 18,000,000 posts tonight!

Don't read this post!

I need a hug. Big time.

So it appears the Big 10, after all, is more overrated than the Big 12

If this picture doesn't scare you, nothing will.

So... I switched from cable to DirecTv today and..

Oh, poop.

Western view of Islam: A troubled history

Anti-Muslim email and my response.

Boxing: HBO put on a show tonight (Spoilers)

09/11/01. What are your memories?

In a Time of Crisis, Republicans Up to Their Usual Tricks

Bush finds another Caucasian crowd and STARTS HUGGIN'...

How will Rovbots attempt to divide our unity over Katrina & Aftermath?

Don't miss Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas with Garrison Keillor...

The Kahuna sez Katrina is a God and he talks with Her

Political Comics at the HL

The next time someone says, "It's not time for blaming" tell them you

Eye of the Political Storm

Raid of Ancient Peruvian City Unearths Ethical Questions of Exploration

Giving names to the dead

Helping the dead reclaim identity (140 bodies a day max)

Grim signs of Katrina's staggering toll;25K body bags arrive in NOLA

National Geographic, 2004: Dire Prediction for NOLA disaster

Globe LTTE: * Administration is a national disaster

Take the time to read this: 'Hope for Those Most Often Sinned Against'

Exiles from a city and from a nation

Boston Globe: Chronology of errors: how a disaster spread

Jonathan Chait: 'No confidence' (leads with SNL skit from 2000)

9/11 and Manipulation of the USA

NYT's: "Breakdowns Marked Path from Hurricane to Anarchy":

A Polluter's Feast

Newsday: Katrina effort mired in bureaucratic hash

Will FEBAR Bring Down the House?

Gloom-and-doom accounts are exaggerated (Things just dandy in NO! WTF?!)

Soldier’s story from the heart tells message of hope in Iraq

From abroad, offers of aid for Katrina victims

John Wayne and New Orleans Indians

Blessed are the Price Gougers

Iran takes over Pipelineistan

The Taliban's battle over the ballot

Political Cartoon - Tom Toles nails it as usual.

Katrina Exposes Superpower in Disarray

Oliphant: Woe to whistleblowers

Cindy Sheehan (HuffPost): Camp Casey to DC Update

Lost at Tora Bora

US commanders admit losing ‘war of attrition’

TLT: Four Years Later

Newsweek: How Bush Blew It

Nolan Finley: A conservative distances himself from the neocons

The bells of New Orleans toll for the whole planet

Kurt S. Wolz: We're no safer today

Living Too Much in the Bubble?......TIME

That sinking feeling: Levees hurt lowlands, push sea toward city

'9-11 "Freedom March": fascist spectacle'

Bush the war flop

Article on Katrina and Foreign Policy

Development, nature eroded region's defenses

NYT: "Is He Winning? Taking Stock of the Forever War"

Diseases of rich deprive poor of drugs

Aaron Broussard and Barbara Bush Audio Clips

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): When FEMA met Katrina, disaster ensued

WP- Katrina Leads a Lobbyist to Reevaluate His Priorities

Howard Fineman: A Storm-Tossed Boss

Guardian: Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans

The water is going down slowly. The (**'s) popularity-sinking like a stone

Gordon Adams, Baltimore Sun: After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go

Blasphemy About New Orleans - by Tim Wise

Oliphant: Boston Globe: GOP Shoots Messenger and Other Dirty Tricks

The Earth's Most Damnable Homeless Shelter

Bin Laden's whereabouts remains mystery 4 years after 9/11 attacks

U.S. must learn to think the unthinkable - SF Chronicle

`Minnesota Nice' goes to war -Knight Ridder

Al Gore's speech -- Of course Mainstream Media reports not a word

NBC's Williams: Journalists' Gloves Off

Conason: The bitter lessons of four years

Surviving Katrina: Barred from the Superdome, struggling to survive

The Iran trap

Time For Freepers to STFU!

9/11 Cold Case

A Letter to All Who Voted for George W. Bush from Michael Moore

Newsweek: How Bush Blew It ( a scathing indictment of Bush)

Al Gore, Sierra Club Conven.: "When there is No Vision, the People Perish"

Where Can I Find a Comprehensive Email Listing for Members of Congress?

Leaflet for 9/11/05 - "I'm not worried about Bin Ladin"


9/24 rally and march in Tucson, AZ

Project Censored: most important under-covered stories of 2004-05.

Media ignores top 25 Bush/Admin Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina

CNN hits new low

Northwest gliding toward bankruptcy

Quick question about taxes and offshore companies.

Tibetan poachers target Bhutan's 'miracle' fungus

DOE automotive waste heat thermoelectrics project: Phase 2.

Could have those three levee breaches been plugged quicker?

Most Americans Worried About Fuel Prices (70%)

Pellet stove info

Rammed down our throats (GM crops)

Financial Times - EU Forest Fires Likely To Increase, Ministers Say

John Prescott - UK Deputy PM - Links Katrina, Global Warming - Guardian

Nat. Association Insurance Commissioners Examines Climate Risk (1st Time)

New Orleans May Be Unsafe For Ten Years - EPA Toxics Expert

Increasing Numbers Of Mother Orangutans Shot For Babies As "Pets"

High-performance Computing May Improve Combustion Efficiency

Nick Kristoff - NYT - "The Storm Next Time"

Professor at Einstein's Alma Mater makes the environmental nuclear case.

Michigan: solar open houses event Oct 8th.

Husband of a Fanatic: A Personal Journey Through India, Pakistan, Love&

Thousands of refugees in Ecuador receive food

Political spat threatens Nicaraguan democracy: OAS

Brazil Tries to Solve Trade Imbalance Investing in Central America

(60%) Americans Dissatisfied with Bush’s Handling of Iraq (poll / CBS)

In 4 Years Brazil Gets Its Old Dream Road from Sea to Shining Sea

Garang crash chopper 'healthy' - investigator

Police Hunt Down Protesters on Chilean Campus

Hundreds of East Jerusalem children have no room in schools

The real uprooting is taking place in Hebron (Gideon Levy)

Riyadh to Ease Israel Boycott, AIPAC Wants More

Palestinians set to storm settlements

IDF general returns from U.K. before plane lands, fearing arrest

Israeli flag lowered over Gaza (Pullout two weeks early)

Israel to end West Bank occupation

Legal expert: Occupation legally over

Ditch Holocaust day, advisers urge Blair

Palestinians set synagogue ablaze in former Gaza settlement

David Ray Griffin on ABC radio TODAY

Discovery Movie Tonight on 9/11

Two Pilots Revisit Their 9/11 (Boston Globe)

Tonight 9-11-05 DISC CH: 9-11 Flight 93 "The Flight that Fought Back"

Did Hanjour receive military flight training?

Election Archive to submit 04 data to scientific journal for publication.

The Daily thread needs one more vote please

Powell speaks out on Iraq criticised Administration by Michael Stickings

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 9/11/05

Election changes on ballot-

"Scofflaws or Scapegoats? : Grand jury indicts two mid-level elections

Monmouth county NJ votes to buy Sequoia Advantage DRE

Sending letters with flyers to elections officials.

Hold on to your seats, here we go....


McPherson Gone Blackwell?

Headed to the IRenew Energy Expo today in Cedar Rapids

Barbara Grossman withdraws support for Tom Reilly

Reilly responds to criticizm on initiative petition

Concert for Granny D, NH, October 25

AP Survey: Support for anti-gay marriage amendment collapses on Beacon Hil

Just sitting outside looking south and...

Well, Robyn Robinson's lost her touch.

Do primary elections have the same polling times?

Crescent City Shakedown Benefit for New Orleans Musicians

***Pictures from St Paul Classic!***

431 to 1: Ratio of CEO pay to average worker pay in 2004.

TV tuner for Windows Media Center PC

Question re: old computer game "Hammurabi" aka "Ruler"

Why can't I understand MSWord margins (for 2-sided printing)?

the top ten computer games of all time?


BEST inkjet printer out there?

Democrats lobby Hackett to run for Senate against DeWine '06

Support for Bush reaches low among central Ohioans

Self Delete

Barack Obama in Dallas on the 24th???

On the road with the next AG of TX

Houston.....diapers urgently needed at GRB

Rep. Conyers reports on Fighting BobFest

What the heck happened to the Packers today?!

If you don't support the fake dog tag wearing "freedom" locksteppers you

Rick Santorum was ROBBED!!!! Robbed I'd tell ya

Don't give up Democratic seats. Support civil liberties groups!

This Discovery 9/11 movie

Sponsored link on DU front page inappropriately childish

What was the deficit situation around 1932?

Full court press on Blanco

If they try the terroism crap now they are too stupid for words.

OK, why is the "Jesus fish" suddenly a symbol of creationism?

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Can we attempt an honest account of the NOLA death toll?

today my freeper brother told me

My selfish reason for opposing this idiotic war

PHOTO! EXCLUSIVE shot of new terrorist threatening L.A., Melbourne!

Reps. Kucinich and Tubbs Jones Call On President

Someone was talking about a property sales frenzy in NOLA going


154 dead recovered? BUSHSHIT! nt

"Leftist professors will be strung up."

4.5 yrs of photos & quotes.... WE MUST IMPEACH!

Peter Werbe sez: "Bush is the Master Of Disaster"

Update (my niece and abortion)

I just went to a site run by a.........

Nagin's and tent cities in mid-La did anyone catch what show it

Does anyone know about Full Metal Alchemist?

This is FAUX's game in a nutshell.

Media: They criticize us from the left, they criticize us

So, was the "Freedom March" a bust after all? (AMERICAblog)

Did anyone else at DU fly on Northwest recently? I flew today

What happened at the "Freedom Walk" in DC?

Please post all articles on body counts here.

They expect to lose 10,000 Republicans in the Katrina disaster...

remember PRobertson's book The New World Order + its Jewish conspiracy?

Obama has political nonsense speak down pat...great :(

Invented and tested: A pill to temporarily increase your IQ.

I am deploying to Hurricane Katrina Relief tomorrow (Monday).

I lit a candle...

Don't Ya Hate It When A Thread Gets Locked Before You Respond

If the Cheney Administration profits from rebuilding disasters

Louisiana Dem in Dallas, new address for gift cards donations.

What's the point?

Activist's arrest prompts questions about security powers/Scott Parkin

Boy, sure are a lot of folks confessin' former sins today

Wolfie just slammed bloggers

The Onion is down... did the freepers blow it up?

There is a Great Documentary On Government Response to Corina

"AUTHENTIC AMERICANS" observe September 11th.

Anyone Else Having A Hard Time Streaming Nate Clay's Show?

How Safe Do These Make You Feel?

Payment for 9/11

The1000's lost on 9/11. The hundreds (So far) lost due to Katrina.

They chose life...

Revisiting Hurricane Andrew: Bush Sr. 1992

HELP me with this?

Can anyone Hear Nate Clay's Streaming Audio Tonight?

How many members of the Bush Admin. are needed to change a light bulb?

Using Katrina to erode Civil Liberties: Parallels to Bush after 9/11

Prima facie case for genocide: has any site/article tied it all together?

Hell I feel 911 is a holiday the way that * won't quit talking about it

Any Bets on How Many 9/11 threads will be up today?

Col. Terry Ebbert Dir. of Homeland Security in New Orleans said,

your opinion doesn't count

I Once Was A Nobody

Anyone else not seeing the 'lounge 'on the 'latest' page?

The constitution....just a piece of old paper...

Top searches: 'Impeach Bush'

Anyone see that program tonight on MSNBC The Ethical Edge?

Tomorrow 1461 days will have passed..........since 9/11

We Need to Start Asking Questions about the Katrina Moneytrail now!

We were going to go to an outdoor symphony concert


Tell the truth guys, is Carlos back at DU?

I offer up a toast...

Google "Impeach Bush" on Yahoo.. 2,790,000 ..Its a Party.!!

"Military at odds with evangelical chaplains"

ah I enjoyed this one... with freeper

Hey you former Repubs and Freepers. Let me ask you something.

(VIDEO) ABC interview with Ray Nagin

Chandra means 'moon' in Sanskrit?

Were the levees dynamited?

Given the response to Katrina, would the U. S. survive this?

The pigs are acting out -- Linguistics is the key, and Media should know

CAN these people be stopped? That is the question.

Firms with Bush ties snag Katrina deals

Fox Newswatch Show


Were the Superdome and Convention Ctr "locked down"?

Blackwater mercenaries deployed in NO - accountable only to President

Army changes story about soldier's death

Sunday Talk Shows

Eight Big Lies About Katrina

Environmental Impact of Katrina: Potentially Toxic Sites in New Orleans

Check out these freaks

todays bush radio address, if you can stomach it......

are they playing taps for 9/11 or for the bush administration?

The 9/11 Remembrance in NYC is Live on Cable News

Katrina Darkens the Outlook for Incumbents

HA! ---You can't stop or remove bush, don't make me laugh!

bush: "Hey, God did that Katrina business, not me"

Bush's worst nightmare come true.

Mission: Deterrence and the Gretna Police that blocked the bridge

"To Honor the Dead of 9/11 & Katrina, We Must Finish the Job in Iraq"

Bushville coverage

Barak Obama and Dali Lhama on ABC This Week

Help, need a photo of a stranded pet from NO

Happy "Osama's Still Out There" Day!

Mississippi troops are refused leave to help families--w can't spare them

I just can't stop crying this morning.

MSNBC Poll: Brown Relieved Of His Katrina Duties: Is it enough?


Cheney: I came back four days early

Catholic Church Condems Hwang Woo Suk -Stem Cell Research

The amount of people in this land mass that aren't zombies

Poor Blacks Allowed to Drown, Starve & Rot in N.O., Let's Have a PARADE!

States to ID bodies, notify relatives and bury dead...per FEMA

Photo from Today's 'Freedom March' through Arlington Cemetary


Should I twirl my butt up to williamsburg and buy a Tricornered....

DU this, please!

Red Cross and DHS..FEDS OR LOCALS?

Recent Hurricane Katrina Photos (one graphic pic)

57% of all americans are afraid of the lack of gov't response...

4 years later and .......

this modern world comic

America's Illegitimate Election 2004

Some thoughts on this fourth anniversary of 9/11

Photojournalists barred from N.O. , LA dead zones...OLD NEWS!

Great news: The new "Hurricane Katrina Research Center"

Firms with ties to the Chimp snag Katrina deals

NYT Public Editor says Times coverage of NO poverty, levees failed readers

NYT's David Brooks: "The Best Laid Plan: Too Bad It Flopped"

Professor Boyle's proposed articles of impeachment

Business ahead of children: FEMA/DHS priorities obvious on web site

One week later, Gretna Police still kicking butt

Photoshopped image of * playing guitar while Rome burns

I think it's possible to be mindful of our failures and still....

What do MIHOP/LIHOP mean?

"Go **** yourself, Mr. Cheney! Go **** yourself!" on NPR...

Sen. Landreau giving Chris Whorace hard time on Fox News Sunday

Who has the Yellow Elephant stickers, etc. for sale?

Nagin on "Meet The Press" right now.

Public Works initiative for NOLA and incentive to get folks home

What the HELL? MSM Is Going Pro-Bush Again?

What's Going On With The Freedom Walk?

NO/ LA FEMA docs. Can these be found online?

"cuz we were all on time for work that day..."

Mike Brown must be fired! Here's why...

ON NOW: Senator Landrieu (D-LA) on CBS Face the Nation: BLAMES FEDS!!

Does anyone know about new flooding in New Orleans?

How big are the pumps in New Orleans, can a body pass through

U.S. won't ban media from New Orleans searches

New NEWSWEEK poll suggests Bush, Katrina’s next casualty

"Orphans of Wealth" . . . by Don McLean . . .

Speaking of dog tags, the military ones

Need help with photos of N.O. police state

Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'

Even the sportswriters are piling on...

Cover-up : Toxic waters unsafe for a DECADE

NPR just played Babs Bush "working well" quote &the "F**K you Cheney" guy

False advertising; Gov't NOT transformed

Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'

So, is this the first visit for * to NO?

FLYER CAMPAIGN: Need Flyers to Print & Ideas for Stuffing 'Em

My friend's grandson forced back to Iraq with PTSD and suicide threats

Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'

Poll: Bush approval at 39 percent

Pelosi to be on CNN's "Late Edition" -- on NOW!

Gays in New Orleans and the TX Governor

Please Make a Donation to Food Not Bombs:

More croynism in rewarding contracts

have not seen any reports on addicts

Freedom March...when did C-Span change the schedule?

Bush: Impact of Resignation

What Nagin did or did not do prior to the hurricane

Bet ya this...

Who is this weeks biggest asshole?

The 'Freedom Walk' is starting on CSpan. Wonder how many are

any reports on the NO cemetary - that place is historic and LARGE

Today Is The 4th Anniversary Of 9-11

Remember this term.."The Constitution in Exile". (Roberts hearing)

9/11 FAA tapes?

I wish Honore would drop these "swing a dead cat" comments.

Just Saw "Bush UR Killing America" on Truck

can anyone tell me

Anyone See Kathy Gannon on C-Span this a.m. / "I is for Infidel" Good!

Be very afraid!!!

Beware - pro-censorship DUers out this AM

Damn, I don't want this to go away, but I'm afraid

Beware - trolls out this AM

Must Read Sunday - NYT Magazine section. Two great articles -

So I was thinking earlier about 9/11....

Four Years Out. Where The Hell Are We?

How does FEMA decide $$??

I see a hell of a lot of dog tags on those people

My name is clever comment and I used to be someone else

Does Chertoff know about this latest terrorist threat?

Boston Globe LTTE: What if we saw all the coffins?

Shaquille O'Neal To Pay For And Furnish Four Hundred Apartments

Tell me again why we are in Iraq?

OPUS by Berkeley Breathed -- another winner today

Pardon me for a moment while I get something off my chest --Britt Hume.

"New Attack Threatened for US" Photo LOOKS LIKE KKKARL ROVE! Egads

Reason to celebrate!

6 of 200 evacuees arriving on Cape Cod were male sex offenders - CC Times

DU Historians! What other Heads of Government have Lost Entire Cities?

Koizumi nurtures a cult of personality ( very, very scary)

So is the Pentagon 9/11 celebration going on?

self delete

Tim Russert's uneasy pact with General Electric....

Has anyone joined the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

What ever happened to the Fascist March??

Can we wait until 2006 ??

Flood survivors cuffed as evacuation begins

Has the American Supports Your Freedom March started?

Pataki is an IDIOT...on Wolf now....

Jack Straw Begs Condi: Rein Bolton In -- ALERT

I'm starting a "mood index" with regard to getting Bush out of the WH

a little help?

HEY! Anybody know about this blunder on Bush's part?

A letter to my brother

Help Seize Bush's Ranch via Eminent Domain

Is the GOP maintaining its base through prescription drug addiction?

Fahrenheit 9-11 is being broad casted right now on Al-Jazerra

What are the best Progressive Magazines to order subscriptions for?

New Orleans is NOT the whole state of Louisiana

Howard Dean's statement on 9/11...still not prepared for disaster.

How much of increase oil demand is due to outsourcing?

Reagan's "October Suprise"...I need good links to this.

Ohio Dem Party pleading with Paul Hackett to run for Senate v. DeWine

CNN broadcasting the Dalai Lama's prayer of healing...

Is the "freedom walk" over?

Lawmakers need to make no-bid contracts illegal

Oh My G-d, this Coke Addict has his finger on the button and will use it!

FEMA Director Brown paid millions to Florida residents unaffected by '04

New Orleans: covert operations underway?

Letter from Michael Moore to those who voted for Bush

What about that young man who "stole" the bus?

It's Bush's favorite day today

Quick, need the timeline of where bush was from the days before

How Bush Blew It - Newsweek synopsis Well worth reading!

A Bigger, Better FEMA? Beware of what you ask for...

a fractal re: New Orleans

Alvaro on CNN now !

Am curious re: Clinton v. Bush & cost/security measures when traveling

First Lady warns: "Please take Hurricane Amelia seriously."

katrina slideshow

DU this freeprepub POLL!!!

Why were they frisking children in Houston

Letters from our soldiers.........

Chicago Bears...Quarter Backs name we support?

It's 9/11. And FEMA's response to Katrina makes me horrified to think...

So we pay the "prevailing wages" out of the $62 billion aid package?

Barack Obama on ABC This Week: Bush Response "Puzzling"

Google "Failure" for a good laugh

Bob McChesney hosts David Brancaccio LIVE on Media Matters 2pm ET

Would like DU feed back on flash page to my new website

Should Dems use Brown against Roberts?

We are missing an opportunity here.

Freep: "..fat black folks vigorously complaining about their treatment"

What do you think of my new bumper sticker? a HOAX! DU implicated.

LTTE (also meant for congress critters) Please help tighten, tidy, and

A bit of a refresher: Background on the Lies of Invading Iraq

A least one lovable subversive at MSNBC

blacks who stiil support W + republicans...well W'll pray for you as he

Volunteer Arm of Homeland Security Says Up to 40,000 Dead in Total

"A World in Your Ear", 9 and 11 Sept 2005, BBC, on Katrina and aftermath

I contrast Bush's reaction with that of a human being on public radio

New Orleans: Destroyed by Presidential Negligence

Tavis Smiley interviewing Condi Rice

Looking for the BEST in Liberal/Progressive "Insurgent Media"?

Remember Edwards talking about two Americas?

I'm VERY Proud of the Carolina Panthers!

The President's Three Part "Comeback Plan" -- THEY MUST BE STOPPED

If the Repubs maintain control of our government after 2006,....?

Evacuees coming to my city's shelters tonight; people lining up to help

Next blue states

Paul Krugman archive site (esp. good for newbies/converts)

Caption this pic **

Moving beyond blame - looking forward on 9/11

Levee worker update

"just a person who believes you sometimes have to do what ... is right"

I know this is wrong, but I don't know why. My brother, the repuke

I guess I am just more sensitive and alert for signs of racism today. NO

So is the freedom walk over?

Poll: Bush approval at 39 percent

Chertoff tells Los Angelos mayor and police

Anyone remember Chertoff's role in the Clinton impeachment ??

Big donors

A Reminder for Pittsburghers - Cindy Sheehan here today (9/11/2005)...

Name some reporters who've been fired for criticizing Dubya, as many as you

Bush, the "strong leader" is chicken to drop the axe.

Does motive really matter?

NYT: Lost at Tora Bora ("three dozen...ground forces...committed")

Katrina Darkens the Outlook for Incumbents

Imagine if a Democrat showed up at a fundraiser

Firms with Bush-Cheney ties clinching Katrina deals

Why Are Giant Loudspeakers Blaring CW Music Along "Freedom Walk"?

Misery by the numbers: the toll of Katrina -- Latest statistics

Sad, on CNNI, NG going into houses to rescue people...

How is a movement for political recall election started? (Bush/Cheney)

Emergency assistance arrives in . . . San Antonio?

Fineman, from MSNBC: A Storm-Tossed Boss

I think this administration wants to start a race war.

Harvard Prof: Dubya called Grapes of Wrath a "commie" movie

1896 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Leave My Child Alone !!

Pentagon plans reveal new planning for "preemptive nuclear strikes"

IMPEACHMENT STRATEGY: Please Read & Share Your Comments...

Witnesses Confirm Cops Blocking Escape

Looking for the "Bush: worst distaster in U.S. history" pic

haliburton given the bid to rebuild after katrina

has Tom Joyner or his show made any comment on the black people

Brownie speaks.. hear his interviews post-Ivan (2004)

New Orleans Saints beat Carolina 23-20!!!

DU Animal lovers:Time to put pressure on NO to allow people in for pets?

Is this sarcasm or what?

Reporters gone wild--did you see Bush lie on camera about that black guy?

If President Gore had lied us into a disastrous war, and then failed

NOLA has similarities with the Johnstown Flood of 1889

lyrics from "Love and Theft" Released Sept. 11, 2001


Manpower is hiring.....

Press back on the talking points- "Blame Game"

WP - Amtrak claims Nagin refused offered transport

Natural gas bills to rise 40 percent in coming weeks

I wouldn't trust George Bush to park my car...

NPR Weekend Edition Sunday "Voices In The News" today

Something important from MTP

Question about those 9 other states declared 'state of emergency' status

Nagin praising B* - Backing away from Governor - OMG -The fix is in!!

Bill O'Reilly decried Celine Dion's remarks: "Dopey."

RE:Bush declares emergency in 9 more states

What if they nuke Iran?

My LTTE in response to David Brooks' column

Is it at all possible that, during the UN's dealings with Iraq, that

I think Keith Olbermann is doing three hours on Katrina tonight (Sunday) Red tape stymies [pet] rescue efforts

Hey did Anybody Yesterday see Judith Miller pleading guilty

Vid Clip-Pentagon Freedom Walk

Be prepared to hear a lot of negative stories about NOLA exiles...

come Rumba with Paul Bremer

Katrina & Animals: what can DU'ers do to make sure it never happens again?

Tonight 9-11-05 DISC CH: 9-11 Flight 93 "The Flight that Fought Back"

Someone PLEASE explain to me why natural gas prices...

I just found out what th White Rose Society really is or was

When will the MSM finally connect the dots between Katrina and 911

Four Years After September 11

Think they'll read the names of the dead from the hurricane each year?

Party of Profanity.......*S*

Scariest thing you will read all day: Pre-emptive use of nukes?

Sunday Monitor at top of the hour: Katrina

Rootin'-tootin' General Honore: Do I smell a political run?

on Animals FEMA passes the buck!

Impeachment: Just suppose ...

Hey you Freeper middle income $60,000-$120,000 wage earners!

What time does Olbermann begin tonight? Does anyone here

Bumper Sticker idea: Mark of the beast is...

Audobon Aquarium of the Americas in NO

Post-Katrina environmental catastrophe: A Diary of Toxic Injustice

Governor Blanco's Website has been updated

Robyn Blumner, SP Times: Reality finally bites Bush

FEMA vs. DHS responsibilities in assisting local and state

Guy issueing this "threat" same guy who issued threat just before election

Why does the stereotype of 'Republican' put me in mind of this guy?

Sophie Scholl of the original White Rose Society and some statements

US National Response Plan

My new bumpersticker arrived

CNN 2/3/4/5:59PM: "The President is hovering around 40%"

Is Bush is still waiting for his daddy's friends to bail him out

The biggest lie

How Bush Blew it (Sept 19th Newsweek Issue)

Cindy Sheehan, George Galloway, and Rep. Lynn Woosley

Internet 301 - Mole catching for fun and profit (EXPANDED)


David Ray Griffin on ABC radio TODAY

Is the General DU Consensus Pro-Impeachment or Anti-Impeachment?

Here comes the new Terra threat to take down the Hurricane front page.

80% tell poll U.S. is no safer or less safe than before 9-11

Please watch CBS 60 minutes cure interrupted

The Dali Lama will be on Larry King tonight.

Pity me, FEMA boss wrote

For Stinky Bushes - Impeachment!

Bush SPIN:She's a nice lady, but she don't know nothin' about the military

Miss Compassionate Conservatism 2005 (Dial-Up Alert)

"I Want To Sit On Trent Lott's Porch" bumper strips on sale now

Impeach B*SHLER & CO, NOW that would be POETIC JUSTICE on 9/11/05!

How Rush added to the Katrina disaster....

"Cheney ,Go fuck Yourself!" played on NPR

Governor Blanco, the Bush bastard and Nagin...the helicopter and NOLA

?????Homeland Security warns vs using Internet Explorer??????

Cheney and Hastert becoming president? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Opinion - FEMA Falsifying Body Counts (PISSED OFF!!)

I'm more afraid of mother nature than of 'Al Kaka'

Tonight on the Discovery Channel, movie about Flight 93...

Is there a TV network covering the Dali Lama(sp)?

bush Is Screwed - Football Started This Weekend

FTCR on Louisiana Commisioner covering for Insurance Weasels

Feeling safer yet?

Olbermann fans, Special Sunday Night edition !

RNC statement on Hurricane Katrina (pabloonpolitics)

Katrina Survivor: A slide show.

I don't want Bush impeached.

I need the link to the FEMA Employees Union whistleblower.

The difference is so.....

Former Bushit appointee calls for NEW 9-11 investigation

PHOTOS: Bush wants us to STOP the "blame game"! Heh heh heh!


A question regarding Blackwater in NOLA

Contractors get $2000 per **week** to clean up post-storm

I think Osama bin Laden is pulling a Ronald Reagan.

Vietnam question/concern

Katrina no longer lead, "Terra, Terra, Terra!"

25 Mind-numbingly stupid quotes about Katrina

How to Deal with These Racists?

Comic relief: When Chimpy passes, whenever that is, and he

Where is the Dem. Plan for long/short recovery?

So what is up with this 'Freedom Walk'

Geesh, we're gonna need a prime time special..........

Can the War Criminals be tried for MURDER? Thousands and Thousands

Two questions: First one is about ex AG John Ashcroft and Crisco

Lee Greenwood puking out the national anthem on ESPN.

George Galloway up next on Laura Flanders (Air America).

The Party of Effective Gov't will lead the country and win!

Does anyone else get the feeling this is bogus?....

Please DU this poll

Do you believe that Condi and Bush are having an affair?

Mary Landrieu made a great point, for those who will be freepertized Mon.

Help! I need the link to download Oprah shows this past week done

Lucky People in Sun Vally, Idaho! Dalai Lama speaking at 4pm EDT

At least when Clinton

Stinky Bushes Revealed: Confessions of ANOTHER Former Freeper

Look at this cartoon and tell me

We need a Democratic Leader like LBJ...


doesn't Katrina 'response' cancel 9-11 'response'?????

self-deleted. info found

K.Olberman LIVE on!

Republicans are walking contradictions ....

News I copied from the Internet on 9/11/2001

Kakistocracy - a formal term for what we've got in the USA

New Orleans Eyewitness tell the stories of what REALLY happened

A proposal: Taxes for Katrina, fundraisers for Iraq War - not vice versa


Right Wing vs. Itself over Bush - I had this conversation with Andy

The senate wants input on Katrina. Here is mine. Its for everyone but Sen.

How can I best contribute to charity?

bush Gets Emergency Phone Call From Blanco Mon. Nite and Goes to Bed!!wtf?

Sermon Bush heard today: Katrina gives new generation a reason to vote

Nagin is starting to get on my nerves....

Tin foil hat time

Are There Fake "Support Kerry" Phone Scams Going On?

In a nation terrorized by its own government

Well Lo and Behold!!! As soon as his poll numbers drop......

Thom Hartmann: You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government

Please DU this poll

KEEP KICKED!!! Today at 7:11pacific please send positive

Urgent! Senate committee wants Katrina input - deadline TODAY 9/11

WOW!!! You have to see this!!!

KCRW's "Le Show" (Harry Shearer) Starting! He sounds pissed!

Brian Williams Finally Wakes Up!

Let America Be America Again...a thank you to my heroes

It's time for civil disobedience.. are you in?!

A word of caution for people going to New Orleans to clean up

New email making the rounds-stating FEMA is the source

They're letting business owners into NO; why not pet owners?

A guy in NO said this: That if people had voted, they wouldn't be in that

Sen. Pete Domeneci on C-Span said Bush was tough on big oil.???


Hmmmm. Speaking of Voodoo Queens........

Ever heard of the Netherlands "Delta Works"?

Just said on Larry King they are now not forcing people out of NO.

Emptying Astrodome very quickly. Do we know where all those folks are?

Question about our debt and deficit?

I'm really really RILLY concerned that

Some thoughts on tactics and the Roberts confirmation hearings

My wishes for the Democratic Party

Something interesting on Google

Dr. Marble's video of him telling Cheney to go Cheney himself

Al Quaeda Would Be More Credible If Matt PUDGE Did the Monkey Bars

"3rd, 4th quarter player" Bush falters as Rove sidelined w/ kidney stones!

Blanco defends herself as well as the chimp!!!

First Lady steps in to defuse anger at Bush

Landrieu Escalates Rhetoric Against Bush, White House

Patterns. Bush has failed at everything he's done. 911 happened on

Update on parade - slogan request from last night & public responses

Has the MSM said anything about the disaster in Mississippi?

Guess the speaker.

LDP on the way to "historic landslide" in Japan

What is that term for a "do over"? Is it a "mulligan"?

And Honore's political campaign begins...

What was the character's name in Braveheart who betrayed

"The War At Home" - Racism?

So, Bush observed a moment of silence today. Let's list his other moments!

How did you mark the 4th anniversary of 9/11?

Any news on the two South African women Bush posed with in MS?

Texan Blues star Brown dies at 81

Bushbots up to no good. Want to know what they're up to?

Attention Animal Lovers! The Staging Area For Animals: closed Temporarily!

Chile-September 11, 1973 CIA Backed Overthrow of Allende Government

bush down to 34% in this poll

Tonight on IFC - Weapons of Mass Deception

Blanco had to "leave a message " at White House before talking to bush!

***HEADS UP TONIGHT! Visible Aurora forecast for Mid-Latitudes!****

Louisiana's senior senator Landrieu on Face the Nation said today....

Wow, new terra lert ain't working. All I'm seeing is STILL KAtrina

NBC's David Schuster: Closet Democrat?

Blackwater in NO

BET Telethon Gets Surprise Call From Clinton

OK help me out with gment contracts to private firms re:katrina

Dutch navy helps in Biloxi

60 Minutes tonight!

Can anyone give me a good response to the bus bullshit?

Norway to help with victim ID

My "compassionate conservative" realization...

Dalai Lama: What would ask him? (On LKL tonight taking your calls)

Bioremediation in NOLA

"Al Gore saved my family"

Bush's Brain was in the Hospital with Kidney Stones When Katrina Struck!

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown has died.

Isn't it "special" how the ones who BUNGLED the war and the disaster

We had to kill our patients /when NO hospitals evac'ed

Are They Going To Be ID-ing The Bodies??

My father is having cancer surgery tomorrow

"Bushville" was established today in Washington D.C.!!!

Why should I acknowledge 9/11 today?

Saw a couple of Halliburton trucks near Frankfurt, Germany today

Obama says this admin "excellent" with PR, not so good with governing

I need to give a huge shout out to all of DU. I love you all and each

Why hasn't * addressed the nation?

What's this crap?

How ironic, pets and pet rescuers are rescuing HUMANS

Di d anyone catch Ben Stein this morning on CBS?

With no Orwellian "Boogeyman" to blame his failure on, I expect an attack

Bush can't fire "Brownie" because "Brownie" knows Too Much...

What happened with Rummy's party at the Pentagon today?

Wow. Right on cue. New "terror" threat -- ABC nightly news.

Reposted: Racism is more than just bad things happening to black people.

Tomorrow's assignment - 1-877-SOB-U-SOB - Davis Bacon

David Brooks: From Day One (2001) -- Dishonesty

Holy Shit! The trailer for George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck

Hey DU, do this, it will make some nice people happy.

Holy crap! I just got my home heating bill . . .

Oklahoma evacuee facility turned into FEMA Detainment Camp

September 11 Revisited

Cheney and Hastert becoming president? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gandalf the Grey, said to Pippin (I think it was Pippin) in Return

can anyone advise on backup space heaters when power is out

November 7, 2006: The last chance we have to turn it around

Here's the Impeachment plan. We DO NOT want B impeached

Televangelist used donations to set up Cayman Islands company

How would impeachment be possible even with a Senate victory?

Chris Rock: "That train ain't never late."

Pelosi Supports Anti-Fraud Commission on Katrina

The last frame of the last second of the last min. of the Old World order

CSPAN Schedule Monday September 12

I'm guessing the throngs of bikers I saw today...

Have you seen this man, Adam Gadahn? He's a Terrorist you know.

Why did the Mayor of NO move to TEXAS? Why not LA ????

Who will be in DC on the 24th?

Theocracy Watch Warning Video From Cornell (video)

Question re: American education

reclaiming our government from corporate America . . .

Meeting to improve emergency communications was CANCELLED!

Why do RW'ers hate the ACLU?

Does this mean they can privatize the weather? lol

Sept. 11, 2001: As captured live on Salon's Table Talk. A look back.

VIDEO: SLAPDOWN! Laura Tyson pummels Grover Norquist (BBC Newsnight)

DIRTY TRICKS!!! Phone campaign against Association Health Plans

Cult deprogramming, maybe?

I'm worried about george. (Warning - Extremely Photo Heavy)

Blog....Sneaking back home into New claim New Orleans

Galloway V Hitchens, Iraq War Debate, next Saturday, CSpan2

Must Read! Just when you thought you heard it all about Brownie's

Polluted waters. The dogs know.

Theory: One reason Bush wanted total control of NO operation

"The colonizers control everything." Rev. Wright on now. Interesting


Project Censored: most important under-covered stories of 2004-05

Ok, what is up with all the Scientology crap at DU lately?

Have you ever noticed that popular culture hates George Bush?

60 Minutes Andy Rooney:"If we took a vote tomorrow, NOLA would probably

"Exiles From a City and From a Nation"--Cornel West

Wikipedia's "Cult of Personality" article is totally biased.

OMG-- maybe not negligence but rather a strategy!!!

WTF???? Awareness, Prevention, Protection, Response, Recovery, Service...

Trying to educate DU about the politics in Louisiana right now

Call for help from National Congress of American Indians

To All My Fellow Americans Who Voted for George W. Bush:(M Moore)

What is Tom DeLay doing in this picture?

DU Animal lovers:Time to put pressure on NO to allow people in for pets?

Our Dem Response should be: 1) Accountability 2) New CCC

Question for our newer members who are former republicans or Freepers.

BUsh is already living in a padded cell.

Freedom Walk marks 9/11 in Washington: Guess where they recruited walkers

Who should lead the country?

Edwards in a minute on CNN.

Now look, dammit - leave Dubya alone !!!

Where were you on Sept 11, 2001?

National Guardsman and "environmentalist" editorializes over NOLA


"Dumb" is a Freepers Favorite Excuse

No more fish for me

Poll: Ages of DUers, I'm sure this musta been done B4 but I don't recall

an apology: clearly I have busted

Is Marxism dead?

The Loon Goes off on me again re abortion

Very funny, and much fun too!

URGENT yet easy! Hold the government accountable for Katrina's aftermath

How Simple it is: They are reporting around 10% of what they are finding

White Rose Society Funding Drive In Progress

Easing back into cooking

gadgets...lots o gadgets

McGuinty rejects Sharia law

Prescott links global warming to Katrina

Bush bungled Katrina crisis, say Britons (Sunday Times 11 Sept 2005)

Blair accused over donations 'loophole'

Met chief faces grilling on 'shoot to kill' orders

We had to kill our patients (Mail on Sunday, 9 Sept 2005)

Football results (10th September 2005)

OK, going to show my ignorance now ...

Ex-Met police chief's claim: 'Liar Blunkett tried to stab me in the back'

Many Insurgents Escape U.S.-Iraqi Sweep

A Polluter's Feast

Security Contractors in Iraq Under Scrutiny After Shootings

WP:Crossing Pond, Straddling Aisle(Euan Blair to intern for Rep and Dem)

Judge Orders Edgar Ray Killen to Prison

U.S. Envisions Using Nukes on Terrorists

Gloom-and-doom accounts are exaggerated (Things just dandy in NO! WTF?!)

GAO: 9/11 health program `accomplished little' for federal workers

U.S. Envisions Using Nukes on Terrorists

AP: Katrina May Cost U.S. as Much as Two Wars

Katrina May Cost U.S. as Much as Two Wars

WP Pg. 1: The Steady Buildup to a City's Chaos (Confusion Reigned…)

China criticises US's 'war on terror'

Bin Laden's whereabouts remains mystery 4 years after 9/11 attacks

Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) All Set to Join the WTO by Year-End

Lee reports on deaths in Jefferson

Orders from Washington Behind Deportation(Activist Against D. Cheney Held)

(Chancellor Gordon) Brown blames Opec for fuel crisis (BBC)

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

Blair Must Go In a Year- Unions

CNN: Mayors fault FEMA response: Bush to make 3rd trip to region (today)

CNN: Exit polls: Big win for Koizumi

Newsweek: How Bush Blew It

First Lady steps in to defuse anger at Bush

Student sees dead father in DUI crash photos shown by police

A Grim Task Done Badly

NYT/AP: Nation Remembers Victims of 9 / 11 Attacks

More Texans say they favor sharing the wealth

Soldier Died In Accident, Army Admits A Year Later

(WP Article) Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

Poll: Bush approval at 39 percent

Clinton urged to help dissident exposed by Yahoo!

Prescott in climate swipe at US

Newsweek: How Bush Blew It ( a scathing indictment of Bush)

U.S. Troops Sweep Into Empty Insurgent Haven in Iraq

Revenge Killings Fuel Fear of Escalation in Iraq

St. Pete Times: 'Average' past trails troubled FEMA chief

General: Feds Won't Enforce Evacuation

Pelosi Supports Anti-Fraud Commission on Katrina

al Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks..Names Los Angeles and Melbourne

Prescott (UK Deputy PrimeMinister) Links Global Warming to Katrina

Iran Warns of "certain Consequences"

EU, US face uphill battle on Iran at IAEA-diplomats

Irish charity chief sparks US walkout

60 Minutes tonight!

The water is going down slowly. The (**'s) popularity-sinking like a stone

Mississippi guardsmen in Iraq refused leave time

MSNBC/Newsweek. How Bush Blew it.

Belgian priest faces Rwanda court

Lawyer is Fired After Talking about Rove

Typhoon slams into eastern Chinese city

British soldier killed, three hurt in Iraq attack

Brian Williams Finally Wakes Up!

Katrina Exposes Superpower in Disarray

Wider Powers for U.S. Forces (Using Katrina to undermine Posse Comitatus?)

Judge sends killer back to prison after 'incredible' recovery

Here comes the new Terra threat to take down the Hurricane front page.

Government Intervention in Stock Market is Detailed by New Report, GATA Sa

U.S. says more than 150 killed in Iraq raid

Musharraf to confront Pakistan's image issues in U.S.

Qaeda group threatens chemical attack over Tal Afar

Put to Katrina's Test

Surviving Katrina: Barred from the Superdome, struggling to survive

WP,pg1: Poll Shows Republican Kilgore Ahead of Dem Kaine in Va. Gov Race

Israeli flag lowered over Gaza (Pullout two weeks early)

What's this crap?

Experts: $4 a gallon gas coming soon

Pelosi Supports Anti-Fraud Commission on Katrina

Pope's Invitation to Bishops Angers China

Landrieu criticizes blame-setting by Bush administration

Thousands Gather at Pentagon for Freedom March

Detaining ( US )peace activist may be abuse of power: QC

NATO Prepares for Afghan Deployment of UK Troops

Bush declares emergency in 9 more states

Weld rights his position in race for (NY) gov

Heating Oil Prices Expected to Surge

Bush Observes Moment of Silence for 9/11

U.S. military clearing way for nuclear weapons use

Ditch Holocaust day, advisers urge Blair

LAT/AP: Retail Gas Prices Hit All-Time Highs

NYT: Specter Will Not Ask Roberts to Take a Stand on Abortion

On Cape Cod, evacuees share tales of horror: But 7 sex offenders ID'd ..

Specter Says Bush Should Bypass Gonzales for Supreme Court Post

Iraqi politicians yet to agree on constitution

Under Pressure, Rebels Abandon an Iraqi Stronghold

Bush 'squandered' post 9/11 goodwill - Gulf press

Zarqawi tape accuses US of using chemical weapons in Iraq

Treaty Offers World's Last Chance to Save Great Apes

Fuel Crisis: Drivers Face Rationing--UK (truckers to protest/troops)

Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks

Katrina Exodus Could Change Political Mix

Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans

WP: Historians Fear Attack Date's Significance Could Fade (9/11)

Thousands flee as US troops battle to banish Sunni rebels

Blanco says Louisiana had good response efforts (refuses to blame Bush)

La. Senator Rips Bush Hurricane Response

WP: On the (Pentagon's) Freedom Walk, Many Bridges to Cross

Al-Qaeda 'Link to 7/7' Found in Iraq

Bush Joins Recovery Leaders in NO(back on flight deck,spending the night!)

Sparrow pathologist helps identify hurricane's dead

Katrina shows need for more refineries

Body Search Accelerates as Death Toll Keeps Rising

GOP war support showing cracks

WP: Katrina Leads a Lobbyist to Reevaluate His Priorities

MMR scare doctor faces list of charges

Patients put down (Euthanasia in New Orleans)

Minorities more likely to get pulled over in three of every five suburbs

Congress probes hurricane clean-up contracts

JAGGER SLAMS BLAIR OVER IRAQ (Downing St. Memo reference)

Rescued Dogs Airlifted From Gulf Coast :)

Insurers balk at paying out to 1 million Katrina flood victims

FEMA mortuary move irritates volunteer

Jews and Freemasons controlled war on Iraq, says Blair adviser

Deaths feared as at least 15 Guantanamo prisoners hospitalized in hunger s

Wider Powers for U.S. Forces in Disasters Are Under Review

Japan's Koizumi wins election landslide

Some parents express concern over Dalai Lama visit

Ok. Most media people have nice web sites. BUT NOT THIS ONE!

REM- "Life's Rich Pageant."

Yoicks!! Welcome to the Jungle... bike race in downtown NYC

Any RDH's in the house?

Who here hasn't read KitchenWitch's post?

The local news segment about New Orleans

Is a dollar raise in 5 months at a new job really good or what?

Any EBAYERs notice a slowdown the past couple of months?

North Carolina next in line for a hurricane -- see this site for update

Who do I need to flog around this joint to make it to my 10,000th post?

I offer up a piece of toast

The City of New Orleans (song)

We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen

U gotta see these "before and after" pictures!

I have a new cause

HOLY COW, Hollywood couldn't have

The "Go Fuck Yourself, Mr Cheney" guy has a website

I'm out of a job friday.


I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you now.

I'm listening to "Master of Reality" ask me anything...

You Got The Touch - By Dirk Diggler

i'm sad

songs get stuck in your head ... this one got stuck on me...

Int he city there's a thousand things, I wanna say to you!

Dear Gods... I hear drunken people screaming outside my window...

Goodnight everybody

Time for me to work, friends. I leave you with this:

YOU PEOPLE have YET to learn that the BEST way to get

Gather 'round and guess what this eBay item is...

L-S-U L-S-U L-S-U L-S-U L-S-U L-S-U !!!!!

You and me- We'll all go down in history

Here comes the flood

Just in case ya'll thought all of the "logistics" snafus, Re: Katrina,

When was the last time you cried?

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster website

You must be getting tired of hearing this shit

Anyone here checked out

What's your gut reaction to an American military uniform?

How the hell did we let this slip by!?

mornin all n/t

Easy Rider is a great movie.....

Good Morning, DU'ers!

Is "Burning Love" a good song to blare from loudspeakers at a 9/11 event?

Caption Condi and Karen

30 posts in 30 seconds...

Goal setting

OK, kids, it's time for NAME THAT COMPANY

Big Blue kicks off at 4pm today

I have a thousand flea bites

I had to go to the hospital last night

Today's Lesson from Gospel.... based on it, anyway

U.S. Meteorologist Says Russian Inventors Caused Hurricane Katrina

You can't have a revolution withouth songs - the other September 11th.

"Phil" is now officially a verb

35 away from 4 grand

I love the Pepsi machine ad!!

I got called a "heartless bastard" this morning...

Why did they stick a flag pin on Jerry Rice???

Homemade waffles slathered with butter and syrup

matcom LIES!!! He's had his scooter for a WEEK, and took ME for a RIDE!

Okay, Jessica and Nick singing America

Thanks for the fresh air, Lounge.

Sunday morning uber-cute!

Is Bauhaus fucking great or what?

Where's 7th Sephiroth?

Fresh, Hot, English Muffins Dripping With Butter

WTF is Tom DeLay doing NOW?!?


Eight left...


I thought you guys might like this

My fiancee announced its clean the apartment day!

Australia all out 367

California Peggy does "It" every night!

How often do you and your significant other...

Two things: Thank jeebus for 'Hide Thread' and

89.9 WORT...

I wish I were Madonna's friend......

what is all this about a Flying Spaghetti Monster?

"I'm so mad I could punch myself"

For all my dear friends who are sharing a September 11th birthday....

To everyone having a Sept 11 Birthday!!

You wish you were as cool as these guys

Now that the GD wars have flared down, what should we do now?

1978 - I miss you so

laptop comparison

Say what you want about Hummers...

It's so nice to have a guy roommate again

Say it with me now..........HOOK 'EM!!!!!!!!

DUers with home swimming pools, need liability advice:

does this Freedom Walk t-shirt make me look stupid?

Suffering from post envy

My ins. co. coughed up another $4,800.

whew! It's a good thing all of those Katrina refugees get to -wait for it

Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book - FEMA

So who here marched in the 'America tramples on our dead' farce?


Well I'm back after some sleep.

It's time for Match Game DU!

Will you be so kind to tell us about the last time you and your partner f

Naked Gun 2 1/2 - Shows Barbara BUSH Knocked over Balcony

Football, Vernors and a Gyro

who's celebrating a Sept. 11 birthday?

It's gonna be a looong season for the Browns

Great joke I stole off another board:

Testing. Cannot post?

So I got proposed to last night

"When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zep

Any links to Neil Young's "Walking to New Orleans" last nite?

Politics Trivia

ih8thegop's Lions 7, MrsGrumpy's Smackers 0

Happy Birthday, ZombyDad

4 years later and the footage still blows my mind

Should progmom stop being beastly to poor little sundog

I know we've got some panda fans here...

Does sundog post the best pity party threads?

They are running a Benny Hill marathon on BBCA

I just thought of something. Where is Kleeb?

TOUCHDOWN! LT ties an NFL record.!

Now that I know about this Flying Spaghetti Monster, please tell me...

4 years later, and I still blame Fuckstick McAWOL

So I'm watching SFU dvds and this happens...

My pen name is going to be Zen Cohen

Would all the straight people check in?

ala Bill Maher - DS1's NEW RULE


Happy impressions at the DePaul U involvement fair.

You know, I'm starting to think that I don't approve of our president

[View All][View All][View All][View All][View All][View All][View All]

Am I still a FLIRT?

To all followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

My new bestest friend: Salad Fingers

I have a head-ache - or is it a tooth-ache - or perhaps just muscle-pain


Today's Prickly brought tears to my eyes....

Agassi might just have a chance


For all cat lovers!

What's the weirdest thing that's happened while you were drunk?


Who is Sundog?

There's no civility left in this world anymore: Discuss

Anybody have experience w/ Charlton Sheets Real Estate Course or similar?

I want to MARRY Matcom

So I splurged a bit today..


fuck. i'm getting sick

Going to DC? Check in with this State Roll Call Thread

suck I'm getting ficked

DUers with older cats

VERY clear on the concept (pic)

Does anyone else like watching Americas funniest videos?

The Ig Nobel Prize Awards ceremony


America's team won today!! NO Saints 23 - Carolina 20

iPod Nano who wants one of these babies

The new owners of my building are making me nervous....

Poll question: Should progmom stop being poor to beastly little sundog?

Now I have a frisky bird to contend with.....

Someone help me! I may have crossed over to the dark side.

A comical anecdote from the biography of Jock Stein.

Check in here if you'll watch the Roberts confirmation hearings tomorrow

Official gratuitous Simpsons thread

I'm not a betting woman, but I know my Evita could beat Matcom's pug

"Google" the word "Santorum" & look at 1st item listed (WARNING: R-rated)

Did you hear? McDonalds is eagar to help out Katrina victims!

A little disapointed that the Lounge has never made the Greatest

Any one up for The Stupid Facts Game?

Fellow Followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

FunFact: Did you know all the members of Abba have their own names?

I saw the trailer for "Serenity", out on 30 September...

Evita is just so sad!!!

How many words a minute can you type?

Chris Schenkel has died

While you were out . . .

Dead people check in

Adobe Photoshop CS2 - what's the best price available?

Unclear on the concept (pic)

What mileage would a hybrid hummer get?

Is the West Wing on tonight a rerun or a new one?

Subscribing to podcasts (Mac)

How about some hangover remedies?

In memorium

Fuck!! I'm getting cramps

Happy knee karma!

My sports luck will never be this good again...


sick. I'm getting fucked.

Wow, "The War at Home" looks like a real piece of shit

I am listening to an Ed Trickett CD right now

Who is the REAL Kojak?

ABC's plan to air "Invasion" about weird events post Hurricane

"Mister Brownie The FEMA Poo, $hits on Me and $hits on you..."

No score yet, Cheeseheads

Anyone here burn videos onto DVD?

I don't think there should be a Top 10 Conservative Idiots list this week

What is this year's NCAA championship Bowl game?

"Family Guy" time

I've had a sex change

"no more crap fox shitcom shows" time

Is there a patrician in the house?

A truly uplifting story of employment from

Everything old is new again...

"American Dad" time

Holy crap....

To my friend KW, Indians 10 Minnesota 0

Sometimes I curse my curiosity, especially when it leads me to places like

My wife will be home in a few minutes

Pimp your town, starring Robert Moses.

International House of Panckakes: MIHOP, LIHOP, or IHOP?

Visit SpeakSpeak News

Does Metallica make songs, or just album covers?

My New T-Shirt

Has anyone joined the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Steve Earl is totally diggin on his guest

If you can't accept responsibility, you can't handle power.

Appropriate punishment for sportscasters saying, "ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?"?

My Firefox scrapbook extens. turns all quotes (") char. to quest. marks(?)

Favorite single-digit integer?

Found an awesome film crit/commentary site - link....

What's your favorite Emmy-nominated best series this year?

Anyone else out there like Ladysmith Black Mambazo?

Cheese & Onion Sandwich

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Bush"??? I kid you not--on a 2005.

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things does...

I'm watching "Fahrenheit 9/11" now

What's the best damned Joy Division track in all of history?

Another great Blues man gone

When's the last time a night DJ did an all-Floyd-a-thon?

Call me late - just watched WMD on IFC

Well, I have just made a life-altering decision

Let's DU the Freep Poll

Um, has the new NFL season started?

"Jesus fish bra"

Would adults with no teeth check in here

Play the WMD game


I have a star...I have a star....

Pimp your town..

Andy Goldsworthy: Yea or Nay?

You Think You're A Man


Vikings will do no better than 7-9 this year

Chandra means 'moon' in Sanskrit?

Underrated Albums

A Spirit Returns A New Baby in the Family

Congratulations to Khash on reaching 4000 posts!

Hubby is cooking Chile Verde for dinner!

Mmm, Crown Royal!

What's your favorite Fleetwood Mac song?

What are the ups and downs of joining a fraternity?

Windows users! What brand of internet security do you use?

After a lifetime of searching, I've finally found it.

C'mon kids, Let's Have A Pic Thread!!! Show yerselves!

Hey! Important info for Air America fans in Chicago!


my threads have hit an all time low **PLEASE READ**

I have returned to civilization, and find it awkward

Don't Ya Hate It When A Thread Gets Locked Before You Respond

Sine, Cosine, Tangent

A grid of amazing birds-eye view panoramic pix o' New Orleans......

For Whom The Bell Tolls.....A 9/11 Tribute in picutres

For those of you that were in rock bands in your younger days......

The Rick Astley Appreciation Thread

Gas price check!

I told you Notre Dame was going to kick some ass this year.

What strange things do you have in your photobucket account?

I Hate it When my Neighbor is BBQing when I come home

Are you a New Orleans Saints fan?

New blog--"Who's Really Screwing Up America?"

is there an electrician in the house?

A Gallery of World Masks : Lots of PICS and LINKS

Congratulations khashka - 4000 posts

Did anyone else at DU fly on Northwest recently? I flew today

I hate when Hollywood rewrites history

What are you reading right now?

Please help hurricane Ophelia to decide what to do.

Alright fuckers who is interested in a DU cruise?

Would all the crooked people check in?

So, I had a nervous breakdown.

I have a thousand tea lights.

If vibrators also fired bullets, they'd be protected under 2nd Amendment

$25.00 BOUNTY To The DUer Who "Off's" Evita (The Songbird Killer Cat)

Intheflow made it to Houston tonight...


Bush polls at 39%. Declares entire country a state of disaster

Would all the strange people check in?

Who Are Your Favorite Female Rock Performers?

Muslims intensify efforts to save Katrina victims

Do people have free will?

Bullying awareness activities planned

Lawmaker talks of gay rights, adoption

What's so extreme about extreme sports?

USA wins Solheim Cup! down all day today

Drew BLEDSOE is the starting QB for the Cowboys?

The new Bud NFL commercial.

*koff* Jets getting slaughtered *koff*

RIP Chris Schenkel

New Orleans Saints beat Carolina 23-20!!!

Christ! Wakefield with 12 Strikeouts

Vikings lose!

THE Catch of The College Football Season!!!

Dolphins win!

Good God the Packers look awful

Steelers Win

It's day one of the Kyle Orton Era in Chicago!

Rescuers being shut out out of their shelter by armed guards - #s to call

FOUND! Tribal, sister of India (the Bengal).

The Three of Wands.

How the hell did we let this slip by!?

Where would you find this quote?

Anyone want to join in ?

Kerry Challenges GOP Where it Lives

John Kerry 08' Banners

Another positive Kerry thread

Kerry Bashes Bush at Corzine Rally

A different kind of non-serious post (Tarot Question)

Kerry, Lawmakers: U.S. Isn’t Prepared for Next Attack

Great NYT magazine article on Tora Bora

According to CNN , Kerry and Teresa are

Posted this about intheflow in the Lounge

KOEB 9/11/05: A three-hour Keith. A three-hour Keith.

Wasserman (Boston Globe) "A rising tide lifts all ships"

"Cheney, Cheney, you can't hide, we charge you with genocide."

Chief Justice Rehnquist's Drug Habit

It's time for civil disobedience.. are you in?!

Jefferey the mole Rosen is a "but" man (shilling for Roberts)

Five Million Cubic Yards

Northwest FEMA chief is not qualified either - faux college

Message Board being FREEPED....

One more contributing factor that everyone seems to have forgotten:

A Great Post from Donailin

Bush's chances of success with Tax Reform / National Sales Tax agenda

Ditch Holocaust day, advisers urge Blair

Bonner (my r. rep.) & Sessions (my r. sen.) on local TV.

Is there such a service as this?

Overkill: Feared Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans

Meet The Press (9/11) - Mayor Nagin

If the Government knew what would happen if a huge hurricane

Sickening, horrifying thought:

Bush bungled Katrina crisis, say Britons

Today marks the end of OBL's first four-year term.

I'm scared- feeling hopeful about administration meeting it's end, but...

Who is next in Dubya Gump's "SHOOT THE MESSENGER" game?

so....when Bushco nukes Iran later this month....

How about this for the next great Demo compromise: The Demo's

B. Obama on Stephanopolous Show:

A Small Remembrance

Rudy Guilini

St. Pete RW Religious Wacko kick out Katrina family out -- broke curfew

I keep thinking about the Black Caucus

"Mike Brown is an American hero"

Gonzales again emerges as Supreme Court contender

What is the purpose of religion in the Democratic Party?

GOP: Katrina Response Could Hurt in 2006 Elections

Should Obama have answered the question with YES or NO?

I am so sick of hearing reports about Cheney complimenting the

Blanco and people who want to go last night

What issue will ultimately make Bush's OWN Republican voters turn on him?

Katrina's "Pet Goat": instead of acting, Bush went to bed.

After the katrina experience, they'd (and we'd) better be afraid!

A light in the forests

Let's hope this is the end of treating the POTUS like an entitled king

so what sick media event does rove have planned for us today?

That STENCH, That PUTRID< HORRID> SMELL...Its coming from the WH

Has anybody seen the TV page for this Sun AM?

URGENT yet easy! Hold the government accountable for Katrina's aftermath

So, how is it that Chimpy is expected to be a leader when he

Army knew the truth about dead soldier, kept it from his mom for 15 months

with Bush sinking in the polls, when will we see terror alerts again?

Top FEMA Officials Lack Experience, But Administration Doesn't Care

I believe Bush won't be impeached

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

Is "Burning Love" a good song to blare from loudspeakers at a 9/11 event?

Obama on with George S.............

First hand account account of being forced to stay in NO

Hey - when will bush's next vacation be ???

URGENT input to the senate

Bumpersticker idea? "Give the guy his pom poms -- he ain't no quarterback"

'Effective Government" .... use it or lose it

Conversation wiht a True Believer


Impeachment? Ha de frigging ha ha

This is the Dem who's running against DeLay

Momentum for KOSsacks

Cheney and Karls World! The cost of oil and playing around.

Help!! I got this email from a Repuke and need help refuting it...

found a great quote...

Cheney: Evacuees "all very thankful where they find themselves right now"

A Petition to sign From John Kerry!

MSNBC: Bush to visit New Orleans.

Apparently Newt Gingrich is running for President

via Kos, A texas Congress critter gets reamed

I can't afford my gasoline! Excellent MP3/Video Cartoon

Wacko Scenario # 417: Bush* steps down.

The Turning Point: when did public opinion turn on Chimpy?

Bush: Spending political capital or writing checks his ass can't cash?

New Bumper Sticker: If you voted B/C - PULL OVER!... I HAVE A

The party of Compassionate Competents is what I

Sports sucks.

Why is it when * isn't doing well in the polls, those videotapes

Time Magazine provides Bushco "Comeback Plan"

more Americans killed in Who-gives-a-stan than any year since 2001

Granny D gets a concert

The one question * or Puffy McMoonface can not spin .. BUSH KILLER

A caller on last night's "Karel" show (KGO) put Bush & 9/11 in focus...

Cancer Alley

did From ever implement his plan to save the Democratic Party?

Ok history buffs - when Nixon was impeached, how did the process start?

I met a Syrian Christian today......

9-11 - Wasn't Cheney supposed to announce that bin Laden had

Powell speaks out on Iraq criticised Administration by Michael Stickings

Bush Suspends Wage Law For Federal Contracts

Dramatic, Patriotic, Soul-Stirring Photos from the White House Lawn

U.S. Corporate Structure to Disguise a Government Program in Venezuela

Party of Profanity........*S*

The NOLA body count is under 200?

Here's What We Need To Ram Home Now.........

FREEPER Christian Right-Wing Folks Have Turned the Page!

Don't give up Democratic seats: Support civil liberties groups instead!

You will want to frame the latest "New Yorker" cover. It's beautiful.

Cincinnati---Mayor's race evolves into real contest

Bush's Waterloo

On IFC TV Right NOW! Weapons of Mass Deception

Conyers: Newsweek Nails New Orleans Debacle ("How Bush Blew It")

Will this be Smirk's last attempt to use the 9/11 victims?

Bush the narcissist is manipulating Nagin.

George Washington wanted A DEPARTMENT OF PEACE

Joe Conason, Salon: Bush and his administration are unfit to wield power

Conyers: Return from Fighting BobFest

Dean made 2 vital points last week: No to Roberts, stall bankruptcy bill.

What does this mean, "Only if you answer to the White House?

Will the dispersed victims from NO be able to vote for LA candidates

photographic evidence that Laura Bush will never be Princess Di

A Former Bush-Appointed Official Is Calling For A New, Independent,

Kerry Bashes Bush at Corzine Rally

MSNBC: Bush, "eager to show hands-on leadership in the recovery effort"...

Raw Story: "Bush poses on military ship; plans sleepover"

Imagine that you are a repub running for re-election in 2006, do

FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions in False Claims to Help Bush Win Fla. Votes

Open letter to Republicans...

FEMA stacked with Bush cronies

MUST READ: Open letter to racist Republicans in Black Commentator

Casualty of Firestorm: Outrage, Bush and FEMA Chief

Michael Moore Letter to those who voted for Bush

Oh, how SPECIAL. New al Qaeda tape threatens attacks on Los Angeles

Did You Vote Bush/CHENEY? Then PULL OVER - cause I've got

So, How did you spend your September 11th Today?

So Dubya Gump is coming to the Mississippi coast TOMORROW

Bush in NOLA now. Walking with Nagin.

Sen. Collins (R, ME) weak on Face the Nation.

Extraordinary Circumstances,O'Connor's Replacement, and the Nuclear Option

The Freeper Saga Continues (Part V)

I believe Bush WILL be impeached! I believe that it can be done.

What MY President is doing to help the victims of Katrina

Did Kos ever implement his plan to crumble the Democratic Party?

Hillary Clinton prepares for presidential run by expanding her 'White-Hous

Kerry, Lawmakers: U.S. Isn’t Prepared for Next Attack

We always take the high road & get kicked in the ass for our efforts

the "invisible war with China" - can Democrats save America?

Your Political Ideology (an excellent quiz!)