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Archives: September 10, 2005

Katrina Disaster Memorial

Stephanie Miller to host Dem event in SoCal


You know, there may be one silver lining to this catastrophe.

Maybe your just not lucky....

My get away weekend in Hilton Head

"On Idiot Son's watch we lost the WTC, city of New Orleans,Iraq war, our

First Mommy Barbara Bush Releases "HOUSTON FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEGED" Tour

LOL! At Google, type " pussy" (sans quotes)

Could Erin Brockavich, head a massive suit w/ thousands of Katrina victims

Bob Costas just used "competence" re Bush

Brian Williams was going for the Cronkeit moment on DS

A reporter on CNN Larry king just said

Is it over for bush, how exactly I don't know but it will come

SEPT 25 Season opener for WEST WING

so is bush drunk now???

IMPEACH DELAY: "Now Tell Me The Truth Boys, Is This Kind Of Fun?''

Stephanie Miller to host Dem event; same group that staged Rove protest!

Al Gore: Political Will Is a Renewable Resource (blasts Smirk)

Republicans : Stop the lies and stop the spin.

Riverbend is back!

ABC Family's "700 Club" disclaimer: "...not those of ABC..."

Imagine the scenario of Katrina hitting in an all-Freeper world.....

National Guard Commander Says Iraq Hurt Us in NOLA

Help with this freeper claim!

Hurricane Ophelia -- heads up in the Carolinas!

Gore Helped Airlift Katrina Refugees - Former VP Criticizes Administration

Could this all be Bert's fault again?

Racism- captured in the caption of a photograph from the heart of NOLA :-(

Hillary or Al Gore?

My dream ticket for 2008 is Gore/Dean.

Please explain the significance of an impeachment.

Just got this email from a conservative friend

Descending into Jazzland

I've noticed Republicans want Hillary to run in '08 more than Dems do...

NY Times: FEMA problems continue with evacuees

LA National Guard Brigade Ready to Join Recovery Efforts (rtng from Iraq)

WP: Storage Plan (on Native American land) Approved for Nuclear Waste

LAT: California Eases Gasoline Pollution Standards

Reuters: Cuban Doctors say politics blocked Katrina aid offer

Toxic Stew: What's in the Water in New Orleans?

Congress to Investigate 9/11 Loan Abuse (WH robbed fund for regular loans)

WP: Texas Fires Lawyer After Story on Rove (talked to WP reporter)

WP: New Orleans Mayor Faces Tough Questions: Some Say Lost Control

LAT: Ford, Honda Unveil Latest Hybrids at Sierra Club Convention

WORST Rivalry In The HISTORY of Sports -

Gov Fletcher's Office Gives Out Phone-Sex Number for Red Cross number.

Can I marry Bernie Taupin?

My young cat Dell climbed her first tree today and now has selective

Checking out until the 19th of September.

Just curious; how many here call her "whiver girl"

Should I fear this kitty???

And Death Shall Have No Dominion

I need the experience of older, wiser people

Hey, we haen't had a DU writer critiqu in a while - who's up for it?

I had the best sushi tonight...

Which Kanye West track should I download on I-Tunes?

I've got a cricket Trapped - His fate is yours

Someone stole my fucking clothes out of a dorm dryer!

yvr girl is hot!

Krusty Brand - Seal of Approval

Okay, the world is truly fucked up. I am watching "Mr. Freeze

I am soooo fucked...damn

now that My Posts & avatars are back for 2 hours

What scars you got?

The Silver Douchebag. That's what George Carlin called Babs Bush. LOL!

being entertained by my cats : my old cat is playing with the

Have I mentioned that I really love you lounge lizards?

We moved last weekend, and our little cat got lost.

"'Clown college'? Psh... you can't eat that!"

About the death toll...

Vote in the MyDD September Straw Poll

Conversation with a friend

We have some educating to do.

Transcript from Dean/Blitzer interview today, a few of my favorite parts.

John Kerry Offers Major Package of Legislation to Help Small Businesses...

RNC responds to Howard Dean On CNN

can you imagine what the repukes would be saying if this had been a

Why did the GOP cut FEMA cut to point of being totally ineffective?

Why America can't cope

Montgomery Advertiser - "Blame game" could be useful"

NYT: Casualty of the Firestorm: Outrage, Bush and FEMA Chief

CNN/Money: Wal-Mart redeems itself (Katrina response), but what's next

Neigh to Cronies

Ryan Sager: Ahnold Schwarzen-Gay-Hater?

Time Favors Gay Marriage Proponents

Where’s Osama?

The Brief on Judge Roberts

Government Intervention in Stock Market - (gov't manipulation)

Changed Your Mind About War? Maybe You Can Return it at Wal-Mart

NYT: A Shameful Proclamation

File Today's Feelings for Future Use

CNN/Money: Wal-Mart redeems itself (Katrina response), but what's next

Dealing with Dull Minds

Dispatch From New Orleans - What it smells like.

St. Petersburg Times: 'Average' past trails troubled FEMA chief

Riverbend Blog is back!

Why This Is Precisely the Time For Finger-Pointing - Arriana Huffington

Joe Allbaugh, Disaster Pimp

WICKED Onion: "God Outdoes Terrorists Yet Again"

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Real big name, right?

Where is the Government?

Project 21 Press Release (sic)

Cronyism Kills

A viewpoint on Iraqi National Resistance and Liberation

GOP 2008 Convention in New Orleans???

Reinventing Television (Jon Stewart article in Wired)

FEMA Chief Paid Floridians Unaffected by Hurricane to Win State for Bush

Rude Pundit's REALLY RUDE comments about the Freedom Walk.

A Big, Easy Solution

Black refugees ask if Utah will really accept them

Hurricane Katrina: Apply Lessons From International Disasters

The War on Errorism

Lott Diverts Hospital Ship from N.Orleans to Miss.- Last Minute Change

The Unfeeling President Should be Impeached

Bill Moyers: Soul Freedom

People sense president's soulless sensibility

Interesting editorial from "Faith-Based" columnist

NYT (Dowd): Neigh to Cronies

A Comeback for Ralph???

Will Hutton (London Observer): One tax that the rich will love

James Kroeger: The Republican Nemesis

Will Bush wriggle out of this one? (Rove and the 'blame' game')

Rebecca Solnit, "The Uses of Disaster" (Harper's)

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Real big name, right?

Great News! The new "Hurricane Katrina Research Center"

Unilateral Congressional Contracts

Know any Effective Nonviolent Activist Groups? Sad farewell to DU.

Proposal for DU Group: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

Conservative Pundits Reluctant to Criticize Bush's Katrina Response

Real Time With Bill Maher (Audio)

Fox slammed my nephew

Galloway versus Hitchens on AAR

Bought my XM MyFi through ..

Speculators circle New Orleans for real estate deals

Forest Service Plan Would Speed Drilling

Scotland set to harness tidal power

America to introduce ban on caviar

FTCR Press Release: High Gas Prices = Big Oil Limiting Refining Capacity

The world's first environmental porn movement

China shocked at border officer's acquittal

UK to sign extradition deal with Pakistan (7/7 suspects)

self delete

Gunmen open fire at Palestinian ministry

Gunmen adbuct Italian journalist in Gaza Strip town

Israel Warns Gaza on Any Future Attacks

Reflections 4 years later: When I saw the 2nd Jet hit Tower 2, I knew

NYT Sunday 9/11/05--What's really at stake here....

The Tale of the Tails on 9/11

Attn. Elections Results & Discussion Forum-Support MelissaB's Post in GD

Restoring Election Integrity- by Rush Holt

FEMA Chief used funds to help W's election in FL

HAve you read this?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 9/10/05

i'm a little disappointed in this forum

Who is going to Dolores Park in SF on the 24th to protest?

Has Feinstein spoken out on Bush's failures with the Hurricane?

Vote for Ted Lieu - 53rd Assembly District Tues 9/13

Bill Lockyer

Sacramento mosques probed, gun charges filed

My LTTE of the Desert Sun

ATTN: Bay Area: Veterans For Peace/U.S. Tour of Duty in your area

I got a call from the IA republicans a couple days ago!

Lone activist in the 50th and France area Friday evening

MN powerball tickets are listing Operation Blessing phone number

Possible Aurora tonight and next few nights.

laptop display problem

Ok, so I began my reformat...

I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!!

For everyone working in Karina effort this is a very important message!

Smoking-in-Restaurants ban passes by wide margin in Corpus Christi

What's the Observer up to?

State fires lawyer after story on Rove

OK, whover wrote this editorial slamming Suder reads DU

Sensenbrenner's constituents in the 5th CD call him out.

Fightin' Bob Fest....DUer checkin

New picture of DU Admin..... (something to put a smile on our faces)

Hi. My name is Stinky Bushes, and I'm a former Freeper.

This song has been going through my mind all week

AltNet needs our help! Great pieces that are attracting freeper freaks!

KARINA? WTF... can't find the lowdown on Laurie's supportive credibility

okay, if Arnold can be "mr. Freeze" then why can't George Clooney

Help! Need to get a pet rescue!

a reason for evacuee diaspora : total # of dead difficult to determine???

Yet another strummin' Bush photoshop...

An entertaining excerpt from my MBA Financial Management textbook:

It's a sin to spin.

the real "blame game" that is about to happen

I am SICK about hearing 9/11 combined with Katrina.

Has the Red Cross been co-opted by the Repugs?

The 4 D's = B

Why the fuck do you care? I'm so sick of those who think they know

September is Preparedness Month! . . . (more incompetence revealed)

For those who doubt Gov. Blanco's leadership--go "Cheney" yourself

Where Was Michael Moore During the 2004 Election?

I had to pay to get rid of viruses


Continental Airlines Offers Free One-Way Tickets To Evacuees

How can I find out how many members strong we are now? I see many

gitmo detainees force fed.

FEMA hard at work

the newsweeklies

Is it only me who noticed?

An email about Brown's replacement....


Anyone know who the sick-fuck "designer" is behind this?

quick question, quick delete

BRAD SHOW Saturday and Sunday, Day and Night...All Weekend Long!

Iraq hurt Katrina response, general says

Mary J Blidge and U2 was my favorite performance of the evening

Running From Safety. (Questions about God or lack therof)

Las Vegas provides rooms for NO rescuers: "I wake up in night sweats"

Okay. . .when the hell did the MSM develop testicles?

Kanye West: Person of the Week

Was * invited to the SHELTER Performance tonight?

Articles on the media's hyping of the looting

WTF? Fashion model with Katrina message ("Here lies Vera.")

Today's ROVEmeme: 'Katrina wasn't as deadly as we thought'

Election/Selection in Egypt: 88.6% - That's How to Do It, Shrub.

Why has Dick Morris turned against the Clintons?

A Stiff Margarita And A Good Night's Sleep

I must give props to Mary J Blidge she sung her damn heartout

tuition-free enrollment at Emma Willard this fall to five young women from

NOAA Issues Another Space Weather Warning (communication disruptions)

Operation 'Hide and Protect the President' isn't going too well.

Power to the victims of New Orleans (Naomi Klein)

HIMC / KPFT Astrodome coverage

LTTE in the Tallahassee Democrat

Colin Powells "blot" on his record

Arab-language newspaper: Iran-U.S forces clash in southern Iraq

Clinton circa Dec.1998 VS. Bush Presently

'06/'08 campaigns... "It's the competence stupid!"

Stripes letters: Iraq isn't "fantastic" (comparing Iraq to Gulf States)

Put right-wing-freak-show 'journalists' under oath...

Does Anyone Know what Tomorrow Is? The Anniversary of

Brown tells another lie

Must see video from Crooks and Liars

DVD of "Go **** yourself Mr Cheney" it's already at...

It is about RACE! Look who's running the country!

Don't Let it Get You Down...

WJ CSPAN question: Should there be a blame game?

Tell Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

major AMNESTY program for republicans

NPR's 'All Things Considered' Kick Ass Audio Timelines

Good News - 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will go on

did Bush make the governor's of Alabama and Mississippi turn over

Oh, and REHNQUIST Was a Junkie. Nevermind.

If this is true, then why is lucianne's site sooooo f*cked up???

So Brown's last foolish act fails as well.

Got a reply from the Doc who told Cheney to go fuck himself!

Question : What country has 45 tons plutonium...

Hurricane Katrina - Week 1 / How the M$M spun a disaster

Down but not out

Owning the Weather - Science Channel

25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina

If Gov Blanco was the problem--then why were troops absent from Miss also?

NWS: I thought I was showning wry Germanic wit ...

Sept. 11 a Dark Day in Chile, Too

Help for Katrina pets!

Four Years After 9/11...

Thad Allen just said "New Orleans wasn't typical(as for hurricanes)" (CNN)

Should Pat Robertson be banned from the UK?

$$ Former FEMA directors, well-connected lobbyists rushing to cash in $$

Those who are going to D.C September 23....

While they were dying in NO; Bush, Lott Other leaders more concerned

Civil Rights and Disaster Assistance

Here's a term I havn't used for awhile: they have the "gall"

cspan caller just said the levee that broke was a new one, and

is there video of last night's maher show with carlin and vonnegut?

Media never asked "Why not Debit Card" ?

Does anyone have the list of the racist Republicans

Kansas people waking up!!! He is a smirking elitist, Great LTE

Shrub's Four Legacies

We live in bizarre times (*'s Stalin-like cult of personality)

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for New Orleans May 2005

Will Democrats use the filibuster against Roberts?

When was the last time Blanco or Nagin seen?

"hes not a screamer"

Houston for the Underprivileged

"Survivor: New Orleans"

Scandal of newborn babies stolen from their mothers

"I shall fear no Evil, for it is way too late."

Tell me how the right wing attack websites get front page google.

Tomorrow, bush will Exploit those he Refused to Warn or Save

How will history view Bush?

So did Colin Powell whisper sweet nothings to "his people" all the while

Gen. Honore: Blanco requested troops "as the hurricane was approaching,"

"Thet Turrible Day" Il Douche's weekly Address to The Faithful.

Someone's letter to brother RE: no more contact

"brownie's doing a heck of a job"

Idea - The International No Fly List

My apologies for my recent uncivil posts. I make no excuses.

Rollercoasters are fun! - Need a laugh ??

"A vote for ANY Republican is a vote for another Katrina"

Brown is STILL the head of FEMA

Watch Out Iran.....Chimps numbers are in the toilet.

Who in the Bush* Administration was not on a month long Vacation

Brown was NOT fired. Chertoff praised him as he sent him back to DC.

Is the evacuation debacle going to make it harder

Why does everyone have to leave NOLA?

Are You Better Off (Safer) Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

What's wrong with this HEADLINE?: "Death toll might not hit 10,000"

Shouldn't RWers be Screaming: THEY are confiscating guns!

I have a question or two

Uses of Disaster: Notes on bad weather & good government

BUSH maladministration strategy for disaster: Pile it on

Do we, or do we Not DESERVE a president like george bush?

Photo: "A dog hides at an evacuee processing center in New Orleans"

Kanye's song about Bush is real hip hop! He went back to the roots.

Playing Politics with the Death Toll Numbers (Katrina)

Bush didn't go to NO because he was afraid of the black reaction. NYT

Homeland security versus rescuing people - when you make

The doom I felt that horrible day In Jan 2001 could never match the horror

How cruel! Cheney to visit survivors in Texas shelters. Haven't they

The Splendid Failure of Occupation

So AID was withheld untill Powerstruggle w/Blanco was resolved!

"Our job here is not to provide food...."

The "Cronyism is Nothing New" Lie

Why I'm miserable about New Orleans as a Photographer

BUSH's Smoking Gun, in his own words:

On MSNBC: Newsweek poll-the blivet at 38% approval rating.

I was right about Homeland Security - nothing but

CNN showed images of NO before and after the storm.

Neil Cavuto is a vermin-infested sock puppet for the RNC

Astrodome: More confusion as some (debit) cards don't work

9-11: New Orleans Jazz Funeral Procession Through Manhattan


Do you think their god

Please go to the link below and recommend this thread!

Cheney: "Elect John Kerry and you will die"

Heads up Charleston, South Carolina, Hurricane Ophelia is looking at You!

Is Hurrican Katrina worse than 9/11?

Firms with Bush Ties Snag Katrina Deals

Can Someone Here Make a "Go Fuck Yourself" Dance Mix?

The anatomy of a Disaster Response

Current TV showing a lot of footage of Katrina aftermath.

"I am a man of constant sorrow..." (photo)

Government simulation: 61,290 deaths

Bush or Chimp?

A new photo documenting Bush's trip to New Orleans surfaces

Who should the US/Bush attack in response to Katrina?

So when do we hear from Bin Laden?

Ignatius Riley (a Confederacy of Dunces) : Would he have evacuated

FEMA employees info disappears from FEMA site

My God! You must hear "This American Life" on NPR

Thank you CNN: Rest of media------> HELP THEM

Some words to help describe......................

Fla emer. op. mgr defends FEMA; dealt w/ Hurr. Charley

Question: Did Bush suspend the Posse Comitatus Act

has anyone heard bush claim his post as COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF through any of

Floodwaters will likely be pumped out of New Orleans sooner than expected

This whole question of TROOPS in NOLA

I cannot seem to get the idea of cleaning the toxic...

Republicans: The Party of NO

U.S. drops banning media from body hunt

MP Michael Meacher: MI6 may thwart London bombing investigation

Babs Bush Lipstick Photo?

Any DU'ers ever go to Amelia Island in Florida?

Thursday's reporting said: large amount of dead; bad toxic water

Bush flipping the bird carrying a flag - is this image for real?

On MSNBC right now

PICTURES from New Orleans!!

Brownie did heck of a job in Fla dishing out FEMA funds to cover

Can we start calling them the Press again?

The Upcoming, all important fight: Rebuilding NO

how come more hasn't been made about how * values life in all this?

Levee Repaired - TOON within

Fascists drop media restrictions

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Katrina Flash

"It fell to a Cabinet official to deal with FEMA Director, Michael Brown".

what was the name

Off-shore wind farms to rescue New Orleans and low lying coastal areas?

How dare bush go back to NOLA on Sept 11th?!?! I'm just livid.

Bush family vacation pic!

Southeaster DU'ers: Any luck in finding generators ...if you waited?

Approval @ 30 something

Whats this Sean Penn thing I keep hearing from the right?

How is it that Brownie got criticized and fired?

which witch is this?

self delete

Did they "overestimate" N.O. death toll to permit upbeat headline spin?...

Urgent Plea from Louisiana Humane Society!

Blowing in the Wind

Goodbye To A River by Don Henley (beautiful song and fitting)

'Elizabethtown' to premiere in namesake city

Anybody remember what pickles called Katrina

BBC: Bush pleads for 'spirit of 9/11'

George Carlin, Bill Maher, and Jesse Jackson

Priceless Quote from Brownie: "inaccuracies and lies"

What did the sign say

We are not winning any of the wars we started

Wonders never cease!!!!!!!!!!

Summer's Top Horror Film

Today's editorials on Katrina and aftermath.. esp. ripping **

Reflections 4 years later: When I saw the 2nd Jet hit Tower 2, I knew

PHOTO: Reknowned lesbian book authoress meets with disaster officials

WTF! Is Pickles hugging the same child in both these photo ops?

I think the floodgates are starting to open up...

While you were out.... FEMA called

Why are we not seeing articles about Canada

Quotes from the shrub's first speech as president

another letter to the local fishwrap

Cheney in Austin

OK...Is this what happened?

Bush played the race card

If-God forbid, I were to lose EVERYTHING-I'd start over in another country

Firms with ties to Bush get initial contracts for Katrina

new ebay auction for "go *uck yourself Cheney"

Ophelia's coming. Any bets on Fema's response?

BBC: Brown move fails to convince

Is this the icing on the worst POTUS ever's cake?

Bushco is too cute a term I purpose Murder Inc.

Smirk's remark about Lott's front-porch scares the hell out of me.

How bad will things be at the end of chimpie's term??

Where on earth are the calls for Bush's resignation????

Bush and Rummy Delayed Sending Troops (Revised Post)

CEO of Operation Blessing William Horan gets paid 167, 727 dollars.

Can we take three more years?

Oil and gasoline futures have fallen from post-Katrina highs...

Confused about Cheney's Texas babble - he was having an

Odd Rasmussen pole- Chimp jumps 3 points to 48% approve???

Join the CCC and you too can go to a Confederate Ball!

I got lucky on Google with 'poor black'

The power struggle between federals and locals

Katrina Leaves Homeless Aid Director Homeless

Freepers will be in DC in two weeks

* keeps saying this nation can handle everything--

Gas price yo-yo in AZ

WXRT in Chi said USA saw victims shooting at rescuers on TV!?

Democrats in 2006, Impeach in 2007

Bush Shamelessly Links Hurricane Katrina to 9/11 in Sep 9 Speech

Federal judge hesitant to release Abu Ghraib photos

Generic Other Announces Creative Katrina Relief Effort For Us Duers-Great!

Question: Is this the rub?

Has any reporting been done on the situations

Walmart better at saving Americans than FEMA

My answer to freeps who want sympathy for Brownie

Remember those food drops over Afghanistan?

now for something completely different're going to want to spread this one around

Long as you're doing google searches: "chimp"

Tom Tancredo - remember him? - responds...

Bagnews analyzes COLD Queen Laura's Shelter Photo-Ops.

How you can tell the Reichwingers are in denial

Think they might hide the true number of dead in NO?

Any Flashpoints listeners? People interested in Haiti?

U2, Coldplay, Trent Reznor, Pearl Jam added to MTV Relief Show

Why Aren't the NRA & Ted NUGENT Raising Hell over Gun Confiscations?

I don't know about you, but I want my country back.

What is the latest word on them shooting stray animals?

Lying On A Fed Job Brown What's the Penalty?

should the poor in america be ashamed of themselves?

German plane carrying Katrina aid turned back

!?!? JFK 'But we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in ..'

I found a great bumper sticker:

4 years later, one has to really admire Osama Bin Laden

Where is the NRA?

Why Are 78,000 National Guardsmen in Iraq?

Challenge: Name One Thing the Bush Admin Has Done Successfully

Can I get the hurricane relief Nay roll call ?

A target rich environment (Republicans)

Good always wins over evil

Anybody talked to Mehlman or blacks about how NO affects GOP image

for bush it is always the spec in someone else's eye. never his own.

To GOP members of Senate Homeland Security committee

Bush is too dumb to benefit from the "recalling" of Michael Brown.

W, Allbaugh (FEMA), 'Funeralgate' and Dutch morgue in NO

How long until the Holloway story comes back on news channels

Animal Rescue in place on 8/29. So why this mess?

'The government doesn't have to help poor people -- because they are lazy.

Vid Clip-Bush's Biloxi Photo Op

Texas lawyer fired for talking about Rove

Gonzales, LA animal shelter desperately needs volunteers 9/10

Color me shocked! "Firms with Bush ties snag first Katrina deals"

PLEASE READ: Former FEMA director Joe Allbaugh is a busy little boy!

Do Repubs actually believe the response was acceptable

Bush Hack Lines:

Ben Stein's view concerning Bush and the Hurricane...

What are the DEMS doing to help Governor Blanco? Or are they dropping her

ANIMAL RESCUES: audio and written reports from NO

Taking Back Congress

Wow! The Marines must be pretty hard up these days!

The Bushes have a record of nominating "incompetents"...



I had a repug ask me today, "Well we need to make sure we put

In their own words: Hypocrisy from the 11 Republicans who voted "no"

What was the story on the Bush-Blanco dispute over control?

My response to a RW co-workers Bush apologist e-mail. I CHANGED her mind!

Brown ousted from relief helm (CHENEY Gets to Decide Edition!)

CSPAN-2 Now, Hurricane Katrina+energy, IT IS ABOUT Massive OIL $$$

Faux reporter says that there could be less than 1,000 deaths.

Mike Peters cartoons nail it AGAIN!

Iraq, Banda Aceh, NO= OIL PROFIT by death and destruction. Enough already.

NEW Malloy Clip - Pickles Gives Katrina Pep Talk

WYOMING got 9/11 disaster funds: Brownie? Cheney?

'fairh based' vs 'reality based'....Suskind's Without a Doubt

WTF?!? Santorum blasts the National Weather Service...

Who is in charge of the National Guard?

Is Louisiana being handled differently than Mississippi?

Has Bush's incompetence been "misunderestimated"?

ATTENTION: Moof; "The Department of Faith" URL is included this time.

Next time a conservative white southerner talks about southern heritage...

CNN won the ability to show corpses on TV? The government backed down...

An insurance company that specializes in unpredicatble disasters

Question about how FEMA director gets his job

Does anyone know what happened to reporter Jeanne Meserve?

"We're seeing people that we didn't know exist"- Michael Brown...

How the "more fortunate" survived katrina.

I need articles about Bush attending a fundraiser during Katrina!

"Thank God George Bush is President"

Well, Bill Maher did it Again, let one of Shrubs cheerleaders run the..

So the media has won its battle to stay in New Orleans...

Need the mp3 of Ron Paul floor speech of 9-08. TIA

Former Green Beret Comes Clean - Bush Connections

Uh-oh, they're coming to get us...

Who's attended or plans to attend the Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour?

What IS wrong with walmart anyway?

Bush's approval drops below 40 percent

The reason the debit card plan was scrapped is FEMA ran out of debit cards

Guy James

By criticizing Dubya over this are we letting the hurricanes win?

Remember in 2000? "I'm going to rebuild the military"

CNN uncensored

Bush approval 39%. Remind others that a Republican House & Senate...

Infectious Disease Research in and Around New Orleans

Gov't monetary disaster aid primarily as low-interest loans?

People waited in line 2 hrs for gas cards..and didn't get one

Democrats accept blame when they are at fault.

PHOTOS: White House releases new files re:Laura Bush compassion/black kids

even in N. Dallas the bush bumper stickers are disappearing

going to a "this I believe" get together in 2 hours with Cindy vigil-ers

Dowd: At least Clinton knew not to stash his sweeties in safety jobs!

An email from a friend......

MSNBC poll being freeped, needs help (regarding Bush, Katrina's aftermath)

Karl takes "homestead" property tax exemption on 4 properties concurrently

Don't forget the Veterans for Peace need hurricane help!

Is the BBC lying here about Katrina evacuation?

Good source of hurricane pics:

Evacuees Using Debit Cards to Buy Expensive Designer Goods?!!

Newsweek flash: Bush approval 38%

Cajun National Guard - We are all Cajuns


It took an act of God

Gossip columnist surprised that 80% in poll want Bush 'eaten by sharks'

Now the rat bastard wants unity?

our fine president is incapable of understanding the suffering he's caused

Seperated at Birth?

"Rescuers collect dead, Cheney sounds upbeat"

When they were too poor to get out of town before the hurricane

"Army Changes Story about Soldier's Death"

That couple stopped by the Gretna police on MSNBC right now

Beestis clepid chymeres, that han A part Of ech beest

New Poll ---- Newsweek - Bush, Katrina's Next Casualty

Where to Buy Your USA-Gas

Navratilova: "Maybe one day this country will be ready for the truth"

New Poll

One compassionate conservative: "I can't be a'gin him..."

Armed Thugs In The Streets!

Vid Clip: Dixie Chicks from Shelter From the Storm- Sep 9

The RW has failed

US government knew of dire risks posed by Katrina: FEMA document

Does this qualify as being insensitive?

Overkill: Feared Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans

Texas lawyer fired for talking about Rove


Flashback to Brown's Confirmation Hearing: "42 Minutes of Shame"

Has the NRA responded to reports of Gun confiscation ??

Get to work Brownie

"I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp" by Valhall

Liberal Blogosphere's Relief donations are only at 18% of goal

I personally believe that race was not the sole factor

the brand new, "9-11 spirit"

Afterwords Cspan2: Barbara Ehrenreich on now

Isn't it amazing that the Katrina racism is so overt?

NEWS FLASH Thom Hartmann will be live tomorrow 10am-1pm

update on OK FEMA camp at Falls Creek ...9-6 'on hold'

Bought my XM MyFi through ..

Who the hell....

Senator ADA ratings are why (new method researched)

Will the next FEMA director have enough "Brownie Points" ?

US government knew of dire risks posed by Katrina: FEMA document

Bush's First FEMA Director Now Lobbies For Halliburton

What happened to NO prisoners?

Roll Stones on MTV right now Waiting on a Friend

NYT: Disarray Marked the Path From Hurricane to Anarchy


I just saw pigs fly AND hell freeze over

Did Bush&Co. withhold aid, food, water & stop volunteers from getting in...

Don't those "W" and "Bush Cheney" bumper stickers look pathetic now?

******Hi-RESOLUTION (1280X 1024) Katrina Photos at this site.

Gov. of KS, Dem., woman, was on with Garrison Keillor - what's she like?

Bush.s Anthem

What is this quote referring to?

Wash Post protects Bush liar, but hangs 30-year-old lawyer out to dry

Upcoming bill in the senate to ban horse slaughter-- please help

2005 is shaping up to be even more fabulous than 2001

Imagine the hysteria Monday in Washington...

"I don't suffer fools well"-Guy James

The only thing you need to know about Bush and Katrina

eBay removed the dr's auction -- the guy who Yelled at Cheney

So could this be an evil plan of Rove?

We are a third world country. It's time we started acting like one..

Bush allies secure Post-Katrina rebuilding contracts

I'm sorry, I'm looking at Hannity's Site %#$@$!!!

Reality vs Unreality....

150 private mercenaries in New Orleans?

Where is Truthisall? I haven't seen a post at all in months...

I heard somewhere that there were only 6 people at browns confirmation

MSNBC poll -do yo approve of Pres handling of Katrina?

Superior Incompetence?

Bush at 38 percent - wonder when FauxNews will turn more...

Terrorist scrap nuclear ambitions

Has Nagin stopped all animal rescue? Freep sent this to me...

Could somone please explain to me

Banishing the Press from NOLA = depriving victims from having their story

"Yer doin' a heckuva job, Drownie!"

VHI/MTV Concert coming up at 7pmCT. Performers here:


Cheney, Cheney, you can't hide, we charge you with genocide

par for the course. racism. it runs in the bush family

In Bush America is it now considered Normal to Lie on a Resume and in

Does n/t = nothing to follow?

Quoting the Bible, Bush CUTS Katrina workers pay!

Let's pile it on: Abu Garib photos, Plame, Katrina

The "Go F'yrself Mr. Cheney" doc should apologize. While being

"Ang Lee's gay cowboy film wins Venice Golden Lion"

Why Governor Blanco needed Bush's approval for the NM NG...

Guards with guns 'patrolling' evacuee centers?

Fuck You, George Bush , We are stronger than you

Republican holiday tomorrow

I hope this is not what they do to the dead in Nola

Confused. Are they or are they not enforcing

Secure the Bush legacy. Add your bumper sticker ideas here.

A satellite image of Ophelia from the NWS: the agency that Santorum hates

Utter and complete fiction

When are Republican voters going to worry about the corporate welfare?

PHOTO: Oh! Those Negro looters!

Why did FEMA run out of debit cards? Did Bush give them to his friends?

dupe delete

Never forget the bastard was off peddling his social security scam

Bill Diamond: What Does a Guy Have to Do to Get Fired Around Here?

Conversation with an Oklahoman re: # 3 at FEMA

Barbara Bush Insults

Great Garrison Keillor quote about Katrina.

John Walsh ( Am Most Wanted) seemed to have no problem getting into NOLA

Was There a Confirmation Process for Brownie?

Derek from Chalmette LA just shook his fist in the air at Bush

LA , MS natl guard in Iraq hit by enlist in the reg army


anyone supprised?

DU a poll you don't have to DU (Newsweek)

"Authentic" Americans observe September 11th

Rep. McDermott introduces Emergency Action for Vulnerable Children Act

Here's how we sneek into and disrupt * events

Autism or genuinly heartless?

Please take me down memory lane...............

Rummy's Freedom Walk - live on cspan 10am Sun -look for Bushville protest

suddenly bush has become the Turd in the Punchbowl

NEVILLE bros on now....

Anyone know if this is true?

A question for those who want to blame Gov. Blanco


"8/29. 8/29 Remember 8-2-9!" I'm sick of it already.

Lavish tastes of card-carrying lowlifes (FEMA Debit Cards)

Molly Ivins: The bottom line is they're PLAYING THE RACE CARD

Looking for link to C. Neville video of her hurricane description

Question, Katrina and the Courts

About these "purses" being bought with FEMA cards

Proposal for DU Group: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

Maya Angelou's message to Americans, re Katrina

"Who Do You Trust?"

Children go to school in Houston:

Check out MELISSA ETHERIDGE singing acappella NOW

Afro-Americans, oil is more valuable than you!


Can We DU This Slogan?

I just googled "impeach bush" and look what I found

Resource Thread: List ALL the Crimes Supporting Prosecution of Our Regime!

Iraq's Rival Groups Head for Showdown

I've often wondered what Blind People see

VA still has about 800 missing employees in Gulf Coast

Provide Federal Rebuilding Jobs for The Survivors Now.

Procurement provision in hurricane aid bill raises eyebrows

How do we respond to this Freeper argument?

To Conservatives Who Blame the Victims

Mike Broussard on mtv

So where did this 90,000 square miles cone from?

Is TIVO expensive? I want it. But don't know what it is. n/t

The Bush Spin has No Merit

Amazing - Jackson Square doesn't look too much worse

After the Flood

Go Fuck yourself Cheney...Here he is...the man, the myth, the person

Forget about Bush...

Children go to school in Houston: (picture)

If our society made an effort to make blacks equal American citizens......

It is International Law to Restore Family Ties for Displaced Persons

Need some help here with sources. I know that abortions are

What kinds of changes, if any, has Dr. Dean mentioned for the primaries?

Is "Lickity Quick" a common phrase in the Big Easy?

What to do?

Woman Charged $1,133 To Clip Toenail

SNL Nov 4, 2000: a glimpse of President Bush

Tonight's "Guy James Show" will air at 6:00pm! Hot show tonight!

Don't fucking tell me this isn't about race

Will the death toll be lower?

My mom is so cool


2000 Texas Republican Party Platform .... Dismantle FEMA

Katrina is playing into Bush's and the NeoCon's hands, like clockwork

Kids displaced by Katrina welcomed (Canada)

Chris Rock and "Those People"

Mayor Nagin speaks out

Bush: One of the worst disasters to hit the U.S. (image)

Counter Antiwar protest on 23-25th (things could get ugly)

Does anyone else coupon? I feed a family of 4 for less than $50 per week.

Act now folks! We have the power to do it!

Question about New Orleans and unemployment.

One thousand four hundred and sixty one days.... since.

Four Years Later - No Bin Laden and an Eviscerated FEMA

Wanna be effective? Be focused on a common enemy.

Ask the White House

Come on Fitzgerald put the F%*king boot in.

NEVER let up!

WHY does FEMA coordinate disaster relief with the Red Cross?

FREEDOM WALK - Bush Style - How can we be made to look so ridiculous?

I could NOT make this up if I tried. I'm NOT that good a fiction writer

New eBay auction......."FORK " You Cheney --- piece of toast

To those who think New Orleans is too far below sea level...

Does Bush even want to be president?

I would like to call for a minute of silence....

kanyes on n/t

About FEMA, I need some answers...HELP!!

Drunkard Bush**'s Biggest Failure - Bin Laden at large after 1461 days.

Vid Clip-When God Made Me-Sung by Neil Young at Shelter From The Storm


An insider's report on IEM, FEMA and Hurricane Pam

Who made the decision to bring the LA National Guard home ?

Hey freepers, especially in the SE

WaPO & NYT run VERY good articles on just what the hell happened.

Remember the ad with the wolves that the repugs aired before election?

Rebuilding Iraq: an historical precedent in post WW2 Germany.

One of the best Katrina references: SNOPES

You'll go topless on the beach but you won't wear a thong?


Need Help: The School Buses

Don't you love the "I have Black friends" line?

Just In: NYT "Disarray Marked the Path From Hurricane to Anarchy"

A special Yahoo News "Katrina Pets Gallery"...the best recent ones

What thing do you find strangest about the Terrorists?

The city formerly known as New Orleans

Anybody out there who can tape the Aussie version of 60 minutes tomorrow

A question on China

Just when you think Bush really screwed up, the hits keep coming

Can anyone explain why George Bush is considered a strong leader?

Wear your Mardi Gras beads!

National Geo., Sci Am, Times-Picayne Predicted N.Orleans Disaster

"Looters" = "N-word"

Police trapped victims in flooded and devastated city

The right to stay in New Orleans: Yesterday I watched CNN

"Impeach, Remove, Jail " - Viggo Mortensen

How sad is this? HST's final words

Question About IP Addresses

Response to those who say other countries not helping

DU this Newsweek poll: Do you approve of Bush's handling of


CNN Shows Fires Daily... Are They Getting Rid Of Corpses In Plain Sight?

What gives you cause for hope?

FEMA Head Paid $ to Floridians Unaffected by Hurricane to Win Bush State

Pic of the fake dog tags for tomorrow's bullshit fest?

from Drudge.... Mississippi troops in Iraq denied leave....

What would John Kerry do?

Bush wife doesn't know name of hurricane

Need Advice: What to bring to D.C. for the march...

If Pro-Life / anti-Choice / anti-StemCellResearch "Movement" means

Three little words: "Culture of Corruption"

RNC Talking Points Leaked on Randi Rhodes Show 9/9/05

10 years ago, if Hollywood had done a science fiction movie about

BUSH EATS BABY: Republicans Defend President

Do this now: run a Google search on the word "failure"

New meme-nickname: For shoe shopping during Katrrina, Condi ...

the AWFUL awful truth about publicity monger Sean Penn in NO

PHOTOS: The water is wide, I cannot get over.

Thanks to all DUers who have supported Bushville, DC -

of all the things to tarnish bush's image!

Did People That Still Have "W" Stickers On Their Cars At This Point...

Born on the BayFOO! Katrina concert: Foo Fighters break it down for ya'll

Army Times Headline-"Troops Begin Combat Operations in New Orleans"

Man in Water in LA Yells: " I voted for that idiot! How Stupid Am I?"

Fox'sTony Snow Says Evacuees Buying Louis Vuitton Bags W/Debit Cards

That supposed article from the NO Times-Picayune doesn't exist.

Red State letters to the editor concerning Katrina.

New website for Katrina survivors

Do the White House and GOP not see what they're doing to themselves?

Guess what, RUSH,...America was STARVING for AAR!!!!

In Search of PHOTO : can anyone help

Being Poor

October book club nomination's are being taken:

I just saw an interview on MSNBC with the Gretna chief

Know any Effective Nonviolent Activist Groups? Sad farewell to DU.

CSPAN Schedule Sunday September 11

Bush Admin pushing fed employees and contractors to attend pro-Bush rally

Bush's last leg: The Housing Market Bubble

COLLAGE: "We finally cleared up public housing in New Orleans!"

I keep trying to write a letter in defense of the National Weather Service

earlier this afternoon i saw on television some CHRISTIANS relief people

Did anyone see Mary J Blige and U2? She sang her damn heart out.

Brand New Bush Administration Historical Legacy In Pics (Dial-Up Beware)

VIDEO: America's Illegitimate Election 2004 (A review for newbies & others

Has anyone heard from BOSSHOG or others from H. Katrina?

ACTION REQUEST: Please Join Me in These Small Acts of Everyday Rebellion!

Who Ordered the Guns Confiscated?

Riverbend has Posted! Riverbend is Alive!

The polls reflect it: Top Ten reasons why it will only get worse for Bush

Mayor Nagin's "DESIRE" T-Shirt! Media keeps showing photo...does it

When I Am An Old Man, I Shall Wear Black

Katrina Body recovery Thread


I sure have been saying "Welcome to DU" a lot lately

Dutch group to fly in temporary mass mortuary (huge!)

"Louis Viton!" How dare they at $800 a bag buying TWO BAGS

By the way, what ever happened to the articulate 9 year old boy

25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath

I'm cool with Edwards, Clark, Dean and Gore

Do we really want Impeachment?

More than 2000 dead bodies collected in only ONE facility on only ONE day

The GW Bush National Disaster Legacy in Pictures

EXCLUSIVE!!! FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions in False Claims to Help Bush W

ON NPR's "This American Life" barred from WALKING out of New Orleans

Would (ghod forbid) another 9/11 be the final straw.. or Chimp's salvation

Let's stop playing games and look at some details.

The Desperation of The Freeps

Need some sign slogan help please

9/11 anniversary: How far 'off message' is the 'press corpse' going?

Remember The Titans! And Al Gore!

"For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind..."

PHOTO: what the GOP leadership fears (WARNING: heartwarming)

Guns are being confiscated in NO. What is the NRA doing about it?

I am having a problem holding my tongue with "liberals" who deny racism

Ophelia's coming! I sent Brownie a heads up.

Are you a member of a minority sexual lifestyle?


GERMAN air force aid plane, 15 tons of MRE's TURNED AWAY by USA

Cheney..We are well on our way on getting on top of this Katrina EXERCISE

How many Years are they going to let me post on Fwee Wepubwik?

To allow Bush to remain president is National Suicide

The Bush Mafia

Why is it so hard to find cake recipes that...

Pterodactyl- the other white meat.

Your thoughts on Paul Martin thus far?

Hey, canuck heads.... help a brotha out

Britain now faces its own blowback

A fly in the soup at the River Café as Lord Rogers gets tough with his wif

MI5 head warns on civil liberties

Chelsea owner to net up to £8bn from oil deal

Rifkind's profits of Iraq war

MI5 head warns of liberties trade-off to fight terror

Greens try to shake off image as single-issue party

Widespread Riots Erupt in Belfast

In Storm's Ruins, a Rush to Rebuild and Reopen for Business

Bush approval drops below 40 percent

Bush Approval rating below 40 %!

State probing Forrester contributions (New Jersey)

Rice lobbies for Iran sanctions

Iraq Hurt Katrina Rresponse General Says

UN raises alarm on death squads and torture in Iraq

Security Contractors in Iraq Under Scrutiny After Shootings

New AP poll: *'s approval rating dips below 40...

California Guard sergeant gets year in Iraq detainee abuse case

Sept. 11 a Dark Day in Chile, Too

Presidents on the highway of hope from coast to coast

Ruling creates chaos at abortion clinics

CNN/Money: Wal-Mart redeems itself (Katrina response), but what's next

Statement of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales on the Padilla Decision

Evacuee Center (FEMA) Delayed in Baton Rouge (!!!)

Defeating terror may mean giving up rights, MI5 warns

Some GOP Legislators Hit Jarring Notes In Addressing Katrina

Iraqi forces launch attack on Tal Afar

Swiss to return $290m 'state funds' to Nigeria from late dictator's accoun

U.S. drops banning media from body hunt

DomeBlog: DeLay to evacuees: 'Is this kind of fun?'

(US and) Iraqi forces launch attack on Tal Afar-PM

Stars gather for hurricane relief(telethons start w/ Newman's "Louisiana")

Mississippi African-American Remote Communities Struggle for Survival

U.S. drops banning media from body hunt

Iraq not ready for ties with Israel

Army fails to tell family soldier is alive

(federal) Program Failed to Monitor (health of) 9/11 Workers, Report Finds

Brown is merely a symbol of the problems at FEMA, experts say

The Hill: Davis (R) will hold hearings after all (defies GOP leadership)

Seeking a home after Katrina proves a nightmare

G.O.P. Sees Opportunities Arising From Storm

Brown Sent Candid E - Mail to Family

Rescuers collect dead, New Orleans slowly recovers

Secrets row may cost Boeing $500m

Roberts May Be Sidelined in Some Cases

Texas lawyer fired for talking about Rove

Alternative Fuel Stocks Skyrocketing

In Floods,Parties' Agendas Surface (but it's GOP that's already used opp.)

World summit on UN's future heads for chaos (Rice asked to rein in Bolton)

'Zero access' for media during corpse recovery

Lawyer Is Fired After Talking About Rove

Police in Suburbs Blocked Evacuees, Witnesses Report

N.O. Police Say They Are Regaining Control

Tropical storm Ophelia strengthens into hurricane again

Army changes story about soldier's death (his mother was at Camp Casey)

Army Kept Truth of GI's Death From Family (Mother Protested in Crawford)

Katrina death toll swells to 372

NYT/AP: Cheney Visits Austin, TX, Hurricane Evacuee Sites

Putin to Become PM Once Again

Bush Allies Secure Post-Katrina Rebuilding Contracts......

Coiled wire fences separate people/beaches (Mississipppi)

Signs of Life Start to Appear in N.O.

WP: Katrina Darkens the Outlook for Incumbents (from both parties) in 2006

Families Rally Against 9/11 Museum

Cuba honours 9/11 victims

Members of Guard unit weary of role in Iraq (sleep deprivation, shortages)

NYT/AP: Katrina's Costs Could Approach That of War (Iraq and Afghan)

U.S. won't ban media from New Orleans searches

anyone supprised?

Gulf Fisheries Brought To Standstill

New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes

New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes

Bush bungled Katrina crisis, say Britons

FEMA arrives empty-handed

La. to Spray to Stop Spread of Mosquitos

Mindanaoans divided on street protests (Arroyo / Philippines)

National Guard Stretched Thin

Egypt election row sparks protest

New Orleans levee bonds pulled as MBIA won't insure

Disarray Marked the Path From Hurricane to Anarchy (NYT)

New Orleans water draining faster than expected

Left for Dead with Killers in a Flooded, Stinking Jail

Kids displaced by Katrina welcomed (Canada)

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

Army Kept Truth of GI's Death From Family

Secret Plan to Ration Fuel on the Forecourt

Opponents of D.C. Antiwar Rally Launch Web Site

US and Iraqi Troops Launch Huge Assault on Northern Insurgent Stronghold

Orange Fades to Black in Ukraine Chaos

Privately run city schools cost more to improve (Suprise)

'Peace mom' chides Feinstein on Iraq stance

Falling Black College Enrollment in Florida Puts Heat on Gov

Former Louisiana Senator Shoulders Katrina Blame

Meridian, Miss. Residents, Evacuees Fed Up With FEMA

Gulf Coast Will be More Vibrant Than Ever, Bush Says

Afghan Survives Assassination Attempt

Katrina may cost as much as four years of war

Cheney backed removing FEMA boss from Katrina duty(Austin protest also)

Tal Afar Residents Send Out SOS

Local (washington State) FEMA chief had little disaster experience

Bush bungled Katrina crisis, say Britons

EU Urges US Climate Change Rethink

Soldier Not Killed in Action; Kin Not Told

Santorum criticizes Weather Service

German plane with Katrina aid turned back from U.S.

Bear that killed doctor dead, say officials (Canada)

'Average' past trails troubled FEMA chief

UK attacks US over climate

America's Second Harvest Provides More Than 16 Million Pounds of Food

(USNS) Comfort Arrives in Gulf, Ready for Relief Support

Conyers rises to take on Bush (DetFP frontpage with big pic)

Evacuee Charged With Raping Mentally Challenged Girl

FEMA director says media made him a scapegoat

Police in Haiti Arrest Two Journalists at Church of Jailed Priest

Firestorm Casualty: Outrage,Bush,FEMA Chief(Bush "angry" re. Conv. Center)

Brown Sent Candid Email to Family (A must read/and/barf)

Red Cross calls for 40,000 volunteers

America to introduce ban on caviar

Widespread Riots Erupt in Belfast

Dutch court loses A.Q. Khan’s files, judge suspects CIA

Judge supports CNN request to cover Katrina's toll

Viral Outbreak Among Evacuees Contained (700 at Astrodome!)

NO Mayor Speaks Out (Breaking news from Times Picayune)

Military exchanges want a piece of the lottery pie

MSNBC: New Newsweek Poll: Bush Approval 38% - record low.

Firms with Bush ties snag Katrina deals

Govt. Abandons Restrictions on (CNN)Coverage !!!!! (UPDATE)

Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans

Diplomats stage walk out as UK and US are accused of terrorism

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

New picture of DU Admin..... (something to put a smile on our faces)

Do you hate the expression, "That's so September 10th"?

PEACE RALLY in DC ...Be there, but read this first! ~ *(repost from GD)*

Why is cow called beef, and pig called pork...

Queensryche's Geof Tate GREAT INTERVIEW "Conservatives are like children"

Streaker hits London bureau of CNN

One of the undisputable universal truths revealed (pic)

Late night dinner thoughts . . .

"Someone stole my PDA and I will ruin this house with my anger!"

Blue-jay and I are gonna hash it out for all to see. Here, on DU

Lets PRETEND...that today is the first day of

I wish the media would stop telling me

Follow this train of thought

interesting lineup on the biography channel

yeah, whatever...goodnight!

Okay for my 7001 post.....

Remember my story o fheartbreak and whoa I detailed before?

I have a 7 year old Beagle. (Not Snoopy).

Okay tell me your favorite anti war song.

I am sad that Enigmatic went to sleep....

Twenty- six miles across the sea



best anti violence songs?

Hey Scientists: When are you going to clone a young Bob Dylan

Crooners knew romance, love, all that stuff, the best

Who the fuck decided "16" was the age to be?

I have been saving this rant, where did the summer go and how come

I saw a couple of these critters last weekend...

Late night people, what music are you listening to??????


I know it is late, I rarely venture over into "the dark side" of DU, but

Okay, I just blew a speaker listening to Andy Williams

I've got "2000 Man" by the stones cranked

Guys--I really need some advice---pls.

BSG-Lee Adama in a towel.

delete - dupe

Giant centipede 'was escaped pet' (news to think of as you go to sleep)

Is it me, or do we have a lot of n00bs joining lately

Richard Hatch got busted!

Mr. Heidi, the ultimate Trekkie, said . . .

Damn I just lost BBC radio

Favorite "World Weekly News" regular?

British Foreign Secretary urges US Secretary of State to rein in Bolton

a memorial ... from an Iraqi soul

should apply to FEMA

Great LTTE in the Tallahassee Democrat!

Good Morning, DU!

Sometimes, a persons expressions of love.....

My freeper dad - a funny little story

I need a recommendation for an exercise watch that monitors heart rate

Car sickness, subway sickness

I am glad the beers wore off and I thought better of e-mailing her....

Corned beef, swiss Cheese and Onion Omelet

Anyone been watching "Building an Empire: Rome" on the History Channel?

God, the Glenn Miller Orchestra was good

I spent an hour typing out a post.

My Kingdom for a Bull Horn....

I'm never taking a picture of a sunset again...

Anyone heard DJ Danger Mouse's "Grey Album"?

Rollercoasters are fun! - Need a laugh ??

Lunch with billyskank

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (NO SPOILERS)

What's up with me? I haven't worked in months.

Brosnan condemns Bush policies

Snow cone city - come on over!

My friend from college is on her way over...

I close my eyes only for a moment,and the moments gone.

Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef!

I hate the Fighting Irish because Kleeb and Kerry are part Irish.

What's up with Google? It hasn't worked in days.

Does anyone actually get converted by Chick tracts?

Any DU'ers ever go to Amelia Island in Florida?

Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!

it's official...i hate my mother

Jalapeno peppers .. chopped, fingers ... eyes

The official Michael Brown whines that he's a scapegoat song thread!

Dear Television Advertisers,

Central Michigan University has an interesting job opening


Yo Lounge - anybody know how to set up an RSS feed for a podcast?

I have hit the limping factor....

Mike Chertoff has apparently logged into DU:

Want to watch a classic movie right now?

Morning breaks...the pain remains, sigh

I nominate a new Lounge hero: Dr Ben Marble!

Which movie(s) would you choose?

tech qestion - what causes .gifs to lose their animation?

The How F*cked by Bush You Are Test (Quiz)

I got accused of being a sexist on this board. . .

Comment dit-on...

This is just too good! Take a look!

OMG THIS IS HUGGY!!!!1111!!!@!

If you don't like the news then press eject

Gaz Guzzler

Remember speeches when you were in High school?

progmom on the air now 'til 2pm eastern time- post your jazz requests here

New RS song Sweet Neo Con

Moose hunting Joke--no slam on Norway--it's just a joke

Flying on a wing and a prayer... posting but leaving the house....

"Dogpile" may be a useful service, but it's really a tacky name

Andre Agassi, YOU DA MAN!!!!

Dishnetwork DVR Question?

I just discovered spaghetti squash

'Bareback Mountain' Wins Top Venice Award


[PIC] Nature gives Bush a message.


I am now officially in love.

Could someone give me a link or at least a highlight of George Carlin

We're approaching 18 million posts! (nt)

When I woke up this were on my mind

Anything to do in Orlando?

Are you a klutz?

Best Firefox extensions/ plugins?

HEY! I got Emerson back!

I just downloaded a sh*tload of music.


I was prescribed zoloft by the same doctor who prescribed strattera.

Ha! Check this out from GD!

LOL! had to debunk our DU *-Katrina photoshopped pics

You know...

How many Years are they going to let me post on Fwee Wepubwik anyway?

Crispini, have you spent all day on Snopes?

My first Glurge

What is the best way to win at chess?

Local yokel likens Flight 93 memorial design to Islamic crescent


how's that nap going progmom?

Skinner maintains his sense of humor...

If a person has too many people putting him/her on ignore, does that then

I am so fucking pissed

Seeing signatures seems like a novelty.

"Nothing Exceeds Like Excess"

At what point would you buy a new lounge chair?

helo thiS IS cnaukamoks CAT

My wife says we've never gone out to eat where we needed reservations!

I just walked in on my mom rockin-out..

My husband is hell bent on leaving this country.....

My god she killed another songbird!!! She is heartless

If you criticize Blanco and Nagin then you hate Louisiana and New Orleans

The Days of Our Lounge casting call

I have discovered a new singer to obsess over!

Anybody know what song Kanye West performed last night?

Michigan is losing to Notre Dame

What miraculous things can your pet do to amaze and astonish you?

jpgray is the biggest drama queen of all

OMG!! I spent $1,000 on camera stuff! That hurt!!!

How do we go about "catapulting" our own propaganda?

I think I'm going to take a nap.

Anyone ever reflect on the similarities between The Soprano's

Katrina: Al Quaida released butterflies in Bangledesh!!!


I am planning to be in Manhattan

I have the power to turn things into stone - according to some stupid quiz

Quotes from the American Taliban:


Wonder why oil is $60/barrel?

Would all the people check in?

Dog lovers! Look at this pick I found on-line!!!


Today is my parents 62nd Wedding Anniversary....

Rally of the bushbots

Breaking!!!! Bush Nominates "Brownie" to Supreme Court!!!

People who ever have an original thought, check in here!

Would someone please give LadyHawk some catnip or something?

animals being bad post!

Found out something sad tonight

All those Fans of Sundog check in here



Food fight at Olive Garden--beware of flying meatballs......

Cool thing we saw tonight in a classically red suburb

I just got my keyboard so I can practice for my piano class. :)

Want to watch a great UFO show tonight? (Peter Jennings hosted)

Less than 4000 posts to 18,000,000

I spent $50 to fill up my gas tank today.

I Can't Afford My Gasoline (funny!)

Robert Fripp, Porcupine Tree and Negativland ALL IN THE SAME WEEKEND!!!

LMAO, coming soon from one of DU's sponsors

I have a question about crocs (the shoes)..

Zero 7, Nikka Costa, Esthero, India Arie......

It's early yet, but....

Quiet please. I'm watching tennis.

As a result of watching Peter Jennings' UFO special one too many times,

People who never have an original thought, check in here!

Songs About New Orleans

Would all Pastafarians please check in?

Would all people who had their wisdom teeth removed, check in here

Does anyone else love Panera Bread?

Caption this!

Oh my god is this child melting down...

Straight people check in!

To the person who posted that he liked ponytails: thanks!

all those that hate 'check in' threads, check in.

I'm watching a TV blooper show on NBC. Ask me anything.

Clothes have been removed!

Does the Barry Gibb Neville Brother's voice annoy you? Check in!

Is it just me, or has there been an upswing in DUers quitting?

Will all the Czechs check in?

I can't believe my good luck!

Marc Broussard? Who IS this guy? He's great!!!

Hi!!! I'm a gay lesbian straight bi person!

Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign by Dory Previn

Since we have both polls and sigs

Evening, Everybody!

Barry is on vacation - What do you think of Kanye?

Hey Progmom...

DU artists, what do you think?

So when did we get all the features back?

An e-mail I just sent to CNN

Another excellent sunset occurring just beyond my monitor.

Tommorrow is the first day of the rest of my life...and i'm not ready

Would adults just now getting their wisdom teeth check in?

The Huskers May Actually Have a Defense

Good Vibes for all GA/SC/NC DUers in the path of Ophelia

Ladyhawk's DU Lounge Love-In

I'm listening to the Electric Toilet right now...

well, that settles it. Everybody grab a broom! It's shenanigans!

Blast from the lipsync past on SNL

Would adults without wisdom and teeth please check in here?

Bacon, eggs, pancakes and a cantaloupe margarita

Paul McCartney on MTV now

Is TIVO expensive? I want it. But don't know what it is. n/t

I'm listening to the song "Sweet Neocon"

My mom is so cool

Smile if you have no money!

I have never posted a progmom thread


i was about to watch "Ball of Fire" with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck

Clothes have been recovered!

The memory hole

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the Day #91

A little humor anyone?

Hear Eric Idle's FCC Song (Warning: Contains Language)

I am a lesbian!

Black Sabbath?

Lots of firewood this winter?

My Friend's Cat...To Pet Or Not To Pet

Has anyone else ever dislocated their knee cap?

Look what I found when I googled my user name.

"March of the Penguins" (SPOILERS) (don't read if not interested in my

Has anyone seen The Aristocrats?

Please help with my Statistics class!!! (non-political question)

Do you respond to people when you post a thread?

The good Dr who told Cheney to go fuck himself has joined

Would all the assholes check in here?

O.k.--I'm so old

Some disgusting things my coworkers are saying about NO.

I caught a cat burglar....

OK all of sudden Zone Alarm is giving me all kinds of alerts

Brent Mushburger is a freakin ass hole....

Someone please teach J Peralta of the Indians to correctly spell his name

F*%$#! Up Family Circus

I love America

I just took a picture of my husband's butt (clothed) while he's napping

I hate you all

Sometimes I just shake my head

Post pictures of your Caucasian Kitties "finding stuff"

LynneSin hates me

onfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg

MTV benefit on now n/t

Any adults here that STILL have their wisdom teeth?

Catch ya later alligators!

Things REAL Men don't say...

What should we call the perpetual war on rational thought waged in the US?

A smilie for Khashka just so he knows I care!!!

"Pill" is now officially a verb

Say something vile

seen any good movies lately?

The official Ohio State vs Texas game thread

I've seen all your pets, so here's mine

The Eyes of Texas are upon you...

I'm a cheap drunk. Ask me anything.

Time for an influx of College Football

An ode to the nameless songbird that was killed today by Evita

I really miss "Northern Exposure"

Awesome hair

99 Underground posts on the wall. 99 Underground posts. Ask me...

Does sundog post too many inane threads?

Holy Moly! 10000 posts? Maybe my wife is correct...

Bob Boudelang asks: "What happened to that American "Can’t Do" spirit? "

George Carlin's words you can't say on HBO now

Would all the gay, lesbian, straight, bi people check in?

Women--where do you buy your work clothes/suits?

Bush and Katrina: Lihop, Mihop, or Hiphop?

I Miss the Good Doctor.

Would adults with their wisdom teeth removed check in?

Utilikilt - would you wear one?

Would all the people not gay, lesbian, straight, or bi check in?

Hurricane Katrina: Really BIG SNAKES! (pix)

Would all the gay or lesbian people check in?

"George Bush hates midgets"

I've taken the plunge - bought a French Press coffee maker!

Does anyone else coupon? I feed a family of 4 for less than $50 per week.

Ode to a Rose ~ please add your "Rose" favorites ...

New african wheat fungus (rust) threatens 10% of world production.

Question, Would the lake levee breaking save the river levees?

Teenage angst due to changes in brain wiring?

Time favors gay-marriage proponents

Lawmaker announces alternative

I'm hoping to do Graduate Work in LGBT Politics.....

Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountian" wins Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival

Congrats to the Ohio University Bobcats!

ND - Top 5 tomorrow? The pollsters always over-react to

One game each for the BoSox and the Yanks so far

OSU or Texas? Michigan or Notre Dame?

OMG!! Penn State's won 2 in a row!!

Hey Chicago White Sox fans! When did the Sox start wearing Kelly Green?

Mikey the Refugee

Ferral Kittens and their mom -pics

John Kerry to Deliver Supplies to New Orleans Area

Morristown - more

What Would John Kerry Do?

But why doesn't Kerry DO something?

Third Morristown

Pictures from Morristown Kerry event

Last Morristown

Don't buy into the RW spin -

Just got back from the Kerry rally

Sigh. He's BAAAACCCCKKKKKK.....The Daily Bolton

I went practicing my timing (action) today at my school's college football

I was on the front page of the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News

my community is allegedly 80% Repub, I gotta give some credit


The Great Commission: He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved

MSNBC- FEMA Chief Sent Packing. How about "Commander in Chief Sent Packing

Affirming the Consequent / Denying the Antecedent

With rejoicing, I'm sticking around

S.IckyCacodemon's Obstinant R is Quite Telling (audio)

Boston Globe headline story w/ swat team photo today,

President's Approval Rating Dips Below 40


Clift: If there’s an upside to Katrina (the Republican agenda "is over")

Putin on Mount Athos pilgrimage

Deficits are not falling as Repub talking points suggest

"My girlfriend raises Arabians. Horses and people are different"

One more time. Let's dispel the Hollywood/liberal myth.

Is it my imagination, or are the areas of NO that are flooded all poor?

Michael Brown..... Dumped? Did I miss something???

"If you don't want blame game, quit blaming local officials"...Dean NPR

* was just protecting his base

Tin foil hat theory of that day RE: the reich/ homeland security

Boston Globe: "Bush tries to rebound from public opinion slide"

Bush Radio Address: 9/11, Iraq and Katrina

Gen. Kevin Byrnes, Ft. Monroe, VA, TRADOC......

Powell admits his Iraq WMD claim is 'painful blot'


Anyone knows what was Mubarak's political template?

FBI clearance of Michael Brown?

The White House proudly presents Bush, a baby, and 9/11

PLACE YOUR BETS before Bush delivers this morning's radio address

DU this poll: Cindy Sheehan: Her Right or She's wrong

Does SCOTUS have a quorum?

Run, Al, RUN!!!

RNC Talking Points - September 9th - 11th - 'Catapulting' for Bush.

Colin Powell knows Iraq war based on lies-why is he still for it.

Great image posted on dailykos!

Bullhorns against Bullshit

America, Red and Blue, they're on our doorsteps. What will we do?

German Plane With Katrina Aid Turned Back

Governor Bush vs Governor Blanco

If MSNBC strokes Bush any harder, they'll start taking off skin...

Have you sent Pelosi words of encouragement?

Hey New Orleans, this is what happens if you "vote the wrong way."

White House photos of that special "Go FUCK yourself Mr. Cheney" moment

Genevieve Wood hates herself (Center for a Just Society)

"Talking Points" should be replaced with the term "Wall of Lies"

I hope the final NOLA body count will be ZERO...

Where is Michael Brown's wife? I haven't seen her in any photo opp.

Government Intervention in Stock Market is Detailed

Bush Has Another Way to Screw The Gulf States

John and/or Elizabeth Edwards contact info?

The people who buy the Bush "Wall of Lies", his freeper & naive

Cheney visits Austin today.

On Sundance: "With God-Bush" A fascinating history of the Evangelical

Newsweek flash: Bush approval 38%, 57% have lost confidence

Interesting old Shrub story....

NYT: Political Issues Snarled Plans for Troop Aid-sorry if already posted

Hidden gem in recent polling data:


A New Opposition Party. Discussion!

"Free Speech Zones"=One of Many Repressive Tactics to Deprive

Fine, perhaps, this is something that we, as Democrats, need to take a

Do you agree with forced evacuations?

Bush links September 11 to 'challenge' posed by Katrina

SPECIAL Four Year Anniversary Poll: Bullhorn or Bullshit?

CNN: Gore airlifts victims from New Orleans (270 Katrina evacuees)

Brownie Chafes, Leaves Skidmarks Backpedaling

Trancript or recording of Pickles remarks at shelter?

Pyongyang Slavery Walk - Billmon

Professor Pollkatz has changed the scale on Bush's approval graph

First Person account of N.O. on This American Life

GOP plays Katrina SHAME GAME: New Grand Theft Election Ohio

Bush Eats Baby, Republicans Defend President

Did you all see Waxman's letter to Chertoff?

Are there any Constitutional attorneys in this forum?

Mike Brown put on desk duty while Michael Chertoff keeps up

Will FEBAR Bring Down the House?

"Mike Brown is a friend of mine and I wish him well, but ......."

How many people have died under Bush's watch?

Crises in New Orleans is History Repeating Itself

Katrina may cost as much as four years of war

Hey, why are they NOT using the Air Force's C-9 "Nightingale" Jet to Evac?

The REAL face of Katrina. What happened while Bush strummed and ate cake.

Newt Gingrich's new song: " I'm so glad.. to be...friends with Hercules -

"The People are winning the Blame Game b/c the press's covering the story"

Pay attention this time, Bush: "It's time to make those preparations."

Texas lawyer fired for talking about Rove

Bill Maher New Rules (link)

And just think I voted for the stupid bastard! Shrimper on CNN just now

Look what I found on freerepublic:

I think Bush will pick Michael Luttig for Sandra O'Connor's seat.....

Interesting info in new PEW poll: Fox viewers vs. everyone else

Guy James is on!! Keep it bumped,one of the best of the best....

Bush tax reform panel cancels Sept. hearings ("National Sales Tax")

What a fucking HEADLINE: "Rescuers collect dead, Cheney sounds upbeat"

Really now. What in the world was Bush DOING last week?

Why Sept 24 MUST be Non-Violent

"No Show Blanco" video from local news

Police Chief of Gretna on MSBNC right now blowing it.

Brown and Allbaugh - unusually close friends?

BBC: Bush pleads for 'spirit of 9/11'

Ironic slam to son and hubby ala Barbara Bush

Guess what the Bloatway Boys will concoct:

Did anyone find the picture from todays Boston Globe?

Bush* Administration. caught lying again. The government did Fecal

Anthrax Killer / What the Hell Ever Happened?

"This Divided State" documentary by Michael Moore

No Mr. Cheney relief effort IS IMPROVED NOT IMPRESSIVE

Compassionate Conservative CEO-Wives Book Club

Will the Government take American citizens out of their homes

Just so people know...

Can anyone guess the source(s)?

Here is a post to the first responders who tried and in some cases

Who stopped Red Cross? FEMA or state HS?

Unlikely, but maybe a sign of awakening?

2 issues to save our country

Proposal for DU Group: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

What Bothers most Peeps who watched THE AFTERMATH

Rummy's Freedom Walk - live on cspan 10am Sun -look for Bushville protest

Senator ADA ratings are why (new method researched)

The World's Smallest Political Quiz

EXPENSIVE PURSES -- LIES being spread by RW Talk show nuts

Chris Jansing doing excellent program on ethics of NO response...MSNBC now

Black Water

send these far and wide: Attributed stupid quotes from Katrina

So...JoeMentum politely signed off on Brownie after 42 minutes in 2002...

VP Cheney hopes 'lessons learned' from Katrina (no Bush reference)

Bush Family's Terrorism Test

RW talk shows

Floored, he's surprised by this?

Howard Dean on the Ed Schultz show

I think we are past the point of effectiveness for idiot son's coverups

Dean on Ed Schultz is archived now. Here is the link.

A great Bill Maher show tonite on HBO

I look at MSNBC's front page and ask "Where the hell is the RAGE?"

Photo - do you think they have a clue?

Obstruction of Justice and Michael Brown

Transcript: Brown's Lieberman-led FEMA confirmation hearing, 6-19-02

Katrina Death Toll May Not Hit 10,000

FEMA's $2,000 requires signing off on any other claims

"Impeach Bush" is Top Search at Technorati

$$$ How much has Halliburton donated to Katrina relief funds??$$$

Could someone explain Posse Comitatus to me?

By the way, did the authorities arrest the MD who told Cheney off?

U.S. Can Confine Citizens Without Charges, Court Rules

Is there a list of all the unqualified Bush appointees anywhere?

La Rep. Richard Baker: "We finally cleaned up public housing in NO"

Bush's Katrina Thought-Process Flowchart

6:00 pm Monday, 8/29. Blanco tells Bush, "We need everything you've got"

Freedom Walk - CSPAN 10:00 AM EDT tomorrow

Does anyone else wonder about oil shortages?

Attn: Consitutional scholars -- Is there a provision for impeachment

New Newsweek Poll: Bush Approval 38% - record low.

Time to say it, loud and clear:BUSH DESTROYED NEW ORLEANS TO SAVE BAGHDAD!

other depressing

"No wonder people don't go into public service."

pubs gone nuts:baker,hastert ,santorum blame victims to weathar service

Time Favors Gay Marriage Proponents

Statement of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales on the Padilla Decision

It won't be long before Katrina takes more blame than Bill Clinton

Check out my new blog.

Thought. Bush is so f*cked that he will quit in 2007...CHeney will

What is with your nation's in-ability to comply with NAFTA rulings?

Physician who told Cheney to go F*ck Himself detained

Test Your Conservative Ideology

Lurkers: Polls at a glance, the Chimp is going DOWWWWWWWWN

Dean weighs in on Katrina (Must See VIDEO)

Sunday Morning Talk Show Lineup

How do we hold Dennis Hastert accountable for wanting to bull-doze NOLA?

Is Bush becoming a liability for the neo-cons!?!?

Ldotters defend Halliburton getting Katrina contracts

Eminem's Video of MOSH, the one after the "election" in Nov. 04

"We're trying to do something, but they won't issue the orders..."FEMA vet

well... that explains it! (pic)

eBay auction of guy telling VP to F himself REMOVED AGAIN!!!????

Public howling turns tide for four-legged evacuees

Don't expect compassion from the elite. They don't care what happens

Fidel Castro Announces Attack on Miami

America Supports Your Freedom Walk is Tomorrow!

Kerry: "troops risking their lives to protect pipelines around the world"

Clark: "I want to hear your feedback and comments...

Welcome to DU Dr. Ben Marble of "go fuck yourself cheney" fame

Newsweek: Katrina’s “Ultimate Casualty Could Be President George W. Bush”

Lakoff - Dems need to start framing post-Katrina now!

Rant: Dems tone-deaf on resentment against "freeloaders."


John Kerry to Deliver Supplies to New Orleans Area

Let's settle the Race OR Class question because there IS no question, OK?