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Archives: August 9, 2005

"Bad Boy" Billy Kristol (Weekly Standard) on BUSH V. RUMSFELD

Will We Ever Arrive at the Good Death?

NYT: Stuck in Second (analysis of Bush compared to other 2d term pres)

George Monbiot (The Guardian): The new chauvinism

DU Northeast meet-up @ Worcester, Ma 10/17 (Joe Wilson @ Clark U.)

This post needs a home here . . . What do you make of this!!!???

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/09/05

Brad Blog: ACVR Enlists Fake Democrat to Shill for Fake Report

Ambassador Joe Wilson @ Clark University (Worcester) 10/17, 7:30PM

Maybe it is time to just go back to the oh so simple meme ?W.

The VRWC has been exposed

self-delete, false alarm, read post of mine further down nt

Cindy Sheehan Is Kind Of Like ALL Of Our Mothers

Is this out of date news about denying water to Cindy Sheehan?

It's No Holiday for Bush - WaPo

Iconoclast (Waco?) Texas paper website link-Cindy Sheehan stuff

Dubya: The Coward in Crawford who is too afraid to face Cindy Sheehan

Just got this in an email from a friend who's really into computer.


Great stuff on and by Charles Colson at Think Progress

DeLay's foster homes -- to be built by a Swift Boater!

Malloy calling on Schaivo nutcases to demand water for Cindy...

Freeper hopes

Cindy Sheehan and bad things happening to her

DKos: Cindy Day 3 Diary from Cindy Sheehan

MSNBC: "House prices outstrip wages for even middle-income workers"

Crawford hog farm satellite pic

Yet another reason to hate hospitals

Give me a few examples of how GW Bush has hurt the middle class.

Who's really in charge of the show here? pics...

MSNBC cancelled THREE scheduled interviews of Cindy Sheehan today?

Wal-Mart asks appeals court to block suit (sex-discrimination lawsuit)

Gene-Modified Corn Gone from Mexico, Study Finds

Update from Cindy Sheehan 8/8 11:10PM CST

Has anyone seen the flash movie "Autmn Tree"?

Which approach is better

What penguin species are we celebrating? (part 2)

Shoot me now.....

there was a cricket in the kitchen

Who wants to moon the sea?

This girl who I think liked me, once told me that this song reminds...

good night!!!

Needle And The Damage Done

How crappy is your life when you get shot with a BB gun

Shoot me 59 days from next Thursday . . .

There was a kitchenette in the crick.

ok people... i need to have more friends in dayton oh... just moved!

DU Lounge: Safe Haven from getting blasted elsewhere

Late night drinking thread

Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy

How do people with small kids handle the ads?

Date night lurking thread

Very Strange Things on the Web

Who wants to see the moon?

What's your opinion about kids having cellphones?

How long have you had access to the Internets?

jpgray's epic CO vacation in photos (many images, 56k people)

What penguin species are we celebrating? (part 1)

post your cryptic inside jokes here!

The Male Condition

If I could say one thing to that Olbermann guy tonight.

My Transcript Of Miller & Libby:

The Perfect comeback to the Repunblican attack:

Good piece on "Defining Hate" from Capitol Hill Blue

CNN Poll: Bush approval rating still low, growing dissatisfaction with war

Swift-Bloat Drudgers Against Mom's

Bush wants to hear from "folks out in the heartland"

Why Won't Scooter Libby Grant Judith Miller a Personal Waiver?

NY Times Editorial for August 9, 2005: "One Woman in Crawford"

Their Duty Is to Carry On

Soul of Republican Party at stake in prison-abuse scandal debate

Joshuah Bearman (HuffPost): Put a Cork in It

One Mother in Crawford

Conyers-Why Won't Scooter Libby Grant Judith Miller a Personal Waiver?

Happy 70th anniversary, Social Security

Analysis: Iraq statistics tell grim story

Mortgaged to the House of Saud (making the MidEast safe for Saudi's)

Saddam's anthrax of the 80s is traced back to U.S. sample

Flip-Flop Flap (Walter Brasch,

The Voting Rights Act and Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts

Cheney + Pakistan = Iran

The Failed 'War on Terror'

Marie Cocco (CommonDreams): Bush's Oilmen Got it all Wrong in Iraq

Global View: Blood and Gravy

What One Mom has to Say to Bush

Robert Scheer (Los Angeles Times): Mortgaged to the House of Saud

Novak’s Sect Appeal (Is he a member of Opus Dei?)

Outside View: Wasting America's morality

Dionne: It's No Holiday for Bush

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Left Coaster Blog Interview of Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson

American Bar Assn: Parts of Patriot Act are "Offensive"

Times UK: 'Secret military unit tracked hijackers before 9/11'

American militarism and the nuclear threat today

An important distinction to make

Thank you, America! report from Crawford/Amy Branham

What's The "Situation" With "The Situation Room?"

Cindy Sheehan | Her Voice Serves Us All

This seems too good to true (Plame)

MoDo: Why No Tea and Sympathy?

Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian): We miscalculated in the Middle East

Atomic truths plague prize coverup

Living with fallout from nuclear blasts

Orphan Nagasaki, by Harvey Wasserman, The Free Press

Jesus and public prayer: My response to a local conservative

The Corporate Empire Rules the Planet: A View from Europe

Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

Cindy Sheehan to be arrested?

Our Letter To Cindy!

Please Contact CNN, MSNBC... They Aren't Covering Cindy Sheehan's Story!

Kudos for Cindy: Federal intimidation quietly continues in NY State


Anti-nuclear protesters arrested at Trident base

Cindy Sheehan awareness campaigns, any ideas for DIY?

Hey people, someone (supposedly) from the Beacon wants to talk to DUers:

SUGGESTION QUICKLY for whoever is going to /in Crawford.

Why I [Won't Go to] the Aurora Bush Protest, by iconoclastic cat

Ask your Rep to join Conyers/15 others re letter to * to meet C. Sheehan

REMINDER: Please Contact CNN, MSNBC... They Aren't Covering Cindy Sheehan' Up and Running! Come here for housing, rides, events

Bill Press read my letter about the LW air personalities getting

what the hell happened to The Connection -- WBUR????

Cindy Sheehan ( Video ) Good Morning America

Need a WV-area PC-builder - Some business for you.

Stossel jumps on the consoviet bandwagon in the war on PBS

nancy disgrace is disgusting!

NWA mechanics and other employees rally at state capitol (MN)

SF School Employees Threaten to Strike (CA)

Akron Teachers To Vote Wednesday On Deal (OH)

Federal Government Indicts Sutter for Unlawful Lockout (CA)

Ringgold, teachers union make some progress toward contract (PA)

Workers at seven nursing homes authorize strike (MN)

USW Outraged by Ormet's Refusal to Pay Property Taxes

Malaysians Warned To Wear Face Masks - Globe & Mail

IEA Warns Australia Double Secret Probation Climate Plan Inadequate

Spotted Owl Numbers Declining At Twice Fed Scientists' Predictions

SW Alaskan Sea Otters Listed As Threatened Species - ADN

"Quiet investing" going on in renewable energy.

Water Behind Deadly Clash at Monterrico Peruvian Mine Site

NW China Facing Problems From Desertification, Water Loss, Population Gain

President Bush Signs Pro-Solar Energy Bill

Chernobyl ecosystems 'remarkably healthy'

GM maize cleared as animal feed (Europe)

Dubai reaches for the sky

Future Combat System

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

A lynching is a lynching

Will Sharon Leave Likud?

Professor Shahin: Muslims Had Nothing to Do with 9/11 Attack on ESB

need links to stories reporting 7 of the 9/11 hijackers being alive

UK paper publishes major story on 9/11

OK, 9/11 skeptics. Explain to me why I should believe AA 77 hit

Able Danger

Look at who signed the 9/11 Truth Statement

Tracking the Terror Money

The Simpsons Pre-Sages WTC Explosive Collapse

Major 9/11 exposee article in UK Daily Mail

Has Anyone Been Posting on the 9/11 Board More Than Two Years?

Don't abandon Ohio to election thieves: My letter to John Kerry

Question: Do you believe Ohio's judges have kept the 2004 machines intact?


Mark Crispin Miller, None Dare Call it Stolen on NY Radio Now!

Reform Ohio Now --- AP Article - Voters Fed Up

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 8/10/05

Update on the Arnebeck et al rebuttal to the Brazile/DNC Ohio whitewash

Sequoia Spanked in Federal Court Round One; back to state court

Bob Fitrakis to visit West Coast on a book tour

OK, OK... DAVID COBB told me to go ahead and post this...

Brian Webb (folk singer/songwriter) heading to CA

SF Residents invited to help test voting machines -- 3 days left

DVD: BBC Documentary - "The Power of Nightmares"

(Coingate) Noe charged a $10K contribution to Arnie on his company AmEx

Teachers, schools superintendent sue governor over school funding

Southern California Cindy Sheehan show of solidarity. (keep this kicked.)

Nekkid swimmer in Marin

WCVB Channel 5 in Boston finally covered Cindy

Well, that was a heckuva storm!

Coleman and Pawlenty starring at Kelly fundraiser (St. Paul mayor's race)

What happened to Nick Coleman on Air America Minnesota?

Instlling an ethernet card on Dimension 4100. Any tips?

Do you use a UPS?

Need a WV-area PC-builder - Some business for you.

A hardware question: What kind of hardware do servers for eBay and

Kerry/Edwards to drop out of Cobb v Blackwell?

Chris Bell in Corpus Christi 8/16

Who is behind "Draft John Sharp"?

Poor in Texas to see higher power bills

Join Cindy at a press conference in Austin tomorrow Aug. 10 @noon

Judge again orders TRMPAC officials to stand trial

Hey everyone in North Texas, Guy James is coming to town and going

Austinites - is there a car pool scheduled to go to Crawford Thurs?

Need directions once I get to Crawford. Where would one find those?

Going to Aurora, IL, to protest Bush** tomorrow? Wisconsin Public Radio...

PROTEST - Why were the posts on the passing of Johnson Publishing

Last night I was flipping back and forth between Dateline and 60 Minutes

1835 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I just saw the most offensive ad on MSNBC

Petition to Bush: Meet with Cindy: please DU

Why Won't Scooter Libby Grant Judith Miller a Personal Waiver?

MODS: I'd like to make a plea regarding 9/11 posts in this forum . . .

need links to stories reporting 7 of the 9/11 hijackers being alive

Bush approval percent close to 40, Hillary close to 70!!!! LMAO!!!!

Cindy on Laura Flanders AAR NOW!

"Looting of Baghdad in days after Saddam's fall has never really ended"

I'm off to bed but first I wanted to say thank you to everyone here at DU

Where's the corporate MSM coverage of Cindy?!?

Who's the "liberal media" now that Rather and Jennings are gone?

Offensive "support the troops" magnetic bow-liable to get your car keyed

Have you lit your candle for Camp Casey yet?

Bernie Ward is very critical of Peter Jennings.....

American Green Card Lottery program benefits

What the HELL is Christian Rock?

An action you can take to help Cindy

Doctors can prescribe a pet..UK will pay £1,000 to "fill" rx.

Iraq ... Iran ... Mars (cartoon)

Sticker shock over shell shock - US Government review PTS cases

Discovery waved off for for first attempt due to weather.

Ray Taliaferro just called a caller an "asshole"

#1 Iraq view I am hearing from wingnuts now:

Bernie Ward to discuss Cindy Sheehan in last hour of his program


Newmont on trial for polluting water

I'd like to have the Tums concession for Nasa about now.

They are trumping up fake "good economic news" to try to help Bush

Watch and listen live Discovery landing on Yahoo.

Cindy just interviewed on Good Morning America

Australian London bombing victim hits out at political rhetoric !

Articles of impeachment and indictment for high crimes and misdemeanors

Newt on NPR yesterday?

Women need not apply

I just got to talk on Cspan!

Nagasaki survivors urge nuclear ban

Is Monica Crowley a Kook-Aid drinker?

Have the C-Span callers recalled the Colin and Condi said that Saddam

Caption this - Bolton in the UN

Is there any more word about the bombing in Iraq today?

NPR talking about Cindy now n/t

Roberts' children are actually IRISH!?!

William Pitt's Sheehan / Crawford article makes front page of Google News

Will Hannity and Chris Matthews have news desks in Crawford?


any day now, the Swift Boat Moms for War will Attack Cindy as a traitor

Wingnuts with herrings abound on Hoffmania!!

Now that you have been "sucked in" to the credit card and re-finance

List of wingnut grievences against peter jennings on iraq

School trustee in trouble over Free Republic website posts

CODE PINK Hunger Strike In Support Of Cindy! They Want You In Crawford!

"what's the mission because the mission changes everytime"

The Pentagon has concluded that the war “is not winnable in the near term”

US seeks to beef up troops in Iraq

Gorgeous Blonde DU Babe needed near Waco. Get there & go MISSING ASAP!

For Central Time Zoners..Cindy Sheehan coming up on GMA...ABC.

Cindy Sheehan getting good international coverage.

Mary Matalin on Imus this morning spammer Scott Richter to pay $7 Million settlement

Here it is, the first democratic presidential bid for 2008

NYTimes article re Cindy... email to all

Venezuela: DEA tapping domestic intelligence agencies

Discovery has completed a deorbit burn and started descending

The Neocons don't need most people to believe Bush

Michael Savage is an A**hole!

Is there a good source of the waste and pork barrel projects in the GOP

Housing Bubble and Bush

Here is what we are up against in Iraq

War of the weed -Public lands are seeing an explosion in pot growing

Did they ever find any remains from the Challenger Disaster?

Workin' For Jesus

Cindy: Let's do a heads up on thursday-she might need a lawyer

Dan Savage guest blogging for Andrew Sullivan...

Where's he going to hide? How will he escape? >>>

President Nixon resigned August 9, 1974

Marie Cocco: Bush's oilmen got it all wrong in Iraq

Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00. They let them stay....

Bubble Bursting: There is no media coverage of Cindy Sheehan

Why do I keep seeing the Heritage Foundation on Fox News?

Witches For Cindy Sheehan!

New Telemarketing ploy - You cant hang up!!!?

U.N. in urgent Iran nuclear talks

Why Iran will lead to World War 3

New t-shirts should read: "We support The Troops...Not The President"

Rush Wannabe Brian Maloney still pushing AAR attack pieces

what was the deal with Novak cursing and walking out ? my mother wants to

Image of a FREEPER on the Internet

Timetable? We don't need no stinkin' timetable....GW Bush

With assist from Internet, GI in Iraq watches daughter's birth 6,000 miles

Bush On Exit Strategies.

Funny cartoon from Op-Ed page of Gainesvile (Florida) Sun

Ok, who made up the street name Prairie Chapel Road? How many

(VIDEO) First installment of Indecision 2008

Offshoring Opponents

URGENT! Kerry/Edwards to pull from lawsuit in Ohio - Contact EVERYONE!

Brilliant Tony Auth cartoon re: Intelligent Design ROFLMAO!!

bush will NOT meet with the enemy, Cindy Sheehan

The Fallen Died for a Noble---er, uh, Nobility Cause

I went to summer camp with Jack Abramoff and then....

Two Whole Months & One Week since dubya's last press conference

The 2nd American Civil War has begun...Hawk kills Dove in KY

Tax-amendment group postpones vote,Blackwell to fight reform issue instead

Cindy Sheehan to be on AAR at 11:30am EDT today

Support Our Troops in Paraguay

Stolen 'religious left" Google ranking

down Miami way, RICARDO BROWN of LA HORA DE LA VERDAD WDLPTV says of Cindy

Cops hunt gang tagged in cannibalism


American Jews Who Have Beef With Israel's Palestine Policy

While troops and Iraqis are dying, this Freeper is living...

Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford; Gold Star and Militar

How credible is this guy?

European Papers have given some coverage to Cindy's plight.

O.K. Cindy, you wanna talk to me? Let's talk, bring it on!

Most Bush supporters are against Cindy Sheehan and protestors?

Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00

Ques: Multiple tours of duty in Iraq by State?

Stripes letters: A crock of nonsense/Bring troops home/Sheen shows support

NYT: Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00 (MUST READ)

My first Anti War video attempt.

The Working Vacation (CAPTION)

I really wish Bill Clinton would stop screwing up America.

Has anyone read through the new Transportation Bill?

Oil hits $64.27 a barrel, not a word from Bush & Co. to Americans

How is this LTTE worded?

Cindy Sheehan on with Thom Hartmann now -- link

Blast Maps for your zip code

What should I buy next?

Let's All Play "What if Clinton had refused to meet Mrs. Sheehan"?

President Bush in Madden NFL 2005 (Jeb too)

More about Stephen Hadley, whom Bush sent to talk to Cindy Sheehan.

NEW -DU Greeting Card Thread For Those Stationed At Camp Casey in Crawford!

picture the scene between Bush and Cindy

"The Guy James Show" will originate from Crawford Texas Saturday

"They died for a noble cause"

Question on purchasing Toyota Prius

Civilization's war against the primal peoples of the world continues:

DU this poll - Ronald Reagan Boulevard

Peak OIL Enters Mainstream Debate!...BBC


Editorial/opinion support for Sheehan (Post them here!)

A word from Harry Truman on war profiteers

One of Sheehan's Lawyers has set up a blog to report from Camp Casey

H2O, are you around today? n/t

Did Roosevelt betray Eastern Europe at Yalta?

Thank you, America! A Report from the Vigil in Crawford.

Please crititique my flyer..

All (almost) of my reps are women, Democrat women.

dear POPPY BUSH ... you are reportedly an ex-president who DID or DOES

Raw Story: Mother protesting at Crawford ranch speaks out

Sam Seder (of Majority Report on AAR) and Nikki are parents

Hey, news networks! Let's see satellite trucks in Schiavo numbers...

DU this poll

Your Trivial "News Article" of the Day


Note on the Tom Flocco site and Chi Prosecutor fired story--update...

Anyone have a good Cindy Sheehan Avatar Image ?

The Power of Nightmares - on DVD

This is an administration VOID of accountability and truth

Peter Jennings on the Iraq War (A good read for his critics)

How come Hiroshima is habitable?

Is that white truck not the equivalent of a white horse?

A Hypothetical scenario concerning south american adoptions of Irish kids.

In G. W. Bush, God and our Troops I TRUST

The DLC website has no message board

INN on FSTV -- Cindy Coverage!!

Telemarketing companies to start calling cell phones!

CIA prevented arrest of Nuclear spy in 70's

U.S. Service Member and at Least 16 Suspected Rebels Killed in Afghan

Why Does the US Buy Flu Vaccine from France??

I'm with Cindy! I want some answers!

Conservative US braced for drugs and the suburbs (TV show "Weeds")

I have written an information email re: Cindy w/ pics & links

True Majority raising funds for Cindy!

Pregnant Woman in Islamic Dress Assaulted

U.S. Army dumps general for personal misconduct (of a sexual nature)

This makes The Countdown on MSNBC

Bush shuns science - Austin American Statesmen editorial

"Flip-flopping" Americans why are conservative bloggers attacking her?

Unconfirmed Sources today is HILARIOUS (Re: Cindy)

Convergent Evolution in Poison Frogs

The only way to frame us anymore is anti-American, terrorist lovers

Abdullah's Farm in Riyadh, August 5, 2005 (

Old Article: Water Wars Looming

For Cindy Sheehan: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter From Birmingham Jail

What if Bush gives in and actually meets with Cindy Sheehan?

Lunch for Cindy and group - Please Help!

The Power of Nightmares

Bush: The Crawford Coward. Let's spread it around.

Air America Radio News in Denver - Why the switch to CBS "News"?

How can a neo-con be a Christian?

1970: Nixon's pre-dawn visit to anti-war protesters at Lincoln Memorial

Who would we say was the greater War Criminal, Saddam or Milosevic?

I have arranged to have potties delivered to Crawford, need a bit of help

Cindy Sheehan is asking the country to come to Crawford (quote from Cindy)

Is Scotty on vacation too? Yesterdays was Duffy-Cindy questions

Paul Hackett calls Rush a "fatass drug addict"!

The wingnut Clinton blame game


This is worth reading...

Is it time to bombard congress with mails and call against attacks on Iran

A DU thank you thread for BOSSHOG and all his military buddies...

Help from any Mods please?

Latest hate crime targets Torah Academy

Action alert, letters to local media to support cindy

Gene Spafford asked to audit voting machine audit logs

The worst song in the history of the universe?

Is it immoral to buy Haliburton Stock before we invade Iran if

Bush speaking of economy on MSNBC

Sheehan Draws Tears of Support (Z Magazine)

Still no PayPal account for Cindy?


A thought: Bush will meet with Cindy, but plant a pro-war military mom...

Ad Campaign Says Roberts Backed Violent Protesters

"You don't roll out a new product in August"

Stormfront grows a thriving neo-Nazi community

Minutemen fly nazi flag at rally

Somebody please explain to me why

Need suggestions for a Dem meeting tomorrow.

CNN just relates coincidence of Bush ratings slide and Cindy

Anyone know the deal with this site re: Bush, Cheney indictments

Sheehan is sad but poetic justice : coffins are hidden, the grief cannot

No Stopping, No Standing, No Parking on Right of Way on Prarie Chapel Road

I opened to the obituaries in my local paper today (Cleve Plain Dealer)

bush should be PRE-EMPTIVELY Impeached before he kills us all

How is that planes can land in bad weather and the shuttle can not?

True Majority is fundraising for Gold Star Families!

New Evidence Links Iran to 9/11...yeah, that's the ticket!

Doh! We don't need to kill people for oil!

my letter to public radio RE: cancelling The Connection

I'd like to see a busload of entertainment industry types show up....

Happy to hear Stephanie Miller this AM in NE Ohio, but please

Crawford Coward Undergoes Extreme Makeover? -PIX->>>

23rd Qualm

"Grand Theft Auto " is out, "Bible Games" is in

test - we are putting radio tags on foreigners coming into US

Breaking News!!!!!! Of earth shattering proportions!!!!!!!

Randi Rhodes talking about Cindy Sheehan now (3:36)

Gather Round, My Children -PIX->>>

Hidey Hole George

So there's little Kyra again....

I want to see Cindy Sheenan in handcuffs

bush Worried about meeting with Cindy Sheehan...(photo)

Could Clinton or Carter be convinced to meet Cindy? Stand with her?

So, Did They Land Discovery In The Middle Of The Night "Just In Case?"

Watching Pentagon press briefing...

what the hell happened to The Connection -- WBUR????

Don't tell Will Pitt Not to go to Crawford cause he'll fucking go anyway

Progressives and the Democrats 08 and beyond

Can someone shoot me driving directions from Austin to Crawford?

Big Eddy Schultz still carrying Cindy Sheehan story

Speaking of social commentary...

I Have No Strong Opinion About Going to Crawford!!!!

Fort Hood Identifies Soldier Found Dead In Killeen Apartment

Did the AAR stream just die for anyone else?

CNN just exposed the "ranch" and FINALLY admitted that the

Bush - Cheney Indicted??

Yeah, Discovery Landed..Cheers for Women Drivers Everywhere

Cindy on Randi NOW.

Conyers on Ed Schultz (AAR) denies Cindy a threat to security

Popularity Contest

In case you didn't know, RUNAWAY BRIDE started her community service

Conservative Group to Oppose John Roberts (via Aravosis)

OK, I was wrong about the Coward's makeover -PIX->>>

Jeanine Pirro: "HILLARY needs to explain herself"

If CNN fired Bob Nofacts--what is your guess that FAUX would hire him?

Catapulting the propaganda

Want to go to DC on9/24... but will need assistance.

Congressman Conyers is behind Cindy

Military Transformation - "Future Combat System (FCS)"

Remember the "last throes" comment?

oh god oh god...ooooooooh DEAR GOD!

Two great LTTE

I'm assuming CIndy has a good FREE lawyer coming???

1838 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Just In on CNN: "The Situation Room" on the air!!!!!

Make a sign of support for Cindy and put in your car.

How long does it take to drive from Waco to Camp Casey ?


Iraq insurgents are Nazis: Rumsfeld

Got this off freereep

"Her son gave his life, can't he at least LEND an ear?"

Cindy Sheehan Posters, Flyers,Bumperstickers, etc

KTVQ (Montana) asks democrats to change controversial ad

Rummy on Iran: "You only know what you know. That is a big border."

Is Porter Goss the James Schlesinger of this Administration?

Cindy Sheehan did not question Bush when she met him in 2004

The Death of Charles Warren

McCarthyism + Watergate + Vietnam = Bushco!

Channel 13 - Houston

Iraq stats tell grim story

Cindy Sheehan on Randi right now!

Cindy on w Ed Shultz now!


Did you hear the clip on Randi? George Bush's answering

has everyone seen this already?

Could Somebody Please Give Some Good News?

cnn REALLY pushing homeland defense all day long

cnn REALLY pushing the war on IRAN all day

Anyone having trouble listening to AAR? I think big brother is

Jeb in '08? I hope I am wrong, but...

Is it a Million Crawford March yet ?

Passports to go to Canada?

PHOTOS....Bush: 'The economy is STRONG!!!'

Vietnam and Iraq deaths by year


Mick Jagger has a new song about Bush called "Sweet Neo Con"

Anything on Cindy on the news this evening? let's keep track here

SIGN support/solidarity 4 Cindy Sheehan at FaithfulAmerica

Cindy Sheehan's new web site is.....

Randi can be nice. Randi can have mercy, but by God, I shall have none.

WilliamPitt interview on Truthout...

Why isnt' Clarke going to Crawford?

Is anyone else wildly jealous...

My letter to Rep. and Sens. regarding Iran - I've lost much civility

Iraq is sooooo yesterday! IRAN, IRAN, IRAN

Should the United States Have Invaded Iraq?

never mind...


Report from Crawford

Hats off to Randi Rhodes for defending our troops

Rummy is getting heat from the press in news conf. msnbc and others.

Thieves Spent 3 Mos. on Brazil Bank Tunnel

Too much brush to clear?

Any Irish here offended by th Notre Dame mascot?

Heard this on CBC-AM this morning

The Lone Star Iconoclast Online ~ cindy update

FCC extends wiretap rules to the Internet


Finding public property in Crawford Texas

August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon's resignation became effective at noon.

Hillary Clinton Getting Fund Raiser Money From Videogame Industry ?!

Tom Toles on creationism

What is "skype"?

Are Cindy and co. literally standing ankle-deep in a muddy drainage ditch?

Jesus didn't "Support the Troops" of his day.....

I need help asap, is there anyone here that has the ?W graphic from

Since oil company profits are up 40+ %, why don't they

Have The Democrats In Congress Sold Out The Core Values Of Our Party?

This is it folks.

Help Cindy Sheehan now organization thread

It's extremely difficult to adopt from most of "Latin America"

PHOTO: The late Casey Sheehan's mom.

I'm sending some postcards to The White House. Re: Cindy

Should sports fanaticism trump race relations?

My LTTE to my hometown newspaper, the Vacaville Reporter (re: Cindy)

Someone on another message board wrote that unemployment

I hate to say this - but....

bush: we're very suspicious of Iran's Nuclear 'Desires'

Cindy didn't criticize Bush in 2004?

Cindy being slammed on fox news orielly...n/t

Does anyone know what they are saying about Cindy in the foreign press?

An Indian Mascot used "In Honor" of Native Americans...

FCC Hires Conservative Indecency Critic

PAYPAL account for Cindy?

Nude Anti-War Protestor Arrested in NYC Today! You Go Girl!!!

nancy disgrace is disgusting!

#ush's body language means deception

Backdrop where media reports from not part of shrub ranch....

"Analysis: Iraq statistics tell grim story"

Bible Question

LA show of solidarity for Cindy (cross linked) [keep kicked]

Cindy Sheehan is on radio 96.9 WXTK in Boston right now -4:05pm

Hey does anyone know which side of the fence AARP is on?

I Am Now A Gallup Panel Member: Ask Me Anything.

Sam Seder's wife had their baby!

Do any ex-Soviet era Russians see parallels in this Regime ?

My letter to Tierney - re meth/drug war

Does Cindy Sheehan Have An E-mail Address or...

What Cindy Sheehan and Andy Stephenson have in common.

if Roberts children actually from Ireland, Irish govt should investigate

John Conyers' letter to Scooter Libbey

Progressive Democrats of America plan Seattle vigil for Cindy

Simple reason why moron* won't meet with Cindy...

Mark Crispin Miller, None Dare Call it Stolen on NY Radio Now!

WOOT - I Got on myself Quoted on The Majority Report

If Bill Clinton is at fault for 9/11, I say BRING IT ON!

Does your annual physical include chest x-rays, if

Signs of the Apocalypse?

I am flummoxed by BushCo and their ersatz fealty to each other.


These words of the presidon't make me wonder....

Gitmo: A tropical vacation, two fruits and Harry Potter too?

Medical People--Question please about privacy

Christian Groups Press Bush About North Korea

Where Has Dan Rather Been?

Sincere question: is there "productive stuff" to do there besides

Mom vs. Bush (warning: RW BS alert)

Crawford Area Freepers encouraged to protest....

24/7 covered the Schiavo feeding tube removal 24/

Did Bush DELIBERATELY allow Bin Laden to escape from Tora Bora?

Here is an aerial satellite view of Crawford

I look forward to the time...

Cost of Iraq War August 9th- $186,470,062,577

(CA) State government missing 30,000 vehicles

How You Can Support Cindy Sheehan

If Cindy is arrested on Thursday, do we just keep showing up

Pro-Venezuelan/Anti-Saudi gas companies

Okay...didn't hear back from Coca Cola today

Is Kieth O going to cover Cindy in Texas?

NYT: Film Echoes the Present in Atrocities of the Past

Franken Cracks iTunes’ Top Five

Ted TURNER to Join FONDA on the Protest Bus

Is this what Bush means about spreading democracy and freedom?

Best medicated American Citizens? Drug Reps.

Welcome to the Third World- Watching the U.S. Economy Crumble

Republican in the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial race.

Another 'name the "Ranch" poll'

Language: 'Mismanaging the War In Iraq'

Hmmmm...look what I got in my email from the Naval Reserve

What the puck?

cindy on aar now. n/t

Dears, I'm telling you, the weekend is going to be TOO LATE.

Newsnight update on the runaway bride coming up

I'm trying to post Google Earth Image of Camp Casey

(VIDEO)Jennings tribute, report on 10th Anniversary of Nixon resignation

If you had a month off with pay what would you do?

IF Shrub would meet with Cindy, how could he possibly answer

Laura "If this war is so justified, why aren't your children serving?"

Yahoo! My buddy T on radio! re Arrest Actions in Support of Cindy!

o'liely is about to talk about cindy on a replay of his show (central) n/

RFID Tags in British License Plates

What percentage of the profits from "Support Our Troops" magnets

The professional class and the elite are leaving Iraq

Poppy Bush and Cheney go wild in Saudi

Suggestion for any artists/writers going to Crawford

Jagger rocks Bush, Rice -- How come you're so wrong,

Sibel Edmonds and David Rose on Democracy Now! tomorrow

Why the hell did Cheney go do the adult work in Saudi land ?

anyone interesting in flying w/ me to Austin from Columbus OH?

Jose Padilla: Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 3 Years and 93 Days

Viet Nam: When did it go from a conflict to a war?

As the numbers increase at Camp Casey, who will they call out?

What Cindy Sheehan in Crawford needs


Treasure Sec'y Snow: High prices are best way to conserve energy

Iran is not in violation of the NPT so what is the problem??

Crawford: 4th of July, Mardi Gras, Valentine's, Halloween all at once

POLL: Should Crawford protest continue Bush's whole vacation?

Why do Freepers hate right and truth ??

"The Amazing Hypocrites" by Cindy Sheehan

Saw Bill Maher at a book signing this evening...

Draft Cidy Sheehan for her congressional or Senate seat in 06! which state

Do you watch Al Gore's new television station, Current?

CNN's Situation Room: ANY word on Cindy? They're covering

New York - the nanny state

Republican politicians don't have the strength of character to rule.

Do we have any word from Crawford today?

So NBC said they won't cover Cindy?

SUGGESTION QUICKLY for whoever is going to /in Crawford.

The Kings of Asia Are Gathering: But Why?--Global Politician

Why won't Bush meet with Cindy?

Wife Of Christopher Reeve Says She Has Lung Cancer

We need to be careful about the Crawford protest so we don't look like

CROSS//POST: A not-to-be-missed Robert Scheer LAT editorial BLASTS Bush

Randi Rhodes said...

I found the company that censored Michael Moore and Buzzflash in Canada!

Huge plant explosion in Michigan near Ann Arbor

We need a RIDE SHARE BOARD on DU !!!

"Google Sibel Edmonds" Blogroot campaign.

Why!! isn't Democracy Now covering CIndy Sheehan's civil

Christopher Reeve's Wife Has Lung Cancer

Because it is my curse to have no emotions....

Wayne Madison Report.... US troops in Paraguay for Rev Moon.....

A picture of the Bush Billboard in NewZealand

My reply to a hateful e-mail

It's official: Roberts' adoptions are questionable

Occupied Iraq: Boys Forced By Criminal Gangs Into Sex Work, U.S. Silent

16 Democrats call on Bush to meet mother of fallen soldier

Is this you?

What One Mom has to Say to Bush...(“That lying bastard, George Bush,..)

Guardian: Prescott Bush's business with the Nazis. If the swastika fits!

Mick jagger's swipe at Dumbass: Sweet Neo Con

Cindy's "Flip-flop" is her chief strength...

31 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

I can't go to Crawford. What can I do for Cindy?

Sociopath: Does this describe anyone we know?

Is Olberman covering this?

Watching the Economy Crumble

Report from Cindy - Day 3

Truthout is going to Crawford

So do I look ready for Texas?

I May Be Crazy! But, I Believe Crawford Is THE Event! "Our Ukraine"!

US mulls sanctions against Venezuela


Ed Schultz is an idiot

Post Your Favorite One-Liners from Democrats!!

Do Not Listen To The Naysayers! DO GO TO CRAWFORD!

Would you have supported the war if they hadn't lied?

Good Morning DU, Day 4, Camp Casey, Crawford, TX

Housing bubble and who it benefits..... and "possibly" how it has

Bush is No Nixon

I'm saying a little Prayer AGAINST bush

Join Cindy Sheehan, true Sheroe!In person or flood WH Switchboard Wed morn

Fight the Rove Republican smear tactics

Diebold's Dire Quarter by The Motley Fool........

A perfectly delightful young woman as my seat mate on a flight last night

WE need to put CAMERAS in CRAWFORD--Computer cameras.

NARAL anti-Roberts Nomination Advertisement

OUTRAGE: Bunny Greenhouse, Halliburton whistleblower may lose her job

Is it ME, or is it Rita Cosby?

So I just had a run-in outside of Planned Parenthood..

Some religions don't have a prayer

"Corporate Whores Online"

I'm trying to think of war as entertainment. I really am.

Saturday Night Massacre? BRING IT ON! Why Fitzgerald is UNTOUCHABLE.

What did the govt know BEFORE 9/11----CBS Evening News....holy shiiiiit

I'm about to head out to defend 1st Amendment rights locally in my town!

Here's some photos (Warning Graphic!) of Lou Dobbs real "Minutemen"

Re mass turn in of mothers to police if Cindy arrested

Cultural Issues are Biggest Obstacle for Democrats - Democracy Corp.

A post from Crawford on what's needed...if you are going

Would Harry Truman let a Gold Star mother wait in a ditch to see him

O'Reilly explains Daily Show fans. [audio clip]

Maureen Dowd (NYT) on Cindy....

DAVID COBB told me to go ahead and post this...

An update on the nut who assaulted me outside Planned Parenthood.

Did you notice that the "balls" Dems/DU were lookin' for belong to women?

Did anybody see Katie Couric's "Gone with the Wind" faux-pas?

Tuesday TOONarama

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Just off the phone with the folks in Crawford...

The President's Tone And Demeanor Are Telling:

Just reported this eBayer for his listing against Cindy Sheehan.

Do any DUers oppose Bush, yet think the Iraq Invasion was NOT a mistake?

PayPal for Cindy is up and running

All the DU Cindy Sheehan threads here!

Turning the Gasoline/Refinery Business in the US into a Utility?

Depleted uranium is WMD

Sequoia Voting defeated in Fed Court in Rnd 1; A New Breed Cong. Candidate


This Wabamun Lake spill could be a HUGE environmental disaster

Just got back from NB and PEI. Wish I coulda stayed. You guys have

The new chauvinism

Interview with a former MI6 spook

North-south divide emerges over UK's best places to live

Time to return to Keynesian economics?

BBC website: Lib Dem front bench, click on Defence

Something the Hijack

Sun lounger towel annexation declared illegal

Debate looms on China uranium sale/Australia

Venezuela warns against US invasion

AP: Gunmen Kill 5 Policemen In Baghdad

Biohazard detection equipment to make Terre Haute mail safer

U.S. to increase military presence in Iraq

U.K. Citizen Charged in U.S. Terror Plot

New disappeared charges in Chile

Helen L. Phillips, opera soprano who broke color barrier, dead at 86

Iraq Troop Levels Likely To Rise

Dissident: Tehran Has 4,000 Centrifuges


Supply Worries Push Oil Near $64

Yeah, Discovery Landed..Cheers for Women Drivers Everywhere

Peak OIL Enters Mainstream Debate!...BBC

Iran says will drop nuclear pledges if attacked

Secret terror courts considered (UK)

'Walking in Memphis' singer shot in head, survives

Gunmen Kill Eight Policemen in Baghdad

Why don't some patients take their medicines? Lack of trust is main reason

Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00

Drudge focuses on Vacaville mom (Cindy Sheehan swiftboating)

Baghdad Mayor 'Ousted By Gunmen'

San Quentin Has Largest Riot Since 1982

Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00 (info ignored under Bush

Suspect: Bombs not meant to harm (UK 7/21)

Dissident: Tehran Has 4,000 Centrifuges

Christopher Reeve's Wife Has Lung Cancer

Report: News Corp. courts Democrats

LAT/AP: Bush, Economic Team Gather at Texas Ranch

4 Star General "Relieved of Command" Developing Story

Rules for Morning-After Pill May Come Soon

Iraq’s 1st Brigade lacks basics

Lack of Abu Ghraib abuse charges queried

Chavez: U.S. will ''bite the dust'' if it invades Venezuela

Experts see no sign of end to gasoline price increases

Correctional Officer Shot at Courthouse (Inmate escaped in TN)

Poll shows most Americans feel more vulnerable

Pakistan: Arrested Al-Qaeda Operative had European Maps in Laptop

Reuters: U.S. Soldier Killed in Ramadi

Dream of owning home slips further from some | AP

Sheriff of Treviso Outlaws Kaftans

Massive Suicide Bombing Near US Convoy in Baghdad

U.S. soldier dies in southern Afghan fight

Egyptian Chemist Detained Over Connection in London Bombing Set Free

Jagger mauls Bush (Stones song "Sweet Neocon" Bush: "full of sh*t")

U.S. Army Relieves Four-Star General Of Duties

Bush's Afghan warrior at heart of Iraq negotiations (Khalilzad)

Cook died of hypertensive heart disease - autopsy: BBC breaking

Iran's wish to return to talks is 'positive' - Bush (still suspicious)

NASA Skips Discovery's 1st Landing Attempt (Tues.)

British woman jailed after swimming into U.S. from Canada

NY Times Report: Military Knew 9/11 Hijackers Before Attacks

WSJ: News Corp. Switches On Charm Offensive (woos Democrats)

Lack of Abu Ghraib abuse charges queried

US accuses Iran of supplying Iraqi insurgent bombs

(Katherine) Harris Kicks Off Her Senate Campaign

Fed lifts rates 10th time (now at 3.5%)

Nicaraguan Congress postpones vote on pact (CAFTA)

Peta's war on Aust wool industry could be over


Musicians Take Anti-War Message to D.C. ("Operation Ceasefire")

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 9 August

Analysis: Iraq statistics tell grim story

France and Saudis knew of plans to attack UK

Dallas Morning News: Christopher Reeve's widow has lung cancer

Bernanke says US housing prices to stabilize over time

Microsoft Receives $7M in Spam Settlement (Spitzer Lawsuit)

Campus (Military) recruiting issue heads to high court (Banning)

Dem blocks Bush nominees for documents

Conservative Group to Oppose John Roberts

From Superstition to Savagery


Group: Climate change pushing wildlife north

CIA 'let atomic expert Khan go'

Bush: Foundation set for continued economic growth

War against terrorism to reach its logical end: Musharraf

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias is clear favorite in local governments elect

LAT: Despite Illegal Status, Buyers Get Home Loans

Guardian: Secret courts for terror cases

IAEA holds emergency meeting over Iran nuclear activitity

Harry Belafonte and Woody Allen Compare Bush/Israel to Nazis

CIA asked us to let (Pakistani) nuclear spy go (Dutch Ex-Prime Minister)

Insurgency could get worse: Rumsfeld (comparisons to desperate Nazi SS)

Purported al-Qaida video threatens troops ("Op. to Defeat the Crucifix")

Chertoff Differs With the Military (No Martial Law via the Pentagon???)

Nagasaki remembers atomic attack

Neither Iran, North Korea blinking

Contamination found out of state (Los Alamos accident)

Survivors of Bhopal gas tragedy protest against Dow Chemical

Radioactive waste group defends work (UK / terrorism concerns)

US Mulls Visa Ban for Iranian President--Daily Star (UN visit)

The shtetl is alive and kicking in New York

Iraq's Aziz says will not testify against Saddam

Suit: Residents harassed into Bible study

Clear Channel second-quarter earnings fall 13 percent as revenue dips

Students ask to be pushed as more real-world prep needed, survey says

EPA Proposing Radiation Exposure Limits (Yucca Mountain)

Conservative Group Pulls Roberts Support

Baghdad mayor ousted by Badr militia

Rumsfeld: Iranian Weapons Found in Iraq

Ex-WorldCom Exec Gets 1 Year and 1 day in Prison

US Considers Visa Request from New Iranian President

Snow Concedes Economic Surge Is Not Benefiting People Equally

U.S. Court Won't Block Ariz. Immigrant Law

Vets Want Apology For Anti-Gay Protest at Hero's Funeral

Nine U.S. troops die in separate incidents in Iraq

O.C., L.A. County top-five job markets

NYT: Baghdad Mayor Is Ousted by a Shiite Group and Replaced

Runaway Bride Mows Lawn of Government Building (Community Service)

Bush Taps ( ZELL)Miller to Oversee War Monuments

Falwell's 'Vote Christian' Criticized

NYT: Million Years of Safety Are Sought for A-Waste (Yucca Mt.)

Two Plead Guilty to Hezbollah Aid Attempt

(NH GOP chair) Henderson issues "Dean Decency Challenge"

"Toxic" explosion at Detroit chem plant

Gov. Bush criticizes NCAA ban on Seminoles nickname

NYT: Ohio Critics of G.O.P. Start Battle to Change Election Process

Ohio Election Activists Say Voters Fed Up

9/11 Panel Members Ask Congress to Learn if Pentagon Withheld Files on Hij

'Nobody knows' when Iraqis will be ready to takeover security: US general

Low-income Texans to see increase in electric bills

Judge Supports Charges Vs. DeLay Colleagues

3 Tons of Bad Food Seized This Year (Russia / Chernobyl legacy)

Economy not slowed by energy costs-Bernanke

U.S. to Begin Issuing Electronic Passports

Survey Shows Iraqis Do Not Support Terrorists

Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

Ex-U.N. official pleads guilty to bribes

NYT: Clinton's Challenger Says She Opposes Late-Term Abortion(Pirro flips)

NYT/AP: Bush Bypasses Senate to Install Edelman (Feith's replacement)

Congressman: Officials monitored 9/11 hijackers in U.S. a year before the

Ebony, Jet Publisher John H. Johnson Dies

WP: Roberts Papers Being Delayed

Venezuela's Chavez Presents Land Titles to Indigenous Groups

Baghdad mayor says gunmen ousted him from office

FEC Clears ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’

Evidence of female circumcision surfaces in Iraq

Venezuela warns against US invasion

Payments to Republican fundraiser under scrutiny (Carlyle Group Subpoena)

Protests unlikely to get too close (DU made the Aurora Beacon News!)

Motorcycle Fatalities Increase in Florida (thanks Jeb)

Ad Campaign Says Roberts Backed Violent Protesters

Cuban agents to get new trial after convictions overturned

Medical Company Sought an Eased Limit on Uranium

Schwarzenegger Redistricting Rejected

(Coingate) Noe Used Company Credit Card to Charge $10 grand

Falwell's 'Vote Christian' Criticized

16 Democrats call on Bush to meet mother of fallen soldier

Ruth's Chris Steak House Up in IPO (Repub company alert!)

Cuba trip will test U.S. trade policy

Conservative Group to Oppose John Roberts

Internet use threatens to overtake TV: poll

Rumsfeld says Iranian weapons found in Iraq

WP: President Bush Calls for Permanent Tax Cuts

Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers

Ad Campaign Says Roberts Backed Violent Protesters

Kansas Schools OK Scrutiny of Evolution

Forecast: oil prices to hit 70$ per barrel border

Stealing your neighbor's Net (Wi-Fi pirating trend, is it legal?)

Senior General Is Relieved of Duties

9/11 Commission to Look Into Atta Claim

Dean Predicts Changes for 2008 Primaries

Time to call it a day. Good night all.

Religious exposures in movies.

Petition to Bush: meet with cindy! please DU

Does dimson even remotely get how this Cindy Sheehan thing is hurting him?

dont you love it when

What's your opinion about kids having cephalopods?

Self Delete

The Cubs SUCK!

How do people with small handles add kids?

I found the WMD's

Whose head should we freeze next when he/she dies?

This is a boring thread.

"I'm John Lodge"...

Do you like to huddle?

I cannot determine the meaning

One more: Go to Crawford, Don't Go to Crawford

At Freeperland, you think "Mia T" is slime?

I am Mr. Lodge

I'm wrong. The Bears managed to win tonight.

"I am Federline!"

Do You Believe in Magic?

James St. James on running into Fred Phelps

A night like a monday in August... When the summers

"I'm Roger Murdoch..."

It's a Mariah Kind of night. Lonely and tired....

A weird idea for my book

neil young

"I'm Roger Lodge..."

G'Night, Folks

I'm crashing

well, it's time to crash....

Now that I have surpassed 8000 posts, I am going to bed

"I'm Roger Rabbit..."

Okay. I'm doing it. I'm caving in and going to sleep

'I'm Roger Ramjet..."

Well I went and did it

Go here. Laugh

Fark's contest for the new idaho quarter..hysterical

Bear knocks motorcyclist off of his bike

Anyone reading Funky Winkerbean? Great arc about Land Mines

Let's all laugh!

Have you ever tuned in to the middle of a TV show

Tired. Can't sleep.

NYC Radio Station To End 'Smackfest' Promotion (Women Slapping Other Women

Singer Marc Cohn Shot in Denver

Waiting fer the Tonic Blooms...

Bob Mould will be on AAR this hour (8am ET)

Just say hi so I know you're there . . . its a lonely night

Humpty Dumpty Stolen From Wall (Bronze Sculpture)

So how long does it take you to 'get ready' in the morning?

Lunch in New Orleans today. What and where?

Teen's Navel Piercing Lands Mother In Jail

Ten years ago today, on August 9, 1995

anyone ever have their monitor act up, fry, whatever?

What are you listening to?

my bear post sank like a let's try dean martin...

For Jimmy Jazz: Good Morning, DU!

Dana Reeve has lung cancer.. (CNN)

Friday night

Are there any Psychologists on the board? I have a question on

Man Tries Robbery, B&E, Carjacking then Kidnapping In One Day - Arrested

I'm rapidly losing my memory at only age 40

inside, the onLy 'van haLen' Lyrics you need

Marc Cohn's shooting suspect arrested

woohoo-just made reservations for San Fran in Sept

Since JimmyJazz thinks animals should have one day, I proclaim today to be

Great Questions of the Universe

Man, Pretending To Be Cop, Pulls Over REAL Cops (Man Also Had Coke On Him)

I'm trashing

Police: Man's Testicles Locked In Padlock

Ten years ago today, Jerry Garcia passed away

31 years ago today at noon EDT

do you ever get smitten by a DUer's 'south park image'?

One of the nuttiest things I have ever read.

Now that we have the SHuttle here in California

I only got 30 minutes of sleep last night. Don't ask me anything.

Hewlett Packard not advertising on Air America?

Ebayer listing against Cindy Sheehan.

Exercise Equipment Question:

Waiting fer the Sonic Booms...

Is JimmyJazz the boss of me?

Where did the expression "I could just eat you up" come from?

and where is LynneSin today??

The Rolling Stones don't mince words in their new anti-Bush song


W. Refuses To Meet With Cindy Sheehan, Saying,"I'm On Vacation" - Satire


JimmyJazz has a thing for Karl Rove: 'not really fat'

I do not trust my husband to choose our milk.

DU Group Proposal: JimmyJazz Obsession Disorder Support Group

So why aren't YOOOOOOU asleep?

door to door sales - whats your take?

Where did the expression "I could just beat you up" come from?

I am getting SO aggravated with the leasing office at the new apartment

Rimbaud - Genius, Degenerate or both?

Christopher Reeve's widow says she has lung cancer

Oh hell - the system's down!

Sharon Stone has declared herself a huge fan of "lesbian sports"

Flagstaff Arizona Giving Rebate To Homeowners Who Rip Out Lawns

Cathyclysmic has been diagnosed with GBD.

What's the purpose of having a remote if not to have it near you?

update on our still unnamed* adopted squid!

That will teach you to open the "candy jar" on my desk


Loo Photos Link Inside!! wOOt!

Fun international lyrics about America.

Binder Clip or Bulldog Clip??


What can we do to help LynneSin with her passive aggressive issues?

Straight men to marry (each other for tax reasons)

Do you have less respect for JimmyJazz because she's a DU tattletale?

Webcam Of A Computer Where YOU Can Change The Screensaver!

I'm very disappointed at the virulent anti-mullet tone of some DUers...

Hare Krishna

Ne raillons pas les fous;

JimmyJazz says that individual animals don't deserve a whole week.

I've got about 2 pounds of Thai Dragon peppers

I'm very disappointed at the virulent anti-mollusk tone of some DUers...

What can we do to help Sundog with his obsession for a dead squid?


California DU'ers -----------> Sonic Boom?

It's still Panda Year, dammit!

MrsGrumpy - check your PM

Man! What did I eat?

Attention all lounge lizards! If you have never been in the military...

MrsGrumpy-check your BM

Happy Birthday Amelié

I'm sorry... but I am sick of the whole dj, dij culture, mixing and

Ooh - I'd give anything for a HoHo right now!

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

you're all wrong; it's van halen millenium!

Day 3 Graphic Cindy vs W

Are jeans easy to get tailored? And what's the deal with long inseams???

The GD scares me!

The VD scares me!

What personality disorder do YOU have (quiz, not real)

Simba is dreaming about something

Is it rude to refer to Bush and Rove as Little Boy and Fat Man?

Belly Rubs!

What's the most depressed you've ever been?

One of Mr. DTBK's cute little commentaries on life

Hey, what's the beef with Katie Couric?

All You SUCKER DJ's who think yer fly....WoRD UP!!

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

I hope my DVD arrives soon!

Pray tell, why is this news?

A "nucular" idea

Tonight on VH1 at 9pm: Premiere of Green Day's new video!!

My friend just sent me an email that has me laughing my ass off.

The PD scares me

If MrsGrumpy comes to DC will she just spend all her time looking at Panda

What has been wrong with DU? Technical difficulties?

My debilitating condition has resurfaced

Worst artist in the history of the universe

I had an appointment with a Dermatologist yesterday....

A question for DU cats and their humans

Why not electric cars?

On NewMax: there is an ad targeting men who "make mistakes with women"

Do you believe in fringe?

Waaahhh! No one likes my copycats!

A question for DU hats and their cumins

cut off the bark, and the tree couLd die

HELLO, hello, hello, Is there anybody in there?

This is my 900th post!!!

Do you believe we are magic?

How loyal are you to your employer?

I need some motivation too

How many members does DU have?

Teutel with me

Lords of the Lies

Question about Windows XP update

Put your screen name into a movie or song title

Burning question of the day: Where is TomKat?

Good news. I am going back to work tonight

"Is my child becoming homosexual?" AARGH!!

I need some motivation

damn, $450 for two round trip tiks to San Fran

Husband and wife find out they are siblings

Mick Jagger has a new song about Bush called "Sweet Neo Con"

Boogie oogie oogie

Where should I stay in Houston?

Jennifer Wilbank's bridal registry still up at Macy's. Does this seem exce


The Georgia "newspaper editor" is still lurking here...

Stop being mean to me or I'll tell skinner. That means you too, Richardo!

Styrofoam and Morrissey DO NOT mix.

When did the expression "Good to go..." begin to surface?


i'm having a shitty day-- can i get a hug?


Bob Hope: Great Comedian or Hopeless reactionary?

Am I totally insane right now or what?

GD: All Cindy, all the time!

Monet's Garden

If I wanted pickles on my damn sandwich...

My heart goes out to my cousin.She lost her second daughter in 3 years

Side Split Denin Shorts for MEN!


Do you believe in Bob?

Stones Start Up NFL Deal (Monday Night Football)

Does the Air America stream always act up?

Cheers and jeers: TV Commercials

I have a fruit fly infestation, and need some advice

I just blasted David WHOREowitz at his own blog.

Your favorite euphemism for vomiting?

Mata Hari

Harry Caray

Have You Ever Flown off the handle

So far - what has been the best album of this decade (2000-2005)


From the Rat's Ass Department: "Christina: Britney's Career is Doomed"

Pictures of our lovely Canadian vacation. Thanks to our neighbors

'Walking in Memphis' singer shot in head, survives

What are good real-time alternative feeds for AAR for Randi's show?

Yay! I'm going to see PORCUPINE TREE w/ ROBERT FRIPP in New York City!!!

You are so beautiful....

I'm looking for a song. Do you know what it is??

Okay, now I'm REALLY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a bunch of news helicopters flying around my neighborhood

My parents come from Iowaay and Michigun

Looks like my area's in for a bit of the rough stuff...

Well, I'm off to class


do you believe in ghosts? ever had anything weird happen?

Goo Gone is GOO GOOD

Help me, please. A young friend of mine will have a job interview

Any EQ players being drawn back in?

Cool new Alt rock song

What was that recent movie about women's suffrage?

Gatorade or Powerade?

Is anyone else's AAR stream just about worthless right now?

Atorgade or Owerpade?

I'm Miss Portland, Oregon

Met a DUer today.

Have any of you guys heard about this free ipod stuff?

I think some crazy bush guy flipped me off today

10 years from today...

So many shiny adjectives begin with the letters "gl"

My love is as sharp as a needle in your eye

As I was walkin' round Grosvenor Square



Post in this thread and I will get up and walk away.

Bread is being made on my stomach

RANT: Am at mercy of bullshit realty management company

Hollywood actors of the past are better than those of today.

How goes it, pretty DU people??

New Mouse

What's the most times you've ever sneezed in a row?



ethics test

I'm ready to kick this china hutch to China

Entertain me!

Which game show would you rather be on?

sundog! I think it's time for an ugly shoe thread

Kriss Kross'll make ya..... JUMP.... JUMP ---

What DUer did you first "click" with?

Are people really this stupid?

Worst social faux pas

Take a hike you Shatner stealing Mexico touchers.

Hot date coming up...eating lots of green M&M's


Microsoft warns users of THREE new 'critical' security flaws


So, ya'll ever put up a Sunsetter awning on yer house?

If I told you my last boyfriend was a conservative, would you believe it?

Artist corrects her infamous spelling mistakes ...

What's your favorite DUer screen name?




Munsters mini-maration on TV Land!

10 years ago today...

Just starting on TCM now (7PM Central) The Uninvited

My puppy likes having her picture taken. Can you tell?

Don't you dare click on this thread. You'll regret it!

What was the *second* best Star Trek film?

The Addams Family, or the Munsters?

LOOKEE what I found! What a deal! What a bargain!

Question #2, Jeannie or Bewitched??

Short-Shorts Are The GREATEST Invention! Got A Thread For YOU TOO Guys!

The Muppet Show 1st Season - Out Today on DVD - Favorite Muppet?

I want to objectify Matcom

A wonderful poem at the end of a war-weary day


Springsteen on PBS in Houston RIGHT NOWI

2 people I know have been hit by cars recently

From bad to worse

ANYone with computer cameras &batteries they are not using--CINDY help.

Lydia the Tatooed Lady

I'm going to Zoo Station

I'm trying to come up with the ultimate attention whore thread

$50 to the person who can get this bangle off my arm!

Green Day's new Anti-War Music Video premeire is coming up on VH1

Could all of the loungers PLEASE lay off the vegetables, vega and PITA?

I Am Now A Gallup Panel Member: Ask Me Anything.

alanis morrisette...

Yes, I really said this to a woman.....

$50 to the person who can get this bangle on my arm!

One More Reason to be glad I'm alive

Bush photos: High as a kite, hiding something or both?

Because he lives

KING TUT Rocks ! A Stunning and worthwhile event at twice the price!

Now that I've finished the new Harry Potter,

What do you know about emphysema?

Let's combine two Lounge faves: a lyrics thread and the gender wars

If you were an adult film star what would your name be?

What would you rather have in your pocket?

Matcom, what's for dinner?

I Am TOTALLY Offended!

Family, policeman terrorized by 3-pound attacker.

OMG....I just found out Ibrahim Ferrer sad

So why exactly is Andrew Jackson an avatar choice

Hey, hey, hey, it's the blasphemy thread!

it find it offensive

I LOVE white chocolate.

25 days until Notre Dame unleashes whup ass on college football.

Okay, i got my damned internets working

Holy cow...some dude just fell from the upper deck

You're handsome, you have a great personality, and everyone likes you

I had a dream about datasuspect last night.

I'll never understand

Anyone have any experience with Bulletproof FTP Server?

Istanbul was Constantinople

ugliest ewok ever

A Mythic Journey - with Joseph Campbell....Program Alert

So you ever hear of....Marisa Tomei?

Favorite song by They Might Be Giants

Could all of the loungers PLEASE lay off the vegetarians, vegans and PETA?

Quick Supreme Court quiz

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August, 2005

Seoul, Korean man dies after 50 hours of Video Games.

Could the people with no senses of humor


the world ends tomorrow

DU Chat tonight

Let's make something good out of the flame wars

paid the cost to be the boss

This INXS show is pretty funny

I've come to the conclusion that flamewars cause brain damage

He-Cat or She-Cat?

Another Question For An HTML Genius, or There Abouts...

Harry Chapin...(sigh)

Of course the copycat post is ........ Soap Opera Name.

OMG! What was that noise? Did anyone else hear that?

HA HA Journalist getting stoned on camera.

I love you guys!

nathan wind

Grumpybaby is Grumpy....He wants to go spend his ToysRUs

School starts tomorrow!

Potted Meat, Pickled Pork Rinds, Pickled Pig lips and

What's for dinner?

SBC screwed up and I have to use dial-up for a while..this sucks

I'm making Mr. DTBK a Big Red float

Scientific Crustaceanism

What did Frederick Douglass command the washing machine to do?

Just hit 1000 posts. Love me or hate me,

I was the person who posted "3...2...1" right before the lock!

touch me in the morning

Do you believe in (a) god(dess)?

What's Your Pet's Title?

Just saw a Kaiser Permamente commercial with Dylan's

Riding a horse while intoxicated is apparently against the law in Colorado

What's the best way to get rid of a fever?


Oh Crap - look what's coming to Georgia and the Carolinas

I think I know why so many RRR

Take back your 'Diane Rehm!' I want the other guy back.

Cocaine found in European Parliament (The Scotsman)

Panda baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me

all hail!

someone hold me

Do you believe in the GoddessOfGuinness?

Who would you rather eat: a moderate Republican

I miss panda week....

someone fold me

Someone bold me

Panda bears are spooooky looking at night....

Someone sold me

Another obvious undone ad: Ben Affleck in Aflac commercials

What would Clinton do if Cindy camped outside his vacation home?

Britcom Deathmatch

What good is a UPS? (uninterruptible power supply)

WooHoo - I have ice cream in my freezer

when i was a kid

i like this song

I'm in an extremely good mood.

i used to have a hat like this

someone scold me

Only two weeks left!

Because I'm now in a Christmas mood

I'm picking out a thermos for you

i'm in a halloween mood

Where were you when Nixon resigned?

Some animal rights leaders are bizarre. True or false.

Is sundog the new progmom?

Teeth cleaning in 2 hours at wacko dentist's office

Shape of my Heart

Would you rather date an adult film star or a panda?

Night all *wave*

If you eat meat, why don't you eat cats and dogs, too?

I feel like an idiot

I was born in the wagon of a travelling show.

A stupid question

Louvre Photos Link Inside!! w00t!

After witnessing a crash, cheerleaders turn license plate into cheer

Please Help me Identify a Movie

How do you know if your on Ignore

The best things about Vancouver....

the weeping woman

What is your favorite frozen food?

Bill Maher is on Letterman tonight.

I've posted this before, but...

Where have I gone wrong???? Where? Where? Where?

10:30 PM ... Kids still up ... School tomorrow

When's the last time you heard THIS song?

I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of you...

Penguins are cute and fun!

'kay. In a society that condemns human courage and conviction,...

Who would you rather hate?

Tie a panda baby 'round the bamboo tree, if you still want me,

I LOVE white cake.

Behind on the Batmobile payments (link)

Ten years ago today, I was in Army Airborne School

Should I go to bed?

Anti-Porn Crusader Hired by FCC

Do you think it's weird for a doctor to ask you to "pray about

Who would you rather date?

My theme movie from Ohio State is on TCM

If You Have Disabled Your User Profile...

Is Goodwill Industries a scam? I need to locate executive salaries...

"You're giving away all your power."

Fellow DUers: Do you find this look attractive?

Where is Rowdyboy?

What's it all about, Alfie?

Does your cat "chatter"?

every time you click on this post a freeper gets electro-shocked....

Fainting alert: Ladies, prepare to swoon: Van Halen lyrics inside

Post meaningless random post total enhancing topics here.

I can't possibly be related to these people.

How old is too old to wear a miniskirt?

Thundercats, Season 1, was released on DVD today.

The big "C". Everything you wanted to know about basal cell carcinoma.

Animal RIghts.

I got Stephanie Miller back--YEAAAAGHHHHH!

Jagger mauls Bush (Stones song "Sweet Neocon" Bush: "full of sh*t")

The Reds won two straight against the Cubs!!

Would everyone get off the damn PandaCam so I can see the baby?

Alan Trammell was just ejected. Ask me anything.

a fan just fell out of the upper deck at Yankee Stadium

Who should be the new yvr girl?

A question for people with indoor cats.


Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian Metal Battle Royale

My husband just found a small panda baby

I was watching the news last night and I was amazed...

Who was the best Bond?

South Korean Man Dies After Playing Video Games For 50 Hours Straight

Wake me when september ends....


Funny Things Your Pet Does

Does anyone know anyone qualified for this job?

The worst song in the history of the universe?

Best Morrissey/Smiths song?

I have this little secret that I didn't figure out until I was 25.

What Classic Movie Are You?

Post your baby picture!

Ok, I'm getting really sick of art, but here's the Rodin Museum!

GRRRR!!! I've HAD it with cc companies sending cheques to me

What penguin species are we celebrating? (part 2)

What penguin species are we celebrating? (part 3)


I miss Portland, Oregon.

I need career advice.

Should sports fanaticism trump race relations?

Dominick's has the Great Meat Sale this week!

~ is it HOT enough for ya !

Confessions of a Tightwad

Tell us three things about yourself that people might find surprising.

Who would you rather date: a moderate Republican

Post in this thread and I will make fun of your sig line!

Need wedding music help!

CONFESS!!!! Which DUers have you met live and in person

I ate a spinach sandwich the other day...

Even more vegan bashing in the lounge.


Steak House thread in LBN

Well, that was not productive.

Vegan Podcast Radio

More vegan-bashing fun in the Lounge.

Many times the right pet finds you!

I think I know why so many RRR

Pseduo-science isn't we have pseudo-math!

Canada issues warning on Viagra vision loss

Why don't some patients take their medicines? Lack of trust is main reason

Quantum information can be negative

Meteor impacts: Life's jump starter?

President of American Astronomical Society writes Bush on ID

Ancient Egyptian equivalent of the National Enquirer?

Venus Express on the Move

'Worst GM pollution incident' vanishes

Inside an Earthquake: Geologists Penetrate Fault Zone 2 Miles Down

Tampa Area Feeling Effects Of Anti-Gay Policy

Anti-Gay SF Archbishop Heads To Vatican

Open Revolt By Gay Anglican Priests

Second lawsuit is filed to block Cherokee lesbian couple's marriage

Australian Politician Quits Over Gay Blackmail

Social Security Privatization Would Disproportionately Harm Gays

New info on Iran Hangings and "rape" charge.

B.B.C. Programme on "ex-gay" centre Tuesday evening

Edge of Seventeen

Is there anyone here who can tell me how anyone

Randy Johnson MRI shows inflammation of the lumbar spine

Nice comeback Tribe!

Red Sox acquire reliever Remlinger


Can a closer be the MVP?

Boxing: Hasim Rahman vs. Monte Barret.

Bertuzzi reinstated

Demotion of Soccer Team Prompts Violence (after fixing a game)

Kenny Rogers Reinstated by Arbitrator

Mixed weekend with our rescue group

Artificial sweeteners can be deadly to dogs.

We picked up Brutus' ashes.

How may dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

Question for djmaddox1

Which Lunation Type Are You?

Transiting Saturn square natal Saturn at age 52

Anyone wanna come over to my place and siphon some milk

1,000 Crosses on the way to Crawford. All dead soldiers are Xtian, right?

Catholic Bishops should hold Justices to same standards as Kerry...

JK's 11/2-3 website post

Is Cindy Sheehan to Bush what Kerry was to Nixon?

Senator John Kerry and Congressman Gregory Meeks Partner with The Prostate

Need some understanding/information

Statement by John Kerry on the Passing of John H. Johnson

self delete

Take a deep breath everyone

I had my first Kerry dream last night

Senators John Kerry and John McCain Share Stories of Inspiration

Ok, let's get some things clear, Kerry haters...

They are bashing Kerry all over the place on GD tonite - ugh!

Winter Soldier

Hey, who appointed that bastard Bolton? (No more holidays for me)

Kerry's position on troop strength in Iraq

Most funnest thing 'bout reflection pitchers...!

Playing with reflections. My first outing gave me this.

Damn...Damn...Damn...Dana Reeve has lung cancer.

From dzika, a gift for all us Mac folks...

Where's Cindy ? Bummer, Keef :(

KOEB 8/9/05: The Floatacular

It's is everyone doing? And a big, fat thank you.

Hey, gkhouston and wolverine --

Get Your Act On! is raising funds for Cindy Sheehan with shirts and stuff

Dupe - Self-delete

New Republic Online: "The New New Deal"

More details on Dean's visit to the Rio Grande Valley last week.

Hilarious Title: The Axis of Logic...Finding Clarity in the 21Century

Anyone heard anything regarding Jesse Jackson going to

WA Times on Bush "fair & simple" tax: "Will tax reform be an increase?"

MarketWatch: "Crawford meeting designed to highlight good economy"

On Mithras and the Malkins

Dean to be on Blitzer's show tomorrow.


Democrats vs. Bullies....long overdue.

Cindy On AAR Now

Seymour Hersh coming up on AAR

Atta had been identified as a terror risk in 2000

Why do we hear so little about Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby?

John Snow: Bush "teeing up broad-based tax reform" (N.S.T.) in Crawford

Shout Out to Congress: Standing w/ Cindy Sheehan. Any Takers?

New GOP Money Laundering Scheme

43 Prairie Chapel Ranch, Crawford, TX 76638

We should start referring to Bush's Crawford TX ranch as

Ah, the Stones :)

DNC Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

Bush Still Stonewalling on National Security (DNC Release - long)

Chimpy's at the farm today, talkin' about how great the economy is

I'm building a website.....

Clinton may have believed that Iraq had WMDs but Clinton did NOT invade

Good column this morning in the Boston Globe re: Cindy Sheehan.

I am writing all IWR yes-voting Senators about Cindy Sheehan.


ZNet: Sheehan Draws Tears of Support: "She's a strong woman"

Support Cindy Sheehan (look, another ribbon to put on your car!)

Krauthammer in TIME: Let's Have No More Monkey Trials

Notice that the DSMs are rarely discussed in the news and that

Salon: 72,000 cases of vets with severe post-traumatic stress disorder

Are we too focused on finding a savior or a fall guy?

Need help with this poll!

Katherine Harris: Stop trying to kill me with your bus!!!

Slate: Ranch Dressing is #1. Plus: The Losers Who Want Us To Lose In Iraq

torture victum sues Rummy ( in Navy brig for 2 + yrs )

Who will * have arrested first: Osama Bin Laden, or Cindy Sheehan?

WTF? Pentagon press conference- Myers

"I just jumped in my truck and drove out with a big bucket of chicken"

Pregnant Woman in Islamic Dress Assaulted

CoinGate plot thickens: John Snow was Tom Noe's golfing buddy.

Italy: “Muslims must wear jackets and trousers or police will intervene”.

Another good reason not to fly United Airlines- long-range RFID chips


Sherry Bohlen (PDA national field director) is going to Crawford!

Winter Soldier

A Litmus Test for Catholic Judges Who Uphold Roe v Wade?

GOP threatens to sue radio stations to stop Dem ads in Montana

W Says Social Programs Have To Have "Measured Results"

Cindy: Bush "doesn't have enough courage to face someone who...

"Why did my son die?" Help Soldier's Mother Spread Her Story

U.S. looks to British for licenseplates that transmit data up to 300 feet

The real reason * won't meet with CS: * would have to explain his lie.

Just spoke with Cindy. She has decided to stay in Crawford rather

Cindy Sheehan has outmaneuvered Karl Rove

U.S. Newswire: Transcript of today's Bush speech

Cost of repealing Alternative Minimum Tax: $1.2 trillion over a decade

Help me formulate a call to our paper re Cindy and bush*

I believe that we've created more terrorists than we've killed

Cindy Meets NSA Director Stephen Hadley at "ChickenHawk Ranch"

Letter to George from Cindy Sheehan dated Nov 4, 2004

From a reporter @ the Columbus Dispatch ...... election 04 was OK.

Rummy has piss fit, gets SS to hassle reporter Jeff Norman

Posted on general forum

Military To Investigate Nearly Duplicate Quotes In Recent Press Releases

Cindy to Bush's goons: "I may be a grieving mother but I'm not stupid"

WaPo: Congressional Civil Liberties panel STILL hasn't met after 8 months

Bush "pushing to overhaul the nation's tax code," "Economy is STRONG!"

Brookings Inst: National Sales Tax would help those who earn over $200K

Observer: Mental flowers as Feith exits (Tommy Franks was right!!!!!!!!!!)

Michael Jackson and Charlie Manson lived on ranches too!

As Cindy Sheehan waits, Media begins search for perfect Gold-Star Mother


To Will Pitt

PBS Newshour listing - no mention of Cindy!

Cindy Sheehan on Jay Severin Talk Show in Boston

The Mother of All DU Political Polls

Where Are The Pics From Crawford


Tell me if I over-reacted

Fox News asks "Is Summer Falling Into Season of Recession?"...FOX!

Rate this one up please!

Ask the president.

Who believes LaRouche? I just had a long conversation with one of

HYPOCRITES! A definition and a suggestion for the GOP to drop the

Oil companies are high-fivin' !

Cheney and Rumsfeld are looting the US Treasury

Okay -- calling all Kerry lovers and supporters and fans and

John Edwards

Convictions of 5 Cuban spies overturned by appellate court - Yipee!

Go Patrick!!

Out Dick Cheney's daughter and you're not a good man.

Newsweek on Patrick Fitzgerald! I love it.

The Chickenhawk Ranch.....Whadaya think?? Prairie Chapel sounds

O'Lielly to talk about Cindy

Powerful column on Sheehan from Detroit Free Press

Will Pitt is going to Crawford for TO

They arrest her and there will be retribution!!

Guy James Will Broadcast From Crawford On Saturday! (My Birthday)

Is this a picture of where Cindy is camping out?

Hey Bush & Co, "The enemy is not on holiday."

The Troop Reduction

Going way back . . .Who, in 1991, would have put money on a Thomas defeat?

LoneStar Iconoclast has new servers ("Cindy Watch" now operational)

Hillary "challenger" flips on late term abortion to appease new RW masters

Hilarious prediction from Dick Morris!

Who is winning the Global War on Terrorism? Help me out here.

Help Get Media Attn for Cindy! Here's all you need.

"Winter Soldier" anti-VN war doc. being re-released this Friday

The Reasons why Bush will not see CINDY, Let us Count them

The Battle for America


This new pre-9/11 info shows WE NEED NO PATRIOT ACT

Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers

Question about Iowa caucus and N.H. primary

Suggestion to the DNC for the 08 primaries

How important is it that Democrats take back the House ?

What happens when Republicans go out dancing?

More evidence that the TV news media has been bought off?

"Socialism/democracy can't work for anything but a small group"

Giuliani leads McCain in GOP nominee poll -- then Condi, Frist



Would Clinton/Democrats have stopped 9-11?

The US Senate appears irrelevant (another recess appt today)

Rolling Stones Blast Bush On New CD

Katherine Harris. What more can I say?

Iraq and Clinton versus Terry Schiavo (Bush quote)

Did Anyone See The Blame-Clinton (9-11) Crap on CBS?

Audio J.Conyers & Cindy Sheehan / 16 Reps' letter to * asking he meet her

C-Span video of DNC Primary Commission from March.

VERY INSPIRING report from Crawford

Is there ANYTHING that would make the Repukelican Congress impeach *?

Can Kerry Use Anti-Gas Sentiment For An Alternative Fuel Campaign Agenda?

what i find odd

'08 Poll: Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. John McCain

I detest Bob Novak...but he was an "Anti-Sharonist." Why?

RAW STORY: military families to join crawford protest

A discussion with a DNC person at the Fair

We need an email swarm to NBC re: Cindy - they are snubbing her.

NH GOP Chair whacks Dean (plus Dem response)

white house backs new abortion curb

Killed by Corporations in Bush's Economic Recovery.

Do we still like Michael Moore?

Audio: This Afternoon's Ed Schultz Radio Segment with John Conyers

WOW!! LA Times editorial BLASTS Bush Administration for its Saudi support

Falwell's 'Vote Christian' Criticized

Any Reason Olbermann is Avoiding The Sheehan Story??

Veterans, Boots on the ground in Crawford

Paul Hackett should run for US Senate in '06

There's no fucking way I'll EVER vote for ..........

Dean's TERRIBLE idea regarding Iowa and N.H.!!

Make a news video for "Current TV."