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Archives: August 8, 2005

Israel's war of the colors

Leader of the extreme right

Thermal image taken shortly after the plane crash in WTC

Train delays frustrating; potentially fatal for some

Is anyone from Iowa going to Crawford?

What's up with that Cindy Crawford in Texas?

GOP echo chamber's stealth funding of local blogs

Are there threads to actually 'rate stories DOWN' on fr etc.? Such news

A request to anyone going to be with Cindy

Where are the details on the new 'think tank' funding that was announced

Space Shuttle Return coverage - heads up if you have HDTV.

Wow...KERRY WAS RIGHT AGAIN>>> whod a thunk it

Imus vs. Peter Jennings? Does anyone know what's

Did anyone see Dateline NBC tonight?

Ignore the debunkers....Flocco story starting to look legit!!!!

Something strange going on...

Let's celebrate all the people who lived fine lives .

Carville: Novak dodged 'barf bag'

Can't be global warming!

02/05/2001: Tobacco interests poised for big gains from Bush

Congressman Conyers on Libby and Miller; he's on it, and more ....

Dumbya is the laziest President ever!

The big three news Anchors. Which was your favorite?

The RW attacks Sheehan: A Mother Insults Her Fallen Son

Anyone with tips on quitting smoking.

Medical members: Did 9/11 kill Peter Jennings?

Let's mourn all the fine people who killed themselves with tobacco

Something EASY you can do to support Cindy Sheehan

NYT: Successful Vaccine Alone Not Enough to Prevent Avian Flu Epidemic

LAT: Insurgents May Be Infiltrating Fallouja Again

Fight Over Alaska Oil Drilling Continues (greedy residents want $$)

Fight Over Alaska Oil Drilling Continues

Rich Americans growing more confident - survey

Unit had asked for more Marines (1,000 more troops. Request not granted)

Eddie Murphy's wife files for divorce.

Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro!

The Military Industrial Complex is a front for multi-national corporations

You Ain't Nothin' but a Waitress in the Sky

a close shave

What do you save?

"well well well"

Hey, Late Night Crew

are you ever mortified to see you have made a grievous spelling error...

DU Women - When did you start shaving?

Peter Jennings is dead.

My city just started a smoking ban in public buildings

argh can't sleep

what do you shave

Oh, POOR Lil' Scottie! Fox says McClellan has "World's Roughest Job"

Do You Think Space Shuttle Discovery will return Safely to Earth?

6 feet under giving the Dixie Chicks some luv

Good Letter to the Long Beach Press Telegray: No conscience

GHWB broke his tax pledge; I got a buck that says the pledge GWB breaks

R.I.P. Peter Jennings

This is courage and strength. It will be ignored by those who lack both.

Screwing with a veterans' encampment was the beginning of the end

Don't forget those vets w/Cindy: My friend Dennis Kyne is w/her

The problem w/ the Democratic Party

Raw Story - Heart of darkness (Plame/Rove/Bush)

Justin Raimondo's shoutout to Cindy Sheehan

Vietnam Buffs Bring Jungle to Va.

Republicans Run the Political Risk of Becoming Too Self-Reliant

Jonathan Beale (BBC): Strained relations for US and UN

The birth of 'mere terror'

Cleveland OH PD LTTE - whoops, conflicting talking points

Chaos under heaven

GOP expands on D.C. excesses

It Is A Simple Matter

Joe Conason (New York Observer): Officers and Veterans Defy Neocons

Wolcott on Novak: Oral Sadist Suffers Self-Inflicted Wound

Tom Blackburn: 'Polly and Anna believe Bush'

US must spend ‘billions’, retool Iraq strategy to win

Terrorists, the internet and the betaluminum threat!

Peter Jennings on the Iraq War

Letter from an Iraq Vet

(Ornicus) Minutemen: A Home For Extremists

A Soviet Push Helped Force Japan to Surrender

Why suicide attackers haven't hit U.S. again

American imperialism and the atom bomb

LAT - How Bush thinks: intuition over intellect

Why AIPAC Indictment Is Bad News for Rove

New Confirmation that Libby was a Source for Miller

Forces trained in Britain’s dirty war in Northern Ireland involved in...

William Rivers Pitt (TruthOut): Every Mother's Son

Why suicide attackers haven't hit U.S. again (Jeremiahs =Cheney)

Molly Ivins: Molly Ivins: Economic democracy is buried beneath the bull

A WSJ op-ed on how Neocon thinking is shifting on Iraqi "Democracy"

David Corn (The Nation): Why AIPAC Indictment Is Bad News for Rove

Corruption pervades government in Basra

Do we have access to this technology??? :

PDA's Backbone Cabinet conference call (tonight)

Please help support Yasmin Cornelius for NYC City Council

Northeast car pool/convoy for trip to DC? Anyone interested?

Protesters rally for nuclear Disarmament

DU this on MSNBC re Cindy Sheehan

Just a question on the letter to Cindy Sheehan.

DU Activist Corps, Aug 8, 2005 -- Letters of support for Cindy Sheehan

Internet media nails US Media on "Operation Iraq Withdrawal Scam" sale

Franken to discuss the "scandal"

Pravda: George W. Bush loses the support of his nation

Spain Cracking Under Pressures Of Drought - Ag Losses $2 Billion So Far

Scientists Track Buildup Of Mercury In Upstate New York Songbirds

Study Shows Roundup "Strikingly Lethal" To Amphibians - SLPD

All Kinds Of Species Shifting Ranges As Climate Distorts - Reuters

Don't Expect Much From Increased US Oil Drilling - CSM

Energy Bill Evidence Of Broken Political System - NH Union Leader (?!?)

Melting Mountains' Majesty - Austria's Glaciers Going Fast - NYT

9th Circuit Overturns Tongass Logging Plan - LA Times

Shell lays of 128 more Corrib workers (Ireland)

UK Tornado A Direct Hit On Distinctive Indian Cuisine

why we went HYBRID -- it's bigger than you think

Say Hello To Tropical Depression Irene - NHC Links

Lately, I've been researching Monsanto...

Venezuelans Vote in Test for Chavez Allies

Hopes fade for 102 trapped in flooded China mine

Australia ex-army chief urges Iraq pullout by 2006

US targets Sahara 'terrorist haven'

Assam separatists admit oil raid

Off-shore World Order Military for America

Saudi king pardons jailed reform activists

List of al Qaeda attacks worldwide since 2002:

Sweet illusion

Police to probe Jewish terrorist's death

Rep. McKinney's Opening Statement from July 22nd Briefing.

while viewing the "Confronting the Evidence" DVD this weekend . . .

What is the evidence there was a "stand down order" on 9/11?

Essex Cnty task force on Voting rights gets published in NJ paper

Ohio Voters File Historic Lawsuit Against State

Exit Polls show Shrub not winning 1994 Gov race.. Any DU Scoop?

BradBlog: Even Republicans are questioning the vote count in Clermont ...

Just got this email from Hackett, I hope this means he is back... multimedia election fraud CD .iso TORRENT!


The Election Center

OHIO: 2004 vs. 2000 Judicial vs. Presidential Votes -- WTF???

URGENT, URGENT! Contact the Dems... before Kerry CAVES IN AGAIN!!!

Judges Divided Over Redistricting Measure

Suits Filed on Abortion Ballot Item

Attention CA State Senate District 6 folks

Lorretta Sanches might run for governor

Saw Chet Culver in Cedar Rapids Sunday...and WOW!

Any One Want to Go to Crawford?

Minnesota National Guard prepares its largest ever deployment

Solidarity protest Wednesday 4:30 p.m. Lake Street Bridge

Is Dayton up in 06? Is he running? What's up?

How fast is your office network?

Dammit, probably nobody here but I can't get links to open

suggestions for encryption software

Any Ohioians going to DC???

Oh this is just great... the "Reversing Roe Tour"

Beneficiary of state grant has links to Perry

Chris Bell Joins StemPAC Advisory Board

Calling all DU bodies with camcorders

Houston: Channel 17 airing of Election Assessment Hearing parts 1&2

David Van Os conf. call TONIGHT (PDA Backbone Cabinet)

Clarion call for Cindy Sheehan _Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio

Polls show Shrub not winning 1994 Gov race.. Any DU Scoop?

I got one thing to say to the guy who wrote this LTTE

Need list of all Soldiers Killed in Bush's war from Wisconsin

Why is fluoride in public water?

AP: Army whistleblower draws fire (Bunnatine Greenhouse vs. Halliburton)

Words Matter: It's a Resistance, Not an Insurgency.

China vulnerable to energy prices

Karel discussed Cindy Sheehan this evening

Remember the good old days when Larry King

How can I quit smoking?

I was reading

while viewing the "Confronting the Evidence" DVD this weekend . . .

Oil oil oil oil oil - gotta have it! Is it for need or because we can?

Shuttle Landing waved off for at least one orbit...

Tom Tomorrow sums it up as always

AUDIO: Howard Stern prank phone call proved Peter Jennings an empty suit

Shuttle landing. Nasa TV Link.


Trying to stay up for Discovery return, watching NASA on TV

For what it's worth from Tom Flocco ..... mea culpa


I just thought of this new signature hope it becomes a common phrase

Sometimes you just gotta remember Deteriorata

Mel Gibson may recreate the grisly torture of Jesus in Sydney, Australia

What happened to poor little ole Katherine? * Max Factor!

There's a little black spot in my window screen.

georgie's AFRAID of Cindy, Nya nya nya nya Nyaaa Nyaaa

Is there a Bunker at the 'Western White House' in Crawdad, Texas?

Gotta hand it to the repubes..

Whatever happened to the trucker friend stuck on an abandoned base?

7 of the top 8 Greatest threads on DU are about Cindy Sheehan

How the media got the "Liberal" label

Why would there be vials of sarin in fallujah 11/04? Labeled in ENGLISH?

ABC News Anchorman Peter Jennings Dies of Lung Cancer at Age 67 - Bloomber

Cindy mentioned on Washington Journal (CSPAN) Updated

Imus just called Potato Boy the "Edward R. Murrow" of our generation

The 'christian' Right and Dictators

Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified---proving neocons are defective

Winning the Islamic Battle of Hearts and Minds...Why We Lose

Outgoing Iranian president Khatami on the challenges in the Middle East

Ship Of Fools:

she's still out there --- new toon 8/8/05

So if Clinton...

Peter is hosting K-Street Day on WJ C-SPAN...

Iran: Revolution, Unrealistic

Tom DeLay's Communication Director fights in a "Battle Zone"

Faux's Holloway coverage is "an obsession bordering on the bizarre"

How Do You Guys Put Up With This?

Uh oh.. Guantanamo detainees like the Harry Potter books

Iraq reconstruction statistics

Calling on Young Democrats in Texas

No matter what, the US will leave Iraq "berfore the 'job' is done"

Current TV Will Be Dead By Year's End

Who is this guy subbing for Jerry Springer?

TOONS for Monday

bush went from dumbass to Lincolnian after 9/11, he's back to dumbass now

Would you Kill for your God?

Today Show Covering The Raging Grannies! How totally cool!

The Pain Deep Inside By Bob Herbert

GW : "Power is being the president"

When you have an "Interest Only" Mortgage, WHEN do you pay the Principle?

Cindy on Air America NOW.

Anyone remember this song by the Kinks? It's timely.

Plan to 'rebrand' Muslims dismissed

"New Democrats are Being Born on the Front Lines" - by David Rossie

Water for Cindy

Rapper 50 Cent 'Offended' by Novak's Language (satire)

Are records kept of Bush's visitors at Crawford?

Blood and Gravy: Dick Cheney at the Jackal's Feast

It is NOT "Bush's War", nor is it "The Iraq War" From now on it is....

GOP, Democrats Argue over beer money.

Condi assures us that the insurgency is "losing steam".

Are there any public records of Bush's visitors to Crawford?

There's a nice woman who wants to talk to me outside my house . . .

General warns of 20-year mission in Afghanistan

Stephanie Miller Show covering Cindy Sheehan

America should get behind Cindy Sheehan...

Iran seeks united front with Syria

They have no shame

Venezuela snaps drug ties with US

If the Bible were to be classified, what would it be?

Iran rejects EU nuclear incentives

possible gasoline shortage in the United States ?

"We WERE greeted with flowers."

Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

FOXNews are such Mean, obnoxious, Assholes.

FOXNews are such Mean, obnoxious, Assholes.

Check out this graphic about fatalities in Iraq!

The hypocrisy that social ills are the fault of liberalism hit home...

Gibson to restage crucifixion of Christ

GOP Money Laundering Scheme buried in Transportation Appropriations

Educate me about the candle thing please

What about Bush?

Anybody see this morning's "Prickly City"?

Will Judith Miller Talk?

PROOF that Ann Coulter is a Man...

Iraq sees violence across the country

Interesting second opinion of the Plame case.

I fear an attack is looming

Call TO action. If you have a station that plays Neil Bortz pathetic ramb

"Just a Theory" good letter in today's NY Times

Drudge Has Earned a Ruthless Assault on His Character!!!

Isn't the elimination of public schools impossible ? Boortz is such an ass

Thank a soldier?

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

Report: Insurgents eye return to Fallujah (return for revenge)

Think Bubble Boy has been told about Camp Casey?

Drudge reported Kerry had an affair---untrue

DU this poll (the empire has struck back!)

Rapist Calls Victims Mother

What I love about Cindy Sheehan

Decision on billboard labeling Idiot Son "Evil Bastard" coming today

What state has these

Changing Gears

Who gives a fuck what 56% disapproved Idiot Son thought of Jennings?

Wal-Mart: We're too big to be sued

Cindy Sheehan story on CNN Headline News just now

Ex-POW Jessica Lynch says US used her as Iraq war symbol

"All wars are good if George W. Bush starts them"

cops arresting 14 yr. old protester - protesters surround cop van - Fla.

RawStory: Drudge Report takes anti-war mom out of context

How much confidence do you have that Fitzgerald will find anything?

DU - Sign this petition from Veterans for Peace calling for impeachment.

Oil prices top $63 US per barrel

Help me, Please.

not all casualties of war are found on the battlefield

pResident's Comments Embolden Anti-Evolutionists

Carville on Novak:

Choice Freeper Quotes on the Death of Peter Jennings

Funny story

Fight continues over oil drilling in Arctic refuge

Lying SOBs at WSJ on Novakula, Carville, and Plame

Another Day Adrift in America

Any word on the CrawfordPeaceHouse fund raiser for Cindy?

Unreal !!!!!

Poll: Americans Need Civics Lesson

DU this on MSNBC re Cindy Sheehan

Caption this Poppy, Cheney, and Abdullah pic...

Will Bush Preempt Indictments by Getting US Into a War With Iran?

OK, I won't call it a vaction. I'll call it DERELICTION OF DUTY

You think Bush will cut his vacation short?

I just learned of Peter Jennings passing early this morning....

Interesting article on the nature of memory

That Nazareth fellow would be Dem today (Arizona Repubic)

Another victim of the healthcare crisis

"Bush is on vacation and I'm depressed!" : (

Crackdown on carry-ons has a catch

Windfall 'Energy Bill' -- Bush to sign. He seems strident.

Saw the BEST Bumper Sticker Today!!!!

"Something fishy about new Chicago hotel"

bob novak is losing it SUSPENDED asked to take some time off

I hate Bush for his freedom!

Florida Utility Accused of Nuclear Dumping (boy did they!)

Moments in History - the Fireside Incident

Bush in El Paso signing energy bill live on CSPAN...

Roberts in 2000: "we do not have a very conservative Supreme Court"

Will Bush send more troops just to pull them out next Spring?

Could someone clarify something for me--concerning Sen.R. Byrd?

Iconoclast from Crawford, TX To Be Posting Cindy Sheehan Updates

Rapper 50 Cent 'Offended' by Novak's Language

The Last Journalist: Peter Jennings

"Jesus was a Liberal".

Newark, Atlanta, Chicago air travelers hurry up to wait

$64 a barrel...

Slaying in dispute over war might be a first

"Landmark Forum"

I just had a horrible thought: they'll arrest Cindy in the middle of the

Video Interview of Cindy Sheehan from Crawford this morning

"Welcome to Chun." at WTF?

NYTimes: Mother Takes Protest to Bush's Ranch

We paid $70 to fill the gas tank today !!!

Why KKKarl Rove ought to be sweating the Franklin indictment....

Why Aren't More Parents And Relatives Of Those Killed Down In Crawford?

"The Situation Room"

Cindy Adams blind item: D.C. type and boyfriend only security know he has

"Conservative Blog Taxonomy" by Mithras (via Atrios)

Had a little visit from the Jahova's Witnesses yesterday...

"I'm george bush & I don't give a FUCK about your ultimate sacrifice"

Battle of Bullshit Peddlers

Cindy Sheehan coming up on Ed Shultz show (XM radio)

surely this was not missed by DU folks last December

what the heck? An AEI member on Al Franken?

Any more news on Steven Vincent

"Gibson Asked to Stage Christ's Crucifixion"

Public School Contracts to a Faith Based Christian Agency for Teachers

I just emailed the DNC to give them a little piece of my mind.

bin Laden was allowed to get away, eh? We've known for a long time

Every Mother's Son

Google: Now 10% more evil

Let's mourn all the fine people who simply dropped dead

David Corn: Why the AIPAC Indictment Is Bad News for Karl Rove

Will be interesting how Jon Stewart will handle the death of Jennings server problem?

I just got off the telephone with Coca Cola in Waco

They just said Randi was best of

How do we help Cindys story of immenent arrest get out!

need help regarding email I got

Where's Randi?

This Gary Berntsen thing might get interesting...

Do you think Keith Olbermann will carry

Look at the what drek Regnery Publishing has released

Is there one site with all the Sheehan/Crawford info?

"Lucky Lima" company's luck has run out in Iraq.

When Intelig. Design-infused teaching leads to costly lawsuits filed by

MSNBC just asked AAR viewers to tune into

Attention people.

Hail To The Bush Theiver!

Cindy story coming up on CNN

Cindy Sheehan Inspires Me!

Christian group applauds Blair's anti-immigrant stance; ACLU "terrorists"

Why is it that they announce the barrel prices going up and

Comparison shopping: COSTCO vs. Walmart

E-scammers using London bombings?

Is Rhandi live yet?

Say what you will about Ed Schultz....

Message to Democrats in Congress, and the DNC...

What's with Franken today anyway?

Everyone DU ***********Olbermann

If I were Turdblossom, I'd have *ush talk with Cindy NOW

I just got an e-mail back from a TV station re:Cindy Sheehan

If you are going to Crawford, may I suggest a poster....

Lady on Schultz going to Crawford, wants to do something

Could Patrick Fitzgerald be fired?

Two Jackson Jurors Regret Acquittal

Right Wing Smear Campaign Against Sheehan Has Begun

Schultz said Bush herky jerky kinda guy

"Rice: Insurgency Losing Political Steam"

Randi's back on the air and she's really advocating for people

Woman on Schultz claiming Cindy stalking !!!!!!

I have this vision of the roads to Crawford being

Why Thursday? What makes what Ms Sheehan IS DOING ILLEGAL ...

shultz is funny If you were a male prostitute you could slip one in

Freeper on Shultz

Meanwhile at the YR gathering....

Dobson compares stem cell research to Nazi torture

Please let us know when Randi comes back on live....I can't stand

Sneak Peak of the New DSCC Website

Randi has maps to Crawford and info at her site!!!

Valerie Who?...

Cindy S, on ED Schultz NOW ... AAR ...

Begala, Bay Buchanan agree! No more weapons in Bush's arsenal.

Groups Applaud Bush ‘For Standing Up’ For Intelligent Design

I need to be updated on the Rove treason story

Raw Story: Drudge Report takes anti-war mom out of context

does anyone know if there is a 'live' blog site sending reports?

We're here! We're queer! We don't want anymore bears!

Crawford Pics

National Guardsmen who owned small businesses being screwed by BushInc.

Bush's Summer Vacation as a Blues Brother -PIX->>>

Whither science? Employment is the key.

Cindy arrest: why the warning so far in advance?

Fear & Greed

Anyone else having phone trouble (4:15 cst)

Got a call from my local CBS Affiliate RE: Cindy Sheehan

The best way to Honor the Fallen in Vain is to send thousands more in vain

Wolf just said Cindy Sheehan's story "burning up the Internet"...

Tribute Funds for Peter Jennings

Cindy going to jail? Can I get a

Federal Regulations: Food facilities

I Think CoConspirator Just Shat Herself

AAR in Missoula, MT; Lafayette, LA; Victor Valley, CA.

How to react to somebody who equates support for the troops and *

Is Cindy Sheehan getting local media coverage?

Paul Hackett on Ed Shultz

Was everyone so forgiving when David Brinkley died...

Why would Current have a host say that the Air America story

"Americans didn't flock to Canada after Bush win" (I just got home from

"'re in The Situation Room...."

"Army Whistleblower Draws Fire"

On Wolfie, Iranian "professionally made" weapons found in Iraq

Cindy's interview with Ed Shultz on his web site later tonight.

Has anyone seen BurtWorm?

Hackett: Limbaugh is a "fat ass drug addict"

Is Randi "The Best Of" today?

The Next Dem President Will Be CRUCIFIED

Freeper on Ed says Cindy is uninformed and we're using her.

What Is Your Favorite False And Meaningless Claim Made By Bushco?

Lots of new info at The Iconoclast re: Cindy! DU is making a difference!

Video - CIA Blockig Book How US Let Bin Laden Escape in Tora Bora

Was Cindy Sheehan the Gold Star Mom arrested during Pickle's rally?

Is anyone new arriving in Crawford?

Is the ACLU helping Cindy at all ?

CNN: Iranian professionally-made explosives found at border in

Local CBS affiliate: Cindy could wind up in jail. Story next.

Coast to Coast, Monica Yuckly: the blivet doesn't go to

"Christ" is also the name of an Egyptian snake-god

our economy requires a certain number of unemployed

Does Cindy Sheehan have enough lawyers? n/t

Peter Jennings, Wesley Clark and Michael Moore

Musing on Peter Jennings' death

Can anyone tell me why we need oil futures traders?

Stem Cells offer hope for paraplegics- angers right to life campaigners

Guess what a Repuke told me about Clinton last night.

For every Cindy Sheehan there are different types of mothers too

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S.

Lou Dobbs pumping martial law: where are the sources?

Bush is afraid of a middle aged, unarmed housewife. Pass it on.

Anderson Cooper SPECIAL

Bush's Sacrifices? JFK never took a salary as President or

Bush Can Hold Hands With Saudis But Can't Talk To A Mother

A HUGE march in Crawford would send a signal that democracy is truly

1800+ Americans killed over a lie - Smirk grins : "What, me worry?"

How would you best express the "character" of George W. Bush.

Anyone in here believe that in 08 Hillary can beat Jeb Bush?

David Gregory replacing Tweety tonight

Cindy - this rightie thinks your son died for a noble cause...oil!

New fundie/nut-job group: NAAPC Nat'l Assoc Advancment of Preborn Children

Where is the pro-War, pro-Bush Cindy Sheehan?

So where has Laura Bush been hiding out? Isn't she a mother?

Rules for Morning-After Pill May Come Soon

Who here has a P2P Client?

I want to go to Turdstock

Win a free trip to DC--gather sigs for NARAL petition on Roberts

just an FYI, old Reuters - White House officials meet anti-war protesters

report from earlier today from Dallas TV station website

"Attacking Mothers of Fallen Soldiers

HELP: I need the original Sheehan letter to counteract Drudge smear

On Ed Shultz a caller talked...

Cindy Sheehan is my kind of heroine...

I just hope the folks down there with Sheehan

Bush's Poll numbers tanking

'Plamegate' Can Bring Cheney Down

Novak suspended indefinately from CNN

Whats the airport to fly into if going to Crawford?

If Bill Clinton behaved like this

Uh-oh, we're under attacked by the armchair warriors(giggle giggle giggle)

Petition To Get The Government To Stop Bothering With Videogames

Why didn't Lou Dobbs cover the Cindy Sheehan story tonight?

President Bush Ditches Mother Of Slain Soldier - Lone Star Iconoclast

Mr President, there's someone waiting, and waiting, to see you

Good pictures of grieving/angry mothers of KIA servicemen at

Cindy on AAR within the hour . it is now 8PM EST

Driving directions from Austin to Crawford

Cindy Sheehan needs the big dogs with her now

need a link to PNAC's pre-9/11 "new Pearl Harbor" statement

website on how to get to Crawford (rightie barf alert)

Here's the 2004 Cindy Sheehan Article that RW is Smearing With

Cindy in on AAR now.

Great protest song called "Support the Troops"

Now Cindy's famous in Moscow !

Just got a letter from Sen Orrin Hatch about DSM! what does "is" mean

Pentagon Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq

Ok, ok why you should send a letter to Cindy

Let's all pause and reflect on how the handlers are propping up

Crooks and Liars/Cindy Sheehan interview with Tony Trupiano

She Kisses Him Good Bye and He is Only 24.....

"I don’t want to live in a country where people are treated this way"

How much of the Bush administration does it take to change a light bulb?

Oil at $64+ and not a peep from the freepers.

I hope TONS of folks go to Crawford to help Cindy ask "WHY?"

Another moment by George Bush

CNN.........IRAN is coming to NUKE America.... Be very afraid!

All supporters of the Minutemen, inside please.

Hey DU Graphic Designers... want to put your skills toward helping PDA?

About 8:30-9pm tonight, go look at the moon. See Mars right next

article from China on Cindy

Cindy on Wonkette

For those looking to fly to Texas

THoughts on media and that kinda shit

Dear Judy in dutch w/Fitzgerald over hubby's health??? and MORE

Joe Farah - CEO, Editor, RW Nutjob, Scaife buddy, and now Minuteman


KCEN: Locals join Mom of fallen soldier staging protest near Bush Ranch

James Carville On Imus: Fitz To Subpoena Top NYTimes Reporters!

Cindy's famous in Wellington, New Zealand !

I Bet Freepers Don't Like ALl The Cindy Sheehan Publicity

Driver's License Renewal & Your Privacy (Good News/Bad News)

Fitzgerald news on AAR

Detailed satellite hig res picture of "Crawford"

After the news of the "escalation" of troops sinks in, how will the

I bet Bush doesn't even know what's going on; he's drunk somewhere

Should I stay or should I go? This is our flashpoint, people!

Ha Ha - The Good news - Troops are coming home, Bad News -

Cindy Sheehan should be the Person Of The Year for 2005

Ed Schultz just asked Cindy who the person was that

"As former president Clinton went out of his way to say...."

Need help with gag humor pamphlet... Pugs are bad, mkay?

Did a local Walmart security go to far?

HEY! Baby Huey! 57% say Iraq war makes them feel VULNERABLE to terrorism

Just Another Difference Between Shrub & Clinton

It is a liberal media alright

9/11 Group Says White House Still Has Not Provided Files

Keith Olbermann Has Tumor Removed

what's the rebuttal on drudge's attack on cindy shehan?

How Lincoln dealt with grieving mothers (quite different)

I wish Tucker's show was still on now. Now it is Michael Jackson, Aruba,

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Johannesburg knows Cindy !

Joke of the Day: CONSTITUTION

If George W. Bush was a REAL man, and LEADER

Banking on illegal immigrants - home loans (no SS# needed)


Want to fight the 'islamic' Right?

Late News!!Bush's Old Skull and Bones Bro to Oversee Plame CIA Leak

Just a thought on paper ballots...

-->Bush's Old Skull and Bones Bro to Oversee Plame CIA Leak

NOT a Vacation! Hard, Hard Work! -PIX->>> says "Come to Crawford"

* Official rules of possession (borrowed from toddler rules)

They're tweaking Discovery's orbit so that it doesn't disintegrate over LA

Dick Gregory Alert!

Is there an Ed Schultz audio archive?

Bush is a French socialist.

We need affinity rallies all across the US on Thursday!

The "Hidden Tax" Myth & It's not a "Fair Tax" it's a National Sales Tax

Strange political juxtaposition .. my Brit magazine doesn't understand!

"nuclear risk insurance" in the energy bill - WTF!!

is cindy shehan getting coverage on tv at all?

Is this the shift?

Democrats ...take back the House !

so remind me again.....what "noble cause" are the troops sacrificing for?

John Kerry's statement on the passing of Peter Jennings

Sheriff Larry Lynch put Cindy in the ditch.. His bosses

Is it just me or are people coming out of the DU woodwork?

Remember the Clinton bashing by the RW about not getting OBL?

chimp too busy to visit with Cindy?

Bushitler pursues production of land mines ...

Nov. 15, 1969

in 9 panels, tom tomorrow has perfectly summed up public attitudes re:bush

Looks like they're going to spray Sacramento for West Nile

Army Whistleblower Draws Fire

Men, What Do You Call This? -PIX->>>

Pirro's Personal Life Likely to Be Aired

Here's a real letter from a Iraqnam vet to share with our Bushbot friends

Publisher John H. Johnson, Founder of Ebony, Jet magazines dies at 87

The right-wing, profiteering, control-machine believes in nothing,...

Divide and conquer - it's all a big game to Bush and Rove...

The troops leave and the insurgents destroy the oil wells:

"Somebody has to be held responsible for this outrage." - Cindy Sheehan

PHOTO: How many more hearts can be broken?

POLITICS-US: A Holy Trinity of Church, Boardroom and GOP?

Maybe Cindy should take up sports

The Stepford American.....

Is there a site that gives proof of..

Condi and Peter Jennings were close, personal friends? WTF?

Yahoo passes Google in search index capacity

one less american boy into the Iraq meat grinder (for tragic reasons)

"The left thinks everything is political."

Coward-in-Chief holed up in the Crawford Green Zone.....

A quick look at's priorities this evening . . .

Does anyone have a list of upcoming media appearances...

Bush Have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY To Remove Patrick Fitzgerald

If you could make one change to the US political system...

Dear Mods and Skinner, is there a chance in heck of combining all the

Sorry, i just can't stomach Rita on MSNBC. Watch only Olberman

Cindy is everywhere. One little lady in the last week has been on

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World!

Mr. Bush:

Is the US already bombing Iran?

KHOU (Channel 11 Houston) Showed Cindy Sheehan on 10 PM News

HOward Dean in going to be on "The Situation Room" tomorrow!

David Letterman tonight...

Judge Greg Mathis Slams Bu$h

Tribute Funds for Peter Jennings

Oh, thank you Randi for not saying the Lord's name in vain...

Paul Mitchell's response to citizenspook’s Blog "TREASONGATE" !!!??

Remember Michael Moore's mtg. with Roger Smith in "Roger & Me"?

TDS w/Jon Stewart is new tonight

What is the utility in advertising the right-wing bile/puke on this forum?

"That's a nice traffic light!"

Who's the greater threat to National Security?

Panhandlers (or whatever) at gas stations

Transcript of 21 Year Old Chickenhawk from Friday's Hardball

Horowitz : Jennings did considerable damage to the cause of civilization

After they arrest Cindy, what can we du?

This refusal by shrubby to talk to Cindy has me thinking...

Check out this iMovie tribute to Cindy by new DU member...

Just got back from a trip to Jesusland - very few Bush Cheney bumper

Are *we* the WMD?

Challenge to all DU'ers interested in getting people to Crawford

The Crawford Coward's only way out of this mess is to send

Did Olbermann mention Cindy Sheehan?

The has visited my site (july 28.)

Funniest Malloy rant I've heard yet!

"Mom, protestor may have outworn welcome outside Bush's ranch"

Oh GAWD Malloy is hilarious right now

NYers, How did Jeanine Pirro win any election?

Take my pledge to support Cindy unconditionally

DU action: Drudge smear of Cindy Sheehan.

Please tell CNN/Headline News you are glad they are reporting News again!

Good Military blog...... Talks about NORTHCOM.....

Matt Drudge has a bizarre attraction to eggs...

Ebony, Jet Publisher John H. Johnson Dies

Horowitz : Jennings did considerable damage to the cause of civilization

When the Revolution Happens...

35 million Americans living in poverty but illegal immigration ok

Ed Schultz: I Would Have "Ted Baxter" Fears If I Were Him!

A Bold New World: Winning The War In Small Steps And Giant Leaps

What's the closest airport to Crawford?

Who should be the next ABC World News anchor?

You godless Liberals should not smear Bush!

IN MEMORIAM: Casey Austin Sheehan

Info. for pay pal account set up at Crawford Peace House. Kick for Cindy!

This shit is really starting to get out of hand...

"I Pledge Allegiance..." e-mail I received today

The Cindy Sheehan story has legs

Tony Blair is really showing Chimpy up

The End of Conspicuous Consumption in McAmeriWalMartika

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War -- Press Calls It a First

Godless Liberals are suppressing Conservatives in Colleges!!!

Any DUers having good fortune with Cafepress?

Sitution in Crawford escalating. Help needed RIGHT NOW!

The Crawford Coward --->>>

Scamdy is back?

Would it be feasible to do "The Guy James Show" from Crawford?

I put the regime on notice: This is a free speech zone.

Freepers Take a Lesson in Cowardice From Bush

Bush's huge decline in the polls was inevitable

Semi-trivial question: Does central Texas have a really bad mosquito

What's it going to take to affect people's driving habits?

Do the troops in iraq know about Cindy Sheehan?

Help me get this story some hits (GOP Senator, angry at disabled)

Mutant Mice Carry Diseases to Help Humans

Okay. if you disagree with the Pres, you're a threat to National Security?

If they arrest Cindy, here's an idea for those of you who

Cindy Sheehan has already won.

Take A Minute And Sign This E-Card For Those Stationed At Camp Casey!

We should all start wearing GOLD STARS

Weapons Found at Iranian border

Every Mother's Son (for Cindy Sheehan and Casey)

Seven Minutes - The Bush Split-screen 9/11

Why I absolutely LOATHE the sight of Bush making a speech!

BRAD BLOG: Fake 'Voting Rights' Group Uses Fake 'Dem' to Shill Fake Report

Are we trying to convert the wrong people?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out

Attention SKINNER

Suppressed Footage of Hiroshima After the Bomb to Air on Sundance


Urgent Action needed. Reach the ACLU, reach the media!

If You Were Rich What Would You Spend Your Money On?

Headline – Portland DU’er MeetUp deemed “Raging Success”

Freeper Paranoia On Parade: "Cindy May Storm The Ranch!"


Minutemen: A home for extremists (Nazis attend rally)

Why I don't support the death penalty (a response to a freeper)

God's Batteries?

Methanol Institute - supporters of MTBE and $$ over humanity

The Hell Pizza billboard

if anyone can get me from upstate NY to Crawford

Peter Jennings appreciation thread

Call to Action... 50,000 people on that road in Crawford by Thursday Morn.

Software producer responsible for library censorship

Dear Mr. Bush - she wants to ask you why

DU made the Crawford Iconclast paper

Ted Rall cartoon says 9000 US dead in Iraq?

Cindy Sheehan to Be Arrested Thursday

Pictures from Camp Casey, Crawford, Monday

I'm heading out to Crawford in the morning. My 17 y/o daughter may be

Fitzie VS The Chicago Machine


From what I heard on Lou Dobbs. Bush* can put the military

It's Not a Vacation Until He Injures His FACE -->>>

Okay - I've never listened to the Randi Rhodes show when it

What if a dirty bomb hit near you? Do you have a plan?

Show Your Support For Cindy With A New Avatar Image! Go Cindy!

Why the Roberts' adoption details matter.

Serious Question: Why Do Repukes So Abhor The Idea Of National Healthcare

"It was so obvious that this poor woman was going to be swift-boated."

Da Vinci plot may get new twist to placate Catholics

Destabilizing the Nixon White House

Back from Crawford again, Monday, ohhh man

Postcards for Cindy - In memory of the troops who died

Has anyone ever entered food competitions at a county fair?

Critics call Devils Lake deal 'a joke'

To our English friends: Please HELP

Scottish Parliament building to be bulldozed?

Any hope of Labour returning to the Left died with Robin Cook

The Register:Guardian pulls ricin terror debunk from website

"New title" idea for minorities (I'm not making this up)

UN inspectors to oversee Iran nuclear work restart

China vulnerable to energy prices

Torrential Rains Highlight India's Fragile Urban Landscape

U.S. drafts war plans in case of terror attack

ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67

Bush administration refuses to co-operate with 9/11 commission

Museum exhibits a creationist viewpoint

Shuttle landing delayed about an hour due bad weather at KSC

Unstable Weather Scrubs Discovery Landing

British miner says 3 workers held by Peru protesters

Iraq national news agency launched by Reuters

Iraqi soldiers fear leaving training base

Iraqi insurgents elude Marines

GOP, Dems argue over beer money

Iran restarts uranium conversion facility

Suspected in blast, cop still on job

Iraq leaders postpone constitution meeting

Nigeria cracking down on e-scams

Saudi fears send oil prices soaring

Plan to 'rebrand' Muslims dismissed

WorldCom fraudster faces prison

Unit had asked for more Marines (before taking major casualties)

Deadly Attacks on Marines Put New Pressure on Bush to Find an Exit Strategy

Japanese Leader Dissolves Parliament, Call Elections in Wake of Reform Def

Adviser: Pirro Will Challenge Clinton

Former head of Australian military sees withdrawal from Iraq by 2006

Peter Jennings dies at 67

FOXNews are such Mean, obnoxious, Assholes.

French report warned of al Qaeda attack on Britain (Reuters, Le Figaro)

Japanese PM calls for snap poll

WP: Educating Against Extremism: U.S. Muslims Reach Out to Youths

Pentagon plans response for homeland attacks

FOX: White House Spokesman Often in Tough Spots (McClellan - Plame)

U.S. Troops See Gains in Mosul

Terrorism 'radiating' from Iraq - German spy chief

Liberals pledge millions to revive US left - Guardian UK

Could someone clarify something for me--concerning Sen.R. Byrd?

Wildfire Threatens 175 Homes in Wash.

U.S. Kicked Out of Cricket Tournament

Oil hits record $63.99 on security threat

Troop cuts in Iraq feasible - House Republican

Aaaaghhh! so I turn on the local noon news and

Iran Resumes Uranium Conversion Efforts

Terrorism: Italy's Withdrawl From Iraq "Not Enough"

Why AIPAC Indictment Is Bad News for Rove

Mali's Food Crisis Goes Little Noticed

O'Connor to Lead National Civics Lesson (ABA civics poll)

Iran resumes nuclear work; the West scrambles

Environmentalists give new energy bill lukewarm praise

Scandals Shake German Corporate Culture

Insider Trading Probe Sought Over Drugs

Of the Many Deaths in Iraq, One Mother's Loss Becomes a Problem for the Pr

Pentagon Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq

Poll: Most Americans feel vulnerable (unprecedented 57% majority)

AP: Artist to 'Re-Create' Laser Buddhas (Destroyed by Taliban)

Parts of Patriot Act are offensive-lawyers group

Two Jackson Jurors Regret Acquittal

Bin Laden to enter Iraq during Ramadan, says Iranian report

Pentagon Expects to Send More Iraq Troops (but US media talks reduction?)

IRAQ: Focus on boys trapped in commercial sex trade

Senator wants SEC to probe leaks of drug-research secrets

Greta Van Susteren Cleans Up in Aruba (re: Holloway)

Grps Split Over Risks to Grizzlies in Yellowstone Park(endangered or not?)

Weapons Found at Iranian border

Elsie Frank, mother of Massachusetts congressman, dead at 92

Pentagon Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq


Ebony, Jet Publisher John H. Johnson Dies

Bombs now biggest killers of U.S. troops

CNN Breaking: Former U.N. officer pleads guilty in "oil for food" scandal

Thieves ransack new Beslan school

NYT/Reuters: Sandstorm Forces Delay in Iraq Constitution Talks

UK says Saudi attacks in "final stages" of planning

U.S. foresees autumn rise in troop levels in Iraq

Poll: Most Americans feel vulnerable

Bush says new energy bill vital to U.S. economy

Crude Oil Reaches $64.27 Amid Refinery, Middle East Concerns

FCC investigates payola scandal

Tom DeLay foster home project opens outside Houston

Insider Trading Probe Sought Over Drugs

Publisher John H. Johnson, Founder of Ebony, Jet magazines dies at 87

Senator Complains to Nominee About Court

FCC Hires Conservative Indecency Critic

Oil Prices Hit New Record $62.69 a Barrel on Supply/Geopolitical Worries

Bush focuses on long-term impact of energy bill (years of focused effort )

Bush To Sign Massive Energy Bill

Supreme Court Disrespectful of Congress, Senator

Mont. Democrats Get Help Criticizing Burns

Romney No Closer To Decision On Presidential Run

Insurgents attack police as unrest grips Iraq town

Brazilian Military Dictatorship Was Working to Develop Nuclear Arms, Ex-Pr

High Court Asked to Take Guantanamo Case

Saddam's germ war plot is traced back to one Oxford cow

Salem (Religious Broadcaster) shares plummet 45%

Brazil Dictatorship Wanted Atomic Bomb

President Indicted: Federal Grand Jury Digging Deep Into Bush Crimes

Conservative group, teachers union launch faith-in-school effort

Environmentalists Take a Stand Against Mountaintop Mining in Tennessee

Marines Find Car Bomb Factory in Iraq

DoD Identifies Army Casualties (#1834 and #1835)

Guantanamo detainee takes case to Supreme Court

Provision tells schools to grade students on subjects, not ideology

Massive ID Theft Ring Uncovered (CoolWebSearch spyware)

Thieves Get About $65 Million From Brazil Bank

White House Sides With N.H. on Abortion

NYT: Old NJ Law May Block Forrester's Plan to Fund His Gov. Bid

Bush Remembers Jennings As Distinguished

Nagasaki remembers atomic attack

Many Ohioans stand behind Bush but some losing patience

Officials Test Radio Tags at Canada Border

WP: Saudi King Pardons 3 Jailed Dissidents and Their Ally

Venezuela works on agreement to import oil pipelines from Brazil

AP: Kurdish Rebels Kill 5 Turkish Soldiers in Rocket Attack

Gonzales praises U.S. attorney conducting CIA leak investigation

Intelligence chiefs warn of UK insurgency

U.K. and Australia issue Saudi warnings

2006 Need for High - Tech Workers Nearly Met (Gates is lying again

DeLay Foster Home Project Opens in Texas

Oil Costs Drive Up Price of Raw Materials

U.S. Says Iran Thumbs Nose at Nuke Talks

One More Affliction for Baghdad:Day of Blinding Dust, Grit, Breathlessness

Journey for justice ( Maui Kamehameha Schools)

U.S. Holding Talks (With 10 Muslim Governments) on Return of Detainees

US retail gasoline price hits record $2.37/gallon (+ 7.7 cents in 1 week)

E&P: Account of Iraq War Protestor's Meeting With Bush Draws Scrutiny

Pentagon Likely to Raise Iraq Troops

NYT: GM Thrives in China With Small, Thrifty Vans (but creative exec gone)

NYT: Christian Groups Press Bush About North Korea

Panel Chairman Specter to Press Roberts on Cases(re. Congress's authority)

CNN: Poll: Bush approval rating still low (new CNN/USA Today/Gallup)

Blair snubs Cook funeral for his holiday

Senate's Reid asks rethink on Roberts documents

NYT/AP: Adviser: D.A. Jeanine Pirro Will Challenge Clinton

U.S. strategic interests rise in West Africa's oil-rich Gulf of Guinea

U.S. mulls sanctions on Venezuela over drug move (Reuters) Hosts Online Homeland Security ..

WP: War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S.

LAT: Clinton Is Cultivating an Image as a Centrist

Saddam's germ war plot is traced back to one Oxford cow (via US)


Suspect's Death In Wal-Mart Parking Lot Raises Questions

NYT: Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00

Tonight's Poem: "Now, When The Waters Are Pressing Mightily"

My city just started a public ban in smoking buildings

Hey dudes! Howdy from another undisclosed location

Gratutitous self promotion

are you ever mogrified to sea you have maid a gravid smelling era..

It's that time again!

My city just started a public sex ban in public buildings

Tomorrow I complain to the college president about the professor

Anyone know what the statute of limitations is on medical malpractice

My city just started a private smoking ban in sexy lingerie.

What to look for in a date's wardrobe:

Goodnight everyone....

my city just started a public smoking after public sex in public ban

Gratutitous self stimulation

Gratutitous elf stimulation

Short "dukes of hazzard video" with the car "drifting". Cool

The Desert.

Greetings and salutations

The Dessert.

Fill in the blanks: "I always like to have a little ______ with my _____.

Groanings and Solicitations

How can I quit smoking?

Manic Monday.

Six Feet Under: Was I the only one who was bawling for the entire show

101 ways to have fun with fundies

Greta Van Susteren cleans up in Aruba

Anyone know what happened in the last episode of QAF last night?

*Cough* SMOKE!

New rule

So, if Fanny sent me here with my regards for everyone.

I posted last week about a sign I saw that made me ill!

S.C. Republicans Want Their Beer Money Back (Check From Anheuser Busch)

Conversation with my classmates about Bush this morning

MatcomNews Update: Strippers Who Spanked Man Too Hard Have Court Date

A Wartime President Song!

Shaquille O'Neal Reports For Deputy Duty At Virginia Sherrif's Department

City Of Boston To Start Printing Waterproof Parking Tickets

I'm aiming to do battle at work today!

Delete double post -- a rookie move, folks, sorry.

I need to get out of the lounge more - folks coming to DC in September...

I attempted to watch "Alexander" this weekend....

Keep down - toon (8/8/05)

Grandma Visit

Hey Joan: Should we order some for the trip?

Bought 50 blank cds at Rad. Shack for 15. & getting a 10. rebate. Bought

'Three Stooges Action' (Nipple Twisting) Lands 15 Year Old Boy In Court

can fabric softener leave spots - or even stain fabrics?

What is the difference between headbanging and banging head?

Mysterious Nude Swimmer Causing A Stir

Who wants rape? With binoculars?..(Chinese DVD)

You think the "Left Behind" stupidity couldn't get any worse? Think again.

She's got a smile that it seems to me

Stop looking at me!

Car's scent leads cops to pile of pot

Cartographers for Social Justice - Episode of West wing

sniffa feeLs better when you wear sandaLs instead of shoes

Post a picture of what you think someone else at DU looks like

Mutant Mice Carry Diseases to Help Humans

Brain Storming for ideas.

Well... I'm waiting...

Monday morning

Make your own ribbons..

Strip Club Owner In Trouble For New Sign "Vagina's R Us"

What week is this?

Nigeria cracking down on e-scams

I just got Wal-Mart's latest employee rules!

I had a panic attack yesterday, what a weird episode

Amusing Spam Subject: "As seen on Fox News - Rolex Replicas"

R.I.P. Ibrahim Ferrer 1927(?) - 2005

My partner and I just adopted

what a great fucking day

Pick One

Dammit, i left my cell phone at home this morning

Love cats? Why not volunteer for your local feline rescue group


Feet feel better when one wears shoes instead of sandals.


"I'm Roger Lodge..."

Good Morning DU!!! What's the official smilie today?

Gay being stalked by coyotes.

Cheerleaders Chant Suspect's License Number To Help Police

when did 'LiberaL' become a term of derision?

SPECIAL Poll for Lurking Freepers: Barbara Bush, BEST Mom EVER?

San Diego Homes Impossible to Sell or Flip: US Real Estate Crash (Satire)

And in late breaking news; is still dead.

what does a "nervous breakdown" feel like?

Line up for popcorn!

Bush F*cked Up Again! Daylight- Saving Switch May Cause Tech Woes

defeat of squirrels!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEHAW!!

I'm going to Isla Mujeres!

You decide which is the democrat and which is the republican...

I'm stuck at home with a cold

Weird. I avoid 'spoiler' posts, even for stuff I'll never see or read.

What's the name of that one song?

Good lord, even our sports elections are screwed up!

U.S. Kicked Out of Cricket Tournament

What states/countries have you lived in?

I am a mess today


Van Bought At Sheriff's Auction Had 350 Pounds Of Marijuana

Lounge Question taken from Six Feet Under (but all can answer) Spoilers

Charges laid in trucker spanking

TV Host Robbed On Air

Whomever posted the link

When did "fetishist" become a term of derision?

Show your support for Bush: Fasting for Bush

GOP, Dems argue over beer money

The New Arrivals (joke)

Name a depressing philospher thead.

why is LynneSin trying to turn this into a political issue?

The #2 best selling book in the country, right after Harry Potter...

more happy news! (re: squid)

Man Forgets Wife At Gas Station, Remembers 6 Hours Later

When will South Park do an episode centering on Ann Coulter?

Those Eyes!

i won the UK Lottery for the 32nd day in a row

The REAL picture of Sundog's pet squid

I need a new fehz.

I met Peter Jennings at a Gas Station once - Whom have you met

Let's just say an American Khmer Rouge popped up

I need a new PREZ

Orange County, Colorado Springs or Dallas?

I need a new FEZ!

I was told that short bus on women should not be allowed!

I need a new DREZ


Now is the summer of my discontent

Can someone please explain to me... (PLEASE!!!)

I'd like an order of FEH, please

El Dorado vs. Potwin

A prank? What the hell was this kid thinking?

Regular Unleaded Now $2.50/gallon in my neighborhood

Baba ghanouj on a Ball Park Frank

Look what's legal in FL (and other states)

WAAAAHHH!! Google Earth won't work on my laptop!

When did "Matcom" become a term of derision?

How long do you boil creek water to make it potable?

Headin' up to San Francisco

I'm being stared at by a mourning dove

A CubsFan1982 / Peter Jennings story.

Happy Birthday to Robin Quivers.

Valerian, Ibuprofen, Vicodin, Tylenol...

"nobody loves a PANDA!!"

That's all I got, folks

Need to get me some of that hot peng on peng coitus

What's your favorite foot?

What do you call a German Bra?

So, I'm trying to give up caffeine...

What do you call a waffle you eat on the beach (another awful riddle)?

I just can't get going today

How do you feel if you are using a computer in a public place, and you

What do you call a mermaid's undergarment?

Heaven knows I'm miserable now

Need a little advice and recommendations re running sneakers

America has jumped the shark -- discuss

This cat has lap radar

I need a new prez.

for people who play computer games

I need a new pez

Toddlers that BITE - How to deal with them?

Red Vines: when to chill, when not to?

What do you call the most uncomfortable German undergarment?

How do you drown a Freeper?


Gaaaaaa. Cold. I hate colds.

To be or not to be

What do you guys think of Patton Oswalt?

Freeptardette "L@@king for a Real Man to have a baby with......... "

What did the acorn say when he grew into an oak?

*ahem* Just who is CINDY?

I want a new drug

I could really use a date.....

Vote for Squidward!

Rally round the family

How do you make a Freeper's head explode?

Freeper bubble bath.

I could really use a date...

Cindy's Sheehan's arrest; I picture the final scene in Billy Jack

NEW! Franz Ferdinand album officially has a title

Holy cow! A real live loony tune on Ed Schultz's show.

I wish to inform you that today I shall be killed by my family

squid name - the final showdown

"Seniors group" pitch

Why can't many people get blood transfusions in Taiwan?

What is involved in becoming a flight attendant?

Aaaaaaah, shit.

Computer geeks. Need help please.

SIGH. Only junk in the mail today.

Stuff on my cat

What do you think I am a loaf of bread?

Why do squid suddenly appear, every time you are near?

I remember when HUGE Grant used to be charming...

People holding conversations in a public restroom.

Am I evil?

? for anyone who works virtually or with people who do

I'm addicted to The Sims and I can't stop

Why couldn't I resist that free hotdog that is now making me feel crappy?

new updates are ready to download

Egad! Where is the HUGH spider I smashed the other night?

How do you introduce your dad to a hooker?

Touch my monkey...come on...touch IT!

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

Anyone else having security problems with PayPal?

WOW Wolf Blitzer has giant video screens, nifty music, dramatic sounds and


I just had a horrible thought

Ex-leader says Brazil pursued A-bomb

Who is Cathy Donica? She was quoted as having heard

Stop Biting Me!

Macromedia to charge $399 for minor upgrades to Studio MX 2004

Do any of you DU metalheads like Pelican or Isis or Mastodon?

Bad mimes; when to kill, when not to?

quick - need a photo of twig - the one where he's holding Barney and

Who is the DUer with the old guy in military garb?

Who drinks Big Red?

my thread about gloria jane disappeared......

I slammed my finger in the car door today

Email joke I just received:

Scott Stapp

Post a picture of ME!

Wonder what took her so long? Tell me you didn't see THIS coming

Whose fault is it all? (pop culture edition)

Still room for folks in the DU Fantasy Football league

Gay being stalked by coy utes.

Need Help From A CPA (Which obscure form to use?)

Who's your favorite faux Christian ex-rock star? (Rehtorical question)

Favorite freeperism EVER

You've turned me into a criminal

More Pretentious Band: U2 or Dream Theater?

OK, I really like Adler Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany's pro hockey team)


If I was Emperor of the net, I would EXTERMINATE ALL SMILIES.

"Best of You"

Coyote stalked by Goy.

Cheerleaders foil hit-and-run with help of chant

Did anyone else see the momma panda get an iPod?

Listened to "Christian" pop music all day.

5 questions for you

Genuine Foreign Signs

UK panda

I haven't seen a pick your nose thread in, like, 48 days

I'm opening a virtual restaurant

Squid on menu at sundog's restaurant!!!

What's your favorite food?

It is Squidweek!

Do you have walk rugs that throw?


What are some inspiring songs, besides "Let the River Run"?

Did anybody else just see the momma panda get POd?

I MET a DUer!

Govenor Schwarzenegger Has Shoe Collection Protected By Armed Guards

Is Sundog in a state of denial

Make fun of me if you want to, but I can't help it.

in honor of the school year aborning

Anybody else watching ABC News?

I'm making a mix cd. Suggestions?

Well, I guess that "I'm Roger Lodge..." didn't do it for you guys

Ugh. I got an ear infection...

Sammy Maudlin, Sammy Davis Jr. or Sammy Hagar

I'm irritable (kind of mundane rant about car troubles, etc)

'Accident 'or 'Wreck'

please help me name our adopted squid

Afternoon ZombyLove Delight

My true squid encounter story

I'm enraged (not copycatting)

Which Blizzard that you like the best?

Oh please say it isn't so!

I'm not enraged (copycatting)

Have you seen "MoNique's Fat Chance"?


Man forgets wife at gas station

I'm copycatting (not enrage)


I've become addicted to Slurpees. Which is your favorite?

I am now OFFICIALLY ENRAGED!!! (not a copycat thread)

updated my sig... back from San Fran (YDA Convention)

Best alternate endings for the Da Vinci Code

Mr. DTBK is angry - thinks the FBI will be after me

Barf Alert: Jude and Sienna are a couple again

Could someone fluent in Linux please fill me in on how to watch media

Do you have throw rugs that walk?

For the joy of it: March of the Penguins


Who's your political crush?

Who here has a scooter.....

You WILL waste hours there


OMG! OMG! OMG! We are going to St. Maarten!!!

Presidential Prayer Team: Pray for Bush on his...ahem..."Working Vacation"

One time at band camp...

How's everybody doing? (sincerely)

Actor Martin Sheen held at no-nukes protest

Hot Hot Heat,,,,,,

Sit down, kids...Ashlee Simpson has TWO new songs about the "SNL Incident"

My gawd.... I just took a trip down memory lane on

I'm engorged!

Have you ever completely changed gears in your life?

My life is complete...The Metrosexual Tarot

David Sedaris

A note of appreciation to the clever artist who whipped up this ditty:

black sabbath in the workplace

ipod users; a few questions

Let's put a nice tree right there...

OK, I got the 'multiple choice' spam from my usually non-political brother

60 more posts and i get to clip my toenails

Let's all join Cindy Crawford in Sheehan!

Pick one book that everyone in America should have to read

i am supposed to be studying for the cpa exam but you damn

I have arrived - can I sit at the big people's table?

KTLK 1150 AM - Progressive Talk in Los Angeles!


My ex gif

60 more posts and daddy won't drink the paycheck again

Lazy Monday

60 more posts and i get my pet godzilla back

my ex gf

Her Name Was Jill

what is the most useless thing you own?

Dilly Bars or Buster Bars?

Anyone here ever broken their foot?

What do you call those fuzzy little guys you throw baseballs at

hey, my website's so scary to freepers, it's featured on one of theirs

So, I guess Bow Tie got his show nixed by MSNBC, what a situation!

Is it hot enough to justify

godzilla sometimes just won't be reasonable

godzilla hates you for your freedoms

godzilla candy

She'll have fun, fun, fun, 'til her daddy takes the T-Bird away

Mr. Scorpio...I have PIIIIIEEEEEE!!!

My little one-man company has been approved as

i need 60 more posts or godzilla will destroy tokyo

I've lost 85 lbs; I did weight watchers and I walk 20 minutes a day

Just happened to turn the channel to Miss Teen USA, and the young

There's a Hole in Daddy's Arm

Commercials that make you laugh and cringe at the same time

I watched "The Godfather" last night, but missed the last part...

18 away from 3K. Post here and I will adorn you with kisses of gratitude.

The Invisigoths will do Nothing. And you won't be able to see 'em,

My yuppies are throwing up

Who writes the Top 10 Conservative Idiots list?

102 post and I hit 3000 - Help me out folks

24 posts to 600!

Run, Run, Run, Run

Does anyone here still play Diablo 2?

My goonies are good enough

yuppie food stamp

Pondering One of Life's Mysteries

Five Godzillion posts to Five Godzillion 6985!

The Visigoths will stop Godzilla AND prevent Datasuspect from the 60 posts

toot toot.

My yuppies are throwing up

How could the Fast Times soundtrack leave off "Moving in Stereo"

How can i replace Norton Anti Virus with Godzilla?

My guppies are blowing up

is there a substantive difference between cuddling and snuggling?

I'm Godzilla


A Patch of Blue is on TCM.

Kootchstone will only eat

I can log in in Internet Exploiter, but NOT in Firefox. Help!!

Bryan Kennedy Day at the State Fair tomorrow

What's a reasonable food budget for one person a month?

Has anyone read The Historian?

Feel I'm Heaven's door...

Do I have bees in my head?

Do you like to curdle?

It's official: I have become Peg Bundy.

do some evil

A Patch of Snot is on my Screen

Do you like godzilla?

"evil doer"

It's grit-your-teeth-and-smile and take-one-for-the-team time

Is anyone else watching "Weird US" on the History Channel?

Please do not post a picture of yourself

What should I do?

i hereby declare this mongoose minute!

Just for fudge stripe cookays.

Wow, best buy fixed my digital camera!

Daily Show does it's 1st. Indecision 2008 segment.

This man buys his wife a grand piano but it is badly out of tune..

What are your specialties?

August 9, 1995 - Ten years ago, Jerry Garcia died

billy mack

Mongoose minute is up. Revenge of the Snake moment has begun!

God, what's the deal with zilla?

you can have your lounge back

here he comes

I think Rev has gone mad

Homemade blackberry wine can be very, very messy.

Business Culture. Does it exist? Should it exist?

does the idea of a monkey chasing a weasel make you laugh?

I'm baaack!

It's 7:18; do you know where your kitties are?

centipede minute!

A Nip/Tuck Moment

Remember Mongoose Minute on DU?

"I really fucking hate war," says 14 yr old KWSpawn!

The CLOSER!! What a SHOW!!! I can't miss a show!

flying squirrel minute!

Redding vs Fresno

This guy who I think liked me, once told me that this song reminds...

"Folks, it's Monday night, time for HEADLINES!"

anybody want to go to the prom with me?

My puppies are growing up

You've Got

Tomorrow I have an angiogram and possible by-pass

the power of lard

Five Gazillion posts to Five Gazillion 6985!


banana splits

I think the Lounge has gone mad

what would it take to reunite the beatles?

My ringtone is Pepe LePew...

Time for Khash to say goodnight

Just for Sundog

Praying mantis minute!

You make me weep...

never feed a republican after midnight....

What gives you the warm fuzzies?

Anti Bush Poster thing

cat salad

I lost my camera yesterday — a sentimental lament

Shakespearean Insult Generator...

Ridiculous explosions in movies

Favorite early-80s "Oh-My-God-COMPUTERS!" movie?

Gratuitous kitty pic thread. Post yours.

billy jack

The Outvisigoths will dress better than the Invisigoth,

This is a boring post

I need help with toasters, not the oven kind, the bread toasting

Dramatic (and long) update on my friend's pregnant drama queen sister...

Ten thousand posts only a thousand posts away!

8 August 1974 - 31 Years ago today

Post some of your favorite childhood songs.

Dave's mean-spirited poll for Monday.

love calvin & hobbes. but this one kind of hits too close to home.

What do I get to replace Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security?

here are some pics of Bigwillq, who has never posted pics here

Any DU Graphic Designes around?

This is ZombyWoof - I have hijacked nini's account!

What's the funkiest song ever?

Is there a car that makes you sick with envy? (in the good way)

Guy being stalked by coyotes.

How does a person terminate their position in an LLC?

So when is garden slug week?

IRS rant

To spank or not to spank

Favorite type of X-Files episode

Trademarking words has gone way too far

*paging* Miss Sugar Smack, *paging* Sugar Smack ~


How good do you think my blog is? Good? Really good? (pure whoring)

My daughter's heart has been shattered into a million pieces.

Just to be different, I'm starting my own post your picture thread

How would you feel??

Squid DU!!!

I haven't seen a post your Social Security Number thread in 48 Hours!

31 years ago, Nixon resigned. 36 years ago, the Tate-Labianca Murders

I think from now on critters should not be given full weeks. It's too

Have you ever found the most perfect greeting card

What size pants does my wife wear???

1 job offer coming today, 1 may come by the end of August - need advice

all hail System of a Down

What's Your Favourite Cereal?

i haven't seen a post your pic thread in almost 48 hours

Who are you? Describe yourself

I think I have gone non-anti-un-pre-post-mad

(two great threads in one!) Post a pic of yourself WITH a kitty

is the lounge a propaganda organ of the communist party?

A challenge: Post a picture of someone who shares your birthday

Final Queer As Folk .......

I just finished watching "What the bleep do we know" ---

I'm going to Berlin at the end of the month...

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Banana Phone

Do you want to play with fire, little boy?

Cuttle with me

When did "feminist" become a term of derision?

Anyone ever seen the film, "Wheels of Terror" by Sven Hassel?


"Why would they do that?" Update on the Bible-in-slab contractor

Do you like Kipling?

*ahem* just who is TEXASGAL

Anyone use a foam mattress?

Posting on DU is better than ___________________________

Appropriate today, as it was 30 years ago

What Kind of Animal Are You?

My apologies to all.

I started volunteering at my vet's

Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Passes on.

Animal sacrifice during the Haj.

"Christ" is also the name of an Egyptian snake-god

Potential mechanism to repair brain damage linked to MS discovered by OHSU

Mutant Mice Carry Diseases to Help Humans

VA Nursing Homes' Settlements Hidden

NEED HELP -- physicians to offer opinion: Southern Medical Journal

Whither science? Employment is the key.

'Thoughts read' via brain scans

US High School Laboratories Suck.

Hurricane caused 'tallest wave'

Mutant Mice Carry Diseases to Help Humans

North Dakota lake gulping up land at alarming rate

Potential mechanism to repair brain damage linked to MS discovered at OHSU

Little liquid water on Mars for past 4 billion years: study

IRAQ: Boys trapped in commercial sex trade

Battle Looms Over Arizona Anti-Gay Amendment

New Gay Parenting Podcast Offers Information & Inspiration to LGBT Parents

Lutherans To Vote On Gay Pastors & Unions

Violent Summer For New York Gays

Battle Lines Drawn In NY Gay Marriage Suit

Lawmakers Ask To Join Tennessee Gay Marriage Amendment Suit

Oregon Gays Consider Civil Unions Referendum

Billboard company refuses to run ads for gay and lesbian group

British Court Hears Gay Marriage Case

Murder may be hate crime

A mildly funny tale from home about Rehoboth Beach

Westbrooke ends holdout, reports to Eagles

Red Sox Tie It Up - Gonna Be A NASTY Series With Texas

Former Angels, Phillies, & Expos manager Gene Mauch dies

A-Rod cheats!

NY Jets Sign CB Ty Law

NHL Free agent Season - Week 2

Have you trained your "un-trainable" cat anything?

Question about beginning a therapy for my son...

New article up at Starlight News: The Albatross

Science Article: Why Great Minds Can't Grasp Consciousness

A touching example of reconciliation

Religion in America: Atheists claim discrimination

Kerry -- Bush Administration Fails Self Employed Guards

John Kerry on the Energy Bill

"words, slogans and personal attacks cannot disguise what they have done"

I'm doing the Democrat booth at the State Fair tomorrow

Kerry nails it again - Rove's "divisive rhetoric and schoolboy taunts"

Strategy Session.

Stormy weather

Anyone up for a “Hot Days of Summer” challenge/contest?

My mini-vacation in Colorado. (dial-up warning)

New Blog and Newsletter: 8/8/05 -- Peter Jennings

New Keith Blog re: Peter Jennings

Video of "keeping tabs" segment on KO and ESPN!

KOEB 8/8/05: The Peter Jennings Tribute Show

Just fired this email off to Keith:

A way to honor Keith's cancer scare...

Mamas, Don't let your boys grow up to be right-wing crackpots

U.S. drafts war plans in case of terror attack

Air America seems to be getting more mature!

on-line petiton to prosecute Australian PM Howard as War Criminal

New York Daily News: "Bush's truth decay"

9/11 Group Says White House Has Not Provided Files

Bush Administration Fails Self Employed Guards

Anyone here pulled a "Frist" on the president's exercise routine?

Bush can't have a meeting with Cindy Sheehan.

What is the Freepism behind changing the Voting Rights Act?

Cindy Sheehan's Speech At The DSM Hearings

Neil Bortz is a pathetic phuck. If you have to hear his

Pizza company in NZ Bush billboard... OK somebody added 666 :)

W.H. reminds media about 2004 meeting to justify why Bush won't come out

Can we/should we send something to Cindy Sheehan?

DU this poll: The empire is striking back!

Adviser: Pirro Will Challenge Clinton

New Zealand Bush billboard: "Evil bastard, even Hell has its standards"

Good morning America, how are you?

The Busheviks' Great Leap Forward

WP: Ohio 2nd: Fluke or Trend?

A solution to election fraud

LAT: Senator Clinton Is Cultivating an Image as a Centrist

Republicans champion "allowing another viewpoint to be represented"

Wasn't Cindy going to be on GMA this morning?

Army Times! runs Cindy Sheehan story...

Looking for Videos of Cindy Sheehan - Links?

CONTACT Bush's local Sheriff and Cindy-stopper, Capt. Kenneth Vanek

Raging Grannies are doing a great job on Today Show (NBC) now!

Petrodollar Warfare: Neo-cons versus the rest of the world - a MUST READ

Chavez stops working with DEA - says they are spies

MSNBC: 66034 responses, 84% NO: "Do you support Bush's handling of Iraq?"

So Volker obfuscates the real issues on the oil for food program

deja-vu? Bush taking 5 week vacation in August...pls forward any memos

Cindy, "still in shock," meets Bush in June 2004. "Now, I'm angry."

Rep. Prosecutor Jeanine Pirro to Oppose Hillary Clinton in Senate Race

If you had a million dollars (to donate for political purposes)

Vietnam War Support vs. Iraq...the numbers show the end is near...

The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and the NWO

John Kerry Email: "GOP Leaders - Political Backs to the Wall"


Earth to Friends for Kerry:Don't fricking call me in the middle of the day

I owe Rush Limaugh a word of thanks

Does the Bush ranch have a name? Most big ranches have names.


George Bush created Cindy Sheehan, grieving mother & activist

The folks in Maine seem to be onto BushCO and KKKarl Rove....

As I write this post the fill-in host today for Limbaugh

Iran Resumes Uranium Conversion Efforts -Is this why Bolton was shoved in?

Boo-Hoo... Katherine Harris Whines About Bad Coverage Of Her Make-Up!!

OH-Sen: Paul Hackett to consider DeWine challenge!!


DU this story: Newsweek poll on Bush approval rating

Tom Davis (R-Va.) vs. Rafael Palmeiro

DK/ Hackett/ Springer which would you rather ran for Senate in Ohio?

Does anyone have a link to the best threads on S.Ct. nominee John Roberts?

Bush on Peter Jennings: Only thing missing was 'Now watch this drive.'

Prosecutors Say Man repeatedly put his wife into coma, choked her for

What magic event will happen on Thursday

RW interest groups will pour tens of millions into VT to defeat Bernie

If Cindy Sheehan is arrested on Thursday, could this turn into W's

FOX: White House Spokesman Often in Tough Spots (McClellan - Plame)

Energy Bill--Can't Dems make hay on billions for filthy rich oil companies

If You're Writing The Media About Cindy Sheehan... Try To Mention

President’s economists found Energy Policy will increase oil imports

Martyrs' Week. Must fill out an application. November 21-27 only.

Dem Senatorial Candidate from RI looks impressive to me!

Public Marine Memorial Service Tonight

Unclesam Search info RE: Cindy Sheehan

Right Wing Tucker Carlson's "The Situation": His BEST VENUE YET.


"Cindy Sheehan has my full confidence."

Crooks and Liars Web Site: 2.5 minute CNN Cindy Sheehan video clip

Cindy is not alone: Mothers of soldiers in Ireland & UK agree with her

Now Drudge is (with headline) bashing Cindy Sheehan....

Is Wolf Blitzer in love with Janine Pirro?

Scaife goes after AAR

Wolf and CNN "KNOW" about Cindy and how BIG this story is!!!!

Richard Reeves: Fitzgerald "a lunatic," leaks are "white corpuscles"

Elsie Frank, mother of Massachusetts congressman, dead at 92


Sorry to be so dense

the crawford blues

Let's have a pop quiz, shall we?

So they want to paint Cindy Sheehan as a "flip-flopper" on Iraq, do they?

Aaaaghhh! so I turn on the local noon news and

Anybody thought about renting some farmland around

Jane Roberts (John's wife) member of Feminists for Life

PBS NewsHour segment on Patrick Fitzgerald tonight

Hope this is true!


Peter Jennings Vs rush limbaugh

I would appreciate any feedback on this editorial on S.Ct. nominee Roberts

Anyone in here believe that on 08 Hillay can beat Jeb Bush?

This is BIG (Crawford gathering) Let's make it BIGGER!

Cindy segment on AAR now...about Cindy, but sounds like a leadup


great site to find out how far out of touch with reality santorum is


Mr. President, there's someone waiting and waiting to see you...

Mark Warner opens the door a little wider on Mars exploration

One thing is standing between the American people and justice...

anybody got an email address for jason mattera.......

We say nothing as our troops die in Iraq- Fred Grimm in Miami Herald

DSCC is picking the right battle in Montana. Conrad Burns is slimy.


New GOP Money Laundering Scheme

Michael Moore Web Site's front page photo. Enjoy your vacation, Dubya.


What is the best response to a neighbor that is teetering our way?

Now That * Has Signed The Energy Bill We Should......

This picture makes me wanna ralph


Listen to Cindy's interview with Ed Schultz from today!

Senator Boxer: Ask John Roberts

Hey I have my own Flame War going with BOOB Newman...

MLK buttons at a Republican State Fair booth -- WTF?!

Re: the Chicago/Washington Grand Juries that Fitz has...

Cindy: Sheriff there now, wants vehicles gone, threatens arrest ASAP

What have the elites sacrificed during this time of war? Name one thing!

"Committee for Justice" begs Lieberman, etc. to talk sense into liberals

American President George W. Bush Found in Hidey Hole, Cowering.

Letterman Compares bu$h & Bin Laden??

Running Dems in really Red areas: A Good Strategy?

Who comes to mind when someone says "conservative"?

Damn ! You gotta read this article GLOBALIZATION behind Kerry's loss

Make no mistake, "We will arrest Cindy on Thursday" is all about US!

"Earth Is Flat" journalism

Watching McCain & Frist Get Suckered By BushCo. Should Be Fun

BESIDES possibly selling them to terrorist organizations, what's wrong

This asshole talk show host in Denver needs some calls and e-mails (Cindy)

Clark on KPCC Los Angeles NOW! Summary of very short interview

The World is Watching: Italy, France, U.K. & Qatar report on Cindy Sheehan

bush was "disrespectful" to cindy sheehan in june meeting

"rich liberals vow to fund think tanks"

private security co.'s fail to protect nuclear facilities

How are people this stupid?


John Conyers gets it right AGAIN! -(American Prospect, Newsweek & Sheehan)

* Has Obstructed Justice Before By Firing Prosecutors

Will Jennings Overshadow Sheehan???

This is 2008's Primary Pre-Season

The "Hidden Tax" Myth & It's not a "Fair Tax" it's a National Sales Tax

To all those who desire a Hillary presidency ...

Clark Clealand 08?

Do you feel confident about your 06 Senate race?

Daily Kos: Fitzgerald's New Boss (Skull & Bones, Bush & Cheney friend)

Best contact for Crawford Peace House donations?

FCC hires FOX's "suburban stay-at-home mom" (Penny Young Nance)

pirro to challenge hillary for senate...

Air America Radio and Michael in tow

The VET Card - Don't Leave home without it

THE WORST HELD SECRET in political history

Paul Hackett: Rush is a "fat-assed drug addict"

Help me with an argument with my Bush-lovin' son!

Neither Bush nor his Skull & Bones attorney can legally fire Fitzgerald !

Attn: MILITARY VETERANs (DU Years of Service - 24)

Dean at VT fundraiser: They put us on defense, we are going on offense.

"Traditional Democratic Values" according to DU'ers.