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Archives: August 6, 2005

Bush spectacle at Scout jamboree had little to do with reality

Richard Cohen: Patron Saint of Oxymorons Quick, call Dictionary911

My Letter To The President

Anyone See this comic? "Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything"

Thousands honor attack victims

Voting on Paper Ballots: Recommendations

How long until we've lost thousands of soilders....

Caption this picture!

Great song "Hey Mr. President"


WTF-Insurgents bury and ASPHALT over 500 lb bombs

Why did Bob Novak melt down on CNN?

I'm sad and drunk

Reporters: Court must order release of Ghraib photos

HALLIBURTON Secretly Doing Business with Key Member of Iran’s Nuclear Team

It is truly time to bury NIGHTLINE

Guantánamo Detention Site Is Being Transformed, U.S. Says -NYT

(Gas) Prices Fuel a Rebellion

WP: Economic News Isn't Helping Bush

Time in a bottle....

Here's a melancholy old tune.

Hell toupee

Best friends (furry pic)

breast friend (blurry pic)

Best friends (furball pic)

I want a Chipwich.

San Francisco on a friday night...

How do you pronounce Havarti ???

Did anyone post this Panda Video - don't get too close to the cage,

A political joke for my Lounge friends on this Friday night:

So my best friend followed her boyfriend to John Brown University

Bum Phillips. What an asshole.

Mighty Sam

What a bunch!

So I go to the gas station today...

Nobody is talking to me so I'm taking my ball and going home.

What about Latvians?

Anybody besides me still miss MWO

Dukes of Hazzard and the rebel flag

The dark side of the Force.

I don't believe it...

Lounge Friday Night Check-In.

Best cover of Nena's 99 Red Balloons (English version, obviously)?

Teeth Tar for my 7 year old new furrbaby

I think I want a divorce. When is it time to move on?

Whitney Houston: what do you think about her? She sings

Who's your obscure actor/actress crush?

What would you do... spilling red wine on a white wall in a rental?

Hasbro introduces CHATNOW!

Reporters: Court must order release of Ghraib photos

now this is how Politcal Talk Shows use to be "Open Mind"......sigh

A MUST READ and FORWARD : The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm

Have the republicans been talking about Al Gore?

I say we waste precious capital contesting Roberts

Photo: Veterans for Peace "Arlington West" memorial (UPI)

America's charm offensive

When Armageddon Gets No Press - Paul Craig Roberts

An 800-pound Gorilla Goes to the UN:John Bolton's New Internationalism

Nothing is ever the president's fault

WHITE HOUSE WATCH Source Code (labels sources:LIARS)

Guest Viewpointl: FBI translator gagged, fired for speaking up


symbolism of control

NYT: Why America Is More Dependent Than Ever on Saudi Arabia

Mass casualties push war sentiments back to forefront

The Souter Factor: What makes tough conservative justices go soft?

Why We Must Listen To George W. Bush And Stay The Course In Iraq

The President Says NOTHING about the Tragic Loss of American Life


Doctor Senator FrankenFrist Announces He is Against Life (Too Funny!)

Robin Cook: Excerpt from speech to the House of Commons, March 17, 2003

That Feeling Of Being Under Suspicion

The message of Hiroshima

From HuffPost: Who's Running the Country?

So, now the loans are "BIZARRE"! ooooohhhhh...

Bush’s neocon friends shocked as he backs the Darwin-doubters

Experts: Suicide Bombers Not Crazy

Jeb Bush ideal candidate for Republican party

"The World is Round" (John Gray reviews Friedman, NYRB)

"Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation"

How to make boycott and divestiture simple and measurable?


Re: Cindy Sheehan

NW Not Your Soldier Camp

The So-Called "Liberal Media"

Let's DU this poll at Parent's Television Council!

Baby boomers not planning retirement

Canada, US agree ways to drain N.Dakota lake safely

Xian officials investigate armed attack on workers

North Korea insists on use of `peaceful nuclear energy'

Sniper haunts US soldiers in Baghdad

China's rise anything but peaceful

America's charm offensive

Iraqi minister bans the sale of booze in airport

Rumsfeld urges China not to act like a pariah state

Venezuela buys military goods from China, blasts US

Sometimes, a Cigar is Just a Cigar

Nuclear neighbours reach key deal

Green light for tsunami sensors

How can Israeli settlers feel so entitled to land they basically snatched

Israeli bus attacker had deserted with gun


Israel arrests senior Palestinian cleric in Jerusalem

Israeli Arabs call on gov't not to probe Zada's death

Israel Considers Ways to Curb Extremists

The Jerusalem Powder Keg


"Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation"

National Geographic to do a special 9-11 program this month . . .

Here's what Saddam Hussein said about 9/11. From CNN 9/2001

That Feeling Of Being Under Suspicion

Is George Bush the 'scapegoat' for Dick Cheney and the PNAC?

Wouldn't we gain credence if the 9/11 groups all joined forced?

9/11 Public Discourse Hearing..Kyle Hence questions Atta's wire transfer

Atlanta Pro-Democracy Rally -- Looking for an Internet broadcast

Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group Delivers Onslaught of Disinfo

Lack of Election Reform Threatens to make all Progress Irrelevant

Wouldn't we gain credence if the Election Fraud groups all joined forced?

I'm on the Ground at the RainbowPUSH Rally in Atlanta; this is a live blog

Did the Hackett race have ballot rotation?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Weekend 8/6-7/05

Crispin on Laura Flanders talking fraud!!

Audio: Thom Hartmann & Paul Lehto: Corporate Takeover of U.S. Elections

Celebrating our "moral victory" in OH-2: this party pooper's response

Hackett won 38 of 191 Clermont precincts but lost ALL of the 54 largest

Scanners are not simple calculators!

Transit voice is muted in D.C.

Long Beach cops ticketing cars honking in support of war protesters

Anti-Nuke Rally in Seal Beach Saturday, Aug. 6th

Diesel Fuel Prices Hit Record High (I just paid $2.99 a gallon!)

A good part about the US Senate's recess...

Did you know?

New England Skeptical Society Picnic and Lecture: Vaccination Hysteria

No Peace Train , but found GOOD deal, Peace Plane out of BOS

Have you donated to "Air America Minnesota?"

Hey! I'm sitting next to Patty Wetterling RIGHT NOW!

Join the Mortensen for Congress discussion group!

Help .."a script running on this page is causing mozilla to run slowly...

does anyone know how to disable The HID in XP pro SP1

Odd question on brightness

Problem with accessing my DVD/RW Drive

Computer shutting off then rebooting

Not able to connect WIFI on laptop after several WINXP updates

Ohio Weeps

I am hand delivering to Hackett's law office letters from DUers...

Texas Republican incompetence

Rally to kick off Chris Bell's run

Honor the victims of the A-Bomb today in Milwaukee.

Idiotic LTTE in Green Bay Paper compares needle incident to terrorism

Picnic Invite

Progressive Cuba-Bashing

A Somewhat Plausible Scientific Intelligent Design Theory

See the Idiot Walk

hitler jugend...has this been mentioned?

Sorry all out of lemur posts

The Message Thing all Ministers...I have a great idea!

C.I.A. Leak Case Recalls Texas Incident in '92 Race

Cavuto: "Interest rates are going up because the economy's looking up"

Progressive Cuba-Bashing

Truly-weird bumpersticker combination...

when does the counter Clinton library open?

some questions.

Yesterday we got EMPLOYEE HOTLINE cards.

Boo hoo: Jeff Gannon asks for contributions. Right not as "well-funded"

How big of a step from Santa to JC?

I love Fidel!

Someone set this chickenhawk on CSPAN straight

but really, why do they make world leaders go to a fucking hog farm?

Someone asked about Vietnam War-themed TV series made during war

Are space shuttles technically military vehicles?

has bob novak been suspended from cnn WITH PAY or WITHOUT PAY?

Why am I subscribed to Bill Frist's newsletter?

"Offensive"... Are We Reading the Same Dictionary?

Bush's Country Estate

Has anybody seen the new Army recuitment ads?%^&^%#%!!!!

56% of Americans think bush is too Cocky, 52% think he's a Damn Liar

Support our Vets for Peace!

Police: Man's Testicles Locked In Padlock

Will someone post a vid clip of these young...

Forty years ago, Pres. Johnson's Signed the Voting Rights Bill

Coulter on Proposition 187

I Really Miss NewsWorld International! (Current TV sucks)

CNN: Brigham bags "Political Play of the Week." for Hackett campaign work

Would you protect a broken down shanty whose foundation is rotting?

The lost generation of children abducted and forced into war

C-SPAN is dividing this nation...

Leno, on Iraq constitution.

Treason Gate -- A reason for renaming the "War on Terror"

Who will help??

"Roberts Devoted Free Time to Liberal Cases" and Scalia likes ducks?

Sign the "The George W. Bush Paid Vacation Act" petition at Kos

the same odds as a baseball player with a .277 BA having a hitless streak

The 'Setting Up' of Iran

Yo DU'ers... I need your help!

The destruction of Mecca: Saudi hardliners are wiping out their own herita

Is the Pew Research Center right wing?

We're All About the Hospitality

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised . . . by Gil Scott-Heron . . .

We officially torture people now.

cspan caller: Implant Exploding Chips into Gitmo Suspects

All non-whites prepare to be heavily profiled & made to feel unwelcome

Ashcroft refused questiong Re: Sibel Edwards for 2 years

American GIs charging "rent" from Iraqi businesses.

Ashcroft refused questiong Re: Sibel Edwards for 2 years

Is it Safe to Come Back Now?

Kidnapped boy camel jockeys rescued from life of fear and misery

A 2nd Amendment For Our Times?

Email the FCC RE: NovaKKK saying "bullshit"!

I have a really dumb question: (re *)

75% Bu$h Bashing 25% Solutions

PHOTO: "NEED SOME WOOD? Heh heh heh!!! Heh heh heh!!!"

Rename a street in Washington for the Old Doddler, Reagan ?

Presbyterian Church to use divestment against military suppliers.

Talk-show host refers to "brain-dead" Caribbeans; suspended from station

John Rutledge just mentioned something about "an unskilled worker

I'm dealing with a very right-wing relative..

Local PBS in Tampa did not carry NOW show on Media ownership.

Was/is anyone covering the Cindy Sheehan thingy today? n/t

Should/would we treat the obese the way smokers are treated?

Now you C it, now you don't, perhaps the cheapest form of

Jeb Bush Insures Election Irregularities in Florida! (Satire, sort of)

From Crawfordslist: The "Bad-Boy" Lore Of Rove & Novak

See? Its all right to vote for Roberts. Really.

The term "homocide bomber" is silly.

In honor of our freeper friends

Why is changing your mind scorned so in politics?

Films reveal original Ground Zero

Is there gender and racial profiling in missing persons coverage?

John Stewart on Robert Novak was the absolute highlight

she sacrificed her first born. . .we can well expect that * won't give her

Novac Did NOT 'Meltdown'. He Purposely Stormed Off To Avoid Plame Talk

Hey! Does anyone know if Cindy Sheehan has access to

Why Conservatives Can’t Believe Bush Is Unpopular

Who owns your local media? Website.

Image Campaign, Painting A Masterpiece With Words

Live blog here from Rainbow/PUSH Rally and March in Atlanta!

Political Animal (WA Monthly) - Waiting for Ohio

New Newsweek poll - 42% Approval/ 51% Disapproval

So, how'd FR's "sneak attack" on AAR go?

Has WalMart Run Off Your Main Street?

LAT: Strip Club Forced Into a Pole Dance With Its Sign

Concerned Women for America does a Flip-Flop

Any Duers in Door County, WI?

"The Island" or "Willy Wonka"

How Bush thinks: intuition over intellect - Chait in LAT

(VIDEO) Stephen Colbert takes on Cooter's boycott (former Rep. Ben Jones)

Can we get the house and Senate back in 2006?

Bombs Becoming Biggest Killers in Iraq

Steve Young is applying the snark smackdown to the Bush Boy LIVE

1829 Reasons why the DSM Is Important

whose paying racist/misogynist/homophobe Roger Custer?

``I've lost eight buddies in a week,'' Army Spc. William ``Shane'' Parham

Micheal Schiavo wins Guardian of Year Award.....

See anything unusual about this list of assassinated politicians?

I saw the best sign today in Newport, RI

The language we use

Plain Dealer columnist nails Bush - send him a thank you

Recommend This AP/Yahoo story


The politics of de-evolution- "the end of democracy in our time"

White House officials meet anti-war protesters

ABC News just had Cindy S. and Vote March stories, so cool

Hiroshima is the 2nd most HORRID word in the American lexicon

A Poem by Carly Sheehan - Cindy's daughter, set to music.

Time Machine Democrat from 1995 can't believe how TERRIBLE it all is!

What will you do when...

Cindy Sheehan/Mahatma Ghandi- would a hunger strike in Crawford bring

Need Excellent Source for Plamegate

Dennis Kucinich among Sunday talk show guests

Justifying genocide is the most anti-progressive stance

Suggest new nicknames for Chimpman

I'm glad Bush takes many long vacations...

"Showdown at the snack stand": Iraq war supporter murders friend

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Guess W doesn't want to bother his beautiful mind about the body

MyDD: It's rural America, stupid!

How to make bumperstickers?

The Iraq war has brought a curious reversal of roles.

Military is Two Faced on Don't Ask Don't Tell Policies.

Interesting info on the British bombing attacks

Latest on DSM; Iraq (

eye care companies that are blue?

I dissent with the OPINION of Mr. Parris

AP story on Sheehan showing up on major dailies. Go Cindy!!

It's time for the Rebellion to begin

Frank Rich-please come back from vacation---please

Question about Cindy Sheehan

A poll I would love to see in the MSM...

Iraq before and Iraq after...

Mother leaves £25 for abandoned daughter and moves to Turkey

Another (One More) REAL Reason NOVAKula Faked the Walk-out

John Roberts labeled as “moderate.” How accurate is that? -->

Correct my facts-40% of soldiers in Iraq are reservists?

From the "And this is news how?" department

PHOTO: Keep on truckin', "W"!!

If a dead man was found in the building that belonged to George Soros...

Finally a case where the death penalty might be ok.

Jesse Jackson coming up on Laura

Something is missing

Special about HIROSHIMA starting now on Discovery Channel. 8pm EDT.

60 years later, the lesson of Hiroshima is not simply


Where can I find details on Sept. 24 march in DC??

Bush-Cheney Crime Family Facing Prosecution

Cindy has inspired me.

A collection of quotes from the late Robin Cook, enjoy


AAR reporting bogus Iran IED story....over and over and over!

New update (Cindy Sheehan)

Help get PBS to re-release "Oppenheimer" the 1980 miniseries...

George W. Bush's Jewish Problem

Rove, Novak and the leak debate

War on Truth, publisher's site, short synopsis, couple reviews...

Why isn't this 27 year old war supporter fighting?

Tonight's "Guy James Show" is going to be a good one!

So, any word on Randi and Malloy in Atlanta?

What would our government do if

"Nothing is ever the President's fault"

Bolton supporter at UN

Billmon: Death Takes a Holiday

DU this Yahoo article: "Mom Protesting Iraq War Meets Bush Aides"

What memo did he not read today that he should have? How has

deleted by author

New claims by ex-employees: HALLIBURTON cheating taxpayers

We're not asking for much...

Six AP Photos of Cindy Sheehan, etal, in Crawford today

Novak also has a makeup problem same as nasty Harris

A Young Man Dies in Iraq

Bush granted clemency to H. L. Lucas... killed C. F. Tucker.

"Come into my parlour", said the spider...

Rev. Bill Moss passed away

Ebayer takes swipe at Bush's "Economic Miracle"

Should Republicans be referred to as proles? n/t

How can Israeli settlers feel so entitled to land they basically snatched

Oklahoma Superstar : Interview with Clara Luper

What do you call the Bush years?

Did you all see this video of this chickenhawk from the YAF?

Here's a way to support the protest at Crawford

Alert for West Coast....Cindy Sheehan on CBS Evening News

Hiroshima survivor visits Crawford: Urges Bush to never consider nukes

Good morning everyone! Today is August 6th. Does that ring a bell?

Under the spell of Arabia - it has stolen his wit away....

Do these TV reality 'COPS' shows go too far?

Iraq hammers Bush poll ratings

Cost of Iraq War August 6th- $185,744,666,399

War Mania: A slide show of Weekly Standard covers

Storm the freepers gates

If you opposed the Hiroshima bombing then you should answer this question

Former minister Robin Cook dies

How to Wield the World.

Shut the fuck up Donny!

Look, if we want decent media we have to support decent media

Newsweek Poll: Bush approval 42% / Iraq approval 34%

Don’t you think Rumsfeld calculated precisely the exact number of troops..

Bush "being praised" for "defending free speech" on life's origins

Anyone know anything good the Iraq war has done for the U.S. as a whole?

The Fighting Whities back in the news (radio)

Cindy Sheehan on Salt Lake City's FOX 13 9 pm news!!

Online Poll needs "the treatment"

Could someone address Air America Radio's scandel, loss of advertisers?

DU Big Brother! Get Kaysar back in the house!

Deleted dupe. recommend other discussion!!!

Cindy Sheehan on Houston CBS 10PM news

"I wish the media would show all the good things going on in Iraq"

Rate UP the Cindy Sheehan/Crawford, Texas story!

Another stellar turn-out for the protest protest

I didn't know this until tonight.....

The Emasculation of the American Media

Fluoridation: Don't Let the Poisonmongers Scare You!

The Truth Will Set Us Free! . . . AND defeat BushCo and PNAC . . .

Didn't see this posted here; A challenge to Anne Coulter...


SUGGESTION FOR NEW ANTI-WAR POSTER (((create your own too)))

Even soldiers at war notice how crappy our media is

I Say We ALL Wear Our Political Beliefs OPENLY. Left And Right.

Few want vote in booming Dubai

What happen to Fitzgerald when his term is up?

"One of my hardest parts of my job is to console the family members"

A message to G.W. Bush from Cindy Sheehan...

Why does Dimson's truck have yellow emergency lights?

The late Robin Cook's resignation speech

What would you do if we were invaded?

I Love My Country

Why can't the Democratic Party come out against the war ?

Pictures of Crawford, Peace House, Cindy Sheehan

Sibel Edmonds plans ad campaign

An interview with nutjob lawyer Jack "Hot Coffee" Thompson

I knew a Hiroshima Survivor

the questions even Snopes couldn't answer . . .

Pics from Voting Rights March

Walk in a fucking ditch???

Microsoft taps Wal-Mart exec as new COO

4th Anniversary of Aug. 6, 2001 PDB "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US"

Crawford Protest AP Wire Pics

anyone else really enjoying seeing Novak get his due?

PHOTO: As * fritters his time away, Nancy, Jesse and Willie walk the walk

I'm moving from a blue state to a red state.

Haliburton 284 % increase in war profits

Would everyone please stop bashing Bush for going on vacation?

Please forward this picture to everyone in your address book.

How to Beat the Republicans at Their Own Game (READ IT)

TOONs for the weekend

Any "famous" names that you suspect visit DU?

Just like in Shakespeare, the Fool is the only one who speaks the truth.

omg freeples - let the wmd's go!

SS warns local residents: Do not look at Bush

Wartime Portrait in Vogue Bush Girls partying while Iraq war!!!

Why the US nuked Japan

Concerning the Economy: Plenty of Jobs Like Mine

Your Opinion, Please.

Weekend Fun, or Freeper music to marry your cousin by


Computer expert testifies elections in Florida were Fixed

Help Cindy Sheehan! I just got off the phone with Leon Smith

Doctor Frist, The Religious Right And The Treatment For What Ails America

Need dinner ideas please...I know I am serving a tomato-basil bruschetta,

B.C. derailment sparks water warning

Obituary: Robin Cook

Postal votes 'undermine faith in our democracy'

Robin Cook collapsed, hospitalised, in Scotland

Civil Libteries are not a priority.

Details on the 200,000 new jobs

F.D.A. Responds to Criticism With New Caution

Top cleric: Constitution must respect Shariah

U.S. backs Iran civilian nuke program for 1st time

Records show lawmakers took donations from lobbyists

Illinois Man Accused of E-Mailing Bomb Threat to Islamic Group

NYT: Why America Is More Dependent Than Ever on Saudi Arabia

Lawmaker Tours Become Part of Guantanamo Life

FCC ruling gives telecoms power over Internet access

Indonesian Islamic authority under fire over edicts against 'liberalism'

WHITE HOUSE WATCH Source Code (labels sources:LIARS)

Irishmen face extradition demand

Syria rejects US allegations of involvement in Iraq''s unrest

"FCC ruling gives telecoms power over internet access"

Ashcroft refused questiong Re: Sibel Edwards for 2 years

Iraq Sunnis reject federal proposal

Iraq-Kuwait border is one of the best defined in the world -- Sheikh

Cause of Garang's crash death unclear

Tunisair plane crashes off Sicily,at least 10 dead

Ex-employees faulted Halliburton role in Iraq

Marines look to Vietnam in training Iraqi security

self delete

Alleged letter to Zarqawi suggests dissent in Iraq Al Qaeda ranks

Top Jurists Pan Faster Death Penalty Appeals

Ex-Employees Faulted Halliburton Role in Iraq

Robin Cook 'taken seriously ill'

Newsweek Poll: Bush’s Battle (42% approval/51% disapproval)

Security incidents(aka: Attacks) in Iraq, Aug 6

Robin Cook, Ex-U.K. Minister Who Quit Over Iraq, Dies

ABC News just had Cindy S. and Vote March stories, so cool

White House Officials Meet Anti-War Protesters (Cindy Sheehan)

Bush’s neocon friends shocked as he backs the Darwin-doubters

Man shot to death during argument over Iraq war

Soldier's mom protests near Bush's ranch

Canadian man sentenced for illegal entry to visit dying mother

China approves human trials for new SARS vaccine

Jury says Atkins isn't retarded

U.S. Probe Rejects Iraqis' Shooting Claims

Bush's Radio Address Optimistic on Economy - wp

BBC: Police 'warned on London suspect' by mosque leader

Buena Vista Social Club Singer Ferrer Dies

Presbyterian Group Targets 5 Companies Says Benefits From Mideast Violence

Newsview: Showdown on Defense Looming (GOP vs Bush

Baby boomers not planning retirement

Bush says tax cuts responsible for growing economy

A Look at U.S. Troops Dying in Iraq

Two (more) followers of Iraqi Deputy PM (Chalabi) killed

WP: Rich Liberals Vow to Fund Think Tanks

Venezuela signs arms deal with China

Alabama Officials Lobby Hard for Next Nuclear Power Plant

Basra police tied to journalist's death

US warns Iraq Shi'ite Islamists not to impose will

The Raw Story: Newsweek: Leak prosecutor's boss likely to be replaced...

Hicks' father:Give my son a 'proper' trial

West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work

BBC: Kennedy (LIb-Dem) says 'public mood should not dictate legislation'

The Campaign Against Wal-Mart (NY Times Technology page)

Trapped Russian sub has resurfaced

Slain girl's father stripped by cops

Venezuela Vote a Test for Chavez Allies

NYT: Avian Flu Vaccine Called Effective in Human Testing

Oil and gas shortage hits China's southern manufacturing hub

Saudis warned UK about attacks

Candidate Drops Out of N.C. Council Race (Repub bigot alert!)

British Scorpio arrives for Russia mini-sub rescue

BBC Breaking: Former foreign secretary Robin Cook dies aged 59

Supreme Court Justice Strongly Criticizes Capital Punishment System

White House officials meet anti-war protesters

Top civilian in Army Corps of Engineers may lose her job

JASON LEOPOLD: Halliburton Sold Iranian Co Key Nuclear Parts, Sources Say

Updates on Cindy Sheehan Visit to Crawford.

TAP: The Meeting (Libby LEAKED to Miller 2 days afted Wilson column hit)

Newsweek Poll: Bush’s Battle (61% disapprove on Iraq - up 7pts in a month)

NYT: 9/11 Group Says White House Has Not Provided Files

Taser manufacturer warns of safety risks

Missing Woman's Case Spurs Discussion of News Coverage

Passenger plane goes down off Sicilian coast

$80 million to fund new wave of liberal advocacy groups

Atomic Waste Mishandled, Records Show

Phoenix Diocese bans politicians who support abortion, gay rights

It's Friday night's "Hey, progmom, say something (adjective) to me" thread

Save money on pampers...Look at this pic:

Would Whisky-Sierra-Tango-Bravo be as cool...

"I'm sorry...

Has anyone ever cried reading "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein?

What about leviathians ?

God, I hate it when my beard needs trimming

A different type of cat threads his way into the bar.

I need to replace my carpet

God I hate it when my furrbabies need trimming


Christian kittens (a joke).

And, of course, there is nothing like Bouncy Ball.

Una paloma blanca, ah aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rabrrrrrr really is the best at what he does!

A different type of cat thread

I'm posting n*****d. Are you?

I just don't understand these "I'm posting naked" threads

"At Close Range" is on IFC right now

What is the Freedom Ship?

I'm posting i* *** ****** ** *** ** ********** ** ****g. Are you?

There is nothing like music.

Have you ever been obsessed w/winning a bid war on e-bay?

how long should i ignore rev acts?

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins - totally underrated film.

Letterman says the war on terror is now called "Debbie".

Either it was the heat, or West Vancouver people are just STINKY!!

Anyone sell on Ebay? How are your experiences lately?

I have a funny photoshop pic idea

Someone here needs a new hobby...

"Bush, Others, Indicted For Perjury and Obstruction Of Justice"

Racoons hate Limbaugh

Let's All Read Rick Santorum's New Book

Will the Lords of Kobol help us rid ourselves of Bush?

You don't even need to bother to DU this poll

Fidel Castro could throw one heck of a breaking ball

Seven straight Post at the big kids table....

Just got done watching Reefer Madness on Encore

Working Class Hero (John Lennon)

John Philip Souza Fans!! March!!

Political Correctness has gone to fart

What's the best way to copy video from a Tivo?

Whine here

Revved up like a douche.

John Philip Holland fans! DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!

Happy Birthday, Lucy

I am just crazy enough to eat onion rings for breakfast.....


God, I hate it when my _____ needs trimming

Update from the 'burbs-There is something REALLY wrong with our paperboy

The marketing ploy from military recruiters to worry about

NO FRED!!???!!!

I'm posting **** erm *** umm....well, I'm posting. Are you?

someone please explain something to me

I have a sudden craving for homemade MAC & CHEESE

Ever been murdered in a dream? Freaked me out last night.

Hey y'all. Just popped into an internet cafe to say hi from NY

I bought a ready-make Chinese dinner mix for $6. What did it contain?

James Bond really is the best at what he does!

It is Polar Bear Saturday!!!

Seeking Advice: Cats and Hairballs

Boston DUers: What happened to WBUR's The Connection?

You know you've seen Cheech and Chong one too many times when>>>

Did the pandas eat the kittens?

Philip Seymour Hoffman fans!! ACT! ACT! ACT!

Brarack Obama rocked on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" this morning

My dogs are on a hunger strike. They are being picky about their food.

Normally I would ask Jeeves, but Jeeves is a dumbfuck.

I just bought Nine Inch Nails tickets for my nephew.

Interesting pic site

Ith the Thecond Rule: "Never croth a Thithilian" or "Never truhtht" one?

What's better?

Is anyone else having difficulty on DU with doing a Search?

One last thread ...........

I think this gun-accident video is fake.

I am the Rain Man.

Good Afternoon!

I just uploaded a new song.

You - are you a 'pitcher' or 'catcher'

Have you been bad? Then you need a spanking

Anyone have any experience with Sony Vegas?

Why is it that brothers and sisters become indifferent with....

So, about 45 minutes ago I put my coffee in my thermos to keep it hot

You know, I was rethinking my position on Whitney Houston, and then

Bobby Knight to host reality show on ESPN (students vie for walk-on spot)

The pleasure of having a cable monopoly

Do you know many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse?

White House Denies Existence Of Karl Rove (Satire)

No problem figuring out what was on this artist's mind....

I just bought nine inch nails and rickets for my nephew

NEKTAR! BERLIN! Shit yeah!!!!!!

What is your favorite hobble?

If you were a pirate...

Bridge draws dogs to jump to death

When putting chains on a .......

Official Lounge Annual Posting of Don't Copy That Floppy

National Underwear Day is coming!

My kids have "hand foot and mouth disease": Ask me anything.

It's one of the few C&W songs I like.

"Get me the President of the United States on the phone!"

Gotta love the moron brigade

Least threatening team mascots

laptop keyboard help please!

I'm feeling very down all of a sudden.

Jessica Simpson Invents the Word "Iconish"

Tom Cruise to bush*

I ate a violet crumble candy bar today!

question re piercings.

Just checked out "The Graduate" from the library.

Levbowski Fest Site... anyone seen this before?

September 25th will be a day of mourning for me - anyone know why?

Determining age of my new furrbabies

Just saw Wedding Crashers. What happened? I was expecting so much more.

Best Kevin Smith film?

There can be only one! (and he's naked!)

Paris Report: First Week Photos!!

Best Non-Alcoholic Beers (or Malt Beverages)

The Ghostbusters Tribute Thread!

Happy birthday to my much adored Sweet Baby James...


Photographers; at what point must you use a tripod to photo images?

A question about college reimbursements.

Best Will Smith film?

Female or transgendered - Can you tell?

Something odd....

...Something to remember before ye' go blind.

Which background should I use on my PDA?

I just adopted a dog. What should I name him?

What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Hi all.....

Who is this actress?

Why did we bomb Hiroshima again?

What are your signature posts? Or your best/favorite/famous

smokey and the bandit

Happy Midsummer day! Sweet dreams.

Warner Bros. Releasing Classic TV Westerns on September 27th

Who Likes Wilco?

Hey south to mid coastal New Englanders (even you Massholes) !!! a really

Best Beer Ad!

Let the flamewars begin!

Last call for the PDX DU'er MeetUp Saturday Express! Train Leaves at 7PM!

DU this push poll

Post A Picture of Your Pests Thread!

Donkey Panda Shit Squid.

Wow! Playing with balls........

Why Does A-Schwarzenegger Assume It's Only People Posting Here ?

I think I need a new desktop computer

Art prankster sprays Israeli wall

I think I just hurt some feelings

It's Panda Saturday!

Fire at IChing's Place

"I'm only five foot one.."

I wish I had my camera today.

I might have arthritis in my knees

How and when is the best way to broach the question of political

How do *You* roast your red peppers

Why is America so violent? Answer right here:

Old man what the hell you gonna kill next?

Was anybody here on colorguard (band!)?/DCI??

Who remembers April Wine?

Tommy Thompson says "Get Chipped Like Me!"

First ever televised plus-sized beauty pageant on Oxygen now

Some people really do get upset for nothing

When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way

What is the color when black is burned?

So I rented "Midnight Cowboy"

good god almighty ! mel is back!

Hey! Who's watching Big Brother?

Pandas v. Penguins

Look at these racks!!!

BBC Three gives lesbian lion tamers an airing

Very Cool Flash Animation: Radiohead's 'Creep'

I am about to watch the matrix 3 on dvd- is it any good?

Later dudes and dudettes, I'm spending the afternoon poolside!

Marvin Dorfler?

Question for Canadian DUers

Tapes reveal Marilyn Monroe's secrets

At Hyatt Embarcadero in SF tonite. Any ideas what to do?

Off to Dublin!

That was a UFO beaming back at ya...

Do you have HDTV yet?

Pretend you're 25.

Stupid Freeper-types still haven't given up McCarthyism.

** Today's "Post A Picture of Your Pets Thread" **

Ebay experts: I need your help!!! What just happened?

Chinese, Mexican or Italian food.

How do you get rid of household odors...

I had a dream I was playing softball, the ball was shaped like *'s head

Size Matters????

get up...get out...go on a date

What is your favourite food?

Third most shameless ploy for attention

'Alien vs. Predator' premiers in 15 minutes

Find me a good painting of an octopus

I want you to heed my warning

Just a little over a month to go!

What are you wearing?

Does anybody else watch "Footballers Wives"?

Ok. Here's the meaning of the old saying .........."Bob's your uncle"

Go to Worst. Sticker. Ever and see the full email from which that

For the geeks: the Armin Shimerman Death Match Poll.

Is Jose Canseco really that stupid.

Come back anytime, Mr. Lebowski.

yahoo email question

Second most utterly shameless ploy for attention!

What's a good place to download payable music at?

I love Dollar stores!!!

Fuck. He looks like a fucking loser.

Let me tell you something, pendejo.

If you mark that frame an '8', you are entering a world of pain.

"Clerks" Is On Comedy Central Tonight at 1:00 am Uncensored

Ever done a search on another DUer's posts?

Is my cat in heat?

Is it Catsup or Ketchup?

6000!! OW! WOOOWWW! Thank you ALL! OW OW!

Good evening, PEASANTS

What is your favorite movie??

So, I need suggestions for a movie to see this weekend

Right, but let me explain something to you about the rug...

Are/were your parents racists?

Kinkade is the 2nd most HORRID word in the American lexicon

hey, iPod/music file geniuses...

Guess what band has a new album coming out? Stryper!!!!

I hiked 13 miles today at 9000 feet of altitude.

Does this seem strange to anybody else?

Anyone else here using solaris 10?

Okay. I have a question about the "poverty dish" thread.

I just finished watching "Chocolat"...*happy little sigh*

Cats they call them as they see them lol

If you could have anything...

Why does Foxy Brown need to be re-made?

Caption Novak

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

Has anyone seen the movie, "March of the Penguins?"

WTF?!?!?!?! Wine Consumption Muscles Its Way Past Manly Beer

Post here and I will call you a sick-making term of endearment.

My brush with drunken celebrity

What IS a holler back girl....

It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...

I'm much too young too feel this damn old. . . .

My weird, 3-night running now, dream

It's Squid Saturday!

What is your favorite hobby?

The penguins, pandas, and squids are killing me

BREAKING: KitchenWitch has decided to STOP dropping F Bombs

Thomas Kinkade doing art for cover of next Whitney CD

Another music thread...what are you listening to?

A break ..... What would be your perfect meal?


Police: Man's Testicles Locked In Padlock

Woo hoo! I hit the trifecta! (illness update)

Why Do Peoples Capitalize Every Word Of Their Posts Like This?


Buena Vista Social Club Singer Ferrer Dies

Can I indulge you people in a true story about emailing my first crush?

What would I find in your refrigerator?

Why is boiled okra slimy?

Tomorrow's our 10th anniversary; where should we go to celebrate?

Worst. Sticker. Ever.

My Washer Went Kaput!

Does anyone else look at Blue-Jay's sig & think this ?

Has anyone else seen the film "Birth"?

Sony Must Pay $1.5 Million Due to Fake 'David Manning' Movie Blurbs

Yet another scam to rip off the poor and people with bad credit.

Political Correctness has gone too far!

Can somebody with the "Reno 911" Season 2 DVD set please help me out?

Did you know that the Bible is the only sex manual you'll ever need?

Just talked to mark414.

OK, Gumbo I'm down with. But what is the 'Ya Ya' all about?

When your parents died...did your siblings take EVERYTHING?

Plenty of jobs like mine


A question about

A request to our Neighbors to the North

Red wines: when to chill, when not to?

Kootchstone came home from shelter with Giardia Lambia

The destruction of Mecca

I lost it and pulled a Novak today

Antidepressant exposure may be neuroprotective

New England Skeptical Society Picnic and Lecture: Vaccination Hysteria

Just a Heads up: Anti - "Was the Moon Landing Fake" show on...

NASA Admits Landing Risks

New England Skeptical Society Picnic and Lecture: Vaccination Hysteria

Resolving Ambiguous Pronouns -- study --

Antidepressant exposure may be neuroprotective

Illinois Family Institute attacks gay funding request

Bobby Knight to host reality show on ESPN (students vie for walk-on spot)

Penguins sign Ziggy Palffy - 3yrs, 13.5M

Boxing: Lacy vs Reid

What do you guys think of "soft paws" for cats?

Spiritual Wolves....

On the General Guidance and Purification of the Soul v2.0

More fun with unevidenced assertions... up for sale at Ebay; anyone interested?

Posting this here, even tho it's not Kerry related -

Another Kerry video

Soothing words to cure what ails....

Another view of a northwest archetype...

Pow! Wow! (an example of using multiple exposures)

This month's contest theme is "reflections"

Why do digital camera offer so-called "digital zoom"?

Boy, the wind sure goes out of our sails when KO goes AWOL!

September 24 ?

Flashback to May | Just one of my many crackpot letters!

An overall Democratic ad idea for 2006

The next Paul Hackett

Santorum preaches to choir (Rants over Liberals)

Iraq War Resolution, 2002: Would it have passed a November vote?

The New York Behind the Times has finally written about

Jay Rosen: Why Robert Novak Stormed Off the Set

Anyone listening to the replay of Johnson's speech on CSPAN

"He's under stress"--Press covers for Novak's hissy fit.

Political Comics at The Hollywood Liberal

Evolution/intelligent design - well-written LTTE to use as talking pts

Taipei Times: "The longest break for a sitting president in 36 years"

Does Bush have masculine issues?

Be the media, Highwayblog for Cindy Sheehan and GSFFP.

Basic questions about bases (in Iraq)

Perfect excuse for Chimpy to atttack Iran! New bombs coming from there!

"officials deny a request for roberts documents"

John Kerry: 40 Years After Voting Rights Act, Let’s Keep the Vote Alive

Tom the Dancing Bug Explains John Roberts/Scalia connection

TPM Cafe's Warren Report's handy link to credit card payment calculator

Jeb Bush Insures Election Irregularities in Florida! (Satire?)

Take up a collection for Bush

Lack of Election Reform Threatens to make all Progress Irrelevant

DSM/RoveTreason-Hey repukes,dino's, and media-We're still waiting for

Politicians' private-jet use raises questions

DU the Minuteman founder's poll! "Should I run for Senate?" EEEEK!

The U.S. occupation forces used Iraq water as bargaining chip

Astroturfing and sock just never know.

Here`s an August 6th PDB I`d like to hand to Bush.

Most disturbing song ever: "I Made it to Arlington"

Hundreds Attend Vigil for Marine Families (rate the story up on Yahoo)

DU this poll!

"Dukes of Hazzard" movie: WTF?

DFA goals and recent news. Setting it straight.

amer. lawyer in Iraq finds torture still going on everywhere

Bush hits lowest EVER numbers (re: Iraq)

"Make justifying or glorifying terrorism anywhere an offence"

GOP pays tribute to Pat Robertson (VaPilot Opinion)

I wonder how Condi Rice feels about the Voting Rights Act...

WH stonewalls Roberts documents, risks Constitutional crisis

Did Emperor Fuckstick's handlers tell him about the protest 5 miles away?

Be the Media............


What might happen if we made up our own version of

Pro-xyz '08 candidate thread OPs should expect negative responses

The face of real patriotism.

Ok, so we win in '08. How much of what Bush has done can be undone?

John Roberts labeled as “moderate.” How accurate is that? -->

WP: Rich Democrats start new $80 million fund

Special about HIROSHIMA starting now on Discovery Channel. 8pm EDT.

Inside Washington on Sunday 10:00 am, Bush polls decreasing on War

The battle is forming - its DFA versus DLC

Deputies: Slain wife told GI of affair (From yesterday's LBN story)

Check out this John Gibson Clip

I am sickened by this.

WaPo: GOP Plans More Outreach to Blacks, Mehlman Says

Cindy Sheehan: "The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us"

Leak prosecutor's boss to be replaced w/ Bush Skull & Bones classmate

Novak says he 'overreacted'

Cindy Sheehan has arrived at Crawford ranch; media coverage?

What do you think of Al Gore TV?

How many of us Americans can take a 33 day "working" vacation?

The problem with Hillary for prez.

How could Gore or Kerry ever win again after giving up their presidencies?

Can anybody confirm that John Conyers cancelled he trip to the UK re DSM??

Tough is as tough does

Now there's a leak someone's gonna' be held accountable for!

What do we know about Robin Cook...and why is his death so terrible

Please stop all the manic crap on '08; the midterms are more important

General Barry R. McCaffrey's Report On Iraq to the Senate ...

I went on to the AARP website to attempt to tell them that in light

A rejoinder for the "but if it were a Christian, (insert victim statement

Light a Candle to Support Cindy Sheehan! SOLIDARITY!

CRAWFORD UPDATES HERE: We are in contact with Cindy Sheehan

Falling, Falling, Falling… Bush in the Polls

documents tell of brutal tactics of U.S. military interrogators

Am I the only AARP member who is pissed off that Condialiar

"I'm here fighting the culture war."

to avoid investigation, " lawmakers tours now part of guantanamo life"

Ironic Quote...

I'll never believe a Republican again

I just stumbled across a freeper-like website and I was stunned ...

The Most Important Story of Our Time (Iran & Sudden Response 05)

Is George Bush Jr. the scapegoat for Dick Cheney and the PNAC?

Halliburton 284% war profit

Photos: Crawford Cops face-off with Cindy Sheehan and Vets for Peace

Limbaugh didn't disclose "commercial" attacking Roberts was fake.

Why is it ok to talk about 2008 when it's YOUR candidate being pushed?

Bush Radio: "a simpler, fairer tax code" (Nat'l Sales Tax stump speech)

S.C. Republicans Want Beer Money Back

From the podium at Crawfraud, Texas

Conason on Hackett's no-holds-barred approach and the Democrats' future

Cindy Sheehan needs your help *NOW*!!!

If Clark had held an elected political office would he be as popular?

Anybody live near Arlington National Cemetery?

Kucinich to discuss loss of 20 Ohio Marines on ABC on Sunday