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Archives: August 29, 2005

Fumento: Despite media blackout, good news from Fallujah

Strategizing a Christian Coup d'Etat

Krugman (NYT): Greenspan and The Bubble

Evangelicals’ martyr complex mystifies critics

Megachurch pastor biggest beneficiary of charity he founded

3 nursing home residents died in evac

Winds in south Plaquemines Parrish up to 75 mph per wdsu nt

There are websites that broadcast emergency services

Freepers who say "freedom isn't free" contradict the presidon't.

I'm going to bed shortly, but I just wanted to say, that my final thought

Is anyone else having trouble with the volume

With all this "Freedom isn't Free" bullshit

Info on Hurrican Andrew, the last Cat. 5 hurricane to hit the US

The Geopolitics of Katrina

Landfall apx 8 am ET near NOLA eom

It would make a hell of a lot more sense if bush would drop the pretense

New Orleans mayor has secret plan to get *'s lazy ass back to DC

I'm shocked at how many parents have voluntarily stayed behind with

Can anyone watching NO news update me on the hospitals?

Katrina is a global warming double whammy.

Has * made any statement yet about the hurricane?

Please everyone visit this thread, important....

I, for one, want to give a "shout out" to the people who stood in long

About the causeway bridges...

Hurricane Watchers check in

The most insensitive comments I've seen on the impending disaster....

Stripes letter: KBR (Halliburton) won't repair equipment

New Orleans Worst Case?

This is why I love being a liberal (and a DU'er)

Palm Lakes in Slidell: is water coming up? We have evacuees

A new DUer Billboardproject posted these prowar sign pics

WDSU TV link works ! Come here for streaming video

Iraqi state company to repair oil wells after Western companies balk

Rev. Jackson Lends Support to Chavez

Senator Will Ask Rumsfeld to Testify to Panel on Iraq

AP: Experts Expect Katrina To Turn N.O. Into Atlantis; 1 Million Homeless

My last thread from Aztec, New Mexico

Great photo of Venus Williams and a young fan

self delete, posted in the wrong sub-forum

I'm bad. I can't stop thinking of The Simpson's production of Streetcar!

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

What are some large internet forums? Besides DU...

Whoa! I passed 10,000!

For those of you with Broadband..Look at this Hurricane "Loop"

A song from the Simpsons about New Orleans

Any speakers of Icelandic or Old Norse here on DU?

VIDEO: on live tv fox's shep smith is told"none of your f**kin' business."

Nighthawks VIII (Dial-up warning)

There seems to be a unified Dem message--

Memories of New Orleans.

Is this the tipping point? Dagwood disses Duhbya.

VIDEO: shepard smith in new orleans is told; none of your f**kin' business

DU media Blast Bush's cuts to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

New Orleans district, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cut by Bush


Forbes' flat tax is a certain recipe for financial chaos

"War ... doesn't bring democracy" - Gen. Wesley Clark

French Socialists fight for soul of the left

Sadr shows how to win hearts and minds

Iraqis Reject Democracy, Fearing Obesity May Be Next

Blumner: 'National security' too often government's cover for malfeasance

Show Me the Science

Camp Casey Pics...good ones here

Tomgram: A world view repeated once too often? Catapulting the Propaganda

8 years in a Louisiana jail, but he never went to trial

Katrina -- Bush's "perfect storm"?

The Lords of War: "One dead for every day in office"

In the Struggle Over the Iraq War, Women Are on the Front Line

NYT: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Did Time intentionally deceive its readers in Plame case?

Is Global Warming Fueling Katrina?

Burnishing an Image at the USA Corral (Concerning Dubya's"Ranch")

Burnishing an Image at the USA Corral (Western WH)

Telling Editorial: The terrorists are winning.

George Monbiot (The Guardian): How to stop civil war

Robert Kennedy, Jr: For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind

Norman Solomon (CommonDreams): Triangulation for War

Eye of the Beholder: Is treason only a matter of perspective?

George W.Bush's Noble Cause - 'Political Capital'

Imagine No Countries

Wash Post Editorial: Politicizing the FDA

American Violence in Iraq: Necrophilia or Savagery?

Interesting Iraq War article from Columbia, SC newspaper..

W. David Jenkins III: The Conservative Meltdown

It's RIP for the housing boom

Alberta is about to get wildly rich and powerful (ENOUGH OIL 4US 4 50 YRS)

Topless virgins vie for king in AIDS-hit Swaziland

Mr. Galloway goes to Washington (& Boston, NY, Seattle, SF, Chi, LA, more)

What about a "PROACTIVE THREAD," anticipating events, prepping

Can we invite Senator Feingold to speak at the September 24 rally

Is it possible to have a running list of what current actions should be

Crosspost to GD thread

Gas Crunch: Just thinking about Daddy & Junior

Public land sought for nuke rail study

Toyota Officially Responds To A Plug-In Prius

"Today, We're Planning To Produce Electricity From Hydrogen. . .

NBC mentions "global warming" in connection with Katrina.

Oil leaps above $70 as Katrina hits Gulf

My LTTE on Cindy and Iraq

In the shadow of fragmentation

Soldiers, Anguish Remain Around Evacuated West Bank Settlements

Sharon accuses rival Netanyahu of being unfit to rule

Another boy-bomber caught at Hawara

Emergency Convergence - Powerful New Videos Online

CIA planted evidence (Lockerbie)

Mike Malloy and conspiracy theory.

McKinney's 9/11 Hearings Moved to Main C-SPAN Channel.

"The country has not recovered from the last two elections." I had

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY 8/29/05

Was the 2004 presidential election stolen? DU this poll !

Sequoia gets new president - read their company press release.

Just received word Sherole Eaton's Daughter in Hospital with

Can we work with the present vendors?

If I were going to steal a presidential election, I'd...

Decertify a DRE today, version 2.1

Gas san diego

What's wrong with Arnie's redistricting plan

San Diego Peace Vigil Tonite (Mon): 6-9 outside Bush's hotel (rally Tues)

Pomona-area folk music fans

"No more Ann Coulter" from the Arizona Daily Star. CR Gazette next?

Wesley Clark to be in Mason City

Rethugs down one candidate: Charlie Baker nixes run for Gov

Justice for Museum Guards! Tuesday, August 30, 6PM

MWPC Campaign Skills Training - September 10th

Herald: Mitt backs war, but his boys are safe at home

Media coverage of Boston (Roxbury) Carribbean Festival?

Labor Day vigil at Bourne Rotary Cape Cod

Camp Casey "Bring them Home Now Tour" in Amherst and Boston

Medea Benajmin, BC, 9/18 7PM

Employee demoted for fighting Brown/Root Halliburton No Bid contracts.

Support the Homeward Bound Resolution

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Strike Coverage Pro-Corporate?

Anyone else having trouble tuning in to AAR?

Heard on NPR: Cherie Yecke to be Florida chancellor for K-12

Crop art at the State Fair (Horticulture Building)

slow and ghost like

Need help with Run Time Errors

Transferring favorites from one computer to another?

Passwod protection ....

Judge dismisses lawsuit filed over long election lines

'Napoleon Dynamite' star says film based on life experiences

Akron Ohio - get ready for Katrina's wave - Gas to jump at least 20 cents

Bleeped and Gagged in Ohio

New Law-=Even if you're not proud

How long will they be at Camp Casey? When are they leaving?

I named the Bush Supporter's Camp Reality!! (sort of)

Texas Gunman Kills 4 in Church, Then Self

Have there been parts of HOuston that have been evacuated?

name the worst thing you ever left in your car on a hot Texas day

Austin Rally for Cindy Sheehan & Military Families Wed. 8/31

Galloway comes to Madison:-)

Scott Suder demagoguery attacks UW

I would love to see Russ Feingold speak at the Sept 24 peace rally

FreeRepublic post Sheehan comments that are dead on..

Bernie Goldberg Makes Bogus Statements in an Online Chat

So, will Bush tour NO

NO area now issuing TORNADO watches...

Mississippi Repuke Gov Haley Barbour said "Wall Of Water"

I finally wrote my letter to American Legion National Commander . . .

2am EDT update on position...

Is there any way to get the WDSU feed to stop timing out?

OMG 3 elderly evacuees die of dehydration (hot bus...long ride)

Posted an idea in the LA forum re hurricane and I'm wondering. Does anyone

Question for a Koran expert

Tomorrow is one of those days hedge fund people dream about.

I don't know if this is true or not, but this is a guy...

Bush's friends will make billions off New Orleans.

WWL TV is reporting 90mph gusts in the French Quarter already.

Live Hurricane Cams at

Venezuela To Seek Legal Action Against Robertson

My grandfather is one of the fathers of the GW debate, it only gets worse

Some Photos from Inside the Superdome >>>

Freep vs Freepers.....few more pictures priceless.......

Would a real disaster (hurricane) relocating 1M people derail an Iran War?

2CDT (3am eastern) Public Advisory 25B


What effect will losing New Orleans, 1M+ refugees, have on our economy?

Monstrous Hurricane Heads for New Orleans - headline from UK

AFB: "Bush DOWNPLAYS Iraqi rifts on constitution"

In taxonomy there is a term for the specimen

Weather Channel: Only TV network where being a nerd is GOOD

The media is already pushing Katrina = high gas prices

These bastards figured the death of 100k in as collateral damage

CNN: 3:13 EST- 1/4 people simply don't have cars YET no plans to use buses

military assaults on demonstrators vs. New Orleans evacuation efforts

Interesting fact: Hurricane names are recycled every 6 years unless

"Superdome filled with the poorest of the poor in this city"

Wind shear seems to be weaking it significantly...thank goodness!!

Report: More journalists killed in Iraq than Vietnam

Dow, Nasdaq futures are going through the floor.

The possible loss of such history makes me ill.

The mayor of New Orleans' Katrina performance is:

Superdome question plz

It's just a letter... A simple letter...

Not a hurricane thread, but next time you see some fundie bumper sticker..

Live Cam Links for New Orleans

have lost sound/picture at WDSU, WWLT still sending

CNN weather guy just yelled at the announcer.

Keep the prayers and good thoughts rolling

What will happen to the graves n New Orleans?

Finally, some Cooper CNN coverage.

Journalists didn't bother vetting Iraq war rationale

Personalised gravestones

Why didn't the state of LA make ALL road lanes lead OUT of town??

Katrina now opening headnews on French TV

Consider joining the Disasters Update Cellphone Text Message Group

Fox online gets Katrina coverage WRONG.

WDSU announces levee pumps have failed in NO

It Looks Like The Worst Will Miss New Orleans.

Need some stress relief to maintain sanity?

The people in the Superdome might be in a deathtrap.

Breaking: Super dome roof leaking

Raining inside Superdome now..

Raining inside the superdome!

Some AWESOME photos from Camp Casey...

(VIDEO) Daily Show and Bill Maher savage the media

Stock holdings could hold back Roberts on some cases

"Pres. Bush began yesterday to prepare for the aftermath of this ..storm"

Why do daredevil TV reporters stay in New Orleans?

Fearful New Orleans Awaits the Potentially Catastrophic Hurricane Katrina

Sunnis bitter as Iraq parliament accepts constitution's final draft

Natural gas up 19.5% from Friday!

Woohoo Anderson Cooper in Baton ROuge!

Fox host just said, "We're PRAYING for you."


CNN reporting one section of Super Dome Roof

does this look like, very "red", right over New Orleans?

Why the fuck didn't they get those people out of NO?

CNN: Katrina may be 'our Asian tsunami' (WTF!!!???!!!)

I was watching CNN's Soledad O'Brien interviewing....

Friend "Bush & Gore must be happy with the high oil prices..."

1239 Days 19 hours 54Min 30 Sec

One option to help the people hit by Katrina

Anyone Viewing An Updating New Orleans Web Cam?

Freepers who say "freedom isn't free" contradict the presidon't.

WDSU Hurricane Blog

How did this FOOL become President?

Poor, homeless, frail flock to the safety of Superdome

Time To Open The Strategic Reserve

CNN.."Continue to pray"

BushInc caught giving BILLIONS of SBA small biz dollars to Big Business

Biloxi, Ms is it pronounced...

Picture of the superdome roof leaks

Reuters demands immediate release of wounded camera man

QUESTION: If the majority of those going into Superdome had been WHITE....

NO will be out of it soon

O'Lielly: Cables "Highest-Rated" program???

With this huge natural disaster, what is our president doing?

Boston Globe ARticles on Rove and on new Catholic Inquisition

Sharpton Joins Sheehan (THUMBS DOWN!!!)

7:45 AM Snapshot of Katrina - looks like the eyewall will miss NO...

Norquist--liar and weenie

Katrina hit mainland at Perlington, MS.

At What Time Will George Bush Emerge From His Hidey Hole? >>

Why is Jeb Bush holding a press conference?

Best ways to contribute to disaster relief?

Jane Fonda on NPR right now n/t

I'm interested by the flame wars regarding evacuating New Orleans

Power out at Superdome

Question about Iraq's new constitution

Al Sharpton fans check in here (Count me as one)

The rat bastard is planning his Presidential Library!

The people stuck in the dome

Hey, Bush! God's Gunning for You!

Here's what happens at the beginning of Oil Storm

FL: Judge Finds Slap Didn't Amount To Child Abuse

Where's Anderson Cooper?

The very strange eyewitnesses of de Menezes' death

Jeez, our fake President didn't even plug the phone in!

Emergency Convergence - Powerful New Videos Now Online

Fun with the Freepi in Crawford-"Arrests, rhetoric highlight protests"

Measuring the U.S. Economy May Not Be as Simple . . .

FYI: Sever Weather Warning page

This is awful....

EVERYONE, just get those "positive" thoughts for LA and MS going.

Is anybody watching the ogre reporter on FOX reporting on Katrina?

Found an abandoned puppy yesterday

"Toxic Gumbo"-stupid MSM phrase about a real hurricane threat

Yes! I got on the Stephanie Miller Show!

i wish anderson cooper

Martin Sheen at Camp Casey II - article and photos:

A-N-D-E-R-S-O-N is in Baton Rouge

MSNBC - the people who rode out the storm on the shrimp boats in Houma, LA

David's toe points art historians to origins of Michelangelo's marble

anderson cooper's death wish vol.2

Seems like the MSM is going to have the upmost sympathy for the idiots

LA National Guard Wants It's Equipment Back From Iraq (too late now)

Did anybody else notice this revolting news tidbit

Did the casinos manage to save the MONEY???

For Basra's Christians, Hussein era the 'good old days'

Gary Hart is being interviewed now on

Please please give me GERALDO updates

"Cindy, God took your son, not W"

DU Opinion Poll-- Senator Harry Reid

alligators in the back yard

Faux news just said Bush is thinking of giving oil from the nat. reserve

NewsMax: "Lib Bloggers: Katrina Bush's Fault"

All Bush can think about is oil while thousands are being flooded in NO!

Calls coming in from trapped residents

AAR News---Military hot on the trail of Bin Laden!!!

Shep Smith reporting that Lake Pontchartrain is starting to top over ....

Is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of the media reporting

S.O.P. Repub Politics: Risk National Security to Sabotage Dem Admins.

Freepers' sheer madness prevails over reason to yield.

another religious con man sucks up the money

Louisiana National Guard troops watch Katrina from Iraq

Is there live stream coverage of Katrina anywhere?

So did Bush return to the White House last night?

From the October 04 National Geographic (RE: LA. Wetlands)

I just don't understand reporters who stand out in 100 mile wind

Does anybody know when and where new Air America stations will debut?

let's get back to Camp Casey for a minute....

Superdome construction info (FYI)

Another Reuters Staffer Killed by U.S. Forces in Iraq

I only need one sign to warn me of Fascism

McKinney's 9/11 Hearings To Be Broadcast on C-SPAN Aug. 31 & Sep. 2

Affluent Atlanta suburb attempts privatized utopia

Lowlife is going to visit an RV park in Phoenix area today.

So, Bush wants to be "asked" by refineries to open oil reserves?


Media calling people idiots for staying....Hello, I see you there!!

Did WDSU Just Go Out?

NOLA blog:"New Orleans is sinking - I don't want to swim"(sea rising fast)

(Camp Casey) Post on-line photo collections here!

National Guard: Enough GIs for storm duty

Taxpayers Pay the President's Outrageous Fuel Bills:

Isn't it great? The stock market is stronger because of the hurricane!

Does this deserve it's own thread?

Wholesale gasoline prices soared by 25-35 cents a gallon today

"David Schwimmer" of the Protest Warriors picture from yesterday?

Please recommend today's "ALL DU Cindy Threads"! thank you! eom

Joke is on religion as Christians laugh at themselves

Is Jack Abramoff connected to Terrorists?

WDSU just put up soap opera?

Okay, fess up - who's been talking?

Grieving mom deserves our sympathy

Dumbya just arrived in Arizona

Louisiana governor looks like she hasn't slept

Did WDSU Just Go To A Soap Opera ???

Reminder: Rachel Maddow filling in for Franken this week.

pResident B*sh releases this statement about the hurricane...

A really bizarre idea for Katrina relief fundraising

Is this true about the Louisiana National Guard?

Mississippi Gov. Press Conference

NOW is the time to pray/meditate/send good energy to NOLA and LA and MS

Is this true about the Louisiana National Guard?

LAT: Equity Is Altering Spending Habits and View of Debt

bush just on tv re: katrina - here's what he said (msnbctv)

Apple Computer giving aid and comfort to Freepers and Torturers!

What hampered the USS Cole bombing investigation

BUSH:“I’m not meeting again with that goddamned bitch,” (Cindy Sheeham)

Gender specific epithets

Bush is on CNN now >

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

Dan Brown: Seville smells and is corrupt. City: You come here and say that

Obviously one doesn't have to be a genius to be a journalist.

Hillarious movie about bush. Enjoy.

okay. serious bugs happening

Is this true about the Louisiana National Guard?

Read this, especially the first comment, Romney's kids to good to fight.

The buses should have gone to the airport--not the Superdome.

Prezzydent to Discuss Hurricaine live in 30 minutes.

Check out new DUer Swimmerfilms great video from Camp Casey

BUSH:“I’m not meeting again with that goddamned bitch,” (Cindy Sheeham)

PLEASE go give blood today--doesn't matter where you are

Local Shelters Open for Katrina Evacuees

A very interesting billboard located in New Zealand

Citizen and journalists' Katrina Blogs

Is DU acting a bit "buggy"?

TD 13 to not be an issue?

Miss. Governor: "Looters will be treated ruthlessly."

Fayed 'to blame for Diana's death'

Son just called from work, Gas to go up 30 cents in Tulsa

There are 4500 in the Louisiana National Guard. How many can be deployed?

Hillarious video of DUMBya. enjoy

Soldier in Iraq searching for children Re: Katrina

Cindy is on NPR right now....

I just called to have my fuel oil tank filled - $2.50/ gallon!!

I've lost all feeds to the hurricane news

Bush Appears - Bidness as Usual -PIX->>>

Did CNN Commentators Give Cindy's Ad As Much Free Time as The Swift Boat?

Will Idiot Son tour the hurricane area or "stay out of the way"

I need help with a rebuttal

Babs BUSH Seen Guzzling Vodka Sodas

WOW!! Who just saw the Cindy ad on CNN????????

Jim Cantore's in trouble: From The Weather Chanel Blog

WDSU: Hancock County Emerg. Command Center has collapsed

Thousands of Sunnis protesting the Iraqi Constitution.

Cindy Sheehan is my HERO

Here's A Tornado Watch Loop For Ya !!!

"Louisiana National Guard troops watch Katrina from Iraq"

Does downtown NOLA have better drainage than the rest of the city ?

Cash Donations Sought for Katrina Victims >

Info on Mobile please

Powerful Video From t r u t h o u t & Iraq Veterans Against the War

Did someone just drive into the water off I-10 on CNN? WDSU just showed it

Bush in West Phoenix, AZ - Protest Photos & Frustrations...

Who was it that said Looting in disasters was an urban myth?

Involvement in the Stock Market

Where did Katrina hit today and how hard?

St. Bernard rescue requests

Where's the list of casualties during W's vacation?

When are they planning to leave Camp Casey?

Just back from Crawford

Invisible People Seen in Crawford

Reverend Al Sharpton's driver arrested for speeding south of Dallas

I cannot get streaming video out of nola or LA

Hurricane Katrina might do Bush in. (Oil prices will go up even higher)

Phelps pickets GI funerals - "vengeance from God" for US "harboring gays"

WDSU....Katrina Blog. Updates on people stuck in storm

Cindy calls on vets to help those devastated by Katrina!


I'm going crazy!! The guy in the office next to me has been playing

15-20 Feet Water Throughout St. Bernard Parish

Who said they instucted the Nat' Guard and Local Police to be "Ruthless"

Holy cow!!! SERIOUS looting going on in NOLA

Iraq/Al Qaeda link?

"Chickenhawks: the other right meat" & "Children of chickenhawks" - Salon

Today Is Not The Day For Partisanship

Iraq's Unseen War (link contains graphic matl):

DNC: (John) Warner agrees that Bush White House Needs Iraq Plan

HILARIOUS Account Of Crawford BushBot Rally On FR!!

Big relief effort meets Katrina

Is it true they weren't letting people into the superdome unless

50%, 70% of city under water, is it like the Titanic ?

Caption this JEB pic....

Little Green Footballs dissed my shirt

Just saw Cindy's ad again on CNN

So...Katrina is now the reason the economy is tanking

I pray to someone

I wasn't meaning to brush aside the other areas getting hit

"It's fifty-fifty every day,"

I heard that the cell towers are down in New Orleans

"The entire metro area power is out." -- WDSU

Did Anderson Cooper make it out okay?

Worst storm surge in history in St.Bernard Parrish per WDSU nt

WHOA, think about this...

12 out of 100 cars on my main drag sported ribbons today

There is CRAZY looting going on in NOLA per WDSU nt

A RW blogger actually agrees with us "Moonbats" regarding Halliburton

Here's the Funny Part

Iconoclast: Battleground Crawford!

The dem's will have a full plate once returned to the majority

"Half of the city is under water" - WDSU (nt)

Katrina Cost Estimate Cut as Storm Spares New Orleans (Update9)

I wonder how many Freepers are happy with the Iraq Constitution?

Getting away and after the hurricane - a brief report and reflection

More words. More letters. No more Ann Coulter.

CNN weatherman loses his cool and throws his papers on camera (video)


FEMA Prepares for Katrina's Aftermath

The bush* pResidency

If Idiot Son gets a hero's welcome in NOLA, I will VOMIT

Robertson...Looks like he broke the law....

Burnishing an Image at the USA Corral

Which one of y'all told me? And where did you find it?

What's up with the Dow Jones today?

Did Time intentionally deceive its readers in Plame case?

Did anybody bother to tell this idiot

Weather Channel

Gas is up $.50 here...

Randi smacking down freeper caller

I just talked to my friend in Mobile

DU Opinion Poll-- Senator Evan Bayh

Storm hampers long-distance, cell services...

bush's* visit to phoenix TODAY:

Woohoo! Kyle Orton (big Dem) named Bears starting QB

Bush Should Not Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Louisiana Governor/FEMA press conference

Incredible video on

How bad is it?

We've got two hybrids now... Ask me anything!

Crawford Pix, Sat., and a rant about that night

"40,000 homes in St. Charles parish underwater" - Weather Channel

dick cheneys remarks from - the way back machine

Memo to trolls.

Decorated Iraq War Veteran Challenges Cindy Sheehan

US Won't Give Iraq "Big Guns". And Admits to "Semi-Permanent" Iraq Bases!

The brave Freepers are ready for someone else to take on Iran

Cnn anchor indignant about people looting food...

Neal Cuvato Faux 'A tough day that turned out okay'

Our Alex's first video from Camp Casey posted

Venezuela Tourism

Can anyone get streaming video of NOLA ? nt

What's going on with the two tropical depressions on the tail of Katrina?

Everytime you see Bush walking through Bluebonnets

Hundreds cling to roofs as Katrina hits New Orleans

Can a president pardon someone who has a murder conviction?

I hope all of you Mississippi folks are OK ! nt

Anyone got a link to a good Cindy 'toon? I been searching

is there word on casualties yet???? in the FL hurricanes last year didn't

To the loss of so many Innocent lives.

So freeps claimed Paula Jones not getting flowers was proof of unfair bias

"See, I told you Katrina was no big deal..."

Iconoclast: Sheehan's Stand!! PIC

It's a bird!!! It's a plane!!!! NO -- IT'S THE CHICKENHAWK BRIGADE

Democratic National Committee: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

Bush will win Big over Katrina...or...Bush Implodes?

Picketing Fallen Soldiers' Funerals

A very sad sad story "A Consevationist's Suicide"

Could someone give me the exact quote

Need a quote reference.. patriotic duty to criticize the president..

Voting Rights Act v New ID Requirements in GA

I was afraid of this: We are in "THE WAR ON LIBERALISM"

Sen. Joe Biden can be so Wormy?

ACLU discovers FBI is labeling peace activists as 'potential terrorists'

Race against time to rescue trapped residents of New Orleans

Another hurricane note - seen in Mississippi

"Most Mississippi power customer south of 1-20 without power."

Damn, Damn, Damn. . .before and after pics of N.O.

Mike Malloy not on again tonight ??? whats up?

No reported fatalities in Kenner at this time.

America is number one in exports...

Not to be "fearmongering", but...

If I hear "I remember 9/11" or "What about 9/11" again I'll scream!

Picking Up the Pieces

Brother Pat's hissy fit, angered God and caused this storm.

Damage to oil platforms feared

UPDATE 3-W.House may release oil from stockpile if needed

Chevron Provides Update on Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane not expected to disrupt payroll, TSP services

Cindy's stalker to appear on "The Guy James Show" Saturday nite!

News Updates

50 of the pumps in NO were built in 1913.

Economic effects of Katrina will be widespread

Christian Wire: Iraq vet plans to "dog" Sheehan until she meets him

Is Bush in Rancho Cucamonga today?

listen to this song by Larry McMurtry

Doesn't it seem like

OMG, I think they are going to make it!!!! HOORAY!!!

Our gas went up 11 cents in one day

Right Wing Chickenhawks protest Anti-War Protestors/Attack Cindy Sheehan

Rude Pundit gets Iraq constitution exactly right. Caution ...rude content

Bush Is God

FoxNews let's F-bomb go over the air. Please report them to the FCC.

My message to NOLA, LA and MS on WWL TV Forum Board

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #10: Zig Zag Zell Miller

Stealing And Looting Is Wrong 99% Of The Time

Does it bother anyone else that Bush decided to go to Arizona and

Biloxi, MS seems to have gotten the worst of Katrina

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call (Best Of)

My sister-in-law's brother decided to ride out the storm in NO.

where's a good (non-left, non-dem) site about opting out of being

My 500th post....slowly finding my voice.....and a big thank you!

will blogs abt Cindy and Camp Crawford continue after they leave

The media has largely ignored gulfside Plaquemines Parrish

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted Republican"

What is your least favorite Air America weekday show?

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Bush Iran attack proposal

Katrina Casuality Counts

You know, phenomena like Katrina make me wonder about God

Why would four military cargo plans have fighter jets escorting them?

Anyone know where to find satellite photos?

Aaron Brown/Ernest Hemingway

Caption **

Some scientist on Faux

Dennis Banks and AIM: ceremonial drum circle for Cindy

Encourage all to consider NO for your next vacation.

Gender segregated classrooms in US? Sure - for the Saudis....(Colson)

Chavez threatens UN complaint, if no action against Robertson


New Orleans Damage Report (from various sources) (LEVEE BREACHES!)

Camp Casey needs another sign

source for "If the American people really knew what we had done" quote

Katrina photos

Fuck the looters.

Kentucky Governor just issued amnesty to all people in his

Who do you think was the worst behaved. The weatherman or the anchor

Here's a map showing the concentration of Iraq military deaths

Price Gouging 1500 Miles Away

Excellent read: Mark Green, former NYC mayorial candidate

San Diego vigil planned TONIGHT to welcome Bush

My Kingdom for a Cheney Quote!

Cindy vs the Chimp - a question of character.

Did anyone just hear Ed Schultz?

September 24th Protest...

Reuters correspandant: "Over time, more people you know die" - must read

Another Pro-Bush yahoo shows his true colors.

Unleashing Terrorists Attack 2 create DISTRACTION & GO TO WAR

Buchanan suggests Bush impeachment

"I'm sitting here watching an elderly man with a cooler trying to make his

Arizona Newspaper Drops Coulter Column

Anti-sheehan protestors remove crosses w/ names of texas dead.....

'As part of my balanced life, I've decided to take up fiddling this week.'

Why isn't this a crime?

Don't worry Jennifer, you'll be ok.

Iraq may become a Theocracy...

Iraq will now be a Shi ite Theocracy ...... Mission Accomplished

When will we find out that Cheney met with the Taliban.

Brit Hume on Cindy Sheehan

Gunman slays 4 at Texas church, then kills self

Are there National Guard to help in Mississippi? (or LA?)

Internet 301 - Mole catching for fun and profit (EXPANDED)

Live from Fallujah

List Reasons Why Freepers Hate the name "Chickenhawk"

Compare Disasters: Iraq War = TWELVE Katrina Hurricanes

So, I'm scheduled to attend a conference in NO September 24

My thoughts on shipping Pat off to Chavez

Will New Orleans need volunteer labor to clean up ?

Perhaps its been asked before, but is Sheehan the Rosa Parks of Iraq?

Several states warn against gouging.

On This Day August 29th Congress Passes the Civil Rights Act of 1957

Fox labeled an innocent couple terrorists and gave out their

Is it true that Sheehan met with Bush previously?

Bad Apple

Say what you want about Mike Dukakis, he knew how to command in a storm

CNN newscaster complaining about all the people breaking the curfew.

Newsreports from 6/18/04 the day Cindy met Bush at Fort Lewis

Evil Idea

Dennis Kucinich wedding photos

There is a 2nd response to Camp Qualls' Where Would Jesus Camp?

From Chimp's Katrina speech:

What The Fuck Is Wrong With You? You Weren't Born Into Money?

I'd like to give to "Katrina Disaster Relief" but only Money to Democrats.

Local girl takes second place in 9/11 art contest

RWers are defending gas prices very poorly

Black Hawk helicopters to help with hurricane--WWLTV

Orders given to block re-entry to areas affected by Katrina.

Demostration against Bushj at the Hotel Del in San Diego

Simple but most compelling Poll: Pragmatic vs Principled? Would you

Are we going to have refugee camps in MS, LA, FL?

Protest by Bush Ranch Readies to Hit Road

Most Popular DU TOONS - vote for your FAVORITES here =)

Gov Ernie Fletcher (R) Ky, to pardon his 9 indicted aides

My Open Letter to Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia re Presidential plans

Steve Bell: Out of the Caribbean it came...

Would you consider this child abuse?

"..we have moved beyond our leaders now." Rachel's caller

Yipeeeee! My NO family is safe in NC. Arrived 3 hours ago.

We should privatize the relief effort.

To all on the gulf coast

Price gouging already being reported

Looting in Gulfport?

Question on Ft. Qualls Blog: "Which camp would Jesus visit first?"

Red Cross Online Donation Web Site

My e-mail to O'Reilly

Wonder why Fox viewers are so stupid? Take a look at their messengers

"Let them eat cake", gwb ate cake while NO and Biloxi drowned.

Helen Thomas: "Democrats Must Call For Pullout" (Voters Will Punish...)

New Orleans needs to have a webcast music concert fundraiser!

50 hurricane related deaths in Miss. -- Harrison County

dupe Racial Profiling and Cindy Sheehan

recent news from WWL TV

Breaking News...50 people dead in Mississippi Harrison County

50 deaths in Harrison County MS per WDSU and Emergency Management

Iraqi Sunnis protesting

Gulf coast residents tell their stories live on the Web

News article confirmation re McCaskill Senate run

Excerpts from the blog at WWLTV

"Looting is the Equivalent of Grave Robbing"

N.Y. Board of Trade halts coffee deliveries at port


'The whole damn city is under water'

Army Contract Official Critical of Halliburton Pact Is Demoted

Did they come?

OK, Here's the official Misunderstood Conservatives thread.

Gas prices likely average nationwide $2.75 a gallon by week's end.

Hack called Rumfield et al the "perfumed Princes of the Pentagon"

200 trapped on Ninth Ward rooftops; bodies floating in Bywater, Eastover

"The Geopolitics of Katrina" the Aftermath/ What it Means for US Economy!

Shrub uses Katrina to Boost Oil Companies Bottom line....

Why not have price controls on gas?

Lets write Senator Feingold and ask him to speak at the 9/24 rally

Fox News Morning Show

Ladies and Gents.....Let's stick it to em'!!!!!!!!!!

Are any leading Dems going to be visible at the Sept 24 rally?

Recruiters getting desperate??

A Perfect Havel Quote about Cindy Sheehan

God loves gay people; he diverted the hurricane from the Big Easy

Help animals in the storm area!

I'd love a law where elected officials can't say 'pray', 'bless', or 'God'

Pat Robertson praying for Supreme Court Justices to die?

Dean was right...again ! The repubics WILL scapegoat

YES PLEASE extradite Pat Robertson!!! PLEASE we don't want him

George W FraWD!Corrupt AWOL Coward frat boy Douchebag with shit for brains

At least five deaths in Gulf States from Katrina

Gas prices to go up a dollar tommorow morning. ?

Real death toll - is it possible to find out

A pro-shrubber had a confederate flag to greet * with today.

For Louisiana and New Orleans DU'ers especially, please read...

The County Fair at camp reality .

this song made my hair stand on end

Evacuees check in HERE

Bush's "Noble Cause" (whatever it turns out to be) is anti-American.

Anyone heard from MoPaul? He's a LA resident.n/t

1878 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The Irrelevant President -PIX from AZ->>>

VICTORY! Apple removed "Club Gitmo" Dashboard Widget!


For people interested in damage in ST TAMMANY

Best streaming video link of NOLA, for WMP

Help the animals affected by the hurricane


I bypassed the MSM today and came straight to DU.

!?!?!?!?W only talked 1-2 minutes abt Kartrina + then talked immigration??

When will the MSM give up on the missing girl?

U.S. Congress: no soft spot for Canadians

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) epidemic to be expected in NOLA,LA

Kirk Cameron just told me I'm going to hell.

Watch out Iran

New Orleans is sinking...

Are you guys watching Aaron Brown on CNN?

Thank you, Jeanne Meserve of CNN

CNN's Jeanne Meserve gets full marks

Web page w/ info re: neighborhood conditions in New Orleans...

Desperate for info on St Tammany and/or Washington Parish, LA

(photo) Smirky is just scary.

Shelter-seekers find long lines, noisy conditions in Superdome

“I’m not meeting with that goddamned bitch,” - Bush flips out!!!!!!!!

Hurricane Katrina Relief Info List and Round-up of News

My new motto: "Smear away, because we're not going away."

At least 55 people killed in storm per Haley Barbour of MS

You all must see this... if you have not already... OMG


Was just hit by a wave of sadness and dispair


Aaron Brown is having a hard time ..

George Bush- One Dead American for Every Day in Office

Honda's Natural Gas Car-Hey it's a start

Rasmussen: Americans want Iraq to be stable company

photo of the superdome roof >

Since there seems to be an increase in how fast the globe is warming

I Paid $3 for Regular Gas Yesterday.

PICS of Camp Casey 1 and 2, Fort Qualls, Camp Reality + 1 freeper outhouse showing footage of the rescues.

My 14 yr old son wants to come to the Coronado vigil with me tonight.

Jeann Meserve versus rePUKEs on stranded poor

Did anyone see "Rome" on HBO last night?

Why do the left and right live in parallel universes?

WDSU Now showing first aerial coverage of NOLA...

"The War Prayer" (a Christian PARABLE) by Mark Twain

Has there been any word at all as to whether O.P.P. flooded or will?

The hypocrisy cannot sustain itself. It has become too massive.

Libertarians and Greens: "Bring the Troops Home NOW"

Is George Bush Really at a Fundraiser Tonight? >

This just in: Men are smarter than women

The media needs to go to gulfside Plaquemines Parrish ASAP

Mark Warner will NOT run for Senate in 2006, will announce tomorrow

What Democrats must do.

San Diego Peace Vigil Tonite (outside Bush's hotel!); rally tomorrow

New Orleans Damage Report Part II

I wish John Kerry was president now

"Mr. Bush, Specialist Young Would Also Like to Speak With You..."

Education levels of Dems vs Repugs?

Is it time to NATIONALIZE the ENERGY industries

Hurricane Katrina plows into Louisiana but spares New Orleans its full fur

Caption and photoshop this priceless pic of the idiot from today.

I just went out and filled both cars. You should too.

More pictures from El Mirage, AZ protest...32 images...

Little Toy Soldiers

"But all in all, it's been a fabulous day ->>>

What Impact will Katrina Have on the US Economy?


“Liberalism” is a euphemism for some people

My weekend in Crawford 8/26-8/28 (intro & 8/26)

Was Able Danger Shut Down After It Detected Condi-PRC Spy Ring?

RAWStory Developing: "Buchanan suggests impeachment: Soon... "

Katrina Slams U.S. Gulf Coast, Oil Rigs Adrift

"Sometimes I just go berserk," Billy Jack 1973

Just got off the phone with Randi Rhodes...

How Democratic Parents Spawned Republican Offspring

8/29 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 23

This storm may point out the proper use of eminent domain

While Katrina rages, JUNIOR comes to San Diego,the US good weather capital

Report: More journalists killed in Iraq than during 20 yrs in Vietnam

Saturday at Camp Casey 2 (Dialup Warning - PIC HEAVY!!)

Desperately duplicitous Sulzberger rants behind the NYT "Editorial" banner

BRAD SHOW in CRAWFORD: Mr. Bush, Specialist Tomas Would Like to Meet You!

I'm angry about the treatment the poor have gotten with this hurricane

Democratic National Committee: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

Looking for soldier's story

Lawyer Asks N.M. Court to Order Recount! Yeah!!!!!!

A request: Venezuelan history, 2002-present

KLIF Has a Mole at Camp Casey - Do you recognize this voice?

Tim Dunn, Democrat and Iraqi war veteran, announces for NC 8th cong. dist.

Business Week Poll On Bush: Vote

School's IN Please urge parents to "Opt Out"

Need info! Washington Parish, LA! Is anybody out there?

These looting stories are doing a GREAT job

So much for the big high-tech computer simulation that predicted

Who Are the Republicans (Revised)

Don't watch this video either. Don't even think about it.

PHOTOS: "Hurricane? What hurricane?" Happy, happy, happy!

Merh has called. She is safe but has lost everything. Literally.

Bunnatine Greenhouse lost her job!! This is outrageous

NY Times op/ed on secret Bush plan: “DESTROYING THE NATIONAL PARKS”

Nationwide Student Strike, September 26

Ontario Pit Bull Ban Begins Today!!!

rethug defunding of disaster planning & emerg. mgmt. aggravated Katrina

Congressman Weldon -- Why now? Why ever?

Sherole Eaton and family need our thoughts and prayers tonight

My weekend in the kitchen: (3 pics less than 20k ea.)

Hey CBC Honchos! My Bum Is on the Line!

I ADORED this man, today would have been his birthday

Paddy Ashdown a spook? (and other Mi6 agents)

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Army Contract Official Critical of Halliburton Pact Is Demoted

Afghan Farmers Warn Of Return To Poppy Cultivation

Oil and natural gas prices to take a hit, analysts say (from Katrina)

Presidential Recount Dispute Goes Back to N.M. Court

FL: Judge Finds Slap Didn't Amount To Child Abuse

Libertarians and Greens: "Bring the Troops Home NOW"

CNN reporting Katrina downgraded to category 4

French Socialists fight for soul of the left

Alberta is about to get wildly rich and powerful (ENOUGH OIL 4US 4 50 YRS)

Iraq Finishes New Constitution(Sunnis protest in Tikrit)

Reuters soundman killed in Baghdad, police blame US

Oil Tops $70 As Katrina Nears Louisiana - AP Update

Bush downplays Iraqi rifts on constitution (diplomat says it is trouble)

Guardian: Iraq gamble as Sunnis left out of constitution deal

Japanese Stocks Fall As Oil Prices Soar ($70+ per barrel)

Mobile - Tornado Warning; Tornado reported near USS Alabama

Iraq Vet Who Lost Race Still in Spotlight

Report: Roof of Superdome in New Orleans, where thousands evacuated ahead

Part of the Superdome roof has been damaged and is leaking. There are


A hotel collapsed in Harvey, LA - People are trapped inside.

Katrina's Worst May Not Hit New Orleans

Poll shows Ohioans split on whether governor should resign

Iran satisfied with Iraq charter

Insurers Hit as Hurricane Costs Estimated at $30bn

Senator to question Rumsfeld on Iraq

OPEC president to propose 500,000 bpd output hike

Al-Queda Using IRA Bomb Methods

One U.S. Service Member Killed, Four Wounded in Afghanistan Bomb Explosion

Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, on east side of city, under 5 to 6 feet

U.K. to incorporate new biometric standards

Sadr shows how to win hearts and minds

15 Iraqi bodies found near Fallujah

Katrina's fury hits the Gulf shore(MS)

Katrina To Send Gas Prices Higher

Terror war is 4th most expensive U.S. war (projected 1.4 trill - 5 years)

(Iraqi) Opinions mixed on Iraq constitution

Iraq asks Japan to extend troops' mission

Zarqawi 'preparing for attack on Europe'

"Mr. Bush, Specialist Young Would Also Like to Speak With You..."

Reuters demands release of wounded Iraq journalist

Gunmen assassinate two in Baghdad (frm gov's brother + Elect. Commission)

Texas Gunman Kills 4 in Church, Then Self

U.N. Official: Opium Yield Down Only 2 Percent Despite Crackdown on Farmers

Stock holdings could hold back Roberts on some cases

US abstinence drive hurts AIDS fight - UN official

Al Sistani Rejects the Federation and stresses the Unity of Iraq

Lobbyist Abramoff Pleads Innocent to Fraud

Nymex (Energy Markets) declares force majeure (Halt In Trading)

Senior Democrat says decision to demote Halliburton worker will chill ....

Belarus Sentences Georgians to Jail,Accuses Former U.S. Diplomat

Nymex Natural Gas Soars on Concern Over Hurricane: World's Biggest Mover

Bush arriving in SoCal today

Actor George Clooney rolls dice, invests in new Vegas resort

Bush pledges to work with states to address illegal immigration

Mr. Bush Tear Down That Stone Wall

‘West Wing’ Actor Sheen Pays Visit To Camp Casey II

Topless virgins vie for king in AIDS-hit Swaziland

CBS: States Tackle Gasoline Prices

San Diego vigil planned TONIGHT to welcome Bush

U.S. military 'doing everything' it can to seek out bin Laden

Iraq: Friendly Fire Incident Threatens Fresh US-Italian Tension

US to participate in joint war game in Egypt

Bush urges skeptical seniors to sign up for Medicare prescription benefit

Roberts Wanted to Rein in U.S. Employment Agency, Memo Says

Senate OKs debt suspension for families of slain guardsmen (California)

Roberts pushed for Reagan policies

Sexual misconduct at Army, Navy academies persists, report finds

Saudi forces clash with gunmen in industrial city

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 29 August

Dennis Kucinich wedding photos

Live from Fallujah

Karzai expects peaceful polls despite fierce fighting

Bush declares disasters in Louisiana, Mississippi

Judge: Guantanamo Bay detainees must be asked if identities can be reveled

Denmark asks US to stop unauthorized CIA flights

Democratic National Committee: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!

Bush Weighs Tapping Strategic Oil Reserve

KPMG to Pay $456 Million / Prepared Remarks of AG Alberto R. Gonzales

Sen. Warner Agrees: Bush White House Needs Iraq Plan

Sunni revolt could get far worse: report("The worst might be yet to come")

Pope meets Catholic rebel group (Ultra-conservative)

Gathering holds "funeral" for Medicaid as cuts loom (Missouri)

Al Qaeda connection prompts company to tighten protocols(Australia)

Rumsfeld: Military trumps environment

U.S. Marine shot, killed while visiting Mexican border city

U.S. Copter Under Fire in Iraq; GI Killed

Gonzales Faults Senate Version of Patriot Act Legislation

Key Data Likely Absent or Obscured, U.S. Census Income and Poverty Release

U.S. Copter Under Fire in Iraq; GI Killed

Gov. Bush warns residents of gas shortages

Bush & Regan Libraries to Open Additional Records Relating to John Roberts

African Aid Money Was Spent On Luxury Hotels

Air Force Releases New Religion Guidelines

Sadr’s disciples rise again in Iraq-Freed aides join newly robust movement

Republican Governor pardons all but himself in personnel investigation

Venezuela to Completely Overhaul Its Health Care System

(Hurricane KATRINA Monday) Hurricane Katrina slams Louisiana coast

'Washington Times' Offers To Sponsor 9/11 Event 'The Post' Nixed

Bush Accused of Aids Damage to Africa

Ex-CIA operative faces deportation

Bush, Schwarzenegger Won't Meet in Calif. (--drats you'd think he

Dems to Question Roberts on Torture Memo (Leahy to bring up "Bybee memo")

Ex-CIA op would be sent to Venezuela if no asylum

KCStar: McCaskill to run for Sen. Talent's seat (Good News Dems)

Macquarie (Aussie Corp) to buy U.S. toll road (in Virginia)

Ottawa sues U.S. in lumber trade war

Mayor says Iraq war is about supporting troops, not politics (Bloomberg)

Bush says Americans praying for those in Katrina's path; says Feds ready

Former Aryan Nations HQ Up for Auction

Iraq contract whistle-blower to sue after demotion

Latin Nations Call for Punishment of Pat Robertson

Protest by Bush Ranch Readies to Hit Road

Killer Katrina moves north; 55 confirmed dead

Canada's ambassador to United States warns trade rules could be unravellin

'Stars and Stripes' to Launch Weekly U.S. Edition (inside daily papers)

UN Ambs. Launch Crisis Talks on Reform (after Bolton proposes 500 changes)

Poll: Support for Patriot Act Shrinks the More People Know About It

Greta Van Susteren's Sister to Run for Senate From Maryland

Russia "regrets" holding up U.S. senators' plane

Venezuela offers fuel, food to hurricane-hit US

ACLU: FBI labeled peace, affirmative action group 'terrorist'

More costly than 'the war to end all wars'

RawStory: (Pat) Buchanan suggests Bush impeachment

Che Guevara's family to fight use of famed photo

Fletcher (KY) declares pardons for aides ...

Swastikas Burned Into Jewish Family's Yard

Arab League chief blasts Iraq charter ("recipe for chaos")

WP: Rumsfeld: U.S. Won't Lose in Iraq

The FCC's cable crackdown

Police 'tortured black suspects': claim (Chicago)

Bush touts benefit plan in Rancho Cucamonga (CA)

Bush pitches $20 monthly Medicare drug premiums

Judge: Bush Plot Case Evidence Classified

Sharpton's Driver Pulled Over Doing 110 After Sheehan Visit (Faux)

France, Belgium publish lists of ‘unsafe’ airlines

Hurricane Katrina could slow US economic expansion

[UK] Call for anti-terror law ban on US evangelist (Pat Robertson)

Media Matters: Did Time Intentionally Deceive its Readers in Plame Case?

Anti-war band win MTV awards

Venezuela's CITGO to Provide Cheap Gas for US Hospitals, Nursing Homes and

United Nations calls for U.S. accountability

Reminds of Hoover Days

Daaaammmnnn, I'm all doped up on Hydrocodones.

Blast me, or whatever

What is the law of the briny deep?


Where is the "i'm so fucking worried about my friends in MS/LA" thread?

One thirty two ambush, I've got 'em at gunpoint.

It's hard work being

The Nightmare Project

You're my best friend

If you change your mind...

Peter Gabriel's "Here Come's the Flood"

My Mom is getting married!

Is Hurricane Katrina the Clenis' fault?

I didn't know both Russ Feingold and Wes Clarke were Rhodes Scholars for

My Aunt was Killed in a Car Accident 2 Weeks Ago,now I want Answers

A photographic tribute thread to New Orleans (therapy)

This is very weird and sad for me..


Oh my god... here it comes... there's no sleeping now...

What is with the Anderson Cooper bashing

Tonight I put my wife on an airplane to Katrina

A hearty thank you to the mods

Isn't it weird when you hear your ex's new married name?

Did the lady on CNN almost break down?

Miles O'Brien is in Baton Rouge, live on CNN...

newsest addition - our "cat-5"

I think I am going to call it a night

ah, golf tourney today

Today's Zings!

Green Day dominates at MTV Video Music Awards (&ask to bring troops home)

I'm in a little town called Houston

I am speechless

To anyone who has family in Biloxi, or may be lives there.

Good Morning, DU!

WTF is a "tourney?"

If i take the codeine,my attitude will be better (for a while)

I want this T-shirt.

Don't forget to rub nuts on your honey today

Could someone please tell me why a guy in a tv studio

Woo hoo! New Simpsons episodes on 09/11/05

Stupid Faux news guy in MS hit in face by glass but stays outside in storm

Good morning America how are you? Don't you know me I'm your native son,

The Afghan Whigs - Gentleman

Name three things you wish you could do!

Oh crap. not good.

message TO New Orleans.

Any more news on the roof at the dome?

Coffe is good for you! New tests show that coffee is full

Superdome roof coming off, levees being overwhelmed

I just got back from vacation and don't want to work

Message to Missisippi

UK pupils allowed 'F' word five times a lesson

Malaysia targets mobile phone sex

New leg for wounded Thai elephant

Heard something good on the news about hurricane aid

I'm posting naked

How do you transport plywood with a small car?

I Miss Dan Rather Hanging On to a Pole in the Hurricane

Arrggh! Gas prices to peak just as we'll be undertaking long ride

It's Michael Jackson's 47th birthday, big party at Neverland - BYOB

I can't afford my gasoline.

This week's TOP ONE pro-W idiots of the week

Overheard at a restaurant

She's got diamonds on the soles of her shoes!

Is there a difference between hybrid tech in the Prius and Insight?

To any hurricane evacuees in the Houston area...

Hey people!

Ewa Beach Kids win Little League Nat Championship 6/5

Is Hurricane Katrina wreaking havoc on DU?

Ahhh, slobbery cat toys!

DU love's bugs..

My dad was sent a note saying he was a Platinum member of the GOP


Why was my New Orleans thread deleted?

Now Peter Piper picked peppers and Run rocked rhymes

"Rome"............Thumbs up or down?

bugs..bugs..bugs inside DU

The Adventures of Rex Ray the Ex-GAY!!

Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Pic of...

Mornin' folks

Time once again for-Things that have never happened to you

Cat Folks: a question

a question about marriage

Am I being lazy?

Hello all!

Need Help.

I've been awway since Friday with no news access - what happened?

The Right Brothers: Conservative Issue Based Music

Posting naked is nothing compared to what 50,000 topless virgins are doing

So whose gonna get "Bug report id number: 510000"?

offer your opinions on new carpet

If I take the codeine, my shoulder will feel better (for a while)

Well I think a hell of a lot about myself. You know, it's like every

Thailand's Fuket Airline?

This is a thread for white male stereotypes and pejoratives!

So, I had a call from the National Rifle Association . . .

one out of many disturbing pictures outof NOLA

Adrian Zmed vs Timothy Hutton

As Mr. Sloan always says, there is no "I" in team,

"Constantine" vs. "Joe Dirt"

What happens if I have dislocated my knee, then popped it back into place?

Where does Merh live? Has anyone heard from her since early this morning?

For those that lurk FR...What in the name of f*ck does 'BTTT' mean?

Any SQL experts here - HELP!!

Help help - I'm being repressed!

Right Now, Karl Rove Is Thinking...

AMAZING! Click, let it download.......really, I mean it!

I was just told this weekend that I look like Kirk Cameron.

"The City of New Orleans"

So, I bought a small aquarium today...

Dis Grau es Frettesche.

I just snapped.

How is everyone in the NOLA and Miss. area?

Help help - I'm being repossessed!

Acusing us of death threats

My apologies for the thread in the Christian Forum:

Moment of humor: Jesus loses finger and thumb in hurricane

I bit the Sheriff, but I did not bite the deputy!

Is it true that if you eat a lot of starchy foods...

Whew! Just saw "Kinsey." Whew! (fans self)

Is SHE in here? (You know who I mean.)

Bullshit meters

A little Maxfield Parrish to start your of my favorites

The road is long, with many a winding turn....

Oh MAN! I have 100 freaking Gmail invites!

It's grammar not grammer...............

Where in Mississip does Shell Beau live?

Let's say your'e a program director for your local news station

What are you supposed to do when you feel an earthquake starting?

How does one start a blog

Dutch Reality Show May Feature Live Birth

So, has anyone heard from Wannajumpmyscooter? He was on vacation in LA

Doesn't that last "9" on the price of gas look ridiculous

Earthquake or Tornado?

Bill Maher's new season.

So, how would you like to live in "Hole of Horcum" in North Yorkshire

CNN Weatherman Freaks (Quicktime Video)

***************** MILLSTONES ******************

Is there a way to figure out my car's "build Date"?

What up DU? It's been a while!

wish me luck...first solo drive to my kids school tomorrow

Actor George Clooney rolls dice, invests in new Vegas resort

Technical geeks, help me out here...


I can't stop crying.

Ok, I think I'm getting hyped up for school now...

Ask me, I won't say no, how could I?


Stud spectacles!

Do you prefer folks with glasses or without?

Been gone all day. Are our Gulf-DUers Safe and Accounted For?

Are you a fork, a Bork or a dork?

Lights off during the act

Hey, I like making stuff

Irving water tastes like dirt

Conduction thread

Name our ranch!

Russell Crowe can kiss my ass - I will never see a Crowe movie again!!!

Aw MAN, check out these clothes!!!

pick your fave eyeliner wearing rock god here!

Cool cross section of NOLA+levees for those wondering about 'the bowl'

Country singer Mindy McCready jailed, 2nd probation violation

HAHA! I just had a postal worker remove a Ronald Reagan stamp

Do you think there's a place for you in the New Order?

Should I take a nap?

Question about t-shirt sizes.

Man I am getting old..hehehe

Salon: Documented PROOF that Bush is LITERALLY "all hat, NO cattle"

Hurrican Diary - Part 2

Anyone Have The Link To The Vid: Reporter Gets High As MJ Burns?



Advise for those who have lost everything in a fire, flood, tornado

Life in the Northwest Territories



Hey George Bush has killed alot of people I know

Hey, this stuff isn't too shabby!

Hey this isn't too shabby either!

On a scale, how TACKY and PATHETIC is this?

Please Remember Lost Pets After Katrina

Are there any decent paying fields LEFT to get into?

Lost posters....


Tennis players' grunting and moaning

Ren and Stimpy

I don't want to play in GD any more today. It's pissy land today.

What time will my UPS package arrive?

Anyone see HBO's (much-hyped) Rome last night?

Our Gas just Jumped from 2.529 to 2.659 over lunch


"Warm, MOIST Water...." (In reference to the Gulf Waters)

Wow. I'm in Memphis, and the edges of Katrina are hitting here.

caption the monchichi-in-chief

Wanna piss in yer pants? Need a good laugh?

Quick: I need a * quote...

I love Mr. Clean "magic eraser"

I want to throw this computer off the top of my building...

This is my 2,999th post and I want to say

I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood, I've crossed the ocean


Mmmmm. Grilled sirloin steak.

Has anyone heard from trof?

Fat Man in the Bathtub.

Meet the Dobs

Is Maddy McCall okay? Others in the area?

Anyone hear from Maddy? Any of the Gulf Coast DUers?

What do you think of my new cartoon?

Djimon Hounsou: Not only is he eye candy, but a talented actor too

When is it appropriate to lie about your age?

Love it!!!!

Wear gaudy colors or avoid display...One more sleep!

I suppose I should wear something to bed tonite since there are

Robbed at the gas pump, now it's the propane company's turn

I am being bad.....verrrrrryyyy bad....

Best car insurance to go with?

Name a foreign film with a person's name that can also be an English Verb

I would like to use this thread to compile a list of things to send

mmm transparent bait

mmm transparent mate

What's the color ink that doesn't photocopy well?

Congrats New Ewa Little League - World Champs. What a game!!!

Post an old picture!

Name a movie whose title ends in a preposition.

If you could look like anyone else, who would it be?

Apple users PLEASE notify Apple for promoting Hate and torture

Offering my opinion on deep pile carpet

If you had to look like someone else, who would it NOT be?

The Lions suck. I am getting too old to wait forever.

Anyone want a 27" tv and 100 DVDs?

Does anyone want a husband???

Gas-Saving tips: Post yours here!!

What do you think of my new carton?

Clinton's on Tavis Smiley tonight

Men are fartier than women.

sup, Lounge Lizards -> check out the most popular Camp Casey images...

"Everyone in Louisiana is dead!"

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz or Katie Holmes?

Whitey on the moon

Asheville N.C. --DUer euthanizing healthy dog; unable to find home.

10 eggs boiled on the stove

A worthy Museum to visit and it's a BLUE one too: Potted Meat Museam

I now own property in a tropical area.

Name a movie with "stauroplegia" in the title.

Important Question for DeposetheBoyKing

Don't worry.......

Texas Roadhouse rolls are DA BOMB!!!!

Name a movie with the word "A" in the title

Name a movie about a woman and a man and a fish and a dog and a cat and a

What does it mean when your eyes itch?

"I'm going to eat a bunch of lemons

What are you supposed to do when you hear tornado sirens?

What does the "permalink" link do on a OP?

The 89th Annual DU Free Association Thread!

Any advance reviews of Rihanna's "Music of the Sun"?

Well folks, I knew this was coming!

sufferin' til suffrage

How did New Orleans wind up in a bowl?

Hey, spuds! Only one more sleep!

Anyone watching Prison Break tonight?

RIP, Sylvester

Something I don't hear on the news that bothers me...

I think one or both of my roommates dogs got skunked

Post here if you ever stabbed a pen into a frosted brownie.

Have you ever heard of Commander X?

Okay, hubby offense #18 has occurred!

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Cats in Sinks

Just a Bill

I'm going to bed - my head is splitting.

Honey, I shrunk the chimp again!

Pat Robertson is an asswipe

Judy Garland's Famed Ruby Slippers Stolen

Best John Turturro Role

To all of my Lounge Lizard and Nighthawk friends

"God gave the Devil a choice between Hell or Texas: The Devil chose Hell"

Is it me.....

Once again, I fervently deny I caused Jennifer Anniston's divorce!

Name a movie about Schlitz

Name a movie about Bush!

What Is Your Favorite Technological Or Engineering Marvel?

When I saw the hole in the roof of the Superdome on TV today...

Would you wear a short coat with sports?

Name a movie with a fruit's name in the title.

Randy Newman: "Louisiana 1927"

SOLVED: The "potted meat" and "Mechanically separated chicken" mysteries

Gulf Coast Hit by Massive Hurricane: Bush says "Let Me Eat Cake!"

Whats the best place to get ring tones for your cell phone?

excellent article on the grizzly man

What offends you?


Post an odd picture!

Absolutely vital parts (brand new Opus cartoonie!)

I'm a hippopotamus and I got noodles on my back...

My husband is washing a paper plate.

Post here if you have a unique avatar.

I just finished my first day of college classes. Ask me anything.

Freepers pat selves on back after stupid rally

How do they "Hand Craft" beer?

Lose the eyeliner, Billie Joe!

Is there a place for you in the band, "New Order"??

Cell Phone in the bathroom..

Had A FUN Golf Tourney but am PISSED

merh is okay. Her house is probably lost - all of her belongings...


Need some "Cats In Sinks" therapy today? - I did!

"Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - A Primer on Parent Cruelty"

"Mr. Responsible" forgot to pay his phone bill again

For my 15000th post: the worst television program ever.

Lest we forget: "Rally in support of war with Iraq"

Do any of you still think about the final episode of "Six Feet Under"?

Trof is OK

Anyone else feeling depressed?

Do any of you despise George W. Bush?

Introduction thread

For God's sake officer, they're looting the Food King!!!!!

Is it too early for a gasoline rollcall?

Best 'Food' Movie


Men are smarter than women

Which Bond theme is best?

So... say you're going bald...

Name a movie with a person's name in the title.

List foods that you consider to be more addictive than crack!

What surname do you think would be the most embarrassing?

Take the gullibility test! Are you a mind slave or a free thinker?

A few frivolous keep our minds off the heavier matters.

Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston?

John Roberts: Wonderful, or just another Bush-selected fucking weasel?

Just read about little "Tuffy", abused little dog

I hate to say it folks, but I think Katrina may bring a recession

NJ DUers: Don't forget to come see me play in Atlantic City this week!

I made a quiz, and would be flattered if you took it

~~~MOVIE THREAD~~~ (DS1's fault)

Top 5 most soulful female vocalists

Church Blesses Backpacks, Children Who Carry Them

"Dr." James Dobson on treating homosexuality...

And I beheld Four Horsemen: Fritos, Cheetos, Chips and Dip...

People with no scientific training are telling scientists what to teach

Why are their SO many "Wild Fires" in Central Alaska Now? (Sat. Photo)

New blood test detects mad cow disease

Astronomers Looking for Help with Cataclysmic Variable Star

Neo Nazis Try To Disrupt Manchester Gay Pride

Calif. Gay Marriage Vote Looms

Utah Supreme Court To Consider Parental Rights For Lesbian Couple

To all who post threads in the GLBT forum:

When Fred Phelps FINALLY dies, how should we respond?

Signature picture, offensive or funny?

Gays Disappear From Network TV

Vatican Prepares To Ban Gay Priests

Safin misses US Open with injury

World No 4 seed Andy Roddick for US Open Victory?

Woohoo! Kyle Orton (big Dem) named Bears starting QB

USA wins Little League World Series!!

Wells suspension upheld; out six games

Boxing: Wayne Braithwaite vs. Guillermo Jones.

NFL:Broncos to cut Maurice Clarett today

update and kitten pics to make you go AWWWWW

a cat graphic website that boggles

If you are in rescue you need to oppose the PAWS bill

Another animal group that needs support re: Hurricane Katrina

Asheville, NC -Australian Shepherd needs a good home. Female, spayed

Anything about health problems in the stars this month?

I have never given much thought to spirit realms except to hope

New on Starlight News: A Bitter Harvest

Just in case you haven't seen this thread

Any bets on how long it will take...

Hooray! Yay! "FSTDT" is back online!!!

Principal says prayer helped Boca High get "A" grade from state

SBA Giving money to Big Business: Report prompted by Kerry

I am going to protest Bush today! Wish me luck!

Two BG Articles that should be read

Just a thought for today

Is anyone still in touch with Firespirit?

Guess who was driving this shuttle!

Any newsletter? Promos? Anything?

Best coverage of New Orleans area at

He's here! (KOEB Monday 8/29)

randi at crawford pic

How was your weekend? What did you do?


My first post on the weekend in Crawford

Hurricane Katrina - is it as bad as they thought?

Is Hardball With Tweety On?

Lugar and Obama Detained at Russian Airport for Several Hours

Bush cut disaster prep funding in 2002 budget, killing Clinton-era program

Louisiana National Guard troops watch Katrina from Iraq

Strategizing a Christian Coup d'Etat (story from LA Times)

My LTTE re: A trifecta of terrible prospects for the GOP

Katrina farted! Now catagory 4

We should all send coloring books

True numbers

Need information on other countries? check this out ...

Bush fantasy headline....

Does anyone keep up to date a list of who we should be boycotting?

So, our 401 K's take another dive

Inside 9/11 - National Geographic TV

Rev Al & Wedding Bells at Camp Casey

Grover Norquist on C-SPAN this morning

Gandhi and Catch 22

Protest tomorrow at Steve Forbes CEO conference in Sydney

Todays letter I sent to the Tulsa World Tulsa, Ok.

Ayatollah Sistani calls for Iraq to remain united...

A Tale of Two Protests (Akron Beacon Journal)

Katrina and the bankruptcy law -

Martin Sheen at Camp Casey II - article and photos:

Democrats split on tactics over Roberts' nomination

Every time Bush does a personal promotion tour - you pay for it:

Labor Day vigil at Bourne Rotary Cape Cod


Once More into the Chickencoop (re: Rich Lowry)

Norquist's message: don't worry, be happy

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

Press Wants to Know if Pro-War Officials Will Send Their Own Kids to War

BUSH:“I’m not meeting again with that goddamned bitch,” (Cindy Sheeham)

Abramoff pleads innocent in casino cruise fraud case

The Chimp is doing a stand-up routine!

Strategizing a Christian Coup d'Etat

Rethugs want SSI bill to pass by trickery - LAT Times

Hate to do it, but I couldn't resist this freeper thread....

Even David Brooks was mad at Bush

Dubya hawking SS privatization plan today in AZ while Gulf Coast drowns!

Saving Social Security is the Christian thing to do. For as long

The Ethics of Iraq: Moral Strength vs. Material Strength

How do we reconcile Bush's statements about bringing the troops home when

Someone posted recently, asking if our Goldwater moment had arrived....

The Republican Party is in Trouble


derby378 on Randi Rhodes today

Caucus caucus caucus caucus caucus caucus caucus

Bulletin!!! "Dubya is the bitch in the ditch" nt

McKinney's 9/11 Hearings To Be Broadcast on C-SPAN Aug. 31 & Sep. 2

Is Tapping the Oil Reserves the Right or Wrong thing to do?

This comic really takes Robertson apart

Should Robertson be tried in Venezuela or in the United States for

Gov. Mitt Romney backs Iraq Occupation, but his 5 sons are safe at home

Weakly World News on Anti-Sheenan protesters

Why is Pat Robertson not quilty of this crime?

Is anyone keeping track of Posada's extradition hearing?

Starbase - Military in Elementary Schools


Islamic Law -- Bush's "Noble Cause"?

Bush: "This plan will cut your drug plan by half." Can't even lie right!

Just found this old DLC info while clearing out things--from DU

So when is Robertson going to urge a hit on Chinese oil corporations?

Let's take a big step back...

Just Heard - Leavenworth, Ks is rationing Gas

Oil: Would Americans prefer to conserve it or fight for it?

I thought the oil rigs in the Gulf were pumping gas for EXPORT

Anyone catch Bushies mild mannered warning re NO and the Cat 4 Hurricane?

ABC Family added disclaimer (at end of 700 Club)

Bush to visit Rancho Cucamonga, CA, my former hometown

MUST SEE: A conservative comic book!

Al Sharpton: Cindy brought fight "to the doors of the president's home"

McCaskill to run for Sen. Talent's seat in MO, good news for Dems!

Ky. Governor Ernie Fletcher grants amnesty to charged in merit hiring.

Trolls: Google Jeff Christie.

Cindy Sheehan to be in Maine on 9/10

Mr. Bush Tear Down That Stone Wall

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Bush Iran attack proposal

Robertson Cartoons

Mike Malloy and conspiracy theory.

Not the way of Jesus, a poem for George W. Bu$H....

The President speaks to Crawford protesters...that's right, Martin Sheen.

Does anybody have a picture of a mock pro-war grave

DNC - (Sen) Warner Agrees: Bush White House Needs Iraq Plan

Can someone fill me in on the September 24th Protest...

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of Texas

let's sell the war on E-Bay - write your best ad

Dumb Chimp Photos du jour

Cindy is on LIVE on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" (maybe even taking calls)!

People will freeze to death...

Reminder: Max Cleland in North Atlanta tomorrow night

Ann Coulter booted from the Arizona Daily Star. Thank them.

Roberts: $1.6 million stock in Time Warner, Microsoft, Pfizer, Merck

Over 100,000 Left To Die....

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

What should pay its own way?

Why no "War" on high oil/gas prices?

Question about Iraq: What the hell is 'The Mission'

One-Party Rule - A Trivia Question

leaked documents show Bush admin set to trash National Parks

Who had the great cartoon with Robertson asking Caesar for Jesus' Death?

Racial Profiling cover-up: DoJ gets caught red handed

We need to make a better effort to link republicans to big business

Arizona Protest pix.

Religious Bigot Romney (MA Gov.) doesn't want Gay Marriage OR Civil Unions

The Pottery Barn Return Policy


Cindy Sheehan on TotN with Neal Cohen (NPR)

Is Ohio Gov Taft Considering Pardons as Ky Gov did today?

Where is Bush? Where is Cheney? Where is the National Guard?

Any mention of our glorious leader Bush on the hurricane coverage tonight

I am opposed to minimum wage laws

Huff post about Coalition of the Willing, plus pics of Dean in Armenia.

Bush to tout drug plan in Valley (Az and maybe a little Golf too)

The 'Big PIcture' threads seen here recently give me hope

If Republicans are so popular...?

If Mark Warner runs for President, I predict a win.

Let's "Privatize" our President

2004 levee projects Underfunded in hardest hit areas of NO...

Bush is Osama's Task Monkey

Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D) is running for President .......

Bush's car passed right in front of me and I gave him the bird. I feel

How bad's the war? Republicans are getting ready to blame Democrats for it

KY Gov Fletcher just screwed up "Big Time" By Issuing Pardons

Demo's need to unite. We need to pare the possible candidates down.

Venezuela offers fuel, food to hurricane-hit US

Democratic strategy re Iraq according to Kevin Drum

How much did John Kerry have to do with stopping the Vietnam War

More Letters for Cindy (1700 down, 300 to go)

Conyers: More Letters for Cindy (1700 done, 300 to go)

YES EXTRADITE THE PRICK pat robertson Take him now

Whitehouse Hiding Judge Roberts role in the Iran Contra Scandal

WTF? How Arianna Huffington missed the boat!

What a wonderful, first person account of protesting Bush's visit to CA

Chimp Doing his Texas Auctioneer "Thang" Laughing on CNN! Hawking

Move over Stan Lee: Comic Book has Keyboard Kommandos fighting Liberalism

Cindy receives gold stars on warrior shawls presented by Anishinabi elder

Mr. Galloway goes to Washington (& Boston, NY, Seattle, SF, Chi, LA, more)

James McMurtry’s “We Can’t Make It Here” (mp3)

LA National Guard Wants It's Equipment Back From Iraq (too late now)

army contract official, critical of haliburtin no bid contract is demoted

Now I have heard everything. Limpballs just said that our soldiers,

Conyers: Update on Racial Profiling

(LOL)"Thousands" at pro-W rally -- then they turn on themselves

The US Codes and state penal codes are full of conspiracy theories.

Would the USA really allow a democratic Iraq? Really? Think

states pass legislation recognizing an embryo, as victim of homocide

Wes Clark Blogging at TPM: Changing course in Iraq requires leadership

New TV Ad Opposing John Roberts