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Archives: August 27, 2005

A Question That Deserves to Be Answered

Scott Ritter: "Achieving 'Total Victory' In An Unwinnable War

Controversy Over Plans for Changes in US Parks (cellphone towers etc)

Arms Control Experts Urge UN Members to Resist U.S. Effort to Weaken Arms

OK,, who is going to Washington the 24th? Is there any activity

Giant Catfish Caught in Mekong River (Thailand)

The "liberals" hate the military BS is seeping out all over

Why do i keep hearing that Cindy is 'backed' by micheal moore??

Hurricane Drenches Florida and Leaves Seven Dead

I'm sorry but Al Gore's website is a MESS!

WSJ oped: 'Medical Courts' (about the bizarre Vioxx case)

Less than HALF of people with friends or relatives in military support war

Charges Dropped Against "Raging Grannies" Who Tried to Enlist to Protest W

Judge Halts Release of Documents on New York City Subway Searches

1875 Reasons why The DSM is Important

Get "The Battle for America" on Current

Hey, East Coasters, how was Bill Maher tonight?

You know, If I hear that "They volunteered" crap again...

I can't wait until September! 2nd Round of Torture Photos to be released,

Venezuela curbs missionaries after Robertson spat

Someone dress up like a giant fetus and stand with the anti-Cindy crowd

'she has no moral standing' has not achieved anything-except gather

Is this why Pat Robertson wants to get Chavez killed?

left-wing TV guests/personalities... who can hold their own?

The sliming of Cindy seems to be backfiring bigtime....

George Galloway US Tour! September 13-24

Help Cindy air more ads - donate to the Gold Star Families for Peace

What to do about Iraq? The future of the Middle East.

Next week Fox and CNN will run ads: "Cindy called troops terrorists"

Bush's popularity hits lowest level ever in US poll (#1 recomm onYahoo)

"Friends don't let friends vote Democratic"...

For all who will be in Crawford tomorrow, stay safe. Mass crowds coming

Ann Coulter, bite me

Paging Swamp Rat. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Feds to appeal prison term of would-be millennium bomber

Iraqi Shiite finalize draft charter

Can anyone help me with a technical computer question?


Did NOW's segment on "interest only" mortgages

stop the world, I want off of it!

I don't mean to be alarmist, but....

The reply from Sirius Satellite to my email.

anyone living in new orleans


Salon must-read: A 7-page blow-by-blow of the McClellan massacre over Rove

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

Randi Rhodes...

St. Pete Times, 8/27: The antitruth administration

Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the 9/11 Anniversary Again?

The CIA leak: VP's antipathy to agency may have played a role in events.

Workers Of the World Uniting - Meyerson

Press&Sun Bulletin: Peaceful Siege makes Chickenhawks Squawk:

Is the President Taking Too Much Time Off?

Why the US Is Supporting Civil War

"They broke their promise to Senator Murray and me (Hil. Clinton).

“I’m the President and I’ll do whatever I g******** please!"

Road to Iraqi Charter Far Rockier Than Expected

Tiny Crawford Braces for Dueling Rallies

Dowd: Bike-Deep in the Big Muddy (W Jumps the Couch)

Mark Green: We Owe Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter a Big Thank You

The Decline of Civilization - Anthony Wade op ed

Listen up, you Christo-Fascist bullies

What the Pat Robertson affair reveals

Our Arrogance Will be the End of Us

Hurricane Hugo (Chavez)

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad (London Observer): Fiddling while Baghdad burns

UFW and Farm Aid Landmarks

Toxins in breast milk in US and Canada: clinical study

Rolling Stone: Bush vs. the Mother

Where Tea Doesn't Mix With Political Sympathies

Oil's Peak: End May be Near

Here's my candidate for one of The Top 10 Conservative Idiots this week.

Helen Thomas: Democrats, take a stand

An Outsider's Quick Rise To Bush Terror Adviser

George Will--God, I Hate This Guy!

Democrats waver in unifying stand against war in Iraq

Dahr Jamail: Two “Green Zones”

American Prospect: Get Mussed For Russ?

Order 81: Re-Engineering Iraqi Agriculture

The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation (Frank Rich...nails it again!)

Will there be any Sept. 24th events in other cities?

Real Time with Bill Maher (Audio)

how do I get a copy of a TV commercial?

Tax Question: Effect of Putting 401k in a C Corporation (Benetrends)?

IBEW finagling may help Republicans scuttle solar roofs bill.

Access To Carpool Lanes Drives CA Hybrid Car Price Spike - LA Times

Sanyo, Kyocera, Sharp, Mitsubishi Take Charge Of Global Solar Market

Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Fishery (BC's Most Valuable) Closed

Suicide Casts a Shadow on Conservation Battle

Some good news.

Uranium shortage poses threat

Does anybody else here see the stupidity in consolidating

Reuters: Bush Puts Pressure on Palestinians After Pullout

Alone at the Dance

Sensitivity and determination (Ha'aretz editorial)

Palestinians on the Right Side of History

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for Saturday 8/26/05

Patriot pastors, Blackwell, and Ohio politics

early voting approved in illinois

US count votes on Random Audits

Protecting the Right to Vote By John J. Sweeney

Ensure Vote Count Accuracy - in a nutshell

"Elections in Crisis" - Bev Harris, Bob Fitrakis, OAKLAND 9/13

MaryBear and I would like to know if any one wants to help us paint

does feinstein's husband make money off the iraq war?? how so?

Bush in San Diego! 2 events: Mon. vigil & Tues. protest

"Elections in Crisis" - Bev Harris, Bob Fitrakis, OAKLAND 9/13

First human case of Nile Virus in San Diego.

Falmouth vigilers overwhelmed me with kindness s/post trip to Crawford

Tweety Bird v. Mittens . . . does it get any better? LMAO . . .

Galloway and Fonda: anti-war speaking tour in Boston - 9/13

Romney predicts 'landslide' reelection

Anybody know about a weekly peace vigil: 98th St./Lyndale?

Photos from the Minnesota Fair 2005

Strib SCORES again!!! Aug. 27th Opinion

Voter Fraud Criminal, Rev. Rod Parsley Of Ohio, lives in a mansion...

Dallas Sculptress needs help!

Stop the execution of Innocent Texas woman,

Going to Crawford? I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read

Ride from Green Bay to Upper Peninsula (marquette) on Sept. 1?

Unpublished LTTE

Ok last one i swear ;)

did cindy say she didnt want to meet with bush?

Ok this is karel speaking the same shitty talking point

Red vs. Blue county fatalities

Get this, T_C_O was the Scoutmaster for the VFW 2005

Serious question for law enforcement DU'ers

Iraqi Schools (now repeat that 1 million times)

I love America so f*ck you freeps

a twist on the '700 Club'

Latest forecast has New Orleans in Katrina's cross-hairs

2 AM EDT Public Advisory from NHC for Katrina

Mr Bush fires a missile

Extraordinary Cindy Sheehan interview with Bill Maher via crooksandliars

Protest In Iraq, I didnt see this Pic on MSM's webpages

help compiling red vs. blue county casualty stats

police brutality is totally out of control

Stripes letter: GIs don't need civilians ("shameless war profiteers")

OBTW, the new wave of dlc have arrived //puke//

Great NEXRAD radar WEATHER SITE.. zoom to your street..LINK>>

What is with all of these freeperish thread titles?

When are we going to start calling them warmongers?

Teen Pregnancy Problem

Cut-n-Run, up-r-down, get-r-done.

Insurgencies in the last throws, my ass!

Military Releases Nearly 1,000 Detainees From Abu Ghraib Prison

Can someone help me counter the "Cindy's an anti-Semite" bullcrap...

Hi everyone, today was Murphy's Law all day for me. but I'm

The suck-up press drove by Camp Casey to fawn over Bush....

Bush is between a rock and a hard place

Air America Radio having financial issues..

5 minute video explains "Independent World Televison"

Why is Karl Rove holding off-the-record dinners with reporters???

8/27 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 21

Library Challenges FBI Request ....

I just saw on MSNBC where some smug Republican talking head said of Cindy

Population control - which is preferable?

NPR - your clever new acronym >>> HERE!

People are dying while Bush defenders are caught in the abstract.

AAR LAura Flanders show live from Camp Casey 7-10 pm ET

Il Douche's Saturday Address....

I disagree with Randi about the Bush strategy on Iraq

Voter Fraud Criminal, Rev. Rod Parsley Of Ohio, lives in a mansion...

Working Vacation My ASS >>>

Please, tell the CS tour that the NOW part is a mistake

We need to let the editors of this paper know

Does anyone know why Neil Boortz really quit practicing law?

POLL: Should Dems in Congress list real reasons for Iraq War &

new york graffiti party political artwork

WWFSMD? Have you been Touched ...

Where is DU in this Poll? Freepers are kicking ass. BAD NEWS.

About Kerry and the IWR vote

I *want* to believe that Bush obscenity story. But is there a 2nd source?

Truthout, Iconoclast, and Crawford Peace House "Cindy updates"

Repukes want to trick us into involving Kerry or Clinton

SacBee front page 'reporter' needs attention- Compares Cindy to Santa

Scared little bully Bush

Progressive USA News & Views: Corporate Abuse and Corruption

How Much Is George's Five Week Vacation COSTING US? >

Protesters demand that FCC look into suspending/revoking Christian network

Latest Katrina predicted paths, New Orleans take heed

Need Some Info on iraq (Oil, Construction, Etc.)

Hasn't Pat Robertson endangered the safty and security of the US?

When did Cindy Sheehan call our soldiers "Terrorists"?

Will there be anyone broadcasting live from Camp Casey

POLL: What was the real reason for the Iraq War?

"Current TV" is running a cartoon about John Bolton in

"I invaded the White House Press Corps"

Are Cindy and the anti-war protesters safe from Katrina?

What Crawford pro-Bush locals are saying about Camp Casey

Leahy Reacts to Bolton's Bid to Strike "Respect for Nature"

Two New Thomas Jefferson Related Designs For The Washington Protests

Quick Primer on Jack Abramoff (DeLay's buddy) scandal

DU a little poll, is Cindy a traitor or hero?

Abu Ghraib general describes her Iraq tour

State and gas price check in. Okay am a morbid bugger today.

Check Out Front Cover of The Economist!- The Oiloholics

News from Leonard Peltier....

"...why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" - B.Bush

God Bless Cindy Sheehan

If You Don't Support Bush, then you are Pro-Terrorist.

When Blame Knocks on the Wrong Door - Fox News Screwup

A little math fact, re: "fighting them where they live"

More sources about bush's bullying

Has Al Gore ever been on the Jon Stewart show ??

AIR AMERICA Simulcasts With BRAD SHOW Saturday Night!

10 AM CDT Hurricane Watch Posted for New Orleans per NHC

Proposed New DU Group - BRIAN SCHWEITZER - Gov. Of Montana

7 AM CDT Strike Probabilities Map per NHC

more about bush the bully

I think wbai is talking to someone in crawford right now

Needles, Ca. $3.29 gallon of gas.

Anybody catch "Love My Rifle More Than You" author on Fresh Air yesterday?

Truthout: Standoff Continues in Crawford

Al Sharpton kicked ass and took names on FOX. He defended Cindy

The "right to privacy" not in the Constitution ?

Chaney caught taking pictures of nude 16 year old

Why do Americans think we have the right to steal other countries stuff?

Home "mistakenly" identified by Fox news as harboring terrorists

1110 AM CDT Strike Probabilities Chart per Weather Channel

2,938 Miles....

DU NASCAR fans unite!!!

America must change....and soon.

Brad Show/Air America Simulcast from Camp Casey Sat. Night.

Why is it so hard to scrap up money to help feed

Hurricane watch issued as evacuation begins (in New Orleans area)

Californian couple mistaken as 'terrorists' - any info on this?

What if the RW could rewrite the Constitution?

LAT: Giant roadside dinosaurs tout creationism

Lockheed Martin to take Over FAA Flight Services

TIME: MATTHEW COOPER - "Bush's Long Hot Summer"

cindy on right now - live radio - listen online

Does anyone read "Baghdad Burning?"

Experts Warn Debt May Threaten Economy

Just noticed interesting use of words on CNN Sat - "predident is on..

News outlets labeled PFAW as "liberal" but failed to identify U.S. Chamber


What is missing?

MSM enjoys "off the record" with Bush

So, are military recruiters showing up at Camp Casey?

Sunnis Cite 13 Problems With Constitution

Freepers lost in Crawford again??

You aint a cowboy - Ode to GW Fruad

The upside of anti-war white supremicists coming to Crawford

Evacuations Planned As Katrina Nears Coast

So the freeper camp is now called "Camp Reality"

I had a dream that could end the war.

Connie Morris (Intelligent Design backer in Kansas) smears herself

GOP: Pay to Play, Payola and Slush Fund-raising.

Is Katrina a “Perfect Storm” for Oil Futures? ($70 Oil????)

Dear "liberal" press

One Warmonger Arrested at Camp Casey 1 this a.m.

I just ran a simulation of 2 cities

1 PM CDT Hurricane Advisory per NHC

Oh no! I just saw a Brazilian music video about Bush on Link TV.

Greenspan Predicts Housing Market Will Eventually Cool Down and Leave Some

WTF? Tell me this isn't true? I thought I read that Cindy wasn't going to

Cindy: "I've gone over his head. I've gone to the American people"

Jon Stewart says, "You know, if I had a nickel for every time Bush..."

bastard fred barnes & co were out & out laughing at a clip of Cindy

Robertson like a cross between Robert Anton Wilson and Henry Ford on acid

Right Wing Fairytales

(VIDEO) Cindy on Bill Maher at last

Today..."Ground Zero" is in Crawford

Finnish TV Channel drops Pat Roberston broadcasts

Crawford bracing for thousands for dueling rallies

Bush facing growing opposition from Republicans

What would a RW 'utopia' be like?

CNN reporting a peace protester arrested in the last hour.

Why is the following so funny, strange, surreal to me?

Pornographer Sues Bush over Anti-Prostitution Measure

Does Cindy have assistants looking out for her health?

Bet Georgie won't be venturing out of his vacation digs this weekend.

Dancing on the Gipper's grave

Does Camp Casey have THOUSANDS of yellow ribbons displayed?

I have a question about "staying the course" in Iraq.

I have a question to ask all of you.

Iconoclast reports 2000+ at Camp Casey tent 12:45 CT

Please Watch Your Language! It's a "FReeper Incubator" ....

Seven in 10 Worry About the Deficit

The Problem with the Democratic Party...

lmao...Freeptards PISSED at Fox for not showing their sad "protest"

Any media coverage on the Camp Casey events of today?

CNN replaying "Dead Wrong" in a half hour....

Where is Will Pitt?

Christianity in action

Thanks George (and 1,800 dead troops) for founding Islamic Repub. of Iraq!

Hurricane Evacuation Orders - Scary Stuff

Amnesty International: Movie: Constant Gardener.

New Orleans, you might want to evacuate now. Look at this chart

Gas prices too high? Try Europe.

Nixon Must Be Smiling

Radioactive Wounds of War

He! He! (Limbaugh)...

EDITORIAL: Support the Northwest Airline strikers

MPs bring joy to orphans, volunteers (in Baghdad)

Do you run a progressive website? Want to exchange links?

President Clinton - Eight Great Years

Update from Crawford Protests;

Weather Channel discussion of Katrina re: NO, etc...

Anti Choice groups target Frist for stem cell backing.

Im curious: If we live in a liberal republican democracy...

What's the RW's argument against labor unions ?

Here's a cartoon that should appeal

Today is August 27; It took the freeper world roughly 20 days to

Wayne Madsen Under Threat of Assassination Goes Into Hiding

anybody know anything about this? Just came in an e-mail.

I wanted to dislike the Army recruiter.

Only 26 cars so far @ Camp Freeper, and:

The cost of war

Excellent Perspective from the Whiskey Bar (Pat & Chavez)

This picture makes me sick.

Stop the execution of Innocent woman, part2

Savor It: Transcript of Jon STEWART's Smackdown of HITCHENS

Pro-War side chants- "George Bush", anti-war side responds "War Criminal".

Katrina Discussion at NOAA for uber-hurricane geeks

"Why won't Cindy talk to Parrish? "

REAL CNN Problem

Anyone in the New Orleans area?

A theory: Why Bush won't meet with Cindy

QUICK! How many in reality is "400" in Freeper math?

Maureen Dowd "Bush jumped the couch"

Voluntary and Mandatory evacuations in LA

Update from Crawford Protests;

Why do Americans hate Castro with such a passion?

*'s Latest Radio Broadcast, read if you need to test your stomach

the pro-war rally is done and the crowd is dispersing...

Traffic Conditions near New Orleans - please read NOLA DU'ers

Sheehan concisely explains Bush's latest reason for his war on Iraq.

If Bush were a smart man

Where's Jeb?? Jeeeebbb!!!

Hawks And Doves Descend On Bush Ranch

Don't buy gas on 9/1/05?

"Camp Casey is just that, a camp. This is a fort. This is a war, "

Former Orlando U.S. Republican Richard Kelly dies

Overwhelming kindness, hope for the future at Falmouth Peace Vigil(photo)

4 PM CDT Advisory from NHC

They Killed JESUS !!!

"Dissent is Patriotic" As seen in Quotes For Patriots By Famous Patriots

If you live in Buras, you might want to get steppin' (23% strike)

Pro War protest was a big fat FREEPER FLOP. " whonk whonk whooooooonnnnk"

Rural Greyhound passengers get last boarding call

Crop art at the Fair

How many pro-war supporters are really showing up?

Taj MaTent at Camp Casey was at the Broken Spoke Bush BBQ last week

APPLE Earns Record Companies' Scorn

Anti-Fox freep rantings, crazy rumors, a pic of the freep faithful.Enjoy!

UH OH> Pro War Bus LOST AGAIN? S'posed to be there already.

Live from Camp Casey - The Buses are arriving!

The AP is calling it 1000 >>>

Where's Will Pitt?

PHOTOS: Northwest Airlines UNION rally today

This might be a stupid idea; maybe I haven't had enough coffee...Skinner?

Reuters reports it's about 1500 Bushistas >

Can we get some DU live-blogging?

Iconoclast 1:30 CT: Freepers have set up hotdog stand; Camp Casey has BBQ

The Culture Wars

I like Amy Goodman

Mayor of New Orleans giving press conference: "Please leave the city"

Here's what too many mean when they say "Support Our Troops"

So let's say a Category 5 storm hits New Orleans. Is the Nat'l

Voices from Camp Casey: Operation Enduring Vacation RANDi!!!!

Crowd numbers at both protests what did the MSM say?

Randi Rhodes on Brad Show!

Hawks and doves descend on Bush ranch

Quick help re: Supposed Cindy Sheehan "quote"

I just watched a CNN report on the Crawford situation, and I have to say

New Orleans Pissing off Republicans (Hurricane related)

As a military family, I am offended by certain definitions of "support"

About this pro-war, anti-peace protest.

Ann Coulter: New Yorkers "Would Immediately Surrender" If Attacked...

I've figured it out, neoconservative is the OPPOSITE of conservative.

"A Bright and Shining Lie"

Yay! Tomorrow is Sunday..which means a new Top 10 Idiots list...

My reply to Mr. Darnell. How did I do? (warning, long post)

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #9: John McCain

My Friend From Waco Says That CNN Is Distorting the Rallies

Why are we called the "silent generation"?

Storm surge of up to 18 feet possible in Slidell, LA

Muslims in Lodi believe mystery man federal mole...

I almost feel sorry for the more rational freepers.

(photos) Pro-War demonstrator is off to a good start

FReep spy at Camp Casey?

What's Hillarys reason for ducking Cindy Sheeham support?

And furthermore,

My Day At Camp Casey II (pic heavy)...

The pro war folks are looking pretty mellow...

WWL-TV New Orleans streaming live:

Does anyone know where I can find the Karl Rove picture

Just on - CNN On The Story - going to cover the situation in Crawford....

Brainshrub- special request please!

Freeps Pray "For the humiliation and spiritual 'breaking' of " Peaceniks

SwampRat, hope you're prepared for this monster

Wheewww what a paint day! Heat advisory and all!

Just what are the latest numbers of supporters?

"I'd hate to be an Emergency Management official in New Orleans right now"

What good does spreading the word do?

40 Freeper Gold Star Mothers to rip son's crosses out @ Camp 2

FLASH: Laura Flanders Broadcasting LIVE at Peace House in Crawford!

Anyone know what Frank Rich is tackling in the NYT tomorrow???

ATTENTION Pro-Death, RIGHT WING, Flag-Desecrater's!

Cindy for Congress??

OK which label would "They" prefer

Did anybody get a Mullet count at the Pro War/Death rally today? n/t

Is Cindy Sheehan against all war?

A Vet at Camp Casey 1

What DU logo/T-shirts are we going to wear at the D.C Protest?

Try and get a job at Dow, 3M or Monsanto with a science degree

Korean church leaders assault woman who failed to attend services

Christine Cegelis

Where did all the forums go? Can't find weather forum.

Truthout report on Camp Casey rally

How many Iraq vets are at Camp Casey?

Pentagon Investigating the Investigation? LOL

The pro-wars are B**'s base elite, read this description

WHERE are the ANTI-war BIKERS????

Belt Way Boys regular just called Cindy a Crackpot (Fox News)

bradblog caller mentioning DU

Here is that fucking media whore Angela Brown's next piece (AP)

Daily Egyptian puts scrubbed Kodee Kennings stories back on website

Why do freepers....

Is There ONE PICTURE ANYWHERE of "1000+ Bush Supporters"...

Any other "Swingers" on DU?

"Our soldiers are doing what it takes to keep another Sept. 11"

My Real Concern about the 9/11 March and 24th to 26th March

Is Cindy getting death threats? Don't want to be breathless here.

RW website frames Kodee Kennings hoax as ANTIWAR

When 1000 pro-peace protesters show up, the media says "dozens..."

Randi is on Brad's Radio Show!

Where is Laura Flanders from? I'm trying to place her accent,

1000's of Pro-Bush Supporters Expected; Six Have Already Arrived -PIX->>>

Security Incidents in Iraq August 27th

Pro-war idiocy at Crawford

"DEAD WRONG" on CNN now - repeat

featuring Abramoff on America's Most Wanted tonight-

Theater community saddened by Wilson announcement

Abramoff Casino Murder Profiled on America's Most Wanted

With school starting around the country.... (watch this!)

Does the MSM think the Dems & Lefties are never going to be back

A message from the Crawford Peace House and Anarchy1999: 11 am. CT

Greenspan Says Housing Boom to "Simmer Down," Prices May Fall

Is Too Stupid To Be *resident insane?

Dave Zirin on Book TV - WOW

Who the hell is "Parrish"? Anyone?

Christian groups hail new sources of stem cells.

Saturday August 27th in Crawford Texas. The Struggle In Emoticons...

Creation and the laws of Thermodynamics: LTTE

How can someone say that they're "pro-war"?

I love the lyrics of this song--I wish they could be updated

HA!! I got a "shout out" at Crooks and Liars

A few pictures from Cindy Sheehan's return

Post Stupid Pics from Hatestock '05 Here:

Larry C. Johnson: Why We Must Leave Iraq.

Can we get the networks on the phone over the protest numbers?

Are these biased questions?

What does a liberal believe?

Frank Rich: The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation

Need help finding election-day video clip w/ Rep. Peter King (R-NY) saying

The Non-American Way.

Bush's main problem that led to his many failures

Dear Uncle Sam.

Photo: Protest Warrior Gets Sign Ripped By OWN CO-PROTESTERS!

Freeptard T-shirt ideas

I learned one thing from seeing all those freeper photos.

BRAD SHOW from Crawford! Wall-to-Wall 9 Hour Team Coverage! NOW NOW NOW!

If a pro war mother started a vigil in support of the war

Check this spin! Thousands arrive in Crawford for dueling rallies

Another revelation!!! (EARWORM)

ABC News Says !,000 Anti-Sheehan Supporters Have Arrived In Crawford...

Iraq crisis deepens as Sunnis reject deal

Let's give the Administration something to worry about.

Karel streaming: It's all about Cindy

Martin Sheen? I'm excited!!

Will there be election observers in Iraq referendum?

NRO; talking in circles trying to rationalize their odd choices

self EST delete

Military leaves cancelled after 9/7? what's this all about? - Anyone know?

WMD heading my way "Weather of Mass Destruction"..... and I

Bush and the protesters who love him (pic)


I am a strong advocate for studying the bible in public schools

"Hot" Guy James Show tonight!! Be there!

Zoo Introduces New Species

We need to help the corporate media identify themselves further

China, Russia, and Iran plotting against the US? Wow...

Ankarlo is totally trashing Cindy-

'Nam Draft Dodger Ted Nugent's Wife was the Freep Spokeslady!

What exactly would be wrong with a free Cuba?

Official Give New Orleans DU'ers Shelter Thread

good god almighty !

No More People Than At A Normal Bush Speech?

This One's Begging for a Photoshop job;

Mood Swings

DSMs special on CNN right now.

1877 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Republicans really, really , really suck at governing...

on that Kodee hoax.... a glimpse into the elaborate planning...

NYT: In War Debate, Parents of Fallen Are United Only in Grief

Pro-War-ans Beat Up Own in Crawford. Oopsie!

Blair 'busted' for loaning Bush art

Lurking freepers: Heads up!......'Dead Wrong' is on again (CNN)

Another brave mother motivated by grief and outrage.

Another Report from Crawford Sat. Aug. 27

Houston DU'ers, is it true that all of your hotel rooms are booked ?

Charlotte NC news saying Cindy's efforts backed by PR firm


So what is ChimpCo's response to Katrina???

The Photographic Evidence of Zillions of Pro-War-ons in Crawford :

DU just mentioned on aar!!! a caller referenced an article about war plans

I need to know where I can find Daily Show Clips...

Direct Deposit Payroll - BEWARE!!!!!!

Hitler and Stalin, like Bush, have their supporters, too.

Bush Has Done Well For His People - What's Up? Fancy Ceilings

Freepers = Foreign Fighters in Reichstag, Berlin, May 1945

10 PM CDT advisory from NHC for Hurricane Katrina

Great letter (not mine!): The Bush II brain is in perfect shape

I'm amazed the wiley Ann Coulter is dumb enough to say what she said about

Letterman and Leno wisecracks on exhibit in the lounge

I am convinced of one thing about the ACLU...

Bush supporters must be the only people on Earth who would

Horrible thought...

A real president would have used this oppurtunity to unite us.

"Dear George..."

Remember when Ann Coulter's title was "Constitutional Attorney"?

Cold War victory day!!!

Advice From Ayatollah Sistani on Marriage, McDonald's and more

The Freepers have posted pix of the Pro-War Rally >

Peace Flags--Make a Statement

I think this whole Pro-war in Crawford is a setup by KKK Rove. It

LOL, gotta love some churches!

A critical look at Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

A critical look at ((Insert Country Here))...

My nightmare

Too funny to believe: freeper post from A. Huffington blog-Bwaaaaaaaa

the estate tax versus the gift tax

Has DU matured any since you have been here?

Its a given we Humans are fucked up: We are Canceresque in that we

How active do you think this hurricane season will end up being?

Ease Up On Bush and Blair- It Ain't Easy Bein' Leaders of the Free World

My letter to those fine young men The Protest Warriors


Just curious. . .

The Whiz Bang Effect

I WISH there was ONE reporter out there that would cover this story

whats a credible source, these days?

Check out this CNN "Quick Vote" on if "Reality TV has gone too far!"

Why Troops are Dying In Iraq - Not Because of Cindy (wordy)

Here's the difference between us

"Sleeping with the enemy: OSOMA!"

Can someone explain why Bush can't be charged with War crimes?

The truth about Uncle Fidel.

Any sponsors for poor or long-term unemployed to attend Sept protests?

Live from Camp Casey II tent.

Ted Rall

My LTTE published.

Missing music producer found alive, naked, washing clothes in creek

"Victors' Justice"

If you missed the Brad Show today...

A picture of Bush signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban

A really really sexy Hillary picture up on Raw story right now

Frightening biblical stuff.... Arguement to convince RWers that W is satan

DUers! We have an NFL Quarterback meet: Kyle Orton-Chicago Bears

Toronto Star: Chavez owes Pat Robertson a big thanks

Tell me some bad things about Russ Feingold.

What Power Or Group Is Capable Of Taking On Big Oil?

Tulsa Christian radio news said 1500 at proBush rally at Crawford today

We can't kid ourselves about Iraq

The "third way" strikes again: UK hospitals have Superbug epidemic

Answer to a FAQ: Just Google Images "freeper moran"

So did head freeper Jim Robertson manage to find Crawford?

One of the Evangelical churches in my area is having the 2nd annual GOP

We have arrived America... the First Anti-Peace protest...

Katrina wind gusts up to 170 mph possible

Must Read! bush** is "Rallying the Troops and Avoiding Reality"!

*** Saturday TOONs ***

Stay the CURSE

My Challenge To Ann Coulter

Yee gads! Look at the news at this site. Were the hell is the MSM?

Cindy: Let's call it Turdstock!

We're on The Cusp folks.

On New Orleans TV, they're talking about 145 mph possible

BOOK TV Schedule Aug 27-29

This is really weird (just pulled it off of CPH website)--verify?

Chupacabra caught?

Campus paper soldier's daughter hoax story first article?


PHOTO: I KNEW this would happen!

I'd Love to Know What She Is Thinking -PIX->>>

Please contact CNN about misrepresentation of Sheehan Camp Casey...

Courage under fire

Right Wing A-Hole "Protest Warriors" Beat Up by Illiterate Bush Supporters

Is Katrina the hurricane that will leave New Orleans high and dry?

The Freepers erected gigantic Ten Commandments in Crawford?

Mis-spelling on freeper sign in Crawford........this is funny!

AP/Yahoo story on Crawford today doesn't add up

An open letter to elected Republicans.

Why don't television "news" stations actually show news?

So Sick of Repugs saying service people "volunteered"....

Reminder to pet owners in Katrina's path

What's with all these attacks on socialists on this board?


DU this poll its being freeped.......

Gas prices are going up Monday, you better fuel up before then!

Some of the best pics from Camp Casey

So why won't John Kerry meet with or even speak to Cindy Sheehan?

Evangelicals feel persecuted, even with recent wins

I made yeast rolls today. We buttered them hot at suppertime.

To keep or not to keep THAT is the question...

just brought home 40 lbs of fresh lamb, cut and wrapped...

Cucumber in stif fry?

how did the french do it?

Memo to U.S.: Pay Attention to Canada

Report: Cabinet will ask CRTC to overturn satellite radio licenses

BBC plans to put channels on net

Anyone here work in IT?

TV happy to offend, group claims

What music you listening to?

Madonna falls off face of the earth

Author denies 'Ripper' obsession

OK, where's your favourite place in the UK?

Aussies following on for first time since 1988! All out 218.

Blunkett threatens injunction against television drama lampooning his affa

Clothes line offer for Queen's dirty washing hung out to dry by Australian

NYT: Abortion Rights Group Revamps Anti-Roberts Ad

Army lab launches probe of DNA tests

Greenspan questions home values

N.M., Mexican Governors to Bulldoze Town

U.S. soldier killed, four wounded in Afghan blast

One GI Killed, 4 Wounded in Afghan Bombing

Fearing U.S. attack, Venezuela boosts its reserve forces

Soldier From Western Wisconsin Dies In Iraq ( #1875 )

How Cleveland won the (defense job) war (vs. Bushrumsfeld Pentagon)

Coingate-Petro's inaction on fees surprised SEC (Ohio R. running for gov)

Taft joked about Noe, rare coins at roast; '04 speech did not mention BWC

U.S. focuses on Russian WMD

Sunnis Plan to Offer Counterproposals

Soldier Who Lived In Fort Worth Dies In Iraq

Family Terrorized After Fox News Wrongly IDs Them As Terrorists

WP: Thune Delivers on Campaign Vow

LAT: Schwarzenegger Is Fair Game (few meet him at the State Fair)

Nearly 1,000 Abu Ghraib detainees released (

JFK was ready to use nuclear bomb on China, tapes reveal

Poor Africans Hit Hard By Rising Oil Prices

Abu Ghraib general describes her Iraq tour

Sheehan Ad Says Bush Lied About Iraq War

Iraqi President to Visit U.S. Next Month

Kennedy urges more money for education

Sunnis Cite 13 Problems With Constitution

Sunni infighting involving al Qaeda erupts in Iraq

Spokane Judge Lifts Diocese's Bankruptcy Shield

MPs bring joy to orphans, volunteers (in Baghdad)

Rio Group confirms support for Haiti and Chavez

Bush Thinks Just Like Pat Robertson, Says Fidel Castro

Senator Clinton Wants Hearings On Morning-After Pill

Zoo Introduces New Species

1000 Abu Ghraib detainees released-CNN

Bush Calls for Patience on Iraq Mission

Amazon deforestation is slowing, says Brazil

University of Calif. Sued Over Creationism

LAPD Accused of Unprovoked Attack at Vigil

Sunnis Offer New Proposals on Constitution

U.S. military releases 1,000 prisoners in Iraq

Iraqi Charter Problems Due To Miscalculations, Overblown Optimism

Turkmen book 'blasted into space'

Egypt Turns Down Request to Sign Nuclear Treaty,Says Israel Must Join First

Bush warns of more sacrifice in Iraq, protesters rally

Chavez supporters, foes clash in Caracas

Sunnis Offer Bevy of Amendments, Negotiations Continue

Busted: Blair Gives Public Treasure To White House

Iraqi Activist Taken Up by Bush Recants Her Views

Civil War Looms in Iraq as Constitution Talks End in Disarray

Chavez challenges the oil kings

Floridians Wait for Food After Storm Hits

Lawsuit against UC system claims religious bias

Tucson Drops Charges Against Five 'Granny' War Protesters

LAT: Bush Gives Social Security a Summer Break

Vatican plan to block gay priests (was not a problem in the past).

Australian "counter-terrorism" summit to discuss police-state measures

Big Guns For Iraq? Not So Fast.

Britain's elite get pills to survive bird flu

Bush braces U.S. for sacrifice as protesters gather (Radio address)

Bush urges residents to flee hurricane

Critical Votes for GOP Are Looming

Australia may toughen citizenship rules

NEW ORLEANS: Hurricane watch issued as evacuation begins.

Is Blair ashamed to accept highest honour from US?

Canada, U.S. wage war of words over lumber

Oil pipeline attacked south of Baghdad

Government Searched U.S. House of Nigerian Vice President

Abu Ghraib jail release fails to swing Sunnis behind constitution

Outspoken cleric murdered after backing Iraq vote

"Forecasters: Katrina aims at Mississippi, Louisiana" - (Oil rigs in path)

Experts Warn Debt May Threaten Economy

Leak shows Blair told of Iraq war terror link

Ecuador oil protesters threaten to resume attacks

Abramoff Cited Aid Of Interior Official(Conflict-of -Interest Probe)

(Fundamentalist) Group Files Discrimination Suit Against UC

Battle over rare gold eagle coins

Check out Technowitch's best impression of John McLaughlin

I hereby raise a glass of (red) zinfandel...

Anyone going to watch this?

Another picture that screams out, "Freeper!"

Is there a photo of Mike Webb anywhere???

Ladies (and gentlemen): post your pic sans makeup.

I just went out and brought an 18" sub. Mmmm. It's good.

Osbourne Admits Role In Iron Maiden Flap

Gimme that z, o-l-o-f-t

For all the drummers and percussionists

Whoa, I'm in the 700 Club.


Midnight at The Lost & Found

Australia are following on.

What time is it in England right now?

She will need to take this..... this.....and these.

I just sneezed 14 times in a row- barely having enough time

I'm moving into a new apartment tomorrow

I am an ex-heterosexual.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Letter from the prez to Rev Robertson

Stay out of GD today

Morning song.

What should you do when you read something so moronic

Ambitious, career-driven moms, check in!


Pay-per-view: Crawford Cindy vs. Whacko W

Listening to "Whaddya Know"..Tracy Nelson is on RIGHT NOW

New Orleans Is Sinking

DU Radio Broadcasters/Podcasters - How do you find intro/bump music?

I ate a 1000 calorie breakfast and now feel giddy. Ask me anything!!

7 AM CDT Strike Probabilities Map per NHC

I'm trying to find something on Pickles Bush. I heard that she

A hilarious poke at Intelligent Design ...

1110 AM CDT Strike Probabilities Chart per Weather Channel

Does anyone have bats in their belfry?

Who's awake? Look at this latest NHC track. Worst case scenario for N.O.

A San Jose (CA) shopper who REALLY loves his Sudafed. REALLY.

Hurricane watch issued as evacuation begins (in New Orleans area)

Which catastrophe that's going to doom us all is the most entertaining?


Post your hangover cures here

'The man ate bacon 3 meals a day.'

Anyone seen Red Eye? Reviews and opinions welcome

Scream Baffles Ohio Town

Wranglers Call off Search for Alligator in Los Angeles Lake

Michigan man gets world-record 845 piercings

How many members of the Bush administration...

Evacuations Planned As Katrina Nears Coast

The eyepatch... of death!

Anyone ever have a 'bat' problem at their house??

Did you ever ride through where you grew up after years away?

Saturday's Earworm for the emotionally raw...

Good day all! How is everyone today?

Very emotional today, need to escape into music...

I've added it up. I've walked about 27.5 miles this week



1 PM CDT Hurricane Advisory per NHC

The Krakatau, Edvard Munch connection

I ain't afraid of your Yahweh

Prepare to go "Awwwww....."

The departure of ATA has given me separation anxiety



What sounds more appetizing?

how do you get a copy of a tv commercial?

Green Street Hooligans

Just HAVE to brag about clever idea from mi esposo on King Kong remake.

It is time to log off the Brad Show and take my daughter to a

Tech help? Digital camera and e-mails.

New Orleans, you might want to evacuate now. Look at this chart

If Katrina is moving this slow when it hits, N.O. and the area are in real

Weather Channel discussion of Katrina re: NO, etc...

Does anybody use/recommend an online fax service?

Photoshopped Humphrey Bogart Picture

A bit of levity amongst Hurricane Preparations in Louisiana

Katrina Discussion at NOAA for uber-hurricane geeks

"30 Seconds Over Tokyo" on TCM now.

Dear Pat Robertson,

New Orleans prepared to use Superdome

How's everybody doing?

I'm thinking of going to Central America. Anybody been there?

Let's all send good vibes/prayers/meditations to New Orleans

Bacon Grease...

Anybody ever hear of "The World Can't Wait"?

Is March of the Penguins appropriate/interesting for a six year old?

Is 150 votes for the Greatest Page a record??! .......(and counting!)

Tin foil ready? Do ya think it might be the bears?

Are you listening to live coverage of Crawford? Find it here:

Iranian Daredevil Killed While Trying to Break Motorcycle/Bus Jump Record

Anyone know any webcams in the Nawlins area? Post em here.

Shavers: Electric or Razors?

I saw that old Will Ferrel skit "Ridiculing your dog"

OK, a really freaky thing just happened.

BREAKING NEWS: Axl Rose still not finished with "Chinese Democracy."

"I'd hate to be an Emergency Management official in New Orleans right now"

Cindy must be doing something right in order to get Dumbya

Increasingly tired and sweaty despite walking and eating more. Hate it.

Traffic Conditions near New Orleans - please read NOLA DU'ers

There's a little dead bird in our back yard

Ewww--we just got a letter from the White House--

Hey SoCal DUers! Is it hot where you are?

GAWD! What A GREAT day today!

Comparison between Hybird cars: Toyota Prius or Honda Civic HYbird?

Maybe I should boil some water?

Personal bests

I had a dream there was a cat underneath my bed

when you know you're driving too fast...

Who remembers that vid of radio controled boats that also flew?


Its hot and my son bought me a large Jamaica. A mexican beverage

anyone have red eyes? reviews and opinions weLcome.

Good advice from Rose, an old lady (email to your friends if you wish)!

Attention punks (over 35 division): The Unheard Music is finally on DVD

I guess I was wrong...


Just dug up the old sesamee street terror alert chart.

Weather Channel BS/hype in Gulf Shores, AL

Anyone remember a post the other evening

YAY! The move is almost done.

I want to see a cinema verite Nashville type movie about Crawford protests

NEW ORLEANS now in direct path of Hurricane Katrina

I really like garage sales.

Dude fans: The Big Lebowski Achiever's Edition on 10/18!

Hurricane question.

Please Help. Introducting my sister to anti-bush video and other

why doesn't Sirus have the pre and post game shows of the NFL games?

'Nuther tech question: how to get url = "link"?

what is the longest you have been away from your sig. other?

What does a liberal believe?

does anyone have FoxBlocker for sale?

I'm an Alabamian(?), cured by becoming a lesbian...

I don't mean to be an alarm clock, but...

Do you LOVE or HATE the smell of tar?

I am such a loser.

going to see War of the Worlds today, reviews anyone?

strange thing just happened to my computer

I went and explored the Woodman's Supermarket in Green Bay today...

Any bird people have a Rose-ringed Parakeet (Parrot)

Drunk phone calls

awww, shit dog

Is it possible to come up with a worse vehicle name than Nissan Armada?

Any fans of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers here?

PHOTO: Pretty up for the camera!

Do people who talk incessantly and......

What's all this noise, we'll have no shouting here.

progmom on the air 12-2pm EDT - hit me with your jazz requests here

Any eBay experts here?

Would anyone here wear a tail/cat's ears/fur suit...

I took the kids out to dinner and to see "Charlie and the Chocolate

I just saw THE greatest movie.

Drove by a local Radio Shack today...sign outside the door

Look what I found for us Asthma sufferers

If disgruntled means extremely unhappy

God has spoken to me about the Friday Night party in DC and he says....

R.I.P. Piggy.

GD is infected with red fever

Should I campaign for moderatorhood?

What's a good resource on technique for writing pop/rock songs?

Anyone here a Kiwanis member?

GD is infected with Bread fever

What are Katrina and the Waves now,the Beatles?What's the Big deal?

"Mommy...I don't like being sick"

Kitty Thread!!!!! (picture heavy)

WHITE whole grain bread????

Whoah, there's this tripped-out thing I found in Wikipedia!

Yearrgh Spider!

And if you don't like puppies, I took a picture of the stealth bomber:

For Panda lovers - PIC

My laptop/s on my lap. The bat. is warm. Can I expect reproduct. problems?

Congratulations madrchsod 15,000 posts!!!!

Hilarious Freeper post I put up in GD today. The Lounge will love it!

Who else here just does NOT understand anime?

Man Discovers New Way to Mow Lawn

God gave rock 'n roll to you

LTTE yesterday asking about "Intelligent Gravity"

Tanya Roberts is quite convincing as a biologist in View To A Kill.

i had a it a sign?

To Arms! The Freepers are Freeping a "Is Cindy a Traitor or Hero?" poll

My head is spinning with all the vitamins & herbal products

Did New Orleans survive the Hurricane?

Recommendations on home air cleaners

OK, What Are You Listening To Right Now?

WWL TV in New Orleans. Streaming live.

How many people do you have on your ignore list?

Would anyone here wear a cloak/cape/tunic if it were socially acceptable?

Could it be Oscar ?

Two more milestones in my evil plot to destroy the American Family.

Anyone see the movie "Pay It Forward" with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt?

How is your life going?

GD is infected with Dead Fever

Post your favorite hometown brewery here.

What Forums Have You Posted In?

I am tired of fighting

"SpeakSpeak News" is the Blog about Free Speech and The Media.

I gotta go grill some chicken and steak

I went to ogle the chicks today...

I'm leaving the lounge.

Five pictures from my trip to San Francisco

Letterman and Leno on Bush's vacation

Most overplayed good (or at least non-sucking) song in radio history?

iPOD Users, I Need Help!


"The 40 Year-Old Virgin" was FUCKING FUNNY

O'Doul's Amber anyone?

MMMM-Fish Tacos.

DUDE. I'm off to college. & moving in tomorrow morning...

Most likely things we'll see from the new HBO series "Rome"

Which will happen first?

Anybody else here think that Hershey Bars suddenly suck?

Well, I'm off to a mini High School 30 year reunion....

Favorite Frugal Tips...

Link Wray was very kind to write my theme song:

Would you wear a sportcoat with shorts?

"Our Lord doesn't put up with killing"

'Out-of-body' experiences may come from within

DiMasi sees defeat of (proposed) ban on gay marriage (Mass.)

I know there are "Log Cabin Republicans"...

Help Needed for GLBT magazine

HORSE RACING news & results weekend of August 27

How do i introduce a new dog to our two dog, 1cat, one grandma pack

Parrot People: what turns your bird on?

Pet travel information

Recommendation on home air cleaners?

It's people like this that give Pit Bulls a bad name....

Anyone remember this thread

Does anyone know what I saw?

Psychic removed predictions about hurricane - while Katrina threatens

Question for users and fans of Bach's Flower Essences.

SOS Offers a Secular Alternative to Alcoholics Anonymo

I've heard of this flying spaghetti monster and I am curious

"God Bless America"

I wonder how many WWII vets alive today

BTW, a Repub in Ma has decided to run for Kerry's seat in '08

Kerry's heart is made of gold.

Bad news, but nice picture

WTF - the hostility from someone pissed that Kos is giving Kerry too

a cat photo...just because I can

Today at the park...

Is ConsAreLiars on vacation? n/t

I've been without power and internet access for two days ...

Guess KO is taking every thursday and friday off...

Merh - and anyone else in the path of Katrina.

How will we know when Keith has spent TOO much time away from Countdown?

KOEBers: please recommend the TIA tribute thread.

Thune triumphs! Decision to close So. Dakota AF base overturned --

"Why do we never get an answer..."

DFA looking for local candidates to endorse

90% of Americans Back Right to Protest War: Remainder are Freepers.

"Good night, Vietnam.. time to reassert Democratic internationalism" DLC

Star Witness Against Cheerleader's Murderous Mom Dies (Sort of Political)

Taft joked about Noe, rare coins at roast; '04 speech did not mention BWC

Impeachment Report. The report "A Case to Answer" reveals:

Clift: Comfort-Zoned and a political price

Is there a list of the "journalists" that went to Bush's party yesterday?


New Gallup Poll: Chimpy swimming in toilet @ 40% approval

Biden: Leave or stay and squander more lives

Repubs need to get one thing perfectly clear about Cindy Sheehan....

Verification needed: Bush's walk out

Mr President, you could fuck up a Kool-Aid stand

Get Out!

Texas Author And Bush Critic Announces New Third Party And Run For 2008

How low will the little shrub go when indictments hit?

my suggestion of another nickname for chimpie

I have another question to ask all of you

Who here truly believes that demand - solely - has led to record oil

A Letter from Nampa to the President of the United States of America

Roger ice pick Pilon of the criminal Cato Inst. faced off with

Why is Cowman (who abetted Noe at theBWC) at the Ohio Teacher's

MUST WATCH: Tonight CNN 'Dead Wrong'

What political beliefs/principles distinguish the "far left" from

Bush drinking again? Tirades over Sheehan and Veterans' BS protectors

Everything you wanted to know about * but was afraid to ask

"Republican Strategist" Cheri Jacobus: Far left, 'nutbar' support of Cindy

Vote here: 41 vs.43 's Race to the Bottom- who will go lower?

I am very worried that the RW Bushbots will infiltrate Camp Casey and

Since the lifting of Truth in Broadcasting....Its been LIE after LIE

You Have To Laugh @ Rightybots As They Try To Explain Away Reality

Anyone else hear about the latest * Plan to destroy the National Parks?

bush needs a history lesson; iraq is not the american revolution

2,000 people or more in the big tent at Camp Casey II.


Bush facing growing opposition from Republicans

Bush supporter arrested at Camp Casey I, "obnoxious & mouthing off"

Freepers Irate that Hurricane upstages their Waco Hatefest

The only way to listen to the bushenfurher

Another fallacy of 'appealing to the middle': the middle isn't static.

Senior Iran cleric hails “Islamic state of Iraq”

When we are told that we should not compare Iraq to Viet Nam...

Another Brilliant Anti-War Song by Green Day!

US Empire--MIA

Special announcement for Metro Atlanta Democrats in the GA forum

Angry at BushCo lies & crime? Boycott Fox News.

"Make the Pie Higher", a poem of GW quotes.

Should La Rouche supporters be allowed to post at DU?

Star Tribune---"What They Died For"

Health Care in Venezuela

Today's Bush Radio: "As Iraqis stand up, Americans will stand down"

Our local news said around 3000 bu$h supporters

'Aids in Africa ' re Pres Clinton

The unimaginative, co-opting rw scum:

Camp Casey's answer to Camp Dubya's "We Support Bush and Our Troops"

CNN now showing repeat of "DEAD WRONG" 8PM EST!

Leaked Document Exposes Bolton’s True Mission

Rove Enron WMD Plame Ohio, "Domino Theory" NEW Grand Theft OHIO

What's Obama's reason for ducking Cindy Sheeham support?

For those who couldn't find "An Inconvenient Patriot"

College Repugs excuse to an Operation Yellow Elephant op

In these times, I admire anyone that can speak out for peace...

what's the best org. working for universal healthcare right now?

What do you think of the CIA?

Bush met mother twice...?

Is Feingold demanding an "Immediate" pull out from Iraq?

Let the battle, resume.

Camp Casey-Charlotte

Look at the SIZE of the crowd in the Camp Casey tent (M.Moore Web Site)

How can pro-war Gold Star families remove the crosses?

LA Times: Ellsworth AF Base in S Dakota to remain open, Thune's ass saved

So, 1000 former prisoners in Iraq can vote, but 1000 former prisoners

Was Jeffords jump in May 2001 one of the causes of 9/11.

Bush Finally Counts The War Dead

Ted Kennedy Urges More Money for Education

Help unfreep this Sheehan poll

Pat Boone: Cindy Hatin' Stooge of the Empire.

President CNNMSNBCFOX (by R. J. Kovic)

Only 2 touchscreens are HAVA compliant. all others cannot be used in 2006

My email to Fox News....

Would BushCo use a bird flu pandemic as an excuse for a coup?

At this point both our government and media don't represent most Americans

Mitt backs war, but his boys are safe at home

Senate Votes on the Nine Sitting Supreme Court Justices

URGENT: House Investigation of Downing Street Minutes Nears Vote Deadline

It`s a beautiful thing.....Karl Rove can not stop us.

Did anyone else see the CNN special "Dead Wrong" yet?


Democrats, take a stand: Helen Thomas

Dubya has "jumped the couch" ? (Mo Dowd)

My letter to the American Legion

When did "Troop" become singular?

VIDEO....."One Day in Camp Casey".. MUST SEE & please vote it up.....

Is there a list of which media sources had reporters at the WH secret

Are 'Pro War' Democrats really in favor of war?

causes of the Darfur genocide? ... bush, big oil, Halliburton, et al ...

Judge John Roberts connected to major drug smuggling operation.

Anyone else think the US is about to implode?

George Galloway will be in Washington on September 24th!!!

New Proposed Group - BRIAN SCHWEITZER - Gov. of Montana

FOX VIDEO- Hannity eggs on guest who wants multiple world leaders murdered

Why I am OPPOSED to 'Affordable Health Care'

Investment Does NOT Create Jobs